Lover (2024) Movie Script

Ramya, it's your turn now.
How many people have you kissed?
-Don't annoy me, woman!
-Spit it out!
Do kissing children on the cheeks count?
Get lost!
Divya, it's your turn!
Story of how you met your love.
Super! It is Vicky's favorite topic.
Why do you want to pull me into this?
Fine, let me leave then.
Why don't we spin it again?
-That's cheating!
You must reply to the question asked.
Hey, Divya, tell us.
We don't know your story.
Come on, answer!
Come on, Divya. It's cool!
Let's hear it!
Precisely during
second-year college culturals...
is when I met him for the first time.
[announcer] Next on stage is Arun.
He wore an olive green mandarin
collar shirt, black jeans, and...
and white sneakers!
When he went up the stage,
people welcomed him with loud applause.
I reckon he has a huge fan following
in the college.
Thank you!
He started speaking
in Vijay Sethupathi's voice.
The auditorium went wild.
[in VJS voice] The ball went up...
I went behind it to catch the ball.
I dropped the catch.
And I fell.
Okay, okay, okay.
I got hurt over here.
Who's that girl? Why's she
wearing makeup like a ghost?
He won the first prize in the competition.
The entire college's attention was on him.
Still, I felt that he...
noticed me.
After that day,
we kept it going only through looks.
Later, I found out he was friends
with my department, Avinash.
So, I got introduced to him.
We started hanging out in the canteen.
Then we exchanged numbers.
We started sneaking around our friends.
We flirted and went with the flow.
On my birthday, after my lab,
I was heading to my classroom...
I arrived to find a basket
waiting for me on the table.
That was 21st birthday.
The basket was filled
with 21 gifts that I love.
It had a card too.
That read,
"Happy Birthday to my wife."
-The usual, of course.
Cut to a song!
Only now is everything in place,
and you have a good bond with the team.
Vicky, bro, why are you leaving now?
Let me get there and rope you all in
under referral.
Oh, no, Bro,
I won't leave this place.
Some psycho is going to replace you
and torture us.
Bear in mind that our curse
will haunt you.
-At least then you will work, Ramya.
-He's right.
-Let it be.
-Morning, dear.
-Hmm, morning!
Where are you?
I am at Sowmya's house.
You mentioned about her
sister's baby shower.
Which area did you mention?
-Near Ambattur...
-Ambattur, you say.
Fine, send me your live location.
I have a surprise for you.
I'm nearby. Please share it.
I will leave shortly from here.
Fine, I'll pick you up.
Send me the location.
Aren't you in Ambattur?
Hey, did you post a story?
-Hey, Divya!
-Sorry, sorry, sorry, Divya.
-I am sorry.
-Fine, let it go.
-What happened, Ramya?
-I'll call you back sometime.
-For what?
Do I look like a moron to you?
Arun, I'll meet you and explain.
-What are you going to explain?
-I'll explain!
-What explanation?
-I can't talk now. Understand!
I asked you to send your location.
Where are you?
Arun, as it's Vicky's last day tomorrow,
I attended the farewell.
I thought as much.
-I'll call you back--
-It's not enough I broke his jaw?
Hey, who allowed you to meet him?
Arun, I'll get home and talk.
-Hey, I demand you talk now!
Bloody, I want to talk now,
and you're saying you'd call back.
-I cannot talk right now, Arun.
-Please understand. I'll call you back.
-Why can't you talk?
If you hang up the phone,
we're done for good.
You're in Kovalam--
Machan, where are you?
-Let me ride.
-It's okay, I'll ride.
Step aside.
Where are we going?
Dude, we went past the puncture shop.
We'll get it fixed on our way back.
On our way back, you say.
Where are we going?
-Why Kovalam?
Despite my warnings,
she still went to meet him.
Who are you talking about?
The one whom I'm in love with.
She's in Kovalam with that rascal, Vicky.
Who's Vicky?
The same rascal who took her
to Mahabs for a photo shoot.
That rascal, you say?
It's because of him
you almost got arrested.
I broke his jaw,
yet he's monkeying around.
Is he with him alone?
-Her colleagues are also with her.
-Then, what's your problem?
When I questioned her,
she said she wanted to break up.
-I ought to teach her a lesson.
Machan, look at me.
Machan, pull over to the side.
Please hear me out.
I have something to say.
-What is it?
-You never listen.
-What is it?
-Don't behave like a moron!
If you humiliate her
in front of her friends...
Of course,
she'll break up with you.
-I don't care. I can't take it anymore.
-Please hear me out.
I have an idea. Please hear me out.
-What the hell?
-Please wait.
Look at me. I said, look at me.
Let's have a couple of drinks...
then, we'll handle the situation
with a calm mind.
What do you say?
It's only 10:00 a.m.
As if it matters.
She used to be a good girl.
In college, she never did
anything without my permission.
Since she joined the office...
Her colleagues have influenced her.
I don't get it, machan.
If she does not respect my word.
Why the heck are we in a relationship?
The phone is connected to the car speaker.
I'll get home and call you back.
Hey! Hey, you're going overboard--
I'm rambling over here, and she's happily
listening to songs on Bluetooth.
Listen, watch your words.
Please don't blow it out of proportion.
You wait out here.
Give me a holler if you need my help.
Hi, Anna!
I'll wait for you downstairs.
Hey, he's drunk.
Arun stop!
Arun, come inside.
The last time,
it became an issue in the building.
So be it!
I don't need this, Divya!
You come downstairs for a second.
Arun stop!
Please hear me out.
Arun, please stop.
Arun, whatever it is,
let's go upstairs and talk.
How many times have you lied to me?
-You've misunderstood, Arun. Please!
-Please explain!
What the hell is this?
Were you attending a baby shower?
Did the baby shower happen on the sea?
This week is his last day in the office.
-It was his farewell party--
-Why the hell did you not tell me?
Why did you hide it?
Would you have let me go?
Why did you not ask for
my permission?
This is your problem. If I inform
that'll be not enough for you.
You expect me to seek permission.
-That does not work for me.
-I don't get it!
Am I not supposed to ask
where are you going?
You're not asking, Arun.
You're ordering!
-The hell! The hell, you don't get it.
-Stop cussing, Arun.
I've told you a thousand times.
That his intentions are not right.
I don't have a problem if you
meet him in the office space.
-Arun, I'm not a...
-Why do you want to hang out?
Arun, I'm not a kid.
I'm old enough to recognize
people's intentions.
The hell, you know!
Only men know about other men's intentions.
Arun, stop yelling!
If he really wants to hang out,
why can't he take Aishu along?
She'd go with anyone!
You have no right to speak
about my friend.
Why did you hide it from me?
Why did you lie to me?
Tell me now!
-Arun, my head is pounding.
-Why did you lie--?
-Why did you lie to me? Hey!
-Please leave!
Hey, Divya! Hey!
Stop Divya!
You called me to fix your flat tyre.
-I've made the payment.
She's a keeper.
Don't lose her!
I'm booking a cab.
Text me once you reach home.
Come home.
I'm tired, Arun.
If we don't end the fight
even you won't get any sleep tonight.
Let's go!
Come on!
You carry on. I'll take a cab.
I can drop you, sister.
-What's your native?
-It's okay, bro. I'll manage.
Okay, bye. Go safe.
Hey, what is it?
Once again,
you broke your promise...
You are day-drinking
and behaving violently.
I don't feel
that you're changing at all.
I am... afraid!
Hey, I behaved violently
because you lied to me.
Why don't you understand?
How could you blame me
for everything?
You don't even know how to swim,
but you're going into the sea.
What if something happened to you?
I'm telling you for your own good.
Fine, I'm sorry!
I am truly sorry.
How can I take it
when no one understands me?
How do you think I feel
when you do something I don't like?
Please don't repeat it.
I love you!
Arun... where were you?
How many times do I have to call you?
-What happened?
-Nothing, let go.
What happened to your hand?
Where did you fall?
-Why did you not answer my call?
-Nothing to worry about, Ma.
-Why are you screaming?
-You like to torture me.
-Stop yelling!
-Hey, serve me dosas.
My hands are going dry.
Both mother and son are creating a scene.
Ask him to shut up.
I might do something rash.
Hey, how dare you disrespect me?
-How dare he?
-I'll whack him right!
You sank fifteen lakhs in the name
of doing business.
But have no shame in creating a scene.
-Put him on your lap and feed him.
-Arun, please hear me out!
-How dare you disrespect me?
-Shut up and eat!
-It's best you save your respect.
-To hell with you!
Hey, I did not take your money.
-How does it matter?
