Love Toy (1971) Movie Script

- All right, deal 'em. Come on.
Well, come on, pick.
- Good ahead and pick.
- Mm-hmm.
Hm, got a good hand, Marcus?
I guess this isn't your
lucky night.
Yeah, I can't ever remember
having so many hot hands.
All right, Marcus.
I'll take those iou's now.
Well, it looks
like I became a rich man
just by a turn of the cards
Now I'll give you until
Friday to vacate your house.
As for your factory...
- Hi, dad.
- Chris? When did you get home?
- A little while ago. I
came in the back door.
I didn't wanna disturb you.
I knew you had guests. Dad,
I think I'll go right to bed.
I know it's very early, but I'm so tired.
I've had a really hectic day.
- Good night, dear.
- Good night.
- Give my apologies to your guests
and say goodnight to them.
- Of course, my dear.
- I'll see you in the
morning. All right, dad?
- Marcus, you listen to me.
Marcus, you're a gambler.
You proved that.
How would you like to make the
biggest gamble of your life?
How would you like to get
back all of your losings?
Your factory, your car, your house?
- What do you mean?
- I'll tear up those iou's
and you'll owe me nothing
for just one night with
your daughter Chris.
- You're not serious.
- What do you say?
- You bastard!
Get out of here and take her with you!
- Come now. I'm only trying to help you.
- Help me? Why you...
- All I want is one night with Chris,
only a few hours and you'll be rich again.
Come now, Marcus, be sensible.
You're not a young man anymore.
You can't start all over again.
And poor Chris.
What would she say when she finds out
she's homeless, penniless?
Hmm? That you gambled away
her inheritance?
- There must be another way.
Be reasonable, Alex.
- I'm being very reasonable.
I'm willing to return a
fortune for a few hours
of, uh, oh, harmless pleasure.
- I can't do that.
I can't!
- Very well. Come on, Mary.
Your car keys, please.
- All right.
You win.
No, my friend. We both win.
You, you fortune,
and me, your daughter.
I think I'll have a drink
to our good fortune,
if you don't mind.
- No, no! I must've been out of my mind!
Take everything, take everything!
But you can't have Chris!
It's done now!
Sit down!
You make one sound, I'll show
you what a real beating is!
Be smart.
Before you know it,
it'll all be over and...
- Oh, my god.
- Now you listen to me.
- You can't do this!
- We made a deal, my friend,
and you'll, you'll keep your end of it,
and I'll keep mine!
- No, no.
Won't you untie, my child?
Oh, oh, oh, no!
Please. Please!
- What is it? What's the matter?
- Shh, don't be frightened.
- What do you want me?
- There's something I have
to tell you.
Your father's had a stroke of bad luck
with his card game tonight.
I told him not to bet too
heavily, but he insisted.
He said he felt lucky.
I'm afraid he was wrong.
Your father lost everything,
everything he owns, his factory, his car,
all of his cash, even this house.
Oh no! No!
- I'm afraid it's true.
I'm afraid it's true.
- Poor dad.
- Oh, but wait.
I don't want you both to
be homeless and penniless.
And so your father and I made a deal.
- Huh?
- I'm going to return
everything he lost for one night with you.
- Oh, no, no.
- Uh, but your father already said, yes.
And a deal is a deal.
Oh, I, I don't believe you!
- Dad would never do this.
- You're lying!
Where is he? Where is dad?
It's true. And you should
be flattered.
I'm returning a fortune
for a few hours with you.
Your father and I agreed, I was generous.
You mean my
father is willing to...
All right. Anything you say.
- Now that's a good girl.
You remind me Samuel.
He had sad eyes too, like yours.
When I was a little
boy, we were very poor.
I never had any toys to play with,
but I did have a kitten, Samuel.
He was gray and very skinny.
You see, we had no milk for him.
Uh, I would put water in a
dish and pretend it was milk.
Samuel would start to lick the water,
then look at me with
very reproachful eyes.
I wasn't fooling him.
Then one day, Samuel disappeared.
Mm. He probably went looking for food.
I think of him every day.
I never saw him again.
It was the only living thing
that was ever really mine.
Mary, uh, she, uh...
I want you to be my kitten.
Wait. Wait!
Come, little Samuel.
Ah, come, little Samuel.
Come, little pussycat.
Come, come, little Samuel. Come.
There, there, have your,
have, have your milk.
That's it.
It's really milk.
Not water.
There. Come on.
Come on, that's it, come on.
See, lick it.
Lick it.
Lick it!
Ah, mm-hmm.
Hmm, hmm, that's it, huh, oh, huh.
That's my Sam.
