Loving Pablo (2017) Movie Script

The film is based on true events.
Certain characters, names and
events have been dramatized.
I have been forced to leave a house in the
middle of the night because of a man earlier.
But this is the first time I have
been forced to leave a country.
7221, you're ready to fly in.
Okay, good people, now
we enter US airspace.
You are safe now.
I have traveled this trip earlier.
Dozens of white roses were always
waiting for me in every hotel room.
But the men posted at the
door did not wear uniform.
They called Armani.
So, Virginia...
In the next few days, you will meet
representatives from the Justice Department
and they will inform you about the
procedure you are going to follow.
Can anyone give me an aspirin, thank you?
My head will explode.
Ms., for your own safety, do not
leave the room or contact anyone.
Two of my men stand guard outside.
Do you understand?
Can you ask them to get aspirin please?
Virginia, American hotels do
not give out aspirin anymore.
It is considered a drug in this country.
Pablo had also laughed.
Then he would kill them.
Come on, guys!
Damn horse
Jsses, poor little animals.
We have to kill it, the boss.
Do it, Pelao.
Have you seen the guest list?
"It's full of beautiful women.
"Colombia is full of beautiful women.
- It's a party.
- Actresses, models...
and soccer players,
trade representatives.
- You are much more beautiful.
- Other trade unionists?
See who's coming.
I do not like it, Pablo. Stores should
be kept separate from the family.
- We have already talked about it.
- I know, I know.
Everything is messy with all the
preparations. I will take care of it.
- I have the torpedo you asked for.
- I'll talk to him.
Take him from here.
I do not want to see him here.
Juan Pablo.
If you find the coin,
you'll keep it.
We are here to raise the mood.
One two Three. Do you hear me?
- The boss.
- I have a job for you in Leticia.
There's an old file that connects
me to the murder of two DAS agents.
You must make sure everything is lost.
Clean up everything.
You have contacts there, right?
Of course, the boss.
My cousin's wife is working on court.
- She can let me in.
- Dad?
I do not care if you
have to kill someone.
You can burn down the building if you want.
But get rid of the file, understood?
You get 30,000 for your expenses:
Travel, ammunition, everything.
Ask Salvador for more
money if needed.
- Take care of it. Get started now.
- Yes Boss.
- Did you find the coin?
- It's only five pesos.
Just five pesos? Do you know how
hard daddy works to make money?
"Just five pesos."
Is it the farm down there?
We have already flown over
it for a while, my dear.
Connect with the manager.
- We are being kidnapped.
- It's okay, Virgie. Calm down.
It is not OK.
Do we know how much we are worth?
We had all heard of our host,
but no one had met him.
His name was at the top of
the list of New Africa.
A group of young men who earned great
fortunes in a short period of time.
Do not worry about the weapons.
They protect us from the animals.
We have a small zoo here.
Do you want to see it?
You almost scared our lives.
Please warm our host not to
welcome his guests in such a way.
As soon as I see him.
There they are.
Hello, they are so beautiful.
They are very happy here.
They like Colombia.
Because they do not read the newspaper.
The house is huge.
But I do not see the servants anywhere.
There they are.
The new upper class has
its own social structure.
Down in the corridors, the soldiers:
Young, untrained men from the slum.
Organization's warriors.
They are far from the humble
servants who work in the farms
among the traditionally rich
families in my country.
They are confident, they
take care of safety, and...
How are you, Miss Virginia?
Good evening.
Has a good taste for women.
Virginia, I never miss your show.
You are so Beautiful.
Thank you, ma'am. You look amazing.
Above them, the cream.
Artists, businessmen, soccer players.
Journalists, Models.
Constantly close to our host.
Cover your ears, Victor.
There are so many beautiful men here.
Who created that wonderful dress?
Anyone who is someone is here.
Good Lord, where does the money come from?
That is the question a
reporter has to ask.
Bravo! Bravo!
Miss Vallejo, it's an honor
to have you with us tonight.
An admirer wants to
assign this song to you.
See what you have to say!
Virginia, Virginia.
Goodbye, where have you hid?
Pablo asks for you.
He makes us crazy, so come now.
Victor, wait here. Do not fall in love
with anyone from the neighborhood.
And on top of it:
The kings of the white mountain.
We do not know their name yet, but
soon every colombian will do it.
She was easy to find.
I just followed all the people's eyes.
- Pablo? Pablo Escobar?
- I'll leave you alone.
- I heard your complaints. Forgive me.
- You lied to me.
Of course I lied to you.
I did not want you to leave us.
"You are more beautiful in reality.
Then I have to kick my makeup."
People are talking about you.
They wonder about your past.
No, no, no, do not listen to them.
I'm just listening to
speculation about the future.
I already know my past.
- And what are we celebrating?
- The founding of a company.
What kind of company?
A philanthropic
We build houses for the poor.
Has nobody mentioned Medellin without slum?
We will build 2,000 homes
for the people on the dump.
- I got a good prize on a plot.
- And where does the money come from?
- Is this an interview?
- I'm a journalist.
Follow and see.
Follow along and I'll show you.
It's good for the country to know.
Good for the country, or good for you?
Am I not a part of the country?
What we did not know was that we witnessed
the formation of the
famous Medellin cartel
and that Pablo was crowned as its king.
Things would change forever.
In Colombia and in my life.
Breathe through your mouth,
you'll get used to it quickly.
See where you go.
People dump bodies here sometimes.
Don Pablo! Don Pablo!
Pablito. How's your mom?
Is she recovering?
Paulito! Don Pablo is here. Come here.
- Hey, everyone Pablo here?
- All. They are baptized after him.
We are completing 600, but
we want to build 2,000.
Oh my God.
Good day, Mr. Escobar. Tell the viewers
about the motivation and the goal
behind the wonderful initiative,
"Medellin without slum".
It's painful for us to see
so many children starve
and completely without
protection from the government.
Building these houses for them helps us
to create the country we have dreamed of.
I love Colombia and now we have a chance
to give something back to this country.
