Lovers of Paris (1957) Movie Script

That's another husband
you let get away!
Are you happy?
Damn! It's pouring!
Couldn't we take a cab?
Are you crazy? With the pension
just around the corner?
Thank you, my good man!
Come on, let's go!
Take a cab...
Can you imagine the clod that
would fall for this imbecile...
Who turns down money so someone
else can pick it up?
And if she doesn't like him?
You think I liked your father?
My coat is ruined!
Then go around naked!
That would fix things!
Darn! My heel's coming off.
Quick! Before I catch cold!
My feet hurt.
Come on! Stop being an idiot!
I'll marry the first one who
comes along! The very first!
Are you crazy? Is that how
you pick a husband?
Come on!
Are you blind?
Whoa! Whoa!
Here we go!
One moment. The
concierge will help us.
What filthy weather!
It's the season.
That's why I say
it's filthy weather.
In my job it's all you can do.
Mr. Campardon! I'd given you up!
The train must have been late!
- By two hours.
Mr. Gourd, the concierge.
Mrs. Lidoux should be taking
care of the luggage.
Mrs. Gourd would be more useful.
This way.
Look out! People are here!
Fix yourself up a little.
Good evening, Mrs. Josserand!
- Good evening!
Good evening!
Mrs. Josseyrand, I present
Octave Mouret.
A friend of Baron Matin.
Mrs. Josserand and her daughters.
Miss Hortense and Miss Bertha.
- Miss.
What a fabulous young man!
- Yes.
You've been more lucky than we.
You found a cab!
We were obliged to walk!
We walked a mile!
There weren't any gutters
that we missed!
At least you can't get any
more wet at this point.
I'm so chilled.
- But naturally fresh.
Have you come far?
Gloire de la Chalieu,
5 minutes away. And you?
I was on a train for 14 hours!
14 hours?
- Yes!
It must have seemed long.
- Very.
I was impatient, I didn't know why.
But now I do.
I hope you will do us the pleasure
of accompanying Mr. Campardon
to our next party?
It's given every Tuesday.
With pleasure, Madam.
Excuse me, gentlemen!
Bertha! Bertha!
Come, come, quickly!
Go on...
Did you see? The old man is the
owner of the building.
Hippolyte Vabre, retired lawyer.
With a huge fortune.
The other man is his son-in-law.
Mr. Duveyrier, a remarkable man.
Public Prosecutor. 50 years old.
Nice, eh?
And the woman? Is she
the daughter of the owner?
Yes. Mrs. Duveyrier.
Excellent woman!
And her ear! On the piano
she is at home.
Otherwise the building is not
tenanted by proper people.
You hear everything on the stairs!
The stairway gets heated?
It buzzes on all floors!
Here you can hear everything!
Here we are.
I must tell you so you
won't be surprised...
You remember Gasparine, the cook?
Gasparine? Didn't Gautier
marry her?
She lives with us.
Rose and her health, caused
so many problems.
With Gasparine all is calm.
But you'll see.
This is the new tenant.
Mr. Octave?
- Hello, Madam.
Look at you!
How he's grown! Since
his last voyage...
He was still a child!
Let me.
Thank you.
Good evening, Gasparine!
- Good evening, sir.
Sir? Won't you call me Octave?
You were a boy, I was a young girl.
It's not the same thing.
You bought me some marbles!
And you slapped me over
my Gautier?
I'd forgotten!
And I'd forgotten
about the marbles.
Everyone has his memories.
Achilles was so concerned about
making everything nice for you.
There's just one thing.
We only eat at noon and
at 7:15, so forgive me.
But now I must go to bed.
I'm not used to being up so late.
It's for the sake of my
health, my greatest concern.
So that she doesn't fall ill!
Gasparine will take care of you.
My little morsel...goodnight.
Sleep well, Madam.
Oh, I sleep perfectly!
It's everyone else who doesn't.
And now, let's eat. Gasparine
prepared a little meal for us.
I believe we just
manage to get along.
The house has its problems...
The tenants get your blood up...
But at home, virtue also
has its advantages.
To your health!
Excuse me...
I'm the artist!
In this house, I am the architect.
And like the family, it is built
on a solid foundation.
A zero! A fathead!
Ready for death!
That's you, ready for death!
I'll tell you what:
If I didn't have two daughters to
marry off, I'd show you the door!
You'd see how you'd do without me!
With your writing, your magazines,
what good does that do?
I beg you, my friend...
"Let's move to the city...
you can make more money there!
"It's more convenient in Paris."
I make 1000 francs a year,
it's a good position.
But for 30 years?
Where are you going?
- We're hungry.
I'm dying!
Then you should have had some
brioche at the party! How stupid.
You've raised your daughters nicely!
It's like an infection in here!
How it stinks!
Not a dish done.
I'll throw her out Sunday!
Just when we've found
someone who stays?
What's this? Adele's dishtowel?
She ate all the rabbit! What's this?
A piece of thigh meat?
For us!
Don't yell!
Groseille syrup!
I could dip some bread in it.
Don't you dare!
That's for the party!
What are we supposed
to eat until then?
Speaking of which...the
young man has arrived!
What young man?
Campardon's friend.
A nice young man. He's
educated, he's ambitious,
he's economical...and he already
has a position.
Just the man for Bertha.
My brother could give
50,000 to 80,000...
You think your brother will
put up a dowry for Bertha?
He's a liar, I know that!
A mercenary. A libertine.
No family slander, please!
The charming story of your
father and the maid
that he ran off with.
70 years old at least!
I've had enough, I've had enough!
Our son has been
married a long time!
He didn't try to arrange a
foolish marriage,
or hold sordid parties...My God!
What have I done? Good God!
Don't push me, or you'll regret it!
Don't get your blood up. And he'll
be too ill to work tomorrow.
It's the truth! You couldn't arrange
a good marriage for yourself.
Why should you try to arrange
one for anyone else?
Be quiet!
No! I'm not Bertha!
My primary question is what
will make a good husband.
And my first decision is who
I want to marry!
Goodnight, Papa.
What was with you tonight?
How did you mess up this marriage?
An assistant clerk...
who admired you...
But he doesn't have a cent.
He'll make some!
How can you know?
You danced together...
I thought you had him.
He drew you into the parlor.
That made me happy.
But he said something nasty!
That's because he liked you!
But he wanted to kiss me!
Won't you profit from compromising
him? Don't be a twit!
I was scared!
Of a man? What for?
I pushed him against the
furniture to get him off me!
- You poor fool!
- He grabbed me!
You can't let him get away!
We're in a pension.
What have you learned?
How to keep your voice down?
When a man gets violent,
it's because he loves you.
To put him in his place, you play
a role to encourage him.
A kiss means nothing.
When you recognize a windfall
you have to prepare.
Since you were a child I have!
You only have to smile.
The lips are a part of charm.
They have some uses.
And the eyes. The eyes!
Raise your eyes.
Slowly. Look at me tenderly.
I can't.
Pretend I'm someone else.
I know. Think of Mr. Octave Mouret.
You see?
That'll do the trick!
Imagine I'm a gentleman,
and try to attract me.
Drop that, pretending it's a fan.
Without making it obvious!
Bend down to pick it up.
Like that!
And without looking
like a sick chicken!
Like that?
A supple waist! A man likes to grab
a woman around the waist.
You should learn how to
make him desperate.
Push your chest out.
Nobody likes flat-chested girls!
It's simple: It's about your body.
Your body.
Remember that: Let your
body do the talking.
To summarize: The body, the face,
the lips, the eyes...
It's too complicated!
I can imagine a man I could love,
and then it's easy.
Think about marriage first. You can
think about love later on.
You could really love Mr. Mouret?
- Oh yes.
But what if he doesn't like me?
Why wouldn't he?
You've got a pretty laugh!
Laugh for me.
I don't feel like it!
Don't tell me what you want!
Just do it!
Come on.
Better than that.
More naturally!
What? Now you're crying?
I can't stand this...
Your articles aren't even proper
reading for your daughters!
You are truly a failure!
And now I'll show you to your room.
Tomorrow I've got
a surprise for you.
