Lucifer (2019) Movie Script

Flag it off.
It's Ab'ram...
Hail.... PKR!!!
What atrocity is this, Sir?
This is a functioning hospital.
Even an ambulance is not
being allowed to enter...
No death! No death!
No death... for PKR!
It's a murder! It's a murder!
PKR's death... is a murder!
Is she A-V-A...
... Available?
This cop, Mayil, wants only this,
all the time.
Yes, Varma sir.
We'll wait for another
half an hour.
After that, it will go
out of hand, I swear.
I'll decide all that.
Stop the boys from
pelting big stones.
Which all media are there?
Hey! Hey!
Only small stones!
Aim properly and throw.
If you hit a cop, they would swarm you up!
Mind it!
All of them are here, Sir.
Our channel is right in front.
But I can't see you here on TV!
Muruga, such chances are rare.
Don't waste it;
go in front of the camera...
... and scream a few slogans, Muruga.
- My dear sir..,
... this Murugan... is not after
free-for-all 'Wisdom fruits'.
Party work in scorching sun
has already cost me all my hair.
What I'm wearing now,
is a Rs. 80,000 horse-hair wig!
And now..,
... I've lost a clip too.
If I go in front of the cams now..,
... and if this shit falls down..,
... they will celebrate me for
the next 2-3 days on TV!
So sir, I am perfectly fine here.
I'm getting a call.
I'll call you back.
Tell me, buddy.
- Hey Varma!
If you resort to hooliganism..,
... me and my party are capable
of replying in the same coin.
Don't think you can translate this death
into votes, in the coming elections.
Your face is not good enough to fetch
sympathy votes for your party.
Hold on.
Sir, can you please comment on PKR's
unexpected demise? Sir, please.
Even though I had political
differences with PKR..,
... no one has any doubt that he was
a Doyen of Kerala Politics.
RPI (M)'s condolence statement
will be issued soon. Okay?
Sir, will PKR's death raise
RPI (M)'s prospects in the next elections?
How inappropriate!
Try to respect death, at least.
Sir, who's going to be
the next Chief Minister?
Please comment, sir.
For every glass piece that
gets broken in my hospital..,
... for every stone that falls in,
you will be answerable!
If you're planning to
continue with this assault..,
... remember that my party has the
capability to return the attack...
... with five times the magnitude.
One snap from me,
and my boys will pounce on you!
Oh no!
Don't 'scare' me like that,
my dear Comrade.
If I really get 'scared'..,
... remember that old bomb?
That 60-Crore scam of yours?
It will explode on its own!
Hey! Calm down! That hospital is
the only asset in my daughter's name.
Don't put me in trouble!
Just do something!
Just help!
If our blood is red....
[Down with Medayil Rajan]
Medayil Rajan, your days are numbered.
I hail from Paruthikodi family,
which is known for marital fidelity.
I will avenge this!
Remember my name!
Tch... Tell me, sir.
Now, you can swing your Lathi.
Okay, sir.
- Kerala in tears...
Muruga, the cops are coming.
Grab your horse-hair wig...
and scoot..!
Okay! Okay!
Hey! Get into the car
& switch on the AC.
And play that Sundarambal's song.
Let me take a nap.
These buggers would get
royally thrashed today.
Medayil Rajan, your days are numbered.
All of you should disperse.
Or else, the police will
have to take action.
Yeah, right!
[slogans continue]
Broke it, right?
- Yes, bro.
Will his dad pay for this?
Esthappan, you must
go and see Ramdas.
It is said that the dead would
have the gift of sight..,
... until they are cremated.
They must see their beloved ones..,
... before they
leave this world.
Go, Esthappan.
Come on! Come on!
No one has come?
Come on, man!
Come on! Come on!
If I start with a Namaskar,
you will call me a Sanghi..!
If I say As-Salaam-Alaikum,
you will call me a Muslim extremist..!
If I say 'Red Salute',
I'd be a 'Commie' for you!
So, I'll avoid all that.
You must have heard by now.
Indian Union Front.
The IUF.
Its party patriarch is dead.
That is, the respected Chief Minister,
Mr. PK Ramdas... alias PKR.
But before glorifying that dead old
man, as "the messiah of the poor"...
... and "destroyer of the corrupt",
do ponder on this:
There's a financial underworld that holds
the Indian political system together.
Your hero, this PKR, was just a puppet
in their hands, during his final years.
If I say that IUF's
party treasury...
... has double the money that
is in the State treasury..,
... how many of you
would believe it?
"Unity Rally", "Awareness Rally",
"Integration Road-show" and what not..!
For every such rally..,
... the budget of two entire
'Baahubali's is being spent..!
Do you guys know that?
What's the point of having
the police and the law?
The police, the law and the
media are only after...
... soft targets such as movie
celebs and the likes!
No police or media would ever
touch or even talk about...
... those who ruined the State
with their political games.
But I'm not doing this live video to
abuse that dead old man.
Instead, it is to give a warning.
A warning from me, Govardhan, to this
society that includes you and me.
The formidable PKR has fallen.
Who will take his place?
That's the question.
There are five of them.
This live video is to present
those five people before you.
One: ...
PKR's firstborn.
She hasn't entered
active politics as yet.
But in this new political scenario,
which has arisen out of PKR's death..,
... chances are that this elder
daughter might play a huge role.
Priyadarshini Ramdas.
Varma, Priya is here.
I'll call you back.
Varma Uncle..,
... I couldn't get
through to Bobby.
Do you know where he is?
When I called him in the morning,
he was in Bombay.
He told me he'd definitely
reach before the funeral.
We're about to let
the public enter.
Please take your assigned seats.
Haven't you told the media not to enter?
- We've given the order, madam.
Number two: ...
Priyadarshini's second husband.
Ramdas' prodigal son-in-law.
The NRI Bimal Nair,
also known as Bobby.
7 years back, under
suspicious circumstances..,
.. Jayadevan, Priyadarshini's first
husband and an IT company owner,
... gets killed in a car
accident in Dubai.
Within one year
of Jayadevan's death..,
... Priyadarshini, mother of the
10-year-old Jhanvi, gets married again.
It is only after Bobby's arrival..,
... that PKR's clean whites that hadn't
seen much corruption stains till then..,
... started getting
stained repeatedly.
Real estate scams..,
... fake financing companies,
Bimal Nair alias Bobby, has been
a player in several such scams.
But there's a truth that's unknown to
PKR, Priyadarshini or the people here.
Beyond real estate and black money..,
... if there is a bane that can cripple
this entire state single-handedly..,
... it is Bimal Nair a.k.a. Bobby.
Salaam, Abdul Bhai.
How are things back in Kerala?
The medical report is yet to come.
But don't worry.
Everything is under control.
Was such a drastic
decision necessary now?
Our trade lines were
all smooth, right?
I couldn't have waited any longer.
Abdul, around...
Around one month back...
... PKR summoned me.
Real estate scams..,
... Hawala..,
... illegal exports.
I can ignore all these...
... for Priya.
But, drugs.
I won't allow that.
Just because you are
my daughter's husband..,
... don't think you can
exploit that position.
If you think so..,
... I will forget that
you are her husband.
Let's sit inside.
So, tell me.
Why should we fund IUF?
It still has funding
from Manappattil, right?
Manappattil Chandy is only giving enough
money for the party to make ends meet.
Since PKR is gone, IUF
doesn't have a leader now.
If we give, let's say, 3 times
what Chandy gives them...
the party will be in our hands.
Let's cut the bullshit, Bobby.
What's the benefit for Fyodor
or me, or for that matter, you...
... in funding a political
party in Kerala?
Punjab, M.P, North East, Goa...
Your manufacturing & distribution
infrastructures are all crumbling.
And that, Abdul..,
... is cutting the bullshit.
In this situation, what I'm
offering to Fyodor...
... is a safe haven.
A working space, with full support
of the State Government.
Imagine that Fyodor is interested.
What will be our proposal?
If IUF wins the election
with your funding..,
... which we will,
thanks to the dead PKR.
A facility to land Z category
drugs into Kerala, unchecked.
That's my offer.
And I mean, Flakka, AH 7921,
Whoonga, Crystal Meth..,
... and even Krokodil.
Apart from that?
People chosen by us...
... will be at the top brass
of all the wings you prefer,
... including Police, Vigilance
and Crime Branch.
That's good... but that
alone won't suffice.
If Fyodor has to be convinced, two
important clauses have to be added to this;
A production plant in Kerala, with full
infrastructure & transportation facilities.
If we have to initiate the fund inflow..,
... you have to make this
production plant operational..,
... and present its proof to me.
And what's the second?
This is not because
I don't trust you.
Consider it a personal debt.
Something was shut down as part of PKR's
anti-deforestation drive, 8 years back.
Our old timber factory in
Nedumpally range.
I want to re-open it.
This production plant of ours,
should function from that facility.
