Love's Kitchen (2011) Movie Script

I'm a cook, not a model.
I do not want disclosure of gossip magazine.
Do not want to be darling of celebrities...
Want real food
with true love.
RECElTAS LOVE santacruz [The Most Passionate Fans in Brazil]: p
-Tim Slater just want...
Come on, just a picture.
-No. No.
Hi, honey. How was it?
Need reform, but it is perfect.
When can I visit?
Michelle will love.
I made an offer.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you driving?
Very slowly.
Pull over and call me back.
Himself came to convince me...
Do not dream so high.
But he does not intend to leave without
a photo with the genius who cooked.
He said genius?
Right. Ingo, assume here.
Yes, chef.
Come and Smash.
Is a great pleasure.
The misfortune of fame,
I never turn on my.
Good advice.
Do not run, will crash!
Hello, this is Franoise,
'm not here to serve you...
But if you leave a message,
call you back. Goodbye.
Hi, honey, it's me.
I just wanted to hear your voice
and say I love you.
And I miss you.
You see pictures again?
I do not remember how it was.
That's bad?
No, honey, it's normal.
-Hour lights out.
-The purpose...
Found this.
What is Botina'' A''?
It's nothing.
Sleep well.
-Reviews today.
I thought good,'' muscular'' kitchen.
-Very sexy.
-No. A low!
Ah, it's a pub any.
-The restaurant Rob Haley.
Three years ago, he was everything.
-God, what happened?
-The wife died.
[Skipped item nr. 47]
EDEN-We enter the "" Season of mists...
Smoothness and fruitful "."
Welcome to "" Reflection Plate for ""...
'm Your host, Guy Witherspoon.
Wiltshire I never visited before.
I heard that there was to eat.
None decent place.
At least until Jack and Jill Adams...
Open Eden.
Jack evokes wonders in the kitchen...
While Jill decorates the facade
with great lan.
Let's get?
The menu is seasonal, so...
Quality and freshness are guaranteed.
Curious this wine.
Thank you.
-Accepted another glass?
A real English food in the program's Guy?
That's new.
Do you know him?
It is very good, but
drinks too much.
Unlike radioactive food...
Microwave made in the rest of the country.
-I was watching.
-What's the score?
Here we have a lovely ...
We will make fish pie?
He understands the subject.
The preparation of asparagus.
Feta appears here...
I think a little...
Oh, no doubt.
My hostess is very authentic,
it is absolutely reliable.
To all, I daresay.
-Splendid creature.
-'' Gourmet'' Everything is nowadays.
Even in Botina
serve food on a stick.
-Sausage empanada?
Do you remember that?
His stage Madonna?
Yes, I remember.
Singing'' Like a Virgin''
the ten years is scary.
Especially for the father who sings.
Good to have you home, Kate.
We'll take care of you.
From Spain?
If you want we can get.
We made the reservation months ago.
You could go together, do
criticism from some restaurants.
Here is perfect.
I'll write a guide for bosses
with talent and originality.
Not for celebrities and aspiring rock stars.
No offense.
A delicious blend of...
Gordon. What are you doing here? How long
Your empire is fantastic. Congratulations
What the hell is happening?
-What are you talking about?
-Come on.
Real food with love.
That ring a bell?
Yes, but things change.
would be horrified if she saw this.
-Do not wrap it, please.
-You know she would.
Still sells trifle?
Actually, no.
Another critic who does not know
or boil water. You know how it is.
I do not know. But apparently
, seems true.
That needs to end.
-A daily.
's All right?
I'll take Michelle to school.
You can get it in the afternoon?
Sure, no problem.
Is there a compromise?
He thinks of buying the boot mommy.
Come on, you'll be late.
Velhote stupid.
Quanta delicacy.
Looking for John.
It's quiet here .
No, lad. It's time
fuller day.
Yes, it is.
What the hell do you want?
Well ..
Three years ago my wife
made a bid for this place.
You Rob Haley?
It's very brave of you show up here.
I had chosen a great
nursing home in Alicante.
What happened?
-So, all right, if they are'' things''.
Beleza.lsso That explains everything.
My wife left me, thank you
I'm sorry.
No, okay.
Was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Still for sale?
Look who's here.
Hi, honey. How long.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Hi, I'm Kate. -Rob
Hello, everybody.