A candle, Gasparine.
- Certainly.
I've found you a position next door,
at The Happiness of Women.
The Happiness of Women!
What a program!
The happiness of women,
the sorrows of husbands!
We'll get you in. Gasparine
has connections.
How marvelous!
What more could you ask?
I've hardly arrived!
- You've hardly been to bed!
- Exactly.
One moment, please.
My suitcase.
I'd return quickly.
Don't lock your door! - No!
I'm tired tonight! - I'll be right
back! A minute, no more!
I'm exhausted!
- I'll be right back!
I forgot to tell Gasparine
to arrange my orange blossoms.
Here's where the Josserands live.
We met them on the way in.
Remember little Bertha?
Oh yes. Pretty eyes. Pretty
cut of the bodice, too.
- You noticed the cut of her bodice?
- Of course, it's my profession.
And here live the Bichons.
with their little thug.
I want them out of here!
After Mr. Gourd told her not to...
Mrs, Bichon has left her carriage
in the hallway again!
I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know
that room was occupied.
That's not a reason. Why didn't
you put it away earlier?
Yes...I'll take it inside.
Please, Madam...Your carriage
doesn't bother me.
I'm confused.
- And I'm sorry that I woke you.
But delighted to have met you.
Goodnight, Madam.
She causes so many problems.
Her children are her ruin.
Here you are.
You like it?
I don't need to like it!
Do you think you'll like Paris?
- I like it already.
I work at The Happiness of Women...
and I live in the
happiness of men.
I don't understand.
Put yourself in my place.
I arrive at night, and already
I've met such pretty women.
Ah, yes.
But not...
Save at your place. I respect
the peace of the family.
You won't regret bringing me here.
I won't tell.
You understand my position.
- I understand everything.
Sleep well, young man.
Sweet dreams!
Mr. Campardon, look at me.
One day you will build my own shop.
- That's right!
I'm in your plans.
- They're in here. Goodnight!
We're late. It's going to
make a bad impression.
I must do the essential...
Between compatriots!
You haven't changed, Gasparine.
Let's go, before
you get any sillier!
Tell me...
The owner of
The Happiness of Women?
What's he like?
The owner is a woman.
Her husband is an invalid
that no one ever sees.
You don't say!
So unfortunately,
she must have a head!
A pretty head?
A cool one. All the better
to run her shop.
Come on!
Who is she?
Madam Valerie. The
owner's daughter-in-law.
She must be very devoted.
Did she just return from Mass?
She says "Thank God" a lot
when her husband is gone.
This is Tuesday!
- So?
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Mr.
Vabre takes care of business.
And Mrs. Vabre profits.
He's nervous, sickly...
He must remain calm.
Those "Thank Gods" answer for a lot.
The poor woman!
She's an hysteric
who thinks she's nervous.
Why hasn't this luggage
been picked up?
Because I'm not a pack animal!
Does it pain you to obey my orders?
I swear, you compromise me!
Good morning, Mr. Vabre.
- Good morning.
Who is he?
Mr. August Vabre.
The second son of the owner.
Valerie's brother-in-law.
It's inexcusable,
the way you compromise me.
I'll throw you out!
Will you stop shouting then?
- Who said that?
- Dumb ox!
Man with no heart!
If I were you, I wouldn't insist.
What good does it do, self-control?
I'll sole your shoes for little!
I'll sole your shoes for little!
Good morning, Miss Gasparine!
- Good morning, Martha!
Excuse me!
Are you looking for something, sir?
What would you like?
I'd like to see much
more of Madam.
Concerning what?
I'd like to present
Mr. Octave Mouret,
the young man of whom
Mr. Campardon has spoken.
Does he know who
he's talking to?
Pardon, Madam. But I
just arrived last night.
This morning...
- He's making excuses!
It's an explanation.
I arrived from the country
with the sun...
I woke up to put my bags down
and went right back to sleep!
We are in Paris. Where
time is money!
The time to dress the windows?
It needs to be done.
You must open up in the
morning and close at night.
You get half an hour for lunch
and 3 Sundays off a month.
The fourth Sunday will
be like other days.
You've seen the Vabre shop?
It's very sad.
I'm here 15 minutes before we open,
and here 15 minutes after we close.
I must follow your example.
You don't waste time!
But I know your business!
After my studies, I spent
3 years in Marseilles.
In a fabric factory.
Here's my certificate.
No need! I prefer to use
my own judgment.
Miss Clair-Martine!
Would you show the gentleman around
and tell him about everything?
There will be a few days before
you'll be charged with your duties.
You're too kind, Madam.
- Through here, sir.
So it's decided?
You love...what's his name?
Octave Mouret.
This is the first time my mother
has asked who she liked.
And him?
He isn't my fiance yet!
We've only talked on the stairs!
- Oh, good!
You're still on the first floor!
And Mr. Mouret...Has he got lots
of straw for a safe landing?
My good man, enough of that!
Your brother takes some liberties!
He isn't good as gold.
Narcissus, you've broken a promise
for the last time!
Are you kidding?
Did I promise anything?
You promised to create
a dowry for Bertha!
She's crazy, my sister!
She's crazy, your wife!
Will 50,000 francs be enough?
That's a nice sum!
It's more than he's made this year.
The guest is here!
I have to be everywhere at once!
Everybody out! Bertha!
Where's dessert?
In the parlor!
We haven't put out all this
expense to undo it all!
Aren't you ashamed!
First off, I never promised
any such thing!
My father never put up
a dowry for your wife!
Never, to be honest!
If he promised, it was a stall!
I don't want to be obligated to have
faith in a young man like that!
Make your own way, everyone
to their own business!
Mr. Campardon says he's coming!
Do we get to see what he looks like?
Bertha! Stand up straight!
Hello, Mr. Campardon...
Can I come to your room tonight?
By the time I finish,
it'll be too late!
I would have rung you!
I'm already frazzled...
I had to serve
the dinner all alone...
What do you think?
- Do you want me tonight or not?
- Not tonight.
- It's English embroidery.
- Very pretty.
And I'm an expert.
Done entirely by hand by
my daughter Bertha.
She also plays the piano.
All day she plays...with such soul.
It's too much for her!
Mr. Mouret: Coffee,
tea, or groseille?
Thank you, Miss, but
not at the moment.
My darling, show Mr. Mouret
your latest watercolor!
Please do, please do.
Come this way.
We'll put you to the test!
My compliments. What a talent!
I find it a little moving.
My daughter Bertha copied
it from an engraving.
You have a lot of talent, Miss!
Darling, show your
photo album to Mr. Octave.
You'll allow me to call you
Mr. Octave? - Please do.
It's not right! In some of the
photos I'm completely naked.
Are you defying me?
I'm sure it will amuse him.
You'll excuse me.
That would amuse you? Really?
Of course.
I have the feeling of having known
you when you were very little.
That we were old friends.
And somehow we lost contact.
Excuse me.
- My sister.
- She is also very pretty.
Oh, she's a lot older than I am!
2 years, 6 months, and 20 days.
That's my poor Papa.
- Why poor?
- I say that out of habit.
My fan!
- Sorry!
- Gloves are also very cooling.
Me at 4 years old.
I wouldn't have believed you
thought of such things.
- I said nothing!
- You thought it all the same!
Me at 12 years old.
Time passes quickly with you.
She grew right before our eyes.
You've got to keep an eye on her!
My first ball gown.
It's always the same one.
Very pretty!
A blank page.
It's waiting for your wedding gown.
You're being silly!
I look to the future.
It's in your eyes.
Your first ball gown...
For whom did you first wear it?
For a young man I didn't like.
He stepped on my toes every night!
I wasn't thinking about
my dance card!
In summary, you've grown up
without me.
First dress...first ball...
first dance...
There's nothing left for me.
There's one thing left!
It's up to me to offer...
Your first kiss?
Thank you, my child.
Thank you.
Thanks, my dear friend.
- Where is Bertha?
In the dining room.
- Still?
And there you are.
You think so?
Excuse me a moment.
- Please do.
Come say hello to Dr. Guillaume.
There are so many people here!
