Lover Boy (1985) Movie Script

Brother, this idols price is in crores.
Thousands of year
old this valuable idol.
was from my temple.
l had stolen it from
Mohammed Gustum-ji.
when he wad leaving
lndia after robbing it.
You saw, My suspicion was right.
Prakash. yes, Master.
lm going to the archeological.
To claim my right on this idol.
You take care of it.
- You dont worry, master.
lll guard it more than my life.
Very good
ln the old caves temple.
the precious idol that lve found.
to aid me in that, lm
troubling you, lnspector sir.
What is this gun shot.
Driver, drive fast.
My brothers murder.
lts good my friend, you came.
My lifes messiah has come.
Otherwise he was going to kill me.
No Master, hes lying.
He killed your brother and he
was running away with the idol.
He was trying to run
away with the idol..
..your brother followed him
and he shot and killed him
You disloyal person.
You killed my brother.
Master, l, l.
Shut up, l had told
you to guard inside.
Then how did you get out.
And this idol, gun in your
hand You betrayer, traitor.
lnspector, arrest him.
lts a good thing, master.
Today you called this
loyal person disloyal.
And this snake your friend.
The day this snake bites you.
Youll remember that day.
shut up, you loyal person.
The gun is in your hand and
youre calling me a snake,
Om, it looks like
Prakash has died.
Go and inform his wife.
Your under arrest.
Wheres my wife.
Hearing the news of your death.
your wife left her home.
What happened to her.
The poor woman lost her
consciousness, Poor woman.
Shes pregnant.
Take her to the doctor.
Congratulations, sister.
Today is Janamashtmi.
You gave birth to a
boy like Lord Krishna.
God, you made me
a widow at a young age.
From these twins one child.
lve kept as the reason for my
living and support for old age.
Forgive me, God.
Judge sir, lm innocent and not guilty.
l didn't murder anyone.
l didnt do any crime.
My child and my wife
got separated from me.
And with whom l was faithful
and loyal this people.
On basis of the crime of disloyalty.
treachery and murder made
me stand in this court,
Under section 302.
you get a life imprisonment.
Child, you.
- Uncle.
You came alone.
Yes uncle.
He left us mother and child..
alone in this worlds crowd.
- No child
Dont cry Have patience.
Come, this is an orphanage.
Here helpless people get support.
You came at the
right place, dear.
Child, even lm old now.
l also need some ones support.
its good that you came.
And from today, you
only run this orphanage.
Children, from today
she is your new mother.
Take this Kishan, my child.
Take this my Kanhaiya, my child.
Okay mother, lll go for work.
What work do you do.
l got a job in Batve company.
Really, Okay.
Bijli see that.
Oh gosh. l have fallen down.
Come Bijlee.
- You children, Thief, thief.
This 25 paise is yours,
this Rs. 2 is mine.
This 25 paise is yours,
this Rs. 1 is mine.
This 25 paise is yours,
this Rs. 2 is mine.
Hey Kanhiya, lm your neighbour.
Partner in your robbery.
Go away from here, Bijli. l
dont have any time for you.
lm going to meet Munni
Okay then well meet tomorrow.
So what do your cards say, Kanhiya.
Wait, lll tell you.
Jack means that
everything is okay.
And king means all
work will be done.
Pick up one card.
Jack, what does that mean.
lt means that we
wont be able to meet.
We wont meet.
You rascal thief.
Kanhaiya you are a thief.
Yes, Munni.
- Now you never meet me.
lll go far away from you.
Dont leave me, Munni.
Munni, dont leave me.
Munni, dont leave me.
Munni, dont leave me.
Munni, dont leave me.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
We are its flowers.
lts our flower garden.
Todays latest news.
Todays latest news.
Todays latest news.
Todays latest news.
lndra Gandhi is murdered.
lndra Gandhi is murdered.
You gave up.
your life for country.
Loosing you the whole
lndia got orphaned.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
Why those cruel people robbed.
this flower garden of ours.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
Mother you raised this
garden with your own blood.
With your own blood, you raised.
You never ever let the head
of this country bow down.
Everyone admired you.
They idolized you.
You made our status
improve in every country.
lmprove in every country.
Why today your
own sons shot you.
ln front of inhumanity,
humanity has lost.
Due to shame out
head has been lowered.
Why those cruel people robbed..
..this flower garden of ours.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
By being a martyr..
..the way that youve shown.
The way that youve shown.
ln depressed hearts,
youve lighted a lamp.
Youve lighted a lamp.
ln its light well keep
on moving, o mother.
For out country..
..well also give our life.
Well also give our life.
Every drop of our blood..
..your sons will give.
ln your garden again..
..the flowers of
happiness will bloom.
ln love will again blossom..
Our lndia.
Why those cruel people robbed..
..this flower garden of ours.
Our lndia is better
than the whole world.
We are its flowers..
lts our flower garden.
Jai Hind, jai Hind.
Jai Hind, jai Hind.
-Hi dad.
lve told you 50 times dont
call me dad in laud voice.
l have some work with
you, come down. yes, dad.
No, jump.
- But dad, this.
lm your father, jump.
lll get hurt, dad.
You jump.
- Okay.
lm just coming.
Come, jump.
- No.
- lll just come.
Without reason making a donkey
ashamed and looking older to me.
in age, my son the first rule of
success is that in this world.
..dont even trust
your father understood.
Yes, l understood.
Now rule number two.
Rule number two it that..
..first make someone trust you,
..then kill that trust
and rob that person.
Daddy, my leg is paining a lot.
l cant understand anything.
You think from your legs or brains.
Now see, give me your hands.
No, no.
lll get up.
- Get up.
Now see Sundarlals
amazing beauty.
You pretty woman.
Come out.
Come meet her.
- Daddy, whos this beauty.
Who is she.
- Shes your mother.
My mother.
- Your fourth mother.
You should be proud of your
father, that alone with wealth..
..he has also given
you a flow of mothers.
lts my age to get married and
you are going on getting married.
When lve not finished
off, how can you start.
Daddy. Son in this world
marriage is my business.
What do you mean.
l gave her a necklace of 2 lakhs.
and l got her fathers
20 lakhs property.
Daddy, that lll get.
- No way.
So young son of
your young mother.
From those 20 lakhs, l gave
50 thousand as bribe to Baiya..
..and won the case of
Gandhi orphanage land.
You won the case.
lm proud of you, dad.
How much more is left.
Remaining is 9 1/2
You fool. You saw how much
your pampering has spoilt him.
He doesnt even know
that 19.5 are left.
Yes, 19.5.
So from that 19.5.
Well make a five star hotel.
What will we make.
A five star hotel.
So you go and vacant
those orphanage people.
Yes, lll just go.
But daddy, what will
l say to them.
Go and tell them..
..that weve won the
case, So the land is ours.
No way, Your dad betrayed us.
The land is ours.
The land was yours.
Till yesterday, But
now this land is ours.
Throw them out.
Move aside a old woman.
Move aside you handicapped.
- Raju.
Kishan, brother.
Son of beggar.
lll burn everything.
You animal, at least be afraid of God.
- What will your God do.
Who are you. -lve
come on behalf of court.
You are not permitted to
take the law in your hands.
They have 7 days notice.
You cannot remove them
from here before that.
Go away from here.
Otherwise lll be forced
to do legal proceedings.
Come on boys.
Old lady, today
lm going from here.
But lll again come after 7 days.
..and then lll not let
you stay even for 7 seconds.
God in the greed of wealth,
man becomes an animal.
Apart from human, he
disrespects you also, God.
Who will hear the plea of our
hearts, God. Who will hear.
No, mother, There may be
a delay in Gods justice.
but not injustice.
