Loveland (2022) Movie Script

All I've ever known is the city
since I was a boy.
And I kind of move around,
never too long in one place.
Fresh hit...
from a west side laundromat.
Ninenty percent probability.
I grew up on the streets.
It's where I met my father.
Well, that's what I called him.
We drifted around the city.
One morning I woke...
He was gone...
And I knew he was never
coming back.
I've never known my mother.
I found out she sold me
before I was even born.
I don't blame her, though.
It happens all the time.
Typhoons in the middle
of winter.
They say these are crazy times.
Everyone out for themselves.
Then one day I got
a chance to sell my soul.
And I took it.
To follow a man
on his last walk on earth.
Knowing it's your hand
that will carry out
his final act.
Sometimes I wake in the night
and wonder what they saw...
What they thought
in their final moment...
Before I took it away.
Turn around.
On your knees.
I know that look in your eye.
A life isn't worth
what it used to be...
But it's enough to get by.
Someone got nasty and roughed
her up.
Get lots of guys like that.
Want to try her?
If you want to spend the cash...
you could get the
new quantum love chip?
Just the usual.
If I saw you again...
Would you remember me?
Would you know your own eyes
looking back at you?
Do you still think of me?
Was it you?
Was it you?
Does this mystery belong to you?
I see butterflies
and rain.
Visions from my childhood.
A memory or a dream.
Flickers from my past.
I reach out to touch it...
But it dissolves in the light.
Welcome. This way, sir.
Can they see me?
They can't see you.
Tree nine eight.
Boss, please sit.
What's your name?
My name is April.
I am from the south of Vietnam.
It's just a village.
There's no money there.
But it's quiet...
And you can still see
the moon at night.
I like to sing.
I like to ice skate,
but I haven't done it
for a while.
I don't have a boyfriend.
What's your name?
Long day, Jack?
Not really.
What do you do?
I work construction.
You have family, Jack?
I got a father but, um...
Well, I never really see him.
Why not?
He left me when I was a kid.
I tracked him down once.
But I didn't bother to see him.
I understand.
When I first got here,
all I wanted was to go home.
Now I feel like...
There's nothing there for me.
What about your family?
I don't really talk
about my family.
What does it mean?
Believe what?
I'm sorry, I... have to leave.
You search for the distant...
Then it hits you in the face.
Should I be afraid?
What magic is this?
The other day...
I was looking down at my cigarette.
And I thought...
I wish I was a kid again.
There was a small ice rink...
in my home town.
My favourite thing was to skate.
It was like flying with
the wind in my hair.
I never wanted to stop
That was the time...
I wish would never change.
my father got sick.
And my mother left us.
She didn't even say goodbye.
Special order 398.
No, you...
You don't have to do that.
You remembered me.
I never forget a voice.
Is that your real name?
Of course not.
No one uses their real name.
Have you eaten?
Would you like to eat with me?
That's when I get off.
How will I know you?
I'll be the one looking at you.
Show me your hand.
Love line is very short.
I didn't know I had one.
Everyone's got one.
There's just no use
for them anymore.
A long life with...
No love.
Do you know what love is, Jack?
I've only heard stories
from a long time ago.
What kind of stories?
Sad ones, mostly.
I thought I did.
Not anymore.
What have these hands
really done?
Things I shouldn't forget.
Things I should regret.
But you don't.
Maybe one day.
Or maybe it's too late.
Is that what you believe?
Who was it?
A voice...
I thought I could trust.
How many times did he hurt you?
Less than he wanted to.
What's real?
It's getting harder to tell...
What's real, what's not.
Are they becoming more like us?
Or are we becoming the machine?
What is it?
Does it have a heart?
A soul?
Do I?
They said the machines
were meant to replace us.
But it's cheaper
to buy your soul
than a quantum chip.
The company code belongs
to a biotech corporation.
Masuka industries.
It's the government's
largest private donor.
Its system's high grade.
Impossible to hack.
Its head scientist,
doctor j. Bergman,
disappeared last year.
He's a life extension
He's your best bet.
If he's still alive.
What's wrong with you?
It's a pain...
Right here.
It's hard to breathe.
Just can't get enough air.
Any new medication?
Your blood cells are overloading.
You're losing aerobic ability.
But I don't understand why it's
Apart from this, you're very
Rare to find a healthier
Your DNA shows no sign of decay.
This is highly unusual.
I can't do anything for you.