I don't freeload like you do.
-You're going overboard.
-Don't mess with me.
-Arun, please go inside.
I'm going to freaking...
Oh, no!
I made tomato rice for lunch.
Amma, I'm going to eat at Deepan's house.
You better finish the leftovers for dinner.
-You remember, Senthil, sir?
He mentioned about a work
related to Mechanical Engineering...
Ma, I won't even ask you for money.
For God's sake, please don't
torture me about finding a job.
If nothing works out in two months,
I'll find a job with my design certificate.
Please calm down.
You see, Arun...
The company is known to Senthil, sir...
Listen, time won't stop for you.
Later, no matter what you do,
you won't have time.
I had the capacity to provide seven lakhs
for your Engineering degree.
Also, I gave you fifteen lakhs
to start a business.
What do you want from me?
I don't have anything more to offer.
I will retire in four years.
Please don't take me wrong
because I'm pointing it out.
It's enough
if you take care of yourself.
-Good morning.
-Hi, Akka!
Later, no one should point fingers at me.
Here you go!
Take your lunch.
Ride safe.
Welcome, Arun.
I suppose yesterday was a chaos.
Hey, nice punch!
Welcome Arun!
-Love is taking a toll on you.
-Nothing like that.
Hey, Noel, fix me a joint.
-There's a new pack in the bag.
I'm busy.
You help him with it.
Actually, I finished till the 3rd module.
By EOD, I'll finish the rest.
Yeah, alright. See you, Divya.
Umm... May I?
Hmm... Yes, please!
Here you go!
I just joined.
Today's my first day.
Oh, induction!
You'll feel sleepy.
You'll need the coffee.
-Thank you.
-It's okay.
-Have a good day.
-Have a nice day.
It's not good to eat biryani
after having whiskey.
It messes with your stomach.
It's best to eat healthy, my friend.
If you binge on junk food,
it'll mess up your stomach.
You please don't talk about it.
What's wrong with me?
-Arun, romancing, is it?
She sent me a MEME.
Dating one girl does not suit me.
Anna, don't taunt us.
We're not able to find
even one girlfriend.
Kumar, following many profiles
on Instagram,
and sending DMs won't get you anything.
I'll handle it for you
when you come asking for links.
He's always after women.
He keeps sharing pictures of
women on Instagram.
I won't share anymore.
Anna, one of my friends mentioned
about a spot in Anna Nagar.
If It's right for the cafe,
we can make an advance payment.
Let's discuss it in the evening.
In the evening,
I have a business to tend to.
Business? What business?
I have a personal commitment.
I have to take Amma to the hospital.
He's lying.
He must have made plans with his girl.
-Am I right?
-Be within your limits.
I'm having a serious conversation.
Hey, pipe down.
You carry on.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.
It's okay. We can discuss it now.
Please wait for a while.
The judgment will be in our favor.
Once the verdict is out,
we'll have a good cash flow.
We're running out of booze.
-What were we having? Whiskey?
Arun, take Vishwa and get me booze.
Amma is calling. I have to leave.
I'll see you later.
I'll come back tomorrow.
We'll discuss.
-Bye, Vishwa.
What's wrong with him?
You are the light drizzle
Of the beautiful evening
Your body is stimulating
What would happen to me
You are the light drizzle
Of the beautiful evening
Your body is stimulating
What would happen to me
Come closer
Why so much distance?
The thirst for life
Will get quenched in seconds
Hey... Hey... Hey...
Wants are pouring like rain
My desire is lunging the sky
Wants are pouring like rain
My desire is lunging the sky, dear
Fine, shall we order dessert?
-What is it?
-Guess what?
Apple crumble?
You are the white clouds
in my sky
Hey Hey
Your eyes cannot take in
my intoxication
You are the light drizzle
Of the beautiful evening
Your body is stimulating
What would happen to me
It's delicious!
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm genuinely sorry.
I have decided to stop drinking
for a while.
Every time,
you apologize for the sake of it.
But you keep repeating the same.
I am getting shivers thinking about
what you did yesterday.
How can someone get so angry?
Fine, I won't get angry anymore.
I can never expect that from you.
-But if you again behave violently...
-I won't get angry.
-I can't... You know...
-I did not do anything rash.
I swear, I'll walk away.
-Why are you making it a big deal?
-That's it!
You know it yourself:
you won't keep up the promise.
I agree!
Hey, you're not a child.
Eat properly.
I forgot to mention that I had a
dream amidst all the conflicts.
-What dream?
-Alexa, stop!
We are inside the chemistry lab.
You take me near the door
and start kissing.
We are getting hot and heavy...
suddenly, Neelamegam sir entered the lab.
Damn it!
Thank goodness I woke up.
That professor never liked it
when I am happy.
Damn it!
You see, Arun...
For any student, there should be
an amount of discipline.
You're going to suffer in life.
-That is for sure!
-That is for sure!
His favorite statement.
But we never kissed in the chemistry lab.
When have you attended chemistry lab?
You have a point.
But in college, you kissed me
every opportunity you got.
It's not like you were sitting ducks!
Then, I used to get restless
for the class to get over
so I could meet you.
Not that much!
Oh, really? Not that much?
-Let go!
-Not that much!
Make-up sex?
Yesterday, you scolded him royally.
You said it's not working out.
I was supposed to apply concealer.
But I forgot. Do you have it?
He made a simple apology,
and you melted.
He apologized and bawled like a baby.
I shouldn't have done what I did, too.
You're hopeless, Divya.
You deserve better, I feel.
Let it go, Aishu.
I won't come to you to lament.
Idiot, I did not mean it that way.
-Is it 10:45 a.m.?
-We still have five minutes.
I believe we have a "Catch up in person."
scheduled today.
I think someone new
has been appointed to Vicky's role.
-Oh, no!
-There must be an intro session.
I hope the new person is not crazy
but a chill guy like Vicky.
I'm dreading the same.
I hope they did not hire a boomer uncle.
We would lose Vicky's vibe.
Hey, did you get rashes?
My sister gets it often, too.
She uses an ointment for it.
-I'll find out what it is.
-Yeah, they're rashes.
Oh, you knew it?
Hey, is that Madan inside Jegan's cabin?
Do you know him?
He looks cute!
Hey, Madanwanders.
Travel vlogger.
Aishu, he has a lot of followers.
His videos are amazing.
My cousins have a huge crush on him.
I think he's here to vlog.
So, I was told it'll be two days...
I think he has joined our office.
If that's the case, it's fantastic.
My cousins will die of jealousy.
Fine, let's go!
-Hello! Hi! Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Add Naresh during the 11 o'clock call.
-It's okay. I can manage.
-Okay. All the best!
Hi, I'm Madan.
First of all, I heard you had a wonderful
experience working with Vignesh.
I'll try to maintain the same vibe.
This is my first stint
as a Project Manager.
I have a lot to learn from you people, too.
Let's help each other out.
Beyond work, I like to travel,
photography, and music.
To explore these three hobbies,
I started a vlog.
The vlog is running successfully.
I know, "Madanwanders."
-I'm one of your followers.
-Oh, thank you.
You're such a prude.
I think we'll get to know more
when we work.
-Let's get back to work.
-I'm Ramya.
-Hi Ramya!
-May I have a selfie with you?
-Hey, Ramya!
-Yeah, sure.
Oh, God!
My cousins are your huge fans.
-The selfie is to be sent to them.
-Oh, okay!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Hi, I'm Aishu!
-Hi, Aishu.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice meeting you too.
-Hi, I'm Divya.
On that day,
the coffee was much needed.
-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.
-Hi, I'm Sowmya.
I reckon you switched to PM
from a tech background.
Yeah, yeah.
I started as a developer.
What course did you pursue?
No, I did not pursue a course.
Instead of asking if he parties,
you're discussing a course.
I'm not a big party person.
Why don't we have a small party tonight?
Come on, have a drink.
Go on!
No, not today.
It's your treat,
and you won't drink, is it?
I have to drive back home.
Bro, we'll book a cab.
Have a drink.
-You don't drink?
-Not much, though.
-I am the same as her.
But you don't seem to insist on her.
She's putting up a scene.
Come on, have a drink.
I'm sorry.
I got you caught.
It's okay. I don't mind.
-Cheers guys!
-Let me...
Are you wearing the perfume
we bought in EA?
It smells amazing!
-It smells fantastic.
Do we have to go?
Shall we get beers and go to your house?
Hey, why are you creating a scene?
-They're your close friends too.
-The hell they're close!
It's been years since we completed college.
No one even bothered to call
to check if I was alive or dead.
