Love's Coming (2014) Movie Script

Suttinut Uengtrakul (Tee Mild)
Chanon Santinatornkul (Non)
Suraphat Kirivichien (Guy)
Korn Khunatipapisiri (Aujun)
Love's coming
Zee, look at this.
This is Nong Boo.
Why is she so sexy? I don't understand.
Oh... Ho...
and who is he?
They stood very close. You think, it's her father?
No!! It's her boyfriend.
Are you sure?
I think...
That guy is gay.
Yes, Look at his face.
Normal guy never makes the face like that.
Agree? Haha
Forget about it., Let's look something else.
You come out so late
Oh, my friends!
Why were all of you out of the exam room so fast?
I took the exam for a long time.
How did you take it so long?
Today, the exam was very easy.
Zee, Could you do it well?
Why not? Don't be surprised.
You know? I slept all the period of the exam,
so fucking chilling out.
Cool man. Why the exam is not fun like this?
Hey, Zee and Arm!
Today. I'll take you to meet a girl with large boobs.
Alright, Her boob is double big.
Wait, I'll show you.
Where is she from?
She is from neighbourhood.
She come to study around my house in every evening.
My friends, Let me see it.
Her boob is like what I told you.
What are you doing?
Make it harder.
Here you come, fucking Gump.
Ohh, That's my water! Hey!!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hello! Hello!
Why are you laughing at him?
Hey, my friend. Drink more water. Drink it a lot.
Why did you say that? It's my water.
Because he is hiccuping.
Hey, I think we should go.
Ok. Let's go.
Let's do it
Hey, my friends.
Where are we going?
And when will we come back?
Because I have to let my mom know first.
Ohh Arm, my friend!
Is your mother very worried about you?
You don't have to, You have grown up.
I think... I can't go with you.
Why not?
What's wrong with you, Gump?
There is no school tomorrow.
Because... e
I... have to give an tutor to Nai.
He is going to take the exam very soon.
The guy who lives next to your house?
Why do you give him tutor everyday?
Last week, You both had just studied together.
Wait, Is Nai the guy who drove you here in this morning?
You both came together, Why?
He just sent me to school.
Are you just a friend?
We are just friend.
Norrapat Sakulsong (Puk)
Alright, Zee! I'm leaving now.
Just call me when you will hang out.
Huh? What?
Damn it, Do you think like me?
Did you fart, Arm?
No, I didn't.
No, I mean Gump and Nai are not just friend.
What do you want to say?
Listen to me!
Last week, I invited him to hang out
but he never come with me.
When I invited him to go to play bowling.
He said he had to go to tutor with Nai.
And yesterday. I invited him to swim at my house.
He also said He had to tutor with Nai.
And today, He still...
Go to tutor with Nai!
I think, they are in relationship together.
No way! Are you crazy?
Yes, impossible
You don't believe me?
Let's we prove them together.
Is that your girl?
It's my girl.
Hot guy, your girl.
Hey, Arm. What do you get?
Wait a minute
Let me take a breath.
Hurry up!
Hey That is mine!
Let me know
Why did you yell at me?
It's my lollipop. Don't take it.
Look at his saliva. It's like sperm.
No one wants to eat it.
Come on. Let me know
Ok, Look at these.
I will tell you about Nai.
He lives next to Gump's house.
Look at these, my friend.
And you look
He is a very hot guy
And Oh! God!
He look like...
how can I say... He is like... is like...
Oh Shit!!!!
This guy is like, what?
He is like is like... need Korean singing
Let me talk...
Ahh... From what Arm got about Nai.
He is a very hot guy at high school.
That's the reason why many girls including,
any kinds of
and lady boys
The first girl is Poonim.
She is high school in grade 11th and she is very hot girl,
as she show off like a star.
One month later,
they broke up.
Next one, Her name is Lucy, the Thai-German girl.
She's so sexy
She has a big size of her breasts
and tornado ass
Three months later,
they broke up.
And the last one. Her name is Soda
Also she is a bitch playgirl.
In relationship with him now.
That is.
Just easy. Why you said he is like is like?? Korean singing?
I'm sorry, my friends.
It's alright.
I feel very tired.
Arm please send all the photos of you to me,
I'll dream of these girls tonight.
I don't believe it.
