Luck-Key (2016) Movie Script

SHOWBOX presents
a Yong Film Inc. production
Executive producer YOU Jeong-hun
Produced by SYD LIM
Directed by LEE Gae-byok
He came into my heart like a storm
A rock-solid manly man,
I love his honest smile
He came into my heart like a storm
He smiles at me when he sees me
My heart beats hard when I see him
But he doesn't know how I feel
Should I confess him my love?
My joy and my pain
let them fly into the sky
Cause no one knows
my heart is burning for him
Our hourly traffic report.
Traffic is flowing smooth in
most arteries and highways.
But due to a rear-end collision
at the Il-jik junction
on the West artery...
I will erase all.
Will disappear as if I never existed.
Will put an end
to this miserable life.
Are you in there? Open up.
I brought some noodle for you.
Aren't you hungry?
Try some, would you?
Please open the door.
It's best when it's hot.
You always pretend to be absent,
but still up for the noodle?
Are you ever going to pay the rent?
Pay the overdue rent by
tomorrow or vacant the room!
Will leave, don't worry!
Look at the mess!
What did you do to the room?
It's such a pigsty!
You stink! Wash yourself please.
Such a mess...
Please go away!
Let's die.
Why should I live? Nobody wants me.
Will wash myself and die, damn it!
Damn health insurance...
Expensive watch...
Must be real rich.
Call 911, please! Quick!
Isn't he dead?
He must be seriously injured.
Aren't we supposed to call the police?
Poor rich guy.
Wait. Rich?
Clear the way, please.
Okay, let's live
one last fancy day before I die.
One last day.
Too many good cards... Come on!
- I quit!
- What's wrong this time?
Look who's here!
You suddenly look great!
Take this. Overdue rent.
- And there's more.
- What?
Take this and leave me in peace.
- At least for a couple months.
- Sure, I will.
Keep the change for some noodle.
You like that.
You should treat us big!
How can I start this?
It sounds exquisite.
For the delayed debts.
Any smaller bills?
Keep the change.
What's up with you?
This will pay off, right?
I'm sorry to pay you late.
- Bye!
- Hey.
Yoon Jae-sung!
What are you doing here?
It's been a while.
- How have you been?
- Good.
Haven't met you since
our theatre was closed.
How are you?
It's the money that I borrowed then.
Hey, you don't have to pay back.
I just... want to.
I'm getting married next month.
- What? Really?
- Yes.
I mean it's great.
Yoon Jae-sung.
Wake up.
This can't change your life.
It doesn't belong to you.
Give it back.
Just give it back to him
and put an end to it.
Yoon Jae-sung!
Ye... yes?
They said that's my name.
I just can't recall it.
Do you...
know me by any chance?
came here to see my friend.
Get well soon.
You forgot this.
Thank you.
I only have 2 bucks in my wallet.
- No credit cards?
- No.
Are you leaving now?
Do you know me?
I brought you here.
You slipped in the public bath.
Did I slip at the public bath?
This morning. Don't you remember?
- He has amnesia.
- Amnesia...
How much do you remember?
Can you find the way back home?
Aren't you going to pay?
Can I pay later? Of course, not.
Sorry to ask a favor to a stranger...
This is where I live.
I will pay you back as soon as
I find the cash at home.
Could you please pay for me?
I'm really sorry.
Okay, no problem.
Thank you. This is my address.
- How much is it?
- 900 dollars.
I will pay with a card.
I just can't recall it. Do
you know me by any chance?
GPS is operating. Drive safe.
What shall I do? I should give this back.
Do you remember your name?
Yoon Jae-sung.
Yoon Jae-sung.
How about your age?
It's so hard to read...
What is it?
I am thirty-two.
Thirty... two?
Yes, here.
- Born in 1984.
- Unbelievable.
I'm 32 years old.
Then we are of an age.
Do I look like 32 years old?
Excuse me?
- I certainly do not.
- I am sorry.
But my ID says so...
Well there are people like you.
You will look young when you get older.
That really relieves me.
Does he live here?
Excuse me.
I came with the belongings of the owner
as he seems to have amnesia...
Wow, this place is...
literally a palace.
What's this place?
A dressing room is as
big as my entire place.
What does he do with all these raincoats?
What is his job?
Is it where you live?
It really stinks.
Remember anything?
Not a clue.
No chance of getting my money.
These burnt photos...
I guess I was settling my affairs.
It seems like I tried to
kill myself but failed.
