Love Twisted (2004) Movie Script

Please wait a second. l need to input your data.
Over here, please.
lt's due on 25th, two weeks from now.
Ms. Yashima, go ahead and take a lunch break.
Thank you.
Are you going to the park again?
lt's too cold for that.
Why don't you eat inside with everybody?
No thank you. l have my jacket to put on.
Okay then. l'll be back in a little bit.
''Please leave a message''
How come you haven't moved out yet?
Anyway, l'll be watching you.
Sunday, 9:49pm
Hey! Good morning.
Oh, you know what, Yuko.
l've finished reading
all the books from last time.
Did you find them?
Thank you as usual.
l'll be looking forward to the next ones.
OK, l'm already home now.
l'll talk to you soon then.
Ms. Yashima, what do you do
when you have a day off?
Nothing much.
See you, my love.
He's starting today.
Teach him what to do.
The guy sitting there is the oldest here.
lf you have any questions you can ask him.
Koshino, take care of him. See you later.
Oh, you were here?
Mr. Kojima was looking for you earlier inside.
And these.
The weird guy with curly hair gave these to me.
He won a game or something.
He looked happy. Would you like one?
No thank you. l can't drink soda.
Oh no?
You've been working here long, Mr. Koshino?
Don't you get tired of it doing
the same thing every day?
lt doesn't pay that well either.
Not really.
What happened to your face?
l fell down.
Hello. l'm sick of this place. l'm moving out.
No good. l can't hear anything.
See you, my love.
l think l should quit this job.
l can't stand doing this day after day.
Can you tell Mr. Kojima that l quit?
That psycho finally gave up.
l won't move out that easily.
You have to kill me first.
Ah...l'm so tired.
Alright then.
Now everything is signed in the contract.
You already gave me this month's rent.
Pay me the next one by the 30th next month.
Anyway, you got really lucky.
You know, they don't often move
in and out at this place.
Anyway, all the paperwork is done.
And you'll get the insurance document
in the mail later.
Here's your key.
Where did l put the leaflet
for the trash handling procedure?
Well, l can't find it.
Help your self, Yuko. These are really good.
Hmm...where did l put it?
You know what?
Recently, l heard there're freaks in this neighborhood.
Yuko, you are pretty
so you'd better watch out
for a stalker and thing like that.
Oh, l found it.
l didn't remember putting it here?
l'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Ko Shi No. Koshino.
He's not home yet.
See you, my love.
Ms. Yashima, do you want to
go to lunch with me today?
Since we are taking our breaks
at the same time.
Ms. Yashima?
Oh, l'm sorry but l brought my lunch today
so l can't.
Ms. Yashima, are you sure?
l'm sorry.
l'm going to shower first.
lt's raining.
The clothes are going to be wet.
You are home, my love.
Let's eat.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You know what?
You need to think about
your responsibilities here.
lf you don't want to do it, just quit!
Are you alright?
l don't understand why?
ls she moving out?
As you can see.
Are you moving out?
l see.
You don't have a lot of stuff.
l'm going to stay at
my friend's place for now.
And l threw a lot of things away.
She's gone.
if you need to return it.
Please go to the counter
Should l play some music?
Um...Can you hold me tight?
Just once. Please.