LoveFilm (1970) Movie Script

Janos Gouda
Executive producer:
Tibor Dimny
Director of photography:
Jozsef Lorinc
Written apd directed by
It is people who are
the most important thing in life...
people you have known...
These days I often dream
about Kata again.
I look for her, I find her
and I'm happy.
After these dreams
I keep thinking of her.
First I see her
on the swing,
and it's as if she said...
I know your daddy
has died.
Mine is still alive!
But it didn't happen
like this.
I remember exactly.
Your father has died.
Not true!
Your mummy said so.
Not true!
Kata, off you go!
Jancsi will stay here.
I remember exactly,
so why does my fancy
modify reality'?
Still I always see
Kata on the swing
telling me:
Your daddy has died...
I haven't seen her
for ten years.
I'm going to meet her
And I know that tonight
I'll be dreaming
about her.
Have a nice trip!
Take care of yourself!
You, too!
Have a good time!
And give my love to Paris!
Do you have a good seat'?
Is it dirty'?
Not too bad.
Take care!
You, too!
I'm traveling!
How late you are!
I had trouble
on my way.
Don't...not here!
You're wicked.
You've kept me waiting.
Now I'm here.
How nice of you!
I'm haPPY-
Where are you going'?
To see relatives, friends.
Relatives or friends?
Your papers!
He's touring the town.
You may go.
Stop! Wait!
Are you armed'?
You may go.
Don't look back!
Keep quiet!
I'll take you to the ward
and you'll get into bed.
You'll tell everybody
that you are ill
and will be operated on.
It isn't true, but
you must say it.
If only Kata were here...
Kata? Is that your sister?
I'll take care
of your knapsack.
I want a knapsack
like this!
Keep quiet, Kata!
Give it to me!
I can't, my things are in it.
Let's put mine in it, too!
It's too small.
May I put it on'?
No. it's mine.
Won't you give it to me'?
Or lend it to me'?
Your dad's a deserter.
I'll tell everybody
and he'll be hanged.
Kata, come in!
I'll tell everybody! I will...
We laughed so much
about this later... 1950, in '52, or
in '56 maybe.
And even after granny's death.
The story of the fish
will make us laugh again
when we're together.
Kata, come in!
Leave me alone!
Come in, please!
A fish...
Tickets, please!
One-two... one-two...!
Stretch your arms!
Pull up your legs!
Santa Claus is here!
This is Bessy!
Jancsi, let's go sledging!
A bomb dropped near here.
They're still bombing...
Let's sing!
I've been drinking hard,
my sweet,
I can't go home
on my two feet...
Let's pretend we're out for a walk!
In a wood.
Which wood'?
Let's play tag!
Who is it'?
A fat green frog was
climbing on a willow tree...
My, that's meat!
Ask the soldiers
for bread!
The word is: Kleba, kleba!
Passport control!
Thank you, have a nice trip!
I'm off. Sure you won't
come with me'?
Friends on a stud-farm
will help me
across the border.
Won't you come'?
I'm leaving right now.
Jancsi, aren't you coming'?
Good bye!
I'm off...
Where are you'?
Come here!
What's up?
It's a secret.
- Yes.
We'll go to America.
The Earth is round,
this hole will lead us
to America.
The Earth is round
like this ball.
Here is Europe, on the
other side is America.
Who can draw a
nice fat O?
Go on then, Kama!
I'm traveling.
I'm abroad now,
for sure.
Didn't you learn your lesson?
I did.
Recite the poem!
Autumn has come,
it is here again...
Lovesome for me,
of beauty full...
Jancsi, come out here!
Were you prompting, child'?
Lying is nasty.
Hold out your hand!
Kata, sit down!
You'll recite another
poem by Pet6fi.
I love you, my sweetheart,
I love your slim grace,
Your raven black hair,
your rosy face,
Your dark starry eyes,
your tears and your smiles,
And the merit, love,
for love so true...
goes not to me,
it goes to you...
