LSD 2: Love, Sex aur Dhokha 2 (2024) Movie Script

What have you done?
You've stolen my heart
The rascal grabbed and twisted my hand
In the garden behind your house
You rascal, what have you done?
You pricked an innocent flower bud...
You're one gorgeous girl...
Your youth is blossoming
And your beauty is blooming...
Why do you tease me?
I lay my soft body under the heavy blanket
You liar, you deceived me
And woke me up from my sleep
You pricked an innocent flower bud...
You've seen what happened
on "Truth or Dance" season one...
But what's happening in season two
is something no one has ever seen...
or heard before.
So, Noor.
This is the moment.
Or dance?
Noor, this is your last chance.
If I can choose to speak
the truth that is in my heart...
it is that I want to perform
my next dance in front of my mother...
who hasn't seen me for the last two years.
Noor is staying.
Welcome to "Truth or Dance."
For you.
Hug each other.
Very good.
How does it feel
to meet your daughter after two years?
He has lost weight.
Behind the curtains
In front of the whole world
Aunty, you're flooded with likes.
Three million people
are watching you through the app.
Right now?
Yes. Three million people!
Say hello to everyone.
Hi, guys.
How are you doing?
Have a great, great day!
Aunty, you can go off-cam
if you're uncomfortable.
No, ma'am.
"Truth or Dance"
is the world's first reality show
that respects the privacy
of its contestants.
It's completely up to you
whether you want to be on-cam or off-cam.
But she might lose her betting points
- if you go off-cam.
- I think she's okay, ma'am.
- Ma, why don't you sing that car song?
- Here?
Yes, three million people will watch you.
She's awesome. She used to sing
for the Doordarshan channel.
- My voice will shake.
- Nothing will happen.
- You're a rock star.
- Come on, please sing!
- She's requesting you. Please sing.
- Please.
She's doing it.
Who do I bare my sorrows to?
My lover has gone to a foreign land...
I adorned myself...
See how a man
was physically assaulted by his wife
after an argument over betting
on a gaming show.
Sir, my wife, father-in-law, her uncle,
three daughters...
all of them beat me up.
They beat me up with sticks.
They beat me mercilessly, sir.
At first, they said
I'd make a 40 percent profit.
I was cheated, sir.
As you can see, this poor man suffered
a huge loss after Noor went off-cam.
Love, love, love
Friends, my fans,
and followers have been asking me
how to play "Truth or Dance"
during the abstinence season
to increase your cash prizes.
The key to playing "Truth or Dance"
lies in being on-cam or off-cam.
It's the contestant who decides whether
to go on-cam or off-cam, not the show.
There are two sides to this.
If you're on-cam, people will watch you
and your points will increase.
But if you're on-cam all the time,
the audience might get bored of you.
But if you have a strong comeback,
you can go way ahead of those contestants
who choose to be on-cam all the time.
Truth or Dance!
Noor has been off-cam for seven hours.
I know, sir.
I agree, this girl is
not doing the right thing.
Don't call her a girl, ma'am.
She's a manufacturing defect!
Shut up!
Shut up!
How dare you!
She's a girl because she says so!
When will you get it?
Cut him.
Where are you?
See what happens when you're off-cam.
Girl, your track was at its peak
at the time of your mom's entry.
You were ahead of Asifa.
Now, as of 2:00 p.m., it's 7,4.
What should I do?
Should I send Mom to Patna every day
and then pick her up
at the airport the next day?
Why do you keep going off-cam?
- You've changed since your mom arrived.
- Is Ma the only "reality"?
- Prakash will give us "reality."
- Off-cam again?
I'd told you,
it's useless bringing Ma here.
We'll not get any "reality."
Prakash and I are about
to have a romantic segment.
- Prakash won't get intimate, Noor.
- Why?
How will it happen?
He's practicing abstinence now.
He isn't eating non-veg food.
While you're eating everything.
- How will he kiss you?
- Wait a minute.
- Did Prakash tell you this?
- Noor, Prakash will not get intimate.
No matter what you do,
there's no tracking of you and Prakash.
The audience isn't ready.
The "reality" is in the Mom story.
The rest is up to you.
We can't interfere.
I'll sculpt your face so well, Noor,
people will say,
"It's Deepika, not Noor!"
Anyway, to repeat,
jawline enhancement is 120 thousand.
And top enhancement 140.
Let's not do top enhancement now, doctor.
Changed your mind?
I was thinking, sigmoid vaginoplasty
would be a better option.
It'll add more femininity
to the relationship.
I mean,
the partner should also enjoy, doctor.
Noor, I'd told you
penile vagina is cheaper,
but it requires maintenance.
Of course, there'll be a problem
- if you don't have sex regularly...
- Have you seen my show?
- I'm in the top eight now.
- Wow, I'm proud of you.
You need to be number one.
Okay. I'll work on the rate
and get back to you.
- Okay? You take care. All the best.
- Bye.
You've already become a woman.
How much more money
do you want to waste?
Repeat what you just said.
Ma, what did you just say?
-please attend
-Of course.
the meeting in the Task Room.
Aunt Benu has been calling from Indore.
Your betting point
has fallen by 30 percent.
Why do all this sigma stuff?
Do you know about intestines?
They will cut off a piece of my intestine
and make a vagina out of it.
But you've already undergone an operation.
Yes, I have, Ma.
But this is for a better vagina.
More natural.
Just like a woman's.
I've had enough, Rocky.
I beg you...
I can't take
this disgusting thing anymore.
- What do you want?
- To win.
To win, Ma! Bonus. Prize.
I want to win. Understand?
Have you ever won anything?
I want to win.
Want a bonus?
- Then why do you keep going off-cam?
- Why do you think I go off-cam?
You criticized me
right when you entered the show!
If it's such a bother,
why have you called me here?
I didn't. The show organizers did.
After reading my life story.
You haven't bothered
to call me up in two years.
Now you're saying,
-"Ma, come over, I need some 'reality.'"
-Yes, I need "reality."
The organizers don't know
that you're obsessed with having a son.
That you'll never support
your daughter on-cam!
- Haven't I supported you?
- How?
I left my career.
- That story again...
- My family disowned me.
You jumped at the first opportunity
of being on this show.
If you hadn't been born,
I would've been a judge on this show.
- Truth or Dance!
- The game is on!
She's just a girl who looks like a boy,
pretending to be transgender.
- She'll do anything for votes.
- No, she won't lie...
If she has a feminine side to her
and encounters any sort of problem,
of course, she'll go off-cam.
- Truth or Dance!
- The game is on!
Noor is on-cam.
Noor is now on-cam.
Keep watching "Truth or Dance."
Won't you talk to me?
The connection is gone, Noor.
I was off-cam, Prakash.
Not off-life.
- Noor, I come from a poor family...
- I know that, Prakash.
- I'm not here to go off-cam.
- I know that.
- I want to stay on-cam.
- I know.
That's why I want to
ask you some questions on-cam.
- Want to ask me questions?
- Yes.
Promise me,
you'll answer them on-cam.
Go on.
No, first, promise me.
Enough of your stories, Noor.
Do you know how many points we have lost?
Why don't you kiss me on-cam, Prakash?
Asifa and Sandy have kissed.
The entire country has seen
what Rubita and Vivan have done.
You'll have to say
why you haven't kissed me on-cam.
Want me to tell you
why you don't kiss me on-cam?
- Noor...
- Because all on-cam footage
will stay online forever.
And you don't want them to remember this.
That's not true.
You're thinking ahead.
Now, listen...
I challenge you, the producers,
and the entire audience...
For you to kiss me on-cam.
Just like you do, off-cam.
And if you don't...
I will not dance with him ever again.
I'll quit the show.
This is what happens
when you break God's rules.
I don't want to open my eyes!
First, Prakash, then his mother...
He discards everyone after using them.
You look like a horse
without filters and makeup.
Bloody factory-reject goods!
Hello, from us lovebirds.
Guys and girls,
with me today is the famous love expert,
Miss... Madam Kullu Vishwakarma.
We're about to find out,
in "Truth or Dance,"
does Prakash really loves Noor.
What do you think?
No. No, he doesn't.
Prakash had kissed Amara
when he was with her.
- What's wrong now?
- What's wrong?
