Lover (2018) Movie Script

[devotional song]
'Losing mother at the age 4 years,
can be considered my bad luck.'
'What if I can't save the girl
I loved at the age of 25?'
[loud scream]
'To know what I'm fighting for'
'you must know what
happened in my life 6 months ago'
'Sampath is care of address for sinners
in Rayalaseema popular for pilgrimages'
'He's the biggest idiot
I know since childhood.'
'It's good that we speak less about him.'
'If he lights a Cigar,
it indicates someone is at risk'
A journalist should write
something to provide for his home
but should he also sacrifice his life
this way by writing at his will?
'He's Jaggu, he's like a brother to me.'
'Whatever Sampath says
is like an order for him'
No. Don't do it.
Neither Jaggu asks for anything
nor Sampath says something.
Jaggu takes it as friendship
as they grew up together.
But I see Sampath's selfishness in it.
Why didn't you wash the knife? Is it to
show and pose at your wife? Go and wash it
He stabs and I wash it,
how long do I endure this bro?
Hey, idiots do curse
while they get stabbed.
Curses of people dying are very powerful.
Neither should a word escape the victim's
mouth nor should he swallow anything.
[car starts]
She's Sweety, Jaggu's daughter.
I'll take you to task if you spill
the milk. Sit and drink them.
She's my sister in law.
She could be termed as a Goddess.
We got to pay her fees.
They've been sending notice.
Haven't we just paid recently?
That was the first term fee.
We should pay the second term fee.
Okay let's see.
They always take the last place among
the people brother feels are his own.
He notices them only after the
whole village is taken care of.
Here's Sweety's fee receipt.
Why do you do this now?
Can't we take care?
Hello, don't feel too bad.
These aren't for you, but for me.
I've grown up without
knowing what's a family.
I shall give the happiness I missed from
childhood to my kids in double... triple..
make it ten times.
-This is just a rehearsal for that. Okay?
This is my life ambition.
[welding crackles]
Finally I'm Raj.
Not just this city...
No... No...
I'm one of the best customized
motor bike builder in this state.
I love romancing bikes.
Why do I need a bike designed
by someone for someone?
I'll design it according to my likes.
Be it a bike or life.
He's my friend Radha,
my technical support.
He's now developing a program to
start the bike using a mobile phone.
[motorcycle starts]
Yes! Got it.
What's this? Will it start by touch?
-It didn't start because you touched it.
-It started as I touched this.
What's this dude? This technological
advancement is surprising!
This is nothing. You know,
a car can be started without a key
and steering can be handled without
being in the car and apply the brakes too?
Super dude
Above all, we can adjust money
from our idiot for the Bangkok trip
[tyres screech]
Biryani for breakfast?
[indistinct dog barking]
Who's the idiot who cooked
biryani early in the morning?
That's yesterday's left over.
I left it for the dogs.
Maybe the dog didn't eat it. So he is.
Hey. How many times do I tell
you not to feed biryani to dogs?
Okay, I'll feed you from tomorrow.
Hey Udalu...
Where did you disappear Raj?
It's been long since you're seen
Settle my account.
I've seen a lot of such funny tricks. I'm
asking the amount for the bike I gave you.
-What I should get.
-What I gave is more than enough.
You make bikes out of scrap and ask
for money as if it's from the showroom.
'Settle my account".
Even I want the account settled.
I'm an idiot to have come to
speak with him. Dirty rascal...
How much do you need?
Bro, this is not gambling to
look at the other's game first.
This is life.
Anyway what he gives
you itself is peanuts.
How can you run your home
if you keep donating that?
I'll take care of that and you take this
What did you say? Peanuts?
Do you mean Jaggu is working
with me without paying him?
What if not?
Whats the payment for the ones who
work hard and for the useless ones?
Come here.
Doesn't he know how to work?
You think he is brainless?
How many times did you
see Akhari Poratam film?
-25 times.
-For what?
In the climax fight, my heartthrob
Sridevi collides her truck into a flight.
She jumps after the
blast and dies falling down.
She already knows it would blast once.
So I used to watch if she could
jump a bit earlier atleast once.
But she jumps after the blast
everytime and dies falling down.
I got pissed off and stopped watching it.
-Dumb idiot... go.
-Wouldn't she live if she jumped early?
You come here. Ask him.
Which is heavier among a Kilo
of iron and a Kilo of cotton?
-Tell him.
-It's iron.
Ain't it bro? How could cotton be
heavier than iron? Iron is heavier.
You fool...
[motorcycle approching]
He is of no use to us.
Let's sell it out.
Hey, just wait. Move aside
You did it great, how much does it cost?
25 thousand.
-He's paying money for Bangkok.
-Here, take it.
I think I paid a little too much.
-Where's the key?
-This doesn't have a key.
Either to start or stop it,
it's all with this phone.
-Give the phone
-Phone is a bit costly.
-Huh, how much does that cost?
-It's a Lakh.
One Lakh, smart start!
[money notes rustling]
[motorcycle approching]
[shutter opens]
Dude, let's party. Please dude.
Give us a treat. Come on...
"Become our super hero"
"Become our super hero"
"Graham Bell became a hero
inventing phone to speak with his lover"
"Newton became an example as he
chatted for fun with an apple"
"You're the hero if you search and
bring out the determination in you"
"Let's show the speed in us
to exhibit our smartness"
"Like Rama's arrow and Krishna's strategy,
aim the courage in you and become a hero"
"Like the chariot of Sun and the path
of Krishna travel towards the victory"
"Mark Zuckerberg put his mark
on the name of Face Book"
"You give a new look too, what the delay?"
"If you say you like the goal however
tough it is, you are the hero"
"You are the hero"
"if you feel life is a
war fought for a cause"
"Like Rama's arrow and Krishna's strategy,
aim the courage in you and become a hero"
"Like the chariot of Sun and the path
of Krishna travel towards the victory"
"Gandhi became a big hero
spreading freedom with a smile"
"You too have a vacancy though there
are so many stories in history"
"If you know which work do you
have a grip on, you are the hero"
"You are the hero in this world"
"if none in the world can't do this"
"Like Rama's arrow and Krishna's strategy,
aim the courage in you and become a hero"
"Like the chariot of Sun and the path
of Krishna travel towards the victory"
[birds chirping]
Why are you going to Bangkok so urgently?
Don't start again bro,
I'm going now after planning from so long.
"Even if that God comes my way, I won't
stop from going to Bangkok this time"
[tyres screech]
Why did the hill itself come my way when
I took the name of the god on the hill?
Hey, why are you blocking the road
as if to ask for donations for a festival?
I've bought bats and balls.