Prisoner 420.
Whats your name.
The whole of Mumbai know
that my name is Kanhaiya, What.
Stop your rubbish talks,
and live an honest life.
What are you saying, inspector sir.
By swimming in the sea your
clothes dont get wet is it possible.
The outside world is
the ocean of dishonesty.
You try to save you image.
But with the water of dishonesty
your image does get spoilt.
Hey, shut up.
And listen to me.
Yes, lve been born
to listen to speeches.
There lve to listen to
the speech of leaders.
And lawyers law in the
court and what the judge..
..decides that too lve to hear,
And when l come here lve to
hear to your fellow. Shut up.
l want that after you go out you
stop your criminal activities.
Okay, if you have the
keys to lock this hunger.
then first give me that.
What do you mean. The meaning
is as clear as the bald person.
What does hunger want.
- Food.
And food want.
- Money.
What does money that.
- Way.
So give my way to me.
- What way.
My two playing cards.
Take this.
- Why are you throwing it.
This king is my luck's king.
And if you get the jack, it
means everything will be fine.
l'll go. Okay Pandu.
We'll meet again.
Forgive me, son.
- Son.
First time in my life a
father has called me son.
And a father doesn't
say sorry to his son.
Pick up your card.
A king, According to the
people you are a criminal.
But according to my cards, you
are innocent and not guilty.
And let me tell you one thing.
The account of life
may be wrong once.
But the account
of my cards never.
You are the first person, my son.
who by calling me
innocent and not guilty.
has again given me
the hope to live.
One day l'll definitely
prove my innocence.
lt's a sin to crime, Baba.
But to tolerate the
wrong doings in spite of.
being innocent
is a greater crime.
l'll go.
There is she, Radha dear.
- Hi daddy.
- Hi.
My child welcome home.
O daddy you are looking fabulous.
l'm sorry, l forgot to tell you.
He's my best friend,
Sundarlal's only son, Monty.
Roses for a rose.
O' thank you, thank you.
- Come on, Let's go.
l'll make you the heroine of ldiot.
- My greetings to you.
- Who let you in.
Out, out, get out.
Sir, l want to meet Monty sir.
You want to complain about me.
Sir No.
l've come to beg of mercy.
- Beg,
l don't have change you
beggar. Get out, out.
Have you ever seen such
two beautiful butterflies.
Are you sweating.
- Everything is sweating.
lf you are feeling so hot,
Then jump in the water.
l don't know how to swim.
That person was right.
You know how to catch fish.
but you don't know hot to swim.
Stop it, What nonsense is this.
- Save me.
Quickly, quickly get the doctor.
O my God.
What the hell is going
on here. What's happening.
All this is the result of
your dear guest's awful joke.
For their laughter, they
play with other's life.
See what they've done
with this poor person.
Madam, today you saved my life.
Thank you very much.
What are you dreaming about.
Go to sleep.
Hey you gaudy woman, Bijlee.
Your childhood habit of
interfering has still not gone, why.
You have legs or
horse's carriage.
You think everyone's legs
are your father's garage..
..and you poke it in them.
Hey, you.
Don't act smart, Did your
childhood habit go away.
You see anyone's pocket,
You put your hands in them
considering it as your father's house.
Hey, you girl, watch
your mouth, Understood.
You didn't tell anything to mother.
How much you love your mother.
You rascal, till when
will you fool mother.
When you are in prison, you tell
mother that you're in England.
Have you ever seen Madh
island. Had done to England.
Hey, engine without
silencer, l'll hit you.
Can you see these fingers.
What is this. Excellent for my work.
See there, from luck's place..
..Darling Phoolmati, step out.
Why. What do you mean
why. The back tyre is flat.
The front rye is flat.
l'll just call the mechanic.
You say that man's fat wife.
- Yes, l saw.
Now let's go.
Formula no 44.
You come soon. Otherwise
boys will flirt with me.
My work will decrease.
Welcome. You are our
shop's first customer.
Who with her delicate,
Successful feet.. going to make
my shop fortunate.
Oh God.
Are you blind.
My father was the
one who was blind.
He got me married to a fat woman.
Man, my head is aching,
l want two seradon.
Two seradon. l'll give
you two kgs of seradon.
Take it from there,
Thank you. God bless you.
lt's amazing,
you fall on your own.
And then you push from down.
You stupid, get me up.
You know what you're talking.
Stupid, be fast.
How will l do it quickly.
l'll need your help also. Come.
Come, come, come my darling.
Yes. What company is this.
- lt's Akai
Till now l used to take of
Makai, today l'll take of Akai.
Pack it and make the bill.
lt's good, early in the
morning l made a sale.
You don't know, l and my wife..
..whichever shop we go
it's clothes are sold off.
Had my father found a girl like you,
Then it would be wonderful.
Oh no
- l want a necklace.
What do you want.
- Necklace. O' necklace.
Take this.
- Not of stone.
l have stones at home.
l want of gold.
One minute, listen to me.
He's your husband, no.
Then what he's your husband.
Okay, l came to know.
Everything is okay.
- Hey, you sweet.
Get a gold necklace for his wife.
You come everyday.
lt will be my profit.
You go and get the necklace.
- l'll just get it.
Gold necklace, see this.
lt's a gold necklace,
As beautiful as you wife.
Yes, that much beautiful
is this necklace.
How many gms is this necklace.
- lt is 100 gms.
lt's good that its 100 grams.
Otherwise for her 10
kilos are required.
l'll just go.
What a pretty thing it is.
Tie it.
She is his wife, what
are you doing with her.
l'm her bodyguard.
- Really.
Bodyguard .
- Really.
Whatever work he leaves
incomplete, l complete it.
Sweety, come here, l've
got a surprise for you.
Hey you, where is the
beautiful necklace that.'d shown for my beautiful wife.
That beautiful necklace
you beautiful wife wore.
and she's sitting in the car.
Which wife.
Tell me, which wife.
No wife, it was a mistake.
Forgive me. You're lying.
See this. And tell how
much the bill is.
Bill is Rs.7000 and 50 new paise.
Rs. 7000, Have you sold me
the whole factory of saredon.
Your husband has bought
a tape of Rs. 7000 and.
he's now sitting in the car.
- What do you think.
l work so hard for
you day and night and.. have kept another
private husband.
l will hit you.
You ugly buffalo.
ln the house also she hits
me, here also she hits me.
Hit this guy.
- Hit him.
This Rs 100 is yours.
This Rs. 1000 is mine.
This Rs. 100 in only yours.
This Rs. 1000 is mine.
This Rs. 100 is yours.
This Rs. 1000 is mine.
Are you trying to fool me.
See Bijlee, lf you
want money then take it.
You rascal, give me the money,
What are you staring.
Give me my share.
Hey you, this whole
formula were mine and.. want me to give
you half the share.
Okay, your share l'll
ask from mother, Mother.
Mother, mother. -Shut up. -You
both always keep on fighting.
See mother, he's
taking my share.
l'll strangle you.
- What will you strangle me.
Mother, get this money
married to some ugly person.
Hey you, go, go, Go to you Munni.
See Bijlee, you are
my neighbour.neighbour
lf you take Munni's name with
disrespect then it won't be good.
Okay, mother,
l'll leave for my work.
Listen Kishan,
Monty is Radha's slave.
And she is the queen
of his thoughts.
And you are the king of Radha's
heart. lt king entices the queen
..then that slave on the
command of the queen..
.can donate us our
orphanage, my friend.
You have gone made,
l'll flirt with a girl.
Till now l've never
spoken to any girl freely..
..and l'll flirt with
a girl. l can't do this.