Well, Mr. Octave?
- We talked.
Miss Bertha makes
charming conversation.
You'll see she gets better.
Everyone adores her!
My brother gave her a dowry
of 50,000 francs! Imagine.
I'd like to present my grandson.
- Octave Mouret.
- Hector Trublot.
You too?
What do you mean?
English embroidery,
watercolors, family album...
We've all gotten that.
Madam does everything
for her little girls.
A powerhouse of a Mama!
How does she expect to pull
me in with this obvious stuff?
Her daughter is charming,
but in my country,
we don't marry!
Sir, we are compatriots!
Would you allow me?
Octave Mouret is no deal.
In his country, they don't marry.
- What?
In his country, they don't marry!
He said so to Trublot.
- Are you joking!
- On Daddy's grave!
That scoundrel!
I've introduced her to
too many young men!
Where are you going?
- This is for Mr. Octave!
- Not for that fraud!
- Oh, Mama...
- I'm going to slap you!
You must learn not to be taken
by the first man who comes along!
Charming party!
Let's go say good evening
to Mr. Vabre.
- Good evening, dear Madam.
- Good evening.
Good evening, Mr. Vabre.
Good evening, Mrs. Vabre.
Are you feeling well?
Fine, thank you.
Good evening, Mr. Theophile!
It's very nice of you
to come tonight.
Your brother didn't come with you?
August begs pardon.
His migraine returned.
- I don't see Mr. Josserand.
- He's over there.
10,000 migraines for a buyer!
You'd think twice, anyway.
Business isn't going well.
It's a terrible scandal.
The old man had to pour in a
lot of money just to save it.
August could face bankruptcy.
But shops do good business!
Yes, but Mr. Vabre will have
to liquidate. To be frank.
I never thought!
But maybe that's the answer.
Excuse me.
Get together your 50,000 francs!
It's an investment
of the first order!
What 50,000 francs?
For Bertha's dowry.
You're not thinking
about Mouret anymore?
That loser!
Bertha is going to
marry August Vabre!
Not a chance!
He can't refuse! He
needs a lot of money
to save the business.
She'll end up cuckolding him!
This isn't about a husband!
This is about a shop!
Very well located.
And there he is...
- Who's that?
Bertha's husband.
Hello, dear August.
It was kind of you to come in
spite of your cruel migraine!
Miss Bertha...
Dear friend, I'd like
you to meet the curee...
Theophile Vabre.
He's incapable.
But his wife Valerie?
What a hot potato!
No risk of getting married.
It's already done.
Even with her husband around
you've got a chance.
Then introduce me.
I won't need to. You'll understand.
Madam Valerie. I'd like
to introduce myself.
Mr. Octave Mouret.
I saw you on the stairways.
Back from Mass.
You had some circulars in your hand.
If I recall, you're the
friend of Mr. Campardon.
Mr. Campardon got me
a room on the fourth floor.
Right at the end of the hall.
So have you come
to conquer Paris?
I'm even more ambitious.
I come to conquer Parisian women.
A creature that seems
to me extremely hard to know.
We will see, sir.
My friend, allow me to introduce
you to Mr. Octave Mouret.
Excuse me dear friend,
the curee is asking for me.
Dear Madam, I'd like some advice
about fabrics...
It's English embroidery.
- Oh, really?
Done entirely by hand by
my daughter, Bertha...
Buy my little birds
I've had enough of you hanging
up your dirty laundry in windows!
My laundry is cleaner
than your face!
One will soon expose women who'll
end up on charity!
Me on charity? Ha!
I shall complain to the owner!
Sure thing! The report of spies.
Gasparine, what are these?
- Unsellables.
- Unsellables?
No one's buying them.
They're not unsellable.
It's a question of making them buy!
This is a beautiful cretonne.
How is it marked?
5 francs 50.
Not right. Why not at 7 francs?
You're a child when it comes to
seasonal goods!
Do you know how I managed to
afford to come to Paris?
A fabric that I worked:
An Indian Pompadour!
That was unsellable too,
and I bought it myself.
In the Lower Alps, women were
fighting over the scraps.
In the end there wasn't a
woman that wasn't wearing it.
It's all a matter of
how you proceed.
Excuse me.
Good morning, Miss Bertha.
- I'd like...
- What is it you'd like?
It doesn't matter. I mean...
some soft fabric for a bodice.
This way.
Something soft and bright,
like you?
Mr. Mouret, I am an unhappy woman.
I'm being forced to
marry a man I detest.
Is that so serious?
You don't know my mother!
Who is she forcing on you?
August Vabre.
He's ugly, sickly, and a bore!
I'll cry every night!
Save me, Mr. Octave!
How? In what way?
There's almost a passion
between us.
Come now! I'm being honest,
you must be honest with me.
You want me to marry you?
I have no position.
Although I like you a lot,
I'm not sure I could love you the
way a husband must love his wife.
If you don't love me,
why did you kiss me?
I kissed you because
I found you pretty.
But I love you!
But what do you mean by that?
That kind of thing doesn't exist.
Now look at this celignon!
You don't understand.
I've had enough of our house.
I'll have to accept it doesn't
matter who or what!
If I accepted you on those terms
you'd despise me!
I don't know what you want.
I don't want anything.
I want it all!
Good morning, Miss Bertha.
Your mother let you go out alone?
Only as far as here.
What do you think of this?
I was here the other day looking for
a satin for some chairs.
Your ideal comes before everything,
but...he was so persuasive.
Your clerk.
Then I'll have him help you.
Mr. Octave...would you
like to take care of Madam?
It's a return.
I'll take care of Miss Josserand.
Is Madam dissatisfied?
It needs to be more beige!
- Oh, we don't have that here!
I know what you need...
It's a cretonne!
Superb, exclusive...
Unfortunately, 100.5 meters
have been reserved for
the Duke de Luisac.
The Duke de Luisac?
It won't hurt to look.
For curiosity's sake.
Enchanting, isn't it?
The color transforms
into a distaction.
This is what you call...
Did you want something
simple or striking?
I haven't decided.
I would advise satin...
Or perhaps you already
have a preference?
A simple decoration?
Excuse me, I'm going
back to my mother.
Goodbye, Madam.
Goodbye, sir.
What happens will happen...
It's all up to you.
- I don't know how to thank you!
- Consider it done, Madam.
Because you smiled.
Madam has decided to keep the satin,
and take 100.5 meters
of this cretonne.
Yes, Mr. Octave told me that it was
reserved for the Duke de Luisac...
I'll arrange it with the Duke.
To be a fly on the wall!
I never put out a customer.
100.5 meters at 7.50.
I gave the same price to the Duke...
100.5 meters at 7.50.
1100 francs, Madam.
Good, Madam.
Thank you, Madam.
Thank you, Madam.
Would you like it delivered, Madam?
Who is the Duke de Luisac?
If only I knew...
Then you know then the Josserands?
- Yes. Pretty, isn't she?
- And young.
And unmarriable.
No dowry at all.
All it takes is a good seller...
All the more reason
to be a good buyer.
No doubt you'd prefer
Mrs. Valerie Vabre?
What an idea!
A glorious coquette,
that's Mrs. Valerie...
She manages conceited boys...
Who don't leave their scent
on her pillow...
Goodbye, Madam.
Goodbye, sir.
Mr. Mouret, Mrs. Vabre is having
an attack of nerves!
I'm all alone and I need
someone to help me!
A pernod! And some salts!
And bring a napkin!
No! No! Go away! Go away!
Go away! Go away!
It will be easier to
work if you leave.
Thank you, sir!
Why do you look at me like that?
Thank you, but I don't
need you anymore!
Get out! Go on!
Get out, you disgust me!
Closed On Account of Marriage
So! Is it "hoopla"
for a mole or a man?
I'll take a man, a real one!
Let's hope he doesn't die trying!
Migraines should make
for a great honeymoon!
You should see Miss Bertha!
Such a beautiful bride!
I'm coming, I'm coming!
Adele! Adele!
Look at the young lady!
This is the happiest
day of my life!
Have you seen the groom?
He looks like he's in mourning...!
Oh, excuse me...
