Love Under the Rainbow (2019) Movie Script

Hey, Lucy?
I just thinking
about Mom and Dad,
and I think
we should do something
really special for them.
Like a surprise party.
A ruby anniversary
is a huge milestone.
Yeah, but, I mean,
do you think they want us making
that big of a deal out of it?
Happily married for 40 years?
No doubt
they're expecting a trophy.
That's true.
Speaking of getting married,
maybe it's time for you
to meet new people.
I meet plenty
of new people!
Yes, but do you date people?
My work is very busy
right now.
I don't have time
for a relationship.
There are
good guys out there.
That's easy for you to say,
Miss Happily Married 10 Years.
Actually, it's "Mrs."
Exactly my point.
Hey, you know,
do you still have
that "wedding wish" book
you made when you were a kid?
You want it for the baby?
No. For you.
To remind you of what
you thought love could be.
I don't know,
I'll look for it,
but who knows
if it even still exists.
Hey! Look. It's a rainbow.
It's a sign
it's gonna be a great day.
Let's hope so.
Dad, look!
A rainbow.
Let's go chase it.
Maybe we can
chase rainbows later, Sophie.
Come on, let's go.
- Dad!
- Go, go, go!
Oh, no, no, no, no.
There is a distinct difference
between the Arabica
and the Robusta.
Uh, can I help you?
Ms. Mocha!
Hi, Ben.
You know, we still
have to do that dinner
we've been talking about.
Oh. Right. Y-Yeah.
I've just been super-busy.
Uh, what can I get
started for you?
Uh, right. Can I get a--
Lucy will have a grande
coconut mocha, extra whip.
It's her fave.
What about charcuterie?
In the mocha?
For dinner.
Oh. Y-Yeah.
It's my favorite, so--
Oh, this one's on the house.
Oh. Thank you, Ben.
I'll text you.
Grande coconut mocha.
Extra whip.
Uh, um, actually,
I think that's mine.
Uh, no, I'm pretty sure
it's mine.
Unless your name is "Jackie"?
Uh, no. Is yours?
Uh, yeah. Sort of.
I'm Jack.
Grande coconut mocha.
Extra whip.
Oh. Well, hello, "Lucky."
Mm. Ah, it's actually "Lucy,"
but so close.
Do you think baristas train
in getting our names wrong?
You know,
it would seem that way.
Yeah, I actually have
a friend on the inside.
I'll look into it.
Mm, a woman with
coffee connections.
Sounds pretty "lucky" to me.
No. I-I am
definitely not lucky.
Yeah, well,
don't sell yourself short.
Oh, my gosh!
Wow! Oh.
Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry.
No. No, no. It's fine.
It's fine. It's fine.
I came here to get warmed up.
I just thought that coffee
would be doing it...
and not on my...
Here. Take those.
Can I-- Can I at least
get you another?
No, no, no. It's fine.
I have more shirts at home.
I-I meant the coffee.
I know. I was--
I was kidding.
Right. Yeah.
Here. You know what,
take mine.
No. Can we please get a refill?
I am so sorry.
I, and I have to run,
'cause I'm late.
No. Not a problem. Go, go, go.
I'll see you around sometime.
- I'm sorry.
- No problem.
Next time, I'll be the guy
in the hazmat suit.
Safety first.
Bye! I told you--
definitely not lucky.
Thought you got lost in there.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I had a bit of a mocha mishap,
as you can see.
- Yeah.
- Totally worth it, though.
Best coffee in town right here.
Your shirt seems to agree.
Now can we go chase rainbows?
Uh, no, now we can
get me cleaned up
and you ready for school,
so you can go meet
all sorts of fun new friends.
Well, I think you should
meet some new friends.
I promise we will do
all sorts of fun things
once we get settled.
Like chasing rainbows?
Why else move to the rainbow
capital of America,
and not chase rainbows?
Okay, first of all,
that's not a fact.
because I got transferred here,
and third,
I'm gonna get another one
of these for the road,
because they are delicious.
No, Dad!
We are gonna be late.
Oh, who's
"Little Miss On-Time" now?
Okay, class.
The science fair
is going to be in three weeks,
and this year,
the winner gets to pick
a field trip of their choice.
So I want you guys
putting a lot of thought
into what you guys are going
to do this year,
all right? Okay.
It's going to be just as fun
as Chicago, I promise.
You've been saying that
the whole way here.
Because it's true!
Come on!
Everybody's going to love you.
Okay, class, who can name
some of the world's
best inventors?
Yeah, Ryan?
Elon Musk. My dad says
energy is the future.
Oh. Very nice. Maya?
Grace Hopper.
My mom says
the future is female.
Both very good answers.
Well, as you guys can see,
there are a lot of inventors
and scientists
and things to choose from
for your project,
so why don't we--
Hold on.
Sorry to interrupt, Ms. Taylor,
but we have a new student.
Oh! Fantastic.
I'll let you settle in.
I'm Jack Evans.
This is my daughter, Sophie.
Hi, Sophie. I'm Lucy.
...Taylor. Ms. Taylor.
Yeah, I'm sorry
we're late this morning.
I had a bit of a... thing.
- Yeah. Of course.
- Yeah.
Uh, well, Sophie,
we are just pairing up
to start brainstorming
about our science fair projects.
So why don't I partner you up
with Maya?
She can have my spot.
Perfect. You can sit
next to Parker.
See? Look at that.
You're making friends already.
See you after school.
I love you.
And, uh, thank you, "Lucky."
Uh, class, start talking
about your projects.
I'll be right back.
Mr. Evans.
Are we not past the formalities
after the whole coffee incident?
"Jackie." Remember?
Of course. Right.
And I see you chose cotton
instead of coffee.
It's a very nice choice.
Yes. Thank you.
Anyway, I just wanted
to say it's a pleasure
to meet
your daughter, Sophie.
Well, look. Sometimes,
students have
a little problem adjusting
when they join a class
part way through the year,
if you or Sophie or your wife
ever want to come in
to speak with me,
my door is always open.
Except for now.
Right. Yes.
Except for right at this moment,
but otherwise...
- Yes.
- Always open.
So, you know,
if you or Sophie's mom
want to come in...
