Love You Ram (2023) Movie Script

"Im in you"
"You are in me"
"Maybe friendship with you turned
into love, thus strangely today"
"Feel that I like you is born in me"
"Trouble to say with you
Made me walk with you"
My name is Divya.
When I was a child,
we used to have a lot of money.
My father lost money playing poker and cockfighting.
My father had so many loans,
and people filed a case against him
because he didn't pay back the loan.
Along with the money,
we lost our reputation too.
With that, slowly, friends and relatives
started to maintain a distance from us.
Without realising it,
I developed a sense of inferiority.
I used to be afraid to approach
people or strike up a conversation.
And it slowly changed into stuttering.
People used to tease me a lot.
My days used to be filled with sadness.
I visited my friend Madhu's grandmother's
village when we were on summer vacation.
There, I first met Ram.
- Hi!
She is my friend, Divya.
Ram never treated me differently,
even though I stutter.
His words used to be so inspiring.
He used to say that love is life,
and those words had a big influence on me.
Every time you were afraid that people would laugh,
you became angry because of that.
But you never tried to be normal.
You can never talk normally because
you care so much about what others say.
Don't care about how other people treat you.
Just be kind to everyone.
Then they'll definitely love you.
Wh ... Wh... What if they don't love me?
Keep loving more.
-M... M ... Means?
My grandfather used to say this a lot.
A dog won't give milk like a cow
and won't give eggs like a chicken.
But why do people love dogs more?
Because of its unconditional love.
I regained my confidence.
I wanted to mingle with the people.
Slowly, my stuttering vanished,
and I became a normal person.
To me, Ram resembles a god.
- Hi!
If a word can change a life, then
how much can a helping hand change?
That's why I wanted to become like Ram.
I started to believe that love is life.
Most people think that love is life.
It's wrong.
Making people believe is life.
Usually the openings will be
done by people who are better than us.
But do you know why
I made you all do this?
Why, sir?
Because you people are better than me.
I'll tell you.
Suppose a person who is hungry comes to our hotel.
He ordered idli.
We have idlis, but there is no chutney.
What will you do?
I'll say that we are out of chutney.
-It's wrong.
You all have to say that
today's special is Idli Sambar.
Then he'll think that it's special and eat happily.
Sometimes we'll be without sambar too.
Then you all have to say that
today's special is Chilli Powder spice.
Then he'll spread that Chilli spice
on idli with ghee, and he'll enjoy it happily.
The customer will be happy,
and we'll be happy too.
There's no benefit in telling the truth.
That's why making people believe is the life.
If you want success,
you should know how to make people believe.
People don't give you the loan
after seeing your struggles.
They'll give it to you only if you make
them believe that you'll return the money.
The same goes for the girl you love too.
She'll marry you only if you make her believe that
she'll be happy with you for the rest of your life.
Believe me.
I started my business when I was 21, and I opened six branches within five years with a turnover of one million dollars.
Sir, you have achieved so much in your life.
So, what's the happiest moment in your life?
Happiness is not something I value highly.
Instead, I value accomplishment.
Things should go the way I planned.
Other things don't give me that same sense of joy.
You all tell me.
This business is in whose hands?
It's in our hands.
My future is dependent on whom?
On us.
Whom should I depend on to
achieve my goals this month?
On us.
That's why I'm telling you that you all are better than me.
By the way, do you know him?
He is PC. Our CEO.
You can call him at any time.
He'll be available 24/7.Okay?
Alright guys. All the very best.
See you tomorrow. Okay?
-Yes. Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
-I'll just come in a minute.Bye, sir.
You said that you'd give me a partnership
when the second branch was opened.
Now six branches have opened.
You are making me work 24 hours a day
and not giving me my salary completely.
And you're not even talking about the partnership.
Actually PC...
-Will you give me the partnership or not?
PC! Great things take time to happen.
Did they build the Taj Mahal in only one day?
Does that mean I also have to
wait those many days?
Why are you thinking commercially?
Are we both different?
If you feel sad, then
I'll get tears in my eyes.
You're my guide and my philosopher.
I can't give you 1 or 2 crore rupees per year.
Sir! But those 2 crore rupees are enough for me.
But I won't give it to you.
I... I mean I can't.
I can't disrespect you by giving such a low amount.
PC! Do you think I can run this
business without you?
Don't fall into the trap of money like others.
Try to give importance to the
friendship and the relationship.Please!
I'll come right away.
It's the auditor. He said that it's urgent.
Let's go.
Ram! According to Norway's laws, if there are
more than 5 branches per business, it'll come under a franchise.
But you opened a sixth branch.
So you have to pay double tax.
By bringing on a partner,
you can incorporate a private company.
Taxes can be avoided using this method.
Why do all those things?
I'm already there as a partner.
Not officially, right?
It's not like that. He promised me.
-You two can discuss those things.
Ram! You have to change your
business to a private limited company.
You should have two or more partners.
Sure, sir.
Til when?
Until December last week. You have 4 months.
Why wait till December?
You can make me a partner.
PC, please!
Are you neglecting me again?
Sir! Don't neglect me the way Nokia neglected Apple.
If you make me more angry,
then I'll open a new restaurant in
front of you called New Srinivasa Bhavan.
I'll make you go bankrupt.
Think of it.
I can't trust anyone as my partner.
But you need a partner, man.
You are good at marketing.
But you need to have a
dedicated person like you who should
check where the money is coming
from and where it is going.
Otherwise, you'll go into a position
where you'll go bankrupt unknowingly.
Shall I give you an idea?
PC! You are here.
The auditor gave me a brilliant idea.
If you have a girlfriend who can marry you,
then you can make her your partner.
You won't lose the money,
and your partner will take care of the finances.
But I don't have a girlfriend.
So find a girl who can work like you.
The owners of big companies like Amazon,
Microsoft, and Facebook did the same.
Then what about me?
PKC private limited.
You always used to say that there should be a
restaurant that sells South Indian street food.
Let's open those types of restaurants worldwide.
We will be partners in that company.
I've come up with a good name, just like KFC.
As you are older than me, let's pick
the letter P from your name, Paripurna Chari.
Then let's pick K from my name, Rama Krishna.
Then, if we pick C from PC,
then it'll be PKC Private Limited, just like KFC.
Superb, sir.
And PC, you are still a partner
in Srinivasa Bhavan too.
You are the one who is misunderstanding me.
Sorry, sir. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Okay, then.
If you select five girls with the qualities that I listed,
then I'll interview them, and I'll marry one of them.
I mean, if I get married, then you can go ahead
with the idea that I mentioned earlier.
But how can I select the girl for you?
I already listed the qualities that the girl
should have to marry me.
Then give the ratings by giving one
mark to each quality.
Show me the ones who get 10 out of 10.
Then I'll interview one of them, and I'll marry her.
Okay, sir.
Work experience, crisis management, passion
toward goals...
These are the qualities that an employee should
possess, right?
I want the same.
I want a wife who can dedicatedly check
accounts and finances 24/7.
If I get a wife like that, then you will be...
I mean, you don't need to work, right?
Make it fast, okay?
Is it necessary?
I don't know who that girl would be.
Okay, Madam. I'm coming.
Madam, you said it was urgent.
Divya, I've already told you that...
this girl's attitude is different, and she won't be
able to live in this orphanage comfortably.
But you were the one who requested me.
Now, see, she's not talking to anyone.
Not only is she suffering,
she is spoiling the whole atmosphere.
Dear, what is this? I said to talk to everyone
and keep loving more, right?
I don't like anyone, and no one likes me.
If you want other people to like you,
then be nice to them and love them.
What's your favourite animal?
What is this? Dogs won't give milk like a cow
and won't give eggs like a chicken.
Then why do you like them?
They spread love without
expecting anything in return.
This is called unconditional love.
That's the reason why everyone likes them.
The more you love people, the more they like you.
You will have a great life.
Keep Loving More.
Keep Loving More.
Keep Loving More.
From now on, you all are on the same team.
Introduce yourself to them.
