Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2023) Movie Script

- Morning Rangers.
Another morning Roundup.
Let's get started.
104 over.
- 104 responding.
Gonna hike around
Bench Lake. Over.
- Copy
that 104. Thanks.
107. Over.
- 107. Responding.
Still camping in
Atla Valley. Over.
- Thanks
107. Copy that.
109. Over.
109. Go ahead. Over.
109 what's your status? Over.
Barney, are you there? Over.
109. Over.
Barney? Are there any rangers
near Barney's station?
Can anybody confirm the
status of 109? Over.
- Okay. And
it's that thing, you know,
don't turn back for a second.
So many times the
parents as a kid say,
"It's just like that."
Were there one
second, gone the next.
But like very often
without being a trace,
like nothing without making
me sound just vanished, gone.
Right. These places
are supposed to be safe.
It's a national park
for Christ's sake.
People are there on their
vacation with their kids.
Then they go missing
sometimes from large groups.
And it's not like these kids
are being neglected or ignored.
Let's talk about
the shoes, right.
Sometimes the shoes are found.
- Yes, in
some cases the shoes are found,
but there's no trees in the body
and the children aren't found.
That's what gets paused, okay.
- So who did she hire?
- Ranger Lennon.
- Thanks.
- Really?
- You heard of her?
- Yeah.
- You?
- Yeah, she said she's a little.
- How are y'all doing?
- Hey.
- Hey. How are you?
- You must be Lennon.
Y'all meet Ranger Lennon yet?
- No.
- She sat right there.
- Hello?
Excuse us.
- Nice to meet you.
- See you later.
Congrats on the dream job.
You've been after this
for years, haven't you?
- Yeah.
- I'm not a psychic or anything,
just another member
of the rumor mill.
But don't worry, it
spreads nice things too.
Ranger Jackson, at your service.
- We've gone through
a lot today, a lot
for you to remember.
And as most of you know,
90 days in the Backcountry
can make a person
awfully forgetful.
So to help with
that, we've set up
a lot of resources for rangers.
Morning Roundup is still
at 8:00 AM and still.
- You hungry? I got trail mix.
- We will have an answer
to you within a few hours.
And we've put together
informational binders.
Take one.
Inside you'll find everything
we just talked about
and probably some
things that we didn't.
For instance, we have not
put cell phone towers in park
and we still haven't
run the electricity
to the Backcountry
ranger stations.
Any questions?
Okay. We are going to
separate into our districts.
Good luck rangers.
And remember, leave
nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but memories.
Peel nothing but time.
- Oh, well if it is
our favorite ranger.
- Mr. and Mrs. Finley
get an early start?
- Getting
wilderness passes.
- Really?
- Oh no, we're not
planning everything crazy.
- Well, not yet.
- Since Harold had
his knee surgery done.
- Ah, should have had
this done years ago.
- And then the doctor
gave us the all pass.
So we planned an overnight
for later in the summer.
- A couple of nights.
- You should see the amount
of stuff he's bought.
You'd think we were
moving out there.
- I wanna see the rest of
the park before I die. Yeah.
You know the bits that most
people only see pictures of.
- Well, we're gonna take some
practice hikes before we go
build up our stamina.
- Yeah. Give this
baby a test run.
- Hannah, how's your
summer looking dear?
Have you been
giving tours again?
- I got a job in
the Backcountry.
- Oh, that's wonderful.
- Oh, about goddamn time.
- Oh, your family must
be so proud of you.
- Yep.
- Run like the birds.
Look's like a bird.
- Good
morning rangers
and welcome to the
first Backcountry
roundup for the season.
Let's get it going.
104. Over?
- 104 responding.
Current position
is Hump trail over.
- Copy that 104.
107. Over?
- 107 responding
gonna see the cabin today, over.
- Copy 107.
114. You're up. Over.
114, where you at? Over.
- 114. Responding.
Plan is to hike Black Mountain
Trail into the lookout.
Long pass. Over.
- Copy that 114.
For most of us, hiking
in one of America's national
parks is something special.
We go with family or
friends, making memories
in some of the most beautiful
places in the world.
But what if all of
a sudden that person
who is just right beside
you, they're gone.
