Luck (2009) Movie Script

where you need money for anything.
You need money to live.
You need money to talk.
You even need money to bet
on the stock exchange bull.
You need money to gamble...
...on the horses.
Times have changed.
Now, even people's fates
are put at stake.
They can turn brass into gold.
They can exhume diamonds from coal.
Use their fate as their weapon.
And avert death each time.
There are some people
that live with pride.
And gamble on their lives.
Winning is their nature
while their weapon is...
"Try your luck."
"Try your fate."
"Bank on your fortune."
"Try the new dawn."
"Try all your dreams."
"Bank on your fortune."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can go from rags to riches."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can do the impossible."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"Destiny will be in your control."
"The world will be at your feet."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"It's not about the money."
"Not about the honesty."
"Don't you think it's rather funny?"
"Luck, luck, luck is the key."
"It's not about the money."
"Not about the honesty."
"Don't you think it's rather funny?"
"Luck, luck, luck is the key."
"It's your benefactor."
"Go touch the sky."
"Go beyond your destiny."
"Then both worlds will be yours."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can go from rags to riches."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can do the impossible."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"It's not about the money."
"Not about the honesty."
"Don't you think it's rather funny?"
"Luck, luck, luck is the key."
"It's not about the money."
"Not about the honesty."
"Don't you think it's rather funny?"
"Luck, luck, luck is the key."
20th August, 1963 Maharashtra.
The Yavatmaal Mosque caved in.
Three hundred people succumbed to death.
Only a two-month-old boy survived,
without even a scratch.
In 1975,
in the Chaslana district of Dhanbad
three hundred and seventy two people died
because of the floods.
Amongst those who survived,
there was 11-year-old, Karim Moussa.
At the age of 14, Karim bet his friends
to jump from the fourth floor.
Three friends died,
Karim suffered a few broken bones
but he survived, and won the bet.
At the age of 19, when Karim's friends
were mastering their studies,
Karim mastered the deck of cards.
Success was at his feet.
And Karim was more popularly
called Moussa.
Moussa was addicted to trying his luck.
Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, Cape Town
he was spreading his luck everywhere.
"Moussa! Moussa!"
"My luck is on my side.
Let me show!"
Cricket betting,
money laundering, gold smuggling
these were things of the past.
Moussa created an addiction
that had no limit.
And it had limitless power.
He created an empire to invest
on peoples' fate.
From all over the world,
bets are placed on peoples' fate.
And their lives are put at stake.
Moussa is searching for such people
whose luck can defeat death,
just like him.
On one hand, there are people like Moussa
who are aware about God's grace
smiling on them.
But there are thousands of other people
that don't know about
the power of their fate.
One such saga... of Ram Mehra.
1992... do you remember
Harshad Mehta?
Your father's case is exactly the same.
He has defrauded at least Rs. 250 million.
When someone cheated him,
he committed suicide.
All those he cheated,
will die of a heart attack.
If you earn,
it's the stock market gamble.
But if you lose, it proves fatal.
All my mother should know is
that he died of a heart attack.
You have three months.
House, property everything will be seized.
Your father's enemies
will come after you as well.
Your life will become hell.
I can suppress the case for two months.
But you will have to shell out
Rs.40 million.
The case will be closed.
Otherwise, your mother's plight
will be unbearable.
And you can also commit suicide,
just like your father.
Behind bars.
Ram had only one option left.
To earn double the money
by going to the US.
Though his visa was rejected twice
he tried again the third time.
Can you please tell me
why it's been rejected?
The US consulate does not give
reasons for its approval
- or rejection procedures, Mr...
- Ram.
Yes, Mr. Ram Mehra, like I said...
down the hall to the right.
Listen, listen, listen...
this is my third time.
It's not fair.
- Chhotu, go order tea.
- Full, or half cup?
Order for full cup. Go.
It's been raining heavily, hasn't it?
What happened? Rejected again?
Forget it.
You have a fixed salary, a good job.
Look after your mother,
what else do you want?
You are unnecessarily
wasting your time for a visa.
Keep this inside.
What's wrong here?
You have everything here.
You didn't get the visa,
it's no big deal.
It might not be for you.
See this.
It's the bank's notice.
If I don't repay their loan
of Rs. 200 million in three months
they'll seize the house.
Mother doesn't know,
and I can't tell her.
She has blood pressure.
This was the only option left.
Go to the US and earn double, but now...
Tell me... Is there any other option?
- I'll leave.
- Wait.
There's one option.
Your US visa has been rejected thrice.
It'll be approved, but Rs.2 million.
If your surname was Patel,
it would be Rs. 2.2 million.
Patels don't get visas easily.
Yes, Patels don't get visas easily.
He knows.
- That's too much.
- Too much?
Do you want it at half the price?
You'll get it until London.
I gave you a discount
because you're Jiten's friend.
The market rate is Rs.2.5 million.
Rs. 500,000 advance.
Tell me if you want it.
Don't waste my time.
What if the visa is fake?
If the cash is real,
the visa will also be real.
Call me when you have the advance ready.
So much money... impossible.
I can lend you up to Rs. 500,000.
No, I won't borrow from you.
You can return it
when you have the money.
Anyway Jiten, how will I arrange
for the remaining Rs.1.5 million?
I don't know about that.
Beg, borrow or steal.
Do anything you can.
Look, where there's a will,
there's a way.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
- 9:30pm. Here he is.
- Who?
Don't know, never seen him.
But he comes here every six-eight days
to buy a lottery ticket.
Go and give him a lottery ticket.
Buys a lottery ticket worth Rs.50,
dreams to win Rs. 500,000.