Today is the day the groom's
family is coming to visit your family, right?
I thought you would be busy,
but you came early.
I was on my way after buying the things I needed
That's why I was able to come early.
It's hitting 4. Stop! Stop! Stop! Damn!
Hey! Come take the cylinder that she brought.
You! You could've gone from the backside.
Why did you call me?
I didn't call you. Do your work.
Even I'm thinking the same. I don't want you to go
to Satyanarayana's memorial service.
You remember the way his father
created a scene during your marriage, right?
You deaf!
You'll hear half the story, and
you'll write the other half of the story yourselves.
I didn't call you.
Satyanarayana didn't die yet.
He was not well, so he was admitted to the
hospital, but now he has returned to his home.
Go inside.
It's okay. Leave it.
Why are you worrying about him?
You idiot! He loves to show respect
for me at least 10 times a day.
Yes. Okay. Okay.
Mother! They're almost here.
How am I?
-You look so beautiful.
Even if he's not already in love with you,
he would've married you
immediately after seeing you like this.
This is just a formality.
But what's new to them?
Actually, Dheeraj is going to the US for
athletics training next month.
He'll be there for almost a year.
If we get them married before this,
he won't be alone there in the US.
I'm planning to take a voluntary
retirement as my health is not good.
Before that, I want to get my
two daughters married.
We've been looking for a
match for my elder daughter.
We will marry the two couples together
if she finds a suitable person as well.
We still have one month left.
If we are not able to find a good person for my
elder daughter, then we'll plan what to do.
Don't worry about that.
What were you talking about earlier?
How can you marry our younger daughter
without marrying our elder daughter?
What are you talking?
It's my fate that I got a wife who earns just a low amount
and two daughters who know how to earn but don't.
What happened?
What else?
What did she say 10 years ago?
Didn't she say that I could enjoy life after settling my daughters by making them get married to good families?
Now she's saying that she'll retire in a year.
They didn't even get married yet.
When should I enjoy?
Should I play Tambola for
the rest of my life?
Don't I have the chance to go
to the casino or pub for the rest of my life?
Get her married to some
random person. Will you leave her like
that just because she said that
she doesn't want to marry?
I request it of you. Go and search for
a boy, and get married soon.
I don't have the patience to endure you helping
people at the Red Cross without getting married.
Go to hell.
It's definitely his fault for talking to you like that.
But how many days will you
be like this without getting married?
I'm not against the marriage.
But what if I get the same person as the father?
I've been watching you since my childhood.
Has he ever talked to you with love?
Are you happy, at least for a day,
after getting married to him?
I'm sad just to see you.
How will it be for you who are experiencing this?
You know everything, but why
do you want me to get married?
You'll be happy if you get a person
who knows the value of love and emotions.
When I was young, they used to care
about caste and family. Nothing more than that.
That's why I married a
person like your father.
But you are all smart,
and you can think well of yourselves.
So how can you say no to marriage?
You wanted to become a doctor, right?
Then why did you join in a red cross?
It was a payment seat.
I didn't want to do it because
if you take out a loan, it'll be a burden for you.
Think of this also as a favour for me.
I only have one wish.
I want to see you settle in life by
marrying good people.
Please, dear. Don't say no.
I don't have any happiness in my life.
At least I'll see you...
Let's see if I find a suitable person for me.
PC! Find a girl who is rich.
I'll give you a commission of 10%.
I don't care if she is a divorcee, a widow who is
older than me, or a person who has kids.
Okay, sir.
How many people got 10 out of 10?
Two people.
But they both rejected you.
There are 5 members who got 8 out of 10.
Let's try them.
Give it a try.
Okay. Good.
Let's select any one of them
and upgrade them by giving them training
like we give training to the employees.
Okay, sir.
What is this? Who gives ratings
and training to the one who is going to marry?
Hey! Someone liked your profile.
He is handsome.
-Yes, he is nice.
What are you saying?
Our childhood friend Ram sent a proposal to marry you?
How did you recognise him?
It's been so many years since we met him.
Although I haven't actually met him,
I have been virtually following him every day.
I like him a lot.
I've been following him on Instagram and
Facebook without letting him know who I am.
My life has changed because of his inspiration.
On that day, I fixed it in my mind that I had
to be like him, spreading love to everyone.
That's why I joined the Red Cross too.
He is my hero.
I wished the best for him.
And now that he's sent me a marriage proposal,
do you know how happy I am?
It's as if God made us meet again.
Did you tell him about yourself?
Not now, I will surprise him when the time is right.
Even I wanted to do a job with the
Red Cross like you.
You are great.
I told you that I should go to the office, right?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Carry on.
PC! Why are they like this?
They were talking nonsense and talking
about things like helping people and passion.
That's why they lose two points.
They are fine with the other qualities.
First I'll get married, and I'll show them hell.
Hello dear.
To be honest,
I used to not like the way of addressing
people as darling or dear.
But after I met you, I wanted to
address you like this involuntarily.
You are the only person that
I wanted to get married to.
Sir! It's wrong.
It's really a big mistake to cheat all of them.
What do we do when we go shopping?
We'll shortlist a few shirts.
We'll treat all those the same way
until we select the best one, right?
This is also the same.
Helping people is the common
quality that we both have.
You are the only person that
I wanted to get married to.
Divya, I love you.
"You are mine and Im yours"
"You are mine and Im yours"
"My life this moment, this moment for me"
"How do I say how much I like you"
"You are mine and Im yours"
"You are mine and Im yours"
"Love between me and you is the first love"
"I cant be without you"
"I liked you more than a wish"
"I cant express my love for you"
"I dont know what my heart does now"
"Let me feel you as mine forever now"
"You are mine and Im yours"
"You are mine and Im yours"
Mother! Did you call me?
Ask Ram for his parents' contact number.
We'll talk with them.
I texted him.
Sir! You are lucky.
We got a girl who got 10 out of 10.
Who is she?
That's it. Let's plan for the engagement.
Sir! But the girl didn't say anything.
I think it'll be good if we give them privacy.
My father selected the groom.
So I don't have anything to say.
She listens to what I say.
Okay, sir.
My parents will contact you.
First, let's plan the web engagement.
I'm fine with it.
-Okay, sir. Let's be in touch.
See you later.
Sir, it seems like that girl's father is dangerous.
Be careful.
But that girl has a lot of obedience.
She won't say no to anything.
I can do whatever I want.
Then what about the girls with
whom you've been lovey-dovey until now?
Don't overthink about them.
Let's leave them a message and manage it. Leave it.
-Hello, Mother!
How are you, dear?
Yes. I'm fine.
I'm coming to India on the 5th.
My wedding is on the 13th.
I'll return on the 18th.
Who is the girl?
The bride's family will contact you.
You people discuss the other preparations.
First, let's exchange the rings formally.
You people start the wedding arrangements.
I'll come before the three days of the engagement.
What is this?
Leave it.
He wanted to marry a girl, right?
That too is a Telugu girl.
He won't listen to what we say.
We have to find happiness in what we have.
Divya, I'm extremely sorry.
I had so much loss in the business.
Issues have been raised because of the citizenship.
I can't come to India for the next five years in this situation.
Even if I come, I don't want to spoil your life.
I couldn't even show my face to
you now after travelling this far.
That's why I'm blocking the profile, phone, and
I'm really sorry.
I miss you forever.
What happened?
Ram said that he couldn't marry me.
He blocked you.
Father! Father! Don't delete them.
Father! Father! Don't delete them.
Please! Fa...
Mr. Rao, it's almost time.
Shall we start the engagement?
Go ahead!
What is this? Are we the parents or the audience?
It turned on.
Feel happy that at least we saw them.
Yes, Father!
Did you start your journey?
We started just now.
Are all the preparations done there?
Everything is ready here.
I'll go to Amulya's house after landing in India.
I have to make her sign some agreement papers.
It's something related to business partnerships.
I'll talk to you later.
Even we didn't see the girl directly.
Her house is not that far away from here.
So we'll also go there.