He will buy the place.
-You can not sell this place.
Oh no.
I'm thinking about it.
He is a chef.
What kind of food?
-English food everyday?
Sausage, beans, fried bread?
I love fried bread.
Rob is a chef himself.
Well, I did not come here to eat
sophisticated food.
That is perfect.
Nothing pretentious.
I'm not pretentious.
I make real food, with passion.
Kate knows a lot about food, it is critical
You do not like critics?
No, not really.
That car is yours?
You will kill someone driving like that.
And that's not ladylike.
My God. Were you?
Hope you cook better than driving.
You provoked.
May start.
You just cost me four hundred thousand.
'll Have to wash a lot of dishes.
I'm sorry. Should same-
I'm so glad your dad
still know how to give a good party.
I'm so glad you still know
find beautiful accessories.
Not yet known.
-This is Roberto.
Not speak any English.
Love, another glass of champagne.
Can I be you when I grow up?
first divorce is always the worst.
Improves later, believe me.
I need to rescue him.
-Nice to meet you.
Do not want to arouse the wrath of Rome.
Quail eggs on a bed of leeks...
With smoked salmon, cucumber and
oatmeal cookie.
-I do not remember asking for it.
-Where did you buy?
I did.
Can I die now?
My father has been chef.
And my grandmother was already pretty bare.
What a beautiful sight.
Just try it.
Heck, do not blame me.
I am with Totty.
But I could give you a deal on it for sure.
Do you think I have a chance?
Absolutely no .
In our time, Max,
tiraramos her clothes in three seconds at most.
If I catch you looking
for my daughter again...
'll Release the dog.
'm Worried about her.
It's a bit late now,
she's an adult.
I will kill her husband.
Fucking his secretary.
Well, you have experience with it.
At least my desk was a woman...
I already have one, thanks.
The bachelorhood suit you.
You are gleaming.
You know, should not discard
all men.
Why James?
For one reason:
're not all gay.
She wants me.
I understand.
Lastly, but not least
Michelle's favorite.
Will have to split.
It's a success.
You're a fucking delight.
Do not talk dirty word.
-You do it.
I do not.
Last week, when the customer complained of
chicken pie...
Be frozen in the middle,
you sent him...
Chefs do not speak truth expletive, Michelle.
So? What do you think?
Should we take a chance?
'll Need help.
Hello, friend. How are you?
Can I help you?
-You do not want to cook?
-And better than his food.
He is opening a new place.
Man, I'm saying,
he returned to cooking.
Go ahead.
Where are we going?
To boot the old Franoise,
Looks great.
God, what is she doing here?
Pays the bills and she told
that children are cute.
Are you going in?
No, you,
she likes you.
She wants to talk to you.
I leave the jacket here
if I were you.
You said the kids were cute.
You must be joking.
Look at you.
Come on!
What the hell. Hello
You're not going to say anything?
-It was created in a kitchen.
Your mother loved this place.
Hey, Michelle, have you seen that?
Is the criticism.
-So, you bought it?
-Will transform into a diner.
Snacks, fries, shakes.
Just for you.
I thought it was high British cuisine...
With a Provencal touch and Tuscan nuances.
With a dash of Thai spice
and Chinese...
-All served on a stick?
You have to serve on a stick.
Sorry. No Provencal touch,
nuance Tuscan background Catalan.
-Without essential Cantonese...
-Elements Danes?
Elements Danes?
Not without elements Danes.
-Absolutely no...
-No Californian influence.
Will serve the best British ingredients...
Treated with a respect
supported by classic French technique.
Is not it?
-What she said.
-There it is.
-I'm impressed.
She is the mistress.
Never work with your daughter.
-There was a chef in Botina today.
-Great news.
That would be a disaster.
Hordes of people,
a village full of cars.
-Unlike its festivals, Max?
It's another case.
last was for Kate.
We had twenty-three
Complaints Council.
A new record.
It would be nice to have somewhere to go here
Maybe so I do not cook much needed.
-Your toast is great.
-It's more than you do.
've Been in his restaurant in London a few weeks ago.
I think crowds are not the problem.
're Looking at my ass again?
It's beautiful, no?
Considered firm enough for you?
Want to feel?
See if mature?
Accepts a tea?
A lump of sugar?
Also want.
-We'll miss the flight.
