Love Struck Cafe (2017) Movie Script

Don't you worry about a thing, Mr.
I'll take care of
everything for you.
My pleasure, sir.
And if you need anything else,
I'll be your client
relations rep.
My name's Megan.
You have a wonderful
day yourself.
Hey, Megan.
Hey, Chloe.
Mr. St. Clair wants to see you.
That's what his assistant said.
I'm a mess.
I think now would be good.
you look amazing.
Thank you.
She's right, you know.
You do look amazing.
What are you doing here?
I had a deposition
in the building
across the street.
Carly, I could use some coffee.
Thanks, Chloe.
So... good surprise?
Uh, of course, yeah.
But right now I have to go.
Mr. St. Clair wants to see me.
Do you think that's
a good thing?
Why wouldn't it be?
You are the queen of
customer relations.
Client relations.
I was actually hoping
we could talk.
Yeah. About us?
The where-are-we-going
Part... five.
Yes, of course we can talk,
but right now, I
really have to go.
Um, what about dinner?
What about Chameleons at 7:00?
Perfect. Wish me luck.
[KNOCKING] Mr. St. Clair?
Ms. Quinn, come in.
How can I help you?
Please, have a seat.
I have heard nothing
but good things
about your performance
in Client Relations.
Thank you.
That's why I wanted to see you.
I've read your resume,
and I see you've studied
architecture at Duke.
Yes, I've wanted
to design things
ever since I was a little girl.
Hmm, and yet you're still
in client relations.
Well, I'm just waiting
on my door to open.
Why don't we see if we
can kick that door down?
I don't follow.
Well, due to a
scheduling change,
the Sapphire Lake project is
now slated to break ground
in less than 30 days.
Sapphire Lake?
Oh, yes, of course, you
wouldn't know about it.
We are getting ready to build
a new retail development
at Sapphire Lake.
However, I find
myself in a dilemma,
thanks to a
60-something-year-old woman
who refuses to sell
us her property,
land that is
smack-dab in the center
of our new development.
Now, I need someone with
people skills, Ms. Quinn,
and that's where you come in.
My assistant has mentioned to me
that you grew up
near Sapphire Lake?
Yes. I've spent a
lot of time there.
It's one of my favorite places.
Good. Come with me.
Watch this.
[VIDEO]: Welcome
to Sapphire Lake,
Stoneland Properties' newest
luxury housing and retail space,
relaxing small-town living
meets the convenience...
[MAN'S VOICE]: I sure hope Mrs.
never cuts down our tree.
Maybe you should
check the knothole.
If I do, will you
stop acting so weird?
Hey, you know I kept
all those notes and letters
you sent me, right?
Megan, wait.
Joe, do you want me to check
in the knothole or not?
But first...
we've known each other
our whole lives,
from preschool to high
school graduation,
but I don't want to
talk about the past.
I want to talk about the future.
[VOICE ECHOES] The future.
[VIDEO]: ...making
waking up tomorrow
better today.
I hardly recognize it.
Impressive, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Stick with me on this, Quinn.
Mr. St. Clair,
I'm not certain Sapphire
Lake is the best place
for a development like that.
Well, according to our
market research, it is.
However this woman,
Frances Figgins,
is holding up the whole project.
We need her parcel of land,
and she refuses to sell.
She's really the last
obstacle in our way,
and despite my best efforts
to reason with her,
she has now hung up on me...
now, let me think... six times?
Seven times, sir.
Seven times.
I'm not sure if you've
been to Sapphire Lake,
but it really is
a very tranquil and, and...
Let me stop you right there, Ms.
Would you like to get
out of client relations
and one day design
a Stoneland Properties
Of course.
Then you need to learn
that sentimentality and
business don't mix.
Now, Sapphire Lake
is going to be
our biggest development to date,
and our CEO wants to make sure
that everything goes smoothly.
The very future of this division
depends on it.
Now, it's been brought
to my attention
that you are quite
a people person,
which is why I think
you're the best person
to help us close this deal.
So, are you in?
I'm in.
Good. I'm counting on you.
Is my car ready?
Waiting for you, sir.
Now, you have to get Mrs.
Figgins to agree to sell
before we're forced to pay
the contractors a penalty.
If that happens,
the board of directors
will pull the plug,
and let me assure you, Ms.
that will not be a good thing.
Not for any of us.
Now, you've got till Monday
at 10:00 a.m.
to close the deal.
You do that, and I'll
personally see to it
that you get a shot
at your dream.
I'm sorry,
did you say, uh, Monday morning?
As in four days from now?
That's right.
We're all counting on you.
Don't let us down.
So, I guess you haven't seen it?
Seen what?
The latest edition
of Chicago Attorney.
No, I haven't.
I dog-eared the page.
"Meet Chicago's
ten fastest rising
legal stars..."
"Number seven...
Philip Allen Carter."
Wow, Philip,
this is amazing.
I love that they
used my full name.
Wow, I am so proud of you.
Thank you.
I actually had someone
recognize me at lunch today.
It was... surreal.
I knew all your hard work and
long hours would pay off.
Well, you know, I figured
it's not just good for me,
it's good for us.
Wine list?
Good for us?
Now that my career's taking off,
I was hoping we could
talk about our future.
Oh, okay.
Um... you know, Philip,
I'm just really focused
on this Sapphire
Lake thing for work.
Maybe we could wait...
We've been waiting.
We've been dating, what,
nine months?
I haven't met your family yet.
Why haven't you invited
me home to Cedarville?
It's Cedarvale.
We've been working so much,
both of us.