Since PKR is no more..,
... everyone knows who is the most
influential leader in IUF.
If you can re-open that
factory in his constituency..,
... and start our production
plant over there..,
... consider our deal is done.
His hold in the party...
... is only his proximity
with Manappattil Chandy.
The day Manappattil's services are
no more required by the IUF..,
... his so-called influence
would end that very day!
We are on, Abdul.
Such a huge nexus...
That too, from such a place...
How does it work, man?
We can't find a safer place, Bobby.
Heart of the city.
One way in, one way out.
Even if there is a problem..,
... we have about 1 km
of civilian buffer.
Even the fishing harbour on the other
side is protected by our men, 24 X 7.
... the way this place is built..,
... even spy satellites cannot
decipher its geography.
If an outsider like you can
get access here so easily..,
... well, consider it a privilege.
What's up, Abdul Bhai?
- Greetings.
... I'm asking you once again,
for friendship's sake.
Are you sure about this?
Because once you shake hands with Fyodor,
then there's no turning back.
I know.
"I have the heart of a 35-year-old,
and the body of a 40-year-old."
Not me. This was said by your
dear leader, who's dead now.
The untimely death of
such a leader...
I repeat, untimely death.
What's the reason behind that...
"We're not here to devour your mad lies"
"Stop spreading lies, you bugger!"
Who asked you to
believe me, man?
There are many 24X7 news channels that dish
out news that you'd like to believe, right?
You devour whatever they throw at you!
Democracy's favourite pitch!
Whatever said and done,
this is a funeral.
So we must respect the privacy
of the family members.
May I come in, Ma'am?
You shouldn't be coming at 9.30 for
a 9 AM meeting. Take your seat.
Sorry Ma'am.
- So..,
... spotless reporting
is what I want.
This is one of the most important junctures
of political reporting in Kerala.
Shwetha, bytes from
political parties..,
... both ruling and opposition,
is your responsibility.
Reju, the crowd's angle.
Their grief, tears...
That's your thing.
Madam, what about
interviews of film stars?
That's our last priority.
They are all about show-off.
Do we have to air opposition
leaders' comments on our channel?
Confining the commoners'
grief & tears to wide shots..,
... if we focus on bytes
from film stars..,
... that would interest our
sponsors & advertisers more.
The media entry is at 10.30 AM, right?
You guys carry on.
Sanjeev, editorial matters
are none of your business.
Madam Gold Medal Winner
in Journalism, JNU..,
... the salaries of those juniors in front
of you, have been pending for 2 months.
That responsibility is not
yours as the Chief Editor..,
... but mine, as the CEO.
This is a channel funded by the IUF.
So, whatever happens in the party..,
... even if its a tragedy..,
... we don't have any other option,
other than glamourizing it.
If IUF does not win the next election
by cashing in on this sympathy wave..,
... you, me and NPTV are finished!
Excuse me, Sir.
The press release
from MIMSR is here.
- Bobby...
I have the death report with me.
"Old age-related diseases"
So obviously, no autopsy ordered.
So, like I said...
The entire system is in our control.
- How much?
I have to pay off a lot of people...
... and I've to keep even
more on our payrolls.
Ministers, Police officers..,
... excise department...
- How much?
250 Crores, every month.
4 months payment in advance.
All payments in cash...
... in denominations
not bigger than 200.
The money will reach you.
... if you f### with me..,
... get the feel of that to your head..,
... because that is where
I'm going to put it.
And another remote chance...
.. is for someone, whom
none of us has seen...
... PKR's young and dashing son,
who's a permanent resident of the USA..,
... the 'NRI kid' Jathin Ramdas.
But, like I said,
that's just a remote chance.
Practically speaking, the highest possibility
is for the acting CM, Mahesha Varma.
Mahesha Varma.
IUF's bridge-laying labourer.
A bridge between
quarreling party workers.
A bridge towards belligerent
political allies.
An immoral bridge between IUF
and their opponents, RPI (M).
So he's all
My dear..,
... it is Jathin who should light
the funeral pyre, right?
Had you contacted him?
His mobile is switched off.
There was a voice message saying
he's going for some camping trip.
I will light the pyre.
But women...?
So be it.
Varma Uncle...
I don't care who comes
to see my father or not.
But one man should not
enter this place!
And now, for the most dangerous
among these five names.
Someone, who can at once shelter
this state under his hood..,
... and decimate it
with his fangs.
The King Cobra..!!
It's been 6 years since this
name started doing the rounds..,
... and became
famous and popular.
PKR, who generally didn't
display any special...
... affection or consideration
towards any party worker..,
... took this man along to
every meeting and conference..,
... and celebrated him
like a crowned prince.
The Nedumpally constituency..,
... where PKR has been contesting &
winning continuously for 35 years..,
... was vacated by PKR, for this man.
No one knows who he is,
or where he is from.
He was into post-war
reconstruction works in...
... Iraq & Afghanistan on
contract, a while back.
I discovered this from
my Dark Web research.
He was also into small scale
Dubai-Mattancherry gold smuggling.
Why did PKR promote a person
with such a dubious record?
Who is this Stephen Nedumpally?
The most celebrated upstart
of contemporary politics.
For Hindus, he can be Mahiravana....
In Islam, he would be Iblees...
And among Christians,
there's only one name for him:
Esthappan, you must
go and see Ramdas.
It is said that the dead would
have the gift of sight..,
... until they are cremated.
They must see their beloved ones..,
... before they
leave this world.
Go, Esthappan.
Are you leaving, Esthachan?
What are you doing here, Rahael?
Don't get drenched in the rain.
Take Rahael and go to 'Asraya'.
You also come with us then.
I'll reach when it's
time for your bedtime story.
Now, you both leave.
Stephachaya, are we going there?
Just enough people
to fill one car.
Just enough people
to fill one car.
Dear colleagues and patriots..,
... we've woken up to a dark morning today.
It is immense, what PKR has done...
... for this remote place
called Nedumpally.
With the arrival of Finance
Minister PS Peethambaran..,
... who has returned halfway,
cancelling his foreign tour..,
... it can be said that...
... almost all our political
bigwigs are here for the funeral.
"Messiah of the poor",
"Guardian of clean politics",
Millions are flowing into the state capital
to pay their last respects to him.
It's confirmed now that...
... PKR would be accorded the grandest
farewell Kerala has ever seen.
Okay, right?
... If you command, this Murugan will stop
not just Stephen, but even Jesus Christ.
But if we act hastily upon
that woman's words..,
... we could get humiliated
in front of all these people.
Should we do it?
Hey! That cannot be...
- Varma Sir...
There's a way, sir.
What way?
Prime Minister's chopper
has just landed.
He would take one
hour to reach here.
Citing that reason,
we can block the main road.
Stephen cannot reach here
through any other road.
How's that?
Then so be it.
Yeah, right!
Now you say 'So be it'.
When I ask for something...
Move! Move!
Look at the crowd
to see a dead man..,
... and the headache is all ours!
Sir, Stephen's car has
reached the approach road.
Sorry sir.
We cannot let any vehicle pass.
PM's convoy is on the way.
Achaya, what should we do?
The restriction is only for wheels.
Not for legs, right?
S... Stephen?
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!
[slogans continue]
Hail... Stephachayan!!
What's that commotion?
Has the Prime Minister reached?
That would have been of less bother.
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!
Go and control the crowd.
I tried my level best, my dear.
I couldn't stop him.
Son, you go inside
the Church and pray.
Go ahead.
We're holding an emergency meeting.
The general mood is that I
should take charge, as of now.
I know that you won't have
any objection to that, Stephen.
Let the departed be taken
to the pyre, Varma Ji.
Let the fire take him first.
Everything else can wait, till then.
"While bidding farewell
to the glorious past..,
... what we saw at
Shanthitheeram today..,
... was the grand welcome of an
impartial new age, as well."
"This might be something
new in history."
"As a gesture that can be interpreted
as an assertion of feminist values..,
... the funeral pyre of PK Ramdas,
IUF's stalwart leader..,
... was lit by his daughter, who is also
touted to be PKR's political heir."
"Priyadarshini Ramdas."
"It was not just Kerala's beloved son
who was committed to flames..,
... while a huge crowd and
the Arabian Sea stood witness.
It was an era, as well."
"At the funeral, which was attended
the big names of Indian Politics..,
... Stephen Nedumpally, who's known
as the future leader of IUF..,
... was conspicuous by his absence."
['Asraya', the shelter]
Thank you.
- You ate just now, right?
Where is all this going?
You didn't leave yet?
- I have double duty today.
Here's your milk, dear.
Don't let the child
sleep without eating.
Okay, aunty.
Have it, dear.
You should take your tablets correctly.
Study well, my child.
You should get first
rank this time.
Study, dear.
Tell me if you're feeling sleepy.
Teacher Madam, here you go.
Teach her properly, please.
Hey! Don't sleep.