But you are not my Samuel!
You're not my Samuel. He left me.
He ran away.
My mama said he'd come back,
but she was wrong.
Poor, mama.
Mama never had any time for me.
There were seven of us.
Seven kids to feed and a drunken father.
She didn't say very much.
There was no time for talking.
Seven kids to feed and no money.
You be my mama.
Mama never had any time for me.
But you've got time for me.
You've got lots of time for me.
Mama, I'm hungry.
She always laughs when she's
dancing, Mary, my wife.
She was so peaceful.
So quiet.
I think that's why I married her.
I thought, "now at last, I can rest."
I can drink the tranquility of her being,
but she has no being, no substance.
She's a body without a soul.
And the only time she seems to be alive
is when she's dancing.
So you see, I have no
wife, but you be my wife.
Why do you want to do this to me?
You're sick, my child.
I just came home from the
office. Ask how my day was.
- How was your day?
- Uh, pretty busy.
Let's go to bed.
What's the matter? Huh?
My beautiful, Chris.
Oh, my beautiful wife.
Mary, my wife.
Mary, who isn't real.
But that is Mary, I know.
I wanted a child.
A woman without a soul
cannot have a child.
You be my child.
- Please, my dear, help me.
- I saw you were playing house with Tommy.
I saw you.
I want you to say you're sorry.
And you won't do those bad things again.
Mm. So you won't promise?
Well, I'm gonna spank you!
- Ow, poor me!
- Now you stand in the corner
till you say you're sorry!
Come on!
- Mother?
Mother, you all right?
- I've had you on the couch,
on the bed, on the floor.
You're the hottest bitch I ever met.
That comes
from a lot of practice.
Please, please.
I can't stand here any longer.
Let me sit down.
- Say you're sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- And you promise you won't
play those naughty games
with Tommy again?
- I promise. Uh, I promise
- You're a good girl, Chris.
And now I'm gonna get
you that horsey I al...
I mean, you always wanted.
Come on, get undressed.
I'm gonna be your horsey!
Do you wanna ride, little girl? Huh?
Well, make me go fast. You go fast, fast!
Whoo! Ya-hee!
Ya-huh! Uh-huh!
Uh, wee-hee!
Now you, you be my horsey!
I wanna ride too!
I wanna ride too!
- Come on, little horsey.
- No!
- Oh, what's a matter, little horsey?
Little horsey all tired out, huh?
Aw, come on.
Oh, little Chris. You're all tired.
Little horsey, aw.
It'll be all right.
There, just take your
hair down. That's it.
Come on, that's it.
Good girl. There.
You be my mistress.
I vowed someday, I would have a mistress.
She would be passionate.
She would be exciting.
She'd love me, only me.
So you'll be my mistress.
Love me. Love me.
- Let me answer it. Please.
It, it's my boyfriend.
- But that can't be. I'm
your boyfriend, your lover!
Don't you know that?
There's no one else for
you. There's only me.
Don't ever forget that!
No, no, let's do this the
way it should be done.
Now I have a key to your apartment.
Here, use this.
Put this on.
Hello, darling.
Did you miss me?
Are you glad to see me?
Darling, let's make love.
Won't you take your robe off?
Look alive!
I'm your lover, remember?
Mary, do you like Chris?
Well, my dear, prove it.
I'll be kind to you,
if you show me how much you like Chris.
Mm, come with me, my dear.
I've got a great idea!
I'll get Marcus and we can
all make love together.
Come on, Marcus.
Come watch your daughter,
Chris, make love to me.
- Father, did you really
make that deal with him?
You did!
Now, come, sit down.
You'll enjoy this, believe me! Huh!
No, no.
- Hey, you're not watching!
I, I didn't forget you, Marcus.
Come, come on.
You have fun too.
Come on, Marcus.
Come on. Come on.
Your father made a deal with
me and don't you forget it!
- No.
- What's the matter?
Don't you wanna make love to me, father?
Your daughter?
Come on.
You slut!
Oh my god.
Chris, Chris, why are you moaning?
What's the matter?
- Oh, oh, father!
Oh, I had the most terrible dream!
- There now, it was only a dream.
- Oh, father.
- All right, go back to sleep. Come now.
- Oh, don't go. Stay with me, father.
Father, don't go. Stay.
It was awful. I'm scared.
- I can't, Chris,
Alex and I are playing cards,
and I've got to finish the game.
I'm going to change into my
smoking jacket. It's hot inside.
Now you go to sleep.
What's the matter?
- Shh. Don't be frightened.
- What do you want?
- There's something
I have to tell you.
Your father had a stroke of bad luck
in his card game tonight.