If you'd brought them along after playing,
wouldn't he have understood who we are?
Isn't this enough?
So you brought it eh?
Look bro, we've a work with him. You
stop thinking over this and keep moving.
-Move now.
[motorcycle starts]
We thought well for the whole
night and have got two offers for you.
If you leave that Sampath and come to us,
you're next to uncle... I mean brother.
If you say that's not possible,
you can neither work there nor here.
[motorcycle halts]
Huh... Hey!
Didn't we ask that boy to leave?
Why is he coming back?
We asked you to leave right?
Did you forget something?
Look dude, give him what he needs
and send him. We've got to settle things.
-You go bro.
-Am I Sampath to leave you like that?
If you are here,
who would drop me at the airport? Come on.
Oh! What's this mess?
Guys, this looks to be
a headache, take a look.
Huh, why do you look at each other?
Go and look into his matter.
[gun cocking]
Come on, what's this man?
Haven't you been in the morning?
Just manage for two minutes bro,
I'll just be back
Keep talking for two minutes.
I'll just be back.
Hey, I don't need tea now.
It's time for my flight, we'll leave.
Why do you look at his face? Don't you
have the bats? Bash him up.
Is that kick boxing dude?
-My feet are frying due to the heat bro.
Why do you tell your
troubles when you have to bash him?
Here, buy slippers.
-What about me?
-He'll give you. Go to him.
-You go guys.
Hey idiot, what're you doing?
Hit him on the face.
Don't wait till I come, come on hit him.
Be the man that you say! Go!
It's my turn now. No...
Oh no!
Oh no!
Hey. Finish him man.
It's fun when we have a working
gun at the end of a fight man!
You don't shoot words when you
got a gun in hands scum bag.
It's the bullets.
Oh no, he shot me in the arm pit.
Save me guys!
-When did I shoot man? It shot by itself.
-Wait guys.
The dirty rascal ruined my shirt.
Why am I feeling the pain
when it's him who got shot?
Oh god! Is it me who was shot?
You idiot, to hell with
your gun. Damn you!
It's a country bullet.
Let's go to the hospital.
Bro, there would hospitals in Bangkok too.
Just drop me at the airport.
Bullets are not
allowed in the airport bro.
-Hey, why are you shouting?
-Where's the Doc? It's an emergency
-What's this?
-I got shot.
-It's a police case.
-He's coming behind!
-What's this?
-It's a waiting token.
What do I wait for?
I've got a flight to board!
Hey! Where are you going?
-Anji, Ramu... stop him.
-Hey, stop.
[door opens]
We'll take care. Let's go.
Take his CBP, shift him to the ward
and keep him in observation for a day.
Okay ma'am.
-I don't want the injection.
-Why are you scared?
-How any times do I tell you?
-Wait a minute.
God! I was supposed to be in Bangkok.
You threw me here on a hospital bed.
Hell with my life.
-Hi Lakshmi.
-Hi sister.
Where's the patient on this bed?
The time my dream came
before my eyes wearing a white dress.
Temperature is fine.
Did you take the tablets?
I don't want tablets, I'll have tonic.
I'll give you a chocolate
if you take the tablets.
-Promise me?
-It's a promise.
[phone ringing]
-Baby, try it once again.
Mom. I'm at the hospital.
-I'll call you later.
-Yes, Malayalam.
How sweet!
Is every Malayali a Jessi?
She's not a Christian!
What's your nonsense man?
If it weren't for you,
my husband wouldn't be alive.
How would we have known these matters
madam? We can't forget your help.
Whats my greatness in this? Being elders
you should bless me, not join hands.
Oh dear girl!
Are they her relatives?
-We will take leave.
Relatives of Charita ma'am? Not just them,
everyone in the hospital are her relatives
Anyone would help by giving
10 to 20% of their salary.
But she gives away her whole
salary if someone is in troubles.
Isn't it surprising?
Isn't it great that the god who created
people like us created that girl too?
What did you say?
Isn't it great that the god who created
people like us created that girl too?
I'm done with you, you can leave.
-I'll give medicine in time as you said.
-Good morning sir.
Yes sir
-Good morning sir.
-Good morning
-It's time for the bus, we'll go now ma'am
-Is it? Ok
The operation would be in this
week. You may get a call anytime.
Ok madam.
-Meet the Doctor before you leave, ok?
-Ok madam
[indistinct people talking]
Huh, bore
-I'll stab you.
-Oh no.
No. Ask her to come. Come on.
That fellow...
What's wrong, any problem?
Doctor: Helper! Get the stretcher. We've
got to shift the patient to the ward.
BP is high. You've been through
just a minor surgery, okay?
So, don't worry.
Take both of them now,
and this one after lunch, okay?
No, those are to be taken
after meal. It's this one now.
No, it's this one bro.
She told me bro. It's this one.
What's the confusion for?
Call that girl, she would give it herself.
Please come to my bro. He needs
your guidance in taking the pills.
He's not much educated, so got confused.
-Bro, call that girl once.
-Is it fun for you?
Really bro, it's paining. Oh God.
Looks like stitches broke loose.
Please call her once bro.
My brother says it's paining.
Near the stitches.
Anesthesia is fading. So there would
be some pain. Nothing to worry, okay?
[mobile game sound]
Bro! Call her once.
I'm here as I thought you were weak. You
look to be hyper active. I can't bear it.
-I'm leaving
As you are leaving anyhow,
call her once on the way.
Get the file of bed number 32 patient.
He is being discharged today.
Oh no, why did you come here?
-You shouldn't move.
As the doctor asked me to
be under your observation.
Look, he asked us to observe you.
Not that you should observe us.
Hey man! It's your hand that's
injured. your legs are fine.
You boulder!
-Where did your brother go?
-He left on some important work doctor.
-Oh no, I'm not a doctor. I'm a sister.
-What's wrong?
-Are you and sis... That's for the world
-You are my heart beat Doctor
I mean
-You're the doctor who checks my heartbeat
Doctor, you please stay right here.
I'm very scared.
-What's your name doctor?
-Shhh. Take rest.
Doctor, will you check the BP?
-I mean, it's been a long time
-Not needed. Didn't I give you tablets?
I'm sweating. There's a napkin in
the bag, can you give it please?
Here. What?
It's time the Doctor comes
on rounds. I need to go. Please.
Why are we drinking on a
hospital dude? Okay, open it.
What a girl dude? Mind blowing!
I never expected such a girl
would come into my life dude
Why are you getting so much excited?
Is the girl so good looking?
-No idea, I haven't seen her.
No one among us have seen her.
None of you have seen her. Kindness of
Mother Teresa, beauty of Angelina Jolie
Ain't it a bit too much?
