Love Syndrome, The (1982) Movie Script

How many days you were no news .
If you want to break up said good good !
Sorry I took so long to give news .
I love you .
Will you marry me ?
It makes no sense .
Future no one is angry .
Though already made ??jam along it .
This is it .
Definitely so .
Her surely suffer severe leukemia .
No longer sure he was dead .
Come on ..
Who will cry watching this ?
Hoi ..
What is wrong with these people?
What I actually problematic ?
Love Syndrome .
Let's go to the clinic ..
I do not what what ..
Let'sjust go.
I've been a regular slam.
- You do not feel sick ?
- Not .
Why do you care so much to me ?
In such circumstances it is not
maybe you're not in pain ,
Look at your hands .
As if my hands why ?
Where are my fingers ?
Still here .
How is this ?
Ah ? yes yes , I'm going home after this .
You're beautiful .
I've been meaning to ask you out ,
ultimately you want too .
Not that I do not want to go with you ,
but lately my schedule is very crowded ,
The new so now I can spend time .
What have you done lately ?
I 'm preparing myself for ..
Briefly yes .
What is it ?
Huh ?
Why did not you tell from far away days ?
What .. ?
Huh ..
Oh , oh , yes , yes , bye .
Hey , are you still crying ?
You're a crybaby .
Did you know ?
- What ?
- You do not have a heart .
Woman whose name was supposed to be romantic .
You're not at all romantic .
Ohoh .. Come on ..
Romance .
Whose name it should be fun romantic ,
if you like the name suggests whiny .
Hey .
Although I cried because the movie like it ,
I could still easily kill you .
If you're a true romantic,
you're going to drive me home .
Alright .
But you have to change that attitude ,
if not ,
You will never have a partner ,
You will never get married .
Oi, what are you doing ?
I just bought an animal
This beast of e - bay .
You try it , it's really good , you know .
Hoi .
What happened to your hand?
Oh .
Ermm ..
It happens at school , when I ..
Slam .
At the time of judo practice it ..
Huh ?
So the story ..
The story ..
- The story ..
- Hoi ..
Sit .
Continue .
So , where was I up to ?
The long story ... once .
Sincerely , get ready.
What's wrong with this ?
You keep the canal to see it .
Well, what special she is ?
You do not see the charm .
The soft touch ..
Until the first training here .
Hey, you must have forgotten again with promise .
You keep promises
but easy to forget .
I 'm busy lately.
Oh well forget it then.
Listen first explanation.
No longer need you to explain .
If you love someone ,
direct say in person.
If not ,
how he could know how you feel ?
Sister .
You know what , just do not have a boyfriend .
I'm still better , there is still a business .
I'm always in contact with him every day .
Ohoo ..
For example ,
At the time of kickback exercise ,
Soft hand touch it ..
When I was going to slam ,
we face each other ,
Within seconds I was in heaven .
Happy ..
After hearing further
turned out to be very sad your efforts .
What are you doing ?
Oi .
You want to '' said I love you '' ?
Why not him ?
Oh .. eh ..
Not so .
Yesterday I saw your sister in the garden ,
large bandaged hand , what happens ?
Oh , he just like to practice judo in school ,
then he fell during training .
Actually from the first ,
he's weak ,
but he took the training ,
because he likes women in the club .
Example sister ,
he alone was willing to have a boyfriend ,
You've got a who's who .
But do not be sad ,
I'm always ready to be your girlfriend .
Then if he is dating that girl?
He'sjust like that woman ,
But not say it.
Why ?
Though he is quite handsome .
I also do not know .
I told him to say .
Can not help it ,
He was .. children coward .
Or perhaps ,
he'sjust like me .
When dealing with love ,
no luck at all .
I have long wanted to have a boyfriend ,
but until now ..
No one has been interested .
I'm interested .
Hi ..
Before going home do not forget to clean clean yes .
All right.
Ah , it's you .
Do you have plans tonight ?
I would like to buy the book .
For my job .
Who should I collected a few more days .
Then I'll go with you .
All dating .
I have a used book subscription .
I can between you .
There once complete book .
You can certainly find the book you need .
Oi .
Well who is it that accompany the night ?
Oh .. Friends .
Not who's who .
Classmates .
Where there is a friend who will
accompany the evening of the night .
Your boyfriend huh ?
Already .. Already ..
Wait , what did you take this ?
Oops , despite being old ..
You're still playing a little boy toy huh ?
The child continues to talk nonsense ,
This order people .
I'm going to deliver this , then the person angry .
See you again .
Yes , be careful .
Be careful of falling .
Damn !
Basic women do not know themselves .
I decided to go around .
- Your girlfriend was a ..
- Women .
Women who do not know themselves .
In fact ..
The important thing is I still got you .
Me and him ..
Already planning to get married .
- We are getting married later this year ..
- Look ,
Stories like thatjust aired ,
what the importance of marriage she ?
