Love to Kill (2008) Movie Script

[Door opens]
Hey, darling.
What are you doing up so early?
I am just making sure
that my husband knows
how much I love him.
I got you a little present.
What's this?
It's a going-away present.
Well, honey, I, um...
I'm only gonna be gone
for a couple of days.
I know, but that doesn't
mean I'm not gonna miss you.
Tell you what.
I'll, um...
I'll call you when I
get in. All right?
OK. I love you, baby.
I love you, too.
[Engine starts]
[Tires screech]
[Tires screech]
Uh! Aah!
[Telephone rings]
[Lock turns]
Yeah. The big one.
Oh, hi, Mrs. Spencer.
Is something wrong?
Oh, it's just a couple
of loose wires.
Glad to hear it.
I saw you come in earlier.
Were you at a funeral?
Oh, yes. I'm sorry to say
that my uncle passed away.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
You let me know
if you need anything.
I sure will.
Love the new hair.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, get back to work.
What do you think
I'm paying you for?
[Engine starts]
There's my beautiful bride!
5 long nights.
I have no idea how I survived.
Oh, it felt like forever!
I sprayed my perfume
on your pillow.
Did you notice?
Oh, yeah, I noticed.
Didn't help me sleep, though.
Ha ha ha!
And you brought me flowers.
They're beautiful!
So, tell me about
it all, baby doll.
Did you find any
antiques for big daddy?
Well, maybe I did,
and maybe I didn't.
And what do I need to do
to get an answer?
You can do anything you want.
People might be watching!
So what?
We're moving anyway.
Let's give them something
to talk about. OK?
Ha ha!
No, you don't!
Hoo hoo!
You make me feel like
a teenager all over again.
Are you OK, baby?
Yeah. Just give me
a second.
Honey, what is it?
Do you need me
to get you a doctor?
No, no. No, no.
I'm fine. Could you
pass me the water?
Oh, sure.
What is it?
Asthma. Had it
since I was a kid.
I should have told you.
Yes, you should have.
Why didn't you?
I didn't want to scare you off.
Beautiful woman like you
and an asthmatic
old carnie like me.
Don't you know?
You couldn't scare
me off if you tried.
That's better.
So, young man,
do you have any more
secrets you'd like to tell me?
That's the last one, honest.
The rest of me is
in fine working order.
Oh, you don't have
to tell me that.
You're almost more man
than I could take.
What do you mean, almost?
I don't know.
Maybe this time,
I'm gonna be the one
catching mybreath.
Damn, girl, you are
something else!
Man: It's just a technicality,
just a formality,
but I just want to make
sure that you feel
that you know what you're doing.
Oh, I do, Jim.
Oh, I'm sure. I'm exactly
sure what I'm doing.
Well, thank you, darling.
You didn't have to do that.
It's my pleasure.
What Daniel's setting up is
a living trust in your name.
Well, OK, if you're sure
that's what you want.
Are you, sweetie?
If anything happens to me,
I don't want you worrying
about any relatives
crawling out of the woodwork
with their hands out.
Danny, you know I don't like
to hear you talk like that.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
Yeah, I know, but you can
never be too careful.
I never had a whole lot
of money, and, well...
Winning the lottery just
kind of blindsided me.
That's why the first thing
I did was hire Jim,
the world's best
financial adviser.
Well, what you need to do...
is sign right here.
Jim: There we go.
Daniel: Hey, honey,
when you coming to bed?
Yeah, just a second, sweetie.
I found some
incredible antiques...
a beautiful old desk,
late 18th century.
Man: It's good
to see you folks.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for your support.
Woman: Thanks
so much for coming.
Thank you for your support.
Thanks for coming.
Good to see you.
How much longer do we
have to keep this up?
I seem to recall you complaining
at the last fundraiser.
It's all so...
You're starting to sound
like my grandmother.
I look like your grandmother.
Teresa, trust me,
you do not look like her.
Teresa: You're a
terrible liar.
Hi. Uh,
I'm Francis Sweete.
Nicholas Landon.
This is Teresa Abbott,
my campaign manager.
Nice to meet you, Terry.
I don't recognize your
name from the guest list.
Miss Sweete?
Oh, is there a problem?
Because I have my invitation.
Oh, no, no, of course not.
I was just on the
organizing committee.
Do I happen to know you?
No. I've just been
following your campaign,
and I have to say, I
find you so intriguing.
Yeah. I mean,
a hotshot lawyer
becoming a congressional
you just don't
see that every day.
Well, I'm not planning to
give up my day job just yet.
From what I hear, you could
retire whenever you want.
For me, it's more about
making a difference.
You see? And that's what
I find so intriguing.
Um, I'm thinking of taking off
a little early,
if you don't mind.
Really? Teresa,
you haven't eaten yet.
Actually, I'm feeling
a little queasy.
