Loveland (2019) Movie Script

(piano keys)
(door opens)
Oh hey
Hey what's up Joni?
How you doing?
I'm alright
Good to see you
Oh, you brought company
Yeah, I brought the
knuckleheads with me
Joni, Joni
Oh yeah, just make
yourself at...
I guess I'll
sit on the floor
And the Bow-Flex is looking
as beautiful as always
Man you always go to that thing
Can't you just not use
that thing for once?
Oh no, it's a habit.
It's what we do
You're gonna have to
start charging him
Trust me I would pay
Please, he could spend all the
money when it comes to working out
Hey Tyrel...
What's up?
You down to getting your ass
kicked in Call of Duty?
No, we maxed out all of
the levels
Besides. What do you mean kicked
my ass? You haven't beat me yet
Well, maybe twice. What we need
to do is buy a new game
Now I know you're trippin'.
No way dude
I've beaten you more
than a few times
that's for sure
Children calm down
Maybe we should go to the mall
Tierney we can pick out
some clothes you know and
the boys can come along and
pick out a new toy
or video game or something
So who's hungry?
We can go eat there
You know what?
I could go for a nice
big meaty hotdog
I'm glad that you mentioned that
cause I got a big hotdog for ya
More like a cocktail weenie
That was not funny
Good thing I love you babe
And Joni why don't you
come with us?
It looks like you could
use a few new clothes
you know considering
Leave her alone
No, just saying
You guys are always either
picking on her or ignoring her
Just ignore them
I honestly don't have money
to go shopping
but I could probably
eat something
I mean it's too nice out
to just stay inside all day
So let's go to the mall and
hang indoors there
that makes no sense
let's go to the park
or something
go for a drive, get away
from here for a few days
the weather is supposed to be
beautiful this week
and just as an FYI Sophia
I don't dress to impress
as I'm a writer
you know I work from home
Alright, I'm just saying,
but also
Tierney's right, we don't really
have a lot of money
now that I think about it
so what do you
suppose we do?
Check out this article
It's a camp where we could
go row boating and canoeing
fishing and swimming,
sit around a campfire
and here's the cool part
supposedly, there was a mass
killing there in the past
and they never caught
the killer
you know, folklore stuff
Wait... what do you mean
mass killings?
In the woods?
let me tell you something
black folks and the woods
yeah, we don't mix
give me an asphalt jungle
any day, camping... I'm good
Come on guys.
We need this
look at this great deal
It's lodging, activities
use of amenities
Only $50 a night per couple
we can't even go for dinner
and a movie for that here
Actually that is cheap
Yeah, but how long do we have
to stay for that price though?
It's a 2-night minimum
I don't know
Y'all might have to go without
me on this one
Bro, don't sweat it. I got you.
You and me against the world
Yes! I'll make the
Tyrel, just in case you know...
Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my!
(music plays)
(dialogue inaudible)
(music fades out)
(garage door opens)
(switch clicks)
Where was it?
Let me check in here
No, this ain't gonna work
Oh yeah! There's one in here
Oh yeah, here it is!
No, this ain't gonna work either
Oh, yeah!
Ahh. Hell yeah!
Yeah, this will work!
(Bear growling)
Whoa, what the fuck man!
Shit it's a bear
Let's just back up in...
3, 2, 1
Sorry, sorry man
(bear growling)
Lions, tigers and bears my ass
(Music plays)
(locking sound)
(pills rattling)
(music fades out)
(car unlocks)
(door opens)
(piano keys)
(Bag ruffles)
(engine starts)
(trunk pops)
hey you took my spot
your spot?
I got a parachute bag what
do you want me to do with it?
Damn man, how much stuff
did you bring?
We're only gonna be
gone for a couple of days
(music plays)
It's about
Oh, an hour an a half
Yeah, well with traffic it's
looking like 2 hours
Well if you guys didn't
make me stop 5 times
Well if you woke up earlier
next time, just maybe
Oh my god
It can't be that far
What's the worst
that can happen?