That's exactly what we do.
That day, I decided I do not
care how Pablo earns his money.
Just how he uses them.
Come in.
Virginia, how beautiful you are.
Thanks sweetie. Hope it tastes.
- Miss Virginia.
- A pleasure.
Do you know all these people?
I like your laugh.
It's the same on TV.
You're so relaxed on television.
How do you manage it?
- Do you think I'd do it?
- There are little tricks.
- Are you looking for my job?
- No I am not.
Are you married?
- Not of your own will.
- What does he do?
He is a plastic surgeon. We have separated,
but he does not want to write on the papers.
Does not he want you to marry you?
No, he does not want to marry
one of his teenage girlfriends.
It can be resolved.
Are you going to talk to him?
I do not like to hang
out with married women.
Next time we go out,
you're not his wife.
- Not?
- Not.
- Will I be his widow?
- God, who are you looking for?
Now we take that damn! Take him out!
- Everyone in their places.
- Virginia!
Your lawyer just called.
Your ex wrote on the divorce papers.
We are live about three, two...
To celebrate my freedom
Pablo takes me to a paradise
island that only he knows.
If you're going to cry over a man, it's
better to cry in a private plane than a bus.
- Where are you going?
- They are waiting.
- Do I look good?
- You look perfect.
How is the situation, the boss?
If you tell your secrets,
I'll tell you, okay?
Our trip is a cover for a
meeting with drug smugglers.
Gentlemen, Virginia Vallejo.
Virginia, how are you? When
did you get here? -Today.
Pablo presents me for his
colleagues in the cartel.
He shows me like a trophy.
And I know they are
there to evaluate me.
They are the foundation of a new
social class: Drug Millionaires.
And I'm the only journalist with
access to their first meeting.
Thanks. I'll get something to drink.
Stay nearby, Virginia.
These men can not be trusted.
The worst thing I had done
before was to double-park.
But the truth is that I
had never felt safer.
Our priorities are marked,
it has not changed.
That evening they shared the
United States between themselves.
Florida to the Medellin cartel.
New York to Calikartellen.
The independent people send
their shipment to Pablo.
They know that no one dares to
steal a single gram from him.
Seeing him in his natural
environment is addictive.
Thanks to these men, it will snow
cocaine in the United States.
Honey, did you see that?
Guys, are you completely damn crazy?
What the hell are you doing?
Back to the car, for the fan!
Stay away!
We get stuck in traffic on highway
75 in the south from Temple.
Holy shit!
What are you doing?
Are you completely damn crazy?
I almost killed you!
They were called for the saints, for they
performed the miracle of multiplication.
Make the mat.
One kilo is worth $
7,000 here in Colombia.
In the United States they mix it with
milk sugar and it will be three kilos
which is worth 150,000 there.
Is not that a miracle?
- Oh my God!
- Jim, stay!
From the White House:
President and Mrs Ronald Reagan.
A message about drugs.
Despite our efforts, illegal cocaine
enters the country at alarming levels.
It is particularly harmful to the youth,
what the future is dependent upon.
So tonight, from our family to you.
From our home to you.
Thank you for joining us.
America has achieved so
much in recent years...
Welcome, Agent Shepard.
The president is glad to have you with us.
This is Mr. Velarde, representative
of the Colombian government.
The president is concerned
about the latest report.
Cocaine is no longer the drug for the
cream, it has reached the middle class.
- You know what it means.
- It comes unchecked in the country.
80% come from Colombia.
We are working to re-enable
an old bilateral agreement.
Extradition Agreement. We arrest the
longs, so you can prosecute them here.
They do not fear the judges in Colombia.
Either they mutilate or kill them.
- But they fear your legal system.
- Is there a legal basis for this?
The cocaine is produced in my
country, but it is taken here.
The crime is being finalized
in the United States.
I have brought a draft.
The President knows your background.
He wants you to monitor the entire process.
The president is coming soon. We hope
to implement this within a few days.
Do not take the dreams from a child's
heart and replace them with nightmares.
It's high time for us in America to
get up and replace these dreams.
What are we, little children?
Do not we have a judge here?
No mother sends her children to
the neighbor to be punished.
What do the lawyers say? Is that legal?
Can it be appealed?
- Yes, it can be appealed.
- We have to knock it out.
The deal is a threat to all of us.
Every one of you, every one of us.
The struggle must be done
from within the institutions.
- From Congress?
- That's the only way. Pay them.
Conservative and liberal,
everyone likes the good of life.
Look at me, Pablo.
The ramp is bad for the business.
Whatever they are looking for in your
home, they find in everyone else's.
Listen to us, please.
They come after you.
Politics is damn crap.
No, my brother, that's the opposite. If you
reach the congress you will be respected.
Why? That's why you're one of them.
Do you know how much it costs to apply to
the Cabinet of Government in Colombia?
10 million pesos.
And becoming a senator costs
between 100 and 120 million pesos.
1500 million pesos, more or
less, to become president.
Tell me who can spend
so much money?
And a farmer? Anyone
from the working class?
Politics is about money here.
Democracy is about money here.
We have a lot of money.
You, Garza, what's so fun?
You should listen to yourself, Pablito.
You already sound like a politician.
Sir, we have a meeting with the candidate.
Are they armed?
Of course, they are my bodyguards.
- Sorry, but they can not come in.
- Listen to me.
They have a donation to the campaign.
If they do not come in, the
donation will not come in either.
Ask your candidate if
that's what he wants.
Take off
A moment.
The cartel bet on both horses.
Why bet on a candidate
when you can bet on both?
That way, no matter
who wins, they win.
Their aircraft launches
candidates during the day...
and fly to the US at night.
And what do they get in exchange?
You defend the Supreme Court's dispute
regarding the extradition agreement.
It will be good for all of us, Mr.
The gentlemen want to donate 25 million
pesos to the campaign in Antioquia.
The people call donations from
the kings for "hot money".
You can leave the bag on the floor.