He's glowing!
Miss, these orange blossoms fell!
I'm so proud of you, darling.
Now you understand all my efforts!
But this isn't a funeral!
There he is!
Good morning.
What weather!
This could be a bad omen.
Go on...
And now this migraine...
Not today! With your
hand against your head?
Make a compress.
Where's Theophile?
He's looking for his tie.
The bitch!
This time...
For Mrs. DuVeyrier.
My wife's cheating on me!
Look at what I found
in the armoir!
Don't yell it from the rooftops!
- Valerie's cheating on me, Papa!
- Is he?
- My wife's cheating on me!
- With whom?
I don't have the facts yet,
I just know!
For several days I've known.
- Who is it?
- Patience, patience!
We'll see!
Your brother's definitely a fool.
I hope that he'll calm down.
He's not yet used to
being cheated on!
Is it necessary to make a scene?
After so much time? No.
I pity the mistresses
that must bear you.
Clothilde, how I wish you'd put
aside our petty grievances.
Don't touch me!
I hate the very idea.
Even after 10 years.
What is that? What is it!
- A letter!
- A letter from your lover!
"My kitten: What happiness
yesterday. Until tomorrow..."
Isn't it obvious?
Come on, it's not the time!
It's never the right time!
I've finally got proof!
I've got proof, it's a fact!
Octave Mouret!
It's definitely Octave Mouret!
A shop clerk that handles
ladies' goods all day...
Go on! Fly!
Do you want to ruin
your brother's wedding?
Fly, I said!
"Happiness"! "Happiness"!
It's disgusting! Disgusting!
He's completely crazy!
Can you see me with
Octave Mouret? It's childish!
Of course, of course!
As long as no one sees!
Where are you going?
I forgot my prayer book.
How pretty she is!
Mr. Octave, I wanted to
thank you for your book.
I learned of your solitude
from Compardon.
I thought a book
would distract you.
Do you have a second?
Or are you in a hurry?
No, I swear.
Were you invited to the wedding?
I wasn't.
I haven't been welcome since
Papa left the house.
- Did you like the book?
- Oh yes.
My husband forbids me to read.
He thinks that reading
makes you emotional,
and that gives you ideas.
But what good is an empty head?
An empty head? A big heart?
That's true.
I cried when I read it.
And then I felt jealous.
It's funny, isn't it?
You can't cheat on your
husband with a novel.
Mr. Octave...
You're not being nice.
Could I have another?
Another book?
Of course.
You're acting like a madman!
Carrying on like that!
Go on!
A letter!
See the fat lady?
The poor coachman!
My poor child.
- Long live the bride!
- Long live the bride!
The bride!
Are you having regrets?
No kidding!
She's such a sweet girl.
She'll be a sweet woman.
He amuses himself even here?
We'll exterminate him!
You'll be my witness!
To represent the family.
Good morning, sir.
My fist in his face!
Little Bastard!...
Pardon, sir.
Pardon, sir.
Does he take me for an imbecile?
What do you take me for?
Your presence here is shocking!
We'll make you answer
for this later!
- What is the matter?
- I know everything!
Allow me to profit
from knowing why...?
Don't make me say
disagreeable things!
You make love to my wife?
Are you happy?
It's a compliment for an insult.
That isn't right.
Do you take for your wife Miss
Bertha Josseyrand, here present?
In Holy Mother Church?
"Yes, I do!"
Yes, I do.
Here's your letter!
Your letter...
Are you the author?
Miss Bertha Josseyrand,
Do you take for your lawful spouse
August Vabre, here present?
In Holy Mother Church?
Yes, I do.
"My kitten, What
happiness yesterday.
Until tomorrow, at St. Roche."
Very interesting.
Unfortunately I'm not
the beneficiary of this...
happiness yesterday.
This is my handwriting...
Look...and compare.
I told you. Apologize.
It's for me to apologize.
No matter what side
you come down on,
there's no questioning the
beauty of Mrs. Vabre.
If it isn't him, then who is it?
Would you consider this a
gathering of the suspects?
Do you swear to keep and honor
each other in all things,
as faithful spouses owe each other,
as commanded by God?
I swear.
Would the Mr. and Mrs. like to
begin the dance this evening?
Not tonight! Some other night!
What do you mean, "not tonight"?
You're not married
every day, are you?
Dance with your father.
I haven't danced in 15 years!
That kid has shit for brains.
If you'd given me credit,
I wouldn't have married your
daughter for her dowry.
Then you would have had
an excuse to get rid of her!
And you needed the money.
And how! To put it aside,
and increase the
inheritance, besides!
I don't believe it.
Sure you do! Sure you do!
Would you like to have
the second dance?
I'd like to offer my
excuses for this morning.
I'd like to offer my hand.
We won't mention it again.
I'll tell you the story
of my life, sir.
You marry a young girl,
chaste and reserved,
that later you wouldn't recognize.
A madwoman who cheats
on me for the fun of it!
If everyone revealed
themselves beforehand,
no one would ever marry.
But proof is proof, isn't it?
I won't rest until I
unmask this person.
If you'll excuse me.
What an idiot he is,
with his letter!
That's why I don't bother
with wives, my dear!
Believe me, maids are
the way to go!
No problems!
They'd bug you all day,
but don't have the time!
Valerie Vabre didn't
receive that letter.
It was for the maid!
Is it true that in your country
they don't marry?
Any man would marry you.
Even in my country.
Oh don't give your hand,
you're not my type.
What is your type?
You at twice your size!
I'm already him, then!
My type, it's him!
Good red garnier, or good red
bordeaux. But no mixing!
Purity always, as in love!
I never loved both.
It's either money or love!
I'm not sentimental.
Me neither.
Speaking of feelings...
What do you think
I've grabbed for myself,
and tucked away in a corner?
20 years old! Innocent
and in full bloom!
No! You?
You don't believe me?
I'll introduce you if you'd like.
Tomorrow's Sunday.
We'll get together.
Only don't bring Trublot.
He doesn't respect anything.
That rascal!
To the road ahead!
Mr. Mouret?
Is it true, this business
about Mrs. Vabre?
Which Mrs. Vabre?
Berthe or Valerie?
Others would say there
was no way to tell
to whom I wrote that
grotesque letter.
You mean you also had
an intrigue with Bertha?
I never would have imagined...
It's not worth it...
That I should ever cause you grief.
You're not my concern.
Then you don't want to reproach me?
You're interested in a lot of women.
As a matter of business.
- Let's drop it.
- Of course.
Will you allow me? Miss Bertha...
Excuse me, Mrs. Vabre
promised me this dance.
You say nothing?
What have I done to hurt you?
It couldn't be otherwise.
I was looking for a way out.
Do you understand?
Say something. Do you understand?
Say something.
It doesn't matter what.
Are you thinking of Valerie?
There's already somebody else?
Mrs. Hedouin?
Are things like that
with Mrs. Hedouin?
Aren't I pretty anymore?
- Ravishing.
My poor Bertha.
What a pathetic wedding night!
You'll never forgive me, will you?
Do you feel better, at least?
A little, yes. For the hour
that you weren't there.
Thank you. You're very kind.
I'm a little ashamed.
It's a small thing.
I'm pitiful.
Yes, yes. I realize that.
The engagement, the wedding,
all of that...
it was too fast!
Only now have I realized that
I've already disappointed you.
I so wanted to find a way to...
I wanted so much.
But I don't know!
It's not me.
A way to court you.
Arrange meetings...
An engagement that left
you some memories...
Instead of the way you
looked at me, that said:
"Who is that guy? Don't I know him?
"Oh yeah, we cross paths
on the stairs.
"The gentleman on the second floor."
And there I am like an idiot,
before a pretty woman
I don't dare kiss.
Poor August!
Don't you love me
even a little bit?
Say it.
Don't you love me even a
little bit, your poor August?
I love you a little bit.
How lucky they are!
- Oh, Mr. Bachelard!
- Oh!
Come on in!
I present my friend Octave Mouret,
a man with a great future!
Miss Menu...
and my niece, Fanny...
Good morning, honey!
Good morning, Uncle!
