Lucknow Central (2017) Movie Script

"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
"I tried every moment, but
That friendship couldn't happen"
"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
"I tried every moment, but
That friendship couldn't happen"
"You feel like an enemy to me"
"And sometimes you seem
To be my heartbeat"
"The thoughts of my broken heart
Seem to be connected with you"
"You feel like an enemy to me"
"And sometimes you seem
To be my heartbeat"
"The thoughts of my broken heart
Seem to be connected with you"
"The eyes will not be separated
From the colorfulness of these dreams"
"The colorfulness of the destination
Will never be away from the paths"
Kishan, come on.
We've got the maestro with us.
He's useless.
Where did you guys get him from?
Wait. Wait.
Sorry sir, I was going to tell you.
Bunch of useless rascals!
Think they can sing.
Go sing on the streets
if you don't have money.
You guys come here without
a penny in the pocket.
Kishan, let's go.
Forget it.
"Whether you break me"
"Leave me in pain"
"Or turn the paths
That were coming towards me"
you're looking amazing.
"Whether you disgrace me
Or accuse me"
"Whether you make me go away from God
And call me an unbeliever"
"And call me an unbeliever"
"These wishes of mine are crazy"
"Like the clouds in the sky"
"If it will pour, this dark
Night will wash away"
"These wishes of mine are crazy"
"Like the clouds in the sky"
"If it will pour, this dark
Night will wash away"
"Dreams can never detach
Itself from the eyes"
"Destination will never
Detach itself from the path"
Tomorrow, there will be concert in the
evening by tollywood singer, Manoj Tiwari.
"Destination will never
Detach itself from the path"
"Destination will never
Detach itself from the path"
Come on, Kishan.
Come on.
"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
-Hello, uncle.
"I tried every moment, but
That friendship couldn't happen"
"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
"I tried every moment, but
That friendship couldn't happen"
"This beauty spot on your fair cheek"
"Kills me"
"This beauty spot on your fair cheek"
"Kills me"
"Your slim waist"
"Kills me"
"Your slim waist"
"Kills me"
"Everything follows"
"When she is passes by the street"
Moradabad's DM is present amongst us.
Please come on stage.
"Everything follows"
"When she is passes by the street"
I am going to give
Manoj sir my CD today.
Here, Kishan. Take a puff.
Don't need it.
Music gets me high.
"Kills me"
"Kills me"
"Your slim waist"
-Thank you.
-Back. Back. Stay back.
-Okay, okay.
-I said stay back.
-Stay back.
-Sir. Sir. Sir.
-Back off.
-Sir, sample CD. Sample CD sir.
-Stay back.
Listen to the CD, sir.
-Manoj sir.
-Come, Manoj sir.
Stay back.
-What CD? Get lost!
-How dare did you throw my CD?
Leave me.
Arrest him! Throw him in jail.
How did you touch it?
Leave me.
We must go to Delhi, Bunty.
Manoj sir is going
to do a live concert.
We'll give him the CD there.
-And, what about the money?
-We'll figure something out.
Lights out!
Lights out!
What's this?
Get up. Get up.
Why do you drink so much?
You couldn't find a mechanic yet.
Hey, look there.
You've been a driver
for all these years.
but, couldn't do a small job.
I will fire you.
That's him.
Hey mister, did your car break down?
-Yes, so?
-Oh my, my.
-Can we give you a lift?
-Thank you.
-Come. Come.
-Get lost! You shameless dog.
Wait! Where are you going?!
Stop you rascal.
I must figure a way
to arrange money.
I must arrange for money.
No one's going to let
me hire a studio for free.
Get the money.
I must figure out a way.
-Father, what are you doing?
-Keep it.
You've been mumbling, "I need money."
I'll figure out something, father.
-You keep it.
-No, you keep it.
Now tell me,
what will you do with this money?
I'll record a song in Delhi.
My posters will be everywhere
along with my band.
We small town people shouldn't
dare to dream big.
Father, the towns may be small,
but dreams have no limit.
What a statement!
On that note,
how about you sing a song for me
-in English?
-I see.
"This is the song of the angel hearted"
"It's my song now and ever."
"I am going to sing forever"
Get that bloody singer.
Hey sir.
What happened?
Come with us. You can complete these
songs in the police station.
