Lucia (2013) Movie Script

Are you a creature of illusion?
Or is illusion your creation?
Are you a part of the body?
Or is the body a part of you?
Is space within the house?
Or the house within space?
Or are both space and the
house within the seeing eye?
Is the eye within the mind?
Or the mind within the eye?
Or are both the eye
and mind within you?
Does sweetness lie in sugar?
Or is sugar in the sweetness?
Or do both sweetness
and sugar lie in the tongue?
Is the tongue within the mind?
Or the mind within the tongue?
Or are both the tongue
and the mind within you?
Does the fragrance lie in the flower?
Or the flower in the fragrance?
Or do both the flower and the
fragrance lie within the nostrils?
I cannot say,
O Lord Adikeshava of Kaginele,
O peerless one,
are all things within you alone?
The patient has been here
for 3 months... Vegetative state
Sometimes we observe brain activity.
He is under continual medication...
...but nothing helps.
This is a ventilator...
to pump oxygen.
He cannot breathe on his own'?
No sir, his life is
controlled by these machines.
Hmmm... If I remove this,
there should be no problem right?
No patient, no case...
Yes sir...
...He will die peacefully.
Poor fellow...
why don't you remove it'?
Are you scared of God?
First it needs to be determined
whether it is a murder or suicide attempt.
This is definitely
a murder attempt sir!
Why would he want to commit suicide?
Even if the investigation leads
to a result, what can the court do?
Euthanasia is banned
in our country anyway right?
If a body cannot survive
without life support...
...the court may allow it.
- Sir...
- Oh, Kempraju, how are you'?
- I am fine sir!
- You are looking very smart!
And yet no one wants to marry me...
Hmm... what is this
new headache?
What is the boss saying?
Sir, I have told him
the investigation is on...
But he is behind some detective.
Have you shown him
the investigation reports?
You know him
he won't bother reading.
Hmm... how is the new detective?
I'm meeting him for
the first time too.
Please come, sir...
Your boss has called me
to a bar early in the morning?
Ask him yourself, Sir!
Please come, Mr. Deepak...
- How are you, sir'?
- Sit down.
Meet Mr. Sanjay from Mumbai Branch.
This is Mr.
Deepak from Crime Branch.
We are working on this case.
Give us some time...
we will come
out with the results.
Don't take this personally...
the minister is under pressure.
In such cases,
a lot of people will lay claims...
this is a very sensitive case.
- OK sir.
- Sanjay, he will brief you about the case.
Please discuss with him.
Does he know Kannada?
I know a little sir...
I have assigned your
old partner to your team.
- Thank you, sir!
- I hope you give me quick results.
Hey! wake up!
Pucchi! I gave you a box that day,
Where is it?
Which box, brother?
The box I gave you
for safekeeping...
That brown box...
Brother, what are you doing?
You dirty fellow!
I asked you to clean up this place!
...Brother, there is nothing
in the box, it's all very dirty...
It's all very dirty...
Don't reveal my name to anyone!
Don't tell anyone what we did!
Take this money and go to hell!
Brother, I too will come with you.
I'll kill you if I spot you again!
Leave this place quickly!
What are you still doing here?
Do you want to die?
Move aside!
Brother, what are you doing?
Kerosene is expensive!
Oh God!
Don't kill yourself brother!
'MW , what happened?
Get up! Make way!
Hey you! Stop!
Do you see this part?
Please read this...
After I finished work
at the talkies at night...
I was heading home. I was
having food from a food cart...
a girl was going
on a scooter with her father
I was watching them.
And when she went a little ahead,
her bag fell off.
These are cinema folks,
this must be a story.
What is this?
OK I am coming.
Tell me who else is there?
Spit it out!
Sir, I don't know what
you are talking about!
I don't know anything about this,
please let me go!
Tell me how many
people are involved!
Tell me the truth!
Get up I say!
You're going to get it today.
You don't know anything right?
See what I'll do...
Sir, please come here. He's there.
Please come, Mr.
Sanjay, welcome to my real office.
Did he reveal anything?
We are preparing him...
come let's see.
Hey, what happened?
These rascals are hale and hearty.
My hand is a little sore...
Did he say anything?
I'll make them squeal!
Ask anything you want.
Sanjay, all yours.
Look darling,
answer all his questions correctly.
What is this?
I don't know... I don't know!
Sir, he's out...
What now?
The other piece is there.
It is very soft, it will speak.
Hey item...
will you speak up or what?
What is this?
Ninety lakh damned
fools in Bangalore...
like sheep in a pen!
Me, I am another innocent lamb.
My name is Nikki...
...hey! Not lkki! Nikki!
I am from a small
village near Mandya.
I got trapped in this
bloody circus three years ago.
Thank god, my parents stayed back.
No worries about accommodation...
Thanks to my chuddy buddies.
Our Shankranna,
he owns this talkies...
I am a torch shiner in the theater.
The rogue, Shankranna,
has great affection for me.
Like a son!
Hey! Go do your work I say! Go man!
Life is great, but...
I can't sleep at night!
Look at that guy pissing on the wall
Let's take his trip... time pass!
Yes sir.
Bring him here.
Right, sir.
Hands up!
What... who?
- Up! Raise your hand.
- Didn't do anything...
- Up! Raise your other hand up.
- Can't sir! I'll wet my pants!
- Up with the other hand...
- Cannot sir!
I'll shoot you I say!
Haha... come, sir is calling.
Tie up your pants
before they fall off!
Go that way!
Get over here!
What are you doing out this late?
Sir... couldn't sleep...
that's why I stepped out sir.
Where are you from?
From a village near Mandya, sir!
Get into the jeep,
let's go to the station.
What have I done sir?
Standing in front of a girl's poster at
night... indecent behavior in public!
Which girl sir?
Sir, I haven't done anything sir,
let me go. I'll go home quietly.
- Why are you laughing sir?
- Are you drunk?
Sir, upon my mother,
I don't drink anything but water.
Open your mouth!
Thoo! How long since
you brushed your teeth?
Sir, my honor...
- Sir... sir... Sir!
- Drive!
Sir! My loincloth!
Sir... sir... Sir!
Inspector sir,
please sir, give it back!
Oh damned fool, please give it back!
Sir... sir... Sir!
Have you no wife or children?
Take my shorts as well!
Had it been my village,
I would have taken your trip!
Hey! him here!
Got a cup of coffee or tea?
What is this midnight
comedy of yours brother?
Damn me as well!
No sleep, and so much heat!
I come out,
and run into these rascals!
You can't sleep?
Every morning, I feel like an owl,
my head feels all wrong.
We have sleeping pills... want some?
Pills for sleep? Really?
We have pills for everything!
Please give me some,
let's see if it works...
Get up! Come with me.
Brother, I have nothing on me
Please don't ask for money
Today is my birthday.
I'll give it for free.
Really? May you sleep
on your wedding night as well!
Brother, where are the pills?
Come on!
Keep going!
I am going, no need to push!
Come on!
Come on, keep moving.
Someone's come, baby.
I know, baby.
Haven't I seen this guy somewhere?
Huh... it's my face!
Hey, brother, I am on camera!
Yes, yes, you are the hero!
We sleep for about 2
lakh hours in our lifetime.
In your case,
you can't sleep at all.
Lucky fellow!
Damn my luck! My head
feels like it has been minced!
They said you'll
give me a sleeping pill.
Give me a dose for a day or two.
I'll take it and pass out.
Why waste your time
only with a sleeping pill?
What does that mean, brother?
You take my pills...
Not just sleep,
you'll also have good dreams!
Is that so brother?
When you are awake,
you lead your sorry life.
But when you're sleeping,
you will live the life you want.
Oh! What's the big deal
about dreams? They come and go.
Hey fool, you take my pill,
and you will have just ONE dream,
Like a mega serial,
it will keep going on.