Okay. Bye.
- Sir!
I experienced a change in myself. Have you seen that?
What is it?
Some emotions started to arise in me unknowingly.
Something is happening with me because of this marriage.
I'm happy just to think about the fact that
someone will be there with me 24 hours a day as a wife.
PC! Book a bouquet, which should
arrive exactly at the time we land in India.
Sure, sir.
The bouquet will be here within 10 minutes.
Uncle, what happened?
Someone kidnapped my daughter
early in the morning.
So, what are the cops doing?
In Norway, they won't sit like this,
they'll catch the criminals.
At least we caught her for two minutes.
When did your daughter pack the bags?
3 days back.
When did she pack the gold?
2 days back.
When did she take all the money from your account?
One day back.
When did she get ready with the car?
Yesterday night.
-That's it.
And the most important thing, who drove the car?
It's her.
That's it.
Forget that.
Why did she say that yesterday night
when I was walking to take care of my health?
Because she can't run away
until and unless you go into the house.
Sir, she has not kidnapped, she ran away.
I didn't know how to say that, and that is the
reason why I've been sitting like that since then.
Why are we still here? Let's go.
Let's go.
Uncle! Wait!
She ran away, but she didn't get married yet, right?
What are you talking about?
What if she didn't get married?
She could've done everything else.
That's not a big deal in Norway.
She planned everything perfectly.
She meticulously executed everything.
What else do we want?
Don't change your word. No matter where my
daughter is, I'll bring her home by evening.
Then her partner will file a kidnapping case against us.
Let's go. Let's go.
My plan failed completely.
PC! What is this?
Now, who would be
ready to marry me immediately?
Even I'm thinking the same.
Why are you so tense?
You came to India after six years.
Spend some time with us.
And we'll search for brides for you in the meantime.
If you find a suitable girl for you, then let's make an engagement, and you can come back here for the marriage.
What do you mean?
Do I have to come again to India for this marriage?
I won't.
I will marry someone as per the pre-planned muhurat
First, let's go from here.
-Where should we go?
What will we do by going home now?
Let me think.
We heard that some shaikhs
from Dubai came here to Hyderabad
and married women by
offering them money, right?
Can't we do something like that?
-Why go to such an extent?
There are still four members
on the top five list who are not married yet.
Let's try to get any one of them.
Super! Super!
Check the address of the girl who is in
the top 2 of the top 5 list.
It's two hours. I checked it just now.
Okay. Let's go directly there.
Let's buy flowers on the way.
Let's contact her.
-Done, sir.
Uncle, let's go.
-Let's go.
Sir! The bouquet is here.
PC! Pay him.
Why should I pay?
-You were the one who ordered it, right?
But I did it for you.
PC! Why are you talking so commercially?
Will you die if you pay for the bouquet?
Sir! In this time too?
-I don't know anything.
Sell it online.
Flowers will spoil if I sell them online.
How can you ask me for the solution to everything?
At least use your brain this time.
Where is the car?
I'll give you zero points.
Mother! Now we're going to this girl's house.
Her name is Aishu.
I don't understand why I selected
that girl without selecting this girl.
My heart really wants her.
I'll marry this girl for sure.
Otherwise, I'll go back to Norway.
Aishu ma'am's wedding is tonight.
Everyone went to the wedding hall a while ago.
It means the wedding is almost done.
But it's not done yet.
What does the groom do?
He does a software job in America.
Okay. You can go.
Did you observe it?
-What is it?
That girl is still obsessed with foreign countries.
That's the reason she accepted the guy from the US.
According to what I know, the people who do jobs
in the software field only have a green card.
We are citizens.
Amulya ran away because she loved another guy.
But this girl is not like that.
If you could reinitiate the marriage proposal...
Are you insane?
How can you think of marrying a girl whose
marriage is going to happen tonight?
Why are you acting so desperately?
Did you hear that?
Sir! We still have three more girls.
Let's contact them.
If we couldn't contact them,
then we'll execute the plan you said.
The address of the girl who is in the top
3 out of the top 5 list is 3 hours from here.
Let's contact her first.
Okay. Let's not go directly there,
you call her and confirm it.
It's a time waste for us if she's also married.
Listen! The guy with whom our daughter met
through matrimony was Rama Krishna, right?
Y... Yes.
-His father called us.
He said that his son got back from Norway and
their business is out of losses now.
They wanted to come here to talk about marriage
proposal. What should I say to them?
I'll talk to him once.
Okay. Go ahead.
Sir! Divya is on the line.
H... Hello, Divya.
Hey! I'm really sorry.
I know you hate me.
To be honest, I don't have the right to talk to you.
But you know, I was really stressed at that time.
I had so many losses in my business.
If I marry you without telling anything, then I'd be
the one who drags you into my struggles.
I always wished the best for you, that's why I sent
you that message on that day.
Please forgive me.
If you don't mind, then I wanted to meet you personally
and ask for an apology. I'd like to have a cup of tea.
Please hand me your blue saree once.
But you don't like blue, right?
From now on, I should like it.
Ram likes the colour blue.
Don't go just like that. Contact the other
2 girls and be in touch with them.
-But things are going smoothly here.
Let's not jump to the conclusion until I get married.
Up until now, you saw what happened.
Situations are against me.
Until and unless I get married on the wedding altar and say yes,
don't stop being in contact with the other 2 girls.
Okay, sir.
Be in touch with them until then.
Okay, sir.
I think I'll get cursed for involving
myself in his evil plans.
I'm really happy that my daughter is
getting married to a person like you.
But I'm tense because the
marriage is in one week.
I'm worried if we can arrange
everything on time...
Don't worry about banquet
halls or wedding halls.
We'll take care of them.
You want to marry your two
daughters at the same time, right?
If your younger daughter's in-laws'
family doesn't have any problems,
then we can plan your younger
daughter's marriage at the same place.
What do you say?
Mother-in-law! To be honest,
my marriage with Divya is written in my destiny.
Even though my business had lots of losses,
I never forgot Divya, not even for a second.
In fact, I used to remember
Divya's smile when I was stressed.
Don't worry about the time.
Let's proceed with the
ceremony in a simple way.
Don't worry about the time.
Let's proceed with the ceremony in a simple way.
Everything will go well.
Dear, there is a ritual in our family.
Before the first night, the couple
should sleep in Lord Balaji's temple.
Don't say no to that.
What's wrong with that?
Let's do as you say.
Sir, can you come with me
for a few minutes, please?
Sir, we wanted to tell you the
truth as we came to this point.
My son's marriage is in a week.
But things came to an end for some reason.
He wants to marry before he goes
to Norway. That's why we're here.
We booked the wedding hall for that marriage.
The marriage and engagement
ceremonies will be done there, but we don't want you to hear
about this issue from others.
That's why we told you beforehand.
That's it?
Don't overthink about that.
We don't want to end this relationship with you.
My daughter will be happy.
But one thing,
don't tell my wife or my daughter about this.
But why?
They'll create a scene.
They'll spoil this marriage by talking some gibberish.
If you don't have any problem with this,
then we don't either.
Let's do as you say.
Nagu! Come here.
Sir! Give him 5000 rupees.
-But why?
It's a ritual.
We'll ask the groom's family to give some money to our workers
so that they can bless the bride and groom.
It's a ritual.
-Here! Take it.
Here! Take it.
Let's go.
Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
-Give 5000 rupees to the priest.
We have the whole wedding contract with the
other people, right? Who are these people?
These are the priests on our side.
Today they have to perform 'puja' in the groom's name.
Give them.
Perform 'puja' well.
You can continue.
That's it?
Share equally between you both and be happy.
Hi! Satish.
He's Sathish
My best friend.
He is the reason I went to Norway.
Thank you.
Hi Madam! -Hi
- Hello!
She is my boss at the Red Cross.
-Oh! Hi!
Happy married life!
Thank you.
You are going to live in Osla, right?
I recommended you for a job at the Red Cross there.
And they responded positively.
Additionally, you will be paid well.
This is your appointment letter.
