Lovely, Still (2008) Movie Script

You got it? I got it. I got it.
It must be stuck. One, two, three.
Watch out. Watch out. Watch out.
Happy holidays, everyone, from
all of us to all of you...
at Cedar Heights Shop and Save.
Oh, Alex. What are you doing here?
Let's go.
Mike wants to speak with you.
Oh. Okay.
So, would you saythat you have
a lotof stocking experience?
I don't know.
I guess. I help my grandmaput
her groceries awayevery week.
Grandma's groceries.How old
is your grandma?- Uh, 82 or 83.
I'm not sure at this point. Eighty-two?
I don't know.
Don't touch those.
I'm just gonnabe straight with you.
Do you thinkyou're Cedar
HeightsShop and Save material?
I mean, do you wannabecome
a partof this family?
I don't know. I guess I
do.- You guess you do?
Yeah. You guess?
Okay. Well, look...
Peter? Yeah. Peter.
I'm just gonnabe honest with you.
I'm not sure youwant this bad enough.
In fact, I know youdon't
want this bad enough.
Because I've got guyslined up
around the block.Not today...
Okay. Well, thanksfor your time.
Well... No, no. Okay.
Mike.- Hey, Robert.
Um, okay, Peter, look, how about this?
How about we give it a month, and
then we'll seewhere we're at.
Okay? All right. Okay. Thanks.
Can I have one of these?
No, you leave that there.
Yeah. Right up the stairs. Thanks.
Robert. How's work going today?
Uh, fine.- Yeah?
Yeah, they said youneeded to talk with me?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have a seat. Have a seat.
Ah, busy day. Busy day
here at Shop and Save.
We got a lot of...
Fix that later.
Uh, so, Robert, how's the whole everything?
Yours?- Great.
In fact, it's greatthat you asked,
I have somethingyou need to see.
Now, I think I found something
that could really help us all out.
I don't wannahype it up too much.
I'm just gonna cutto the chase here. Okay?
Okay. I truly think that this...
could changethe way we
celebratethe holiday season.
Are you ready?
Are you ready, sir?
Uh, yeah. Yeah? Okay.
These are...
Christmas recipe books,
stuffed full of holiday-themed
dinners and desserts...
everything from St. Nick Stew
to my personal favorite,
Christmas tree-shaped
cookies... all delicious.
I've mademany of them myself. Really?
Y-You m-made them yourself?
No. It's... It's part of the pitch.
Oh. Look, Robert, I'm not
trying to sell you this thing.
I want us to gointo business
together, you and me.
I don't understand.- Okay.
Look, all I have to dois get a
team of peopleworking under me,
and then they get a teamof
people working under them,
and then weall start
profitingoff of each other.
See, the more peoplewe get
involved, the more money we make.
There's no chancewe can
failif we never give up.
Well, yeah, that makes sense to me.
Yes. Yes. Okay. So, what do you think?
Should we get everyoneup in the
storeselling these things? Huh?
Granted, it might bekind of weird...
to have all of the employeesof this
place all of a suddenbe millionaires.
Right? I'll... I'll thinkabout it, yeah.
Hey, do you want, uh, one of these?
Take it home? Give it to
someoneyou care about?
Maybe another time.
Uhhuh. All right.-
Well, good-bye for now.
Okay. Hey, do you wanta
ride home todayor anything?
Uh, no. I feellike walking. Yeah.
All right.- Bye.
I'm sorry for... for coming in like
this, but... I don't know who you are.
I-I'm sorry.Get out.
I'm sorryfor coming in like this.
Take what you want.
Get out of my house.My
daughter and lare moving in...
across the street, and... Get out of here.
I didn't invite you here.
Leave now, please.
The door was open, and I-I... I just
wanted to make sureyou weren't hurt.
Hurt? I was just seeingthat you're okay.
That I was okay?- Your car
is crashedinto the garage.
Yeah. I just wanted to make
surethat everything was all right.
And then the door was open.
Yeah, the door was open.
But that doesn't meanyou walk into
somebody's house.All right, I'm sorry.
Please, I promise you.