How will you not do it, you
fool. l'll tell you how to do it.
Think for a few moments
that this is Kishan.
And this is Radha.
From the time l saw you. heart got bewitched
with your beauty.
You are my beloved
and l'm your light.
You are a golden bird.
l've a capture you in a net.
l can't do this.
Shout as much as you want.
Give a speech.
Even then my father
won't be able to love.
Friend, friend, come learn.
Friend, friend, come learn.
How to fall in love
with pretty girls.
You learn it.
You learn how to trap a
golden sparrow in a net.
O' my God, my friends, o
my God, even my father..
..won't be able to
do this drama of love.
Oh damsel who's
going, stop for a while.
Where are you going, you fair
girl, talk to me for a while.
What is your name, your address,
this person is asking from you.
My aim is not bad there
is no other person.
Finding me alone.
Why are you teasing me.
There is magic in my talks.
And intoxication in my eyes.
Your youth is compelling and
your each style is adorable.
The world deeply adores my youth.
ln the hearts of lovers,
my name is sweetheart.
ln the hearts of lovers,
my name is sweetheart.
My union with you will
never happen, never, never,.
Friend, friend, come learn.
Friend, friend, come learn.
O my God, my friends, o my God..
..even my father won't be
able to do this drama of love.
This beautiful weather,
this blooming youth.
This river raises, the stormy wave.
You are my life, l'm your story.
lf you give me the permission,
l'll kiss you passionately.
They are saying by swinging.
My dancing youth.
Oh my pal do.
some favor on me.
With your love begins
the story of my passion.
l feel as if my body is vibrating.
Meeting you, my life
has become a fire.
Meeting you, my life
has become a fire.
My union with you will
never happen, never, never.
Friend, friend, come learn.
Friend, friend, come learn.
You learn how to fall in
love with pretty girls.
You learn how to trap a
golden sparrow in a net.
Oh my God, my friends, o my God.
even my father won't be
able to do this drama of love.
Your father will be
able to have a union.
l want to meet Radha.
l'll call Radha dear.
You have a seat.
Radha-ji, you recongnized me.
Once you had saved the
life of this poor man.
l'm that same Kishan.
Radha-ji, today l've come to
you with the pleas of orphans.
Monty-ji wants to take
away the roof above.
..our heads and make
us burn in heat.
Like your face, your
heart is also beautiful.
Will you help us.
- l love poor people.
This poor man has also
fallen in love with you.
l love you Kishan.
- l love you very much.
Really, Radha-ji.
l also love you very much.
Lots of.
A lot more than my life.
Who is he.
Daddy, once l'd Saved
him from drowning
And you misunderstood
my sympathy for love.
Have you seen you status, you fool.
You fool, how dare you, in my house.
you miss behave with
my daughter's photograph.
Who let you inside in my house.
Get out, you scoundrel.
These people are fit
for shoes beating.
You roadside dog.
You dream of owing a palace.
Kill this rascal.
lf you don't leave
the orphanage today
Then my men will burn it
down by putting petrol on it.
You thief. Who thief.
Hiding your face ever here.
From when we're searching
for you. Who are you all.
We are your inspector.
- lnspectors.
- Where.
To divide the loot.
To divide the loot. Yes.
Thief. Thief.
Where did he go. There he is.
Catch him, catch him.
Get away, You dogs.
Two dozen people are
hitting my one man.
For you all,
l'm only sufficient.
Anyone else.
- Run, run, run.
You scoundrels.
You all are useless.
Hey you, are you drunk.
Letting them hit you
like an eunuch. Get up.
Come, you fool. l'll bathe
You in hot water at home.
l get saved.
Whom are you searching for.
l'm just breathing fresh air.
- Air.
Take these five rupees.
Get away from here.
Son, where are you going.
Son. lf a mother doesn't call
her son, son then who will.
Come let's go in.
Where were you for so many days.
Without you this
orphanage was so isolated.
No one used to laugh.
And no face had a smile on it.
And the conditions are so bad.
Had to go to sleep
on an empty stomach.
But why are you so pale.
Are you okay.
- Move.
See, mother, Today l'm not empty
handed today l earned rupees.
Take this. -And l've carried
luggage and earned paise.
Brother, did you earn something.
Mother today l've
earned only 10 rupees.
He has got so much money.
Son.. l knew, son.
My heart said that you'll
Definitely cure our misery.
Today you repaid you
mother's feedings.
Now with this money we'll
repay all our creditors.
Strange, is this an
orphanage or the den of goons.
Using the scissors of
relations, They cut my pocket.
- Shut up, you fool.
Our Kishan brother is great.
Our Kishan brother is great.
Our Kishan brother is great.
Son, you.
- Don't say son, say master.
Your time limit of
7 days is over.
From today your bad
times have started.
Throw out this old woman.
No, son Don't do this.
- Out.
Scoundrel, it looks like
your memory very weak.
Now you recognized.
Take this.
Move aside.
Leave me.
Wait, l'll count till three.
And till the count of three..
..if you All don't
start beating each other.
Then l'll shoot you all.
They ran away mother.
- l'm proud of you, my son.
You are savior. Now no
one will sleep hungry here.
And we can live with pride.
Come on, Kanhaiya, take the
money and run away from here.
What is this.
The baba in prison and mother.
Mother as a widow.
But the baba in prison is still alive.
lt's a strange story.
l think they need
this money more.
Not me.
l'll leave.
Forgive me.
Your tonic is with me.
Come on open your mouth.
What are you doing.
Why are you acting like a girl.
The man inside you is asleep.
l'm walking it up with this alcohol.
God know what dirty Water
you gave me to drink.
Hey you idiot. Dirty water.
This used to be tonic for you.
Oh God, where have l got stuck.
Do this drama of double Faces
in front of someone else.
Come on tie my blouse.
What a lady you are.
Don't you have any shame,
Respect or embarrassment.
Haven't you seen it before.
- Seen it. Come on, tie the blouse.
Aren't you ashamed.
Showing your body in
front of a stranger.
No, this is the right of a husband.
You fool, today for the first time.'ve awakened
the woman inside me.
What you couldn't do for so
Many years today l'll do it.
Leave me.
- Today l'll not leave you.
Very good.
Keep it up.
There also you are,
Here also you are.
Here also you are,
There also you are.
Now l understood, Two
People of same looks.
You rascal, you were
using me considering.. as you father's inheritance.
Caught you.
Who are you.
The whole Mumbai Knows
that l'm Kanhaiya.
And l also know that
your name is Kishan.
You have a mother and
You stay in an orphanage.
How do you know.
With the twist of fate
l reached you place.
Oh Bijlee.
How did he come here.
You must Have pickpocket
someone and ran.
This person must be coming
From the opposite direction.
And the public considering
him to be you, beat him up.
lt's good that l reached there
On time, otherwise the public..
..would have beaten him up badly.
Forgive me, friend, you
Had to pay for my deeds.
lt's not your mistake friend.
The luck is in my favor
So it got me there.
Otherwise today l was
about to commit suicide.
What did you say. You were
going to commit suicide.
You fool, is your mind okay.
A person commits Suicide
because of 4 reasons.
No 1 wife.
No. 2 wife's mother.
No 3. money.
No 4. love.
What's the girl's name.
She's very rich.
She has loads of money.
What's the villain's name.
- Monty.
He's standing like a
wall between Radha and me.
Now l understood, ldea.
ln this drama of love..
Kanhaiya Has to take
the identity of Krishna..
..and play flute in Radha's heart.
You don't have problems, no.
What are you saying.
Now see the fun.
Formula no, 45.
Radha, l want to tell you something.
But before saying that,
l want a promise from you.