-Not at all.
-He's onto her.
Earlier when I heard the stories of great
lovers, I thought they were exaggerating.
But now I say that's no exaggeration.
I'm feeling what they felt back then.
Where did he vanish?
"Is the naughty dream in
me facing me in your form?"
"Has some love trap pulled me?"
"Is the naughty dream in
me facing me in your form?"
"Has some love trap pulled me?"
"These thoughts in heart are like
uncontrollable naughtiness"
"What's this sweet pain like a
silence unable to carry words"
"Such a big cyclone in me and
so much noise in the heart"
"I'm escaping from expressing as
its trouble for me to reveal"
"The distance in between us
is just a step if measured"
"I'm unable to cross it as if
life is filled in that one step"
"Shall I build a bridge between
us with the four letters of LOVE?"
"Shall I write you a love letter
joining the stars in the sky?"
[glass shatters]
"Is the naughty dream in
me facing me in your form?"
"Has some love trap pulled me?"
"These thoughts in heart are
like uncontrollable naughtiness"
"What's this sweet pain like a
silence unable to carry words"
[bulb flickering]
He's been screaming and hallucinating
the whole night. No one slept.
Send him out of here
somehow madam, please.
-Hey, get up you!
Whom are you calling
darling? You get up first.
Why is everything misplaced?
-What happened?
-All this was done by you.
-Oh no! Looks like I was high lst night.
-What did you say?
I mean that might be a reaction
of Anesthesia and Antibiotics.
Ok come Doctor, you got to check my BP.
My BP has gone high without your touch.
Hello, you've been discharged.
You can leave now.
Discharged? How can they do that?
You are not my headache anymore.
Oh no. Doctor, don't say so please.
What if something happens after I go out?
Who is responsible? Tell me your honour?
My responsibility is only
up to in patient ward.
Though you have no
responsibility as a Doctor,
As a lover... I mean as a patient
I'll be only under your observation.
Did she give you a chocolate?
They wouldn't. We shouldn't trust them.
You see mine and I'll see his
One, two, three, four, five, six... Stop!
We've completed the seven steps. No one
can separate us for seven births now.
You'll lose your job if he's
seen in the surroundings again.
Thanks sister.
-Isn't mom here yet?
-Today is double shift and she'll be late.
How many days should I be here more?
Doctor did say that you can leave soon.
Poor mom!
She goes to Rani Madam's house in the
morning, then to Latha sister's house,
she comes home after finishing
work there, gives me breakfast,
sends me to school and
then leave for factory work
I should study well and be
helpful to mom soon.
That uncle had been taking your name for
the whole night. I think he likes you.
You don't know these things.
He's just a patient.
A doctor who can't love a patient
is also equal to a patient, doctor.
-Oh no, what's with you man?
-Come on.
-Did you note the vitals of patient?
-Yeah I did.
Please bear for a while.
How are you? When did you come here?
We came in the morning.
His asthma has increased.
He is unable to move even his feet.
I thought of showing him
once to the doctor once.
But the operation should
have been done already?
None informed us madam.
One minute
Actually this person
should've been operated next.
How could they operate someone
else who is far behind in the list?
Maybe she didn't turn up at
the given appointment time.
So can we sit without
handling another surgery?
Maybe the next person
in order was operated.
-I asked them. They said no one called.
-What shall I do for that?
Aren't you the in-charge sir?
Ain't it your responsibility?
Are you teaching me responsibility?
I'm MBBS, FRCS and a senior surgeon.
You're a nurse after all.
Mind your own business.
Do you think this is a
hospital or a market?
She's talking without even
considering my seniority.
-This isn't how behave with your superiors
-Apologise to him.
-Sir, they operated somebody instead him.
-What if something happens to him?
-Shut up.
Am I not here to take care
if some mistake takes place?
Do ask her in that way, sir.
She is talking like we're into some
business here instead of operating.
I should suspend you for
your reckless behavior,
But I'm leaving you as
this is your first time.
-Now, get out from here
You get out from here
first. I'll look into this.
-Why do you mess with these seniors dear?
-There is some mistake happening.
[phone ringing]
-Do they serve Vodka to the visitors?
-It is not Vodka.
It's water. It costs 2000 bucks per litre.
-They spend 2000 bucks to drink?
-It's just to wash their face.
Sir, central Minister is calling
-Tell him I'm at Varadarajulu Sir's house.
I'll make him call sir.
Sir, I need your blessings.
It's my daughter's wedding.
If you agree, I will get my kids...
What man? Do you think this is like the
normal blood dripping from your hand?
It isn't available even in 10 out of
Ten Lakh people after searching hard.
How carefully should you
deal with such a rare blood?
Hey, leave him
Why do you get tensed
for such a small matter?
Nothing related to you is a
small matter for me uncle.
Good Morning Sir..
His health is deteriorating. It's safe
if we that operate him the earliest
How far has that donor search come?
[phone ringing]
-How far did it come?
our people have been intensely
searching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
It's rare blood group.
So you'll listen to a good
news in a week at the most.
Sir... Sir.
The amount you sent is spent sir.
If this financial help is strong,
we can speed up even this search process
Don't think about the amount. My
father-in-law's life is important to me.
Oh no, should you say that again?
You'll listen to good news in a week.
-It's confirmed
-Ok, what about that donor?
-As I told you...
...the donor is not legally eligible.
So, we can illegally give slow poison,
make the brain dead and start our work
That will take some time.
I see.
What's the matter dude?
You asked to assemble urgently
-Drink called us.
-Its before us.
-Raju's love story is become a mess
-Should we have a peg or not?
Should we have a peg or not?
-Babe said get lost in Malayalam.
-Raju's fuse is out listening to that.
-And we've come to helping in that.
-Then what's this crap instead of sipping?
-Should we have a peg or not?
-Stop it rascals.
Give me some idea to love.
If the ideas have to come out, this
should go in. Come on, let's have it.
Don't behave like
parents of greed, please.
Idea dude
Girls are mad about brands these days.
You wear branded clothes from top
to bottom and move in front of her.
-Let's see why will that girl not love you
-Hey, I'm not looking for a branding
-For a bonding in between us.
-Then you must watch James Bond films.
Write 'I Love you
Charitha' on a big ballon
and hoist it high in air
at our clock tower junction
Love is in the air dude,
she will fall immediately.
This is awesome.
She already feels I'm a vagabond. You
don't give me such cheap ideas again.
Hey, will a vehicle in neutral
move even if on full throttle?
It's similar telling my matter to you.
That's why I called
Nelson to be on a safe side
Who, that black Seenu?