Is it that,
or is that you're just
not sure about me?
No, it is... it's not you.
I just, I just need...
"A little more time."
That's what you say every
time I bring this up.
I'm a catch.
I know you are.
It's the Cedarvale Hospital.
I need to take this.
Megan Quinn.
Hello, Dr. Baker.
Is everything okay?
Thanks for calling.
Uh, yes.
I can be there first
thing in the morning.
Goodbye, Dr. Baker.
What is it?
My dad fell off a ladder
and fractured his foot.
He's spending the night
in the hospital.
Well, doesn't sound too serious.
I can't miss my flight
if I'm going to see my dad
before I meet with Mrs. Figgins.
where does that leave us?
I promise
I'm going to think
everything over.
But remember,
the number seven fastest
rising legal star
in Chicago
is not gonna be on
the market for long.
I'll think fast.
I'll call you.
Have a safe trip.
Okay, thanks,
and congratulations.
Your father wanted
to surprise you.
Surprise me?
I've got some terrific news!
You are...
...going to be a
Duke Blue Devil!
Congratulations, honey.
- Really?
- Yes!
I thought we couldn't afford it.
You got your scholarship.
That is, if you
still want to go.
Still want to go?
Of course I do!
I... I can't believe it.
I'm going to Duke!
I'm going to design things.
I'm going to be an architect.
We are so happy for you.
This is your dream.
I... I can't believe it.
I'm going to Duke!
I'm so sorry.
I guess I got distracted.
Well, doesn't look like
there's any damage.
You okay?
Well, you... you ran into me.
Are you all right?
Since when is there
a stop sign here?
Since a few months ago.
Since when are you back in town?
A few months before
the stop sign.
I came back to
take over the farm
after my dad retired.
He and Mom are
traveling the world.
So, you don't get
home much, do you?
What's that supposed to mean?
Of course I do.
I come home all the time.
I was just here at Christmas.
I talk to my dad,
like, every day.
I don't know why I'm
explaining myself to you.
I'm not sure.
Anyway, um, if
everything's good here,
I'm probably gonna...
uh, yeah,
I'm gonna go.
How are you?
I have an amazing job,
an amazing apartment,
an amazing boyfriend.
Basically, my life's...
We're talking about
getting engaged.
And so you're...
you're an architect?
I, uh, I work in
client relations
at Stoneland.
I'm sure you've heard of us.
We're one of the
biggest in our field.
No, I... I haven't.
Anyway, I'm a supervisor.
So, you're... you're
not an architect.
What happened to your dream?
I really need to go.
I don't know if you heard,
my dad's in the hospital.
No, I-I did hear that.
I actually went to go
see Matt this morning.
Well, goodbye.
Well, that was fun.
It's straight down here, and
then a right on Elm Street.
Oh, hey, honey, how you doing?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'll be outta here in no time.
Dr. Baker says
you were on that
broken ladder again.
You have no business
being up there.
"No business..."
You make me sound
like an old man.
Mom would not have allowed it.
Megan Quinn?
Paging Megan Quinn.
Violet! Hey.
Oh, I was hoping
you'd be on call.
How you feeling, Mr. Q?
Bored, Violet.
Hey, have you been
by the caf lately?
Yeah, I stopped in for
my "to go" coffee.
It was pure chaos.
Waitress called in sick again.
I knew it, I knew it!
I gotta get back to work.
Can you pull some strings
and get me out of here?
Hey! I heard that.
Oh boy.
Gotta run.
Meet up later at the caf?
Yeah, sounds good.
And stay away
from those old ladders, Mr. Q.
I will try.
How's my favorite patient today?
Oh, you know, could be
better, could be worse.
I was speaking to Megan.
Aw, hey, Dr. Baker.
You are looking more and
more like your mother
every time I see you.
Well, thank you.
I can't think of a
better compliment.
Um, so, is he going to be okay?
Yeah, he'll be all right.
Okay, then, when can
I get out of here?
I mean, come on, it's
Apple Festival Week.
It's my big profit time.
Apparently, my business
is falling apart.
Well, you can go home
today if you want.
Well, about time.
Of course, you need
to stay off your feet
for a little while,
and out of the caf.
Oh, no, no, no, I can't do that.
I've got a business to run.
Okay, I guess we
can keep him here
a little while longer?
Okay, fine,
you win.
You need to let your
foot heal properly
before you return to work, okay?
And if I hear you've been
back in that caf too soon,
you'll have me to answer to.
You understand?
Yes, I understand.
Megan, you make sure
he keeps his promise.
Will do, Doctor.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Okay, I've got to
pack up my things.
I need to get down to the
caf as soon as possible.
Dad, no, did you hear
what he just said?
Ah, doctor talk.
No, I'm fine.
I can do more on one foot
than most folks
could do on three.
Dad, you can't rush things,
or else it'll make it worse.
Well, what do you
expect me to do?
Burn the place down?
Or you could, uh...
you could work with
me for a while.
No. No, no, Dad, no,
I cannot do that.
[SIGHING] Well...
I guess I'll just have
to call Dottie, and...
have her shut it down.
Okay, I will help out.
Are you sure you can handle it?
Dad, I've done every job
possible at Rosie's.
How hard can it be?
I've just got to get this.
One sec.
Megan Quinn.
Are you with Mrs. Figgins?
I mean, no.
I mean, I'm on my way there
right now. - Good.
With what we're offering her,
she should be begging us,
and not the other way around.
Now, your job is to convince her
that this deal is in
her best interest.
Oh, and, Ms. Quinn?
Yes, Mr. St. Clair?
The clock is ticking.
