Lovemobil (2019) Movie Script

Good morning, manni.
How far along are you with your girls?
Oh, problems again... all right.
When will you drop off my girl?
Is she coming or not?
Is she leaving...
You took her already?
Oh, come on. No!
What a stupid cow!
I'm gonna to lose it!
You dropped her off at the station
at 5 am. And she had her suitcase?
Well, that's her gone then... nonsense!
how long have you been in the business?
Milena, what happened last night?
A customer was complaining.
Do you know how smelly
and disgusting he was?
Disgusting and smelly?
- Smelly and disgusting!
- But he was your customer.
- Didn't he take a shower?
- No, he didn't. He was smelly!
So what? Why are you complaining now?
Look, business is bad.
I come here to work every day.
And it's not going well.
You're always saying "business is bad".
You just...
Last week and the week before...
Business is not good!
- You have to sell yourself better.
- "Sell myself"? What do you mean?
- I sit up front in that bus and I wait.
- Yeah.
Yeah what?
- Business is slow sometimes. You know that.
- Then you have to lower my rent a bit.
- No, that's not possible.
- Why not? Then I'll leave!
- You have to sell yourself better, honey.
- No. No! No! I'll just leave.
You're not the first to say that.
But they were all back after a few months.
You knew what you were
getting yourself into, didn't you?
Calm down, I'm here now!
Hey, brownie. Hey, blue-eye.
Mummy's making it nice and warm.
I need one.
do I have to put a 0 before the 39?
Or a 00?
It's an Italian number.
Yeah, exactly.
It said the number wasn't in service.
Okay, I'll try it again in a minute.
All right.
It sucks here.
The customers are shit,
everything is shit.
I want to get out of this place.
For example,
some of the customers come here and smoke.
And they want to put their cigarettes out
on my wrist or on my stomach.
And when I say no,
they tell me I have to
because they paid for it.
Some of the customers...
Like to punch and choke me.
And hit me.
Some of them
like tying my wrists to the bed.
And they want me to punch them, too.
Or they like doing things with my shoes,
with my high heels.
They always want to play around
with my shoes.
Sometimes inside of me.
And I tell them:
"No, I don't want to do that."
But they just say: "I paid for it.
I paid you so I could do those things."
and if I refuse to do it,
they ask for their money back and leave.
- Milena!
- Hello, Paulo.
How are you?
- I'm just a little stressed. Can I undress?
- Sure.
Why are you stressed?
Because of work. I'll be transferred soon.
To Berlin.
- That's nice, isn't it?
- Sure it's nice.
But it means I'll see you less.
- The same as usual?
- Yes...
Okay, hang on.
- 50, right?
- No, I'll keep the change.
- You haven't been here for ages.
- Okay, but I'd like some specials today.
- No? Too bad.
- You know that.
- But you know what I like, right?
- Yes.
- I'll help you work off that stress.
- I hope so.
You will not be made
a centre of ridicule and mockery.
I assure you, okay?
You will find a man who will love you,
Cherish you,
care for you like you truly deserve.
I'd like you to understand my position.
I like you as a person
and we can still be friends.
But I want to choose my wife myself.
Not a ready-made bride.
- Hello, cutie.
- Can I come inside?
It's dangerous to work here,
really dangerous.
Some time ago,
one of our girls, a Polish girl,
was found dead in the lake.
She was choked to death.
Another crazy customer.
He choked her
and threw her into the water.
And the other day,
they beat a black girl
and stabbed her all over with a knife.
The girl was in a really bad condition.
She was in hospital for a long time.
Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians.
They all come here and bring their girls.
The girls have to do everything for money.
And the men are at war with each other.
They're even killing each other's girls.
They smashed this window here
and slashed my tires. It's terrible.
Really, honey?
- Hello. How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
Where are you going?
Don't you want me?
I have a younger brother in Bulgaria.
Our mother died when I was nine
and my brother was one.
Not long after she died,
my father married someone else.
Our stepmother didn't love us.
She just yelled at us all the time.
She manipulated our father and told him
to send us to a children's home.
My father agreed with her
and went along with the plan.
I was really shocked and scared.
I didn't want to go to the home
and be separated from my brother.
I wanted to be with him.
I thought: "It's better to sleep
on the streets than go into a home."
We'll make it somehow."
There isn't much work in the trailer.
Sometimes there is,
sometimes there isn't.
And if there's no work in the trailer,
I have to spend what I earn in the club
on the rent for the trailer.
That's why...
