Love You... Love You Not (2015) Movie Script

To describe a verb,
an adjective, or a sentence.
Adverbs tweak the meaning
of verbs and sometimes full clauses.
It can be used in the front, middle,
or at the end of a sentence.
It gives us an idea
of how to see a sentence.
No, Miss! I like durian so much,
especially durian montong.
It is my caring fruit.
It's your stomach!
Do you mean, favorite fruit?
That's right, Miss.
Joko is clearly eyes basket.
Can we say that, Miss?
What is "eyes basket"?
Maybe he means, "a womanizer".
Jimmy, it's you who is
the womanizer, not Joko.
What did I do?
Yesterday, I saw you staring at Ms. Susan.
And you were staring at her
from head to toe.
You've been married twice,
but you're still staring
at women like that, faggot!
I was only looking at her,
not touching her.
Give me one more.
What are you staring at?
-Hey, Honey. Pay for it.
-Okay, wait a second.
Thank you.
Do you want chicken porridge?
Or a green bean porridge?
What are you saying?
-With a loaf of bread and some milk?
Thank you!
It's time to eat!
Oh, my God!
He's so impolite and has no manners!
Oh, my God!
Could you give me
one soursop juice, please.
Thank you.
Here you go, Miss.
-How much?
-45,000 rupiah.
Look what you've done to my tooth!
I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean it.
Are you Suchin's boyfriend?
-Yes, I am.
-I'm Amira, her English teacher.
I have a message from her for you.
Allow me to translate it for you.
Okay, listen.
Suchin was having difficulties
communicating with you.
It'll be better for you
to forget about her
because Suchin is going to the US
and will never come back here again.
That's crazy!
What I'm trying to say is,
you guys have so many differences.
Different in terms of nationality,
hobby, language, lifestyle and so on.
Oh, my God!
We were only using body language,
you know?
Excuse me, I'm just
translating her message here.
You know what? It's all because of you.
And for that,
you have to teach me English,
so I can catch up with her
in the United States.
Why don't you learn it from your father?
I don't believe you can't speak English
since your face is like a foreigner.
You can't say that. You know nothing.
My father is an English man,
but my mom is Indonesian.
My father left me
when I was five years old.
And then my mother passed away.
Who would teach me English, then?
Learning English?
She's fooling all of us.
There isn't any bomb here.
Here's the money.
You have to teach me English.
Or else,
it's not your money that I will take.
You've got some messages, Juki,
from our friends.
There is still one more.
Move on, man.
There are still many girls out there.
Move on!
Move on, man!
Honey... This is a goat head soup.
I made it myself just for you.
Goat is good for...
It's good for something you like, honey.
What is this?
It stinks!
Afterwards, we can get married, honey.
What are you doing?
You can introduce me to your parents then.
Come on, man!
There are so many fish in the sea!
There are still catfish,
goldfish, betta fish...
-Those fish are in a pond!
-It doesn't make any difference!
They are all fish, right? You're fussy!
Do you want us to help you?
I have a friend who is a karaoke girl.
Do you want me to introduce her to you?
Come on, Juki! Getting dumped is normal!
You can start all over again
with someone else!
That's what I did when I broke
up with my previous boyfriend!
Instead of falling apart,
I got back on my feet and met this guy.
It's so sweet, you know?
So you've got to move on, Juki!
Damn you.
It's easy for you to say,
because you still have a boyfriend.
My girl went to the United States
and didn't even tell me about it.
-Are you serious?
-I'm very serious!
I prefer to have a toothache
Rather than a heartache
Wow, I really like that song!
My voice is great, isn't it?
This must be the house lizard that peeps
on me every time I take a shower.
This also must be the house lizard
that peeps on me every time I poop.
Where did it go?
It's on your shoulder!
It's on your back!
On your back!
I've got you trapped!
How does it feel, honey?
It's fighting back.
Give me your order, Boss.
You're dead meat!
Let me bury it first, okay?
Oh, my God, you're so romantic, Miss.
You're touching my heart.
You know what? If love is meant to be,
you need not rush.
Of course, we have to rush away
from people like you.