With the stone of your refusal.. won't break
my heart's mirror.
You are talking in
the form of poetry.
lt looks like you've
done lots of rehearsals.
The thing is that l want..
..that l and you.. and me.
Lights, lights, how did it get dark.
Who shout off the lights.
What is this nonsense going on.
The light had to go
now only, bloody shit.
Somebody go and attend
to the lights, lights.
Okay, Radha.
lt's good what happened.
What l couldn't say in light,
l'll say it in darkness.
l love you, Radha -By the way,
our union ls difficult, Radha.
But those who truly
love each other..
They cut away the
barriers of mountains.
And wading on the river of
fire, Reach the shore side.
l'll also reach there.
- Where.
You're the most beautiful girl.
lve Ever come across,
darling, l love you.
l love you too.
l want to marry you.
l want to raise
a family with you.
Today by accepting my love,
You've raised my value
in the market of love.
l love you. Monty.
Don't disturb.
l said Monty.
You are there, and how
did this girl come here.
How did l come.
You fool.
From the last 11 hours you're
Sometimes kissing my hands.
...sometimes my feet, And
you're asking how l came here.
l made a mistake, my mother.
Mother will be your father.
ln the darkness, wife.
and in light mother.
l won't spare you.
l won't spare you.
Aren't you ashamed.
Onside drama of loving me.
And other side from
someone begging for love.
Where did this person
come in between.
lf you are there, then
who kissed me in the dark.
Kiss me, kiss me.
Lover boy, lover boy.
Where are you going,
stealing my eyes.
Where are you going,
blazing my heart.
You've blazed me.
l'll also blaze you.
l'll convert stone
into candle one day.
l'll make you dance on my tunes.
Dance, dance, dance.
Where are you going,
stealing my eyes.
Where are you going,
blazing my heart.
l've never seen a Beautiful
girl like you anywhere.
You must have also not seen
a lover like me anywhere.
l've never seen a Beautiful
girl like you anywhere.
You must have also not seen
a lover like me anywhere.
He is so angry, he will kill me..
..with cruel eyes.
By wearing flowers in the hair.
Taking away the
peace from my heart.
Giving shock to my heart.
By shaking you thin waist.
With your eyes,
l'll enter your heart.
One day l'll make you also crazy.
l'll make you dance on my tunes.
Dance, dance, dance.
Where are you going with
your beautiful tresses.
Where are you going
trying to brag.
Come in my arms.
- Here l come.
Hug me.
- Here l hugged you.
Whenever you want
to go, take me.
Lover boy, lover you.
Kiss me, kiss me.
Kiss me, kiss me.
l'll steal the Color from your lips.
l'll burn the light of
loyalty in your heart.
Even after dying. l'll
fulfill the promise of heart.
Dance, dance, dance.
l was a very chirpy girl.
By burning you, l also got burned.
l was a very chirpy girl.
By burning you, l also got burned.
Lover boy, lover you.
l won't go in the picnic.
l won't go.
Radha, please.
- Oh, come on Radha.
Don't be a spoilt
sport Try to understand.
l said that l'll not go.
Radha, dear, tell me one thing.
Why won't you go. The more
You both roam with each other..
..the better will you
both understand each other.
Who. This person.
- Yes.
l know this person quite well.
He's nothing but a flirt.
Hello. Who.
- You son of a dog.
You rascal.
lt's for you.
- For me.
Hello. You scoundrel.
- Shut up.
You said something to me.
Bloody basket.
- Your father.
No, uncle.
Not you.
What trouble is this.
They're talking about her.
Daddy, you don't know him.
Last night he was
kissing some girl's hand.
And he was raising his
value is her love's market.
And that boy Kishan.
He was teasing me in
front of everyone..
..and he didn't
even try to save me.
He was dancing in the
swimming pool with that girl.
Having fun.
What am l hearing Monty.
- No, Uncle.
l wasn't dancing
with that girl.
Then why didn't you come
out of the swimming pool.
Uncle the thing is.. -Why
didn't You come out the pool.
Uncle. Yes, tell me.
- The thing is.
that girl had removed my pants.
- What.
Your young.
Radha, dear, forgive
him this time.
Radha-ji, if l see that girl again.
then you hit me with your shoes.
Radha, please forgive him.
-Yes, forgive him, forgive him.
Please forgive him,
- Okay, l forgive him.
But remember your promise.
lf that girl comes again
Then your head and my shoes.
- l promise, l promise.
Come on, let's go.
Mac, you call Ramaswami now..
and arrange for the bus.
- Okay, boss.
l'm Mr. Ramaswami speaking.
Mr. Swami.
l Swear l was just about to call you.
How did you know
that we all are here.
The whole Mumbai knows
that you snitched are there.
We need a bus for a picnic.
And also a hotel.
Double room with single bed.
You'll have it.
You'll have it.
Bijlee, where will this
Mr. Ramaswami supplier be.
We have to find out this
address and fix him up.
l'll fix him in such a manner
that his heart be in my pocket.
..and the keys of van
will be in your hands.
Radha-ji everyone in
the picnic is enjoying..
..and it looks like you
are burning my dead body.
lf this dog sticks with
you for the entire journey..
..then how will l get the chance.
What chance.
l mean that l want to
present this gift of love.. your delicate neck.
Present it.
Are you a man or football.
l apply brake here and
you bounce like a football
Here and there.
Don't talk so much, you bald man.
Your father..
- What did you say.
l'll kick you once more.
Youll gone to out of bus.
You bald man, l'll see you.
What will you show me.
l'll show you.
You know what is my name.
- Mr. Ramasawami.
Means, the person who
does many many murders.
l understood, Drive straight.
You tell me to drive straight.
My whole family is driver.
My father used to drive a bullock cart.
My uncle used to drive horses.
My grandfather died. Now he
Drives hand carriage in heaven.
My uncle.. hell drives donkey carriage.
And you tell me to
Drive straight, Get out.
Friend, don't do this..
where Will we go in
this isolated jungle.
Where will we go.
You go anywhere.
Go to Rekha, Pravin
Bhabi Or Shrilekha.
But get out of
Mr. Ramasawami's bus.
l'm remorseful due to my mistake.
What do l do if you are remorseful.
But you..
..Keeping your hands
on the shoulders of..
..this beautiful girl who
looks like Padmini Kolhapuri.
Like this dog.
What are you doing.
Move aside.
What are you doing.
Hey, you.
Unless this girl tells me lovingly.
that Mr. Ramaswami
you go and drive.
Till then l won't drive.
Radha-ji, free us
from this problem.
Please, Mr. Ramaswami.
- Yes, Mr. Ramaswami.
Cool down your anger.
You manner less person.
- Hey you.
The girl whom you flirt.
l will test your love.
This is the lover's point.
Here the greatest lovers in the
World give the test of their love.
Laila-Majnu, in the
Morning and evening.
used to practice their love here.
Hey, bald man.
What's there.
lt's the grave of Romeo
- Juliet.
There is the grave of Soni Mahiwal.
Mr. Monty.
- What.
You are modern Romeo.
Lover boy.
Lover boy.
You'll stand here and
looking at that place, shout.
l love you.
lf you love is true the
Your echo will come back.
l love you.
Otherwise you are a donkey.
l don't believe in this rubbish.
- Yes. Radha.
lf there is truth in your love..
..then the voice of your
love will surely come back..
..from these lifeless stones.
The stones sang songs.
Come on try.
l love you.
Monty-ji, not like this.
First bow, then catch
..then shout, l love you.
Maybe by bowing down,
The sound will come.
Bow down. Yes,
Bow down. Bow down.
- l love you.
l love you.
What is this.
- Monty-ji, you are a donkey.