Mega serial or a folktale...
All I want is sleep.
Every night,
before you hit the bed, take this.
It looks like a laxative.
What is it called?
What if I take this and die?
Whatever must happen will happen...
Once you start taking this,
you must not stop.
Else your dream will
become a NIGHTMARE!
Life will become difficult!
Nikki, hey Nikki!
Nikki, hey Nikki!
Get up! Why are you sleeping here?
Why not sleep in the vanity van?
It's fine!
Shall I cancel the shooting?
Shall we go home?
No, let's go on... It's already late
Hand over the costume...
I was sitting on the chair,
suddenly I dozed off.
I guess everyone must be waiting.
Wear the costume.
Which song are we shooting now?
This song is absurd... Some
fellow called Bhat has written it...
It's terrible.
Don't worry,
it'll be a hit anyway...
Let's finish quickly and leave...
Sir, do you want anything?
Bring me some juice...
The ACP is here, just speak to him..
Hello, Mr.
Nikhil, nice to see you again!
Like your manager asked,
We have provided you
with maximum security don't need to
worry about anything now
We'll take care of you.
Security he says!
Just two constables!
Hey Mahadeva, how is everything?
How are the kids?
All doing fine, sir.
Careful! The crane might break!
- Sir, coffee?
- No, he's asked for juice...
Hi Kamini, looking hot!
Hi Sir!
I am so happy you know,
I have been waiting
to do a song with you!
- Finally I got a chance!
- Same here!
Thank you, thank you!
Dance master! All set?
How are you sir?
I am very happy you
are doing this film.
If you give us permission,
we will start shooting right away.
- What do you say?
- Let's get started.
OK, touch up!
Hey, come here!
Some freshening up.
Okay... Mirror...
Spray please...
How come you are sleeping
like a log today?
Get up and get to work!
- Make one strong tea!
- Sleeping like a bloody log!
Speak up, Shiva!
Speak up, Shiva!
What has made you like this?
Why have you become so weak?
Speak up, Shiva!
What is your worry?
I passed high school...
...but failed in love.
I passed high school...
...but failed in love.
Your story or mine
It's the same sadness
Where do I start?
It ends even before I begin
Just when you think it's done... starts again.
A girl rang the bell of my heart
And smiled like a blossoming flower
An old vanity bag
left without stepping in
In the smile of her
eyes I saw a teardrop
In the heat of moonlight
A dog whelped
A coffin for the dead moon
Can we find?
I wrote such a line
On the back of an auto rickshaw
Passed high school,
but failed in love
Passed high school,
OK, Shiva!
Stop, Shiva!
Bye, Shiva!
Sleep now, Shiva!
it's time for the show...
Not even ten tickets have been sold.
Please listen to me...
If you show Tamil or Telugu films...
morning shows will run houseful.
I am not so desperate.
I only show Kannada
films in my theater.
Hmm... OK Shankranna...
why don't you
show a "special" film?
What does "special picture" mean?
Small budget...
Brother, please let me go!
How dare you suggest this?
How dare you?
This is my father's theater.
It's not for prostitution.
Let me go, Nikki!
There she is, man. Let's catch her!
Let me go!
Please let me go...
- Move it!
- Gani! Gani...!
Get going!
Shut up! Do you know who I am?
I don't care who you are.
Let my Gani come...
...he'll take care of all of you!
Let him come...
We know what to do
Tie her up!
-Let me go!
This one is a proud peacock!
Take special care of it!
When are you bringing the money'?
Shut her up!
I'll take care of you myself!
Don't call me again.
Sir, we have a flat tire
It'll take 10 minutes.
Sir, hi!
How come you are here?
I have a flat tire.
- Shall I drop you?
- No, it will be done in two minutes...
No, it's OK. My house is close by...
- No thanks, I'll manage.
- Please come.
Finish quickly!
I am very happy you are coming home.
I can't believe it.
Hey, stop here...
What happened?
-It's a flat tire...
- Where is Nikki?
- He has gone with the heroine.
Hey, get it done and come.
What's with this new vehicle?
Sir, I made you wait
for a long time...
Are you comfortable?
What would you like to have?
No thanks. I don't want anything.
Don't be formal.
What is your brand?
No, thanks.
I'll be leaving in a few minutes.
What is the hurry?
We can watch a movie, get dinner.
There is a pool outside.
We can even go for a long drive.
Anything you want, sir.
Hey Nikki,
what are you doing in her house?
I am outside. Come let's go.
My vehicle is here.
Thank you.
I will leave now.
The thing is...
I love you...
I knew you would definitely come.
I love you Sowmya.
I love you too Gani!
Why are you throwing those things?
Don't throw the reels, I say...
Listen to me. Don't you have brains?
Come on, please stop it...
Hey, baldy!
You are acting like
one of these movie villains!
He is just a torch shiner.
Let him go. I will come next month.
I don't like this kind of work.
I have to pay them
for breaking things...
and you have to pay
them for putting it together.
I will prepare the
documents by next month.
Come to the sub-registrar's
office and sign them.
Alright, even I am tired
of showing films in this theater.
Not a soul comes to watch.
Raze it down and build a big mall.
Give me a security guy's job here.
Hey, let that boy go.
Why the hell are you on the floor?
Idiot! Go do your work.
Why don't you stay?
Have lunch and go.
I will come next month.
Don't miss it.
OK, OK, I'll do it.
Escort him carefully...
he's had an open heart surgery.
He's a nice guy.
Oh God! I am seeing
this for 15 years.
Hey Nikki, why are you so scared?
Their guns only had
only dummy bullets.
Fifteen years ago,
I had made a film.
This loafer only financed it.
That movie never released.
Now he wants me to write
the theater in his name.
My heart can stop...
...but the projector
should keep running.
Hey get up! It's the interval
Why are you sitting as if stunned?
They'll keep coming and going...
...we can't worry about tall that.
What next for you?
Two plates gobi,
with a little more spice...
What else?
Dad, go slowly...
And please balance
the bike properly...
You refuse to buy a car.
A car?
Dad, one minute...
- Did the bag fall?
- Oh look at this!
All because of you!
I told you I'll come by auto!
By saving fifty rupees,
will you marry me off in a palace?
Oh God! Don't you want the bag?
Hang on a minute.
I'll take an auto from next time.
Let's leave.
Thank you.
Cough some more.
Cough some more.
You are alright.
See, he's been shot
at close range...
minor injuries, but he's fine.
I will give you a detailed report.
OK. Thank you.
No problem.
How are you doing?
Are you in pain?
did you get any threat calls?
I told you he got two calls.
One call came in the morning.
Big stars get extortion
calls like this.
They attacked you
with rubber bullets.
They didn't want to harm you.
It might be rubber bullets
but look at the injuries.
Can you identify anyone
from these pictures?
Have a look, sir.
This might be him.
Show me.
OK, Nikhil.
Don't worry. I will personally
take care of this case...
...thank you.
Sir, please don't tell anything
about the heroine to the media.
See, it's too early to
give out anything about the case.
We are proceeding with
the investigations, don't worry.
Who is behind this?
No, sir, we are investigating.
Everything will come out.
See, the heroine has
no role in the incident.
Why are you dragging her in?
Show me the piece on the top.
This pink-colored one?
How much did you say this is?
Six thousand rupees...
It's a little expensive.
Show me something else.
I'll be back in a minute...
Oh, no problem.
how come you are here?
Who is this girl?
I don't know sir...
...head office sends
the posters to us...
...we just put them up
Why sir, for your next film?
Do you have her photo or address?
No address sir, but pictures...
...just a moment.
The other day I was showing
this catalogue to a customer...
I thought I saw her
picture somewhere here.
Oh, there it is.
Can I take these?
Please return them in two days, sir.
- Yeah, sure.
- OK sir. Thank you.
Please come again.
Where is my seat?