It's irritating!
What's the purpose of this party?
It's because Pravin's company
has raised $5 million.
Why don't you find a design job
until the cafe is sorted?
You'd feel better, too.
If you ask me,
that's the best thing to do.
You start looking out seriously.
I'll look for a job.
I will look for one.
Let's go.
-Hey, how are you?
-I'm good. You?
I'm good.
You have changed a lot.
-This is Jhanvi, by the way.
-Oh, hi!
In college, Vada...
I mean Pravin...
He had a huge crush on Divya.
-Look at him!
-Here you go.
You won't buy us juice, is it?
Shut up!
I shouldn't have told you.
During college...
Arun used to get pissed off
at the sight of Pravin.
How are you guys?
-Straight downing drinks.
-Hey, how are you?
How's success treating you?
Hi, Sir.
What would you like to have?
-Okay, Sir.
Hey, Divya!
-One minute.
-I'll be back.
-Hey, Surya.
-I can't believe you're a millionaire.
One more sixty!
One more sixty!
Machan, isn't that Arun?
Arun! Hey, Arun!
-Another large!
-Come over here.
That's him.
He has changed a lot.
Look, he's gulping it down.
He has not changed a bit.
-Hi, guys.
-Welcome, Mister.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
-How are you?
-I'm good!
-This is my wife Keerthana.
You never met her.
And you did not come to our wedding.
Sorry, I was busy,
so I could not make it.
He sends Divya to attend all the events.
What are you up to these days?
I reckon you work in a BPO.
It's been a year since I quit.
I'm planning to open a cafe
near Anna Nagar.
-Perhaps in the next two months...
-That's great.
-Divya is with ZENPY, right?
-She quit long ago.
-Oh, did she?
Do you know how much her package is
I reckon it must be 18 lakhs/annum.
I have no idea about it.
Surprisingly, he does not know
his girlfriend's salary.
I just now got reminded.
In college,
he was good at mimicry.
Machan, please do some mimicry.
-No, I've lost touch.
-Come on!
Machan, please do it.
You were fantastic.
Just do two lines.
It's been long.
I don't want to do it.
Fine, go and get another drink.
Another drink will bring out
your talent.
No need.
Please, I don't want to do it.
I think he's feeling shy.
Hey, let it go!
One large, please.
Before we considered naming it Paragonia.
-It makes sense!
-Wow! You're still alive!
Had I died,
they would've informed you.
You wouldn't have made it
because you did not get off.
Dude, come on!
How's your business?
Yeah, almost.
In two months,
everything will be up and running.
Arun, how are you?
-Hey, how are you?
-It's been ages since we met.
All good?
What are you up to these days?
I'm planning to open a cafe.
Ah... nice!
-Do you have investors?
-Yes, I have investors.
Oh, super!
At present, Kiosk cafes like Chai kings
make significant profits.
One of my friends started
a similar cafe...
and have expanded to 30 shops
in two years.
If you need any help,
please tell me.
I know people.
If you're looking for investors...
don't hesitate to ask.
If you agree,
I'll connect you with my friend.
You can take up a franchise and run it.
You will get an idea about the business.
What do you say?
As the investors are delaying,
he's planning to pursue design.
He has completed a design course.
He's a fantastic designer.
You're right. He used to design
short film posters in college.
He used to be very talented.
Now I've become useless.
I did not mean to say that.
Hey, if you're interested in designing...
My company has openings.
Please send me your resume.
I'll speak to the team.
Let's discuss.
What do you say?
It does not make you a big shot
if you have money.
-Hey, Arun!
-He did not mean that.
-Did you get me to this jerk to get a job?
Arun, mind your words.
-Hey, Arun, what are you doing?
-Hey, Arun!
-Hey, Arun, stop it!
-Arun, stop it!
-Arun, calm down.
-Arun, please.
What will you do?
What will you do?
-Please ask him to leave.
I'm warning you.
Divya, please take him out!
-Who the hell are you to tell me?
-I want him to leave now.
Hey, calm down!
Do you expect me to send you
my resume?
Hey, Arun!
Hey, let go of me.
Bloody hell!
What's wrong with him?
It's unnecessary.
He bloody ruined everything!
Hey, Divya!
-Let go, Arun!
Hey! Hey!
Stop, I say!
-What now?
You tell me.
What the hell are you doing?
Do you mean to say he was right?
Get lost, Arun.
You embarrassed me.
Who embarrassed you? Who?
You embarrassed me
by asking to offer me a job.
-Arun, I was casually asking him.
-Don't talk like a moron.
-You mistook it.
Do you feel embarrassed when
I am around your rich friends?
Come on, answer me.
Are you embarrassed?
Anna, you carry on.
-Where to?
Hey! Hey!
Look at me!
Do you get me or not?
Do you think I was wrong?
I can't take this anymore.
Arun, you please leave.
I can't bear this anymore.
You, please leave.
You leave. Please, you leave.
-You leave!
-Brother, watch out!
You stood like a dream
in my vision
Why did you give me pain plenty?
When you touched me
like a breeze...
I floated like a feather
When you changed into fire
I got burnt completely
I know not the answer
and I suffer
I drift apart without being clear
I have become a puzzle
And I break into pieces every moment
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
The song that was so comforting
How did it become noisy today?
If you change from being a wave
into a high tide
I get broken like the bank
I am searching for a handle
Like a leaf floating in the air
You were a drizzle for a second
The next second you became a mirage
Where did you lose, dear
The You, whom I liked?
Why did you bring tears, my darling
To me, whom you liked?
You are killing me...
You are destroying my sleep...
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
How are you settling down
at work?
How was your first week?
It was okay.
The Manager is a bit annoying guy.
The folks at work like my designs.
That's great.
Eventually, the Manager's opinion
will change, too.
My mother is torturing me to ask when
you will speak to your folks about us.
What do you mean by "Oh"?
What are your folks saying?
My folks are torturing me, too.
Last week, they randomly gave
me a number to speak to a guy.
I did not show any interest in him
and turned it down.
Why did you not tell me?
Of course,
I could not explain this to my parents
Divya, let's break the news.
I have a job now. Moreover,
it'll take time to convince them.
Shall I ask my mother to speak
to your folks?
Arun, for marriage...
I don't know if I'm ready yet.
I need more time.
More time? For what?
I don't know, Arun.
When I think about the future...
...I'm scared.
You don't start again now.
I'm doing it all for you.
I've been doing good. Working a job.
And it's been 15 days since my last drink.
Divya, we did discuss about it earlier.
Our future will be good.
Tomorrow, I'm meeting Arun's mother.
As soon as I meet her,
she'll ask about marriage.
-Ma'am, your order.
-Thank you.
-Welcome, ma'am.
Do you truly see a future
in this relationship?
He's been good and has started
working a job.
Lately, he's not even drinking.
Are these reasons enough
to marry a person?
You can't even hang out
without lying to him.
Take a moment and reflect on whether
your relationship is healthy.
Marriage is a big decision.
Take your time, think, and make a decision.
Don't rush in.
Let's go.
I'll give you my phone.
Check my dial list.
Vishwa's call--
I don't even attend Deepan's call.
For God's sake, keep this up.
That's the best thing to do.
There's no use in trusting them.
Even if you invest, he won't treat you
like an owner of the business.
Don't go back to them.
I won't!
I mentioned the three designs
I submitted it to the office.
All three designs may be approved.
Oh, nice.
Do you cook at home, Divya?
Yeah, Maggi!
I try to make something simple, Auntie.
Like dosa or chutney.
That's enough.
It's piping hot.
I'm there for you.
I'll teach you everything in ten days.
Listen, Divya...
When are you planning to inform your folks?
It's getting late.
If I settle him down, I'll be at peace.
Ma, you go and make more dosas.
Listen carefully!
You marry Divya and rent out a new house.
-And you call me.
-Ma, it's enough...
I will cook for you guys.
Amma, that's enough.
Why are you speaking out of turn?
Imagine you planned to have kids...
I will retire under VRS
and take care of the child.
Ma shut up!
You're going overboard.
We can open your cafe
with my settlement payment.
Check who's at the door.
Oh, no, go inside your room.
-Please hear me out.
-Hold on!
Hi, uncle.
Are you his friend?
-Please go inside.
-I can't believe you're his friend.
-He's fit for nothing.
-Shut up!
-Ma, ask him to go inside.
-Let go of my hand.
I'll slap you!
When you're drunk.
You should go to that woman.
-Why do you torture us?
Hey, let go!
You don't have the right to decide
where I must go after I'm drunk.
-I should decide.