- He had kissed Amara.
- He had.
- You know about Amara, right?
- No.
- Haven't you watched the show?
- No, I haven't.
She's being disloyal to Prakash...
She'll do anything to win the show.
Behave like a woman.
Why are you behaving like a man?
Be loyal.
The nation is divided.
How dare you!
No, I mean, seriously,
how dare you, Noor?
Do you think you're bigger than this show?
You can't decide
if you'll stay on this show or not.
So many people have
their hopes pinned on you.
I mean,
think about your mother, Noor.
You forced her to come here.
Now that she's finally here...
Finally, after everything...
You want to crush her dreams?
- No, ma'am.
- I mean...
Exactly, Noor.
We all want you to do well.
We're on your side, but it looks like
you're not on your own side.
We can only help you
up to a certain point.
After that,
you'll have to fight for yourself.
Noor, this show is a mirror of our lives.
Now it's up to you,
which Noor you want to see
in this mirror.
A defeated Noor?
Or a victorious Noor? Your decision.
Sir, the Noor I see in the mirror
is wearing a sari and
receiving the Best Actress Award
from the President of India...
with her mother.
Hold on, guys.
Oh, my God!
- What a moment.
- This is Truth or Dance, baby!
One minute.
- Prakash, amazing!
- This is Truth or Dance, baby!
- No one can do something like this.
- Truth or Dance!
- This is Truth or Dance, baby!
- What a truth!
I hadn't gotten up until now.
But I will stand and applaud you, Prakash.
You have confessed
your love in front of the whole world.
I will give you nine
- out of ten for this, Prakash.
- Wow!
You're a Diwali gift for all
citizens of this country, my child!
I love you, Prakash!
I love you!
Friends, both players
have played this well.
It's a smashing lip-lock too.
After this episode,
Noor's position is right behind Asifa's.
Friends, this is India's first kiss
between a man and a transgender man.
East or West, India is the best.
- Truth or Dance!
- The game is on!
When Papa saw me on stage with makeup,
he really thrashed me.
He didn't thrash you for wearing makeup.
He hit you because
you were dancing and not studying.
I never studied.
It's pretty evident.
Did you like boys in school as well?
I used to get beaten up by boys.
You liked girls?
I liked myself.
Did you also love yourself?
By yourself...
Yes. By myself.
You know what?
Unlike you,
I didn't show off in front of everyone.
What did I show off?
You keep showing off
about the only thing you can do.
- Is that so?
- Bro, what do you mean by that?
- Don't call me bro. I'm your sister.
- Talk to me!
- What did I show off?
- What!
- Didn't you and Prakash also show off?
- Of course, I did.
If you can show off, so can I.
- Don't overact, okay?
- Really!
- I'm overacting?
- Of course.
- Why do you keep going off-cam?
- It's my wish. None of your business.
- Your wish? What are you hiding, Noor?
- What am I hiding?
- What?
- Do you really love Prakash?
- Can you love Prakash?
- How dare...
- Hey, chill.
- How dare... Back off!
Everyone can see what you're up to.
I will do as I please.
Why are you so bothered?
Challenging Prakash in front of everyone!
- I know what you're doing!
- What am I doing?
You're using Prakash.
She's using you!
- Just like you're using Sandy, right?
- She's using you! You better beware.
Go and ask Sandy if I'm using him.
- I can see that!
- Prakash can see what you're up to.
- Everyone sees what you're doing.
- Shame on you!
- I'm winning the show, babe.
- Be a woman!
- Yeah, right! Oh, darling, please!
- Be a woman!
- Yes.
- I don't want to be a woman like you.
- Enough!
- Rocky, what's wrong with you?
What are you doing?
You don't want to be
a woman like me, right?
- Asifa, let it be...
- Wait a minute.
- Become a man then. That's the solution.
- Stop it.
- Stop it.
- Don't say that.
Become a man!
- Should I become a man?
- Yes, you should.
- Noor!
- Go ahead!
- Noor!
- Want me to show you what a man is like?
- Noor...
- Let me show you!
- Show me!
- Noor...
- I will be one!
- One second.
- Noor!
- Listen up! Wait, where are you going?
- She cannot touch me like this!
- You done?
- You're crossing the line, Noor.
- Here... want this man?
- This is too much, Noor.
- Hey...
- Leave it.
- Get out of me!
- Listen up!
- What's wrong with her?
- A man? Like this?
- Yes.
This show doesn't need crude people!
- Want a man like this?
- Are you mad?
- Noor...
- Stop it!
Damn, he really lost his cool.
What a man!
What a hot body, muscles...
and that jawline!
You think you can watch
everything for free?
Subscribe to my channel
if you want to see me bathe.
And if you want to bathe,
buy the Paras showerhead.
Buzz off now!
Yes, Adrian. Tell me.
I got a call from the sponsor.
The new sponsor.
We're about to announce
the change in sponsor...
They were asking to delay that.
- Man!
- Yeah.
They have an issue with Noor?
See, they're a family brand, Monica.
Noor... is a problem.
If we forcefully evict her,
people will question the show.
No, no. Not forcefully...
But with due process.
See, that way, this client is
very fair and professional.
Very sensible. Very good client.
- You use "reality" to evict her.
- Okay.
Use reality. Think.
What have you done?
You've stolen my heart
The rascal grabbed and twisted my hand
In the garden behind your house
You rascal, what have you done?
You pricked an innocent flower bud...
It's a bathroom break.
I'm not off-cam.
Listen, you need to sign some papers.
They'll be sent to your room.
Sign them, okay?
Sign? Sign what?
It's nothing, just some legal stuff.
Anti-vulgarity clause or something.
Because there's a change in sponsor.
Come on, open the door.
Shivi sent a message.
I need to ask you something.
Shivi likes this, Noor. Good reality.
Good "reality."
Did it cross the episode with my mother?
That episode was like the film,
Jab We Met.
It can't be recreated.
- Tell me how it did, though.
- Yes.
Two minutes.
Today's episode has hit 8,2.
That segment will cross ten.
Asifa had an orgasm on-cam.
I lay my soft body under the heavy blanket
You liar, you deceived me
These idiots won't let me live in peace.
We're betting because
we want to earn some money...
You know how it is with Asifa.
Spotlight is managing her.
They'll plug it non-stop
and blow the charts.
Listen, did you hear?
- You didn't hear about it?
- Heard what, Yashica?
Are you throwing me out
after such a great segment?
No. Are you crazy?
Listen, you guys have
a meeting in five minutes.
Shivi told me to tell you
that you're doing awesome.
- Just keep playing well. Okay?
- But... What haven't I heard? Yashica...
come to the social area.
This is not a drill.
This is Sudden Truth.
Sudden Truth...
is a harsh truth
that can totally shake you.
One that we don't want to hide...
from our contestants and audience.
This is an honest show.
Today, we'll meet someone
who has a complaint against you.
That person has told us
a truth about you
that has forced us
to stop this game midway,
take a breath...
and find out if it's the truth or a lie.
Do you agree?
Yes, ma'am.
You can do this off-cam too.
I'm not scared of anyone, ma'am.
Friends, you're aware that Noor
has been accused of sexual harassment
on the show "Truth or Dance."
Shravan, if you've indeed been wronged,
you will definitely get justice.
Two years ago, when Noor
used to be known as Avtar Mahto,
on the set of the series,
"Main Shayar Toh Nahi,"
Avtar had sexually exploited
producer Shravan Kumar.
"Truth or Dance" is not
a platform for publicity.
We obey the law.
We'll have to wait and see
if the producers of "Truth or Dance"
will evict Avtar from the show or not.
Noor has denied all your allegations.
Right now, your only option
is going to court.
When World News Network
tried to contact Avtar,
there was no response from his side.
Noor, off-cam.
Noor's mother, off-cam.
What do I tell him? Shivi sir is waiting.
If only she listens.
Ma'am, are you sure?
Ma, my segment has
crossed 11,4 for the first time.
We have to play.
We can't leave the game now.
Go ahead and have an orgasm.
It will make everything all right.
You won't need me here anymore.
Ma, if you leave now,
Shravan's allegations will seem true.
You believe that cheap fraudster
and not your daughter?
Have you done anything to earn my trust?