-What did I do?
-What's happening?
-That's no way to behave.
-Move aside.
-Let him go.
-I said stay back.
Let my father go!
What has he done?
-He murdered an IAS officer.
-No, father!
-Come down to the police station.
-What are you saying?
No father, I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything, father.
I am innocent, father!
These people are lying!
I haven't done anything.
Leave me.
Isn't that you
and your friend Bunty?
Better speak up now.
Lots of people saw you
threatening the IAS officer on
the night of the concert.
Sir, I was high after
smoking pot
and, Kishan needed some money.
That's all I remember, sir.
Nothing more.
Speak up. Speak up.
-Kishan didn't kill him, sir.
-Let me make it clear, boy.
Or else, you'll be standing
on gallows with Kishan.
Become a witness and say
exactly like I tell you, to the court.
Sir, we had a scuffle with the
IAS officer outside Parwani stadium.
He needed some money.
We saw the IAS officer's
car parked in front.
He took his revenge and the money.
-He picked up an iron rod and...
-What are you saying, Bunty?
-Took him at the back, and
swung the rod really hard.
That never happened, your honor.
-What are you saying, Bunty?
-Be quiet.
Be quiet. Let him speak.
And the officer died on the spot.
-He took his revenge and
-What are you saying, Bunty?
Take him out of the court room.
You are like my Brother.
What are you saying, Bunty?
I said take him out.
Sir, he's lying.
Kishan Mohan Girhotra
is sentenced to life for the murder of
-IAS officer Dilip Kumar.
You guys, wait.
I'll talk to the jailor.
Gayu, we run an NGO.
If we keep getting
involved in your agitation
then someday we'll
get kicked out of here.
This system will never
change without an agitation.
-Just wait and watch what I do.
Who gave permission
to shoot a film in here?
She was the Union
Minister's daughter, ma'am.
-She came here to make a film.
-Show me the letter.
The Minister must have
sent a written letter.
Show me.
The Department or the Administration
doesn't need a written permission.
-Is it?
Relationships thrive on goodwill.
They are prisoners
and not some zoo animals
who you can put
on display for the guests.
And, why are they
kneeling down?
No cheating.
You know what,
go and ask the higher officials.
-Don't ask me.
Better hold on to your seat,
-I am going to take this to the IG.
-Most welcome.
Hey! stand up, stand up.
Camera's are not
allowed in here, madam.
-We'll complain about this.
-Most welcome.
Only palms have lines, madam.
Frowning doesn't suit on your face.
My mother used to say it.
You should try smiling sometimes.
-You look really happy.
-Why shouldn't I?
I am getting a chance to appeal.
My lawyer is coming to see me personally.
One more thing, ma'am.
I can't perform at the
26th January function.
Because I am getting out of here.
-Hey! You come here.
Kishan. Kishan. Here.
-Greetings, brother.
-How are you?
-Great! What about you?
Well, I have a good
news and a bad news for you.
Meaning, you have the water ready
-to put out the fire, after you start it.
-No no.
No fire. But, I can't appeal anymore.
Before I could appeal for you
the IAS officer's family
filed a petition in High Court.
They are demanding death penalty.
But, I requested
the Public Prosecutor.
For a meeting.
Don't be scared, Kishan.
We'll approach every MP,
MLA, and Minister if we have to.
Don't worry.
Don't worry at all.
Brother, please take the matter
to the higher authorities.
"We all say, Happy Birthday to you"
Long live the CM
Long live the CM
-Sir, IG sir.
-Thank you very much.
The traffic arrangements
were just wonderful.
Sir, IG of prisons.
Remember, Lucknow Jail.
All the uniforms look so similar
that it's hard to figure out.
Please, sit down.
Not your fault, sir.
I am sure, Satyanarayan
already had a word with you.
This time, I want to organize
the Prison Band Competition
in Lucknow Central Jail.
Sir, if you could consider
a different place.
Father wants it to
be in Lucknow Central.
We'll invite the Central Ministers
and will
pressurize them, to
allot more funds for jails.
And you want me
to do it somewhere else
instead of Lucknow,
our very own capital.
Sir, the filth from
all over the state
are dumped in Lucknow Central Jail.
We've got some pretty fierce inmates.
