Lucid Dream (2017) Movie Script

You see,
the world doesn't change
just by saying what's right.
There are over 30 lawsuits against you,
know that?
You're surrounded by enemies.
When you went around causing trouble,
who complimented
and applauded you through it all?
It's me!
You were applauded a lot of times
because of me, too.
If things go wrong,
what happens to Min-woo?
Why are you bringing up my son?
You're asking me why? Think about it!
He doesn't even have a mom.
Don't make him an orphan!
I am very much obliged.
You're even worrying about Min-woo.
You don't mess with the filthy rich.
That's how we survive.
Damn, they are out to get us
like a pack of wolves.
Do you think they'll write a good article
just because you're a reporter like them?
You know they will not.
I'm sorry, Director Park.
- You know my style.
- Wait!
- Reporter Dae-ho Choi who exposed...
- Hey! Just do what I told you!
Jaekyung Corp's illegal funds will appear
here for the prosecution inquiry.
Dae-ho Choi has just arrived.
It's Daddy!
Do you admit your falsehood?
No, I came for an apology.
- Damn it.
- Isn't it
a reporter's duty to convey the truth
by standing on the side of justice?
CEO Tae-yoon Kim Acquitted
Hold still. You need to wear sunblock.
- It tickles.
- Really?
Are you not coming, Aunt Mi-yeon?
Have fun with your dad today.
I'll go with you next time.
It's Daddy!
There's my boy!
Come here!
You're heavy!
- Did you eat a lot?
- Yes.
- You have a beard.
- Beard?
If I kiss you, you'll get a beard, too!
No! I don't want a beard!
Did everything work out well?
Who cares if it did or not.
My date with Min-woo is what matters.
Here, Daddy.
What's this?
He saved his snacks for you.
Really? My son is the best!
What happened?
He fell on the playground yesterday.
I was watching him, but...
Come on!
I told you to be careful! He can't bleed!
I mean...
Just be careful.
Let's go to the amusement park!
You should get going.
Are you mad
because I fell?
Daddy's not mad at Min-woo.
Of course not.
Brave Rescue Team
- Robocar Poli
- Wow!
- Your daddy is the best, right?
- Yes!
- You wanted it that much?
- Yes!
I love it! You're the best!
Sunglasses on.
Min-woo Choi!
Are you ready for some fun?
Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir! Let's go!
- Let's go!
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm a photographer
and came to take some photos.
You two looked so good together.
Why didn't you ask first?
I should've asked, sorry.
Give me your number.
I'll send you the pictures.
Here's your hamburger.
Hello, kids!
There will be a parade soon
at the main square.
We hope you all enjoy it!
Is it good?
Mommy will give you some!
Is Mommy really working in America?
What? Of course.
She sends you cards on your birthdays.
Then why aren't they stamped?
They aren't? I don't think so.
Do you miss your mom?
You won't go to America, right?
Of course not.
I will...
I'll stick close to you for life.
If you break a promise,
you'll be like Pinocchio.
I want to ride the merry-go-round.
You do?
Then let's go!
Your beard!
Min-woo! Hold tight!
Hold tight!
Are you okay?
Unsolved Kidnapping Might Be Protracted
Task Force Created for Min-woo Choi
Reporter Dae-ho Choi Assaults Congressman
Father Searches for Son
Not a Single Clue Found
Vote for candidate number one Jun-ho Kim!
Hi, hello. Please vote for me. Thank you.
Vote for Jun-ho Kim!
Number one candidate is Jun-ho Kim.
Who are you?
Where's Min-woo?
- You took my son, didn't you?
- Who?
Come back here!
He's over there!
What the hell are you doing?
Son of a bitch.
Let's go quietly.
Chief Lee wants Min-woo Choi's case sent
to the Cold Case Team.
But it's not expired.
It's been three years.
Isn't it time we wrap it up, sir?
Want to see him go crazy?
a party leader,
and this time, a candidate for Congress.