Someone will pick it up later.
Therefore they burn one.
How far will you go, Pablo?
We have it good. Is not that enough?
My love, with Congress
I can help people...
Help your family first.
You have money, Pablo. You have us.
What else do you want?
I want respect.
- Respect?
- Yes, I want respect.
I want my son to be proud of me.
Is it so hard to understand?
Then he must meet you, Pablo.
Juan Pablo, my boy, go to the living room.
Is there nothing on television?
God, who bought
that car for him?
Victoria, my love, do not you want
to be the country's first lady?
I would be happy to be
your only lady, Pablo.
Goodbye, no, no. She helps me
with my political campaign.
- I also want respect.
- I respect you.
No, the difference is that
your respect is enough for me.
- I respect you.
- No you do not.
I'll prove it.
What do you want me to do? Tell me.
The one who sighed from television.
Finish her
I promise it's over between us now.
Now, honey.
Come here.
I promise you.
I promise you. It's over.
So yes, give me a big smile. Yes.
The style disappeared with the jeans.
What a shame.
We want a country like a mother
share their riches between their children,
but always take care of the weakest.
We want a country like a mother
defending its children from
outside influence undoubtedly.
Hard but understanding.
Long live Colombian mothers
and our motherland.
They will cry tears of blood on the
day that the first son is handed out.
Thanks. Thanks.
We will stay in Antioquia
to follow the election day.
At present, most votes have been counted.
For Alternative Popular,
Movimiento de Renevacin Liberal
has Pablo Escobar Gaviria been
elected to represent Medellin.
For Colombia...
Senator Escobar denied access on
the first day of the congress.
Why? Therefore he smuggles 40 tons of
cocaine a year into the United States?
Excuse me, sir, but tie is required
to get access to the house.
Take my! Take me, Pablo!
So it's in my country.
Why do you rot through my bag?
There you will not find
any pictures of my lover.
- What's that?
- It's a surprise to you.
Pablo, take the money out
of my bag on the moments!
You're not going to put me in danger.
I have nothing to do with your business.
It's a gift to you, Virginia.
Enjoy it.
- Is it a gift to me?
- Yes.
But, Pablo, that's a lot of money!
"I know, but do not worry about it."
The US government does not care how
much money you spend in the country.
So you can declare it
when we get to customs.
But it's too much, it does
not even fit into the bag.
That's the problem. We have to take out the
clothes, you can buy new clothes there.
Remove them Remove them
But you have to spend everything.
You can not bring home money.
Hello, I've been waiting all the
time for hearing the words.
You wonderful man!
The Colombian people do not
look at me, but on my clothes.
Pablo is aware of this and
takes care of all my needs.
This is called cocaine paste.
The poor mix it with gas
and call it "bazook".
It's crazy about the brain. Nothing is
worse than that, do you understand?
When treated, it turns
into a white powder,
but it's the same crap.
We're working on this, okay?
But we do not take it here.
Have you heard of Nancy Reagan?
Not? She is a very important lady.
She says that if anyone offers
you this, you should say no.
You're going to listen to her and Dad.
If anybody offers you this, thank you no.
Okay? Understood?
Good, my boy.
- Hi, how can I help you?
- Hello. 88, thanks.
- Miss Vallejo?
- Yes?
- Do I know you?
- Do you have any plans?
Can I talk to you?
Do you lack self-confidence, Agent Shepard?
- Give me two hours?
- Sure.
- I saw your interview with Mr. Escobar.
- Thousands of people saw it.
What can you tell him about?
What a dissapointment. You are not interested
in me. You are interested in Pablo.
I'm a married man.
Do you know how he earns his money?
- What does your embassy say?
- No good.
Mr Escobar is an elected
representative of the government.
I do not think the DEA has the legal
right to embark on Colombian politics.
The drugs produced in your country
reach me and it worries us.
No. No.
Your government only cares for the
money that leaves the country.
They have no problem
with the Italian mafia
because their assets remain in the country.
Knark money is different. They disappear.
It worries you.
What did he say? Pablo?
What did he say when you
told me to meet me?
He said that the United States
should pay off its debts.
You are together.
How dare you say it?
- Why do not you ask your friends at the CIA?
- I will.
You know what?
I would have liked a drink...
even without the tray.
He had to travel to Bogota.
Congress is gathered for a meeting.
They want to cancel his appointment.
They may not do that.
The damn justice minister
is looking after us.
He requested the review.
Things start tracking
except control, Virginia.
The whole country follows us.
We are in the spotlight.
It's a shame!
These men, who became
unexplained rich in one night,
has reached this holy institution
with its shady business.
Their presence is an
insult to every colombian.
Congressman Escobar.
It must have been hard to work
together with your wealth...
and go from owning a couple
of properties in Medellin
to earn more than two billion
dollars in less than two years.
Mr President, Members of Congress.
Apparently, the Minister of Justice does
not believe a man of simple background
can, through hard work, reach a higher
social position or a seat in this room.
You may have to question
your own presence.
Because you do not believe in
the justice that you represent.
You want to see another country's
legal system check our compatriots.
So you do not deserve your position.
You should leave.
You have lied by claiming that my
money is linked to drug smuggling.
Therefore, I give you 24 hours to provide
concrete evidence of your charges.
It is rather you should explain
The origin of the money
that funded your campaign.
Mr President.
Mr President.
I will present evidence, to
this room, on the amount
which you and some others have
received from some people.
Yes, unlike you,
concrete evidence.
When, where and how much.
Evidence. Thank you very
much, Mr President.
Resign! Resign!
Congressional Escobar has
information on how drug smugglers work.
It is surprising by a humble and
hard working man, as he is.
Pablo, resign.
Go away before you get kicked out.
I want my son to see
me there, Victoria.
You do not want your son to see what the
whole country was seeing today, Pablo.
The men who applauded and
laughed have a lot to hide.
The President supported the
Justice Minister in public.
Therefore he also has a lot to hide.
Do you intend to accuse the
president of the whole country?