Mrs. Figgins?
May I help you?
Hi. I hope you remember me.
It's been a long time.
Oh, my goodness, look at you.
Oh, I always knew
you'd grow up to be
a beautiful woman.
Thank you.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
Well, I was just in
town visiting my dad,
and I thought I'd
stop by and say hi.
Oh, yes, that's right.
I heard Matt was
in the hospital.
Now, how's he doing?
Oh, he's fine, thank you.
He just fractured his foot.
Oh dear, that sounds painful.
give him my best.
I will.
Have you seen Joe?
He's back in town, you know.
I bumped into him earlier.
Once upon a time,
you two were like
two peas in a pod.
But I guess times change, huh?
Uh, Mrs. Figgins...
Oh, please, call me Frances.
I mean, you're all grown up now.
I think you can use
my given name.
Okay. Frances...
Uh, Frances, I hope you
don't think I'm intruding.
I rang the doorbell,
but no one came, so...
Oh, listen, it's no intrusion.
As a matter of fact,
it's a nice diversion.
When the doorbell rang,
I thought you were one of them.
Those horrible developers.
Did you know that
there's this company
trying to buy up my home
and turn it into
a shopping mall?
They think they can
just throw money at me,
and I'll hand over my
property without a thought
as to how they intend
to use the land.
Megan, it's so good to see you.
I mean, what are you
doing these days?
Uh... well,
I work at Stoneland Properties.
I'm in client relations.
Um, I know you've
spoken to my boss
several times,
Jordan St. Clair,
but he wanted me to come here
and personally take
you through...
Ms. Quinn...
We really feel like
this development
is gonna energize
the local economy
and create hundreds of great
new jobs for people...
Ms. Quinn.
Please, just call me Megan.
Ms. Quinn.
I am not interested.
Listen, I understand
if you are reluctant to sell.
I mean, look at this place.
Reluctant to sell?
Actually, it's quite
the opposite.
I have been planning
to sell for some time.
I mean, I'm getting older,
and pretty soon
this place is gonna
become too much for me.
I had planned to put
my house on the market
and move to Florida
and live with my daughter
and my grandchildren.
If I sell to you,
I will be responsible
for this monstrosity
of asphalt and cement
that they're proposing.
I couldn't live with myself.
So, have you seen the plans?
Of course I have,
and the local
planning commission
will never approve
the development
as long as I own this property.
Planning commission?
I sent them over a basket
of my freshly baked
pumpkin muffins
at their last meeting.
They said they were delicious.
So, it looks like I hold
all the cards, Ms. Quinn.
Good day.
Frances, if I could just...
Please, it's, it's, it's Mrs.
and this conversation is over.
What happened to you?
To the girl that I used to know?
You were going to
do great things.
[CHLOE]: How'd it go with Mrs...
What's her name?
So far, she's not budging.
Oh, all you needed...
That's not good.
No, it's not.
Sorry it didn't go well.
And to make matters worse,
my ex is back in town.
Oh, wow.
Your ex?
Please elaborate.
Well, to make a very
long story short,
his name's Joe.
We grew up together,
dated all through high school,
and then, a week into my
freshman year of college,
he sent me a letter
breaking up with me,
said we'd grown apart,
whatever that means.
Then, when I tried to call him,
he wouldn't take my calls.
That had to sting.
So, whatever happened to him?
He moved away,
met someone, got married,
had a baby girl.
Actually, his wife passed away.
How sad.
He's been a single
dad ever since.
And just when I thought
I'd probably never
see him again,
I ran into him today.
I ran into his pickup truck.
Ah, sweet freedom!
Ha ha! Now I can get
some real food.
Oh, hey, honey!
Chloe, I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
I got you.
Aw, thanks, darling.
No problem.
Lunch is served.
Um... there's...
there's no meat.
We're eating healthy today, Dad.
how are you feeling?
I'm fine.
I don't need a babysitter.
I know you don't.
Megan Quinn.
So, how did your meeting with Mrs.
Figgins go?
It went...
really well.
Yes, well, I was
waiting for an update.
Yeah, I was just
about to call you.
The reception's
really spotty here.
You know, small towns.
So, you'll have good
news for me soon?
Yes, I will.
We're very close.
That's what I like to hear, Ms.
You call me as soon as you
have the signed documents.
Will do.
What was that all about?
Can I trust you not to overdo it
if I head out for a little bit?
Of course.
Like I said, I don't
need a babysitter.
Are you going to go see
Frances Figgins again?
How do you know about that?
You know, small town.
Call me if you need anything.
All right.
Oh, before you go
see Frances again,
can you stop by Rosie's
and make sure everything's okay?
It'll just make me feel better.
Sure, Dad.
I'll call you.
What's your name?
My name's Megan.
What's your name?
Hurry up, slowpoke.
Okay, okay.
You're too fast for me.
Do you know her, Daddy?
I do.
You must be Lily.
How do you know my name?
I've heard about you.
Megan and I knew each other
when we were your age.
Wow, that's a long time ago.
You know, Lily,
when your dad and I were little,
we used to ride bikes together.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
Do you want to come
bike riding with us?
Um, I'd love to,
but I'm heading
over to the caf.
I'm helping out while
my dad's laid up.
You mean Rosie's caf?
That's the one.
Megan's family owns Rosie's.
I want to go. Can we, Daddy?
Well, yeah, we could head
over there in a bit.
Well, it was nice
meeting you, Lily.
Maybe I'll see you later.
Bye, Megan.
Hey, Dottie.
Oh, you are a sight
for sore eyes, girl.