Well, I don't, um...
Thank you for that.
Um, I should try not to be late
for my first day at work, so...
I don't want to be reprimanded.
Of course.
You can always just tell them
you got spilled on.
Oh, yeah. No.
I will definitely
be blaming you.
- Great.
- That's for sure.
- Good to know.
- Okay. Bye!
Oh... Jack Evans.
What? You know him?
His daughter, Sophie,
was almost placed in my class,
but we were too full.
Such a shame,
what happened.
What do you mean?
You know,
because his wife passed,
and now it's just
the two of them.
Uh... I didn't know.
I should get back to class.
We usually do our meetings
from the break room
rather than
the conference center.
a more relaxed atmosphere.
Well, the relaxed atmosphere
was one of the big incentives
for me in transferring, so.
The word is
you were quite the force
at the Chicago firm, Jack.
I hope you're not
getting soft on us.
Oh, no, still a force, Brad.
Now I'm just doing it
on your relaxed,
West Coast time.
We're doing
a refurbishment
of the Ocean Park Bridge.
its original architecture
while doing a retrofit
of the infrastructure.
Oh. Sounds great.
We promised the city
we'd be done in three weeks.
- Three weeks?
- Yes.
Uh, w-with all due respect,
I think that's impossible.
Oh, I think he meant
"I'm possible."
Jack, do you know
Kevin Monroe?
Uh, no. Hey.
Jack Evans.
Good to meet you.
Hey, don't worry.
You're in good hands.
I've been known to... tch!
Save the day.
Kevin will be your right hand
through all of this,
so I have complete faith
you two can get this done.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Glad to have you here, Jack.
It's good to be here.
[Kevin, loudly]:
Consider it done, Brad!
Oh, this is gonna
be impossible.
Yeah. I know.
But you just said--
- Hmm?
- You just told the boss
that... "no problem."
Oh, yeah, I've also been known
to fudge the truth
just to make people feel better.
But don't worry.
We got-- We got this.
Hey, ladies.
Nice drawings.
I like cats.
And I like rainbows.
Did you guys figure out
what you want to do
for your science fair
projects yet?
No, not yet.
All right, well,
keep thinking about it.
We'll figure it out together.
All right, class.
We're gonna go outside
for a special surprise.
[Jack, quietly]:
Oh, God.
So you're from Chicago, huh?
so what's your story?
You married? Kids?
On the run from the law?
I mean, I guess not,
if you're working here.
Um, well, I was, uh, I was
born and raised in Chicago.
Go, Cubs. Go.
Fly the "W" 2016.
You're not a baseball...
Well, I-I have a daughter
named Sophie
and she is 10.
That's gotta be kind of hard,
moving so far away
from her mom.
She passed away.
Oh, shoot. I...
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
I'm... idiot.
I do that.
It's, like...
foot in mouth.
My wife says it's literally
a disease with me.
It's like I just
keep going and going.
But, look, hey.
Ocean Hill is gonna
feel like home in no time,
if I have
anything to do with it.
Well, thank you.
Kevin, seriously.
So, today, we will be planting
the seeds for our future.
And we'll put a wish in there
with them,
and then,
when the flowers bloom,
we will see
if our wishes came true.
Any idea what
you want to wish for, Sophie?
I think I want
to chase rainbows.
Oh, that sounds like fun.
You should make a wish, too.
You know what?
You're right.
I made one, too.
Do you actually think
wishes come true?
Yeah. Yeah, of course,
they do, Sophie.
Hey, have you ever
heard of Queen's Park?
Well, it's a really famous
park here in Ocean Hill,
that's known for having
a lot of rainbows.
That seems so cool.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
And you know,
whoever wins the science fair,
they actually win a field trip.
So maybe if you win,
we could take the whole class
to Queen's Park.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I think I want to make rainbows
for my science fair project.
I think that sounds
like an excellent idea, Sophie.
All right, how are the seeds
coming, you guys?
I think I made my wish.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
Uh, no, it's fine,
we were just finishing up.
How did
your first day go, sweetie?
It was really good.
I'm making rainbows
for my science fair project.
Oh. Cool.
Okay, well,
can you get packed up?
We'll get going.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Can I talk to you
for a second?
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
Has she settled in?
How did it all go?
It was great.
She was really happy.
And she's doing a project
on rainbows?
Yeah, she's very excited
about it.
We might even get a chance
to take a field trip
to go chase some rainbows.
She said you've been
meaning to take her,
but you've just been too busy
to do it, so.
She said that, huh?
I'm-- I didn't...
I mean, I hope that's okay.
Oh, yeah. No, no, no.
It's fine, it's just, um...
It's a little complicated.
It's nothing.
I get it.
Like I said, you know,
you want to talk, door's open.
Well, now it is.
Like, seri--
Uh, and we will exit through it
and let you finish work.
Okay, great.
Bye, Ms. Taylor.
Bye, Sophie.
- Thanks again.
- Yeah.
Life would just be better
if I had a big giant eraser.
Oh, honey, you didn't know.
I brought up his wife,
like, five times.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
Besides, it's good to know
you're at least curious
about finding a man.
Oh, not you, too.
Are you and Dana on some kind
of dating tag team?
What about
that Ben character?
The, um, the store manager?
He wants to go to charcuterie
or something.
Is that what dating is now?
You're asking me?
I just--
I don't want to settle.
No relationship
is perfect, honey,
but how will you know
how you feel
unless you give him a chance?
I don't know
who this guy is,
but you're definitely
major league, sweetie.
Don't settle
for some guy from the minors.
Thanks, Dad.
Hey, how's your team doing?
But this is our year.
Oh, he says that every year.
Oh, I know.
The eternal optimist.
You know,
you can have it all.
You just have
to believe you can.
Yeah, I know.
Thanks, Mom.
Don't steal now!
Oh, come on!
It's like
a rainbow exploded in here.
Awesome, right?
Yeah, it is, sweetie.
Um, well, finish up
what you're doing.
Lights out in 10, okay?
Why aren't you excited
about my project?
Oh, I am, sweetie.
It's just, um...
Now you can work
and not be so stressed
to be there,
'cause I have
Ms. Taylor to help me.
