Lovestruck: The Musical (2013) Movie Script

This is it.
You can do this.
Woman: 5,6, 7, 8.
Barrel turn! Barrel turn!
And pirouette!
Stop! Enough!
What is wrong with you guys?
You look older than me!
We open in three weeks.
This is not hard.
It's music, it's movement,
It's passion.
Just let your body
feel the beat.
Just dance.
It's gonna be okay.
da da doo doo
just dance
spin that record, babe
da da doo doo
just dance,
gonna be okay
da da doo doo
just dance, dance
just dance
You can do this.
No, you can't.
I've had
a little bit too much
uh uh, uh-uh
all of the people
start to rush
start to rush by
how does she
twist and dance
can't find my drink or man
where are my keys?
I lost my phone
lost my phone hi. Hi.
what's goin' on
on the floor?
I love this record, baby
but I can't see
straight anymore
keep it cool
what's the name
of this club?
I can't remember, but
it's all right, all right
just dance
gonna be okay
da da doo doo
just dance
spin that record, babe,
da da doo doo
just dance
gonna be okay
da da doo doo
just dance
da doo, just,
j- j-just dance
gonna be okay
da do doo doo
just dance
spin that record, babe
da da doo doo
just dance
gonna be okay
da da doo doo
just dance, dance
Oh, these knobby knees!
See? Not so difficult.
Oh, my gosh, are you
okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just because you're my daughter doesn't
mean you can be late for rehearsal.
Oh, harper. Is it the
knee again? Uh-huh.
Come on, let's help her
up. I'll get some aspirin.
Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine.
Why were you late?
And don't tell me
it's that wedding stuff again.
The ceremony is Saturday.
We've been very busy with the-
I know, and I agreed to
let you have the weekend off
As long as it
didn't affect rehearsals.
Today is Monday,
the investors are coming,
And we have to show them
that we're ready.
I'm dropping out
of the show.
What are you talking about? You
can't drop out. You're the lead.
Marco and I discussed it,
And after the wedding I want
to stay in Italy with him.
Pumpkin, we go on in three
weeks. You can't stay in Italy.
This show is gonna
make you a star!
Oh, I see. This is
his idea, isn't it?
No. We made the decision
Well, you didn't
discuss it with me.
Where is that aspirin?!
Help me look
through these bags.
Not one of you
has any aspirin?
How do you call
yourselves dancers?
Come here. Julia.
Go see if the korean market
is still out of aspirin.
If so, buy booze.
As for the rest of you, if you
value your careers and your lives,
Keep searching.
You've only
Known him three months.
I love him.
I know how you're
feeling right now.
I did this whirlwind romance,
got totally swept away,
And look what happened to me.
After your father left me-
you threw him out.
Whatever dad
did or didn't do-
There wasn't much
he didn't do.
I'm not gonna let you
ruin your life
By trading in your dreams
For some ridiculous
fairy tale in Italy.
I want the fairy tale!
A role like this only comes
around once in a lifetime!
A love like this only comes
around once in a lifetime.
What's that?
"vitality tonic."
Eighty proof.
The playboy prince?
Is this who you want to
give everything up for?
He's young, gorgeous,
He's the heir to
a textile fortune-
Women throw themselves at him.
And boy,
does he catch 'em!
Not anymore.
He's done playing the field.
He's left that all behind.
He promised.
Promises. What about
the promise you made to me
To come back after the
wedding and be my star?
I know. I'm sorry, but I'm
not gonna change my mind.
You are contractually obligated
to perform in the show!
You're gonna sue me?
For our own good.
Mirabella, you cannot
walk out on me!
You are so banned from my
wedding! You wouldn't dare! Ohh!
I'm getting on a plane tonight,
and I don't want to see you there!
You can't ban me!
I'm your mother!
Amanda, aspirin!
I've got something
for you.
Aramid o'malley's
astonishing vitality tonic.
Never heard of it.
It's eighty proof.
Well, that'll work.
Thank you, julia.
We're already over schedule.
We can't postpone the show.
Harper, the investors
are showing up in two days.
Reschedule. Tell 'em
we'll be ready on Monday.
What?! No! The wedding is on Saturday!
If it happens.
Harper, you cannot
stop this wedding.
She's under his sway.
She's not thinking clearly.
Runs in the family.
Harper, are you flying
all the way to Italy?
Don't get on that plane,
( pop music
sung in italian )
Excuse you!
Knee hurts.
Oh. Uhh.
Where is that aspirin?
"look younger than you feel."
That does me no good.
Not bad. Kind of minty.
Whoa! Ah...
Whoa! Whoa!
( coughing )
( turns on faucet )
Oh, god! What's happening?
Is this a blood clot?
Am I having an aneurysm?
What the hell
is in this stuff?