Will kill me.
Mr. Monty.
Have booked the
maharaja suite for you.
- Really.
Very good.
Hey you.
- Hey baldy how was it.
Formula no 48.
You warm the fire,
l'll get the hammer.
Radha-ji, the big donkey.
He flirts with four girls.
What nonsense.
Are you telling the truth.
-l swear on my bald head.
Then come with me. -Come.
l love you.
Who is this.
- l am your Radha.
Darling, let me open
my eyes once.
Let me see you.
No first say, who am l yours.
You are the queen of my heart.
You are the princess of my dreams.
l'm the admirer of your love.
There is not lover like me.
Beneath the sky.
ln front in my enemy.
Darling, We'll have our love
dwelling far from this world of.
Where only you will live,
l will live and our love.
No other third person.
- You.
You flirt. Radha-ji, Radha-ji,
Radha-ji listen to me.
You fool you are a donkey.
Radha-ji, Radha-ji, Radha-ji,
Radha-ji please listen to me.
Why. You had no relationship
with that girl, isn't it.
You didn't even know
her. l don't know her.
l don't want to
listen to anything.
You remember what you had said.
That if again you see that girl,
Then my shoes and your head.
Radha-ji, don't believe this man.
Radha-ji, if you doubt my
truth, Then take this slipper.
And hit me on the head.
Radha-ji, if you didn't
Hit me, then l'll think..
..that you didn't forgive me.
Radha-ji, for you
this donkey is ready
To have 1000 beatings
with the shoes.
No, no what are you saying.
There are nails in the shoes.
l had said only one beating.
You big lamppost.
Will you open the eyes and have
beatings from ladies' shoes.
Radha-ji, l've closed my eyes.
You hit as much as you want.
No problem.
You hit.
Hit as much as you want.
O my God. This is a
Girl's hand or hammer.
Ramaswami, brother.
Do something.
You know how to sing.
- Yes.
Jack and Jill went up the hill to.
Cut it.
Cut it.
l did not understand.
-l'll make you understand.
Dilip kumar enticed
Saira banu in Bairag.
By singing songs.
By singing songs.
Amitabh Bachchan enticed
Jaya Bhaduri in Ek Nazar. singing song.
Singing songs.
Rishi kapoor enticed Neetu
Singh in Khel Khel Mein.
by singing song.
Singing songs.
Dharmendra enriced Hema
malini ln Sholay by. Singing song.
By singing songs.
- You hero.
- l'm villain.
And me.
- Snitch.
Snitch. l'll give bad
words to you in the song.
Don't worry.
l'll beat you with shoes.
Don't worry. Ramaswami,
brother, Why all this.
Why. Seeing your
condition, She will say.
l.. you.
One, two, three, four..
Your friend has come from
Mumbai Salute the friend.
Eat and drink at
night. And sleep at day.
My friend has come from
Mumbai Beat my friend.
At night massage him
and sell in the day.
ln the window opposite to my house.
Lives a piece of the moon.
lt is annoyed with this fool.
When fire burns, my heart beats.
The pain of youth Troubles
me progressively more.
When fire burns, my heart beats.
The pain of youth Troubles
me progressively more.
Mumbai's penniless
come to your senses.
The roadside boys will
beat you with slippers.
You'll die cruelly in love.
Your mother.
Rambha o, o, o.
Sambha ho, ho, ho.
There are two hearts.
On the pole.
Be big, be small.
Be fat.
l'm a disco dancer.
l'm a Kathakali dancer.
l'm a Chungali dancer.
l'm a peanut dancer.
l'm a disco dancer.
With anklets the eunuch dances.
And l dance without anklets.
The eunuch dances, others dance.
Someone dances here.
Someone dances there.
Your father dances here.
Your mother dances here.
Your snitch dances here.
Crow, Crow.
Crow, Crow.
Beat him, beat him with stones.
No one hit my lover with
stones My lover, my lover.
Laila is ready to be punished
in love, To be punished.
The whole world is
the enemy of love.
The whole world is
the enemy of love.
Your clothes will be torn,
You'll be beaten with shoes.
You head got broken,
Your heart also broke.
Run, run, run.
Give me a sound where are you.
Laila is still young.
Laila, Laila.
Find that scoundrel..
..who hit me from behind.
lnspector sir, this is
monty and party.
You have booked this van.
Yes, from Mr. Ramaswami.
Can you call Ramaswami here.
Yes why not.
Ramaswami, Ramaswami.
Where is that Ramaswami.
-Whom are you giving bad words.
l'm the original Mr. Ramaswami.
Whatever you want to
ask You ask from me.
Why are you calling that duplicate.
You are Mr. Ramaswami.
Yes. This van is yours.
lf not mine's then it's
Your father's or what.
What do you think of yourself.
lnspector, sir.
One beautiful girl.
Crashed with me.
l fell down.
She said to get her up.
l got her up, and then l Saw
that my van has vanished.
What are you saying.
-l had also picked her
up and l was also looted.
He ran away with a
necklace of 7000 rupees.
lf he had ran away
with my wife then
At least my burden
would have lessened.
See him inspector. Monty
you are under arrest.
lnspector, you don't
know who l am.
Whoever you are, l don't
need to know about that.
Whatever you want to say,
Say it in the police station.
Radha-ji please tell them.
Am l a thief.
Calling you a thief will be
the disrespect of thieves.
l don't want to see
handcuffs in your hands,
But l want to see you hanging.
What are you saying, Radha-ji.
You fraud, you hoax, good bye.
You deceived me.
You flirt with two
Beautiful girls at one time.
And at 12 o'clock mid night
You sing songs of Tansen.. a voice of donkey and
Disturb the whole hotel.
l am a disco dancer.
How is your tone. lt gets
stuck on one note only.
Disco, disco, disco.
Hey you, parsi, Talk with respect.
Respect, l'll remove your shirt.
After that l'll remove your trousers.
Then l'll remove
your underclothing.
And then lll send you prison.
Why are you shouting. Even After
That if my loss is not repaid..
..then l'll eat your
brains in the prison.
My name is Rustomji Khurakji.
lnspector, take care of
him. He's a crafty person.
You. -Yes, me.
l'll give the answer of
your slap very lovingly.
Lover boy. l'm warning
you, leave my hand.
Move from my way, -lf
l moved from your way..
then l'll be eliminated from the world.
So be it.
Kiss me.
Go to hell.
Kiss me.
l said go to hell.
l said kiss me.
Kiss me.
Tommy, Let's go.
Tommy, what has happened to you.
Come on let's go.
l am the puppet of stubbornness.
Whatever l want, l have it.
Come, step in.
Where have l got stuck.
-l can't understand.
Let's go and see.
Come, let's go.
Kishan, what do l say.
You've chosen very
pretty girl for yourself.
He's changes so much,
Before he was a simpleton.
Maybe he was trying
to deceive me.
Now, l'll also teach him a lesson.
You've stopped at the right place.
From a lone time you
were lecturing about love.
Now let's see,
How much truth is there
Maybe you don't know..
..this place is the lnstrument
to measure love. Really.
lf there is strength in your love.
Then your voice will echo Even
from these lifeless stones.
Why are you talking about
these lifeless stones.
lf l want then l can
make you hear the lively..
..Sound of heart from
this lifeless flesh.
l am your love.
Want to bet.
Whatever you say.
Kiss me.
l am.
your love.
Your love.
Your love.
You are my.
l'm the adorer of love.
l'm the adorer of love.
We'll together write
some love story.
l'm your love.
You're my love.
l'm the adorer of love.
l'm the adorer of love.
We'll together write
some love story.
My heart.
Why does the heart beat.