No way...
Vehicle 24, vehicle 24.
- Calling for locked up doors.
- Be right there!
Just try to relax. You
can pay me back later!
You shouldn't do such things again...
Don't try too hard
to remember things.
Take some rest for now.
Thank you.
Why did I try to die?
Well, I can see why.
It's nice.
This is what you call 'life'.
Isn't this TV? Weird program it's showing.
Is it showing a CCTV?
She's so pretty.
Who are you?
Who is it?
Hello, I'm living at the rooftop loft.
I don't need it.
No, I'm not trying to sell anything.
Who is it?
I'm from upstairs.
I won't go to church.
- I'm from the rooftop loft.
- Don't need any.
I'm not selling anything.
I just want to find...
I won't go to church.
I'm a Buddhist.
- Hear me? Buddhist.
- Me, too. But listen...
I told you! Buddhist!
Stop nagging, stupid woman!
It's not my first time doing it!
Excuse me. Let me ask you one thing.
Do you live here?
Then what?
- Then do you...
- Know?
- I live in that rooftop loft...
- You know?
- Pardon?
- Do we know each other?
I am not sure...
Then why are you bothering me?
What was that?
Are you okay?
What the heck?
911! 911!
Damn, what the hell is she doing?
What the heck is that?
Hey! What is it?
Hey, are you okay?
What is it?
Are you sure you smoke?
I assumed I do as there're
so many cigarette butts.
But I guess not.
Your shoes.
You scared the hell out of me.
What is it?
I'm writing down things
I like and I'm good at.
What are things you like?
Certainly not smoking.
I seem to like cleaning a lot.
Wow! You cleared all the mess!
Cleaning gives me inner peace.
Then things you're good at?
I seem to be good at handling a knife.
- A knife?
- Yes.
Knife... cleaning.
Are you busy with something?
No, not particularly.
- Come with me.
- Where?
Just come.
Where are you taking me?
- A place you need to go.
- I should clean that up.
- Thirty-two?
- Right, born in 1984.
Gosh, he seems to be of my age.
Listen, mom. He's good at
cleaning and handling a knife.
The perfect fit for our store.
We don't need an extra hand!
Mom and I can handle perfectly!
What you have to do
is study not work!
A male employee can be really useful...
to carry heavy things
and to change the bulbs etc.
And when a drunken customer
comes in like the other time...
I can change the bulbs.
Don't be ridiculous.
No heavy lifting needed
at the snack house!
Mom... I should get
some money back from him.
What money?
I lent him some for his hospital bills.
You don't have any extra money!
That's not big sum though.
- But I can't hire someone I don't know.
- Mom, please.
- You're a pain in my ass.
- Please, just once!
All right...
my mother-in-law is not well
and she should focus
on her prep studies...
- so you can work here.
- Thank you, ma'am.
But you should change
the way you talk first.
- What's wrong with it?
- It is way too scary.
And make a brighter face.
- You can scare off the customers.
- Understood.
Thanks, mom.
- You're so handsome.
- Grandma!
Damn... I'm starving.
Only water... Damn it.
Good, cookies!
It was good. I'm so full.
Some wine now?
What's the most expensive one?
This one looks fine.
What's all this?
Is he a cop?
That's the girl from CCTV.
Song Eun-ju, 28 years old.
Whistle blower of Platinum
Peak Funds case...
Whereabouts unknown since
tipping the prosecution...
Song disappears with USB drive,
conclusive evidence of the case.
C.Q., C.Q. Vehicle 15 patrolling
around the lost house.
Nothing significant to report.
Will move to Tancheon area.
He really is a cop.
She's under protection program
after tipping off the prosecution.
She's in a big trouble as
he lost all his memories.
But how could I protect someone
that I cannot locate?
He's the delivery man!
That means she lives here?
How about change cable company?
Get lost.
Where the hell is she?
I think I checked all.
I quit, I quit!
What is it?
Noise issue is all the same.
Even in this fancy condo.
Where is she?
What's going on?
Someone's having a party.
What the hell...
Is she up there?
What is it?
I'm living downstairs...
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
I came because of the noise
of your footsteps...
Ah, I'm so sorry. I'll be more careful.
No, it's not like I'm complaining...
Since we're neighbors... I came
to say hello face to face...
As we can bump into outside,
we can say hello as neighbors...
Then we can meet again...
to chitchat as neighbors...
Have a good time!
Jae-sung, slice two rows of roll.
It's too pretty!