I think I've had one
too many cheese balls.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Nice to meet you, Miss Sweete.
That's too bad.
She seems like a nice girl.
I, uh...
hope I'm not
interrupting anything there.
Are you two seeing each other?
Me and Teresa? No, no.
We're just friends.
Oh. OK.
Can I get you a drink?
I would love that.
Thank you.
It's right this way.
I've lived in Redding
most of my life.
I like it here.
It seems really nice.
I'd have to say Rome is
my favorite city, though.
I just love
everything about it...
the architecture and the cuisine
and the outdoor cafes.
I love how open and
affectionate everyone is.
I like to see the
little girls holding hands
and the grown men holding hands.
My late husband and I went
on our honeymoon there,
and it wasn't long after that
that I lost him, so...
I'm sorry to hear that.
No, no. It's OK.
It's been a long time.
And how about you?
What's your favorite city?
Surprisingly, I'd have
to say Rome, as well.
And for the same reasons.
I know where to get
the best apple pie
on the entire planet,
and their coffee is
pretty good there, too.
The entire planet?
I don't know. That sounds
like some pretty special pie.
I'm not sure I should
pass that up.
Are you attached?
Are you asking if I'm available?
Yeah. As a matter of
fact, I guess I am.
Well, let's see.
I'm single, no kids.
I am a corporate account,
and I live in Seattle,
and I like
long walks in the rain
and hot buttered popcorn
with parmesan cheese.
And how about you?
My wife died almost
two years go.
Oh, Nicholas, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
I'm so sorry.
No, no. It's OK,
but thank you.
Kathy and I were
married for 9 years.
And you've been
alone ever since?
Yeah, I guess so.
Is two years too long?
Oh, I don't know.
I guess everyone has
a different idea of
what a long time is.
I've been alone for 5.
That, I find hard to believe.
Well, I don't have to tell you.
When you've had a wonderful
relationship like that,
it's just very hard to replace.
Are you planning to stay
in Redding for a while?
if there's a good enough reason.
Yes. Those papers should be
coming through right now.
OK. Yeah, I got it.
All right. I'll take
a look at this
and see if we've got a case.
Please, Detective,
move quickly on this.
We're dealing with a
murder here, or murders.
All right, listen.
Don't do anything foolish.
I'm gonna be talking to the
Redding detective division,
so I'll be in touch with you.
Thank you. Thank you
for everything.
There certainly is good reason
why Mr. Landon's campaign
is getting so much support.
Thank you again so much
for your generosity,
Mr. Wasserman.
All right.
I will get back to you with the date.
OK. Great.
Thank you again.
Ha ha!
Were you even listening?
Your campaign just got
the largest contribution
in the entire state,
and you're acting like
you don't even care.
Wasserman came through?
That's great news, Teresa.
Huh! You are still
mooning over her.
It's been two weeks.
Mooning? Now you're
really starting
to sound like my grandmother.
Wasserman wants to do lunch.
All right.
Make the arrangements.
Did you ask her out?
No, I did not ask her out.
She lives in Seattle.
Oh. I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
All right. I don't
know. I just...
I didn't think she
was right for you.
[Telephone rings]
Mr. Landon's office.
One moment, please.
It's Francis Sweete.
Thank you.
Hello, Francis.
It's really nice
to hear from you.
Thanks very much.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I hope I didn't keep
you waiting too long.
No, no, just a few minutes.
OK, good.
You look stunning.
Oh! Thank you.
I don't feel very stunning.
I've had back-to-back meetings
since 8 AM this morning,
and I feel like
I haven't slept in days,
but thank you anyway.
You've been busy.
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, I hope I got that right...
one cream, no sugar?
Yeah, exactly.
Thank you.
You remembered.
How could I forget?
Yeah. I've...
I feel like
I just get my feet on the ground
and I'm taking off
on another plane.
You must know what I mean.
And how are you?
How are you doing?
I'm Good. Busy.
Typical life of a candidate.
Lots of travel,
lots of meetings,
lots of shindigs, as Teresa
likes to call them.
Do you want to take a walk?
Yeah. Yeah.
That sounds great.
I just felt like things
were moving too fast.
I didn't want you to get
the wrong impression of me.
Francis, it was
a wonderful evening.
Neither of us have anything
to be ashamed about.
I know.
I just...
that's just not like me.
It's not like me, either.
Why did you come back?
Well, there are some
prospective clients here
that I could meet, and, um...
No. That's just
not true.
I came back here to see you.
You have no idea how
good that makes me feel.
Thank you.
Oh, Nicholas, it's beautiful!
I had no idea.
I haven't been able
to bring friends
up here for a while.
Kathy spent her
last few weeks here
under palliative care.
It was, um...
It was pretty painful.
I can imagine.
This is an awfully big
space for one person.
Yes, it is.
[Drawer opens and closes]
I just don't think
Kathy would want you
living like a hermit.
