Love You Long Time (2023) Movie Script

When will you be ready for me, Ikay?
When will I be more important
than your plans in life?
When will you choose me?
Everyday, I choose you!
Not now.
Not now, Ikay!
I know it's hard to back down
when you know you're right.
But under the circumstances,
we need to learn
how to choose our battles wisely, Ikay.
Just follow what Ms. Ibyang
wants for the script. Okay?
So we can lock this in.
We've always gotten them to approve
our scripts smoothly, right?
But this is different, Denzel.
This story is very important to me.
All your stories
are important to you, right?
But this is different!
Is this your magnum opus?
Believe me, I'm working on it.
But to be fair,
she edited out a lot of scenes.
It's easier to produce.
Are we just fooling around here, Ikay?
I thought you understood the revisions?
Do you know that
I have never been insulted like this?
I gave you more than enough trust
when I handed you this project.
Can you still do this?
Ms. Ibyang, the thing is,
Ikay is just going through
a tough time right now.
You know, life...
All of us go through tough times in life.
That's true.
Have you ever seen me
come to the office crying?
Or scowling?
When have I ever brought
my personal life to work?
I'm sorry, Ms. Ibyang.
All I keep hearing is sorry.
I've forgiven you enough times.
Finalize this!
If you don't...
I will replace you.
Bye, Ms. Ibyang.
I'm starting to worry about you, Ikay.
Just stay calm.
Stay calm?
I am also in trouble!
Why won't you just finish it?
Just give them the revisions
they're asking for.
Give them the ending they want.
If I write the story how they want it,
then I'll only be fooling myself.
Don't you get it?
You are taking this too personally!
This is just work!
Maybe for you it is.
But this is something personal to me.
This way I can tell him...
I can tell him all the things
I wasn't able to say about us.
What do you need to tell your ex?
I will tell him.
Believe me, Denzel.
I will finish this.
no one told you to write
your life story for this movie.
Do you want to take a breather?
Take a break?
Already triggered.
What I meant was go on a vacation!
Then after that, come back
to finish the script. And then, move on.
I have fresh strawberries, Ikay.
Willingly approaching
the end of the light
Saying goodbye with no explanation
I'm tired of waiting
For a solution
To all these illusions
So I'll just turn this into a song
And hope that you'll listen
To stories that aren't perfect
Just like yours
It's hard to admit to myself
That I am not strong
I always give it my all
But it's never enough
How many cigarettes do I need to light up?
Just to feel that I can still go on?
So I'll just turn this into a song
What the hell!
I'm sorry.
Do you really think sorry is enough?
Sorry, I didn't see your car.
But if you have insurance...
If only insurance
can solve all our problems.
Would it be okay if I just give my number?
I promise, I won't run.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
All right, fine.
- Sister Bituin!
- Oh, my God!
- Ikay!
- Sister Bituin!
Ikay's here!
Where is Auntie Mench?
In her workshop.
You look busy.
Ikay's here!
Again, really?
Auntie Mench.
Where are the fresh strawberries
you were messaging about?
I haven't bought any.
Let's buy some from the market, okay?
Yay! Why do you have your bag with you?
- Did you bring us something?
- Of course, I did.
- What could it be?
- I can't find it.
That's a lot.
You sure have a lot of stuff.
- Here!
- Yes!
That's your favorite!
What about me?
Of course! You know it!
I may be stressed,
but now, I have clear skin!
I didn't know you had this!
What is it?
Is it still working?
You used this as one of your props?
It's cute, right?
It's still working, in fairness!
For real?
I met so many guys using this!
- How wanton!
- That's true!
Yes, girl. You that thirsty?
Let's make a toast.
Pour me some more.
So, tomorrow?
Strawberries... What else?
- Can you go to the market?
- Of course.
Good morning, good afternoon,
good evening, very, very, good!
Hello, hello, hello?
Anyone there? Anyone?
Is there anyone there,
at the other end of the line?