Hey girls, this is our best-seller.
Knife-shredded ice flakes.
Only at our store!
Jae-sung, mom's fallen for you!
She didn't even listen to me
when I told her to hire you at first...
What are you making?
I hit so many ideas
when I'm dealing with a knife.
I can move it like my own hands...
I think I had some craftsmanship.
Such a cute smile for that knife.
I better get going.
Your payday is 25th every month.
I see.
So next Monday?
That is last month's page.
It should be Thursday.
Good night, then.
Good night.
- Don't come out for me.
- Yes, take care.
Mr. Kim Young-eun!
Mr. Park Kyu-nam!
Yoon Jae-sung...
Mr. Yoon Jae-sung!
- Here!
- Hurry up!
- Name?
- Park Kyu-nam.
- I came early in the morning.
- Get in the car, quickly!
Where are we going?
- Come on!
- Yes.
Are we going to Yangsoo-ri, right?
Don't go to Paju like the other time.
- Why are we going to Yangsoo-ri?
- To work, of course.
What work?
Usual stuff.
Damn it!
I'm sorry.
You really should not
hit the unpadded spot.
I'm sorry. I am.
Cut! How come an actor
can't stand that?
- But he hit...
- You should stand that anyway.
Hey, replace him!
Wait a second! Nope, wait!
Cut, how come you do it for real?
You should fake it.
An actor should tolerate it.
Do you keep talking back to me?
You said earlier to stand it.
Replace him!
Ready, action!
Cut! What is it?
Get him out!
What the hell is he?
Sorry for the earlier stuff.
I was so into the role.
I've never seen anyone
fired as much as you
in my dozen-year career.
You must be really experienced.
A little...
It's quite tough, isn't it?
I'll be the guiding light
for your acting career.
You're lucky to meet me.
So right now, we're in a drinking scene.
Think you drink with a
buddy on Thanksgiving.
Relax and act naturally.
- Can we do that?
- Of course.
Just relax.
What's that imbecile!
We're not shooting yet!
Get rid of him!
Please get out of here.
He drank too. Why only me?
I didn't, in fact.
He said he didn't. Come out, quick!
Come on!
Mom, I'm going abroad in a few days.
For about a month?
Take care and stay healthy. Will you?
You too take care.
What a nice surprise!
You came to see someone?
My friend is also at this hospital.
Is anything wrong?
I'm really busy now!
Damn it!
It's alright. He can't
see us from outside.
Damn it, where's she?
Who is he?
A stalker? Damn moron!
What is your name, by the way?
I'm Yoon Jae...
Choi Hyung-Wook.
Gather round, attention!
Pick up your paycheck.
- Mr. Kim Hyung-goo.
- Here!
Here you go, thanks.
Mr. Yoon Jae-sung!
Both of you?
Yoon Jae-sung of year 1984!
- Yes.
- I'm of 1982.
- Born in 1984, really?
- Yes.
Born in 1982?
Thank you.
Can I see that for a sec?
Yes... bro.
Sorry but...
Who's that? Your son?
He's an actor, you said?
Quite good looking indeed.
Cut the crap.
He only plays petty roles.
You cannot call him an actor yet!
You can hardly recognize him.
No one can be a superstar overnight!
All start from petty roles I think.
He shouldn't come back
until he makes it big
as he declared to be a
star when he left home.
Why is he coming back here so often?
Easier said than done.
He's been here the other time, too.
Saying that he just came
to say hello, out of blue.
As if he's going to die soon!
And he gets lazy so easily
if I am not strict with him.
And he gets lazy so easily if I am not strict with him.
He can surely make a good
actor with this face.
Be nice to him as he must come
for a shoulder to rely on for a while.
- Why do you care!
- Why do you get angry at me?
No, I was talking to myself.
Why did you bring him up anyway?
The client's gone.
I'll make it to a star for sure, dad.
- Anyone you know?
- Not at all!
He must find this place too dull.
Young people should go to
so-called hair salons, not here.
But he is really good looking.
Can you tell that from this small picture?
You are still young.
Mom, he's here!
Jae-sung, where have you been?
We were worried.
I'm sorry. I had to go somewhere.
You know I can't make
the yellow radish flower.
- All customers asked for it.
- They did!
What is it? Something wrong?
I found out today
what I did for living before the accident.
You did? What did you do?
I was an actor.
And I definitely will
become a famous actor.
Famous what?
He's getting worse, I believe.
Why is she packing? Is she leaving?