No. You're right.
She definitely wouldn't.
do you actually ever
cook in here?
No, I..
usually eat out.
I used to.
It's a great space for
Cathy and I
used to like entertaining here.
What do you say...
...we continue the tour of the
I'd like that.
Oh, wow!
This is just beautiful!
I'm really happy you like it.
We should go see
the rest of the house.
Oh. Yeah, um...
We could.
Or... we could
stay here,
and you could just tell me
when you want me to stop, OK?
How about now?
[Door opens]
Hi. Miss Sweete.
Hi. Terry, isn't it?
Uh, Nicholas isn't
actually in right now.
Oh, OK.
I'm supposed to be
meeting him for lunch, but
I'm very early, so...
Uh, can I get you
a coffee, water?
No. I'm fine.
You just go about your business.
[Clears throat]
I really like this town.
It's small but
sophisticated, you know?
I think I could be happy here.
I imagine you could.
So, how do you like
working for Nicholas?
He's probably the nicest guy
I've ever worked for.
You two are close, aren't you?
Yeah, I guess.
But not too close.
Excuse me?
Well, I've just always
found that friendships
with superiors can be
such minefields,
especially when it's
a man and a woman.
Well, Nicholas and I
don't have that problem.
No little, uh...
office crush?
No. Never.
Oh, good.
Just curious.
He's told me a lot about
you, but you know men.
They always give you the
abbreviated version, so...
It's funny. He hasn't
told me very much about you.
I'm sorry. I think
that's my cell.
There he is.
Oh, that's fine.
I'll see you there.
OK, bye.
Well, I guess I'm meeting
him at the restaurant,
so we will have to finish
catching up another time.
Maybe we can have lunch.
Looking forward to it.
"We'll have to catch up
some other time."
Is something bothering you?
No. I'm just getting
some fresh air.
Everything's just hunky-dory.
Are you sure you're OK?
I'm just finishing up
the official letter of
gratitude for Mr. Wasserman.
Good, good.
I'm heading out for a while.
I'm driving Francis
to the airport.
Is she going back to Seattle?
She travels a lot.
Yes, she does.
Well, you know what they say
about long-distance
Give it a rest, Teresa.
I know you don't like her.
Hey. I like her.
It's just that statistically,
long-distance relationships
require more work.
That's all.
Francis: Come on,
Nicholas, live a little.
We can fly to Paris
this weekend.
Nicholas: What about
my brother?
They're expecting us.
We can visit him next weekend.
You're right.
Let's do it.
I'm gonna ask
Francis to marry me.
You're kidding.
You've only been
an item for two months.
I'm serious.
But why get married?
Why not date for
a year, you know?
Live in sin for a while.
That's just it.
That would feel
completely wrong.
When Kathy died,
a part of me died with her.
Francis changed all that.
I think you're moving
way too fast.
I love her.
She loves me.
Why wait?
You barely know her?
I know her.
Yeah, but...
I want to spend the rest
of my life with her.
She's the best thing that's
happened to me in a long time.
OK, OK. I get it.
You're in love.
Teresa, I think I finally
met the perfect woman.
Well, for the record,
the only place
you're gonna find perfect
is in the dictionary.
Wow. You're just radiating
support right now.
Nicholas, I'm sorry.
I amhappy for you.
But I'm also watching your back.
Friends do that.
Alright comon!
I'm gonna kick your ass some
I don't know if you are
on today girl.
Are you sure you are ready?
Let's see what you got!
Here it comes.
I hate it when you
leave me, baby girl.
I know. I do, too, but
it's just for a few days,
and you know, we're gonna have
a whole mansion to furnish.
Antiques are a good investment.
We want to do this right.
What's the hotel number
where you're staying?
Actually, I couldn't
find a hotel.
I'm gonna stay in
this bed and breakfast,
but I don't know
the number, so you just
call me on my cell
whenever you need me.
Well, you be careful
out there, baby girl.
You come home safe
to daddy, you hear?
I will.
Don't you get me started.
I'll never be able to stop.
OK. You win,
but you hurry back.
I will. I'll be
thinking about you
the whole time I'm gone.
[Engine starts]
From your favorite Italian deli.
Ah. That looks great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, sorry, Terry.
I should have gotten
something for you.
We can share.
No. That's all right.
I have a meeting, and I am late.
Would you like to find someplace
secluded and have a picnic?
Can you hold that thought
for just a minute?
I need to run off these letters
to my campaign contributors.
What is it?
I forgot to ask Teresa to
leave me the address files.
Is that a problem?
Well, it is for me.
I'm liable to delete everything,
and she'll have to
start all over again.
Well, I could do it.
You sure?
It's what I do.
Excuse me.
OK, let's see.
Very impressive list
of contributors.
You have had a good year.
Yes, I have.