Kata and Jancsi are
I've found this at home.
Where did you find this?
It was mine...
Gather Granny's shells!
They're her souvenirs
of a holiday by the sea.
As squirrels in the trees,
so happy are pioneers,
Their life is full of joy,
of gaiety, fun and games...
Nice ball, isn't it'?
Not bad.
Coming for a walk'?
L m8)'-
Come on!
Where have you been'?
Must I report?
You are the idiot!
- Hello!
What are you doing here'?
Waiting for a chap.
And you?
You know I ride.
I know.
How's your Korean doing'?
He must be fine. And Susie?
- Susie'?
-The girl I've seen you with.
Was she Susie?
That's ancient history.
How far do you go'?
To the school.
Me, too.
Have you choir'?
Yes. And you'?
I just go there.
Shall I wait for you'?
As you wish.
- Hi! it's been ages.
-Yes. Are you all right'?
- And you'?
-I'm fine, too.
What do you do'?
I live.
So do I.
I see. Where do you hurry'?
Nowhere. And you'?
To a girl friend.
Is it far'?
The next stop...
- Pity.
Show me your palm.
Know what for'?
Really not'?
This is how a boy shows a girl
what he wants.
Who told you'?
A college girl.
She was bluffing.
Lovers walk together!
They kiss and they quarrel!
You are in love with
fellow-pioneer Olah!
You are a pack of idiots!
Control yourself, please!
You were seen making love!
That is not true!
Walking hand in hand!
Just now you admitted...
None of your business!
Do you mean that'?
But it is our business!
Do you love each other'?
Do you love fellow-pioneer
Olah best'?
Better than all the others'?
He's like a brother to me.
You aren't his sister.
At your age, to hold hands
with your brother!
Why not'!?
And the kiss in the dark!
We didn't kiss.
Then why did you
choose dark streets'?
All streets are dark.
Are they?
We always take the
same route.
And no kissing?
Show me the fool
who said so!
Calm down, pioneer Jnosi!
Leave that to us!
Do you walk home together'?
Because it is dark
in the evening!
Don't defend her!
And don't interrupt!
Do you admit to
having inveigled him'?
We grew up together.
She hasn't inveigled me!
We have no separate
friendships here!
We shall defend
our unity...
The troop-council
hereby relieves
pioneer Kata Jnosi
from her charge of
patrol leader.
And it reprimands
fellow-pioneer Olah!
Any objections?
None'? Thank you,
That night in my childhood...
is linked with the memory
of my knapsack...
and of Kata.
One day, we'll travel far.
- Where to'?
- We' ll see.
We' ll see.
- Where to'? -We' ll see.
- Where to'?
- We' ll see.
Maybe to India...
it's too hot there.
So is Africa.
In Alaska it's cold.
Too bad...
Well, five years hence...
And where to'?
I don't care... but we
ought to start soon.
Just a moment!
Here is America...
It is too far...
BY Plane?
I get dizzy easily.
By boat then.
That would be fine'?
There's even a
swimming pool.
In the sea'?
So that the fish don't
snap off your willy!
If we were rich
we'd buy a castle.
How would we get rich'?
We'll be famous doctors.
We'll build a large hospital.
Let's dissect the fish.
Will you try'?
Not me. You try.
We'd better electrocute it.
Hey!... The light!
What the hell's happening'?
This is its stomach.
And the lungs?
Fish have gills.
What are those two bladders'?
Let's look it up!
Lovers walk together!
Expecting a baby soon?
You little wretch,
stop hitting that kid!
Leave me alone!
This one to Kata,
one to mother,
one to Kata's mother,
one to Judy,
one to the boys...
Two to Judy.
Two to the boys,
but what about this one'?
Kata, mother, Kata's mother,
Judy, the boys...
I still have one left...
To whom on earth...'?
Kata's waiting.
Kata's waiting.
Meet my... well...
my brother, let's say.