Oh, Zee!
Why don't you believe in these evidences that we got?
You don't believe me, right?
I'll find someone to prove it.
Wow... Hello! What can I do for you?
Hello! Sister
Am I pretty?
Sure, pretty but I mean your teddy bear.
Which one is prettier?
You put the teddy inside and make it like your boob?
I'm looking for uncle Lek.
Uncle Lek?
Here, there is no one, names uncle Lek.
Oh. I looking for him in the wrong place?
I think not.
Uncle Lek, He is the owner of this coffee shop.
I see. That's him, uncle Lek.
Follow me and wait for him right here.
Come here.
Sit here.
Would you like some drinks, boys?
Emm... Can I have a glass of water?
Why not drink milk from my boob?
Oh god! Drink milk from her boob haha
No, Thank you.
But it tastes like a sweetened condensed milk.
Would you like to have some?
Now, Buy 1, get 3.
I think, You should keep some of it for your teddy.
She is a little teddy bear.
Never mind. Whenever you want to drink it,
call me at the counter.
Let I introduce, This is uncle Lek.
He is the close friend of my father in high school.
Sawadee Krub
Oh Zee! Stop it. And don't call me uncle Lek.
My name is... Lek... Alexandra
Ok Madam. Aunt Alexandra.
He is a man, isn't he?
Sure. Oh, I'm thirsty.
Mr. Cha-Cha
Yes sir.
Can I have one glass of lemon tea, please?
Yes, uncle Lek.
Bitch! Mr. Chawalit (Cha-Cha), don't call me uncle Lek.
I'm Miss Charlean.
No, you are Mr. Chawalit, Hurry up. I'm thirsty.
Yes Madam, Alexandra.
Thank you so much.
How about your father?
He is still be a playboy, isn't he?
My father is fine.
I think so. You know? When we were at school,
Your dad flirted every women in the class.
It was good that he didn't flirt me.
Here, it is. The lemon tea.
Thank you so much, Mr. Chawalit.
It's ok, uncle Lek.
Mr. Chawalit, go back to work!
I said Mr. Chawalit.
Are you tired?
No, I am not. These 3 boys will take care of me.
But I'm tried. Don't forget to order my milk. Boys!
Why do I have to order it? I also have my own milk.
You don't' know me well, Mr. Chawalit.
So, Who do you want me to see?
Why do you put the iPad under your bottom?
Good smelling.
It's my style.
Oh It's your style?
Uncle, This guy!
Call him aunt...
Sorry... aunt
Hoh... Nowadays,
to know who is gay or not gay is very difficult to prove.
I'll explain about how many types of gay people. Basically,
There are gay king, gay queen, active, passive, versatile,
ladyboy, ladyboy with long hair boob, penis and others...
OMG So many!
But... t
If you want to know.
It is not easy to prove that your friend is straight or not.
How can we prove him?
I have a plan to prove him by my ways in the first chapter.
The first chapter.
It is...
Zee, Do you think this plan will be success?
Pid, Please Believe me
Do you want to bet me?
If Gump is gay,
you will do whatever I order,
but if he is not,
I'll do whatever you order.
You are dare or not?
You want that?
Ok... Cause' I'm sure that he is not gay,
and you must keep your words.
We will see then. And, What about you, Arm?
What are you talking about?
Ok, agree with it. Both of you get ready for it.
My plan will be work.
Hey, I'm sorry for being late. I helped my mom working.
Helped your mom working? Or helped Nai do something?
What's wrong with you, Fucking Zee?
Why did you get angry with me?
I'm just kidding. Alright, go to change your suits.
When the next semester starts,
you won't pass the swimming exam if you don't practice well.
I forget it. Please wait for me
Hurry Up
I'm sure he will game.
Wait to be seen, you will lose me.
Where are those guys who you invite to come here?
Why can't I see?
The surprising thing will come, please wait.
I'm very sure that Gump will be game.
Ahh... h
Where the hell are they?
What's happen?
Although the first chapter falls.
But it's okay,
I still have the second chapter.
The Transvestite Alcohol, the straight transform homosexual.
you all are still young.
I think, this way isn't suitable.
Aunt Lek. I'm about to turn in 18 years old.
Please... e
Ok Ok Ok I'm always nice to the young generation.