I've actually got to get
to an important meeting,
but my dad said to stop
by, I told him I would,
make sure everything's okay.
Mm, follow me.
I actually gotta get going.
Our extra waitress
for the festival crowd
didn't show up,
and I am swamped,
and I just spoke to
Matt, and he said
you'd be willing to help out.
But I...
Wait, you want me
to wait tables?
That's the general idea.
Dottie, I haven't
waited tables in years,
and I'm already late
for my meeting.
Hmm, well, Matt said that
if you wouldn't do it
to give him a call,
and he'd be in the next cab
down here to do it himself.
I'm really sorry.
...just clean that up...
All right.
More coffee, right?
And I'll get you guys
your check, and...
Hi, Megan.
Hi, Lily.
You're a waitress?
Uh, yeah, sort of.
Uh, hey, Lily, how would
you like to help me?
If it's okay with your dad.
Can I, Daddy? Please?
Yeah, sure, sweetie, why not?
All right, let's
get you an apron.
Come on.
Okay, good job.
Let's do the silverware.
[LILY]: Okay!
[LILY]: Uh-huh.
[LILY]: Sure!
I think Lily was
born to wait tables.
Seems so.
Is, uh...
is something on
your mind, Dottie?
You broke her heart, Joe.
Just thought you
should know that.
Thanks for letting me know.
You're welcome.
No, no, no, I think
I have to have a
little bit of this.
We need to take that away.
How cozy.
Come on.
Okay. One second.
Whew! I feel like I
just ran a marathon,
and that was just
the lunch rush.
I'd like to be a Rosie's
waitress one day.
Well, you know, I can put
in a good word for you.
I kind of know the owner.
Whatcha drawing?
I'm trying to draw Violet.
Just make sure you
get my good side.
I don't know how to draw noses.
Oh, well, here,
let me show you a little trick.
You go like that,
and then... boop!
You try it.
You're a good artist.
Well, thank you.
You're a good artist.
Hey, Megan,
some guy just delivered these.
They're for you.
from my boyfriend.
He's always doing
stuff like this.
So, Megan,
tell us all about
the mysterious man in your life.
He's not mysterious.
Well, I haven't met him,
and I'm your best friend.
He's just busy.
[JOE]: I've heard all about him.
His name is Philip,
and he's a big-time attorney.
We met at a party.
What's he like?
Violet, I've told you
about Philip before.
I know,
but I'm sure Joe wants to hear.
Yeah, I wanna hear.
What's he like?
Uh, okay, well, he's
a really nice guy,
and he is really...
Not like a neat-freak "neat,"
but just, like, neat.
And he is, uh,
a really healthy eater.
He juices,
um, and he's an
expert polo player,
and he plays a lot
of racquetball...
When he's not busy juicing.
Well, read the card.
all that you are is all
that I'll ever need.
Love, Your Man in Waiting."
That's deep.
I think it's a 1990s R & B song.
Well, it's romantic,
if not original.
Thank you.
It's quite the
extravagant bouquet.
He must really miss you.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's just an observation.
- Huh.
- Here you go.
Wait. Rodrigo, what's this?
Shopping list.
Yeah, Matt handles all the
shopping for the caf,
along with the
repairs, inventory,
invoices, supplies, payroll.
The usual.
But I... I can't do all that.
I don't actually work here.
Well, I talked to Matt,
and he said you're in charge
till he gets back, so...
Hey, don't worry.
You'll do fine.
We have a little problem
in the kitchen, boss.
A little problem?
What happened?
Dishwasher goes on the
fritz about once a month.
Matt refuses to get a new one.
Well, this is unacceptable,
but I really don't have time
to deal with this right now.
We need to clear something up.
I have a job,
and I am under a lot of pressure
to do that job,
and I didn't come here
to play waitress,
or fix dishwashers, or
fill shopping lists,
so I quit!
[VIOLET]: Well said.
I don't quit...
But what am I supposed
to do with this?
I'll take a look.
No, thank you.
We got it.
Dottie, who handles
this sort of thing?
Well, Matt does,
and when he can't handle it,
he calls Joe.
[RODRIGO]: Dottie,
you got customers.
Hold your horses.
Whatever you do,
please do it fast.
I should probably...
Thank you.
Let's go finish our coffee.
Joe Wainwright,
you always could fix everything.
Most things.
Because I'm at an impasse.
I have until Monday morning
to convince... a certain someone
to sell her property,
and she doesn't want to budge,
because she doesn't
like the plans.
I'm sorry, that's
just not my area,
but I'm sure you'll
figure it out.
Great. Thanks.
So, do you think the
dishwasher will stay fixed?
Yeah, with a little TLC,
she'll pull through.
Why do you think it's a "she"?
Your dad calls her Flo.
So, uh, what do I owe you?
It's no charge.
I beat Rodrigo in Go Fish!
That's impressive.
I don't beat Rodrigo
at anything.
It's easy.
Can we go home now?
I need to get ready
for the hayride.
Are you coming to
the hayride later?
It's the Apple Festival,
at the Community Center?
There's the hayride,
bobbing for apples,
and candy apples.
It's so much fun!
You know what, it's
been a really long day,
but maybe another time.
All right, tell Megan
you say goodbye.
Bye, Megan.
Goodbye, Lily.
Thanks again.
Of course.
All right, let's get
that seatbelt on, kiddo.
Okay, Dad.
Mrs. Figgins?
Hello, this is Megan Quinn...
Uh, listen, I don't
mean to be a pest,
but I was wondering if, um,
if you haven't eaten,
maybe I could bring
you some dinner.