What have you said with your eyes.
Ask this secret from your heart.
My heart beats.
- Why does the heart beat.
What have you said with your eyes.
Ask this secret from your heart.
l'm your love.
You're my love.
l'm the adorer of love.
l'm the adorer of love.
We'll together write
some love story.
The weather is wet.
The heart is thirsty.
My heart is not
content alone, my love.
Who has stopped you.
Come and hug me.
The weather is wet.
The heart is thirsty.
My heart is not
content alone, my love.
Who has stopped you.
Come and hug me.
l'm your love.
You're my love.
l'm the adorer of love.
l'm the adorer of love.
We'll together write some love story.
l'm your love.
You separated my love from
me. l was searching for you.
You used to say that youre
the queen of my heart.
Now l came to know your truth.
Youre an ardent youth.
Let go of me.
Tell me who was that
imposter Ramaswami.
Tell me.
Otherwise, l'll molest you.
Whats happening.
What are you doing.
Boss, wait.
- Just a minute. No counting.
Listen to me.
- Well beat each other.
1. 2. Beat up, beat up.
You rogue.
l wont spare you today.
Beat up. What are you doing.
Are you mad.
Why are you beating each other.
Come home.
l'll see you.
Arent you ashamed.
You want to expose your
body in front of a stranger.
No, only husband has this right.
Friends, today weve called you here. tell you the story of this statue.
Actually, years ago,
we had obtained.
..this statue from the ruins.
After that many smugglers
around the world..
..tried to obtain it.
But nobody succeeded in doing so.
l know.
You must be surprised as to.
why weve kept it in open space.
The reason is that theres
a secret of few moves.
on the chessboard to reach to it.
Only my daughter and
l know this secret.
And its dangerous.
lf anybody wants to give it a try.
he can do so.
But we wont advice you to do so.
Michael try.
- Okay.
- Oh, sure.
Cheer up, my friends.
Cheer up.
Now one more good news please.
lm fixing my daughter Radhas
alliance with Sundarlal..
Why did you get up.
-For the marriage of course.
Not with you, lm fixing
it with your son Monty.
With him. Youre marrying
her with this old son.
and ignoring this young father.
She wont be happy.
Sit down, you old man.
Why did you leave the hall.
You didnt answer my question.
But, daddy, why
dont you understand.
Look, Radha.
lve done my duty as a father.
Now its time for you
to do your duty.
Youll marry my close and rich
friend Sundarlals son Monty.
- Whos that.
- What happened, Kanhaiya.
That tall man is an
obstacle hurdle of your way.
55l didnt get you.
Radha has refused to marry
that idiot fellow Monty..
..whom her father had
chosen for her.
lve a good news for you.
Radha loves you a lot.
She loves you so much
that shell come.. meet you in the
national park tonight.
lve sown seed of your love.
Now you go and water
it and sing songs.
You think by wearing your
clothes, lll get your qualities.
And you know that l start
stammering seeing Radha.
l know.
But lve a formula for it.
You dont worry. lll go
and arrange for everything.
You just have to go and
stand in front of her. Okay.
And then love will
evoke in Radhas heart.
Shell come and hug
you and say l love you.
Shell come and hug me..
..and say l love you.
Hey, Kishan. Kanhaiya,
my dream will really fulfill.
Why not.
By Munnis swear itll fulfill.
Who Munni.
She was my childhood friend.
She went far away from my life.
Anyway, you reach there
sharp at 9 okay. Yes, sir.
l'll go and fix your love story.
l'll see to it how
Kishan reaches there.
Neither hell reach there
nor will Radha dance.
Radha will pass from
here. Formula number 47.
Thats right.
1. 2. 3.
Mr. Tree, for some time
l consider you my Radha.
Heres your dream girl Radha.
1. 2. 3. there she fell down.
What misbehavior is this.
We heard that wet girl
looks more appealing.
lm shivering and you think of a joke.
Will you sit here.
Had l been Radha, ld
sit here and warm by body.
Come. sit.
This is called a climax of love.
Will you cling like this.
lf lightning will keep
striking, l must cling him.
Love without clinging
has no fun.
Cling him tightly. My friend
is little shy, you know.
Now go away. Radha will
be here anytime. Go. Bye.
Golden bird will be caged now..
Whats this Bijli.
Youre not ready.
Kanhaiya called us sharp at 9 PM.
l'll get ready now.
- Okay. Bijli.
Hey, Bijli, fetch me a cup of tea.
-Want a strong one.
Take this.
Golden bird in the cage.
Wheres milk.
lve it.
Give it to me.
- What was it. Bird.
Golden bird.
lts 9:30, and Kishan hasnt yet come.
Radha must be coming..
She has come.
1. 2. 3. fell down.
Kishan. Come fast.
You still have time.
Help. My leg is stuck.
Help. Help.
Get up.
l'll bring a towel for you.
Where have l stuck.
My God.
Ms. Radha.
You cant sit here. You.
You cant sit.
- Why.
l'll be in a problem otherwise.
- What.
You please sit there.
- What do you mean. There.
lts very cold.
Youre Kanhaiya.
Youre Kanhaiya.
- Kanhaiya.
Who Kanhaiya.
These cards snatch
many things from us.
But today it helped Munni
obtain her childhood friend.
Are you Munni.
By taking me in your
arms you touched my heart.
What have you done.
By taking me in your
arms you touched my heart.
What have you done.
l had never thought about it..
..what has happened and how.
Hearts met..
- My entire world is lost.
Lover boy.
By taking me in your
arms you touched my heart.
What have you done.
Youve snatched away my heart.. bringing here.
You dont know how painful
it is for the heart.
Without asking, l
offered my life to you.
Dont know what the
destiny has in-store for me.
ln love.
of love, we may not ruin ourselves.
Lover boy.
By taking me in your
arms you touched my heart.
What have you done.
l had never thought about it..
..what has happened and how.
Hearts met..
- My entire world is lost.
Lover boy.
Sir, you cant separate
them by giving a death.
Move away.
- No.
l'll kill him and end this love story.
Okay, Kanhaiya.
See you tomorrow.
Look, Munni.
Your childhood friend
was a thief, a looter.
He wasnt fit for you.
Hes dead.
But now a new person.. standing in front
of you in his form.
People give the example of
his honesty and truthfulness.
His name is Kishan.
l love you Kishan.
Okay, bye.
Look, boy. l dont
want to know who youre.
But if you ever try
to meet my daughter..
..then l'll kill you.
How will you kill a
dead person, Mr. Rai.
And no force of the world
have ever succeeded.. separating Radha and Kishan.
Hey, Kanhaiya, are you back.
- Yes.
But lm completely lost.
- lm sorry. Please forgive me.
What if l say the same thing to you.
l didnt get you.
Henceforth, Radha is
yours and yours only.
- And yes.
Now l wont help you go near Radha.
- Because now my job is over.
lve kept my promise.
ln her heart, lve evoked love for you.
Now its your job to make her happy.
How will l alone be able to..
Youll remember me in life
for one last help, friend.
Come, my childhood friend.
Ms. Radha.
Hey, Ramaswami.
- Yes.
Where had you gone.
- Ms. Radha.
l had gone on a long tour.
But lve brought something for you.
Hello, Radha.
- Kishan.
Oh, Ramswami.
Youre so sweet.
Ms. Radha, its my job
to drop the passenger.
to his destination.
l'll take your leave now.
Wait a minute, Ramaswami.
Ms. Radha.
lve to drive my life alone.
l love you, Ramaswami
l love you.
Our promise of love
would never break.
Wed never separate.
My love must achieve its goal.
lm your love.
lm the reality of life.
lll sacrifice life for my love.