You guys must make your friend drunk.
And then he will show you his real instinct.
Hey, everyone.
The exam is over.
Let's celebrate it.
Not you Pid.
Let Gump drinks first
Really, I'm first?
because you are the innocent boy.
Drink it first guy.
Clam down!
But I've never drunk the alcohol before.
It's not the big deal, You've never drunk it, so try it.
Just little
Zee! It's so fucking bitter.
What's wrong? It's not too strong.
Fucking Pid, I tell you to wait for a minute.
Why did you blame on Gump?
He does it right that doesn't drink alcohol.
Drinking alcohol isn't good.
It can make us loss of control.
Huh, you are a good boy.
Oh Boy, you've just told us that drinking alcohol isn't good.
But you just drink it.
And You also, Pid.
Stop it, fucking Pid.
Hey I have something to tell you.
Come closer to me.
Shame on you!!
Hey, my friends.
So chilling.
I fucking love you all.
Me too.
I want to ask you something.
Have you ever slept with the girl?
You see my politeness but...
If you had experience with me once,
you would be addicted to it.
What about you, Gump? Have you ever screw a girl?
You are grade 12th.
I see, you are with Nong Noon, Nong Num,
Nong Nook Nik and other girls.
Are you not interested in them?
Give one girl to me.
Forget about me.
We should focus on our education at first.
So bad.
Alright, Gump. Let's change the topic to talk about.
I have something fun to play with you.
What's that?
I'll act like the famous person,
then you guess who I am. If your answer is right,
you don't have to drink alcohol,
but if your answer is wrong,
you must drink as much as our command.
Start from me, first.
Do it.
Who the hell is that?
I don't know.
I know. I know.
It's Tak Boriboon.
Fucking Tak, Not him.
It's... Chin Chinnawoon.
When can you give me answer?
Me Me.
It's Ying Lee.
Good job, my friends.
Dolphin... dolphin?
It's not dolphin. Try again.
I got it.
That's Ice Sarunyoon.
Thaitanium Bang.
We have no alcohol.
Let's go sleeping.
Hey Zee!
Ask him about it. He is drunk now.
Why me?
Because you want to know his answer, don't you?
Damn you.
Hey, Gump.
We have been friends for a long time.
I don't understand you sometimes
but I try to understand you.
Answer me.
Are you gay?
Fuck... He is sleeping.
This is the last chapter.
Go to ring the door bell.
Are you Nai?
Yes, I am.
Can you come with us?
Go where?
Ask him.
Why me?
You do it.
Gump and Nai,
when did you become close friend?
What's matter?
Your motorbike is beautiful.
I'll go inside the house.
I'm back, Mom!
Can you come over here and help me?
Yes mom.
It smells so good.
Of course, because it's delicious.
Oh! Why is your shirt wet like that?
I went to play soccer with Zee.
You played soccer, really?
Ok... Help me to cut this one then I'll cook it.
Yes Mom.
Today, the aunt Sa who lives next to our house.
She asked you to help her son to study.
Her son?
Yes, It's Nai
She told me that her son always fail in exam.
You are clever, my son. Help him to study!
Please... e.
Nai, get up!
Gump is waiting for you.
Dress up and come down stair.
I'll go outside and be back soon.
Take care of Nai,
Yes sir.
Get inside the house.
Bye, drive safely.
Go up stair first.
Go ahead.
You prepare for the study first,
I need sleep a bit more.
I'm up now.
My friend will study with me.
Yes, it's guy.
I want to see you, honey.
Where are you? Darling.
Can we meet?
Umm okay. After class, I'll call you back.
Krub... b.
How is the studying?
Oh, Mom.
I think It take more than a month
until Nai understands what I teach.
But you are intelligent,
I confirm his mother that
After Gump teach Nai, he will pass the exam.
She already gave me 3000 bath.
You got money from them?
What did I talk to you?
I'm hungry. Let's have.
Why did you accept their money?
Tell me why? Mom.
What did I say to you? Oh, food is delicious.
Hey, eat this.
It tastes good.
The next topic that I'll explain to you is about Quantifier.
It's the second part of quantifier in U. It uses this symbol.
Umm wait, I'll marks this question and do it later.