O.K. You are her brother. Hi!
Agi, I entrust him to you.
Jancsi, come sledging!
Come in!
I was passing by.
Agnes is too clingy...
Once she fell in love
with a chap
and she decided
to go to bed with him.
There are girls
who do it a lot.
One girl says it's the
best thing in the world.
A matter of taste, isn't it'?
Yes... there are lots of
good things besides.
Nice people, aren't they'?
Good friends are rare.
I'd hate being a nobody,
being ordered about.
To be just a screw
in the machinery.
Must be horrid...
Yes, to spend your life
without being able to
express yourself.
I don't want to!
Why not'!?
Why not'!?
See what a fool
you are'? You, too!
I'm going away.
Don't go!
Why, you're just as
crazy as the others!
Bye, I'm off.
Hold the staff
firmly in your palms
to keep the flags straight!
Hold the staff vertically
as I told you!
Good, it looks fine.
The group with the hammers
looks good!
Hey, you can't carry a
shopping bag, too!
Now a slogan!
Working people
forward for the country!
Keep together block!
Your slogan will be:
Cheers for the Communist
World Movement!
Cheers for
Now go and get the
big red flags!
Stop, music!
Block with flags,
about face!
Now you'll get the instructions
for May Day!
Car symbolizing Peace!
Increase speed gradually!
Won't you come home'?
Have you come to fetch me'?
Where's the picture'?
it's gone!
How are you'?
And you?
I'm fine.
So am I.
That is fine.
Going home'?
Not yet...
It ripples...
That branch is spinning...
it's a whirlpool.
Bye. Tomorrow.
Can you hear the shots?
Stay at home, I'm coming!
I'm coming but don't
move, please!
Kata and her father
are in the cellar.
Tell her to come up!
Kata, your mother wants you...
May I help'?
Look! I was the same age
as you are now.
I made them in 1919.
There, on the right
that's me.
I was a member of the
Students' Council.
Dad, mother wants you.
What does she want'?
Sweep this up!
That dirty rag!
Rotten, dirty flag!
I was crippled in the war
because of that!
Why did we stay here'?
Because we had nowhere
to go!
Because we have nowhere
to go!
We were born in this country!
We have no choice!
And she asks
why we stayed!
I've always been defenceless...
In 1944 and now again
in 1956.
When I was young I could
bear it more easily...
But now I can't even sleep...
Do what you want but
never frighten anybody!
Never frighten anybody!
Are you armed'?
You ma)' 9!
How late you are!
You are wicked...
You kept me waiting...
Now I'm here.
Nice of you!
What's so funny'?
I'm just happy-
I don't want this... not now...
not yet...
Why not'? Why not'!?
I don't want it... Not now...
Kata, I'm here!
Are you crazy'?
They'll shoot at us!
Do you want us
to get killed'?
Shut up or I'll slosh you!
I remember she wore
and white socks...
Her husband shouted:
Don't talk German!
For poor Bessy abused
them in German...
Now you can go to
your hussy!
Are you O.K.'?
I'm dying t0 Pee"-
You don't mind, do you'?
We'll ring at a door.
Would you kindly
permit this girl
to use your toilet...
I'm sorry, I'm alone.
Please, madam, my sister...
Why here of all places'?
I don't know, but let her in!
Wait till my son comes home!
Excuse me, sir, she must
go to the toilet...
I'll stay outside...
Will you, really'?
I was waiting for a
bullet to hit me...
I experienced my death
five times...
it's coming...
I only hoped it wouldn't
hit my head...
or my belly...
I wanted to run to you...
then I remembered Bessy... the Germans shot her.
Amazing! I also thought
of Bessy!
I'm off.
Sure you won't come along'?
Friends on a stud-farm will
help me across the border.
Aren't you coming'?
I'm leaving right now!
Jancsi, won't you come'?
Good bye.
I'm off.
Kata is waiting...
I'll describe my
brand new flat.