We even have to rush away faster
from a dirty old man.
We also have to rush away
from unrequited love.
We also have to rush away faster
if we meet a playboy.
It involves a bit of logic.
Excuse me.
Suchin! Wait!
Wait for me! Suchin!
-Robber! Help!
-I'm sorry, Miss!
Please help me, Officer.
He wants to rob me!
I'm sorry, Miss.
I thought you were someone else!
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, sir.
Please hold this for me.
Do you think I don't have anything
better to do than chasing you?
I swear to God, Officer!
I thought she was someone else!
Just arrest him, sir!
-Did you try to rob her?
-No, I didn't!
-Is your boyfriend a robber?
-That's enough! I'm in a hurry now!
He didn't rob me anyway!
My fingers!
Are you okay, sir?
I'm okay.
Come on, Officer.
Let's settle this outside the court.
Just forgive me and let me go, okay?
I'll forgive you later on Eid Al-Fitr!
Let's just forget about it, okay?
Here you go.
What is this?
So you got a lot of money?
I'm giving you a ticket.
I have some trivia for you, sir.
What is it?
Do you know the similarity between
an employee's salary and a woman's period?
They both come once a month
and will be gone within a week!
You can save your jokes for the court.
It's not funny anyway.
Now that's funny!
Give me back my helmet.
One ice tea, please.
Thank you.
This is for you!
What about that one?
What do you mean?
Those are Indramayu mangoes.
What does the C-L stand for?
Is that the initials
of your boyfriend's name?
No, it's not.
It means, cool!
Do you like English songs?
I really like the Bang Jali song!
Hey, Hippo!
Why are all the contacts
in your cellphone all guys?
-Are you gay?
-Of course not.
What about the girl's contact number?
I need to get a massage right now.
-Maybe you didn't know it.
-Know what?
Calls to the same gender are cheaper.
My Bonnie lies over the sea.
My Bonnie lies over the ocean.
What song was that, Juk?
It's an English song.
An English song?
I thought it was an American song!
-But it's good, right?
-Not bad.
But we don't understand the song.
Can you tell us about it?
It's about Bonnie who is across the ocean!
-Like crossing the highway?
-A zebra crossing!
But who is Bonnie anyway?
A man or a woman?
-Of course Bonnie is a woman.
-I don't believe you.
I got a friend called Bonnie,
and he's a guy.
Is your Bonnie a transgender?
There's no clear distinction between
a boy and a girl's name in the US.
But why did you sing about her?
She's not even our friend, right?
Why don't you sing about Selamet?
Because it's for my English lesson,
so I can speak English fluently.
You're right. Bonnie's name sounds
like English, but Selamet is so Javanese.
Yeah, Selamet's name
is from Eastern Tasikmalaya region.
Come on, cut the crap!
Let's just watch porn movies.
You Bonnie!
So, are they your students too?
Yes, they are.
Please read page 3, okay?
-Eight cups of chocolate ice cream.
-All right, sir.
It's okay. Read this page.
Isn't eating forbidden in a book store?
Who cares? It's okay.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
do you guys want some chocolate ice cream?
Look, I won't tell the security guard
What do you say? Do we have a deal?
-Okay, deal!
-Here are the ice creams, sir.
Aren't they so adorable?
-What are you looking for?
-I want to buy a sarong.
We don't sell that.
I mean, a condom.
Don't judge me by my looks,
but by something I have down there.
Thank you.
Give me one more.
Her little sister is also pretty.
Just in case.
Thank you.
Wait a second, Miss.
Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
It's urgent!
Give me one more.
Her big sister is also sexy.
And every time I come to her place,
her aunt always gives me this look.
Maybe she wants me too, you know?
Thank you.
I want to buy three condoms.
You're getting prettier, Aunty.
You're touching my legs.
No wonder it's so hard,
like a rhino's leg.
Here comes my husband.
Come, let us all pray now.
Why are you praying so long, Selamet?
-Aren't you hungry?
-Shut up!
Ana, look at your boyfriend.
He seems like a very religious man.
I'm happy to see you like this, honey.
Why didn't you tell me that your father
is the owner of that grocery store?