What? She's really leaving.
It's too dangerous to go outside.
What is she doing?
Waiting for someone?
Is it next Thursday?
Can I take the soy sauce?
Wow, hello!
What a pleasant coincidence.
Peter Piper picked a peck
of pickled peppers...
Can you can a can as a canner...
How are you?
It was you who asked the question!
It was you! It was you!
Cut it out!
Did you rent out the whole building?
Don't make so much noise!
I am sorry.
- Hello.
- Yes.
I am sorry for the other time.
No, it's alright.
I thought of something for you.
A customized acting method.
Are you trying to fool me
like the other time?
No, I gave it lots of thoughts.
Want to give it a try?
Relax and you root...
And you're swayed by wind.
You find inner peace.
Make the sound!
Shake harder!
Attention everyone! We need a volunteer!
The action is a bit tough...
but anyone wants to do it?
It can be a good experience.
It's a good chance.
You can improve only by doing it.
It won't hurt you... that much.
Good. Your look fits the role.
Have you had any physical training?
I don't know.
But I assume I do to some extent.
Some extent...
It's a complicated scene
so just fall on the ground
when you're hit by the lead man.
Got it everyone?
And you, just stand by him
like his bodyguard.
Action is important but
try to express your
feelings for the heroine...
Am I talking to myself now?
Okay, let's roll!
Give me some space to focus!
I will do my best.
Don't expect anything from me.
Stay in the car, listen to me!
- Damn bastards!
- It's alright.
Don't be afraid, I'm scared, too.
No, I don't want to see you get hurt!
- Get in the car, now!
- Honey!
Get in, I said!
Stay away from me!
What the hell?
What are you doing?
Get lost!
Stop it! Cut!
Why didn't you cut it?
This certainly seems so wrong!
Who do you think you are? Bruce Lee?
I don't get it at all!
Do you know anything about method acting?
How was it? Wasn't I awesome?
I was so into the character.
What a loser...
You've done some martial arts, I guess?
I am sorry.
Don't be. You were so charismatic.
The director liked your action a lot.
He thinks you would be perfect
for the boss' right-hand man.
Can you do that?
- Right-hand man?
- Yes.
- I served at the Marines.
- Good for you.
Let me have your name and number.
So strange.
Why come here every Thursday?
Let me carry it for you. It's too heavy.
It's okay, I can do it.
No, neighbors should help each other.
I'm fine. I really can do it.
I'm fine too, it really looks heavy.
- At least to your door...
- Please, it is alright. I mean it!
Are you okay? I was just trying to help...
Why is it closing? I am sorry!
Damn stupid! You pressed the close button!
We're shooting. Get ready everyone!
Yes, sir.
It was really good.
You say the lines more powerful
and charismatic this time. Look.
You will get to see the blood
if you attempt our territory!
That face is really good!
With some more charisma!
Can you do it? Relax, you can do it.
Everyone, get ready!
What was the line again?
You will get to see the blood
if you attempt our territory!
You... just look at it.
Okay, I'm ready!
- Hello!
- Hi.
Scene Fifty-five. Take one.
Ready... action!
You drive me nuts.
You have to say all the line.
Follow the script!
Where did you study acting?
It was awesome, keep it!
Great, next scene!
What? What's great? What does he keep?
That scene's done.
They keep the first take.
- What?
- He has the impact you don't have.
What? What's wrong with you?
Why is he doing that?
Cause the take was good.
What is this situation?
Hold! Everyone hold!
There! Jae-sung! It's you!
I see that.
It feels so strange.
Girls, it's really him.
Can I take a picture?
Sorry, no photos.
- Then handshake...
- Sure, thanks.
It's amazing, so cool!
I really want to turn it off.
You're gone so fast. That's it?
It's a small role.
It's unfair!
One noodle with fried tofu, please.
Here's your noodle.
Excuse me.
Don't have to apology for the carrier.
- No, it's not that...
- It really is okay. Don't bother.
No, what I am trying to say is...
that noodle is mine.
Yours is with fried tofu, but
that's with fried shrimp, mine.
Listen, Eun-ju.
I can have a free sushi
plate with two more stamps.
Would you like some sushi?
Your coke.
One moment.
Look ahead, please.
He looks much better on screen.
Not handsome at all in real.
Hair, make-up, wardrobe!
Where are you all?
- Sorry, would you please?
- Pardon?
Give me some massage, too.
How could they
just leave him like this?
- You're doing it?