Do you...
have something
against leaders of the society?
My child was kidnapped,
but there was no ransom demanded.
Shouldn't I be checking out anyone
who may have grudges against me?
But you can't just go
hounding people like that.
What about the people
that got hurt because of you?
I understand how you feel.
We're doing our best to...
It's been three years!
I'm desperate!
You're doing your best?
It's not your best until you find him.
Min-woo is alive.
Please don't give up on him.
You won't go to America, right?
Of course not.
I'll stick close to you for life.
If you break a promise,
you'll be like Pinocchio.
"Lucid dream"?
A lucid dream is a dream during which
the dreamer is aware of dreaming.
"Culprit caught"?
I need the results organized and uploaded
as soon as possible, for my next paper.
Yes, Doctor.
Please, So-hyun!
I can use this to find clues.
It says it's actually been used
for investigations abroad.
They caught the culprits!
I'm a doctor.
I've only used it for therapy.
It's not an investigation.
For me, it's therapy.
The side effects
have not been established yet.
Not adhering to the rules and time
can cause cerebrovascular problems.
I'll stick to the rules. Don't worry.
I'm sorry, Dae-ho.
I understand how you feel, but...
You understand me?
You have no idea.
Every second of every day is so painful!
Please, So-hyun.
You need a reality check to tell
if you're in a dream or not.
We call it an RC for short.
It depends on how you set it up.
How do we set it?
Well, I set it as a clock.
When you enter your dream,
check your watch or the clocks.
The hour and minute hands will move,
but the second hand won't.
If you want to wake up,
press this chime bell.
It'll stimulate your brain
and you will wake.
Regardless, a timer will automatically
wake you up in ten minutes.
Longer than ten minutes is dangerous.
Think about the memory
that you wish to recall.
Then imagine yourself awake in that dream.
Don't tense up.
Only then, you will be able to recall
that memory in a dream.
I should've asked, sorry.
It may be confusing at first.
What you see and all.
Just relax and check the time.
If the second hand is stopped,
you're in the lucid dream.
Your brain is 30 times
more active in REM sleep.
You might see things you don't remember.
Here's your hamburger.
Who are you?
I saw a suspicious man.
So I chased him,
then the dream suddenly...
Did you act differently from before?
Small changes don't matter,
but if you change the core memory
your dream will be crushed and it'll be
dominated by your imagination.
If you want to get clues,
leave things the way they were.
He was a complete stranger
who didn't exist in my memory.
He was very conscious of me.
And he suddenly vanished.
Does he look like this?
- Yes! That's him!
- It's This Man.
He does shared dreaming.
Other patients have seen him
in their dreams too.
Anyway, just ignore him.
Unless you attack him,
he won't disrupt your dream.
Like the second hand,
just think it's a dream if you see him.
So-hyun, let's try it one last time.
Here's your hamburger.
Can you hear me?
It's not him.
Yes. Did you find out anything?
Almost everyone
has been contacted by us or Choi.
This was reported five years ago.
- By reporter Choi?
- Yes.
Hi, Chief.
There are some names
of important figures mentioned here.
Even top CEO's sons.
If it's anyone with a grudge,
maybe they hired kidnappers to...
Grab him!
I think we can find Min-woo.
I'm sure this time!
We can find him.
Check your watch.
You're in the real world.
What did you see?
We see all kinds of things
we don't want to see as cops.
What's this?
A man who had a tattoo like that
took Min-woo.
I'm sure we can find the clues this time.
If we don't, I'll give it all up.
We can't give up.
Let's try it.
We have a chance,
so we should do whatever we can.
Is there any other clue than this tattoo?
So a man with a tattoo on his arm
took Min-woo
and someone else injured you.
There were no prints on the sting
that brought me down, right?
Then he must've been wearing gloves.
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, sir?
What color do you want?
Find all mug shots that resemble that!