See? Win-win?
You are a wise old soul,
young lady.
Who's the parent here anyway,
you or me?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Well, the correct answer is,
I'm the parent here.
- Right?
- Yeah. Okay.
I'm excited
if you're excited.
Yeah. All right.
Did you brush your teeth?
All right, well, you can
finish all this in the morning.
Let's get to bed. Okay?
- Okay.
- I'll tuck you in.
Okay? There you go.
Rawr! Snug as a bug in a rug!
Tell me the story.
Um, what story?
You know.
Mom's story.
Oh, that story. Right.
when you were
just a wee little baby,
your mom used to sing you
her favorite song
right before bed,
and, um...
For the life of me,
I can't remember what it is.
What was that song again?
Dad. "Somewhere
Over the Rainbow."
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow,"
that's right.
I love you so much, my angel.
I love you, too.
Sleep tight.
Good night.
Did you figure out
what you're working on yet?
I'm making a clean compost,
so rotten food doesn't stink.
That is a really smart idea.
You know, you might wind up
on that list of best inventors
yourself one day.
Oh, wow, Sophie,
that looks beautiful.
Thank you.
They always melt in my hands
when I eat them,
that's how I had the idea.
Ah. Well, that is
a very smart idea.
Thank you.
Have you ever seen...
one of these?
Well, when you shine light
directly on it,
it actually reflects rainbows
all over the place.
It's called a prism.
That's so cool.
I know, right?
Would you want to keep it?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Thanks, Ms. Taylor.
You're very welcome.
Good. Good. Great.
So, talk to me,
have you been
getting out there much?
Does running count?
Absolutely not.
Look, it is my mission
to have you out there,
loving this place, ASAP.
Yeah, sure thing,
once I have free time.
Okay, we both have kids,
we know
that is never gonna happen.
I have a brilliant idea.
I'm not gonna
tell you what it is,
but you're gonna love it.
I can't believe I let you guys
talk me into this.
But, you know, you never know
who you could meet here.
Maybe your soulmate.
No pressure.
Thank you, Mom.
But why, uh, why didn't
Dad come out today?
you know your father.
He'd rather watch sports
than play them.
Ocean Park Bridge
is closed for construction,
so it took a lifetime
to get here,
and now my mocha's cold.
Are you gonna run
with a coffee?
Oh, if I'm gonna run at all,
I'm gonna need
at least two of these first.
Why am I here?
Because Dana is ditching me
and I need you to be
my new running mate.
I hate running.
Okay, come on, you guys,
dial up the positivity.
Let's do this!
I think,
if we double up the rebar--
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Oh! "Jackie," well, hello.
"Lucky," hi.
Nice to bump into you again.
And you.
Although, I prefer you
without hot beverages in hand.
Ah, touche.
Uh, this is
my new buddy,
Kevin, from work.
Oh, uh, cool.
And this is my sister, Dana,
and my mom, Mary,
and you probably
recognize Cassidy.
She teaches
at the school as well.
I do, indeed. Hey.
Uh, Jack is the father
of one of my students, Sophie.
Speaking of--
is she here today?
Uh, no,
she's at the babysitter's.
She runs with me sometimes,
but Kevin said adults only, so.
Yeah, Jack loves running.
That's why he's so fit.
And handsome.
Me too, I love running, too.
And I told him
that this was actually
the place to meet peo--
to get to know the city.
And you know, take in
its good vibes,
from the good people.
But not me, though, I'm married.
I'm married. Big-time.
Great. Okay.
- You're good, buddy.
- Yeah.
Uh, well, please,
tell Sophie I said hi.
I will.
Okay, everybody!
It's time to get moving.
Let's do it!
- Whoo!
- All right!
- Let's go!
- After you.
Lead it off, guys!
Oh, you've got a pace there.
This is gonna be fun.
Where'd everyone go?
Did we lose the group?
Yeah, I think we lost them
back at the bridge.
Oh! Oh, look.
There's a rainbow.
Oh, Sophie wasn't kidding.
Those things
really are everywhere here.
I see you don't exactly share
in Sophie's enthusiasm?
It's complicated.
Look, Jack, I know
that you and Sophie came here,
you know, without...
I just...
you know,
want you to know...
You are so nice,
and I'm really enjoying
getting to know you,
but I'm...
just thinking that maybe
we can just focus
the running stuff for now, yeah?
Maybe we can lap back
and find those laggers, huh?
I'll set the pace.
Come on. Keep up.
Well, that was quite the scene.
I know,
he just, like, bolted.
Oh, if I recall,
you both ran off
like your lives depended on it.
Maybe he couldn't handle
all the sparks
ricocheting off you two.
Sparks? Please.
I noticed them, too.
And I think you're scared.
Scared? Scared of what?
The guy you like,
liking you back.
Well, I tried to let him in,
but he just ran for the hills.
You should've seen your father
when we were dating.
There's an act
long since dead.
I mean, guys think
it's effort now
if they put an emoji in a text.
You know, your father used
to serenade me with music,
and now he just uses
baseball metaphors.
Dad still loves you, Mom.
Oh, of course, he does.
But married 40 years,
you know how it goes.
Not a lot of surprises.
We need to make
Mom and Dad's anniversary party
really memorable.
I know.
Did you find your wish book?
No! I looked for it.
I have no idea where it is.
Well, did you look
in your memory box?
I did and it's not there.
I don't know, though.
Should we go for the--
for the ruby,
or for the classy silver,
for the color theme?
I would go with the ruby
and the classy silver,
Hi, Jack.
- Hey.
- You remember my sister, Dana.
- I do. Hi.
- Hi.
Um, actually, maybe you two
could help me.
Do you think I'd be able to find
more of these here?
More of those?
Oh, you know, I don't know,
they're pretty rare.
Yeah. I don't know
if we're gonna find them here.
Oh, I guess
it was worth a shot. Thanks.
She's kidding.
They have crystals
a couple of aisles over.
Look, why don't
you go help him?
I got this.
Oh, uh, yeah, sure.
I-I could help you.
You don't mind?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I wanted to apologize
for earlier,
when I sort of ran away
from you there.
I-I get it.
It's complicated.
