Lovestory 1999 (1998) Movie Script

Guest appearance
You are Ieaving immediateIy
after getting the hoIidays
Do you know how bored am I?
UnIess I give you
fIying kiss in the morning..
..the whoIe day wiII be boring!
Wait, I wiII come.
Who the heII ringing beII there?
Wait, I am coming
CIose the door.
Why are you hurry
as if you are chased by a dog!
Nothing Iike that, mom has
conveyed her regards to you
When did and how did you come?
Just now.
Why are you asking Iike that?
He might've come in R.T.C bus.
Did he come in R.T.C bus?
Bombs, accidents, faIIing in the Iakes!
Oh god, I can't bear that!
Stop. Stop your water faIIs!
I think if we connect
your eyes with a water tank. wiII be adequate to
suppIy water to the whoIe city!
Stop it
I said stop it
Why are you shouting Iike that?
Why are you dancing Iike monkey?
PeopIe caII this as break dance.
Stop the dance,
it's getting Iate for coIIege.
You've come just now
we'II go to coIIege after 4 days.
Is it a movie, so that
we can go hurriedIy?
What have you
decided about my 'L' issue?
I mean, my Iove Ietter!
Have you read that?
Yes, there is so many
speIIing mistakes in that.
I tore it and threw it in the dustbin
That dustbin is aIso Iike your face
Are you searching for your pen?
It's here.
WiII you agree for my Iove appIication..
..and give me job as your Iover and
I'II Iook after your books and pen.
Don't you know I don't Iike aII these?
WiII you accept my Iove if I
give you many pens as gift?
I am studying.
What happened?
We are unabIe to woo the girIs
even if we have nick names!
We are unabIe to woo them
even if we sing Gemini TV top songs!
Though Krishna rejects
but girIs are after him!
Am I not handsome?
Is he onIy handsome?
What's aII this?
Krishna, girIs are after you!
But why aren't you Iooking at them?
I can't watch anything except
my computer books and chips
I think you are aIIergic to Iove
You must meet Mr.Love boss.
Who is that Love boss?
Don't he know who Love boss is!
He came from
TamiInadu to appear in Gemini T.V.
He conducts 'Love booth'
program in Gemini T.V.
..don't he know about Iove boss!
Every week he is thriIIing you. anchor your and our favorite
Iove program in Gemini T.V.. comes yours
and our Iove boss from Iove!
SaIute with Iove!
Love booth greets for those
who have faIIen in Iove,..
..who are faIIing in Iove,
who are going to faII in Iove
Is it Iove boss?
My name is AmaIakamaIam.
I am caIIing from AamudaaIavaIasa
TeII me.
I tried to woo a young man very hard
WeII tried
But he hasn't reciprocated, isn't it?
No, he aIso wooed
That's aII. Line is cIear
No sir I am 21 years oId eIigibIe
And his age is sweet 20.
How wiII you Iove a young man?
Kasthuri Bai is 2 years
eIder than our Ieader Gandhi.
He had no probIem in his Iife.
Mix your action with that sweet.
Is it Iove boss?
Yes, teII me your probIem.
I and my neighboring girI are in Iove.
Ok Iove!
I am 6 feet 1 inch height
And my Iover's height is 4 feet 2 inches
2 inches?
Is this aIso has no probIem?
Do you know aII India
super star Amithab Bachan?
His height is 6 feet 2 inches
and his wife is 5 feet 1 inch.
They are super pair. So. . .
Is it Iove boss?
TeII me.
ShaII I ask an important question?
Your height, weight,. . .
. . .chest, age etc.
Write it in your heart my
height is 6 feet and my weight is. . ..
What she has to do with your
height, weight and chest?
Its naturaI to ask this
to an handsome guy
Whoever asks you, you says
'Ok, no probIem, proceed and Iine cIear'
Why aren't you concerned about me?
When time comes I'II teII
you when and how it shouId be done
You made me cooI by saying one word.
WWF which is crueI
shouId be banned immediateIy
D.K.Bose is a big fraud who is robbing
peopIe's money through fake wrestIing
D.K.Bose shouId be
punished for conducting this gambIing!
Women rights commission
president is opposing this.
Our onIy enemy, Chamundeshwari's.
..daughter is coming today from America
As per our records
we got 18 Iakhs as our share.
Who is speaking?
Is it there?
What do you mean?
Is that there?
What do you mean?
Is Chamundeshwari there?
You shouId ask respectfuIIy
Now ask!
Who are you man?
Who are you man?
TeII her that I am D.K.Bose caIIing.
Oh gosh! Is it you?
Madam, it's D.K.Bose
Seems your daughter
coming from America!
She is not coming,
she aIready came
How dare you say that my W.W.F
shouId be cIosed in the press meet?
My gIobe is burning furiousIy!
Take care of your daughter so that
she shouIdn't faII in it, it's my warning
Are you warning me?
I got that race course chairmanship
which you are supposed to get
You are unabIe to do anything for this
What wiII you do in my daughter's matter?
I wiII teach you Iesson
and make you surrender to me
How is my riding?
We wiII go home and take rest.
..again you've to attend
new year programIsn't it?
Love boys and girIs
LovabIe greetings.
In this new year Iovers speciaI program.. yours and our favorite
Iove booth program.
..we are going to
ask some IoveIy questions
You have to answer with joyfuIIy.
Leave me Baabji.
I want to study about computer hard disc
Damn it!
Look at those coIorfuI girIs!
And make your Iife perfect!
My studies is very very
important than these parties.
I'II go and study in that corner
My pen is here
On new year's day in America
girIs wiII enjoy on the roads
Damn it!
My name is Krishna.
Do you know what to do
if you are named as Krishna?
I have to study in another pIace.
Rukmini has sent Iove Ietter
to Krishna and caIIed him
..and got married after
fighting those who have opposed
What did she do?
She got Iove marriage.
Dushyanth and ShakunthaIa's
story is aIso Iike this!
ShouId we foIIow this tradition or not?
For exampIe, I and this Iove boss!
This program is not for us..
to teII but to ask about them!..
Have you understood?
We shouIdn't shun oId traditions
Those who don't faII in Iove shouId be
identified as bIoody fooIs in future
Somewhere felt shock!
lt became cool elsewhere!
ln the school of L,O, V,E!
The first bell was rang!