If you fail this time, that's it.
Didn't sleep yet, you oldies?
That's enough for today.
Here you go, dear.
Drink it.
Okay, grandma.
Do you need anything else, dear?
The baby will come in a couple of days.
I'll pray to Goddess Mariyamman.
Are you feeling scared?
- No.
Where are the twins?
- They've gone to listen to their regular bedtime story.
Oh! Has it begun?
Esthacha, tell us
the story for the day.
Shall I tell you the story of a God?
- Yes.
Who all are there?
Everyone is here, bro.
What about Murugan and party?
- Yeah. They are next to me.
Then move away from
there and talk, you donkey!
No, bro! They are not
right next to me.
Once upon a time, there lived a God.
A God who loved everyone,
and was loved by everyone.
The God had children...
He had a massive army.
He also had a group of angels
to sing praises.
What are you doing here?
They have all reached.
Where were you, Bobby?
I had messaged you, right?
The whole world was watching, Bobby.
And my husband wasn't present by my side,
for my father's funeral.
You had told me that you would
reach before the funeral.
Where were you?
I had a very important meeting.
I had told you, right?
- What meeting, Bobby?
- Hey!
Calm down!
Calm down!
You go and meet those
useless ministers first.
Where is Jhanvi?
She had asked me to
bring her a book.
I was actually roaming around,
searching for that book.
Otherwise, I would have
taken an earlier flight.
She never talks to me.
She must be in her room.
Happy that she's talking
to you, at least.
You go there.
I'll be right there.
Why am I needed there, Bobby?
Since the God was the
king of a huge country..,
... many thieves found their
way into the God's castle..,
... dressed up as angels.
Suchi, I can't dish out
my pocket money for this.
I've to submit accounts every
month to the Madam here, my mom.
I started a YouTube
channel, all right.
But how do you make
money off it, babe?
Oh shit!
I got the book you asked for.
Hi Bobby.
I had already ordered
it from Amazon.
You shouldn't have bothered.
Open it and see.
Maybe you'll like what you see.
The famous Malana cream.
This is not like local weed.
It's potent hash.
Use it very carefully.
And don't share it with
your friends, okay?
Thanks, Bobby.
That's it?
Won't I get even a hug?
Good night, Bobby.
Sweet dreams.
The ministers of God were all greedy.
Since everyone adored the God..,
... no one told Him anything.
Sorry everyone, for
making you all wait.
Varma sir...
Varma Ji, you are our
acting Chief Minister, huh?
Who else is there on the list?
What about our funding?
We can confirm it, right?
I asked you a question.
Who all are there on this new list?
PS Peethambaran, for Finance.
Sahadevan Arattuvazhi, for Home Ministry.
Vijayakumar Kulakkada,
for Transport.
For the time being,
we dissolve this Ministry.
We meet the Governor...
... and request him to
prepone the elections.
But, there's one more year left, Bobby.
So, all of a sudden, like this..?
- No.
We should cash in on this
sympathy wave, Varma sir.
That is our only way to win back
the next 5 years for us.
Only if we do that, would
we get the funding.
Who is this new party funder?
You eat the cake, Mister.
I'll count the ovens.
First of all, Mr. Bimal Nair..,
... you are not an MLA of the party.
You don't even have primary
membership in the party.
I listened to you so far, only
because you are PKR's son-in-law.
People like me are leaders, who are
here with the support of the people.
Had PKR been alive, he would
have told you about that.
It's shameful that you're
also part of this, Varma Ji.
The decision is good, I agree.
But, if you need public support..,
... wearing Khadi, pinning a
Hero pen to your pocket..,
and flashing a big black purse...
won't suffice.
You need to act where it matters!
You need to say things where they matter!
I might not be an MLA
or a party member.
But, Peethambaran...
... during last elections..,
... Rs. 10 Crore was pumped into your
campaign, upon PKR's request..,
... by a company called
Priyadarshini Infra Reality.
My company.
Do you have proof for that?
But, on the wall.
Those who are in agreement with me,
can remain seated.
Others may leave.
Look at that schmuck sitting!
All unwanted people
have started leaving...
Now the waters would clear up.
Only now!
Peethambaran just left...
There seems to be
some disagreement.
And then one day..,
... the God died.
The thieves, who had dressed up
as angels until then..,
... took over the
rule of the country.
IUF will contest in the upcoming elections.
Without any allies.
On its own.
The one who's going to be announced
as the Chief Minister candidate...
... will not be any fake,
self-proclaimed "leader of the masses."
It will be someone from
PK Ramdas' lineage itself.
His own blood.
Don't worry.
It's not Priya.
We both are not after
the thrones of power.
In the next Assembly elections,
IUF will be led by...
... someone who hasn't been introduced
to the people of this State..,
... someone about whom everyone always
wished to know more about.
PK Ramdas' one and only son.
Jathin Ramdas.
But he isn't...!
Deserving portfolios for each of
you who are sitting here now.
Three times the money
that you are getting now.
I mean... funding,
of course.
Varma sir...
Now, make a fresh list.
And thus, that country...
... which murdered God, became...
... "God's own country"!
Bobby, we cannot sideline
Stephen so easily.
He has entered people's
hearts, with this 'Asraya'.
'Asraya' is not just an ordinary
charitable service.
It's an 'Asraya' (shelter) for orphans.
It's a shelter for girls, who give
birth to fatherless children.
They have doctors, nurses, delivery...
everything there.
He's no ordinary guy.
He's a seasoned crook.
Tell me, what's the difference between a
politician and a political leader?
You tell me.
Haven't you seen heroes being
introduced in potboiler movies?
An unimportant guy is initially
asked to say a dialogue.
"The deity, who's about to rise with the
fury and blah blah of all the Avatars...
... is now called 'Narasimham!"
[a superhit movie]
At that exact point, the hero
rises from the water!
The superstar!
He is the political leader!
The other guy, who announces this,
is just a politician.
We can pluck and throw the
politician away like this.
Replace him.
Sideline him.
But the one has risen up, the superstar.
He... is a leader.
We cannot deal with him that easily.
We have to use our intelligence.
Sir, your pedicure is done.
Thanks, sweetheart.
You're welcome, Sir.
You seem to be an avid watcher of
potboilers. Aren't you, Varma sir?
Of course, I do!
Actually, I watch only potboilers.
When we watch them,
we would get an idea..,
... where the audience would applaud,
and where they would boo!
Come to the matter, sir.
Understand what I'm
trying to say, Bobby.
We will summon Stephen,
and tell him everything.
We will convince him, Bobby.
If he is convinced..,
... if he joins us..,
... if he does what we
ask him to do..,
... isn't it a great triumph to have
such a leader with us?
So be it.
... I will clearly say
whatever I have to say.
You can say it.
But say it with a
tinge of diplomacy.
Stay blessed.
What did you all think?
What happened unknowingly?
At Chengannoor....
I... I will tell you.
Ah... Estha...
You've come..!
Sit down, Stephen.
The chairs are all broken.
They have all become old.
Haven't they?
If you keep preaching idealism,
the funding would stop.
To buy chairs and
desks for the office..,
... real men will have to intervene!
In a public servant's room,
the chair that never breaks...
... would be the chair
that he sits on.
Because, he will always be aware that
he was not sent to this room, to sit idle.
Varma sir...
You know, right?
PKR's demise has created an
irreparable void in the party.
To survive this tragedy, we need
to reinvent ourselves completely.
You know, right?
The wildfire of communalism that has
already engulfed North India..,
... is moving towards South India.
It has now begun knocking
on Kerala's door.
To oppose this, what we need is money...
... and resources.
Is it about funding?
We have funding, right?
Ramdas sir had appointed me to monitor
Manappattil Chandy's party funding.
I know.
There is enough money.
It's not that...
Is a small-time establishment
like Manappattil group enough...
... to fund the Kerala wing of a party like
IUF, which has a history of 150 years?
The Saffron army is being
funded by big shots.
If we take help from the Reds
to scare away the Saffrons..,
... Kerala will never forgive us.
In the present scenario..,
... the meagre fund that Manappattil
gives us, is not sufficient.
We need the kind of funding that can
enable us to fight great political wars.
The future is going to be
that of massive ballot wars.
Which means..?
Fortunately for us..,
... in place of Manappattil..,
... Bobby has found a new funder.
We might have to make some compromises
and close our eyes a bit.
... in this situation, we should
remember what Lord Krishna said.
'The end justifies the means.'
Who... are these new funders?
They are from the
pharmaceutical field.
Where are they based?
Well... Goa...
Does Priya know about all this?
Only I need to know.
Priya would, later.
... isn't it?
- Yes.
Drugs, indeed.
This discussion is to say
whatever we have to say.
Everything. Period.
Don't create trouble.
If we stand together..,
... Bobby will give you
whatever you wish for.
Who is he to give what Stephen
wishes for, Varma sir?