Wait, wait. Just wait. Wait. Wait. Huh?
Wait. Who are you?
My name is Mary.
My name is Robert Malone.
Nice to meet you, Robert.
Nice to meet you.
This is a funny thing.
Yes, it is.
Well... Well, I shouldbe getting back.
Yeah. Thanksfor checking on me.
Of course.
Bye. Well...
Hi. I was just wondering...
Um, I don't know. This may sound crazy.
But I... Um,
could we have dinnertogether tomorrow?
Uh... I was...
I was...
I'm sorry. Don't... I made a mistake.
- Excuse me.
- But-But-But... No, no, no.
But... No, no. Please, stop. Stop.
Please. Please stop. Wait.
Yes. Yes?
We should have dinnertogether tomorrow.
Oh, great.- Great.
Okay. Okay.
Um... Shouldl pick you up since...
Yeah. Yeah. That would be good.- Yeah.
How did that happen?
I had to use the restroom.
Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. See you tomorrowat
6:00 to pick you up.- Okay.
Robert.- Yes?
You should pick a place
for us to go on our date.
Date. Date.- Yeah.
Night.- Bye.
Robert?- Yeah?
I'm really glad we met.
Me too.
Good night. Night.
Have yourself
A merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
Next year all
Our troubles will be out of sight
Someday soon
We all will be together
If the Fates allow
Until then
We'll have to muddle through somehow
One, two, and then on the third, you...
Shit. Sorry. Thanks.
Sorry. So have yourself
A merry
Little Christmas
What are you doing tonight, Robert?
What are youdoing tonight, Robert?
Oh, you know.
You're going on a date.
You're going on a date.
A date?
I can't do this.
I've gotta do it.
I-I need to ask yousome-some questions.
Okay. What, uh... What are they?
Well, they're ab...
about women.
Women? Yeah.
Yeah. You wanna ask
mequestions about women.
What... What it is, is, uh...
this, uh... um...
There's this woman.
She likes me. I think she likes me. Sure.
But I, um... Anyway, she
wants to go on a date.
Oh, I can help you.
You can? Yes, I can.
Good. Good. Mm-hmm.
What do I do?- Well...
You wannaimpress her, right? Yes.
And make her happy? Show
her a good time? Yes. Yes.
When is this date, Robert?
Yes. Uh, tonight.
Tonight? Well, that'spretty short notice.
Oh, I'm sorry.Don't be sorry.
It's just with suchshort notice, it's
hard toplan out a whole stratego.
Stratego? Yeah. Never mind. Look.
What? If you want herto really be into you,
you can't lookat this as a date. I can't?
No. But there is a lotof planning
that goesinto these things,
a lot of strategies. Uh-huh.
It's likeyou're a soldier.A soldier?
Soldier. Yes, a soldier of love.
Oh. Well... Yeah. Yeah.
Absolutely. Yeah. So, are you ready?
I mean... I'm ready.
'Cause I havea lot of
ideasthat can help you out.
Good. I need help. Good.
Well, Peter, would you, uh,
get methe phone book, please?
Yellow or white? White.
And look up the numberfor the
restaurantFantaisie et Romantique.
Oh, hey, look.
These are fromthe, uh... the cookbook.
Why don't you try one?
Mmm. Good.- Ah, that's
great.That's great.
No, I love these things, you know?
It's just...
Good.- You like them?
I'm telling you, those are
million-dollar cookies right there.
A million each. Yeah.
All right, take your time.
Thank you.
You're not gonnaregret this, Robert.
How may I help you?
Oui. Yes.
Um, could I get a, uh... a rservation...
for, uh, dos.
Robert Malone, please.
What ti... What time? Tonight.
Tonight.What time tonight?-
She's picking me up at 6:00.
6:30, please. Oui.
Um... Uh, gracias.
They said, uh, just bringa credit card.
Simple as that. Good. Good. Thank you.
Well, you know, I do have a
few more tricks up my sleeve.
Thank you. It's...
You do likethe cookie? I love the cookie.
Because you'renot finishing it.
You're just holding it.
No, no. Which is fine. I'm just saying.