Yes, I realize it's after 6:00.
No, I didn't realize
you eat at 5:00.
Uh, well,
maybe I could bring you
some breakfast in the...
I am so fired.
Dinner is served.
You do realize I'm not
a vegetarian, right?
Dad, as long as I'm
taking care of you,
you're going to
eat healthy food.
Can I at least have some
ice cream after dinner?
We'll see.
is there anything
good on TV tonight?
You're not going out?
I've had a really hard day.
I just want to sit
here and not think.
So no hayrides?
What's with that look?
Well, Joe's going to be there.
Well, he's really close
with Frances Figgins.
As a matter of fact,
Joe's over there all the
time doing things for her.
I mean, she thinks Joe
Wainwright hung the moon.
It's getting cool out here.
Let's zip you up.
Hi, guys.
I'm so glad you came!
Me too.
I got a second wind.
I mean, plus, who doesn't
love a good hayride, right?
All right, well,
let's get on board.
All right.
Here we go!
[JOE]: Hold on tight!
All right!
Dad, we want to go
bobbing for apples!
Okay, have fun.
Stay together.
All right, Dad!
That was fun,
the hayride?
Yeah, it was.
Hey, can I ask you a favor?
I was just wondering
if you'd come with me
to go see Mrs. Figgins tomorrow.
Why's that?
I just thought it'd be fun
to visit here while
I'm here, you know?
Like we used to
when we were kids.
Rumor has it
you've already been
over to see her.
Wait, how did you...?
Oh, right...
[TOGETHER]: Small towns.
Listen, she just
really likes you,
and she won't take my calls.
Why won't she take your calls?
My company purchased
a few hundred acres
around Sapphire Lake
for a new retail development.
We can't break ground
because we need Mrs.
Figgins' land,
and she refuses to sell to us.
Without her property,
the deal is dead.
Your "certain someone?"
So you want me to help you
force a poor old lady
out of her home?
What? No. Of course not.
No one's forcing anyone.
She wants to sell so she
can move to Florida.
She just doesn't
want to sell to us,
because she doesn't
like the plans.
If I can pull this off,
I might finally get
to realize my dream.
I might actually get
to be an architect,
and... Frances is going to
end up selling to someone.
Besides, it'll bring hundreds
of jobs to Cedarvale.
This is a good thing.
Will you please help me?
[LILY]: Dad!
Mom's apple cake.
We have to make it!
"Apple Sampler"?
What's that?
It's something that started
after you moved away.
A lot of people in
town get together,
make their favorite
apple dessert
so the visitors to the Festival
can taste the best
Cedarvale has to offer.
Proceeds go to the hospital.
Momma's apple cake was amazing.
Let's make that!
[SIGHING] Lilypad, I...
I don't even know if
I have the recipe.
She was the master baker.
I don't know if
I'll do it justice.
We have to make something,
Maybe I could... help.
My mom was a great baker.
Please, Dad?
Okay, all right.
I'll do it.
We should bake something.
I can help you
make an apple pie.
How hard could that be, right?
All right, let's go.
Thanks for coming on
the hayride with us.
Thanks for inviting me.
I had a lot of fun.
I'll come with you.
You know, Lily's going to
a friend's house tomorrow
during the day, so...
why don't you come by
the farm around noon?
That'd be great.
No problem.
Bye, guys.
Let's go.
I really appreciate
you doing this.
No problem.
But I'm not gonna be part
of your little
business deal, okay?
I'm just coming
along for the ride.
You realize you drove right
past the Figgins house.
I know.
Just for a minute.
I wanted to see this.
Wow, I'd forgotten
how beautiful it is.
You used to say
this was your favorite
place on Earth.
You have a really good memory.
For things that are
worth remembering.
I wanna talk about the future...
our future.
Megan, I'm ready to
take things to the...
Okay, I'll be right there.
That was my dad.
I need to get back to
the caf right away.
Did he say why?
No. He just says
that I need to get there
as soon as possible.
We should go, then.
Okay, let's go.
I'm gonna check the knothole,
just in case.
I kept your letter.
I wanted to remember.
Remember what I
had, what I lost.
You know, you never really
gave me an explanation
for why you broke up with me.
It was a long time ago.
Does that mean you're still
not going to tell me?
I was just about to
sit down for lunch.
You care to join me?
Yeah, sure.
Your friend can come too,
if she likes.
Look at that.
Off to a good start.
Oh boy.
Very clever of you, Ms. Quinn,
to bring Joe along
with you this time.
You obviously know how
much I adore him.
Mrs. Figgins,
you know you can call me Megan.
I mean, after all, I am
still the same little girl
that used to come and visit you.
All right, Megan,
and I suppose you can
call me Frances.
But I would appreciate it
if you wait until
we finish lunch
before you try and steal my
house out from under me.
I'm teasing you.
Mark Twain said
humor is one of mankind's
greatest blessings.
So, Joe, how's Lily?
Oh, she's... she's great.
She's growing like a beanstalk.
Aw, well, you tell her
that I want to see her soon.
I will.
I still have one of your
drawings, you know.
You were quite good.
You drew a picture
of my house once,
do you remember that?
Do you still draw?
Not really.
Oh, that's too bad.
I remember you were going
to be an architect.
I'm so sorry, I
have to get this.
A guy wants to buy some hay.
I hear you have
some hungry horses.
Frances, what would it take
to convince you to
make a deal with us?
we're back to business.
I still have a job to do.
I told you,
I'm willing to sell
to the right buyer,
someone who cares about my lake,
and it's obvious whoever
drew up those plans
has no connection
whatsoever to this land.