Pablo, you're a drug smuggler.
Yes, and those fucking
get up when I call.
They came to my shows and
received every penny I gave them.
- The damn pig!
- You promised that everything would be fine.
- Everything is as it should.
- I am pregnant.
My Beloved...
My Beloved.
"I do not want our child to suffer.
He will not suffer."
Promise me that the child
does not have to suffer.
Lie me, otherwise I will not feed it.
Yes? Hello? Who is this?
Fucking horrors! The damn horns!
I do not want a single newspaper
to reach the streets.
I pay 500 pesos per copy,
do you understand me?
Spread the word in the slum. Take off
Fucking horrons
Calm down, Pablo.
Those fuckers.
El Espectador writes an article
about sins from Pablo's youth
and supports the minister's accusations.
Come on, hurry up!
His criminal records
include the inclusion
in the murder of two police in Leticia.
Goodbye, political career.
Do not you think you're killing me?
Melt me then!
The villagers who should clean
Pablo's past did not do their job.
He spent the money on women who
will not mourn his passing away.
Do you intend to kill me or not?
Kill me then!
- Shut up!
- Beat him, your coward!
Our Father in heaven, let
your name be sanctified!
Help him, damn fighters.
Because he is such an important
minister, I have three options for him.
I will describe them and you will
tell me what options you prefer.
If you prefer not to know...
I'll do it anyway.
He's a minister, Pablo.
You can not kill a minister.
Not? Who says that? You?
It's time to kill people so
they learn to respect us.
Here's how we do it. Every one
of us deposits ten million pesos
so we all are involved. Either are
all innocent or so are all guilty.
Should we create a company
to kill a minister?
In Cali we do not want to mix blood
with business. It complicates things.
Things are already complicated.
Have you not noticed it in Cali?
You can not win half in war.
There are no semi-winners and semi-losers.
You have to give everything.
If Cali does not like blood then you
should not insult me in my house.
Pablo, he did not mean to insult you.
"Then I did not mean to warn him."
Listen up.
Lara will not be in the
country for a long time.
He is sent somewhere as ambassador.
Then you can kill him.
I was insulted by a minister,
not an ambassador.
Do you want to hear the plans?
Have they made a decision or what?
They think they have it.
Here you are.
What are we celebrating?
That everything is going to change.
I want you to always carry it with you.
- Oh, Pablo.
- Open it. Open it.
Open it.
Is... Is this a joke?
It's no joke. Things will be
very complicated, Virginia.
I do not need a gun, Pablo.
Virginia, you have to understand what
happens the day they come after you.
First of all, they wear you the
dress you wear. What is...
- Thierry Mugler.
- That.
They wear it to your feet and
hold you down to the ground
while many soldiers are
fighting to rape you.
They pick them up from the
jungle, just for you.
They take you one after another
until your skin is shabby.
Then they break the
bottles and push them.
They push in mixers and hair dryers...
and turn them on inside you.
And when you think you're going to
faint, they wake you up with cold water,
so that you are awake for
the next group of soldiers.
Then they leave you to bleed to
death from internal injuries.
That's why it's the best gift
I can give you. Take it.
If three of them come against you,
knock out the first, the closest one.
If they are four or more...
Yes, then it's best that you take suicide.
I want to go now.
- Do not Cry.
- I want to go now.
Okay, I'm sure you're coming home.
The drug smugglers give
the boys from the slum
the education that the
government does not offer them.
They do not mind dying if their
mothers get 20,000 pesos.
Because they know it's more
than they can earn a lifetime.
To be a good sicario you must be
more than just preparing to kill.
You must be prepared to die.
The motorcycle!
Closer! Closer!
Hello, Colombia is full of geniuses
and intelligent people like you.
Juan, Carlos Andrs, thank you very much.
And now on to Cartegena de Indias
where they celebrate one of
the country's biggest events.
No. We just got an update to...
Oh my God.
To Justice Minister
Rodrigo Lara Bonilla
has been assassinated in Bogota
for just a few minutes late.
In a statement, President
Belisario Betancur has
called the murder of a
crime against humanity...
- What is it?
- And called for exemption.
We will return with more information once
we have collected more facts. Thanks.
The government is in war with the mafia.
President Betancur promises to
accept the extradition agreement.
The company moves.
Where the money is there.
PANAMA 29 MAY 1984
The cartel proposes a negotiation
with the government.
They send a former president
to hear Pablo's proposal.
Which currently controls about
80% of the world's traffic.
We offer to move home our foreign
assets to strengthen the economy
and pay the country's debts as currently
estimated to be $ 12 billion.
In exchange for this we request pardon
and the assurance that
under no circumstances
shall we be handed over to another country
for any illegal activities that
have taken place before this date.
You know it's hard-navigated after
what happened to the minister.
Yes, we were disturbed by the news.
Listen carefully before continuing.
Former President Michelsen
and I are not here.
The country's president has
not approved this meeting.
- This does not happen. Have you understood?
- A suitable clarification.
In the same way as my clients
sitting at this table,
represents a third party,
rather than themselves.
The extradition agreement
is not negotiable.
We can not guarantee anything but
our North American partners.
Your North American
partners, who needs them?
This question concerns us Colombians.
Oh my God...
You need to cancel the extradition
agreement. Repeat it.
Hello to your president, as
you do not represent here.
Well, what's the other option? War.
And we all know what war means.
The one who has the most money
is victorious. And look at us.
Who of us has more money?
Pablo could not keep his promise.
His daughter is born outside Colombia.
He keeps those who drive him out
of the country responsible.
The editor of the newspaper who
published his past is being murdered.
You do not carry the gift I gave you.
Where is it?
I should have enjoyed when I
saw your boys down there.
No, my boys are not down there.
Miss Virginia.
So many agencies follow you that it's
impossible to park on your street.
I'm used to men following me.
You meet someone else.
Do not forget to monitor
your conversations.
Do you? Then you've heard the threats.
Once you started killing
politicians, people called me.
They start chainsaws.