-Extra large?
-Oh, my God!
Your car just...
Say hello to Mr. Taufan and Mr. Juki.
-Aren't they great?
-You did well.
You know what?
This is $1,000 at Dolce & Gabbana!
Here, use this money
to pay for the laundry!
You're arrogant.
Do you really like the soup?
Of course! It's so delicious, you know?
For your dog?
No, it's for me. Suchin taught me this.
You can add it to an instant noodle
when you're hungry at night.
-You're not finishing your meal?
-No, I'm full.
If Suchin can teach you,
that means you talked to her, right?
I didn't talk to her,
but she gave me examples.
What do you mean?
She put into practice everything
she wanted to teach me.
-Put into practice? Like what?
-So it's like this...
This means eat.
And this means sleep.
How did she put into practice
"can't sleep"?
"Can't sleep" is like this.
What's your plan for the weekend?
I don't have any plans.
Who is it?
Do you really want to know?
It must be Mr. Dollar.
Let's go out.
Good nite, Princess.
Let's play poker with my friends
on Saturday.
-This Saturday?
Sorry, I can't. I have other plans.
I see.
-Stop being a spoiled brat!
-It hurts, honey!
-You're okay! Stop moaning!
-It hurts!
Hello, guys!
This is Ms. Amira.
-What happened to her?
-She fell on the bathroom floor.
-I'm Yosep.
-Hi, I'm Selamet.
-I'm Amira.
That's enough!
My name is Subur.
I've heard a lot about you from Juki.
-Me, too.
-Me, too.
I'm Amira.
It was crazy, Juk. Ining fell
when she was taking a shower.
And it happened while I was still at work.
Then how did you know that she fell?
Luckily, Subur was peeping at her
while she was taking a bath.
Otherwise, I would've never known
that she fell in the bathroom.
I immediately called the hospital.
Thank you, man.
-Thank God you peeped at her, Subur.
She was lucky that I peeped at her,
otherwise nobody could've helped her.
-She could've died, you know?
Subur was peeping
at your girlfriend, you know?
This is 2015, Juki.
Peeping is not a crime, you know?
-Don't you agree, my friend?
-Of course!
-You should peep at her more often.
-No problem.
-You can do it too next time.
-Sure thing.
She has a mole, you know?
-She has two moles.
-He knows it too!
What's wrong?
What is that?
I bought this at Blok M market.
They said it's perfect for a Gemini girl.
I'm an Aries, you know?
Suchin is a Gemini.
Then what are you going to do
with that ring?
Actually, I had given this ring
to her earlier,
but she sent it back to me.
That's why I need your help now.
What's wrong with you two?
Can't you just talk to her in person?
Do you really need my help for this?
Do you think that you are two countries
that need diplomatic assistance?
You're not, right?
Nowadays, there are smartphones,
Whatsapp, Skype, Viber,
and Line with those cute stickers.
There are so many choices.
Well, all you have to do
is just talk to her.
You're even willing to send
a message to me from her, right?
Besides, she blocked all my access to her.
Why are you torturing yourself
for a girl who doesn't want you?
I was so cruel to girls.
I mean, literally.
But this time,
I'm the one who got hurt.
I'm just trying to make
this relationship right.
What's wrong with that?
I know that she's really pretty.
You're right. She is indeed pretty.
But she's not the same type of girl
as you.
What do you mean by that?
You mean, I'm not pretty?
No, what I mean is,
you're the type of girl
that shouldn't be played.
You have to be with a man
who understands you,
not just some random guy.
-What do you mean?
-Make a wish!
What kind of wish?
I'll tell you when it comes true.
Can you please let go of my hand?
It's okay if you still want to hold it.
It's free of charge.
No need to wear it. Let's just enjoy--
Get up! This is my hammock!
-Come on, Juk!
-This is my hammock!
I know that!
I'm just borrowing it for a second.
By the way,
if you get to the United States,
and it turns out that Suchin
has a boyfriend there,
what will you do about that?
Then I'll steal her back.
What about Miss Amira?
Juki is good. His progress is fast,
and he keeps on learning.
No, I mean those kids.