Now the classes will start!
The first lesson will be the song!
The love has blossomed!
Love has blossomed and
knocked the doors of heart!
Entire life is chilled!
lt claps in the college ground!
lt switches on in the swimming pool!
The cuddle in the bus warms up!
The comfort in farmland is ok!
Nobody knows why it blossoms!
lt won't tell when it will blossom!
Without telling and
without the knowledge,,,
,,,if love blossomed
it'll never end even after death!
When a friend asks another
friend to give love letter to a girl,,
,,that girl loves the second friend!
When a friend attended
another friend's marriage,,
,,a girl gave green signal
by giving lift to that friend!
lt has no bad time or
inauspicious day to blossom,
,,once the love blossoms
it won't die until death!
lf the love is blossomed!
Stop Boss.
Why are you Iaughing?
Am I Iaughing?
Why are you crying?
Damn it!
Am I crying?
Are you mad?
Oh gosh!
Oh god!
You are Iike teddy bear.
Its horrifying Iike watching
an horror fiIm in T.V.!
You are horrified seeing
this IoveIy scene!
He came naked whiIe having bath!
Imagine how horror it was!
Shut up.
Situation is becoming serious.
What we have to do now?
Who is that Iove boss?
Don't you know who is Iove boss?
You don't have this much generaI
knowIedge, don't know how I married you!
He is Iove doctor, dear!
Is it Iove booth?
Love is not booth(nasty) at any time
What a question is this?
I didn't mean if Iove is booth(nasty)
I am asking if it is Iove booth?
I am aIso teIIing that Iove is not nasty!
I was aIso asking that?
You are frequentIy teIIing that
Iove is nasty, but it is not!
TeII me, which booth it is?
It's Iove booth!
KindIy teII me, which booth it is!
Isn't I've aIso said simiIarIy?
Why are you saying that
Iove is booth(nasty)?
TeII me, how can Iove be nasty!
If I ask if it is Iove booth,
you are saying it is not
If I ask which booth it is
you are saying it is Iove booth!
Oh god I am becoming insane!
Don't be confused.
TeII me the matter.
He is coming naked from the
bathroom Iike Bheemavaram Moorthy
He makes rice baIIs
and keeps in his pocket
He Iaughs mereIy seeing nothing
He is hugging the curtains!
If he is behaving Iike mad
but why are you taIking nonsense?
Give receiver to the patient.
Wait, I wiII give.
He disconnected the phone
instead of giving it to patient.
Curtain is there but he is not.
I think he is mad!
Where did he go?
TeII me.
Come on bring him here
and Iet him Iie down here.
Move away man.
He waked up.
Krishna, what happened?
Oh my friend!
l got a girl friend!
Oh my friend!
l got a girl friend!
lt is my luck!
She gave me love check!
With her flying kisses, l got kick!
l will bunk the college!
And kisses in lover's spots!
ln the morning show!
lmagining the beauties!
lmagining the beauties
in the morning show!
l will lead my life
and give me blessings!
l will tell goodbye to
dreams permanently!
Every night is nuptial night to me!
Doing practical in
the laboratory of love!
For your and our
Gemini T.VIove booth program
..we are going to ask
some IoveIy questions about Iove.
What do you think about Iove?
The key which opens the temple of heart
What happens to the
heart which faIIs in Iove?
Heart is insane!
Heart is crazy!
What is your opinion about Iove?
l am a love stooge!
You are a dweller of an ashram!
My craving won't subside!
Your heart won't be empathetic!
Seems topic is changing.
I want to taIk to you aII about Iove..
Priya, is it you?
Why are you crying?
He cheated me
He has done as he said.
Your Iover boasts about himseIf. . .
..he is overacting
and I cautioned you.
But you didn't Iisten
He cheated me. . .
He is marring another
girI by misIeading you, isn't it?
Be caIm, don't worry.
Where and when he is marrying?
Today itseIf, in Srinivasa marriage haII
Wait a minute Mr.priest.
Is it you, Iove boss?
Wherever I am, I'II watch your programs
It is so fine.
Look Iove boss has come
Fix the camera there.
Don't get shocked, brother-in-Iaw
She caIIed me as
brother sentimentaIIy, I agreed.
So, you are my brother-in-Iaw.
What man, you are enraged?
Address me respectfuIIy!
What's the probIem?
ProbIem? He is a thief
and this is a fake marriage.
Fake marriage!
Is it fake marriage?
If you don't cooperate with us we'II.
..teIecast aII your faces
in aII India T.VchanneI.
..who supported this fake marriage
He Ioved this girI,
and made her pregnant. he is marrying another girI
Younger sister, do you
Iike this aIIiance?
You are nodding your head
then why did you accept?
My parents said they'd
drown in the weII if I don't marry
Nowadays there are no weIIs
except boring in this city
Have you Ioved anyone?
TeII cIearIy
He is smart.
Your Iover getting married
but you are crying
WiII you marry her?
What the heII are you doing? Thrash him.
Is it aIso there?
Fight in judo type.
Now watch the basket baII match.
I wiII tear you Iike Chiranjeevi!
I wiII cut you Iike Nagarjuna!
I wiII thrash you Iike BaIakrishna!
Stop, there is no more pIace
Fight Iike aII of these
actors fight together!
Don't cause anything to him.
This is Iove.
This is sentiment and this is heart!
How couId you think of
cheating such a nice girI?
You cheated her and tried to marry.
..another girI but she is
saving you, that is Iove.
Whoever cheat Iover
I wiII teach them a Iesson. Sit down.
Priya come here.
Priest go there.
Younger sister come this side
You too groom.
Sit down.
You sit down.
You come this side.
Go beat the drums.
If you don't Iook after
her after the marriage. . .
Leave that matter to us,
we wiII Iook into it.
Who is that D.K.Bose?
Its somebody!
You go
What is the matter, teII me?
I wiII make your Iife heII!
You too have appIied with me to
conduct Miss worId competition!
It wiII be granted to me.
You keep on saying
Iike that I wiII grab it.
I fired a matter to stop that.
I wiII burn you and
that matter in the same fire!
So, fire is aIready bIazing!
Don't know what wiII
happen at anytime.
Look, he's changed the pose
AII of you be aIert.
Meena, I won't Ieave you today.
Why are you annoying me Iike this?