Get killed or something?
No police sirens,
no fire trucks or anything
None, none what so ever.
It's so calm
I can only imagine at night
how it could be
I'd stay at home
definitely that's for sure
Do you guys ever shut up?
No, only when you talk Joni
I'm gonna put my window up
because maybe that'll
keep the haters outside?
You know I can't read the
GPS and drive so
Yeah, just keep going.
Don't worry about it
We've got a few miles to go
It's not gonna talk over you
you guys are so freaking loud
why would I do that?
I'm looking around. This doesn't
look like a place for the brothers
I think it's gonna be good
This is definitely a
culture shock for me
(music fades)
Wait, slow down
lets check this place out
get some drinks
maybe some food
Alright, I'm starving
Came at the right time
Look at the sign
Lets take a photo!
Really? We just got here
you wanna do this again?
Guys can we make this quick?
We wanna remember
this trip right?
Let's make it fast
Stephen, take the selfie
you have longer arms
Alright, lets fake it as
we always do
(photo clicks)
You guys are no fun!
When know when you're old
you're gonna wanna
remember this moment
Are we?
All I want is a cold beer,
hot wings and a good time
Oh my god!
Come around the side
to see Charlotte
This does not make sense
You guys wanna see what
that's about?
Yes, I'm game
Do we?
So quick to say no
Yeah, I know
Cause I'm starving!
I just want some food!
What if it's a unicorn
or something?
A unicorn?
Yes! You're gonna be
sorry you missed it!
A unicorn?
Yes, let's just check it out
You guys can go, we
are gonna see it!
It could be cool
I don't know
Could be.
We don't know
Let's get this over with
Oh my god!
Oh wow!
It's a pig!
Okay I'll give it to you
Oh my goodness!
He's wearing a t-shirt
A she. It's Charlotte
She's got a cute butt
Oh my gosh!
I think I ate her cousin once
Oh my god!
Really man!
You know what?
Why are you like this?
She's eating her own cousin
Oh wow!
That is a cannibal pig
Can we pet her?
Yeah you can
Let's go!
She will be 4 in October
I love that nose!
Alright, I gotta feed her
She's wiggling her tail
See, may not be a unicorn
but she's pretty cool
Closest thing
this was worth it
Here's the rest
of her breakfast
The real question is.
Where is her Harley-Davidson?
Oh, nevermind.
She's going for it
Give me the plate
and all the above
She's going to town on that one
I can relate
Who needs a dishwasher?
Where can we get food
around here?
she's making me hungry
That door is broken, so
you gotta go back out front
Okay. Gotcha
Sorry about that
That's okay.
No worries
Probably also need
to wash my hands
Thank you!
Bye Charlotte!
Very nice to meet you!
He's like I'll pay attention
to my food
He's like yeah, I'm good
Okay guys, pay attention
to my food and only my food
I'll give you that much.
That was worth it alright
You didn't even touch her
You weren't looking
(country music plays)
I.D. please
Have fun guys
What is this place?
This place gives me the creeps
What is this a fucking
horror film?
They should be checking
pulses instead of ID's
What can I get you guys?
Do you have a cosmopolitan?
This is a beer and shot joint.
We don't make those
foo foo drinks
What kind of beers do you have?
I got Coors, Bud Light
and Yuengling on draft
Let me know what you want,
when you're ready
How about wines
you have a list of what types
of wines you serve?
Here you go
White please
Hey babe
let's play some pool
maybe you can rub my
balls for good luck this time
Oh god!
This place is pretty cool.
They got some weird stuff though
I'm gonna go check out
the jukebox
this country western crap
is so fucking depressing
Mind if we join?
Yeah, sure.
I'm gonna go hit the can
Wanna come look too?
I'm good, I trust you
Can I get a bud?
That looks like a pretty
easy shot if you ask me
I left you a duck
Hello there little lady
Where have you been all my life?