They're also good.
So why don't you come to class anymore?
I can already speak English.
you're already my girlfriend.
Why do I need to come to your class?
Do you know what?
Last week I wrote a song for you.
I realize that lately,
I often think about you.
What about you?
I've been thinking.
Why is this girl so nice to me?
Maybe she feels intimidated by me.
You're moving too slow.
You've known her quite a while.
Don't you find her attractive?
She's beautiful, you know?
You should just hook up with her!
Met, answer the phone!
No way! Why don't you do it?
Can't you see I'm tired here?
What if that's your mother?
It's been a while since she called.
You're right. Damn, that's my mother.
-Hello, Mom!
-Sir, we are offering insurance.
What a coincidence.
I also have an offer for you, Miss.
-What offer?
-How about if we get married?
-What do you mean?
-Wait, don't say anything yet.
-If it's legit, we can go to Europe.
-I'm not planning to get married.
Or we can do a contract marriage
and go to Sukabumi.
I find it unacceptable!
That's why...
Wait a minute. I have a final offer.
If we're just hooking up,
let's go to Ancol and have sex in a car.
-How about that?
-Unacceptable! I'm calling the cops.
I also find it unacceptable! That's why
you should stop calling this number!
Offering credit cards, personal loans,
and all that other crap!
You better not call me again,
or I'm going to kick you!
Your hand is on top of my chest
You're pretty
You're really wrapped in me
Inside my heart
Across this sea of love
without a dizziness
I have a method to speed up
your learning process.
You have to pronounce
each letter correctly.
Like a snake.
Like a snake.
That's nice!
-Are you even listening to me?
-"Are you even listening to me?"
Why are you just repeating me?
-All right.
-Wow, nice thighs.
-Hold on.
-I'll share it with all of you.
-Sorry! Have mercy!
Ouch! It hurts!
Please... Ouch!
-What's the "Loge in"?
-What do you mean?
-What is it?
-Maybe you mean "Log-in"?
-"Loge in"!
-What the hell is that?
-What is it?
-What do you mean?
-Maybe password, Juki.
-Then what is it?
-It's 2-3-4-5!
-Enough, Juki. He's just a kid.
-Stop it.
-I'm just a kid, sir.
-Here, look!
It hurts!
You have to apologize to this woman now!
-Forgive me, ma'am! Have mercy!
-Don't ever do that again, okay?
All right, ma'am.
I'll never do that again.
-You swear that?
-Not really.
Oh, my God!
Ouch! My balls!
-What's wrong with your balls?
-They're being squeezed!
Give me my phone back!
Juk, you shouldn't do that.
Don't be too rough on kids!
I don't like it
if someone does that to you.
Something smells bad here.
I don't give a damn!
Hi, my favorite teacher! I miss you.
I want you to take your ring back.
I'm trying to go to the United
States to make babies with you.
I'm trying for him.
That's not right.
I'm trying for you.
And then? What did she say?
Suddenly she hung up our Skype call.
-When did she call you?
-Last night.
Well, you should've called her back.
I've done that a million times.
-And she didn't answer it?
-No, she didn't.
Please write it down, okay?
There are three tenses that we use
to explain what we mean.
Come on, let's just talk
like we used to. Conversations.
I don't get it.
Juk, if you don't want to make an effort,
I'm giving back your money.
The test is just around the corner.
If you don't make any progress,
then this is useless.
Because you're too...
-You're too...
You're too dumb.
Oh, yeah?
You're telling me that I'm stupid?
But to me, you're the one that's dumb.
Your language is dumb.
I can speak English,
and I don't need your help.
My grandmother said I'm very intelligent!
You know what?
I was born at Ciliwung river.
And my age is 29 years old.
I have three male friends.
Selamet, Subur, Yosep.
They all live together.
Mom, this is Amira, my English teacher.
Just go and have your meal.
Excuse us. Come.
This is called "The Tiger Stone".
It's for protection.
I will not sell this stone
even for 500,000,000 rupiah.
-Look, it's beautiful, isn't it?
-Five hundred million?
-That's amazing!
-Do you want it?
I'm going to go outside, okay?