-I'll just say hello.
You can leave when we get back.
It may be too late.
Let's move this gorgeous vintage gear.
Is very valuable.
Curse .
I'm sorry,
are you okay?
You almost killed me.
-I. We are reorganizing.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm Rob.
Max Templeton.
I live very close.
Want a drink?
A cup of tea?
No thanks.
Kate told me about their plans.
My daughter.
The American?
Were the sixties, rock, USA,
a long history and brutal.
We value peace and quiet around here.
I hope they do not spoil it.
The karaoke will be only twice a week.
a band on Fridays and Saturdays.
-I'm kidding.
Does a small bar with great food, that's all.
If you screw up,
'll gut him in the church tower.
Think I have chance with Shauna?
I do not know.
It's all about luck and opportunity.
What should I do?
Try asking to begin with.
You summoned the cavalry?
-Rob Haley?
No, he's in there.
Does fast.
Can I help you?
-Rob Haley?
-James Forester.
I have some land here.
We will have a gastronomic oasis?
The good old English food,
according to Kate.
She's your friend?
A bit more than that,
if you know what I mean.
mint sauce and redcurrant jelly.
This sort of thing?
Can you pass scraper, please?
E screws.
-Keeping rodents away, is not it?
-That's the idea.
Do not want the Gestapo Health and Safety
behind you.
I have great expectations.
-I hope not to disappoint you.
You will not.
Good morning.
Just a little reminder.
That's it. We are ready.
Come on.
-That is pretty straightforward.
What do you think?
-No trifle?
-E, and pave?
I love the pave.
Michelle, do the honors.
I declare'' A'' Botina open.
Some customers ,
word of mouth, and took off.
Good afternoon.
You saw the sign?
What card?
Loz, take ink
and the ladder.
At least someone is happy.
I'm tired.
's Okay.
Go take a break.
Could a career waiting for these two to choose.
Gentlemen, what will it be?
Dish made?
Dish made?
If they think they can ignore the menu...
Where are you?
No, man.
Come on.
Are our only customers.
Come on.
A naive and domesticated Bordeaux,
with a smug look.
A touch of raspberry, medium tannins and a
Ls this...
Ls this mode
treat an artist at work?
Stay a while. Some
are almost palatable.
-Filmaremos today, remember?
-I will enchant them.
cancel, you know?
They will not cancel.
I am a national star.
In any case, I'm sober
made a judge.
Come on.
Time of coffee.
-I do not want coffee.
-Drop it. Drop.
-But why?
-Let's have a coffee.
-Come on, you stubborn.
Miserable bastards.
After all this,
want cheese rolled with pickles.
Are you okay?
Save my poor soul.
What is this?
-Pave. Try it.
Do not like trifle.
Let's just prove.
I do not want.
Where -go, dear?
-Bringing Flower to play.
-You all right?
No, come back!
-Where is Michelle?
I do not know.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Nothing, Dad.
-I was driving down the road and...
If you are the type of driver that stupid
only learn when you kill someone...
Why not back to America?
We will be much safer.
Come on.
Speed traffic is a touchy subject with him.
It will calm down in a minute.
No, I will not.
I was not driving so fast.
E can consider myself an American
idiot, but I'm not so dumb.
Sent I apologize.
You will?
I would like to have lunch?
Sure .
Let's clarify something. You are not
during working hours.
Let me show you to your table.
Language of veal with celery remoulade sauce.
Looks delicious.
I liked.
What's next?
She is American,
serve anything yet head.
Let me.
Hello, you.
Think it will work?
Well, the food could be
crap in London...
But at least
we sold a lot of it.
Oh no. I really can not.
Pav. You'll like it.
Okay. A spoonful.
-God of heaven.
-I warned.
The fish was great,
The veal tongue,
a revelation.
Thank you.
And wow,
it is not a mere trifle.
I can not believe what I say...
But it is some kind of pudding
incredibly sexy.
Why not have a
queue around the block?
Just opened.
You ever heard of advertising?
Either will do as the English:
hide his talent of all...
And then complain that nobody noticed?
She discovered the plan.
Should rethink its strategy.
Especially critical with your problem.
Come on.
What do I owe?
It's on the house.
Should I get the paint?
No chance.
Good day, my dear.
Time my morning walk.
-You want to ask for input?
You bet.