There is absolutely no meaning to me .
Do not you want to get married ?
Maybe later ,
if I 've found the right person .
Menukan hard right person .
Bagimana you?
When are you getting married?
I also do not want to get married quickly .
When it was time to come for sure mate .
No need to look for to and fro .
Hey , we thought the same .
Just as I 've ever read
in a book about dating .
There are words that I really like ,
if not mistaken ..
- Love it ..
- Love it will come with a sudden .
Love it .. does not need to be sought .
Because it .. has been prescribed by God .
Not one I ask you out ,
You were very interesting indeed .
Wait a minute yes .
Yes .
Ah , hey .
Hey ..
Hey ..
I accidentally bought this for you .
Eh ..
How much is it ?
You have to pay dearly .
You must want me take me out again .
What books do you like ?
Hmm books like philosophy and mystery .
Because I am a very intelligent man .
From childhood I was often denied women .
Up until I often scoffed at friends of friends.
They said I do not know shame .
Oh it turns out you're just like
other men , shameless .
What now am I so ?
No. .. But still a little .
Even so .. You like me , right?
Oh yes .
Thank you .
This is for you .
What are you doing ?
You 're learning or daydreaming .
You should not knowingly.
I can tell from your attitude .
You do not always think about romance .
Is your relationship with it running smoothly ?
Tell me ? you
do not hide it from me .
We had been friends from childhood , I know your attitude .
You and he's okay , right?
Well, what to do with you ?
You yourself should look for a lover as well .
No girl interested in me .
I 've been trying to lure the girls ,
but none were interested in me .
I 've tried a variety of ways ,
but nothing worked .
So , you do not care about me .
Hey, you should be able to
captured the heart of a girl .
You have to have confidence
themselves in front of the girls .
If you're unsure , you can certainly
captured the heart of a girl .
How you can suddenly be out there ?
Hey, are not you glad I'm here ?
You should not be so surprised .
I did not mean to alarm you .
I just know , it's you man
men who care about friends .
Do you feel so ?
Of course .
This is , I already bought a ticket for both of us .
- You wear this umbrella .
- Do not .
I do not want you sick . I
we both want to go there .
I go first .
- What are you doing ?
- No, it's okay .
Oh , it's you 're close to him .
You do not knowingly.
Everyone surely knows ,
you need not shy .
You do not like the joke ,
me and him are just friends only.
Initially it was friends , but over time
you will be dating , then married and had
y children , and you have grandchildren and great-grandchildr
Stop .
You do not digress
that way , you understand .
Admit it , you and he must
will be dating and getting married .
Are you crazy ?
You may say that, but we
will prove later , you and he
will be dating and getting married .
And later you will realize
that I said anything is true .
You are ready , right?
You want a date with me ,
Hey, you have to go on a date with me .
What would you say?
I 'm like the girl.
You just take him on a date .
A girl with the most like a brave man .
Really like it ?
I know because I also love to men
who dare say his heart directly .
You like a man like that ?
You know , there is a
girl who likes you .
He was classmates .
Hah !
He was there.
Sweet face , like this candy .
This is for you .
For me? Thank you , but I became
bad because you're so good to me .
Feel free to like it .
Then I'll go through here .
Alright .
[ Phone rings ]
There is what you call me ?
What about your date?
Why do you always want to know ?
I will tell you later .
Now , I 've not
wait to hear the story .
You know , today I feel happy
because it can look super Divas concert .
Huh ? What did you say ?
Hey , why are you so surprised ?
I'm just surprised because
you did not ask me .
Oh , it turns out you also want to see the show yes .
You should have let me know when
You will see the concert .
Calm down , why are you such very surprised .
Did you know that I really liked the concert .
If I'm not too fond of
with a concert like that .
Are you seriously saying that?
Hey , lady , I want to clear up this poster .
How could you lie to me .
Why did you lie to me ?
We 've been friends for a long time .
I just feel embarrassed for you .
It was my first date .
And he has bought
The first date on the day .
Only the cheap stuff like this , you
no need to get excited excessive .
The important thing is he
sincerely gave it to me .
You do notjudge from the price of goods .
The most important thing is sincerity .
I want to show you
a magazine that I like .
I do not know if you
love like this magazine ,
But it's not bad if we
talked about the magazine here .
He just wanted to explain to you
that he likes athletic man ,
muscular and has a great body .
Like the athletes , Pinbay , bodybuilders ,
Pinem like , not like Divas concert .
I just wanted memeberitahumu that I
is the owner of the gym in various cities
has spawned many athletes bodybuilders
Hey ,
I do not like his arrogant style .
You have to be careful with it .
Do you want us to cancel the show to watch
Divasnya concert , do you want to do anything else ?
- No, it is not necessary .
- I just do not want if you feel embarrassed .
( How to lure girl )
You no longer need to hide it from me .
I already know now .