Hello, babe. Yeah, outside.
Wait for me just for a second.
This is my grandfather's car.
There are only three of them
in the Pacific Asian region.
this is one of them.
The Sultan of Brunei once offered
20 billion rupiah for it.
I turned down his offer.
But can this thing still run?
One minute.
I've found the key...
No, that's not necessary.
It's getting late. I should go home.
-You don't want to take a ride?
-No, that's okay.
But let my driver take you home, okay?
-All right? Let's go.
What the hell, girl?
What's the meaning of this,
"stupid" and all that?
I think I know who is behind this prank.
So, in order to stop
teaching English to Juki,
I told him that he'll never succeed,
because he's dumb.
His brain is not capable.
Something like that.
You're so cruel.
You could've just told him
if you don't want to, right?
It's getting boring.
Attention to Mr. Juki. A relative of yours
is waiting at the reception.
Juki, wait!
I came here...
To tell me that I'm stupid again?
I apologize.
Am I allowed to teach you again?
My wife and I
make babies.
I was being honest,
but it turned out to be a mistake.
Well, you shouldn't connect
everything with Suchin.
Oh, my God!
May I ask for your help? Please.
Just leave it to the expert.
It's done!
It's delicious.
Noodles with stale broth from Chef Juki.
-Do you live here alone?
-No, I don't.
I have a maid, but she's on leave.
What about your parents?
Well, sometimes they come here.
Aren't you accompanied by Mr. Dollar?
Of course not.
I'm not a kid who needs babysitting.
-Aren't you scared at all?
-Scared of what?
Okay, let's play dominos!
What will happen to the loser?
Pay up or get punished?
Of course, pay up. I have a lot of money.
-I agree! Pay up.
-But I don't have any money.
-Let's just go with punish.
-You mean that?
-You better do it.
-Yeah, but we have to be sportive.
-The loser has to be punished.
-Let's begin the game.
-I'll start first, okay?
That's nice!
-Very good.
-Victory is in my hands.
I can beat that.
-You cheated!
-Take that!
-You guys have no manners.
-I still have a lot.
Finish! You lose!
You have to be a good loser!
I have to settle a score with you.
Come on! Seriously, don't do this to me!
Come on, man! It hurts!
Don't take it out!
Watch out! Your ass is going to burn!
Wait a minute!
I can already feel the heat!
-Hold on, baby.
-Take it out!
Come on, take it out! It won't lift off!
It's hot!
Where are you going?
Amira, I heard you are really
good at teaching English.
Where do you work?
-I work at...
-Language For Most.
What about your father, Amira?
He's a business man. A family company.
Thank you.
Honey, Taufan usually picks
his friends very wisely.
You're very beautiful.
What is your secret?
If you live a comfortable life,
you'll be happy and beautiful
like what I am now.
-Isn't that right, honey?
-Yes, that's right.
At the end of the day,
every woman wants to be taken care of.
Love only exists in love songs.
-Isn't that right, honey?
-Yes, that's right.
Amira, this is a limited edition suit!
It's $12,000!
You can't afford to buy it, you know?
This is a Minangkabau
traditional art event.
There are so many foreign tourists here.
So you have to speak English, okay?
Honey, he's a bit crazy.
He is definitely crazy.
Your dance is hilarious.
You're more confident, right?
Oh, my God! It's a song from Nidji.
Do you understand the song?
No, I don't.
Kiss me now, I'm lonely.
I can see your tears.
Open your eyes.
Open your heart.
I lost your love...
when you are dead.
I'll fix it.
You mean like an enterprise?
"Company" can also mean a friend.
Drive safely, okay?
I called you, but you didn't answer.
That's why I came here.
Come in.
Where have you been?
Why are you formally dressed?
Who were you with?
Amira, if you go out at night with a guy,
you have to tell me!
I went to your house twice,
but you weren't home!
I was worried as hell, Amira.
But you were having fun
with another guy out there!
What is the meaning of this?
Can I get you a drink?
I came here just to give you this.
You came all the way here
-just to give me this?
-That's right.
-This is a--
-Limited edition?
How much does it cost?