Thank you, Madam.
This is the best gift that I've ever received.
It's okay.
-Thank you so much.
Congratulations, sir.
Double income!
I wanted a girl who didn't have a job or salary.
What should I do if she gets a job?
I should make her tell herself
that she doesn't want to do a job.
It's a sin.
She will be happy only if she
works for the Red Cross.
Okay. I'll take care of it.
-Thanks. I'll be back soon.
Is everything fine?
Wh... What?
You've been so tense for the last few minutes.
What happened?
My father wants a dowry of
10 million rupees from you.
Still, I gave him 2.5 million rupees,
saying that it was given by your family.
No one believes that my dad is a person like this.
Sir! Are you talking about your parents?
No one ought to have parents like this.
They never loved me.
That's the reason I'm introducing PC
to everyone as my father.
Divya! Since I was a child,
I had no idea what love was.
I thought I could be loved after marrying you.
I thought you'd be with me the entire
day, but you got a job...
Don't worry.
I'll go to work only after you go to the office.
I'll be home before you do.
Problem solved.
Yes! I'm coming.
What is this, PC?
I was getting her on track, but you interrupted.
I don't understand.
What's there to not understand?
We thought to make her resign the job, right?
You idiot!
How can you make your parents into villains?
How have you been living with this fool?
In Norway, we have a separate
post regarding food quality.
If anyone complains about food quality, then
they'll put the quality controller in jail.
So he is the quality controller.
That's why I'm quiet, even though I've been
living with him.
I couldn't hear.
PC, I was talking about...I mean, people are
scared to work as quality controllers in Norway.
It's really a tough job.
But he has been doing that job very sincerely.
He truly believes in me.
It's really a crucial job.
I have to make her resign
the job before this marriage.
But you can tell her directly
to resign the job, right?
She is crazy about helping people.
She won't accept until I blackmail her emotionally.
"I want to be with you,
I want to be with you.."
'My heart keeps repeating this phrase."
"There are countless words
in my heart.."
"And my heart couldn't stop to tell you."
"I want to be with you,
I want to be with you.."
'My heart keeps repeating this phrase."
Hello! Top 5?
Priya ji, where are you?
"The minute that I saw you,
I forgot myself."
"I became a new person
like you."
"I'm smiling, giggling,
with my imaginations of you."
"I want to be with you,
I want to be with you.."
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking about what would
happen if I didn't go to work,
thinking that I wanted to be with you.
Will you go to the office or will you be with me?
But you like to work for the Red Cross, right?
How can you resign?
It's better to convince Ram.
We sent the wedding invitation to everyone via
WhatsApp because of time constraints,
but we should have one as a memory, right?
That's why I've printed a few cards.
Have a look.
You made it not because it will be a memory,
instead, you made it to give them to your siblings.
That's why you printed them
We've already ended our relationship with them.
They won't come even if you invite them.
"My eyes are not sleeping..."
"and seeing you does not make them tired."
"With each stride I take,
I'm looking for you."
"I get a lovely feeling that you are
with me in everything I do."
"I want to be with you,
I want to be with you.."
'My heart keeps repeating this phrase."
You are doing a big ceremony,
but you are not inviting your sister. It's a sin.
You are older than me.
I don't have the right to tell you.
But you still want revenge...
What's wrong with what the priest said?
If you don't love them, then
why do you still have the photos of them?
Why do you feel sad during festivals
while watching their pictures?
It's not great to hide your
love in your heart.
You should forget what happened and...
It is okay now?
I know how much better it feels to be
separated from them than to be together.
Are you learning how to prepare Lakshmi Charu?
Because you like it.
What if you'll be late coming
home because of the work?
Then I should be the one who cooks, right?
That's why I'm learning.
But what's the need for you to do a job?
You can enjoy it with me
for the first two years, right?
But it's okay.
You have the right to pursue your interests.
I'll finish this and I'll call you.
What? Are you recording video
calls and rewatching them?
I have a special app.
It will record every video call automatically.
Whenever I miss Ram, I can see him.
I'll resign my job.
But you love to work for the Red Cross, right?
Why do you want to resign?
Till now, Ram hasn't asked me anything.
Even this one, he has been giving hints,
he is not forcing me.
We both have similar thoughts.
I'll resign now, and I'll convince him
after going to Norway.
Hi Divya!
I've resigned the job and sent a letter.
Even they are fine with it.
A... Are you serious?
I'll do anything for you.
Thank you, dear.
Thank you so much.
You've said this many times,
but now I'm saying it for the first time.
I... I love you.
Thank you, dear.
I'll send PC with the papers.Okay?
Can you sign them immediately and send them to me?
I'll explain what it's about later, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Bye. Bye. Bye.
PC! Come!
Sir! Divya resigned the job.
Oh! Congratulations!
Take these papers with you to her
and make her sign them
After that, send these papers
to the auditor. Okay?
Sure, sir.
The top 5 girl on the top 5 list has
been calling since morning.
I was very stressed about what to tell her
because you are getting married in two days.
I'll put an end to them now.
Be in touch with them.
Until we get a positive response from
the auditor, entertain them. Okay?
What if this marriage is a success?
It's my responsibility to put an end to them.
Leave it to me.
-Okay, sir.
I think she couldn't reach you.
That top 5 girl on our list called me.
Go and talk to her.
Am I audible?
Yeah, Uncle.
Hi! Hi! Hi!
Are you back from Europe?
Everything is fine.
Why is Ram not responding to my calls?
Did he remember me?
Of course, Manvi.
Ram is missing you.
He came back to India to marry you, right?
We are ready now, Uncle.
Oh! That's great.
I'll let you know in a few minutes.
-Okay, Uncle.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Hello! Priya dear.
Hello Uncle!
-How are you?
I'm not okay.
Do Ram want to marry or not?
-Yeah, Of course.
He desperately wants to marry you.
When are you coming?
-When do you want?
Thank you.
Whom have you been talking to?
-No one.
Tell me.
Whom have you been talking to?
Sorry. Actually...
-Tell me.
I beg you.
Don't tell him that I told you.
Your life will be so happy if you marry a person
who knows the value of love and emotions.
I don't know about love since childhood.
I thought you'd be with me the entire day, but your job...
What if I get someone like my father?
Sir, it's almost time.
Please bring the bride.
Divya! Open the door.
It's almost time.
Even your sister is ready.
Everyone is waiting for you.
Shall we go?
Are you crazy?
After knowing everything, why did you marry him?
He has so much respect for things and money.
You know that he doesn't respect
humans and their emotions
Saying 'keep loving more', your mother
also did the same and loved your dad.
Did he ever change?
I know you love him a lot.
But there should be a limit, dear.
I didn't have the courage to go to
my mother and tell her the truth.
My sister's wedding was happening
on the other side.
I was in a helpless situation.
Hey, Jennie!
Hi, Ram.
Thanks a lot buddy.
Oh! By the way, say hi to my wife.
Divya. Say hi.
Hi, Divya.
Yeah, I'll call you buddy. Okay, okay.
Thanks a lot.
Bye. Bye.
I'll kill you if you touch me.
Oh! What's that?
What's your problem?
Excuse me, I'm talking to you.
Are you listening to what I'm saying?
Are you...
You have to tell me something.
What the hell is your problem? Can you tell me
Stop the car please.
Why would you tell him to stop the
car instead of answering my question?
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
I've been watching you from the
moment we got married.
What are these mood swings?
I thought you were upset because
you were leaving your parents.
But you are trying to avoid me.
Why did you even marry me?
Why did you marry me then?
Do you want an employee without a salary?
On one side you were getting married,
and you kept two more girls ready as a back-up?
What are you saying, my dear?
All that was my parents' plan.
You know it.
They are so...
-Shut up!
Just shut up!
Why do you make them villains
for your greed?
I know that you played it to make
me resign from my job.
What do you want to gain by
making fools out of everyone?
What happened, sir?
-Why did you stop here, Ram?
Did the car give any trouble?
She got to know about everything, uncle.