I painted the room blue...
and the kitchen green..
I wrote a letter to Jancsi.
Mummy, tell him to
answer it!
This year was hard enough.
Learning French
and fashion design
took all my time.
I'm still in Lyon...
But as soon as I get
my diploma,
I'll move to a small
One day, maybe, I'll work
my way to Paris.
That would be fine!
Dear Kata, your letter
made me awfully happy.
Write about everything:
your friends,
your work,
your fashion designs.
These are my creations, dear.
I put them on for your sake.
But they look better
on the mannequins...
Next year, I'll design
bathing suits...
You'll like them more.
Love, Kata.
Who is this girl'?
A childhood-friend,
almost a sister...
What's her name'?
Why do you hide it'?
Should your sister
not see me'?
How silly you are...
Dear Kata,
What news about the
Hungarian boy
who was sweet on you'?
Summer was so beautiful...
I missed you. Love.
Autumn was beautiful.
Love, Kata.
I'd very much like
to see you.
Answer me soon...
Write soon...
Write soon...
What shall I write'?
Kata is sorry.
She couldn't get away
from the office.
I'll drive you to her place.
Make yourself comfortable!
Kata'll be home after 5.
There's food in the fridge...
If you want music...
I have to go now.
I hope we'll meet again.
Oh, the key!
Good bye.
Good bye.
Where are you, Jancsi'?
Had a nice trip'?
I'll fry some meat.
My ears, too!
And my neck is dirty!
Some milk'?
This boy drove me here.
He married my friend.
They live near here.
These are my colleagues.
My class-mates. Pretty,
aren't they'?
Did you bring a photo
of Bessy'?
There's a woman here
who knew Bessy.
And your photos'?
I've brought some with me.
How about a drink'?
Not now.
Why not'!?
It goes to my head.
So you won't'?
I don't want to spoil
this day.
I was looking forward
to it so much...
So was I...
How long can you stay'?
Till Monday.
I'd like to spend three
days in Paris.
Paris is marvellous.
Have you been there, yet'?
For three days only.
Will you tell me about it'?
Come sledging!
Jancsi, come on!
A glass of wine'?
Now, yes.
Oh. I'm hot!
Shall I open the window'?
Let's make the bed!
I knew we'd meet again.
I wanted it so much!
Turn away, please!
I must get up.
Must I'?
Your breakfast.
I have to go now,
I'll be back by 4.
Take a walk, do
what you like!
Are you leaving'?
One has to work.
Take a few days leave!
Not even 3 days'?
I can't leave things
just like that...
Work has to be distributed,
Speak to your boss!
I'm a boss, too, and
one has to work.
Silly ass!
I was tasting your name...
This is beautiful!
What is it'?
It's a bit thin...
We'll eat out of the pot.
We can speak Russian...
Class is beginning!
Black-out paper served
as a blackboard...
No, there was a blackboard.
You're mixing it up
with school!
No, there was a small
blackboard at home, too.
No, we wrote on black-out
it's your imagination!
It could be rolled up
like a blind.
Karcsi is a soldier in Germany,
let's write to him!
He'll certainly remember.
Shall we make the bed'?
On my first night in camp
I was going back home.
I've had these dreams
for a long time...
I always ran home
by night,
along horrible roads.
Good morning!
What did you dream'?
I haven't heard that
question for years...
I often dreamt about you.
So did I. Tonight, too.
I dreamt that you slipped
into your house...
But this is what I told you
last night!
Once I dreamt that
I was sleeping with you...
You, with me!
Well, yes.
Behave yourself!
I often dream
I'm at home.
I'm taking my son
to my mother...
I'm in Vienna but
on a Budapest tram...
it keeps sliding back
down a hill...
Oh... I don't know...
I dreamt I had run back home.
Mother told me to go
and fetch my sister
from the swimming pool.
I ran there but the basin
was overgrown with
weeds and bushes.
I saw my sister but
couldn't catch her...