Is his name Nelson now?
He should come and move the vehicle now.
-He's the only flirt king of our batch.
-Ask him to.
Darling, I came for a small meeting.
-I'll catch you later. Yes.
-Okay darling. Bye.
Sweet heart, keep it when I say.
-Darling, keep it now.-Okay bye.
-Keep it now.-Bye.
[disconnected tone]
Did you get it that way?
What do you guys know about
the sweet problems of lovers?
-Damn, move
-Thank you
-Why are the waste boys idle?
-As he's not serving the drink
You should build a
bridge to my love matter.
I'll even paint it,
say what's the matter?
What is it now?
-That girl should be tamed aint it?
What would you get engaging
with these fools in girls matter?
At least the work will be done catching
up with professional flirts like me.
Oh no, she looks like a
boy is dressed up as a girls
he's giving a show like he has
hoisted a flag on Everest by wooing her.
Oh no!
Why are you not laughing?
Fearing that the drink might spill.
-It won't, smile
-Stop it guys
I didn't put the drink
before you to dance
To make my love matter step ahead
-Hey Nelson.
-No tension.
I don't know what you do.
Bring her to Coffee
Day one day. Just once.
I'll take care of rest of the story.
Oh no, my head is breaking dude.
Stop somewhere and we shall have tea.
I'm thinking how to get her for coffee,
what's with the tea now?
She'll come running as and when you
call as you are the Prince of Nepal
Brain should work sharply
to convince girls, dude.
That's why we'll have a
tea and go, stop here.
Hey, sugar is less.
When someone is in love,
just his lover looks beautiful.
But why is every girl
looking like Miss World to me?
Hey, people get so getting bored of
wives after seven years of marriage.
Why are you doing so just
after seven days of love?
-You think this is any weakness?
-That is...
Damn it! You'll go blind.
Are you doubting my love?
I'll not move even an inch even when a
hundred such beauties come and tempt me.
You said you won't move an inch,
but went in a jet speed.
I have a doubt.
when someone is in love,
just his lover looks beautiful.
But why do I feel you
look like Miss World?
Kindly don't misunderstand me.
I'm already in love.
There, my love stays in that hostel.
As you disturbed me
being in such deep love,
I couldn't stop complimenting your beauty.
That's all.
-I feel I have seen you somewhere.
-Sister, your bag.
What are you here? Where's my darling?
Gods must be crazy dude.
Is it you? Why are you like this?
She will be that way.
Do you know now? Leave her now.
Bro, your sister is making
me go mad in the modern dress
I'm already fix and now seeing
like this I'm fix like Fevicol
-Oh God, I'm fixed.
-Yes, you are right.
I know why you are following me.
Look, I have no belief in love at first
sight or love on the first day of meeting
And if you still follow me,
I even get irritated.
-Why have you said so?
-What else will someone say then?
What did you just say?
I'm making you go crazy in modern dress?
What opinion will someone
have on such people?
Whats the big thing about opinion?
One incident is enough for that to change.
We are born one day
and die on another day.
Similarly we change our self after some
incident. So, opinion can change any time.
Ok, you come once for coffee with me.
Maybe opinion on me might change
What if it doesn't change?
You should never disturb me again.
Come on
-Haven't you've called for the same?
-Oh no
-Come here
-Don't shout so bro
Okay. When did I shout?
-Shut up
-Order please sir.
-Two coffee.
-Regular or large sir?
-Bring large and we can sip for long
You need any extra cream Sir?
Any particular flavour Sir?
Mix something you wish but it
should be like coffee, that's it
-Ok sir.
-Sir, is your order done?
-What do I do?
He is telling me a grocery
list when I ordered coffee.
Okay, focus.
Keep watching the girl
Keep looking into her eyes.
-Huh, she's not seeing me.
-You should make her see you bro.
-What's the matter?
-Hey says she's not seeing him
-Hey, where are you going?
-I'll go and tell her to see
-Sit, I'm here right?
Now, put your hands on the
table and take them close to her
-It may not look good dude
-Come on do it dude, do what I say
Just do like she sees and
not like doing something
Put both your legs
straight towards the girl
What's this dude?
Put the hands forward,
legs out, hold the breath.
Are you making him do any Yoga poses?
-Wait, I'll look into their matter.
To the respected sir, have you just come?
Best couple. Yes I'm
saying it, best couple
You're like made for each other madam
Sorry, I keep saying
it out whatever I feel.
Sir is our regular customer.
He's brought many girls here before
but you are the perfect match.
-Go on. To tell more about sir,
-Someone's calling you at table number two
-Which idiot will call me?
-Yes, they're calling me. Move
-Please come
See you madam.
Bro, now put your finger in
her hairs and rotate slowly.
-Do what I said bro.
-She may hit me.
-She'll fall for you bro.
Do you feel something?
I feel it's better to show
you to some psychiatrist.
I've a known Doctor and
will take the appointment
-Oh no, why are you hitting me?
Do I come with girls, idiot?
Come on dude, they come
with girls to such places.
I increased the dose thinking your
image may damage. Is it any wrong?
-Come on bro, leave it
-Oh no
Idiot, should stare into her eyes?
Should I put fingers in hairs?
As if you're an international
flirt and should I follow you?
Actually what... Oh no, I'll say...
Actually the page changed as
phone fell down because of him.
That is actually the technique
for girls to make boys flat
-It's just a communication problem.
-Communication problem?
You've completely ruined it rascals. Damn!
Why's do all of this?
Won't you find another girl? Why me?
If you ask me why not
just me but none knows it.
Each boy has some voltage fluctuation in
his body when he sees a particular girl.
And then, he'll not understand
what and why he does something
He'll not set right until that girl
comes and sets the fuse right again
They switch on the main and say marriage
and then the meter runs round fast
You get such a long bill and
transformer will blast seeing that.
What do you say madam?
You said last time.
I will give the respect and value
who the people standing on word
Will you come again?
have you come to set y love or to cut it?
You rascals...
Sorry bro, facts came in flow.
Don't think otherwise
Oh no, bro why are you hitting me?
I didn't do anything and
why are you hitting me?
You didn't do anything,
why couldn't you do something?
Did we quit smoking as
they said it in films?
Will we stop meeting when the girl
we loved asked to stop meeting?
What's wrong Sir?
That is... Baby has a small problem
What's the problem?
She's here
This Doctor is fine for us, you carry on
I came for the baby, Doctor
I'm not the Doctor but sister
Sorry, it became a habit.
You are sister for all but a Doctor for me
What's wrong dear?
That is... fever. She got fever
That was in last month, right uncle?