No sound, no scream, just gone.
Which is the massive
unreported amounts of
missing person cases
and unsolved missing
person cases.
Usually children.
Usually children
that come out of our
National park system.
- There
are so many disappearances
and a lot of similarities
between these cases.
Yeah. One of which
is they happen in or near
Granite Boulder Fields.
- The largest granite field
is at Alvarez National Park.
The largest collection of
missing people anywhere
in the world is at
Alvarez National Park.
That's not a coincidence.
- I know
These missing people
are found in areas
that have been searched
multiple times.
And the searchers know
they haven't missed the
body, but they come back
to the same area
they've already searched
and suddenly there it is.
Exactly. Yes.
There's no database
for people who go missing
in the national parks.
- So
they don't even know
how many people
have gone missing?
They don't know.
- Well,
we know what's happening,
but nobody's talking about it.
- Why
aren't they talking about it?
Are they scared?
They're rangers,
I mean, they have to know
that this is happening, right?
The rangers know,
they have to know.
- And
their shoes are gone.
What's with the shoes?
Yeah. That's weird.
People go missing.
They're gone.
Good morning Rangers.
- Good
evening rangers
be safe out there.
Speak tomorrow.
Over and out.
- Call to 114.
- 114 responding. Over.
- 121 to 114. Over.
- 114 responding. I
didn't copy. Over.
Come on.
114 responding. Over.
- Easy there, I'm a ranger.
Hello? You all right?
- Yeah, me too.
- Ah, neighbor.
You get yourself off?
I tried to radio you earlier.
Old batteries die?
We've all been there?
Those things, next to worthless.
- I forgot my spares.
- Oh well I got a few in
my pack if you want 'em.
- Sure, thanks.
- Alright.
You wanna get some dinner?
I know a great spot.
Come on.
- How many seasons have
you worked for Backcountry?
- This is my 10th year.
- You like it?
- Are you kidding
me? It spoiled me.
I don't think I'd be much
good at anything else.
Tell me about you.
Why the National Park Service?
- I'm sure you know a
lot about me already.
- I do.
But I'd like to
hear it from you.
- Why?
- Rumors have a way of
getting people all wrong.
- What would you like to know?
- Are they true?
- The rumors?
I'm not crazy.
- That's not true.
- No?
- Nope.
Everyone out here is at
least a little bit crazy.
How you sleeping?
- I'm sorry.
- Sleep?
Some people have a
problem with it out here.
- I am.
- Thanks 113.
And I think that's it for today.
Be safe out there
rangers. Over and out.
- I'm gonna head out.
- Oh, hold up.
- Thanks.
- Hate for you to be
without your radio.
Worthless as they are,
it's safer than nothing.
Till next time neighbor.
- Yep. Till then.
- That might be a bird.
- Where's your sister?
- 114 responding.
- We need help. No hurry.
- What's going on?
What's the problem?
- Open the door.
Open the door.
We need help
Open the door.
We have to hurry.
- Sir. Sir, I'm gonna help you.
But I need to put my shoes on
and to do that,
I need you to let
go of my arm, okay?
Okay. Let go of my arm.
Sir, wait.
Sir. Wait.
114 dispatch.
I've got a 10-33
in progress. Over.
114 dispatch. 10-33. Over.
- 114, this
is dispatch. What's
your 10-33? Over.
- 10-80 of an injured male.
He's in shock and running.
He might be leading
me to people.
I need assistance.
And a 10-52 over.
- Copy that 114.
SNR have been dispatched
to your ranger station.
- Sarah?
She was right there.
Then she wasn't.
- Okay.
- Lost a couple of
hikers down there.
- Oh no, don't do that.
We'll give it back to her.
Thank you.
Missing girl's name
is Sarah Greenberg.
According to her friends,
she was at camp one minute
and gone the next.
The rest we know.
Now it's easy to get
turned around at night.
So it's not likely that
she's far from camp,
but we'll treat this
like any other S&R
and walk on a grid.
Jackson will take the lead.
One of her friend's camera
and Sarah's driver's license.
Look through the pictures.
You fit to stay?
- Yes ma'am.
- There's no shame
in coming back
and getting those feet
properly looked at.