Anyone? Is anyone there?
Please, let others sleep!
I will call the authorities!
It's working?
Miss, are you there?
I won't stop until you answer.
Why do you look like
you didn't get enough sleep?
The noise wouldn't
let me sleep last night.
I think someone was talking
from your old phone.
- I was hearing a voice.
- What?
That's why you couldn't sleep,
you were on the partyline!
As if!
What's your plan for today?
To write.
You know, what?
The reason why
you can't finish that script is...
Because you lack...
- No.
- I know already.
You don't have any flings!
You need someone to flirt with...
Right, Auntie Menchu?
Like art, you need a little bit of lust.
- Is that so?
- Lust?
How do you get that?
- She's the best teacher on Lust 101.
- Hey, you two!
- It's early!
- Good.
Please give a workshop.
You are the expert.
Later this afternoon,
please give a workshop.
Okay, so you're real. I know it's creepy.
Very creepy! Where are you?
Wait. Don't put it down. Please.
Success! I'm...
I'm just happy.
I've been repairing this for a while.
I knew this would still work!
You're weird.
- I'm Uly, by the way.
- Bye.
Wait! Don't put the phone down.
Aren't you amazed
that in this day and age,
two strangers connected
over one old phone?
You know, I'm a busy person, okay?
Can you please not involve me in this?
You called first.
It is just incredible that you heard me.
And I heard you.
We heard each other.
You're persistent.
And a bit cute too.
What's your deal?
Deal? I don't use any kind of drugs.
So, really, why are you so persistent?
Can't I just be really happy?
Happy because?
Because I got this phone to work.
You're a mechanic.
Something like that.
Are you bored?
How could you tell?
Because you repair whatever.
I don't just repair "whatever."
I repair things that can still be useful.
Like what?
This phone.
The problem with people these days
is that they want to keep up with trends.
Why? You're not like that?
Let me guess.
Every two years
you get a new cellphone, right?
Why are you judgmental?
See? That's what I'm saying.
Once people get tired of something,
even if it still works, they just
throw it away and forget about it.
Or maybe things just break.
You can still fix them, right?
Not everyone knows
how to fix broken things.
We are still talking about
repairing broken things, right?
I need to go.
I still have a lot to finish.
If I call again, will you still pick up?
Keep dreaming.
I will.
I really will.
Ikay. That's my name.
Why won't you believe me?
I just have a feeling
that you look like a Cassandra.
"Look like"?
Why? Have you ever seen me?
Not yet. But can I?
What kind of move is that?
I have a strong feeling
that you are an Estanislao.
Or like that.
You're not like an Uly.
Excuse me, I totally sound like a Uly.
Do you like coffee?
Have you tried the one in Mountain Lodge?
No, not yet. I will, next time.
Maybe next time, I can join you.
We'll see.
All right!
I said, we'll see. I didn't say yes.
That's the first step.
You're really bold.
I've got nothing to lose.
But not now. We just met.
We can't meet yet.
My parents are super strict.
So what's the scoop? You look happy.
You finally found a guy?
A guy? Where?
- Where?
- Tell us everything.
- It's nothing.
- Where is this guy?
I met someone on the radio.
And we started talking.
And I thought he was real.
Will you date?
- Of course!
- Nope!
Why not?
Why are you two so excited
if you won't date him?
What if he turns out to be a killer?
Why would you say that?
What if he isn't?
What if he's a good guy?
You're such an enabler!
How about you take Bituin with you?
Oh, no, if he sees me,
he might fall for me instead. Better not.
Wow! You're that beautiful?
- Definitely.
- Where?
Which part? Let me see your fingers.
I'll be waiting for you inside the church.
And how will I know it's you?
I'll be the one in white.
When you see a handsome guy there,
that's me.
So full of himself.
Get over yourself!
Fine, 15th row, okay?
Don't you dare not show up!
Where will he be?
He said inside.
Are you sure?
Why didn't you just bring that phone?
Anyway, I'll stay here.