This prison band competition which is
being organized for the last 10 years
has seen the least participation
from Lucknow central.
Whereas Naini,
Allahabad, Banaras, Agra.
The number of participants
from these four jails are maximum.
You see, the inmates at Lucknow
central are made of a different DNA.
Then form a band,
that's not a good reason.
Form a band!
What's it called,
where actors pretend
while the singers stand
at the back and sing.
-Lip sync.
-Yes, do that.
Give them a guitar,
a drum and a harmonium.
They will create an
electrifying atmosphere
and Lucknow central
will get popular.
Sir, Lucknow central is
slightly difficult to handle.
There are security concerns, sir.
There's a risk of inmates escaping.
So, the hosting of this festival at
Lucknow central is not a good idea, sir.
Father said it'll
be at Lucknow Central
When and how,
the security is your problem.
You're the in-charge,
so it's your responsibility.
Don't try to sweet talk me.
And if you fail.
I'll transfer
you over to traffic police.
Even the uniform is same.
-Good joke, sir.
-It's not a joke.
I am being honest.
Be serious.
Gayatri, please.
Be patient with him.
And, control your temper.
Of course,
why would I lose my temper.
I meditated in the morning.
Don't worry.
Look, Gayu. You already
have a problem with the system.
We're only worried that
you might see something wrong
-and start yelling.
-I won't scream at the IG.
We'll have a decent conversation.
Come Madam.
Tell the jailor.
Tell the Jailor to
issue orders immediately.
We need a band at Lucknow
central jail, that's all.
What do you mean 'How'?
Just form a band, that's it!
-Sir, Gayatri Kashyap.
Get straight to the point!
Your officers are just pathetic!
Our NGO has done extensive
work in many jails of UP
for reformation of criminals.
And currently,
we're working in Moradabad jail
for the 26th January celebrations.
They allowed a camera in jail, because
she was the Minister's daughter.
Add to it Section 36 and Section 37
'Indiscipline by on-duty SO'
'for flouting norms and
causing agony to convicts.'
Sir, this also reminds
me of Section 29.
Uniform officer giving
physical punishment to convicts.
They made them kneel down, sir.
What is this?
And that SO doesn't even
wear his cap, sir.
Do you.
know music?
What do you mean?
All of a sudden?
Gayatri, sir.
She never listens to anyone.
The IG asked her to make a
band at Lucknow central jail.
But she clearly refused.
She said, "Our job is not
making bands, it's reformation!"
She lost her job,
and we lost our project.
State vs Kishan Mohan Girhotra.
So, you want to move to the High Court?
Yes, sir.
Are you not happy with
the life sentence?
Death is the only justice in
this high-profile case, sir.
There's an outrage in the public.
The victim's family must get justice.
I see. Justice?
You make it sound like,
it's a piece of cake.
Everyone wants a piece of it!
Fine. Go to High Court.
Demand death sentence.
Your honor.
Your honor, demanding death
sentence without evidence is
He's already serving life sentence, sir.
Next hearing.
Your honor.
Please reconsider.
If you could please reconsider.
Your honor. Kishan.
"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
We small town people
shouldn't dare to dream big.
Father, the towns may be small,
but dreams have no limits.
Status quo has changed, ma'am.
For you and for 1821.
Five minutes.
Thank you for coming, madam.
Your lawyer said you wanted to meet.
Look, frankly, there's nothing I can do.
-My job.
-You and I are like parallel lines, madam.
Do you understand parallel?
Parallel lines.
Parallel lines run
parallel to each other
and meet only at infinity, madam.
I didn't understand.
I am talking about meeting at infinity.
Lucknow central.
I am being transferred
to Lucknow central.
And, I know you've received an offer
-to make a band.
-What are you trying to say?
I have a request.
I want you to take up that
offer to form a band.
It will even get you your job back.
You mean, I should help you
to get my job back?
To fulfill my dream.
I always wanted to form a band.
I'll be your first volunteer.
You can't make a band with one man.
It's my job to recruit other people.
-It's not easy to convince them.
-It'll be my job to convince them.
Will they allow you?
That's your job.
This is why I called you here, madam.
"O life, there could not be a mix
Of my colors with your colors"
Take off your clothes.
Turn around.
Front again.
Hands up.
Spread the fingers.