I'm young.
clock strikes
upon the hour
and the sun
begins to fade
there's still enough time
to figure out
how to chase
my blues away
I've done all right
up till now
it's the light of day
that shows me how
and when the night falls
the loneliness calls
oh, I wanna dance
with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
yeah, wanna dance
with somebody
with somebody who loves me
oh, I wanna dance
with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
yeah wanna dance
with somebody
with somebody who loves me
I've been in love
and lost my senses
spinning through the town
sooner or later
the fever ends
and I wind up feeling down
I need a man
who'll take a chance
on a love that
burns hot enough to last
so when the night falls
my lonely heart calls
oh, I wanna dance
with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
yeah wanna dance
with somebody
with somebody
who loves me
oh, I wanna dance
with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
yeah wanna dance
with somebody
with somebody
who loves me
somebody who loves me, yeah
somebody ooh, somebody
to hold me in his arms, oh
I need a man
who'll take a chance
on a love that burns
hot enough to last
so when the night falls
my lonely heart calls
oh, I wanna dance
with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
yeah wanna dance
with somebody
with somebody who loves me
don'tcha wanna dance with me,
don'tcha wanna dance
with me, boy?
don'tcha wanna dance,
don'tcha wanna dance
with me baby?
with somebody
who loves me
( cell phone rings )
Who's this?
It's me.
Are you okay?
You sound weird.
Ahem! My throat is
a little swollen.
I must have caught
something on the flight.
How's the knee?
It's, um...
Better. A lot better,
That tonic really
did the trick.
One of the dancers found it
here in the theater. Why?
I had the tiniest, sort
of miniscule, you know...
What kind of reaction?
Are you sick?
I am definitely feeling
very strange right now.
You should go
to the doctor.
Amanda, I am fine.
I'm fine. I just-
I need you to figure out
where this stuff came from.
I'll see what I can do, but you need
to come home right now. We need to find
A replacement
for mirabella today.
Yeah. I came here
to convince mirabella
That marco is not worth
giving up her career for.
And now I know
how to prove it.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to seduce marco.
You're going to seduce
the playboy prince?
I'm going to show her that lover boy
here isn't cut out to keep promises.
Just find out what you can
about that tonic
And call me back.
Excuse me, sir.
I'll have you know that
I'm an almost-married woman.
Oh, that's all right,
I'm an almost-married man.
And this is how you choose to spend
your last few precious hours of freedom?
I only need five minutes.
( both laughing )
What do we have here?
Put that down!
No, no!
In a marriage
there are no secrets.
We're not married yet!
Not for a couple of days.
So we do have secrets!
You started your novel?
Oh, great!
Like father, like daughter.
He's not a novelist. He teaches
comparative literature at nyu.
Besides, I'm gonna stay in bed with
you all day and have six kids. Stop!
They're my vows.
Sorry. Sorry.
Hmm. So...
How are yours coming along?
I mean, that's really
important to you, right?
That we both
write our own?
Yes. It's very important.
It's the most important.
It's the one chance we have to
stand up in front of everybody
And say how we really feel about
each other, speak from our hearts.
And I do love you
with all my heart.
Me too.
I wanna tell you
but there's
so many words to say
I wanna tell you
but the words get in my way
it's all there
on the tip of your tongue
my heart's so full,
brain goes numb
so I'll just ask you,
do you? I do
me too
so I'll just ask you
do you? I do
me too
wish I could tell you
that you make me
feel like I shine
and I'm so proud to be
yours and to call you mine
it's all there in
the beat of my heart
just open your mouth
and start
so I'll just ask you,
do you? I do
me too
so I'll just ask you
do you? I do
( knocking on door )
Noelle: Mirabella?
Come in!
Seating emergency.
Total disaster. Come quick.
Just a minute.
I'm gonna change.
Sorry, duty calls.
I don't know what to do.
I don't even know
who this person is.
Young harper:
Am I in the right place?
And-and you are?
You don't remember me?
Debbie hayworth.
Second cousin once removed.
Aunt marjorie's side?
Ohh. Okay,
Your grandmother
and my great-uncle-
I'm sorry,
too many details.
You must be on
my mother's list.
We played together
all the time as kids.
Remember the treehouse uncle eddie
built in the back of the barn?
Of-of course!
The old treehouse!
God, it's been forever.
You look so...
So much like my mother
when she was young.
Yeah, the spitting image. It's weird.
It's really weird.
Aunt marjorie always said the
same thing. And-and I said,
"well, if I have to
look like somebody,
I'm so glad
it's aunt harper."
I mean, is she just
a timeless beauty, or what?
And-and so talented.
Aunt marjorie always
called her "superstar."
I really hate to break up
the family reunion,
But we have a rehearsal
dinner nightmare on our hands.
See? Oh, gosh, these
italian family feuds.
They last for 700 years.
And I don't know where I'm gonna
put my great-aunt birdie.
She came in
all the way from boston.
Interesting color scheme.
Is that...Puce?
Bold choice.
I thought your mom said
you were going with
Dusky rose
and gold accents.
No, that's what her mom
wanted her to go with.
Pink and gold are classics.
Oh, my gosh!
Debbie, you fixed it! Thank you!
Oh! You have got to come
to my bachelorette party.
Bachelorette party?
Oh, yeah, we're family.
You have to come.
We have champagne and
mani-pedi's. Mani-pedi's.
Well, I'll get
settled in, then.
Okay. All right. All right.
We'll see you
for mani-pedi's.
All: Mani-pedi's!
The tonic.
What have you got?
We have a bigger problem.
I spoke to the investors.
Amanda, the tonic.
Harper, this is serious.
You need to come home
right now. I can't do this.
I am in a situation here,
amanda. I need information.
What kind of situation?
How crazy
Is it over there?
( camera snaps )
I'd say it's getting
pretty crazy, don't you think?
Who's that?
She looks familiar.
Are you in my office?
Look around.
( sighs )
Who is this?