- Are there still such people?
- Forget it.
Let's close for the day.
What do we care?
- Where's Pappu?
- He didn't come.
He says he won't do your work
until you give him Rs.500,000.
This is Rs.100,000.
Tell him to get started.
He won't do it.
He has already told me
he won't till gets Rs. 500,000...
Just do as I say, get it?
You're going crazy to go to the US.
You're changing drastically.
I'll change completely
when I reach the US.
Here comes your friend.
- Shall I?
- Give the lottery to that invisible man.
I've never seen him anyway.
- See you.
- Bye.
Mumbai's public, always in a fit of rage.
The van arrives,
and you're saved in the nick of time.
You're luck is great.
You're... that lottery guy?
Tamaang. Laakhan Tamaang.
- I'm into investments.
- Investments?
- Property? Shares?
- Luck.
I invest on people's luck.
Here's your share.
My share?
I've been buying lottery tickets
for the last two years.
I didn't win a penny.
But the last two times
I bought the tickets from you
and I won Rs.200,000.
So, Rs.100,000 belongs to you.
You've something far greater than
this wealth.
Your luck!
How you use it is up to you.
I need your luck for 15 days.
Rs.100,000 a day.
Rs.1.5 million in 15 days.
Then, get your approval
and leave for the US.
Fulfil your dreams.
- How do you know?
- It's business.
Before buying the shares
you need to know everything
about the company.
Similarly, I know everything about you.
Mr. Ram Mehra.
Wealth doesn't bring luck.
But luck can get you wealth.
So which is greater?
And you have that weapon.
What will I have to do?
9:00pm tomorrow, opposite Poison.
"Bet on it. Bet on it."
"Bet on it. Bet on it."
"Bet on it. Bet on it.
Bet on it. Bet on it."
"It's the nature of love."
"It changes your luck."
"Don't stay void of it."
"Love is heaven."
"Wealth, fame, glory and eminence."
"Come sweetheart, make it yours."
"Place it, place the bet."
"If you believe in yourself,
place the bet."
"Bet on it. Bet on it.
Bet on it. Bet on it."
"You can make money in the party.
"You can make money in the party.
"Blow your cash.
Put money on the table if you want that."
"Get money if you want to be smart"
"I've paid my bills and I am warning,
tell me who can I..."
"It's an addiction, it's unreal,
it's everlasting."
"No one knows what this mystery is."
"It's a punishment, or joy,
it's an attraction."
"What's the way to lead
a prosperous life?"
"Throw it up. Throw it up."
"Wealth, fame, glory and eminence."
"Come sweetheart, make it yours."
"Place it, place the bet."
"If you believe in yourself,
place the bet."
"Let me see you making money in the party.
"Let me see you making money in the party.
"Blow your cash."
"Put money on the table if you want that."
"Get money if you want to be smart"
"I've paid my bills and I'm warning,
tell me who the..."
Hey, bring them here.
Tamaang, you still owe me
Rs. 300,000.
And, you're back to gamble again.
I've never come across a madman like you.
Don't waste time, shell out the money.
Else, only your dead body
will leave from here.
I swear Swami,
I want to give you the Rs.300,000.
- Then do it.
- I will have it only if you let me gamble.
And only then can I repay you.
Hey, trying to act smart?
Sorry, you are overdoing it.
Calm down, Swami let's talk business.
A small game, to clear the debts.
- Game. What game?
- Your lighter.
- What?
- It doesn't function properly.
It can light my cigarette,
what else do I want?
- It lights only once every five times.
- So?
This boy with me will light it
five times in a row.
If he lights it all five times,
you pay me Rs.600,000.
If he misses even once, I'll pay you.
Tamaang, you don't have a penny,
and you want to bet Rs.600,000?
- Trying to fool me?
- So what if I don't have the money?
You have the gun.
If I lose, shoot me.
This boy... this lighter...
five times... Rs.600,000.
It's a bet, it's a bet.
Come, come. Come on.
Are... Are you mad?
You trust his cheap lighter?
Not his lighter, I trust your luck.
Why are you getting tense?
Take a seat.
- The gun's pointed at me.
- This is suicide.
It's not suicide, its self-satisfaction.
You have that weapon
which can change peoples' fates.
Tamaang has faith in you.
And the rule of betting is you can't
draw back after placing the bet.
Hey Romeo-Juliet, no time waste.
Come on.
Are you going to start, or not?
Swami. I can't say about me,
but you just lost Rs.600,000.
Come on, Ram.
Swami must have gone crazy by now.
Tamaang. I don't want the money.
Nor do I want to go to the US.
No matter what, don't meet me again.
You're mad.
I would've died along with you.
- Next time...
- Next time...
Next time, the stakes will be so high
that you cannot even imagine.
I don't want to see you again.
You want to rot in jail
after looting the ATM machine?
You don't understand,
you're a money-minting machine yourself.
Not many realise that luck is with them.
Luck... something so strong
that it can even evade death.
I don't care.
Ram. Tamaang's rule is
he never forces anyone.
If you want to leave, go.
But keep this money
that you earned with your fate.
I can't even wish you good luck.
Because, those who are unfortunate
are wished good luck.
- Yes, Moussa.
- We've only ten days left, Tamaang.
Yes. That boy Ram...
he'll need some time.
He'll need time that means
he'll need more money.
In our business,
when things don't go as planned
it means the time isn't right.
Gambling is like drugs, Tamaang.
Leave him alone.
His addiction will bring him back.
I understand, Moussa.
I'm leaving for Pakistan tomorrow.
Come on sir, place a bet.
Come on, place a bet.