Doctors and hospitals are no
good for you.
This guy's special.
He's got the highest level
drone shield.
Took a while to override it.
Seventy percent probability.
Doctor bergman?
In the
corner, between the light...
It's closer than you think.
Look at you.
Regrets for the blood you spilt.
Waiting for the truth to arrive.
You knew it was out there.
Who are you?
Where'd it come from?
Something that was following me.
How old are you?
And how much can I trust you?
That's what I thought.
Take control.
Live forever.
It's me.
Have you eaten?
Would you like to eat with me?
I don't feel like
speaking English today.
When I first came to the city...
I slept for three days in the bus station.
I almost went home.
But I couldn't.
Not win nothing.
Seems like...
I've been at the club....
for so long.
I hate it so much.
And I'll still poor.
And soon...
I'll too old...
to even work there.
That first night after we
I dreamt about you.
We were sitting on a mountain...
in a desert.
It was sunset.
We were watching these balls of
flying across the horizon.
You said they were...
lost souls...
looking for their place in
the world
When I woke...
I was lying in my bed...
missing you.
I've never missed anyone before.
Not like that.
I have to go to work.
Can I see you tonight?
I want you to stay at my home.
What do you want?
You killed my brother.
On your knees.
What is it?
Nymphalis antiopa.
The mourning cloak butterfly.
They live 30 times
the normal lifespan,
but their life
is half as bright.
Much of it spent
in semi-hibernation.
Why did you leave
the corporation?
Have a seat.
You have a very high concentration
of hormones in your blood.
Adrenaline, dopamine...
Serotonin, vasopressin,
These levels seem to be new...
To your system.
Seems to be affecting
your cell respiration.
Show me your hand.
Your open and close.
Well, that stiffness is your body's
rejection of the hormone levels.
Have you been
trying any new drugs?
You recently had
any new type of experience?
Like what?
Oh, I don't know. Anything...
Anything out of the ordinary?
What about the girl?
The girl in the restaurant,
how long have you known her?
A few days.
And how long have you had
these symptoms?
About the same time.
Why are they following me?
Well, I can't answer
that just yet.
This will take
some time to analyze.
I'll need your contact.
I have to warn you,
I don't have much money.
I don't want your money.
Then why are you helping me?
You just be thankful
I've done this much.
I have to get dressed.
Creatures of loneliness...
Taunted by desire...
Wrapped up in yourself...
Too tight to breathe...
Holding on by a thread.
What have you become...
What have you become
Every beat of my heart
is just for you
and I will love you
till my life is through
at the moment you're away
I just want to cry
every beat of my heart
is just for you
every beat of my heart
is just for you
every beat of my heart
is just for you
every beat of my heart
is just for you.
You ever been scared?
I am, of you.
Are you really?
You're not really
a construction worker...
Are you?
I was once.
A long time ago.
I sweated all day
for the price of a coffee.
One day I took a man's
life to save my own.
It didn't seem like
a hard thing to do.
So from then on,
life didn't seem so precious.
Nothing did.
So... are you scared of me now?
Then what?
I'm scared of...
The things I've done.
The things I've become.
I'm scared that I'll...
Dream about you again.
And that I'll miss you...
When I wake up.
What do you pray for
in the darkness?
Once had a daughter.
And I lost her.
I pray that she's okay.
And that she's healthy.
I've never told anyone before.
Only you.
Do you know what did it?
Yeah, I know.
You should go to sleep.
The sun'll be up soon.
I can't stay.
I just need to go.
Tonight I didn't
take your money.
I never bring anyone back here.
Do you understand?
I understand.
It's not safe
for you to be near me.
The things I've done
can come back to me.
The things you do...
Don't come back.
They're always there.
That's why I can't stay.
I can't help you.
Help me what?
Find your child.
I didn't ask you to help me.
Did I ask for your help?
She's better off
without me, anyway.
I'm too selfish to be a mother.
You could
never trust someone like me.
I will hurt you...
Lie to you...
Deceive you.
What did I do to you?
And you to me?
The lights, so bright.
If only you were on my inside.
Can you remember...
Before the glory?
You buried it all,
horses and men.
Your white blood...
Cracks your stony veins.
Your tomb's crumbling.
The forever light surrounds you.
Who are you?
I'm looking...
for this man.
He died last year.
Can you show me where he lived?
Siz kimsiniz?
His son.