It's me, amanda!
Now focus! The tonic!
No, you're not.
That is impossible.
You have worked
for me for 15 years.
We have mounted
22 productions together,
and turned
Three unknowns
into broadway stars.
And help me figure out what is in
this tonic that turned me young,
I will fire you
without hesitation or regret!
Now pull yourself together!
Oh, my god. It is you.
Thank you.
What have you got?
Oh, god. The stuff
is really old, harper.
It was used for
Rheumatism, gout, um...
Melancholia, and impotence.
What about side effects?
Well, I've already
looked online.
The company's been out
of business for decades.
Find out: Does it wear off, and if so,
can I take more. You got it? Find out.
( exhales )
The things I do
for my daughter.
Debbie hayworth.
Marco vitturi.
You must be related to
mirabella. You look like her.
She looks like me.
We're second cousins.
Once removed.
Aunt marjorie's side.
Right. Listen to this.
"dear mirabella,
"you are so beautiful.
"I want to never sleep
or even blink again
"just so I can stare at
your beautifulness forever...
Until I die."
Too over the top?
Wow. That is, um...
Yeah, that's really bad.
It's terrible.
But it was mirabella's idea for us
to write our own vows for the wedding,
And...I don't know,
I have no idea
what I'm gonna say.
Looks to me like you can't
stop figuring out what to say.
True enough.
Love can make you
a little crazy sometimes.
That's not your reputation,
you know.
Yeah. I know.
Must be really hard
to give that up.
Not really.
Mirabella must be very
special to you. Oh, she is.
She has this-
I mean, she's so-
When we first met,
I was like-
Oh, god.
So it's kind of hard,
you know, to-
She has the most
beautiful blue eyes.
Yeah. Yeah, she got those from her dad.
And this beautiful smile where one
side of her mouth kind of turns up-
Kind of like yours.
Think she's got a secret?
Yeah, right.
Something, uh...Secret.
Oh, and she-she has
these beautiful hands.
Oh, dancer's hands.
You're...A dancer too?
Runs in the family.
I'm-I'm sorry, have-
have we met before?
Not in this lifetime.
Are you sure? Because-
oh, I'm sure.
You would definitely
remember meeting me.
You know, for second cousins,
you and mirabella...
Yes? It's strange how
much you remind me of her.
This is so going to work.
Noelle, how many times
did you lose your virginity?
I have no idea, but hey,
If the stars align I might
lose it again this weekend.
( laughter )
Seriously though, em, you're so
lucky to have found a guy like marco.
He's so hot and rich...
And hot and rich! Hello!
Okay, mirabella,
it's your turn.
Oh, no.
Somebody else go.
But your story's so good.
Okay. She was 16 years old,
She told her mom she was spending
the weekend at a friend's house-
I'm that friend, that influence
- and instead,
We snuck off to paris!
I mean, wow.
And there,
after staying up all night
Walking the banks of the seine
hand in hand,
Talking until sunrise,
Whispering their life stories
to each other-
Noelle, no! You have
got to be kidding me.
Our dear, sweet,
innocent mirabella
Laid herself down with
that hot, sexy french man
And gave up her precious
flower. At sixteen?!
It was very romantic.
By the end of the night we
knew everything about each other
And we were like
two ships passing.
And he was really very sweet.
Wait a second.
How the heck did you get out of the
country without your mother knowing?
Her mom was at
an out-of-town preview.
Her dad gave us permission. We
told him it was a class trip.
My mom didn't even
notice I was gone.
Okay, that is not fair.
She's a very busy woman.
A single mom,
a demanding career-
Debbie, my mom is, was,
and always will be
Way too self-centered to think
about anybody but herself.
She took you to dance classes three
times a week when you were a kid.
What are you doing?
The sun is very bad
for your skin.
So, mirabella, tell me
about this french guy.
Did you think
you were in love with him?
Okay, uh, no. I mean, it
was a great experience,
But it wasn't like
how it is with marco.
Right. Marco.
The playboy prince.
I'm sorry. I just-
I read that.
He retired that title when he met
me. Besides, he's not a real prince.
( laughter )
but he is a real italian.
I wouldn't worry too much
about that, though.
Not every italian guy has
to have a mistress, right?
I'm not worried about it.
I knew marco was the right guy
right from the very beginning.
I made it through
the wilderness
somehow I made it through
didn't know
how lost I was
until I found you
I was beat
I'd been had
I was sad and blue
but you made me feel
yeah, you made me feel
shiny and new
like a virgin
touched for
the very first time
like a virgin
when your heart beats
next to mine
gonna give you
all my love, boy
my fear is fading fast
been saving it all for you
'cause only love can last
you're so fine
and you're mine
make me strong
yeah, you make me bold
oh, your love thawed out
yeah, your love thawed out
what was scared and cold
like a virgin
touched for
the very first time
like a virgin
when your heart beats
next to mine
whoa, whoa, whoa-oh
whoa-whoa, whoa-oh
like a virgin
touched for
the very first time
like a virgin
when your heart beats
next to mine
like a virgin
( cell phone rings )
Any good news, amanda?
Okay. Okay, okay.
The good news.
The trunk that the tonic
Was found in was owned
by some old vaudeville guy,
Tom dorian. Never heard
of him. Is that it?
And now the not-so-good news.
The investors found out about
mirabella leaving the show.
Oh, no! How?!