Come on, move away.
Lucky, come on.
Lucky, come on, move away.
Let sir come forward.
Come on sir, place a bet.
- Which number should we bet on?
- On number 2.
No, bet on number 11.
Bet on number 3 sir.
He's very lucky.
He's been winning
since the last five races.
You'll lose, sir.
- You'll lose your money.
- Hey Shortcut.
Bet on number 8, sir.
- Number 8?
- 8.
He limps, sir.
We were going to kill him last week.
But at the right moment the pistol jammed
that's why he's still alive.
The pistol malfunctioned.
He's still alive.
That's called luck.
Sir, place your bet.
And anyway,
even if his luck doesn't work, mine will.
That's true, sir.
Whichever camel she rides, wins.
She's a shortcut to earning wealth.
Come on, number 8.
Let's take the shortcut.
Go, go.
Go, go.
Go, go.
Go, go.
Go, faster, go, faster.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, faster, go, faster.
Go, go, go, Hey.
Yes! Yes!
That's Rs.200,000.
Export that girl to Dubai.
No, here's Rs.400,000.
Export her to South Africa.
While, Shortcut is arrogant
about her winning numbers
there's a man who is proud of his uniform,
country and army.
From the Kumaon Regiment
to the Rajputana Rifles
everyone knows his tales of bravery.
The three war fronts,
where many died and attained martyrdom
one person returned without a scratch
from that shower of bullets.
Major Jabbar Pratap Singh.
Stop it, Pratap.
Arranging for the money.
You don't worry.
I can see the worry on your face.
I can't see you so worried.
- Let me go.
- Stop it.
You cannot lose hope, Sheila.
You're an army officer's wife.
You'll have to fight,
till the last breath.
We'll win.
We'll win.
I'll be right back.
This is Rs. 300,000.
Major, I do understand...
But the case is very complicated,
and you've very little time.
You'll need a lot of money.
At least Rs.2-2.5 million.
And if you don't arrange it in a few days
it'll be difficult to save her.
- Tamaang.
- Major Jabbar Pratap Singh.
There are very few names
whose call I would be keen to answer.
- Do you remember our last meeting?
- Of course.
How can I forget that you threw me
out of the house?
I've changed my mind.
I would like to meet you.
- I need money.
- I need people like you.
- I'm short of time.
- And, I'm short of luck.
How many days?
And, how much will I get?
As many days as you can survive
and as much as you can earn.
But remember one thing, Major.
Once you're in, there's no turning back.
Whether it's the enemy's border,
or a promise
an Indian soldier never turns his back.
Any questions?
What if you change your mind again?
A person's mind and his luck
can change any time.
You'll have to trust me.
In gambling, you need luck and not trust.
And you can never trust humans or luck.
Rs.200 million in 20 days, jackpot.
Welcome, Major.
Greetings, Mr. Moussa.
It's happened for the first time
in history
that a criminal wasn't hanged
at the time fixed.
"From the forest of his matted
lock, water flows and wets his..."
"neck, on which hangs the greatest
of snake like a garland..."
"And his drum incessantly
plays damat, damat..."
"damat, damat, And
Shiva is engaged..."
"in the very vigorous manly dance, To bless
and shower, prosperity on all of us."
"The celestial river agitatedly moving
through his matted hair, which..."
"makes his head shine with those soft
waves, and his forehead shining..."
"like a brilliant fire-daga daga, And
the crescent of moon which is an..."
"ornament to his head, makes my mind
love him each and every second."
All Hail Shiva!
All Hail Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Due to the slipping of the rope,
Raghav's time of death changed.
"From the forest of his matted
lock, water flows and wets his..."
"neck, on which hangs the greatest
of snake like a garland..."
Higher officials appealed for him
to be hanged again.
But according to the Indian Law
a convict cannot be hanged twice.
He was acquitted.
Raghav Raghuvaran.
Maybe luck was with him?
Hey Raghav,
you never stay for long in the jail.
And you never die.
Your luck's even more of a rogue than you.
Will you work with me?
Those cheap ropes, can't kill Raghav
nor can your pennies buy him over.
Tamaang doesn't buy, he borrows.
Rejects are borrowed, Tamaang.
Only the real thing wins in the end.
Raghav only plays blind.
His opponent never knows what hit them.
Will you start now?
- You've spent a lot.
- Why do you worry, mother?
Look, there's still money in my pocket.
So much money.
Are you doing something illegal?
Would I lie to you?
I want to go out.
Aunt, there's a sale here.
Shopping mall, 50% sale.
Spending money has its own joy.
When people don't have money,
they run after it.
And when they get the money,
they don't care about it.
- Isn't it, Ram?
- Why did you call?
There are much bigger malls in New York.
I'm disconnecting.
Even if you disconnect,
it won't stop the wealth coming your way.
If you go around with that shopkeeper
you'll get to shop only in Mumbai.
But one coffee with Tamaang
can take you to New York.
- I won't come.
- You'll come alone.
You don't have to bring your luck along
for a cup of coffee.
4:00pm at the coffee shop.
- Machaccino.
- Mochaccino.
That's the difference between us.
I have money, but no style.
You have style, but no money.
Why have you called me?
What did you do in these ten days?
You didn't earn a penny.
- I'm trying.
- Efforts don't come with a guarantee.
At your age, Rs.100,000 per day
means you suffered a loss of Rs. 1 million
in ten days.
I'll give you that, with guarantee.
You can't buy me.
Tamaang never buys, he only borrows.
And this time,
you get Rs. 200 million for 20 days.
Maybe even more.
Why do you trust me so much?
