Love Under the Lemon Tree (2022) Movie Script

Yes, yes, yes. Okay.
Yes. Okay.
It's absolutely perfect.
Going fast, just like that.
Love it. Love it.
Love it.
Oh, yes, yes.
Okay, okay.
Don't stop doing
that, that's perfect.
Oh, this is fabulous.
Oh my. That is good.
This is so good.
Oh, shoot.
I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna be late for work.
Oh, okay.
I'm so sorry, Mark, I gotta go.
But this, this was great.
It was great.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
Hey, Beck.
Successful morning?
Oh yes.
Yes, yes. Come here.
I met this gorgeous
lady selling her car.
Beck, that's beautiful.
After spending
some time with her,
it was obvious that she
really didn't wanna sell it.
So I told her I
would send a copy.
Oh, and by the way,
Ash wants to see you.
Oh, did he say why?
Does he ever?
Good luck?
Oh, I like that one.
Yeah, I'm aware
it's got no budget.
What does these days?
Aha, aha.
Jeff, I gotta call you back.
Yeah. All right, bye.
Hi, So the thing is...
Beck, I'm just gonna
come out and say it, I...
That is City News.
What are you
doing home so early?
Oh, Beck, really?
Oh, oh, paint!
I don't care. I don't care.
Oh, but you love that job.
I liked that job.
I liked that it
provided half the rent.
Don't even think about that.
You know, this could finally
be your chance to go freelance,
to do the work you really love.
But, okay.
I know how you feel.
I've been there, and felt
like I was in a free fall.
But instead of grabbing
the nearest branch,
I found my wings.
I don't know if I'm ready.
That's nonsense.
All right. Look, no one else
is gonna say this to you.
So I'm just gonna say it,
but you've just been marking
time since Mike, okay?
And you need to move on, okay?
Look to the horizon.
Honestly, I was marking time
even when I was with Mike.
Mike is not the problem.
I am the problem.
I just don't know what
direction is the right one.
I just, I can't see that
horizon isn't anymore.
Well, give yourself
something to aim for.
Like, what if you won an award,
then would you believe
that you're finally ready?
Rural Chic, out of the way
places, quirky characters.
That's so your thing.
Girl, you could really ace this,
and there is a cash
prize of $10,000.
That would be a whole new start.
That'd be a new destination.
I don't know, Susan.
What do you have to lose
at this point, really?
I mean, if you just keep on
waiting until you're ready,
you're gonna be waiting forever.
I'll do it.
I'll find my wings.
Yes, you will.
So, what's the plan?
Okay, that.
That's what I wanna do.
Very Rural Chic.
But you can't just
be Catherine Rose.
No, no, no.
This is all about the real
me, about finding myself.
Okay, well, do
you have any idea
where you're gonna
find yourself.
As it happens, I
know just the place.
It's this small
little island town
my parents took me to
once, Serenity Island.
It's really beautiful.
Ow, still looking
good, Serenity.
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
But I have a reservation.
A problem with the plumbing.
I'm afraid we had no choice.
Isn't there another hotel?
There is.
It is however, full to capacity.
I'm afraid we had to
direct our guests there.
So much for finding my wings.
There is one
other possibility.
Lemon Tree Farm.
A farm.
Oh, it's a lovely place.
A mile or so away.
They have cabins there.
I could check availability.
I was really hoping to
stay somewhere in town.
You can get a cab
from the square,
but it's only a short
walk, 15 minutes or so.
Maybe coming here
wasn't such a good idea.
Let me check for you,
it's the least I can do.
Good news, I've spoken to
the owner, Mr. Sweeting
and there is a vacancy.
Shall we say, yes?
Rural Chic.
Why not?
Lemon Tree Farm, it is.
Oh, Okay.
Give me the best
you got Serenity.
I'm betting everything on you.
Oh, my. I'm so sorry!
It's no problem, really?
We keep a very clean fountain.
Oh, oh.
Just a ride?
Yes. Yes.
You realize you're doing
that all wrong though, right?
The coin.
You gotta toss it over your
shoulder for the wish to work?
Oh, oh.
Well see, that...
That actually explains a
lot about my life so far.
Go ahead.
Hey dad.
Yeah, that sounds okay.
No, I'm just in the square
taking five, you know?
Oh, she did.
Will you tell Alice,
I love her very much.
And I'll see you
in a few minutes.
Okay, bye.
Well, I hope you enjoy Serenity.
You know what, I think I will.
Okay, ah.
Let's try this again.
In for a penny.
Oh, oh.
Oh, my.
I am so sorry.
I was in my own world.
Oh, no, that's...
Hello, again.
Hi. Hi.
What are you doing here?
I'm Beck.
Beck Waterford.
Are you Mr. Sweeting?
Matthew Sweeting.
That's my dad.
Is there anything that
I can help you with?
Oh, I have a cabin
booked for two weeks.
Ah, I did not know that.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, no.
Not your fault.
I can get you set up if I-
Okay I- can just.
Yeah, I really hope I
haven't spoiled these.
Well, it certainly
saves tenderizing them.
This batch is going to Junes.
Oh, June's place.
I saw the sign in town.
Well, when life gives
you lemons, right?
I'm so sorry.
You must get really
tired of hearing that.
Hey, when life gives me
lemons, I'm a happy guy.
That is so wonderful.
Although, I suppose you might
get a little tired of it too.
Oh, no. Never.
It's like...
Oh, did you?
Mm! it's very fresh.
I mean, fresh is
what I'm here for.
So, and creatively speaking,
I'm a photographer.
Hmm. Serenity is
a beautiful place.