During the war
I dreamt a few times
about Budapest...
I always got lost and
I knew I would get lost.
I already dream in French...
I even speak French with
my first husband
though he's living
in America...
Fantastic, isn't it'?
Say: Hello...
He's sleepy...
Shall we sing?
Be it rain, or be it snow
the pioneers are gay,
Do you know these songs?
For ten years I've been
conducting choirs...
We toured the Hungarian villages
and my first husband
fell in love with me
when he saw me conducting...
Where is he now'?
In Toronto.
Doing what'?
Oh, being a Communist
for sure...
That's a way of life,
you know...
And that is just what
I liked in him...
and then he was arrested.
In 1950. When cake and
cocoa were distributed
to your pioneer-troop...
You know this song:
Our slogan is Peace!
We're marching on...
A happy future beckons...
I only know the
Marseillaise in French.
Enough! Enough!
Let's go and eat!
Show her the picture
of Bessy!
No, that's not the one...
The girl I remember
was my age
and had fair hair.
She was next but one to
me when we were shot at.
She didn't know why
she and her husband
had been arrested
by the Gestapo...
it's terrible how clearly
I remember that day.
We were marched
to the Danube...
The people in the street...
A woman turned away.
A man stopped and
kept looking at us...
He wore a fur-coat...
Two women laughed,
one of them wore a beret...
They lined us up
on the embankment
after having taken away
our best clothes.
We stood with our
backs to the Danube
on the pink stone of
the bank and in front
there was the railing
of the promenade...
In the fog that railing
stood out so clearly
that I'll never forget it...
That was the last thing
I saw of Budapest.
When I realized
I would be slaughtered
I felt a violent urge
to urinate... I think...
Those who had been shot
fell into the Danube,
one after the other,
and it was really the iron railing
I saw last.
Instinctively, ifeii backwards
into the water
Someone fell on me...
but I knew
I was alive and that
I had to swim...
under water, as far
as possible
I heard the shots
but luckily
the fog was dense.
When I lifted up my head
I couldn't see anything.
I swam on and on...
past the last bridge
of Budapest.
Then in a peasant house
I told them
that my fianc had died
on the front and that
I had wanted to kill myself.
I asked for warm clothing...
I had a ring on my hand,
I gave it to them
for the clothes and some money.
Then I set out on foot
towards Yugoslavia.
It's like a story, isn't it'?
After having crossed the
lines I decided
never to go back to
No, this isn't the girl
who was shot then
and to whom I owe
that horrid idea of suicide,
of the lie which saved my life.
Well, this is my story,
What's wrong with you'?
I've drunk too much.
I'm sorry...
But this boy reminds me
of my first husband...
he talks just like him.
Oh, Hungary...
You know where it is...
But ask a man in the street!
Monsieur, where is Hungary'?
Or Budapest, and you'll see.
If I were young
I'd go to America.
If you want more, if you want
a plus: America!
Untie all ties: go to America!
You know, as a child I always
wanted to go to America.
I'm sorry, I've drunk too much.
There is Hungary!
In the middle, did you see'?
I can't remember
those railings.
What is needed to
remember then'?
I know a child's knapsack...
just like that woman
knows those railings.
I'm so afraid
you'll leave me...
Don't leave me!
Love me!
I was waiting for you so much.
So was I, for you.
I knew it'd be like this...
Marry me!
What's the Danube like now'?
It is rising.
The bank is flooded.
A new dress! So that you'll
like me even more!
New shoes, so that my legs
look still lovelier!
And I'll certainly like you
with this on.
We'll spend the week-end
by the sea.
He worked here
then he got a better job.
Was he your lover'?
God, this is awful!
You are all alike.
Don't you believe me'?
Why must everything
be told in detail'?
I've been alone
for ten years.
Know how one can
yearn to feel
the body of someone else,
the touch of it...
I had two lovers...
I couldn't bear being
I loved them because
they were nice.
