Low Tide (2019) Movie Script

...was great.
...finally decided to do that.
I am, too.
Fucking go! Let's go! Jump!
Come on! Let's move.
Fucking go!
Come on, let's go! Jump!
Let's fucking go!
Come on! Jump!
You should have scouted
that fucking house better.
Yeah, I know you can't
fucking walk, Smitty.
Jesus Christ!
Shut the fuck up!
Be a fucking man and shut up!
Whoo, nice!
That's not bad.
Stop fucking crying,
Jesus Christ,
are you fucking crying?
It hurts!
you got to shut the fuck up.
- No, it's broken.
- Calm the fuck down!
It's something you got
to deal with, okay?
I don't give a shit.
- Oh, shit!
- Please...
Nice job.
Okay, look. I got, um,
necklace, watch.
That's like $250.
What about you?
Cufflinks and...
Maserati BiTurbo,
royal blue, six cylinder.
you can't trust Italians.
Their shit just falls apart.
All right.
What about Cadillac Cimarron?
Eight grand.
Ooh, where are you
gonna find eight grand, huh?
Smitty, you're alive.
He's a cripple.
I prefer handicapped.
Does it hurt?
Not on 25 milligrams
of oxycodone.
You got any more?
You assholes don't invite me
nowhere unless I'm holding.
Well, yeah, that's
'cause no one likes you.
And here's the pitch.
Ah, you ready
for this game, boys?
And the New York Mets
got the go-ahead run
in the bottom
of the sixth from...
- Let's go Mets!
- That's 20 buckaroos, boys.
What up, Sophia?
Hey, you wanna know
how I broke my leg?
scored on a coast play-to-play
when Wayne Garrett
lined a right.
Damn, she's fine.
I think I'm in love.
- Smitty...
- Well, I mean it.
You can't choose
who you love, Alan.
- Look at these Bennys.
- Gimme!
Gap-wearing bullshit.
Do you hear
this Benny music?
Hey, turn that shit down.
Can't hear you!
Go home, Benny.
My name's not Benny.
You city shits come down here
every summer
in your daddy's car
and blare your pop 100.
God, I've missed it so much.
Yeah. Bon Jovi sucks!
You should kiss my ass
I come down here at all.
If we didn't vacation here
and pay for your...
All right, it's off.
Put it away.
Kent's right there.
The music's off.
Put it away.
All right?
Just turn the game off.
McNamara's on.
Now the one offense.
And it's a deep-left
center field,
it could mean extra bases,
it's going, going, it's gone!
Jeez, your grandfather
never caught a shark...
Yes, he did, asshole.
There aren't even sharks
anywhere near here.
If there were,
the Bennys wouldn't
- flood the beach.
- Let me tell you something,
he caught a baby great white,
eight-feet long.
I'd be lying if I said
he'd caught a grown male.
My dad catches sharks
in his nets sometimes.
And the females
are bigger than the males.
Oh, fun fact, Alan.
Follow-up question,
do sharks have dicks?
Yeah, two dicks.
- Two dicks?
- They're called claspers.
Are you kidding me?
Sharks have two dicks?
And I'm the liar?
Oh, Pisces.
"You are in
for a grand adventure.
"Reserve your energy for the
long journey that lies ahead."
Horoscopes aren't real.
Yeah, you would say that.
'Cause I'm a Capricorn?
'Cause you're an asshole.
Hyundai Pony, black
stick shift, 85 horsepower.
Only five grand.
Only five grand.
Sure, Alan. Just divest
some stock liquidations
and you're good.
Did you see who died?
"Xavier Meyer dead at 91.
"Once the largest land owner
in Ocean County,
"Meyer was the captain of
the Norma K for 31 years..."
The grocery delivery boy
found him.
It's old man Meyer.
Crazy-ass shut-in.
We should go
explore it tonight.
He's a local. He's off-limits.
Plus, he lives in that
shitty log cabin,
there's not gonna be
anything in there,
- I'm not wasting my time.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he lives in a shack,
but he owns
the entire peninsula.
Forest and all, man.
We should fucking do it.
My dad tried to buy it
off of him a decade ago,
the man turned down
$2 million.
He said he wanted
his peace and quiet.
See? Meyer had to
have been fucking loaded.
We gotta do it before Red's
dad buys the entire place
and just turns it
into a bunch of condos
for a bunch of Bennys.