I mean, she's not eating food
now as she had fever last month.
Have a look please..
She's bringing back everything sent.
It's not my lunch time yet, and you
brought me before that. [indistinct siren]
That is...
Doctor...Emergency Doctor..
Emergency Doctor..
Doctor, heavy bleeding... Head injury
Get admission written urgently
for him and he must be operated
Where are the people of him?
Oh, who is he?
Hit and run case Sir, he was on the roads
He's got a head injury and we
shall operate him urgently.
You go and sign on the surety papers
You know what's surety right?
Whatever happens to him,
complete responsibility is yours
You go and call the Police at the outpost
Sir, my boss doesn't accept
even for a minute delay.
He would fire me if I say such things.
Please sir,
you do something and save him sir
Brother please...
See, they bring and leave.
What can we do?
Pull him to a side
Doctor, please.
We can't him like that. He'll die.
If needed I'll give that surety Doctor.
Staff is not eligible
When I can't do anything when a
life is going in front of my eyes,
why are these jobs for us?
I'll give that surety
Do you know what a surety is?
I'll take care of whatever happens
Hey, you signed in emotion for
the impression of that girl.
That case is a risk it seems.
Maybe this is a risk,
why do we need all this?
I felt can take any risk dude.
But seeing just one drop
of tear in her eyes...
we'll come here tomorrow right?
Shall we leave now? School time is over
Come on dear
Hey, she just smiled and why is
this like she said I love you?
[phone ringing]
-Hello, who is it?
Where's he going so?
-Hello, who is it?
-It's me, Charita
Can you come once to the hospital?
I want to speak with you
'She called me for the first
time and asked me to come'
What, is she searching
for a place to propose?
Move inside..
What inside..?
Who is he?
He's the one you signed and gave life
He said to see and talk to you
Talk... with me
And he
Many thanks sir
Many thanks for saving my life Sir
Is he saying to have a cold? Please see
Nothing so, he's saying you thanks
For saving him..
All those to say thanks are saying it
Get well soon sir
Dude, success?
He can't see anyone happy right?
-No, God
He joins such at the correct time.
We can't smile, cry, express or swallow.
Life gets ruined
Don't feel bad dude
Not that dude...
He can't bear if someone
is sad or if I'm happy
Every dog has its day
It's here
No idea what twist would she give now
You are the care of
address for bad luck, go
Can't you see even a
drop of tear in my eyes?
Didn't I tell you?
One incident would
change the total opinion
Hey Charita... Charita.
"You said something like that"
"I would think that as some wonder"
"You heard something from my heart"
"I think you really haven't believed"
"Why do you say that?
Is this any small matter?"
"Has the dream come and
stood as you before me?"
"It's just that and what's surprising?"
"This is the signature of a new love"
"Is it, ok then says my heart"
"It's into a surprising trance"
What are you looking for?
I'm here to donate blood.
Here, take this apple.
-Those aren't necessary for my body.
-You have to eat it.
-Sir, I will give blood.
-I will give.
Raj, what happened?
They are here to donate blood.
-Everyone in there are our guys.
"This is the way taken every day"
'Why is it today like
an overflowing river?"
"This is the land showing me the way"
"It's become breeze when you are with me"
"Small fun touching like a rain drop"
"What did it say in my ears and pull me?"
"When the haste is chasing like a cyclone"
"How would I know what's ahead?"
"It's just that and what's surprising?"
"This is the signature of a new love"
"Is it, ok then says my heart"
"It's into a surprising trance"
"My age is running with no stability"
"It stood still unable to move for you"
"What is thought as some fun"
"Is becoming a great bonding"
"Is this the wealth coming as a boon?"
"Is this the shackle
hugging all over the body?"
"Let me offer my lonely life"
"let me share half of my life"
"It's just that and what's surprising?"
"This is the signature of a new love"
"Is it, ok then says my heart"
"It's into a surprising trance"
"It's just that"
"Oh... Is it, ok then"
[indistinct people chattering]
Did they change ward of Laxmi?
No madam, that girl left.
I asked to say and leave if discharged
She didn't get discharged
but left without information
a patient being treated here went missing.
Yes, they come and go.
Ok, about whom are you saying?
About Laxmi
What's Laxmi going missing?
This is slow poison..
What has that got to do
in the ward with patients?
How did that come there?
He's the in-charge of that ward.
Ask him sir
I'm not leaving anyone if
something happens to Laxmi.
I'll put the whole matter to media
Why do you get so angry
for everything Charita?
Maybe they left home
not liking the hospital.
You don't worry.
You don't make it an issue
unnecessarily saying media and Police.
I'll look after this case personally
-Okay sir.
'After our love story began,'
'I took her on a long drive to
Gandikota for the first time'
A small house in such beautiful
location after getting 60 years
and waterfalls just next to it
Two trees next to that and a
swing to those and us both in that.
It feels great swinging so and
remembering the old remembrances right?
You're thinking what to do in 60 now.
Would you think of what to
do now after getting into 60?
So many take birth and die in the world.
We are born as humans, there should
be a meaning to this life, right?
Meaning means, what to do?
If someone thinks of us even
when we are not in this world,
it's like our life has got a meaning
What's there,
if we take few Lakhs loan and die
without repaying he remembers lifelong
I was talking about remembering.
Not scolding.
Here she starts.
Okay...I'll just be back.
Where are you going?
Nature is calling, I'll wish and come.
Hey. Who the hell are you guys?
Please leave me.
'Why and who did that?'
'We complained at the police station too'
'and got to know that similar activities
took place there even in the past'
'Charita was frightened a lot'
Was it the same place we recieved
another such complaint earlier?
Yes sir.
Anyways, we'll call the suspects and
you'll have to come to the police station
On the whole, something is happening
Okay Sir.
-What happened?
-We missed the girl
I need time for 2 days, one guy
has ruined the entire plan. Yes
I said to bro and he said
would take care of everything
You don't think of all these,
take care about Charita
I'll find out what happened.
You don't take tension
You take Charita away for few days
'I too felt the same. She too said should
leave to Kerala for Onam festival.'
You're leaving me and going,
don't you feel anything at all?
You don't say film dialogues.
I said, will be back in one week
-I too will come
-Hey. Don't you understand?
It'd be a problem at home
if you come, is it required?
[train moving]
I don't like sending Charitha alone.
Jaggu.. Come to upstairs
This is our next assignment
[train honking]
[train wheels screeching]
Hi, what are you here?
Why did you hit me in public?
Why can't you say?
What's all this? Are you mad?
Won't you pull the chain and push me out
from running train if I did? Don't I know?
'Kerala. God's own country.'
Girls look great here, right?