I want to get away from here.
I want to go somewhere else.
Maybe I could work in Berlin.
Maybe I could make more money there and...
Improve my brother's chances in life.
I can't change my fate anymore,
but I can improve my brother's.
Business has been really screwed
for two years now.
Competition is much worse.
There were no foreign girls back then.
There are 26 trailers
on the b188, you know?
How the hell can that work?
People have to realise
that these women are offering a service.
A man only goes to a prostitute
because he's not getting something.
And why shouldn't he
live out his fantasies?
But he should at least be decent enough
to pay properly for it.
But they don't want to today.
They'd pay nothing if they could.
Or 10 Euros for the vip treatment.
But that's not on.
They want a sixty-nine
and sex here there and everywhere,
and to stick it in your ear
or whatever.
Well, it's true.
Uschi is back again!
I just told her you're not a "guest".
You're a man of the church.
- Yes, that's...
- You could say that.
I'm not a guest of that sort.
I am a guest of the earth.
- Of the earth.
- But not her "guest".
Jesus also had some contact
with prostitutes.
But... he tried to change them.
- Money?
- Just give me money and I will stop.
That's what they're bred for in Africa.
Bred? Who is bred?
Of all the girls born in Africa,
30% of them
will be groomed to do this job.
But they're looking for a humane life,
not to walk the streets.
No, no. They know what they're doing.
She'll carry on as long as she can.
- Until she has the money she needs.
- Probably.
- But she never will.
- Mankind is never satisfied. That's true.
"Men-kind" isn't satisfied either
if they come here.
Sure they are!
They wouldn't come otherwise.
- It's the oldest profession in the world.
- True.
And men are notorious cheaters.
- Who says that?
- 80% of them.
- I'm speaking from experience.
- What kind of idiots did you run into?
The idiots who come here, for example,
of their own free will.
It's her decision.
I didn't tell her to come here.
But you're also not encouraging her
to get a properjob.
Well, if she'd done that in Africa,
she wouldn't be here right now.
- That's just your luck.
- She can't do it, so I'm giving her work.
Work! You're just after her money.
That's not the point.
We all have to pay rent!
This is exactly how people get exploited.
And you are...
Sorry to be so frank...
In my eyes, you are...
An exploiter.
I'm exploiting her?
- Of course this is exploitation!
- No, it is not!
Taking advantage of somebody in need...
- Does she look like she's in need? No!
- Uschi, stop pointing at me.
She's not letting herself be exploited
and I'm not exploiting her, okay?
- Never say anything like that to me again!
- What on earth are you talking about?
- Say what?
- That I'm exploiting her!
You are the beneficiary of her misfortune.
I let her make money.
And I get my rent, just as it should be.
Everything else is none of my business.
Now I want to end this conversation.
It'll just get out of hand.
I've had enough! I'm done!
That's the brothel.
Well... after the club,
that was the first brothel.
These women were my colleagues.
This was our housemother,
if! Can call her that.
She would make us coffee and tea,
or whatever else we wanted.
"Boot-lady" had a whip.
Herbertstrasse in Hamburg.
Who's this then?
Ah, the dear inspector.
They shot this guy. On 20 July 1981.
That's hochstattenstrasse in Wiesbaden.
That's where the brothel was.
And there were all these bars
that belonged to the brothel, if you like.
Here you can see the sex inn.
And that's me again.
That's the brothel.
The hotel was converted into a brothel.
And we rented out rooms there.
And then we decorated them all together.
This was our roof terrace.
As high as you could go.
And we could sunbathe up there.
That's me again.
You get to a certain age and realize
that you're not really in demand anymore.
So I started renting places out.
I didn't let it get to that point...
Where people started saying,
"why are you still here, you old hag?"
That's the thing, you see?
People are cruel.
Really cruel.
I want to come and visit you in Berlin,
my friend.
We can't see each other this week,
but I'll get a weekend off soon.
And then the two of us will go out.
Just us girls, no men!
And I'll watch you training.
I'll cheer you on
and one day you'll be the champion!
I'd really like to come, but...
- I'm really looking foward to seeing you.
- Me too. See you soon.
- Looking fonivard to it. See you soon.
- Bye.
That was my best friend.
She doesn't know what my job is.
I have to lie to her every day
about the job I have and what I do.
It's not good,
but I don't really have any other choice.
On my 18th birthday,
an acquaintance called me
who was working in Germany.
She promised to find me work
as a cleaner.
She sent me a plane ticket to Berlin.