If he turns out to be a weirdo,
run straight to me.
Don't go to the police.
- Wow.
- Yeah, I'm serious.
Run to me, okay?
Let's go! Let's just go!
- You don't want him? I can take him.
- Let's go!
Give me his number.
I'll come back for him.
Are you there?
I hear you. Hello. Hello. Hello.
I guess you didn't find me cute.
Well, I did lose weight.
I also lost some of my muscles.
Wow. So this is what it feels like
to get ghosted.
I hit your car on Kenon Road.
I was the one who hit your car at Kenon.
I said...
You're the handsome guy
whose car I hit at Kenon.
Thank you, I know I'm handsome.
But how could you hit my car
when I don't even own one?
I don't have a car.
In fact, I took transit to get down there.
It wasn't you I saw in the church earlier.
I'm probably better looking
than that guy you saw.
So, you took transit...
Where are you from?
I'm from Atok.
That's in Benguet, right?
Yes. And you?
I'm from Quezon City.
But I'm staying with my aunt.
On a vacation?
Something like that.
What do you do in life, Ikay?
I'm a writer.
Wow. Showbiz!
What for? TV series, movies, like that?
Hire me as one of your talents,
the kind you feed to alligators
or gets slapped around.
I can do those roles.
Okay. If they ever need one,
I'll recommend you.
- Ikay.
- What?
You got there early,
and we just missed each other, right?
I really did go, okay?
That's enough for me.
I believe that if opportunities
don't come your way,
you have to make opportunities
for yourself.
That's why I kept going to
writing workshops.
Because tricks aren't effective,
like placing your test reviewer
under your pillow.
You prioritize your career over love?
A career won't suddenly wake up
and tell you,
"I've had enough.
I don't love you anymore."
Who did what to you
to give you this warped idea of love?
I'm not ready for that. It's too early.
Hello? Are you okay?
You called me.
It was an accident.
Don't just assume things.
What are you doing?
I'm not being a bother, am I?
Not really. What are you doing?
Repairing a microwave oven.
You really do fix anything.
Will we talk about that again?
You know what?
You and my aunt are a lot alike.
You both like old things.
You two would get along.
That's good.
Now, I know how to win your aunt over.
I just need to give her
an old microwave oven.
Why are you into old stuff?
Because I know that
so much time and energy
were given to creating those things.
When I think of that,
I don't want to throw them out.
Would be nice if everyone
was like you and my aunt.
If no one forgets things so easily.
What makes you say that?
Aren't you afraid of being alone?
I'm usually alone at home.
No, I mean alone in life.
I learned that your world
shouldn't revolve around just one person,
so if they leave you behind,
you're still whole.
Auntie Mench once said,
the right formula is 90/10.
You keep 90% for yourself
and give 10% to the person you love.
So if ever you are lonely or weak,
you wouldn't need to look for happiness
in another person.
Since that person only has 10%,
you can still find
most of your strength in yourself.
You're pretending.
Okay, let me guess.
You're the kind of person who
when they sense someone's leaving them
they will leave first.
Hey, that's not true.
My last boyfriend was the one who left.
He sensed that you will leave him.
What's with this conversation?
We went from a microwave oven
to personal attacks!
Right, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
Capitalists will become
even richer tomorrow.
Can we see each other again?
For real this time.
Why are you saying sorry?
I didn't want to be annoying.
Maybe I'm annoying?
Maybe we can meet up.
I'll be back for your order.
I'm here.
Me too!
Where are you?
Where is the entrance?
Maybe the front?
Sir, is the restaurant closed?
Yes, sir.
Thank you!
They're closed.
How is it closed?
It's written here.
"Closed for a private event."
Even if I'm already inside?
Just come inside.
How did you even get in?
Is this payback for last time? Prank?
Don't even try it. Just come inside.
I swear, they're closed.
I've been here for a long time.
The only people here
have ash on their foreheads.
Maybe, it's Ash Wednesday.