Yes, all from our films are your girls
like Nayantara, Anupama Parameshwaran,
Keerthi Suresh, Nitya Menen...
Will you stop the nonsense?
How much?
No cash Sir,
only cards or even PayTM will do.
You've developed well man.
-Charita dear, are you fine?
Mother-in-law, I your to be son
in law have come. Please bless me
See, how I managed her.
Welcome to Kerala
She isn't my mom but the maid.
Why's this so rich?
Are they paying salary or
giving away the properties?
Don't feel over excitement...
Madam, Charita baby has come
along with some guy too.
One festival in an year
and why are you so late?
Why've you gone so lean,
aren't you having food in time?
And him...
How to manage now?
Mother-in-law, I'm here and am your
to be son in law. Please bless me
-Oh no, what's this?
-Mom, he's a patient of mine.
He's mad and came for a treatment.
Don't worry, everything will get alright.
No pressures, I've come down
and no problem now. Don't worry
No problem, no worries at all and
everything will get alright. Please come
[windows creak]
There is fresh air here. This isn't
like your place. This is Kerala
Come on, there's attached toilet.
There's also the geyser. You can fresh up.
Keep your bag inside. Please sit. Okay?
Ok, you come.
Hey, where are you going?
Come on, you too can be right here
Nothing as such and don't think too much
You are here and I'll be there
What's the matter?
He wishes to be in a lodge.
He's not liking to give us a trouble
No... You stay
-No problem...
-What did you say?
I said you don't like troubling
us and want to go to a lodge
Why will I go to lodge when
there's such a huge house?
We'll send your mother there
and there'll be no disturbance
Disturbance... No disturbance at all.
You stay and no problem
Yes mother in law, no problem even for me.
I and your daughter will stay right here
-No problem.
-Ok, you come.
Mother in law,
why do you pull her saying no problem?
-Let your daughter be right here
-Get ready and I'll show you my place
arrange hot water for Charita
I deleted entire data
of Charita, it's done
-What sir, how are you?
-Who... Ok
What was her name...
Yes, isn't Charita there?
-Why to ask Sir...
-What's the problem?
-Yes, a problem
Your guy is a big problem.
No idea what spell he cast on her...
...but she's not coming to duty properly
after he entered into her life.
They both have been to Kerala for Onam.
-Yes, Coming..
Ok bye...
After so long...
Are you fine..?
I'm fine... How about you?
My friend Neelima,
she's done nursing with me
Name is great but isn't
matching at all for the face
Kerala girls look smart.
-Why is your friend like this?
-Am I not beautiful?
-She has worked in Hyderabad.
I mean you look good.
-But your name is more beautiful
-Thank you.
You both should come to my house.
Dad is nature lover. He bought this
selling the house at the village
I've a great relation with this place.
From the small steps holding dad's
finger till the steps in the recent days,
sleeping right here with my head
in dad's lap when I get any problem
and till the stage he consoles me...
All those incidents are
in front of my eyes always
The love that was in dad's
eyes those days is now.
It's seen in your eyes
Maybe dad sent you to me
Is it?
Then, is it your dad who
cancelled my Bangkok trip?
Did you like our place?
My house
Did you like my mom?
-Will you take good care?
-I don't have mom right?
Your mom is my mom from now.
Get up early,
we got to go for offering Onam
-Mother-in-law, items are super
-Kerala special
-Mother in law, do you have BP?
Mom, he is asking whether you have BP
-You are old but still fit
-Young here but still very weak.
Mother in law.
-What time do you sleep at nights?
-He is asking what time do you sleep.
-At 10.
-You don't get up at midnights right?
Why do you ask?
if she wakes up and finds you missing
and then seeing you with me
in my room BP would shoot up.
That's why I am asking as a precaution
-You are going too much
-What's he saying?
He has an indigestion problem
and is asking what to do
-Exercise, it makes you fit
-My good mother in law... You are super
Tomorrow is Onam and we shall
get up early. Sleep early
-Onam means
-It's like your Ugadi(festival) for us
[birds chirping]
[water burbling]
[birds chirping]
"Dreams hidden in the eyes are a wonder"
"You making my dreams true are a wonder"
"Your friendship to think
again and again is a wonder"
"Your heart to read again
and again is my book"
"At the age of 16 and
in the beautiful love"
"festival to get hearts along is a wonder"
"When we have someone like this,
every journey is colorful"
"Life is a wonder when
you are with me like this"
"When we have someone like this,
every journey is colorful"
"Life is a wonder when
you are with me like this"
"At the time when wealth
showers with sun light"
"When we win love with beautiful thoughts"
"Seeing her lover"
"The shyness on the
beloved's cheeks is wonderful"
"When all the six seasons
asked where is their home"
"The celebration of showing
our feet is a wonder"
"This celebration where Great
tunes and many more happy moments"
"Remaining as our
remembrances is a wonder"
"When we have someone like this,
every journey is colorful"
"Life is a wonder when
you are with me like this"
"When we have someone like this,
every journey is colorful"
"Life is a wonder when
you are with me like this"
[groaning in pain]
We cleaned the water in stomach.
Infection is very high
We shall operate as early as possible.
Situation may get critical if delayed
Hey man, does Raj stay here?
He stays right here, what's the work?
We do if it's repair but he has
to come if it's modification.
Leave all that, I got to meet him.
Where can he be found now?
None would know where he's at
any time except Jaggu Bhai.
Go and meet him
Jaggu, where does he stay?
[boat moving]
-Where are you put up now?
-At a building construction work
Will you do the job right here
or should you go elsewhere?
Why are you sitting alone in the room when
there are relatives all over the house?
-Come on
Would relatives visit every day?
We should definitely spend time
with them only when they come.
Why have you become ready?
He's working in Ananthapuram and
now came to Kerala for marriage
Yes, I'll shift to Ananthapuram
after marriage. No problem
Mom, I don't have him in heart
and I don't like this marriage
Please forgive me and leave
Oh no, why did they get up?
You don't want this marriage
or don't want to marry at all.
-Give me a clarity
-Please sir, be seated
I didn't understand what you spoke to
them but I understood that you hurt them.
-Will they come back again if you do so?
-Will you stop?
They're not the relatives who
would come to our marriage.
but the ones who came
to see me for a match.
Marriage and to you?
What are these multiple choice with
me at home? Is your mom any mad?
-Ok, what did you say your mom about me?
-I said you are mad
-Am I mad? Am I mad?
Yes, I said you are mad.
But did mom get a doubt at least for once?
Mother in law, yes I am mad.
Mad about your daughter.
Give her to me in marriage
and I'll keep her in my heart
I thought I can convince
but not knowing how mom would react now
Sorry mom.