- Yes.
- He must be really an asshole.
- Right.
I can tell.
You're hurting me now!
The worst kind I've ever seen.
Gosh... I'm your agent
and now also make-up artist.
Sorry you couldn't rest on your off day.
No problem. Be a famous actor soon
so that nobody can ignore you.
Will do my best.
Hello, writer Park.
What are you talking about?
I like the story now.
Who called you?
My dear. Come here.
Give him the organic food.
Let's see who my best friend is.
You shouldn't do this, ma'am.
If boss sees this...
Don't call me that way.
It's not I became his girl
because I wanted to.
But ma'am...
The best performance!
Why are you two together?
Why so close?
You betrayed my trust?
Kill that son of a bitch!
How come the story goes like that?
What shall I do?
Huh? You take the call?
You always told me
to leave the voice mail.
I just wanted to.
I was wondering when my
case would be completed.
Your case?
Yes, my case. This is Kim.
Sorry but I cannot recall it...
My boss is pushing me hard.
We can pay more if needed.
Let's meet.
It's awkward to discuss this kind
of thing only over the phone...
Yet, I have to discuss something
more about Song Eun-ju.
Sorry to make you come all the way.
Why is he wearing sunglasses in the dark?
Rumor says...
he kills anyone who meets his eyes.
I must've seen these people...
We don't have surveillance camera
or recording equipments.
Before we pay you extra expenses...
Would you please let me
know when you would...
wrap up?
Is there any particular style
you want it to be done?
Nothing special...
We just want you to finish
up and show us the result.
You're in a hurry, so you tell me
the way you want it to be done.
I think there's some misunderstanding.
It's not like that. We're just saying...
As you know, we made a deal...
that you would get rid of
Song by 25th of last month.
It's a bit overdue.
And if she turns herself
to the prosecution,
it makes things complicated.
So we're just asking you to speed up.
Will contact you.
- Nam.
- Yes, sir.
- Follow him.
- Yes, sir.
Find out where she is.
So he is a killer not a cop?
Watching her to kill her?
It's the last day. I'm so sorry.
Wish we could do it until the end.
Yes, but...
I learned a lot.
It was a meaningful
experience to work with you.
You're so nice! Unlike someone.
Don't put on so much make-up!
I'm not a meat!
We'll start shortly. Everyone get ready.
I trusted you like a real brother.
But you tried to steal my girl?
Didn't he hit for real?
You damn son of a bitch! You asshole!
Give it to me!
What is wrong with him? Min-seok!
Damn it!
Stop the rain!
Told you there's no
safety gear in the pit!
What is wrong with you?
I was too into the character...
Did you get that?
What is it?
Is it an OK take?
Okay! Come up quick!
I just love your professionalism!
It will hurt a little.
That really hurts.
Don't exaggerate.
He is acting so nice on TV.
But I guess he is a real asshole.
I don't think he did it on purpose.
You should act...
Instead really hitting someone!
But I heard these things happen
when you're really into character.
- So you're taking his side?
- Pardon?
You don't care how much I'm upset?
You're upset?
I mean...
I get upset to see people
get hurt because of my job.
I know I know... You
don't have to explain.
I know it's because of your job.
Better get going.
Already? Stay a bit longer.
It's late now.
I got hurt on the back too...
I hit the ground so hard.
Wait a sec.
Isn't he dead...?
- Let me go!
- Stop!
I'm back from the hell, ma'am.
Holy shit!
He's back again!
So handsome.
Look at him!
What's this?
What happened?
I just can't watch it. I don't get it.
Why is he alive?
He's dead!
- You look more handsome in real.
- Yes, you are.
Can we take a picture together?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You've been following me, right?
Give that to me.
Give you what?
It's okay, give it to me.
You want my autograph, right?
I'm a huge fan.
Thank you.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
You wanted to see me, director?
- Sit down.
- I'm okay standing.
- Please.
- I'm good, really.
The viewers' forum went mad
about your sudden death.
So many postings urging the network
to have you back on the show!
- As you will play the boss from now on...
- Yes, sir.
We need someone to play
your right-hand man.
Anyone in your mind?
You shouldn't do this.
You should leave your love
for the sake of our gangs.
You think you're playing Hamlet?
Was it awkward?
I think you over-acted a bit.
I was too nervous.
Just relax. You're a natural born actor.
Way to go!
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Ready, action!
You shouldn't do this.
You should leave your love
for the sake of our gangs.