One of the dancers
Spilled, and it gets worse.
They're going to recast her.
They can't do that.
They can. Look,
I told the investors
Mirabella'd be back
for rehearsal on Monday,
But if mirabella is not
back here for it,
They're going to replace her.
And you.
We don't need a new lead.
Mirabella is coming back.
( laughing )
And they wouldn't dare
replace me.
Why am I scared?
Don't say anything to anybody.
Tell them I will
be back on Monday
With our star.
This wedding is
not going to happen.
I make it through
the wilderness
I made it through
I didn't know
how lost I was
until I found you
I was beat, incomplete
I'd been had,
I was sad and blue
but you made me feel
yeah, you made me feel
shiny and new
like a virgin
touched for...
The very first time
I- I can't believe
you just did that.
I can't believe
I just did that.
I've had too much to drink.
Oh, my gosh,
I am so sorry!
I don't know
what came over me!
Maybe it was the champagne
- no, no, no, you don't understand.
I swore I was through
with other women, for good.
Debbie, mirabella dared me to be a
better person, and I thought I could.
Because she believed in me
more than anyone has
In my entire life.
But now this?
I don't think I can be
the man she wants me to be,
Or the man she deserves.
I'm not good enough
for her. Right?
I'm sorry, debbie, this
isn't your fault. It's mine.
I have to go.
Oh! This is it.
Can you believe
I'm getting married tomorrow?
No, I really can't.
Debbie, what's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing.
I'm fine, it's just this is the first
time I've seen you in your dress.
It seems like just yesterday
you were a little girl.
We. We were little girls.
Dancing around
the back yard together,
Playing with
each other's hair...
This is the most beautiful
you've looked in your entire life.
Are you happy?
How could I not be?
I'm getting everything
that I ever wanted.
But you're giving up your dream to
be a dancer to stay here with marco.
( laughs )
Can I...
Can I tell you a secret?
I never wanted
to be a dancer.
That was my mom's dream,
not mine.
What? Never?
I mean, maybe for a little
while, when I was a kid.
I mean,
I worshipped my mother.
You remember, she was
this big glamorous star
And everyone loved her.
And I wanted to be
just like her...
For a while.
What happened?
I grew up.
I can't believe you never
said anything to your mom.
I didn't want
to disappoint her.
When my mom blew her knee out,
She wanted me
to be the big star that...
She couldn't be anymore.
And when I met marco,
I finally realized
I can't live my life for her,
No matter how much I love her.
It was like...
The first time
marco and I met,
I could hear this little voice
telling me,
"this guy's the one."
Ya know? Like...
The future was talking to me,
Telling me I had already
spent a whole lifetime with him.
Does that sound crazy?
It's the most romantic
thing I've ever heard.
Senorina mirabella?
Oh. You know, I forgot to thank you for
standing in for noelle today, debbie.
I have no idea where
she could possibly be.
Debbie, where are you going?
See you at
the rehearsal dinner!
( speaks italian )
Scott: Dude, you gotta
slow down. I can't keep up.
But wait a sec.
She said she kissed you?
Why are we freaking out
about this?
Because I didn't stop her-
and I should have.
I shouldn't have even put myself in a
situation where that could have happened.
I broke my promise
to mirabella.
Dude, you only have to feel
guilty after the wedding,
That's the whole point
of getting married.
Sage advice from the guy who
defines a long-term relationship
As a three-day weekend in aspen.
I promised her
I was done with other women.
I don't know, maybe I'm just
not cut out for monogamy.
(laughing) fantastic! I've got a
number of two swedish flight attendants
Who can meet us on your boat
in three hours!
What? I'm not
judging you, man.
You weren't there. She was
like some fairy creature.
She put a spell on me.
She had these soulful
brown eyes, like a gypsy.
And she smelled like the
perfume my mother used to wear.
It was weird. There was
something about her,
I have to cancel
the wedding.
Oh, god, what have I done?
I've got to fix this.
Name? Ryan hutton. Father of the bride.
Is harper hutton here?
She is not on the list.
About fifty,
eyes like a tiger shark.
The unmistakable aroma of chanel
number 5 and pure evil gives her away.
Not on the list, sir.
Keep an eye out. She'll
never be able to stay away.
I got your back.
( voices outside )
...About my age,
about this tall?
Mirabella: Debbie,
are you in there?
Something's happened.
(falsetto) I'm here.
Can you come out?
I need to talk to you.
Not feeling well!
Why don't you
talk to noelle?
That's just it,
I can't.
She and marco
kissed last night.
Just a sec!
Debbie, what's wrong?
I thought-you know,
didn't we sort of bond?
I haven't seen noelle
all day. She disappeared.
I know it was her.
Debbie, are you okay?
Not so good!
I shouldn't go through
with it, right?
He kissed another girl.
He broke his promise to me.
What choice do I have?
I can't go through with it.
Uhh! Uhh!
Hi, this is amanda.
Leave me a message.
Amanda, where are you?
Call me back.
I need to know does this stuff
work more than once! Ohh!
I'm so glad you're here!
Oh, honey.
Is she here?
I'm telling ya,
she won't be able to resist.
Honey, what's wrong?
Dad, I think mom might have been
right about marco the whole time.
Your mother hasn't been right
about anything since 1987
When she said, "let's name her
mirabella." noelle: Look who it is.
Hi, noelle.