No. We don't even have
an able-bodied lookout.
I think I know somebody.
That'll be $5.
- Thank you.
- Have a good one.
Sold out.
Put the gear inside.
Good boy, Peter.
Hard worker like your daddy.
Trabajo duro
right here, fellas!
Any more porgy?
all headed to the restaurants.
Do me a favor.
Grab a hose and, uh,
help spray these nets.
Take a break first.
Maybe have a cigarette.
- I don't smoke.
- Well you should start.
Then you can bust my balls
and take a break every hour
like these bums.
How do you say
"bum" in Spanish?
I don't speak English...
You want some?
I never tried beer before.
That's not what I asked you.
Dad counts the bottles.
I'll replace them.
- Never mind.
- Wait, uh...
Do you like it?
You will.
I'm going to the boardwalk.
You coming?
No go, kiddo.
You aim better with one eye.
I'm gonna want the brown bear.
Shoot five outta five targets
and you get any large prize.
Check out Blue Shirt.
Hey, Blue Shirt!
Hey, what's up, Blue Shirt?
You talking to me?
You're like 15,
shut the fuck up.
- Okay.
- Ooh!
Hey, she was
a countdown girl anyway.
a countdown girl?
It means
from far away she's a 10.
But as she gets closer...
Nine, eight,
seven, six...
Peter, your turn.
Hey, Red Shirt!
Hi, Red Shirt, how are you?
How's it going?
Little creeps.
You degenerates should go back
under the bridge
where you came from.
You and your stupid haircuts.
Oh, and this shirt is maroon.
Easy now,
kid's colorblind.
She looked like the Hula-Hoop
chick on Cable Access.
Nice tatters.
Man, video can't compare
to the splendor of
a woman's breast in your hand.
Or your mouth.
You know, what's funny is,
Red can get with a girl
whenever he wants to,
he just decides
to hang out with us instead.
Well, I'm the only
one who's actually gotten any.
Oh, yeah?
Unless Peter...
You got some vitamin B?
Peter don't even have
no hair on his nuts yet.
The fuck?
Yeah? You would know.
I saw you staring
at the urinals.
What the fuck! Stop staring at
my brother's balls, you perv!
I wasn't staring.
I just, like, glanced.
- What?
- Yeah, I glanced.
I just glanced at his balls
and then I looked away
from his balls, dude.
Yo, check out Striped Shirt.
Hey, Striped Shirt!
Shut the fuck up.
No chance.
- Bye!
- Bye!
I don't usually do this.
You don't usually
lock yourself
in gondolas with strangers?
No, I just forgot
I don't like heights.
And we're not strangers.
Or maybe we are.
You don't remember me?
You're the peacemaker.
Your crazy friend
with the knife
isn't behind us, is he?
Red didn't
mean it earlier.
He's just got a short temper,
is all.
Hence the nickname Red.
Well, actually he just had
terrible rosacea growing up.
The name just kinda stuck.
And what's a Benny?
Is that just another nickname?
Benny is a tourist.
Summer trippers not from here.
So, it's Bayonne,
Elizabeth, Newark,
New York... Benny.
Well, I'm from Connecticut.
Well, that's even worse.
I haven't been on this thing
since I was a little kid
with my mom.
Must be odd to live
where everyone else vacations.
It's not too bad.
But there's still a few places
you Bennys don't know about.
Oh, that burned.
- You all right?
- Oh.
Walk it off.
Peter, don't worry.
That means it's working.
You're right.
Give me a hit.
You don't have
your ears pierced?
I do. I just don't wear
jewelry that often.
It has to mean something.
So I couldn't interest you
in any of these?
No, I don't want
stolen earrings.
How do you know
they're stolen?
Right. You're just a gang
of artisans and goldsmiths.
Could've cut you a good deal.
...in the middle
of the forest,
and you've just been, like,
attacked by a bear.
And you're, like, paralyzed...
Is that what happened?
And you're trying to,
like, scream, but you can't,
like, you can only
use your eyes, like, "Help".
But I accepted that...
Mary, we gotta get going.
Okay. Yeah.
It's getting late.
Are you guys just gonna
stay down here?
We live down here.
No, we're actually
just going exploring.
You're going exploring? Where?
That peninsula across the bay.
- Where that old man just died?
- That's the one.
Sounds like an adventure.
We should
hang out again.
We should.
- How?
- I wrote down my number.