Well, I suppose
I should show you
to your cabin, Miss Waterford?
Josh Sweeting.
Ah, right this way.
So this is one of the groves,
we got about a dozen of them.
Ah, can I take that for you?
Yeah, that'd be great.
It's tough to
drag through here.
Thank you.
You know, if I
knew you were coming,
I would've fixed
things up a little bit.
Oh, oh, please, no.
I didn't even know myself
until less than an hour ago.
All right, here it is.
Take your pick.
Ah, anyone?
Three cabins, three vacancies.
Okay, that one?
All right.
Well, it's not much, but
it's clean and it's homey.
Well, it's clean anyway.
I'm sorry, is this
gonna be okay for you?
Oh, yeah.
It's perfect.
Rural Chic.
Well, it's rural,
and we can work on the chic.
This isn't how it was
meant to be initially.
We always meant to do
more with the cabins,
but ever since mom passed, we-
Oh, no, no, really.
Sometimes there just isn't
enough hours in the day.
You know what, it's great.
It has everything that I need,
and I can pretty it up
a bit, if that's okay?
I mean, yeah, yeah.
Hey dad.
Dad, this is Miss Waterford.
Miss Waterford, my
dad, Matthew Sweeting.
Apparently, Miss Waterford
is to be a guest.
I already know about all that.
Glen from the hotel
sent her over.
Oh, Mr. Sweeting.
Matthew, please.
So what do you think about
our promising holiday complex?
We have plans to extend
over to the next field
and a trail just for the kids.
Time and money permitting.
I hope this young man
is giving you a proper
Serenity Island welcome.
Oh, he's doing great.
And it really such
a beautiful place
you have here, Mr. Swee...
Oh, Alice is looking for you,
insist that she's
cooking tonight.
Well, better not
keep her waiting.
Ms. Waterford.
Again, if you need anything,
please, let us know.
And, welcome.
Okay, fresh start.
Okay, I like 'em.
Hey, Susan.
Hey there, how's it going?
It's okay, I think.
You, think?
No, the place is just as
exquisite as I remember.
It's it's really beautiful, and-
Okay, well, that's great.
So, what's the problem?
Well, there was something
wrong with the hotel,
so I'm staying on a farm.
Oh, no.
Okay, do not laugh at me.
Oh, man.
City girl Beck, in a farm yard.
It's a lemon farm.
And it smells amazing.
It's actually really pretty.
I could see it being a
part of my portfolio.
Well, it definitely
fits the theme.
And the guy that
runs the place.
Okay, you know that
I'm not here for that.
Besides, I'm pretty
sure he's taken.
Anyways, what I was going to
say is that since he's so busy,
I will be able to get on
without any distractions.
Well, good.
Because you are
already on a role.
Have you seen your Pixar Post
account numbers recently?
People are already going
crazy over Serenity.
Oh, by the way, Catherine Rose
just started following you.
Oh, what? Catherine?
Oh my.
I'm gonna call you back.
Good morning.
I hope that rooster
didn't wake you too early.
His time keeping is getting
worse than mine lately.
Oh, no, no.
I just wanted to say
thank you for the desk.
Oh no, no.
That was Josh.
I hope you don't mind him
putting it in there for you.
You need it for a
computer, right?
That was very kind of him.
So this is a work rather
than vacation for you.
Josh told me you're
a photographer.
Well, it's my passion
as well as my work.
So it's kind of both.
Well, if you can
combine those two things,
that's the secret
to a happy life.
I love this place.
Always have.
Josh does too even though
he doesn't want to admit it.
That's why I came here.
It had to be a spot that
really meant something to me.
Wait a second.
You already knew
of Serenity Island?
Okay, so my parents
took me on vacation here
when I was seven.
And you know what, it's actually
where I took my
very first pictures.
It's where I fell in
love with photography.
Well, as you can see, it
hasn't changed that much.
I am struggling to remember
what's where after
all these years.
What, you know what you
need, you need a guide.
Someone to take you into town
and show you the good spots.
Not with the touristy.
That would be so terrific.
Do you know anyone?
I'm on a schedule and a budget.
So I need to really make
the most of my time here.
What's this guy trying
to sell you on now, huh?
Well, Beck here needs a guide.
Someone who could
take her into town
and show her the best spots.
Wait a second.
Josh, you could show it round?
Oh, dad.
I don't think so-
He's Serenity, born and bred.
Oh, that's really kind.
No, no. Josh can
take you to town.
No problem, he's good.
I really don't wanna impose.
Who's imposing?
You're here, Josh is here.
Josh wouldn't mind. Right, Josh?
Dad, we've got
a business to run,
and it's not doing too great.
Sorry, no offense intended.
Wait a second.
What about a quid pro quo.
All right, you say you
wanna take pictures
of this beautiful place.
You say we need to
build the business up.
Make Lemon Tree Farm a
proper holiday destination.
So what do you say
we work together.
Josh is gonna take you into town
and show you the most beautiful
places to take pictures.
And maybe you could
share 'em with us
for a leaflet or a brochure.
We can get these cabins
properly working,
even throw it up on the web.
It'd be super easy for me to
just put it on social media.
Whoa, whoa, easy.
Dad, you know how
I feel about that?
Josh, doesn't do social media.
Look the picture
stuff, that's fine.
But please, let's not go any
further than that for now.
Miss Waterford, I've got some
things I need to attend to,
if you'll excuse me?
So don't worry about him.
He's just little on edge.
You know the farm, and- Yeah.
I can find someone else.
No, no, no, no.
You just get that
camera ready, all right?
Dad, please don't make me
feel like the bad guy in this.