No. I know. I like it. I
wanna save itfor later.
Psst. Uh, psst. What? Robert.
I hate to bother youwhile you're working,
but I've gota question to ask you.
Okay. What is it? Well, I wanna ask you...
Mike helped me a great deal,
but I need a little...
What is it, Robert?
When you go out on a date...
You have any tips?
Take her someplace fancy.
I suggest downtown.
Oh, and then afterwards, youcan snuggle up
on one of thosehorse-drawn carriage rides.
Oh, no.
Compliment her.Tell her how nice she is,
how pretty she looksin
her dress, her shoes.
Oh! Her shoes!
Okay. Compliment her.
Your shoes look amazing tonight.
Wow! Your shoes lookamazing tonight. Oh.
Look at your shoes, how...
wonderful they look. Oh.
Kiss her.- Don't kiss
her.Even if you want to.
Oh, really? That's very funny.
Act like she meansnothing to
you.- But she means a lot to me.
No way, man. When girls see you don't
care, they want you even more.
They'll be like, "Bobby, put
downthe video game controller."
And you'll be like,"No. I'm
a lone wolfon this mission.
I gotta fly solo." That's the
stupidest thingl ever heard.
That's not a word.
White shirt, black pants, black shoes...
and a black blazerwith a red tie.
This combinationwill always result...
in good results.
Do you need help? Oh, I do.
I can't get this.
Thanks, hon.
You look pretty.- Alex.
I know you don'twant me to do this,
but it's somethingl have to do.
I just worry, Mom.- There's
nothingto worry about.
How can you say that? This is a bad idea.
All right, Alex, thank you very much.
I've heard enough.
I'm gonna do it.
The dream alive.
- Mom!
- I'm going out on a date! That's all I'm doing!
Would you please just relax?
Who knows? Maybe wewon't even get along.
On the mistletoe
No one to kiss you
You're alone
I'm looking at your gift
I wonder where you are
On someone's arm
I'm dry
And warm
I face the fire
My hands are cold.
Hi. Hello.
Are you ready?
Yes. I-I do... I-I have directions.
Oh! Okay.
Take me away. Okay.
Thank you.
What did you... What did you order again?
It's like a salad.
That's a... great choice.
Mm, thanks.
You... You lookvery nice tonight.
Oh. Thank you.
And... your shoes lookvery nice too.
Oh! Thank you again. I... I...
I just mean that you... you look
very nice, that's what I...
So, you had to goto the restroom?
No, I'm okay.
No, no. I meant your car.
You said you had to goto the restroom and
that'swhy it was stuck in the garage.
Yeah. Right.
So, what happened?
Oh. I...
I was backing the carout of the garage,
and I closedthe garage door,
and then I had to go.
Something like thatalmost
happened to me once.
Really? No.
Don't feel bad.
How does your food taste?
Oh, it's... it's fine.
You don't like it, do you?
Well, to be honest, I think
it couldtaste better.
I mean, I think it looks nice, but I
think it couldtaste better, I think.
Mine's horrible.
And this is comingfrom
somebodywho eats TV dinners.
I love TV dinners.Yes.
I've seen you before.
Where? When I go shopping.
You mean at... at the store?
Yeah. Every day you eatand
you sketch pictures.
And I snuck a peek, and I
thinkthey're really good.
You've been watching me? I
think you'rea real artist.
Good one.No, no, no. It's true.
Well, thank you.
When I was a little girl,
my favorite book to readwas
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Oh, I wanted lifeto be like that.
You know, find true loveand
live happily ever after.
You know, all the dreamswe have growing up.
And then... everything changes.
You know, every yearthat goes by just...
It'll all be okay.
There's no chanceto fail...
if you don't give up.
Let's make each othera promise, okay?
A promise? A-A-A promise of what?
That we'll never give up.
So, how do you like workingat
the grocery store?
Oh, it's fine. It's fine, you know.
There's more to itthan meets the
eye, you know. Oh, I'm sure.
You go on dates often? This is my
first onesince my husband left.
Hop on in.
Oh, thank you.Hey, do...
dol pay you now or...