If you both liked each other,
it's ok for me too.
Ask him to call his parents.
Your parents... people... call... come
-No problem?
-No problem... No problem
-Very happy
-I too am happy
-Very happy
'I then understood'
'it was a plan by my Mother-in-law for us
to fall out regarding our love matter.'
Say, why did you come to my guy?
What work do you have with him?
Bro, I'm saying the truth.
We haven't come for your guy.
We came for that girl Charita.
Is it for Charita?
[phone ringing]
-Hello.-Jaggu, I need to talk to you.
Meet me once.
Is Raju in touch with you?
He's not seen these days and is
not reachable even over phone
It's okay, how far did
our assignment reach?
I think even that girl
is not still found right?
It seems she's not coming
even to the hospital
Our guys are saying that even
those records have gone missing
It seems she's from Kerala,
so maybe she's gone there
You thought I won't do the
work or I can't do the work?
One chance...
Give me one chance and I'll excel
Hey, this guy seems to be hungry.
Take him and feed biryani
Go, they prepared chicken biryani.
Go and eat
Chicken Biryani...
Idiot said no when I asked in the morning
-Ok, I'll look into his matter today
Ask Raju to meet me if he calls
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Raj has called,
it seems his engagement is fixed.
I used to think the girl he
marries is very lucky till date
But to get such a girl,
it's really luck of Raj
Oh no, why haven't you put curd?
You have the clarity about the
work we are doing now, right?
But you're striving to save someone.
Even after knowing who's behind this
He is the dangerous criminal who
shook whole of the South India.
You too know that
There's none to question
about whatever he does
There's no one who says
no to what he asks too
Sir, please forgive me.
None can stop him if he
wishes to do something
Raj is moving around in love with
that girl and you too know that
My worry is that he may risk his life
in the process of saving that girl
Are we going?
Poor fellow,
who else does he have other than us?
[indistinct people talking]
Bro... Sweety!
-How are you sister in law?
-I'm fine.
It's clear on your face
that you're very happy
Give those here
-Hi sister.
-Charita's mom.
Sweety, come
Please come
Come baby
Bro, I got to talk with you.
We can talk after you
fresh up bro, come inside
Come on... Drink
What's wrong,
why are you dull from yesterday?
Bro, change that shirt first. I'm
unable to see you in that dirty shirt
Raj, I have something to speak with you
-Should you talk right away?
-I need to.
Tell me bro, you said
there's something to talk
Need to discuss about Charita.
We have to think a bit and
decide about your marriage.
I know what you wish to say bro.
God took away mom when I was a child.
I think he realized the mistake,
so sent her back in the form of Charitha.
I'm getting back all the love
I missed from childhood now bro
I'm very happy.
All of this is because of her.
Isn't this what you wanted to say? I know.
Come on bro, all are waiting at home.
-Hello-Jaggu, how far did our assignment reach?
Yes, it's on.
You said you don't believe
in threads and rings?
I don't believe them still.
You're my confidence
-Where is brother?
Brother, come.
I'll call later.
My dear.
I feel very happy seeing you both.
You finally achieved your wish.
Come on jump.
-Bye Sweety
-Bye uncle, bye sister.
-Look into that work
Raj, you clear the engagement bills.
I've a small work,
I'll meet Neelima and come
[indistinct railway announcement]
What's wrong, come on.
You go and sit. I will come.
[train leaving]
[phone ringing]
Just a second.
Yeah bro tell me.
Is Raju there?
He is not here..
I've come out. Do you need to talk to him?
I need to speak to you.
Come to the place of your engagement.
But you already... Okay.
[train honking]
What's wrong brother?
Haven't you boarded?
What about sister in law and baby?
Ok bro.
You said you got to talk something.
Come on, let's sit and talk
What's wrong brother, any problem?
Where's the girl?
Which girl brother?
The girl you escaped from the hospital
Your life is in danger
because of that girl
He does anything for money and this
is in regards with his uncle's life
Listen to me and say
where you hid that girl.
Why do you fear brother?
Let's lodge a police complaint.
I've got complete proofs
Charita please listen to
me and give them the girl.
Raj loves you more than life.
He can't bear something happening to you.
Please understand why I am saying.
I'll see to it that
nothing happens to you.
Will we give Sweety if she was in
that girl's condition, brother?
What you said is right,
your guy looks to be an emotional fool.
We got him.
Stay on the line.
Talk to Sampanth.
We can't believe anyone in this
business. But I believed you.
I got a doubt when
Charita's record was missed.
Okay, still nothing is out of hands.
Handover the girl to
them and you come back.
Raju would cry for two days at
the most, but he will be alive.
Go, Charita.
Charita run!
-Mother-in-law, has Charita come?
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Your brother called her
and asked to come to the place
of engagement. So she went there.
Did brother call?
So he didn't go to back?
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Bro get up...
Get up bro!
Bro get up...
Bro get up...
[shouts loudly]
-That's enough..
-What is that? You serve.
Wear it bro.
Uncle, will Charita sister not come again?
This ring was in your brother's
hand. Belongs to Charita.
"Which way should my looks go?"
"Which side should I search for you?"
-I've been waiting since half an hour, sir
-Tell me dude.
Sorry sir.
"Which breeze should ask
about the direction?"
"How do I say you that I've become alone?"
"How do I show the wounds of my heart?"
Why did you send brother to Kerala?
Anyone would go to Kerala
to bring down his madness.
These are the phone calls
made by you to brother.
Get lost.
"Has the arrival of sunrises ended?"
"It's all a vacuum without your love"
"Has hopelessness filled
in this darkness?"
They asked to delete the entire
data of Charita at the hospital.
They didn't say why.
Two people visited the garage too.
I thought it was for you when they asked.
-Do you have their photos?
what if we see the CC footage of garage?
"A war where seconds are"
"not moving is on with me"
"Every minute"
"is taking my life like poison"
"I'm like this for your whereabouts"
"In which thorn cage"
"is the moonlight captured?"
[groaning in pain]
"In which bitter darkness
is the smile landed?"
"Is the pain of sorrow left behind?"
-Do you know Lakshmi?
-I know.
Her dad left her as a girl was born.
From then her mother brought
her up with great difficulty
Then, what we're doing is a good deed.
Mother is into so many troubles
because of the girl right?
It's like mother's trouble
is gone if that girl is die
Do you know where he lives
Have you seen her?
Nice babe!
I will kill you Idiot. Say it rascal!
There's a temple on the hill
in the fish market road.
-Grandma, will this guy stay here?
-He stays right here son
-They're killing the girl.