But I thought of you more
than of anybody else.
Why don't you trust me'?
I don't want to know
about your love affairs,
I don't want to...
Why do I have to tell you
The other one was
your friend's husband.
See'? You know everything.
Don't bully me...
Today the wind has
a different voice.
You have a
different voice...
More beautiful than ever...
You little monkey.
Who used to say that'?
Our little monkeys
huddled together...
They huddled together...
Your dad used to say that.
Our little monkeys cling
to each other...
Dirty little monkeys...
The rotters...
They huddled together.
Close, very closely...
And tomorrow'?
Don't think of tomorrow!
This is nice...
You are wonderful.
You are wonderful!
Then we're both wonderful.
Be careful!
No, don't be careful...
Do as you like!
Stay, please...
Not yet...
We sing about
our fatherland,
The loveliest on earth...
The land of peace,
of happiness!
For Stalin is Peace,
Stalin is our fight,
Stalin's name
will better the world...
When we are old,
we'll sit serenely...
Watching the fire
hand in hand...
The lamp is alight...
There's the sea.
There it is!
No one can take this
away from me!
God, I'm hot...
Stop, stop!
Nasty brats!
Are you sister and brother'?
Let go of my sister!
The hell I will!
The hell I will, the hell!
The hell I will, the hell!
Wake up!
Shall I wash you?
Morning jerks! One-two...
No mirror...
There isn't one,
Here, comb your hair...
What's the matter?
No mirror.
How terrible!
If I stretched out my hand
toward the house,
If I stretched out my hand toward
the house, I'd touch Kata's hand...
I'd touch Kata's hand...
For here, there's Kata
and the sea.
Even if I close my eyes...
I open them and there is
the sea and Kata's hand.
If I close my eyes,
there is Firemen's Street...
...the house whose number
I can't see clearly
much as I want to.
But I see our neighbour
though she's dead.
I can see old Mr. Hackl
closing the door.
But he who now looks
at the house
can see the number and
can touch the ledge.
I open my eyes and
here is the sea
and I touch Kata.
What's up?
Back home I'll close my eyes...
I'll see the sea and touch Kata.
She won't answer.
Firemen's Street and the sea
are linked together
for they're both uppermost
in my mind.
But one can't catch things
If you were an Eskimo
it'd be easier to meet you!
I need your presence!
I couldn't say that
in Hungarian...
The fact that you're here,
present, that I can feel
your skin, your look...
Simply your presence...
Oh, my God!
I've tried to find
someone else...
But our childhood!...
Am I in love with you'?
You haven't changed.
Nor have you.
What are you doing here'?
You wrote to me...
Kata's coming home.
She'll be amazed.
I'm staggered.
In your letter, you wrote...
about a blackboard...
Suddenly... I wanted to see you...
I asked for two days leave.
I'll go back tonight.
This is Kata!
I'm struck dumb.
Well, we make a nice trim!
You are an American
from head to toe!
Got an accent'?
No, I went to school there.
Still it's in my passport
I was born in Budapest.
Want to see yourself
in Budapest'?
Yes, it's me and Ivan... Ivan who'?
Ivan Kemeny...
He was taken by the Germans.
How can you live
among Germans'?
Some of them are my friends
I can talk with.
To live in Germany...
Were you born in Dachau,
Was your father
a guard there'?
How did he get there'?
He was ordered there.
Was he an ordinary soldier'?
He was an SS soldier.
So your father was an SS soldier.
And what do you think of it'?
What could I think of it'?
it's awful.
But you know the old songs,
don't you'?
The old children's songs.
But you certainly know
the Horst-Wessel-Lied'?
You're questioning her
like a Fascist!
How long will you stay'?
I'd like to spend
two days in Paris...
What are your plans?
I hope I won't have to go
to Vietnam.
Why, should you'?
I'm a soldier.
Some burn their call-up papers...
But I'm a dirty foreigner...
And in Vietnam'?