You can pay meafter the ride.
Okay. Thank you.
Get in all right? Yeah.
Do you thinkit's safe?
Oh, of course it's safe.
No, it's safe. Yeah?
Here. Yeah. Oh. Thank you.
You're welcome. Merry Christmas!
Oh, I'm reallyenjoying this.
The lights are so pretty.
They are, aren't they? Yeah.
It's getting kindof cold though.
Yeah. I wish they hadanother blanket.
I've got an idea.
Why don't we both usethis one?
That's good.
Oh, there.
Thank you.You're welcome.
I think I've finally gotten warm.
You're okay now? I'm fine, yes.
I hada good time tonight.Oh, me too.
Yeah? Yeah.
Okay. Okay. Yeah.
What's that?
Um, it soundslike singing.
Oh. Well.
Oh. It's beautiful.
Yes, it is.
On your knees
Oh, hear
The angel voices.
how was our first date? O night
O night.
It... When Christ was born.
Was wonderful? It was... wonderful.
O night I wish it would...
go on for more.
Well, we're gonna seeeach other tomorrow.
O night divine
Good night!
Good night!
You happy, Mom?
I'm so happy.
I'm sorry about before.
I just wanna protect you.
I know, honey.
That's all right.
This is the right really is.
You have to trust me.
I trust you.
That's my girl.
I love you, Mom.I love you too, honey.
Good night.
I'm glad you had fun.
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and
sing a sleighing song tonight
Jingle bells
Ji-Jingle bells
Jingle all the way
And here's the question. Yes, I'm ready.
Hello, sir.My name isDamien Montgomery.
I was curious if you'd beinterested in
buying sledsto keep kids off the streets.
Well, how much?- Five dollars.
Oh. Uh...
Did the phone just ring?- No.
Are you sure?- Yes.
Oh. So, how much... how much
are they?- Five dollars.
All... All right.I'll, uh...
I'll take a sled.
Man, is that all you'regoing to spend
to help keepthe kids off the streets?
Well, I'll... Oh.
Don't hang up. Wait, wait, wait.
Don't hang up.
Hello. Mary?
No. No, I'm perfectly
happywith my phone service.
Look... Look... Look, don't...
don't... What?
Damn it!
Yes? Oh.
Hi. Oh, Mary.
So, why didn't you call?
Oh, I was just about to.
So, did you, uh, planany
things for today fun?
What are those?
Hey, wait for me. Oh, sorry.
I haven't come heresince
I was a's great.
Yeah, we usedto come and cut
downour Christmas trees here.
But I don't think theylet you do that
anymore.Oh, I'm sure they don't.
Oh, I wantedto ask you a question. Yeah?
I would just love itif
you would be my date...
for this partyon Christmas Eve.
I'd love to. You would?
Of course I'll... I'll go. Sure.
Really? Yeah. Why wouldn't I?
Well, I don't knowhow to answer that.
It's so beautiful...
if we just slow down
enoughto really see it.
I've never seen it before.
I may...
I may have wastedmy whole life.
Robert, stop it. You haven't.
I have.- No, you didn't.
Don't think about the past.
The past is just...
something we can't do anything about.
And the future is... Who knows?
It could be wonderful or...
it could be something else.
We don't know.
let's just be happy now.
All right.
Let's just care aboutright now.
I can't wait to give
youyour Christmas present.
My Christmas present? Yeah.
It's perfect.
Oh. Good.
You wanna go down again?
Yeah. Come on.
You comin'?-
Jingle bells.
So, what are wegonna get her?
Jingle all the way I wanna
get herthe perfect gift.
Oh, what fun it is to ride Uh-huh.
And what is that?
It's the perfect gift. Ah. Can
you bea little more specific?
Well, I don't knowwhat it is yet,
but I will knowwhat it
is when I see it. Okay.
- Jeans? Is she a jean wearer?
- No, no, no.
All right, well, we'll figure it out.
Are you seeing anythingthat kind
of resemblesthe perfect gift?
Here. How about that? That looks good.
I don't know about that.
Are those the right sizes?
