Luciferina (2018) Movie Script

Please, Clara.
They put the devil inside of me.
Hello, Natalia.
Hi Lucas.
Are you back?
I came back because I missed you.
But now you're leaving.
I'm not going anywhere.
Why are you looking at me like that?
"I do not have the light anymore, do I?"
"Calm down, Lucas.
Tell me! J ...
I do not have it anymore, no?
Take ... this will take care of you until you get back.
Goodbye, Natalia.
Mother Superior is looking for you.
I was informed that your parents
suffered an accident.
I've been looking for you for two days.
An accident?
Your mother ... died.
They did not give more details.
I'm so sorry.
You can go as soon as you're ready.
I do not want to go, Mother.
Natalia ... This is not a hiding place.
Let's pray for them and for you!
"Where is Angela?"
"I'm Mauro, her boyfriend.
Where is she?
He went out to take care of the ashes
at the funeral.
- What about my father?
- He's up there, not him.
Your sister asked me.
to come back tomorrow ... to stay.
Please let me know, if you want to change something.
He is resting now.
I'm sorry for your mother.
You're a novice, are not you?
She cut her wrists and did that shit.
He tried to stop her, but she attacked him.
Angela ...
Who is this woman?
I know l .
Is this blood?
I do not know, I was in university.
Why do not you ask him,
the family doctor?
Maybe he'll talk to you.
You're in shock and you do not want to talk.
I will not enter here anymore.
Come on, Natalia!
Mammy did not sleep with him.
She was living in S t o!
Now he does not want to leave.
Better, I do not want to see you anymore.
Every day the nurse comes to clean
his ass, if you want to clean ...
"How dare you talk like that?"
-Let me go!
Do not criticize me now.
You've been gone for two years.
He left, did not warn, and did not even call.
I have nothing to do
with this house and you know.
I never stood here, I was disgusted.
"I said because I have a vocation ..."
In the beginning I believed it, then I understood.
You ran away ... Left me here alone, stuck with both of them.
What are you talking about?
You also saw something here.
Mam e tried to tell me,
but I could not speak.
In less than two months, he went crazy.
-That was not Alzheimer's.
-What was?
She seemed to be possessed.
He locked himself in that room and said
who had done a job.
Black magic, sorcery ...
You are delirious
because of drugs. Look how you are!
All right, you're right.
"Keep your voice here, I'm leaving."
As Daddy used to say ...
Charity began at home.
I swear, the guy was a freak.
Fode everything that walked.
He had awesome energy.
It's unbelievable!
But I think if you got a lot of shit
and a son of a bitch,
everything will come back to you.
"The German was found dead in the jungle."
"He was not German, Mara.
No, he was Swedish. It was Swedish!
The guy's name was Jacek Slawec.
It is true, the news said:
"Foreigner falls into coma
in Iquitos while taking Peruvian drugs. "
"Well, that was in La Paz. "In La Paz?"
Yes, he wanted to expel the demonic
and jumped from the bell
of a naked church.
- A poet.
-You want it?
-No, thank you.
Are you sure?
"Sit here with us." We do not bite.
"Mauro, leave her alone.
Is it true that you're a virgin?
Yes, I am a virgin.
Are you saving yourself for God?
What's your problem? my f .
Did you know that adult women
and virgins are at risk of getting cancer?
No, the lie!
But I had to say that.
Your beliefs are a little medieval.
-Everyone has your motive.
"Everyone hides something.
"I have nothing to hide.
-The confidence as a shield.
To me, you're hiding something ...
And I'd love to have some of that.
- Leave her alone, man!
-Don't touch her!
"What are you doing?"
-Are you crazy?
"Are you crazy?"
Easy, Mauro! Folks! No, people, no!
Damn you!
- That's enough.
-I'm gonna bust you.
Stop it, stop it, calm down!
Dude, we were just talking!
Angela ...
What happened? Did the weasel take a seat for the nun?
Palha o. I was already leaving.
Are you okay?
Said it was not a good idea.
bring this idiot.
Well, say it to Angela.
She thinks the ritual can help.