And anyway,
Tamaang if I were really lucky
my visa wouldn't be rejected thrice.
My house wouldn't be mortgaged
nor would I be trying to run away
from life.
That wasn't bad luck,
it was your good luck
towards meeting Tamaang.
If you want to reach the moon,
you don't stop at the stars.
Because they keep falling themselves.
I'm leaving Tamaang.
Moussa. Karim Moussa.
They say big things come in
small packages.
You don't know what you're worth.
What do you want from me?
Exactly what you did that day
with Tamaang.
You just have to come along.
Your luck will do the rest.
Being at the right place,
at the right time,
saying the right thing,
at the right time,
and, undertaking the right job
at the right time,
that's called luck.
Wealth is knocking at your doorstep
and you're refusing to open the door?
Why do you trust me so much?
At the age of three,
you fell from a four-storied building.
How many survive something like that?
You were 13 years old.
Five of your friends were killed
in a truck accident.
And you didn't get a scratch.
How do you know all this...
We know more about you than yourself.
This is your passport,
with a US visa for ten years.
Your deposit.
It'll remain with us.
This is Rs.1 million, your advance.
You'll leave for Cape Town
on this passport.
You'll work for us for 20 days.
After 20 days, you can leave for the US.
Why do you need me this desperately?
Since the day, Tamaang met you
people have bet millions on you
through the internet.
That means bumper advance
booking, house full.
What if I refuse?
Cape Town, one way.
Rs. 200 million in 20 days.
A U-turn in life.
Mumbai, Inspector Patil.
Rs.200 million in debts.
Mother's ailment.
ATM robbery, dead end.
"It's going down and you know
I haven't really trusted him."
"We are the best in the business,
you can never touch us"
"I don't care..."
"Try your luck."
"Test the time."
"Test your fate."
"Try your luck."
"Test the time."
"Test your fate."
"She can make you laugh,
she can make you cry."
"She can take you down,
she can take you high."
"Don't you ask how?"
"Don't you ask why?
Do what you got to do, you can only try."
"Try your luck."
"Test the time."
Welcome, Ram. Angela.
First time?
Yeah. Where are we going?
Relax Ram, enjoy the ride.
We'll go exactly where you need to go.
"Do you want to find out?
Luck is key now in this life."
"No short-cut.
Are you ready to flow?"
"Are you ready to know?"
"Your short-cut is ready to go."
"The best ones. The tough guy.
Hey, Raghav!"
"Raghav, are you ready to go?"
"I'm going to take the chance.
Any doubts?"
"I'm going to face the gun.
Any doubts?"
"Luck is the key to the victory.
Any doubts? Are you ready to go?"
"Any doubts?"
Turn around, Ram.
What're you doing?
Don't worry Ram, You're very precious.
No one will harm you.
You'll be all right.
I know you are lucky.
The consignment's on its way.
Does anyone in here speak English?
- I said does anyone here speak English?
- Shut up.
- All I want to know is...
- Is this your first time?
- Yes.
- No wonder.
I don't understand.
Dying men should learn to make
peace with silence.
Oh, Jesus.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
- Watch it.
- I can't.
I'm blindfolded.
- I'm sorry, I'm blindfolded.
- Me too.
- Indian girl.
- Why? Can't I be one?
- No, just like that.
- What?
Can't Indian girls be lucky?
No, you already proved that you're lucky.
- How is that?
- I fell on your lap.
You're lucky, that my hands are tied
and I didn't slap you.
Maybe I'm unlucky.
At least that way you would've touched me.
You wish.
Anyway, they say that someone's touch
can ruin your luck.
I don't know about that,
but if you don't make friends
then it's for sure.
Well, I'll think about it
once I see your face.
You can wait to see my face.
I've made up my mind
after hearing your voice.
Welcome everybody.
Two types of people take part
in this game.
Those who have good luck.
And those who have very good luck.
Some have played this game before.
And for the rest, it's the first time.
It doesn't matter.
Because those who lose
don't survive to play a second time.
Those who have played this game before
hope to reach to the next level.
You cannot imagine the money
that has been bet on you.
Bring the guns.
Welcome again, Ayesha.
You never invite anyone to die, Tamaang.
The same rage in your eyes...
I like it.
Good luck.
There are six bullets in your gun.
Five are blanks, one can kill you.
Five chambers ensure life
and one ensures death.
No one knows what destiny has in store
for each of you.
Aim at the person to your right.
I want to hear 15 gunshots together.
Trust your luck, all the best.
- I don't want to play this game.
- You will have to play.
Look Tamaang, return my passport.
I don't want to play.
I haven't come here to die.
Abdul, the rule of betting is
that once the bet has been placed
you cannot draw back.
Come on, Tamaang, give me my passport.
If you don't play, then I will.
The one besides you has only one bullet.
You have more chance of surviving.
There are six in mine,
you have no chances.
Get back.
I will not spare you.
For the past 28 years.
Raghav's bullet has
never missed his target.
For the past 55 years, no bullet has been
able to even scratch
Major Jabbar Pratap Singh.
Any questions?
The will to survive.
If this Chinese dies at my hands
his ghost will wander
all around in China.
He's disoriented.
Look ahead.
You've played before.
Why are your hands trembling?
You can't imagine the price you'll be paid
for this five-minute game.
Today, you've benefited us and yourself.
People all over the world
are betting on you.
And now, your rates have doubled.
Well done.
Those vans will take you to the place
we've arranged for your stay.
Leave the guns, and proceed.
It's always difficult
for the first time, Ram.
- It'll be easier the next time.
- No, Tamaang.
You feel helpless only once.
Next time, never.
Tamaang. Give me my passport.