- I would like to stay ma'am.
- Excellent.
Well stay safe and smart.
- Ma'am.
- Quinn, Johnson, Rodriguez.
Y'all clear on your
search perimeters?
- Yep.
- Yep.
- Great.
Mark your maps and gear up.
- What about me?
- You stay.
- I can search. I'm fine.
- Someone needs to
be here in case she comes back.
- If she were close by she
would've heard the helicopter.
She would've found a trail.
- You stay.
- Jenny? Jenny?
- Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny?
- Jenny? Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny? Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny? Jenny?
Jenny? Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny?
- Sarah?
- Jenny?
- Jenny?
- Hello?
Ma'am, I'm a park ranger.
Are you in need of some help?
Sarah Greenberg?
- Are you real?
- Hey hey. It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm real. I'm real.
I'm here.
- Good work ranger.
- Did she say what happened?
- No, she didn't say anything.
I'll get her home and make
sure she's taken care of.
But you need to see me
at the end of the week.
There are some things
we need to discuss.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I'm happy to-
- No, thank you Jackson.
I think I need to
do this one myself.
And you are to stay at your
ranger station until then,
you are done for the season.
But I-
- I'm serious.
You were well intentioned,
not listening to
Ranger Jackson earlier,
but we are not giving
you suggestions here.
You've got five days.
Just pack your bags,
let your feet healed
and wait for the helicopter.
Do you understand?
- I understand.
- I mean it.
Stay put.
- Look, I'm sorry it was
wrong of me to ignore your-
- My explicit instructions.
- Yes, but we found her.
- You found her
- Piece of shit.
Hey, hey. I am a ranger.
I can help.
I am a national park ranger.
I am armed.
- Lennon?
- Jackson.
- We have reports
of someone needing
help in your area.
Possibly wounded,
maybe disoriented.
- Copy that. I think they
were just here. Over.
I didn't copy that.
Repeat. Over.
- You
should go after him.
- Okay. Copy that. Over and out.
If you're hurt and in need of
assistance, I'm a park ranger.
I can help you.
- Did you find them?
- I think I'm lost.
This looks like Bench Lake,
but this is,
it's impossible.
it's miles away from it.
- No, this is
where you need to be.
- What?
Jackson I don't
think you understand.
I'm across the park
from where I just was.
- No, you
don't understand.
- Jackson?
- Leave nothing.
Take nothing. Kill nothing.
- Run. Run like the bird.
Run like the birds.
Run like the birds.
- Take this trail
then we can go die.
- Birds don't run.
- Well. Well, Jenny.
- Some do. I've seen them.
- Birds fly.
- Wake up.
- Ranger station.
And then.
- We
hope you understand.
Leave nothing. Take nothing.
Kill nothing on you.
- I haven't.
- You have.
You've taken from us.
- Are you real?
- Leave nothing.
Take nothing. Kill nothing.
This isn't real.
This isn't real,
this isn't real.
- Leave nothing.
Take nothing. Kill nothing.
- Replace what you took
or they'll keep you.
- Oh, Mrs. Finley. Thank God.
It's Ranger Lennon.
I need some help.
I need some help.
Mrs. Finley?
Mrs. Finley?
Mrs. Finley. Hello?
- I hope you washed your hands.
Good enough.
- Mr. Finley?
Mr. Finley, can you-
- Get the bowl.
- Oh.
You've outdone yourself.
- I'm here.
Hey. I am here.
I'm here.
- Am I ready for this?
- Oh, hey.
Hey, hey wait.
- Nature calls.
- Be quick.
- Simply perform
the following steps
to guarantee years of
satisfactory service.
Keep action lightly
oiled, with good oil.
Apply lubricating oil to
trigger barrel and chambers.
Easy as pie.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Oh jeez.
- Run.
Run like the birds.
- You've really
outdone yourself.
I'm just gonna go and
use the facilities.
- Okay. I'll be here.
- Okay. Ready?
- I'm ready.
- Where's your sister?
- Be quick. Okay.
- You've
outdone yourself.
Tell us about you.
Why the national park service?
We'd like to hear her from you.
- I need to find her.
She is not lost.
- Easy as pie.