That's quite good. I'm sorry!
I'm using it for a good cause.
It's alright.
This is the best property
for a short-term rent.
- Can we move in right away?
- Sure.
Everybody get ready!
Get ready!
Ready, action!
It was like a hell
because I was alone without you!
Where are you looking at?
I'm sorry.
- Look her in the eye!
- Relax. Think me as your real lover.
- Okay, once again.
- Yes, sir!
What is that? Under his arm.
- Oh, it's sweat...
- Is it?
Let him wear the jacket!
Don't think you should wear it right away.
Maybe after drying a bit?
Everybody get ready!
It was like a hell because
I was alone without you!
Cut! Cut!
You're too aggressive.
You love her.
But no affection is shown on your face.
Show some love!
Ready, action!
It was like a hell because
I was not with you!
Where are you talking to?
I'm really sorry.
He's talking to my boobs!
It was like a hell... because
I was alone without you.
- Cut!
- It's cut.
He scares me.
I got too scared!
This is a real hell...
You don't feel any emotions?
I'm sorry.
I managed dialogues for action scenes.
But in love scenes,
it's killing me. I cannot do anything!
You said there's a kiss too.
Yes, it bothers me most!
You must've kissed at least once.
I must've. I'm 32 you know.
The problem is I don't remember it.
Your body does... for that sort of things.
I know it's not easy but
can I ask you a favor?
What is it?
Can we kiss for once?
No, never mind.
I shouldn't have mentioned it.
- You must think I'm crazy.
- No, not really...
But you tell me to kiss
while eating an onion?
Of course, I need to brush.
- Before the kiss.
- Are you drunk?
A little bit.
But that kind of urge
is more like an instinct.
Think hard.
- Oh, I remember.
- Do you?
Awhile ago...
when I came to your house
late after my first shooting,
you gave me a big smile
as soon as you saw me
and said you were worried so much.
Remember that?
You were so beautiful at that time.
Now, I'm blushing.
You think you can do it well
if we practice just once?
- Look, Lina.
- Yes?
The actress comes onto me.
Not the other way around.
- You mean the girl does like this?
- Right.
Please attack me.
I think we should stop here...
My love might make you
hurt and struggle.
You fool!
Okay! Great!
That was exactly
I was talking about!
Eyes filled with love!
Thank you.
Let's move on.
Let's move to next location!
how come you are here...?
He'll not come.
The one you've been waiting for.
I know you come here
every Thursday.
I don't understand...
Trust me. He's not coming.
Actually, if he comes,
you'll run into danger.
Who are you?
How did you find about me?
You've been nice to me on purpose?
Look, Eun-ju, I am...
...a cop.
I got order to watch over you.
But I won't just watch you no more.
I can sacrifice everything I have for you.
please trust me.
I'll protect you no matter what.
Who hired that asshole?
Why is he having a romance with
the bitch he's supposed to kill?
I'm sorry, sir.
Never mind.
What matters now is
to get rid of that bitch.
I'll forgive you this time.
And you will have one last chance.
Bring someone who can get
rid of those two for sure.
If you...
make the mistake this time again,
I cannot guarantee your safety.
You know who I am, right?
I think Han is the right guy for this job.
Heard that he cuts people with an axe.
It's too much.
Let's ask Dongsung-ro gangs.
Their Seok is said to kill
people with chopsticks.
I'm afraid hiring local
killers is too risky.
Let's hire Choi who's working
as a foreign mercenary.
This guy can...
kill people without leaving any trace.
We're running out of time!
Let's go for the axe!
No, I'm for the chopsticks!
I'm telling you
locals are risky!
How about this?
We just need someone who can
take care of this ASAP.
Let's call everyone.
And choose whoever comes first.
Did you like it?
The thing with me...
Oh, you mean the shooting yesterday?
Well... can I be honest?
I liked it.
Huh, really?
Yes, you've seen it on TV?
Of course, you were devouring her.
She was really aggressive.
I was kidding!
How could I feel anything when
so many people are watching?
Are you jealous?
No way!
You seemed like it, though. You're cute.
Well... shall we go on a picnic?
It's so beautiful.
I am happy watching
you being happy.
Yes, I am happy too.
He meant a family picnic...
Isn't it too cold?
Do you like it?
Look at this.
Give me your hand.
My hand?
- You know what?
- Yes?
You're a completely different person
from the one I met first.
You mean in a good way?
I like it.
The rain makes me blue.
Please play the song
that suits the mood.