We will prepare
event for our children .
You know now teenagers
event like a concert like that .
My son is also often talked about your son .
It would be nice if they
will be shared equally .
But I know that my son is so shy .
You know , we can arrange a way
so they can be together .
Once they are together ,
we live it official .
I'm willing , I want to hold on to her .
Hey ,
Why do you like being seen a ghost .
Huh ?
You're not too often daydream ,
Do not hang up ,
You still continue to see the photo .
Do you still like it ?
possible ,
What do you mean maybe ?
You just dare look at facebook alone .
Itjust makes you more homesick .
You do not need to feel ashamed of me .
Here you are.
Books about romance .
Hey ,
What ?
You have to see this .
What do you mean ?
You do not hide it from me anymore .
You know I 'm tired of saying this to you .
You're stubborn .
You'll see if you're getting hurt .
And you 'll thank me
having already tell you this.
You .. You do not know what
actually happened between me and him .
Just me and him who knows
how our relationship .
The most important thing I 've warn .
You do not regret later .
Hey ,
How can you expect
I hurt like that .
I just want you to be happy , you know it .
Why do you continue to see her Facebook ?
Listen ,
You can not establish a relationship
only in that way .
You have to face reality .
What do you mean ?
How could you say that to me .
Have you not
I assume this friend?
Kenepa you so sad as it is ,
I will always be your friend .
Therefore I do not want you to hurt .
You should be able to read the mind of a man ,
You do not fall for their tricks ,
Do not you understand , you're just
did not recognize him .
Listen , what can you get
if only to see her facebook ?
You can only stare without
could meet him .
Wake up , realized .
I tell you this because I
also a boy like him .
We can see signs of the men , respectively .
And most men can deceive a girl .
You have to understand it .
You should not be deceived by it ,
Men usually sought
melt a girl's heart .
Seduce , lure , deceive .
Oh, you are here to express your heart .
( I will always
waiting until whenever )
Oh , oh , oh . There wasjealous heart .
I will tell you as a woman .
You do not get too deep
loving a girl .
You will feel more pain.
You see for yourself how status .
You're a smartass , you do not know
how my relationship with him .
Now you are saying it to me .
You forget what you tell me earlier ?
Me and you it's very different.
Very much .
Hey ,
I am a woman ,
I know how the feeling of a woman .
You should know that.
- Have you read this ?
- Yes .
( I want our relationship clarity )
You know today I feel happy .
So what to do with me , I 'm
do not want to say anything today.
Do not bother me .
If you had it like me , you
also will feel very happy .
You would not like it was grim .
You and I are different , how do I
could know it would make me happy ,
Because I know what you are .
You do not know anything about me .
Here, you read it.
Does this works for me ,
Are you really
Like with anything like this ?
I do not what what .
We'll see together , okay ?
Hey , what are you doing , why
I did not turn down the sound .
Why do you only see photonya
continuously, you're a man or not ?
Act like a man .
You do not make me ashamed to be your friend .
Face it .
What ?
You do not have the courage to meet him ?
Oh ! Look at the picture on this one .
Look at this .
I also had more severe .
Do you also have ?
Now, now , to what to do that ?
Yes , already forget it .
I wasjustjoking .
Joking or deliverance ?
Honey ! You do not have to show them .
Later you show special for me .
If you do that I promise
will always be good to you .
It's beautiful here .
Thank you , has brought me here .
Actually .. I like ..
Here let me help you .
You just take it .
Sorry , seperitnya must first loosen .
Here he comes .
Quickly seated .
Hey , what makes you
flowery like this ?
What's with the glasses ?
This is used to close my eyes that
moist because he could not sleep thinking about it .
- Li pan ..
- Hmm ?
Since when did they close it ?
They will be played
as Romeo and Juliet .
Well , he's terrific .
I think this is the golden opportunity .
Still no
kiss her kiss scene .
But it can be done hug scene
hug , and make it more complicated .
Actually , I can
make it more interesting .
No need to hesitate,
just do it .
Hug him like he was rolling .
Looks like you have to
pressed to her face .
But not in the story
they just hug ?
Oh , is that true ?
Yes , that's right . But because of this modern form
then we must show the desire of this story .
Miss !
Your stuff falls .
Oh my goodness . It is very important that
for me thank you very much , yes .
Unfortunately, you would rather that this
or rough ?
Basis , that we have no need
using condoms .
Taste more delicious if
do not use it .
Well , if it was my wish to you .
Let's go home .
Sorry , we had been very intimate at all
from when we were still high school .
Do not be shy .
Surely your relationship incredible , huh ?
Of course quite remarkable ! but the truth
it's notjust my boyfriend he's a .
You see this picture here ? just a little
money , you can release the aroma hormonmu .
Anyway terrific , all
man will come near to you .
Previously I was not there to like ,
until I used this .
Not only am I ugly ,
but also the body I was not much good .