Please come...
Be careful. Come...
HEY, you monkey, move your leg!
Please come...
- Hey, hi!
- Hi!
See the film there...
Hey Raja, send special
cool drinks and popcorn to A6.
Put it on my tab.
Why brother, has your sister come?
No, it's your sister who has come.
Send it, man.
Right, brother.
my girl has come to the theater.
Your girl?
Yes, please come inside and see her.
Hey, let me go.
I have to change the reel.
- I don't have the time.
- See, there she is!
Are you blind?
She's sitting in A6...
That must be her brother.
Hey Nikki
Hands off, man!
OK, see you guys, We!
Hey, come close to my girl again...
...and it'll be my chopper talking.
Be careful!
Cut it!
Super sir, sir!
Super sir...
Can I remove the makeup?
Sir, one last shot...
...please rest meanwhile.
Hey, cool drinks for sir!
Super sir!
The fight came out well.
Tell me what you want.
I will get it for you.
Can I get some water?
Boss, can I get some water?
Hey, go bring him in.
OK, sir.
Sir is asking you to come in.
Be quick!
Hello, sir.
Hmmm...what's your name?
Aryan, sir
Bring a chair.
It's OK.
Hold this.
Brother, chair...
...what were you doing earlier?
Modeling, sir...
As in, wearing clothes
and walking on a stage?
Yes sir.
Were you getting paid?
Yes sir.
Do you have a girlfriend?
No sir.
- Seriously?
- No I am not in touch with anybody.
Go get ready for the shot.
- Learn to fight properly.
- OK sir.
He is a criminal.
He was involved in other cases also.
He has also made
threat calls before...
If you ask me, he is definitely
involved in this murder attempt case.
What about this girl?
This is where the case
becomes a bit confusing.
Reports and evidences
show her as a suspect.
Have you taken a statement from her?
She didn't say much.
She was present when
the incident happened.
She told us what happened there.
I think it is all lies.
I want to read the statement,
please bring it.
Sir, there was a
call from the lab...
...they need more
samples for testing.
Sir, I don't get one thing.
What's the connection between
the tablet and the murder attempt?
God alone knows...
Where can one find
this "Lucia" tablet?
Please look for it.
See, any way you argue the law,
this will be a murder.
Tomorrow, he might just sit up.
Who are you to say it won't happen?
See, the patient is alive only
because of external life support...
...and if you remove it,
it's only a matter of minutes...
Now the patient is alive
only because of a machine.
He may be in pain
because of the machine.
We will be responsible for that.
The two of you are only
talking about his body...
What about his mind?
OK. Should a patient in coma...
...surviving only on life support... kept alive?
Or should the machine
support be removed...
and he be allowed
to die in a natural manner?
What would the mindset
of a coma patient be like?
How will his brain be functioning?
Could he be dreaming?
Let's find out after a short break.
No please sir, don't hit me!
Where can we find this "Lucia" pill?
Look sweetheart...
I am going crazy over this...
...don't make me angry.
It's made at a
factory near Peenya...
OK, make the call...
Do it!
And do as I said.
Sir, this is Prashanth speaking...
What happened to Ravi?
Sir, Ravi is not in town.
Sir, somebody I know
wants to meet you.
He wants to be a distributor.
Does he have money?
Yes, sir. Rich party.
OK, bring him near the factory.
OK, sir.
Hey sweetheart...
you act well.
Go in plainclothes
to avoid suspicion.
Who else will be on your team?
I will go.
Why do you want to take the risk?
Let the police do their job.
You don't worry about that.
Let him come sir.
I'll take care of it.
Come, sweetheart,
I'll buy you new clothes.
Sanjay, you have to
brush up your Kannada.
They might get a doubt otherwise.
Day after tomorrow,
there is a song shooting.
The director gave this...
This is the song CD.
These are the lyrics.
Get ready.
Read it.
Someone's beating
on the drum of my heart
Words are singing
in the corners of my mind
I feel like I am whistling
with my fingers in my mouth
Jamma 'gamma 'yammma...
It sounds like a mass song.
Not to our taste.
One minute.
Did you find out
anything about this girl?
No managers have heard of her.
Let me find out more.
Nikki, hey Nikki. Get up, son!
Hey, what is this?
You keep sleeping everywhere.
Shankranna, what's wrong with him?
Sorry, I am late.
Don't worry about
getting your son married.
I have the horoscopes of all the
single-but-ready to mingle girls.
Who is the boy?
Here he is.
Oh, dark complexion...
...not suitable for
the girls in this file.
They prefer only "white" boys.
...not yet passed
These two files are also ruled out.
These girls require
boys with degrees.
Three thousand...
Per day?
Oh, is that so?
This one is also out then.
Minimum ten thousand.
Don't want any...we
don't take dowry.
Sorry, none of these girls
will get married without dowry.
Sir, are there any girls
without any conditions?
This file I prepared yesterday.
Some reject cases...
See if you like any.
Isn't she good looking?
Yes, yes,
get her married to your husband.
This girl is beautiful no?
Is she also looking for a husband?
If her photo is here, obviously, she
is looking for a husband. Not a house!
Show me who that is.
She is beautiful, Shankranna!
Tell me about this girl.
Her name is Shwetha...
Born under an auspicious star... 5:55 in the morning... ill-omens follow her...
She works in a pizza parlour.
Her father owns a bakery...
Thus, by god's grace,
there is no hunger in her future...
Her horoscope is on the computer...
...give me the boy's.
I'll match them...
...we'll get them married.
What do you say?
Clean the place up quickly.
People will start coming in.
Take this.
Put the yellow one there.
Sir, is Shwetha here?
Are you with Shwetha?
Sort of...
Why are you late?
Oh, did you know I was coming?
Is Shwetha here?
OK, come. I will show you.
Sir, how do I look in this getup?
Please look at me.
Sir, is this Shwetha's office?
Get him ready quickly.
Yes, she will come.
Get ready quickly!
Sir, please listen to me.
Come, hero sir... Come!
How's this?
I have arranged all
this specially for you.
This item song is
going to be a big hit!
What? An item song?
Yes. The song is nice...
...and the item is very very nice!
I don't do item songs!
What is this boss?
You can't say things like this.
Let's pack up! I won't do this.
Haven't I already said
I won't do item numbers?
Hey, Nikki, look there.
Just look there.
Someone's beating
on the drum of my heart
Words are singing
in the corners of my mind
I feel like I am whistling
with my fingers in my mouth
My legs move clumsily
Still I am dancing
Jamma jamma jammma...
Someone's beating
on the drum of my heart
A ladder to climb the sky
A boat to sail around the earth
Soil to sow my dreams
I wish she could come
to me just like these dreams
I will sell my old cycle
Be in debt forever
If she favours me
I'll place a cut-out
of her in my tent
What can I say?
What shall I do?
If I meet Rajnikanth on the street?
I got my act right after seeing her
Beauty drives boys crazy
Is this right?
I climbed hills and dales
And swam across the ocean
I conquered forts
and faced the spears
I have to conquer the
villains and win her heart
It's difficult, God it's difficult
If the male ego is wounded
You can't patch
it like an old slipper
Her kajal costs as
much as my house rent
This is a problematic situation
This feels like a closed cauldron.
Excuse me...
your costume is very nice.
The children really enjoyed it.
It was really really nice.
Can I take a picture with you?
Thank you!
I want a photo as well.
Yeah, yeah, sure!
One minute!
Give it to me.
Thank you. bye!
The girl is beautiful...
This is my daughter.
She lost her mother
during childhood.
I raised her alone.
When she was younger,
she accompanied me to the bakery.
Now she doesn't like to.
She works for an MNC...
...eight thousand per month...
She cooks very well.
Her coffee is ambrosia!
Although she has no mother,
you have raised her well...
She's very sweet.
I have raised her with loving care.