Hey! Did you draw
this dick too?
I'll call you.
That Mary is cute.
But uppity.
She's all right.
I can't believe
we got my brother so shitfaced.
Are you ready
to go exploring?
Grandma. I just
need you to cut my hair.
Make it even.
Make it even. Even!
Mrs. Smitty,
is your grandson home?
Evening, Cinderella.
Shit, man.
God damn, this is
such a shitty house
for such a rich guy.
Reminds me
of Smitty's trailer.
I thought there'd be silver
wallpaper and porcelain dolls.
You see this little symbol
right here?
These are Cubans. Very pricey.
All right.
I'm gonna go check upstairs.
I'll be right here.
Don't miss me.
- You know I won't.
- I know you will.
Don't get lost.
But my hands aren't even
that much thinner.
Will you please just try?
Yeah, but...
What if there's like...
Snakes or...
Or poisonous spiders
down there?
Then I'll suck out the venom.
Holy Jesus.
Oh, shit.
You boys done running?
Don't make me come back there!
Run. Get to the boat.
Hey! Hey, don't you run!
We done now? Hmm?
Yeah. We're done.
If I called your house
right now,
would anyone pick up?
My dad's not back
till after the 4th.
Fishing crew's a tough gig.
Up to Maine and back?
My father crewed.
I was a lot like you
when I was your age.
Teens and 20s spent
getting high and drunk.
What are your 30s?
The hangover.
40s have been good, though.
Look, I don't want to make
a big deal out of this.
Boys will be boys.
But you're at a pivotal age.
You like comics?
Then you know how they start?
This is your origin story.
Are you gonna grow up to be
the good guy or the bad guy?
I don't know that.
But what I do know is...
Bad guys never think
they're bad.
They got the reasons,
and they do one thing,
which leads to two things,
which leads to a million.
I don't care if you wanna
paint your hair blue,
put a hoop through your nose,
whatever phase
you got to go through,
you go through it
and you throw it out.
But when you're done
playing the bad boy,
I promise you, your pal Red...
He's going to be in jail.
It's all fun and games
until someone gets stabbed
at the community pool.
From what I heard,
Marcus Smart started dating
Red's ex-girlfriend,
and Red wasn't
too keen on that.
Marcus lost a lot of blood.
He could have died.
But the curious thing is...
All those people...
No one saw who did it.
Not even Marcus.
Or so he says.
If I want to wrangle
a real bad seed here,
I'm gonna need your help.
I don't know.
Yes, you do.
Because if you don't,
I'm gonna book you
for trespassing.
And that's the best deal
you're gonna get.
It's the same deal
I gave Smitty.
If Smitty was at home
last night
with a broken leg
talking to me,
who was the third guy I saw?
Why bring your little brother
into this mess?
A box of these for a ride?
You need fast cash?
Then come see me.
Don Davis Jr. has...
Where's Peter?
You were together.
No. We split up.
He followed you.
I got to the boat and I waited
but no one showed,
so I bailed.
I figured the cops got you.
No, they didn't.
I had to sleep up in a tree
all night. Walked back.
Oh, shit, they got Peter.
No, they didn't get Peter.
How do you know?
I hope they didn't.
My dad would
fucking murder me.
How did the cops know
we'd be at Old Meyer's?
That's what
we were wondering.
I don't know. It's weird.
Yeah, weird.
All right,
let's go look for him.
- No.
- No?
You just came
all the way back
and you didn't even
see him, man.
He's on his way back here,
or the cops got him,
in which case he'll call here.
But either way, here.
It is
the contestant who bid...
$1,399, which is Lauren!
It's Lauren!
Here's Lauren.
Lauren, will you come
right over here?
And reach into
that $100 pocket,
and pull out your $100 bonus
right now.
Reach into the $100 pocket
and pull out
your $100 bonus...
Holy shit.
Son of a bitch!
Look at you!
We thought you were dead, man.
Peter, you okay?
Peter survived
his first expedition.
Man, I'm... I'm so happy
no one got nabbed.
Jesus Christ, man.
Peter? You all right?
You left me.
I waved you down
and you saw me...
But you left me.
I didn't see you.
You left him?
It's pitch black out there,
I got the motor going.
I waited but no one showed.
Don't go accusing me.
Hey, hey, hey.
We're all fine, okay?
No one... No one got arrested.
No one's hurt.
Yeah. Everyone's good.