Look down. Dust your hair.
Straighten your neck again.
Open your mouth.
Here. Now go.
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
Ohh, poor guy can't speak.
Mishra put him in the
handicapped section.
Go on, son.
Next. 1821.
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
Can't speak?
Mishra, the guys at Moradabad
haven't mentioned
that he's handicapped.
Then, what's the problem?
-Why aren't you speaking?
Stop troubling the kid.
He's had a long journey.
Must be tired.
Let him rest.
Come, son.
I'll escort you personally.
Let's go.
Did they feed you properly
during the journey?
I hope it wasn't too taxing?
And, if you've any grievances with us
then we have a grievance book.
-Suggestion book.
Suggestion book.
You can write your suggestion.
And we'll deal with it.
You see, we live here like a family.
One family, always together.
Come on.
What happened, son?
What are you thinking?
I get it. You haven't seen
anything like this before.
This is just the beginning.
There's much more to see.
Come, I'll show you.
Come on.
Come. Come.
Come, son.
Careful. Careful.
He's trying really hard.
-Yes, sir.
Is the noose tight enough?
-Super tight, sir.
Why is he struggling so much?
Does he want to say something?
-But, the poor guy can't speak.
-Yeah we've forgotten.
Then, why is he struggling so much?
-Are we making a mistake?
-Tie his hands.
Let's take a look at the
court orders again.
-Yes, here you go.
-What's written.
Sir, the printout has faded.
Sir, I think he's been given a
death sentence.
Are you sure?
Sir, they've demanded.
It's a demand?
It's pending, sir.
-It's confirmed.
-No, sir, it's still pending.
It's confirmed.
Wait, man.
What's written here?
If he's given a death sentence,
and we don't hang him
then the court will come after us.
Then what should we do?
-Yes, sir.
Hang him.
Welcome to Lucknow central.
Mrs Jailor.
You see, I am her prisoner.
Are you married?
-Just a question.
I was surprised to see you.
I mean, you've the figure
of a model. You're educated.
Belonging to a high caste. Kashyap.
-Progressive, sir.
I have a free advice for you.
Find a nice, decent,
guy and get married.
You'll be happy.
You're always spending time in
the company of these criminals.
I don't like that.
They are societal filth,
just like garbage.
Look, my job here is to form a band.
And, prisoner no. 1821 will help me.
I've already presented his
credentials to the IG.
And, you've his orders.
So, please get him out of solitary.
He'll be useful to us.
You're unbelievable, Ms. Gayatri.
These people are no saints,
they won't be a part of your charade.
Ms. Gayatri, this is
Lucknow central jail.
We believe in punishment,
not reformation.
We've already explained you.
The rest is on you and the IG.
Maheshwari, hand me a pen.
I'll sign it.
-How about a betel leaf?
-Right away, sir.
Think about marriage!
How are you?
Are you sure you will
be able to form a band?
Just a week, madam.
Your band will be ready.
You'll be spending the rest of
your life in here, handsome.
We have a new inmate.
Get back inside.
Meal time for 20 minutes.
Listen up. I'm Victor.
Listen. it's dangerous out here.
There's going to be a fight.
Follow me.
-Where are you taking me?
-Don't worry. Come on.
Sit down.
Sit. Don't worry.
Do you recognize him?
Tilakdhaari sir.
He's the CM, PM, in here.
Pour some more.
We know all about you.
Moradabad, murder, high court,
petition for death sentence!
All of it.
He only selects people
according to their calibre.
You're a lucky guy.
Join the group.
What happened?
Pardon me.
This is protection, son. Protection!
I already have protection!
Let's go.
Your first volunteer.
What is this mess?
What is it?
Volunteer for the band.
Hey, what are you doing?
Now entry for volunteer will start.
-Hey what's happening there.
-Let's get out, quickly.
Walk fast!
The jailor had already warned you.
What are you still doing here?
You already signed up. Now go.
Long live India, sir.
Want to talk to your sweetheart?
Victor, make the call for Pali.
Hey, what are you doing?
What happened to the powercut?
-Chaurasia, you rascal.
-Shastri, you scoundrel.
Mishra, your father's a thief.
You bloody.
Five, four, three, two and one.
That's a nice tune you're humming!
Would you like to join the band?