Bring another chair, Fanny!
Excuse me!
- Would you like a coffee?
- Yes.
It was just made.
Thank you.
What do you say?
She's a pearl!
What have I brought for my pearl?
Glazed chestnuts!
You're too good to me, Uncle!
The generous can never be too good!
No, they're all for
my little chicken!
Does your grandniece do
embroidery, Madam?
Yes! I was a seamstress
for 30 years,
She learned the profession from me.
She's done well.
Actisse wanted to marry her...
a worker who would have beat her,
and got her pregnant every year.
I much prefer she behave
well with Mr. Narcissus.
And you do behave well,
don't you, my darling?
I do everything I can so you
will be satisfied with her.
That she always earn respect.
That she be grateful, and
always give him pleasure.
And the money you've given
her, goes in a piggy bank!
This is family!
A niece, the real thing!
Without a dowry, which would
only tempt scoundrels!
What do you think, Octave?
Tell me!
It would be a sermon, Miss...
But she's an angel, this child!
Don't call her an angel,
Mr. Narcissus!
An angel is neither
near nor approachable.
Nothing left to do.
It's much better.
Only maybe a little vulgar.
Look at them!
Would you come to my office,
so I can give you your
orders for this week?
At your service.
So no one will disturb us.
Here's a list of what
remains in the shop...
It's annoying to have
so little room.
That depends on you.
On me?
For some time now
I've had this idea...
but we never talk.
We always talk!
The shop next door
that's for sale...
Buy it. Evict the tenants,
build a fifth floor, and
run out the little competitors.
That would be a little too simple.
Dear lady, do you want so little?
Turn the formula upside down!
Do they talk about a good deal?
I was at the Vabres, do you
know what I found out?
They're in debt.
Without the 50,000 they would
have gone into bankruptcy.
But the Maison Vabre is solid!
End it. Put them out
of their agony.
"Put them out of their agony"?
- What cruelty.
- Nonsense. No pity!
They've been around a long time...
And I'd flatten them!
Their shop is dark, there's
dirt on the ceiling.
It's smoky, full of shadows where
merchandise collects dust...
They aren't prepared
for the 20th century!
You've got good eyes.
You think big.
And far ahead!
And so do you! We live in a city
that's a woman's paradise.
Our customers carry my complaints...
I'm sure they'd love to know
they carry your complaints!
Perfectly. And for that they
should be dazzled,
intoxicated by the lights,
the shine on the merchandise.
It drives them mad,
it goes to their heads,
it's temptation!
What eloquence!
You're a lyric poet of merchandise.
Women, believe me,
they're my department.
You're beginning to scare me.
Do you know what you are?
No, but I'm sure you're
going to tell me
that I have the heart of a child!
You are the director of Happiness.
The Happiness of Women.
Have you thought about it?
The Happiness of Women:
It's not just a banal name.
It's a magical formula.
Your shop is full of the desirable.
As in the theater, or on a holiday.
The business of frivolity, joy,
amusement, like a fairy tale!
- So commerce is entertainment?
- Isn't it?
With you it is!
And I'll serve you first.
When you are happy yourself,
there will be equal happiness
in the shop.
Oh yes...With you
I'll do great things!
My God!
It's all for that?
- Oh, yes!
I love you!
I thought you were more
intelligent than that.
If you knew what I was made of,
you'd know I would never do that.
Anyway, it's stupid.
And useless afterwards.
Besides, I've no desire to.
Oh, no. Don't play a scene.
You aren't suffering.
You're definitely not disappointed.
There is a little detail you forgot
in your calculations:
I'm married.
Are you?
I'd prefer to let the matter rest.
Unlock the door!
A customer is asking if
the cashmeres have arrived.
Unfortunately we're still waiting,
in spite of my efforts.
Thank you, Madam.
Madam, I'm leaving tonight.
But...I'm not firing you.
It changes nothing.
I'm not afraid of you.
No, I'd rather not stay.
Your presence would keep
me from forgetting you.
The shop will miss you.
You've been a good employee.
Goodbye, Madam.
- What's that?
- Nothing. Just opera tickets.
- Again?
- What do you mean, "again"?
You should be more frugal!
The latest dresses, restaurant
dinners, theater parties...
I don't have the money for it!
In spite of which you
still married me.
I do what I can.
5000 francs for furniture!
And you hire a maid to watch me.
Why are you always occupying
yourself on this floor?
Haven't you turned your
marriage to good account?
Nice calculation!
Don't yell, you're giving
me a headache!
You annoy me with your
migraines and your pettiness!
I'm young, I want to live,
amuse myself!
I do all I can for your family,
the rest is for you.
I'd be happy alone!
Happy, happy, happy!
It's all your fault!
What have I done now?
Misfortune! Doesn't that
mean anything to you?
Stuck with a man who reproaches
me for the least expense?
You've ruined my life!
I told you if you married me,
you would despise me!
What should I do?
I cried for help, and you were
already busy with Mrs. Hedouin!
Me? It changes so little
with Mrs. Hedouin.
I'll see no more of Mrs. Hedouin,
and so little of you.
Has she fired you?
I quit voluntarily.
We differences.
Then you're free?
Someone offered me a job
as a traveling salesman.
I said I'd think about it.
Couldn't you come work with us?
Because your presence would
keep me from forgetting you.
Octave! I don't want
you to ever forget me.
Madam! Madam!
Mr. Vabre's had an accident!
- An accident?
Yes, in his office!
My God, my God!
What was he doing with this shoe?
It's mine, Madam.
Button up your bodice.
Shouldn't we send someone
to alert Mr. Duveyrier?
Yes, but who?
- August is at the shop...
- Not the family!
At the right moment.
Go to the fourth floor.
Tell Mr. Mouret to come.
- Who is it?
- It's Clemence, sir.
Mrs. Duveyrier needs you.
Mr. Vabre is dead.
August Vabre?
No, his father.
Tell her I'm coming.
You heard?
It doesn't matter,
it's all the same to me.
Everything's all right now.
It changes nothing.
My husband is gone on Tuesdays.
It's his day off.
I can hardly believe...
I'd like you to do me the
favor of telling my husband.
Of course. Is he at the Palais?
No. You'll find him at
18 Rue St. Denis,
at Clarice Booker's.
Yes, his mistress.
It happens in the best families.
It doesn't matter.
18 Rue St. Denis?
When you go downstairs,
don't tell my brother.
It would cause him too much pain.
I understand.
I must say that nude like that
you are showing...
A bit too much of yourself.
A "bit too much"?
You smack me down
to pick me up again?
This is not about me.
I agree!
What do you want me to do?
Make jam?
I do what benefits me.
I've got a good shape,
and a painting preserves
great memories.
You could still cover
yourself up more.
What good would that do
when I'm supposed to be Eve?
Add some ocean waves?
Or date trees?
Date trees!
I wouldn't be the first.
Or an Indian aubain!
Now they're in a museum, where
it doesn't cause problems.
Mind you, she's debauched.
That's right, I'm debauched!
So go on, my little dog!
We can get more done without
your vile mug. It's more polite.
There's a young man asking for you.
I've never seen anything like him!
He watches me bathe like
it's an honor to look at me!
And he's in the Justice Department?
- I'm forced to leave you.
- Oh, sir...!
- Mr. Octave Mouret.
- Madam...
Oh, "Madam"!
Cover yourself, if you please.
This is how we get acquainted.
Why are you leaving?
- My father-in-law is dead.
If you'd like my address,
I can confirm...
that Mr. Duveyrier comes
every two days.
Goodbye, my treasure.
I won't tell you to think of me.
Goodbye, sir. Very glad
to have met you!
Wearing a shawl, no less...
- A mourning veil!
Consistency! Same as our
first time, at Auberne.
At last he leaves us in peace.
Shall we leave the rest for later?
Where are the titles?
What happened to the rent money?
They should be in his desk.
But they aren't there. It's empty!
Because you've cleaned it out!
- I cleaned it out, me?
- Yes, you!
Why did you not
tell me immediately?
Because she took the
time to empty his pockets!
Empty his pockets?
What a thing to say!