I don't want to play anymore.
- Go to the van, Maqsood.
- Give me my passport.
- You're being watched.
- Who's watching me?
- Moussa will kill you.
- Who the hell is Moussa?
Get Moussa. Give me my passport.
I kill you man.
Don't be stupid.
Moussa will kill you.
Moussa. Karim Moussa.
Maqsood, we trusted you.
Invested on your luck for 20 days.
A lot of money is riding on you,
and you want to leave?
I want to leave.
How can we stop someone
who wants to leave?
Who brought you here?
Your luck.
And who'll take you back?
Your luck.
Now you'll have to win back your passport
with your luck.
Two and a half minutes of your life
will decide your fate.
Two pistols will be buried in the sand,
right where you're standing.
One for you, and one for me.
One real bullet.
Five empty chambers.
Point it at the head...
and blow it sky high.
If your luck turns out to be better
than Moussa's
then Moussa himself
won't be able to stop you.
Maqsood's luck ran out.
They say, when you're lucky
the world's jealous of you.
The only thing sure about luck is
that it will change.
Luck guarantees you only one thing...
that it can change anytime.
Isn't it, Major?
Luck doesn't change, nor does fate.
The only thing that changes is time.
There are some people
who can escape death as well.
Isn't it, Raghav?
Moussa, those who depend on their fate
fear death.
Raghav, lives to look death in the eye.
Four-inch bullet, and four-foot Shortcut.
It's really unfair, isn't it Shortcut?
In Pakistan, I would ride a camel.
Here, there's a gun riding on me.
It's not much of a difference.
Gambling is an addiction.
Once you win, it entices people back.
Isn't it, Ayesha?
Maybe there's something about you, Moussa.
Though I know I'm close to my death.
I don't fear returning here.
Tamaang says you have the weapon
that can even avert death?
I don't thrive on luck,
and fate is not my weapon.
And as for averting death...
you've already tested that.
This is not the mafia or the underworld.
This is business, pure business.
Gambling becomes interesting,
when the opponent has a strong luck.
We don't buy anyone's luck,
nor do we ruin it.
We have a 20-day contract.
If anyone wants to opt out in between,
remember this
that people come here
when Tamaang brings them here.
But people leave only
when Moussa's luck makes them helpless.
"Test your luck."
- Good luck.
- "Test the time".
"Test your fate."
"Test your luck."
"Test your luck."
"Test the time."
"Bank on your fortune."
"Try it."
"Try the new dawn."
"Try all your dreams."
"Bank on your fortune."
"Try it."
"She can make you cry."
"She can take you down."
"She can take you high."
"Don't you ask how?"
"Don't you ask why?"
"Do the way you got to do,
you can only try."
"Try your luck."
"Try your fate."
"Bank on your fortune."
"Try it."
"Try your luck."
"Try your fate."
"Bank on your fortune."
"Try it."
Here. Kill me.
It's your business, isn't it?
It's better that you kill me,
rather than I kill anyone else.
I know you feel ashamed of yourself
because you just killed someone.
But you'll forget everything by tomorrow.
I thought you had some humanity in you,
But I was wrong.
- Why do you do all this?
- Moussa.
For Moussa, for myself.
Every person is born with his fate, Ram.
Look down, upon the city.
You, and others like you,
are like that light
that keeps the darkness like me alive.
If you are fact, I'm fiction.
If you're day, I'm the night.
- You're fortunate, and I'm unfortunate.
- I didn't get you.
A gambler of my time,
Lakhan Tamaang, lost everything.
The addiction of
gambling, debts worth millions.
My wife and child died in the fire
that broke out at Dagdi Chawl.
Life was ruined.
I had just one option left.
But someone blocked my path
at the last moment.
He encouraged me to live again.
When you're dead, fate comes to an end.
But if you're alive, fate can change.
Will you work for me?
Moussa, I have to repay debts
worth millions.
I can't repay it.
So I was preparing to commit suicide.
When a person is crippled,
he uses a crutch to walk.
You're just short of luck, Tamaang.
Snakes seek out the mongoose.
Police seek out the criminals.
Similarly, find those people whose luck
can match Moussa's.
I want to take betting
to those great heights
where even death looks inferior
when compared to wealth.
Good bye.
Since that day, I never ran
out of luck, and I never tried it.
It's strange.
Those who want to try their luck
don't have it.
And those who have luck
are afraid to try it.
Business, pure business.
Go, get something to eat.
- Shortcut.
- Sorry, you take it...
My name is Shortcut.
- And you?
- Ram.
Are you having breakfast, lunch
and dinner together?
You never know.
There can be bullets in these sweets too.
One bullet, rest empty.
Eat the sweet and you're dead.
- What's your age?
- Fifteen-sixteen.
- That's all?
- It's enough to defeat you, in any race.
We'll see. First, eat this.
- Excuse me, can I?
- Please, go ahead.
Why is everyone so silent?
Is someone dead?
What's the problem?
We're still alive.
We've earned a lot of money.
We should be celebrating, shouldn't we?
Isn't it, Major?
Major, what will you drink?
Just a minute, here.
Two bottles of champagne,
for me and my friends.
- Okay?
- Alright.
No thanks.
Fine. You'll drink with me, won't you?
I drink only with friends.
That's such a small thing.
Give me your hand.
I'm Raghav. Now we're friends.
And anyway, we have the same hobby.
- Like?
- Killing people.
How do you know I'm from the army?
All men in uniform smell the same.
Actually speaking... they stink.
Why don't you take another table?
We are not in the mood to talk to you.
Anyway, the food here is not that tasty.