Hey, did you eat?
Daddy will visit tonight.
Anything you're craving?
Sweet and sour chicken?
Have you tried that before?
Okay, I'll bring some.
Daddy will call back later.
Your daughter?
You should get some sleep.
You didn't sleep all night.
How old is she?
She just turned eight.
I saw her picture. She's very pretty.
Aren't you hungry?
How about getting breakfast?
Thanks but I have to go somewhere.
I have a favor to ask, sir.
Is he the bastard who took the little one?
Cops are searching for him,
but it's not easy.
You should've come sooner!
What do cops know?
But how'd you find him?
- Through lucid dreams...
- I know that!
The nightclub downtown.
I heard it's great there.
Hey! Get your ass over here.
That fucking...
- Hey!
- Yes, sir.
I told you to wear your hearing aid.
Sorry, sir.
Get to work on this thing.
Thank you, sir.
Come on.
If it wasn't for you,
I'd be falsely behind bars.
We're family. No need to thank me.
My boys have been finding people
for 40 years.
We'll find your boy. Hang in there.
If you overdo it,
it can cause cerebrovascular problems.
CEO Tae-yoon Kim Acquitted
If you want to get clues,
leave things the way they were.
- Sir?
- Yes.
Do you remember me?
Who are you?
I lost my son here three years ago.
Oh, yes!
The reporter?
What brings you here?
I have a favor to ask you.
Please recall
what the tattooed man looks like.
One Coke, please.
I'm sorry.
That'll be 1,500 won.
Here you go.
Did you see him?
Yes, sort of.
He was well-built
and had a dark complexion.
But his hat was covering his face.
That's pretty much all I saw...
The card reader.
The credit card reader.
He paid by credit card!
Did you contact all the card companies?
- Yes, sir.
- Any suspects?
Sun-pyo Yoon, Kyung-hwan Choi,
and Yong-ho Kim. Three of them.
Let's check.
Sun-pyo Yoon.
Kyung-hwan Choi.
Hold on.
Kyung-hwan Choi!
That's the tattoo!
Hello, Kyung-hwan Choi. Let's go.
Text me the address.
There's a problem.
He's been in a coma for two years
due to a car accident.
I'm sorry, but the probability
of him waking up is near zero.
He could die any day now.
Investigations are always like this.
Like instant lottery tickets.
You get your hopes up,
then scratch it and it's nothing.
It's tough, right?
I'm fine.
It's okay. Let it out.
You saw my daughter's
picture before, right?
She tells me...
she loves me.
"I love you, Daddy. "
But she can't say that short sentence
in one breath.
"I love you... Daddy. "
"I love you... Daddy. "
She can barely speak one word at a time.
Why is that?
She's very sick.
Ever since she was born.
It's her heart.
If I only drank less...
If I quit smoking sooner...
My daughter could've been
born healthy too.
It's not your fault, Chief.
I'm sure she'll get better soon.
Of course.
We'll find him soon enough.
Don't blame yourself.
Let's hang in there.
I will think of Min-woo as my own
and I will not...
give up on him.
Ouch! My eyes!
Come here you!
This is mine, too.
Daddy? When are you coming?
I drew this picture of you!
Is this the bastard?
It's Sang-man Yoo.
He's quite famous around here.
But he noticed that we're on to him.
Gimpo International Airport.
Twelve o'clock flight to Tokyo.
You'd better hurry!
Chief! I found the guy!
Where are you?
Heading to the airport.
Okay. Wait till I get there.
Run, run, run! Hurry!
Where's Min-woo! Tell me!
Tell me, you bastard!
I don't know anything!
Kyung-hwan Choi did it!
That bastard did everything!
What did he do?
Kyung-hwan Choi...
Tell me now! What did he do?
Kyung-hwan Choi...
He killed him.
I didn't do anything!
He killed him?
Kyung-hwan Choi...
killed Min-woo?
What are you talking about?