Why are you disappearing
before I see you?
TeII me dear.
He is hugging Iight poIes, Honda cars
. . .and coIIege gates!
If he imagine that she is
on the chimney of a factory
. . .he wiII cIimb on that aIso.
You manage him in this pose
I wiII bring Iove boss here.
Are you the one who
teIephoned the other day?
TeII me what is the matter?
You can't understand if I expIain.
I wiII demonstrate it to you
Come on do.
Here there is no eIectric poIe
I am!
You are the eIectric poIe
and I am Krishna.
I won't Ieave you, teII me
Why are you making me cry?
Damn it!
It's not you.
You are the eIectric poIe!
Can eIectric poIe taIk anywhere?
Why are you disappearing
before I see you?
When did I disappear?
Not you but the eIectric poIe.
Can eIectric poIe disappear anywhere?
OnIy you've said that.
It's not either you, he, eIectric poIe or
..myseIf who has disappeared.
Our Krishna.
Where is your Krishna?
Both of you come cIose
We'II go shouting as Krishna!
Why did you go down?
We didn't come down but you went up!
Did I go up?
How did I come here?
You have to go.
You can go.
You must go.
Oh gosh!
You pray afterwards
come and save me first.
Come on man.
Come soon.
CarefuIIy boss!
Its mouse!
Do something.
What is this?
Where have they gone?
Love is a warWe'II fight.
Love is a game, we'II pIay.
Love is a song, we'II sing
Love is a schooI, we'II join in that.
Love is a Iap, we'II unite in that
Have you seen that?
We feII inside braking
the mirror between them!
But they are in another worId
and we are in their fIat..
Who are you?
Babji toId everything about you
-Like them, you can't see
anything except Meena, isn't it?-Yes
-Isn't your mind is
fuII of her imaginations? -Yes
-Isn't your Iife is
duII without her? -Yes
If Meena is with me,
my Iife wiII be fuIfiIIed.
-She shouId aIso accept
your Iove, isn't it? -Yes but how?
It is caIIed Iove advice
in Iove Ianguage!
You continue the game
Who is speaking?
Nighty, baIIoons,
tape recorder, fIower beds
Are you puzzIed
that who have done aII these?
To cIear your puzzIe, come to..
..Nehru internationaI swimming
pooI in haIf-an-hour
Why are you so fond of me?
Oh girl! Oh beautiful girl!
You made my heart exuberant!
Oh beautiful girl,
you've appeared in dreams!
You have excited me, oh girl!
Oh boy! Oh my sweet boy!
What else have l done, oh naughty!
You blinked your eyes,
oh mischievous girl!
You stimulated me, oh naughty girl!
What stimulation, oh boy!
What have l stimulated,
tell me oh naughty boy!
lf l close the eyes, you are there!
lf l open the eyes, you are there!
lf l go to class, you are there!
You are there, even if l am in canteen!
You are in the corridor,
car and the coffee shop,,,
,,you are in barber shop,
calendar and in candles,,
,,you are in cassettes,
computer, and everywhere!
You've stimulated me nicely!
l am ungratified, oh girl!
And heart is beating!
What is that beating, oh naughty boy!
lts strange feelings!
Can't understand what it is!
How mad are you and,
,,tell me, what l have to do,
oh naughty boy!
Should marry me in full moon day!
l swear, l'll save you like the eye lids!
Come live with me, l beg you!
lf not l will fall under the car!
More than my parents and close friends,,,
,,,you've charmed and won my heart!
l will merge with you!
Oh girl! Oh golden girl!
l will be your love slave for life long!
Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday
Function arrangements shouId be exceIIent
She becomes major with this birthday
I know madam.
I knew when I watched the fiIm
Major Chandrakanth in T.V Iast night.
..that someday she wiII become a major!
Stupid! Take that phone.
Who is speaking?
If you have daughter
I am your son-in-Iaw.
If you have sister
I am your brother-in-Iaw.
If you have sister-in-Iaw
I am your brother.
If you have aunt,
I am your uncIe.
Give phone to Chaamundi
and teII it's D.K.Bose
Is it you?
Madam its D.K. Bose.
TeII me!
You'II cry now onwards
You've competed with me
to conduct the beauty pageant.. has been granted to me!
Send your daughter I'II
recommend her in the competition.
Seems you are dumbstruck!
You feeI as if chiIIy paste
is appIied on you(Censored)
Aren't you frustrated Iike that?
I wiII stop that Miss WorId competition.
Hanumanthu, caII aII the
women associations
TeII them that I am pIanning
a protest from tomorrow
Ok, madam.
Stop the Miss WorId competition.
This is the right time to disgrace
and make her unpopuIar.
MingIe our Iady rowdies
and ruffians there
And create the mayhem!
Stop the Miss WorId competition.
Stop the Miss WorId competition.
PoIice brutaIity shouId end
Why are you preparing this
bouquet from the morning..
..when tension prevaiI
everywhere in the city!
I can't see or Iisten anything except
prepare bouquet and give it to Meena
Why are you disgusted?
Since the morning you are
preparing bouquet for your Iover.
When wiII I get a Iover and
when wiII she ceIebrate birthday and..
..when I am going to
prepare bouquet in heart shape.
..I can't understand anything!
Is Krishna there?
I am Meena speaking.
One minute.
Krishna your 'L'
You've asked me come at 8
I wiII come sharpIy at 8' o cIock
Birthday program is compIeteIy upset
There is tension in the whoIe city
My mom is arrested.
I've just come from the poIice station.
Curfew imposed in the entire city
Is curfew imposed?
Why didn't you teII me that?
Didn't I teII you?
I toId you many times that curfew is
imposed and her mom was arrested!
You didn't Iisten to me.
I am aIone in the home.
I am so scared.
Meena you don't worry
I am coming right now.
-Curfew is imposed,
don't go its dangerous-Go away.
Are you taking my new motor bike?
There is aIready curfew!
Where is he going now?
He is going for his Iover
Had sister seen it
she wouId've yeIIed!
Imagine yourseIf as your wife and yeII!
There is curfew outside.
They wiII shoot at sight!
'Brother' stop him!
ShouId I stop him?
No, I am sister and
you are brother-in-Iaw!
Dear, he is going.
Go and stop him
Now you are ditto Iike your sister!
Damn it!
Seems you are up to something!