-Where's that girl. Where did you hide?
Say, who is Raj?
Who is Raj?
I need that fellow.
Ahhhh! Varadaraj!
What has Charita done to him?
He has liver cirrhosis
and is looking out for
liver transplantation
Finally he found a girl in
Ananthapuram Government hospital
When everything was set,
Charitha got that girl escaped
I need his number.
[phone ringing]
-Raj, Charita's lover.
Hey, I was searching for you
and you came searching for me.
You'd have known the
matter if you came so far
I should see Charita.
You bring that girl. Leave seeing
Charita, you can happily take her.
What's the guarantee that you've Charita?
Exactly. One second.
[message tone]
Crazy girl is losing her life
to save some unknown girl.
Hey, I'll bring the girl you need.
But if Charita gets one more
hit, none of you'd go alive
Don't get excited.
You give that girl normally to me and
I'll handover your Charita very safely.
That's it.
Yes, a girl went missing few days back
Who's that girl? Do you have any photo?
She was on your opposite
bed when you were here
Hi sister
Who, Lakshmi?
-Yes Lakshmi
-When did she go missing?
Do you know the exact date?
she went missing two days
before you left for Kerala
Raj, please come once to hospital
My friend's sister.
Can you please drop her in station?
Was it Lakshmi whom I dropped at
the station and get into the train
She is Neelima my friend.
she's done nursing with me
I've a small work, I'll
meet Neelima and come
What dude?
Where is Charita's bag?
Where is Charita's bag?
Hello Charita
Hello, I'm Raj
Where's Charita?
Aunty is in to great tension.
Do you know about Lakshmi?
She's getting treated right here
Someone gave her slow poison
She's now recovering now.
[aeroplane whizzing]
[tyres screeching]
Should we give away the girl?
Bro, its Varadaraj. There is no way out.
You'll have to let go of the girl
[phone ringing]
What boss...
I'm ready to give the girl,
but one condition.
Charita shouldn't know this matter
Tell me where to bring the girl
and I'll say where to bring Charita
Two different places and
should happen at the same time
Ok for me, say the place
I'll call at 9 tomorrow
morning and fix the place
Everything should be done in half an hour
Hey Raj,
She's a kid dude. Think about it once.
I want Charita at any cost
[phone ringing]
Market yard, Anna Nagar
KMCH hospital, airport road
Should finish in half an hour
I'm ready
Is everything ready?
Everything is ready sir.
If you say, we will leave sir.
Where is Charita sister, brother?
How's she?
Can I meet her once brother?
We are now going there now.
Confirm the blood group
after that girl has come
Can I talk with Charita sister?
We're anyways going to the hospital,
right dear?
You're doing so much
for me. Thanks brother.
Get down dear
Sir, we've reached market yard
Be on line
Where's the girl? I'm ready.
Charita will be before you
if I say yes in a minute
Even the girl will be before you
in a minute if I say yes.
Why so late, come on say
If you want to see the girl,
I should first see Charita
See, a Maruthi van is
coming in front of you
[vehicle approaching]
We shall confirm she's the girl right?
Everything is fine, blood group is matched
Hey, leave her
[opens door]
Look at me Raj.
Raj, talk to me Raj
It seems Sir will talk with you
Boss, thank you so much.
You gave life to my Father-in-law.
I can never repay your help.
I'm very happy boss.
You too are happy right?
I saw, I've seen all your love. It's good
Where's the girl?
Where's Lakshmi, Raj?
Tell me what happened to the girl, Raj?
Tell me Raj.
You wasted all my hard
word of all these days.
Oh, did she know? I haven't said anything.
Leave this, I was saying something.
Yes about your help right?
I have a bad habit Raj.
I can't sleep at peace when
there are any debts unpaid
It's a big problem with no sleep
so your lover here is my problem
If people who know this are alive,
they frustrate Father-in-law.
So, no way out.
Is it you first or her?
Nothing will happen to the girl
and nothing will happen to you either.
Believe me
Hey, take care about that girl
No one should come near the girl
-Confirm the doctors and then send.
-Okay sir.
What's with you man?
You always say careful with the girl.
Your father in law should be careful first
if the operation has to take place right?
Are you safe first?
Is the car you are going safe?
What're you talking rascal?
We can't attack him directly.
Our only option is the technical edge
He uses a high end car.
If we can get the ECU in that to
our control, we can hack that car
Car hacking, how's that?
You go as a company
executive and get access the car
His car runs with ECU.
ECU means Engine Control Unit,
just like our computer
Door locks, steering, breaks and
everything are controlled through that
We connect this device in that car and
install our software in that car's ECU
Then our software runs in that car.
And this is SMD, Spring Mobile Device
[device beeping]
Antenna here receives the signals through
the network of simcard and transmits to us
It activates our
software through Bluetooth
Then the whole system is compromised
and the controls come into our hands
I don't understand anything what
you said. Will this work out?
Chris Wellsec and Charlie Miller applied
it on BMW X series in 2013 and hacked
and next they hacked
Jeep company cars also
So I designed this device
with that same protocol
[device blipping]
[tyres screeching]
Did you get tensed idiot?
Ok, listen to this song and get chilled
"Gunna Gunna Mamidi song from
the movie Raja The Great"
Didn't like the song creep?
Ok, tell me which song does your
uncle like and I'll play the same
Father-in-law, I'll take care.
You'll dont get disturbed.
"Background score
from the movie Kabali"
Never in history did a greedy man
and a hasty female be happy
Sorry uncle. I'll take care.
Boss, I think you still
didn't get a clarity
Your car is hacked.
Though you are in the car,
it's control is with me
So, your total gang should be
cleared from here in just one minute
Hey.. go from there..
Raj... listen to me.
Raj listen to me.
They say not to believe even the
guy beside you in such matters
How did you think I would
believe a rascal like you?
Hey, do you know how it feels when someone
close loses life in front of our eyes?
Here's a sample.
[truck honking]
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
Help. Hey!
To give just 6 years of life to your uncle
Do you take the life of a
girl who has a life of 60 years?
Hey, you said the problem
is my lover till now,
actually Charita isn't the
problem but your father-in-law is.
You said we shall clear it when
there's a problem right?
Take good care of uncle.
Happy journey.
[tyres screeching]
Where's Lakshmi?
Why so many troubles dear?
See the troubles from your daughter,
Don't even know whom to share with.
Problems because of your daughter
-No problem...
-This is nuisance
you turn Telugu and teach me Malayalam.
I should explain the your daughter's
torture in future with you right?
What's this?
She's pinching me mother in law!
Pinch even this side dear
We're asking her to pinch
you this side too dude.