She picked me up from the airport
with this man.
Then they drove me to some village.
They locked me in a house.
The man gave me a dress
and ordered me to put it on.
And to make myself up.
Then he said: "Start working."
I asked why I needed to wear a dress
to clean in Germany.
I said I didn't want to.
Then he got mad.
A man walked in and started touching me.
I tried to defend myself.
He was German.
I only spoke English and no German.
I told him I didn't want to do it.
He got angry,
took his money and left.
Then the other man came in and hit me.
It went on like that for two months.
Men would come to see me.
Then the man would come in,
take the money and hit me.
I was really scared.
There was no end to it and I thought
I would never see my brother again.
Then it was new year's Eve.
When everyone was drunk
and had fallen asleep,
I thought: "This is my chance
to see my brother again."
I slipped out and escaped.
But in Bulgaria,
I had no way to earn good money.
The only option left
was to work as a prostitute.
I didn't see any other way.
I needed money.
They just called me.
I'll call you back as soon as I know
more about what happened.
On a dark parking lot along the 8494,
a prostitute was found dead
in her "lovemobil".
According to police, the trailer owner
discovered the girl's lifeless body.
Paramedics were only able
to declare the victim dead.
A forensics team is on the scene
and has started securing evidence,
as the case is assumed to be a homicide.
How the victim died and whether
an arrest has been made,
is not known at the moment.
They murdered my colleague.
Stabbed her with a knife.
We worked together.
She was working in a trailer as well,
a couple of exits down.
She was saving up money
to send to her son.
She was a beautiful woman.
She was a young, blonde woman.
She was from Russia.
She was slender
and her hair was about shoulder length.
They killed her.
I'm sad for her child.
And I'm scared.
The murderers are still out there.
What would you like to know?
What I have to say about it?
A stupid customer
attacked one of the prostitutes.
And that's it.
Of course this happens a lot.
You have to live with it. That's life.
Of course it gets to me.
I got to know the woman.
I got to like her, too.
We were living next door to each other.
But... apart from that,
everything's the same as usual.
The girls know
what they're getting themselves into.
You got anything better?
You'll have to wait.
The girls aren't here yet.
- Okay, then we'll wait.
- They're getting ready for tonight.
I'm sorry.
Big tits.
What does that mean?
I don't speak English.
You don't speak German.
"French"... down below?
Yeah, right?
You can do that, right?
Yeah. Front, back. Anything goes...
He's shy.
- I'll give you shy...
- But he wouldn't mind watching.
Top and bottom in that case.
Sometimes from the back.
- Are you happy with the lady?
- Yeah, she's got nice tits.
- You're happy too?
- Where are the ladies?
Oh, over there... hi.
- Would you like her to dance for you?
- Yeah, that wouldn't be bad.
I was hoping for something hotter.
Would you like to take the lady
up to a room?
- No, not right now.
- Isn't she your type?
Not really.
But... I might warm to her.
- Okay, let's wait a bit then.
- Sure, I have time.
Want to buy her a drink?
I won't buy her a drink
before she's done anything.
Give it all you've got, everything.
And honk those Hooters!
Well, if! Pay for everything,
I want the full works.
- Do you at least want to buy her a drink?
- No!
My babies.
I was left to look after myself
from a really young age.
So I didn't really have
a proper childhood.
If you're eight and already
have to muddle through on your own
and make sure
there's enough food and so on...
I had no relationship with my mother
because she was never there.
She was home three days a month Max.
That's mine!
My mother called the youth welfare office
and they took me away.
I was sent to a convent
for "girls with behavioural problems".
There was a home in the convent
and I learned all that religious nonsense.
One day,
this nun came up to me and said,
"I'll help you become a novice.
Then they'll leave you in peace.
When you're finished, you can leave."
I'd rather not...
Drag that whole episode up again.
I'd rather just push it far away.
Because when I was 13
my mother sold me to men.
They'd give my mother 100 marks.
I didn't give a damn.
I'd beg them not to hurt me.
I just blocked it out.
I just pushed it out of my mind.
I cried myself to sleep.
And I was all alone.
There was no one to talk to.
It was the 1950s and 60s.
No one would have believed you back then.
Who should I have told? Who?
Hey girl, you're here at last!
How are you?
I'm great.
I'm almost done with my training.
I had some time and wanted to visit you
to watch you training.
Do you have any idea
how much I've missed you?
So much!
- Really?
- Absolutely.
- You look like something's on your mind.
- I'm thinking about work.