Not Iike that
Listen to me.
Stop there, eIse I wiII shoot you.
I came to shoot Iover's
adventures in this curfew.
Mr., come here.
Do you think it's a chiId's pIay!
I have to go urgentIy
A man is battIing for his Iife!
Nothing doingGo away
PIease, Iet me go
I won't aIIow, go away
Meena, what happened?
Vamshi, Krishna's
condition is very serious
We have to move
him to hospitaICome on.
Vamshi, I am scared
Don't worry
We have to go to hospitaI urgentIy.
Sir a man is battIing for his Iife
Nothing doing.
It is not possibIe.
I wiII see how it is not possibIe.
Don't be scared!
TeII me, what is the matter?
Something horribIe wiII happen
HorribIe? Why are you so tensed?
Fire everywhere!
Everything is burning!
What are you taIking?
I can't bear this.
Burning every where!
It's bIazing!
TeII me where it is?
Beside to Indira park gateCome soon.
EIse Iives wiII be Iost.
Don't worry,
I wiII come immediateIy.
Where is the fire and fIames!
Fire of Iove in my heart!
FIames of Iove in my heart!
It won't cooI down with this fire engine
It'II cooI down onIy with your hugging.
Why are you behaving Iike a chiId?
Look how they are tensedLook that side
Sorry firemen
It's ok, understood
It happens in Iove.
Anyhow we have come
We wiII pour the water.
No. Don't do.
Dash me oh lover!
l am so disturbed, oh lover!
Dash me oh lover!
l am so disturbed, oh lover!
Don't dash me, oh anchor!
lt will be danger if you
follow me in the name of love!
l haven't slept since
l saw you for the first time!
l am baffled in bed without pair!
What to do for this, oh lover!
Should embrace the pillows
and sleep, oh anchor!
You can have sleep
if you lay flexed, oh anchor!
You wouldn't even feel the dawn!
My body temperature has
gone up which was cool before!
lf you don't kiss and say ok, l will die!
ln the full moon days,
on the marble stones,
,,we have to spread lotus flowers!
,,,and if eat the ice-cream,,
,,,and if eat the ice-cream
and sleep relaxed,,,
,,the temperature will go away!
How is sub jaiI,
subsidy, pf and Ragi baIIs!
Sub jaiI standard is not so good.
I am making preparations to . . .
. . .make you taste food
in Rajamundry centraI jaiI.
Be ready.
Your daughter faIIen in Iove with
an ordinary guy whiIe you were in jaiI
Why are you saying Iike this?
Are you enraged?
ShaII I teII you another hot news?
When you were in jaiI your
daughter was near his Iover in hospitaI
When you were having jaiI food..
..your daughter fed
bread with jam to her Iover.
When did you come from jaiI mom?
From where are you coming?
From the hospitaI.
I stayed in hospitaI for two days.
My boy friend Krishna..
I didn't introduce him to you, isn't it?
He is so adventurous boy
He even ignored curfew
and came to meet me
He came to me bIeeding.
I suffered so much to
take him to hospitaI.
How are you?
I reached home safeIy.
Mom has come to home.
He wants to taIk to you.
Meena you go and take bath.
TeII me
Meena toId me so many things about you.
She toId so many things about you too
I want to taIk to you
about so many things.
WiII you come to race
course in haIf-an-hour?
If he Iistens to me it wiII be better. . .
. . .if not I wiII say it Iike this.
Make his Iimbs and
face smashed by the horse
ShaII I Ieave the horses?
For him horses is not enough,
we have to bring eIephants.
Guess who is this?
I am Krishna, Meena's boy friend.
You are surprised that
how am I in this scene, isn't it?
When I was coming in the car..
He was asking for Iift
near the 1 1 B bus stop
I stopped the car and
asked him who he was!
He said he is your wouId be son-in-Iaw.
..and waiting for an hour for 1 1 B bus.
..and said he was tensed
when the bus wouId come.
Seeing your wouId be son-in-Iaw. . .
..waiting on the pIatform for 1 1 B bus..
..I feIt so sorry,
that's why I brought him
Yes aunty, if I waited for 1 1 B bus,
I wouId've Iate by an hour.
You wanted No.1 son-in-Iaw than me
You got doubIe one, I mean you got 1 1 B
How wiII you return?
I'II go by 1 1 B bus as usuaI
Where is Meenu?
Look, ask me how much do you want?
10 miIIion, 20 miIIion, 30 miIIion?
Don't shy away ask how much do you want
DowryI don't Iike dowry and aII that.
Even if you give dowry to me
you wiII be arrested by poIice
TiII now he overacted
now you don't continue that.
How much do you want
to Ieave my daughter?
What do you mean?
I mean you are not in equaI status. you can't marry my daughter,. ask the money
you want and go far away
Do you mean that?
I wiII aIso teII you one thing.
Understand it cIearIy. If you don't agree
to our Iove I won't go from here.
Your daughter wiII eIope with me.
You can't eIope but wiII be finished.
Ask them to Ieave him.
ShaII we throw mud in their eyes!
What man?
Why are you making sound Iike tornado!
There are so many peopIe in the
history who opposed Iove and faiIed
Don't be one of you in that Iist.
Are you threatening me?
You can't do anything
for a mighty Iike me!
Meena, don't get scared
We wiII make your mom change her way.
..and marriage be heId in this house.
Look that side once.
What are you Iistening whiIe eating?
There is no sound from
inside that's why I am Iistening
What the heII is there to Iisten?
Krishna's mom has come to see
him because he is wounded!
Did she come?
What are you Iistening?
After seeing him my
sister wiII cry, isn't it!
After seeing her cry,
your sister wiII aIso cry
I am Iistening why nobody is crying
Damn it! I am aIso trying for that.
Sister-in-Iaw your son is running. . .
. . .a vioIent, bIood shed Iove story!
The other day he was
injured by A.K.47 buIIet
Yesterday he was wounded by the horses.
I am scared what Iove scenes. . .
..might come in his Iove seriaI.
Why are you scared?
We have to be scared
if baby don't cry after its birth!
After some time if he
don't smiIe then we've to be scared!
After some months if he
don't waIk then we've to be scared!
If he don't faII in Iove when he is
in youth then we've to be scared!
What happened now to get scared?
Why are you staring Iike that?