I'll skip to dessert.
"Time goes on..."
"It loves to let me move on past, but..."
"Every now and then,
it keeps coming back"
"to shake my smile..."
- "Time..."
- Hi.
- Are you fine now?
- Sorry.
You looked stressed in the afternoon.
- Are you okay now?
- I'm fine.
- Look...
- Look, please leave me alone.
Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you.
- Actually... is this yours?
- No, it's not mine.
It's not yours?
I'm so sorry.
It was lying on your table.
I thought maybe you misplaced yours.
That's okay.
I'll leave it at the reception.
By the way, sorry for disturbing you.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry. I was a little rude.
I'm slightly disturbed.
Of course, it's not easy to forget
what they compelled us to do today.
I'm quite disturbed too.
Was it your first time?
Mine too.
Maybe we're not professional killers
like them.
- I'm Raghav.
- Ayesha.
Ayesha. Very nice name.
Ayesha, I was going to have some
champagne would you join me, please?
I don't drink usually.
We usually don't kill people either.
You do understand what you have to do.
You'll have all the information.
- Yes, mother.
- How are you, son?
You didn't call.
I was worried about you.
I'm absolutely fine.
Listen, I'm sending some money.
- Keep it safe.
- I don't care about the money, son.
- Just tell me, when are you coming back?
- Soon.
As soon as I finish work.
I love you, mother.
If something happens to you,
what will happen to your mother?
If I don't do this,
we'll remain indebted all our lives.
At least this way,
she'll have some money.
Money can't fill the void of a son, Ram.
You're doing all this for money, as well.
It's different in my case.
How different?
Forget it.
We have to survive 20 days in this game.
It gets difficult from here, know that?
I know. I've taken a chance.
Let's leave the rest to God.
In the army they would say,
If the Lord is your benefactor
no one can kill you.
Nice meeting you, Ram.
Thanks. You've really changed my mood.
I'm feeling much better.
- You changed my mood and intentions.
- Intentions?
This is for you.
You were going to give it at
the reception, weren't you?
- It belongs to...
- It can't belong to anyone else.
This ring will suit
your fingers the best.
A small gift from me. Here.
I think this is your mobile.
- You left it downstairs.
- Thanks.
There must be some missed calls.
It was ringing on the way.
I don't know.
They're unknown numbers.
This place is unknown.
And getting friendly with unknown people.
- Anyway, take care.
- You mean, Raghav.
- Just... be careful.
- I don't know you either.
There's a difference.
If you need anything,
my room is the last one.
Why do you feel
I'll come to you for anything?
My room is the closest.
Rooms might be close, but you are not.
Friendship can begin with a thanks.
People lose their lives here.
You were only losing your mobile.
You were wearing the ring, weren't you?
Why did you take it off?
It's in my pocket.
Rings are meant to be worn,
and not kept in the pocket.
And keeping them in the pocket
can be unlucky.
Look, you're just making that up.
It's not...
No, it's true.
I'm serious.
Wear it.
Ayesha, wear it.
I'm so fortunate.
Today I'm surrounded by luck.
Twelve parachutes.
Strange game, isn't it?
But your luck is associated
with these parachutes.
You didn't get it?
Out of these 12 parachutes, 9 will open
and 3 won't.
Whoever is lucky,
will pick up the right parachute and live.
- And who's not lucky... will die.
- That's sick.
No. That's what luck is all about.
Hey Shortcut.
Don't worry even if you pick up
the wrong one.
What do you mean?
You're a shortcut to earning wealth.
This will be your shortcut to death.
- If my parachute doesn't open.
- Yeah.
- I'll take you along.
- So much love!
There's a saying, when times are bad,
nothing goes right.
There's a good and a bad thing
in this game.
I don't want to hear.
The bad thing is,
we're at an altitude of 2000 feet.
Would you like to hear the good thing?
You'll tell me that anyway.
That good thing is that after falling
from such a height
you won't even realise when you die.
Good. Good.
In both the conditions,
we're sure to go down.
We just have to see
whether we survive or not.
- Any doubts?
- No doubts, Major.
In this three-minute game,
if luck favours you
for even 3 seconds,
you can earn Rs.30 million.
All the best.
"Test your luck.
Test the time."
"Test your fate."
"Test your luck. Test the time."
"Test your fate."
"It's not about the money,
not about the honesty."
"If you think it's rather funny..."
No, I'm fine.
It's not that dirty.
What were you thinking
while jumping down with the parachute?
In life, one does some things
without sparing a thought.
Weren't you scared?
I'm scared of climbing heights.
We were going in the opposite direction.
Interesting, I never thought that way.
You don't have to think like me.
What do you mean?
You're here because you're afraid of
losing something.
I'm here because I've lost something.
Look, I don't know what you've lost.
But I do know
I'm starting to lose something.
"Oh, Lord..."
"Love is so strange."
"Oh, Lord..."
"Love is so strange."
"The heart was lucky, to find love."
"The heart was lucky, to find love."
"Oh, Lord..."
"Love is so strange."
"Oh, Lord..."
"Love is so strange."
"The heart was lucky, to find love."
"The heart was lucky, to find love."
"Oh, Lord..."
- What's wrong?
- Camel. Camel dung.
I hate it.
They must have passed
by a short while ago.
How do you know so much about camels?
I would race them in the camel race.
The Arabs would bet money.
That's where Tamaang brought me from.
He called me to participate
in a bigger race.
But there's no trace of any race here.
Only ways to get yourself killed.
Do your parents know you're here?
- They are the ones who sold me.
- Sold you?
Yes, to an Arab for Rs.15000.
They couldn't do anything else.