Um, it's just-- it wasn't
because of the company.
It's just, um...
I assume
people at school know
kind of my history
with my wife and...
Yeah, she passed away
several years ago,
and I don't like to really
talk about it that much,
and Sophie was quite young,
so it was kind of--
No, I totally understand.
Yeah, and I mean,
being a single dad
has been...
to say the least,
and most days,
I'm just waiting
for my "World's Worst Dad"
mug to arrive.
Look, for what it's worth,
Sophie's a great kid, so...
you're doing something right.
Oh, well, thank you for that.
I mean, you're here
buying her prisms, so.
So there's that.
Yeah, so you're not
"World's Worst Dad."
Okay, good.
Just a little bump up. Good.
Uh, how many of these
did Sophie want?
Uh, seven,
I believe she said.
Let's get the big ones.
Thank you.
Uh, these are for her...
For her rainbows.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, absolutely.
You saved me a load of time.
I guess I should
get back to work, so.
Oh. Working on a Saturday?
Yeah, I know.
We're chasing
this crazy deadline.
Civil engineer.
Working on the Ocean Park Bridge refurbishment.
Oh! Okay. That's you?
- Very cool.
- Yeah, well.
Was it always your dream
to build bridges?
No. My dream was to be
the starting pitcher
for the Chicago Cubs, but...
Did not see that coming.
- Hmm.
- Kinda came out of left-field.
Well, I at least thought I was
kind of in a league of my own.
Well, as long as
it's the majors.
Yeah, well, I like to have
all my bases covered.
You are foul.
Huh! You have
strong "Dad joke" game.
You should meet my dad!
Well, I hope to someday.
You know what I mean.
- Yeah.
- But, uh...
thank you for this.
And I will see you around.
All right.
Good to see you, Jack.
Hey, honey.
Mrs. Carlyle just left
and she says dinner is ready.
- Okay. Did you get them?
- I did.
Crystals coming right up.
They're perfect.
Good. Glad to hear.
So, how did it go
with Mrs. Carlyle?
Well... she's way too strict.
Oh! Dear.
How come you don't wear
the rainbow socks I got you?
I guess I just forget.
How about...
if my project wins the fair,
you promise
to wear the rainbow socks
for the celebration?
I can do that. But
you're calling the win already!
I'm just saying if I win.
Okay. What're we playing here?
Paper dolls.
You can be the Dad doll.
I can be the Dad doll.
Yeah. And I can be
the Sophie doll.
And, oh, who's that?
Is that Mrs. Carlyle?
It's the Mom doll.
We still need someone
to play her.
We do, do we?
And then I ran into him
at the craft store with Dana,
and wound up helping him
pick out supplies
for Sophie's
science fair project.
This could be a sign.
It's not "a sign."
There's no signs.
Oh, but these flowers
are gorgeous.
I mean, look at these.
Oh, that pink.
Oh, the smell is heavenly!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm-- I'm good.
I'm really good.
I think I'm just gonna get
a couple bunches of these.
They're just so gorgeous.
Knock yourself out!
Great. Thank you.
Yeah. You can
have whatever you want.
Are you guys stalking me?
I'm pretty sure
you're stalking me.
No, I actually come here
every Sunday--
just me and some popcorn.
You should come sit with us.
Oh, no, Sophie,
I'm sure that Ms. Taylor
wants to just relax
and enjoy the movie.
No, no. Actually, I'd--
I'd love to.
I certainly can't eat
all this popcorn by myself.
Oh, well, we haven't
had dinner, so, uh...
Yeah, it's a date.
I mean...
You know what I mean.
Yeah. Right.
Oh, we got perfect seats.
Yeah. That's the thing
I love about this theater,
it's kind of my little secret.
Well, not anymore.
Going to try the candy?
No. Ladies first.
Don't mind if I do.
Okay. It's my turn.
There we go.
That looks really good.
Nice job.
Oh, wow.
I love all the color.
Hey, Sophie.
You've been putting
in a lot of work here
with your science project.
Yeah, I like to create things at
home, so.
Well, your hard work shows.
Nice job.
Uh, class, keep working.
I'll be right back, okay?
You didn't respond to my text.
I was in the movies.
So? Well?
So I went to the movies
and ran into Jack
and sat with him.
This is great!
Is it great, though?
I mean,
I'm his daughter's teacher.
It could be weird.
I don't think it's weird.
How did it end?
With "goodbye."
Like, "goodbye"?
Or like...
I have to get back to class.
Don't leave!
This is so exciting!
I knew it!
That's my girl.
Something's different.
Yeah, we're getting work done.
No, not that, about you.
You're... whistling.
I like to whistle.
No, no, no.
You're a terrible whistler.
I have guy-dar about stuff.
My wife says
it's my men's intuition.
Thank you.
I don't think that's a thing.
Tell that
to my Spidey senses.
They are screaming at me
right now.
It's a beautiful day
in Ocean Hill.
That's reason enough to whistle.
No, no. That's not it.
Your energy is shouting at me.
It's like "Whoo!"
Something big happened.
Look, we are not
having this conversation.
We don't need to.
I've heard all I need to.
I literally--
I have goose bumps right now.
Are you from Earth?
All right, class!
Uh, remember, the science fair
projects are due next week.
Okay? We'll work on them
more tomorrow,
but make sure you guys
are thinking about 'em tonight.
- Bye, Sophie.
- Bye, Maya.
Hey, there.
Oh! Hey.
Hey, look at me--
on time for a change.
I got off work early.
Kevin is covering for me.
I'm actually being
a little bit truant.
Sounds dangerous.
Yeah, that's me.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, sweetie. You all set?
Yeah, almost.
Oh! Excuse me. Sorry.
Oh, yeah.
Yep. Hey, Kevin, what's up?
Uh, nope, the plans
are right on my desk,
like I showed you.
Oh. Yeah. Okay.
I got you. Um...
I'll see you soon.
Is everything okay?
Looks like Kevin
is not covering for me.
I have to go back to work.
I let the babysitter go.
Okay. You.
You're coming to work
with Daddy.
But I need
to work on my project.
I'm sorry, sweetie,
I have no other choice.
Uh, you know what?