Don't get too blue.
Hope this music will lift you up.
Here goes the song.
You must've been tired.
You were deep in sleep.
- Gosh, it rains a lot.
- Yes.
Everyone's asleep.
They must be tired.
He came into my heart like a storm
A rock-solid manly man,
I love his honest smile
He came into my heart like a storm
He smiles at me when he sees me
My heart beats hard when I see him
But he doesn't know how I feel
Should I confess him my love?
I will do it!
Our hourly traffic report.
Due to the sudden rain,
all the roads are heavily jammed.
Especially West arterial highway...
Should eat black noodle on the moving day.
What is it? Wait a sec.
Yes, coming.
I told you not to come out!
Eun-ju, you should run! Hurry!
You've been out of touch
forever and now you say it?
You know how long I've waited?
I'm sorry I couldn't contact you earlier.
At the public bath...
There were some circumstances...
Eun-ju, please, run! He's a killer!
A killer?
What do you know?
Things all went wrong because of you!
Don't do it.
Eun-ju, please run! Hurry!
People asked him to kill you!
Let's move to plan B.
You should go abroad. I'll get
your tickets and visa ready.
No, I can't.
Then you wanna die here?
They started to hire other
killers knowing you are here.
And worse thing is... they include him
as the target, too.
How can they know about him?
What were you thinking
when you pretended to be me?
I just wanted to protect
Eun-ju from you...
during all these days living as me
that's only thing that
you found out about me?
A killer?
If someone calls for a contracted murder,
I meet the target and suggest a deal
saying I could fake the
death and forge identity.
Asking whether a target is
willing to live a new life.
100% of them agree.
It's for both sides' sakes.
The clients get what they want,
the targets get the new lives.
It was same for her?
500K for killing Song Eun-ju and
bringing back the flash drive.
Remember two things to survive.
First, you need to be
completely under my control.
Meaning nobody should know where you are.
If anyone finds out,
the client might hire another killer.
Then how can I contact you?
You won't need to contact me.
I'll watch over you and
protect you all the time.
And second?
you should perform your death perfectly.
D-day is next Thursday.
I'll get the documents ready.
Remember, it's Thursday.
Until then you should practice
your perfect death.
You can survive only when
you nail acting your death.
Don't forget.
You don't really need to
go outside of this building.
It's only a week.
And this building has
every facility you need.
You need to leave this country.
That's the only option.
No, I won't.
Why not?
I won't leave alone.
If they want to get rid of him too,
please get both of us free.
Eun-ju, I'm okay.
It's very kind of you, but...
I'm nobody.
An extra nobody cares for.
Nobody would care even
if I suddenly disappear.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
Guess my role ends here.
The miserable life nobody cares?
Do you really think so?
Will your barber dad think that way too?
How do you know my father?
He watches every show that
you have the least role in
and prays every day for you
to make it big as actor.
And you think your life is nothing
and are willing to throw it away?
While I lived in your small loft,
I became to have a dream
that I never had for all my life.
I became to realize how
happy and thankful it is
to have someone supporting my dream.
Yes, all thanks to you.
Let's disappear, all three of us!
First message.
9PM tomorrow. 1 million for 2.
Now listen to me.
You, me and Eun-ju...
need to do the performance of our lives.
We have only once chance
to make these clients believe
what they see is real.
Don't you ever forget
that if we can't deceive them,
we'll be eliminated without a trace
from this world by another killer.
How come you didn't come to work
without any notice?
What are you doing?
I'm quitting acting.
Oh, are you?
I've never seen you wearing that.
You bought it?
My memory returned.
Oh, good!
- When did it...
- But...
I guess it is not 100% good thing.
I'm not the one you know.
And I don't think
I should be around...
for your sake.
I believe you'd understand.
Well, I need to go somewhere...
- I am sorry.
- Wait.
Jae-sung, what are you talking about?
I just don't get it.
You say you're leaving?
Just like that?
Then what about shooting?
Can't do it. I have to
take care of an important thing.
What is that?
I didn't know
you're that irresponsible.
I guess this is it for you and me...
I'm really sorry.
I just don't know what to do.
Don't know what kind of person
you used to be before I met you.
But does your memory with me
and my family mean nothing to you?
Do you just remember what you want
and forget whatever bothers you?
I don't care.
Don't care whether you leave or not.
But you really...
disappoint me.
Where is he going?
Where did he go?
Why am I so nervous?
- He's coming, right?
- Yes.