She grew up dancing on my head.
Be careful that she doesn't slip...
What's your problem
if my father-in-law is bald?
Can the girl and
guy talk in private?
Yes, of course they can.
We are also very modern.
Yes, they can talk.
The coffee was very good...
Is it? Thank you.
My neighbour made it.
My father lies...
I don't know how to cook.
But I do!
So what do you do?
Shine a path to people
lost in the dark...
...and put them in the right place.
In the theater...
Oh a torch shiner?
Shankranna runs a talkies.
What does Shankranna have?
Very funny...
So you get to watch movies for free?
Yes, four times a day,
I watch the same movie for free.
I love movies!
You can make a lot of money...
Nice cars, nice clothes...
You can go to foreign locations...
Must be really nice.
But I only shine the torch...
Torch shiner?
You speak very well...
You were pretending to be
an innocent lamb all this while...
Now tell me, arranged
marriage or "loved" marriage?
Don't tease me.
It is I who came to see the girl...
...and you dyed your hair!
Be quiet!
Your boy is very smart.
Let's find an auspicious
time and get them married.
If the girl comes home,
my boy will put on weight.
It's that broker's call.
Are you sure you
are ready to commit?
Shall I fix the girl?
Enough fooling around.
Talk to him...
Hello... hello...
Loan him some money
if you have to...
...and get him a house.
How long can he live
with those loafers?
How did she agree to marry you?
She's like milk...
and you are like gutter water...
Yes, I am ditch water
and you are the shining moon.
Just eat quietly...
when can we fix the wedding for?
The girl doesn't want to marry.
- Let it go...
- Why is that so?
Why are you getting so upset?
I'll find you a girl
that looks like a heroine.
Why are you going away?
Wait a minute...
That girl is not pretty...
She's just fair...
Hello sir, I am Shwetha...
Which Shwetha?
I danced with you in that song...
Tell me which song?
Sir, last week...
Which one is that?
That one which goes "Somebody
is beating the drum of my heart."
Oh that one!
You sing well I say.
Please don't joke with me.
OK, tell me why you called.
Sir, I wanted to meet you once...
Where are you? I'll pick you up.
Thank you, thank you so much!
OK, I'll see you in the evening...
Somebody's come
looking for you...
Oh God, why did he come here?
OK, you come here...
Hello, how are you?
How come you are here?
I just wanted to talk to you.
Tell me...
I wanted to know why you
told the broker you won't marry me.
Please, come sit down.
Or the manager will get upset.
I knew it.
You spoke to me so
well that day too...
Please order...
Or the manager will cause trouble...
Papa John's...
He looks so nice,
Why call him papa?
That is his name.
I can't figure out these things...
Pizza is my favourite.
Shall I order?
Oh go ahead...
OK! How about one tandoori
chicken with fresh red onions...
...fresh green peppers,
red paprika and golden corn?
Will that do?
O yes, go ahead.
So why did you tell the
broker you won't marry me?
I'll just order and come...
Oh, who is this? Your boyfriend?
Are you on a date?
What is the bill amount?
Three ten...why?
Please have some water.
The glass is nice...
Your order will be
620 rupees including tax...
You have the money right?
I am asking this because a lot of
people walk in without realizing...
...while paying the
bill they struggle.
You know how expensive
things are today.
My salary is 8000 rupees...
...and still I have to struggle.
Let it be.
Today, in your theater, sorry, talkies...
don't you have to shine the torch?
So what Kannada
movie is running now?
Your order is ready,
I'll just bring it...
Please wait.
Thank you for meeting me sir!
Don't call me sir... Please...
How can I call you by name sir?
Very simple. Nikki...Nikki...
But you are my senior sir.
How can I...?
I don't talk to people
who call me sir...
Sir...OK ...Nikki.
Tell me.
I don't know sir...
I've been fond of
acting since childhood.
People should admire me...
I should be famous...
...and people should
always talk about me.
Is there a bigger curse than that?
I don't understand
what you are saying...sorry
Do you know why we
both are alone here?
Oh yes, aren't we?
It's a nice place.
Because I have booked
the entire pub for us.
Really? Wow!
But why?
For you. we can chat peacefully.
See what you can
do when you are a star!
What are you doing?
It's a competition...who among
us will wind this down faster?
Are you ready?
Are you kidding me?
No...come on, 1...2...3...start!
Come on, quickly!
Don't be afraid of me.
Only my complexion
is dark...l am a good man...
That day when I visited
you with my parents...
I realized how
I must have hurt you.
I came apologize.
I have studied little, it
takes time for me to understand...
You look beautiful...'ll find an educated guy, OK?
Torch shiners like me...
shouldn't dream
of people like you...
I have a memory
of yours...take this!
Please take it.
I'll see you.!
How many times to tell you
not to sleep in front of the TV?
Did you have food?
Sleep then...good night!
Good night...
My name is
I deal with... Deal
with the mineral water business!
You will ruin our plan!
You can't speak proper Kannada!
He is ready.
You will do only
what we tell you to...
...your tricks won't work with us.
The three of you go in a car...
I'll follow you.
You guys go with sir.
Sanjay, are you ready?
Someone's beating
on the drum of my heart
But the beat is too strong
It has begun to hurt
The brain filled with her memories
Torturing me to death
From my eyes they overflow
Drowning me in a fog.
- Hello sir!
- How far is it from here?
Hey, how far from here?
Just ahead...
Nearly there sir...
I'll be waiting ahead
at that tea stall.
Right sir...
Sir, I will remain in the vehicle.
My appearance can cause suspicion.
If you have any trouble,
signal me sir...
I will come immediately.
Hello, sir,
your three boxes are lying here.
When will you pick them up?
OK, please come soon.
OK, OK sir.
I was supposed to
introduce him to sir...
Right, sit down.
Please come...
Hey, lift...tight...very nice!
Sir, someone has come...
This is him sir...
My name is Ravindranath...
lam in the min...mineral
water business...
Oh welcome to my factory.
Please come.
Look, Mr. Ravindranath...
I started this business
in a tent by the roadside.
Within four years,
I have built a factory.
Very good...
Hey, "before"...
Darling, "after"...
...thirty six
You match the skin
- I will match the body...
- OK, sir.
Our business is a thousand times better
than your mineral water business...
Very creative...
the products of our product!
People these days
care about their looks.
They have to shine everywhere...
in the papers, TV, internet...
The wimps want six-packs...
the fatties want to be size zero!
And they all want quick results,
which I can provide.
And of course, don't even
ask about sex-related products.
There's too much demand.
- Do these things work?
- Why think about that?
It's all smoke and mirrors only...
People don't want the bitter truth...
...they want sugar-coated lies.
Advertisement and branding!
This is hundred percent profits...
You can invest blindly... don't worry
about anything at all!
Meet my wife Shobalatha...
Sir, tell me sir which product
would you like to begin with?
Weight gain,
weight loss, hair gain, hair loss...
...fairness, darkness, sexual, skin...
You can start with any one of these...
...and I will give
you credit benefits.
This is common.
I want something special.
If you have it, tell me...
Sir, we have launched a new product...
...we haven't obtained a license yet.
It's in great demand...
The guy who got you here,
he made his money with that product...
I want something like that.
The product is called Lucia.
It is a dream pill.
You don't have to go to the
gym and workout to lose weight.
But you can dream that
you have a sexy figure.
Dream pill, is it even possible?
Yes sir, everything is possible.
You know this pill is
in great demand and it works.
Nobody likes their life, sir.
They always wish their
life was different...
...alternate reality.
This pill makes it possible.
Wow, very nice!
Do people know about it?
How do they find out about it?
You sell it as a sleeping pill.
They take it because
it puts them to sleep...
and they see the
dreams that they like.
And these pills are addictive.
Any side effects?
Don't you worry...
Just moments ago, there was
another attempt on Nikhil's life.