[Computer beeps]
Well, now that I have spared
you from Teresa's wrath,
are you still in the
mood for a picnic,
or would you like to eat here?
I don't know.
In the office?
Well, we could go on the picnic.
It's up to you.
I don't want you to leave.
I don't want to go, but you
know I live in Seattle,
and there's only so much
I can get done offsite,
so I'm gonna have to go,
tomorrow at the very latest.
What is it, sweetheart?
Did Teresa say
something about me?
Why would you say that?
Because she doesn't like me.
Of course she likes you.
Well, she's just not very nice
to me, really, but it's...
She has a lot on her plate.
If you want, I can talk to her.
There is nothing
anyone can say or do
that can come between us.
You are impossible.
Wait. Wait, wait,
wait. Come here.
I want to ask you something.
What is it?
You look so serious.
I know this is kind of
sudden and all, but...
What is it?
Will you marry me?
Oh, my god.
Yes, Nicholas, I'll marry you.
All that I am
and all that I have,
I offer to you.
Nicholas: I give myself
totally to you...
I vow to be true and faithful...
All the days of my life.
For as long as
we both shall live.
Hey, sexy girl!
Oh, I missed you so much!
Did you miss me?
You know I did baby.
I miss you everytime you go
What are you still doing tinkering
with those little things.
Old habit I guess.
Did the movers come?
End of the week.
I thought we'd be all packed up
by now.
Yeah we're gettin' there.
Are you okay?
I'm good. How abou you?
Yeah, I'm good.
Why don't you walk with me?
We go look at my little beauties okay?
So, tell me about your trip.
You buy anything
for the new house?
Well, the only thing
worth bidding on
was taken right out
from under me.
Who would do a thing
like that to my baby girl?
It was some old rich Texan.
He bought that 14th-century
tabletop I wanted.
You should have outbid him.
I got plenty of money.
Oh, yeah, well,
it was overpriced,
and there wouldn't have been
any resale value, so...
I've been thinking.
We don't need a whole house
full of fancy antiques,
and it's not gonna be finished
for a few more weeks
now, so maybe...
These look a little dry.
You're away an awful lot,
and I want my wife
home, here, with me.
Could you put this inside
for me, sweetheart?
I'll be right in.
Thank you.
[Keypad beeping]
Uh, yeah.
Antique Warehouse and Auction?
Yeah. I understood you had
a 14th-century tabletop
on the auction block
a couple days ago.
You sure?
14th century. High bidder
was a Texan fella.
Well, I guess I got
the wrong information.
No, that's OK.
Thank you.
This is Daniel Nash.
Who the hell is this?
This is Nicholas Landon.
Listen, you son of a bitch.
You stay away from my wife,
or I'll tear your heart out!
Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?
You stay away from Monica!
Look, pal, I don't
know any Monica.
Then why is your number
in her phone?
I don't know.
This is a private law
firm you've reached.
[Dial tone]
Yes? Down here.
You promised you'd
feed my plants.
What do you mean?
The fertilizer.
You said you'd
take care of them,
and you didn't.
You are a bad, bad boy.
I thought they looked fine.
You seem a little tense.
Monica, we need to talk.
Yes? What is it?
[Coughing and gasping]
You shouldn't get yourself
all excited, Daniel.
You know it aggravates
your asthma.
Oh, stop your whining!
If you hadn't had
all that money,
I wouldn't even have
given you the time of day.
You're a slug.
Do you hear me?
Just a repulsive old slug.
I... should have
been here, but...
he wanted me to pick up
those stupid antiques.
Mrs. Nash,
it's not your fault.
What happened?
It appears it was an accident.
He knocked over a
container of bleach.
It reacted with
a bucket of fertilizer.
The fumes, coupled
with his asthma...
Mrs. Nash, is there someone
I can call for you?
No, no.
I just don't understand.
The coroner will
release the body
after a preliminary examination.
Should just be a couple of days.
Nothing to worry about.
Um... here.
If you need to talk to someone,
that's the number of
a grief counselor.
I'll just, uh, let myself out.
[Door opens and closes]
[Knock on door]
I'm busy,
Mrs. Spencer.
Honey, can I talk
to you for a minute?
I just wanted to give
you my condolences.
Excuse me?
Another funeral.
I saw you get out of
your pickup, and...
OK. Thank you.
[Lock turns]
[Door closes]
[Keyboard clicking]
Uh, excuse me?
Oh, hey, Terry.
Just one second.
I just need to, uh,
finish this up for Nicholas.
[Computer beeps]
OK. What can I
do for you?
Well, for starters,
you can get out of my chair.
Jeez, I'd love to,
but Nicholas gave me
this whole pile of work, so...
Well, then, we've got
a problem, don't we?
I don't think so.
You're using my computer.
I got a ton of work to do today.
Right. Hmm.
Well, let's see;
you are the campaign
manager, right?
You know that I am.