You know how much
attention this place needs
just to stay afloat.
We've got irrigation
problems, shipping backups.
Big plans for the cabins
are not at the top of the
priority list right now.
You know, there's a man,
and he is in the forest.
Oh boy, not this again.
And he's trying to chop down
this tree with a blunt axe,
and a feller comes
along and he says,
"You know, if you just
stopped and sharpen that axe,"
you'd work a lot better.
And the man with the axe says-
I can't do that.
I Haven't got the time.
You know this talk about
rushing into schemes,
make me nervous.
Is that what
you think this is?
I mean, do you think
Beck is really like that?
Maybe she is,
we don't know her.
No, of course not.
It's just-
It's just what?
Beck is here to take
pictures, that's all.
You can't keep avoiding.
I'm not avoiding.
Then humor your old man here.
I think she's got
something special.
And this is different
from before.
And some, we could
really use the help.
And maybe, just maybe,
you might enjoy yourself.
Okay, fine.
I'll do it for you.
Just don't blame me if it turns
out to be a waste of time.
Okay, well Keeping
your axe sharp-
Is never a waste of time.
Got it.
Okay, I have about an hour.
So ready to see
the real Serenity.
I wanna go to all the places
that no one else knows about.
Tell the story of
the real Serenity.
What are these
pictures for, again?
Only I need to just keep
on top of where
these pictures go.
We value our privacy
around here quite a bit.
Yeah. It's a personal project.
You wanted to see
the real Serenity?
Well starts right here.
This farm is it.
Come on.
So this house here
was actually constructed
by my great-grandfather
who came to the
island a while back,
and believe it or not,
he's actually the
one who started
the lemon grove
themselves, and...
Okay, taking pictures.
Is that not okay?
No, yeah.
Whatever you need to do.
It's just so beautiful, wow!
Oh, one second.
So how did you
come up with this?
Oh, you wanna see?
So these porch edges here,
they create these
strong lead and lines
that draw the eye
from here to here.
You see?
Oh, yeah.
And the basket serves as
a sort of visual full stop.
Texture is just as
important as depth of field,
for example...
Show you this.
Oh, wow!
It almost acts like
something of an abstract.
Sharp and jagged,
contrasted to the soft
and the gentle,
and it it's just...
It's magical.
You know what I could
really use is a human subject.
Oh, yeah.
No, no, I don't.
I'm not a...
I don't know if it's possible,
but could you look
anymore uncomfortable?
Sorry, this isn't my thing.
That was sneaky waterfowl.
We've actually been told that
our lemons are the sweetest.
You know, no pun intended.
That's a big compliment.
Lemons are really
resilient fruit so,
we can actually bear with the
different weather conditions.
On one second.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, what's going on Jose?
Oh yeah, these limits here.
Let me see.
So we have a little bit
of a mic problem, Jose.
But we're gonna have
to introduce you
to insects that eat 'em,
because you know, we're
losing some crops here.
And this is gonna be good.
We're gonna have to
size some of these.
So if we get the sizers like,
I know maybe we gotta put in
some more nutrients in the soil
and see how-
Sounds good.
All right.
Take care.
Wow, look at that meadow.
Is that part
of the lemon crop?
It's the original grove.
And this is the very first
lemon tree of Lemon Tree Farm.
My great-grandfather
planted it.
My grand father proposed
to my grandmother under it,
and my parents married under it.
It's beautiful.
You know, I never
would've had you down
as the farmer type when
we met in the square.
That guy in the suit.
Yeah, that's not me.
This, so much history.
Well, lemons are meant
to symbolize purity
and also commitment,
and everlasting love.
If you believe in
symbolism and why not?
Yeah, maybe I do.
Or maybe it's more
about what this place
means to me personally.
My parents took me to
Serenity on vacation.
Happy times for us.
They separated soon after.
It's actually the last time
I can remember us all
together all happy.
So this place has a
special spot in my heart.
But also it's really
where all this started.
My dad gave me my first camera
here for my seventh birthday.
When I was unwrapping it,
he said, it's like
drawing with light.
Hey, look, I can
see you mean well.
And the pictures they are good.
Really good.
But we've got a
lot going on here.
And I'm happy to
do this for dad,
but I just...
I really need to keep on top
of this whole publicity thing.
Brochures to go up in
town and in June's place,
that's all fine.
But Absolutely no social
media stuff, okay?
Dad had a real bad experience
with it a while back,
and he forgets things like that.
I don't, I'm just
trying to protect him.
Got it.
So, shall we?
Yes, please.
So up this way
is where dad was wanting
to clear out some more land
for some more cabins.
Oh, what about this one?
We haven't seen this one yet.
Oh wait. Just a minute.
That's a-
Oh, my gosh.
Can I go in for a closer look?
Sure, but just- Thank you.
Don't touch anything, please.
Oh, this is incredible.
Please, just be careful
or I'm never gonna
hear the end of it.
Wait, Matthew?
Hidden depth's my dad.
Just don't let him know,
I'm the one that
brought you in here.
Is that June from the square?
Yeah. Yeah.
I guess it is.
Oh wow.
Who's that?
Ah, that, that's old.
Okay now.
Now that is just adorable.
Well, you know, we do
have one last stop to make,
no tour would be
elite without visiting
Serenity zone Lemonade Cafe.
Ooh, okay.
And open Monday through
Friday, including weekends,
the Lemonade Cafe.
Oh, the little girl
from the paintings.
Beck, this is my
daughter, Alice.
Lemonade maker, extraordinaire.
So this is Alice.
It's so lovely to meet you.
You can call me Beck.
What do you love
glass of my lemonade.
I would absolutely love that.