From my wedding which stopped,
til the thing that she's my third option,
she got to know everything.
Who told her, sir?
That's what I don't know, PC.
She's telling me everything clearly about myself,
my character and everything I did in an order.
How is it possible?
Who told her?
Someone might have told her by mistake.
Why would you care about him?
Think about the future.
She married me even after she knew about me.
It means she's emotionally weak.
I'll turn that weakness into my strength.
It's a super idea.
First, do that.
Come on, sir. Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Divya. I am very sorry, dear.
Anyone would react like this if they
were in your position.
I am not saying that you are at the fault.
But I am not as bad as you think.
I don't know how to explain this to you.
How should I trust you?
Whatever you say right now, I feel like
you are manipulating me.
You just only want to make the
situation better.
I know that you are not apologising
to me from the bottom of your heart.
If I didn't know about you, you would've
betrayed me like this for the whole life time.
Leave all this.
You said that you only married me 'cause you need a wife.
I will only be your wife who loves you.
I won't be your worker and I won't come to the office.
Decide if you want that or not.
What happened, Ram?
She's threatening me saying that
she'd only be my wife.
I can't deal with all this nonsense
I'll call all the elders.
I'll leave her in everyone's presence.
That's wrong, Ram.
You should calm down a bit.
What are you saying, uncle?
-Then?You are at fault.
If she wants divorce she'll take away three
branches out of the six you own now.
How could she take three? I'm also a partner.
Did Ram write that down on a paper for you?
That means you are not a partner legally.
If she doesn't calm down and files a complaint
against you to the police,
they'll lock you and PC up and will beat you.
Why would they beat me, sir?
I'm not a partner at all.
But you are a partner in this crime.
Ram.They'll even take your
parents to the police station.
They'll seize both of your passports.
So, you need to calm down a little.
Just let this pass by until your first night
Everything comes to normal after that.
Well, Uncle...
-Say nothing.
Your Aunt and I fight like dogs
during the day time
If the sun sets, we hug each other and sleep together.
Every problem will get solved at night.
So listen to me,
Make her board the flight after
completing your first night.
All the situations will get better automatically.
-Yes. I'm coming.
I told you not to get married.
And you did without listening to me.
You got stuck in this.
At least now, follow my advice.
You will come out of this.
What do you say?
For some reason I feel like what
your maternal uncle told is right.
I apologised to her, PC.
What more should I do?
I already lost three branches as I made her the partner.
If she wants a divorce now, I'll lose another 1.5 branch.
I understood now about who
told Divya everything about me.
Who's that, sir?
It's my uncle.
How did you find that out, sir?
He just now said that I married without his consent.
There's revenge in that.
He wants me to follow him at least now.
There's sadism in it.
There's no doubt.
My uncle carried all the information to Divya.
Leave him, sir.
He'll get punished for his sins.
We can't leave him like that, PC.
Keep an eye on him,
Inquire what else he told her and find the proof.
-I know a goon.
As soon as it's confirmed that it's him, I will break
one of his limbs.
I am feeling home-sick.
I'll go back to Norway.
Do you have any sense, PC,
You are my guide, my philosopher.
Where would you go leaving me in this situation?
You have some program in the temple it seems.
Ms.Divya doesn't want to come, it seems.
She wants to know about your opinion.
Tell her that, I won't be going if she doesn't come.
Okay, sir.
Hey wait!
We'll come and talk. You may go.
-Okay, sir.
What are you saying, sir?
We just now planned to subdue her.
Sir. The first night will happen only if you go to the temple.
And we can only take her to Norway
once the first night finishes.
Ladies usually compare a lot.
If it gets proved that you are better than that
Dheeraj, all the situations will get better.
My rating will increase automatically.
That's right.
Come on.
That's why I call you my guide.
Sir.Do something and make
sure that she comes to the temple.
Hold on.
You go ahead.
They need to go to the temple tomorrow.
We want to talk about that.
They need to go to the temple tomorrow.
I need to talk about that.
That's what I said.
Your face.
Do you know how powerful that god is?
If you don't go, you will become a sinner.
The one who doesn't want to go is not him.
It's your granddaughter.
We came to talk with her as she had some doubts.
-What doubts do you have now?
We already told you that we have a vow
before the wedding.
Come on.
The one who's having doubts is your girl.
You doubt our girl?
If I blow on your head you
will lose your mind.
We are ready to come to the temple.
You should definitely come to the temple.
You must come,
Someone is calling you
You said not to go to the temple it seems.
My mother didn't say that.
It was me.
That's a vow your mother made before your marriage.
How could you cancel it now?
Let's go tomorrow.
I actually believe in these traditions and
sentiments a bit more.
I have this mentality of a middle class person.
I hope you don't take this as praise.
They say that wherever women
are worshipped, Samantha will come there.
You already know the meaning of this.
I only know about Samantha, son.
Here Samantha means, mother-in-law
who's equal to a Goddess.
Since you wished for that to happen,
my opinion is that we should definitely go there.
What do you say?
I am not sure.
It's up to you both.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Why are you going too much overboard?
Is it necessary?
I'm not as bad as you think.
You know that.
Please come with me.
Be positive with me like you used to be.
You'll understand what kind of a guy I am.
This is for our future.
Be positive with me for one day.
As soon as he requested you to be positive for one day,
you believed him and you are happily going to the temple?
Are you mad?
I like him since my childhood,
I am married to him now.
He's asking me for a chance.
That's what the change I'm expecting from him.
You might think that all this is foolish.
But I love him.
I really...
I might've done the same if I were in your position.
I got it.
Let's go.
Son-in-law... Son-in-law
Give your neck chain and rings to Nagu.
You're going to the temple.
There would be so many people and thieves, too.
Give him for safety reasons.
That's right.
I will put it in the suitcase and come.
It's not safe inside.
Weddings were held in this house.
People would be roaming.
If someone steals, we can never complain.
Give them to him.
Give them your ring also.
Bye, uncle.
Take care.
I should take a loan by keeping these as a
collateral to get money and invest in horse races.
Why take a loan?
Sell them.
What will you tell them if they ask?
We'll say that the theft which was supposed to
happen in the temple happened in the house.
But he's your son-in-law after all.
That's where there would be no doubt.
First leave.Go.
The god here likes grass flowers.
Would you like to buy them at the
temple or will you pluck them directly on the way?
We would like to pluck them
in the forest for fun and go.
Even I want to see the locations.
Let's go through the forest, too.
Right.You already know that I believe in these
traditions and sentiments a bit more.
Let's go through the forest plucking them.
We'll also go through the forest.
Why did you bring my grandfather?
He's your relative.
He'll not even care about you.
How could I stop him?Tell me.
Did you find anything?
What else did my uncle say?
You let me go off from work at 11 pm.
It's the time when they settle their things.
And you woke me up at 5 am
and got me here.
Why would you target him?
I don't understand.
Why should we get bothered by the person who told him?
I will try to impress her.
You go and inquire what else he told her.
PC, PC, wait.
Tell me this truth.
Ram is doubting that the one who told
the truth to Divya was my son-in-law, right?
How do you know that, sir?
He listened to Ram's words from far away, it seems.
My uncle was the one who
told her everything.
Ram is really crazy to think like that.
And Ram is not in a situation to believe
that my son-in-law is innocent.
That's right, sir.
-But I won't leave him.
That stupid, sinner, worst guy!
No matter where that guy who leaked the matter
to Divya is, I will cut his head and will put it at Ram's feet.
Ram will deal with that later.
I swear I will definitely do this.
Why is everyone getting bothered about the past?
Please think about the future.
Why do you have those violent thoughts?
Go and make them get together.
That's the grass flower.
Over there.
You should pluck 108 flowers.
You won't be able to find them easily.
There is the flower.
It's over there, too.
found it. I found it. I found it.
Hey! 108 flowers for us.
Mister! You plucked all the 108 flowers.
Now, please let us have the rest.
No, I can't.
The more flowers we take, the more God will bless us.
Come with me.