They play funeral music.
What happened to the
minister was his own fault.
And what happens to the country is the
mistake of the government, not mine.
Now the gringos want to hand me
out, so we have to stop the deal.
And those of us who are likely to
be handed out will send a message
to the government, to the
judges and to the journalists.
It will be fine.
- Pablo, you lose the grip.
- Why?
You do not listen to anyone.
You think you can take
someone on your own.
You are heading for suicide.
You're coming with me.
You'll be my life poet.
The one who will tell my story.
To whom? There will be
no one who can hear it.
Yes, but I can not let you in.
No, I'm sorry.
I have received my orders.
No wait. Take it away.
You are at the wrong address.
- Judge Carlos Alberto Alarcn?
- That's me.
This is for you.
It is from Don Pablo Escobar Gaviria.
What is it? For God's sake, help me!
Pablo makes hot for an art form.
Help me! Oh my God!
No no no!
Just a billion pesos! Only!
The horns insult us.
No no. No.
Here's how we do. Divide weapons
into the slum. The more the merrier.
2000 weapons, 3000
weapons, I do not care.
Prisa the boss!
For every death, I pay $ 2,000!
And for each inspector
I pay $ 5,000
For each commissioner
I pay 10,000 dollars.
For every police intent,
I pay 20,000 dollars.
For each army maiden
I pay $ 50,000.
It's easy to get paid. They just have
to bring the tiles from the dead men.
We're going to kill you, your damn!
We will cut your face.
We'll wipe it off!
We will disguise you and your whole family!
The team's long arm strikes
hard against the slum.
Ten executions for each dead police.
They see all teenage
boys as future sicarios.
I do not beg you. I command you.
I give you 24 hours
to do as I say
Otherwise, I'll kill your mother,
your dad, your grandmother.
Soon everyone will die, whether
killed by Pablo or his enemies
persecute me too.
Kill, soldier, kill!
Death for God forgives!
The government creates a special
force to take care of my boyfriend.
We have 500 men here.
Everyone comes from Bogota.
Their only task is to
catch Pablo Escobar.
We can not recruit anyone
from the neighborhood.
We even ship our own food
so they can not poison us.
Why does DEA consider that
we need your presence?
The extradition agreement
does not work, right?
So if you do not send them, we'll
come down and download them.
With the help of three recipients
we can calculate the signal
within a 180-meter radius.
If any of the relevant information is
found, you will follow the protocol.
Turn on the switch, you will hear a sound that
informs you that the recording is in progress.
Sir! Escobar!
He is in Sector 2, La Victoria.
There is a wireless connection.
DEA set up sophisticated
tracking systems to find Pablo.
Escobar! He eats lunch at El Dorado.
It's a public phone.
- Sector 7, La Estrella.
- It's on the other side of town.
- Eskobar! At the battle, sir.
- Eskobar!
Is he everywhere?
They did not count on the
local people's cleverness.
I saw Pablo on the corner
of Bolivar Avenue.
Listen carefully.
Yesterday at 7th and Independencia.
Nothing lasts forever, Virginia.
We have new partners and
they have requested changes.
And your replacement has
the right contacts.
Who she's fucking is not the
problem, it's who I'm kidding.
It's not about you, Virginia.
We do not care about your privacy here.
They told you to kick me.
No one told me to do anything.
It was an artistic decision.
Is it an artistic decision to
replace me with the cheap horizon?
Say it. Just say it.
It is because of him. Say it.
Tell it!
We do not care what your
lover is working with.
You may care from
now on, your damn.
And you should fit yourself!
I'll ask Pablo to blow your house
with you and your family in it!
And it will also be
an artistic decision!
What is wrong with men?
Has not anyone learned that if you want
to meet a woman, do you call her first?
Do not show your tray. I will go with you.
That's good news then?
Wonderful news.
TV stations are like men.
Sometimes you have to leave
them to be appreciated.
So what's your plan?
I have an offer from a channel in Florida.
Maybe I guess.
Start a new life.
But I would need a man.
Are you still married, Agent Shepard?
Before you've loved a
Colombian woman...
It all changes.
Please do not put my life
in danger, Virginia.
Pablo needs no excuse
to kill a DEA agent.
He draws you down in the fall.
You know, right?
Virginia, you were fired by the TV station.
You have no offers.
Nobody will hire you.
Nobody will hire you. Neither
here, in Miami, or anywhere else.
You are labeled for life.
So you have to find something else to do.
And you're not 20 years anymore.
Your legs are not as beautiful
anymore, or your smile.
- What do you suggest?
- Help us.
- In exchange for what?
- Protection.
Protection? There is no such thing.
Pablo finds me wherever I am.
Do you think he does not scare me?
Do you think all threats, all death and
smell of burned meat do not affect me?
Help us find him.
You know what?
The TV channels just want to
have little girls nowadays.
They do not appreciate
a woman's experience.
Is that what Pablo values with you?
Just. And my loyalty.
The bill is paid.
Wait here.
No no no. Listen to me.
- What does that gringon want?
- What they all want: to catch you.
- The horun. Is he in Medellin?
- Are you following me?
No, I do not follow you, but
do you have something to hide?
Pablo, do not follow me and
do not call me anymore, okay?
You ruin my life!
Did you know I got
fired because of you?
People avoid me like the plague.
No one dares to be near me.
- Gringon had no problem with it.
- Stop talking about him and listen!
Stay away from me, I beg you!
Keep away!
You just say that because you know
they're recording the conversation.
It's over between us!
Do you hear it? It's over!
If anybody else listen,
please record this!
I have nothing to do with the
psychopathic killer on the thread!
I'll call you. I'll call you.
That horan is really angry.
- Do you like birds?
- Yes, they represent freedom.
Pablo's lover:
Teenage girls from poor areas
which have been handed over by their
families for a few thousand pesos.
It's not easy to sleep with Colombia's
most sought after man and keep it secret.
Believe me, I know.
It's only necessary that one
speaks for the team to find him.