Still not convinced of the joys of La Perla.
Yet won his fetish for underwear?
There is a fetish.
It's an admiration.
For a craftsman,
he even looks cool.
-The guy Botina.
Rob? Yes, it is great, really great
I read your review about the old place him in London.
I'm sure he will also ruin this soon.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
James, please.
Kate, we were great together.
What is this?
Look what you did.
These pants are dry-cleaned.
Send me the bill.
-In can be useful?
Where is Michelle?
'll Take her to feed the ducks.
How's it going?
-The yacht will have to wait.
Alright, I'm sick.
How much time?
Another month.
More Customers?
It's a shame.
Well, we can not do anything about it
Of course not.
You can not do anything.
Or rather, no one can.
I certainly can not.
I promised never to tell anyone.
Tell me what?
About the culinary talent of his father.
Want to hide from people?
Just do not want to be judged by critics
stuck up and ignorant.
Except for me?
But critics
not promote you?
Yes, Dad.
The critics do not promote you?
You two have teamed up against me?
For four?
A Moment.
Your name?
Yes, no problem.
Do you know what time it is?
Everything is booked.
The Hello Botina.
Six for dinner at eight?
Sunday, lunch or dinner?
No, unfortunately.
Next week?
I'm afraid not.
Okay. Goodbye.
Wow, what happened?
-A critique.
Stop! Do not run.
And never take anything to fall.
Leave . Could be sharp,
could be hot or both.
I do not want you hurt.
I need you.
Yes, chef.
What is happening?
They destroy everything.
Oh, stop.
-That is not your finger, do you?
-Definitely not.
You want to help?
No, you do not want
my help in the kitchen.
a fire alarm as a timer.
I know, do not know
or boil water.
That reminds me...
From hard to give
to maintain quality?
No, what I'll do when
find the bastard.
If everything worked,
think he did you a favor.
Where is Michelle?
-She's upstairs.
And Kate, thank you.
For what?
Ingo, vegetables. Now!
Are you ready to go see the ducks?
Where are you going?
him what I think of it.
What is happening?
You look good. Was it fun?
I would not be there, if you
Listen, we're crowded,
but I can always fit it.
-We are full as a boot.
-You destroyed the place.
It took me two hours to get here. Two hours.
Normally take 40 minutes.
The place is full of cars.
Is a disaster.
Are you looking for trouble?
No. But if you can move a bit.
I'm not going anywhere.
Is you who will.
'' In a minute, please,''
shouted the man behind it...
And lost in the crowd of voices
and cloud of smoke.''
You like me, right?
Good night.
Sleep well.
Hopefully mosquitoes do not bite.
He loves me.
I owe you one.
It was nothing.
I was happy to do it.
I'm sorry.
I can not...
What happened to her?
She was a very fast driver.
I need... I better go.
-I also.
Time to go to bed.
And Kate, thank you.
Okay, good night.
-Good night.
It was a good idea.
Perfect .
Can go.
My father expressed his love...
Sending birthday cards signed by the secretary.
She is a lucky girl.
-She does not have a mother.
It has a great parent,
is already more than most.
'll Lose a finger so.
Let me show you how to hold the knife.
Keep your finger on the blade.
Movements short.
Stare and keep your finger out of the way.
The tip of the knife is on the board
and its articulation guide the blade.
There is.
Slices more uniform and less chance of
your fingers end up on the plate.
You have beautiful hands.
I do not wish to have them as well.
-Security is important to you.
-The kitchen is a dangerous place.
Not only kitchens.
What happened with your ex?
Tall, handsome, educated...
Good family, great job, gay.
And before him?
How can I tell?
A youthful error?
-A momentary lapse?
Paradise Lost.
Do not be silly,
are just a few more cars.
It is great, a cook amazing.
his work gives pleasure to many people.
At my expense.
It's always about you, is not it?
-I do not understand.
It is always
when you want and how you want it to be.
Before was the rock and being single.
Now is the tranquility and be my father.
Well, you did not make.
She's her mother's side.
Are you serious?
I was twelve.
How can put the blame on me?
You broke.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
But hurt.
Kate, I'm sorry.
I feel very, very much...
And want to make amends.
I know.
I'll walk back.
LOVE slop
is inconceivable.
are no longer waiting for my arrival?
How comungarei with my muse
these intolerable circumstances?