That will be accorded, please.
No, no, no.
It's fine.
Honestly, you don't have to.
I want to, really. Here.
That is really good.
It's my secret recipe.
No, this could be the best
lemonade I've ever tasted.
Oh, it's all in the
growing, of course.
But mostly the secret recipe.
Hi, I hate to break
up this little party,
but Matthew and I are taking
Alice on a trip into town back.
Beck, this is- June.
I recognize you from the square.
Oh, oh, you're
the photographer.
Oh, well it's
lovely to meet you.
I hope you're getting
some good shots.
Oh, it's so beautiful.
I know.
I may be a little biased,
but I think you've come
to the right place.
Your glass is empty,
would you like some more?
I could sell you a
whole bottle for $1.
I have an idea.
Why don't I take some of
those bottles to my cafe
for my customers, I bet we'll
sell out no time at all.
That'd be great.
Alice, you know, what
look really great out here?
One of those paintings you did.
Paintings? I never
did a painting.
Lemons and limes.
Fine, lemons and limes.
Go ahead, go get 'em.
Oh, excuse me.
"Lemons and limes?"
Oh, that's a
Sweeting family code.
It's a citrus pinky promise,
which means you have
to tell the truth.
It's taking off
all over the island.
Oh, wow.
You can never lie if
you get lemoned and limed.
It's beautiful, can I see it?
So duty calls.
Alice, you be a good girl
for grandpa and June, okay?
I Love you.
Bye. Ladies.
Will you do me a
favor and go inside
and see what's taking that
grandpa of yours so long?
That is really
out the bag now.
What's that, huh?
Oh, nothing.
I was just gonna ask, is
there a Mrs. Sweeting?
There was, she passed away.
Oh yes. I heard about that.
I was talking about
Alice's mother.
I meant that too.
It was a long time ago now.
Alice was very little.
Doesn't remember anything,
but it's Josh that
it was tough on.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
And a few years back,
Matthew lost Porosa.
We saw that one coming, doesn't
make it any easier though.
Terrible, they both had to
lose a loved one that way.
Suppose it brings them
closer, both being widowers,
but there are some experiences
you just don't wanna
share, you know?
Matthew gets on
with life though.
That's his way.
But Josh is...
Although I must say
since you've arrived,
Josh seems to be coming
out of his shell a bit.
Hey, Hey, Hey.
They you go, hey.
Hey, hi.
We better get going.
The little one here
says, ice cream time.
True, true, true.
See you soon, Beck.
See ya.
Hi Susan.
Hey, how's it going?
It's just, it's wonderful.
And the scenery, oh,
it's breathtaking.
And the people are amazing.
And your farmer guy over there
isn't too busy to get involved.
With the photography, I mean?
Oh, yeah. No.
But here's the thing,
he's actually just kind of weird
about the whole
social media thing.
I think he'd freak if he knew
his farm was in a international
photography competition.
Here, hi.
Oh, hi.
I don't know what you're
doing, but it's working.
I just booked another cabin.
That is so great.
Yeah, they said they heard
about the farm on, Pixar Post?
Oh dear.
Okay, I'm not in trouble, am I?
I've- Not with me.
Look, Josh doesn't need to know.
Okay, he's funny
about all that stuff.
But if they're paying customers,
I don't care how
they heard about it.
Our secret?
Okay, look, I gotta get back.
I got some stuff for the cabins.
Oh yeah.
Hey, hey.
Celebration portrait
before you go?
Oh, okay.
Love, Z.
I'll see you later.
Okay, bye.
This is great. This is great.
Hey, Beck.
Are those yours?
Do you mind if I take a look?
Oh, wow.
What are numbers ticking up?
That is the number of
people that like the photo.
You're kidding.
Well, you certainly
have an eye.
Oh, who's that old lady
that looks like me.
Oh, stop it. You look great.
And all of these other
people clearly agree.
A like is a big deal.
Look at that old fool.
Oh, nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Hey, Beck, you think I
could have a few copies
of this shots?
Oh, of course.
I'll put together a selection
when I get back my cabin,
and just gimme your
email, and I'll send them.
You wouldn't happen to like
the photo of Matthew as well,
would you?
Next gelatos on me.
Got it June.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's
more than okay.
Why wouldn't it be okay?
Oh, oh my.
Okay, so this shot
that I just uploaded
of the lemon.
Oh, a couple...
A couple that just bought
lemons from your farm,
I got this beautiful
photo of them.
Look, it's already
gotten over 1,222 likes.
See, people are really
loving Serenity, Josh.
That's great.
Hey Alice, would you mind
giving me a hand in the cafe?
So that picture, they're
not actually loving it, right?
I mean, not really.
Nothing against your
photo, of course.
Just not a real connection.
Okay, Grandpa.
I just...
I mean.
What is with your great
war on modern technology?
Okay, I get it.
There was the
thing with Matthew,
but he actually seems
totally okay with it.
Okay, you are the only
person I've ever met
under the age of 70 that
doesn't own a smartphone.
You know, I got some
great ringtones on this guy.
I don't know.
And I remember a time
before people all
had their faces
just stuck to their phones.
Connections between people
can start with something silly
or trivial and unbuild.
I mean, just because it doesn't
start off with something big
doesn't mean that it can't
turn into something real.
Okay, okay, fair.
For some people, maybe it really
is just a tap on a screen,
but maybe some of those people
will actually come here,
Just like I did when
I was a little kid,
and make unforgettable
family memories,
stay in your cabin, learn
about Lemon Tree Farm.
And how is that not
a real connection?
I mean, it's not that different
than how you and I are...
We're connecting right now.