What Ash Wednesday?
Fine. If you want,
we can meet up at the Cathedral instead,
so we can go to mass already.
Uly, if this is all a joke,
then it's not funny.
Today is a Monday!
Where are you
and why do you think it's Ash Wednesday?
Here, just outside of Mountain Lodge,
along Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.
If you didn't want to meet up with me,
it's fine.
Don't make up an act.
You just look like an idiot.
I'm not lying. Why would I lie?
Hold on.
Miss, can you please tell my friend
what date it is today?
- What year?
- 2018.
Thank you. Happy Valentines!
What do you mean 2018?
Today is February 14, 2022!
A Monday, Uly.
You know what,
if you wanted to back out, it's fine.
If you have an emergency
or whatever reason.
But Uly, don't treat me like a fool!
What a joke, right?
He should have said I wasn't his type.
The secret to blind dates
is to never be first to the meeting place.
Is that so?
This is your fault!
- Why me?
- Your fault.
Why me?
Auntie Mench, am I ugly?
You're not ugly,
but you aren't pretty either.
Only Liza can ask that question.
I'm with you, Menchu.
Wow, you two.
What "easy"? I feel like punching you now.
What happened?
Didn't we say Mountain Lodge?
We did.
But you were being a moron
and kept saying it was 2018.
Are you a jerk?
What kind of game plan is that?
What? You have nothing to say?
I was just wondering
what really happened earlier.
You are a jerk, that's what happened!
What is that for?
My number. If you want, you can call me.
What was it?
You there?
I don't have time to joke around.
I didn't receive your call.
Facebook. Try looking for me there.
Name's Uly Leonida.
There are many Uly Leonidas, which one?
Try my real name.
What is it?
Hold on. I'm trying to gather up
my courage. My name stinks.
Don't worry, I won't smell it.
Eulogio Leonida.
What do you mean nothing?
Uly, I don't have time for your jokes.
Promise, I wasn't lying.
I can even come to you.
You're dressed well.
- Are you going out?
- I just need some air.
Sheesh. She's just going to work.
- Take this with you.
- I don't want to.
You're the one who's using it now, right?
Are you there?
What now?
Where are you?
I'm in Baguio.
So what?
I'll come to you. Where are you?
Okay, don't go anywhere. I'm coming over.
Do whatever you want.
Where are you? I'm here.
I'm also at the gazebo.
I really don't know
why I let you trick me again.
I feel like an idiot.
Okay, hold on,
Type the hashtag UlyIsHereSoIsIkay.
- That's long.
- So you can find the picture.
Did you find it?
What's going on?
Handsome, right?
Are you okay?
I'm just thinking about what's going on.
Do cars already fly there?
Yes. And they only need
three wheels to work now.
Tell me more, what's happening there?
Nothing much because of the pandemic.
Nothing much but there's a...
Wait. Pandemic?
- Many have died.
- How did it get that bad?
Through the guidance
of our excellent government.
Fuck. He's still the president!
Why is it that all I can see
is your recent tweets.
Maybe because...
your present and my present
are happening at the same time.
Maybe your present
is dictated by the future.
While my present,
What a headache.
I can't believe this is possible.
What are you doing?
Slapping myself.
This might be a dream.
This is incredible.
My present is your past
and your present is my future.
You know Taylor Swift released
a total of eight albums since 2017?
Wow, so productive!
I finally met someone,
but he is living in the past.
You're stuck with work again.
Come on, let's have a drink.
How's your writing coming along?
I'm having a hard time,
but I'm still fighting.
Nothing comes easy.
And you can't rush something beautiful.
You have to work hard for it.
- Auntie Mench.
- Yes?
If you had a chance
to talk to anyone from the past,
who would you talk to first?
What will you tell me?
I will tell you to...
take care...
of your skin,
because it will get wrinkly in the future
from all that work.
What made you ask me
that question in the first place?
No reason.
You're using me for one of your stories?
No, I'm not.