Let's go.
-Let's go, sir.
If he plucks all the flowers in the forest,
how can we find them, PC?
What can I possibly do? Tell me.
Do one thing.
Somehow steal 50 flowers from him and give
them to me.
I'll get them for you.
But you don't have a single flower with you.
If they see you, they'll definitely
say that you stole them.
Why are they being so crazy
just for those flowers, PC?
He's jumping on the plants
and plucking them.
Middle class people
find happiness in those little things, sir.
I don't even know whether
she'll get impressed with my efforts.
I'm feeling irritated, PC.
Anyway, ask them about
what time we will reach the temple.
Let's plan accordingly and decide on the number
of flowers we should pluck.
Okay, sir.
Excuse me.
How long does it take to reach the temple?
You can reach there by 5 pm.
Thank you.
Sir.We will reach by 5 pm it seems.
What are you saying, PC?
What do you mean by 5 pm?
The time now is not even 11 am.
I guess we need that much time to
climb all these hills and reach the temple, sir.
You unnecessarily gave commitment.
How could I possibly know
about this, PC?
Don't you have any sense?
You should've inquired about this in advance.
If we go forward and take a shortcut,
we'll find so many flowers after we walk for 500 metres.
Dheeraj doesn't know about this.
"Dont you have any shame?
Will you accept him right after he apologizes?"
"When will you learn your lesson?
Will you just melt when he says love you?"
"I guess more than me my heart know about his love."
"Or maybe the love in me likes his love more."
"Just go away now!"
"Theres no use."
"Youll never change."
"Heart doesnt listen.
My heart doesnt listen to me."
"Heart doesnt listen.
My heart doesnt listen to me."
"Even after knowing the past you are trusting him"
"Did your love lose its intelligence?"
"Oh dear! Theres no scope for intelligence to be in love."
"In the guy whom I want, love will see.
Love will blossom. Love will love."
"Heart doesnt listen.
My heart doesnt listen to me."
"Heart doesnt listen.
My heart doesnt listen to me."
Finally we have reached the temple.
Welcome, brother.
We'll be the first ones to worship God tomorrow, brother.
The temple was closed due to Covid.
Since then, the tigers started to roam here.
-Be careful.
Stay together at nights.
What does he mean by a tiger?
Don't worry, brother.
Tigers won't come if there's fire.
Come on.
Let's go, sir.
Get me some tea, please.
Hello, dear.
Hello, Aunty.
Where's Ram? He's here.
I'll give the phone to him.
Your mother called.
She was unable to reach your phone, it seems.
Oh, thank you.
-I'll get the tea.
Mother! What happened?
I heard that you both were fighting.
Did Uncle tell you?
Why does that matter now?
What do you want more when
you have such a good girl as your wife?
I don't need a wife, mother.
I need a responsible and
hardworking employee.
That's all.
No.You got a good girl as your wife.
What's your problem?
What's this, father?
You only say that the girl is good.
Do you think I'm bad?
She should consider herself fortunate
that someone like me married her.
She's a person who watches
planes flying in the sky.
I'm going to take her to Norway by
making her sit with me in a real plane.
What else does she want
more for her life?
First I will finish this first night
by acting with love.
After that I will take her to Norway.
I know how to punish her
and change her there.
You don't worry.
'Did she hear?'
Thank you.
I don't need a wife, mother.
I need a responsible and hardworking employee.
That's all.
She's a person who watches
planes flying in the sky.
I'm going to take her to Norway by
making her sit with me in a real plane.
"Your heart beat shows you the way you loved him."
"The day you didnt see him when you loved,
your heart will feel like dying."
"Your eyes are filled with salty water."
"The blood circulation is stopping you from breathing."
"This sadness is something you cant hide."
What's wrong?
Are you tired?
"Like an unbearable amount of weight
dropped on you, like an indescribable"
"pain passing through your body,
this thing is much worse than death."
Don't stay with a guy like him
even for a second.
Tell him that you won't come
to Norway and come back.
I can say anything to him.
But if my mother questions me why I didn't go to Norway,
I don't know what to answer her.
In addition to that, if my mother knows
that my life became like this, she can't take it.
That's why I'll pretend to
be happy while I'm here.
And I will go to Norway with him.
As soon as I disembark I will leave him and go my own way.
But how long will you be like that?
You need to think of a solution to this problem.
What's all this?
Then, what if I tell him that I have
loved him since my childhood?
He'll start to act immediately and will start to cry.
He'll say that he changed.
But he'll be the same.
What's wrong with you?
You know what type of life your mother had led with your father.
Why are you hesitating to leave him?
Fine.Let's think that you'll be on your own in Norway.
But your mother has to know
about it someday.
Even then they will feel the same, right?
I thought about it, too.
I will go and meet my uncle tomorrow.
After my sister and I leave,
my mother will become lonely.
I request him saying that my
mother needs him.
I'll even touch his feet if needed.
Oh Lord! I don't know what to do.
You should show me the way.
Why haven't they come yet?
-Hey, PC! PC PC!
I wonder what happened to her.
She's being mechanical again.
Why, sir?
Do one thing.
We still have time till we reach the main road.
That's right.
In the meanwhile, tell her about the
good deeds I made and the help I did to others.
Build up my character.
What's with that expression?
-I don't really recall any good deeds you did.
Atleast give me some hints.
I will say the same to her.
There are many.
What's this, PC?
Do I have to tell you everything?
Think about it.
If you don't recall anything, create and say to her.
Leave all of them to me.
I will take care of them.
I take the responsibility of convincing
the girl for the first night tomorrow night.
Super, sir.
Yes, Jennie.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Dear Divya, you should hear this, too.
About Ram's helping nature and the
good deed he did, PC was explaining to me earlier.
I became very emotional
after hearing that.
Let's go, sir.
You told me that you have something to say to Divya.
Go ahead.
-Ram is like a God.
Is it?
What else?
Please leave, sir.
I will do something.
Well, I want to help you in saying those.
Then you start saying.
-I know literally nothing.
Earlier you were saying something
about skies and oceans.
Tell me, PC.
Ram's love is equal to an ocean.
-Is it?
His mercy is equal to sky!
His heart is as huge as a snow mountain.
What about his selfishness?
Equal to that of an earth.
Help! Help!
That's Ram's voice, right?
-Help me! That's right.
That means, if someone's in danger,
he will shout like that?
Hey! Please stop your aperformance.
Help! Help!
Please save me,
Divya!Please save me,
That's a quicksand.
Don't move at all, please.
Why did you step into the quicksand, sir?
I will call someone for help.
-Okay, Divya.
Please be with him.
Sure. Sure. Sure.
Help, please!
-What's this, sir?
Please save me somehow!
Sir!Please go and save him.
-Wait! Wait!
How can I Ram?
If I come one step forward, I will be with you.
I can't do that.
I am sorry, Ram.
PC! Please, PC.
You save me at least.
Please wait, sir.
I weigh more and I'm not tall.
I will go down in seconds.
Please come up by yourself somehow.
-Come. Come.
I will give you half of my assets to you if you want, PC!
You'll say it like that first.
But later you will not give me anything, sir.
If you save me, the three branches in Oslo are yours.
I swear on my grandpa.
PC. I'll guarantee you.
Go ahead.
-Okay, sir.
What's this, sir?
Why did you make me fall in this, sir?
-It's completely okay, PC.
Your kindness will save you.
This is injustice.
You said that you'd give me three
branches and made me stuck in here like this?
Do you think those stupid assets
are more important than your life, PC?
Tell me.
Why are you thinking about it?
I got it, sir.
I don't need a branch, sir.
Please. Save me!
How can I come, PC?
I know it's dangerous.
Please, sir.
Please, sir.
Please do something, sir.
Fine. Fine.
I will save you somehow.
But you should stand on your word.
I swear on your grandfather.
I will stand for sure, sir.
- I'll guarantee you.
Come on, PC.
Come on.
Hold it tight.
Give me your hand.
Do you know how worried I was?
All thanks to god.