Actually, I could watch her.
Oh, no, I'm not gonna
put you out like that.
It's really no problem at all.
I wouldn't mind.
And I could help you
with your project,
and we can make some dinner.
And I can be your sous chef.
Um, you're sure it's okay?
It really helps me out.
Sophie, give her my number,
and then you text me
your address.
- Yes, I will.
- Okay.
All right,
you got all your stuff?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let me pack all this up.
The secret to eating garlic
is to make sure
that everybody around you
is eating it, too.
So you're not
the only one who stinks.
How are those veggies coming?
Almost done.
Do you and your dad
get to do this a lot?
Mm... He tries.
This is fun.
Ooh! Looks good.
Let's take a taste.
Mm. Oh, that is delicious.
You've got to try it.
- It's good.
- Right?
Uh, hey, so, honey,
will you get that
while I drain these noodles?
- Yeah.
- Perfect.
Hi, Dad.
- Hi, sweetie. Hi.
- Come on in.
- How's it going?
- Good.
Jack. Come on in.
- Hi. Thank you.
- Hi.
Oh, it is lovely in here.
Oh, it smells delicious.
Well, we have been
working very hard at dinner,
and Sophie makes
an excellent sous chef.
That's my girl.
I hope you guys
can stay for dinner?
We would love to.
Great. I'll just, uh,
finish this stuff up.
Dad, can I show you my project?
Ooh! What do we have here?
Okay. Ready?
Ooh. Fun. You made this
all by yourself, honey?
I'm probably gonna add something
that turns it,
or lights or something.
Look at you.
We have another engineer
in the family.
This is great.
Who could that be?
- Ben?
- Hi, Lucy.
Uh, what're you doing--?
I was in the neighborhood
and wanted to surprise you,
so I brought us dessert.
- Uh, yeah, uh--
- Your place is nice.
Thank you.
Oh! I didn't realize...
Yeah, Ben, this is, uh,
my student, Sophie,
and her dad, Jack Evans.
Hey. Good to meet you.
Yeah, we were just about to--
We were just leaving, actually.
No, we weren't, Dad.
No, you guys
don't have to leave.
Yeah, no, no, no.
We should really get home.
I've got an early start tomorrow,
big day at work.
You two should just
enjoy your dinner together.
No, Jack, please,
let me at least send you guys
home with some food.
No, no, no. Really.
That's too kind.
No, really, I insist.
Let me get it for you.
Really, thank you so much again
for helping with Sophie.
Absolutely, my pleasure.
And thank you for all your help
tonight, Sophie.
Bye, Ms. Taylor.
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Uh, so I'll see you at running,
I guess.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, I'm looking forward
to working this off.
All right. Well, enjoy.
- Take care.
- Bye, Jack.
Please, dig in.
There's tons.
And you have to have
some of the garlic bread.
I can't eat it by myself.
That's the rule.
I try to keep
my gluten intake to a minimum.
I just saw
this whole documentary.
Ah. Must've missed that one.
Yeah, it's on
the Guatemalan bean,
but it discusses how
wheat is slowly killing us.
It's very informative.
I know you'd love it.
Would I, though?
I mean, would I love it?
Look, Ben,
I really appreciate you coming.
You're welcome.
Yeah, and you're lovely.
And very passionate
about beans--
Thank you.
I just don't see us, really,
as being anything more
than just friends.
I'm so sorry.
Hey! Lucy!
Wait up!
Good pace today.
Thank you.
Want to take
a little breather?
Yeah, I could use it.
It's gorgeous down here, huh?
I know.
Hey, uh, I'm really sorry
about the other night.
What? Why?
No, that was the best meal
we've had in ages.
Sophie and I
literally arm-wrestled
over who got
the last piece of garlic toast.
Oh. Who won?
Sophie... obviously.
Oh, she's got
super-human strength, that one.
So, uh...
Ben... seems nice.
No. It's...
it's not like that.
It's not?
It's none of my business.
We're just friends.
Does he know that?
He does now.
Ooh... ow.
My Mom's always says
I'm too picky, but...
I guess I just, uh...
I know what I want.
Large coconut mocha,
extra whip?
Oh, me too.
The whip, oh!
It's my weakness.
See, I like to think of it
as my strength.
A good mocha...
is the match
between bold and sweet.
It's kind of
the perfect relationship.
I guess you're the, uh,
the bold in this scenario?
so I think we have officially...
lost our group.
Yes, it's, uh...
it would seem that way.
Ah, who needs 'em.
Well, we do,
if we want to find our way back.
Are we a left
or a right up here?
I know how to get back.
The marina's just up this way,
lighthouse is over there,
and there's a great park
on the way.
It's spectacular,
I'll show you.
All right.
Come on... Jackie.
That's "Officer Jackie,"
to you, ma'am.
Do you have
a key for this?
I don't need one.
The gate's just to keep out
unwanted visitors.
It's just a formality.
Uh... and we're wanted?
Come on in.
As long as I'm not gonna
get arrested.
No. My family's
been coming here for years.
You see, I know the guard.
The trick is, you just
have to look up over here,
at this little security camera,
and wave.
Say, "Hi, Stanley!"
Wow. You weren't kidding.
It is an oasis in here.
Yeah, my parents actually
got married in here.
They're celebrating
their 40th wedding anniversary.
That's amazing.
- Yeah. Right?
- Yeah.
And my sister's about
to give birth.
Is this her first?
Yeah, she and Brian have been
married for about 10 years
and they tried
for a really long time.
It just wasn't working,
so they just kind of gave up,
and then this happened.
Isn't that amazing
how that happens?
Yeah, I know.
I can't wait
to be an auntie, though.
Do you, uh, do you want
kids of your own someday?
Yeah, someday.
But you know how life goes.
I mean,
you get busy with work,
and all that.
But don't get me wrong,
I mean, I love my students.
Oh, no, I get it,
but life has other plans sometimes.
Oh, wow.
Look at this.
This is a special spot.
You can feel it.
Yeah, it really is.
"For all the souls
who found their mates.
Love Paul and Mary."
Those are my parents.
That's so sweet.
Yeah, it is.
I don't usually talk
this deeply with people,
especially, uh...
with people I barely know, but...