From when I was born...
my life was to be like
everyone in my village.
I came here to change it.
But my fate is still the same
as everyone.
I've lost more than any of
I had dreams of what
my future might be.
Now I know the future is the
It is not my business.
Have you seen the moon of late?
I caught a glimpse of it
last night. It was...
Can't remember
the last time I'd seen it.
I must have missed it.
I mean, it was only briefly
visible in the haze, but...
But it did remind me how
some things are still real.
Some things are still
truly beautiful.
Will I sing for you, sir?
No, no, no. Thank you, no.
Are you lonely, sir?
Or do you have someone special?
Well, we live in a city
built for machines,
so I would have thought
loneliness was inevitable.
Unless, of course,
the machine is what you become.
I did have someone special...
A very long time ago.
Who was it?
The only person I ever trusted
and the only person
I couldn't let go.
Still haven't.
How can I help you?
Are you looking for something?
I spent my whole life
searching for something.
Did you find it?
Why did you come here?
Perhaps I was curious about what
it is that attracts them,
why they come to such a place.
I mean, what are
we all looking for?
I was wondering.
Has your life changed...
What do you mean?
I mean something...
You didn't see coming.
What do you want?
Just the truth.
You know you can't find truth
in a place like this.
Well, then why do they all come
here, if they know it's a lie?
Because it's better
than nothing.
What, even if it's not real?
That thing you
can't let go of...
Is it real...
Or just better than nothing?
It will be best for everybody
if you stay away from him.
Stay away from who?
These people are very dangerous.
And you should walk away, hmm?
While you can.
And, um, well...
I'll say goodbye.
back to new world cryogenics.
Visiting hours finish
in a half hour.
There isn't much time.
You're deteriorating quite quickly.
As a child, you were part
of an experimental program
at the masuka corporation
along with many other children.
The corporation's been
following you to take you in,
to conclude its experiments.
in the extension of life.
Street children
were the preferred target.
You were part of a hormone
restriction program
which essentially
comprised of limiting
the production
of certain hormones.
Hormones responsible
for deep emotion.
Now your body has adapted to
function without these hormones,
to the extent that, when they're
reintroduced, they become toxic,
which is what you
are now experiencing.
I mean, some people
would envy your position.
If you can remain
in good health,
it's possible
you could live long enough
to have a chance
to live forever.
You may never have to die.
You know, once I would have done
almost anything to have what you have.
I... I did the unimaginable.
I committed
the most terrible crimes...
To the most vulnerable
and innocent.
I'm going to attempt to wipe your
records from the corporation database,
but if I fail, you'll have to
keep looking over your shoulder,
because the corporation
won't stop until it has you.
Your only chance
is to stop seeing the girl.
What if I can't
stay away from her?
Well, then you will die.
The weather alert has been
The winter typhoon
has changed direction.
And is now tracking north east.
Looks like the storm's
going to miss us.
Wish me luck.
That dream you had of us,
on the mountain,
in the desert...
Was it real?
Did you really
miss me when you woke?
That day I first saw you...
It was on the train.
I followed you home.
And I followed you to the club.
I watched you pray
in the darkness.
I don't know if it
was real, or a dream.
I don't know if you are real.
Is this moment real?
Only you can answer that.
Mmm. What's it really mean?
What is everything?
My whole life...
I've felt like
I didn't belong anywhere.
When I'm with you,
that feeling's gone.
I'll be your home tonight.
I'll be the one
to never forget you.
You know you can't trust her,
but there's nothing you can do.
Like the sun...
It devours you.
I see them now...
The lost souls,
flying at the speed of light.
What magic is this?
The lights...
So bright.
My love...
I see butterflies and rain.
Visions from my childhood.
A memory or a dream?
Flickers from my past.
I see you...
Hiding from the light.
Acid rain index is medium.
The record wet weather
as another winter
typhoon forms off the coast.
Long time no see.
Lights up.
Where is 398?
She went back to Vietnam.
But we have other girls.
They are all the same.
That gorgeous display...
of brilliant sweet illusion.
The city too will lie.
The decay of your voice.
That weapon...
that shield.
No reason can sustain...
until dawn.
Do not say...
you feel guilty for me.
Please do not comfort me.
I know how to go this road...
Why should I be afraid?
Why should you?
For my eyes
to look back at me...
And yours back at you.
I'll wait for you.
For your warmth...
Your beauty...
Your truth.
I'll wait for you.