Helicopters! Helicopters!
Oh my God!
Come on, Pelao! Hurry up!
The birds! Release the birds!
I have to get on Pablo.
Our friends in Miami are out of control.
The roads collapse and the
Calikartel takes over our territory.
We can not afford this war of
business sinar, do you understand?
No, no, no, your horror.
I do not want you to kill them.
They are our contact up there.
I just want you to find Pablo.
Monje's death led to the fall
of the cartel's economic wing.
Garza's death led to the fall
of the cartel's strong arm.
Pablo loses her strong men.
From this moment he can only fly.
For several years we have been blessed for
peace, but the only answer we have received
has been the systematic pursuit of
our families and organizations.
Therefore, I hereby proclaim full war against
the government and the establishment.
If they force me to flee,
I'll force them to flee with.
Terrorism is the atomic bomb of the poor.
We do not use lead anymore.
No, nowadays we use dynamite.
And how do we know that you're
really Pablo Escobar Gaviria
and not someone pretending to be him.
It is easy. I prove it by
killing you and your family
and blows the radio station.
What do you think? Is it enough?
You are famous in your homeland, Virginia.
What's so appealing about moving
to Miami and hosting a TV show?
I have nothing to prove in Colombia.
But I guess I'm attracted
to the challenge.
The thrill of a new adventure.
In addition, there are very attractive
men in this part of the world.
Tell Virginia, what program did
you host last in Colombia?
Can we have a look at your passport?
Do you carry money?
My ex is not using me
as a smuggler yet.
Oh my God!
- What happened?
- They closed Bogota airport.
- Why?
- I'll call back.
An aircraft from Avianca
exploded in the air.
After the first bombs, the people asked the
government to fight hard against Pablo.
Look at the little thing.
This one is also nice.
I like this too.
They are beautiful.
What are you dear? These...
Do you like it? Yes?
After a dozen bombs, the people are asking
the government to give Pablo what he wants.
Hurry up!
In the car, the boss. Hurry up!
Pablo! Pablo, come on! Pablo!
There was a Newell in my grade class.
Do you think it could be him?
- What is it?
- A list of victims of Aviancaflyget.
107 people aboard.
They just sent the list.
Robin Newell and Catherine Gilmore.
35 and 32 years respectively. Married.
Sir? Sir, wait.
There were two Americans aboard
Aviancaflyget. Then listen to me:
Directive 12.333 allows
military operations abroad
to ensure the safety
of US citizens.
Agent Shepard, you already know Mr.
He is also responsible for the negotiation
of the handover of Pablo Escobar.
This is Mr. Castro.
He is Mr. Escobar's legal representative.
He has agreed to surrender
to the authorities.
In exchange for what?
By terminating the extradition agreement, our
judges and counselors have shown the outside world
a lesson in sovereignty,
independence and patriotism.
After many years of persecution...
19 JUNE, 1991
Pablo has one final requirement
for his surrender.
He supplies the prison.
It's very beautiful, right?
He surrenders the land to the
municipality through a bulge
so the prison can be built there.
Hey, everybody's here except the president.
He did not have time.
Problem with scheduling.
When the threat of extradition
is no longer over him
Pablo needs a safe place to
reorganize his business.
For peace in Colombia.
And the government offers it.
The roads through Conception and
Norman Key are once again open.
The road through Fany is almost up to 100%.
We have 250 active aircraft and
30 pipelines in Santamarca.
Have you contacted the Deputy Chief
of the Civil Aviation Authority?
Talk to him, he's just.
Otherwise you will bring him here.
For all who are still on the outside...
No one moves a single gram
without my knowledge.
They have to pay the
taxes they owe me.
- It's 20%.
- 20%?
They will not like it, Pablo.
The calico chart asks for 5%.
Everybody will turn to them.
How do you know that?
Have you talked to them?
- What are you saying, Pablo?
- No, no, no, listen to me.
If you prefer the fits from
Cali, try your luck there.
I created the roads. I paid for
the reason you are working on.
Make sure that the person who has
not paid with cash or property
may pay with his life.
Do you hear what I say?
- Did you hear me?
- Yes, sir.
What's next?
Football stars from the domestic league
come and play with the smugglers.
For God's sake, my brother!
And the match is not over
until the boss wins.
Gentlemen! Social workers have arrived!
Go on, come on. Rides.
Sunday is reserved for the family.
My Beloved!
How are you?
Why do not you live with us, Dad?
Because I work from here, Princess.
My princess.
This is my castle.
Do you see the tower over there?
They are my towers.
I am a king and a
king has castles.
And that's why you're a princess,
because you're my daughter.
But there are guards.
"Of course there are guards."
They are here to protect me.
Mom says you're not allowed to move
freely and she's crying all the time.
What do you mean that I
can not move freely?
- Who says that?
- Mom.
No, my dear. This is my castle.
I can come and go whenever I want to.
Do you want to see?
Do you want to go out and buy ice cream?
Where is that place
The big park at the church.
The one you like.
Let's go. Let's go.
How much do you eat for lunch? Oh my God.
Do not wait for us.
Manuela and I will go buy ice cream.
Pablito still has his humor.
- Hello Hello.
- The boss.
Who decides in this castle?
Who is the boss here?
- You, the boss.
- I like to hear that. Open the door.
Open the door!
Open it.
The king and the princess are going to
buy ice cream. What taste do you want?
- Strawberry flavor!
- The princess wants strawberry flavor.
If you dare stop us, the
king will take your heads.
Open the door. Open the door.
Look, our wagon is waiting for us.
How nice. Give me the keys, mate.
The king wants the car keys.
Give me the keys, mate.
Do not touch a fena! Slippery!
I forgot to tell you, my princess...
that I made sure they picked up the
world's best strawberry ice cream.
Strawberry ice cream with ice from the north
pole made exclusively for my daughter,
my princess, the world's best ice cream
- To you?
- Really?
Have you heard of the strawberry
iceberg in the north pole?
I have not only been
banned by all media.