But since I wear this , I alone
can not stop playing with many men .
- Excuse me , yes .
- Yes .
- 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 ..
- Miss !
Are you able
I share the cure ?
This technique always works .
Once you 've become president level .
Bonus you will soar .
Is that so ?
But I actually have doubts
to sell this product ..
Is this drug really works ?
You do not have to worry , this drug
would actually help them .
Moreover, we were only to be
focused on our targets .
Then we achieve our dreams together .
I'm actually not so
confidence to be able to achieve it .
But , for acting I could passable .
But I'm not smart
in the mood .
But I just love me
open what it is .
Basic fucking cheater !
No need in mind .
I'm getting used to this .
Let's refresh our minds go .
However the sales person
should have a bright mind .
Why is he blossomed once - semi .
- Hey !
- Why ? Possessed ?
Instead . But the truth of the earlier
Who are you talking about ?
Is not that a person who
his heart was in bloom - spring ?
- So do you agree ?
- So if I agree to do?
- So I'm going to marry you .
- So what did you marry me ?
- With all that I have.
- What do you have?
My whole life .
- Oh , my romeo .
- Oh my Juliet .
- Say who is ..
- Are not they all matching ?
And thanks to you they
be outstanding once
Of course , who used the referring .
How long you want it?
And for you , you were excessive .
I feel like something is missing
aorma of your body you like it .
Oh , yes , I think you'd better go take a shower .
I go take a shower ?
Mmm !
Let's hurry! Clean your body , and
Do not forget to use cologen when back again .
Okay , good .
Hello ?
Now quickly tell you what
I should do .
Now I'm confused how anymore .
What else do you it seems
was too late .
Hey , calm down first .
I was not going to go anywhere .
You're talking like it was delicious
I were here with him .
Dear !
I want you to keep the spirit
no matter what happens !
Hey , why do they still have not arrived as well ?
I think the streets were jammed .
So a little late .
Come on , let's go.
Why do so we are going
streets like this ?
Techniques are looking boyfriend number 8 No matter friend
or best friend , boyfriend was another of his business !
Hey ! So cute !
See all cute fish .
Do you like it ?
If you like I 'll buy for you .
I have friends who can make
more powerful aquarium .
- Really?
- Yes .
But is it true you're going to
buy it for me ?
Whatever you want
I will buy for you .
But I do not like to get
free stuff .
Engineering 9 ,
Be an idol for him .
But that is not all. when I
I met her father was still younger.
But I also never
with another man before.
you try to tell me how
you end up with dad ?
And the story of how you guys are dating .
And when the father in slam by you
The championship .. I wonder what it's called .
You know that his father first , a
greatjudo fighter in the area .
But while I was a woman most
scary in my school .
Scary ?
- Tell me why is that , mother .
- I became a scary story that is long enough .
It started when I was a kid , when
I was along with several other men .
There are few men in whom it is very handsome
and can not forget till now ..
It's regrettable that all the time
father come and spoil our relationship .
if it were not for his father , I'm sure
will have a handsome husband ..
- And not to mention his ability on the field ..
- Eh ..
Enough , bu .
Tell A championship .
Uh , when the championship was
called '' Liberal Shot '' .
It is the major events of that era .
Major events ..
Yes , that's right , the great game .
That's where I met his father .
We parcipate in the game
then me and your father
met in a match .
But I'm quite confused why I can feel
The father has another light in him .
And I can already guess
husband that he will have my son .
Then we will get married and live
old together .
And what about the dad , mom ?
Of course he was lousy .
- Your father was as bad as you ..
- Eh .. Mother ..
I 've heard from the father . and the story
quite different from the version of the mother , yes , is not it?
Yes , aunt , the story of his father 's
very different from your story .
By the way I'm not
wait to go sightseeing ,
I asked for permission so I
allowed to go with him .
'' I want to see you now ''
PR was difficult.
Head until dizzy .
I think the PR was not unreasonable , it's crazy .
I also have run out of ideas .
My head ached and my stomach up .
Anyway , I was sitting
with the woman I love .
I'm afraid he's losing feelings with me .
If that happens , I'm dead .
Hey , you're just relax .
Be brave if you're a real man .
What do you mean ?
Are you doing?
You think I can understand her writings ?
The boy was beautiful but the writing is very bad .
Hey , never mind .
If you remain like this , you do not
will never be any woman .
While you're still young , say
him than you're sorry .
Hey !
Method 10 : Approach women quickly .
Hey , do you think it is
math was tough ?
I think a little difficult when
compared to Tata culinary lessons .
Really, I think it
is the toughest subject .
But you're smart in all subjects .
How many smart people like you ?
Do not forget next Thursday you should
I teach math at home .
I remember !
Alright .
The room in my house
broad enough to learn .
So we will be studying together !
Hey !
Please ..
Please, no cockroaches in my locker !