You are fine.
Look, PC. Tit for tat.
Don't ask me for a branch again.
Look at this injustice, dear.
He said that he'll give me three branches if I save him.
So I risked my life to save him.
Now he's trying to avoid giving all those.
Then?Is it really right for you to make
deals with me when I was in danger?
Do you have a little bit of humanity?
-Don't dare to talk about humanity.
You married me by cheating me.
I am expecting you to change at least.
You'll let the first night finish and will punish me?
Hey! What are you saying, darling?
I know each and everything about
what you talked to your father.
When you were stuck in quicksand, do you know
how much I worried about your safety?
You know nothing.
Even if you know, you don't care
about me or my emotions.
I even hate to look at your face.
Did you see, Ram?
Do you understand now?
My son-in-law is not involved in this at all.
She's getting to know about
all the information in a different way.
Leave it, grandpa.
I'm just not interested anymore.
I wanted to do something
and bring her into my path.
But I can't tolerate a girl like her.
Hey! I don't want her.
I'll divorce her.
You are making a very big mistake.
Divorce is not something small.
You can't just give it simply.
There's a huge process for it.
It'll take ten years if only you want it.
If both of you want, it'll take six months.
And you can save all your assets, too.
She doesn't like me.
She'll agree for a mutual divorce for sure.
What about alimony?
If she doesn't calm down, she'll file
an attachment on all your assets.
Fine. Until now, I acted to marry her.
Now, I will do the same to separate
from her in a friendly manner.
I'll do something and impress her.
I will take her consent for a mutual divorce.
Why all those, sir?
Please think about Ms.Divya, too.
I said this after I thought about her.
Why did she marry me even after she knew about myself?
Because she loves you.
Nothing... do you think we are lovers to do that?
We just met on the matrimony site.
I will befriend her and leave her.
Sir!What's our plan on following
them secretly, sir?
What's there?
Ram must've bribed that driver with 10k.
He'll stop the car in a deserted place and
will act like he's trying to do something to Divya.
Ram will live in his role and Divya will
start listening to him from thereafter.
Am I right, Ram?
I am unable to face your glares, Ram.
You tell us.
Divya is going to meet her maternal uncle.
If Divya and her sister go abroad,
there would be none to look after her mother.
She's going to request them
to look after her mother.
She should've told them when
they attended her wedding.
They didn't attend the wedding.
They stopped talking to Divya's
family 15 years ago, it seems.
All this happened because of Divya's father.
15 years ago, he took loans from so many people
in the village and invested them in races, it seems.
For signing as the guarantors for the loans, the
court sent Divya's maternal uncles to the prison, it seems.
From that moment they stopped
talking to them, it seems.
How do you know all this, sir?
Why would people who didn't talk for 15 years meet?
Why would they let them
come to their home?
Today's Divya's grandmother's birthday.
They are coming to an Ashram to
take blessings from a priest.
They are going to meet them there.
We should also do something
and make both of the families become one.
Yes, sir.
After that Divya will get less annoyed by me.
She'll start to have some good opinions.
With that let's settle this divorce in a cheap way.
Super idear, Ram!
How are you, Uncle?
Who are you?
Uncle.Please talk with us.
I don't know who you are.
I think you are talking with the wrong person.
Grandmother. At Least you talk with us.
I don't even have a daughter.
I don't know who you are.
Uncle, please.
-Say nothing.
I already told you that we both are not related.
Super, PC.
I am very happy.
This is bad, sir.
What advantage will you have
if they both are on bad terms?
PC! The huge the problem is,
the person who solves it becomes that great.
What an idea!
Look now.I will do something and make them one.
Super, sir.
I will score good marks near Divya.
How, sir?
Go and click a family photo.
Let's decide on whom we should target.
Who are you?
Why would you come on to me like that during the COVID?
What will that COVID do to me, sir?
You only sanitise your hands.
Starting from my throat I will sanitise
my whole body, sir.
Just go.
He is my target.
I will impress him.
Let's pay him if he wants.
Let's tell him to get together with the family.
-yes sir.
'Mission menamama (uncle)'
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
I'm VIP. Where is Swamiji?
He's there.
Greetings, sir.
In which bar did you meet me?
You don't know me.
I'm Divya's husband.
Who's Divya?
She's your niece.
I don't have any niece.
It's ego, sir.
Deal with him smoothly.
Please don't be so tough.
You should come to Khammam with us.
You should forgive your sister.
You both should become one.
I am sorry.
I can never come to Khammam.
-I have lots of debts there.
Why does that matter, sir?
I will clear them.
Please, sir.
You should come to Khammam with us.
You should forgive your sister.
Just tell them that I did all this.
I will take care of the rest.
-Okay, I'll come.
You should clear my debts first.
How much?
Almost two lakhs.
Do you have Google pay?
I have it, sir.
Then I will tell you some numbers now.
Please transfer to them first.
That's all.
Ram. I paid ten thousand extra.
The total amount is 2 lakhs and ten thousand.
It's okay, uncle.
Let's go.
You don't have to worry at all.
Your uncle had forgiven you.
That's right.
I am forgiving you.
Also I will forgive your mother.
Who are you?
Divya.Stop behaving like that
after everything is settled.
Who the hell are you?
-I am Dayakar.
I came to forgive Divya's family.
-Who the heck are you to forgive them?
Look!If you are rude to me,
I won't forgive you.
Useless fellow.
Come on.
Who's he?
Why did you come here?
What's all this?
Aren't you her maternal uncle?
-That's what I was saying earlier.
You asked me to forgive.
-I will stand on that word.
I forgave that girl.
Come to me after your confusion gets cleared.
Let's go to Khammam and forgive
your mother-in-law as well.
What's this, Ram?
That means, we transferred this
amount to the wrongperson?
That's what I am asking.
You should check before you send the money.
Go and ask him.
I am no way related with that amount.
Ram! Ram! Ram!
Did you see this injustice, PC?
What do you mean by seeing, sir?
Ive experienced it numerous times.
What about my 2 lakhs?
-They are all in vain, sir.
Hey man! You drunkard!
Wait there!
Please forget what happened,
at least for my mothers sake.
How could we forgive her?
Whatever her husband says, your mother
will just nod her head like an ox, it seems.
Hey! What are you saying?
She's your aunt.
What do you know to talk like that?
He's not at fault.
He'll only say what we say.
Why would you show the anger
you have on us to the kid?
That's what I am asking.
Why would you show the anger
you have on our dad on our mother?
She only married the guy you showed.
If my father is not the right person,
who'll be at the fault?
Even though you left your responsibilities with
anger, my mother never once badmouthed you.
She worked hard alone.
She was crying quietly.
And she raised us.
My mother is going to take voluntary
retirement as her health is not good.
If we get married in the meanwhile,
we thought that she would get relaxed.
But we didn't think that she would be alone if we left.
Please punish us for the mistake
my father made if you want, uncle.
My mother needs your support, uncle.
Please, uncle.
You should forgive us, dear.
We always thought that we got rid of your father.
But we never recognised the
struggles your mother went through.
Why are you working so hard, sir?
They'll call us for a meeting when we get separated.
We need their support then.
Come on, brother.
-Hit it!
My brother came.
How could you come here?
Don't you have any shame?
Why won't you change?
Brother-in-law, don't think that sister
has no one as the kids got married.
We all are there for her.
If you say something to her, we won't be still.
Eat what we give you and sit
closing your mouth.
Let's go, dear.
What dear?
You still have all these with you?
She sees them whenever she misses you.
Let me see.
There is no more problem, right?
-There's nothing.
-What dear?
This is me, right?
That's right.
Your maternal grandmother's village
is Venkatayapalem which is near Khammam.
You used to go there every summer vacation.
Dear!Isn't she our daughter-in-law?
Oh! Yeah!
-When did you both meet?
Why did Divya come to this village?
I have no idea.
We were not talking with each other then.
When did we meet?
How did we meet?
It's because of me.
Everyone used to mock Divya saying
that her father is lazy and can do nothing.