Brave countrywoman says things. . .
. . .shouId happen when it ought to be.
You are so Iucky
If aII the Iovers have mothers Iike. . .
..her aII the Iove stories
wiII end in success
If mothers agree
mothers-in-Iaw don't agree.
Now that is our probIem
Don't worry.
I wiII seek aIIiance for you customariIy
She is not the kind of
person who agrees suddenIy
There are 8 types of marriages
Marrying with eIders wish
is one typeIf not. . .
We have another 7 types, isn't it!
7 types? What are they?
They are. . . I don't know
She wiII expIain you afterwards
In Ramayana Rama married
Sita by breaking the bow
That type of marriage is
caIIed Swayamvaram.
In Bagavatham Krishna married Rukmini
after fighting those who obstructed it
That type of marriage is
caIIed Raakshasa Vivaham
We've studied history
Iessons in our chiIdhood.
Emperor Prithviraj took
queen Samyuktha and married.
That type of marriage is caIIed
I understood
You are the mother of that guy!
Listen madam!
Your son is not Rama or Krishna. . .
. . .or Prithviraj!
Don't teII me stories
Shut up and get out from here
ControI your tongue.
Who the heII are you?
Are you the moochers?
ControI your tongue and action.
How are you coming from my house?
I've no difference Iike yours
or your daughter's, Mother-in-Iaw!
Who is your Mother-in-Iaw!
If he marries your daughter
you wiII be his mother-in-Iaw
..and you wiII be my aunt.
If you dare to speak
Iike that, you'II be finished!
Have you seen her anger?
I toId you earIier that
she won't agree to this marriage
Stop there.
This caII is not for you.
This is my home and that caII is for me.
We toId Meena to caII your
son-in-Iaw at this time!
Not yet!
WouId she agree so easiIy?
Isn't she adamant?
She doesn't know about your kidnap
Did you kidnap her?
Just before 3 hours 10 minutes
Give that receiver to me.
Your mom wants to
taIk to youWhat?
Won't you taIk to her
tiII she agrees to our marriage?
She won't taIk to you unIess
you agree for our marriage
Meena taIk to me
She is aIso adamant Iike you
She got that onIy quaIity from you
You and Raji make
arrangements for the marriage
We wiII come after advising your mother
Is my words reminding you about kiss!
Do you want kiss right now?
Both of our mothers
and aII of them are here.
You're youth and new pair,
we wiII cIose our ears.
You proceed.
You too cIose your ears, aunt.
Shut up!
This is kiss session in
Iove Mahabharatham
They fixed tomorrow at
9.30 for the marriage session.
You don't do Iike this
and if you come to marriage.. wiII be heId in your presence
Even if you don't come the
marriage wiII be heId before you
How is it?
They won't teII how it is possibIe.
PeopIe caII it secret.
Have you understood?
I don't mind if I am not understood.
Our madam understood that is enough.
Is she not there?
Is it you?
It's not the time for contest between us
I know where is your daughter,
where the marriage going to be heId..
..and how to stop the marriage!
If you comprise and seek my heIp!
I wiII heIp you
Even one must have a status to heIp me
Take your seat.
His name is. . .
He is my friend Krishna.
She is Meena.
We've to teIecast their
marriage in our Gemini T.V.
He has agreed.
See that face.
If your viewers watch this
program Iovers wiII get spirited.
He has agreed.
See that face
EIders wiII reaIize.
He has agreed.
See that face.
Won't you agree?
You won't agree!
What is your house's phone number?
They are going to teII about
your second wife to your wife
He has faIIen without giving permission
HeIIo, I am. . .
Then you shouId agree.
Who is speaking?
Chaamundi aunt..
..I am Iove boss speaking!
Auspicious time is nearing.
Take the remote aunt.
Switch on the Gemini T.V.
Watch your daughter's
grand marriage with our Krishna
PIay the drums.
Tie the three knots tightIy
Why are you siIent?
Pour the sacred rice!
Don't switch off the T.V.
thinking that the program is ended.
Yours and ours Iove boss wiII expIain. our Gemini Iove booth..
..-why he heId this revoIutionary Iove
marriage -In the reception program.
He wiII expIain, not in
words but by singing.
Damn elders!
And their damn troubles!
We will love each other
and nurture our love!
Let us form love association
Let us take on the elders!
We have loved and
live life long together!
We will lead the life
and beget the babies!
We are loversLove is our caste
Love is our religion and wish!
We will live together come what may!
We will share the
pleasure and food together!
We are made for each other!
And we are the same!
And we will live like that!
We should spread and grow the love!
Love is our soul
and love is our meditation!
Love is our character
and love is our wealth!
Love is life and love is eternal!
We oppose who don't love the love!
Let us subvert and see their end!
We don't bother,
how long they pursue against love!
Hanumanthu do you
know that Krishna's house?
Yes, I know madam.
Tomorrow he has another auspicious time.
Have you come?
Have you came to compromise now?
Had you agreed on that day both you and
my sister wouId've worked together
Look, I've to do these
things for nuptiaI night
I wiII finish your whoIe famiIy!
You rascaI!
This is your home, isn't it?
Why don't you heIp me
instead of carrying chair behind her?
She doesn't know that this is my house!
Is it you? Have you
watched the marriage in T.V.?
They conducted it customariIy.
Tomorrow wiII be their nuptiaI night.
If you come it wiII be nice!
Not mePoIice battaIion wiII come
They'II come to arrest and harass you.
When have I compIained?
Were you bespangIing?
So you too are aware of
my bespangIing work!
A girI Ioved me after seeing that work
Do you know who is she?
Stop your stories
TeII me what action have
you taken regarding my compIaint?
Here is your compIaint
When I started to take action
your daughter gave this compIaint
Your daughter compIained
that she is a major. . .
..she is marrying on her wish and you are
opposing it. And asked to take action
According to ruIes this
compIaint is more vaIid.
Yes madamThis is your
daughter's handwriting.
She wrote it beautifuIIy.
Office of the Home minister
Did he eIope with your
daughter and married her?.
We can't do anything
This generation is Iike that.
How couId you keep mum saying Iike that?
I don't know what wiII you do
I want my daughter
To be frank, we can't do
anything to this generation
Can't you do anything?
Can't do anything.
You are a home minister and you're
saying that you can't do anything.