Before we need to know what she needs.
He only comes by the drug.
Come on.
-No, I'm fine, thank you.
If you leave like this, you're going to bleed.
The Immaculate Natalia. The virgin Natalia.
"What are you doing?" Leave him alone.
Dad is hiding something from us,
That's why you do not want to talk.
Where do you want to go, Angela?
Why are you looking at me like that?
I just want to see what happened.
No, for being curious.
When you left, I got pregnant.
The guy I was dating disappeared.
The idiot thought he was the father.
And who was it?
I do not know.
I did not take care of myself.
I only noticed after three months.
I looked for a nurse.
Do you know how they do it?
It was horrible.
A needle pierces the ring
and I almost died of internal bleeding.
Why did not you look for Daddy?
After the abortion, the girl got worse and worse.
Locked himself in the s t o
and began to draw teros.
She would not let him in.
He killed her.
He did it for you to come back.
What? You're delirious, Angela.
I know it's not our parents.
I need to know who I am and why the hell
We've been in this house all these years.
Let's do a ritual.
with a sacred plant in Tigre.
It will show what they have hidden from us.
I need you to come with me, please.
No, Angela! I will not do this madness.
You need to know the truth, too.
"The truth is that you are evading.
We leave tomorrow morning.
Mam e! Mam e!
Mam e! Mam e!
What are you saying to your sister?
What do you want?
That she is a castrated woman like you? It is
Let me go!
Or are you jealous of her?
Do you want some of this? You do, do not you?
You know what I think?
I do not think you're a saint.
Let's see the reason for the nun.
Let's see, let's see.
Hear with attention.
If Angela leaves me, I swear I'm going to kill you, understand?
That's our secret.
Okay, now I'm leaving.
Dad, can you hear me?
Dad, I have to go.
You'll be fine.
I need to take care of Angela.
I'll be back in a few days.
Hold on!
See who wants to get started.
See you there.
Nati? Can I call you Nati, right?
Your brilliant sister
in the university, you know that?
Best sophomore psychology student.
Yeah, I even started dating that idiot.
-Why do we have to go so far?
"A ritual, Abel.
It has to be done far
of the negative energy of the city.
Stay calm.
We did this, we did not do anything.
In addition, it is not a common xam..
And the place is amazing. Incredible.
We've known each other for a year,
when we did our thesis.
a Peruvian who cures with a psychotropic,
made from Amazon plants.
Cluster of ayahuasca,
I do not know if they ever heard of it ...
Well, along with the Chacruna shrub,
which contain the hallucinogen.
But it's a remission.
I do not know. The shaman says that .
It heals the diseases of the soul. I'm agnostic, no offense, but ...
a trip to the subconscious,
Repressed in the memory.
Drugs are an escape.
I've never seen do well.
To the children in the dining room.
But this is no ordinary drug.
Ayahuasca means "cip of the dead".
For the indigenous the cip that allows ...
may the spirit leave the body
without this dying.
Have you drugged yourself yet?
-You know, alcohol, cigarette, coffee ...
-Where does the spirit go if the cip breaks?
Why would it break, Abel?
I do not know if anyone dies ...
if they kill the body during
the journey, during the ritual.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I'm not the only one fucked up in this group.
Can I talk about the hospital, Osvaldo?
Or of you "long sleeves"?
The shaman will take care of that.
See, look!
She was of nuns at the beginning of the century,
this is just the entrance.
The abbey is in the center of the island.
In the 1970s they were expelled
and this became a hospice.
But the nuns resisted and stayed here,
abuses have been reported
patients and abortions.
Then it was all abandoned. Weird. They should already be here.
So what? What we do?
I do not know.
Lets wait a little bit.
Let's wait at that bank.
Come on, Nati.
Caution. Do not get lost, Nati.
Did you call him?
I called but did not answer.
Hi, you take care of this place?
Did you see some kids around here earlier?
I dreamed about this place.
It's not a good moon for
what you will do above.
One of you is lying.
The virgin of the stillborn.
Excuse me. My father to the dollar
and my brother to the priest.
A lot of religion in my family.