There's something...
Well, I'm not one
for small talk.
And most people are.
I'm not most people.
No, you most certainly
are not.
You ever seen a moonbow?
A "moonbow"?
That's-- That's a thing?
they're moonlight rainbows.
I've only ever seen one,
and it was here.
They're supposed to be
really good luck.
And yet you claim
you're not lucky.
Hmm. Interesting.
Ah. I'm supposed to go
to lunch with my family.
Yeah, I should probably
get back to, um...
Hey, listen.
Sophie and I were thinking about
checking out town tomorrow,
if you'd like to join us.
I could be your tour guide.
Well, no, you don't have to--
I wasn't saying...
but if you'd like to come...
I'd love to.
It's a date.
You know what I mean.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
Where's Mom?
Doing some errands.
Where were you?
I was with my running club.
You were with Jack.
Who's Jack?
He's just the father
of one of my students.
Please! He's a gorgeous guy
who happens to be
perfect for Lucy.
You don't even know him.
And he's a Cubs fan.
Oh, there's your problem
right there.
Major league
or minor league?
Definitely major.
He's the first guy in forever
to make you smile.
I smile all the time.
Well, that's wonderful, sweetie.
You know, I felt like
I hit a home run
for the whole first year
I was with your mother.
Heck, the first 10 years.
Oh, so what happened?
Everything's great.
Don't you miss the magic?
After 40 years,
ah, it's a different kind
of magic.
I'm still
batting a thousand.
Uh, maybe the problem's
all the baseball metaphors.
Who said
there's a problem?
Just... no problem.
What, your mother
say something?
No, not at all.
But you know, everybody likes
some romance now and then.
Especially from
a handsome charmer like you.
now I know you're lying.
Luce and I are planning a party
for your anniversary.
- Oh?
- A surprise party.
I just mean that...
maybe you'd like to help us
plan something romantic.
What, like a kiss cam
at a game?
Maybe something
not baseball-related.
She did say something,
didn't she?
You know what?
Why don't you guys
renew your vows at the park?
I was just there with Jack.
You took Jack to the park?
Definitely major league.
Hi, Ms. Taylor.
Hey, Sophie!
- Hi!
- Hey.
Well, hello there.
Well, hello,
and welcome to "Tours By Lucy."
Oh, you are taking
this tour guide thing
very seriously.
I like it.
So, what, I drive,
you be the navigator?
Uh, no, actually,
neither one of us
are gonna be driving today.
Now, do you guys like hot dogs?
Is that even a question?
No, no, no, no.
That's-- That's important.
Well, so is this.
And you got a little ketchup
on you.
No, no.
Over here.
Yeah. It's just everywhere.
Where are we going?
You'll find out.
The aquarium?
This looks fun.
Just wait till you meet
Seor Sea Lion.
Hey, now.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Dad, can we keep him?
He's so cute.
Uh... Oh, he's nodding.
He's like, "Yeah, I want that.
I want that."
Where are wee going?
Just follow me.
Oh, come on.
- Right?
- Amazing!
The air...
It's like--it's like
a whole other world in here.
I know.
It's one of my favorite
places in the city.
Oh, this feels good.
I can just... mm.
It's so cool.
If you think this is cool,
wait till you see
what's up next.
This is amazing.
This is amazing, Ms. Taylor.
I thought you might like this.
So I might've planned
this part of the day.
Thank you.
It's great.
- She loves it.
- I know.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
Goodnight, Ms. Taylor.
Goodnight, Sophie.
Well, um,
I should probably get going,
it's getting kind of late.
Yeah, uh, well, I...
Do you want some tea?
I was gonna put a pot on.
Um, yeah, you know what?
- Yeah?
- Maybe a small mug.
Your house is--
is really beautiful.
Thanks. Uh, yeah.
We haven't really turned it
into a home yet, as you can see.
We're still unpacking
a little bit,
but, yeah,
it's, um, starting to...
...grow on me.
Well, Ocean Hill sort of
has that effect on people.
I can see that.
Thank you for today.
That was, um,
that was fun.
Yeah. Yeah, it was fun.
with his impeccable timing.
Well, it's been a while,
he's probably worried.
Well, yeah, right.
And you know what?
I should really go.
- You know, I can just--
- Yeah. No.
It's fine, 'cause, you know,
we've got a big day tomorrow
with the science fair.
Yeah, and I am
building a bridge.
I'll see you to the door.
Why, thank you.
Well, thanks again
and drive safe.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Sorry.
- Are we--
- Yeah.
Goodnight, Jack.
Goodnight, Lucy.
All right, everyone,
your projects look amazing.
I want you to know,
I-I see how hard you guys
have all worked.
So just remember,
no matter who wins here today,
you guys all did
an amazing job, all right?
Hey, Soph. You ready?
Yeah, but my dad's
not here yet.
I'm sure
he'll be here any minute, okay?
I can't believe
we pulled it off.
Well, you, my friend,
need to give yourself
a little more credit.
And me.
You need to give me
more credit.
It pains me to say this...
you're right.
Of course I am.
About what?
Everything's starting
to make sense.
Whoa, wait a second.
Does that teacher have
something to do with this?
Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
Yeah. Oh, speaking of which,
I got the science fair
this afternoon.
I gotta--
Science fair. Teacher.
Okay, I get it.
- Thanks.
- Hey, bring an apple.
- Oh, stop.
- Kinda cliche, but charming.
Have you got a minute?
Um, yeah.
Sure, Brad. What's up?
Well, you have done
a stellar job, Jack.
Very impressive.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, it went pretty smoothly.
...always go that way.
Boy, don't I know it.
Listen, I know
the small town of Ocean Hill
wasn't exactly
your first choice--
Oh, well, you know,
it's, uh...
An offer has come through for
a position at our Miami firm.
Might be right up your alley.
I figured, before you dug in
your roots too deeply,
as much as I'd hate
to lose you,
this'll give you a chance
to choose where you want to be.
Offer's yours.
Like I was saying,
people don't like to compost
because of the yucky smells.
Clean compost
makes no smells.
Try it.
Good work, Ryan.
Thank you.
So, finally, we have
a... Sophie Evans?