Then, the member in U uses this symbol
as the letter x in every substitutions
but if the question given x=3,you put 3 to multiply it. Easy, you
That empty space a=ax.
Keep your eyes on my house.
I'll be back on Sunday in next 2 or 3 days.
You go to honeymoon?
Hi, mom. Hi, aunt Sa.
I'll go to other province.
Take care of Nai.
Coach him very hard.
He will pass the exam. My son is a second to none.
I have to go now.
Hey you! Don't take the cat with us.
Leave it here.
Nai Feed cat every meal times,
If you are not home, take cat to my room
and turn on the air-condition.
I'll come back in next 2 days.
Keep my house on your eyes!
Good luck.
Alright, I'll go back home and cook something.
Nai Nai Nai!
I have to help my mom in the kitchen first.
In the evening, I'll got to coach you more, ok?
The method is...
You can also separate
and substitute this one into A on the first ranking
and then you will get the ranking 1,2,3.
New message: Guess what I see?
Take care of my home. I'll be back soon.
Hey, What's wrong on your face?
I think I should go now.
Stay with me, please.
Umm... m
I fought with the guy who flirts my girlfriend.
That hurts me so much.
You should do something with the wound.
Put some medicine on it.
It's bleeding.
Let it bleeding so that.
I can learn from my pain.
So I can remember
You hurt yourself because of that?
If you don't love yourself,
how you can love the others?
Medicine is over there.
May you pass it to me?
Do I have to tale care of this?
How can I put the medicine on my face?
Can't see the wound.
You have a mirror.
I hurt my leg.
So hurt
Alright, You got it.
Don't make me hurt. Please
Don't make me hurt.
I'm sorry.
Tomorrow I'll come here and study with you.
Let's study!
Study first, eat it later.
Why can you eat it first?
Because I'm your master.
Today, I'll continue from what we studied yesterday
about the identity function.
Start on the topic 5.
Have you exchange your account Line?
(In Thai slang mean another meaning as
"Have you slept with each others yet?")
I mean have you got Nai's Line yet?
I see.
I've got his Line already.
So Nai, add my Line.
I'll go back home late today.
When you have emergency, you can text me.
I cooked rices and chickens for you. They are in the fridge.
If you are hungry, fry these chickens and eat it.
Thank you Mom.
Alright, I have to leave now. Keep fighting!
Thank you Mom.
Let's back to study.
Stop do it.
Looks really yummy.
I or chicken?
Of course, the chicken.
Almost done it?
Hurry up. I'm hungry
Is it hot?
Hmm, I think this part will not be on the exam.
Take a look on the other part that I bring it to you.
Try to do that question.
Which one?
The one that I told you it will be on the exam.
This one?
Nai, answer the call first.
Hey, What's up, Pom?
I have to submit that work within tomorrow?
Alright, send the topic to my email.
Thank you, my friend.
So, We can continue the next lessen in tomorrow.
You must do your homework first.
Can you help me to do my work?
Hey! Gump
Do you want to poop?
No I'm trying to act like I'm sad.
Try again.
Make your face sadder!
It's sad enough.
But it's not good enough.
How to act?
Have you ever broken up with someone?
No, I have never.
How is that feeling?
It's a bit painful like... e
someone hit my head.
It's blur like what you trying to forget about the broken heart.
You can't forget it.
Yes, Just like that.
Yes Perfect!
Next photo is about the feeling of happiness.
Try it. It's not difficult.
Not enough.
No, not like that.
This is a smile of giraffe.
You look like an old Chinaman smiled.
Whoa!!!! Show me how to smile correctly.
Are you sure?
Sure. Come on.
Yes, I'll know how to do it.
Look at me.
Ahh, try to smile.
A bit more.
Haha... ha more and more.
I can't do it. I'm shy.
You see!
You can't do it.
Either so what should we do?
I have an idea.
Gump, try to think of the person who you like.
The person who I like?
Yeah, keep thinking of that person.
It's like that.
Wow! Who did you think of?
No one. I didn't think of anybody.
Yes, I want to see the photo that you took.
What happened?
I'll go outside to see other house's blackout or not.
I think you light too many candles.
Is it not good? More candles
More clear I see your face.
Our house is very close.
Why didn't we know each other before?
Yeah, why?
I'll tell you about my story so that you will know me more.