Our relatives have
been sending me messages.
You must've done something
for him to come and accuse you.
See, this is my beautiful mother!
No matter what happens,
her suffering is the greatest!
- Out of the world!
- Yes, I have suffered!
- I've been suffering for 30 years...
- Right, you're the only one suffering!
Your relatives are suffering.
Aunty Benu is suffering.
Papa is suffering. Not me!
- "Papa will be hurt..."
- Yes, you killed your father!
Go ahead and kill me as well.
Are you okay, ma'am?
Damn, your best moments
are always off-cam.
"What will everyone say?
What will Papa say?
Papa will be ashamed of you."
You killed your father.
Go ahead and kill me as well.
Yes, you did kill your father.
Go ahead and kill me as well.
You killed your father.
Go ahead and kill me as well!
The stance of her shoulder has shrunk,
which means she rolled up.
And this is the moment
the bomb went off.
There was a bomb blast.
This is patriarchy.
Power of being a man.
No matter how many
operations you go through,
the "man" inside you will never die.
This is Truth or Dance, baby!
Noor will surely win this show.
The game is on!
- Let's see.
- What do you mean?
Something will happen.
There's a change in sponsor, so...
Come on, why are you recording now?
It hasn't even started.
This is Truth or Dance, baby!
- Truth or Dance!
- The game is on!
The things that happened
in the last few days...
Even we, the show producers,
didn't know where this was heading.
Have we crossed a line?
Will this show shut down?
Will Noor make it to the final four?
Mr. Algoji?
If Noor performs like
she did in the last two weeks,
she can cross her value score.
But her Truth Meter value is falling.
In case she's charged with vulgarity,
disrespect to a senior citizen,
disrespect for a woman,
or disrespect to motherhood and family,
her numbers can plummet further down.
your betting points are up by 23 percent.
But your family audience
is down by 19 percent.
"Truth or Dance" is asking
you in front of the whole country...
Truth or dance?
My truth is that...
My truth is that I have...
I have hurt my parents deeply.
And that I should apologize for...
all that I've done these past few days.
I won't apologize off-cam.
I'll apologize in front of everyone.
Ma, remember...
you'd sing for me when I was a child?
And your son would dance.
I want...
you to sing once again.
And your daughter will dance.
I am dirty
So are you
I am dirty
So are you
I am dirty
So are you
You look beyond this dance
As I wear these anklets of sin
And shamelessly flaunt myself on this show
This is a dirty rhythm
This is a dirty rhythm
Don't dance to it
This is a dirty rhythm
Don't dance to it
This is a sexy rhythm
Don't dance to it
This is a sexy rhythm
Don't dance to it
This is a dirty rhythm
Don't dance to it
This is a dirty rhythm
Don't dance to it
I am dirty
So are you
Add a filter to my Insta
As the whole world vlogs
Let's dance
My blouse is ablaze
My skirt is stained...
My blouse is ablaze
My skirt is stained...
Don't hesitate, come to me
For love and sex
If you judge, you'll get betrayed
This is a risky rhythm
-This is a risky rhythm
-Enough! Stop it!
-Don't dance to it
-Stop it right now!
Stop it!
Absolute rubbish!
Stop this dance right now!
For this, I will give zero, zero, zero!
What are you doing, Mr. Desi?
Let her
complete her performance, at least.
Don't you have a mother?
- You do, don't you?
- I'm sorry, wait.
- I'm just going to ignore all of this.
- Mr. Prem...
- Tushar... Wait a minute...
- Let him talk.
She has slapped her mother, Tushar.
- I can't tolerate this!
- One minute.
Noor can lead her life
as she wants to, but
-if you can't respect your mother,
-Mr. Prem, wait a minute.
I can't appreciate your talent.
- Mr. Prem...
- I don't want to see you dance. Yes?
We're here on this platform.
Please respect the platform!
Is this platform
more important than the mother?
- Her mother...
- What about Noor?
What about her performance?
- Excuse me...
- We're judges here. We are judges.
- But I'm also human.
- One second, Mr. Prem...
My mother gave birth to me
just like your mother gave birth to you.
And, by the way, Sophie,
don't you want to become a mother?
- Won't you get married?
- That's up to her
- whether she wants to or not.
- Wait a minute!
- How dare you talk about her personal...
- One minute!
How dare you give respect to Noor,
who has slapped her mother!
- Don't you love your mother?
- I'm praising her
- because I liked her dance.
- She...
In front of her mother...
- Oh, my God! What are we...
- She's also a woman.
-I refuse to listen
-She's also a woman.
to anything against mothers!
I don't want to hear anything!
Not one word!
If your ears are hurting,
that's your problem.
Enough now!
- Sorry, guys, I can't take this anymore.
- Really?
- If you didn't have a mother...
- Noor, you were fantastic!
- Zero, zero, zero.
- Give her a ten on my behalf.
- Enough of this.
- Enough.
- Enough talking.
- This zero isn't valid.
- No one can ever be greater than a mother!
- Sir, please.
- To me... Mother...
- Please calm down.
I can't calm down!
Anyway, enough talking.
I want to sing.
Get me a guitar!
No, forget it.
Just forget it.
I am who I am.
My name is Prem Desi.
I'm a simple man.
I have deep respect
for my values and my country.
For everyone who's watching
and performing on this show,
listen carefully.
I want to sing a song for mothers.
There's no one greater than a mother.
I want to pay my respects to her mother
and seek her blessings.
I want to tell the world
how great a mother is.
I can't express my gratitude
But it is near your feet
That I belong
O Ma
I can't express my gratitude
But it is near your feet
That I belong
I swear
I'll kill anyone who disrespects you!
O Ma!
You're my life
O Ma!
You're my life
O Ma!
This episode of "Truth or Dance"
was brought to you by Mother's Love Flour.
Hi, sir. What's up?
How are you?
What a great show you've created.
Thank you.
You have a good marketing team.
Clear winner.
The episode didn't track, sir.
There was a murder in a school.
Yeah, a boy named Rohan
or something...
was murdered in school.
A 12-year-old boy was killed.
They're showing his dead body on the news.
People will only see that.
It's national news,
so it'll continue for at least three days.
By then, our segment
will have long gone, sir.
People don't remember that much anyway.
By the way, our sponsor is changing.
We'll focus more
on the family angle, so...
Family is best.
Noor looks doubtful, sir.
Nobody saw her segment this weekend.
This is unfortunate, but what to do?
The game is the game.
How do you feel about being evicted
from the show, Noor?
See, for an artist,
their audience is like God.
The audience is king.
Their decision is final.
My job is to work hard,
and I'll continue to do so.
What do you have to say
about how Asifa is playing the game?
She's playing well.
Do you think Asifa will win?
I hope she wins.
I wish her the best.
Do you think you'll be back
with a wild card entry?
If the audience wants me,
and if the show wants me, then why not?
Ma'am, please sing
that song for us before you leave.
I am dirty
-So are you
-I won't sing. You sing.
I am dirty
So are you
You look beyond this dance
As I wear these anklets of sin
And shamelessly flaunt myself on this show
This is a dirty rhythm...
- This way?
- Yes, sir.
What were you doing here?
I'd brought my dog for a walk, sir.
Why else would I come
to this dirty place?
Where is it?
In the bushes, a little further.
Switch this off.
Sir, I'm just using it as a torch.
It's switched off.
Guys, as you can see,
the police are here.
I'm taking you near the dead body.
- The camera...
- Switch it off.
I'm switching it off, sir.
The camera isn't allowed over there,
but I'm taking a risk for you guys.
So, press the bell icon on my channel,
Krime Kishan,
and like, share, and subscribe. Please.
Pradeep, clear the area.
I'm here now.
Don't be scared.
What are we waiting for, sir?
Ma'am, the cops have called
for the rule book.
So you only got beaten up?
What do you mean by
"only got beaten up"?
What else could have happened?
Is there anything else?
Ma'am, prima facie,
there is sexual assault.
- What?!
- Yes, ma'am.
If there's been sexual assault,
call a female doctor!
- Right now!
- Yes, ma'am.
Take her statement.
The doctor said there's been
sexual assault...
I will, if you give me a chance to talk.
What were you doing all this while?
I was taking a statement
until you interfered.