They needed money.
And anyway, we come into this world alone,
and we leave alone.
Mother, father, brother, sister...
mean nothing.
If there's anything that you have,
it's just you and your luck.
Take the shortcut out.
You talk a lot at the age of 16.
I don't just say. I do it too.
Really, I'll beat all of you.
Just watch,
someday I'll do something big.
What'll you do after that?
I'll buy everything I've dreamed of.
Like what?
I spent all my life riding camels.
I'll buy a Lixus like the Arabs.
- That's Lexus.
- Yes, that one.
I'll play Himesh's songs loudly
in the lanes of Pakistan.
Full volume music.
And everyone will say
there goes Shortcut.
- But there's one thing that I'll regret.
- What's that?
- You two won't be there.
- Why not?
By then, you two would be long dead.
- Yes, Moussa.
- Tamaang, didn't I tell you
I'd take betting to such heights
that even death would look inferior?
That day has arrived.
The money that has been bet
on tomorrow's game
is the highest till now.
Especially on Ram.
- All set?
- Don't worry, Moussa.
By God's grace,
everything will go smoothly.
Welcome people.
There comes a time in life
where you can't do anything,
even if you want to.
At such a time,
you should entrust yourself to fate.
Time unlocks your fate.
If you trust yourself, try your luck.
For now, your luck has been locked.
Only a few keys out of these 300
can set you free.
If you are lucky,
you will find the right key.
Only one key will unlock you.
All the best.
- Shortcut.
- Shortcut, come on.
- Shortcut.
- Shortcut.
Come on, quickly.
- Shortcut.
- Come on.
"Dreams are lost."
"Kin are separated."
"Life has tormented me."
"Dreams are lost."
"Kin are separated."
"Life has tormented me."
"The desirers are craving."
"The shores are scarce."
"The desirers are craving."
"The shores are scarce."
"Oh, Lord."
"Love's so strange."
"Oh, Lord."
Are you the family?
Come with me.
Camel race, fate.
Loosing and winning, fate.
Meeting Tamaang, fate.
Can't buy the Lexus.
Hey Major.
Don't cry.
Camel number eight would limp,
but he still won.
I'll win again someday.
I may not be so lucky anymore.
What difference does it make?
Right now I have the money,
to buy a small car.
You're retired.
Will you be my driver?
I lost one leg, but found three supports.
Not a bad deal.
My luck is with all of you.
Go for it.
Doctor, Major Jabbar Pratap.
Hello major.
- Can I talk to her?
- She's sleeping.
- Take the phone closer to her.
- Sure.
That's okay.
Hey doctor, don't give up.
Ayesha, are you fine?
Yeah! I'll be fine.
I'll take care.
- Come.
- Thank you.
- Will you be fine alone?
- I'm fine. I'll sleep a bit.
Fine, you get some rest.
I'll wait here until then.
No, you go I'm fine.
Why Ayesha? Because I'm not Ram?
Good night Raghav.
Raghav Raghuvaran'.
In jail, he's known as the ring killer.
Thirteen girls before Ayesha
rejected Raghav.
They didn't survive.
Most dangerous serial killer.
Raghav may be a rascal.
But he's precious for us.
He's got the most bets on him.
What did you think?
If you kill me, Ayesha will be yours.
Stop it, Ram... enough.
Hey Tamaang. Why did you cut me?
That was a mistake.
It's not a mistake,
you did it on purpose.
Let me go, and I'll show you
- what a mistake is.
- Quiet. Be quiet.
If you scream, I'll make a mistake again.
Cut it. Cut it.
What happened?
I can't do this any longer, Major.
Eighteen days ago,
Ram was chasing his dreams.
Then he found a way.
It was a shortcut to his destination.
But I can clearly see it now, Major.
This road leads nowhere.
It's like quicksand.
If I don't get out of it now,
I won't get another chance.
Betting is a sickness, Ram.
People like Moussa and Tamaang
have already bet on us.
We're merely three cards in a deck.
We can't leave this game
until someone else's luck outdoes us.
Major, there are some cards
that perplex the player.
Yes, Angela.
Tamaang, Ayesha.
Welcome, Ayesha.
Tamaang, you did the right thing
by bringing her here.
She should also know
who the fortunate one amongst them is.
800,000 dollars on Raghav.
600,000 dollars on Major.
And a million dollars on Ram.
Who would you bet on, Ayesha?
I want to bet on you, Moussa.
You think this small bullet can change
my years of luck?
You've tried the luck Moussa
but today, I want to try your luck.
I've been waiting for this chance.
Shoot. Try to fulfil the motive
you've come here for.
You still haven't realised.
You have survived until now,
only because of Ram's luck.
Welcome to the last game, Ram.
I want to quit the game, Moussa.
I'm ready to try my luck against you.
Just one day and one game left
and you want to leave?
Till date, no one has bet so much money
as much as they've bet on you.
I don't know why, but I feel like changing
the rules of my game for you.
Go, if you want to leave.
But before leaving,
better take a look at what you can lose.
- Natasha.
- Natasha?
Yes, Natasha.
Similar face, and similar name.
Twin sisters.
Only a difference of two minutes
in their birth.
We'll have to see,
how different are their luck.
Ayesha was here six months ago.
She earned Rs.2 million in 20 days.
This time,
Natasha came here posing as Ayesha.
On the first day, when her hands trembled
I grew suspicious.
Because Ayesha was
never afraid of anything.
After leaving from here,
Ayesha's greed made her lose
all the money.
She couldn't send any money home.
And she committed suicide.
And this time,
Natasha came here to kill Moussa
thinking that he's the one responsible.