Hooked up to a life support system
with his life hanging by a thread...
...Nikhil was attacked right in
the ICU. The attacker was a woman.
Here are the details.
Tchtch, it is really sad.
That lady dressed
up as a doctor to go in.
Mr. Ravindranath,
what you have is just a sample.
I am sure you will come
back with a large order.
Because your customer's dreams...
are my dreams also.
I will call, sir... OK.
Mr. Detective, got the updates?
This girl is lying, believe me.
Sanjay, she was caught red-handed.
What more proof do you want?
The media has got
the original footage
and they are playing
the footage on loop.
There is some connection between
this case and this Lucia tablet.
Hey get him into the vehicle,
let us go.
See, this investigation is closed.
Go to your room, take some rest.
In the morning, I will book
your flight tickets to Mumbai.
Thank you.
Drop him and come.
Sir, Please come I will drop you.
No, I will go by myself, later.
As you wish, sir.
Get in...
Hey get in, I say...
Oh Nikki, what a surprise!
What brings you here?
May I come in?
Oh sorry, please do come in.
You have a nice house.
- What are you saying?
- Why?
I am still a struggling actress.
It is unlike your house...
I mean... your palace.
Why have you brought the camera?
I will tell you.
Can you give me some water?
Yes, sure. Please sit down.
No I am going to follow you.
How did you find my address?
If you look hard enough, even God can
be found. A heroine is not hard to find.
Take this.
Thank you.
Nikki, I am embarrassed...
...why are you filming me?
You wanted to be a heroine, right?
This is a small audition.
Like this? I am not even dressed...
You look good just like this.
Please stop filming, please.
I am planning to make an experimental
film, will you act in it?
Really? I am ready.
What is the story?
There is a torch shiner in a theater.
He falls in love with a
girl working in a pizza parlour.
Why would the pizza
girl love a torch shiner?
Why not?
Women prefer men who have
better jobs than themselves.
Why? Don't they prefer
men with better character?
Character is important...
but it's not enough.
Then let us write
this script together.
Whose photo is on the mirror?
Hey, you shouldn't look at all that!
Dad, that guy who
came home that day...
- where is his house?
- Who?
The one the broker got home...
Why? Which boy?
Dad, that torch shiner in the theater...
Oh that guy! Why?
I don't know anything about him.
Where is the broker's house?
- Gowdanapalya
- WW?
- What are you up to?
- OK, I'll be coming home late tonight.
You have dinner and go to sleep. Bye!
Hey Shwetha!
- In the game, but a dummy player!
- Mother, is Venkanna...?
Venkanna is gone!
He has orphaned us!
In one hand a broken moon
In the other a torn slice of bread
To the game that
these two were playing
She did not come
Why did she not come?
She did not come
Why did she not come?
In the game, but a dummy player
I am only a dummy player
I gathered the stars in a flower bowl
Before I could string them
Sunlight streamed in
Everything disappeared
I gathered the stars in a flower bowl
Before I could string them
Sunlight streamed in
Everything disappeared
They say God has written
my fate on my forehead
Give me a mirror
Let me read it
Even if I find the mirror
Everything is topsy-turvy
How do I read my fate?
God is a shrewd fellow
In the game, but a dummy player
In one hand a broken moon
In the other a torn slice of bread
To the game that
these two were playing
She did not come
Why did she not come?
Brother, one balcony ticket...
Someone scribbled my fate
My damned destiny
Hey Soma, give me the tube.
What should he give you?
Oh, it's you!
In the heat of youth,
he slips from a ladder!
Why are you acting like
this in front of this girl?
- It hurts...
- Keep quiet!
- You can speak to him now.
- OK uncle.
Please sit down.
Oh, you didn't do anything,
I slipped from the ladder.
That's not what I meant...
That day when you came to the shop...
I hurt you...
I am sorry...
Oh, that day...
Are you in love with me?
When did I say that?
Oh you don't love me? Then fine.
No, no. that's not what I meant...
I am in love with you...
Next time when I ask you something...
answer me properly.
Do you know any job
other shining a torch?
Idli-vada, chow chow bath,
kesari bath, khara bath...
Masala dose, plain dose,
set dose, what shall I give you madam?
That loafer used to charge
80 rupees for a haircut.
So I thought it was very profitable
and decided to join the barber shop.
Tomato, beans, potatoes,
drumsticks, brinjals, vegetables!
No, no, no, this is fine...
But being a torch shiner
in this sort of theater...
This talkies was built
by Shankranna's father.
Say "theater" and not talkies.
- No, say "theater."
- Thetru...
OK, let it be.
Do you at least have nice clothes?
Yes, I have one in
red and one in pink...
- I'll have to change you a bit...
- Why?
I can't tell my friend you
are a torch shiner in a talkies.
Why can't you?
Shankranna, the projector is calling!
Hey, go and change the reel I say,
the alarm is ringing.
Hey, I want to see as well!
What is this?
The carbon has to be set...
What happens on this side?
This is the main thing...
I must firstly speak about Nikhil sir.
Working with him is
a matter of great pride.
The heroine madam
is like family to me...
Look at the title...
There is "Om" power in it...
God willing...
This movie has to go the Oscars!
Thank you everyone...
I pawned my jewellery
to put 20 cores into the film...
The hero is like my god...
the heroine is my family also...
Jai Andhra!
Shooting was like a picnic...
I am really excited and
I am waiting for the release.
Thank you so much...
Welcome to all the media persons.
Rome is a very different movie.
I'd like to seek your support.
Thank you...
Please explain your
relationship with her.
Her name is Shwetha...
I like her a lot...
I love you Shwetha...
Madam, can I take a picture of yours?
Why mine?
You look very fresh...
Please remove your jacket.
It'll look hot...
Beautiful, madam, beautiful!
Beauty ma'am!
Stop this!
Wear this jacket...
Why? Only you should see it, is it'?
Nikki, Nikki...
...what's wrong with you?
Nikki, let's go...
Nikki, stop it!
Sir, sir,
sir, don't take it personally...
You are like my god sir...
Sir, I was not there...
...had I been there,
this wouldn't have happened...
Please pardon him, sir...
it's just his hot bloodymindedness...
The Chamber should ignore this.
Look, look at what
the media is reporting.
He just slightly pushed him,
that's all...
but the media is hyping it up...
Sir, I will call you back.
Nikki, where are you going?
Shwetha's house...
You have to go apologize
on live TV, come...
Why should I?
What does that mean?
I don't need the industry...
the industry needs me!
If they need me, they'll come here...
The one you beat
up is no ordinary guy.
Damn...he thinks it's a game...
- Nikki!
- Sir!
Here, sir...
OK, sit down...
You sit too, sir.
You have a lot experience
in diverse fields.
Good, very good.
- Do you like cinema?
- Yes sir...
Why so?
- Because cinema is...
- Speak in English!
Like mother.
Yes sir. Cinema is like my mother.
You mean cinema is
like mother for you.
OK, how do you know Shwetha?
- Lover, sir!
- Oh?
She love me too much sir.
Three much... Four much sir!
Much, much, much...sir!
OK, Nikki.
Sir, I have my own battery with me.
Battery? What is it?
Battery..., click?
- ...light!
- You mean torch...
Come let's go.
What happened, girl?
How much will they offer?
Did I tell you not
to speak in English?
Oh, he doesn't understand Kannada...
...if I speak in Kannada,
he speaks in English.
Let that go. There's an
English class close to home...
I'll register you there.
Oh no, that can't be done.
Shankranna's talkies is great.
Do as I say. Got it?
Can we tell my mother of the marriage?
What? Whose marriage?
What are you saying?
Our marriage of course!
When did I say I'll marry you?
First, you learn English, get a job...
Then we'll see...
Listen...don't shave again.
Hey, what is all this new stuff?