Well for the first two third's
of it I wasn't born, so
Nice, nice
Hey, uh.
Me and my friends over there
were wondering if maybe you'd wanna
maybe mix it up with us a little bit
Thanks. Flattered.
I don't swing that way
Have you ever tried it?
How do you know?
Everything okay?
Just having a chat
with the young lady here
nothing for you to be
concerned about
You know it's been
a long time
Is that your friend
up at the bar?
Might want to go up there
shit's about to happen
Alright, let's go.
Let's just go
I think you better mind
your own business boy
This girl here is
my business
I think you're a little out
of your element there ni...
Everything okay here Sam?
Why don't you go sit by Tiff?
I think she's missing
your company
They don't belong here
I got this
You guys need to leave.
How much is the damage?
Twenty bucks
Okay let's go
register shuts
We'll get something
to eat someplace else
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's not worth it
Fuck those redneck
Listen, I feel you, but we're
in one piece. Let's just go
turn signal clicks
Thank you Jesus,
we've made it!
(piano keys)
Joni what the hell?
What's wrong?
There's a person dressed
in black wearing a ski-mask
What the hell are you
talking about?
there's nobody there!
Seriously Joni
clearly the wine and meds
are not working out for you
Come on let's just go
This place is pretty
cool looking
Hey look! It's one of
them moose heads
I think that's a deer head
Moose head, deer head,
I need some head
You just need to go
Hey, welcome!
I'm Jerry.
The camp owner
Hey what's going on?
So, you must be the group
from the big apple?
let me point out a few things
about the place for you
We have swimming, fishing...
we have volleyball, we have
Oh that's Becky, um
she helps me run the place.
She's a pretty good cook too
So, pretty nice huh?
All the meals
are cooked here
and I can make you something
right now for dinner if you want
Yeah, I could eat
Maybe something simple
like a hotdog
Yeah, that sounds good
Hey babe
Man she said a hotdog
not one of them little
Vienna weenie sausage things
Oh Jesus
So what brings you
guys here to my place?
Well Joni read about this place
in a magazine
it looked pretty cool
plus the history was interesting
Yeah, the history about the
killings like 10 years ago
Oh, I can assure you that's uh
bunch of old folklore tales.
Foolishness, I can assure you
Nothing like that
has ever happened here
Come on folks, let's go
fill out some paperwork.
Come on
Okay Joni, you made the
reservation, so um
I'm going to have forms sent
to everyone's cabin
just need your
contact information
Well really your Next of Kin
But I call it
contact information
in case of emergency
Will that be cash or charge?
Now I'm going to have to
call this in cause uh
we don't have one of those uh
swipey things for a charge card
we're a little behind
the times
You ain't kidding. Behind the
times ain't even a word for it
Do you have any TV up here?
Uh no, no TV. Cell service
is pretty sketchy too
As you were able to tell
when you drove in
we're in a valley so um...
there's plenty to keep you
busy around here
Oh yeah, I plan on
keeping busy
Okay, so that's gonna be
uh, $300
Uh, I think it's $250. There's
only five of us
That's right. $250
So, what does everyone
want to eat?
Oh my god!
Thank god you mentioned it
Steak and mashed potatoes
(door opens)
that was great, I am so full!
Full? We haven't done
the dirty yet
Oh my god.
Kill me now
I could sure go for a
fuzzy navel right about now
Sophia know what
drink I could do?
What Steven?
A slippery nipple.
I know this great local bar
Hey fuck you man
Children please!
You know guys, it's getting
kind of late
lets turn in and
rest up for tomorrow
Yeah, that's cool
This place is so cool
I am looking forward
to some paintball
Did you check out
the one in the brochure?
(piano keys)
That sounds cool
Hey guys!
look to the left
What is it?