No, no, it's...
There's nothing to be-
Exhausted myself.
I can tell.
Beck, look, I know it's me,
and I should really explain.
I just- Oh, oh.
What, what is it?
She's actually here.
Who is that?
It's Catherine Rose.
I mean, she's here.
She's actually here
today on Serenity Island.
That's a good thing, right?
Josh, she is my most
favorite photographer
in the entire world.
I mean, she is so I influential.
I wonder what
she's doing here.
Oh, my.
Oh, my. Do I even look okay?
You look great.
I just, I wanted
to tell you that-
I have to go over there.
I have to go over
there right now.
I'm so sorry, Josh, can we
pick up with this later?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, thanks.
Catherine Rose.
Beck's World, right?
Just Beck.
Well, how do you
do, "Just Beck?"
Wow! This is amazing.
I took your photography
workshop five years ago,
and it helped me land my
first proper photography job.
Oh, I'm so happy it
worked out for you.
I just, I cannot
believe you're here.
Well, partly thanks to you.
Me? Really?
Your pictures of Serenity
are riding wave right now.
I just, I had to see
the place for myself.
Wow! Yeah.
Serenity is really unique.
It's got so much soul.
So when I found out
that this year's destination
competition theme
was Rural Chic, well-
You're going for
the Destination award?
Yeah. Is that crazy?
No, you just totally do it.
It's a great idea.
I mean, that award
launches careers,
you won it when
you first started.
Right, and look at me now,
just spinning all the plates.
I'm really hoping
to win this year.
Well, very best of
luck with all that.
Hey, you know,
maybe we could take
some pictures together
if you're okay with that.
I'd love to pick up some tips.
Well, sure.
I just, I wouldn't
wanna get in your way.
No, no.
You know, what I really
need before anything
is a shower and a
change of clothes.
Ah, why am I not liking
the sound of that, ah?
I'm so sorry,
but the only hotel is closed,
and the only second
option is full.
Oh, oh, no, no.
I already have a room booked.
Lemon Tree Farm.
Oh, you've created quite
the buzz for it online.
Hi. Hey, could I talk
to you for a second?
Yes, of course.
But first, let me introduce you.
This is Catherine Rose.
A Photographer.
Style director,
influencer campaign manager.
Yeah, I seem to be doing just
about everything these days.
Delighted to meet you.
Josh Sweeting of
lemon Tree Farm.
The famous Lemon Tree Farm.
Oh, no. I wouldn't
say that, but-
You know, she's gonna be
staying in one of your cabins.
Isn't that super great?
The cabins.
Yeah, that's great.
How did you even-
You know what,
we should really let
Catherine get some rest.
She had such a long trip.
I'm sure Matthew would love
to help you get settled in.
And I can tell you all
about how she inspired me.
Welcome, Catherine.
We'll see you at the farm.
Can I get you anything, honey?
I'll have what she's having.
It's funny.
All those years ago,
I took my very first picture
right at this fountain.
Wow, that's a really
ignited a lifelong passion,
didn't it?
So what's your story?
Were lemon's always
written in the stars?
Actually, no. Not at all.
When I was a kid,
all I ever wanted
to be was a pilot.
Fly the world.
So what happened?
An airline pilot's
license, that's expensive.
I worked in the city
a while to pay for it.
Hated it, obviously.
Just not a city boy at heart.
Yeah, all those knuckleheads
with their heads
and their phones.
I guess that was part of it.
In some ways, it was some of
the best times of my life.
I got married, we had Alice.
My wife, Chloe, she
died out of the blue.
It's just one of
those things like,
there was nothing
you can do about it.
And I was done with
the city, I left.
So I came back to the farm.
And mom was already gone
and dad could use the help,
but he was worried that I
was given up on something.
I was given up on my dreams.
And maybe I was
too, a little bit.
But I tell you, as soon as
I stepped foot on this farm,
I remembered how
much I missed it.
You shine anytime you
talk about Serenity.
I do, usually.
My dad and I ran
into some problems.
Big problems.
He almost lost everything
into some online scammers.
Whole farm, almost.
They reached out to
him on social media.
So that's it.
Acted like they
wanted to help,
pretended to be his
friends, they weren't.
But I helped him
through his tough times,
and he helped me through mine.
So, here I am.
Much as I love it, though,
it is a forever
growing challenge.
I should really put
more time and effort
into those holiday cabins,
'cause we're gonna need to
diversify if we wanna survive.
Last week, those
cabins were empty,
and now they're filling up.
I'm grateful. I really am.
Yeah, maybe I need
to pull myself
into the 21st
century a little bit,
but we're gonna have to
throw everything we can at it
to keep this place going.
Yeah, well, this
gives us a start.
So you ready?
Family barbecue.
Oh, I'd love to.
Just give me five minutes.
What For?
To change.
Oh, I think you look fine.
Oh my goodness,
you are serious?
No, I'll be right there.
All right, bye.
Oh, so about June and Matthew.
Oh, gosh, no.
They're just friends.
Oh yeah.
You sure about that?
Wait, do you think that...
Oh my, you've
really never noticed.
Lemons and limes
Oh my.
Men, hopeless.
Beck, I'm loving
what I'm hearing
about these plans you
have for the farm.
I must admit I'm a little
envious for my little cafe.
Oh, stop.
June's place is charming.
Yeah, it's just
looked the same forever.
Well, they don't go
there for the decor, June.
Well, you could always
give them another reason
to go in there.
Oh, so honey.
What if I told you that
I know of an amazing artist
whose works on the walls
would absolutely
transform the place.
Whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
No, no, no, no.