- Shameful, you've picked him clean!
- Exactly!
I'm going to file a complaint so
everyone will know what you are.
There's the lawyer!
- About the will?
- What will?
- What will?
- No will, no titles,
not even cash.
There was nothing left
but the furniture.
You might need to sell
that to pay off expenses.
Where is his 100,000 francs?
He lost it! In speculation
I advised him against.
So we've been swindled?
You took my daughter
under false pretenses!
What about Bertha's dowry?
You won't touch a cent of it
while I'm alive!
Do you see me complaining?
Have you been ruined, bled dry, made
old by that imbecile for 10 years?
Now that Papa's dead, you've
certainly changed your tune!
Allow me to offer my condolences.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
I'd like to offer my services,
for anything I could do.
You are too kind.
I've left The Happiness of Women...
In this sad hour I could help
you keep your store open.
I gladly accept your offer.
With all that's happened, this is
no time to be closed for business!
Thank you, sir.
Bertha, could you show the
gentleman out?
I suppose you won't
need me any longer?
He leaves Friday for Lyon.
I'll glaze your windows!
I'll glaze your windows!
Knifes! Scissors!
I'll sharpen them for you!
Knifes! Scissors!
I'll sharpen them for you!
I'll stop a moment
here, if you please!
I would like to offer my
services in this painful hour.
Thank you, but you already
know what I owe you.
You won't ask me too much?
For what?
For...another day?
How could I?
Is it morning already?
What time is it?
Octave! Octave!
What is it?
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
It's 8:00! I'm done for!
You're crazy! You can't go out
like that!
It's so she doesn't talk.
Rachel will say I haven't
slept at home.
She's a spy!
If she's a spy, she can be bought!
Come on, get dressed first!
It's not so serious!
I swear to you it's not so serious!
You think it's funny
I carry all the risks!
That isn't fair.
Don't you trust me?
Then kiss me.
It'll only take a second.
Marie Pichon's door is open.
She mustn't see you pass.
I'll occupy her for a moment.
You get dressed. Be brave!
I'll be right back.
Good morning.
Something for you...
Come in, Mr. Octave.
Have a cup of coffee.
- No...
- Please do!
Your husband has already left?
He leaves early and returns late.
Is it boring to be always alone?
It's always been that way.
Don't you have any friends?
Yes, my Sunday novel.
What's that book?
The story of Danon...
A virtuous woman...
Don't tell me any more!
I don't want to know how it ends.
It never does.
I've been at my mother's.
She was sick. Such worries waiting
for the doctor.
Madam was wrong to
have worn such a plain dress,
it's not so becoming.
- Rachel?
- Madam?
Madam, it's hardly worth it.
- Hello, August.
- Hello.
Are you very tired?
It didn't go too badly?
Badly enough.
What are you paying out there?
For the mantilla
Madam bought last week.
Mantilla? Have you lost your mind?
It was a bargain.
300 francs is a bargain?
Are you kidding?
Then I want to see this mantilla.
I'm going to send it back.
You can't. I gave it to Rachel.
This is too much!
It's true that Madam gave the
mantilla to me...
And Madam so insisted
that I couldn't refuse.
I'll need money for the shopping.
It gives me a migraine,
with all my creditors,
and you throwing money
out the window!
It's not my fault your
father was an imbecile!
And it's not my fault your mother
still hasn't given over your dowry!
Is it me or my dowry
that you married?
Your stupid mother who walks
all over us...
while she eats up someone
else's fortune?
I've been putting clothes on
your back since your wedding day!
And before then?
After today you won't
get another cent!
You'll stay here! You have to
watch the counter!
I'm just going to the office!
Wasn't I right, Mr. Octave?
What would you do in my place?
I leave it to you, sir.
It's the other position
that I'd take.
If you'd listen to me...
Spending all your time quarreling
over your interests...
in 5 years the only thing
that will matter is who won.
What should I do?
We're approaching the
end of the season.
It's amazing!
- My friend, it's a triumph!
- It wasn't my idea.
It was Octave's idea?
Yes. And I was awarded
the inheritance.
Brilliant business idea, my man!
It's an impression that helps!
- Sir, how much for this?
- How much?
I wouldn't know. Ask Mr. Octave.
Mr. Octave!
Sir, do you really think
it's a good buy?
Certainly, Madam! It's still
pretty, only it costs less!
Pay for it inside.
Did you see the crowd next door?
I've never seen anything like it.
Mr. Octave is a Napoleon!
Think about what
happened to Napoleon!
Any news?
- No, Madam. How's Mr. Hedouin?
- Very well.
The operation was a
complete success!
Passing by Vabre's place,
who would have known?
Do you ever see Mr. Mouret?
Inevitablly, at Mr. Campardon's.
If you do, be sure
to say hello for me.
Perhaps he's become
attached to Mr. Vabre.
To Mr. Vabre, certainly not.
But to Bertha, perhaps.
You couldn't be saying that...
I say nothing.
Mr. Mouret has only one passion...
and that's business.
Two times a week her
husband goes to Lyon.
Well, Doctor?
I've some bad news for you.
Five minutes after you left the
hospital, your husband died.
Died? Didn't the operation go well?
Perfectly. But his heart
couldn't take it.
Here is pleasure, Madam,
Here is pleasure.
- Thank you, Mr. Mouret.
- It's nothing.
Yes, I'm very touched.
I've always deplored your departure.
Has Gasparine told
you my proposition?
I didn't quite understand
what she said.
All doors are open, Mr. Octave.
I appreciate your
confidence, Madam...
But Mr. Vabre gives me
total satisfaction.
My dear cousin, I'll accompany you.
No thank you, you're very kind.
No, we don't want you to be alone.
No I prefer it...Goodbye, Denise.
Goodbye, Maurice.
Again our condolences, Madam.
We've thought a lot about
you and your husband.
We haven't seen you in a long time.
Yes, we can't forgive ourselves.
He didn't know he would die...
That's a consolation.
I'm sorry, I don't know
what's wrong with me...
You're tired. I'll accompany
you home.
No, it's nothing.
It's already passed.
I insist. I can't
leave you like this.
Bertha, accompany Octave home.
I'll join you later.
I'm so sorry...
No, no. It's a natural kindness
to a fellow merchant.
What did you want
with Mrs. Hedouin?
Only the best. But she wants me to
return to The Happiness of Women.
Is that what she's thinking?
On the same day she buries
her husband? Only of her shop!
Did you accept?
My answer depends on you.
Your husband leaves tonight...
Oh, it's revolution!
For two weeks he'll be in Faubonne.
It's an easy thing to say,
but what are the risks?
Even if it makes you happy?
Happiness is nearby...
When you have a husband who doesn't
give you a cent
and a lover who's nice but
thinks only of himself...
It's very agreeable!
Sorry. I thought that you loved me.
But I do! I do love you...
But I don't want it to be like
it was the first time.
You're wrong. I have
a surprise for you.
Everything else that you've desired.
- Games?
- The real thing.
It's a future I want tonight.
I'm not a girl!
You are. Are you afraid?
You'd like an innocent
young thing, wouldn't you?
But I'll be a young girl for you
tonight. You scoundrel!
I can't imagine having to
take over completely!
Managing a store like
The Happiness of Women.
A woman all alone?
- No.
He wasn't occupied with my shop.
He was occupied with the house.
To have to make new
That single experience
was enough for me.
- That single experience?
- Yes.
I would have believed that
Mr. Mouret gave you satisfaction.
Yes...He's an intelligent,
energetic, courageous young man...
but a little too enterprising.
About women. His charm.
If one isn't the most honest
person in the world...
and many women give in.
You should have warned me.
No, no...That's not what I meant.
I was speaking of
his general attitude.
I'm sure he respects your wife.
You're leaving for Lyon tonight?
Your ticket please, sir?
What station is next?
- Dijon.
What time do we arrive in Paris?
- From Lyon?
- No, Dijon.
- And in Paris?
- 7:00.
Paris! Everyone off!
- 24 Choiseul.
- Very well, sir.
- Headache?
- Stomach.
It's strange, isn't it?
It's those that eat
that get bad blood.