Cockroaches yes ...
I feel so disgusted !
I feel very disgusted
take my books !
So before I had to borrow a book my friend .
Do you think anyone else is doing it ? !
Why would anyone do
such a thing to me !
Toni and his friends who seemed
do it .
Let's report to the teacher .
.. so that they are immediately
expelled from school .
You're right .
How are you ?
We are working on a task .
Hello !
Recommend , this is my new girlfriend .
Is not she beautiful ?
You do not think I'm not going to
find a woman like this huh ?
I think you are very fit .
- While you look more ugly .
- Thank you .
I hope you will soon
find a new boyfriend .
What is he bringing?
The man was ridiculous , but I still love it .
I do not know if anyone
I had such a strange taste .
What do you think ?
Do you like guys like that ?
I may not like that kind of guy .
It was ridiculous .
Basic freak.
Could I love a man like that ?
There are many other, more sane men .
You should also be looking for another man .
Do not waste your life .
Oh God , please do not give
I am a man like him .
I invoke Thee .
I think I disagree with you .
This is for you .
It does not make sense .
Wow , you're practicing alone here huh ?
Hey , your body is full of sweat .
This I 'm want to get dressed ...
My body was a little wet , I've been
had played basketball before .
Alright .
You will also practice here ?
I had no other choice .
Today show shortly.
What we must remember is that we
must prepare all our ability to
this show .
Do you understand ?
Hey , if you 're lazy
practice so it's okay .
This is our last opportunity, for
performing in front of crowds ..
Actually, I like you .
No, I already have a boyfriend .
I can not have 2 girlfriends .
It's okay ..
I'm so happy when you're happy .
You may kiss me .
No one else here .
I would love to kiss you.
Just do not get caught
that you kissed .
Hey , I'm not going to do that to you .
Of course , I was only joking .
You thought I was a usurper boyfriend ?
Oh , bercandamu pretty real too .
Well ...
I ...
Here you are.
Accept this was , this thing for you .
Why .. why should I ?
Because you're special .
Who else is special to me ?
You are the only one .
Ah , right ?
I'm really serious .
I've liked you for a long time .
It'sjust that I never said anything .
Now is the time .
I think we have to be serious in this staging ,
so that no one feels disappointed .
We must be diligent practice .
Did you just see that woman ?
Yes , I thought was pretty sexy ass .
Do you see it not butt ya chest ,
you base obscene .
All right , see you again .
Later if there is anything new ,
please tell me . Greetings .
Greetings .
All went well yes .
But you 'd been silent.
Because I do not understand .
Then I'll go .
You're in a hurry ?
Bye .
Much obliged.
You're welcome.
Ah, you 've arrived .
I had just taken my friends .
I also had the same recently accompanied my brother .
Speaking of business .
sister of a businessman huh ?
Stop .
Have you seen
this photo ? Pretty good .
I hope you can take photos as good as this .
But I bet you will be .
Today you look handsome .
Umm , I have an idea !
What if we go to a place
fun ?
Hey , look , what if
we go to that place ?
It looks good .
I think so , my friend
said it was very good .
Alright .
Yes but are you sure you would like ?
I'm afraid you will not like .
Come on .
This is for you .
What do you think of this ?
If this leaked photo , the conditions will be critical .
You do this careless .
None of your business .
I really love that person ,
I can not do anything else
although considered reasonable .
Just do not get the woman out .
Sooner or later , all of this will be found out as well .
You'd better be careful .
Sorry to be late , beyond the rain .
I miss when we used to
often in the rain .
You're so cute when soaked.
You also funny when it rains .
I think .
Do you think ..
Why ?
I ...
Do you feel uncomfortable , right?
But I love you .
But not this way .
but your attitude does not show
that you love me .
I even love you so much .
But I still do not understand ..
I do not understand about myself .
Why do I feel like this ..
Can you explain ?
If you can explain ,
I would be very happy .
But ..
Several times I tried
explain it to you ..
You never want to understand .
I do not know how long ..
We should be like this .
Maybe we should end ..
This relationship .
[ # MUSIC ]
Get up .
Why are you sleeping here ?
Move to the bedroom ,
there more comfortable .
Alright .
I will soon be moving .
I'm so tired .
Wait a minute .
- Thank you .
- You're welcome .
These days , you often
shop . I'll quickly run out of your money .
But , I just bought
what I need .
Every time there is new stuff coming out ,
I want to buy everything . I
could not help myself !
- Really?
- True !
Therefore , I often shop .
- The clock is too new ?
- True , I 've just bought it last week .
- Well then .
- Here, you just take this stuff .
Next time , I will shop again .
- Thank you .
- You're welcome .
- See you again .
- All right .
- I immediately went .
- Okay .
- Tomorrow I go shopping again .
- Okay .
Wait a minute ..
Why are you running from me ?
- Why ..
- Ah ..
I do not have time .