With that, Divya developed an inferiority complex.
She couldn't talk confidently with
anyone and developed stammering.
Stammerer! Stammerer!
When everyone used to laugh at her
and tease her that she's stammering,
she used to be afraid to come out.
I took her with me once when I was
going to my village.
Your grandmother was our neighbour.
You came for the vacation at the same time.
She is my friend Divya
You never treated her like a stammerer.
You used to respect her so much.
You used to encourage her with your words.
Your words worked like medicine to her.
Within a week, she started to play
together with everyone actively.
In just six months, she stopped stammering.
Since then, she used to respect you so much.
She used to see you like a hero.
She used to talk about you saying
you were her hero.
Whatever you did, wherever you are
she used to know information about you.
When you were looking for money to go to the masterchef
competition, the one who helped you was not Satish.
It was Divya.
She gave the money to Satish and
told him to give it to you.
Not only that.
She created more than 50 email ids for you.
She gave best reviews for each and every restaurant
you opened in Norway and helped you in succeeding.
She used to say only one thing.
'He's my hero.'
'If he wins, he'll give inspiration to many people.'
That's what she said.
When she got a marriage proposal from
you on a matrimony, she was shocked.
She said that God brought you both together.
Her liking turned into love.
On another side, you were calling her darling and dear.
She was elated thinking it's true.
She used to recall all those words and
used to see you again again in the videos.
She was shocked after knowing
that you turned materialistic.
She expected you to change after getting married.
You proved that it will never happen.
Ask yourself why you are doing
this and whether it is right or not.
You are resigning from the job?
It's good to hear if we say that life is
all about making others believe in us.
They are feeling sad that
we cheated them.
You are thinking too much.
The world is filled 90% with such guys today.
Sir.If we behave like those guys,
what's the difference between us and them, sir?
What's this nonsense, father?
I am video chatting with you every ten days.
It's been five years since your mother saw you.
She's crying.
Fine. I will try.
This is injustice.
This is not fair.
This is very bad
What do you remember when you see these trees?
That's a lie.
Divya! Where the hell are you?
Hey! Where the hell are you?
Do you think you changed after marriage or I died?
How many times did I ask you
to get me something to eat?
Go and bring something.
What's wrong, sir?
Why are you like that?
How much of a bad person am I, PC?
Am I completely bad?
Sir! What's wrong?
Who's that?
Grandmother! Did you see Ram?
-Did you see Ram?
Your husband?
He went away.
To where?
-He told me to give you this letter.
I told you that loving others is life.
But I don't understand why I changed and am
thinking that making others believe in us is life.
In Norway, when others cheated me, not once or
twice, I went to a stage where I should file IP for four times.
I didn't even have the courage to die.
I always thought about what I want and how to achieve it.
But I never cared about others who might get affected by it.
When I was succeeding I thought that it's right
and went more in the wrong way.
I am just now realising the mistakes I made
and what my defects are.
I cheated you.
I troubled you in many ways.
If I remember them,
I really hate myself.
I thought that you are fortunate to be
married to me for your level.
I'm just now understanding that I don't even have
the right to be the husband to a great person like you.
I don't deserve you, Divya.
I can't even show my face to you.
I am extremely sorry for everything.
Good bye.
What happened, dear?
-He's gone, mother.
What happened?
Where is Ram?
Tell me, mother-in-law!
Where did he go?
Tell me.
Tell us what you know, grandmother.
Give this letter to Divya, please.
I have something very urgent to do.
There's a bag beside the TV in the living room.
My passport is in it.
Could you please get me that?
He gave me the letter.
He told me not to tell anyone.
I'll stay hidden behind that tractor.
Bring it without telling anyone.
He said that he'll die by going on the tractor.
We don't have a tractor.
-He must've taken somebody's.
If Mr.Ram says something, he will do that for sure.
He must be in it.
There are many streams near us.
He might be thinking about jumping in it.
I can't live if something happens to Ram.
Divya! Divya!
Bring your vehicles.
Let's go and search all the streams.
Let's save Ram somehow.
Let's go. Let's go.
Why did Divya run?
She's saying that she'd die if
something happens to Ram.
Divya!Come on.
Get on the bike.
Stop the vehicle!
Stop the vehicle!
Those are my debtors.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Oh! brother-in-law?
What are you doing here?
It's nothing, brother-in-law.
Ram gave me jewellery.
They fell somewhere here.
-First search for Ram's location please.
You said it right, brother-in-law.
There's a guy named Ailayya in our village.
He knows magic.
If we pay him 5000 INR he will tell us
where the jewellery is and Ram's location, too.
Here. Here.
Please do something, sir.
-Do something.
Hey, Nagu!
I got them.
I got the money.
We must've caught him if we walked.
He got missed because of you.
How can you be so slow?
Speed up.
This bike doesn't have a good pickup.
You stupid!Why don't you understand
when I'm saying that my daughter is loving Ram.
Your daughter might've loved Ram.
But Ram loved my daughter.
He called her darling 100s of times.
He even said I love you.
Am I right, darling?
- Yes. Yes.
You are blocking my way.
Why should I talk to you? Idiot!
Call PC.
I will see his end today.
Mr.PC is not answering the phone, father.
You call him from my number.
If he doesn't answer the phone,
I will cut him into pieces.
Father. No.
Then leave Ram.
I will kill PC.
Hey! Call him. Come on.
What happened, sir?
Someone is discussing something on the road.
The line is ringing, father.
Who's it?
We don't answer the call if we are busy.
Don't you have that much sense?
Who are all of you?
Hey! Move aside.
Where did you come from?
What's this nonsense on the road?
-What do you mean by nonsense?
Talk respectfully.
Who are you?
You are going too much overboard
just because I'm not in front of you.
If you come in front of me, the story
will be very different.
He's PC.
I will come to your home.
I will come into your living room.
Hey! Stop it.
He's PC.
Sir. Where is Ram?
Uncle! This is Manavi!
Uncle! Where is Ram?
I'll come.
Where is your son Ram?
Why is Ram your son, PC?
Who are all these?
Why did you come, sir?
Please go.
No one should leave from here.
I won't leave until the matter gets settled here.
I won't.
Why are you so enraged without knowing anything?
Mr.Ram needs you at this time.
Please go to him, sir.
No. I won't.
What's happening here?
Are you sure?
Will you continue like this?
If you raise your voice on my in-laws,
I will cut your tongue.
What did you say? What?
-Why are you getting involved in our family matters?
Why are you meddling in between?
I've been observing since earlier.
Why do you talk like that?
How many times should I tell you?
There are so many things happening
here without my involvement.
He should marry my daughter.
I will not leave any of you.
What do you mean by your girl and my girl?
She's no one's girl.
Ram really loved me.
Hey! I know nothing.
-Stop it. Stop it.
Ram already married my niece Divya.
He's my family's son-in-law.
Is this true?
Where is PC?
I will tell you everything in detail later.
First let's go from here.
Get on the bike.
You couldn't even catch a tractor.
-This is the tractor we are searching for.
Ram's not there.
He must've gone to the Parugula stream.
We should call our people.
Okay, okay.
We are coming to the Parugula stream.
Parugula stream?
Hey, stupid!
Not that way.
We should go this way.
Why are you taking so long to just bring the passport?
Oh my!
Didn't you go to die?
What do you mean by me dying?
Divya went to jump in the stream
thinking that you died.
Divya went to jump in the stream?
Please give me your phone.
Please. Please.
Just a minute.
Mr.Ram went to the Parugula stream to die.
Ms.Divya also went there.
Everyone, go there.
Where is this Parugula stream?
It's just here.
Sir!Who called you?
I don't have any idea.
Divya! Wait!
Are you crazy?
Love is thinking that the opposite
person should be happier than us.
You are thinking a lot about me.
That's what love is.
Why would you leave?
Well, I'm a bad person.
You are very kind.
Your face!
Just shut up!
If I hadn't seen you, I would've
died of a heart attack.
Mr.Ram is safe.
Love you ram.