I suspect the
designer never once
gazed across this
majestic lake at sunset,
or watched the shadows fall,
had never seen the geese
appear on the horizon
in a perfect V,
and descend down
across the treetops,
and land gently on the water.
Never watched a mother deer
and her fawn
grazing by the shore,
or heard the frogs
croaking at night.
Brick and asphalt?
Fast food and discount stores?
That is not my idea of paradise.
Uh, sorry, ladies,
I hate to cut this short, but
I have to meet this guy.
Very well.
I understand.
Frances, thank you
so much for lunch.
Thanks so much, Frances.
It's my pleasure.
would you mind if I
came to see you again?
Oh, please do.
But that doesn't mean that I'm
gonna sell to your company.
Well, you can't blame
me for trying.
Sorry to leave you alone.
We're extra busy.
Oh, that's fine.
You know, you're actually
a pretty good waitress.
You know, the more I'm here,
the more it all
comes back to me.
The memories...
Hanging out here with you
and my mom
when I was little.
We used to sit in that
booth right over there,
and she'd help me
with my homework.
She taught me to bake here...
She showed me which
side to serve from,
and made sure I never let
a customer's coffee cup
get below half full.
She taught me to
be nice to people.
And I realize now
they aren't just
skills for the caf,
but they're skills for life.
You know?
Rosie's was my mother's dream.
She may have died too young,
but at least she got
to live her dream.
I envy that.
Because I...
I feel like my dreams
are right there in front
of me for the taking,
and yet they're somehow
just out of reach.
Maybe it's the fact
that our dreams
are hard to reach
that makes them
worth reaching for.
It's Joe.
Hey there. Hi.
Uh, we've got a little problem.
What's a little problem?
Well... Lily and I
baked an apple...
At least, I think it was a pie.
and we were ready to bring
it to the Festival,
but I thought the
pie had to cool...
and the goat jumped the
fence and ate the pie.
Poor Lily.
More like poor goat.
Look, I promised them 12
bales of hay by 5:00 p.m.
and Lily promised them
a pie by 6:00, so...
Well, I'm at the caf.
Bring Lily, bring the apples,
uh, you deliver your hay.
You are a savior.
Thank you so much.
Don't mention it.
A goat ate the pie.
It happens.
You know what, Lily?
My mother used to make the
most delicious apple cake.
Your mom? Rosie?
Maybe we should make that?
You and me?
Yeah, okay.
Come here, let's
get you an apron.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Bye, Dad.
Have fun, girls.
[MEGAN]: My mom always said
that the first
ingredient is love,
when baking.
The trick is,
don't squeeze the eggs.
You want to pull them
apart, just like that.
All right, Wainwright
apples, going in.
I'm gonna let you
stir it all up.
You want to stir it? - Okay.
It's hard work, right?
So the Festival folks
It was hard to tell.
We put it on display,
someone came over, took a bite,
next thing we know, it was
gone in five minutes.
So Lily was pleased.
Yes, she was very pleased.
What's wrong?
It's just, Lily is
bonding with you,
and it's great...
but you're not going
to be here long,
you know?
Well, I can keep in touch.
It's not the same.
I appreciate the offer.
You are so much
like your mother.
Thank you.
That's a wonderful compliment.
She was a wonderful person.
You just care so much
about other people.
So do you.
You know, my mother
always thought of you
as the son she never had.
How serious are you?
Mr. Polo player.
Uh, Philip.
Well, he's a really great guy.
He's very ambitious.
He's probably going to
run for office someday.
You didn't answer my question.
He's really good to me.
Still didn't answer my question.
He's... I'm...
Look, it's getting late.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks for the baking help.
[LILY]: Let's go! Come on!
This way!
Say hi to the family, okay?
[DR. BAKER]: Could I have
your attention, please?
You ready?
Folks, thank you so much
for making this year's Apple
Sampler the best ever.
And for those of you
who contributed to our hospital,
you are truly the
heartbeat of Cedarvale.
[APPLAUSE] - I mean...
And now, for this
year's People's Choice
for Best Dessert,
the award goes to...
The Wainwright family.
Oh, my gosh!
- What?
- We did it.
Thank you, Megan.
I think your mother would
be so proud of you.
I think so too.
Come on, let's go tell Rodrigo!
Okay, all right, all right.
wanna come?
You go.
It's a Wainwright moment.
I play golf every Sunday, Ms.
It relaxes me.
But today, I'm not relaxed.
Now, why do you think that is?
Well, you said it rained...
That's the least of it, Ms.
Try again.
You're worried about the
Sapphire Lake project?
Now, I got in six holes,
and I was five over par.
I'm a scratch golfer, Ms. Quinn,
so life is not good.
Well, at least now you can relax
and go back to enjoying
the rest of your Sunday.
I'm back at my office.
Who relaxes at work?
You do remember work, Ms. Quinn?
Now, tell me,
what is happening with this Mrs.
Uh, she's being a
little difficult.
Well, that's why I
gave you this job.
You're supposed to be
able to handle difficult,
help her overcome
her reservations
and get the deal done.
Now, you do your job,
or else you'll be
looking for a new one.
Hey, Matt!
Good morning!
Dad, what are you doing here?
Well, I got tired of
sitting around the house,
so I thought I'd just
come by and, uh...
do a little cleaning?
Don't worry, I'm not
gonna overdo it.
[CHUCKLING] Look at you.
Oh, your mother'd be
grinning from ear to ear.
Hey, Matt, how you feelin'?
Like a man with a busted foot.