I came into this party,
upon the word of only one man.
Ramdas sir's.
And if ever I am going to
listen to another word..,
... that would also be
Ramdas sir's alone.
Your sir is gone.
His word too... is gone.
Now it's me!
It's my word.
It doesn't matter who our funder is.
All that matters to IUF now,
is how much the fund is.
Varma sir...
If IUF accepts narcotic funding..,
... what's going to flow through the
veins of youngsters in Kerala..,
... would be drugs, hitherto unheard of.
What's exchanged secretly on campuses,
movie sets and in sports academies today..,
... would become an
open business, tomorrow.
Moreover, the millions that these
drug cartels would make from here..,
... would directly land in the
coffers of terrorist groups.
To all those who are dear to me,
I've told this once before:
... is a dirty business.
I'm well aware of your history in
third-rate gold smuggling, Stephen.
We don't care if you are not with us.
But if you're planning
to oppose us..,
... Stephen..,
... to save you..,
... PK Ramdas is no more.
Who's there... to save you?
Stephen! Stephen!
Varma sir..,
... the biggest lie that we have sold
to the general public here is that...
... politics is a battle
between Good and Evil.
The battle... is not between
Good and Evil.
It is between Evil and Evil.
Between greater Evil
and lesser Evil.
... is greater Evil.
Stephen won't do this job.
You also... won't do it.
Manappattil Chandy won't
be funding IUF anymore.
The party funding will be
controlled by me from here on.
So if I intervene..,
... I can easily solve
NPTV's financial issues.
In return for that, you and your
channel must do something.
Tell me, Bobby.
A smear campaign against Stephen.
You can employ any dirty strategy.
But it has to be done immediately.
What are you saying, Bobby?
A smear campaign against someone like
Stephen Nedumpally, for no reason?
... it's not me who is
in need of money.
It's NPTV.
You are the beggar.
So you can't be the chooser.
If you can't find news..,
... create it!
... I have something with me.
But I don't know whether it's
a lead that can be pursued.
Take a look.
For Hindus, he can be Mahiravana....
In Islam, he would be Iblees...
And among Christians,
there's only one name for him:
Yes, Yes!
I've noticed you, Reju.
You're very good at your job.
Live reporting, news-hour debates..
I watch them all.
In fact, I agreed to this without
doing any background checks,
... because you're very popular.
It's about the evidence
with you, Govardhan.
The evidence of corruption
committed by IUF top ranks.
That will be the main item
for our channel launch.
Our big exclusive!
When we air this
interview on Public TV..,
... it will be as effective as you
doing 5 Lakh live videos.
That will be great.
By the way..,
... this new channel that you're
starting as NPTV's competitor.
This Public TV.
Who are the investors?
Well, you see..,
... as the title suggests,
it's funded by the public.
Okay. Okay.
I will pay the bill.
How's your income now?
I was a techie who used
to draw a 6-digit salary.
One fine day,
I got a revelation.
Like how Lord Buddha had one.
I resigned my job, and started
devoting myself... to my real work.
What about your family, Govardhan?
Dad died long ago.
Mom died around 8 years back.
Oh.. That?
That's my wife and daughter.
She left me... for her own good,
I would say.
My life is not that safe, you know.
Don't you meet your daughter too?
My wife doesn't like me
talking to my daughter.
Maybe she's right.
She is right.
I am not a good role model.
is not a career option, right?
A few days after my wife
and daughter left me,
... I... I had a breakdown.
Then, some friends took charge,
and sent me to a mental hospital.
After all that, when I came back..,
... when I came back..,
... there was no one.
It's rolling.
You can talk.
Yes... Yes.
We know that it's Manappattil
financiers, who are funding IUF.
Reju, who used to work with NPTV,
would definitely know that.
But who is backing Manappattil?
Is Manappattil Chandy capable
of such immense funding?
Manappattil group is a very
popular establishment, right?
Finance, timber, steel, gold...
That's my point.
Have you heard about
Khureshi-Ab'ram gang, Reju?
An infamous nexus that controls the gold
& diamond trade all over the world.
They are backing Manappattil.
And hence, the IUF.
Isn't it as fictitious as, say..,
a Mogambo or a Gabbar Singh?
No! No! No! No!
They exist..!
Their presence is apparent,
all over the world.
Like... Like the Illuminati.
Mr. Govardhan, I'm not here to talk
about the Illuminati or this... Mogambo!
Stephen Nedumpally.
What evidence do you have against him?
Tell me about that.
Stephen Nedumpally.
I know who he is.
But... I don't have any
evidence against him.
- Then...
Then why did you come live that day and
brag that he's Iblees, Lucifer and all?
Govardhan, I really don't
have time to waste.
You won't be disappointed, Mr. Reju.
I only said I don't have evidence
against Mr. Stephen Nedumpally.
But Bimal Nair..,
... the IUF captain, who's
not even a party member.
Against him..,
... I have incriminating evidences.
We should break this at prime-time
tonight, sir. This is sensational!
Have you made copies of this?
No, sir.
This is the original. Only this.
I thought I'll show it to you first...
Good, good!
Leave it with me.
Let me study it.
I'll revert.
But sir, we...
I'll let you know, Reju.
You go ahead.
We have a problem.
Who are you?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Leave me.
Leave me!
Leave me, I say!
Truth will win!
Whatever happens, the truth will win!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Bobby, I've sent a team to
our old timber factory site.
They are bringing
some materials too.
What materials?
Nothing major.
Some equipment and chemicals.
Offload it and keep it there.
That's it.
If we have to start manufacturing
on the date promised to Fyodor,
... it's high time we set
the ball rolling.
Did it have to be this soon?
Is there a problem?
There shouldn't be any.
What are we going to name him?
You are his Godfather, Achaya.
You should name him.
The name of Goddess Parvati.
So her son would be... Vinayakan.
You don't have the right to say
that your duty is over, Esthappan.
That belongs to our Lord.
Only to Him.
I've never nurtured any
desire for myself, Father.
The gratitude and loyalty
towards Ramdas sir..,
... came to an end, with his death.
... we've only obeyed whatever
the party has told us, so far..,
... without any objection.
This time it's not like that.
We won't allow Ramdas'
policies to be abandoned.
For that, you should be with us.
This party needs a leader now.
Father, I have an
urgent engagement.
I'll come to the Church later.
- Okay.
Praise be.., Father.
Praise be to Him, now and forever.
You should all have
lunch before you leave.
You be here, and listen
to all they have to say.
Anyway, let Stephachayan
think about it.
Whatever the party decides..,
... we will have our way;
they will have theirs.
I heard the sound of
an engine, last night.
There would be around
10 or 20 of them.
They have come with jeeps,
truck and earth-movers.
They have guns, bombs and
swords with them, sir.
They were speaking in some
Northern language.
I think they are North Indians.
Who are you guys?
What are you doing here?
Who the hell are you?
What do you want?
Get out!
This is a property sealed
by the Government.
Who gave you permission to
enter this place?
Are you deaf or what?
Get lost..!
Tell us what you saw.
He's more than what
meets our eye, sir.
Are you sure they're dead?
At least six people would be dead.
I saw it with my own eyes.
If you're saying the truth..,
... this is more than enough to
get rid of Stephen, forever.
Varma sir...
- Hey Jalal...
Can you get sir on the line?
Hold on..
- Check below that plank.
Sir, it's Sudarshan.
Sudarshan, tell me.
Sir, there's nothing over here.
Since it rained quite a lot last night,
there aren't any Tyre tracks either.
Should we go for
another round, or...?
No, wait.
- Sir.
Let me ask the chief.
There's nothing over there, Sir.
Nothing at all,
within one-km radius.
Bullet casings? Weapons?
We had used metal detectors, sir.
Absolutely nothing.
what's the situation?
Have cops become this
worthless for you, sir?
There's no dead body...,
Toilet cleaners wear a
different Khaki, Sir.
We're lucky that no one
from the media is here.
If they were, we would
have been humiliated.
Home Minister!
Hey! Let it be, man!
Let's wind up and go!
This guy.
This Stephen.
He's a clueless puzzle.
Do you have any idea, sir?
If anyone knows anything
at all about him,
... it would be Priya.
She holds an everlasting grudge
against him, for some reason.
Only if we know that...
Only if we know who he is,
can we do something.
I have a master weapon.
If nothing else works out..,
... I will use it.
... I was just talking about you.
Mom had mental problems.
The ups and downs in
Dad's political life..,
... his jail term;
... it was Mom who
suffered all that.
Apart from all that,
... the suspicions that
Mom had about Dad.
She was always suspicious of him.
Dad brought Stephen home, without
considering Mom's obstinate protests.
How could you ever think
of bringing this thing here?
Wherever this is from,
dump it back there!
As long as I'm alive,
I won't allow this.
I'm only asking you
to give him a shelter.
Isn't he just a child, like our Priya?