Oh hi!
Hi, aren't you ready yet?
No, someone has come...
- Who is it?
- Come, come...
Aryan, look who has come!
- Are you shocked?
- Sir, it's you!
I am so happy to see you again sir.
Nikki, meet Aryan...
...he used to model with me...
- Shwetha, I have met him before.
- Oh?
I have already made one film with him.
Oh great! Nikki,
Aryan is making debuting as a hero...
He wants me as the
Very lucky to meet you, sir!
Sir, we definitely need your support...
You are our inspiration.
Good, good, Arya, best of luck. But...
...Shwetha cannot act in your film.
Shwetha, it's getting late.
You should get ready.
Arya, you please
contact our manager...
...he will help you with everything.
I will personally come
to the audio release...
- Sir...but...Shwetha...
- OK, carry on then.
The film will certainly
run for 100 days.
Don't worry! Best of luck!
Shwetha, get ready!
Nikki, what are you doing?
I want to do this film!
Why did you speak that way?
I'll get you a better film,
don't worry!
You keep saying this, Nikki.
I love acting...
please don't do this to me!
When the time comes you'll understand.
we are already running late...
---get ready quickly.
English has five vowels...
".3, 9, I; o! u'
Why do you fear it? Just read, I say.
Look, uncle...he says "kut"!
I go by bus to save petrol money...
and send him to English class...
...and he goes there and sleeps!
Rascal! What's wrong with you?
Learning English is
good for the talkies too.
You can converse with
couples in English...
First, get some people in here...
...then we'll see.
Her plan is to make me learn English
and send me to work in a multiplex...
- Multiplex?
- Yes...there, you have to know English
to just shine the torch.
If I go,
who will shine the torch here?
Our canteen Soma can't
even count puffs...
...will he count people
and shine a torch?
Hey, get going! Get her some juice...
Alright, alright, I'll get her juice.
Hey, get going I say...
The two of you are a pain...l
won't go to any English talkies!
I am telling you now itself!
I ask him to learn something and...
Uncle, you said three
thousand per month.
But is it enough?
If he gets a good job,
won't you be happy for him?
In running the talkies,
I did not think about Nikki at all...
Correct, my child.
You do what you think is right.
It's enough that the
talkies has consumed me...
Let Nikki at least live well... you say, child.
Thank you uncle!
Hey please listen to me.
I will do as you say.
Don't be angry. Please...
Please listen, I will learn
English...l will work in a multiplex...
Auto! Auto!
Sir, will you come to Malleswaram?
- Hey...hey...
- Oh, oh, the auto is gone!
- Auto!
- What the fuck!
Hey, come on, I am begging you...
- What did you say?
- I said I'll learn English.
No... what the...?
Oh that, the students
in the school keep saying it...
What else did you hear?
What the fuck, bloody fucking,
assholes, nonsense, idiots...
Look, aren't I learning English
for you? You, on the other hand...
- Hi Shwetha!
- Hi!
- How are you?
- I am good. How are you?
This is Nikki. Nikki, my friend...
Hi Nikki! How are you, dude?
Come, I'll drop you...
- OK... sure!
- It's OK, come on...
OK, I'll leave then.
You said you would never
step into such a theater!
How are you? Are you married?
Forget me, who's the guy'?
A torch shiner?
No, no, theater... owner actually...
Really? He looks like
a torch shiner in a theater!
Hello...shut up!
OK... I just wasted time
building my body in the gym.
You only like local boys.
Will you shut up? Or shall I get down?
OK, I'll shut up.
- Sir, please stop to the left...
- Why?
We folks have to work my dear.
Are we theater owners like your lover?
Enough...enough of your teasing...
Just a minute...
- Hi Sabrine! How are you?
- Good! How're you?
I am doing good.
Are your friends here?
Cathy...Bianca, come here!
Hi, so you girls are ready?
We'll start at 7 tomorrow...
I am getting a jeep.
And I'll be driving.
Oh you'll be driving? Nice!
The food and stay is arranged.
Gk Bye!
' Bye!
Sorry honey, I got late...
How do you know these people?
My fans, all my fans...
Nikki...the thing is...
What happened?
Actually...l have to visit my
grandfather for two or three days...
So go and come.
You don't have to tell me everything.
Shwetha, you misunderstand me.
I told you not to act
in films for your own good.
OK, Nikki, I'll see you soon, bye!
I love you!
Bye, Nikki...
Hey, it's OK, don't worry!
He'll understand.
I don't like lying to Nikki...
He will like it after the
shooting is done. Stop worrying...
Thank you...
Who the hell is that?
How long will you keep sleeping?
What...why did you come?
Why, can't I come?
Yes you can...that's Maruti...
Hmm...good morning.
Where are the others?
They've all gone
home for the festival...
OK, listen, we have to go
to your village for a couple of days.
Go get ready...
These clothes are all washed right?
To our village? Why?
I'll tell you on the way.
Get ready quickly...
I have work at the talkies.
I have told Shankranna.
I have to go to the
English class as well.
You don't have to the
English class anymore, OK?
If you don't like it,
then I don't like you doing it, OK?
What happened to you?
Has some spirit possessed you?
Enough, get ready soon.
My damned fate! Because of her,
my "piracy" is all gone...
Hey, aren't you ashamed
of sleeping only in your shorts?
Take these...
I'll be outside... make
one strong coffee for me OK?
Boss, my brother will kill me!
Please, you must help me...
Nikki, you must help me.
You will also get to go home...
But what should I do?
Nothing, they're all art students,
...They want to paint
rural life...please help them
Boss, I was supposed to go,
but I got drunk last night...
OK, I take them and
bring them back, right?
That's it boss.
I told you no he'll help you.
Nothing, Nikki, I just
told him that you would help him.
Thanks so much for helping my friend!
I am not doing it for your friend,
it's for you... careful with that guy!
Call me if you any problem OK?
Come, boss.
He'll take care of you guys.
Don't worry!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Nikki, give my regards
to uncle and aunty OK?
Let's see, if that guy
learns English in a week...
I'll shave my head!
I hope god protects my guy's virtue.
No, Anna, she was talking
about those white things...
Do you know what they are called?
Yeah, uh-huh...
O god!
That's weird...
Hey, hi!
So, what's your name?
Name, as in...
I think he cannot understand...
You don't speak English?
Huh? I cannot understand English.
Kannada, Kannada is my language.
Oh great...
I'll try to speak...
So what do you do?
Oh lord...
Say, Thinbedakammi
- Don't you eat those groundnuts girl
- What?
Don't you eat my head girl
A bit of greens,
add some salt and spice
Mix it up with ragi
balls and have a go
- It is good for you
- Sorry?
See a fatted hen, cut it up
Mix in some tang, make a curry
And have a go
Eat and the arrogance will wane
Eat and the mischief shows up
Eat and the arrogance will wane
Eat and the desire shows up
Don't you eat those groundnuts girl
Don't you eat my head girl
A for apple, B for boy
C for camel, D for dog
A for apple, B for boy
C for camel, D for dog
This is this
That is that
But I know what but is
And I know what is what
This is this
That is that
But I know what but is
And I know what is what
If P...U...T is put why
is C...U...T not K...U...T do tell
How is it girl? Why is it girl?
Big girl, little girl
I don't understand a word you say
Eat and the arrogance will wane
Eat and the desire shows up
Eat and the arrogance will wane
Eat and the mischief shows up
Say, thinbedakammi
Don't you eat those groundnuts girl
Don't you eat my head girl
Kannada mother
English lover
Don't know if she'll stay or leave
Kannada mother
English lover
Don't know if she'll stay or leave
The world may cheat you
The world may make fun of you
But only Mother
will feed you with love
Come girl, sit here girl,
Listen to what I say girl
To learn Kannada, try these ragi balls
It is as easy as gulping
down these ragi balls
A bit of greens,
add some salt and spice
Mix it up with ragi
balls and have a go
It is good for you
See a fatted hen, cut it up
Mix in some tang, make a curry
And have a go
The boss has come...