But they're not risking the stairs!
How do you like your new mistress?
Valerie Vabre is something, huh?
- A real whore, yeah!
Hey, spy! Do you enjoy poisoning
the house? Such a lovely bitch.
Her mother was a witch!
And a slut besides!
Are you talking about Bertha?
It's done!
Her too?
In this dump,
it's all pigs in a sty!
Soon as her husband's
back is turned...
Up...into Octave's bed!
Poor August thinks it's headaches
that have made her nauseous!
It's nasty, but it's true!
A little money for a few rounds...
a little money for that...
It's like the theater, where
you have to pay to get in!
How awful! That I did it for money!
But you don't believe it,
you don't believe it?
And that time I caught
them on the service stairs...
the day after,
there was a new dress...
a present from Octave!
Take off your clothes,
you get a dress...
All the benefits!
In fact, what day is it today?
Is he sleeping in Lyon?
He sends him away
so he can get paid...
Nothing for nothing...
Because the shop
can't get credit!
My God, my God...
That people could believe that!
Maybe you're right.
You believe it? That I let you
make me unhappy...
Only to pay some debts?
I said nothing like that!
No, but you thought it!
What was pretty Octave thinking
when he left Old Lady Hedouin?
That was stupid...She's got money!
You think he's had them both?
That's what interests him.
He's the king of hearts!
He's not sleeping with Bertha...
He's sleeping with the shop!
And there's public opinion.
A pile of filth dumped on
the servants' stairs.
That's all you've got to say?
Is this insinuation nice for me?
Couldn't you at least protest?
Protesting wouldn't be realistic!
No one would believe us,
it's out of the question...
Because the question is dead.
You can't be saddled
with a bankrupt idiot?
That's nice for me, isn't it?
I don't want to continue
this conversation.
Does this conversation
inconvenience you?
No, but it lacks
dignity, doesn't it?
Dignity...That sums it up!
You think I'm only
thinking of myself?
We've got to end it! Immediately!
Of course, if you want to
go back to Mrs. Hedouin, go!
Here we go.
She's got money and no husband.
All the advantages.
My poor Bertha. You are definitely
your mother's daughter.
When I think about what I've done.
If I had it to do over again...
You'd find yourself another?
Open up!
Open up!
I know you're both in there!
Open up, or I'll break
down the door!
He's lost his mind.
He's going to kill me!
Don't be afraid!
Cowards, cowards!
Aren't you going to answer?
Bastard! Scoundrel!
Come on little force?
No force? No force?
Madam! Madam!
Come in! Don't stand there!
In here.
Consider it done.
I'll get my seconds.
At your service.
What will happen to me now?
The first thing is to keep
him from beating you.
But what will people say about me?
Other people? What do you
want them to understand?
Is it strangers that matter or you?
I'm a fallen woman!
None of that matters
because you've loved.
We're going to fight.
Dear Bertha...
We can't avoid breaking up.
It was a mistake. And we
were fooled, both of us!
Is that a crime?
At least we loved each other
for a few months.
It was marvelous, wasn't it?
But it was a dirty love, even
though we loved each other.
But if we didn't, we can console
ourselves by saying
there's no such thing.
No, We weren't fooled.
Lovers form a unique couple
in the world.
Until they realize they're
just like the others.
Bertha, give me your hand.
I'll never love someone
again, never!
And never laugh again?
Think of the future!
Are you going to fight?
Yes, they have to!
Even if you don't love
each other anymore?
You don't always fight for a reason.
I'm sorry, I have the feeling that
we've destroyed something for you.
You don't have to ask pardon.
Because of you...
this will sound stupid...
No matter what happens,
I'll never be alone.
I'll be forced to leave this house.
That doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter, Mr. Octave.
That's not what matters.
Farewell, Bertha.
Goodbye, Marie.
Farewell, Mr. Octave.
Are you going to fight?
- Until the last!
You must act.
I would in your place.
What's with you?
It's just nerves...The idea of
August in a duel!
My first second shall be Mr. Gourd.
I'll go get him.
You needn't bother.
You won't find him there.
- Do you know something?
- What everyone knows.
Is Mr. Bachelard here?
No. He's at Tireseul.
How about Trublot?
No, but Bachelard will be back.
What time do you expect him?
He's at his niece's.
Passage de St. Paul. I know where
that is. Thank you.
What are you going to do now?
What will it do to your parents?
Do you realize the pain you cause
them To be on their hands?
And with this shop clerk!
What is it you want?
- Nothing.
But I detest August.
Is that a reason?
Did I cheat on your father?
Even if!
Even if she loves your Octave!
He loves no one, that monster!
Does it matter to you
if I love him?
You think it's enough
to love someone
just because you command me to?
She's right! When you let
your mother tell you!
I got married to make
something happen.
To breathe, to get out of here!
I was married...
because it was time!
Are you happy?
It was easy to predict!
I've taken my precautions.
And I'm marrying in a month!
- What?
To whom?
A man that loves me.
Little loser! I'll stop you!
Starting now!
- And I'm telling you, enough!
What do you get in your head?
I've endured your torment and
your persecution!
You didn't cheat on me?
This is what I regret...
It would have left me happier.
Look at your daughter.
Look at what you've wrought.
A daughter who no longer has
a husband, a home, nothing at all...
We've harmed my little girl.
The victim of my weakness
and her tyranny,
I beg your forgiveness.
For both of us.
Pardon? You should just die!
I'd be happy to.
But it can't have
happened like that!
We'll find out where we are!
You came just in time!
You'll be a witness!
The bastard...the bastard!
- A witness?
Exactly what...
- Be my witness!
What made you come here?
I came to talk to Trublot.
Are you kidding, you came
to talk to Trublot?
In the young lady's bed
that's where I found Trublot!
It happened this morning!
I caught the scoundrel.
Who did I find here?
- Trublot?
Trublot, this pig Trublot!
Right there under the sheets!
I was sure I'd found happiness
with an angel!
Have you no shame, hussy?
I didn't know!
You didn't know he was there?
I didn't want to bother
you with my troubles.
I tried to warn you,
but you only put me off.
You see? You should
have listened to me.
Come on, come on out!
Are you dressed yet?
Be a man and come out!
Like I said...Stick to the maids!
For once I made an exception
to my good conduct.
Good conduct? Judas! False friend!
Is this what you mean
by friendship?
This child, that I kept for you!
Yes, I thought when she
was ready to marry,
With Trublot, this would
make a good match!
It would let me rest easy!
I'm a good man, I am!
50,000 francs! Does he think
I'd give it now to this pig?
Come now, let it go!
Listen to Mr. Octave!
Why should I, when he's my enemy?
We should duel!
Yes, with pistols at 10 paces!
Don't be ridiculous.
Why do you need a duel?
It's a matter of honor!
If you were married, I'd understand.
- What does that matter?
We'll see...
I'll need your help, Trublot.
- For what?
As a second, because I'm
already fighting a duel.
- A duel?
- Against a husband, August Vabre.
He found me this morning
with Bertha.
- With Bertha?
- Yes.
But what a world we live in!
Count on me!
Who are August's seconds?
- Theophile and Duveyrier.
Duveyrier? We get along well.
We're having lunch
at Clarisse's place.
An excellent way to settle
the conditions of the duel.
What time is it...
It's my child, my little girl!
Oh no...I'm running late!
And as for you...
Never do this again!
If not you'll deal with me!
Promise me you'll never do it again.
I'll never do it again!
Kiss her, you filth!
No! On the forehead!
And I must tell you,
you deserve to no
longer have my confidence!
What happened here?
Can't you tell?
I've got a surprise
for the two of them!
I don't understand!
I amused yourself for
a few days with Leisse...
An open-air concert...
I eat, I come here...
And there's no one!
Nothing left.
But they left my portrait!
That's what happened to me!
I eat, I come in...
She didn't sleep in her bed!
- Yes she did.
And Trublot was in it.
A phenomenon of indecency!
With Mouret!
- In his shirt in bed.
- In his shirt on his feet!
Nothing left!
Silent, deserted, empty...
I broke down the door
and jumped on him!