So please keep it safe. Don't lose it.
I can't accept this.
-It's okay, Amira. Let me put it on.
-I'm sorry.
-Amira, please have a little respect.
-Taufan, I can't.
-I can't.
-Amira, please. Show some respect!
-Just shut your mouth!
-I'm so sorry.
Who the hell are you?
You should leave before I smash your face.
You think I'm going to stand still?
You better not mess with me.
You don't know who I am.
Who ever you are, I'm not scared of you.
Damn you!
Let him go, Juk.
Who are you anyway?
Which slum do you come from?
I'm her boyfriend!
You got a problem with that?
Give this to your mother.
Why did you tell him
that you're my boyfriend?
I didn't like it when he forced
you to wear that necklace.
Is he really your boyfriend?
He is my friend, Juk. A friend.
Besides, you said it yourself.
If you leave for the United States,
you will miss your friends.
That's what it is then!
If you leave, he'll be my only friend!
And now he'll never come back,
because you told him that.
you're not my boyfriend.
That won't work, right?
That's impossible, right?
Do you know why?
Because you're Suchin's boyfriend.
Isn't that right?
What did you whisper to him
that made him leave?
Well, I told him
-that I've already slept with you.
-Excuse me?
I think you should go home now.
Hi, my favorite teacher! How are you?
You'll say the truth.
You're writing emails all day.
Guys! Come here!
Look at her boyfriend. Isn't he handsome?
I'll bet you're going to miss Jakarta.
That's not the only thing that I'll miss.
I'll definitely miss my friends,
my English teacher.
-Have you packed up your bags?
-Yes, I have.
-Call me when you're there, okay?
-I will.
-On second thought, just text me.
-Why is that?
It's expensive.
Are you going to miss me?
Frankly, I'm a bit scared, you know?
It's completely different over there.
Please don't be afraid.
You've passed the test
in just two months' time.
That's a record.
I have a good teacher.
If I stay here
-I can--
-Don't speak the impossible.
Right, let's just say
what's really going to happen.
Everything that you've always wanted
is over there.
I just want to tell you...
What do you want to tell me?
I just want to tell you that...
It's getting late.
It turns out,
I still couldn't tell him
that I love him.
See you at the airport, okay?
Juki loves his dream.
And because I love him,
I just want him to be happy
with his choices.
Our time together,
is enough for me.
Damn, this bag is really heavy.
Juk, I want to tell you four things
that my dad told me before I migrated.
Number one, don't ever forget to pray.
-You forget.
-Number two, don't steal.
You have no choice. Number three,
don't steel anybodys wife.
-She's the one who is chasing you.
-Four, don't be with the same sex.
Unless you like it.
Juk, so when are you getting married?
Don't forget to invite us, okay?
If it's not on a Saturday,
then it's on a Sunday.
Juk, if you don't like it there,
just come home, okay?
If you aren't coming back,
I'm taking your bike, okay?
Don't forget to bring souvenirs
for me, all right?
-All right, take care now.
-Bye, Juki.
Where the hell are you, girl?
I'm at the airport.
At the airport? Oh, my God! Listen to me.
All right then, I think right now
is the right time to tell him
that you really love him.
Who cares what his reaction will be like.
Whether he loves you back or not,
you worry about it later.
The important thing is,
you tell him that you really love him.
Like that, okay?
I can't.
Then why are you there?
To see him for the last time.
I don't know why,
but I'm scared of losing something
that doesn't even belong to me.
Sir, you're Miss Amira's boyfriend, right?
-She cried in class, you know?
That's right. You once did a selfie
with her on a motorcycle, right?
You're cruel.
My teacher is nice, pretty
and is perfect for you.
Actually, there's something
that I need to tell you.
I want to tell you that...
You're not my boyfriend,
because you're Suchin's boyfriend.
Where have you been?
Come on in.
You're right.
I am stupid.
It didn't occur to me.
What I'm looking for
is not in the United States.
What I'm looking for is right here.
I'm so stupid not to realize
that I really like you.
I don't want to go anywhere.
I just want to be here
in Jakarta with you forever.
Let's have 11 children
to make a football team, okay?