What's wrong with her?
I don't know.
Pre-wedding jitters,
I guess.
Have you talked to her?
Harper: Oh!
What's that?
Sounds like an elephant
passing a kidney stone.
Has to be debbie.
Who's debbie?
Mirabella's cousin,
debbie hayworth?
Never heard of her.
Ooh. Too many
tequila shooters.
Debbie, are you all right?
Okay, well, then you need
to suck it up,
Because I have got a hangover
that could bring down a t-rex.
After the dance-off
is all a blur.
And where
is mirabella?
so I guess it's over
there's nothing left to say
take the ring
off my finger
and just call it a day
thought we had forever
but that was yesterday
you're such a liar
wish I saw it
on your face
but you did it so well
can somebody just
tell me how
how can I remember
to forget
when my heart
just won't let me
make myself unlove you
tell me that
it's not true
I know all the reasons
I just can't
believe them
and pretend we never met
how can I remember
to forget?
wish that I could hate you
so I could let you go
wish I never met
the one I want the most
I could fill an ocean
with all the tears
I've cried
tell me you
were joking
just a dream
I had last night
but I'm wide awake
and I want you so much
right now
how can I remember
to forget these emotions
and all the plans we made
like we'd never happened,
make my heart unbreak
I know it's really over
but I just don't know how
how can I remember
to forget
when my heart
just won't let me
make myself unlove you
tell that it's not true
I don't want to leave you
I just can't believe, no
and pretend we never met
how can I remember
to forget?
( sniffing )
Hmm. Chanel number five.
Oh, my-
This is not
going to end well.
( door opens )
What are you doing?
Why aren't you getting dressed
for the rehearsal dinner?
I'm leaving. Marco and noelle
kissed last night, remember?
Moonlight magic. Gag.
My mom was right about him,
debbie. He's never gonna change.
Have you...
Talked to him yet?
No. I know that I have to-
don't. Don't!
This could all just be
normal jitters. Cold feet.
It's not just about
a kiss, debbie.
Marco can't-
He can't express
his feelings for me.
Every single time
it comes up, he clams up.
I just- I think
that I made a big mistake.
I don't think that
he's ready for marriage.
That is not true.
It's not true. Marco loves you.
Look, I know how you're feeling.
My ex cheated on me.
And I bet that you dumped
him. Oh, I did. But...
I didn't dump him
because he cheated,
I dumped him because he cheated
and lied to me about it.
I gave him a chance
to come clean,
But by then it was too late.
That's terrible,
debbie. I'm sorry.
Listen, I speak
from experience.
If marco tells you the truth
about what happened,
You will know that
it was just a stupid mistake
And he is so sorry.
Can you handle that?
I don't know.
We have this huge dance
in front of everyone
At midnight after
the rehearsal dinner.
It's a vitturi
family tradition.
Okay. Give him until
midnight, then.
Can you do that?
Okay, until midnight.
How'd you get so smart
about this stuff?
Because I have an old soul.
It's gonna be okay,
My mom calls me that.
Does she? That's so funny.
My mom calls me that too.
All right, well,
I gotta go.
But debbie,
what if he doesn't-
Doesn't tell the truth?
Mr. Hutton.
I'm so glad you're here.
Oh, I'm sorry I missed
your bachelor party.
I hope you
behaved yourself.
Well, actually,
I messed up.
I got drunk, and I don't know
how it all happened,
But it ended up with me kissing
someone who is not mirabella.
But it didn't mean anything, and the
other girl kind of kissed me, really.
But I made this promise to mirabella
that I was through with all that.
And now I don't
know what to do.
Sit down.
I want you to look me in the
eye and tell me the truth-
Do you love my daughter?
Absolutely. With all my heart, sir.
All right, then.
I can help you fix this,
But you have to do
exactly what I say.
I know I have to tell her the truth. No.
Don't tell her the truth.
You'll only end up hurting her,
and I don't want that to happen.
Believe it or not,
I was once in your shoes-
And now look at me.
You're divorced.
Because I told the truth!
You know, your divorce is why
mirabella is so worried about me.
It was really hard on her.
I know it was.
Telling mirabella the truth
won't change anything.
I don't want to lie to her.
If you love her,
you hato lie.
You can't tell her the truth,
no matter what.
All right.
Hey, where ya goin'?
To talk to a ghost.
Oh! Where did that boy go?
It is you!
It is not!
What the hell's
going on here?
How can-how can you
look like this?
I'm sure I don't know you,
so if you'll just excuse me-
Harper, your ass.
I recognized it
in the bathroom.
I know that ass.
I fell in love with that ass.
God help me, I spent the better part
of the eighties worshipping that ass.
It is you.
Hello, ryan.
It's been a while.
I need a drink. I'll
get it for you. Come.
I also need a priest.
Gotta be a priest around
here somewhere, this is Italy.
Where are
all the priests?
Oh, my god. Will you stop
being so dramatic?
I have a perfectly
reasonable explanation.
There is nothing reasonable about this
- or you.
Okay, just take
a deep breath-
don't tell me what to do.
Where are you going?
To find a cop.
This can't be legal.
( coughing )
W- what happened?
You're going to be
very angry.
Distinct possibility, if
you're involved in any way.
My knee was the size
of a grapefruit, ryan,
And-and there was this tonic,
and it is magical.
And I took a sip
and I turned young.