Finally, we are here...
Shall I take it out?
He'll become suspicious, shut up!
Ah, come, stop!
Ah my back's hurting...
Mine too...l just want to crash...
Loafer, get ready to shave your head...
- Let's see...
- Thanks Nikki!
I got it...
' Hi!
How was your trip?
Nice! Very nice!
Hey Nikki, the trip was good...
I'll see you
"-370" 90 to sleep!
You too!
Hey listen up, this is my girl!
Oh, Shwetha, how nice to meet you.
So pretty!
OK, girls,
we are all tired, go get some sleep...
Go sweep, sweep!
So sweet!
OK bye...
Bye Bianca, Sabrine...sweet dreams!
Our white-skinned maidens
spoke only English...
...but I taught them
a little of our language... are you girl?
Why is he laughing hysterically?
What happened to him?
Why are you laughing, idiot?
Shwetha... Shwetha!
...with a sexy number
"A for apple B for ball"...
Gorgeous Shwetha has
entered the film industry...
...this song was recently
shot at Guhantara resort...
She is good...
...she has a future!
...she has danced
boldly with actor Aryan...
Come, come sit, I say...
People who have seen the song...
...are fondly calling
them Sandalwood's hot pair"
...they claim to have pictured
the song in a rich manner...
and say it's on
par with Bollywood movies...
Why are you so dull'?
Angry because she
didn't listen to you?
Why should she listen to you anyway?
She has talent. She will rise...
Hey Nikki, come here...sit...
Sign up for the new picture.
I don't know about you...
but if I don't have
a picture in hand, I get bored.
Thirty years of working in films...
...I feel I have no other life.
Even as a child,
you would laugh freely only with me.
My daughter gave birth to a child...
...but no one told me.
Let it go.
Sign up for a couple of pictures...
I always wanted to build a talkies
in our village in your father's name.
Pick up the phone!
Pick it up and speak!
Hello, who is it?
Where's the money?
Last time we used dummy bullets...
...this time it will be real bullets.
Hey, shut up and keep the phone down.
You'll get no money.
Don't play with us.
We won't stop at anything!
What will you do?
What the hell will you do?
Do whatever! Threaten us, will you?
Here, drink some water...
I feel very tired, I will leave...
And... don't stay so depressed...
Your father has made money.
See, this time and
age won't come again.
Nikki, when you go inside,
be careful...don't go alone...
Take some of the boys with you...
Call me...Don't sit and brood all night,
get some sleep.
Shankranna...where are you, my dear?
The foreign girls have
given us a foreign brand!
Two pegs and you will sail away...
Let me tell you the story!
Forty two years of service and...
I've never missed changing
the reel even once.
Roll it up quickly! It's getting late.
Please come...
the great all-in-one star Nikhil!
Finally you picked our call... is our fortune.
We were intending
to kidnap your lover...
She was in a film shoot... we didn't disturb her...
Instead we got this one.
We have given him food,
coffee and juice...
and taken great care of him.
Tell him how well we
have looked after you, sir!
Wait for Nikhil's signal, all of you.
Police, CCB, one around right?
First floor sir!
Kempraju, anything?
Look Nikhil...
Why all this drama?
Times have changed.
This filmy kidnapping...
you bringing money in a bag...'s so boring!
You could have just
made monthly bank payments.
You did not listen to me.
That's why so much drama.
Look, what a waste
of time for both of us.
Nikhil, you are a real hero!
Thank you...
The guy who attacked me last time...
he was around here somewhere...
...he must have escaped.
Don't worry about them Nikhil.
They're just contract killers...
They only work when they get money.
We'll take care of them.
There's no danger for you.
Hmm...are we there already?
Why have you brought
me to the village?
Come...'s a long time
since I saw the family...
Hi Chikkana, doing fine?
What happened?
Why are you looking so depressed?
What happened?
I am sorry...
I was late in coming back...
Sorry Shankranna...
I don't want to lose you.
Everything is fine now, don't worry.
They wouldn't have
done anything to me.
Please stay here...
I'll thrash you...
Come on, let's go home...
You have taken care
of me since my birth... should relax now at least...
Stop this nonsense!
Get in, get into the vehicle.
We'll start a film today itself.
You have lost your
head sitting at home!
Come on, let's go!
I will leave.
You take care of yourself,
Hey Nikki...
Listen to me...
...Don't leave Nikki.
At least have lunch and go!
Don't go. Fine, it's my fault.
We won't talk about films.
Five of you stay in this room'?
Isn't it difficult?
Did you really want this kind of life?
Go to the village, and take
care of your land and parents.
Get married and have children!
The life of a theater owner...
is like the films
he runs in the theater...
No one knows what will happen.
These people are not good.
They may do anything to you.
Five guys have come...
How will you pay their salaries?
Put it in the next month's account...
OK...what is this print molding here?
Didn't I tell you
I made a picture once?
That one will never
see the light of day.
Toss it out as scrap.
The audience didn't see it... least let the
cockroaches get a viewing.
What are you doing Nikki'?
Shankranna made a film once.
It was never released.
I will release it.
I too feel the pain
of Shankranna's death.
But I don't think he would
want you to continue here...
I know him better than you.
Try and understand what I am saying!
There is nothing here.
Improving this place
would a waste of time...
He had no one but me.
I would have never
left the talkies and gone.
- It's you who upset things...
- What? Me?
If I hadn't gone with
those foreign women...
I would have
been around to help him!
I sent you with those girls
so you could learn English...
and get a good job!
Look, I don't care what happens.
I will make Shankranna's
dreams come true.
Look this is how I am.
I can only call a talkies talkies...
and not a theater...
If you want to stay, you can...
...if not...
If not?
You don't like me.
You want someone educated,
...well-dressed and
with a good income.
Not me!
Or is it that... don't want me?
Don't you have a girl?
Why do you bother with
that run-down theater?
.And risk your girl's life too?
The sky fell to the ground
And the boat of my dreams drowned
The Earth turned barren
And my dreams lie shattered
My life itself is pawned
My dignity shamed on the streets
My memories sold for nothing
Left clutching nothing but straws
Isn't this your second
attempt to kill him?
Will you sign a confession?
Can you tell me anything
about this pill?
What is this Lucia?
It's a dream pill.
That I know.
But what is a dream pill?
How does it work?
It's a cheesy name for a pill actually.
It helps you with lucid dreaming.
So...lucid, Lucia.
What is lucid dreaming?
Look, we all dream right?
We all have dreams which we
often don't remember or care about.
But, lucid dreaming,
it's a different thing...
Basically you get to chose
who you want to be in your dreams... you can construct
your dreams and enjoy them.
Why is it harmful?
It's not harmful as long
as you do it without taking these...
What do these pills do?
They have a chemical that makes you
remember your dream like you lived it.
Every time you go back to sleep
your dream starts playing like a film.
You can do all those things in a
dream which you can't do in real life.
Yeah, you are right.
About what?
That girl is lying...
She thinks if the
case is solved quickly...
the court may grant euthanasia.
I can give you more information...
Please come,
I'll make arrangements for it.
Please buy the ticket brothers...
only 30 rupees!
Hey Nikki, how are you?
Oh come, please...
Thanks for coming.
There's no one who I can call my own.
Shankranna...his picture... time... must run...
People inside...
...a lot of people
must come...full full.
...Shankranna's dream...
...must come true.
Hi, Anna?
Thank you...
Why are there no servants?
I sent them off.
I didn't feel like
having anyone around...
I like being alone.
I am sorry.
Shwetha, you have done
what you felt like doing.
You don't have to be sorry.
I still love you...
Sorry about that...
it will heal quickly.
Don't worry!