That person in black was
just standing there
I literally don't
see anything
Joni I think it might be time
to take your pill
I think it's time
for us to get going
I'm actually pretty tired
Yeah, let's go
Gotta get that energy up
for our activities tomorrow
Random overlapping chatter
I've been watching this
show The Affair
That was so good
I'm full
Yeah, me too
I'm really into watching that
I'm just checking this place out
I'm not gonna lie, the deer
head is kinda creeping me out
Yeah, I think it would
creep me out too
Yeah, they have all these
antique stuff going on
Come on Becky, let's move it.
We gotta lot to do today, come on now
Okay coming
I'm gonna need a cold shower
Um, you guys wanna
go check out the camp?
Sounds good
Yeah, that'd be a great idea
Yeah, we should
(Rock music plays)
(music fades)
Man did you see that?
That was the craziest thing!
Well, well, well,
so we meet again
Seems we have some
unfinished business
Look sir, we don't
want any trouble
how did you know we were here?
Son, this is a small town
not much goes on up around these
parts that I don't know about
Now for that business
Sir, I'm sorry
I was just protecting
my friend here
we were traveling a lot
and I was just, I was just tired
Boy, my business isn't with you.
My business is with you
What's your name?
Steve sir.
Actually it's Steven sir.
You the one that left this
$20 bill on the bar?
Yes sir
Well, we don't take kindly
to city folk
leaving fake money
up around these parts
Fake money?
That's real money!
Hey Sam.
Everything okay?
Jerry, everything's fine.
Thank you
Well, I beg to differ
with you son
see I'm trained
to see these things
now if you don't want this to go any
farther and the bar to press charges
you willing to make
out a deal?
Yes I am
Alright, well give
me another $20
No, I'm sorry son,
that's not gonna fly I want smaller bills
If you don't have it,
get it from your friends
Alright, whatever you got
Come on, I ain't got all day
This should do
You forgot to tip the bartender
Can I get my twenty
dollar bill back?
Hell no son, that's what we call
evidence up around here
I'll take care of it
You kids have a nice day
Let's go.
Come on
That was crazy, I can't
believe it
Man I don't know how
much more I can take of this
This has been bad and
you know what
I gotta be honest man, I
really can't believe it
A cop?
You mixed it up with a cop
Dude, we could get buried
any place up here
and nobody would ever find us
How was I supposed to
know he was a cop?
Just use your head
Come on man
You know what?
I'm sorry, I got
out of hand
Don't worry about it
We're here, let's just
enjoy ourselves
there's tons to do,
there's a lake
there's fishing.
You ever gone fishing?
Let's go fishing,
I heard there's some poles here we can use
let's go for that
Lets enjoy ourselves
Lets just
Yeah, I need to take a
minute to unwind a little
that was a little
crazy back there
Yeah, I'm sorry about that
Let's go back
I know the sound of those
footsteps anywhere
How you doing?
Hi. Could you throw
that away for me?
Thank you
So how much did you
take them for?
I got them for forty bucks
Actually thirty five cause I
gotta give five to the bartender
I tell you, people fall for
anything nowadays, so
You have any coffee made?
Yeah, I just made a fresh pot
Oh good
Nice weather we're having
Yeah, it's not too bad,
nice breeze out
I was getting tired
of that humidity
It's a quiet day
Jerry... this stuff is awful
You gonna put your
secret ingredient in it?
I think I will
Much better
That's right, don't leave
a mess in my kitchen
Everything alright?
yeah, everything's doing good
Okay, I'm going to
go to your office
and see what the back of my
eyelids look like
Okay boss
So I'll be there if anybody
needs me
Hey, you do know what
tonight is, don't you?
Yes, tenth anniversary, you
don't have to remind me
I know
Hey Jerry?
I'm just gonna run downstairs
to get some supplies
(door opens)
Well hello there darling.
What can I do for you?
Well it's been a while
and I know what you like
so it's more like,
what can I do for you?
Hmm. And just what
is it I like?
(Door slams)
Oh, you do know
what I like
belt unbuckles
Been a while
Hey Sam
Call for you from dispatch
God dammit!