-Please go inside.
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up.
No wonder you're in this state.
Bring me food.
Dear, please eat.
Shall I bring your peanut chutney?
Hey, let it go.
Don't coerce her into it.
-She was staring at me.
-I was just looking.
Why would you stare at it?
-Come on, it's not that harmful.
-Then, give it a try.
Ramya is very curious about this stuff.
Have you tried it?
-But I had a bad experience.
-Me too, same.
I puked!
I can't stand smoke.
What's your bad experience?
My ex and I tried it for the
first time on our trip to Himachal.
We smoked up and started trekking.
As we climb up, the oxygen level drops.
So she could not breathe.
I panicked!
I didn't know how to handle
the situation.
The nearby villagers came to help
at the right time.
Took her in the jeep and admitted her...
to the hospital located
at a lower altitude.
One bad incident...
After that, I never touched it.
Do you have a plan to travel for life?
Travel for life will become monotonous.
The travel will be interesting
until we have a home to get back to.
Have you removed the vlogs
you shared with your ex?
Ramya mentioned it.
She showed me her Instagram profile.
-She's charming.
Why did you guys break up?
I mean... if you don't mind me asking.
-Just a minute.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Hello, where are you?
-Are you at work?
Shall we meet in the evening?
I may be late tonight.
Shall I come over to your place
tomorrow night?
Okay, bye. Love you!
-Love you!
-[kisses] Bye.
Hey, is it ready?
Yeah! Do you want to taste it?
It's delicious!
Since I arrived in Chennai, I never had
such a good Seeraga Samba biryani.
-Oh, really?
-It's fantastic!
-Thank you.
-I wonder who's the lucky girl.
-I took her to the lodge.
She got hyper and was all over me.
-She did not let me sleep.
Anna, you're tempting us.
-Anna, look who's here.
-Come on, dear. Welcome.
-Knock, knock, is it Swiggy?
Machan, he's in a good mood.
Apologize to him.
-Sit down.
-Take a seat, Sir.
It looks like he's working out.
Vishwa informed me that the judgment
was in our favor.
Did you see the car?
Anna, the car looks fantastic!
-It's amazing!
I'm sure it'll clock 200 km/hr.
Yeah right. Such a big shot
won't even answer my call.
Anna, I was under a lot of pressure.
-Job will tend to add pressure.
-Drink up...
to take the pressure off!
Start looking for a spot.
Are you sure?
Okay, Anna.
Thank you, Anna.
-What's this, Arun?
-Yes, Sir.
The clients disapproved of your design.
They've pointed out many mistakes.
Please look into it and finish it.
-Where is Arun?
-I don't know, Sir.
-Anna, one tea!
Tell me. Where are you?
Did you find anything good?
I may be on to something suitable.
That sounds good.
However, I got fired from work.
You got fired?
It's okay, we'll manage.
If Divya knew, she'd nag me.
You're right. Wait to tell her.
It's a good thing you got fired.
You can now focus on
starting your cafe.
Where are you?
I am heading to Deepan Anna's house.
He asked me to come over.
-Do you want to come along?
-Sure, I will join you.
If we start prepping now,
we can open our cafe during Diwali.
I found a perfect spot!
It'll be a hit!
The spot is swarming with college kids.
-Thank you.
If we begin in August,
we can finish in December...
We can open it during New Year.
It'll be a fresh start for you.
Anna, why begin in August?
You see, Arun, my uncle Durai...
is a chronic drunkard.
He had to undergo a liver transplant.
They need two lakhs for the surgery.
It's an obligation for my father.
Another five lakhs of mine
are under rotation.
By August, I should have enough funds.
We'll handle it.
Anna, because of you I quit my job.
Why did you quit your job?
I never asked you to quit.
Anna, this is not right.
-Hey, don't trip!
-What do you mean?
-He did say August. Be patient.
-Do you mean to say I'm tripping?
-Let it go!
-What's wrong with you?
-What's your problem?
-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
-You're going overboard.
What's to you?
I'm talking to him!
-Shut your gob!
-Hey, Arun!
Before judgment,
he was nowhere to be seen.
After the judgment,
he's sticking to you like a leech.
-To hell with you!
-How dare you raise your hand?
I'm saying my uncle is having
a surgery
and you're ranting like an idiot.
Anna, if you can't invest,
be frank about it.
-You have money to buy a car.
-Has he gone mad?
You're having fun drinking and partying.
-Arun, you're going overboard.
-But I'm down the drain.
-I have lost trust in you.
-Has he lost it?
So, you hung out with us
only for money.
-Damn you, man.
-Anna, sorry.
Vishwa, if he's still here,
I'll break his face.
Take him away!
If you don't leave,
I'll smash your face.
Noel, calm down.
Vishwa, take him away.
-I was in a good mood.
-Sit down!
-Hey, roll a joint.
-Let's go.
Machan! Hey, Machan!
-You're going overboard.
-I do not mean it that way.
Don't lie. That's what you said.
-Did you hear what she said?
-Guys, one second.
Yeah, yeah, sure!
-Hello!'s best not to trust anyone.
What happened?
No one is true to anyone.
What happened, Arun?
Where are you?
People will not let us live in peace.
I'm going to prove them all wrong.
Are you drunk?
I tried my best not to drink
for a month.
Drinking is not a solution, Arun!
Listen, I am for you, and you're for me.
That's it. And my mother.
Arun... Arun...
first, book a cab and get home.
For God's sake, don't drive.
No, no, no... I can drive well.
I only had half a bottle.
Arun, please listen to me.
For God's sake, don't drive.
Baby, I want to meet you.
Shall I come to your place?
Arun, I'm on my way to my home town.
Home town?
You never mentioned anything.
I have to take Appa for a check-up.
Baby, just two minutes.
I'll meet you and leave.
Arun, I left. I'm on my way.
Okay, give my regards to your parents.
Arun, please book a cab,
get home and text me.
I'll meet you once I return to Chennai.
Okay, please go safe.
I love you so much.
-Love you!
I better confess to Divya and surrender.
She'll bid you goodbye!
This is what you said drunk last night.
I'll find a good job.
Keep up the discipline for six months.
And get myself ready for marriage.
My horoscope predicts a happy life
after marriage.
Instead of apologizing to Deepan Anna...
and becoming an owner of the cafe.
-But you're speaking nonsense.
-Don't bring up that topic.
-I can't go back to that man.
-You don't get it.
Talk about something else.
Don't piss me off.
Shall we have a tea?
-Let's go!
-Thank you.
-Congrats Madan.
Madan, 500K.
You have to throw a huge party.
-You have to.
Let's party!
Shall we have it at your house?
Today, my roommate's friends
are visiting him.
Then, let's have it at their place.
I am okay. But Divya...
Hey, Divya, are you meeting Arun?
No! But I'm not in the mood.
In fact,
we can do it another day.
Bloody sinners!
Don't tempt me and take it away.
Excuse me!
It's okay.
We can have the party at our place.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, sure.
Shall we try that today?
-I meant the joint.
-Hey, please, please. Just one time.
First and last!
You asked for it.
I'll call Suhail and arrange it.
Right! Chaos awaits!
Pull it back.
Tell me!
Hey, I can't do it now.
Okay, ask them to be there
in twenty minutes.
Machan, I need to make a stop on the way.
-Oh, come on...
-Just five minutes. Hop on!
Don't get angry.
Heavy payment, he says.
Five minutes!
There's no danger in trying it.
Nothing happens to 75% of people.
What about the rest?
The rest are raised by their parents...
-Later, it goes down the drain.
-Why are you guilt-tripping her?
It's okay. I'm not going to try.
Hey, he's pulling your leg.
Fine! What's your story?
Even when you drink,
it's just one pint of beer.
With self-control and health conscious.
One day, you're bound to die.
At least you can enjoy the moment.
Who said I don't enjoy it?
Doing all these things
does not define enjoyment.
There's no point in talking to you.
You remain a saint.
I believe this is the spot.
I don't know where he's waiting for me.
-Are you here? Where are you?
Hi, we have arrived at Alsa Mall.
-I'm in a brown Duster.
-Brown Duster?
Over here!
-Follow me to the alley.
-Okay, I got it.
-Follow me.
What happened?
He asked me to follow him.
Hey, the guy on the bike
looks like Arun.
Check if he's following us.
Let me wear a mask.
It's safe!
Hey, isn't that Arun?
-Where are you?
Of course, I'm at work!
I'm on a break.
I came out for a smoke.
My first smoke since morning.
-Bro, 30g, right?
-I Gpay'd you.
-Bro, you are...