- Madam, I was...
- You weren't taking her statement.
- How can I? You won't let me talk...
- You were busy asking...
- I was doing my job, madam...
- You were...
- You interrupted me.
- All you have asked is,
"So you only got beaten up?"
Section 376 is applicable to ladies.
And Section 377 is for men,
women, or animals.
Tell me, which one
is applicable in this case?
Ojaswi Metro officer Lovina Singh
gets emotional
after being harassed by Sector 24 police.
There was negligence on their part
in registering a case of sexual assault
on a transgender employee of Ojaswi Metro.
After the much-publicized Tejaswini Scheme
was launched by Ojaswi Metro,
more than half of the Tejaswinis
resigned in less than eight months.
Ms. Lovina, what is your statement
regarding this incident?
I want the police
to register an assault complaint
and not one of fighting.
Thank you.
Would you like to say something
about the housing crisis?
Especially because TG employees
resigned after that incident.
Please don't mix different issues.
The housing crisis is a separate matter
from this law and order issue.
This is an issue of public safety.
Please understand this.
Lovina, is the housing issue
in the spotlight again?
Sir, we'll send a strategy
recommendation report by this evening.
It has two parts...
First, a clarification statement
on previous resignations.
Sir, the eight employees who resigned
weren't actually our employees.
The personnel contracts
are with Accuro Services.
They are our workforce contractors.
This issue is
between Accuro and the workers,
and Ojaswi plays no role in it.
Kill that bitch, bro!
Thrash him.
Yes, sir. Number two...
Our transgender employee, Kullu,
has a good work record.
- I feel...
- Your thoughts, Mr. Pushpesh?
Nothing to add, sir.
I think she has covered everything.
I think we just need to make a choice,
that's it.
How's Davos?
Just like you'd said. Truly global.
Lovina, draft a proposal
and send it to me.
I will put up a note and send it to PRO.
And stay away from the media,
if you can. Okay?
Thank you, sir.
Absolutely, sir.
Thanks, everyone.
- Happy Model Citizen's Day.
- Happy Model Citizen's Day to you, sir.
Happy Model Citizen's Day, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
I will call you in some time, Kiran.
Happy Day, madam.
Same to you.
Why the face?
Is it my fault these
eight employees have resigned?
-And never do this,
-That's not the issue...
Nimish, when I'm on a work call.
- I'm not going to repeat myself.
- Listen...
- You can come out of the room now.
- Lovi...
that isn't the issue.
The issue is that you went there,
in the first place.
If you hadn't gone,
this case wouldn't have come up.
They beat up Kullu really badly.
You should've seen it,
it's really horrible.
Think administratively
and not emotionally, I'm telling you.
Or you'll get into trouble.
Say hi.
Hi. Bye.
Where are you going?
- Downstairs.
- With whom?
What'll you do alone downstairs?
Not alone.
I'll have Vivan for company.
I'll be alone for a couple of minutes.
Hey... Tiger!
I think you should salute your mom.
- Seriously.
- Why?
Just do it.
She's a one-man army now.
His face has totally changed.
Totally on his father.
The DCP of the Crime Branch,
Adesh Mahagotra...
He is my batch mate.
Should I call him?
To defuse the matter.
Why create controversy?
Has Ramya gone to Davos?
No, why?
She could have gone.
It's a spouse trip, after all.
Access denied.
Access denied.
If I can choose to speak
the truth that is in my heart...
it is that I want to perform
my next dance in front of my mother.
Why are you back so soon?
You should have rested
for a few more days.
- You forced her to come here.
- Go and sit there.
Now that she's finally here...
Exactly, Noor.
We all want you to do well.
We're on your side, but it looks like
you're not on your own side.
Travel with Ojaswi.
Always on time.
Leading the way in producing
Ojaswi Metro, where time never waits.
No stoppages, just seamless journeys.
Embrace the new standard
with confidence and ease.
Greetings, travelers.
- What did you tell the police?
- In this advanced era, we encourage
- you to seek guidance...
- Told them exactly what happened.
I'm grateful
That I've met my love...
Speak to him.
He's called thrice already.
It could be something important.
Hello, lovebirds, this is Ajmal Ghayal.
Namaskar, hello, how are you?
After a long gap, today we have
the pride of Ojaswi Metro and Sector 24,
Miss Kullu Vishwakarma with us.
Ms. Kullu, please say hello
to the lovebirds.
Ms. Kullu is always worried.
She was worried
when she didn't have a job
and now that she has a job,
she's still worried!
Some people adopt cats and dogs as pets,
and some even adopt pet peeves,
but she has adopted stress!
Oh, she left.
Guys, look at this posh area we live in.
Such colorful clothes...
Guys, Ms. Kullu is back.
She's so worried, even after renting
a room in this posh area,
that we've been here for three weeks,
and she hasn't put out a video
of the new house yet.
That's because we're broke
after paying rent,
and we're out of oil.
Guys, Kullu has left her ID behind.
Hey, Ms. Arc of Joan,
- don't you want this?
- Throw it.
-My world has become beautiful
Ever since I met you...
Do you two live together?
We're about to get married.
Whose house is this?
We were looking for an
apartment near the metro station.
I have to report to work at 9:00 a.m.
You can check, I'm never late.
Your shift is from 9:00 a.m.
to 6:00 p.m.
What were you doing
at the station at 8:00 p.m.?
Sir, the medicines I take,
make me drowsy.
- I take a nap sometimes.
- Sir,
- can you ask Kullu about the assault?
- Yes, I will.
I will ask her about everything.
We have a process.
She hasn't mentioned Ajmal
in the statement.
Even though they live together.
She even went into a bathroom in a mall
to change out of her uniform
into party clothes.
Do you understand?
In her statement, she said
she reached the park at 9:00 p.m.
But the CCTV from a shop
shows her standing there from 8:30 p.m.
Don't you understand?
Where do I start?
Where does it not hurt?
That bastard hurt me everywhere.
Do you know what Shakespeare said?
"People will always talk. Let them."
Madam really fought for me today.
She even brought the cop to tears.
Lovina madam?
Why don't you invite her home
for a cup of tea?
The medical examination
report clearly indicates
that on Ms. Lulu's body...
- Kullu.
- Kullu.
On Ms. Kullu's body,
from her vagina and anus,
and from her clothes,
not one, but five...
- Five.
- Five?
The semen and DNA samples
of five men have been found.
That means, on that night, there were
at least five people who indulged in
sexual activity with her.
In Ms. Kullu's original complaint,
there is mention of just one man.
- Manali said...
- Sir, Kullu!
Why didn't Kullu mention
all this in her original complaint?
Along with the physical injuries,
we will investigate this matter as well.
Sir, any statement from her side?
No. We will speak
to the employees of Ojaswi Metro.
We will continue our investigation
based on evidence.
Whether inside the metro station
or outside,
if anyone approaches you
or asks you questions,
please tell them that all questions
will be answered inside the office,
with senior officials present.
Any comment from you
in the media or on social media
can lead to strict disciplinary
action against you.
Is it clear?
Say yes, if you understand.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Okay. You may leave.
You stay.
Come, sit down.
Good morning, ma'am.
Kullu, we want you
to go on leave for a week.
Will you deduct my salary?
Kullu, we don't want you to suffer
because of what's going on.
But this is commonplace in our lives.
If we get scared,
how will we run the metro station?
This is a high-profile station, Kullu.
Executive class.
Media will be present.
And office-goers may feel awkward
seeing you like this.
You may not be comfortable.
Take the case back, ma'am.
If you tell them to,
the cops will close the matter.
Please try and understand, Kullu.
I'm fighting this case for you.
At least, understand my problems first.
I am with you.
Ma'am, I get paid
for working 26 days a month.
I spent four days in a hospital,
so now I'll be paid for 22 days.
If I take leave for one week,
how will I pay my rent
with a 15-day salary?
Ma'am, like me,
you're also a working lady.
You understand, don't you?
I won't go on leave, ma'am.
I'll come to work on time.
Thank you so much.
Feel it...
My hands are sliding on your back.
They're going down...
I'm touching you.
I'm touching you slowly.
Yes, baby. Come.
Yes, baby.
Come on...
You should try doing yoga.
You're not relaxing.
I've been noticing you.