That's right.
We shouldn't be arguing.
We should be celebrating.
Peter, you ever smoke a cigar?
I left the bag with Peter.
I lost it.
Shit, man.
I love cigars.
Yeah, and they were Cubans.
It's okay, though.
Did you find
anything else decent?
No... That place was a bust.
The first time.
You won it!
The second contestant ever to
do it with just three chances.
What an exciting
turn of events!
This is fool's gold, boys.
How can you tell?
It's my job to know
real from fake.
And this is fake.
Besides the obvious
of the metallic base,
there's also the counterfeit
stamp that's blunted.
What about this.
Is this real gold?
Do you see a bite mark?
- No.
- No.
No. Real gold is malleable,
it's sensitive.
It should be indented.
It's garbage, boys. Garbage.
What about this?
Where did you get this coin?
Is it real?
- Where did you get it?
- We found it.
What are you putting on it?
Nitric acid.
If it turns green,
it's got a brass base.
If it turns milky,
it's silver.
But if nothing happens...
It's real?
It's real.
How much is it worth?
Where'd you say
you got it again?
We just found it.
How much?
A thousand dollars.
A thousand dollars?
Eight, nine, ten. A thousand.
You boys find any more coins,
give me a holler.
All right, here.
$500 is your share.
Here. Dude, take the share.
All right. I'll get
the rest of it then.
- $500. No, no. Here.
- You can keep it.
You can keep it.
I'll just get the...
I'll just get
the rest of the coins.
I'll give it to you.
I'm not messing.
You know,
Dad let me quit Boy Scouts
to join karate?
Then I quit karate.
I just kinda wish I stuck
it out like you, you know?
Build a fire, tie a knot,
real-man shit.
Man-scout shit.
You know, I still mix up
my east and west sometimes.
There's a word for that,
No, "retarded."
Yeah, that's me.
That one.
We're fucking rich!
- Holy shit!
- Oh, my...
- This is insane.
- We're rich!
- Oh, my God.
- Rich!
Across the Bay,
past the Migrants,
at the Skeleton Trees,
up the dunes,
about 100 yards
into the woods.
X marks the spot.
Very original.
You know, we don't need a map,
we just dug it up.
Ninety-nine coins,
plus the one we pawned.
Probably more.
Yeah, it's, um...
It's kinda like selling
a rare baseball card or...
Or selling 100
rare baseball cards.
The collection is always
worth more together.
When did you get so smart?
What happens if someone
comes looking for these?
Well, he's dead, Peter.
Well, I think
it's pretty suspicious
if we just cash all these in.
Well, what do you think
we should do?
- Sit on it?
- Just for the summer.
Make sure it's cool, and...
And then we can sell it.
Well, we can't bring 'em home
just in case
the cops come snooping.
Plus, Smitty and Red
are always coming by.
Maybe you're right.
So we leave it buried here,
and then we wait.
We go about our normal lives
and we don't tell anyone.
No one.
I didn't know low tide
was so bad here.
Wanna push or wait it out?
A hundred grand.
You know how much money
that is?
That's like build-a-house
kind of money.
It's like a little lottery.
That's Benny money!
What would you buy?
Dad wouldn't have to go out
on hauls anymore.
No, Peter.
What do you want?
You can have
anything you want.
Does it have to be
something I want?
Maybe it's...
Something I don't want.
Yeah, I mean,
you can fix a lot with money.
What don't you want?
I don't like selling fish.
I hate that smell.
Yeah. Then you'll quit.
What else?
I hate hang-drying my clothes.
Well, then we'll get a dryer.
What else?
I hate, um...
I need a boat!
Let's get a new boat.
Yeah! Let's get one of those
big speedboats!
- Bigger. Anything, Peter!
- Um...
You know, I'm sick
of being scrawny.
Don't worry about that.
You'll fill out.
You change fast,
wake up a different person.
One day I won't even
recognize you.
That shark in Jaws
didn't have any, um, claspers,
I mean, not that I could see,
which makes him a her.
Why has nobody talked
about this more often?
Hey, does your dad
have extra fishing line or...
What do you think
of Mary?
Mary? Alan's Mary or...
Has Alan marked his territory?
Did he piss on her
like a dog or something?
No, that's second date stuff.
You think Mary's the snitch?
What snitch?
Well, someone told the cops
to be at Old Meyer's.
Alan told Mary.