Calm down, they will not take
Why do not you go and find out exactly how long
What is this?
'' A'' Botina in Dusset Wooten.
Opened recently.
It's a chance for
preenchermos the gap Day 1 7.
If you are still there in ten years.
Is the new place of Rob Haley.
Rob, poor guy, is really sad.
A talent totally lost. A pity.
By God...
What the idiots are doing?
Be kind and find out, please?
Your Bloody Mary, with a touch of sherry
, as requested.
Derek, you're a god.
I thought the nanny never leave.
And the new place?
Where is Dusset Wooten?
About twenty minutes.
Time for a little expedition.
Gonna put me in trouble.
You're already used to, Derek.
In any case,
is search for the first 7 days.
You heard the nurse.
Boss, I think we have a problem.
Derek, you're in trouble again?
Shauna. What is he doing here?
-Guy Witherspoon.
Do you want to get rid of it or
I book?
Viewers know how many he has?
-Rob will freak out if the check.
-Ingo, gets ready for how long?
Two-minute, friend.
-Guy Witherspoon is here.
Do not tell me we have a problem.
No problem. No problem.
Why would we have a problem?
I'm going.
-The chef is very shy.
Yes, I do not care.
-He put his face in the fryer.
Horrific burns.
Do not...
Anything else? Crisp?
Yes, I will seek.
-No. Do not worry.
What is happening?
Not ask for you.
What the hell is happening?
-Look, buddy. Come here.
-You do not want to see him. Not at all.
Rob said you were not.
My dear boy.
Know that he is the only critic
worth something.
Do you have time for a chat?
A quick.
Accepts an Armagnac?
Do you remember! I'm thrilled.
Boingneres Lafitte?
-I think we have a little.
-So it will be a pleasure.
Right. I liked the tie.
-Thank you, dear.
Boy, this program immortalizes.
Lmortalizar the beautiful place of you.
Do not seek immortality, Guy.
I just want to feed people.
May be good for them, no?
Could you please them.
Think about it.
I will not bore you.
Connect if you change your mind.
And just consider it will be fun.
Ever stop?
Let's cruelty that beauty trapped there.
What are you doing here?
-Trying to think of something to say.
How long will it take?
You're useless.
I get this after months of waiting?
Among his goofball.
You mean months of waiting?
Chocolate cereal or porridge?
I understand.
Good day.
-Sleep well, huh?
How a baby.
I imagine you do not want to be on TV, right?
What? He wants to record a Dish for
'' Reflection'' here?
So I say no?
What is happening?
-Some stupid game between them.
I'll be a TV star.
- Dish for'' reflection''?
-That's right.
Call him.
Come on.
I make tea, then?
Begin abroad,
Guy will introduce at the door.
I'm sorry!
But look at him!
Your aftershave assaults
my olfactory receptors.
-I can not stand working with him.
-You need me.
Let's all calm down?
Filmaremos on 1 7.
Guy promise I will be there.
Sober and punctual.
What we talked about promises...
will make sure that nothing goes as planned.
No, Terry?
Mr. Witherspoon will be at the designated place at the right time.
Ready for work,
clean and chaste.
Not a drop of alcohol pass his lips
You can not do that.
Are you sure?
Pay to view.
We are waiting for someone?
Are landing in my field of cricket.
Sorry to ruin your game,
think the rider was lost.
Scared me, boy.
Do you know where is'' A'' Botina Rob Haley?
For there, in the street.
Okay. Wonder. Health
's it. Playtime is over.
Not until you go through the hoop.
I think ''''
Croquetto harmonized well with the meat.
A white wine may be a better choice.
But you do not love the way he makes
Melted in the exact spot, with
the right portion of capers.
Who would do this with a carrot?
I can help.
They forget of my military background.
I thought had expelled
because only attended the dinner.
I was not expelled.
I was invited to take my leave.
What's the plan?
Stay here,
back in a minute.
Operation Rat-tatouille.
What? What's the problem?
It's not what they asked for.
-Man, is pulled out there.
-Not much better here.
Tell that is all we have,
which is on the house.
No more steak, fish, dessert or
have more.
They will not like.
What did you do? Where does it hurt?
No, it's okay.
Found your panties, sweetie?
I really wanted that.
So you will have.
I know the owner.