Amanda found it
in the back of the theater-
Lord knows how long that's been there
- but I had no choice.
So in a way,
it's kind of like fate.
And I hated marco,
I hated him,
But it turns out he really loves
her, and she really loves him back,
And okay, I admit, I originally came
here to stop the wedding-at first.
But theyou know,
as it turns out,
I, um, I kissed him...
Of course.
And now it's all gone
terribly wrong somehow.
Well, then, you haven't lost your touch.
This isn't a joke, ryan.
Seriously, harper, how could you do
something like this to our daughter?
I know, I know,
it's terrible.
Are you mad?
Hold on.
Did you drug me?
Of coursi drugged you.
You were gonna drop the dime on me.
Plus, I really need your help with this.
You...Drugged me!
I was thinking
about our daughter!
Oh, sure you were!
Ryan. Ryan.
What did you
do to me this time?
Whose voice is that?
Is that-(coughs)-
(shrill) hey, that's me!
hey, that's me.
Why do I sound so weird,
Oh, my god.
Harper, this...
Is a miracle.
I know, I know,
you're young,
I've been there, I've
done that. Listen to me.
Yeah! I have ruined our
daughter's one chance at love.
So I need you to
help me fix it.
Yeah, well, you can check that
off your to-do list,
Because I already fixed it.
What do you mean?
Marco spilled
the whole can of beans.
I told him no witness, no
crime. Just deny till he dies.
It's all good.
No. Ryan! No-
Mirabella overhead marco
talking about the kiss.
He hato confess.
Yeah. I told her that
if he tells her the truth,
That means he loves her
and she can trust him.
So if he doesn't tell her, she'll
just think he's trying to cover it up
And that means he'll cheat on
her again. We have to fix this.
Wow. To see your mind at work is
at once fascinating and repugnant.
Oh, my god. You are completely
useless. I remember why I divorced you.
It was not a divorce-
It was an exorcism!
You cheated on me! One
time! Mid-life crisis.
And then you lied about it.
And when I told the truth,
you kicked me out!
We do not
have time for this.
Where could marco be?
Think, ryan.
Think? I can't think because I'm 30
years younger than I was 20 minutes ago!
I can't believe
you got me into this!
Wait- yes, I can.
Okay, look, I just read
this guy's diary on the plane,
Oh my god,
I hope I'm not too late.
Look, whatever happens,
do not take a third dose.
( disconnects )
Wow. You look...
What's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
So we're both good.
We're great.
I don't want any secrets
between us.
That's not the way
to start a marriage.
I totally agree.
So...You would tell me the truth
about anything stupid
You might have done
in the past?
Distant, recent, whatever?
Well, um, mirabella,
What I'm trying to say
is that, well, I...
Wait! He's gonna tell her.
Of course I would.
If I had something,
you know, to confess.
( grunts )
Young harper:
I've seriously messed this up.
And how.
what's our plan?
Ha! "our" plan?
Would you stop, please, look what I
can do! How long does thohh! Ow! Last?
And help me? We only have until
midnight when the rehearsal dinner ends.
I can't help it.
This stuff really works.
Of course it works.
It's-(gasps )-
Oh, my gosh, the tonic!
I left it at the bar!
No! No, no! Where is it? I don't see it.
( gasps )
Oh. What happened?
Oh, aunt birdie.
She must have chugged
the whole bottle.
What's that
gonna do to her?
I don't want to know.
Aunt birdie?
( gasps )
Oh, my god.
There goes great-aunt birdie.
Proud matriarch
of the hayworth line.
Wow. She's got some
moves. Runs in the family.
You have really
screwed this up.
( music, chatter )
( whispering )
Hey. I am debbie, and you are...? Angus.
Okay, we only have until
midnight to get this fixed, angus.
Hey. I know it goes
completely against your nature
And ever fiber of your being is
screaming at you to do the opposite,
But you have to
tell the truth.
Let marco off the hook
for this kiss, harper.
Tell him you kissed him.
He's gotta understand
none of this was his fault.
It's the only way
to fix this mess.
You're right.
God, I hate it
when that happens.
Noelle: No, I'm serious.
You look amazing.
Oh, the bride-to-be is here.
Mirabella: Hi.
Thanks for ruining my life. I
thought we were best friends.
Excuse me? Back up a
sec. You can drop the act,
Because I know that
you and marco kissed last night.
What are you talking about?
I heard him and scott talking
about it under the bridge.
"soulful brown eyes, full of
life, embracing the moment."
Mirabella, I was really drunk last
night, but I wasn't that drunk.
you're so lucky!
He's so hot and rich,
and hot and rich!"
Okay, fine!
I was plastered.
After I left you guys, I-
I hit up the bachelor party...
And I can't remember much
after that. Convenient.
We've been best friends since
seventh grade. I would never hurt you.
Besides, I'm not the only one
around here with brown eyes.
The jig is up! No, no, no!
She can't find out it was me!
What do we do?
We have to
convince her
That there's no way debbie
would have kissed marco.
Okay, how do we do that?
Hey! Hey, hey-
hey, wait.
We lay it on thick.
Come on.
No. No.
so we back in the club
with our bodies rockin'
from side to side
side, side to side
thank god the week is done
I feel like a zombie
gone back to life
back, back to life
hands up
yeah, suddenly
we all got our hands up
no control of my body
ain't I seen you before?