Maybe she told somebody.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe someone saw you guys,
like, leaving the harbor.
Maybe you're just paranoid.
Jesus Christ.
It's not funny, you know?
- Hello?
- Hey...
Mary, this is Alan.
The peacemaker.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
- Um...
- Hello?
Sorry, I think I have
the wrong number.
Hello? Hello.
I was just
messing with you.
So you gonna
ask me out or what?
Why are you humming that?
I don't know.
What is it?
It's a lullaby
Mom used to sing.
You don't think that gold
might be cursed, right?
No, that shit's
only in stories.
Things aren't cursed,
people are.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, then I think
it's a miracle.
Miracles don't happen
in New Jersey.
We just got lucky.
And why not us? We deserve it.
I found some more.
- Yo!
- No.
- Let me get a fry.
- No, man.
Just one.
- One french fry?
- I just gave you one.
No, man.
You smell like that kid
Brandon Peak
from French class.
What, you bathe in cologne?
Oh, my God.
I love your tight shirt.
All your're missing now
is some frosted tips.
Whose car is that?
It's mine.
I bought it. I own it.
You gonna take me for a ride?
- No, I'm waiting for someone.
- Oh.
Sounds romantic.
Is it Mary?
Red doesn't like Mary.
Red thinks Mary
snitched to the cops
about Old Meyer's.
- Mary?
- I don't know, okay, I don't.
You know Red, he gets
something stuck in his head,
the paranoia.
I guess you just know him
better than I do,
all your ass kissing.
This isn't a conspiracy, Alan.
I'm being your friend.
Just saying heads up,
Red's on edge
and thinks Mary has a mouth.
Yeah, I guess
it could have been Mary.
Right, it's a... It's
a possibility. That's all.
It's also possible
the cops found your boot,
and Sergeant Kent made a deal,
no arrest if you snitch.
In that hypothetical scenario,
you'd only know that if you
also spoke with the cops.
Which means
we'd only be talking
if you also made a deal.
Anything's possible.
if we both talked to the cops,
then we're on the same team.
And we should keep an eye out
for each other, you know?
But Smitty, I can't trust you.
Because you like
to play both sides,
snitch to the cops, then play
lapdog sidekick to Red.
Now you wanna jump ship again?
Fuck you.
Hypothetically speaking.
Come on, please.
I'm hungry. Yo, Alan,
spare me a buck so I can
get something to eat, bro.
Come on! Like, 50 cents then?
- I don't have anything.
- Right.
You ready
to go for a ride?
Sure. Is Smitty coming?
No, he can't.
The haves
and the havenots, man,
that's not fair. I'm out here
scrounging for french fries
and that snitch has got a car?
Have a nice day.
At the same time.
- Same time.
- I know.
Hey, Peter.
Good to see you so prim
and proper at work.
Well, this is Peter
most of the time.
You just met him
on a weird night.
Amazing fishing boats.
You can go take a look
if you want.
Yo, I need some bait.
Give me a porgy.
It's $5.
Just sneak me one.
"Tell no one," remember?
I didn't. Not a word.
You bought a fucking car.
Dropping F bombs.
Shit, are you grown up now?
I'm more grown up than you.
You can be
a real moron sometimes.
Or maybe just oblivious.
You buy a car and it's...
People know, Alan. They know.
They know you have money,
it's a signal, it's attention,
- it's a problem.
- Okay. Okay!
You're not smart enough
to be sorry.
I bought a fucking car
because I wanted a car
and I've been saving up
for a car. Jesus.
You didn't buy that
with your own money.
Yeah I did!
Oh, yeah. So if I went back
to the peninsula right now,
and I dug it up,
and I counted,
it would all be there?
Be my guest.
You got a lot of
brothers and sisters?
Only child.
I knew it.
What's that
supposed to mean?
No, you're really mature.
My parents made me spend
a lot of time with my cousins.
I'm actually supposed to go
to camp with them next week.
But, I kinda wanna lie
and say I have mono.
Why? Camp sounds fun.
No. Not this kind of camp.
My aunt enrolled us
in this SAT prep thing.
It's kinda like soccer camp,
but you play soccer
with vocab tests.
Did you take
your SATs already?
So what about you?
Do you have a big family?
No, it's just me and Peter.
My dad runs fishing hauls
and he is away a lot.
So, I look after Peter.
Doing a pretty
shitty job at it.
He got really messed up
that night.