No, that's not me.
Wasn't he in Bigg Boss?
He was not in Bigg Boss!
I think he was in a dance show.
Divya, don't assume things.
-Please wait and talk to him.
-Let it go, Divya. Don't cry.
Phew! That was a close call.
He almost recognized me.
What happened?
I think he's on YouTube...
I'm going to confess to her
in the evening.
I got it!
He makes reels.
It's called some "wanders."
Machan, spell out, wanders.
w a...
That's him!
Yeah, that's him.
He bought 30gs but looks healthy.
He looks fresh!
I have seen a couple of reels of him.
No wonder he seemed familiar.
He keeps traveling and posting videos.
Last month, I went to Wayanad.
He posted a couple of
hotel recommendations.
I tried. And it was amazing.
Lofty client!
What happened?
What happened?
Are you calling Divya?
Did something go wrong?
What's the matter?
Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
Anna, here's the money for the tea.
Arun! Arun, wait for me.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
-What have you been up to?
-For God's sake, leave, Arun.
We'll discuss it later.
Hey, what's happening out here?
You're featured in a random guy's reel.
And now he's in your house.
-What's happening out here?
I'm not ready to talk to you
at the moment.
Don't create an issue.
And please leave.
Who-- Who's creating an issue now?
I won't leave without an answer.
What do you peg me for?
-You better give me an answer.
Instead, you're showing me attitude.
-This is not working out.
-What do you mean?
-I don't want this anymore.
-We're over, Arun.
-I don't get it!
If I point out your mistakes,
you show me down.
Is that easy for you?
I make mistakes, right?
For God's sake, leave me.
I'm so outraged
I don't know what I'd do to you.
Give me an answer.
Isn't it your mistake?
Why are you being so difficult?
You already accused me of mistakes.
Why are you still over here?
-Let it go. Leave!
-Hey, who is he?
Who the hell is he?
Are you coming from your office?
You lied that you were at work,
but you were selling stash.
Don't change the topic.
Don't change the topic!
How do I trust you?
You lied about going to your hometown.
-Give me a bloody answer.
-Get lost!
-Bloody woman!
-Let go of me.
Hey, stop right there!
Stop, you!
Let me talk to him.
Hey, Divya!
-Ask Divya to come out.
-Bro, let's talk.
-Please hear me out.
-I need to talk to her.
-Fine, tell me what it is.
Please ask her to come out.
I must talk to her.
Not now. She's quite disturbed.
-Bro, please hear me out.
-Hey, Divya, come out.
-Ask her to come out.
-Please listen to me!
-I must talk to her. Please understand.
-Arun, calm down.
-I'm warning you. It'll turn ugly.
-Please calm down. She's crying.
-Arun! Arun! Please listen.
-I'm her boyfriend.
For God's sake, listen.
Random people are with her,
but I'm not. I'm her boyfriend, damn it.
-Please understand, Arun.
-I don't get it.
You, please understand.
And ask her to come out.
Arun... Arun... I'll speak to her.
-Please don't create a scene.
-I'm not doing anything.
-Please, Arun.
-Fine, I'm not yelling.
Ask her to come out.
-I must talk to her.
-Arun, please understand.
-She's crying.
-You're angry, and she's angry too.
-That's why I must talk to her.
-Please understand, Arun.
-Let go of me. I need to talk to her.
-Arun, please don't do this.
Hey, what happened?
Hey, don't go.
Suhail will handle the situation.
-I mean...
-If you go, it'll become an issue.
I said, sit down.
-Don't cry, Divya.
-I must talk to her.
-I'm getting very pissed off.
-Hey, Arun! Arun!
Hold on, Arun!
-What happened?
-Ask Divya to come out.
-Look at me, Arun.
-They're holding her inside.
Fine, I'll ask her to call you.
-Let's go down.
Hey, that bloody @Madanwanders
is inside the house.
-I said, keep walking.
-Divya, don't cry.
How long should I keep ringing the bell?
I was running a bit late today.
My father-in-law is unwell.
-Why hasn't Mom left for work?
-I don't know, ask her.
Akka! Akka!
Arun! Arun!
Arun, get over here!
Arun, I think your mother took
sleeping pills.
Hurry up!
Let's bring her to the hospital.
Arun, what's wrong with you?
Hurry up!
Don't worry, Mom will be fine.
How long do you plan to sit like this?
You haven't eaten anything since morning.
Fine, you stay here.
I'll get something to eat.
-Hey, hold on. Calm down.
-Why did you come over here?
-Dude, calm down.
-Why are you here?
What did this crazy woman do?
-Listen, I'll smash your face to pulp.
-Arun, calm down.
It's because of you she's in this state.
If something were to happen
to my mother...
-I swear I won't spare you!
-Sit down!
Sit down. It's the hospital.
Please behave.
Please listen to me.
Don't do anything over here.
Why did you come?
Why the hell did you come over here?
Go and see for yourself
the damage you've done to her.
You must be happy.
Go and see for yourself.
-Only her body is alive.
-Let it go.
Are you at peace now?
Machan, don't yell!
You can pretend to care...
Hey, ask him to get out.
-I swear... You better leave.
-Hey, sit down.
I swear I'll break his skull.
There are other patients out here.
Mind it. It's a hospital.
-Sorry, sister.
-Sister, please go and check.
Why Ma?
Why did you do it?
Have you gone mad?
Once again, money was missing
from my account.
Your father withdrew money
to buy a house for that woman.
Twelve lakhs.
I slogged and worked hard for it.
I could not take it, my son.
I don't even have anyone to talk to.
You don't even talk to me anymore.
What else will I do?
I could not take it. I could not!
How could you even think of
abandoning me?
Arun, I don't like living
in this house anymore.
If you get married to Divya,
we can move to a new place.
Arun, does Divya know about
this incident?
If she knows about it,
she may think poorly of us.
Please don't tell her.
Please don't tell her.
It's enough if you both get married.
It is squeezing my life out
My heart is hurting
It is squeezing my life out
My heart is hurting
Every second that passes by
It stabs and tears
The sour thoughts
Is burning inside
Is this the truth?
Has pain become my kin?
Is this the truth?
Has pain become my kin?
Has pain become my kin?
It is squeezing my life out
Heart is hurting
Divya, what do you like to have?
Shall I make you tea or coffee?
Aunty, please don't bother yourself.
I just had tea.
Please sit down.
How are you feeling now?
I'm doing better now.
I'm resting at the moment.
Are you taking your medicines on time?
How about work?
My 15 days of medical leave
are about to be over.
I have to rejoin work in two days.
Finally, you're up.
Brush your teeth. I'll bring you tea.
He goes to sleep only
3-4 a.m. in the morning.
Fine, you tell me.
How are you?
How is work?
Work is going well.
-How's everyone at home?
-They're good.
if you ever feel lonely,
please call me.
We can go to the beach or elsewhere.
Falling in the pit
But the ground isnt visible
The end is also not appearing
What will I do?
Trying to break the closed door
I do not see a path
Where would I go?
Couldnt understand what happened
I do not like what's happening
I am shattering unto myself
Living in the dark,
Searching for the light
I am suffering alone
Is this the truth?
Is this the truth?
Is this the truth?
Has pain become my kin?
Is this the truth?
Has pain become my kin?
Has pain become my kin?
It is squeezing my life out
My heart is hurting
Every second that passes by
It stabs and tears
The sour thoughts
Is burning inside
Happy Birthday!
Thank you.
Hey, Happy Birthday!
Wish you many more happ--
Happy Birthday, Divya.
In the last six years, this is the
first birthday, we're not together.
Anyway, enjoy!
Take care.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
How are you?
Hmm... I'm okay.
What are your plans today?
Evening friends are coming over.
-How is Mom?
She's okay.
My father does not visit anymore.
So she's at peace.
She set up a small garden
on the terrace.
She mostly spends her time over there.
Sometimes, she behaves erratically.
She unfolds and again folds laundry.
This kind of behavior is concerning.
Did you take her to a therapist?
That won't work out.
It's a risk to take her to a therapist.
Then, she'll bring up the topic
of my wedding.
Did you not tell Mom about us?
If you're free in the evening,
please join us.
Are you sure?
My office friends will be there too.
Are you okay with it?
Are you okay with it?
It's okay, Divya, let it be.
You carry on.
-It's okay... It's okay...
-Your friends will be there.
It's okay, Arun. Please come.
I, too, want to talk to you.
Are you sure?
Aishu, it's a six-year relationship.
I had a lifetime planned along with him.
It's not easy.
At least, he deserves a proper closure.
I understand.