I think I'd remember
those eyes, eyes, eyes,
eyes, ey-ey-eyes
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
yeah, baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
so dance, dance
like it's the last,
last night of your life, life
gonna get you right
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
keep downing drinks
like there's no tomorrow
there's just
right now, now, now
now, now, now, now
gonna set the roof on fire
gonna burn this, uh uh,
down, down, down
down, down, down, down
hands up,
when the music drops
we both put our hands up
put your hands on my body
swear I've seen you before
I think I remember
those eyes, eyes, eyes
eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
yeah, baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
so dance, dance
like it's the last,
last night of your life, life
gonna get you right
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
yeah, baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
in love
so dance, dance
like it's the last, last
night of your life, life, life
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
again, again,
oh, dj got us
falling in love again
All: Whoo!
( cheers, applause )
Bravo! Bravo!
( line out ringing )
( phone ringing )
( line out ringing )
No, don't
- hello? Dad, where have you been?
I've been looking
for you everywhere.
Hey, honey. What's up?
Where are you?
Who that guy? And how
did I miss him? Uh...
Upstairs. Uh, I'm...
Jet lagged.
You sound weird.
Are you okay?
I do feel
very strange right now.
I'm not myself at all.
I'm gonna
go find marco.
What is it, honey?
I'm so confused.
I don't think
I can go through
With this wedding.
It's just that mom said mthat he
would never mbe faithful to me.
And then debbie said the way
I could find if he would be
Is if he confessed to
kissing noelle last night,
Because that would mean that
he's sorry, and he didn't.
And I think that it speaks
to a larger character flaw,
And on top if it all, he can't
even tell me how he feels about me.
Honey, listen.
People are human.
They make mistakes.
I made a lot of mistakes
with your mom.
And she definitely
punished me for it.
But I never stopped loving her
Through any of it.
Even asset seizure?
All the lawyers
In the world weren't able to
change the way I feel about her.
So then why
did you cheat on her?
( sighs )
because I was selfish...
And lonely and...Insecure.
Your mom was a real star,
When she blew out her knee,
I wasn't sad. I was thrilled.
I thought, finally
I don't have to share her
with the rest of the world.
But that didn't happen.
She went right back to work
And became the star
choreographer, the one everyone
Wanted to work with,
everyone adored.
And there I was,
still nobody,
Holding her coat
at parties.
Dad, I had no idea.
What I did to her was
the biggest mistake of my life.
I think I must have always
hoped for a second chance.
But I never thought
I'd get it.
I never felt I deserved it.
After you cheated on mom,
she couldn't trust you anymore.
And now I know why.
And I can't trust marco.
He loves you, honey.
Where's the proof?
He can't even
talk to me anymore.
I can't go through with
this wedding. I'm going home.
( dance music )
Oh, no! Not now!
Mrs. Hutton?
What are you doing here?
I know I'm not
supposed to be here.
If you came to stop the wedding,
you're too late.
The wedding's not happening.
I know. I spoke to debbie.
She told me everything.
What? W-why?
We're very close.
You were right about me
all along.
I broke my promise to her, and then I
lied about it. When mirabella finds out-
Marco, shut up.
I flew all the way here
to tell you.
I know debbie. I've
known her all her life.
She's a rare
and beautiful creature-
Incomparable, actually,
one of a kind.
But she has a problem
letting go.
She loves mirabella.
They used to be
very close...
When they were younger.
Debbie pushed herself on you. She wanted
to prove that you weren't good enough.
But why would she do that?
She doesn't even know me.
Had her heart broken
a long time ago.
She loved a man
more than she wanted to,
And it made her feel
out of control, and...
And he cheated on her.
I don't know, I guess she just
stopped believing in love after that.
And when mirabella
met you...
The playboy prince?
It was like deja vu.
Debbie expected
the worst from you,
And when the worst didn't happen
on its own, she made it happen.
She made a terrible mistake,
and she is so sorry, marco.
I know I never
approved of you,
But I was wrong
- I should have given you a chance.
You're a good man.
Don't give up
on mirabella.
I think she might have
given up on me.
Go. Look for her. Tell
her how much you love her.
I don't think she'll
believe me. Prove it to her.
Find a way.
I'll try.
Oh, ryan, look at you.
The tonic didn't
last very long, did it?
Probably from trying to keep
up with you on the dance floor
Like back in the day.
I knew I still
had it in me.
now I have proof.
Oh, my gosh. Proof!
What are we doing?
We're looking for a book.
A big book.
What's in the book?
Marco's wedding vows.
We have to find it-
( men speaking italian )
What the hell are you doing?
I'm trying to hide you.
Ryan, they're on marco's side.
They don't even know me.
Oh. I didn't think of that.
I'm sorry.
Apology accepted. Actually,
you're still a pretty good kisser.
You're not bad yourself.
It's locked!
Why is it locked?!
How important is it
to get into this greenhouse?
The future happiness of our
daughter may depend on it.
All right.
Get out of the way.
Ohh! Oh...
That was a bad idea.
Are you all right?
Ahhh. Yeah. Yeah.
I'm so sorry, harper.
For what?
I don't know.
For all of it.
Everything I didn't do,
everything I did.
Well, it was
a long time ago.
Not so long.
Ever since we split up I feel like
I've been living someone else's life.
I love you, harper.
I miss you.
I want to come home.