And you schedule things
for Nicholas.
Yeah. That's part
of my job.
Well, perfect.
Then you can just schedule
yourself something to do,
because I'm busy.
Thank you.
Francis is at my desk,
using my computer.
Is there something
I need to know?
Oh, damn, I'm sorry, Teresa.
I should have told you.
Should have told me what?
Francis will be working
in the office with us.
You're kidding, right?
You made this decision
and thought, what?
I didn't need to be
part of the process?
Teresa, I'm sorry.
I really should have said something.
Damn straight you should
have said something!
What is her job going to be?
Or is that none of my business either?
Alright now just calm down.
It's no big deal.
She's just gonna help out with
the accounts.
Actually it's perfect.
It's what Francis does.
Look, when she married me,
she gave up her job.
She really misses it.
So you gave her mine.
No. Of course not.
Look, with those
accounts off your plate,
you'll have more time
to be creative
with the campaign.
So you didn't just
give her my job?
Teresa, you and I
go back a long way.
I'd never do anything like that.
Just give it a shot.
I'd like to give her a shot.
All right. Now you're
being childish.
You don't even know that woman.
That woman happens
to be my wife.
I expect you to
treat her with respect.
Have you met her mother,
father, a brother, sister?
She have any allergies?
She ever been arrested?
What's her favorite food?
You know nothing
about her... nothing!
Teresa, why don't you
just grow the hell up!
All right.
[Bell dings]
Honey, what's wrong?
I just had a little
run-in with Teresa.
Oh, no.
Wow. She's having
a tough time adjusting.
You and me, and now the job.
I don't think she's
used to sharing you.
I know.
I just don't know
what to do about it.
Maybe we could have her
over for dinner.
Does she have a boyfriend?
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Lost my keys.
Oh, no. I'm glad
you're here, Terry.
We were just talking about you.
We would love you
to come over to dinner.
Maybe you could bring a friend.
Like I've told you
numerous times,
my name is Teresa, not Terry.
Thanks for the
invite, but I think
I'm gonna be too
busy being creative.
Did you, uh, move my keys?
Sometimes you
put them in your bag.
Nicholas, I am trying,
but my god, she is
not making it easy.
It's OK. Just give
her some time.
I'm sure she'll come around.
What if she doesn't?
I mean, she hates me.
I'll talk to her.
I promise.
Teresa: Thanks.
[Door closes]
What is it, Teresa?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
I'm in a hurry.
All right, but make it quick.
I don't like what's
happening between us.
Things are spiraling
out of control.
You need to take some
responsibility for this.
OK. I know,
and I am sorry...
Why would you send my stuff
back to my apartment?
What? I didn't...
It must have been Francis.
She's been
reorganizing everything.
She probably just assumed,
with everything
that's happened...
So she just did that on her own.
Don't go there.
She's taking over your life,
and she is pushing me
and everyone else out.
You're crazy.
No, Nicholas, I am not.
You knowme.
It's her! Nicholas,
open your eyes!
It is her!
[Briefcase shuts]
You leave me no choice, Teresa.
You're fired.
I'll pay you a year's
salary, and that's it.
Keep your money.
I don't want your damn money.
Then what do you want?
I want our friendship back.
It's over.
It's over.
Teresa: Wow.
She travels a lot.
Yes, she does.
Have your met her mother,
father, a brother, a sister?
Look, pal, I don't
know any Monica.
Daniel: Then why is
your number in her phone?
Teresa: Nicholas, you don't
even know that woman.
Honey, have you seen
my day calendar?
Um... I think it's
in the living room.
Thank you.
Teresa: It's her!
Nicholas, open your eyes!
It is her!
Francis: Honey,
did you find it?
Right where I left it.
Oh, that's good.
I was thinking of taking a bath.
Would you like to join me?
That sounds like fun.
I can guarantee you
it's gonna be fun.
Let me grab us a bottle of wine.
I'll be just a minute.
That is an excellent idea.
OK. Don't be late.
I'll be waiting.
I won't.
[Water running]
Her name is Francis Sweete,
She would have
graduated in '95 or '96.
That's right, Sweete,
with an "e" on the end.
Maybe she dropped out?
You're sure?
Thank you.
Why aren't you sleeping?
Too much caffeine.
Well, if you want
to read or something,
the light won't bother me.
No. That's all right.
Love you.
Did you bring a
warm coat with you?
Because it can get pretty cold
in New Jersey this time of year.
I have everything I need.
Don't you worry.
I'll miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
Love you.
[Engine starts]
Call me when you get in, OK?
I will do that.
Nicholas: Yes.
Flight number 53 to New Jersey.
I want to change it to Seattle.
That's right. I said
I want to go to Seattle.
All right. Thank you.
Anything at all... her birth,
a graduation, a marriage, maybe.
Are you spelling it correctly?
Yes. She's my wife.