Uh, yeah. Probably.
Robert, look at this. Hey! Hey!
What? A lot of stuff here.
What do you say? Oh, okay.
This is something else. I... I
would wear this. I wouldn't.
No. No.
Ah. Here we go. Give her this.
She'll like it.
Really? Yeah. Trust me.
Maybe that'sthe perfect
one.We don't know right now.
Maybe later onwe will know.
I don't like that color.
See, this is progress. We're figuring
stuff out.I'm not sure she'll like that.
Cute, right?
Yeah. They're adorable, if you're
shoppingfor a five-year-old.
God, you're luckyyou brought me.
Jingle bells, jingle
bells Jingle all the way
- Oh, what fun it is to ride.
- What's going on?
In a one-horse open sleigh.
This is it. This is the gift.
Okay. Well, whatabout all this stuff?
Well... Well, that's alll
need, you know, but...
Okay. Just in case, we
better getthis stuff too.
Okay. Jingle bells.
Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate it. Yeah.
All right. That was fun.That was great.
Thank you.
I'll see you in the morning.
Okay. Have a good night.
Yeah, you too, Robert.
Hey, uh, Robert. Hey, Robert.
Hi. I'm Alex, Mary's daughter.
Oh. Hello. Hi.
So, what have you got there?
For me?
Uh, no.
No. I know. I'm kidding.
It's freezing, huh?
Maybe you should go back inside.
I don't want youto catch
cold or anything.- All right.
Um, I just wantedto say, Robert,
if you ever need anything,
anything at all, you
justcome on over and ask.
I'm happy to help. Oh, that's
very nice of you.Thank you.
All right.Nice meeting you.
And you. Okay. Okay.
Good night.Night.
Hey, Robert?
My mom, she really likes you.
You make her happy, which makes me happy.
Good night. Good night.
Mary?- Hi.
I missed you today.
Missed me?
Hmm, yeah.- Well, I missed you too.
Okay. I just calledto say that...
and to askif you wanna, um,
spend the daywith me tomorrow.
What, the whole day?
What do you think?
You can takea day off of work.
Okay. I mean, that sounds lovely.
Well, I guess I'llsee you
tomorrow morning then.
Good night.
Hey, Robert. Guess what.
What? Hey, are you, uh,
notcoming into work today?
Uh... Mike, are youfollowing me?
Hey, guess what. What?
You're not gonna believe itif I tell
you, but last night... I met somebody.
Ah. Yeah.
That I think m... means a lot to me.
Really? Yeah.
Well, good for you.Where did you meet her?
God, she's amazing, Robert. You know?
We're gonna go see Fiddler
on the Roof tonight. Great.
Great. I'm so happyfor you, Mike. I mean,
you were kind of an inspiration,
you know... you and Mary. Oh, no.
No. Yeah, so thank you.
That's silly.Whoa, whoa. You know...
Hey, how are thingswith Mary?
Good? Fine, fine.
Yeah? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Oh!
You know, I don't know what the deal is.
They see me, they just see a big
target walking around or something.
You know what? Do your worst, kids!
You can't break my spirits today!
You can't! You can't do it!
You little ass... shits!
Hey, hey! Easy, easy. Next thing you
know, they'll be egging my house.
What, we're gonna live in fearof these little
punks our wholelives? You little punks!
Well, it's pretty sadwhen two grown men
are afraidto make fun of 10-year-olds.
Well, I guess so.
Uh... Uh, I do hate themthough.
Well, I mean... It's not a big deal.
All right, well, I betterget to the
store there, Robert. Oh, yeah.
All right. Hey, what
areyou doing today? Well...
I was... planning onspending it with Mary.
Oh. If that's okay with you.
That's great. Good.
Just have fun, you know? Yeah.
Tomorrow's the big, um,
Christmas eve party.
I can't wait.
Practically the whole town goes.
Oh, look at the moon.
I love the moon.
It's always there.
Even when we can't see it,
it's still circling around us.
If you want,
I'll be there for you.
What I want is to spendChristmas with you.
Well, uh...
What's the matter?
A real Christmas.