I love you too,
you idiot.
( laughs )
I always have.
Now let's finish this-
for mirabella.
( sighs )
which ones are the vows?
I think all of them.
Grab as many as you can.
And do what?
We have to find mirabella.
You have to show these to her
So you can prove that
marco really loves her.
You think that's gonna work? It has to.
Come on.
Right behind you.
Where are you going?
Where does it
look like I'm going?
I- I have to tell you-
Go ahead, marco, tell me
how you really feel about me.
You're-you look-um...
Well, um...Um-
Wait. Give me a second.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what's wrong with me.
Whenever I'm around you
lately, I can't speak.
I know. All right?
About the kiss.
So there's nothing
left to say.
But there is.
I love you so much.
I know what
I did was wrong.
I should have never
let it happen.
So then why did you?
I don't know.
But all I can think about since
it happened is how much I hurt you.
Oh- this way.
Come on.
Marco:...So beautiful...
This is crazy.
I can-I want to never...
Do you hear that?
Just talk to me.
Tell me right now in your own
words why you want to marry me.
It's them.
What is this?
Here, take some.
"to mirabella
on our wedding day."
Are these...
Your vows?
( both laughing )
I want to tell you but
there's so many words to say
I want to tell you but
the words get in my way
it's all there on
the tip of your tongue
my heart's so full,
brain goes numb
so I'll just ask you,
do you? I do
me too
so I'll just ask you
do you? I do
me too
I promise
I will be there
as the years go by
and I'll be faithful to you
till the day I die
just to have
and to hold your hand
makes me the luckiest man
so now I ask you,
do you?
I do
me too
so now I ask you,
do you?
I do
so many pieces of paper
crumpled up and thrown away
so many
"I'll do it later's"
I gotta the nerve
gotta get the nerve
why such
crazy behavior?
gonna say my vows today
I can't wait
oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh
do you?
I do
me too
oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh
oh, oh
do you?
I do
me too
Oh.Did it! You are
still one amazing woman.
Oh, harper,
thanks god!
Amanda! I have been driving
around these back roads for hours.
This place is impossible
to find. What are you doing-
Move away from that bottle.
Why? What-
Harper, the third dose
is permanent.
Yes, as in "forever."
And that's a bad thing
because...? ( sighs )
I mean, we're talking
about immortality here.
This is an unimaginable gift-
to be young forever?
You can't just throw this away
without even considering it.
No, no, no. It's not
a gift, it's a curse.
There's only
one dose left here.
You were going to be the biggest
star broadway had ever seen.
The stage, the fans,
the spotlight...
And it all would have
happened for you, except...
My knee.
You can have that
all back now.
You can be the new star
of your show.
I could, couldn't I?
And you really
want that for me?
I just want to
make you happy, harper.
That's all I've ever wanted
from the first day we met.
I've just never been
very good at it.
If this is what makes you
happy, this is what I want.
No, no, no, no.
Don't be crazy, harper.
You will lose everything. Can you
really say goodbye to mirabella forever?
Never see your grandkids?
Come on. You can't
give all that up.
It's your choice,
You were the most handsome man
I'd ever seen.
Noelle: Girl, I cannot believe but
you look so hot! Married. Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Hi, mrs. Hutton.
I'm gonna leave you two
to talk.
I know. I'm banned.
But I've had time
to think about it.
I've just been so wrong
about everything.
I was-
I was wrong about marco.
So wrong.
He's a wonderful guy.
And he loves you, and love
is what really matters.
I mean, everything else
fades away, but love lasts.
And I'm so proud of you
for knowing that...
And following your heart.
You still mad at me?
Can I come to your wedding?
I couldn't do it
without you.
Oh, I love you so much,
I love you more
than you'll ever know.
How did I ever get
such a smart girl?
(laughs) I don't know.
I guess I had a good teacher.
What about the show?
( laughs )
Today is about celebrating
your dreams, not mine.
Today my daughter
is getting married! Ha!
Who are you and what have
you done with my mother?
Oh...It's just
a brand-new me.
Oh. You have got to see
cousin debbie.
She reminds me so much of you. Really?
Then she must be
quite a girl.
Come on.
Man: You may now
kiss the bride.
hearts go astray
leaving hurt
when they go
I went away
just when you
needed me so
filled with regret
I come back beggin' you
forgive, forget
where's the love
we once knew?
open up your eyes,
then you'll realize
here I stand with my
everlasting love
need you by my side,
got to be my bride
you'll never be denied
everlasting love
from the very start,
open up your heart
be a lasting part
of everlasting love
believe in
everlasting love
oh, oh
hearts go astray
leaving hurt
when they go
I went away
just when you
needed me so
filled with regret
I come back beggin' you
forgive, forget
where's the love
we once knew?
where life's river flows
no one really knows
till someone's there to show
the way to lasting love
like the sun that shines
endlessly it shines
you always will be mine,
it's eternal love
when other loves are gone
ours will be strong
we have our very own
everlasting love
believe in love
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
this love will
last forever
( applause )
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
yeah, baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
so dance, dance
like it's the last,
last night of your life, life
gonna get you right
'cause baby tonight
the dj got us
falling in love again
keep downing drinks
like there's no tomorrow
there's just
right now, now, now
now, now, now, now
gonna set the roof on fire
gonna burn this, uh uh,
down, down, down
down, down, down, down