You can at least hum your name.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
Hello, Ms. Gayatri. Please, sit down.
Please sit.
How are you?
What's going on here?
Band nominations. 1821.
It's a struggle, isn't it?
Get them some tea.
Hey handsome.
I've the best arrangement
for releasing your load.
I wanted to speak
to you about the band.
It's a quotation for music instruments.
We need your approval.
What's the point of all this?
CM sir has already sent
invitations from the CMO.
Will your band be ready?
Will 1821 be able to handle it?
Hey, you. Come here.
A tailor can also cut clothes
with his hands.
And, we don't need a blade
Convey this message to your leader.
You too.
-Are you crazy?
-I see.
-You lying.
-Hey, what are you doing?
What are you made of?
You haven't eaten for three days straight
and have been living on water.
Are you planning to die?
I don't want to die.
But, people won't stop
until they kill me.
I'll talk to Tilakdhari, ok.
You can eat this time.
I'll survive on water.
You have this tattoo of
'Religion Rock' on your back.
Are you interested in music?
Are you crazy?
I am talking about food
and you're talking about music.
Have you seen the posters
about the band?
I didn't come here to form a band.
I didn't come here to
form a band either.
The plan is something else.
How are we going to escape?
We'll get certain benefits.
We can plan during practice sessions.
This is a high-security jail.
I want to know, how
are we going to escape?
On the day of the
competition, 15th August.
Independence Day.
That's a good day.
But, how are we going to escape?
There's going to be a function.
Ministers will attend it.
As well as inmates from other jail.
We'll use this opportunity to
disguise ourselves and escape.
Come here.
Is this just an idea
or, have you worked on it?
The IG asked her to form a band
at Lucknow central jail.
But she clearly refused.
It's my dream to make a band.
It's not that easy to make a band.
You dont worry.
I'll be the first volunteer.
I know every corner of the jail.
Number of police officers,
fuse-boxes, everything.
The duration between the power cut
and when the generators
turn back on, is only 15 seconds.
So, why have you chosen me?
First reason, you're
serving a life sentence.
You don't have a choice.
And second, you're an engineer.
You can find technical solutions.
I don't want to get electrocuted.
-What say, Victor?
-Just the two of us?
We've to form a band,
and not a duet singing.
We'll need more guys, lifers.
You find them,
I'll convince them.
-Do it properly.
-Yes, sir.
Dikkat Ansari, 1026.
Loot, half-murder case.
He's been here for a year.
He's the cleaning guy.
From jailor to SO,
and generator to mess
He's allowed to go anywhere.
Loves girls,
but stuck among men.
Wants freedom from here.
Purushottam Madan Pandit, 753.
One of the oldest inmates
of Lucknow Central.
He's the only Pandit, who never
bowed before Tilakdhari.
They both share an old enmity.
What happened?
He's in charge
of the tailoring unit.
He even stitches uniforms
for the police officers.
He wants to go out for
his daughter's wedding
but, his parole's been rejected.
So what do you suggest, should
we get her married here?
You just perform the rituals.
Let's go, Bindiya. Come on.
I said let's go.
Parminder Gill aka Pali, 1414.
His elder brother said that the
contractor is our enemy, kill him.
He didn't think twice
before killing him.
It's a love story too.
His sweetheart is outside
and he's inside.
He tried to escape many times,
but failed.
And you know all about me.
I was an electrical engineer.
but I work as a plumber out here.
Even as an electrician.
Bulb, fuse, any electric work.
They call me for all these jobs.
Long live India.
Let's begin.
Sign on the nomination tomorrow.
Look, you see. Don't mind.
But your idea is a little dicey.
You get the others,
I am already in.
I won't get out of an umbrella
until I am not sure,
there's a roof on my head.
Walk fast.
How many times I've told you,
I've a sweater.
Why do you get worry so much?
And tell me, what else?
Don't you worry.
After talking to you,
I feel all right.
there are mosquitoes in the jail.
Switch on the light!
Mishra, your father's a thief.
At least send a lantern.
Pali, die you scoundrel.
Who the hell abused me?
Get lost.
I don't want to escape.
You'll be selling adult magazines
for the rest of your life in here.
Doesn't matter.
It's better than the
jailor whooping my ass.
Brother Dikkat.