I've never spenta Christmas
with anyone before.
Is that a "yes"?
Don't let it kick you down
I think of
Birthdays with you
And two silent
Small clouds Wow.
I think I will
Not take the pill -
I think I will
Stay with you still
Don't make me cry
With my eyes
I'll give you my heart
If it still works
Mom, where you going?
I just have to go outfor a minute.
I'll... I'll be right back.
Hello. Hi. Good evening.How can I help you?
Could you refill thisfor me, please? Okay.
I'm sorry, but I can'trefill
this for you now.
Why not? Um, there's a
flagon the prescription.
You're gonna haveto wait
till Monday, if that's okay.
Oh, no. I-I can't...
can't wait until Monday.
I... This is all arrangedwith my doctor.
Well, if you'd like, you can call
your doctorand arrange something,
but I'm afraidl can't do anything.
He's away for the holidays.
Please. This is very important.I
have to have thisbefore Monday.
Ma'am, that would bebreaking the law.
Well, is there somebody elsel can talk to?
I-I... I can't.
[ "Twelve Days Of Christmas" ]
Do you promise to love me forever?
Okay. Uh, "Toxic Love," a haiku.
"You smiled so sweetly...
"at Fiddler on the Roof.
"Thank you, Rachel.
Do you think she'll like it,
or is it too much too soon?
Why is it called "Toxic Love"?
Mary! Hi, honey!
Merry Christmas.Oh, merry Christmas.
This is my new friend, Robert Malone.
This is my cousin Jackie.
It's nice to meet you, Robert.
Nice to meet you too. Oh...
Um, and, by the way, Buck
was looking for you.
Oh, thank you. So merry Christmas, sweetie.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, just a littlenervous
aboutmeeting people.
Ah, you don't have to benervous about that.
They're just people.
And this is Lisa. How do you do?
And Harold. Very nice to meet you, Robert.
Very nice to meet you.
And this is's a pleasure, Robert.
Uh... My, uh... My pleasure too.
Uh, so, uh, have you guysheard
about theseChristmas recipe books?
Oh, yes. Sounds like a great opportunity.
Yeah, I think so.
Yeah. Be fun. Yeah. So...
Huh? I... I'm gonna getanother drink.
I'll go with you.No, no. You stay here.
You have fun.
I'll be right back.
Is this the little boy at play Hi.
I don't remember growing older
When did they
When did she get to be a beauty
Mary? Oh.
Hi, Robert. Hi, little girl.
Who are you?
What... What did...
Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow
The days
Seedlings turn overnight
To sunflowers
As we gaze Oh, hey,
Robert, how's the store?
Fine. Fine. Excuse me.
Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Fly the years
One season following
Laden with happiness
And tears
Seedlings turn overnight
To sunflowers
Blossoming even as
We gaze.
Hello, Robert.
You're her ex-husband, aren't you?
Excuse me?
You're a worthlesshuman being.
What are you talking about?
You left her.You hurt her.
Mary? Don't you mentionher name.
Look, I don't knowwhat was just
going on, but I'm gonna find out.
Robert, nothing happened. People like
you do notdeserve people like her!
You stop it right now... Shut your mouth!
New messages.
Mary, this is Dr. Patrick.I
got your message.
No need to worry.I talked
to the pharmacy and...
How's it going?
I think it's okay. She's taking care of it.
How you doing? Good. You having fun?
Robert, put your coat on.
I think I just madea mistake.Why?
What's wrong?
What? I'm sorry.Did I ruin the party?
What are you talking about?
I yelled at your husband.You what?
Well, he was making... putting
moves on you, and I...
I didn't know whetherthat
was right or not and...
Are you still in lovewith him?
Robert, what? Buck is not my husband.
And he certainlywasn't putting moveson me.
No, but in the roomupstairs...
In the room upstairshe was
giving me thisto give to you.
He gave me this? Yes.
Oh. Oh, my God. I...
Should I open it? No, no, no.
Let's save itfor Christmas, huh?
Maybe I should go inand
apologize.Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
You know what? I think it was a mistake
tocome here in the first place.