Hey, Sophie?
You ready?
My dad's still not here.
We don't have time to wait,
but just know that I'm here.
All right? Okay.
Uh, Maya, will you help her
put her project up?
Thank you.
Just a minute.
Rainbows are proof
magic exists.
They are made by light
and, like us,
they don't light up
on their own.
We need someone to spark us...
...a friend,
a teacher...
...or a parent.
- Hi.
- You made it.
My project,
"Chasing Rainbows,"
is to show you
life is full of magic.
You just have to look for it.
It seems like magic.
The light actually bends
when it moves through a prism
and becomes separated into
different-color wavelengths,
creating a rainbow.
And if you can't find rainbows,
create them.
With a little belief,
and help from others,
maybe you can
light the whole world.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sophie.
Thank you.
We have a winner.
For the most colorful display
we've seen in years...
the first prize
goes to Sophie Evans
for "Chasing Rainbows!"
You made it!
Of course!
I wouldn't miss it
for the world, sweetie.
Oh! And look. Huh?
Man of my word.
And I gotta say,
I kind of dig 'em.
- Good job. Soph.
- Thank you.
So I was thinking,
I happen to know
the best hot dog joint in town.
I was think we could
all go there and celebrate.
I would love to,
but my parents' anniversary
party is tonight,
so I can't make it.
Unless you guys
want to come to that?
Oh, no, no. Thanks.
We don't want to impose.
But we will definitely
take a raincheck. Right?
Yeah. Absolutely.
I want to see
your project again.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Okay, give it
to me again.
Oh! I can see the rainbows
on your face.
Where are we going?
Mom, if we say,
it wouldn't be a surprise.
I feel overdressed.
Mom, you look gorgeous.
- What's going on?
- You'll see!
Where's Brian going?
Have you noticed we're not
answering any of your questions?
It's drizzling.
"April showers
make May flowers."
It's not even April!
Mom, would you just
go with it?
This is why
we came prepared.
Hey! I'm not climbing
in this dress.
Hi, Stanley.
Ladies. Don't you all
look so lovely?
Especially you, Mary.
You're still
a charmer, Stanley.
Now, if you're
up to something--
Who? Me?
I will always remember
That special time
Sittin' in the park
On that sunny day
It was then I knew
That me and you
Were destined to be one
This is all
I have to say
You fill my heart
With happiness
You make me feel
Alive again
Through all the years
We've had together
I'm so glad
You're my best friend
I'll stay with you
Till the end
Our song.
You never play anymore.
I know, and my fingers
are telling me!
Aw, Mary.
More gorgeous than
the first day I married you.
I know
I haven't always been
the perfect teammate--
I mean... partner.
But you...
you've put up with me
for 40 years,
and I think you deserve
a lot more than
a World Series ring.
From this day forward,
I vow to make my days
less about baseball...
and more about us.
thank you for choosing me
that day in this park.
And I vow to keep singing
to you for eternity.
And I vow to keep
loving you for who you are,
and who you still want to be.
I love you, Pauly.
And I love you, Mary.
You have that
far-away look in your eye.
It's just this whole thing
with Jack, you know.
It feels...
it feels so real,
and I don't know
what to do.
I don't know.
Like him?
Yeah, but...
It's okay to let someone in,
you know.
Every guy I've ever loved
has either broken my heart or...
didn't feel the same way.
I just don't know
that I can do that again.
You just said this was real.
Maybe he was brought here...
What? By some magical miracle,
like fate?
I was thinking luck.
I'm not lucky.
Keep telling yourself that.
Ooh! Oh, you're getting so big.
Dad, are you sure
this is okay?
I promise that we are not
breaking any laws.
And I was told
that this place is so special,
that if we're lucky,
we can even see a moonbow.
What's a moonbow?
It's the rarest
of all the rainbows.
Sir, this is a private park.
You're not allowed to be here.
Right, sorry, I know,
but I was told
that if I smiled,
and, uh, waved at the camera,
and said "Hi, Stanley,"
that... it'd be okay.
I'm Stanley.
Hi, Stanley?
You seem like fine folk,
but we're closed
for a private function.
Jack? Sophie?
Ms. Taylor!
- Hi!
- Hi.
Uh, Stanley, it's okay,
they're with me.
Sure thing, Ms. Taylor.
You got it.
Thank you.
I thought
you were at your party.
I am!
It's here.
Well, look, why don't you guys
come with me
and I'll just introduce you
to everyone?
[Dana, crying out]:
My water just broke!
Did I just--
Yeah! Yeah!
We're having a baby?
Brian, we gotta go!
- Oh, now?
- All right. I'll get the car.
No, no, no, no! I need you!
Brian. Go get the car!
- Hey, hey!
- I'm having a baby.
Did I hear the water broke?
Oh, this is so exciting!
I'm gonna be a grandfather!
- I know, Dad!
- I am!
Watch your steps!
So, uh, who's this guy?
- Oh, uh--
- Oh, hey, sir.
- Jack Evans.
- Jack.
This is my daughter, Sophie.
- Hi, Soph.
- All right, you got this.
I locked my keys in the car!
- What?
- I locked my keys in my car!
We can't have the baby here!
I'm parked right over here,
I've got a big truck.
Let's go.
Are you sure?
You don't mind?
Follow me, follow me.
I got this.
I'm gonna be a grandfather!
It can't be
too much longer, Dad.
Dr. Zakovsky to Obstetrics.
Dr. Zakovsky to Obstetrics.
Just give me a sec, baby?
Dr. Matinell to Admitting.
Dr. Matinell to Admitting.
Hey, Jack.
I just wanted to say thank you
for getting us here tonight.
Oh, no, I'm glad
I could be of help.
Hey, I wanted to ask
your advice on something.
Something came up at work today,
and it concerns me--
We have a baby girl!
- Oh, my goodness!
- Another girl?
I mean, yay!
Thanks, Dad.
- Oh, my gosh!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- Can we see them?
- Yes, come on.
She's so little!
I'm a mother!
Yes, you are, sweetie.
She's just beautiful.
What's her name?
She is gonna be a pitcher.
All right, you guys,
I know you're excited.
Hold on. We're going to get
off the bus in just a second.