I was born on August 11st, 1995 at Nai.
So my father named me Nai (Mean - Night)
When I was young,
I liked to pick my nose to eat my mucus.
Crazy, Now I grow up. Who would do that?
In my childhood's life, I got 2 close friends.
First, he name is Tong.
He was very wealthy.
After he graduated from primary school.
I have never seen him since then.
Second, he name is Ball,
He is my closest friend.
He is my closest friend.
We had studied together until grade 11.
One day, He invited me to choose the new motorbike
that his father would buy for him.
I waited him for a long time.
After that.
I knew he died by car accident.
When I first knew that,
I was shocked.
I was shocked.
Do you know?
He is still always with me.
You are funny.
Funny? About what?
I think you won't be afraid of it.
My God...
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Don't talk about it.
You are easy to be scared
So what should I do with you?
What will we do?
Wash... h the motorbike at this period of time?
The weather is so hot.
Come on and help me wash it.
Come on. Hold this.
Come on. Hold this.
I'm sorry.
I told you to wash it. Not me
ok ok
Thank you.
Please keep this with you.
When did you come back?
I've just come here after you. Don't you know it?
Are you from Nai's house?
Are you from Nai's house?
Yes, the light at his house blackout so I'm back home.
How is Nai's study?
His study is getting better.
Good job... and Have you eaten anything yet?
I ate already.
What about you, mom?
Same to you.
Then, I'm going to bed
Sleep well.
Ok see you.
Yes, Mom.
If you are happy
I will be happy.
I will be happy.
Go to bed now. You have the early exam tomorrow.
Go to bed now. You have the early exam tomorrow.
Thank you.
Hi Nai!
What are you doing here?
Did you see my Hairy ball?
What, Hairy ball?
Hairy ball is the name of my dad's cat.
I know but...
I don't see it.
I don't know where it cat is.
I haven't seen it since the light went out last night.
If my father know it, I must die.
But I have exam now.
I'll help you to find it when I'm back.
I'll help you to find it when I'm back.
Wait, I'll send you to school
but you must to help me find the sweet heart
after your exam is over, ok?
What are you guys doing?
Make it harder.
You take an exam so long.
What the hell! That's my water.
Hello! Hello!
Ha Ha Ha
Zee, I have to go now.
Whenever you want to hang out, just call me.
Zee, I have to go now.
Whenever you want to hang out, just call me.
Where the hell is my cat?
If my father come back tomorrow, I'll die.
Calm down.
I think...
your cat doesn't go far from here.
I'll walk around and find it.
Your cat may be in heat and horny.
Who know?
Can you hear it?
Ouch, Fuck!
You know, dear? I have been looking for you so long.
I find it very hard
Here, you are. Meow Meow!
You made me tired.
Are you hungry?
I'll give you some food.
Do you still have a hiccup?
Yes, I still have hiccup but sometimes it's gone.
Let me help you.
Try to drink this glass of water in my way.
My father taught me. Drink it like this, Ok?
Drink it like this, right?
How is it?
I still have hiccup.
You still have it?
Let's try other way.
Sugar, try it!
Nai... i
No hiccup?
why not? How still hiccups?
It's ok. My hiccup will be gone soon.
I see.
What else?
My final way, you have to try it
Wait for second.
Hey, Nai!
What are you going to do?
Why did you turn off the light?
Are you not scared?
How come your hiccup will be gone?
What can I do for you better?
I'm ok, Don't worry.
Hey, What's up, Gump?
Huh? We just ark you. How do you get hiccup?
My friend, Gump. Drink a lot of water. You might be better.
Thank you.
What's the matter, Gump?
You have hiccup many times.
How is the accommodation in nature...
where I prepare for you guys?
It's so great!
There are two tents.
Big tent and small tent.
The small one is for 2 persons
and the big one is for 3-4 persons.
But there are 5 person of you,
so 2 persons have sleep in small tent
and 3 persons have to sleep in big tent.
You choose who is going to sleep together.
Right now, who want to...
Sleep, take a photo or go for walk. Go ahead and do it.
I'll go to prepare for BBQ.
Make yourself at home.
Alright, see you tonight.
Hey, I think first, we should find and match who will sleep
together. Count 3 to 1...
1... 2... 3
May you sleep alone?
No No!