Well, you're back in the
nick of time, boss.
Megan here
was just about to run this
place into the ground.
Oh, stop it, she did just fine.
So it seems.
Well, welcome back. I gotta go.
Where are you going?
I just got here.
I have a meeting to go to.
I'll see you later.
A meeting?
On Sunday?
This one's perfect.
Dad and I are going
to make applesauce.
Just don't let the
goats know, okay?
I thought you were
supposed to leave by noon.
I'm headed out to see Frances
again this afternoon.
I have no choice.
If I can't get her to
sign by tomorrow morning,
I'm out of a job.
You want me to come with you?
I just...
Anyway, I gotta get going.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
See ya.
Megan, hey...
I know when you're not okay.
I always have.
Talk to me.
Am I doing the right thing,
with Frances?
I mean, I'm not sure anymore.
Why aren't you sure?
Because it doesn't feel right.
When I was little, Frances
was so kind to me.
She encouraged me,
and believed in me.
And now all I can think about
is getting her to do what I want
so I can get some promotion
and advance my career.
Is that wrong?
You know...
I think, sometimes in life,
we put on blinders,
and we think there's only
two solutions to a problem.
What do you mean?
Well, look, you think
that Frances either
sells you the property
or she says no, and
the project's dead.
Yeah, that pretty
much sums it up.
Well, what if there
was another option?
A third option?
Well, I don't know.
what I've found is
that when you admit
there could be another solution,
one ends up showing up.
I'd better get going.
Frances is expecting me.
Bye, Lily.
Bye, Megan.
See you later.
For Frances.
She loves apples.
Good luck!
So, Megan's going home soon,
huh, Dad?
That's right.
Are you going to miss her?
A little.
I miss Mommy,
even though I was little.
Sometimes I wish I
could tell her that.
if you're going to miss Megan,
I think you should tell her,
or she'll never know.
You know what,
I think you're right.
We're done apple picking.
All right? - Okay.
I love this view.
That drawing you once
made of my house?
I still have it,
framed, near my mantle.
Oh, wow, I'm flattered.
Ah, you were always
talented, Megan.
Oh, it's still so
beautiful, isn't it?
The reflection of
leaves on the water?
Yeah, it is.
I used to love to come
down here as a girl
and skip stones.
Oh, me too.
Joe and I used to do that.
Joe's a good man.
Yeah, he is.
We all thought
you were destined
for one another,
the whole town.
Well, I thought so too,
but then he...
broke up with me,
just like that.
Ah yes, the "Dear Megan" letter.
Joe told me about it.
He came out to my house
the day he mailed it.
Oh, he was practically
He... he wrote me
and told me he didn't
want to see me anymore.
Your Joe was just a young man,
but he was smart enough to know
that he had to let you go
and chase your dreams,
and he was so afraid
that you'd resent him,
so he told a little white lie
to make it easier for you.
But I was just going
off to college.
We could have found a
way to make it work.
Joe wanted to give
you your freedom,
so he made a choice.
Now, maybe you could
have made it work,
and maybe not.
And now it's too late.
You have a special place
in Joe's heart, Megan,
and no matter what happens
from this point forward,
you always will.
A first love is a forever love.
Well, I had a lovely time.
Me too.
can I ask you a question?
You want to know what
it's going to take
to convince me to sell my
house to your company.
Look around you.
What do you see?
It really is a special place.
and the plan that your
company has presented
doesn't respect the beauty
of this special place.
Now, if you can
come up with a way
to keep the beauty
of this lake alive,
then maybe we can do business.
But how?
The plans are set.
They have been for months.
Put your heart into it.
Megan, you need to
come right away.
Yeah, Flo's been
acting up again,
and your dad's not around.
The dishwasher!
All right, I'll be right there.
And maybe you should call Joe.
Hey, Dottie, is it bad?
Did you call Joe?
No need to.
Hey, Megs.
We've known each
other a long time...
and when I saw you
the other day,
when you bumped into
me in the street,
I needed to tell you that
I felt something.
...and it made me realize
that the feelings I've had
for you a long time ago
have never gone away.
I don't want to lose you again.
I was hoping you'd be here.
What are you doing here?
I couldn't stand it any longer.
I had to see you.
Megan, honey,
I don't know what the
future holds for us,
but I think we should
choose each other,
and just figure it out as we go.
Megan Anne Quinn...
will you be my wife?
I-I'm sorry.
Joe, wait!
Philip, please stand up.
I'll be back.
Who's Joe?
You broke up with me, remember?
You wrote me a letter,
and that was it.
No explanation,
and poof, and you were
gone from my life.
I thought we were
best friends, Joe.
I thought we were going
to build a life together.
I didn't want to stand in
the way of your dream.
So you made a choice for me
without even talking about it?
I know why you did it, Joe.
Frances told me.
But you were wrong.
We could have made it work.
We could have made it
work because I loved you,
and I know you loved me...
Okay, all right.
Go back inside, okay?
Philip's waiting.
Don't do this again.
Don't push me away.
We're living two
different lives, Megan.
Your life is back in
Chicago with Philip.
My life is here with Lily.
I guess I...
I thought we could get
back what we once had.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
[MEGAN]: Joe...
Philip, we need to talk.
All right, thanks! Come again!
[MAN CALLS]: Thanks, Matt!
[CHUCKLING]: Yeah. See ya.
Always a pleasure.
Let me know when you
get back to Chicago.
You're a great guy.
Seemed like a nice enough fella.
We broke up.
Well, good.
Then I don't have to
pay for the wedding.
Come on, I'm kidding.
You wanna talk about it?