And that's her full name?
Look, her driver's license
says Francis Sweete.
There's got to be something.
[Computer beeps]
Well, I've got good news,
and I got bad news.
The bad news is, this is
not Francis Sweete.
The good news is,
I recognize her.
I do know who she is...
Elizabeth Stone.
You heard me.
She was in the papers half
a dozen times last year.
Tragic. Her husband died
just after they were married.
You're absolutely positive
that this is her?
Yes, I am.
I can see she changed her hair.
Looks better this way.
Suits her.
But it's her, all right.
What can you tell me
about her husband?
Lots of money.
Owned his own
helicopter company.
Those two were pretty big
on the social scene.
Those articles she's in...
could you copy those for me?
Want a copy of her
husband's obituary, too?
Sounds like she's been
messing with you.
Some women are
just born trouble.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I remind you,
this is one of the finest
French red burgundies
to come to this auction house...
one dozen bottles of
Chateau Eblier 1978.
Who will start the
bidding at $9,000?
9,000. Thank you, Sir.
10,500, then, going once.
10,500 going twice.
Let's make it
an even 15,000.
Auctioneer: $15,000.
Your bid, Sir, at 15,500.
All done. No more?
Anyone else?
$15,000, then, going once.
I give fair warning.
$15,000 going twice.
Sold, to the young lady at
the back, bidder number 19.
We're now accepting bids
for our rarest item,
a bottle of this estate's
oldest scotch.
Nicholas: I have photos
here, Detective...
the same woman
with different names.
OK. Your wife is
a dead ringer.
My wife and Elizabeth Stone
are the same person.
You watch a lot
of TV, Mr. Landon?
And your point is what?
It's pretty far-fetched.
Look, the report says
the accident was caused
by mechanical failure.
What was it, exactly?
Damaged brake line.
Apparently, this guy Stone
drove his SUV pretty hard.
And his wife was the
last one to see him alive?
Look, we're kind of
busy around here.
Now, unless you show me
something concrete
that can prove that
these two women
are one and the same person...
show me something, anything.
Detective, Detective,
what if she takes on
different identities?
What if she killed Allan Stone?
OK. I'll give you
my advice.
Go home.
Sit down with your wife.
Talk this out.
Maybe see a marriage counselor.
I could be next.
Look, you show me a crime,
I can help you.
Man: Mr. Landon,
how can I help?
Mr. Silver, thank
you for seeing me.
I need to ask you
a few questions
about your partner, Allan Stone.
I want to show you this.
And this.
Allan's wife has two identities.
What you're suggesting
is impossible.
Elizabeth Stone is in Indonesia.
She's doing charity work.
Look at the pictures.
It's the same woman.
When I first met Elizabeth,
I thought she was
after his money.
She was young, beautiful.
He fell for her fast and hard.
I had to trust
his judgment, though.
I mean, he was so smart
about so many things.
What can you tell me
about Allan's death?
Not much. Police said
it was an accident,
damaged brake line.
Something about that
didn't ring true, though.
Why is that, exactly?
Well, he loved his cars.
If anything went wrong
with them or felt wrong,
he just got it
fixed immediately.
He treated those cars
like they were his kids.
I need to see
Allan's financial
records, if you can.
If Francis left
any kind of trail,
it's gonna be a money trail.
I can't do that.
I'm trying to find out
if this was an accident
or a murder.
You're asking me to reveal
personal, confidential
financial information.
If Allan were here right
now, what would he do?
What would he do for you?
[Computer beeps]
Allan's financial records.
You have 30 minutes.
It's nice to see you
again, Mrs. Landon.
I hear your husband's campaign
will be starting soon.
Yes, very soon.
We're both extremely excited.
On the phone, you mentioned
transferring the campaign
fund into a new account.
Yes, I did.
I hope that won't be a problem.
Senora Apartments.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for this woman.
Have you seen her before?
You're sure?
Thank you.
Hi. I'd like to talk
with the manager.
That's me.
There's no vacancies.
I'm not looking to
rent an apartment.
No solicitors, either.
Ma'am, excuse me, please.
I'm trying to locate this woman.
Do you know her?
Even if she was a tenant,
I couldn't tell you.
We get a lot of
weirdoes around here.
Why are you looking for her?
She's an old friend of mine.
Then why don't you phone her?
Listen, we lost touch.
I just want to know
if she's living here.
Yeah, OK.
She lives here,
but she comes and goes.
She's not here right now.
I haven't seen her
in a couple of weeks.
OK. I appreciate
your help.
Excuse me.
Oh! I just have
one more question.
Does she happen to drive a car?
Two... a fancy convertible
and a pickup.
The pickup's right over there.
I really got to get back.
Thank you.
[Telephone rings]
Teresa, it's Nicholas.
Francis is gonna try
and kill me.
Nicholas, what are you
talking about?