Like I believe you. Let me see that.
- Here.
- I know you.
So, different timelines...
Is it good?
Why are you asking me?
This is your story, believe in it.
Unless you don't believe in
what you are writing.
You don't have to judge me like that!
I do believe it.
This is refreshing.
You found your drive to write again.
Do you have many regrets, Auntie Mench?
Yes, a lot.
Would you want to change anything?
Your questions are too much.
I just wanted to drink.
You answered!
I'm hanging up.
You know, you really don't know
how to take a joke.
What are you repairing this time?
Today is a rest day.
And you?
Let me guess... Writing, right?
Is that all I do?
Every time we talk, you're writing.
I never once caught you
just relaxing and resting.
You just keep missing it.
What are you doing tomorrow?
I was the one who asked first.
I just want to see you.
And how will we do that?
I'm going to Baguio.
As if we'll get to see each other.
Just play along. You're a writer, right?
Any connection?
Believe in imagination.
I really won't give up.
I will really repair that.
Look at that couple,
so close together as if there's no space.
Stop staring at them!
Don't be jealous.
Why would I feel jealous
when I'm talking to you?
Why, am I your girlfriend?
Not yet.
Yeah, right!
Where do you plan to settle
once you retire?
Still at Atok.
Don't you want to pick another province
or even Manila?
Atok is very beautiful.
The air is clean,
there are fresh vegetables everywhere,
and the flowers are so beautiful.
Manila is so dirty,
and people there are self-centered,
they think that
the world revolves around them.
- are you saying I'm self-centered?
- I didn't say that.
Is anyone sitting there?
Yeah, there is.
What did you say?
What was that?
Nothing, someone was just being rude.
Are you calling me rude?
If the shoe fits...
Someone is sitting there.
Where? You are alone.
I am with someone.
- There's no one!
- There is!
Annoying, right?
She gave me such a dirty look.
Will you include that lady in your script?
I'll think about it.
I can leave her out,
I can make her so evil
that people would just hate her.
The feels!
Make that expression popular in 2018.
Are you going to sleep?
Not yet, you?
So I can still talk to you?
If you want.
Are you sure I'm not being a bother?
I said it's fine.
In case I need someone to translate
I can ask you right away.
Sure, as long as
you give me half your paycheck.
Jennelyn! Ikay, hold on.
You're early.
- How have you been?
- Good. Come in.
As if! She thinks she's pretty.
Can you get me another bitter gourd?
Bituin, here. You aren't bitter enough.
I'm the bitter one?
Eat it.
Because I'm not bitter enough.
- Me?
- Eat it.
- There! That's a lot!
- That's right!
Now, you're bitter enough!
You look so bitter!
- Now I'm really bitter.
- You look like a bitter gourd.
So, are you ready to talk?
It's Uly.
So Uly is a real person.
Maybe he has someone else.
You think? You're not sure?
How will I know
when he hasn't been in touch?
That's the problem.
Your distance from each other is bad,
being four years apart.
Are you jealous?
Of course not.
Is that so?
Did you two DTR?
You know that?
What are you trying to say, I'm old?
So you're jealous?
I am not.
Why would I be?
He's living in a different time.
And would I even know
if he's dating anyone else? I wouldn't.
So he's free to do what he wants, okay?
Don't judge me.
Don't crush that too much.
I won't be able to use it.
She's not jealous. Don't judge her.
I'm not jealous.
I need to go back to Manila tomorrow,
Auntie Mench.
Did you finish the script?
I'm going to submit it
and just hope for the best.
They need me back anyway.
What if Uly suddenly gives you a call,
you still wouldn't extend your stay?
A career won't ghost you.
You know this, Auntie Mench.
You got hurt again.
It's an artist's curse to be sensitive.
That's why we always get hurt.
It's funny, Auntie Mench.
I got hurt by a person
who might not even be real.
What's the theme of your exhibit?
Old-fashioned pop culture.