You've not been exercising.
You need to exercise.
- Look at me.
- We should never help anyone.
You asked for it.
She was giving me looks. Me!
You can give them a job,
but you can't change their thinking.
These bastards are born ruffians.
DG has called me four times.
What do I say?
Ask Accuro to suspend her, what else?
Are you mad?
It will be like accepting
that our employee is a sex worker.
I warned you.
I told you, think administratively
and not emotionally.
Don't take this emotionally.
But no...
Now, deal with it.
There's a system in place here.
One has to work according
to the system.
You can't do as you please.
Why do you ask for advice
if you don't follow it?
Whose bag is that?
What bag?
The one behind you.
On the table.
This one?
How many bags do you see there?
- Is it Ramya's?
- What nonsense. Are you mad?
There was a team meeting in the room.
Someone must've left it behind.
Ramya is in Davos with you...
-and you've been doing drama
- with me for a week.
- Stop talking nonsense.
Focus on the real issue.
Do you want me to call Adesh Mahagotra
and solve the problem?
- To hell with your Adesh Maha... Whatever!
- This is not the right attitude.
He's the DCP of the Crime Branch.
The right-hand man of the Commissioner.
I understand...
you'll get brownie points if you take
- your wife on a trip to Europe.
- You're overthinking, Lovina.
- Seriously, it's getting too much now.
- It's okay. I understand.
- Too much?
- Yes.
You're just saying random things.
And I asked you
to take leave and come.
But you refused.
I don't know what you're
trying to prove over there!
- Ma'am, just listen to me.
- No, Kiran. No!
Ma'am, the police
- haven't filed a case yet.
- What nonsense!
They've been openly saying that
the Ojaswi employee is a prostitute.
What else is left to say?
Ma'am, actually, the police
are waiting for a compromise.
What compromise?!
This Kullu is lying to me on my face!
What did she tell me?
She said I don't pay her salary!
Working as a prostitute
and playing the victim!
You lied to me.
Everyone is lying to me!
The accommodation provided by Accuro
is very far from the station.
She rented this apartment
because it's close to work.
It takes me one-third of the time
to reach the station from this place.
But the rent is triple.
For people like us.
Do you get it?
That's the reason Muskaan, Shabnam,
Pramila, and Hansa quit their jobs.
Lovina ma'am is very worried.
She's worried about you, Kullu.
The police will take
this case to the media...
you will be shamed.
It might even cost you your job.
We don't even have a rebuttal.
I mean, a medical report
is a medical report.
It mentions that five samples were found.
Fact is fact.
But Lovina ma'am insists
that she has full faith in you.
That the police are wrong.
But if five samples were found,
maybe you were assaulted
by five men.
Isn't it, Kullu?
This is the only possible reason, right?
Yes, Monty...
They're taking me to the classroom.
Nimish's father keeps calling me
from Singapore.
I will first find Nimish and then...
Yes. Okay.
Good morning, ma'am.
I've been trying to call you,
but I think you were a little busy.
But I just want to tell you
that I've spoken to our contact
at the Sector 24 police station.
He said Kullu and Ajmal had gone
to the police station this morning.
They want to change their complaint.
And Kullu has said
when her statement was
being recorded in the hospital,
she was in shock and trauma.
That's why her statement was wrong.
She has changed it, ma'am.
Now she's saying that it was
a multiple assault,
that five men assaulted her.
Thank you, ma'am, your strategy worked.
I was a bit hesitant.
I wasn't sure if going
to their home would help.
But thank you so much, ma'am.
I think we're good to go.
Thank you, ma'am.
This way, ma'am.
Please don't stand there.
Ma'am, please.
You can't stay here.
The classroom is that way.
Ma'am, please.
I am requesting you. Please, ma'am.
This way, ma'am.
Ma'am, come with me.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
- Ma'am, please...
- Sorry for disturbing you again.
I just saw what happened on the news.
Don't worry, ma'am,
your son will be safe.
I'm so sorry for troubling you.
Where are your senior officials?
- I just wanted to let you know...
- Call the senior officials.
But don't worry at all, ma'am.
Your son will be fine.
- We're all at the office.
- Call the senior officials.
If you need anything,
we're all on standby.
We're just a call away.
Let us know if you need anything.
We are all here praying for you, ma'am.
- Nimish... Nimish Rajpoot.
- Nimish Rajpoot!
Sir, we want to speak
- to the school management.
- Nimish Rajpoot!
Call the senior officials.
-Our children are inside,
- they're getting anxious.
- Nimish Rajpoot?
Call the senior officials.
- Nimish, come out of the class!
- We wish to speak with them.
Come out of the class right now!
Get your bag!
Step back, they're on their way.
- Hurry!
- Let us meet our children.
Run, my child!
Run and come out.
Sir, what did he do?
- Sir, why are you taking him away?
- Come on.
What has he done?
Wait, sir.
What has he done?
- Why are you taking him away?
- Move back!
They won't hurt me.
- What has he even done?
- Let's go!
- Nothing...
- Ajju!
Get lost!
You rascal, what have you done?
You pricked an innocent flower bud...
Happy birthday to you!
- May God bless you!
- Karan!
Sorry for the video call, ma'am,
but it's an emergency, madam.
What's the emergency, Martin?
See this, madam.
- I told you, it's against the rules.
- Hello, Martin?
Look at this.
- Look at this.
- Hello?
- How long have you been here?
- What's going on, Martin?
- I told you, you can't stay here.
- Get lost.
- What's going on, Martin?
- Get lost!
- Leave me!
- Ma'am,
Kullu has forcibly entered this place.
She says she will stay here.
What do you mean?
- She wants to speak to Lovina madam.
- Give me the phone!
- Where's Lovina ma'am?
- Kullu!
- Kullu, what is this drama?
- Ma'am, please...
- My life has become one big drama!
- You don't have the permission...
I've been calling you,
but you didn't receive my calls!
Kullu, it's my brother's birthday.
- The cops came and took my Ajmal away!
- Look...
- What has he ever done to you?
- Stay back.
-I have told you so many times
-One minute...
that I wanted to withdraw the complaint.
I made the complaint because
- you people asked me to.
- Kullu, all this isn't allowed over there.
Just go home now.
- Madam, please...
- You're on day duty, aren't you?
- Go home.
- I got thrown out of my apartment, madam!
Because they think I'm a prostitute.
- I refuse to leave.
- Get her out of here!
- Right now.
- I'm going to live here from now on.
- Just wait and see!
- Get her out of here!
Speak to Lovina ma'am,
and ask her to get Ajmal out right now!
- Kullu...
- Or I'll go to the press.
I'll tell the cops that
you guys made me change my statement.
- Just wait and see.
- Kullu...
Lovina, just tell me why did
you allow her to enter the station?
Why is she still on the platform?
Kiran spoke to her.
She's saying, Kullu will
create a scene if we force her out.
The media will gather...
Lovina, Kiran won't be able
to handle this.
You have to take charge now.
- Kiran...
- Nimish could've died today, Monty.
This is only the beginning.
Wait till I speak to Lovina ma'am.
Calm down, Ms. Arc of Joan.
- Hurry up.
- Shut up!
It's Joan of Arc, silly.
To me, you're the Arc of Joan!
Don't mess things up.
- Are you done? Hang up.
- You take care.
Sir, one minute.
Ajmal, I hope they're taking care of you.
We're taking good care of him.
Hang up now.
You've been talking for a long time.
My boss will be here soon.
- It's time. I am hanging up.
- Sir...
Why are you crying?
Who was that child? What happened?
Was he your friend?
No reply.
He just listens and doesn't reply.
Nimish is still a kid.
Forget about him
and just focus on the real issue.
Yes, Martin. Tell me.
Namaste, ma'am.
This is Kullu.
- Hello?
- Ma'am, this is Kullu.
- How are you?
- Speakerphone...
Is your son all right?
Please don't fire me, ma'am.
I really need this job.
Kullu, we have no say in this matter.
You have a contract with Accuro...
You have the power, ma'am.
The contract is just a technicality.
You can get my Ajmal out of jail.
Madam, please.
Why did you lie?
Five samples were found.
I didn't lie or tell the truth.
I said what you said.
You said, "rape,"
I said, "rape."