If you see me in the
opposite trench one day,
don't shoot at me!
Whistle, and I won't
shoot either.
I promise.
An angel from Heaven
came to you, shepherds...
So that you could see Him...
on your way to Betlehem...
This rotten world
progresses so slowly!
And we are already 27!
What now'!?
Any frank question
between us'?
What question'?
Won't you come with me'?
And you, won't you
stay with me'?
Stupid questions.
More questions'?
ls no one waiting
for you at home'?
A Qirl?
Is that true or
are you lying'?
Does she know
about me'?
You stay silent when
you should answer!
I'm thinking.
How long?
I'm past my teens for good!
For good'?
Oh... clever girl...
Never hesitate...
Well, you settle it!
If I were to have a child by you,
I'd keep it.
I'd join you. Somewhere
where you can also go...
and the three of us
would have a holiday.
Oh, God...
Go away, please, please!
Go, while I can still bear it!
Go before you, too, feel
you can't tear yourself
away from me.
Oh, I'll be late...
Do you happen to know
where Hungary is'?
Ever heard of Hungary'?
Do you know where
Budapest is'?
Do you know Hungary'?
Do you...'?
Where have you been'?
The gale blows everybody's
cap off!
There'll be rain
or maybe snow.
At the salon they've wrecked
my new models.
They're incredibly careless...
I'll have to start them
all over again!
What's so funny'?
It's the same back home.
I'll have to go and buy
new material.
That'll take a whole day.
Will you wait for me'?
The trip there and back
takes a day.
Can't you postpone'?
We are cursed, Jancsi!
Love is only one half
of our happiness...
the other half is
actually what we do.
If there were something
to bind us together
you'd certainly stay
with me
besides our love.
We both wanted to
become doctors.
We dissected the fish.
You aren't a doctor, either.
It was good to be children
when we were told
what to do.
Your fathefis tales...
Once upon a time
a small boy and...
a little girl went yonder
into the glass mountains...
100 or 150 years hence
people like us
will also be happy.
157 years hence...
Then we'll be happy, too.
What's there'?
Tell me!
That drawer.
What's in it'?
What are you thinking about'?
The lovely autumn in Paris.
We'd sit on a terrace
on the Boul' Mich...
Doing what'?
Kissing you on the tram
was only a dream.
For years I'd been thinking
it was true.
Never mind, darling.
Look at these deep wrinkles!
I'm getting old...
Let' s gm!
I'm leaving here...
Should I need you
one day...
will you come'?
Or may I come to you'?
Should you need me
one day,
will you come to me'?
May this protect you...
Are you religious'?
No... but Communism
or not...
it should protect you.
Good luck!
Good luck.
- Have a nice trip!
-You, too.
Oh, God, how...
how can I stop being me'?
You've left your attach-case!
Thank you.
Next day I went to work.
Then I met Judy.
Paris is a marvel
I said.
For a long time Judy
had Kata's face
The face began to fade
and then it disappeared.
I love Judy...
Now I fear that at the
most beautiful moments
Kata would have Judy's face.
One year later Kata met
an Englishman
and married him.
I also married
and I love my wife.
At times I still
dream about Kata.
So does she but she doesn't
give any details.
Dear Kata, forgive me for
this long silence...
One-two, one-two,
pull up your legs...
Dear Jancsi...
Dear Jancsi and Judy,
For two months I've been
wanting to write to you...
How happy I was when I
visited home.
I was afraid that people
had become very different
But, in fact, nothing has changed.
I feared that my old
friends and relatives
would feel ill at ease
with my husband.
But all went well
and we enjoyed your
company very much.
We're renovating
our house,
it's pleasant work.
At the beginning of May
I had a miscarriage.
It depressed me awfully.
I wanted that baby
very badly.
I've got over this blow
and now
George and I are alone
in the house.
In divine solitude
and silence.
Thank you again for
all your kindness.
Love and kisses
Kata, George