Lover boy.
Lover boy.
By taking me in your
arms you touched my heart.
What have you done.
l had never thought about it.
..what has happened and how.
Hearts met..
- My entire world is lost.
Lover boy.
Daddy. Hes Kishan.
- Hello.
l know, child.
You call your parents.
l want to arrange for
an instant marriage.
My father isnt alive.
lve a mother.
She runs an orphanage.
Mr. Rai. lm very poor.
Let me clarify one thing to you.
l too believe in
richness and poverty.
But that night l had seen
the rage of love in your eyes.
After that lve realized..
..that youre the best life
partner for my daughter.
lf band party has arrived,
bring them inside. Okay.
Arrange the chairs fast.
-Brother, shall l help you.
Why are you standing here.
You just sit.
Kishan, arent you ready.
lts time for the engagement.
- Yes.
When did you come.
Congratulations for the engagement.
See, Kanhaiya hasnt reached yet.
He wont come. What do you mean.
Why will he not come.
lf he does that, l promise, l
wont talk to him ever in life.
Bijli, will you dance on
this happiness occasion.
Why are you silent.
Tell me.
l'll give you anything you ask for.
You can never give me that.
Try asking for it.
- You bring a shroud for me.
What nonsense is this.
Not nonsense.
The shroud for the death
of Kanhaiyas desires.
His desires will
burn down to ashes..
..on the day of your
marriage with Radha.
But that night l had seen
the rage of love in your eyes.
l.. love you..
Hey, Kishan.
Congratulations on your engagement.
But what are you doing here.
lve come to do my duty.
- Duty.
lve come to give your share..
..from the treasure lve obtained.
What share.
Today well get engaged
and get married soon.
After the marriage, my
real colour will be seen.
At one side, l'll put a
nuptial chain in her neck..
..and grab a key to her fathers safe.
By one hand l'll put vermillion
on in her hair partition.
And by the other hand
l'll sign her chequebook.
Then by one hand l'll
touch her romantically and.. the other hand lll take off
all the ornaments from her body.
What are you saying.
You mean you never loved Radha.
Yes, lve. But not Radha.
lve loved her property.
Radha is just an ordinary girl for me.
Finally, youve shown your true colour.
Now the truth has revealed to me.
You hit me because you love Radha.
and are dying in separation with her.
Had l not played this drama..
youd have never told me this truth.
Unknowingly l came between you.
Who am l.
Who am l to snatch away her love.
Radha loves you.
And you too have
fallen in love with her.
This is rubbish.
lm going.
You can go if you want.
But kill me before leaving.
What do you mean.
l want to test our lives and see.
what destiny has in-store for us.
What do you mean.
You have always
decided about your life.
..on the basis of cards, right.
Lets play one more
game on the name of love.
No, its not possible.
By swear of me, Kanhaiya.
For my sake.
For your sake. For
Radha. For Radhas love.
- And if you get a king,
youll be the winner.
And if its a jack.
- No, Kishan.
This time l want to lose.
if its a jack, l'll win.
and if its a king, Radha will be yours.
- lm changing.
Give me my cards.
- Just a minute.
Bijli, this is the chance
to obtain your love.
Here pick one.
No. you pick it.
No, you pick it.
Fine, l'll pick it.
Now Radha is yours.
Great jack.
Finally you defeated
Kanhaiyas King.
Kanhaiya, you ditched me.
Kanhaiya, you ditched me.
lm ditched.
When l noticed that
everybody is deceitful here.
When l noticed that
everybody is deceitful here.
This youth.
This youth aroused to kill somebody.
This youth aroused to kill somebody.
A fellow from
Alahabad or Benaras.
A fellow from
Alahabad or Benaras.
Finding this beauty, everybody
started taking a chance.
This youth aroused
to kill somebody.
Your beauty spills from your body.
lt intoxicates me, Oh girl.
Even the cannabis cant affect
now. My heart is on fire.
Oh Girl, only you can
quench our thirst now.
Small berries.
Small berries turned
into a pomegranate.
This youth aroused
to kill somebody.
lm ditched.
Somehow l managed to save
and ran towards Punjab.
The guys here are
worst than those.
Oh sweetheart, youre my love.
Dont leave me now.
l'll die in separation.
O girl, l'll take your
away in a palanquin.
Youve got your
companion, your love.
Youve got your love.
Seeing me, he starts
whistling and dancing.
l too became excited
and started beating him.
Youve got your
companion, your love.
Youve got your love.
While fighting l fell in love with him.
This youth aroused to kill somebody.
lm ditched.
Youre Kishan from
the orphanage, right.
- And he.
Kanhaiya. A betrayer.
My look-alike.
You saw the true
colour of Kanhaiya.
Now check my game.
These are the papers of orphanage.
And a million rupees.
You can stay there with
your mother and friends.
And about Radha. l'll bring
her right into your pocket.
Like this.
What will l have to do.
- Acting.
You must evoke love in Radha.
Reach to her expressing your love.
And after that make her reveal.
the secret to reach to the statue.
But, but what about Kanhaiya.
l'll see to it that
l'll make Kanhaiya.
disappear from this world.
Tell me.
Do you agree.
Thats the spirit.
Bring the empty bottles.
- Kishan.
What are you doing here.
Why didnt you come home.
- Shanti.
Hes my son Kishan.
And shes your nanny.
Aunt, actually..
God. show me some path or
take me into your shelter.
Come here. Come.
Mother, shes Kishans mother.
Aunt, shes my mother.
What are you saying, Kishan.
Youre refusing to identify your mother.
5No, aunt.
lm not Kishan.
Shes my mother.
My name is Kanhaiya.
You never had a child.
What is she saying, mother.
Mother, tell her that lm your son.
Mother, why are you silent.
Tell me. Tell me. mother.
Mother, why are you silent.
Why dont you speak.
What have you done, mother.
l paid for my sin, child.
lve always tried to make you smile.
lm just your nanny.
A nanny.
Who brings a child
closer to his mother.
Shes your mother.
Since ages, your life story
remained same, Kanhaiya.
Mother Devki gives birth
and Yashoda brings you up.
Since ages, your life story
remained same, Kanhaiya.
Come, Kanhaiya.
lm very happy today.
Both my sons are with
me under one roof.
Mother, wheres Kishan.
Kishan, you wont get a
better chance than this.. know the secret
to reach to the statue.
Tommy. Whats wrong.
What happened.
Whos that.
You didnt recognize Kishan.
Naughty boy.
Hes your boss.
My boss. My God.
You worship that idol of stone.
How will you worship me.
What do you mean.
Will you fulfill my wish.
- Wish.
Tell me whats your wish.
Tell me.
Tell me the secret to
reach to that statue.
- Why. Are you scared.
Dont you trust your Kishan.
What are you saying.
l trust you more than myself.
The secret lies on the moves
you make on the chessboard.
First of all, 2 and a half
step moves of black horse.
on the right. Right side
pawn will step forward.
to reach to the statue.
And to come out.
Take one step towards
the black elephant.
And after that.. three steps
towards the white camel.
Then lll directly come to steal it.
2 and a half step
moves of black horse.
on the right. Right side
pawn will step forward.
to reach to the statue.
And to come out.
Take one step towards
the black elephant.
And three steps towards
the white camel.
l'll go.
2 and a half step
moves of black horse.
on the right.
1. 2. and half.
Right side pawn.
left side pawn.
Go that side.
And you with me.
Sir. sir.
- Ramu.
Ramu, who did this.
- Sir, Kishan.
Uncle Ramu.
Arrest him.
You cheated me.
You asked me the secret
to reach to the statue.
What are you saying.