Why don't you like me acting?
I have to know.
I can't explain what or why.
One day you will
find out for yourself.
We will meet then.
Thank you
Are you in an illusion
or is the illusion within?
Are you within the body
Or is the body within you?
Are you in a dream
Or is the dream within you?
Are you in the intoxication
Or is the intoxication within?
Are you in the whirlpool of love
That splits body and mind?
The moment you left,
My heart is filled with your memories
Only you fill up
this chest of memories
See that single teardrop
In the eye of that lonely cloud,
my beloved.
Who is that singing
songs of heartbeats
Even though it cannot
be heard or seen?
This love is an illusion,
It hurts even when you are happy
The shadow of loneliness
Haunts me day and night
The word love spells trouble
When will you come?
It feels like my heart is stopped
The moment you vanished,
My heart yearns for your presence
My soul yearns to reconcile
and merge with you
This is a boat without an oarsman
And the agony of a lonely journey
It is a game of shadow boxing
I pray this gets over now
Are you in an illusion
or is the illusion within?
Are you within the body
or is the body within you
Are you in the whirlpool of love
That splits body and mind?
Are you in a dream
Or is the dream within you?
Are you in the intoxication
Or is the intoxication within?
Love found in an intoxicated dream
Is it doomed to fail?
That looks so cool!
And the colors! So amazing!
So what? Do you like it?
Tell me! Do you like it?
Thank you!
Thank you!
Don't cry!
You must be happy!
Don't cry!
I have readied the talkies.
I have released your picture...
while Gandhinagar mourns that
there is no Kannada audience...
...a miracle is occurring here.
Who could imagine that
a movie made 15 years ago...
...would be released
in such a grand fashion.
The fortune of this ruined theater
has been changed by four foreign girls...
Come, let's speak to them.
- Hello...
- Hi!
Do you know Kannada?
A little...
Why are you interested
in keeping this theater alive?
For our friend Nikki...
Hmm...let's find out who Nikki is...come.
Where can we find Nikki?
Nikki's not here.
A customer has come for you...
Let's look for Nikki,
right after this small break!
Garlic parmesan bread
sticks with Italian seasoning
and one more...
Spring fling regular
with olives and corn
and a lemon mojito...please.
One minute...
Will you...
...will you marry me?
What did you say?
Will you mm...marry me?
I don't know English.
Look girl...
if you and your baldy
dad stay in our talkies...
...and make some snacks...
it will help us...
We all can be happy...
...what do you say?
Oh, is that all?
Also what I said in English...
and I will wear clothes
the way you want me to...
Just say yes girl...
If you go back to
being how you were...
I will say yes...
Yes, he's inside...
I will finish him off!
Err... Nikki...
How are you?
I am so glad you called me...
I have missed you...
I don't know if you
still love me anymore...
But I still do...
Once in a while, I start to doubt...
I wonder if this is really a dream...
...what do you say?
It may be a nightmare...isn't it Nikki?
If it was only a dream,
would we be speaking like strangers?
It's to end this nightmare
that I called you.
What do you mean?
We were both so happy in real life...'s all my fault.
I remember you saying
I will find out for myself
why I shouldn't be an actress.
I think I know why...
Shwetha, I love you...
Don't ever leave me ever again...
I am sorry, in this game of dreaming,
I have hurt you a lot.
I too have hurt you...
Close your eyes...
Close your eyes...
What do you feel right now?
I feel like going far
away with you on a drive...
The confession papers are ready...
...sign them.
You may be right Sanjay...
...but how do you
prove it in the court?
They'll ask for strong evidence.
Who will believe in a dream pill?
This report will not work.
Look at the girl's statement.
Read what Nikhil
said before he jumped...
"All this is a bad dream...
we both were very
happy in real life."
Hah! Tell me,
is there any logic to this?
After all, these are cinema folk,
who can believe them...
The court will decide tomorrow
on allowing Nikhil euthanasia.
The entire film industry and Nikhil's
fans are all awaiting the verdict.
Suvarna news has exclusive footage
of an interview with Nikhil.
We feel this is the appropriate
moment to air this interview.
Welcome to the Suvarna News Studio,
Thank you, Gaurish.
When I see you, I feel
like asking a lot of questions...
a lot of questions come to mind...
But, importantly...
why do you always
wear these black glasses?
Gaurish, you may know that...
I was involved
in an accident as a boy...
Yes... you lost your
parents in the accident.
I hurt my head in the accident.
I haven't been able
to see any colors since...
Too much light hurts my eyes...
Oh, but no one knows of this Nikhil!
I too did not announce this...
To all our viewers,
the common man, and even me...
A star's life is a big dream...
You are a big star...
What do your dreams look like?
In my dreams,
I want to be an ordinary man, Gaurish.
Common man...
...who according
to you is a common man?
Mmm...l want to get lost
among all these people.
I want eat pani puri
alone on the road.
I want to wait for
a bus at a bus stop.
So you can't do these
things because you are a star...
I did not focus on being a star,
If my dad had not made money,
if I was an ordinary man...
perhaps I too would
dream of being a star...
This means, you have everything
in life, but you don't want any of it...
I have everything...
but no experience of
the struggle to get everything...
So Nikhil, who are your best friends?
Look Gaurish,
a star has no "best" friends.
Everyone wants my affection...
Whatever I do, they say I am right.
Who is lying?
- I love you...
- Who is telling the truth?
I still love you...
Everyone wants the
star Nikhil, not me...
When I was young,
I was in an accident...
Did he have insomnia?
He was taking medication...
But, it didn't help
him in any way sir...
Sir, your problem is
not regarding sleep...
You see, you don't
even know you are sleeping...
You are unable to dream,
but I have a solution for that.
What was Lucia's drug procedure?
You need to write down your dreams...
The more you write them down...
the dreams will continue...
You will not be able to
differentiate dreams and reality...
The mind has to believe that
your dream life is your real life.
I raised my gun, but he had
already jumped off the terrace...
No one is ready to believe me, sir!
When did you last supply the drug?
Six months ago...
Hello sir...
May I come in?
Namaste, sir!
Ninety lakh damned fools in Bangalore!
Like sheep in a pen!
Me, I am another innocent lamb
My name is Nikki. Not lkki! Nikki!
Life is great, but I can't sleep...
Do you want to save him?
Nikhil, please share with
us one of your favourite dreams.
I have a dream that
comes very often... which I am a
torch shiner in a theater.
An usher?
That is your favourite dream?
See, Gaurish...
...everybody goes to the theater.
The torch shiner there
shows them the path.
He takes them to their seat.
But nobody notices his face.
It is as if he is invisible
right in the middle of the crowd.
Well said.
What else happens in your dream?
Thank you.
Where is my seat?
Torch shiner?
There is true love.
A torch shiner like me...
There is a struggle to win that love.
Shouldn't dream
about someone like you.
I like that struggle.
Or is it that you don't want me?
The girl in your dreams,
have you met her in life?
Nikki, wake up...
It's getting late...
...we have to go to the talkies...
Nikki, how long will
you sleep? Get up!
There's a new film in the theater...
We need to go early. Get up!
OK, fine. Get ready quickly...
Six years of marriage,
and you haven't changed a bit...
Nikki, Nikki,
what dreams did you have today?
I was lying on a hospital bed.
Was I there in your dreams?
You were holding my
hands and crying, why?
Take this and feed Chinnu.
You have to drop
her to the school today.
Chinnu, come darling, I will feed you.
Just a little...
Shwetha, Shwetha...
Take this sir.
It's empty. It's completely safe...
Sorry, sorry... sorry!
- Come, come!
- Sorry I am late.
I am ravenous!
Give me what you have prepared.
No. Where is Nikki?
Hey Nikki, come. I am very hungry!
Nikki, I have a surprise for you.
Open it.
Oh... Jane's pizza?