I'm allergic.
This is the only place I'm at peace.
We were never instigated to anything.
Despite my vocation, I'm not even baptized.
Must be the best way
to find religion.
Why are you with them?
You do not study psychology.
I studied, but I left.
I... For reasons quite different from yours,
I am also a virgin.
It's not something I decided, ...
I was born with a cerebral palsy
which destroyed my nervous system.
It is a rare disease, such as epilepsy.
And as long as I remember, I'm locked
at home or in treatments ...
And I'm getting worse.
I'm so sorry.
Osvaldo says that this plant
Can you help me?
I do not believe ...
Well, I ... I was born with one thing too.
Sometimes I see
a light behind people.
It's something that blinds me.
for a few minutes.
I never told anyone this.
A light? Like a glow?
Like that.
But sometimes they are not brilliant.
Sometimes they are black ... Obscure.
Here you are!
We need to go, it's getting late.
I'm saying I saw a woman.
How do you explain that?
No, it's impossible, Nati.
Those nuns have been gone for 20 years.
Do not you see that he's abandoned?
How do we know they're here?
"What if they never left the coast?"
- I do not have a signal! Do not you see
Why did not you tell me before? I need to call home!
My God!
Let's go.
We are coming.
Open the door! Are not you going to let me in?
I do not give a damn!
-Wait. Nati! Nati! Nati!
Wait, Natalia!
Angela ...
-Ol .
-What happened?
He's nervous.
The shaman said he can not drink.
-Let's go.
-Let me go!
"I'm coming in, Mauro.
-Now the stick, come with me.
-Leave her!
"Do not fuck with me!"
-No, Mauro. Calm down.
"Do you want me to calm down?"
What are you doing?
"Put that down, Mauro.
-What are you going to do?
-Stay calm. Calm!
Shut your mouth, you shit!
Put that down! What's yours?
If you touch it again,
I swear I'll kill you, Mauro!
Mara ...
Dead ... Dead ...
It's all right.
Easy, Mara. Look at me. It's gone.
Son of a bitch.
Ready ready.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, it was nothing.
It's gone.
Are you okay?
Do you have news of Dad?
No, I was unsympathetic.
We entered the island.
Thank you for coming.
-What's it?
"I do not know." I have the feeling that I've been here.
The shaman waits for you. We should start.
Let's go guys! Folks...
Angela ...
Take it.
"For what?"
"I do not know, to protect you."
No need, thank you.
-Everything will be fine.
This is crazy. Mara has a gun.
Drugs, strange people, no signal ...
Look, this is something of the real world ...
so as not to get lost.
It's a clock.
Excuse me. Usually,
stays on the wrist and shows the time.
-Then remember to return
or I'm going to get lost, right?
Abel, take it.
There, as a sign.
If someone does not want to participate,
This is the time to leave.
Today will heal your hearts ...
your thoughts...
the spirit and the body.
Today ... I will cleanse the soul.
Hi, Natalia.
We were waiting for you.
This is the sacred plant.
The door to the spiritual world.
Everything that you have brought ...
will be revealed tonight.
Jallalla ayahuasca.
Jallalla ayahuasca.
Jallalla ayahuasca.
Jallalla ayahuasca. Jallalla ayahuasca.
Let me go. My sister ...
Calm down, the ayahuasca.
It was him. He abuses me.
Dad! It's behind the closet,
I can see it.
The black mass.
Please, help! My sister!
You're not alone in this.
I saw the prophecy.
Do not be afraid of what
You are about to see.
Goodbye, Natalia.
You need to help me,
They're killing someone!
Help me please!
They are behind me.
They tried to have an abortion,
"Let's put it there!"
"Yes, mother.
Quick, she's having contractions!
Clean towels, hot water,
scissors, gauze and alcohol!
Quick, fast!
Listen to me. Listen to me!
What's your name?
Clara, my name is Clara.
Clara, I'm Sister Gregory.
Calm calm. I'm a midwife.
Please, save the baby!
Yes of course. We are going to throw the baby
and you will be fine,
but you need to help me.