I will meet his expenses.
Don't worry.
I don't want to hear anything.
Stephen stayed in our house
for almost a year.
Mom was pregnant then.
Making Stephen stay with us
without listening to Mom..,
... was Dad's big mistake.
And it was Mom and I,
who suffered.
I know, my child's or my tears
are worthless in this house.
For him to be moved,
his people must cry.
Or there's that charitable
home that he opened...
... to deliver babies of
women who went astray!
The orphans there.., must cry.
Who is he?
Where is he from? Who gave birth to him?
I'm not allowed to ask anything!
I shouldn't say anything!
Have your food, son.
Every single night that followed..,
... I used to sleep listening
to my Mom crying.
After giving birth to Jathin
and handing him over to me,
... Mom left us.
Dad reached right on
time for Mom's funeral.
He cried a lot.
... even then, the first question he
asked after calling me near, was...
'Where is Stephen, my dear?'
I told Dad that I won't touch food...
... as long as Stephen
stayed in that house.
Finally, in front of an
8-year-old's adamancy..,
... the great PK Ramdas
had to admit defeat.
And thus, Dad took
Stephen somewhere else.
Maybe, it cannot be
justified rationally.
... I just hate him!
I still believe that my
Mom died because of him.
People never die.
They live on...
... through their children.
Everyday I wake up,
I realize this truth.
I am indeed... my mother.
The same sentimentality.
The same madness.
Leaving, as in?
Where to?
You've already done so
much for me, Achayan.
But I can't stay here any longer.
I must leave.
Where will you go
with your child now?
You can stay here as
long as you want to.
No one will hurt you again.
It's your brother's word.
No, Achaya.
I must leave.
Keep this.
... drop her wherever
she wants to go.
Goddess Parvati and
Lord Ganapathy.
Aparna... and Vinayakan.
Even if there is no one
with you to rely on..,
... you should be
there for him...
... and he should be there for you.
So long, my dear.
Aren't we committing a
grave sin, Aloshychaya?
Remember that this is all for your good...
and the child's too.
Why didn't you say this earlier?
Why are you saying this on NPTV
before you complained to the Police?
Stephen Nedumpally is one of the
most influential leaders in Kerala.
That's why I thought I'll say this to the
media, before reporting to the Police.
Are you sure about this?
Who cares?!
It's great TRP!
I used to tell my relatives
and others that... was my mother's younger
brother who's in Saudi Arabia,
... who has fathered the child.
But that's not the truth.
This is Stephen Nedumpally's child.
I gave birth to him at 'Asraya'.
Stephen has been sexually abusing
me for the past many years.
I know of many such incidents happening
within the walls of 'Asraya'.
So Aparna is saying that this is not
an isolated case of abuse.
If so, the courage that
you have shown now;
... do you think that this will be
an inspiration for other women...
... to call out this dreaded
criminal called Stephen?
You be damned!
Why should a 17-year-old incur
this much expenses, Jhanvi?
What did you spend
so much money for?
Mom, please just
stop shouting at me.
I am getting a headache.
What is it?
Mom and daughter are fighting again?
This month's credit
card statement!
The credit card that you had gifted
your beloved daughter!
Rs. 1.75 Lakhs.
Bobby, she...
- Priya...
Let me talk to her.
You go to the TV room.
And switch on NPTV.
There's a gift for you.
Just go.
I'll talk to her.
Bobby, please.
Don't spoil her like this.
I have told you...
... not to smoke up random stuff...
... and get into
arguments with her.
When you're on a high..,
... keep a low profile.
Bobby, no!
Bobby, no!
Bobby, no!
Bobby, please!
When are you meeting me properly?
Bobby, no!
You promised!
- No!
By the way..,
... you should watch your diet.
You're developing love handles.
A sexual harassment allegation
has been levelled against...
... IUF's top leader
Stephen Nedumpally.
It has been levelled by a resident of
'Asraya' destitute home, run by him.
The victim, who came on NPTV's
news hour with an infant in her hands..,
... alleged that the child was Stephen's.
The girl revealed that she was sexually
exploited several times, by Stephen.
Moreover, beneath the garb of 'Asraya',
run by Stephen Nedumpally...
Down! Down! IUF!
Down! Down! Stephen Nedumpally!
We can only wait it out.
It's a violent mob!
Down! Down! IUF!
Down! Down! Stephen Nedumpally!
Don't let the kids step outside.
No one should do anything untoward.
The cops will come...
... and I will have to go with them.
Let the law take its course.
Is this necessary, sir?
Am I not coming with you?
Sir, it's IPC 376.
Moreover, there's POCSO Act Section 4 & 5.
We must take you in,
Come on.
Let's go!
Don't go, Esthachan!
Rahael, why did you come here now?
- Don't take Esthachan away!
Get lost!
- Don't take him.
Get lost!
- Esthachan!
How dare you touch my kids!!
Who do you think you are?
You think you are MGR...?
You think you're the supreme leader?
You think you're the Head?
Take him!
Down! Down!
Stephen Nedumpally!
Sexual offender Stephen,
if you ever step out again...
... we will slash you
into pieces, we promise!
[slogans continue]
Should we intervene?
Don't do anything now.
Just give me a sign, Bhaijaan.
Just one.
We'll be waiting.
Godspeed, Bhaijaan.
Is this necessary, Achaya?
You can leave this place by
sunrise, with just a nod.
I didn't come here on my own will.
I won't leave this place
on my own, either.
For Barabbas to be set free..,
... they have to introduce
the son of God.
Let him land.
Let the son of God... land.
Hail... IUF!!
Hail... PKR!!
Hail... IUF!!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
Hail... PKR!!!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
Hail... IUF!!
Hail... PKR!!!
Hail... IUF!!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
Hail... PKR!!!
Hail... IUF!!
Start it.
"Crown Prince!
Crown Prince!"
"IUF's Crown Prince!"
"Crown Prince!
Crown Prince!"
"The Crown Prince of Kerala!"
"The true heir of PKR!!"
Today is your day, son.
What you see here,
what you can listen here...
It's the enthusiasm of
IUF's new generation.
Welcome home, Jathin.
We are running short of time.
You need a grooming
and makeover session.
I have assembled a PR team.
They are ready to start
work when you are.
My sister?
I have come only
because you insisted.
To do this, I don't have any
commitment towards PK Ramdas or IUF.
And you know that.
One year.
I will play along with this, for one year.
And if it still doesn't work for me,
I'll leave.
Where is Jhanvi?
Her exams are coming up.
Since she couldn't concentrate because
of the hustle & bustle in this house..,
... she shifted to the
college hostel, a few days back.
I've cleaned up a room for you.
Not here.
I have hired a villa,
at my own expense.
I'll be staying there.
[IUF candidate list announced]
[Aloshy Joseph replaces
Stephen at Nedumpally]
Do you remember me?
The loudest voice of 'Inquilab'...
... that was heard against Ramdas
sir at his own stronghold.
When his own men went against him..,
... he ran into his righteous arch
enemy's 'Asraya', seeking protection.
How can I forget you?
The enemy whom Ramdas sir
used to respect a lot.
Comrade Nedumpally Krishnan!
Your wife Bhavani?
She is no more.
Due to our two children who
constantly fought against each other.
And now..,
... they have framed me.
I'm here, trapped in a false case...
... of tampering with the ownership
documents of my own house.
A comrade needs to be fortunate
enough for that too, right?
Off-springs are the
problem, everywhere.
If it is the Pandavas,
you have to wander around with them.
If it is the Kauravas,
you have to be blindfolded all the time.
And look what's happening now.
PKR's son has landed.
Who knows whether he is
Duryodhana or Dharmaputra?
'How long do we have to
remain slaves, comrades?'
'Shouldn't our future generations
at least, be off the chains?'
Do you remember, Stephen?
As a punishment for once
shouting slogans against Ramdas..,
... he used to make me sing this song,
whenever I came to 'Asraya'.
Which song is that, oldie?
A song that becomes the singer's own,
no matter who sings it.
The song of a brother.
The song of a comrade, as well.
A song that even the IUF
workers have forgotten now.
IUF workers have forgotten
even Gandhiji now.
Why would they remember this old
Satyagraha song, written by Amsi sir?
Let us also hear it.
'Come, beloved countrymen...'
'It is time to be resilient and protest'
'With firm hearts and
our hands entwined...'
'Let's march ahead...'
'Come, beloved countrymen...
It is time to be resilient and protest'
'With firm hearts and our hands entwined...
Let's march ahead!'
'Come, beloved countrymen...'
'Come, beloved countrymen...'
'Intimidate the mighty Britain.
Invoke new rules'
'Unjust laws galore, still on this earth'
'Come, beloved countrymen...'
'Come, beloved countrymen...'
'How long do we have to
remain slaves, comrades?'
'Shouldn't our future generations
at least, be off the chains?'
'Let's march on, fearless...