I have to go .
Do not block me .
But , I want to talk briefly .
Wait a minute .
Hello ?
Hello , do not shut down first .
Hello ?
But , I was still outside .
- Hear ..
- Wait a minute .
Hello ?
- Wait a minute .
- Hey ..
Come on !
See you !
Hey !
# Exercising
# Exercising
# Exercise for body healthy
# Every day , without stopping
# Exercise for body healthy
# Healthy Agency for exercising
# Exercising every day
# Relentless , relentless ,
every day , every day
Hey , stop , stop .
You sing very spirit .
This , there is a costume that you can wear .
Yes , it looks good when you wear .
But , I do not want to wear it .
Why ? All the people wearing them !
Well , I'm going to wear it .
Hurry .
Ouch , ouch , ouch , ouch !
Oh , I do not know
if you were there ..
I've been there all this time.
Look at this , is this yours ?
Ah ..
Why are you here ?
I .. Wants to see you .
Want to see what
you're doing here .
But I , ah ..
Must go . I should
go now.
- But ..
- Do not go .
Do not go !
Wait for me !
Look at me , I 'm talking .
Why will not you listen to me ?
What's wrong with you ? Do not go .
Do not go . Do not go !
Do not go !
Let me explain .
I 'll tell you ..
I'm not going to lie .
It's not like a comedy .
Be quiet .
You always make me cry ,
but you never realize it .
You like it?
Then get on !
I'm hurt .
Listen ..
I will not lie anymore .
I promise .
I will always take care of you .
Do you promise ?
You're not going to hurt me again .
You will always be by my side ?
You're going to take care of me , and not
lie said to me , forever and ever ?
But I have to go ..
[ # MUSIC ]
Why do you live in it ?
Fight me if you dare !
Wow , look!
Lots of roses !
You're making all this for me ?
But , why are you doing all this ?
Oh , it's .. To make you happy .
Because I know you love roses .
But how do you know ?
- I never said that .
- Uh , do not stand ..
Let me .. Oh , I do not
intend to do so .
Ah , I want to take something .
I 'll be right back .
Okay .
Look at this ..
Turns out he likes porn book !
[ # MUSIC ]
Fight !
Fight !
Hey , you're late !
Come here .
Alright .
Stand by .
Give respect .
Why yesterday you go quietly ?
I see what you're doing .
You're mixing something
into the drink for me .
But I did not do it .
I throw the drink.
Do you want to pranking ?
You think I will not be fooled like that?
Ah ..
Oh ..
Come back here .
Tell me why !
Why would you do that !
What do you think I'm a slut ?
Ah ..
I did not mean to do it .
Please forgive me !
Done .
Tell me !
Why would you do that to me !
Come on tell me !
Tell me why ! Why ? !
[ # MUSIC ]
What is it ?
Do you want to make fun of me ?
Let'sjust say , I will not be angry .
Why are you crying ?
Here, I brought a book .
For what I read this book ?
I do not need a book .
Well , it turns out you did not know .
Yes , I did not know anything .
You think it's easy , for
get a woman ?
The important thing you have to keep trying .
Do not grieve like
it , wipe away your tears .
Removing tear ?
I 'll wipe it for you ..
Oh .. !
Damn !
Apparently, you're a same-sex lover !
During this ..
I think you're a normal guy .
Now all of a sudden you admit it .
No wonder you're always good to me .
It turns out you do not like women .
Hey , but do not tell anyone .
It seems ...
I ...
He was always there in my mind .
I can not forget it .
No need to sit near me !
It seems ...
I was almost crazy .
Are you sure to do that ?
You'd better think it through again .
You will instantly died after drinking it .
I do not care !
I 'm tired of life .
Oh, hi , you 're back ?
Why do all night ?
What's wrong with you ?
You're exhausted doing what ?
Face pale as a ghost .
I can not stand it , I just wanted to die !
Die ...
He does not love me at all !
Not at all !
He does not love me at all !
Really, do you want to die because of it ?
What's the matter with you ?
Why is your face like that ?
Your face is not a pretty sight .
I do not care !
Fuck !
I 'm tired of life !
Had no meaning I live in the world !
I just want to drink poison !
[ Sob ]
Attention !
We have to redo everything !
Really, we're almost finished !
We have to practice again , until it is perfect .
Why are you acting like this ?
Have I done something wrong?
Tell me if I'm wrong ,
do not be silent!
Otherwise I do not want to get in the car !
You're a nature as children .
If anything let us
talk on good terms .
Do not like this .
You're going to ruin all of our relationships .
[ Phone ringing ]
Halo .
I 'll pick you up soon .
You're so sweet when talking to her .
Welcome, you will
can choose a partner here .
Choose according to your taste ,
Do not let one choose .
'' Congratulations . ''
'' Failed . ''
'' Too bad . ''
Halo .
What is not one of you dressed like that ?