Best not to go there now.
What is happening?
Listen, I fight martial arts.
Wow, I'm panicking.
Thank you.
You come with me.
-Snapped his fingers at me?
Kitchens are very dangerous places, James.
-Anything can happen.
Get out now!
That does not end here.
Mike Tango, Foxtrot Juliet is here.
No, Max, is James.
Operation Moussaka in action. Again.
Operation Moussaka in action.
-'ll Do what about Kate?
She likes you. You like her.
Hi, Oprah,
I almost did not recognize you.
I'm trying to help.
So you can look at Michelle?
I'm going out a bit.
-You will?
Sure, man.
Do you know how silly this is?
I feel like a teenager.
This does not a crime.
Yes, but I'm still
his princess. So quiet.
I must say, it's been awhile.
I also .
I need to tell you something.
Techniques will give me tips?
Always criticism.
What is my grade?
Three stars out of five.
Trust me, you do not want five.
No. Five stars means it's a professional.
That is not good in bed,
is scary.
A talented amateur who practiced with passion...
Is much better.
Well .. come here.
'' A'' Botina.
I'll give Botina'' A''.
You sure you're okay?
She comes first,
must be so.
I think there's someone out there.
Must be a fox, dear.
Go back to bed.
Lord Haley?
Lord Robert Haley?
-Health and Safety.
I can change somewhere?
What's this?
They provided a complaint.
What kind of abuse?
-I can not say.
Who was it?
Should know better than I, sir.
Do you want a coffee?
Oh, dear...
Dear, dear, dear
, dear.
That's disgusting.
You will be notified.
Violated health standards.
I do not want no paper gangsta London
transforming our village...
In a parking lot and ruining
for everyone.
-For you, you mean? For all-
Change the disc, dear.
You do not have success for years.
I suppose
a boiled egg is out of the question.
Good morning, father.
Good day.
I have a surprise.
Close your eyes.
Open the mouth.
Is wonderful.
-Lncrvel not?
Not at all.
He is talented and has a cute daughter.
Are you happy here then?
Are you okay?
Never better, baby.
Never better.
What now?
I have a warrant to search the site.
Of course you have.
For what?
I'm sorry, sir,
I can not say.
Of course it can not. And
get better.
-How did they know?
I have no idea.
What is this?
You closed until the review by the board.
a subpoena.
There have been many complaints.
You abused our hospitality.
The guy who usually does this
receives ten dollars a hour.
I gave two hundred to be able to deliver.
The best money I ever spent.
One more thing...
She's mine, stay away from it...
Or can get much worse for you.
Almost forgot.
Ever wondered who wrote
criticism glued in your kitchen?
I see you very well.
You're smart.
Until next Tuesday.
The boyfriend and father of Kate in
Kate has a boyfriend?
Good day to you too.
What's with the grumpy?
-Go in banning.
Kate , leave it alone.
-They can not do that.
-They have already done.
What can I do?
-I think we've done enough.
-What do you mean?
Your father. Forester.
They signed the complaint and her boyfriend made this
-God of heaven.
-Is it yours?
We have not dated
and I swear I do not know how he got it.
Do you know anything about this?
-I've been trying to tell you.
-Of course it has. Exit.
-Rob, please do not do it.
Badly you were cooking and before you know it.
And if you think I would hurt,
then you do not know me.
This is not the truth?
Just because your wife died
and you have a cute daughter...
-Has the right to be an asshole.
-Okay, thank you, goodbye.
Close the door behind you.
And Kate...
Do me a favor, do not dismiss the
What the...
Hey. What are you doing?
What is it?
-You Rob Haley?
Well Your Highness will be here at eleven.
You need to be ready
or complicate for us.
-Your Highness?
-Guy. Witherspoon.
If we close, we had a great time
. Otherwise, who knows.
But who will cook you?
It is a pity that we unpacked the microwave.
Heat it and you'll do fine.
Fatal saw the criticism he gave last week?
It was cold-blooded murder.
-You will be fine.
We'll be fine.
We would be better if Kate were here.
Michelle, sometimes adults fail.
Come give me a hug for good luck.
Can I drink a glass of wine when
end, right, Tanya?
Yes, Guy.
-And for all are aware.
LOVE slop
-You can.
-Of course you can.
Be great, really great.
We have a critic to impress.
Thank God.