- Oh no.
Don't kill them.
- I won't kill them.
- If you don't,
then we'll keep you.
- Then keep me.
- Mountains. It's
about 50 miles east.
- Dad?
- That's not hers.
- Have
they found Jenny.
- It can't be hers.
- I'm so sorry.
- We were nowhere near
the mountains. 50 miles away.
It's not possible it's her.
How could she have
gotten that far?
- Girls?
So what's the plan
for today, ladies?
- Can we
play outside please?
- Sure.
You could walk to
the park if you want.
- Yeah.
- Slow down.
- I can see Jenny. Over.
- Report when
you're sure. Over.
- Copy that. Over.
- It is
her. She's not lost.
She's been taken.
There's nothing I can do. Over.
- Copy that.
Pull everyone in.
We'll talk to the
parents. Over and out.
- Copy that. Over.
- Jenny?
No. No. No. No. No.
- How do you catch a squirrel?
- You climb a tree and act nuts?
- Oh, I was saying
man this is just,
This is just a
nightmare sweetheart.
Go back to bed.
- Run.
- I'm so sorry.
I was supposed to
be watching you.
I should have been watching you.
- It wasn't your fault.
- I never stopped
looking for you.
- They keep us here.
- Lennon?
- Who are they?
- Can we play
outside Mom, please.
- Slow down.
- You could walk
to the park if you want.
- How do
you catch a squirrel?
- Jenny?
- There's
nothing I can do.
- It's just a
nightmare, sweetheart.
Go back to bed.
- Lennon?
- Lennon?
- Zhang?
Are are you real?
- I'm real.
- I don't understand. I don't
understand what's happening.
I hit my head.
- This isn't because
you hit your head.
- I don't understand.
- They take.
And we'd let them.
- Who?
- Who knows.
Whatever they are,
they live here
where it still gets dark.
Where you can still
see the stars.
Usually rangers come to us.
Tell us about the weird things
they experience in the woods.
That's when we explain.
They usually give us
a chance to explain
because, I think because
we protect their space.
I've given them so many.
I regret her most.
I am not going to
let them take you.
- It's too late.
I won't give them
what they want.
- I know.
I will.
Goodbye Lennon.
You are going to make
one hell of a ranger.
- Zhang?
Jenny, I'm not
gonna you leave you.
I'm not gonna leave you again.
I'm gonna save you.
- Lennon?
- Jackson?
- Oh my God.
I got you. I got you.
You're okay.
I got you.
I got you. I got you.
- What's happening?
- You just got lost.
Let's get you warmed
up. All right.
I got you.
- 121 to dispatch. Over.
- How do you know I was lost?
- 121 to dispatch. Over.
- You all know.
Don't you?
- 121 this is
dispatch. Go ahead. Over.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- 121, this is
dispatch. Go ahead over.
- Dispatch. I got eyes on 114.
It's an S&R, to Bench
Lake south side.
- Copy that 121.
- I got you. It's
gonna be alright. Okay?
- And in
areas that have been searched
and searched and searched again.
I mean these are not
small S&R operations.
These aren't volunteers.
These are members of
the NPS, DLM and USFS.
People that are trained
in Backcountry S&R.
- This
phenomena, if you will,
seems to happen close to
large volumes of water,
significant river systems
or in close proximity-
- Remember, may seem like
you're alone out there,
but we're all neighbors. Okay?
And that's about it.
Y'all have your binders
and most of what
it says in there.
If you've got any questions.
Don't forget, leave
nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but memories.
Kill nothing but time.
Have a good one.
- 119 to
dispatch. Over.
- 119. This is
dispatch. Go ahead over.
- We have
a missing person
last seen near Pear Lake. Over.
- Copy that 119.
S&R are being dispatched
to your ranger stations.
All call any rangers in the
Pear Lake vicinity. Over.
- Dispatch. This
is 114 responding.
I'm in the Pear
Lake vicinity. Over.
- Copy that
114. Thank you. Over.
- Dispatch.
This is 112 responding.
I can be near Pear
Lake in an hour. Over.
- Alright guys, I got
batteries in the back.
- Coming off behind.
- James?
- Are you real?
Are you real?
- No.