You said, "gang rape,"
so I said, "gang rape."
Now they've arrested my Ajmal.
It was only the last guy
who abused me.
And the other four?
Which other four?
The ones whose samples were found.
If I don't earn money
from the other four,
I won't be able to hold my job.
To go to work, there are many expenses
I need to take care of.
I need to buy detergent
to wash my uniform.
I need to buy shoes as well.
If those four samples aren't there,
your station bathroom
won't get cleaned, madam.
Lovina, hang up.
Please get Ajmal released,
and I'll do as you say.
Hang up.
I'll call you back.
- I know you'll get Ajmal out.
- Yes.
What's all this?
Is this what you've been supporting?
She'll create a scene in front
of the commuters tomorrow morning.
She'll call the media.
DG will call me...
and then I'll lose my job.
Nimish will be thrown out of school,
and his father will call me.
What do you want?
I want that thing out
of my station tonight!
Can you... do something?
Which police station is Ajmal in?
You bastards have hit him.
No, we haven't.
We had orders to let him go
after questioning.
We dropped him off
near your house.
It's the locals who beat him up.
Take him to a hospital.
Come and file a complaint later
if you want.
Hey, listen...
- Ajju...
- Speak to her.
- Yes, Kiran.
- It's urgent, ma'am.
I just wanted you
to have a look at this.
You'll understand if you see this.
Can you see it, ma'am?
Is she...
- She's damaging equipment, isn't she?
- Yes, ma'am.
Call the security.
- Block her face ID.
- Yes, ma'am.
Block her EMP number.
Inform Accuro.
Sure, ma'am.
Start the disciplinary action process
- and send this video to CDS.
- Okay.
Lodge a police complaint
and let her go for now.
Sure, ma'am.
Bro, kill that bitch, bro!
I think it's a glitch, bro.
Are you mad? Quickly!
Second, is the legal approach.
Sir, during my interrogation with this...
Kullu, sir.
I found out that the contractor
hasn't provided us
with her gender certificate yet.
If someone supplies workers without
providing gender certificates,
we should get TG certificates
within the first 45 days of joining.
But it's been 57 days
now in Kullu's case, sir.
This is a breach of contract
by Accuro, not us.
So, according to Clause 23B,
automatic termination of services
is the immediate consequence.
No Employment Board hearing is required.
Mr. Pushpesh?
That's an excellent point, sir.
Madam has framed it well.
Okay. Put up recommendations.
- Okay, sir.
- Next?
Sir, on Women's Day?
Sir, I'm happy to inform you
that I reached out
to Madam Sukanya Banerjee
to come and perform at Ojaswi Station,
and she has accepted the invitation.
It's a daylong program, sir,
in three parts.
First, a special women's coach
will be inaugurated by the CM, sir.
And second...
See that?
See what the world is jerking off to?
What are men creaming at over here?
You're a Diwali gift
to the entire nation, my child!
- What?
- Diwali gift.
He couldn't decide which pronouns to use,
so he directly called them a "gift!"
You poor man's Justin Bieber,
what are you squeezing anyway?
Does she not have any
for you to squeeze?
They harden if you don't...
In a country of 1,5 billion,
this is what's keeping me
under six million!
Shame on you.
Respect, bro. Superb!
Learn from him, losers.
If you guys had shown me
a little more respect,
I wouldn't have had to
buy such a small car!
Just look at my mother, so happy.
After paying all that road tax,
I get such a tiny backseat.
There's no space to do anything in here.
There's no room in it!
Bros, meet my international
manager, Maddy G!
How do you like my new car, bitch?
Fullmoon, bro, forget about my dad.
Introduce me to yours.
You can't possibly waste
all his money alone.
I deserve a chance as well.
...hadn't gotten up until now.
Just make me hit ten million.
That's it.
Sex in the car...
Thank you so much, Fullmoon...
If I ever do it in the car, you'll be
the first to know. I'll send you proof.
Father and son
can frame it and keep it.
Shut up.
I shouldn't have said that, right?
I shouldn't have said it.
I'm sick.
Subscribers, come
and watch me unveil Dushman3,
courtesy of this awesome
Eezzyplay chair.
If your butt has become numb
after all that gaming,
stick it on this chair...
Chill out, dude.
Think about your subscribers.
Work on your accent, man.
Complexion alone isn't enough.
It's pronounced "subscriberrrs!"
- Subscriberrrs?
- Subscriberrrs!
- Shubham!
- "Berrrs."
I'm coming in.
What's for lunch?
Jackfruit, I think.
Should I order some kebabs?
- What's this?
- Gourd.
- I don't want this.
- You will eat this, Shubham.
I won't.
I'm the idiot for sweating
for hours in the kitchen.
I bought you an AC for the kitchen.
Use it.
- Will you pay the electricity bill?
- I will.
I'd asked you to promote
Dad's tutoring classes in your videos.
But you didn't.
I'm tired of repeating myself.
Sahil bro...
You fool.
Are you an idiot?
Where are the memes?
I can only see the old ones.
You've totally messed up my flow.
I swear, I'll shoot you.
Follow up with him.
This guy is slow.
Why is your mood off?
How did Fullmoon know
about Dad and the car?
Focus on tomorrow's party, man.
The Metaverse people
will be there with Urfi ma'am.
The surprise meeting
will be live-streamed.
- We...
- Is it someone from our neighborhood?
- Who?
- This Fullmoon guy.
Check him out.
He gave 13 thousand in ten minutes.
What's to check?
Come up!
Be careful, or you'll get screwed
on the next floor.
No problem, bro.
I'll be very careful!
Look up.
- Oh damn!
- We hit the jackpot!
You're killing it.
Your sponsor is here, Shubham.
Nice of you to join us, Fullmoon.
- Show us your magic.
- Good shot, bro.
It was getting drab without you.
- Fullmoon has become a fan of yours, bro.
- Behind you!
What the hell!
I've killed everyone already.
- Who the hell is this Fullmoon?
- Good shot.
My dudes, take your hands
out of your pants and focus!
This game has a fab toolkit.
You'll get a ten percent discount
if you buy this in the next two days.
Use my code "PAAPI."
What's he asking now?
How many can I eat alone?
- I'm full, leaving some for you.
- Careful, bro, something feels fishy.
Want me to hook you up with this woman?
He's too shy to talk.
What part is this now?
This wasn't part of the unboxing.
- Move!
- Sorry, sorry. bro.
- Move!
- Shubham, why are you bullying him?
- Where are you going, sister?
- Careful when you go to the upper level.
- Where are you off to?
- Be careful.
Tango in the toilet!
Bro, you're going where
no man has gone before.
- It's an ambush!
- Where did she go?
Change your weapon, bro.
Is she going to take a dump?
I can't see that.
- Good shot.
- She's going inside the toilet.
Oh, God!
- This has to be a world record.
- Oh, God!
- He's going on and on.
- Fullmoon has gone nuts!
Shubham, no matter what happens,
you take the money and play!
We've hit six million!
- Bro, Shubham.
- Lalita,
- let's dance with destruction now!
- Too good, bro!
- Congrats, bro.
- This is definitely a world record.
- Now there'll be destruction, alright!
- Bro, congrats!
- Thanks to Fullmoon, we'll party tonight!
- You're the king, bro.
What's he talking about, Shubham?
Show me whatever you want to.
Just send me money and shut up.
- Careful, bro.
- Watch it, bro.
- Yes!
- Bro, be careful!
- What the hell is he showing?
- Oh shit!
- Someone take a screenshot!
- Did everyone see it? Or just me?
What's this?
Is this part of the game, Shubham?
Hack. I've been hacked, bro.
- What's this, dude?
- What's this?
Check your line.
- Take a screenshot. Quickly!
- Stop using cheap AI.
This is what you do in secret?
- Take a screenshot, bro.
- Rape.
- Take a screenshot, dude.
- This isn't me.
This isn't me.
- Why can't I quit the game?
- Bro...
- Shubham, calm down. This happens.
- This isn't me.
Gamepaapi rocks!
- Take a screenshot.
- This isn't me.
- Exit the game!
- You didn't tell us about this.
- This isn't me.
- Exit.
- This isn't me.
- Lalita...
- This isn't me.
- Show desktop...