No, I can't. I'm afraid of ghost.
Do it again. Come on. 1... 2... 3
Huh, Why is aunt lek coming here?
That girl looks cute like my aunt.
Do you think the same?
Again, 1... 2.3
Wow Wow Wow!
That's good. You are close to him.
Right? Actually we don't have to do this to find sleeping partner.
Yeah, you guys sleep together.
Don't' think much. It's not lonely.
Alright, I'll put my stuffs away.
Later, we'll meet at here
When they go to the room, I think they never come back.
Nah, don't say like that. Haha
This turn, I'll win.
Damn it.
Watch me, I spend all money I have.
No, you don't.
How is it?
So What?
I'm so sick of you.
I'm lucky today.
Win it... Win it!
Yeah, do it like that.
This is the greatest.
That card is the biggest.
Oh, you put every cards down in once time.
So So
Just two of you are still playing. How will it end?
Is my card good?
Should I put this card down?
You guys are suit to be a good friend. Shake hand each other.
I lose again.
I always lose it.
I want to go to bed.
Every time I play, I lose it.
You lose and run away.
Oh my friend.
Also, The weather now is getting cold.
Umm, you can go to bed.
But for us, we will still play it.
Right, you should go.
Let's go to bed with me?
See you.
Don't stay up too late, Zee.
Tonight, we'll play it until the morning. May be?
Three of us are teenagers.
Really, play until the morning?
Teenagers have to play hard until the morning.
Umm... m
Are you cold?
Yeah, a little.
Are you sleepy?
A bit.
Do you want me to sleep before you
or be hug... you?
Just kidding.
Let's sleep.
So I'll go to toilet first.
Where is Pid?
What are you doing right there?
That's my cards. Help me to pick them up.
That's mine. Pick my cards up.
Pick them up.
I drop cards.
When you lose and yell at us, I'll throw cards always.
I'll throw them all.
Because You, Zee
You are cheating!
Ok. I'll go to toilet.
Do you want to go to toilet with me?
No, thanks.
Fuck you.
I think, they do nothing about sex.
May be they have done it before we come.
They sleep together, maybe.
I think...
We should go to bed.
Hey guys.
Oh ho, both of you get up so early.
Good morning. How was last night? Was it cold?
Did you hug each other?
No, we didn't
Why not? We need to get warm by hug when it is cold.
Where are your other friends? Are they not awake?
Zee, wake up.
Oh Ho, Why are you still sleeping?
Wake up.
Now is in the morning. You see a light sunshine?
Hurry up. I give you 10 mins.
It's not cold outside. Come on!
The weather is comfortable. Get out of your tent.
Hurry up to wash your face and take a shower.
Get up and get out now.
I'll leave you here. I want to prepare the breakfast for you.
How is your first morning here?
Is my rice soup delicious?
Yes, it is delicious.
Who wants to go toilet, go to toilet now.
If you all are full, Then we'll go out to travel.
Where is your tent, Nai?
This one.
I'll sleep with you tonight.
Why did you take your bag out?
May I sleep with you guys?
You don't have to ask.
I haven't let you sleep with us yet.
How did you know I'm here?
Here it is. I saw you share the location where you are.
How did you come here?
My friends dropped me.
I miss you.
That's why I come here.
Are you still angry with me?
I'm sorry, Nai. Really sorry.
Let's go, Nai. Aunt lek call us.
Can I eat this?
Yes, you can. Eat it.
Whose girlfriend? Take care of her.
You do it. She isn't mine.
Yeah, she is your.
You talk too much.
Da Dae!!
What are you doing?
We're playing cards.
You play cards with drinking water?
It's not common water. It's salted water.
Zee, you are over 18 years old.
Why are you still drinking only water?
I have something for you from Korea.
It's Soju.
You see?
Is it enough? You have just one bottle.
You drink it first.
You drink it first.
Yeah, drink first.
I still have more for you if you drink it up.
See it
I'm drunk now.
Are you drunk by my Soju?
I'll go sit down with you.
Go ahead.
What are you doing?
Playing cards.
Len Toey. (Cards)
Yeah, Len Toey (cards)
Len Toey is local language of northern part of Thailand.
(means "Play too")
Don't drink your salted water. Drink mine is better.
Count 1-3. Then, shuffle cards.