Look, she murders her
husbands for the money.
That's crazy.
No, it's not!
Believe me.
Look, she's done it before,
and I'm next, Teresa.
Look, I know she's a gold-digger
and a bitch with a capital
"B," but a murderer?
Nicholas, listen to yourself.
Listen, I'm not
imagining this, Teresa.
Believe me, I wish I was.
Then go to the police.
I did. I don't
have enough proof.
I need your help.
You fired me, remember?
Teresa, please.
Where are you?
I'm in Seattle.
All right.
What can I do?
I've got the VIN number
off her pickup.
She drives a pickup?
Yes, she drives a pickup.
I know you can
trace that number.
That's illegal.
This could ruin
your political career.
I have no other choice.
All right.
So, what's the number?
It's 55A409090.
It's registered
to a Mrs. M. Nash.
It's not Francis.
Did you pull up the photo?
Why would I?
Teresa, please just...
just do it.
Oh, my god.
It's Francis.
But the name is Monica Nash.
Nash. I know that name.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna see what
I can find on Nash.
Maybe she had another husband.
Just be careful.
I will.
I'm gonna fly back
tomorrow morning.
I'll see you in a few hours.
Teresa, thank you.
[Keys jingle]
What exactly do you
think you're doing?
It's a violation of
your rental agreement
to change the lock on your door
without first advising me.
Leave the lock alone.
If there's a water leak,
I need to get into
your apartment.
I can't do that if
you change the lock.
OK. I will
cut you a key.
Just give me a few days.
Two days. Then I
change it myself.
Oh, by the way,
one of your admirers
dropped by earlier today.
Some guy.
He was real interested
in talking to you.
Could you at least tell
me what he looked like?
You know, his face is just
a blank to me right now.
[Lock turns]
Look at my phone records.
Daniel Nash called me
the week before I married her.
He was furious.
He said he was gonna rip my heart out
if I didn't stay
away from his wife,
and at first, I just
thought the guy was nuts,
but then I checked him out.
Look at this.
He died the day he
called me, Teresa.
That's one hell of a
coincidence, don't you think?
And she married Daniel Nash
4 months before
Allan Stone died.
Stone didn't die until April.
So she marries the new husband
while she's still
married to the old one,
which means when she
finds a new husband,
she'll try and kill you.
How do I know
she hasn't found him already?
We have to get
our hands on her laptop.
I can do that.
What the hell is
going on around here?
This place is a pigsty.
Oh, for god's sake!
Yes. Those papers should be
coming through right now.
OK. Yeah, I got it.
All right. I'll take
a look at this
and see if we've got a case.
Please, Detective,
move quickly on this.
We're dealing with a
murder here, or murders.
All right, listen.
Don't do anything foolish.
I'm gonna be talking to the
Redding detective division,
so I'll be in touch with you.
Thank you. Thank you
for everything.
What did he say?
He said he's on it.
I don't know what to say.
Try "thank you" and "I'm sorry,"
and, "Will you please
come back to work for me?"
I am so sorry for everything
I put you through.
You didn't deserve
it, none of it.
And yes, please come
back to work for me.
I want a raise.
You got it.
What now?
I go back to the house
and act like there's
nothing wrong.
Be careful.
I will.
Honey, is that you?
Hi! I didn't expect you
back till tomorrow.
This is such a nice surprise.
Mm! God, I'm so glad
to see you.
You look tired.
How was your trip?
It was long... long, tiring trip,
but it's nice to be home.
I'm so glad you are.
I am gonna make you a drink.
You go and sit,
and I will be right in.
Be right out.
Here you go.
So, how was New Jersey?
It was nice. Um...
We should vacation
there sometime...
rent a beach house,
do some sailing.
I would really like that.
You know what? That
reminds me of something.
I'll be right back.
It's just a little something
to show my husband
what he means to me.
You really didn't
have to get me anything.
Oh, I know.
I wanted to.
I hope you like it.
It's two cigars for us to smoke
when you're elected.
Believe it or not,
I've never smoked
a cigar before.
Well, that's perfect.
We can start a
new tradition together.
"To everlasting love."
[Zipper unzips]
[Laptop beeps]
[Keyboard clicking]
[Keyboard clicking]
What are you doing up?
Couldn't sleep again?
No. I thought
I'd come down
and get myself a glass of milk.
Oh, that sounds good.
Get one for me, too?
You know what?
I think we should
forget the milk.
Are you sure?
Maybe we should
just go back to bed.
You were hungry.
Tell me about.
I was worried
she was gonna slip
something into my food.
Well, poison hasn't been
her modus operandi so far.
Yeah, that we know of.
How did you get out
of the house so early?
I told her I had
a breakfast meeting.
It wasn't exactly a lie, was it?
She's zeroing in
on someone in Westchester.
It says that there's
a picture attached.
Can you bring that up, as well?