Did he get her drunk?
- Then she ran away...
- And there you are.
Who are you talking about?
Bertha and Mouret.
I was talking about Clarisse!
I'm not talking about Clarisse.
I'm talking about Fanny!
Fanny? What about Fanny?
I was talking about Bertha!
I wanted to buy her a piano.
But she hated music.
I never showed up empty-handed!
I brought her
She wants her portrait painted?
So you get a painter!
That's like my wife.
You behave because you know
she's only 20 years old.
Sorry, 25.
Perhaps you're laughing at me?
I assure you...I feel for you.
There's the proof!
No, not about Clarisse!
To see Valerie after 20 years.
Will you shut up about it?
This is about me! Me!
What's the reason you are here?
Is it you or me?
He's right! August,
I won't say another word.
With this business with his wife,
are we still going to eat?
Live with women, gentlemen!
Live alone!
Live with the others...
It's the same thing!
You can't reproach them
for not being constant!
If you can't take it,
get another mistress!
What can you expect from
a faithful wife, eh?
You have to marry them to find out!
Isn't that right?
I beg your pardon.
Isn't it true?
What is it I was saying...
As for you and your wife...
Have you already been cheated on?
Of course.
You must show her, then!
You just get another girl!
It'll be worth it!
To your health, gentlemen!
And to your courage, August!
Let's discuss the conditions.
Shall you fight at dawn?
Provided I don't get a migraine.
In any case let's decide.
Shall the one who was slapped
choose the weapons?
Octave slapped him.
That's a challenge.
It's true.
He slapped you or didn't he?
In any case...I wanted him to.
So he's chosen the weapons.
Impartiality before everything.
It's all the same to me if...
Is he the cuckold?
Isn't being a cuckold an offense?
All cuckolds raise your hands!
One, two three...
Four! So it's an offence.
So...Pistol? Sabre? Epee?
One minute! It won't be you
pushing the blade in!
Did you have a witness for Trublot?
But it's not the same!
Fanny's still a child!
I haven't married her.
And you, about Clarisse?
Did I marry Clarisse?
If it was you and Octave?
Is it a problem of conscience?
Is it because you're a Catholic?
When Napoleon married in a church,
he didn't fight, don't you see?
Was it over Josephine?
Octave did wrong, but
didn't he save me from bankruptcy?
It's well considered.
I really don't want to fight him.
To go against him...
it's to undo everything.
And the shop?
What shop?
I must keep Octave.
Or he'll just go elsewhere.
Besides, is my wife worth giving
a fortune to my competitor?
That's a good point.
Of course, and a good one!
Gentlemen, this changes everything!
A duel would be folly.
Worse, it would be stupid.
We should find Octave.
And let him make his excuses.
We'll leave it there.
And profit from it.
Between happiness and profit,
you'll find most of the world.
One mustn't invite a scandal.
But will August be forced to
let his true love be abused?
Love is also dear to the boy.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's
settle it with champagne!
Finally he's useful.
No, I don't want to be a second.
You betrayed my confidence.
You don't understand!
I'm architect of the house.
For the Vabres and the tenants.
I'll have nothing to do
with your conduct!
But I'm an artist, all the same!
I gave you my vote of confidence...
I told you to leave the women
in this house alone!
But there are so many and
they're so charming!
I understand a lot of things.
- Because you're an artist.
- Very much so!
The less said the better!
- The less said the better?
- Because of your conduct!
- And morals!
- And reason?
- Perhaps.
You're joking.
And you haven't been helped?
What do you mean?
That you, Campardon, are
cheating on your wife!
With Gasparine?
That's different?
That between us, Gasparine...!
Not so loud! My wife is
sleeping in there!
Gasparine isn't married!
- And you?
- You're showing bad faith!
I haven't cheated on her with
the wives in this house!
No. You approach the others!
Mr. Bachelard for Mr. Mouret.
Bachelard! Bachelard!
Show him in! Show him in!
Quiet! The missus is sleeping.
Excuse me...
I have something to say
to Mr. Octave Mouret.
Why so formal?
Sit down!
Make yourself at home.
Very well.
My dear sir, everything
has been arranged.
It was hard work, but...
you will see...
Here it is.
You won't fight. Are you content?
I don't have to fight?
We wouldn't want to compromise
your career with such a scandal...
Let's start over
with a clean slate.
You must make excuses to
August so things can continue.
So things continue?
Where's that?
Here...there...anywhere you want.
And I keep my job?
The slate is clean, we start again?
In spite of everything,
you start again!
August was overcome...
things got heated.
He's a young married man!
- And I make my excuses...
- Exactly!
To whom?
To August.
I've already expressed regrets.
I regret my means of
making Bertha happy?
A creature worthy of
the best in the world...
She's adorable, and she pleases me.
No, no regrets!
Is it Bertha who should
express her regrets?
That would only happen under duress.
And I won't allow it.
Very well...very well...
Will you excuse mutually
August and yourself?
For having deceived him
and slapped him?
But he slapped me!
That's the same thing!
Unfortunately for him, it's an
idea that I also applied!
- So how do you plead?
- Me?
I plead nothing.
I await his seconds.
So you offend us?
I would offer a reason.
Between us...frankly...
What do you want us to do?
Since you're doing me a kindness...
I've decided to leave my position
and this house altogether.
What about the shop?
These matters are one thing,
but business is another!
Would you walk away
from such a shop?
You think I'll continue to work
to August's benefit?
I don't want to.
- And Bertha?
- Yes.
And Bertha!
What is it you think will
happen to Bertha
when she doesn't see you anymore?
Do you want to kill her?
I think I can say with
all gallantry that
Bertha is ready to do
without my presence.
So don't insist.
- Is this your final word?
- It's final.
Then I'll report your answer.
What answer?
That you're leaving the building.
There you go.
Thank you my friend, for being
a witness to this conversation.
And all my compliments for
your understanding attitude.
We'll share a glass of Taquina.
Bring a bottle of Taquina!
- Oh, no!
- I insist.
Good night, Mrs. Hedouin.
Goodnight, Madam!
Goodnight, Mrs. Hedouin!
Miss Gasparine!
Could you tell Mr. Mouret to
come see me immediately?
And tell him to come to the shop.
Very well, Madam.
And tell him...
Tell him it's very important.
Very well, Madam. Goodnight.
- Between men...
- Between men of heart...
May we always come
to an understanding!
- In such a world!
- Exactly!
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Good evening, Gasparine.
Mr. Mouret, Mrs. Hedouin would like
to speak to you immediately
in her shop.
- Mrs. Hedouin?
- Yes.
She said it was about
an important matter.
Excuse me.
My respects, Madam.
Did you want to speak with me?
I heard about your conversation
with Mr. Vabre.
I know it constitutes a witness.
It mustn't take place.
That depends on the adversary.
You must take pity.
What are you doing?
Will you kill someone so awkward?
In a duel you must accept the risks.
And that risk must be shared.
Mr. Vabre is not so overmatched.
But it's monstrous!
When I left, didn't you
agree to my absence?
I hold nothing against you.
But I expect nothing from
you but indifference.
I have no scruples about
leaving this world,
because I know I won't be missed.
Mr. Octave, I must tell the truth.
I feel responsibility
for this business.
I'm the one who made
Mr. Vabre suspect you.
I didn't say anything definite...
But it was unworthy.
My goal was to spoil things.
Your goal?
Yes...I said things to Mr. Vabre.
You can't imagine what
it took out of me.
When you refused to return
to my shop, I grew desperate.
Oh...It's about your shop.
I'm not sure.
It's all so confused.
You're afraid my death
might be your fault?
Rest assured...
it won't happen again.
We'll never have another word.
Because you have a cash drawer
in place of your heart.
You've given me good advice...
And you told on me...very well.
That knowledge will benefit Bertha.
- Oh, no!
Don't go at this moment
to Mr. Vabre!
This spectacle is very amusing.
Goodbye, Madam.
No. It isn't about the shop.
Forgive me, Octave!
Very well. I won't fight him.
But this is the last sacrifice
I'll make for you.
Mrs. Mouret!
December 2010