Our pace be that of the king-bird...'
'Join in, join in, join in,
O bravehearts...'
'O bravehearts....
O bravehearts....'
'How many brave fighters have shed blood
and fallen, in this struggle of ours!'
'No matter what,
this battle must be won, and now!'
'Let them charge at you, with
bullets, bayonets and batons...'
'Let's dust it all up....
and face them with a smile...'
'O bravehearts....
O bravehearts....'
What's with your
hair and glasses?
You look like you're on for
a stand-up comedy act!
This is the world's
biggest comedy, babe.
It's called Indian politics.
I was the one who used
to drop him at school.
He would shiver,
at the very sight of me.
Bro, they are here.
They came?
- Yes. - Come! Come!
All the best.
We will be in the control room.
Right here, beneath the stage.
She'll be watching it live from home.
Hail... IUF!!!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
Hail... PKR!!
He looks exactly like PKR, doesn't he?
Yes, bro.
- Clap, boy! Clap!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
Hail... PKR!!
Hail... IUF!!!
Hail... Jathin Ramdas!!
[slogans continue]
[with a heavy accent]
It's Namaskaram, Jathin.
W... We h... have a.. a...
hyuje history of 150 years...
It's not hyuje.
It is huge.
...huge... history of 150 years...
and I... a... am...
p... privileged to be able to... Le...
lead... th.. this party...
... a.. and... I am f.. forever ind..
inde... indebted to my party workers and...
Doesn't he know Malayalam, bro?
- Yeah right.
As if people in our High Command are
world renowned experts in Malayalam.
Shut up, idiot!
To.. e... each and ev...every one of
you who tru... trusted me...
... I dedicate my b... b...
body and s... soul.
This is a hyuj... err...
huge... resp... responsibility.
Why did he switch off the iPad?
What's he doing?
That was my prepared speech.
What did he say?
My Malayalam is not good at all, right?
The day I landed here..,
... I was received by...
... a famous image management
group of this state.
They teach me to wear a 'Mundu'!
They teach me to speak in Malayalam!
They effect changes on my face to bring
in similarities with my deceased father.
This Grey hair..,
... at least some of you
may have realized..,
... is make-up.
And these glasses...?
I don't really need it.
What's he up to?
Not knowing how to wear a Mundu,
not knowing how to speak in Malayalam..,
... do you think PK Ramdas' son Jathin
Ramdas would stand before you... like this?
Oh my God!
That was awesome!
I know how to wear a Mundu...
... and if the need arises,
I know how to fold it up, as well.
I can speak Malayalam...
.. and if the need arises, I can throw
even a few cuss words, as well.
The boy has hit it out of the park.
Hasn't he, bro?
I am yet to prove that I am
eligible to be the leader of IUF..,
... and that I deserve to
be in that position.
... I will tell you one thing.
For all the achievements IUF
has made under my father's leadership..,
... I am also to be accredited for,
albeit in a small way.
Ask me why.
Ask me!
These are times that demand
that your voices be heard.
Go on!
Ask me why!
Because, as a child who
grew up without a mother..,
... as a child who was
banished to a boarding school,
and later to a foreign country..,
... as a child who was haunted by
extreme homesickness..,
... I had all the rights to act
stubborn to see my father..,
... and wish that he was by my side.
But I didn't do that.
To serve this country,
this party and all of you...,
... PK Ramdas had to sacrifice...
... his own son's childhood.
I sacrificed that.., for him.
You need to meet
one more person.
Since we're not married, as yet..,
... I can't call her my wife.
But in all ways, she is my life partner.
Meet Jacqueline.
Jackie, say hello!
We don't need your
Namaskaram, sister.
But our boy is fairer
than the foreign girl.
Yeah! That's IUF!
So that's it.
I'm saying this to all members of the IUF,
and also to the opponents of the IUF.
Jathin Ramdas will contest
in the upcoming elections.
Not as PK Ramdas' son.
As the son of every family.
As a brother to all siblings.
As a friend to all friends.
I will be here.
We will win.
We alone... will win.
Long Live India!
Everything has worked out,
according to our calculations.
Even Stephen is not
there as an obstacle now.
What we need now... is money!
The fund... that you promised.
Varma Sir...
I said that Jathin
Ramdas would come.
Jathin Ramdas has come.
I'm saying the funds will come.
It will.
Someone is approaching.
Seems like the Coast Guard.
Take all the guns and weapons inside.
Zaid Bhai?
That way!
Fight like a man!
One on one!
I've heard a lot about you.
Show me what the hell you can do!
Bloody @%%@%
Come on, hit me!
Show me what you've got!
Come on!
All clear.
All three... are neutralized!
Godspeed, Bhaijaan.
Godspeed, Zaid.
Let's go!
Pick up, Bobby!
Pick up!
- Bobby, listen.
We were attacked!
And it was Zaid.
Zaid Masood.
- Zaid Masood.
He leads the most powerful
mercenary hit group of Asia.
They are the ones who
targeted our consignments.
They took out all three.
They didn't say whom
they did this for.
And the cargo?
The whole 1000 Crores.
And they have a strange demand.
7 days.
Within 7 days, Stephen Nedumpally
has to be released from jail.
From the jail?
... what?
Bobby, we're not powerful enough to
confront this Zaid Masood group.
If we don't obey them,
not only would the funding stop..,
but you'd also be forced to return the
money lost, plus interest, to Fyodor.
And remember! You have only
7 days to release Stephen.
7 days!
What happened?
Give me one good reason
not to kill you.
Fyodor, I can fix this.
I will fix this.
We cannot arrest him and release him,
purely upon your whims and fancies.
What do you think?
IUF is in need of money.
But that doesn't mean this party
is like a corporation truck...
... that would carry all the filth
that you throw at us.
If you can stand by me, do that.
Or else..,
I would pull you down first...
... and I would only
fall on top of you!
Understood, Varma?
How did you find out
that I was here?
Well, I know that only the common man has
his treatment at your Medayil hospital,
and the exclusive 'Kayakalpa' treatment
for comrade Rajan is done here.
Stop taunting me,
and tell me the matter.
In politics, is it practical
to tame a rabid elephant?
Either, it has to subject
itself to the mahout...,
... or, it should be
struck right on its skull.
That's how it works, isn't it?
Are you hinting about Stephen?
- Yes.
He won't listen to us.
You won't get him, either.
Should we encourage yet another
Christian "ally" at the eastern hills?
I do understand what
you're hinting at, Varma.
Our boys are there in
Poojappura jail, as well.
... if they do it within
jail premises,
... the minimum punishment
is a life-term.
... the reward should
be worth their effort.
If a bridge is built,
it goes both ways, right?
Rest assured of your reward.
Finish him.
Were you assigned by
the party for this..,
... or by your boss, Mr. Medayil?
We don't have any
grudge against you.
But when we get an
order from the top,
... we can't help but do it.
We've been asked to kill you.
What should we do?
If the order is to kill...,
... you must kill.
Sir... Bhadran and team...
In the carpenter room...
Just lock the shutter from outside.
Lock it, man!
I know, there's an age old
tradition in northern lands,
... of counting slashes
in an assault.
But in the land where I hail from, it's
not the number of slashes that matters.
It is the depth of each slash!
Tell your boss at Medayil,
not to be worried about Stephen.
I am not into politics anymore.
Call the ambulance.
I have come... to apologize to you.
What IUF and all of us did to you,
was nothing short of a betrayal.
Bobby... was our mistake.
Now, Ramdas' son is here.
People love him, as well.
But still..,
... can the party ever abandon you?
I heard everything.
It's all Medayil Rajan's game!
I am trying my level best to
get you out of here, Stephen.
But.., beware of Bobby.
He is venomous.
Extremely venomous!
I know you are a
very straight forward person.
But that's not the way you should
tackle someone like Bobby.
Then what is the way, Varma sir?
... I'll tell you.
During my childhood..,
... my school and my house were on
either sides of a railway track.
The local Mayor's son, my classmate,
was a real prick..!
Out of sheer exasperation,
one day, I slapped him tight.
It became a huge issue.
I was asked to bring
my father, to the school.
My father only had this
royal surname, 'Varma'.
He was a loan shark, a real
estate junkie and a hooch-seller.
Without the Mayor's silent nod,
he couldn't have even survived.
After solving this
school issue somehow..,
... my father took me for a walk
along the railway track.
While I was walking silently in anger,
my father told me..,
'Mahesha, my son.
When someone stronger than
us tries to mess with us..,
... we should use tact
in confronting them.'
'Well, now, a train will come
from that side.'
'Imagine that the Mayor's
son is walking with you now.'
'He has made you suffer a lot, right?'
'So, you have a grudge
against him, right?'
'You wish him dead, right?'
... while you walk,
enjoying the breeze..,
... the train will come from afar.'
'You will walk along with
him, joking and laughing.'