Peter can take care
of himself.
Good grades, merit badges.
He's more the college type.
So what are you?
Fishing boat type.
I'm gonna go on a haul
with my dad next summer.
Up and down the northeast.
So Peter will stay
with your mom?
No, she passed.
But Peter will be old enough
next summer to be on his own.
Maybe he'll go
to that SAT camp.
A fishing boat
sounds cool, though.
I love traveling. I...
I want to defer it
for a year.
Do one of those "work your way
through year" programs.
But I doubt
my family will allow it.
You travel a lot?
My parents
like to vacation.
No, I like it here just fine.
It's not boring.
Yeah? Well, it seems like
you get into
enough trouble exploring.
Let's go!
You see that shit?
Uh, Nate saw
something interesting.
Did he now?
I saw Alan, man.
The other night.
After Old Meyer's.
Tell him where you saw Alan.
At the police station.
Man, they had me
on some erroneous shit,
but he came in,
handcuffs on...
He was snitching, man.
And guess
who just got a new car?
Where did he get
the money for that?
We're out of milk.
Where's Alan?
I'm just trying
to decode this thing.
Yeah, looks like a map.
But to what?
What do you think
this is worth?
Must be valuable, huh?
Red's on his way here.
I think he'll be curious too.
A map. A gold coin.
My imagination
is running wild.
Do you know what Red did
to that kid Marcus?
He fucking stabbed him.
Stabbed him.
Do you know why?
Because Red's crazy.
And Red doesn't like it
when people lie.
I don't know
what this is exactly,
but I know how
he's gonna feel about it.
Tell me now what's buried
here, or I show Red.
There's nothing there.
I want in.
He says Red's on his way over.
We split it or I tell him.
You're bluffing.
Am I?
I'll tell Red you snitched
to the fucking cops.
Oh, I think he'll be
more interested in this.
It's raining.
I hadn't noticed.
You want a ride?
Backseat's open.
You're not
following me, are you?
- Of course not.
- Good.
Then my father won't be upset.
Why don't you
just stop all this?
You could end it. Just come on
in and tell me what you did.
Own it like a man.
You'll sleep better,
I'll sleep better, hell,
everybody will sleep better.
Sound good?
You know, my father told me
you couldn't pass the bar,
which is why
you're still a cop.
So I should remind you
that what you're doing
right now is harassment.
I'll go.
But I got a feeling
me and you gonna be
seeing each other
again real soon.
Your friends talk too much.
And misplace their belongings.
Careful now.
Slippery when wet.
What do you think
he's gonna do?
We split it three ways and we
go dig it up in the morning.
Mmm, I get half.
I'm not giving you half,
you stupid fuck.
I'm no one's lapdog sidekick
anymore. I get half.
Fine. Half. Give me the map.
You know where it is? Exactly?
You guys smoking? Cigars?
No cigars.
That's a nice car out there.
So, what's this big surprise?
Smitty said
you had a surprise.
That's right. Alan,
tell him.
I'm out.
I'm done robbing houses.
It's stupid
and it's dangerous,
and there's consequences now.
I'm out.
I have to admit,
this I find concerning.
It's not even July 4th yet,
and we planned a big summer.
You guys can go play bandits
without me.
I've been hearing rumors,
that my friends have been
talking to the police,
and now you say you're out...
I didn't snitch.
Me either.
Prove it.
We're gonna do one last house.
One more and then it's over.
- I can't even...
- You're coming!
Where's the anchor?
It's, uh... I don't...
Yeah, it's not there.
Where's the anchor?
- It's missing.
- How is the anchor missing?
It's not missing,
it's just not there.
What did you do
with the anchor, Peter?
Let's go.
You and Peter
take the upstairs.
Smitty takes the first floor.
I thought I was the lookout?
I'm the lookout now.
After you.
What's your emergency?
What are you doing?
Just grab something.
Let's get this over with.
You think I want to be here?
I don't want to do this shit.
You need to stand up to him.
Yeah? Well,
you're the grown up,
- so why don't you do it?
- I will.
Someone has to.
You're just scared.
Yeah. That's right.
And if you knew any better,
you'd be scared too.
We have to get out of here
right now.
- Police!
- Hands up!
Your dad have a radio
out there in the Atlantic?
Your engine carburetor
was float.
We cleaned it.
It's okay.
You gonna pay me now?
Where'd you get that cigar?