Min-woo's not dead!
He's not dead!
Let go!
That bastard's lying!
Why would Min-woo be dead?
Let go of me!
This must be a dream!
Why would Min-woo die?
Min-woo is not dead. That is not true.
My son is not dead.
Stay back.
Has the suspect been caught?
What was the motive of the crime?
It must've surfaced
from last night's downpour.
Stay back, sir.
- What are you doing?
- Stop him!
Don't let him come in.
- It's not him, right?
- What's going on?
It's not Min-woo, right?
Tell me!
Chief! Tell me! Chief!
Let me go!
Get the CCTV footages!
I want to know everything Sang-man did
since he came in!
- Find out who was on night watch!
- Yes, sir!
How can he commit suicide
at the police station?
Sang-man Yoo and Kyung-hwan Choi!
I've never met them!
It's a bit early to tell,
but I think someone's behind them.
Someone must've ordered
Sang-man and Kyung-hwan to kidnap Min-woo.
And he's scary enough
to make Sang-man commit suicide.
Let's wait for the autopsy.
I'm sorry.
I'll find him.
His body hasn't been found.
My Min-woo!
I know he's healthy and bravely...
waiting for me.
What's wrong?
Chairman Cho
Suspected of Stock Manipulation
It's a side effect from the lucid dreams.
It's nothing serious so far,
but if you keep going,
it could get dangerous.
Take some pills and rest.
How do you know Chairman Myung-chul Cho?
The owner of Hanbit Corp?
He's a psychiatric patient.
He's also my biggest sponsor
of lucid dreams.
Why's he getting treated?
His son died in a car accident.
He's getting treated from the shock of it.
He's meeting his dead son
like you through lucid dreams.
Why do you ask?
I checked out everyone
who may have grudges against me.
But not him.
What do you mean?
Nothing special came out.
Ten years ago, do you remember your report
on Chairman Cho's stock manipulation?
But there was no significant damage
so he probably wasn't on your list.
Do you remember him?
It's his oldest son, Min-hyung Cho.
You exposed plutocrats sons' exemptions
from military duty.
He was one of them.
It was a big blow to him.
But he got in a car accident
three years ago.
He couldn't get a transfusion and died.
His blood type is MkMk.
It's a rare blood type
and only about 20 people in Korea have it.
What happened?
He fell on the playground yesterday.
Come on!
I told you to be careful! He can't bleed!
What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Min-woo's blood type is MkMk.
Who are you?
Did you know?
People who have lucid dreams
are drawn to each other.
We were destined to meet.
Cut the crap!
Just explain what's going on.
What do you think?
A dream?
Okay, fine.
I'll explain everything
so let's talk without grabbing my collar.
Why are you so violent?
You must not have been educated.
I went into your dream world.
That's how we met.
Ever heard of shared dreaming?
Dream walking, dream invasion?
As you can see, I lost my legs
in an accident when I was young.
You can imagine how shitty my life was.
That's when I came across lucid dreams.
I can fly and go wherever I want
in dreams.
It was addictive.
But one day, it just got fucking boring.
Then I found out about shared dreaming.
Basically, it's hacking
into someone else's dream.
Let's see...
We have unique brainwave frequencies
while dreaming.
If you match your frequency
to someone else's
you can slip inside their dream.
It's a totally fantastic world!
If you do it right...
How'd you know my frequency?
I read up on Dr. So-hyun Park.
The top expert on lucid dreams...
So I just hacked into her computer.
I was just testing it out. I swear!
I didn't have...
Don't do it again!
Then, can I go
into someone else's dream too?
Shared dreaming is different
from lucid dreams! It's not proven at all.
If things go wrong, you could die!
Let's go, Dae-ho.
The doctor is pretty and smart.
Please, I beg of you.
What's with the politeness?
Look, mister.
Lucid dreaming is your dream,
which means you can easily get out of it.
But the person dreaming is in control
in shared dreaming.