All right, let's go,
ladies and gentlemen!
What will happen, Sophie?
I'm a Rainbow Chaser.
Maybe we'll find
a real pot of gold.
Watch your step
on the stairs, thank you.
I know we're all excited.
Ms. Taylor?
I got these for you.
Thank you, Sophie!
Like my dad's.
They're wonderful.
I love these. Thank you.
If I forget to tell you,
this is the best day ever.
Well, none of us
would be here today
without you, Sophie,
so thank you.
Looks like your wish came true.
Have fun.
All right, you guys.
Be careful getting off the bus.
Look at them all.
All right, now, everybody!
I want to see you
back on this bus,
so make sure you stick with
your buddy, okay?
So cool.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Hey, you guys.
- You having fun?
- Yeah.
How many rainbows
did you count so far?
- Four.
- Oh, wow! Awesome.
I'll see you in a minute.
My mom's not here.
I'm sorry.
Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's okay.
Do you want to go
sit in the car for a second?
It's okay. Let me just
talk to Ms. Taylor.
What happened?
We were all out there,
looking at the rainbows,
and I...
I didn't realize what it was
she was searching for
out there, Jack,
and I'm sorry.
Oh, boy.
So, um, Angie,
my wife,
was really into rainbows.
It was kinda her thing.
And so I thought
I would let Sophie kind of...
you know,
carry on the tradition.
I just thought she was gonna
grow out of it, you know?
I should have never let her
start this stupid project.
Jack, this isn't your fault.
It's my job to protect her.
She is a lot stronger
than you give her credit for.
Then why
is she crying in my truck?
This town. I...
I should just--
What are you talking about?
I got an offer.
A position opened up...
in Miami.
I wanted to talk to you
about it in the hospital,
but then, of course...
After this, I'm thinking
I should take it.
It's just--
I should--
Jack, do you really think
that leaving is gonna
make this easier for Sophie?
Or for you?
If you leave, you know,
you're still
just chasing...
Jack, wait.
Sophie is sad for you.
All she wants is for you
to be happy again.
And so do I.
I'm sorry, Lucy, I c--
I can't.
Ms. Taylor!
Our flowers, they bloomed.
I knew this would happen.
I got too close.
It's my pattern.
Oh, step too close
to the plate,
you're gonna get hit.
But, sweetie, it's also
the only way to get on base.
I'm just...
tired of caring so much,
you know?
Tired of wanting
what I don't have.
Lucy, you are my daughter...
and if there's one thing
I am absolutely certain about,
it's that
you are very lovable.
No! No. You were meant
to have it all,
and you will,
but sometimes,
obstacles are there
to help you find a way
to find out what's really
important in your own life.
That's pretty deep
for a sports fan.
Well, innings are long.
You pick up a few things
along the way.
Whew. For a minute there,
I was worried there wasn't
gonna be a sports metaphor.
Hey. Remember this?
You used to call it
your wedding wish.
Oh, yeah.
- Isn't that so great?
- Yep.
I heard you're leaving.
You want to talk about it?
Not really.
Look, my-my Spidey senses
tell me
that you've been
punishing yourself
for something
that's not your fault
for a really long time.
Maybe you should just, like,
blame it on the rain.
I mean, it...
it worked for Milli Vanilli.
I think they won a Grammy
for it,
and they didn't even
have to sing it.
I know, I know
that I can come on strong,
but I care about you, Jack.
I don't want to see you
making a mistake.
Kev, I really don't want
to talk about this right now.
It's not you.
It's just...
The rain?
If I say yes,
will you leave me alone?
What are you so afraid of?
losing everyone I care about.
Then why shut people out?
I mean, isn't that fulfilling
your own prophecy?
Look, Jack.
Connection comes with risk...
...but it also comes with
memories, adventure,
laughter, love.
I mean, isn't it worth it
to feel something?
I don't want to risk
Sophie being hurt again.
or you?
Have you talked to her
about it?
discussing our feelings?
Yeah, I mean,
if two grown men can do it...
You're right...
and smart.
I know. I just look dumb.
I blame the rain.
I'm sure you do.
You can't have rainbows...
without a little rain.
Can I come in, sweetie?
I know we don't always
talk about our feelings, but...
...I'm starting to understand
that it's important.
Is it okay if I start?
Your mom
was a very special person.
She was an amazing mom,
and any time you felt sad,
she always had the perfect way
of making you feel better.
And now that it's just us...
well, I'm trying,
but it is terrifying
I don't ever want
to let you down.
And I don't want you to feel sad
for me anymore.
I mean, we are in this together,
and I'm gonna be okay.
I don't want us to move away.
Come here.
I love you, honey.
I love you, too.
All right...
Right. Okay,
Little Miss Rainbow.
Daddy's gonna need your help.
I'm running fast
I'm sprinting now
I've got to catch
this mountain
Make it up somehow...
It's like
chasing a rainbow
Or collecting the dew
Trying to stall time
And hold on to you...
One lifetime's
just not enough
For me to hold on to you
I wish I could make a quilt
for your hugs
I'd wrap it around me
Always feel your touch
It's like
chasing a rainbow
Or collecting the dew
Trying to stall time...
Hi, Ms. Taylor.
What's all this?
You'll see.
Extra whip.
You know what I like.
I'll go wait in the car
while you guys... talk.
I wanted to apologize...
Jack, it's really okay.
I understand where you're at.
I have been living
so much of my life afraid...
...of who
or what I was gonna lose,
I don't want
to live that way anymore.
From the moment I saw you...
and you poured
scalding-hot coffee on me,
I knew that this was a woman
who leaves a impression...
and second-degree burns.
I'm sorry.
No, there's a tiny mark,
but it led me to you.
I want to be with you.
And as scary as that is,
I'm not running.
So wait, you're--
you're not going to Miami?
I'm an Ocean Hill guy now.
Listen, later, if you're free,
Sophie and I have
a little surprise for you.
It's a date.
Mm. Right this way.
Oh, wow!
Oh, you guys.
Oh, this is amazing.
This is beautiful.
I love it.
Well, I wanted to try
to make this place
special for us now as well.
A moonbow!
Oh! Wow!