Still, I feel you could've done this
another day.
What if something goes wrong again?
It's okay. We'll handle it.
Hi, Bro. Please come in.
Hello! Yeah, where are you?
Do you see Grace supermarket?
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
Here you go.
-Check and let me know if you like it.
Hi, Anna!
Hey, it's fantastic!
-It's lovely!
-Come on, show me.
It's nice!
-Hey, is Suhail here?
-Almost here.
He never makes it on time.
-No, I rode a bike here.
Oh, so you now care about
drunk driving.
Get me some water.
-It's in the fridge.
-I'll help myself. You carry on.
-Hi, finally.
-Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi.
-Go inside.
-Happy Birthday!
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-How are you?
-I'm good!
To new beginnings. To new you.
-You look lovely.
-Thank you.
-Thank you!
-Have you downloaded dating apps?
Why are you gaping?
It's our responsibility to find you
the right match by your next birthday.
Dude, there are plenty of fishes
in the sea.
Dude, there are plenty of fishes
in the sea.
Hey, step aside.
Hey, it looks fantastic.
Did you sketch it?
Hey, what took you so long?
Machan, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I was dropping my friend...
-Excuses, excuses!
-Let's start the party.
Let's begin with Beer.
-I'm okay with a soft drink.
-Arun, Beer?
Hey, guys, come on, sit down.
-Guys, one minute.
You okay?
Can we talk in private
for five minutes?
I'm sorry, you're with your friends.
-I shouldn't have come.
-Hey, not an issue.
I invited you.
Come on, let's talk.
Hey, the moon is lovely today.
I'm sorry for everything
I did until today.
I will listen to you and behave.
Let's not break up, Divya.
I'm not able to take it.
Let's talk normally like before.
Arun, please understand.
Divya, stop kidding and get serious.
If my mother knows,
she'll be devastated.
Did you even think about her?
She's pinning hope on us.
-Wait, fighting is not new to us.
This is not the first time we broke up.
We overcame everything and are here.
When you make a mistake,
I forgive you.
Why don't you do the same?
Arun, let it go.
You don't have to forgive me.
But I have to tell you this...
It's... It's over, Arun.
Please... Please, move on!
I can't simply give up on us.
Our love has overcome all the hurdles.
If we break up for silly things...
Then, our love does not have a meaning.
Arun, I... I started moving on.
It's good for you if you move on, too.
Please, Arun!
Please don't make this any harder for me.
We'll discuss this matter another day.
Everyone is waiting for us downstairs.
Let's go.
Then, why the hell did you invite me?
You're running off midway
through our conversation.
Won't they wait for you?
Ask them to wait.
That's not what I meant.
I'm repeating this.
-I-- I still care for you.
-The hell you care!
Don't sass me, Divya!
I'm going downstairs, Arun.
If I cry now...
It'll be a mess.
Don't make me cry.
Do you know how I feel now?
In one second...
If I jump off the building,
everything will be over.
No one wants me anymore.
Why is everyone running away from me?
Arun, if you continue to talk nonsense,
I'll slap you!
Did you even think about your mother?
Did she think about me?
Please don't bring these thoughts
into your head.
I'm not able to take it, Divya.
It feels like there's nothing left in life
to live for.
I'll be a good person, Divya.
On that day...
I swear on my mother...
I was about to tell you I got fired
and wanted to apologize.
But I got pissed off on seeing
the vlog post.
Sorry, Divya.
Please, Divya.
What do you want me to say, Arun?
Sorry, sorry, sorry, Divya.
-I can't live in fear all the time.
-I'll behave, Divya.
Sorry, Divya.
I'm asking for one last chance.
Sorry, Divya. One last chance.
Sorry, Divya.
-One last chance.
-Please understand.
I can't live without you.
Because I love you so much.
Did you shift the party... to the terrace?
-You okay?
-Yeah! Yeah!
-We'll come downstairs.
-I'll wait downstairs.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you, Divya
Happy Birth...
Thank you!
-Happy Birthday.
-Thank you.
-She's been feeding cake only to them.
-Thank you.
Give him a big piece of cake.
He has been eyeing the cake
for a while.
Hey, take this piece.
-Hey, open it.
-Come on, open it.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
Tell me what I should do
so that you'll agree.
Arun... Please, Arun.
-Please understand, Arun.
-You, too, understand.
I have explained my situation.
It's been two months since I saw
another face than my mother's.
Only thoughts of killing myself
are haunting my mind.
Arun... If you keep talking like this...
I don't know what to do, Arun.
-What do I do?
-Hey, do you have a smoke?
Divya, start packing.
If you start now, it'll be right.
We're going to Gokarna, Divya.
We've been planning it for a week now.
How did you like our surprise?
Stop gaping. Go and pack.
Hey, you told her already?
I thought of recording her reaction video.
-Oh, no, we missed it.
Come on, start packing now.
We'll be on track.
Guys, can we plan this trip
for another day?
-Divya, we took permission from Jegan.
Our rooms are booked, too.
Madan's friend is on his way here
with the car.
The pictures of Gokarna were delightful.
Would you like to join us?
It's okay, you carry on.
You carry on. I'll manage.
Later we can...
Bro, there's space in the car.
Please come.
Not an issue. It's a big car.
He might be busy.
Don't force him.
However, please decide sooner.
Divya, start packing right away.
Only if we leave in an hour
we can catch the sunset tomorrow.
Make sure to pack your essentials.
I don't want you making us run
for brush or toothpaste.
Also, please pack your trekking shoes.
I only have regular shoes.
Is that okay?
That should do.
It's not going to be an intense trek.
-We can even buy them on our way...
-Bro, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Give me an hour.
I'll go home, pack, and return.
Yeah! Yeah sure.
I'll be back.
-Bro, where are you going?
-I'll pack and come back.
Hey, are you sure?
Hey, is Arun coming along?
Dont leave me
Dont leave me
Dont get away
When I come closer
Don't get away
You are here
So am I
But how do we come together?
The path here is too long
Where direction do we seek?
Dont leave me
Dont leave me
Dont get away
When I come closer
Don't get away
Dont leave me
Dont leave me
Dont get away
When I come closer
Don't get away
With a drop of water
The hot sand will mix up
To touch your heart
Do you need more tears?
When love deepens in our hearts
Changing everything slowly
Shall we chat and walk
Till the end of the sky?
What did I go in search of
That I lost you too
I will become a new person
Accept me, my love!
Dont leave me
Dont leave me
Dont get away
When I come closer
Don't get away
Can't we meet on the way?
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
Won't the pain subside?
Don't get away
Don't get away
Dont leave me
Dont leave me
Bro, how do we sort out rooms?
We have booked three rooms.
We're good.
It will be.
-Two rooms for two couples.
Perhaps Madan can bunk with Ramya.
-Let's see.
Bro, bro, bro!
I need to talk and patch up with Divya.
Please, I will stay with Divya.
-You first discuss with her.
-I will talk to her.
Give it to me.
This is what you call a trip.
Don't mess it up.
You and Ramya share one room.
Divya, let's go.
Let's go to our room.
Hey, are you okay with it?
Why wouldn't she?
I'm speaking to her.
Ramya, are you okay with it?
Divya, why don't we share a room?
Why? It's Madan!
You can stay with Madan, bro.
It's cool, right?
We can get an extra bed.
-You see...
Let's share one room.
-Bro, please hold on.
-Suhail, what's this mess?
How could you mess up getting us rooms?
Anna, please give me the keys.
What do you want me to do?
-He took away the keys.
-You know the situation.
Bro... it's 306. Shall we?
You carry on.
I'll go to the restroom and catch up.
Bro, there's one inside the room.
I'll join you later.
Please carry on.
Okay, suit yourself.
-Excuse me. What's the room tariff?
-Yes, Sir.
It's 4,999 for a standard double bedroom.
-Do you want to book another room?
-No, no!
-I'm just asking.
-Okay, sir.
Come in.
Bro, I'm a bit OCD.
I don't have OCB. Suhail has got it.
I only have cigarettes.
I meant to say,
please keep your footwear in order.
Also, bro...
Sorry, don't take me wrong.
I have a smoke allergy.
You can stay outside.
I'll call you once I'm done.
Okay, I'll be in the next room.
Let me know once you're done.
Why are you disturbing, Suhail?
Please give privacy to couples.
No, Suhail is in 305.
Divya is in the next room.
I'll be there.
Come back.
I'm not going to smoke.
So, how are things out there?
I can't even peacefully smoke
inside the room.
It's annoying!
You're tripping for no reason.
Don't mind him.