What, are you crying?
There's no crying in this.
What's Grandma
gonna think of this?
Grandma's gonna be
fucking pissed, man.
What were you guys thinking?
I don't need a lecture.
No. You need a lawyer.
I can't afford a lawyer, man.
Do I have to search that cast
for more trinkets and jewelry?
No, man.
No more of these?
We found this on your person
when we brought you in.
I don't want to take
the cast off of you,
but you're gonna
return everything
from that house that you took.
That coin's
not from the house.
If I tell you, like,
where you can find,
you know, more coins,
more gold,
then you can let me go,
we can make a deal, right?
If you have information
on another crime,
you better tell me now
or it's going to be
so much worse for you
down the line.
I promise you.
Now, where'd you
get this coin?
Sit down.
Sit down!
Sit down...
It's right there.
I can take you there.
Let's go.
This one might have some info
on some stolen property.
I'm gonna take him
to go check it out.
And get a cup of coffee.
- Get me whatever you get.
- Uh-huh.
He's leaving?
- He's leaving?
- Alan.
I'm taking care of it.
- Which one's Peter?
- Me.
You made bail.
Sit tight.
I gotta get
your release forms.
I'm gonna want extra for
waking up so goddamn early.
- You're bailing us out?
- Only one.
I told you it's two of us.
I'm not a bail bondsman, okay?
That is not my profession,
all right?
I own and operate a pawn shop.
Now, you two boys familiar
with the term "collateral"?
Use my car.
'73 Plymouth Satellite,
hard top.
- What color?
- Blue.
Mmm, that'll do.
One of you now,
you bring me more coins,
I'll come back
and get the other one.
Which one first?
Let's go.
Yeah, I know.
Come on,
a little faster, please.
I'm crippled.
You said you buried it
at the tip.
I can already hear the ocean.
Yeah, I think it was, like,
buried around here.
Hold up, stop.
You think?
You said you buried it.
Yeah. But not, uh...
Not, like, personally.
But it's here. I...
I promised you.
It's right here...
- Nope. We're going back.
- No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come on, man.
Oh, look!
Look at that. Ha-ha!
Look at that shit!
What did I tell you, huh?
What did I tell you, huh?
What did I tell you?
What the fuck did I tell you?
Oh, my God!
It was supposed to...
It was supposed to
be here, man. I don't...
- I don't know.
- You're wasting my time.
We're going back
to the station.
Come on, man. Wait!
Hey, man. I wasn't
lying about that.
I wasn't lying about anything.
Smitty. Smitty, please
just shut the fuck up.
- No...
- Just, please...
I just wanted
to let you know...
Jesus Christ.
Hey, what's up?
I need a ride right now.
Oh, I'm sorry, pollito,
I'm working.
Take a smoke break.
I'm sorry.
This is as far as we go.
Low tide is coming in.
- Can I borrow this?
- Yeah.
You are free to go.
That family just dropped
the charges.
That's it? I can go?
Unless you'd like to stay.
Today being your lucky day,
you should buy a lotto ticket.
My dad thinks
it was just a prank.
Mary, I'm so sorry.
You know, you're fucked up.
You and your friends.
I know.
Yeah, I know I'm no good.
Was this all part of the plan?
You know,
you take the girl out
while your friends
case the house?
No, it's not it at all.
Was anything
you said to me real?
- Yes, Mary.
- Is your name even Alan?
- Yes.
- Did your mother really die?
Did you ever like me,
or was that just an act?
Goodbye, Alan.
You moved it.
You were gonna spend it all.
I am my father's son.
Me too.
No, you're more like Mom.
I had to run
all the way over here,
busted a goddamn lung.
Not Don.
Is Dad back?
No, the charges were dropped.
How deep is it?
I don't know.
I thought I'd hit it by now,
but it must've slipped deeper.
We don't have much time
before the tide comes back in.
Shit, I can't even see
where I'm digging.
- Oh!
- Let's try pulling it again.
It's 10 times heavier
in this fucking water.
All right. Ready?
Three, two, one.
All right. Ready?
Three, two, one...
Three, two, one!
We should probably
start walking
before the sun goes down.
Why don't we just
take the boat?
The boat?
You parked the boat
around the bend.
I didn't take that boat here.
This is where my anchor went.
Let me see what's in there.
Throw it here!
Are these real?
No, they're chocolate.
We were friends,
you piece of shit!