- Fullmoon has changed the game, bro.
- This isn't me.
What is this, bro?
- What did we just see?
- This isn't me...
A quick brown fox jumps
over the lazy dog.
Must be some psycho.
A quick brown fox jumps
over the lazy dog.
Be careful next time.
Put a tape on the webcam
before you do stuff.
- Do you think those photos are real?
- Brown fox...
That's not the point.
Do you take me for a faggot?
You can't talk like that anymore.
That's not the point.
That's more like it...
The real Gamepaapi.
Rock-hard power.
- Just be careful next time.
- Hello, you're getting a call.
Kanika, has the fly come
to taste the honey.
A quick brown fox...
What are you doing, Shubham?
Couldn't you ask me
before releasing photos?
- Get up.
- You should've told me.
- You're so bloody selfish.
- Get up, dude.
Everyone knows about us.
If you'd given me time,
I'd have made a response
video supporting you.
Lalita, type a message to Fullmoon.
- I'll kick your ass...
- Lalita, stop.
- What are you doing?
- You think I'm scared?
- Close the page.
- No, wait a second.
How dare he!
Lalita, type a message to Fullmoon.
- "I'll kick your ass..."
- Lalita, stop.
- What?
- Forty thousand followers
in the last two hours.
- So?
- In two hours!
- So? They're here to laugh at me.
- So?
What does it matter?
- Close the page.
- Doesn't matter?
I'll show him.
- No, no!
- Here.
Come and take a look!
- Meme?
- Meme, ma'am.
He beat you up over a meme?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
And what was the meme?
This is not me.
Ma'am, "This is not me" is used
when someone changes
and becomes something else
- but pretends he isn't that thing.
- He isn't.
But he is.
And everyone knows it.
He's just trying to hide it.
- So he's sort of lying.
- Yes, ma'am.
This meme is used in such a situation.
It's very big now.
- Upyourz made a song...
- Rohan, watch your tongue.
Ma'am, it's an account name.
He's a LeDekh influencer.
- He's big.
- Gamepaapi is bigger.
What is Gamepaapi?
- Shubham.
- Ma'am, Shubham.
It's his world name.
- He's the one who said it first, not us.
- Yes, ma'am.
He didn't hit us too much.
This is his line.
- Okay, shut up, both of you.
- "This is not me."
Not another sound.
Go out and wait.
And Nimish, where's your ID card?
Ma'am, it may be in the class.
Is it supposed to be
in the class or on you?
Go out and wait.
Ma'am, you should hit him.
We don't hit children, ma'am.
Shubham, you're 18 now.
If you are different,
you should embrace it,
not fight it.
I'm not different, ma'am.
Everyone is different
in different ways, son.
Your difference is different.
Someone else's difference is different...
I'm not different.
I'm very, very same.
Why are you arguing?
If she says you're different,
just agree with her.
If you haven't done anything,
why did you get suspended?!
The school tries to set an example...
Shut up!
Everyone comes to me for tutoring,
but my own son is a failure!
He's eighteen
and still in his school uniform!
He should be in college by now.
What have we done to deserve this?
Why don't you come down and talk?
Keep quiet!
I refuse to go near him.
He's bought an AC and a car.
So now, he thinks he can
buy his parents as well!
Mother, son, and uncle
are up to no good. I know it!
His career is taking off, sister...
He has crossed seven million followers.
Of course, people will be jealous.
Party's on!
Too good!
Go on!
Lots of love to all those who are
missing out on this madness.
Kisses to you, guys.
What's up, bro?
A selfie, please.
- I'm done. I'm leaving now.
- Surprise!
Lots of love to our very own Gamepaapi!
I mean...
I'm a big fan of yours, ma'am.
I love your videos.
Bro, you're killing it.
You're killing it, man.
He's on fire!
"This is not me."
"This is not me."
"This is not me."
"This is not me."
"This is not me."
"This is not me."
Sex? Like porn?
Are you a boomer?
Who'll watch it?
Not sex.
A make-out video.
Twenty seconds of
a hardcore make-out video.
You can be submissive,
I'll be a little aggressive.
My followers aren't into this.
Have you seen my brand collaborations?
We won't put it on our accounts.
We'll have them leaked.
Maddy can get it leaked.
Let them know what I'm really like.
They'll think that you're bi.
Give me a couple of days.
My response video will blow up.
There you go again.
Playing games!
This is for your good, Shubham.
You're touching seven million followers.
- Just use it.
- Don't preach.
Miss Four Hundred Thousand.
I'm opportunistic?
What about you?
Sucking up to Urfi outside?
Two minutes ago, you wanted
to make a sex video with me, and now...
- Make-out video, idiot!
- But I'm an opportunistic, aren't I?
- You are.
- Okay.
- You really are one.
- Really?
- You got a chance, right?
- And how do I use you?
- This... pretending to be woke...
- I see.
You'll go and use my name
to increase your viewership,
- and then slam poetry...
- I don't need to do all this.
Shubham, you're crossing limits now.
Keep quiet.
You've put up the photos, haven't you?
- I put them up?
- Of course, you did!
- Why would I do that?
- You wanted to show that you were right.
- That you're accepting and broad-minded.
- I...
I have nothing to prove to anyone!
It's my own hard work and talent
that matters to me.
Of course, unlike you.
What? Did I crack a joke?
What is so funny?
Kanika, you?
- Okay.
- Talented?
On the 25th, GP sir will have
a coming-out party on OMG's livestream.
Coming out of where?
Then, the top LGBTQ influencers
will drop a few messages.
Some attack videos will be launched
against you in the evening.
You can respond to them in your style.
Ma'am, you will come out in his support,
and both of you will launch together.
I think this is a great idea.
Listen, you and me,
we should launch together.
We have to do this.
I saw he has crossed six million.
It's 6,3 now.
- I love your accent.
- But ma'am, I'm not gay.
But we can discuss it, okay?
Ma'am, 26th is the
actual Metaverse launch.
You will launch
the Madalaa Free Stree pop-up store.
And GP sir,
you will launch the Earth Zone.
What's Earth Zone now?
Wait a minute.
Wasn't it Warzone Metaverse
for Urbo Slaughter 2?
- Correct, but there's been a slight...
- No!
A slight change of plan.
The response to your new identity is huge.
- Yeah, it's massive.
- Massive.
- Sir, Earth Zone will...
- One second. What new identity?
- Warzone doesn't suit your personality...
- Who's launching Warzone?
Warzone is small.
Earth Zone is big, sir.
Really big.
I think she's right.
Like, we should only stick to Earth.
Earth is, you know, better.
Earth is my favorite planet,
and Earth is also like our mother,
so we should just do it.
And war is bad, dude...
I mean all this fighting...
People get guns and stuff.
I don't want anything bad...
to the refugees and laborers and all.
I think they get killed in the war.
Poor things, they die.
I don't want that, man.
They shouldn't suffer
just because they're poor.
I'm done with this.
Get some tiramisu for me, please...
You are an influencer, right?
Moving on.
So, what do I call you?
Call me what you want.
I wanna call you, ugly as...
- Get out of here!
- Bro, score!
I knew she'd skip on me!
I'm such an idiot.
Bro, Gamepaapi...
Don't skip us, please.
- Where did they come from?
- I'm off today, guys.
Please leave me alone.
Won't you listen to your bro?
How does one take a screenshot, bro?
Be quiet, let him speak.
Press the power button and the
button below the volume button together.
Go on, take a screenshot.
How much do you make
from a video after tax?
That's enough,
just take one screenshot.
When will we see a new video, bro?
Bro, that is not me.
- This is not me.
- Shubham is getting thrashed again.
Another love letter from Fullmoon, bro.
If you can't livestream properly,
don't do it.
Don't show stuff like this.
I'm a kid watching YouTube!
Isn't this fake?
Has this ever happened?
Don't show me all this.
I don't understand this stuff.
Answer my question.
Talk nicely. I'm not Maddy.
Does Dad roam around in a vest?
It could be an AI glitch.
Why are you taking this so seriously?
This is more complicated than AI.
Think about the Metaverse deal.
I'm not doing it.
I won't do it.
What do you mean you won't?
We'd agreed on
Warzone for Urbo Slaughter 2.
I refuse to do anything else.