So what? Are you jealous of me
because I look more stunning ?
Are you coming tonight ?
Do not tell me you want to stay home alone .
You will be a virgin forever !
You fool !
All you do is read the comics
This useless every day ,
I wonder what the story is as good as it was ?
I borrowed one .
What you can judge them properly ?
Be excited .
Do you really want to end it all ?
I do not have a choice .
Nonsense .
What we can not fix it ?
I think it's too late .
You do not want
defend it , or we die together alone ?
You always say do not fear death when with me .
Now all your words prove it .
I'm not afraid to die with you .
But I'm still not married .
We're married now.
Do you want to know how it feels to get married ?
It feels very delicious.
But I hear very painful ,
it hurts and it will bleed .
But I'm still going to do it ,
as long as you're happy whatever it takes .
Since I was born I 've become yours .
In fact I'm willing to take a shit when necessary .
I'm not going to ask you to take a shit .
Use your brain !
As if there is no other food ?
We can eat at fast food restaurants alone .
Fast food will make you fat fast ,
then growing cancer cells
and killed at a young age .
Cemetery land prices are very expensive nowadays ,
I do not have the money to buy it .
You'd better be cremated later .
Then we ate at home alone ,
do you still have any food ?
I wasjust shopping this morning .
I even get a fairly cheap price .
Although everything is almost rotten ,
it does not matter what we eat
rotten food at all times .
it does not matter what we eat
almost rotten food at all times .
it does not matter what we eat
rotten food together .
You're a slob all.
That's what makes me love you .
Do you promise not to leave me ?
Many men who are not faithful now
and seek out prostitutes .
If you want us to go with it,
I'm also curious and want to do all three .
[Applause ]
What is news ?
His play nice .
See you later.
Thank you for coming .
This is the writer of this disgusting story .
'' Wear this dress tonight . ''
- How do I install it ?
- You have to enter it here first .
Then thrown down afterwards .
Easy is not it?
You're really a genius .
Why do not you listen once again .
- How to raise her voice ?
- Press the door there .
Leave it alone .
# [ MUSIC ]
You're daydreaming .
Hello ? What is news ? I 'm working .
Ah , okay .
Well do not start before I get there .
Do not forget to get me the chest
plump , okay , okay, bye .
[ Trembling ]
I'm ready .
I 'll be right there and
fetch the horse-drawn carriage .
Horse-drawn carriage ?
Where horse-drawn carriage ?
Because you're wearing clothes like that ,
vehicle must be adjusted as well .
You still there ?
You still there ?
You still there ?
Hello ?
Everybody, welcome to the party tonight .
Dinner party of the company President Star !
We're going to have fun tonight .
Let 's welcome the new Chairman of our company !
I told you I was not pregnant .
- I suddenly pregnant .
- Is that possible ?
I can not answer , excuse me .
- Thank you , thank you ...
- Wait ...
Ah , he 's here .
How do you respond about
news that you have her pregnant ?
It was not me , I'm removing it out .
Maybe he did it with another guy .
Attention all , we will
immediately start the party ...
We are all participants to get ready .
The winner will be announced soon ,
then we will proceed to the next event .
I'm very fond of my daughter ,
I conceived him for 9 months .
I hope he can find his ideal partner .
Which can be with him until death .
Excuse me ... Excuse me ...
Oh , I'm sorry ...
I really am sorry .
You do not have to listen to the tape ...
My mother recorded it when she was drunk ,
so he was not aware of .
Mom was not aware of .
I was still a virgin .
In order to meet the prince ,
I always try to do my best .
I realize I can not fulfill that dream.
Maybe I'm a little crazy .
But I keep trying .
When efforts began to bear fruit ,
everything becomes useless .
The Lord is not fair to me ,
he already gave me misery .
Mempertemukanku ...
with the prince .
Which unfortunately can not be had.
I looked at his picture every
night and wept ,
Imagine ...
dirty mind .
# I've always wanted to fuck ...
# But I'm too scared to do it ...
# Do it with me ...
# I'm scared because it hurts so ...
# Sick but tasted delicious ...
# Teach me how to ...
I do not know what to say ?
Moonlight was so bright .
Lighting the darkness of my heart .
Makes me sad .
And no one was with .
You're so perfect .
In my heart , you're so beautiful .
You are not forgotten .
Until you die will kukenang .
[Applause ]
Nice appearance
and touched once .
Feelings till touching myself .
Now we will announce the winner .
Please the judges for ..
Do not go out of my way .
[Applause ]
Wait a minute .
I do not want to make you wet because of the rain .
You actually always in my heart .
But I see you not as a girlfriend .
I know , I can not
do anything else .
It 's all my fault .
If so , you should
can resume your life .
Do not continue to grieve .
I will try to forget you .
- Hey you .
- Oh , shit, shit .
Oh , you poor man ,
how your story with him ?
Why do not you go have fun .