What about the audience?
If you do not want us here,
'll move to wherever they want.
Come on.
How long, Mr. Forester?
It should arrive in a few minutes.
At my signal,
open the gates of hell.
Where is Mr. Haley?
Must have realized that it is a lost cause.
Sorry for the delay.
Kate, dear,
'm so glad you came.
How about dinner tonight?
To commemorate.
Take back your collection.
GAP does not sell the model for 10 years and
bet it wears well on you.
How do you know...?
Mr. Templeton
can not attend today...
But he would like to withdraw all complaints.
Also came to represent Mr. Haley.
-Kate, you can not.
Can we move on? Please.
Let's start with the rats?
-Your favorite subject, Mr. Forester.
-There is a long list of complaints.
I use this word?
The parking issues.
-What parking issues?
-Miss. Templeton.
-The bikers.
You're kidding, right?
If you interrupt again,
let's remove it from the process.
Rob Haley
is a great cook and a great father.
If that's a crime,
we're all screwed.
Wanted Hundreds of cars entering the village.
We could not breathe because of the smoke.
-Came up tourist buses.
-A bus.
It is not as if
on a gastronomic pilgrimage.
Was a bunch of drunk rugby players.
If it enters its little head
he is lying...
sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.
-You do not know what courage is.
-Off, Miss. Templeton.
Goodbye, Kate.
One last thing,
Mr. Forester, if I may?
What kind of motorcycle was it?
Here we are, this
splendid autumn day...
Less than an hour from London...
Amazed by the beauty of the English countryside bucolic
We came in for lunch "" Botina "".
We should point out...
Despite the splendor and beauty that surrounds us...
're In a culinary desert.
Desert survived by Rob Haley
and his team, in a true oasis...
Where they serve British food done wholeheartedly.
Let's get?
E cuts.
Straight, without missing anything.
-Giving seems to eat.
A modest selection,
but carefully chosen.
Hot salmon mousse with asparagus sauce English.
-When finished.
Once you crazy?
Do not panic,
is apple juice.
Guy, if you do not mind,
have two more dishes.
Just give us your opinion, please
Perfect. Fine textures and a
wonderful combination of flavors.
another excellent meal in the convivial surroundings.
More proof,
is still needed...
That our cuisine can face...
Our continental cousins as equals.
So how good guide says:
worth the detour.
Bon Appetit.
E finished!
Yet believe. God exists.
For God's sake, sit down.
Take a glass.
No thanks.
I can not even imagine drinking again.
Two years and one hundred twenty-seven days.
Prove this.
No sherry, I guarantee.
Absolutely wonderful.
Alfie, how about one last cold beer?
Do you mind if I call the Bertie?
The more the merrier.
Left half barrel.
Great . The mysterious motorcyclist.
It's very flattering.
Indeed. I came to inform
you can reopen.
I suggest you get in the car and go
to ask Kate.
Oh no.
men are so stupid sometimes?
Who do you think was the board this morning
save your bacon?
-You're kidding.
No, I'm not.
But she also wrote that terrible review.
One moment.
-Loz, bring him a drink. -Rob
Do not be an idiot.
She did you a favor.
And, despite everything,
she still likes you.
She likes ?
-If not behind her now...
Where is she?
Lndo airport.
He never exceeds twenty miles an hour.
-You will need to do better than that.
No way.
Well, I better start painting.
I'm sorry.
You must be joking.
Kate. Stop.
See? I never ran over anyone, nor when
deserved to be hit.
So is 20 kilometers per hour or so
-All or nothing.
-It is difficult for the car, no?
You need to take risks from time to time.
-I was an idiot.
Yes, you were.
And you were right.
My food was terrible, terrible.
You reminded me of who I was, who I should be
And who I could be.
I know that the British are bad
in statements and I even worse...
But wanted you to know that everything has changed because of you.
Wanted you to know before you go.
That's very sweet.
But I could have told me
next Wednesday.
-Just stay in Paris one week.
No matter if it was a week
a day or an hour, it was worth it.
From now on, I'll drive.
I think it ended well.
Here we have another great meal
in contact with the surroundings.
More proof,
is still needed...
That our cuisine can face...
Our continental cousins
as equals.
So how good guide says:
worth the detour.
Bon Appetit.
What the hell are you looking at?
Back to work.