No! Let me die! Just save the baby!
They put the demonic inside me.
He wants the baby for him!
Tie it!
Quick, tie it! Quick! Let's go!
"What's going on, Mother?"
- Love it!
Clara, can you hear me? Clear...
Clear! Clear...
Clara, come back!
I'm not Clara, you midwife!
Mother, watch out!
I am the Mahonin who will devour
his soul and that of the baby.
I do not recognize you, Nun.
No, no! Not with that filthy v u!
Quick, fast! The scissors!
Hurry, grab her legs!
With force! I do not want to hurt her.
Hold her legs, hold her legs!
With force. I do not want to hurt her.
She'll stay with me, Nun!
Clara, you need to help me!
Push your baby now!
Get loose! Watch out!
We exorcise you, evil spirits,
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Santa Cruz commands you!
I know you're here.
Fight for your son!
What do we do?
"We're not going to make it.
- Yeah, we're going.
"We've got to get her up."
Let's go.
Let's go now.
Clara, do not let him take your son!
Midwife bitch!
The child and the child will die tonight! And your mother will die too!
Clara, fight for your son! Fight!
You can do it!
You can do it! Let's go! Push!
Clear, push, push!
She's leaving, Clara. It's coming.
The baby is coming!
I'm with her, a girl!
Thank my god!
I love you, daughter! Please forgive me!
Damn midwife!
I baptize you! I enlighten you!
I call you flesh of my flesh!
-Don't come close!
Mara, calm down! It's me, Natalia! Calm!
He's here!
- He will not let us out.
The devil.
I brought her here to leave my father.
Give me the gun.
-Of my father.
-Mara, give me the gun.
"It was in his closet.
Give me the gun.
He left like this.
Mara, please give me the gun.
Now he says I can not leave.
Until I finish what I started.
Mara, please ... Give me the gun.
Shut up or I'll boot
Your language, do you understand?
We need to leave now! I did not do it!
Where is Angela? What did you do with her?
-Let me go! Where are you?
"I do not know where she is." I heard screams. I heard Angela's voice,
I went in and saw this, it was already like this.
I do not know where she is.
"What did you do to her?"
-Nothing, I did not do anything! I did not ...
Son of a bitch!
I do not know! I do not know where she is!
What happened?
I woke up and found her.
What do we do?
He brought us and will not let us out.
What I drank ...
It reminded me of who I am.
He's here.
Inside of me.
This voice that I hear
ever since I was a child.
He always called me.
like my father.
You need to leave, Natalia!
Did you know that on this island
they did evil rituals?
I was brought here to be
healed as a child.
Where are you going?
"All that you have brought
will be revealed today. "
Today you will feel me, virgin.
You will serve me as your mother served me.
He said it was not me.
Son of a bitch!
You killed her!
He killed Angela, you son of a bitch!
-This is not Abel!
Son of a bitch!
Let me go, you sick man! Please call the police.
We need to get out of here.
He killed everyone else.
We are in danger.
Keep calm. He can not come in here.
You do not understand, he went crazy.
He's not crazy.
You are possessed.
Men like his father were coming
to this island to do diabolical rituals
and sacrificed babies.
You're fucked up, Natalia.
He survived a satanic ritual.
How do you know my name?
You were baptized here.
I was not baptized.
Who are you?
It was the touch of the devil
That made you so special.
I knew you'd come back.
Natalia ...
It's time to accept your gift.
She will stay with me, Nun!
Clara, you need to help me!
Push your baby right now!
The child and the child will die tonight!
And your f will die too!
Fight for your child!
You can!
You can, Clara!
Push! Push!
Push! You're leaving, Clara!
I love you, daughter! Forgive me! MAY THE CROSS GUIDE YOU
She came looking for me to save you.
My sister was right.
Why all this?
The devil brought you here.
and nothing will stop him.
Sooner or later,
He'll meet you again ...
And history will repeat itself.
Why did not you kill me like the others?
To recover what you lost
when you survived
A baby.
What's the boy's name?
Abel is also virgin.
This is no coincidence.
He's a victim, too.