Don't care about killing itself.
I'm just curious to see
her face when she's dying.
Attention, everyone.
Here's the face of someone
stabbed by the one
she trusts and loves most.
I felt shitty being followed by you.
But didn't tell you anything.
Just leave now.
- Who is that?
- Another killer we hired.
Who the hell are you?
You saw it?
You think I did okay?
Don't show your teeth! Focus!
What are you doing here?
- Who the hell is she?
- What is it?
Who is this bitch?
Who let this in?
You called me bitch?
Did you say that?
Hold on.
Wait, Lina.
The crazy bitch!
What the hell?
What are you trying to do now?
You're ignoring me
after your memory returned?
Or what is it? Tell me!
Lina, I'm in the middle of
a very important thing.
What important thing?
That! I will explain later.
And I'm sorry to call you bitch.
- That crazy slut!
- What? Slut?
Hey! I heard it!
Are you gonna swear again?
There is this crazy bitch
in every village...
Hey, you asshole!
Why do you keep calling me bitch?
I'm... sorry.
Don't push!
- You pull out the knife and come in.
- What?
- Can't hear you.
- I'm not talking to you.
- Come in now!
- You talk to me looking in the eyes!
Are they... dead?
Go and check!
You go!
Lina! Please...
It won't be long.
Seems like everyone died!
Give it to me!
As both killers are dead...
we saved the money, too?
And who was that bitch?
What is happening now?
You're hurt! Let me see!
You were stabbed!
No, I wasn't.
We just faked it.
It was just put-up job.
He and I.
I'm fine. Really.
I'll tell you everything later.
You may come out.
Are you alright?
It's all over now.
Good job, both of you.
Are you really okay?
Didn't you get hurt?
I'm really fine. How about you?
You got hit quite a lot...
Oh, I'm fine.
I used to be a good fighter.
So I got hit on purpose.
For this act.
I'm sorry.
But why did you follow me here?
You ask me why?
How can you say that?
Of course because I was worried
you were leaving so suddenly!
Were you worried?
Don't laugh!
I thought you were dead...
- I'm sorry to shock you.
- I hate you.
When you said you were leaving
did you really mean it?
Leaving me forever?
Well, the truth is...
What is the truth?
What the hell?
Anything you didn't tell me yet?
Just shoot it!
What the hell is that?
- The year I was born...
- What?
I'm forty-five.
No way! Look...
When I got my memory back,
I realized how old I was.
I'm really sorry.
You're forty-five... Gosh.
My uncle is forty-five.
One more thing is...
I'm not Jae-sung.
My name is Choi Hyung-wook.
- What?
- Choi Hyung-wook is my name.
I'm speechless.
Is there anything else?
No, I told you everything.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
If you have a kid or
something, better tell me now.
No, never!
I think I told you too
many things at once.
Yes, I'm in a daze now.
Where are you going?
I need to go somewhere really important.
You were right about me.
I'm a crazy bitch.
I'm sorry!
Really sorry.
- You've got an accident?
- No... I'm fine.
Sorry I didn't know.
You know we need to air.
Let's shoot only one sequence, OK?
- Can you do that?
- Sure.
We'll be shooting soon!
Jae-sung, you stand here.
- You two stand...
- I'm sorry.
You stare at her with affections
and turn around to leave.
Let's get ready!
I'm sorry!
Leave! Now!
I know I should leave now...
but I cannot.
Shall we cut here?
No, I don't want to leave.
I want to stand by your side
erasing all my past and memories...
I want to be with you
as the one you've known.
Will you let me do that?
Yes, I will.
What's so funny?
- Hyung-wook, you should see this.
- What?
Granny drew you.
Oh, really?
Let me see...
how our granny drew me.
Which one is me, granny?
This one.
Her drawing is much better than real.
What are you talking about?
He's much more handsome
and looks much younger in real!
What are you talking about?
I still think he is of my age.
Listen, Hyung-wook!
Yes, tell me.
- What were you doing?
- I was trying to focus.
You need to do the action
scene with a new comer today.
- Are you okay with that?
- Oh, sure.
- Look, assistant director!
- Yes!
- Bring him here.
- Yes, sir.
Hello, sir.
I'm Yoon Jae-sung.
- He's the one?
- Yes.
So you decided to act seriously?
I was born to act. I don't
have to be serious after all.
Also I started much earlier than you...
YOU Hai-jin
LEE Joon
CHO Yoon-hee
IM Ji-yeon