Sorry babe,
we gotta continue this later
see you later
Can't wait
I didn't think I'd like this
place, but I think I dig it
(Overlapping chatter)
I hear you. There's
so many animals
The trees, the water,
the kayak
And real log cabins
I mean I read about
them in books
Hey guys.
Hey guys!
You hear that?
No, what?
No sirens,
no horns honking
no gun shots
other than this paintball,
no noise!
You know she's right
Hey Joni
I think it might be time
for you to take another pill
it's been like what an hour
since you took the last one
Take a pill!
A fucking pill!
No wait, no!
Joni please, please
Joni please
Joni. Joni!
Did you want to come
out on the boats with us?
No, thanks though. I think I'm
just gonna sit here and read
then maybe take a shower
Hey Joni. What you reading?
One of them sex magazines
Hey listen, don't get yourself
all riled up
there aren't enough men
around here
Alright lets get to this kayak
(pills rattle)
(indistinct chatter)
(birds chirping)
(piano keys)
(birds chirping)
(shower water splashing)
(warp sound)
(warp sound)
(birds chirping)
(water splashing)
(door opens)
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
I was just seeing
if the shower was free
You take care of
yourself in there?
I don't do that stuff!
(piano keys)
(door shuts)
I know you saw what I did!
(music fades)
What the fuck is wrong with me?
(birds chirping)
Hey, dinner's ready
in twenty Joni
Start without me
if I'm not there right away
(heavy breathing)
(door opens)
(door shuts)
(door slams)
The food was good
(door slams)
I'm full
There! There's the proof
Proof of what?
Are you freaking kidding me?
I've been tell you about
a person in a black ski mask
since we've got here
but did anyone believe me?
Just one problem
there's no one attached to it
That's great Tierney.
Just fucking great!
I thought at least
you would believe me
Joni I want to.
I really do
but maybe you're taking
too many pills
ease off on them a little
maybe the last person that stayed in
that cabin left it behind by accident
commotion from kitchen
So did everyone
like their dinner?
Yeah, it was really good.
Thank you
Listen I try to do my best
for you guys
Joni, you didn't even eat.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey Jerry?
Where's Becky?
She had the afternoon
and evening off
she'll be back tomorrow
morning for breakfast
You know, she thinks
you're a pretty cool person
No shit you think.
If you only knew
You sure you're okay?
Okay guys
is it gonna be busting Joni's
chops the rest of the night
Yeah, I actually think we've
been busting your chops
a little too much this vacation
So, we decided
to maybe do a
little campfire tonight
you know, something chill,
nothing too crazy
jokes, scary stories, Jerry
got us some beers from town
so I thought that would
be kinda fun
No spooky stories
thank you very much
Yeah we're not gonna do that,
none of that
A few beers do sound
good right about now
Yeah, lets do it!
Come on bro,
lets go get some firewood
Alright, lets do it!
I brought marshmallows
and my guitar!
Oh my gosh! I haven't
heard you sing in so long
Fuck with me now motherfucker!
(door slams)
Sing it!
Get on down now
Do men ever grow up?
Pass me one of those.
How far behind am I?
Just one
Pass her over
We got a special one for Joni
Hand it over
Gracias senorita
Got it!
loud burp
Not anymore.
Pass me another por favor
Damn slow down cowgirl
Pass me another one please!
Okay, what's with all that Espanol?
You're beginning to sound like this guy
Alright ladies, we've got the
fire going, so what's next?
I think we should plan tomorrow
There's paintball.
We haven't done that yet
I think that would
be an awesome activity
Yeah, that sounds like
a real good time
What do you say Joni?
You in?
I'll tell you what. It'll be the
ladies versus the guys
the ladies have the upper hand
That's right we will slay them
Nah you guys go have fun
Debbie Downer once again
Hey Sophia
Ouch! I guess I
deserve that
Does anyone have any jokes
or stories or anything?
Oh I got a joke!
Lets hear it
Okay, alright.
What do you call an elephant
that's not important?