No, thank you.
Dad, if you don't need me here,
I think I'd like to go home.
I need to start
working on my rsum.
Sure, I think we can
manage somehow.
Ooh, before you go,
I was in the back office
cleaning this morning,
and I found this.
What is it?
Have a look.
Remember those?
No, your mother was planning
on making a new menu,
and she wanted to use
one of your drawings
as the cover.
Of course, she died
before she could put
the plan into motion.
Yeah, she was always
your biggest fan.
The third option!
Dad, thank you!
Oh, you're the best.
Uh, don't mention it...
I guess.
The third what?
I've been trying to
reach you all morning.
Do you know what today is?
No, what?
Today's Monday, which
means deadline day?
Oh, no. Shoot!
My deadline.
It's less than an hour away.
Why do you think I've been
trying to reach you all morning?
Mr. St. Clair's on his way
to Cedarvale right now,
and he's not happy.
Oh, no. Okay, okay, I'm on it.
Uh, I'll call you later.
I'm heading out, Dad!
Good luck!
So, if you'll just
sign at the bottom...
And what if I don't sign, Mr.
St. Clair?
Mrs. Figgins... may
I call you Frances?
Mrs. Figgins,
Stoneland Properties owns all
of the surrounding land,
so there will be no more buyers.
Now, if you continue
to hold out,
well, we'll be forced
to break ground
on the portion of
land that we do own,
and, unfortunately,
it will get pretty
noisy around here,
and this is a sweetheart
of a deal, Mrs. Figgins.
But if we're forced
to delay much longer,
it might not be so sweet.
Now, this really is
the only option.
Don't sign anything.
Don't sign anything.
Ms. Quinn?
What do you think you're doing?
Just bear with me, please.
Bear with you?
No. No, you had your chance,
and you missed your deadline.
That's why I'm here.
No, not yet.
I still have...
four minutes.
No, Ms. Quinn,
you no longer have
negotiating authority
on this project.
Now, a deal is on the table.
On the table, perhaps,
but the pen is still in my hand.
I want to hear what
Megan has come up with.
Mrs. Figgins, the
plans are all set.
We're getting ready
to break ground.
It's really too late
for any changes.
Excuse me, Mr. St. Clair,
but Mrs. Figgins' property
sits dead center
of the proposed development.
Without her land,
there's no way the local
planning commission
will ever approve the project,
and if she's not budging,
we don't have a choice
but to look at other options.
Not budging?
She was about to sign
before you got here.
Well, now I've had a
sudden change of heart.
I want to hear what
Megan has come up with.
This better be good.
Last night,
I was thinking this
whole thing over,
and I realized that
Frances is not being
at all unreasonable.
Of course not.
All she wants is to ensure
that this stunningly
beautiful place,
where she's spent
her entire life,
remains that way,
and I think that with
a little creativity,
we can both get what we want.
We can build a
profitable development
that respects the environment.
No, no, no, no, no, this
is far too much green.
Are these trails?
These trees are all
supposed to be removed.
But they don't have to be.
I've adjusted the footprint
of the development,
but the square footage
remains exactly the same.
I've arranged the restaurants
so they get the best
views of the lake,
and I sketched in
green footpaths
from the parking structure
to the retail area,
and I put in a
playscape for kids
by the water.
I think we can make
this development
a place where customers
want to linger,
and if we can do that,
they'll want to come back,
and in the long run,
if we create a space
that people want to return to
again and again,
that means bigger profits.
I'm really proud of you.
You have done a beautiful job.
Just to be clear, Mrs. Figgins,
you're saying
that if we go with this plan,
you might consent to
selling your property?
I could be persuaded.
I'm not against development, Mr.
St. Clair.
It just has to be
the right kind.
Okay, Ms. Quinn.
Get these plans on
the drawing board.
We'll see if we can
make this happen.
I am on it.
I knew you had it in you.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
I love it.
Let me show you.
Hey, there she is.
Hey, guys.
Hey, how about some pie, Megan?
maybe later.
Hey, Dad.
That piece has my name
written all over it.
I'm going to be heading back
to Chicago in the morning.
Huh? So soon?
I've got to get ready
for my new assignment.
New assignment?
I've been chosen to lead the
Sapphire Lake development.
[GASPS] Really?
Well... well, that's wonderful.
That means you'll be...
Moving back to Cedarvale,
at least for the
foreseeable future.
Oh, sweetheart,
I am so proud of you.
You know, for your
mother and me,
it was never about
what you achieve,
it was always about who you are.
Your mother would
be so proud of you,
just like I am.
Thanks, Dad.
[MEGAN WRITES]: "Dear Joe.
Just in case you're wondering,
Philip and I broke up.
I guess I finally realized
that my heart wasn't
his for the taking,
because I had already
given it away.
It's been hard coming back home.
There have been
so many reminders
of things that I
had forgotten...
Reminders of growing
up with my family,
my mother...
reminders of who I
was before I left...
who I still am.
Someone once said
that a first love is
a forever love...
and, Joe, when I think
of you, and me,
and our love story,
I know truer words
were never spoken.
Yours forever, Megan."
You really think it's true?
About first loves being forever?
I do.
I found your note, in our tree.
How did you even...?
Oh, wait,
of course, Frances.
I was going to tell you about it
after I was safely out of town.
I figured.
I was sorry to hear that
things didn't work out
between you and Philip.
I'm not.
I, um...
I have something for you.
What's this?
It's a promise ring.
A promise that's been
12 years in the making.
I love it.
What exactly is it
you're promising me?
Just this.
All right, come on, let's go.