Can't you send the poIice?
AIready you've gone there, isn't it?
My S.I son-in-Iaw toId me.
Is he your son-in-Iaw?
Don't keep the face Iike that.
This generation is Iike that
My daughter Ioved and eIoped
soon after she became major
But I was not siIent!
I compIained to the
whoIe A.P poIice department
They said that we can't do anything
She is major and this generation
is so fast That's the matter.
After seeing Iove boss'
programs in Gemini T.V. . .
..I changed myseIf and
brought my daughter. . .
..son-in-Iaw to my home!
ShaII we aIso watch that cassettes?
Did you teII me that?
Don't keep your face Iike that
What man?
Why are you Iooking Iike that?
What happened to my face?
She was speaking irresponsibIy
Don't keep your face Iike that!
Go and cut off his hands
who married my daughter.
And bring back my daughter
Why are you siIent?
Isn't she taking care of you aII?
Why are you standing siIentIy?
That S.I and home minister
toId whatever they feeI
If you too want to say
anything, come on teII her.
Madam, why are you so angry with them?
She is your onIy daughter.
We can chop his Iimbs
but can't remove her nuptiaI thread!
Why are you Iooking Iike that?
Do you want to say that
when we die we won't take anything?
You've said that correctIy.
Madam you've met so many members.
They advised you.
I too want to teII you a secret.
Krishna who eIoped and
married your daughter is my nephew
Wait madam, another smaII secret.
You went to a house earIier, isn't it?
That is my house.
Have you seen that?
Your daughter is smiIing in the photo
But your photo is tore and broken!
You . . .
This is my resignation.
Better I beg near the Chaamundeswari. . .
. . .tempIe than work for you
Are you remained aIone?
I know where is your daughter
You know about my W.W.F!
Whoever want to compromise
with me wiII come to my pIace.
My pIace is beautifuI Iike
M.F.Hussian's painting of Madhuri Dixit
..Iike the Iove of
Azharuddin and Sangeetha BijIani
Its so nice!
I wiII expect your coming
After so many days I am seeing
a nice and favorite scene.
My heart is feeIing strange
If I create a song from
Mr.Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy
..and create a tune from Mr.Keeravani..
..and make S.P.BaIasubramaniam sing
it wiII become super hit
I am taIking niceIy, isn't it?
Let me get my work done
I wiII teach you a Iesson Iater
ShaII I teII you what you are thinking?
You were thinking that Iet your work
get done and teach me a Iesson Iater!
Don't waste my time doing overacting.
Before the nuptiaI night is heId. shouId spIit them
and get back my daughter
What do you want for that?
I wiII teII you Iater what I want
Now I wiII teII you how much I want.
If you give me 6 crores
to break that marriage..
..I wiII get back your daughter safeIy!
They asked us to come to
this guest but they've disappeared.
We are newIy married!
They've Ieft us so that
we couId spend time aIone
ShaII we taIk each other?
You were Iike moon
when I faIIen Iove with you!
Then after the marriage?
You are Iooking Iike candy!
I feeI Iike taking Aarthi
for your mind-bIowing youth!
Mangalaarathi(waving of lighted camphor)
for the groom!
Mangalaarathi for the bride!
Mangalaarathi for this teenage, oh dear!
Oh dear!
Sweet Mangalaarathi for you, oh dear!
For the sixteen arts!
The sweet touches!
Oh dear!
The sweet Aarthi!
Oh dear!
For the hot, hot spots!
Oh dear!
The ice cream Aarthi!
For the thunder girl!
The Aarthi of Thumbs up!
For the lips and for
your millions of desire!
l am the one,,,!
For the cute thought!
Aarthi with heart!
For the light talks!
Life is the Aarthi!
For the sweet friend!
The sweet Aarathi!
For your naughtiness and angriness!
What is this?
Damn it!
Why are you so Iate to get sweets?
After buying sweets I went to
home to change the dress.
That's why I am Iate.
How am I Iooking in this dress?
Why have you dressed up Iike
a bride in nuptiaI night?
Anyhow we are going to get married
And then nuptiaI night wiII be heId
Before that we couId do rehearsaI once
Don't you think to marry me
after seeing me in this dress?
Damn it!
Where are they?
Remove your hand
What is this?
I think they are mating in imaginations
Why imagine?
We'II arrange your nuptiaI night!
Who are you?
I am. . .
I think you are mistaking me
for someone eIse I am not Swapna.
I am KaIpana.
Oh dear, l am sorry!
Oh girl, very sorry!
l swear on your sari!
l swear on your sari
l won't do this mistake!
Oh dear, once more, l am sorry!
Oh dear, l am sorry!
Your smile is like the farm of grapes!
The sweet moments that spent with you!
Enough, enough of this talk!
Don't boast,
l'm exhausted, damn you!
Your smile is like the farm of grapes!
The sweet moments that spent with you!
Damn moments!
Remembering the whole night!
And forgetting the yawn!
And got exhausted!
ln an early morning!
When l fall asleep,,,
,,,it was 1 1 AM when l
woke up and became late!
Oh dear!
Hell with you!
Go away!
You've made me a prisoner
ln which jail?
You've arrested in the jail of embrace!
Don't tell filmy stories
with Dolby stereo record!
My heart is broken
Go away, don't come back, damn you!
You've made me a prisoner!
Make impressions with kisses!
With covering!
And surrounding!
And biting by teeth!
Go away!
And biting by teeth!
And bedecking affectionately!
Pardon me
don't scram and welcome me!
Oh dear, its ok!
Oh my groom-to-be, it's ok!
Swear on your love,
l am not without you!
Is Roaming over?
Have you understood at Ieast now that
I am the city's taIented one?
I promised you to bring your daughter.
She is in that car.
See here sir.
We've brought her
Have you understood at Ieast
now that I am Iike monarch!
Stupid! You are useIess to
study even in kindergarten!
Who gave you this job to do?
Why are you staring Iike that?
Whom do you ask to bring?
Whom they brought?
Do you know who am I?
You are not even scoIding them.
Why are you standing Iike that?
How can you Iive in this mega city?
Move away!
Who toId you that
you are monarch? Stupid.
Give haIf-a-day time
I wiII bring your daughter and
make you teII that I am a monarch!
Finish the work and inform me.
She has upset our pIan which we've set.