An irrelevant
I like that
You like that one right?
It's funny
See, that's what I'm saying
Knee slapper
That was good
Of course it's a knee slapper
It is a knee slapper
I think that was good
Actually I have a good joke
Alright, let's hear it
Lets see what you got
So, two muffins are in a tin
in the oven
one muffin says, whoa it's hot
in here. The other muffin says
holy shit a talking muffin!
Don't do drugs
What? That's hilarious!
Are you high?
What! No!
She might be
I am not high!
You guys just don't know
a good joke when you hear one
Where'd you find that?
1-800 corny jokes?
I need hard liquor guys
That's more like it
Y'all don't understand
the muffin humor
I will say this
all bad jokes aside
you guys want to listen
to an actual good story?
Sure, lets hear it
I don't know if you guys
were aware but a few years ago
There was a guy that
was killed up here
Well this young couple
they were driving and on
their first date
they decide to pull off into the
park to make out
and as they're making out
they hear something
hitting the car
so they stop,
they take a beat
but they don't
make nothing out of it
so they go back at it again
and as they're making out
the same noise sounds again
so now the guy's angry.
He's annoyed.
He tells her, you know what
I'm gonna be right back
gets out of the car, he slams
the door and walks away
but time passes by
5 minutes go by
10 minutes go by
Fifteen minutes
a half an hour later
his date hears this
scraping noise
on the car's roof
back and forth,
back and forth
the scraping noise keeps
going and going
she is scared
her heart is going
100 miles an hour
boom, boom, boom, boom
she decides to get out of the
car and see what's happening
she gets out and
starts looking around
and she decides
to turn around
she sees her boyfriend
hanging from a tree
and his feet are scraping
the car's roof
back and forth
and she's scared, she gets into the
car, turns it on and rides away
What did she do?
Well, she went to the
police station
to report the incident
so immediately the cops
decided to go at it
and see what happened
with the car
right there in the
driver's door handle
there was a bloody hook
right in front of their faces
So did they find him?
No, they never did
And so they say
he's still walking around
he comes back here at night
every now and then
Damn man!
You shoulda seen your faces!
Man I'm gonna hurt you
Five dollars was worth it baby
Please do hurt him
like please
That's why you
went to Party City
Give me that!
Alright, I don't have any
stories or jokes but
I have been working
on a new song
you guys wanna?
Let's hear it!
It's gotta be better than that
Da da da dong!
Shut up Steven!
Alright I'm just gonna do
a verse and a chorus
it's still a work in progress
(music begins)
and sorry eyes for you
can't walk a straight line
I'm a fool for you
I see you watching me
with a paralyzing stare
now I'm helpless here
you've got me caught
up in mid-air
I'm high as I can get
and I'm not coming down
I can hardly breathe ten
thousand feet above the ground
you know everything I am
and everything I want to be
fly with me
(music ends)
Yeah! I like that!
That was good!
That was real good
Thanks guys!
She deserves it
Works in progress
Talented, that makes
one of us
You got that right
Always with the good
joke Joni
Well guys, it's been
a long night
so we're gonna turn in
See you guys around
Have fun
Yeah, I think I'm gonna
turn in too
I'll see you guys in the morning
Yeah I probably should too
Have a good night guys
You coming Joni?
Nah, I'm gonna sit
here for a little bit
Okay, night
Feel free to stop by
if you want
(warp sound)
Fuck off!
What the fuck?
(music plays)
(dialogue inaudible)
Hey buddy
I have a question for you.
Can you put the weight down?
It's serious
Did you grab that girl's
ass over there?
She said you did
I think she's full of shit
How about we
check the cameras?
Fuck your cameras
Fuck you too.
Leave my gym, lets go
Fuck this gym
Let me show you the door
(music continues)
(door shuts)
(knife slashing)
(water bubbling)
I think we should
check out the sauna
Hot and steamy sex
Oh yeah
you go on without me though
I'll be there in a few
just want to relax here
for a few more minutes
Okay, but don't keep me waiting
or else I will start
without you
somebody's rising
it's been rising
from the beginning
Don't tease me
I'll see you in a bit
I'm waiting
I'm on my way
(water splashing)
Ah, what the fuck!