Let's just go. I want to be alonewith you.
Wait. What's that?
What? Do you hear that?
Yeah. Come here.
I'm dreaming
Of a white Christmas.
Put your arms around me.
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
And children
To hear sleigh bells
In the snow
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I know what'sin this one. I...
It's beautiful.Ah, you like it?
Oh, I do. I love it.
Just open it from me. You got me so many.
Okay, you open that one.I got this.
This is... This is fun.
Oh! That just...
Oh, I goes with this.
It's the same color.
Walkin' in a winter wonderland
Ooh, nice, a scarf. Here.
This. But open this one
first.This one goes with it.
I'll put this here.
He's singin' a song as we go along
Walkin' in a winter wonderland
I thought you mightlike to try painting.
I, uh... I know you'd be good at it.
You know, I bet I would.
I know you would, darling.
I hope you paint somethingfor me.
I'll do my best.
Terrific. Wow.
Here. Open this one.
I hope you like it.
Walkin' in a winter wonderland
Like us, right? Oh, it is so lovely.
Perfect? Perfect.
I'm so glad you like it.
Oh, I just love it. It's
so beautiful. Good.
Hey. Want a cupof coffee? I'd love some.
I'll get the coffee, and
you open the presents.
The rest are allfor you.
All for me? Great.All for you.
I think Christmas coffeeshould...
should havea lot of sugar.
What you doing?
What is this?
What is this?
You weren't supposedto see that.
But why did you give
yourselfthis as a present?
I don't know.
I don't know.
You weren't goingto kill yourself?
I was gonna end itbecause I was tired.
Because I-I didn't wantto
be alone anymore, and I...
But then... then I met you.
Mary, don't leave me.
Please don't leave me.
I'm not leaving you.I mean, if you
leave me, everything leaves me.
I'm not gonna leave you.I'm here.
You can't leave me.
Mary, I'm in love with you.
This is what love is.
When I saw you...
Everything fit.
It was like breathing.
I've loved you sincethe
first moment I saw you.
Merry Christmas.
Hi! Hi! Hi, Robert!
Hi, Mom.
You fixed the car. Yeah. And also...
The garage! Garage door. Good as new.
How did you do that? Why, thank you so much.
Oh, you're welcome.
This is terrific. It is. It's delicious.
It's great.Tastes almosthomemade.
Thank you for coming. The pie
was wonderful.Thank you.
Oh, it was so good.
Merry Christmas, Robert.
That was a lot of fun.Thank you, Mike.
That was great. Yeah.
...tore open the shudders
and threw out the sash.
I've been wanting to tell
you something today,
but I just couldn't get
up the guts to do it.
I know I've only known
you for a week, but...
but, Mary, when... when I'm with you...
when I'm with you, it feels like...
you've been heremy whole life.
Like nothing was... bad before,
even though it was.
Just to warn you, tomorrow...
Tomorrow, I...
I'm gonna ask youto marry me.
And if you say what I...
what I hope you're gonna say,
it-it'll make me...
very, very happy.
Is that okay with you?
God, I hope it is.
Good night,
Mrs. Robert Malone.
Whoa. Whoa.
Where are you?
Why did you leave me? Why...
Mary, where are you?
She isn't here.
Oh, God.
Ring. Call me.
The number, the number, the number.
The number.
Please ring.- Why didn't you call?
Ring. Ring. Call me, Mary. Call me.
Please ring! Ring!
Damn it! Damn it!
What did I do wrong?
May I... May I please speak to Mary? Hello?
Put Mary on the phone! Please put Mary on!
Don't... Don't hang up! Oh, God!
Please. I love Mary. Please put her on the phone.
Put her on the phone!
Stop it! Put her on the phone!
I've loved you since the
first moment I saw you.
My God.- Perfect.
Please put her on the phone!
Please put her on the phone!
I don't know her name!
Please put her on the phone!
Put her on the phone!- No!
I'm back.- Mary.
Mary, where've you been?
Why... Why did you leave me?
What's the matter? Well... Well,
did Ido something wrong?
You didn't do anything's been days.