I haven't picked any of then. Don't count this turn.
Hey, aunt lek. Why don't you shuffle cards first?
Why do I have to do that? I don't shuffle cards.
Aid is the biggest card and 2 is the smallest one.
It's not Aid but that is 7.
Come on, Arm.
I got 2 Clovers. Stop playing.
Put cards away.
Stop it. No need to see my cards.
You just need to drink alcohol for Arm.
Why? Aunt Lek.
Because Arm's penis is the smallest.
Aunt Lek lies.
Don't say anything, Arm. It's useless.
Aunt Lek, Is it true that Arm's penis is small?
After Arm is drunk, may be his penis get bigger.
Now it's still small.
I think mine is big.
Bigger than a little green tea worm?
King (name of card)
Ten (name of card)
Six (name of card)
Two (name of card)
Ah... h
Don't pour my drink. I have already done it.
Six (name of card)
Aid (name of card)
I can more.
Again? No, it's the last turn.
Enough, Zee No more. You already made me drunk.
I have to stop playing cards.
It's all gone.
Hey, everyone.
I have one story to tell you.
When I was teenager,
I liked a boy.
He was my classmate.
He very good.
He goes wherever I go.
He eats whatever I eat.
We sleep together.
He takes a good care of me
and I take care of him as well.
We always take care like shadow of each other.
Until one day,
I collected all my brave to tell him.
How I feel with him.
Do you know what he said back to me?
He said, If was a girl,
he would have loved me.
Boys have to love only girls?
Do I look different than girls?
I have nobody
and I don't know why I need love.
So I have to live alone until nowadays.
Live to take care of nephew.
Oh, it's cold.
It's cold.
I'm also drunk.
I can't stay anymore
I have to go.
You guys stay here
Good Night!
What about you, Gump?
I really want to ask you.
Now, do you like someone?
No, I don't' like anybody.
And you, Nai?
I really want to ask.
Do you still love Soda?
I just...
I just feel good with her.
I'm sleepy.
Let's go to bed.
I'm jealous of him.
When it's cold, he get a hug from someone.
I think, it's time to sleep. Let's go to bed.
Before going to bed, want more drinks?
I know you will say that.
One more shot of alcohol.
Gump, where are you going?
Gump, where are you going?
Where are you going?
I think we should stop it.
What's wrong with you?
Tell us your problem.
Listen me, Gump.
We are your friends.
You can tell me everything.
I don't know what is wrong with me.
It's like there is a sharp of knife gently slit it on
and get through my deepest central heart all the time.
Is that because you love Nai?
I'm a human
I'm a ordinary human and also have heart like you.
Do I look different from you?
I just want to have love sometimes.
have to love only girls?
Can you tell me?
What I did wrong.
Tell me why?
Who can I love?
I think, love.
Will happen with every persons, no matter what you are...
You know well.
When you love someone,
you just love the way that person is.
You don't understand me.
I'm alone
You are not alone.
Listen to me.
No matter who you are. You are still our friend.
Yes, moreover you also have your mother
who love you the most.
Don't worry.
Cry as hard as you can.
Cry to make you feel better.
Although you have nobody, you still have us.
So We have to hug you.
You stand in the middle of us when we hug you.
Very well
You're not sad, right?
Are you ok?
Have more fun, my friend. Don't be sad.
I think you should talk to Nai to understand each other more.
I want to talk to you personally.
Do you still really love me?
You don't have to answer it if you feel uncomfortable.
I used to love you
But... t
but right now I don't know how I feel with you.
You just try to do what your feeling wants.
Can you hug me?
What are you looking at?
Followed him.
No need to do that.
Leave him alone, believe me.
So let's go back to our tent.
Where is Gump going?
He run over there.
Nai, You should follow him.
Let's go.
I am worried about you.
Ah Hem! What are you guys doing?
We are on the top of mountain.
Pid is crazy. I'm shy.
So what are they doing?
You know.
Fuck you, Pid.
He smiles.
I'm jealous all of you guys.
Wow, feel so jealous.
I don't know about it. I just do what Arm told me.
Alright, both of you are so mean.
How is it? It's my plan. Is it awesome?
Your plan? Fuck you, Zee.
Fuck! If you have told me about it, I wouldn't have been here.