Just keep your focus on how to
impress Divya.
Bro, sorry.
I was aiming for the dustbin.
You've been smiling and texting.
-You don't have to lie.
I don't have a girlfriend.
Even a 10K followers user
has one too many girlfriends.
We will only know if we check your DM.
No, that does not work for me.
I'm finding it hard to believe.
You don't have to believe it.
-Woah! Hey!
-Over here!
-Who is that?
Welcome to Gokarna!
Hi! Hi!
Hey, bring it closer.
-Hey, come to the water.
-Hey, Suhail!
-Come on!
-Hey, Suhail, come on!
Come on!
Let's get into the water.
-Let's get into the water.
-Watch out!
Shall we go into the water?
Hey, the water is too cold.
I can't bear the cold.
-It's very cold and pleasant.
-It's nice.
Hey, let's get into the water.
-Hey, guys!
-Hey, dude, come on!
-Come closer.
-Hey, am I in the frame?
We are all in the frame.
-Watch out!
The waves are hitting you.
Oh, my God!
Hey, bro!
What are you doing?
Delete it!
-Why? I'm vlogging.
Don't you have any sense
recording women bathing?
What is your problem now?
When you post such videos,
you know how men look at them.
Irrespective of the video,
a pervert will always look at it wrong.
It's a beach.
You can't expect women
to wear a saree to bathe.
You may record your girlfriend.
Why the hell are you recording
my girlfriend?
Arun, I'm holding myself back for Divya.
Mind your words.
To hell with you.
You delete the video.
-Delete it.
-I won't!
Are you deaf?
I said bloody delete it.
-I'll break your phone.
How dare you record my girlfriend?
I swear I'll break your phone.
-Take your hands off my phone.
-Then delete the video.
-I said give it to me.
-I said hands off!
If her folks see it,
she'll be in trouble.
What happened?
He recorded a video of you in
this dress. Ask him to delete it.
I was vlogging.
-What's this, Arun?
-Hey, fool!
Are you okay if your folks
see you in this dress?
Even if they know she's drinks beer
will get her in trouble.
Please delete it.
That's my problem. I'll handle it.
You have changed a lot, Divya.
Everyone has changed you.
No, Arun. I believe this is Me.
Woah, that's so nice.
-Hey! Hey!
-Let me try.
Wow, that's a good piece.
It'll be delicious.
-It's slowly hitting me.
-It's good, right?
Is it sweet when you swallow?
But it's fantastic!
-I know it's fantastic.
-It's incredible.
Bro, please don't mind me
asking this.
You give your girlfriend too much freedom.
Does it work for you?
You don't have to say anything.
It's your personal matter.
I understand.
It's not about personal matter.
Who am I to give her freedom?
Her freedom is hers, and mine is mine.
That's it!
Don't bother.
You did not understand my question.
Please make me understand.
I'll try to understand. Go on, ask.
You see...
We're in a relationship.
As we're committed...
we invest our trust in a few things
and grant freedom.
-If you go ahead...
-Fine, you continue.
Divya entirely hid Madan from me.
When I questioned?
She wanted to break up.
-Please don't mind me saying this.
-Please go ahead.
I'm being frank with you.
You go ahead.
I hope I'm making sense.
-Tell me if you don't understand.
-I won't say you're making sense.
I understand.
The things from her past...
-Okay, don't bother.
-Bro, please say it.
The way you behaved
when Vicky was around...
Many such instances caused her trauma.
Maybe that's why she hid it from you.
It's not like she's doing it on purpose.
As far as I know, she feels guilty.
I know about Divya.
I'm not accusing her of anything.
But Madan's character is not good.
-What now?
-He's always around women.
So what?
During school days, there'll be a guy
who always sits at the girl's bench.
-Don't laugh.
He's more around our girlfriends than us.
-Hey, get lost!
-It's a risk!
Hey, I think the next batch must be ready.
Let's save some for Arun and Suhail.
Fine, how about this?
The things he does are too much.
Machan, don't keep ranting the same.
Madan has no such intentions.
That's not what I mean.
Let it go. I'm already high.
This is going nowhere.
I understand.
It's hard to break up after
years of a relationship.
But if it does not work out,
there's nothing we can do about it.
It's six years of relationship.
I always considered her as my wife.
How can it not work out?
Here, take it.
Quickly record a video.
She's on the loose.
Divya, do you love me?
Say it out loud that you love me.
I do!
My first love that's changing me
Even your shadow
Is lighting me up
My lifes fragrance
My lifes fragrance
You are the depth of my heart
Your thoughts live in me
all the time
My lifes fragrance
My lifes fragrance
My lifes fragrance
My new fragrance
Even the horizon will talk of us
My lifes fragrance
My new fragrance
Even the horizon will talk of us
My legs are walking
Just to be with you
My road seems long in my quest
To rest on your shoulder
Won't my wounds heal?
Won't my sorrow vanish?
Till when should I think of
Whatever has happened till now?
My lifes fragrance
My new fragrance
Even the horizon will talk of us
My lifes fragrance
My new fragrance
Even the horizon will talk of us
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, are you high?
-Hey, Yo!
-What's up, Ramya?
-Hey, why are you picking out on me?
You go and dance.
Take Aishu with you.
-Bro, there's no alcohol.
-You go and dance.
Did you guys finish the alcohol?
Hey, that wasn't me.
Hey, let's stay back in Gokarna!
-Hey! Hey!
-Bro! Bro!
You want to change the song.
What song do you want?
I'll play a song.
What are you going to play?
Hey, that was a good song.
Hey, why did you change the song?
We danced for this in college culturals.
-I'm fine...
-Are you okay?
You follow me.
Trust me, it's good.
Come on, my Trip
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, my Trip
-Hey, what the hell?
-Bro, what's happening?
-Bro, what's happening?
-Put the phone on silent.
-Sorry! Sorry!
-We were tripping!
-Hey, Madan!
-I got a call.
-That song was amazing.
Okay, okay, ready, ready.
Ready, five, six, seven, eight.
Had we danced more...
-Come on!
-No way, dude.
The song is not over yet.
-I can't. I need a break.
-Short of breath?
Hey, Divya.
You are a great dancer.
-I never expected it.
-She rocks!
-Come on.
-He's sassing you.
Hey, over here! Over here!
Belated wishes to my wife.
-Did he plan a surprise?
-To you...
To you...
Happy Birthday to...
Happy Birthday to you...
Cut the cake.
Only this knife was available.
I got it from the restaurant.
-Happy Birthday to my wife...
-Cut the cake.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Hey, what is he doing?
Okay, guys!
I want to say something to you people.
Lovers' spat is normal.
This is our first long fight.
I just want to put an end card to it.
Divya, I'm so sorry.
I won't...
I love you so much.
Please take me back.
I promise I'll be good.
-Okay, guys!
Say hello to my future wife.
-Hey, Arun, what's wrong with you?
Machan, please talk to her in private.
You go and roll one.
I'll join you.
-Where's she? Hey!
Hey, Divya! What happened?
-What are you trying, Arun?
Is it wrong
that I got a cake for you?
I told you clearly.
Why are you doing all of it?
Are you a child? Don't you get it?
Hey, I should go away
whenever you don't feel like it.
It's a six-year relationship.
And you're asking me to leave!
That does not mean
I should be with you...
and bear this torture
for the next 60 years.
Oh, so now I'm a torture to you.
-What do you call this?
-So, I'm a torture to you.
Why the hell did you invite me?
To witness all the nonsense you do.
Arun, I still have some compassion for you.
Don't spoil it.
I don't want anyone to pity me.
No one should come to my funeral.
-Hey, Divya.
-It's okay. Don't worry.
What the hell, man?
-Hey, hey, hey!
-Oh, no! Hey!
-Hey, Arun!
-Hey, don't run.
Arun stop!
-Hey, catch him.
-Bro! Bro!
Hey, take your hands off me.
-Let go of me.
-Arun! Arun!
-Don't do it.
-Take your hands off me.
It's all because of you.
Arun, please hear me out.
Take your hands off me.
-Hey, let go of me.
Let me die in peace.
-Calm down.
-Take your hands off me.
-Let go of me.
-Let's sit down and talk.
Lift him. Come on, lift him.
Okay, lift him.
Hey, let go of me. Let go!
-Hands off me.
-Dude, calm down.
I need to speak to her in private.
You guys get out.
Bro, you leave. You too.
You get out.
Divya, ask him to leave.
Get out. Bro, get out.
-Get out!
-Let's go!
Sorry, Divya.
I've never seen a selfish man like you.
I feel disgusted to think
I was in love with you.