Yesterday night youve stolen.
that statue and killed uncle Ramu.
Brother Kishan.
What have you done.
What have you done, Kishan.
Why did you do that.
Answer me. Answer me.
What will he answer.
Hes a thief in police record.
He can also commit a murder.
- No.
My son can neither be
a thief nor a murderer.
So hes your son.
lts right.
A thiefs son would be thief.
Son accomplished
the task that was left.
incomplete by his father.
- Mr. Rai. Keep quiet.
20 years ago you tried to
hide your husbands crime.
And today again youre
trying to save your son.
Thats a lie.
Tell him, son.
Tell him that youre innocent.
Your mothers blood cant be so dirty.
Tell him, son.
Why are you silent.
your son has
committed this murder.
Weve won the first game, dad.
This is how lve set
enemys world to fire.
Mr. Robert is here.
- Hello.
He came to our house, we
thank our criminal world.
Sometimes we see him and
sometimes to our wealth.
Mr. Robert, hes Mr.
Kishanlal, the hero.
who helped me obtain
this statue today. Hello.
Thats okay, Mr. Robert.
But what about my price.
Sunday, sharp at 12 in the
night, Mr. M will come here.
with immense wealth for the statue.
Youre responsible for this death.
Come with me.
Who are you.
According to your
cards, lm an innocent.
whom you called
uncle that day. No.
No, youre my father.
What are you saying.
Yes, father. lm your
unfortunate son Kanhaiya.
Father. Father. Father.
My son cant be a murderer.
Yes, father. l didnt
commit this murder.
But lve confessed my look-alike
brother Kishans crime.
Your brother Kishan.
Yes, he went misleading
in bad company.
And theft Mr. Rais
statue worth billions.
And the murder took
place in this incident..
And you confessed his crime.
The same past story
is getting repeated.
My silence has made
Sundarlal stronger.
What are you saying.
-Yes, son.
That night when l was guarding
the statue. Whos that.
Your wife delivered a baby boy.
Please take care.
Dont worry.
lm there.
My brother is foolish, right.
- Number one.
He doesnt know the
price of this statue.
You hand over me its price.
He may come any moment.
l need to go.
Right away.
And you must go.
Hand over the statue to me.
No, son. l wont allow
Sundarlal to repeat this story.
l wont let my sons
life be spoiled. Never.
Hands up.
Drop the guns.
Did you hear that. Kanhaiya
has escaped from the jail.
He escaped.
lm sure hell go to Radha.
Kishan. Before
Kanhaiya meets Radha.
l want you to meet her.
Kishan, how did you
escape from the jail.
l came to clear this
Radha, lm Kishan. And the
one who escaped from jail..
is a thief, a robber.
Hes my look-alike.
He took advantage
of being my look alike.
He took my name and
posed to be in your love.
so that he can know the secret
to the statue and can steal it.
l hope his name isnt Kanhaiya.
How do you know.
Hes my childhood friend.
My lost love.
And you..
youre the thief who had
stolen statue from my house.
And my dog is the witness.
No, Radha. l love you, Radha.
- Dont you dare.
take my name again.
Excellent, Radha.
Youve known him right.
Mr. Kishan.
- Monty, what are you saying.
Look, now your game must be over.
Because if you stay alive.
Kanhaiya will prove his innocence.
Take him away.
Cmon. Monty. No.
Monty, what are you doing.
- Whats all this.
Now youve known
many things, Radha.
Mr. M will come tonight
to deal the statue.
Then lll marry you and take you.
to Switzerland for honeymoon.
- No.
Monty, l'll kill you.
Cant you hear boss order.
Throw him into the water.
- Dont take my name.
lve made a sin by saving your life.
But by swear only for Kanhaiya.
- Hes a godly man.
He confessed your crime.
Only to save you.
Hes your blood.
Your brother.
No, its impossible.
lf hes my brother, he wouldnt
have snatched my love from me.
He wouldnt have changed the cards.
l had changed those
cards and not Kanhaiya.
Why would you change.
Because, l love you.
You love me.
And what do you think..
Radha loves you.
She loves Kanhaiya and not you.
And that too since childhood.
Shes his Munni.
What have l done. l fell in
love with a fairy of my dream.
She never loved me.
But the truth is that youve
given me a new life today.
Now youve all the right to my life, Bijli.
lm sorry, Bijli.
- Dont touch me.
lll marry a real brave man.
Bijli, now lll come to
you after l prove myself.
After all lm Kanhaiyas brother.
Do you know where Kanhaiya is.
- Yes.
Fine. Mr. is coming to
Sunderlals den tonight.
Now both of us will set that den to fire.
Thats the spirit.
Mr. Ramaswami. Mr.
Many, many, murders.
lm a donkey.
lm a donkey.
- Who are you.
This donkeys father.
What a bright face and shining head.
Come, Mr.
Where have you brought me.
- To the right place.
Wheres the statue.
My brother Kanhaiya has
sent it to the right place.
Mr. Hes Sunderlals
special man. lve met him.
That means my treasure
is in the right hands.
You wait here. l'll send Mr.
Sundarlal here with the statue.
Go ahead.
- Yes.
lm ready to pay you double
the treasure you can see here.
Why are you fainting.
- But not for this statue.
For that statue.
- What.
Where are you going.
- Dad, what about my love.
l killed your mother for money.
Shes nothing.
Tell me, do you agree.
- Yes, done.
Set her free.
Today lve known you.
And you know l love someone else.
lve always loved you and
will keep loving you in future.
l love you.
Know me, recognize me.
trust me, lm your love.
Know me, recognize me.
trust me, lm your love.
- Sweetheart.
Know me, recognize me.
trust me, lm your love.
lve known you, recognized
you. l know youre my love.
My sweetheart, lm here for you.
lm living for you.
My sweetheart, lm here for you.
lm living for you.
Well set the example of
true love to the world.
Well proudly meet death in love.
Those in love, dont fear death.
When this lightning will strike,
itll set everything to fire.
When love.
- ls with us.
Then why.
- Do we fear.
Well do or die.
- Sweetheart.
Rock, rock, rock, rock my darling.
Love, love, love, love.
He needs beating.
..he doesnt understand
the language of love.
He has never met people like us.
Hes an idle hired goon.
lts easy to fool him.
Thief never reform.
- Well teach them a good lesson.
Theyll never try to ditch others now.
As theyll never forget this day in life.
Switch on the lights.
Switch on the lights.
Wheres the statue.
You Ramaswami.
Wheres the statue.
Wheres the statue.
Tell me wheres the statue.
Tell me or else l'll kill you.
Daddy. Shut up. lve only one son.
And hes a son of a fool.
Tell me wheres the statue.
What are you saying. Listen to me.
Shut up. speak up, Otherwise.
- Yes.
Then statue.
Stop, Mr.
- Who are you.
Did you recognize me.
Cmon, dance.
Tell me who killed Mr. Rais brother.
Speak up, otherwise l'll
strangulate you. Speak up.
l. l killed him. Who had
stolen the statue. Speak up.
l. l. l.
lnspector, arrest your criminal.
Couldnt you come little early.
Unnecessarily made me
have so much of beating.
Where are they.
Youre my love.
lm your love.
lts a ditching.
lts a ditching.
Kiss me.
My heart beats.
Lover boy.
Bloody basket.
Lover boy.
Kiss me.
Where do you escape
after locking eyes.
Where do you go
escape with my heart.
Where do you escape
after locking eyes.
Where do you go
escape with my heart.
Youve lit, now l too will
lit and melt the stone.
lll make you dance on my tunes.
Dance, dance, dance.
Where do you escape
after locking eyes.
Where do you go
escape with my heart.