No, no, no. It's justbeen
a few hours, honey.What?
I tried to call you, but I
only got a busy signal.
Why don't I remember?
Don't you rememberwe said good-bye
to each otherthis morning?
I'll see you later. If you
need anything, just call Alex.
I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Be careful. Bye. Love. Okay.
Why don't I remember? I... You
need to take your pill.
Come on. Let's... No!
This is a trick.
You and Buck areplaying a trick on me.
This is wrong!
No, Robert. Look at me. Look at me.
It's okay. You're safe. I'm here.
It's okay, honey.
Where did you go? Why-Why did you leave me?
It's okay. Everything is all right.
Please don't leave me
again.Please don't leave me...
No, I'm never... Don't leave me.
Oh, God. How can I make youunderstand
it's youwho's leaving me?
No. I love you.
Don't... Don't leave mefor Buck, please.
Buck is your brother.
Oh, God, that look.
What's wrong with my head? What's wrong?
You need your pills.No! No!
Come inside to get water.No!
Hey, it's Robert. Hey.Get away from me!
No, no, no. It's okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
It's okay. Why are you here?
Who are you? It's me. It's Mike.
Mary... Where's Mary? Mary? You-You-You...
Where's Mary?- Mom, what's going on?
Who's Mom?
Robert, you have to take this.- No. No!
Take this.- No! No! No, no.
What's happening? Dad, hey...
Shit. Is it locked?
Yeah. Robert, come to the door, honey.
Come on, Robert. I need to see your face.
Where are the keys? They're inside.
Robert, open the door!- Damn it. Robert!
I don't know.
Robert, open the door! Daddy!
Come on, darling. Open the door, please.
We all love you,
Robert.- I don't know you!
Yes, you do, honey.You just don't remember.
I'm your wife.
Please open the door, Robert.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I forgot.
Hi, kids.
Dad? Call 911!
Don't... Don't move him!
What happened? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, we need an ambulance.
Do you promise to love me forever?
I promise.
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Robert Malone.
Merry Christmas, my darling husband.
Oh, you brought it. Good. Thank you.
Hey, so what'dthe doctor say?
Hey, Mom.
He thinks we oughtto give up.
I don't agree.
Take my coat, will you, honey? Yeah.
Thanks. Let's go. Sure.
Where we going? Oh,
we're gonna go seemy love.
You all right?
I'm feeling I shouldgo in alone.
Okay. Okay.
Hello, darling.
Look what I brought you.
Remember the perfect giftthat you gave me?
Remember the carolersat Christmas?
Remember, darling?
Do you remember?
I'm gonna put it right
hereso you can look at it.
Oh, I'm sorry I startled you.
I promise...
I'll love you forever.
I heard you schemin' new pyramids
Another big idea
To get you rich
Make a plan to love me
Make a plan to love me
Sometime soon
You said you got a foot
In the door
You buy and then you sell
You buy some more
Make a plan to love me
Make a plan to love me sometime soon
Life's too short
Death doesn't ask
Owe you, owe you It don't owe
You that
Some things you lose
You don't get back
So just know what
You have
And make a plan to love me
Make a plan to love me sometime soon
When you're young the
world is a Ferris wheel
I know we will grow old
It's lovely, still
Make a plan to love me
Make a plan to love me sometime soon
Life's too short
To be a fool
Owe you, owe you It don't owe
You that
Do what you feel
Whatever's cool
Have to, have to have
to But I just have
To ask
Will you make a plan to love me
Will you make a plan to love me
You got to
Will you make a plan to love me
Sometime soon
When I think of you
I think good old times
Green and gold times
Times too lovely
When I'm down and blue
Just pick up the phone
I know you'll laugh with me
When I walk alone
When you walk alone
It's a long road
A winding boulevard
To heal a broken heart
When you walk alone
A fragrant fresh-cut lawn
Chlorinated swimming pool
Together we would jump
With next to nothing on
We'd jump the swinging fence
As lightning takes the stage
It takes with it our clothes
And this is what we made
A dream to drift along
A tempest passing through
These resilient trees
Older than me or you
When I dream of love