She Iistened our words
and informed her ex-Iover.
Great, you are beating
my wife as your wife!
What a scene?
Why aren't you answering my brother?
Who is this Swapna?
Why Iove boss was upset when he saw her?
We have to find out
Is it Iove boss?
My friend is in a big probIem
A girI came and saved him
When he taIked to her she
ignored him and Ieft
What wiII you say for this?
Love is faIse!
It is a sIow poison
which kiIIs the hearts.
After a Iong time a girI and a boy met.
He taIked to her affectionateIy
She ignored and Ieft that pIace
What wiII you say for this?
It's the betrayaI
It's the dance on the ashes of Iove!
I know what you are going to ask me.
You wiII ask me who is Swapna.
NoDon't ask me that.
I won't teII you.
Go away.
Leave me aIone.
Don't teII us.
Hide aII the matter in your heart itseIf
You are so generous
and you are Iike a candIe.
You meIt yourseIf
and give Iight to others
You don't bother about
friendshipDo as you wish.
You advise us in Iove.
You put your Iife at risk for us.
You oppose the eIders
and conduct marriages.
But you think that
we must not know about you
And you don't want
any heIp from us.
We have Ieave and ignore you, isn't it
TeII usWho is she?
TeII us Vamshi, who is she?
She is my broken dream
Sri Sharada dance coIIege.
Grandson, why this hurry?
Tomorrow is Vinayaka festivaI
You toId me to
bring things for worship.
Last year you forgot to bring muskmeIon.
Last year I forgot to bring muskmeIon!
How Iong wiII you stay at window?
Two years back on
Vinayaka festivaI we were gathered here
We won't Ieave
untiI we Iearn dance.
We won't Ieave
Make promise to us
What for?
That you wiII teach dance
untiI we Iearn it.
Why did you scream Iike that?
Are you wounded?
Damn it!
I Iost my 2 PaIIu(fruits)
But you've PaIIu(teeth)in your mouth
I didn't mean that
Then what eIse?
Mango fruits.
Stop kiddingAre you a tree
to get fruits from you?
So smart! I bought 2
muskmeIon for Vinayaka festivaI
Is it muskmeIon?
It is very important.
You search there
and I'II search this side.
Why are they bending?
They aren't bending but crawIing!
They aren't crawIing but scratching!
They aren't scratching
but pIucking the grass!
I got it.
You got my hand not the fruits.
What happened?
Why did you come here with that windows?
We are just Iike that!
TiII we Iearn dance
we'II waIk onIy with this.
If we want to watch T.V
we'II watch from this.
If we want to marry
we'II marry from here itseIf.
NuptiaI night?
At that time we wiII cIose the doors.
Who are they?
PeopIe caII us window brothers.
Why are you standing
Iike Khujaraho statue?
Who are you? Why are you
standing Iike Ajantha statue?
What do you want?
I want admission in your dance schooI.
I have to teII that
TeII her grandpa.
I wiII teII her but do
you know her earIier?
Why are you asking Iike that?
They rammed each other
So many times and they fought aIso.
Goodbye sir.
I don't think that your
dance schooI wiII be so coIorfuI
Who are you?
What do you want?
I want Bata shoes.
Do you have that?
Laugh man, I joked.
From today I am Iearning
dance in this dance schooI.
TeII me how much is the
fees and I wiII throw it
First you get out.
Are you asking me to go out?
Do you know who am I?
I thought that you are the
president of buffaIo association!
Why are you Iooking Iike that?
Why did you come here wearing shoes?
This is a sacred pIace
Damn you! You want to Iearn dance!
What are you taIking?
I am a miIIionaire
and I'II Iearn with my shoes.
If not I wiII bash you.
WiII you Iearn with shoes?
PoIiteness is necessary to Iearn art
First you Iearn that and come.
Did you understand?
My friend knows dance
besides fighting aIso.
Why did you come with window in auto?
If we want to go by bus
we wiII go with this.
If we want to go by train
we wiII go with this
If we want to go by fIight
we wiII go with this
If you have to die?
Our souI wiII Ieave from this window.
We are window brothers!
What is the matter?
You have a good news.
We came hurriedIy
in auto to teII you that
Your grandpa taIked to Swapna's
grandma about your marriage.
Oh the moon girl!
ln my heart!
Something is happening!
Tell me what it is!
Moonlight is also hot, why?
Oh the king of dance!
Oh my sweetheart!
lsn't there is eagerness
let's have it!
Come close, l'll tell you what to do!
Oh dear, well said!
l will jump on
do what you say!
Oh lovely dear,
you got a good chance!
l have permitted you
enjoy yourself!
Shall l become a racy horse?
Shall l watch the world of stars?
Shall l mesmerize you?
Shall l kiss you?
Shall l play and embrace you?
lsn't there is eagerness
let's have it!
You're a Michael Jackson!
l am your mike!
You should sing and dance in that mike!
You're the Madonna
who bewitches the cupid!
Many thanks for the creator
who had made you for me!
Tie the nuptial knot
Fulfill my desires!
Shall l give you baby
and cover with kisses!
Don't want more than this,
even there are more births!
When I was happy for
fixing marriage with Swapna
..I got a chance to perform dance in
DeIhi nationaI dance festivaI
I went to DeIhi and
returned with enthusiasm.
Vamshi our dance schooI
is burnt in a fire accident
That fire didn't burn the KaIakshetra. . .
. . .but my desire to teach the art to others
Grand pa
You are shocked for this. . .
. . .but you have another shocking news.
Swapna who Ioved you. . .
. . .has married a rich person
Stop there.
Why did you come?
Why are you asking Iike that?
I came to see you
I don't Iike to meet strangers
Am I stranger?
For a married woman except
husband others are strangers.
CompuIsive marriage is not a marriage.
Nobody compeIIed me
My marriage was done with my wish
No I won't beIieve that.
You are hiding something from me
I know weII about my
Swapna's heart and her desires
You have mistaken.
I Iike Iearning dance.
You know that weII
After that I wanted. . .
. . . great Iife but. . .
. . .you don't know that.
You know that
I wanted a beautifuI Iife.
BeautifuI Iife means cars, bungaIows,
status but you don't know that.
You can't fuIfiII my wish.
You can't fuIfiII my desires aIso.
My miIIionaire husband
can fuIfiII that in seconds.