"Millionaire tycoon
takes a bride."
It's her.
Wait a second.
What is it?
It's the 15th today.
The Wasserman campaign donation
goes through first
thing this morning.
She could be after the money.
Nicholas, what can I do for you?
Is there a transfer
from my campaign account
scheduled for later today?
Yes. Mrs. Landon
arranged for
a transfer of one million
dollars to a new account.
I want to stop it, Richard.
But you gave her signing
authority on that account.
Yes, I know I did, but I'm
revoking that authority.
I'm sorry, Sir.
You can't do that over the phone.
All right.
I'm coming down.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
[Telephone hangs up]
Call Detective Nabor.
The only way Francis
gets away with this
is if she kills me today.
Detective, what should
I tell the staff
about the undercover officers?
I'll talk to each one
of them individually.
Will I be present?
Of course.
We don't want to alarm anyone,
but if she comes into the bank,
we got to be on our toes.
[Telephone rings]
Excuse me.
I left instructions
not to be disturbed.
Put her on line 3.
It's Mrs. Landon.
Put her on speaker.
Act normal.
Good morning, Mrs. Landon.
How can I help you?
Richard, why aren't the
funds in that account?
I'm sorry, Mrs. Landon.
You no longer have
signing authority over
the campaign account.
Excuse me?
If you'd like to
schedule an appointment,
we can discuss the details.
I'd like to discuss it now.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Landon.
You would have to
do that in person
and with your husband present.
What do we do now?
We send a car over
to pick her up.
Otherwise, go about your
day, business as usual.
If she attempts to
contact you, call.
Right away.
Try not to engage her.
Keep it to simple chitchat.
Until she's in custody,
I want 24-hour protection
for myself and Teresa.
We're on it.
Richard, thank you for
everything you've done.
Richard: OK.
Not yet.
Call in the CSI team.
I think we have a serial
killer on our hands.
There may be as many as
4 victims, maybe more.
She's been doing this for years.
What about Farhed?
Well, he's been briefed.
As you can imagine,
he's not a happy man.
Detective, what drives
a woman like this?
Is it greed? I mean,
she inherited the first time.
Why keep it up?
Killing someone for
money is one thing;
multiple murder is
entirely something else.
Her psychosis is so refined,
she'd probably give Freud
a run for his money.
What are the chances
of catching her?
Slim for now.
We suspect she's
already moved on...
new identity, new state...
but she does make mistakes.
She'll surface again.
I posted an officer
outside your house...
unmarked car, civilian clothes.
Try not to worry,
Mr. Landon.
Thank you, Detective,
for everything.
Thank you, Sir.
That was some
smart detective work
on your end.
She's out there.
They'll find her.
I'm scared.
Teresa, it's gonna be OK.
There's an extra
bedroom upstairs.
Why don't you stay the night?
I thought you went to bed.
I did.
Couldn't sleep.
What are you still doing up?
Couldn't sleep either.
I know there's an
officer out there,
but it's only one person.
Got any herbal tea in
that big kitchen of yours?
Yeah, somewhere.
Want some?
Sure. Thanks.
[Knob clicking]
[Gas hissing]
[Starts whistling]
[Whistling gets louder]
[Whistling stops]
Oh, hey, Nicholas.
Sorry about that.
I really wanted you
to sleep through your murder,
but I had to split the dosage.
I work much better
when I'm not rushed.
I told you she didn't like me.
I told you that from the start.
She sure did like you, though,
stupid woman.
[Cell phone dialing]
Francis, please.
Please what?
Don't kill me?
Look, you're just like
all the rest of them.
I have no sympathy for you.
If it's the money...
It's not about money.
I mean, I've got
plenty of money.
I didn't mind the sex so much,
especially when you let some
of the anger come into it.
That was pretty good.
Then what?
What do you want?
Do you think I'm beautiful?
Well, my mother
was beautiful, too.
What is it about
beautiful women?
We always attract the wrong men.
My mother was married 3 times.
Did you know that?
Did you know that?
Well, she was,
and all three of them
treated her like garbage,
and after a while, she started
to believe that she wasgarbage,
and not long after that, she
started to stink like garbage.
And that's how she ended up.
She was just a
big beautiful heap
of stinking garbage.
When I was 10 years old,
she killed herself.
I'm sorry.
Francis, I loved you.
I'd never hurt you.
I hate you, Nicholas,
and I hate everything
you stand for,
and I hate stupid women
like that who think
that love makes
everything just great.
Come on!
Teresa, go!
[People talking indistinctly]
Hey, you.
Guess who made the front page.
That's not bad.
Not bad?
It's great.
Yeah, but they forgot to mention
the maestro working
her campaign magic.
Not my style.
Besides, I don't need the press.
How about a vacation?
That, we both need.
Come on.
Let's go celebrate.
So, vacation, huh?
You get to decide.