'As the train draws close..,
... a slight push and a
shove, with your elbow.'
'He's done for, right?'
'No one would suspect us..,
... and the train would take
him along with it, as well.'
This advice that my
father gave me that day..,
... I follow it
till date, in politics.
Stephen, you just have to
stand by me silently.
We can get rid of Bobby,
just like that.
That was a sound advice, Varma sir.
But there's a small problem here.
Your dad...
... is not my dad!
Well... who is...
... your dad?
Well, there are rumours
that it's PK Ramdas...
Back then, they asked us to do that;
we did that.
Now, they are saying this;
we will do this.
Either ways, the benefit is ours!
Aloshychaya, if I
change my word now..,
... would they spare me and the child?
Hey! Don't be scared.
Once you reach Kochi
and finish with this,
I'll send you and the child to
Dubai, on the night flight itself.
At Dubai, you'll get a job,
a place to stay..,
... and a monthly salary of 10,000 Dirhams.
But still..,
... how can me and the child go
all alone to Dubai?
I'll also join you very soon.
Don't think too much about it.
I'll give you whatever you have to say,
in writing.
Learn it by heart and say it,
just like last time. Okay?
I'm leaving then.
I'll send a car for you.
See the child once
at least, before you go.
I... I'm a little too busy today.
I'll come and see
him another day.
Her roommate told us that she was lying
unconscious in the hostel bathroom.
When I realized that it's Jhanvi,
I brought her here.
This place is better for
a high profile case.
It's a drug called LSD.
It would take some more time
for the test results to come.
When she was semi-conscious,
she told us...
... that it was a
quarter stamp of acid.
But I'm sure it's more than that.
Apparently, she's been using
this regularly for a while.
Anyway, she's back to her senses.
This way please, Ma'am.
We're continuing the IV.
Where is this girl getting all this from?
These are not so rare now.
Not just LSD...
Weed, Cocaine, MDMA, Heroin...
... and a lot of other
designer drugs too!
That's the room, Ma'am.
Please come.
I need to talk to her, alone.
- Sure.
When she couldn't reach
me early in the morning..,
... the hostel warden panicked..,
... and had informed the Police, ma'am.
Where did you get it from?
Where did you get it from?
Tell me.
Your second husband gifted it to me.
And you know what?
This is not the first time.
Go and ask him!
When you don't have any excuses
to make, after getting caught...
... you shouldn't blame it
on your own mom and dad!
Mom and Dad, you say!
Do you know what happens
to me in that house?
Do you know what I'm going
through, in that house?
Your Bobby...
He treats me like a sex toy!
Wh... What?
... you think you can
say almost anything?
Bobby considers you his own daughter...
- I'm not a small kid, anymore.
When someone touches me,
... I'm mature enough to
understand what's on his mind.
Help me, Mom!
Help me out of this.
I don't have anyone else.
By threat, you mean...
What kind of threat?
Tell us, Aparna.
If I didn't take Stephen
Nedumpally's name..,
... they said that they would
kill me and my child.
Stephen Nedumpally is not
the father of my child.
Stephachayan... is like my elder brother.
I apologize to Stephachayan
and the residents of 'Asraya'.
Sharath, ask her.
Who threatened her?
I need a name!
Ask her!
It was Stephachayan
who protected us.
... you're saying that Stephen Nedumpally
is in jail for a crime he didn't commit?
Stephachayan is my God!
He should be released from
prison, as soon as possible.
Pimping... is much better
than this job, Sanjeev.
I'm going to burn each one of
these awards and citations.
What all dreams we had!
And look at you!
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar,
who did a PhD...
... on how to save the media from
the influence of politicians!
... it's been 15 years since we
started living together.
In these 15 years, no other country
has changed as much as this country.
Times have changed.
So have we.
NPTV's current debt is Rs. 45 Crore.
The media of this country can only act
as Yes-Men to people who give us money.
Idealism, my darling..,
... is dead.
Didn't you sleep yet?
I am...
I am sorry, Priya.
You would have heard, right?
Stephen will be released from jail.
We had no other option.
What happened?
'Your Bobby'
'He treats me like a sex toy!'
When did you say... Jhanvi's
exams would get over?
'Help me, Mom'
'I don't have anyone else'
Wh... What?
P... Pr... Priya...
Priya, what is this?
What happened?
I.. Priya...
I was about to tell you.
She is into drugs.
I tried to advice her.
I tried to help her, but...
Everything I said just...
You dared to touch my child...?
My child...
I put my trust on you.
I trusted you!
Yet, you dared to touch my child..!
You think you can touch my child?
I can.
I will.
You know...
... Jhanvi is not my daughter.
She is your daughter.
So frankly, I don't see
a moral issue here.
You're welcome to do what you can.
You want to tell your brother?
Tell him.
You want to tell your Varma Uncle?
... do you want to go to the Police?
Go ahead.
But before that..,
... it would be good to know...
... how many drug peddlers your
daughter is in contact with..,
... in this city.
I have the records of her
conversations with them..,
... and her purchase of drugs
from them, with me.
That alone is enough...
... to put her behind
bars in a narcotics case.
She turned 18 last week, right?
So, at the least..,
... she would be in jail for 6 years.
Poor thing.
So, if you ask me..,
... it's better that we forget
this, right here, right now.
... if you're planning to create
a problem for me..,
... just like how Jayadevan and
PK Ramdas were finished off..,
... Bobby knows how to finish
off you and your daughter.
Why did you bring Stephen here now?
What help is he going to do for you,
that he hasn't done in the past 25 years?
I was never adamant that my children...
... must only grow up
obeying what I say.
When you decided to get
married to Jayadevan,
... I didn't object..,
... not because I liked him.
It was because you liked him.
... Bobby is not Jayadevan.
Dad is really scared, my dear.
If there comes a day, when you feel that
everything around you is falling apart..,
... if I am not alive then..,
... there will be only one person
whom can you go to, seeking help.
He was born to let truth prevail.
He grew up with truth as his motto!
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!!
Hail... IUF!!!
Hail... Stephachayan!!
Hail... Stephen Nedumpally!!
Hail... IUF!!!
Who will be there for us
if you leave, Esthachan?
Everyone is here, right?
Rahael, Ponniyamma,
these sisters...
And even if I leave..,
... Esthachan will send gifts for you all,
for every birthday, Christmas and Onam.
... I promised to contest the
elections in your place..,
... because you have initiated
many things here...
... and they shouldn't
face a block, right?
And when you were not here..,
... that Varma and his group...
... made an attempt...
to hand over Nedumpally's control
to some of their people.
How can we let them do that, Achaya?
... I need your blessings.
Praise be...
Shall I go to the party office then?
Is the baby doing fine?
What, Achaya?
... baby.
Is he doing fine?
Ye... Yes.
That's enough.
What is it, my dear?
I... need to meet you.
Ramdas sir... had told me once, that such
a meeting would happen, one day.
I had selected this place for
this meeting, ever since.
This Church.
This cemetery.
Here.., the old door that Ramdas sir had
forcefully held open between us, is absent.
Those hands that fed me... are absent.
That dining table of magnanimity...
is absent.
Today, you will listen to
what I have to say, Priya.
I know.
My father... died before
I could remember.
This Church denied him
a grave in this cemetery...
... citing that he was a
naxalite and a non-believer.
The rogue's pit, where my father was
buried, was claimed by the mountain.
The Church was consumed
by the rain and the wind.
When my mother died when
I was 12 years old..,
... Ramdas sir appeared before me...
... like a God.
For this day, which was
ordained by that God..,
... I felt, I needed
someone to witness.
My mother.
Now tell me.
I have to tell you
one more thing.
I have your daughter's call
records with me, madam.
She is in contact with most of
the drug peddlers in the city.
But don't be scared.
I won't file an FIR.
Just make sure you treat me well...!!
I will call you.
I will call you.
You told me all your woes, right?
You can leave now.
I'll take charge, now.
I won't be coming back again, Father.
We might not even meet again.
If I ask you a question I've
never asked you before,
... will you answer me?
You went missing from here
when you were 15 years old.
Where were you... for the
26 years that followed?
After Jesus Christ went
missing from Galilee..,
... where was He for the 18
years that followed?
Have you asked that to Him,
O humble shepherd of Christ?
When you get an answer to that..,
... I shall answer this, as well.
... if I ask you a question that
I've never asked you before..,
... will you answer me, Father?
PK Ramdas, or PKR...
Is he my father?
Go inside the Church,
kneel down and pray, son.
... you can confide in me.
Is he... your son?
You needn't say that.
You needn't say that, Father.
... if you are not coming back again..,
... I say, you confess your sins and
find peace before you leave.
I can only confess for the sins I
have already committed, Father...
... not for the ones I
am about to commit.
Praise be... to the Lord..!
Praise be to Him, now and forever.
Slapping that cheek which
should be caressed by my hands?
Wow! What lips!