That is a marvelous
idea, Beck. I love it.
Right? Yes.
And you could hang them
like in a proper gallery,
You could even put
them up for sale.
Okay. Guys, come on.
Who's gonna buy
my old paintings.
Matthew, your
paintings are great.
It's a crime to keep them
locked up in that studio.
And I'm certain that there
are other visitors to Serenity
that would love them too.
And don't blame Josh for this,
I was the one that
snuck in there.
Well, I'm all for
it, and it's my place.
Maybe you two
could get together
and pick out a few that you like
just to get a feel for
what it might go where.
Oh, no.
What do you think, June?
I was sure five
minutes ago, man.
You're the only
one holding us up.
Okay. I need to think
about this, all right?
I'm gonna get a top up.
Anybody want anything?
I just know this is...
I gotta...
I don't know.
Yep, just think about it.
Hold on.
Don't worry.
I'll bring them around.
They're stubborn,
these Sweetings.
What are you talking about?
Ask Beck?
Okay, Alice.
So this is something I
used to do with my dad.
It's called night riding.
Night riding?
It's drawing with light.
Yeah. Here, come on.
I'll show you how to use it.
Go ahead.
And I want you to hold it out,
come over here.
Like a magic wand, okay?
And I want you to draw
whatever you want.
What's your favorite shape?
Okay, see, heart.
Go ahead, draw it.
It's perfect.
What about, write your name.
There you go.
Hey, Alice,
do you think we should
let your dad have one too?
Okay, all right.
Let me draw one of the lemons.
Here we go.
Draw big circle, ooh.
And then get the leaf on top.
That's perfect.
Morning neighbor.
Good morning.
You're headed out already?
Yeah, gotta take a few shots
in town before it gets busy.
Catch the early light.
Hang on, I'll be right over.
May I?
Yes, yes.
Of course. Please, come on in.
Be my guest.
I like these, Beck.
You know, the
Destination competition
could be a real
springboard for you.
You have a real shot at it.
Let me just try one thing.
You see what the competition
judges really want, is story.
Everyone loves a story.
I've gotta run.
A story?
Morning, Josh.
Max. Yes.
No, I'm in Serenity. Serenity.
Oh, well, what
difference does it make?
You haven't rustled
up any work in weeks.
But about that,
I've had an idea.
I'm going to enter the
Destination competition.
I need this, Max.
My career needs it.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Lemons and limes.
Turns out growing lemons
isn't quite the perfect picture
you wanted it to be.
That day we first
met by the fountain,
I had just come back from
a meeting with the bank,
and this was their decision.
I always knew it'd
be a long shot,
but boy, I was really
hoping for this to work out.
And for a while,
I actually thought we were
getting ahead at this.
This is one of the things
I was trying to tell you.
The whole reason I've been
all over the place lately.
What does this
mean for the farm?
I have a way to bail
us out for a while,
but unless we can improve
things longer term,
I honestly can't see us
making it through the year,
we'll have to sell up.
What? No.
Josh, you can't.
This place, it's the
essence of Serenity,
of you, the groves, the lemons,
the tree where your grandpa
proposed to your grandma.
It would break my dad's heart.
But What can we do?
There is more we can
do, if you trust me.
Trust you.
Let me push the farm online.
Hey, I know you're
gonna wanna say no,
but just hear me out.
We can really sell it.
And not just here,
all over the country.
And then you can
diversify, add more cabins,
and get totally new income
alongside the harvest.
Wait, Catherine said the
famous Lemon Tree Farm.
Did you put pictures of
the farm online already?
Maybe just one or two.
Beck, you agreed not to.
A personal project, you said.
It couldn't be more
personal, Josh.
People are going crazy for it.
And this gives us a head start.
I can build on this
if you'll let me.
Why not?
What else can I do?
Okay, everyone
loves a story, right?
What this place is all about,
what makes it so special,
I just, I wish there was a way
that I could capture
that in a bottle.
Okay. Oh, what
do they always say?
When life gives you lemons...
Okay, listen up.
Bottled Serenity.
Beck, we're gonna have to sell
a heck of a lot of
lemonade just to even-
Josh, Josh.
It's not about the lemonade.
It's about you, your
family's history.
Okay, just listen, all right?
If we get Alice to sell
this at June's place,
I mean, heck sell it all
over town, everywhere,
and I can set up a store
for you guys online,
Josh, we can get people talking
about it, get them here.
We have a bunch of
pictures and people,
they're just enchanted by it.
They really are.
So why not give them a proper
taste of Lemon Tree Farm?
Tell your story.
We can let Alice take
all of the limelight.
Josh, what do you have to lose?
If we don't do
this, everything.
Cruising the job ads again?
Take a look.
Wow, what a shot.
This is a real gift.
And that would be the
photographer you recently fired.
It's Beck?
Wow, she is good.
Yes, she is.
Dad, dad. I got this.
All right, are we all ready?
Think so.
Welcome everyone.
Hi, welcome.
We have a wonderful
new photographer
and a local painter.
Don't forget to check
out the local lemonade
made by the one and
only Alice Sweeting.
Yeah, so all homemade,
get it all from the lemon grove.
This is Matthew Sweeting farm.
He runs our local
lemon farm here,
where you will also find-
The next step will
be your own E gallery.
Oh, that's great, right?
Beyond great.
It means the people
from all over the world
can see your paintings.
Sorry to interrupt
Mr. Sweeting.
Your public calls.
It's quite the
setup you have here.
Oh, you name it.
I've got it.
You know, I am glad I came here.
I'm glad I saw your
work connected with it.
It reminds me why I got into
all this in the first place.