Auntie Mench, I haven't asked you this,
why do you like old things?
Why are you judging my being a Taurus?
I'm not a hoarder.
So, why?
have been around
and stood the test of time.
They have a lot to teach me
on how to live my present.
You're very opinionated.
Now, look at my artist statement.
Let me know if it's okay.
- Is it heavy?
- Not really.
Auntie Mench...
Can't I really stop you from leaving?
Work is more important than me.
It's my birthday in two days.
I'll try to come back.
But for now,
I need a break from this place.
But didn't you come here to breathe?
Why does it seem like
you are always running out of air?
- Do you have a cold?
- Bituin!
Go to the doctor.
- So annoying.
- Do you want snot?
See you, Auntie Mench. Take care.
I'll miss you.
- Take care of Auntie Mench.
- Of course.
I'm going. Bye!
Take care!
You have the nerve to call me
after disappearing on me for days?
Sorry, I had an emergency.
Is that what you call Jennelyn?
Are you jealous?
You're jealous!
No, I'm not...
The way you keep toying with me.
That's why I'm so mad!
I even believed that you're from the past.
Now, Jennelyn?
You know, Ikay, you really
shouldn't be jealous of Jennelyn.
She has been a great help to me.
Why? Are you her scholar or something?
Do what you want. Laugh all you want.
I'm going back to Manila, Uly.
I tweeted about Jennelyn.
Uly, what's your address?
I'm coming for you.
Tell me your address.
Excuse me. Uly?
Is anyone home?
Who are you looking for?
Is this Uly's place?
No one here is called Uly.
What is his full name?
Eulogio Leonida.
Him. He is the son
of the previous owner of the house.
The one with cancer.
Have you been living here long now?
I would say so. Since the year 2018.
Was he able to survive?
No news from the family.
From what I know,
they left to live in Manila.
Okay. Thank you.
Take care.
I'm just here, Uly.
Me too. I'm here.
Don't cry.
The lady didn't mention me dying, right?
There you go again, forgetting to
appreciate the beauty surrounding you.
Look, everything is beautiful.
Why didn't you start
chemotherapy immediately, Uly?
There was this one time...
I tried to repair our rice cooker.
The cord was the only problem
and it seemed easy to fix.
But when I did try,
it got worse.
My mother was so mad
because we ended up
eating lunch at 3:00 pm.
I was afraid that...
I would be unrepairable.
I was afraid that...
That I won't be able to do
all the things I wanted to...
because I was too weak.
I always told Jennelyn
that chemo wasn't real.
I believed I can't be better.
But when we started talking...
and when we couldn't meet at Wright Park...
I told myself...
that I still had a long future
ahead of me.
I still had a chance to fix my present
for a better future.
And it felt good to do the impossible.
Look at us now.
Once I get back to Manila,
I will look for you.
But the phone might stop working there.
And you're not done with your script.
I won't finish it.
I don't like sad endings.
Then don't make it into a sad ending.
And are you saying that
our story will end sadly?
Even if I die,
it won't be the end of our story.
Stop talking about you dying.
Why are you so afraid of death?
It is part of life.
Let's switch places.
See if it's really not scary from my side.
Stay here for a bit, Ikay.
I will help you to finish your script.
I won't even ask for any payment.
So don't be sad.
I am still here.
Damn, this pinikpikan is so good!
I told you so.
No, you didn't.
I didn't? Anyway, Ikay...
I have a question.
How different were you four years ago?
if you made a joke
I would have probably laughed easily.
I was very patient and calm.
My heart was full of love.
Everything was possible.
If you met me in 2018,
and you asked me to choose
between love or career,
I would have said both!
I was that full of love.
And what about now, you aren't?
Maybe more tired.
I realized that
my job doesn't love me
back as much as it used to.
The dish is cold already.
Mika continues breaking things.
Menchu asks, "So you're jealous?"
Mika answers...
"I'm not jealous, Auntie Menchu.
Why would I be?
He's living in a different time.