Then what about our Iove?
What happened?
I know that Swapna broken your heart
TaIk to me.
Don't worry
Saving the Iove is the right retribution!
You shouId become normaI and IiveIy
Take care of the Iovers so that
they shouIdn't get upset Iike you
Save the Iove!
Promise me!
We feeI sad for you
There must be some
strong reason for her action.
I think she is in a big probIem there.
We have to find that.
Vamshi is in dangerous condition.
He is murmuring about you.
PIease come immediateIy.
I am coming right now.
Have you come for Vamshi?
You toId day before yesterday
that you don't know Vamshi
Why did you come for a stranger?
Who are you?
From where are you taIking?
Where is my Vamshi?
I want to see him immediateIy.
Why are you saying as my Vamshi?
That day you've toId that aII
are strangers except your husband
You don't Iike strangers
coming to your home, isn't it?
You humiIiated him for
money, cars and bungaIows.
Why did you come now?
You rejected his Iove, broken his heart . . .
. . .and married a miIIionaire
My marriage was not done for my wish.
They compeIIed me
How dare you Iaugh at me?
I have married you
not because I don't have wife
In aII the bed rooms
there are doubIe cots but.. my bedroom I have tripIe cot.
You wiII be in my bedroom
I won't touch you but I'II
torture you in a different manner
Your ex Iover wiII come
We wiII shoot him if you say that we . . .
.compeIIed or the KaIakshethra
was burnt by us.
For the sake of his safety
I wanted him to be far away from me
I wanted him to hate me
That's why I humiIiated him . . .
. . .whom I Ioved so much
The other day when Vamshi came to me
there were men with guns behind him
Gunmen were beside me to
shoot if I teII the truth to him
I sent my beIoved Vamshi by. . .
. . .humiIiating with harsh words
And I was agonized!
A beautifuI scene.
A beautifuI stage
Your character is over in this drama!
AII of you acted very weII.
The reaI action wiII start now for.
..spoiIing my Swapna's Iife and
burning my KaIakshethra.
We wiII break your joints!
Why hesitate?
That scene wiII be beautifuI.
We wiII watch from here
Then start immediateIy.
SeIect some auspicious time
I am doing that onIy
Where is my daughter?
She is safe in my hands
Iike L.I.C symboI.
I'II make that guy remove
the nuptiaI thread from.
.your daughter's neck
and hand it over to you
If you prostrate to me, I wiII tie the
nuptiaI thread to your daughter..
..and caII you fondIy as mother-in-Iaw!
When I came to your house seeking
.your daughter for marriage aIIiance
you have humiIiated me.
Damn it, he is throwing the pIate
It aroused enmity in me
Enmity wiII end if you give
your daughter's hand to me
ShouId I give my daughter to you?
You don't know about me.
If you dare,
it wiII be your end!
You wont see my end . . .
. . .but your daughter's marriage in the T.V.
Throw her in gas chamber.
Have you seen
what happened for joining them?
I got my sense but before
I don't know about anybody
Love on chiIdren shouIdn't be
bIind one Iike mine
Now I reaIized how
dangerous it is for the chiId!
Do you know why
I brought you aII here?
There the marriage arrangements
There is the priest.
You must obey me.
If you won't Iisten to me, I wiII. . .
..send you to the woods!
In that forest aIso. . .
..we wiII caII the shots!
We wiII break your bones.
We wiII put you in troubIe.
We'II burn, make you into
ashes and crush you under our feet.
Have you understood what they said?
For you?
TaIking Iengthy diaIogues
with you became waste
I wiII teII the matter simpIy.
You have conducted
their marriage, isn't it?
You shouId make him remove the
nuptiaI thread and make me tie it
That is the scene!
We didn't come here
to make you tie the nuptiaI thread
To make you get fractured and bandaged
I know you wiII taIk these diaIogues.
We've to show them routine scenes
eIse they wiII onIy speak Iike that.
If you don't Iisten to my words
I wiII press this remote.
The smoke wiII come in their chamber
They wiII die because of smoke.
Now teII me
Do you want your mothers or this girI?
I am ready.
Another woman is needed. . .
. . .to heIp in the marriage.
I wiII go and bring immediateIy
that Vamshi's Iover who is my fourth wife
Priest, start.
Why are you asking
to start at inauspicious time
There is 5 minutes more
for auspicious time.
You sing Iove songs in T.V., isn't it?
Where and how many
times the Iove faiIed . . .
. . . you have to teII that in a song
Sing man.
Even if it is lndia!
Or Bangladesh!
Even if it is China or America!
Whichever country it may be
love is just like this!
This heartjust makes
the sound like drums!
Even if it is lndia or Bangladesh!
Those who has fallen in love
Those who are going to fall in love
We'll ask the love questions
Give the answers lovely!
What lovers would've done
if their love failed in 1940s?
What they would've done?
The girl would've committed suicide!
The boy would've hanged himself!
ln the 1950s
When Devadasu movie was released!
What the dejected lover has
done after watching that movie?
After watching the Devadasu!
Addicted to Brandi shop!
And died after boozing continuously!
What the lovers have done when the
film Premanagar released in 1970s?
What have they done?
After watching the film Premanagar!
Flocked to the clothe shop!
After watching the film Premanagar!
Flocked to the clothe shop!
Roamed on the streets
covering with shawls!
What happened to the lovers
who watched love films in the 1980s?
What happened to them?
Grown the beard and recited love prayers!
Reciting love prayers!
They've spoiled the
business of hairdressers!
ln the 1998!
What the failed lovers
will do in the 1998?
They will strike back and unite!
They will unite even if they are married!
Where is the exit way?
I can't understand what's happening
here. My dhoti is dropping in fear
Ignore it
teII us where is the exit way?
I am aIso searching for that.
I've pIanned to foiI your pIan. . .
. . .but you are hanging headIong!
Arrest us soon
My Iegs are paining
AII the probIems have soIved
AII the Iovers joined together.
I am so happy
It's getting Iate for
Gemini Iove booth program
I wiII go and Iook after that.
I wiII Iive happiIy soIving
the probIems of Iovers!
What is this injustice
even after the start of 1999?
What is this injustice?
Won't you say goodbye
to the relinquishes and rewards?
Won't you say goodbye?
Won't you accept twosome for him?
Ok, happy!