I'm really glad you came too.
I mean, finding the
story in my work,
it's helped me more
than you could know.
Excuse me, guys.
I got the truck pulled
around the corner,
I'd like to show you something.
Right now.
Ah, yeah.
Okay, well, if you don't mind.
Oh, heck, I'm surprised
you're still standing here.
This way.
Oh Catherine, what
have you become?
Someone who talks to herself.
That's what.
All right.
Here we go.
Okay, so I am
sufficiently intrigued.
Oh, you know,
I just wanted you
to meet someone.
The one member of the
family you haven't met yet.
Okay, long lost aunt.
Beck, meet the Dutchess.
I'd really like
to take you up.
Wait, what?
If you'd like to, of course.
You mean fly?
That's what she does.
In the plane.
I find that's the
best way to do it, yeah.
Besides how are you gonna
see the real Serenity?
My Serenity.
And here we go.
Serenity, here we come.
You okay there or afraid?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Ow, wow!
Ah, that's beautiful.
That was incredible.
Oh, that's gonna stay with
me for a long, long time.
Just as well.
That was probably the
Dutchess' farewell flight.
Oh, what?
I said, I had a way to
get us out for a while.
The Dutchess is it.
Look, if selling
here is what I need
to do to give us even
a few more months.
So I'll do that in a heartbeat.
That's why I want him
to take you out today.
Say thank you.
Even if all this
doesn't work out.
No, No.
We're going to
make sure it does.
Trust me.
I do.
Josh, the photos, the publicity,
it's all really working.
And there's something else.
I might come into some money.
It's a real long shot.
But if I do, I'd like to help.
You know, I
couldn't take that.
But I want you to.
It really is such
a beautiful night.
Yeah. Every star
clears a beacon.
Oh, look that
constellation there,
that is the great bear.
Is it?
Yeah, I mean it's
so obviously a bear.
Well, maybe someone who's
never seen a bear before.
Have you ever seen a
bear, little city girl?
Do Teddy bears count?
Mm, barely.
Okay, well, that right
there is the it lawn chair.
Oh, we're in for a treat.
This is very rare, indeed.
All right.
I want you to look slightly to
the right of the lawn chair.
All right, looking.
That is the hamster.
Hmm, yep.
Yeah, you can see the little
wheel right there too.
You know, when we were kids,
we used to come out in
the meadow just like this
and we watch shooting stars.
Yeah, well, I can't imagine
a more perfect place to
do something like that.
And that is why I love
these things so much.
So much.
Hello? Yep.
All right, yeah,
I'll be right there.
Well, that was my dad.
And we'd love to
invite you to dinner.
I'd love that.
Oh, hey beautiful.
Hey dad.
Thank you so much
for setting up.
We'll set you right
here, Beck. Sorry.
All right. All right.
Hot dish coming through.
Oh, gotta set it right here.
I cannot wait for you
to try my specialty.
Guess whose lemonade was
on the local news tonight?
No. you mean like on TV?
Am I famous?
I mean, getting there.
Thanks to Beck.
To Beck.
To Beck.
To Beck.
And to Catherine Rose.
I mean seriously, without her
inspiration and influence,
I wouldn't even be
here with you guys.
Is Catherine a
famous movie star?
No, she's actually
a famous photographer,
and she was kind of a hero.
Do you wanna be like her?
Ah, that's a good question.
You know, I used to,
but now I'm thinking I kind
of wanna find my own way.
And was your pictures
that brought her here?
Catherine's entire
early approach
is what influenced my career.
But photography is
very competitive,
and you have to keep adapting.
Keep standing out.
I Think you, stand out.
Thank you, Alice.
Hey Ash, what
can I do for you?
Beck, how's it
going over there?
Pretty good.
All right, so listen,
I'm gonna get straight
to the point here.
Jack Owens, he's up and
taken early retirement.
Good for Jack, I
always liked him.
Yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah.
Me too. Great guy.
Any who...
So that has left me one
travel photographer short.
And Tabitha
showed me the photos you posted.
Beck, they are amazing.
I had no idea who had
that kind of talent.
Thanks Ash. That's
kind of you to say.
What I'm trying
to get at here,
there is a job with your
name on it back here,
travel photographer.
It's got a good salary,
it's got a pension,
same as Jack got.
Immediate start.
Ash, can it wait
just like a few days?
There's something here...
There's some one here
that is depending on me.
Beck, I need you here.
I mean, there's jobs to cover
for the end of this week.
Beck, are you still there?
I'm still here, Ash.
I kind of need a
yes or a no here.
Yeah, you know,
I'm gonna have to call
you back, Ash, bye.
Max, Max, I hear you.
Just a couple more days.
Okay, I need this.
Trust me, I'm nearly done here.
And if this doesn't
clinch the competition,
I'll get out of the business.
Listen, Max, I gotta go, okay?
Yep, we'll talk later.
Yep, bye.
Bye, bye.
See, you're keeping busy here.
Yes, this morning is
all about marketing.
Gotta keep up with
the self publicity
or people think you've
gone to hibernation.
Do you mind if I ask, I heard
you mention a competition.
I overheard, that was rude.
I just...
I'm worried, because-
No, it's okay.
Full disclosure.
I'm going for the Destination
competition too this year.
I should have said.
I know, but there were
always gonna be other people
in the competition, right?
Sure, but-
That's the spirit.
Serenity was meant
to be my story.
Honey, Serenity
doesn't belong to anyone.
You knew what
I was doing here.
You saw my pictures.
You came here because
of my pictures.
But, you just do your
thing and I'll do mine.
Okay, planning to
go around, right?
And may the best woman win.