"You" felt something for him.
The same forces that imprison you,
give the key to escape.
a universal law.
Abel is your loss and your salvation.
It's no accident that you
are destined to fall in love.
He killed my sister and tried to rape me!
The devil murdered his brother ...
No Abel.
You have the gift to see it.
When the demon appears,
we arrested him and finished the ritual.
What ritual?
The one initiated with his baptism ...
The ritual of exorcism. The demonic anticipated and gave you a name.
Our name is our identity,
but it also dominates us if we lose it.
That's why we need to get him back.
Abel has been possessed since he was born.
The ayahuasca did not awaken the demon.
He woke up the child who slept in it.
This made him recover his memory.
A ayahuasca ... expel
what remains of the demonic in his body.
Natalia, we have to continue.
He's here.
Take it.
I invoke you in the name of light and life.
And you, young plant, old and sbia
that next to the Earth Earth,
Pachamama and all the elements
that live within her and also in me.
So that you can give me enough strength ...
"What are you doing?"
-A boundary between him and us.
He can not cross
while the devil is in him.
And this is our circle of protection.
Do not leave here for nothing
when he wakes up.
I beg you to give
to this salt line you created
to hold the serpent's head ...
and their evil forces
within these limits.
Give me The exorcism performed
inside out.
The sacred plant will find light in it.
You need to make him drink. Quick!
-Yes, this between the two of you.
V !
Ayahuasca, mother plant, protect the mind,
the heart, the spirit
and the body of these innocent souls
and there is enough force
to regain their light.
Free them from all evil.
Quick! Skirt!
I exorcise you,
unclean spirit, diabolical legion
to leave and leave this room
and these souls created in the image of God.
- Let me out, midwife!
-These are the children of God.
I order you to set them free.
They were born with my brand.
And who is claiming them?
You have no power over me, old woman!
What's your name?
God the Father commands, God the Son commands,
the Holy Spirit and all
the forces of nature command.
The Holy Sign of the Cross orders
and the virtue of all mysteries of faith.
He's eating us up inside.
Please help me!
"What did you give me to drink?"
Holy-mouth. Do not lie, midwife!
Blessed because it comes from the holy plant.
That's why you do not recognize it.
You think it will hurt me. "
Not for you, for Abel!
The cockroach does not exist.
It was always an insect.
and today it will be crushed.
But first, it will be useful to fuck this up.
These grimoires
it will not do any good, you old fool!
I raped your sister every night.
and devoured his soulless son.
It's not true!
-I will do the same with yours.
-Don't listen to him!
Your baptism does not exist, damn it!
God claims them!
Spit stones, woman!
This is the quaternary state I'm taking you to!
What name did you give her, you filthy beast?
You can not kick me out, midwife!
I'm in it, too!
The union is inevitable.
I want you to come.
Let's do it in front of the midwife.
You will not take it!
This is the sacred plant!
The door to the spiritual world.
You have your light, Natalia!
The soul is in the eyes.
Natalia, your light can
reverse the evil they did to you. .
Abel. It's very dark here.
I got to steal his name from him.
Luciferin ...
I'll name you.
I'll save you.
Go away!
Go away now!
The same forces that imprison you,
give the key to escape.
Abel is his loss and his salvation.
Why did not you kill me like the others?
To recover what you lost
when you survived ...
A baby.
I'm here!
God is no longer among us.
They left us alone.
Like Adam and Eve in Para so.
And the snake.
He has no more light. The cockroach died.
I dreamed about this place,
but the dream was not this.
Yes, Abel.
Abel, look! It's me, Natalia!
Said the insect died!
If he died, how do you have the cross I gave him?
You have revealed my name, now I know who I am.
I am Luciferina, bearer of light.
Summoning your name, I invoke your light!
That does not belong to you.
Belongs to the man I love.
I know your name and with your name I cast you out.
Son of the morning, creator of the dawn, Lord of Light, I cast you out, L cifer. You are not one more carrier, only a shadow. Natalia ... Ol , Natalia. You need to help me. to find the other two ... Before they find them. Do not worry. You are in good hands.