My advertising contracts are also broken.
It forces me to sell my
home to pay off my debts.
Be careful with it!
What you just moved with your foot is
an expensive piece of Indonesian art.
I do not ask you to use your head.
It's enough if you use your hands.
I rent an apartment at El Nogal,
where a former president lives.
I hope her bodyguards
will keep an eye on me.
How are you guys, boys?
Just great. Thanks.
And I'm getting away from the phone threat.
All done, ma'am.
Was not it a new number?
But not very long.
- Thankfully!
- Hello.
Nice hotel.
- How's our book?
- Which book?
- Who wants to read a book about you?
- I have my admirers.
Your admirers can not read.
They are too young.
True. It's one of their virtues.
Did you know I left a meeting to meet you?
So what do you want?
I need to know if I'm in safety.
How would I know that?
Nobody is sure in this country.
Can I feel safe from you?
Yes, no! No one would kill his own lifeist.
Do not worry.
You can breathe out.
What else?
Oh, Pablo.
You do not know how terrible
my life has become.
My phone never stops calling.
Every day there are new threats.
You have an army that protects
you, but who protects me?
- What's happening with me?
- What should I do?
You must tell everyone that
we are not together anymore.
You're hurting me.
After all I've done for you?
What have you done to me? Nothing!
I already had a career when I met you.
Do not forget it.
And I'm the only woman who has loved you
without expecting anything in exchange.
- And that includes your wife.
- No no no.
Do not dare to compare you with my wife.
Do not even mention the name Victoria.
She was by my side when I
did not have a single peso.
Would you have looked at me without
airplanes, travel and shopping in New York?
Tell me, would you?
I do not think so.
I'm outlawed, Pablo.
My career is over thanks to you.
No one wants to hire me, thanks to you!
- So you have to help me!
- What do you need?
Tell me.
What do you need, Virginia?
$ 80,000, to travel to Europe.
$ 80,000, that's a lot of money.
Please, 80,000 dollars.
I do not have such money.
I do not have it.
And you're my living character,
you have to stay here.
I've seen things, Pablo.
I have seen things.
- While we were together.
- What have you seen?
Things about many people involved.
If I wanted to talk...
If you what?
- No no no!
- I did not expect that from you.
Goodbye, that was not what I meant.
Pablo, I'd never let you down.
I'm just desperate.
I do not know what I'm saying anymore.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
Come here. Give me a hug.
Do not worry. I take care of you.
I will protect you and make
sure you live a long life.
But do you know what?
I have bad news for you.
Nobody will approach you
for fear of killing them.
So your life will be full of crap!
What a clown.
You, Pablo, it starts to
go hard to out there.
The deals are not going well.
No, they are not good.
My lord
Just one question. A question.
- The way through Fany moves 10 kilos a month?
- Yes.
And you pay me what? 50000?
Yes, but Pablo, the way through
Fany failed twice this month.
We lost two 600 kilos of packages.
We have to pay the owners,
hire lawyers to the pilots.
But the deal was for 250, right?
I gave you that way.
Listen to me, mate. 250 is impossible.
It is impossible. I swear.
Trust us.
We are your partners, your horizons.
We have collaborated late in the beginning.
Stop fucking with us.
But we are not in the same seat.
I'm stuck here and you're free.
We know, Pablo.
Who do you think we are?
But you have to pay the tax so...
You have to.
Either do you pay, or
I double the cost.
We have to discuss the matter
with the other families.
Listen, Pablo. The market has changed.
Things are not as they were before.
50,000 should be
enough, it's simple.
"50,000 should be
enough, that's simple."
So you come here...
and sitting at my table dressed
in gold and expensive clothes?
"You get rich out there while I'm stuck.
No, no, no, Pablo."
And you are flirting with
people from the Calikartelle.
In addition, you do not want to pay me.
Pablo, what's up?
No, Pablo, it's not.
What are you doing?
Let me go! Let me go!
Do not complain. You're already dead.
This is just a formality.
Do it.
- Pablo, do not kill me like this!
- You are men, your frogs!
- Just push me!
- Your families can put together again.
Show gratitude, your freaks.
Give me your arm
The murder of La Catedral reached the media
who described the
government as accomplice.
Its credibility is at stake.
They decide to move Pablo
to a military prison.
21 JULY, 1992
Forward, Forward!
Left flank, keep your eyes open!
The prison was surrounded
by electric fence.
But the power switch was in Pablo's room.
Our people are turning to us, the boss.
Apparently, they are thinking:
"If he did so to Santoro and
Hermosilla, what is he doing to us?"
Damn horrors
It fly like wild chicken
directly to Cali.
Do you think it was a mistake?
It was indeed.
Pablo's former allies
cooperate with the government
in exchange for their criminal
records being emptied.
Dozens of smugglers who are willing
to fight him are released.
To the airport.
My son, say goodbye.
It's not a country, but a mass grave.
Hello? Who are you? What
the hell do you want?
Pablo's enemies, members of rival
cartels and paramilitary groups,
together with government troops
supported by DEA and CIA
creates history's most
dangerous hunting team.
"For cooperation with Pablo Escobar."
The bodies of Pablo's lawyers,
torpedos, accountants and family
is discovered scattered
throughout Medellin.
Everyone who has stood him
close becomes a target.
Good morning, can I serve you?
Good morning.
These belonged to European royalty.
And these earrings...
if you can afford a good price,
there's more where they came from.
Let me see.
- Do not open the door.
- Do you know him?
Call the police. Call the police.
- Call the police.
- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
- I do not want any problems.
Let me in!
Let me in!
Let me in!
I'll be a star.
Victoria, did you hear? Manuela will
be the star in a Christmas piece.
Are you coming to see?
Yes I will.
Mom sewed a shining suit for me.
You're sure to be really crazy about it.
What is it, Victoria?
Do not cry, do not cry.
- She is not in the play.
- What?
Why not?
The other children's parents opposed.
They had a meeting.
- She does not know anything yet.