You okay?
Catherine here was
just sharing with me
all the ways she's gonna
help put Serenity on the map.
Well, that's good.
I have to charge my battery.
She does remind me
of me once upon a time.
Kind of I was back there.
Is everything okay
between you two?
Beck's just a little upset
about me being in
the competition.
Yeah, You know,
the Destination
Photography competition.
Destination what?
She didn't explain.
It's one of the most
significant competitions
in the industry.
It launched my career.
A win for...
Either one of us is
a win for Serenity.
Either one of you.
Beck told you she
was in it, right?
Oh, she didn't.
So this all been
about a competition.
Well, if Beck were to win,
it would of her career
a huge kickstart.
I gotta say, Lemon Tree
Farm is a great subject.
It's just all the
right elements.
It's a winning story.
And it's got social
media buzzing,
the judges love
that kind of thing.
A winning story, yeah.
She really didn't
tell you about this.
No, she really didn't.
Josh, it's not a...
I need to talk to you.
Why didn't you talk to me
about the photography
competition, hmm?
Is that all this has been about?
The pictures, the
paintings, the lemonade,
and helping out on the farm?
No, of course not.
No, you know, I'm
starting to think
that maybe this
has just been about
providing a happy
ending for your story.
That it's not about
Serenity or Lemon Tree Farm,
but for Beck Waterford.
What? No, no.
I've tried to be helpful
since I got here.
I never asked for
you to come here.
Are you saying that
you don't need that help?
Because from where I stand,
it kind of looks like the future
of your farm depends on it.
And you know what,
I would've been a lot
more straight with you
if you didn't have this
absurd phobia of the internet.
Don't act like you
understand a half it,
'cause you don't.
I understand what
happened to Matthew,
that people were
pretending to be friends
and promising miracles.
And I understand you
wanna protect him.
That's not it.
And I wanna protect him too-
That's not it.
It's what it did
to me personally.
What it did to Chloe.
You know, I used to be
fine with social media.
And then when Chloe died,
the grief, that was hard.
You know what's even
harder? The sympathy.
Message after message,
post after post.
These people, they
didn't even know her.
Not really.
In the end, it wasn't
even about Chloe.
Each person was trying
to outdo the other
to show how much they care.
And it finished me, I was done.
That is truly horrible, Josh.
I'm so sorry, but why would
you take it out on me?
Because I cared about you.
'Cause I trusted you.
And I haven't felt those
things in a very long time.
Yeah, yeah, that's him.
That's absolutely him.
No, no.
It's really him.
Hey, you like Beck, don't you?
I love Beck.
Okay. Come on.
Let's go. Come on.
You can't find her.
She couldn't have just
disappeared, no way.
Oh my.
Dad, you okay?
I just sold my first painting.
Oh, my!
How? How did you sell it?
Well, a guy saw it on an
internet site that Beck set up,
and I said, yes.
Look, I know what
you're thinking.
Okay, you already sent
them money through
when we were talking
on the phone.
It's crazy what you
can do these days.
Well, how much?
$15, dad.
15,000. And
that's not just it.
I'm gonna get emails left
and right about the cabins.
So this could change
everything, all right?
Listen, if we do it right,
if you and me work together,
we're gonna make it.
And you can keep your wings.
And we have Beck
to thank for that.
Right? We have a lot
to thank her for.
Now, don't be an idiot.
You go find her.
What if it's too late?
Too late?
Son, I just started a
career as an artist.
And I just asked
June out on a date.
Look, I took a chance.
And so should you.
You're the one who's flying
that plane all over the sky.
Life's too short.
And you and I both know that.
Hey, Lemon Tree guy, right?
I love that guy,
did you see him?
Ah, where is she?
Try down at the fountain.
Hey, Ash.
I was actually
meaning to call you.
Well, I wanted to say that
it is a fantastic offer.
It's a dream job, really.
How could I say no.
You leaving already?
But what about
Josh and the farm?
No, I just, I made a whole
big mess of things here.
Mess? Are you kidding me?
Wait, you're you are leaving.
It's for the best.
Also you should know I'm
withdrawing from the competition.
Please tell me you aren't okay,
I'd like at least one
thing to work out.
Withdrawing. Why on
earth would you do that?
I was doing it for
all the wrong reasons.
I thought I was trying
to recapture my passion,
but really I was just
trying to be you.
Wait, you were
trying to be me.
I know.
You wanted to be like me,
and now I wanna
be just like you.
But Beck, don't try to
be like someone else.
Okay, I fell into that trap.
But now I'm gonna go back
to my roots for a bit.
Ditch the gear,
and hit the road,
you know, see what happens.
So thank you.
Thank me for what?
For inspiring me.
Now, there's something
that you need to see.
Honey, he's crazy about you.
I see it. Everyone sees it.
Everyone, but you.
So please, just tell me
you're gonna go find
your lemon farmer
and declare your undying love.
I don't know.
You're here.
Somehow I ended up here.
I thought you left.
Josh, that was so wrong of
me to keep everything from you.
In the competition?
You have to do it.
You'll win, I know you will.
You know what?
I think I'm going to.
Thank you for believing in me,
and for reminding me of
what actually matters.
Hey, thank you for showing
me how to trust again.
And dad sold a
painting, thanks to you.
That was your first guess?
So the Dutchess is staying.
Yeah, I hear she's
not the only one.
Do you need a cabin?
'Cause I hear they're
filling up pretty quick.
Oh, well I do love it here.
I mean, the groves,
the lemonade.
Hmm, the lemonade.
And of course, there's
the giant hamster wheel.
Lemons and limes.
Yes, yes, yes.