I'm sorry, Divya. Sorry...
Arun! Arun, please, Arun.
Let go of me.
Please, Divya...
-Hold on a minute.
-Okay, okay.
-I'm almost done.
-Pour it on him.
-Hold him tight.
The water is cold.
-Machan, hold on.
-Bear with me.
-Let me go out.
-Wait. Bear with me.
Slowly pour it.
-Arun, take your hands off.
-I'll remove it myself.
Arun, you be calm.
Arun, why are you not answering
your phone?
I transferred 5000 rupees.
Did you get it or not?
Aunty, this is Divya speaking.
Oh, he is with you.
He told me he's going to
Bangalore regarding his business.
Where's the fit for nothing?
Give him the phone.
He slept off.
Since morning, I've been calling him.
I was worried.
As far as he's with you, I'm good.
He's irresponsible.
After the marriage,
he's your trouble to handle.
-A... Aunty...
-Tell me.
Arun and I broke up.
Are you serious?
What happened?
Aunty, I tried my best.
-Wait, dear. Why are you crying?
-I can't do it anymore.
Divya, please don't cry.
What did he do to you?
Did he do something
he's not supposed to do?
What happened, dear?
It's my mistake.
I spoiled him with too much love.
After his father left me.
He became my world.
I never refused to do anything
he asked for.
But he's a very loving person.
Please don't cry.
I know you must've thought this through.
I'm sorry, Aunty.
I couldn't do it anymore.
I'm sorry.
Don't cry, Divya.
I did try. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Aunty.
I thought he would change.
I'm not angry with you.
I'm sorry.
I invited him and spoiled everyone's trip.
In all this,
I got you involved too.
Divya, he's deeply hurt.
He has got a wrong impression
about me.
He's gone mad, Madan.
Ignore him.
He's got a cheap mentality.
I don't know how someone
could think like this.
You asked me about my breakup.
My ex and I started vlogging together.
As the channel became popular,
her fame started to bother me.
I became possessive
and started to control her.
And she started to lie to me.
We lie to protect our loved ones
from getting hurt.
But the Lie hurts them the most.
Even until today...
I can't get into another relationship.
What if I hurt that person?
Or I'm afraid I will be bad to them?
I'm afraid
I'm making the wrong decision.
I'm leaving him when he's in a bad state.
Yesterday, Ramya was suggesting...
to give him a last chance.
You both have been in
a six-year relationship.
You must've met a lot of hurdles.
You both must've gone through a lot.
Ramya or I...
or even Aishu, who gets you,
can't understand it.
Your decision is only yours.
But I can suggest one thing.
Next time when you're on a trip
with your friends...
please don't bring your ex along.
Divya, it's tough to handle.
-You guys okay with salad?
-Yeah, okay.
Welcome, sir.
I have a bad hangover.
We are going on a trek.
Do you want to come along?
Hey, Suhail!
Give me ten minutes.
I'll be ready.
-What, Divya...
-How long do we have to walk?
-I'm okay.
-You could've stayed in the room.
Now that I'm here. Let's do it.
Sorry, last night I went overboard.
I'm sorry.
Bro, I don't get it.
How can I move on?
I was truly in love with her.
If you were indeed in love,
you wouldn't do what you did.
You could've waited for me.
I waited for a while.
You did not turn up.
I must stop smoking.
It's killing me.
I'm talking to you.
Tell me.
I'm sorry for last night.
You keep saying break up.
I don't even understand the reason.
I have already mentioned it, Arun.
Please tell me the actual reason.
What reason?
-Go ahead. Say it.
-What do you want me to say?
It's Madan, right?
I'm not a fool not to get it.
What do you think of me, Arun?
Do you think I'll be with any man
who am I close with?
Then tell me the actual reason.
Arun, I don't have any feelings for you.
I'm over you!
When I see you, I'm scared.
That's the actual reason.
For God's sake,
don't say you're going to die.
It feels like you're threatening me
at knifepoint.
Hey, all okay?
I'm scared, Madan.
What if something happened to him?
I can't live with the guilt.
Nothing would've happened.
Don't worry.
Hey, look over there.
-Is that Arun?
Why did you switch off your phone?
It ran out of charge.
Did you eat?
Come on, let's go.
One minute.
When I drink, I'm not myself.
Most of my problems arise
due to drinking.
As you suggested,
let's go for couples therapy.
Break... Since you mentioned break up...
I've gone crazy.
I imagine nonsensical things.
I'm pissed off at myself.
I agree
I have too many unresolved issues.
I have hurt you a lot.
I'm even embarrassed to apologize to you.
I'm sorry, Divya.
I'll behave like you ask me to.
I promise!
I'm afraid you'd leave me for real.
Please give me one last chance.
One last chance, Divya.
One last chance. Please.
Please, one last chance.
I'm scared, Divya.
Don't leave me, Divya.
I love you so much.
Divya, I'm asking for one last chance.
Last chance.
Can't you give me one last chance?
Will you tell your mother to give
one last chance to your father?
-I'm not going to die.
A stream is running in the eyes
It dries up writing the truth
Memories are fading away
Dreams are slipping away
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it a clueless situation?
is the way going to be new?
Is it an unwritten story?
Did you wake up early?
I never slept.
There is no anger
Like the weighing silence
There is no wisdom
Like breaking and crying
There is no pain
That doesn't heal with time
Is it an unwritten story?
The dream that has drifted away
wouldn't come back
The waves that reach the shore,
aren't tired of separation
There is no magic
Like the ever-changing seconds
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it a clueless situation?
is the way going to be new?
Is it an unwritten story?
My love
My love
My love
My love
This New Year, too, will you make
a resolution to quit smoking?
Arun, you don't keep your life
under your control.
You hand it over to others.
I'm going to stop.
This is my last cigarette.
I don't trust you.
I don't have to prove it to you.
Sorry, Arun...
for comparing you with your father.
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it an unwritten story?
[Arun's Mom]
Arun, Divya spoke to me.
You don't worry.
No matter what,
we'll get through it.
Once you're back...
let's go and file for a divorce.
Today, I took Shanthi's bike and
rode to Murugan medical shop.
Slowly, I'm overcoming my fear.
My love
My love
Is it an unwritten story?
Is it an unwritten story?
Bro, I kind of dozed off.
I'm going to have tea.
What about you?
Okay, let's go.
Are you based out of Chennai?
-No, my native is Trichy.
-Oh, Trichy.
A couple of my classmates
are from Trichy.
Oh, is it?
-Do you want cigarettes?
-No, I'm good.
I got a good picture of you
during the trip.
-I wanted to show you.
Damn, I was pissed off at that moment.
-And you captured it.
-It's a good picture.
-I look funny.
Wait, I'll edit it and send it to you.
What's your Instagram ID?
It's ArunR.
-Arun... R...
-That's the one.
You're already following me.
-I followed you back.
-The tea is average.
-It's horrible. I can't drink it.
Hey, Suhail and Aishu, we're here.
Wake up!
-Bro, you can leave in the morning.
-It's okay. I'm good.
Sorry, I caused too much trouble.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
Please don't forget to call Pramod.
He has excellent ideas for interiors.
-He's very talented.
-Sure, I'll speak to him.
Don't forget to invite me
to the cafe launch.
Of course, I will.
-See you. Take care.
-Thank you. Bye.
-See you. Bye.
Come home.
Take care.
-Bye. Go safe.
What happened?
I managed to get three stalls for us.
There will be a huge crowd.
If we execute it properly...
We'll become a brand.
We'll make it a grand success.
Shall I tell you something?
Someone is wearing
the same perfume as Divya.
Arun... How are you?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm good.
My new office is nearby.
-I'm a product manager.
-Morning, sir.
Is this your place?
Wow! Congratulations, Arun!
The food is excellent.
We were talking about it.
Arun, I'm so happy for you.
This is on the house.
You stood like a dream
in my vision
Why did you give me pain plenty?
When you touched me
like a breeze...
I floated like a feather
When you changed into fire
I got burnt completely
I know not the answer
and I suffer
I drift apart without being clear
I have become a puzzle
And I break into pieces every moment
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
The song that was so comforting
How did it become noisy today?
If you change from being a wave
into a high tide
I get broken like the bank
I am searching for a handle
Like a leaf floating in the air
You were a drizzle for a second
The next second you became a mirage
Where did you lose, dear
The You, whom I liked?
Why did you bring tears, my darling
To me, whom you liked?
You are killing me...
You are destroying my sleep...
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame
You are killing me,
Oh, flame
You are destroying my sleep,
Oh, flame