You can't get out
just by pressing the chime bell.
You could get stuck
inside their sub-consciousness forever.
Unless you're well-trained like me...
it is impossible.
I can do it.
You don't get it.
I've done this countless times,
but you haven't done it once!
But whose dream are we talking about?
My son's kidnapper.
He's in a vegetative state now.
The only way to meet him...
is in the dream world.
Are you out of your mind?
What if he dies
during the shared dreaming?
You'll die too!
If it means finding my son,
I'm not afraid of dying.
I beg of you.
Damn it. Do I really have to do this?
Do not forget about our deal.
Okay! Connect!
Kyung-hwan probably believes
his dream world is the real world.
I'm warning you.
If Kyung-hwan dies while you're inside,
there's no way out for you.
You'll live inside his dream forever.
When you press the chime bell,
concentrate on moving your brainwaves
to separate them from his.
And the backgrounds may change,
so don't panic.
What's the most important thing?
I'm not responsible for anything.
You signed a memorandum.
get comfortable.
Think of a door
at the end of a long, empty tunnel.
Open it and walk in slowly.
Stop it!
Kyung-hwan Choi?
Plate number 51GA 3458.
Just do it, fucker!
I don't think this is right.
We just do what we're told.
But the boy will die!
If I knew, I wouldn't have agreed to it.
Why do you care if the kid dies or not?
My wife just had a miscarriage.
I can't do this, bro.
Let's not be animals.
Want to go back behind bars?
We just do what we're told and get paid.
If we mess up, we're dead! Even your wife!
Got it? Dickhead.
Let go!
"Min-woo Choi, 95%"?
"Gwang-yun Shin, Dong-su Kang,
Seo-hyung Min, Jae-hoon Park... "
"Min-hyung Cho"?
"Gwang-yun Shin, Dong-su Kang,
Seo-hyung Min, Jae-hoon Park... "
Idiot! Think before you speak!
What's wrong?
There seems to be a problem.
"Gwang-yun Shin, Dong-su Kang,
Seo-hyung Min, Jae-hoon Park... "
"Jung-hee Kim, So-hyun Lee,
Jae-joong Jung, Sang-joon Ahn... "
Fuck. What the hell is this?
How did you find out about this place?
Answer me, you son of a bitch!
No, but...
Yes, sir.
Too bad.
I got orders to kill you.
We were going to kidnap your son tomorrow.
It's so weird that you came here.
Now what?
You have to die.
Are you really going to kill him?
Son of a bitch! Bastard!
Die! Bastard!
Stop interrupting!
Die! Asshole!
I knew this would happen!
Do something!
See you.
Your son will join you soon.
What the fuck?
Are you okay?
If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead!
Don't even think about doing this again!
Gwang-yun Shin.
Sang-joon Ahn.
Min-hyung Cho.
These people have MkMk blood.
Chairman Cho's son, Min-hyung,
was in an accident three years ago.
Min-hyung Cho?
I saw him in one of your articles.
He needed a transfusion for surgery.
His father made that list
to find those people.
You mean Chairman Cho kidnapped Min-woo
for his blood?
It's quite possible.
Where'd you get this list?
Through shared dreaming.
Shared dreaming?
It's using brainwaves
to enter someone else's dream.
I met someone who can do it.
So I went into Kyung-hwan Choi's dream.
You went inside his dream?
You met Kyung-hwan Choi there?
But I can't go to Chairman Cho
without a warrant.
You know my style.
What do you mean?
I'll go myself.
Reporter Choi!
Chairman Cho rides with his secretary
and chief guard.
Then a car with more guards
follows behind them.
On average, four or five of guards
are surrounding him at all times.
Except for when he sleeps and poops,
he's never alone.
There must be a way.
He's not an easy match.
But we'll find a way.
Can you check on this plate?
Plate number 51GA 3458? A black Azera?