We don't care about Natasha's luck
any more.
But we do with yours.
Seven minutes, eight stations,
and the six of you.
There's big money riding on you, Ram.
In exactly seven minutes, this train
will collide with this petrol tanker,
along with Natasha.
I wish I could stop the train,
and the mines placed on it.
But what can be done?
Business. Pure business, Ram.
Can your luck stop this train
in its tracks?
If you succeed,
you'll win Rs.200 million.
And if you fail, then whoever stops you
will get Rs.200 million.
You'll play this game for Natasha.
Raghav kills any girl he can't get.
And Major,
you'll play this game for money.
For your helplessness.
No, this time Major won't play for money.
This time, he'll play for Ram.
He'll play for Natasha.
Don't forget, Ram is not alone.
Major Jabbar Pratap Singh's luck is
with him.
Use all the might you can.
Stopping the enemy is our nature, Moussa.
Any doubts?
You have only ten minutes.
The train is on its way, Ram.
"Try your luck."
"Try your time."
"Try your fate."
"Try it."
"Try the new dawn."
"Try all your dreams."
"Try your fate."
"Try it."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can go from rags to riches."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can do the impossible."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try it."
"The crooked paths"
"they are meant for you."
"Turn the impossible into possible."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can go from rags to riches."
"If your fate smiles on you"
"you can do the impossible."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"Try your luck."
"From the forest of his matted
lock, water flows and wets his..."
"neck, On which hangs the greatest
of snake like a garland..."
"And his drum incessantly
plays damat, damat..."
"damat, damat, And
Shiva is engaged..."
"in the very vigorous manly dance, To bless
and shower, prosperity on all of us."
"The celestial river agitatedly moving
through his matted hair, which..."
"makes his head shine with those soft
waves, And his forehead shining..."
"like a brilliant fire-daga daga, And
the crescent of moon which is an..."
"ornament to his head, Makes my mind
love him each and every second."
Hail Lord Shiva!
Are you alright?
Where's Major?
Any doubts?
Well done, Ram.
I would have done the same thing.
Here's your Rs.200 million.
You can leave.
No Moussa, I want to play more.
I want to see if my luck can beat yours.
Two guns, remember?
One for you, and one for me.
'One for you, and one for me.'
- One real bullet.
- Five empty chambers.
'-Point it at the head...
- - And blow it sky high.'
And blow it sky high.
Make the bet.
Do you want to die?
Gambling becomes interesting.
'When your opponent has strong luck.'
when your opponent has strong luck.
Good. Good.
Now you know what gambling is all about.
It's said the more you try your luck,
the better it gets. Good luck.
On one side, there's Moussa...
I pray for his victory.
And on the other, there's you...
and I don't want to see you lose.
When people gamble,
depending on their luck
they are afraid of losing.
But luck always favours
those who play from their heart.
Good luck, Ram.
But luck always favours
those who play from their heart.
- How are you?
- Alive.
Don't move.
Your wound is still fresh.
You're a very lucky man, you know that.
I'll explain it to you.
This is your X-ray.
The bullet pierced the exact spot,
where your heart should've been.
Should've been, what do you mean?
There's just one in 50,000 people
whose body we call Mirror image,
in medical terms.
That means the heart is on the right
instead of the left.
It's strange, but true.
Especially, in your case Mr. Ram.
It's a miracle,
because of which you're still alive.
Take rest, Mr. Ram. You need it.
Ram, I thought you were dead.
But when I heard about your condition
from the doctor
it baffled me.
I'm the uncrowned king
of the betting world.
But you turned out to be the ace.
For the first time,
someone has survived Moussa's bullet.
My bullet hit the right spot.
But your heart was at the wrong place.
For the first time, I've come across
someone of Moussa's calibre.
Rs. 200 million in 20 days.
A U-turn in life.
Luck only favours those
who have the will to win.
Good luck.
Tamaang. You knew about my heart?
I told you at our first meeting that
I know more about you than yourself.
It's business. Tamaang's business.
Don't ever meet me again.
With the earned
money, Shortcut could walk again
with a prosthetic leg.
Like the number eight camel,
she was ready to win again.
Major saved his wife,
and retained his title
of lucky Major Jabbar Pratap Singh.
Natasha got the support
of Ram's luck forever.
And Ram got an honourable life again.
"Take a chance... in love."
"That's not my cup of tea."
"Take a chance... in love."
"It won't always abide by me."
"Learn to trust it."
"It's a beautiful punishment."
"Learn to live this moment."
"And learn to live freely."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Live it. Live it. Live it."
"Live it."
"I've seen my destiny in the moonlight"
"I don't believe your fantasies
and it isn't funny"
"I've seen destiny bow before love."
"It's not a game"
"I want to play."
"No winners, losing all the way."
"Learn to trust it."
"It's a beautiful punishment."
"Learn to live this moment."
"And learn to live freely."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Live it. Live it. Live it."
"Live it."
"Live it."
"Live it."
"I've seen destiny bow before love."
"I've seen the beauty of love."
"Don't even try to make me stay."
"It's safer if I walk away."
"Learn to trust it."
"It's a beautiful punishment."
"Learn to live this moment."
"And learn to live freely."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Live it. Live it. Live it."
"Live it"
"I've seen my destiny in the moonlight."
"I've seen destiny bow before love."
"Don't even try to make me stay."
"It's safer if I walk away."
"Learn to trust it."
"It's a beautiful punishment."
"Learn to live this moment."
"And learn to live freely."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Have faith, and live it."
"Just for once, live it."
"You won't get this life again...
live it."
"Live it. Live it. Live it"