(gasping for air)
(choking continues)
(gasping slows)
Where'd you go?
Ahhh! Steven!
Oh my god!
Wake up!
No! Fuck!
I'm gonna go look for help!
(piano keys)
Joni was right!
(skull crushing)
(neck slashing)
(heavy breathing)
(piano keys)
Hello? Joni is that you?
Jesus, what the fuck?
You scared the shit out of me
I'm sorry.
You okay?
I'll let you know when my
heart gets back in my chest
What are you doing here?
Well, at the campfire when
you were playing that song
I felt a chemistry
between us
To be honest, I have felt
something like that for a while
Really? And here I thought,
it was just my imagination
No it's there
I'm gonna go back
to the cottage
and get out of
these smokey clothes
could I come back and
maybe we could talk for a bit?
The door will be unlocked
Alright, I'll see you
in a little bit
(piano keys)
(music continues)
(music fades)
Tonight's gonna be my night
Alright lets see
Yeah I'm gonna wear this one
(sprays cologne)
She's gonna love this
Lets do it
Holy shit! What the fuck!
What the hell!
(music plays)
(muffed screaming)
(muffed screaming continues)
(cutting stomach open)
(muffled shouting)
(guts splattering)
(music fades)
Where is everybody?
I have no idea, this is not like
them, they're always early
I'll go get them
Alright, but breakfast
is almost ready
if you see Becky, tell her to
get her ass in the kitchen
She's not here?
(music starts)
(music continues)
Hey stop!
What have you
done to my friends?
I didn't do anything,
I found them there like that
You're so full of shit
The way they treat you,
I'm glad they're dead
Now it's just you and me.
Now we can be together
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I thought you felt the same
way for me as I do for you?
I think I love you
Seriously, you're fucking
the only thing you're gonna be in
love with is your cellmate in prison
Pumpkin are you okay?
You're alright
we're gonna get you to a
hospital and then home okay?
Okay Daddy
Okay, that's my girl
She's not going anywhere
but to hell for what she did
Joni, are you alright?
I'm shot but it's not bad.
Hurts like a motherfucker though
Here take this.
Hold it down, hold it there
You're gonna be alright
What did you do?
I shot the sheriff,
but not the deputy
I didn't like him anyway,
he was an asshole
Now just keep the pressure
there, I'm gonna call for help
Don't even think about it
(music starts)
(camera click)
Is there anybody you
want me to call?
Maybe my mom
Just sit back, hold pressure on the
wound so it doesn't start bleeding again
it doesn't look so bad,
I think you're gonna be okay
Are you cold?
I'll get her a blanket
the ambulance is here anyway
come on I'll take you
(music fades)
We're live at camp Weeping Willow
where there is an active crime scene
Miss, can you tell us
what happened?
That stupid bitch
killed my friends
Sheriff do you have time for an interview?
Sheriff can you tell us what happened here?
There's really not much I can say at this
time as the investigation is still on-going
What I can tell you, is that we
have 1 wounded and 6 dead
one of the dead
being the County Sheriff
have any arrests been made?
Not at this time
as I stated, the investigation
is still on-going
there will be a press
conference at a later time
You said the County Sheriff is among the
deceased, who's gonna fill that role?
I'm the acting Sheriff right now
A woman Sheriff?
Why not?
Mel does it all the time
That's all I have to say
for now, thanks
Again we are live at camp
Weeping Willow
I'm Cara Di Falco
for WPIN News
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I just thought
I saw something
Just have a seat right here
How do you feel?
Very cold
I will take care of
you right away
I'll take your bag
You're gonna be alright. We're
gonna take you to the hospital
You're gonna be okay.
I'll be in touch with you
(doors slam)
(music plays)
(music fades)