And please dig up everything
on Kyung-hwan Choi and Sang-man Yoo.
Of course. It'll be a piece of cake.
Hang in there. Okay?
Chairman Cho must be alone some time.
Sorry, So-hyun.
He'll wake up in five minutes.
Be careful.
What the hell happened?
- He's not here!
- Are you okay, Doctor?
Hey! Run! Hurry!
He's right there! Stop right there!
Get him!
Go up!
- Call the others right away!
- Okay.
Sorry to bother you when you're all busy.
Have a drink. It's on me.
I have a question.
I heard this car was sold here.
It's a black Azera, 51GA 3458.
Sir, we can't disclose
private information.
Then you motherfuckers should've said it
before drinking that!
Spit it out, you son of a bitch!
What's with you, sir?
I'll gouge your eyes out!
This was my car.
But some fucker stole it and sold it here.
You get what I mean?
Where's Min-woo! Tell me!
You made this list!
I don't know anything!
Tell me or there's no telling
what I will do!
My guards will find me soon.
I'll let you off if you drop this now!
You son of a bitch! Are you crazy?
I'll ask one last time!
Where's Min-woo?
One, two, three!
I'll talk! I'll talk.
A few years ago
my son got in a bad accident.
He needed a blood transfusion.
I found a research center
on unique blood types.
I bought that list off them.
That's all!
Stop lying!
You took Min-woo for a blood transfusion!
- Chairman Cho!
- Sir!
You bastard!
Let go!
Damn it!
Chairman Cho's Oldest Son
Dead From a Car Accident
Where's Min-woo?
I told you I don't know him.
Your son was kidnapped
on April 21st, 2012.
Min-hyung died in February.
Can't you see that?
You're famous
for exposing corporate corruptions.
You exposed my son too.
Just because I got him exempted
from the military, you ruined him.
You must know.
When your son's gone,
you regret not having done more for him.
Then who else has the list?
should I tell you that?
You tried to kill me.
I'm sorry, sir!
I'm a dumb bastard who didn't know better!
Please forgive me.
What are you doing?
For the last three years...
every day was so painful.
Life was...
a living hell.
If you help me this once...
I'll do anything.
I'll die if you tell me to!
Please forgive me, sir.
Please, sir!
Tell me anything you know!
Hey. Don't be so quick to say you'll die.
Fine. Jump off from here.
If you survive,
I'll tell you what you want.
Why? Scared?
A dumb bastard who didn't know better...
Hey, crazy bastard!
I started contacting
the people on the list.
But my son soon died.
Then someone broke into my office.
They took the list from my computer.
It must be someone who needed the list.
Someone must've needed the blood like me.
Or maybe even an organ.
An organ?
If the list has to do with Min-woo,
the culprit must be on it too.
"Seo-hyung Min, Mi-rim Jung... "
"Su-jin Song"?
"Seyeon Hospital. "
Is this...
Yes. May I help you?
Where are you?
I don't believe this.
Listen to me carefully
and don't freak out.
Why do you think there were no clues
for three years?
How did Sang-man Yoo know
he had to run off to Tokyo?
And why'd he die at the police station?
What's wrong...
with Su-jin?
Her heart.
What are you doing?
She's very sick.
Ever since she was born.
I will think of Min-woo as my own
and I will not...
give up on him.
Chief Song! He was the car owner!
He's the one who arrested Sang-man Yoo
and Kyung-hwan Choi.
He told them to Kidnap Min-woo
in exchange for releasing them.
He graduated
from Korean National Police University.
He deliberately took on your case
because he's the culprit!
I'll meet you at your office and...
Hello? Hello? Reporter Choi!
Do you think it's unfair?
How could you?
I'm trying to save my daughter.
I thought that you of all people
would understand me.
Want to know another secret?
Your son is alive.
Where's my son, you bastard?
I don't know where he is either.
Only Kyung-hwan Choi knows
where Min-woo is.
Sang-man called after the kidnapping.