Send all this back.
Your image is changing,
you need to change as well.
- What happened to his image?
- Don't touch me!
He crapped all over it!
Speaking like a pimp again!
How much did you take from
Metaverse to crack this deal?
Fullmoon paid you as well?
Snap out of it,
this isn't you talking.
This is me. If you don't want to listen,
you can go to hell!
I don't care.
Fine, screw up your life.
Spend the rest of your life teaching the
Bernoulli theorem like your dad.
You're all selfish.
- All of you.
- He thinks I'm selfish.
He speaks to me like I'm his slave,
not his uncle!
Metaverse has increased the offer
from 1,2 to 1,8 million,
after his new identity.
But he's obsessed with Fullmoon.
Fullmoon! Fullmoon!
Today's headlines, terror in school.
An innocent child was killed
because of internet bullying.
A mother lost her precious child.
Keep watching
"Khoon Khabaari 10 on 10."
A horrible incident in school led to
the death of a seventh grader,
13-year-old Rohan Rawat
after his head was smashed
inside the school bathroom!
A heartbreaking video has surfaced.
According to sources,
few senior students are being questioned.
One of them is a famous
18-year-old influencer.
Will this boy be hanged to death?
Keep watching
"Khoon Khabaari 10 on 10."
- Do you take drugs, son?
- No.
Just check him once.
Don't be scared.
Ma'am, please.
Do you have a girlfriend, son?
Do you have a girlfriend, son?
What kind of a question is this?
Ask him normal questions.
This is normal, sir.
Please let him talk.
That's enough.
We've cooperated with you enough.
Go and interrogate the other children now.
Show that to them, sir.
Show what?
Sir, we found this in the victim's bag.
It has gone viral on the internet.
Is this your photo, son?
No, ma'am, it's fake.
Yes, it's fake.
It's been created with AI...
All this is made with AI nowadays.
- Is this why you threatened him?
- Who threatened?
Your son.
- That other boy...
- Nimish Rajpoot,
- Rohan's classmate.
- All kids fight in school...
but they've made my son
out to be a murderer.
Ma'am, please cooperate.
Let him talk.
Come here, son...
Son, are you gay?
There's no such thing in our family.
- Where's this questioning going?
- Calm down, sir.
The child is getting scared.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Being gay is legal. It's not a crime.
- Not in my family...
- Son,
- My son is normal.
- don't worry.
- I know about his girlfriends.
- Are you gay?
- I'm telling you...
- Sir, please.
He's getting scared.
You're scaring him.
This is not me, or is it?
How does it matter?
How does it matter if Gamepaapi
likes it from the front or the back?
Isn't the fact that
he's Gamepaapi, enough?
A guy with eight million followers,
who gives his sweat and blood
to make content...
To entertain us.
Isn't that enough?
Shame on you.
Actually, this is what life is...
Take off your pants whenever
you see someone in power.
And... salute!
And when he loses his power...
Do you get what I'm saying?
But I won't let this happen to Gamepaapi.
Gamepaapi's supporters are waking up...
and bringing about a revolution.
We'll start the
"Support Gamepaapi Movement."
Not just millions,
billions will press the bell icon now.
On every channel.
On every link!
With hashtags.
- I am with Gamepaapi.
- Are you?
I think we should all come together
and support Gamepaapi.
Because he's the first one from our gang
who's about to touch ten million, so...
You know...
Don't judge him, Rakib Arsh!
The bus driver has been arrested.
Gamepaapi was only called
for questioning,
he wasn't arrested,
for your information.
Nine million nine hundred thousand
nine hundred and eighty-eight,
Okay, guys, we're getting there.
Thank you, Ladykilla.
Thank you very much!
Yeah, I'm taking advantage of this. Happy?
Thank you for your
toxic male perspective!
I know you feel the same
Daddy, are you gonna come my way?
- Guys...
- Are you gonna come my way?
- Ten million.
- I know you feel the same
Daddy, are you gonna come my way?
Gamepaapi just crossed ten million.
-No need to be afraid
-I need a moment.
I know you feel the same
I'm really sorry.
Lalita, type hi.
Come to me!
Come to me!
Come to me!
Come to me!
Come to me!
Smart boy.
Shubham, please...
Shubham, please...
I request you.
Please, Shubham...
Shubham, no...
- Please let me go.
- Down!
- Please let me go, Shubham.
- Down, down.
- Please let me go, Shubham.
- Lick it.
- No, Shubham...
- Lick it.
This didn't happen...
I wasn't even present there.
- Shubham, please...
- Did you cry when you tagged the video?
- Sorry...
- No, you didn't.
Don't beg. Lick it.
This didn't happen.
This is fake.
I wasn't even there, sir.
Neither was your father
But he ate the laddu, right?
Who are you, sir?
I gave you the video you wanted, right?
I showed your best pictures to everyone.
You don't need to buy followers now.
You asked for ten million.
And you got it, right?
Who are you, sir?
I'm Algo.
We are the game.
Wanna play?
Hello and welcome...
I am Riya, and you're watching
India Daily Live.
You already know about Shubham Narang,
the world-famous influencer
whose video inspired thousands of people
to upload videos of
themselves streaking,
in turn spurring a global movement
and a viral sensation
that began right here in India.
Weeks after the incident, Shubham's
parents lodged a police complaint
alleging that their son had gone missing.
We've searched for him everywhere.
- We've searched everywhere but...
- Nothing.
But shockingly, he continues
to go live on his social media channels,
which he's doing from
the Metaverse, a virtual world.
You're saying your son is missing,
but he's still live-streaming.
He is...
I don't understand
how the live streaming is on.
Looks like it is him,
- but I don't understand how.
- Yes, sir.
Shubham Narang, who is now known
as "Lovetrigga" on the internet,
is the first Indian influencer
who can be met only in the Metaverse
and nowhere else.
When was the last time you met him?
That night.
Isn't it? I spoke to him,
he was in his room.
The next day... he disappeared.
He's the first Indian influencer
to be named under the Tag Magazine
of Top 20 influencers.
The first Indian to be honored with this.
For the first time, India Daily Live
will interview him inside the Metaverse.
This is the world's
first virtual interview that
I am about to conduct through my avatar.
All those who are watching
this channel through your VR sets,
fasten your seat belts
please give a big round of applause
to Lovetrigga!
Mr. Lovetrigga,
is this your name now?
My name... your name...
names are merely labels, Ms. Riya.
Call me whatever you want.
How do you like it here in the Metaverse?
How do I explain the taste of water to
someone who has never had a sip before?
Look how he's flying!
Our own prince
of the Metaverse, Lovetrigga!
As you can see on your TV screen,
this is a huge honor for our country.
Our very own Lovetrigga,
the first Flying Indian...
You can see him on your TV screens.
Can one find love over here?
Like one finds water in the sea.
And what do you eat?
This morning I ate samosas from Shivlal,
and for dinner,
I'm planning to grab sushi with Elon.
I feel like moving here
permanently as well.
This is a pure place, Ms. Riya.
One has to purify themselves
before coming here. Become pure.
So this is the Meta-purity spa...
The place that trains us for Meta-living!
Ms. Riya, I used to live only for myself.
But now that I'm here in Metaverse, I know
what living for others feels like.
What's ailing you, ma'am?
Take me with you, child.
I can't bear this anymore.
I want you to close your fists.
Like this.
Feel the pain inflicted upon you
by your loved ones.
By your mother, father,
brother, sister...
Everyone who has stopped you
from becoming who you wanted to be.
Who you could have become!
Now raise your hands...
and exhale as you begin
to wave your arms.
Look at me and do as I'm doing.
Say what I say.
I am happy!
I am happy.
It's true!
It's true!
It may not be the whole truth but...
It may not be the whole truth but...
It's true, it's true, it's true!
It's true, it's true, it's true!
Yes, it's true!
Yes, it's true!
It's true!
It's true!
It's true!
It's true!
- It's true that I'm happy!
- It's true that I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
- I'm happy!
I'm happy!
It's true!
- It's true!
- It's all true!
Baby, if I am happy
So is my dad
I have the world at my fingertips
Swimming in this dark ocean makes me happy
So what if I lose it all
Tell me how you liked this
Love, sex, and betrayal...