This restaurant I'm working at,
they don't always pay me.
I don't want to work there anymore.
Do you know what I mean?
Stop complaining.
Look at me:
I have to get up at 4 am. For work.
Just come to Berlin
and we'll find you a job here.
If you show men that you love them,
they destroy you.
The tougher you are with them, the better.
If you care for them too much,
they make you suffer for it.
They use you.
But if you make them suffer and use them,
they love you even more.
I know all about this stuff.
If you cut them any slack at all,
they crush you immediately.
That's how it is.
Tell me: What do you wish for?
I have three wishes.
My first and most realistic wish is:
To bring my brother over here.
That he'll go to school
and make something of himself.
My second dream
is to become a billionaire.
To own a yacht
and a palace on a lake...
A palace on an island, I mean.
And I wish I could control
another human being.
Just by snapping my fingers.
I want to be able to control everything.
That's a good dream.
But none of it will ever happen, you know?
- No one knows what the future holds.
- True.
- I do wish you all those things.
- Never say never!
- From the bottom of my heart.
- Nothing is impossible.
Just imagine: I'm out and about somewhere
and meet a billionaire.
- He falls in love with me and marries me.
- Stop that nonsense!
Wait! He marries me and then he dies.
That's how I'll become a billionaire!
- Don't you want a normal life?
- No, why?
Don't you want something normal in life,
to experience something real?
Power isn't love. Power is hate.
I don't believe in love.
You're my best friend. I only love you.
I love you and my brother.
I don't believe in love.
Not in men. Not in women.
I don't believe in living beings.
I believe in me and you,
my good friend.
I also believe in me and you.
But I only trust in myself.
Respect for everyone, trust in no one.
I don't want any of that.
I don't want a family and all that.
- What colour do you want to paint it?
- I don't know. White... no.
No, I don't think I'll paint it white.
- Green maybe?
- No.
Not green. I prefer red, something mixed.
I'm not quite sure.
And you're always welcome here.
- I need to tell you something.
- What do you want to tell me?
I'm not who you think I am.
- I'm not that person.
- Why is that?
I lied to you about everything.
I lied to you
about working in a restaurant.
What are you doing instead then?
I'm working in a trailer.
Just spit it out. I'm waiting.
I pay 50 Euros a day for that trailer.
And people come to see me... men.
You're working as a prostitute?
In a trailer?
I've been doing it for years.
Are you serious? Is this a joke?
I work in the trailer during the day,
and at the club at night.
At the club?
Why are you doing this?
How? Why are you doing this?
- Can't you do another job?
- No, I can't.
What do you mean?
Look at me: I do normal work.
- We're in Germany.
- Can't you do the same?
What do you mean? Anyone...
You can't work as a prostitute.
It's not normal!
You don't get me! Why are you blaming me?
You know my life inside and out!
Where am I supposed
to get all the money from?
For my brother and my family in Bulgaria?
- You'll regret it one day.
- I won't regret it.
You will.
You will regret it one day, believe me.
- Believe me.
- No, I won't.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- I'll help you! I'll give you everything.
- What can you give me?
I'm an athlete.
That's your life. With your sport.
- I worry about you when you have a fight.
- I'm working.
- I'm constantly worried about you.
- You don't belong there, girl!
You don't belong there.
You want them to point at you one day
and call you a slut?
You're not a slut! Do you know that?
I will fight.
You're not like that.
You don't deserve this.
We can live together.
We can support each other.
You've broken my heart.
You're my friend.
You're my family. You are...
My mother, my father.
My sister. My everything.
You don't have to do it.
I won't let you do this job.
- You just don't get me. It's easy for you.
- That's not true.
There are so many options in life.
Tons and tons of them!
But not this one.
You're my family, you know?
And I love you a lot. You hear me?
It's freezing.
I'll talk to my boss.
I'll get you a job.
Please don't go!
You can work here as a cleaner.
- It's too dangerous there.
- I'll go back until you've sorted it out.
It's dangerous, my love.
- Don't go!
- Let me go.
I'll wait for you!
I'll come when you have a job for me.
I have nowhere to live here. Nothing...
You need to get away soon. It's dangerous.
Pack your things and stay with me.
Okay, I'll come back...
I promise you: I'll come back.
- You promise me you'll come?
- I told you: I'll come back!
- I'll wait for you.
- Please, stop it now.
I promise I will.
I'll wait for you. Pack your things
and come back as soon as possible.
I'll come back!
Now stop it and go home. It's cold!
I'll call you.