Where the hell is he?
He took off with Min-woo.
Kyung-hwan Choi ruined everything
I planned. That bastard!
I scoured the country looking for him.
Then I found him in hiding
about two years ago.
But he became a vegetable
from that accident.
After that...
there was nothing I could do.
I couldn't find a heart for Su-jin.
I couldn't find your son.
do you know why I'm telling you this?
Thanks to you,
I found a way to meet
that fucking bastard.
Shared dreaming.
You gave me my last hope.
I'll promise you this.
When I find Min-woo,
I'll tell him you loved him.
Let him be in peace.
No, no. No!
I lost the signal.
What? Fuck. Are they on to us?
- Let's scatter out and find him.
- Yes, sir!
What's that?
Over here!
What in the world!
Reporter Choi!
What the fuck!
Son of a bitch!
You're dead!
You little piece of shit! Take that!
- Boss! Boss!
- Boss!
Are you okay?
Over there! Get over there!
Su-jin is not doing so good.
She's been comatose for days.
We should prepare for the worst.
I can find that boy now.
Hold on a bit longer.
After the transplant,
let's go to an amusement park.
Let's see the animals...
you love.
And eat yummy food.
Hold on, Su-jin.
You can do it, right?
Are you okay?
Of course, I'm fine.
Don't worry.
But you don't look so good.
My son is alive.
Hey, I told you so.
I told you we'd find your boy.
Don't worry about me.
- Boys?
- Yes?
Give him a phone and car key.
Go on! Hurry!
Go on.
I heard someone can do shared dreaming.
So-hyun, it's me!
Where are you? I called many times.
I found out Min-woo is alive.
Chief Song! He's the culprit!
Kyung-hwan knows where Min-woo is.
Yong-hyun has to get me
back inside his dream!
Chief Song was just here for his address.
Don't go! It's dangerous!
We have to find Min-woo before Chief Song!
I'll try it.
I know Kyung-hwan's brainwave frequency.
And Yong-hyun explained it to me
the other day.
I haven't tried it yet,
but let's give it a shot.
Are you Yong-hyun Kwon?
Who's asking?
I must get inside Kyung-hwan Choi's dream.
What? I'm done with that...
- What the...
- Shut up and get ready now!
- Which room?
- It's 704.
It worked!
One hundred fifty joules! Charge!
One, two...
Freeze or you die.
Where is the boy?
Tell me, bastard!
Where's the kid?
Tell me.
Do you know how much I prayed every day
to find you?
Seeing the boy's eyes...
I couldn't kill him.
That boy can't die,
but my daughter can?
Do you think you can find your son?
You won't have your way!
Kyung-hwan Choi!
What's happening?
Kyung-hwan Choi must be critically ill.
His brainwaves aren't stable.
So is that...
Well, if he dies, he couldn't get worse.
Son of a...
Don't you dare touch me!
If I press this button,
he'll be trapped inside forever.
Focus, Kyung-hwan! Focus!
Where is my son?
Listen to me. We're inside your dream.
You've been comatose
for two years since the accident.
So I came into your dream.
What about Chief Song?
Why is there two of him?
He came into your dream too.
One already existed in your dream.
The other came in from reality like me.
We don't have much time.
If you die, I can't find my son.
I didn't want him to die.
I had no idea they'd kill him.
I don't resent you.
So please tell me. I have to find Min-woo.
I ran away with him that night.
I took him to a Catholic church
on an island and said he was an orphan.
I left him there.
Min-woo must think you're dead by now.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry, pal.
I have to save my daughter
no matter what.
Daddy's so sorry.
I'll never give up on you!
When you press the chime bell,
concentrate on moving your brainwaves.
Are you Min-woo's father?
Remember your father?
It's okay. Go on.
Go on.
Hi, Daddy.
Hello, son.
I'm so sorry, Min-woo.
Daddy's late.
Your beard is gone.