- Why?
Because they fear that your enemies
will blow the school, therefore.
- They are scared.
- Horrons.
Damn horrors
Give me your hand.
I want you to sit on a flight with
the children and leave the country.
It's getting too
dangerous for you here.
You can not stay here. You can not.
Once you've left the country,
I can take care of things.
You did not hold your promise, Pablo.
You promised me everything would be fine.
That my children would live normal lives.
Is this a normal life for you?
There's a woman outside.
She wants to talk to you.
- What is her name?
- She got angry when I asked.
She says she is famous.
He has to get his family out of the
country. They can not stay here.
They come to them in the United States,
so they have to travel to Europe.
As soon as they are safe,
he can destroy everything.
So you must not let them get away.
As long as they are here,
he is busy protecting them.
You have to trust me.
They must not leave the country.
His weak point is the family.
He does not care about anything else.
- And you know it from your own experience?
- No... You have no idea.
We can not do it.
The prosecutor helps
them out of the country.
They have an agreement. When they are
free, Pablo Escobar will surrender.
Break the deal. Press
the German Chancellor.
They land in Cologne in two hours.
They must not leave the planet.
- They are entitled to travel to Germany.
- Take them back.
The family is locked.
They must be alive and at home.
Put them somewhere
and then we'll wait.
Pablo will contact them.
When they happen, we get ready.
Pablo Escobar Gaviria's family met by
security forces in Bogota this morning
after being denied entry to Germany.
His wife and children were forced to
spend the night at Cologne Airport
and returned to Colombia with
regular flights in the morning.
The horrors have taken
my family hostage!
As the family requested on arrival.
The army has been blocked by the apartment
house in which they are located.
The intervention is a collaboration
between Fiscala and the Spaniard Group.
Juan Pablo, can you turn it off?
Do you need anything more?
No. Thanks.
- Thanks so much.
- It was nothing.
2 DECEMBER, 1993
I should have asked if
anyone wanted something.
- Hello?
- Conversation!
Victoria, what happened?
Is it all good?
They treated us well.
Do not worry.
You have to be careful, okay?
How are they? How are you?
How does Manuela feel?
How is Manuela doing?
She's fine, baby.
We can not stop thinking about you, Pablo.
We miss you so much.
Are they protecting you when you touch?
Are you staying hostage?
There is an army outside.
Puppy Dog, come in.
The man is talking on the phone.
La Amrica sector.
We are on our way, sir.
Ask the prosecutor to free you.
Yes, the prosecutor.
Only I take care of my
family, nobody else, okay?
Does anyone listen?
Two minutes, the boss.
I know you're out there listening.
You hide yourself like a bunch of fittors.
Major and his kicks and
all the damn gringos
and the CIA and that bastard from DEA.
I've already let you live once,
I do not make it another.
Listen carefully, your freaks, everyone.
I will kill you and your
children and your wives
and I'm saving a bullet to
put your forehead on you
and you will bleed until you die!
Do you hear what I say?
Do you hear me, your damn horrors?
- Do not call this anymore. The police are...
- Victoria, do not tell me what to do.
No, do not tell me what to do.
Nobody asked you.
Yes, keep Manuela close by.
- Horrons.
- The fuckers.
- Stay calm, boss.
- The fuckers.
Check it out.
The moment before something is going
to happen is always the best.
As when you wait for the man you
love, or when you open a gift.
The fish from the Colombian coast
say that the wait means the most.
When you feel the sea
breeze against the face.
Sell on your lips.
The thought of the little
fisherman approaching the bite.
It wants to nap, but thinks
about the situation.
But if the beast is sufficiently attractive
Finally, the fish comes to sleep.
Even though it knows
there's a hook inside.
The pacifiers.
How is the most beautiful star in the sky?
Mom says I can not
join in the play.
Mom is wrong. She says it because
she wants it to be a surprise.
Do not tell her I said so.
I've found a signal. Somewhere in
Los Olivos, between 80 and 90th.
Los Olivos, 80 and 90th.
To Los Olivos!
- Is your dress ready?
- It's so shiny, daddy.
Everything will be much better
from now on. Just wait.
Just wait, baby.
Correction: 70 and 80.
Are you coming to see?
Yes I will. Obvious.
Will they allow it?
The? Of course, they will allow it.
- Do you know why?
- Because you are the king?
Yes, I am the king.
72 and 80th. 74 and 80th.
- 74 and 80th.
- He's on the left!
50 meters! Turn here!
Sweetheart, give the phone to Juan Pablo.
- I saw him!
- We got him!
Inform the president!
The boss, two minutes.
"You are now the man in the house, my son."
You have to take care of your mom
and Manuela, do you understand me?
- Do you understand me?
- Okay.
I have some notes that I want you to
give to the press. Write it down.
The prosecutor agreed to let you leave
the country but did not keep his word
for they gave pressure
to my enemies.
Tell us that Pablo Escobar would give
up when his family was in safety,
but they did not hold their word and now
they are responsible for the consequences.
Everything from this point is their fault.
Okay? Repeat what I told you.
No no no!
No, that's not what I said, Juan Pablo.
I said they are responsible for everything
and they must take the consequences.
- Do you understand me?
- Okay, Daddy. I put on now.
Tell it! You have to memorize it!
If people do not like you, you
have to force them to respect you!
And if they do not respect you,
they must force them to fear you!
Do you understand?
Force them to fear you!
Can you hear me?
Long live Colombia!
Long live Colombia!
Long live Colombia!
- Long live Colombia!
- Long live Colombia!
We have just received confirmation
that Pablo Escobar Gaviria
the former leader of the Medellin Cartel
has been killed today by
soldiers from the tension group
in a residential area of Medellin.
Also Carlos Meja Rosales, who
was with Escobar, has been shot.
Are you ready?
I'm waiting for you outside.
Do you still love him?
I love Pablo.
I hate Escobar.
Are you willing to testify
to a federal judge?
He asked me to tell his story.
He did not specify who
I would tell it to.