This is a dangerous area.
Please be careful.
Why? Are you asking
me to do it silently?
Get lost.
Sir, if there's some problem,
I'll press the horn.
Stop it, man!
I've seen and heard
enough horns!
Go have food and come.
I'll be quite late.
This has been my long time desire.
I've watched all your
episodes, on repeat mode!
Let the light stay on.
That's okay for you, right?
Waiting for you, baby!
This guy!
Shall I go and see?
I'll be right back, darling.
Who are you guys?
Leave me.
You dared to touch me.
I may forgive that.
But you messed with
Ramdas sir's family.
I will not forgive that.
Brother, Mayilvahanam...
... I'm not the 'Head'.
I'm the one who chops heads.
If the funds that Bobby
promised, don't reach us soon..,
... maximum one month.
Within that, we will
have to shut shop.
Shutting shop... is
better than this.
At least I don't have to bear
this frustration, right?
You can say that.
What the hell?
Those who are supposed to make
a living by saying the truth..,
... are living by
selling lies alone.
What... The Hell..!!
We owe you an apology.
We thought it was a
genuine confession...
Politics and media:
Two wolves that grow by sucking
on either ends of the same bone.
It's just that Stephen Nedumpally
was that bone, for a while.
It's all right.
I came to know that NPTV
has a funding issue.
Bimal Nair, who promised to bring in
the funds, is not being able to do it.
Your debt...
... I will pay it up, right now.
But, hereafter..,
... Priyadarshini Ramdas will decide...
... your editorial policy.
And your first assignment..,
... will be the comprehensive
coverage of a press conference.
At the Press Club,
tomorrow evening, at 5 PM.
A joint press conference by Jathin
Ramdas and Priyadarshini Ramdas.
... NPTV's funding issues are not
as simple as you think.
You have a message.
45 Crores?
By the way, this deal is not like the
ones that NPTV'S CEO Dr. Sanjeev...
... and Chief Editor
Arundhathi Sanjeev..,
... struck with
Manappattil Chandy, previously.
It is with me.
This deal...
... is with The Devil.
There's blood on your shirt.
Ain't I a farmer, Madam?
I just got down to destroy
some pests.
Not just in Kerala....
- Jathin...
There's a box inside your car.
The folders and files
inside that, are for you.
Jathin Ramdas...
What I was saying was that...
... Stephen has already withdrawn
from active politics.
IUF is entirely under my control now.
Jathin Ramdas..,
... PKR's son, is my puppet.
I promise you.
The money that you lost.
I will pay it back, with interest.
We are on!
Just move the funds afresh.
Yeah. Tell me.
One minute, Bobby.
I've handed over copies of these documents
to the NIA and the Anti-Narcotics Squad.
According to Chapter 17
of the Indian Penal Code..,
... in each one of the 84 sections
under Offences Against Property..,
... Bimal Nair will be
adjudged a criminal.
And if you take drug peddling..,
... he is a classic offender in the
entire history of NDPS Act.
The illegal land deals, which my
sister has been a part of..,
... with her signature, but
without her knowledge..,
... will be thoroughly investigated,
impartially. This, I promise you.
My family and I are ready to accept any
kind of legal action against us, for this.
Mr. Bimal Nair... is an
anti-national criminal.
You think you can be the CM even
after betraying me, you loser?
If you have landed here
because I called you..,
... I know how to send you off,
as well.
Who told you that I landed...
because you called me?
I landed...
... because my
brother called me.
Abdul, just...
... just get me to Maldives.
A chopper, a speed launch... anything!
I'll find my way to Dubai, from there.
Give me some time.
In the meanwhile..,
... I'll fix every damn thing.
Didn't I tell you, Bobby?
You must think about it well enough
before plunging into this game?
Now, you need Fyodor's
permission to leave this place.
And he'll be back tonight.
Varma sir.
In these files, wherever Bimal
Nair's name is present..,
... there's Mahesha Varma's name
also... along with it.
Yet, do you know why I
didn't make it public?
I need your political
experience of 40 years.
If you'll be a good boy,
and obey what I say..,
... the original
copies of these files...
... would be safe from the outside
world, inside my locker.
I'll do everything...
... as you say, my dear.
Ah... By the way..,
... I forgot to tell you something.
That old railway track.
That house.
That school.
The train, which came
from the opposite side.
A push.
A shove.
If you feel like pulling off that
old family trick on me..,
... just tell me in advance.
You wanted to know who Stephen's
Dad was. Let it be remain a riddle.
But I... am indeed
Stephen's younger brother.
The NIA team will land in Mumbai to
nab him, early morning, tomorrow.
I want him... before that.
Consider it done, Bhaijaan.
'What is real and what is illusion?'
'No one has grasped that, here'
'The world runs on deception alone'
'Even our shadow is not ours, anymore'
Come on!
Take out your guns!
Come on!
He has arrived..!!
Do you think you can f###
with me, and walk away?
You should have known who
you were dealing with.
Target secure.
Perimeter locked.
Bobby... is with me.
What should I do?
Kill that bastard.
.. have you heard the Devil
quoting the Scripture?
Ezekiel 25 : 17
Old Testament.
The path of the righteous man
is beset on all sides by the...
... inequities of the selfish
and the tyranny of evil men.
Blessed is he, who in the name
of charity and good will...
... shepherds the weak through
the valley of darkness.
For he is truly his brother's keeper
and the finder of lost children.
And I will strike down upon thee
with great vengeance and furious anger...
... those who attempt to
poison and destroy my brothers
And when I lay my vengeance upon thee...,
they will know... I am the Lord.
The only Lord..!
Bimal Nair has been found murdered.
Son-in-law of the late PK Ramdas..,
... and an accused in several
criminal cases, Bimal Nair..,
... was found murdered in Mumbai,
under suspicious circumstances.
He was 41 years old.
In an impromptu shootout between
underworld mafia gangs...
... that happened at an
undisclosed location in Mumbai..,
... more than ten people were reportedly
killed, including Bimal Nair.
The Mumbai Police, in their
official press release...,
... informed that they are yet
to get a clear picture...
... on why and how Bimal Nair reached
there and got caught in the shootout.
The dead body is at Andheri Government
hospital, for postmortem.
He's not going to get
a State funeral..!!
Was he a Minister or
Governor for that?
You meant policemen shooting
up into the sky, right?
That won't happen.
The party office is full of spies.
Can't trust anyone.
We should get together, Murugan.
We should bring Varma sir
to the forefront.
If Varma sir is with us,
we can get rid of that Jathin.
If that old man dies...
... then it will be only the both of us.
That's true.
We can survive only if we
do something like that.
But don't we need someone to
spend money for all this?
Bobby sir, who was in search of
fund for the party, is gone now.
Ah! There is... someone.
Let me try calling him.
Who is it?
That guy I told you about,
is with me.
I'll put him on.
Who is it?
- Tell him everything in detail.
Where are you?
You committed a sin
towards me, Aloshy.
In my book, there is only one
punishment for that sin.
When you were snitching from
the other side all this while,
... didn't you even once think...
... that there would be
someone on this side too?
Is decency out of fashion now...?
Go inside.
... a small state in Italy...,
... was ruled by a Duke named...
... Prospero.
Esthachan asked me
to give this to you.
Dear Govardhan..,
... whatever you found out
about me.., is true.
I really am someone whom
Kerala never feared,
but should have feared.
The most poisonous
snake, as you said.
King Cobra.
That's me.
All the other facts that you
uncovered, are indeed true.
Continue on the path that
you've chosen for yourself.
This land needs people like you,
who are truth-seekers.
Even as you are reading this letter..,
... there's another surprise
gift that is awaiting you...,
... at my 'Asraya'.
With love..,
Someone, you should always hate.
Someone, whom you alone
have discovered.
Your own...
I, Jathin Ramdas..,
... do swear in the name of God...
"God's own country."
I realize that it was a copy-writer
of some advertising agency..,
... who first called this small stretch
of land beside the Western Ghats..,
... by that name.
Now, this land too has started
believing that this was its name..,
... right from antiquity.
But, this land and its
people do not realize...
... the truth that it wasn't God,
who protected them until now.
Even hereafter, it wouldn't be God
who's going to protect them.
This is not God's own country.
This is the country of the angel,
who was banished from the heavens.
This is the country I was born into.
My... own country.
To quote Govardhan..,
'Lucifer's Own Country.'
Who are you threatening, kiddo?
Stay within your limits,
or I'll rip open your skull.
Mining it from Sierra Leone,
sweeping Angola clean..,
... via Nairobi,
via Mogadishu..,
... if Sanghani has brought this
consignment to Porbandar...,
... let me see which mo-fo
would stop me from selling it..!
Tell me who you are, first!
Who are you, who tries to pee
in this Sanghani's soup?
Are you Osama's son?
Are you Kabuga?
Are you Dawood?
Who are you?
Tell me!