Ladies and gentlemen , let's welcome singers
we are having a new sound like heaven .
And we danced together
- Let's not be sad anymore .
- Okay .
I think I should forget everything and
happy , you've always been an entertainer laraku .
That's what friends are for ,
Do not forget friends .
Let's dance .
# If you're in love , do not remove it . #
# If you remove it you will regret it . #
# Love is not easy to come by ,
you do not waste it. #
# Not all the time you can feel the love #
# Do you keep
away from true love . #
# Because there are people waiting for your love . #
# All that is in the
your heart , you better tell me . #
# And give him the love of the loveliest . #
# Looking at you , your face is beautiful and shapely . #
# I can not forget you . #
# Dear, you do not go , stay with me . #
# Everything I do isjust for you . #
# Do you keep
away from true love . #
# Because there are people waiting for your love . #
# All that is in the
your heart , you better tell me . #
# And give him the love of the loveliest . #
# Looking at you , your face is beautiful and shapely . #
# I can not forget you . #
# Dear, you do not
go , stay with me . #
# Everything I do isjust for you . #
# Do you keep
away from true love . #
# Because there are people waiting for your love . #
# All that is in the
your heart , you better tell me . #
# All that is in the
your heart , you better tell me . #
# And give him the love of the loveliest . #
# Looking at you , your face is beautiful and shapely . #
# I can not forget you . #
# Dear, you do not go , stay with me . #
# Everything I do isjust for you . #
# Do you keep
away from true love . #
# Because there are people waiting for your love . #
# All that is in the
your heart , you better tell me . #
# And give him the love of the loveliest . #
# Looking at you , your face is beautiful and shapely . #
Will you marry me ?
Please answer me .
Please .
I loved you from the first
Next time you meet .
No woman can win my heart .
Although I have to live alone without you .
No one can replace you in my heart .
My life would not be perfect without you .
[ SOUND IN loudspeakers ]
What next ?
Hey , are you okay ?
Do not be too sad to think about the answer .
Have fun , and
wait until he comes back .
Oii .. Do not moody like that , now
was late at night , you'd better go home .
That's right , you should go home .
What are you gonna do at night at the airport .
Do you want to work here ?
( I Love You )
[ SOUND IN loudspeakers ]
Wait a minute .
Stop the plane !
I want to get off this plane .
I have a sudden affair .
But you can not go down now , you
have to wait until arriving at the destination .
Hey you , do not be sad
You have to be patient with all of this .
Stay strong all there would be a way out .
Be excited .
Stay calm ! You do not
can go down to landing .
It has become the procedure
of this airline .
I have to accept my now fiance .
Sorry , you can not get off this plane .
But you can go down for some reason
severe disease that must be addressed.
Otherwise you will not be able to go down .
You should look for a reason for it ,
like you rolled or hit serangn heart .
It was worth trying .
I really love him .
I can not let go
him out of my mind .
Although he will not
never answered my request .
- I can only pray for good luck
- That's right .
I'm going into the first , still
No job is waiting for me .
Take care of yourself .
Hey .
Never give up with life ,
all the problems there is a way out .
I do not have another chance .
Now or never.
I do not want to miss this opportunity .
Hoi ..
Hey ..
Why are you crying ?
That's none of your business !
Mind your own business ,
do not bother me , understand ?
I do not know what to say
what when seeing the movie .
The movie is very good .
Me too .
I wish I could feel such love .
Surely it will be very happy .
But the fact is not so beautiful.
Are there , I just always disappointed .
Do not know what to say anymore .
Maybe I should not say anything .
Ho ho saw the couple, they
as actors in the film .
The film was very good .
I had to watch it again .
I'm not going with you !
The movie is very boring .
I'm better at home and play games .
Basic no feelings , you
only concerned with yourself.
I have always been number two for you .
Yes , I'm sorry , then you should
did you read any romantic novels .
Ohh ..
Really, you know me .
Next time we go on a date again .
Yes , of course , you can count on me .
Okay .
They like a crazy pair .
I can not stand it.
Woi .
Let 's go .
Now you're being nice to me ?
Hmm ..
I actually did not mean any harm to you .
I know .
All people are not born with one another
just hate the human ego that makes such a
That's what I learned from my parents .
Hey you .
Have you seen my phone ? I left .
Hah , you accuse us take it ?
Yes, who else took it .
I do not get it either
what they did it.
Ohh , you're kidding !
You'd better get out of here .
You're absolutely right .
I'm sorry to bother you .
To be honest , I do not want to disturb you .
I'm so sorry .
I was heartened to receive it all .
What are you saying ?
I myself do not understand .
Should we go there .
Yes friends .
Wait a minute , you can not continue like this .
I 've tired to follow .
We'd better go away .
Well if you would like it .
I can accept it .
But I will not forget you .
You will always be in my heart .
You'd better like it .
Everything eventually ends happily .