And would I even know
if he's dating someone else? I wouldn't."
"So he's free to do what he wants, okay?
So don't judge me."
You really weren't jealous.
Don't assume that this is about you.
This is fiction.
Should I keep reading?
You might be feeling cold.
Uly, what's going on?
I'm still here.
I told you, I don't like it
when you suddenly disappear.
Sorry, I was just thinking of something.
What is it?
I was just thinking...
What if I don't make it to 2022?
There you go again.
Hey, you cut me off.
I want to say something,
but you might leave.
What is it?
Ikay, I love you.
See, I scared you away.
Why did you think I would just leave?
Every time I tell someone that I love her,
the next thing I know, they're gone.
I must have some kind of affliction.
They probably just leave
because they are one-night stands...
I want to see you, Uly.
Me too.
I want to touch you.
I can endure everything
Even if it is difficult
I'm going back to Manila in a few hours.
I'm having a moment here
while you're thinking of going home.
I was in Baguio that time!
It was Auntie's birthday.
I was right!
I have a picture with Auntie!
Is that for real?
Do you think I'm joking?
Maybe, in our next lifetime, maybe
Can you see me?
Not yet.
I'm in a red dress.
I'm sitting by the gazebo.
Which side?
Hold on.
So, am I there?
Not yet.
Are you sure you really went today?
No. I'm sure that's the exact date
of Auntie's birthday.
Ikay, I see you.
Really? Where am I?
You're beautiful, Ikay.
- Should I approach you?
- Yeah.
But don't surprise me, I might punch you.
I'll take your picture.
"Uly and Ikay stare at each other.
They smile at each other.
Uly will say, 'I'm here, Mika. '"
I thought you wouldn't be able to make it.
Thank you, Auntie.
The last time I talked to Ikay,
she said she couldn't sleep.
But that's normal for her.
We both know she loves her all-nighters.
Why didn't you come back for her, Uly?
I was afraid, Auntie.
I was afraid that if I returned...
That she still wouldn't choose me.
This is the reason why she couldn't sleep
these past few days.
I told her that when I read this,
this was my favorite out of all her works.
Because this is where I saw
how much she loves writing.
And this is where I saw...
how much she loves you.
She hated the idea of changing the ending.
This was the ending you deserved.
That the two of you deserved.
If you just looked back...
That night she called you back,
maybe she wouldn't have had to choose.
Just continue reading to her.
She still hears you.
Read it until the end.
"Once Mika got out of the elevator,
we see in her eyes
just how tired she was from work.
Mika even stretches her arms and shoulders
as she walks along the hallway
back to her unit.
In a few moments, she will reach her unit.
She will open its door to find
Uly setting the table for dinner."
The director asked me to revise. Again!
That's why I hate visiting the set.
Do they really think it's that easy?
Then as soon as I come back,
I'll get yelled at by Ms. Ibyang.
Are you okay?
Do you remember...
why I had the courage to get better?
When you rushed to
Atok for me, I thought...
I want to start now.
"Uly gets something from his pocket,
now nervous
because of what he plans to do.
He asks Mika again..."
You know I still have
a lot of plans in life, right?
And I'm not part of those plans?
I'm not ready yet, Uly.
When are you going to be ready for me?
When will I be more important
than your plans?
When will you choose me?
I choose you every day.
Not now.
"But before Uly can get out of the unit,
Mika calls him back..."
"Uly is torn between
facing Mika or walking away."
I may not be able marry you now,
but that doesn't mean I don't love you.
My life is just starting, Uly.
And I am so happy
that I have you beside me.
But why do I have to choose?
Isn't it enough that I love you?
That we love each other?
I know I still have
a lot of plans in life.
But I want you to be with me
as I try to do all that.
Is that okay, Uly?
I'm scared, Ikay.
I'm scared because I can feel you
drifting away from me.
I won't go anywhere.
You will get there, right?
To when you are ready to get married.
I will be right here.
I'll take your picture.