Are you going to shoot your load in
Lucknow central for the rest of your life?
Once you get out of here, then
no more theory only practical.
Dewdrops can't quench your thirst.
Hey, pigeons, stop talking.
Yes, sir.
You go.
Hey, 1821. Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
I told you son.
It's for your protection.
Come see me.
Barrack number nine.
Prisoners report to their barracks
to rest for one hour.
Pandit is the leader
of the Tailoring Unit.
No. 753.
That's the only unit which is
still not under my command.
And, all thanks to that Pandit.
Now do one thing.
Tell him that you want to work with him.
He stays back even after
the tailoring period.
Take care of him.
What do you mean?
Press harder.
You will be checked.
Hey, wait.
Raise your hands.
Open your mouth.
Go on.
-Looking for a job.
-Do you know how to stitch?
My uncle was a tailor.
Ok, stitch and show me.
Can you change the station?
Taal Keherwa.
"What's the state of my heart,
How should I tell you"
"What's the state of my heart,
How should I tell you"
"One face has."
"One face has looked at me
With too much love"
"Whats the state of my heart."
You didn't say I can't stitch one.
Fine, get to work.
You know what,
pick up that piece of cloth
and stitch a dozen. Ok?
"One face has looked at me
With too much love"
I'll make sure it doesn't hurt.
Terelin did it alone.
I wonder what he's up to?
He should've returned by now.
Arriving on time is
an old habit of mine.
But I got a little delayed
this time, my apologies.
Someone's maligned my reputation.
I thought I'll wash it in the water.
I, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan.
-And myself.
-Kancha, who lives in a glass palace.
I've met you before.
When I was a kid, I used to clean your car.
With a cloth.
And now, you want to get in my clothes.
No, no, no!
I want to put on some clothes.
Here you go, boy.
Eat some more.
Donkey, where?
That side, for some green grass.
To eat fresh grass.
All the inmates on laundry duty,
get to the washer room.
1821 looks shrewd.
There's more to him than meets the eye.
-Keep an eye on him.
-Yes, sir.
You can't do a simple job.
But, you want to talk to your darling.
You were scared out there.
And you want to talk to your darling.
Bloody coward!
You're good for nothing.
You want to talk to your darling?
No one else should know
about this other than us.
And remember, don't break
each other's trust
and don't suspect each other.
By the way
-that big guy learned his lesson.
-He'll never show his face again.
He was scared stiff.
Hey, Pali.
Who Pali?
Which Pali?
-What Pali?
-I am Pali.
-I want to join the band too.
-We need only four members for the band.
There's four of us.
-Then I'll kill one.
-We don't need you.
But I do, Panditji. Like I said,
I want to join the band.
Pali, we are not talking about
changing truck's stepney.
This is about music.
-You need talent for that.
-I know how talented you guys are.
I don't want to spend
the rest of my life
licking Tilakdhari's feet.
I am not going to talk to my
sweetheart on the phone anymore.
We're going to talk face to face.
Person to person.
Once I am out of the jail.
I can make wooden keys.
Tell me, will you let me join the band?
I said we don't need you.
You can tell anyone about us.
We're not scared.
Keys to the lock.
"Convey to the dear friend"
"The condition of the disciples"
"Convey to the dear friend"
"Without thee, even sleeping under
A quilt is like a disease and"
"Like living in a house amongst snakes"
"Convey to the dear friend"
I've been singing at religious
events, since I was a kid.
So, will you let me join now?
1414, Parminder Gill.
753, Purshottam Pandit.
1026, Dikkhat Ansari.
1759, Victor Chattopadhyay.
And, Kishan Mohan Girhotra, 1821.
Here it is sir. The band
from Lucknow Central.
So, the band's ready.
Let's hear something.
-Sir, there was once a parrot...
What kind of a man are you?
-Yes, sir.
Bring their instruments!
-But sir, they haven't practiced yet.
-I know.
But let's see whether they
have any scope, or not.
-Don't you have a saxophone?
-How do you play this thing?
-Blow here.
This side.
Panditji, hold it straight.
Not like that.
-Have you played this thing before?
Wait. It'll start from there.
Come on.
Which song?
Nadeem Shravan.
-Taal Deepchandi.
-Deepchand, who?
-What are you talking about?
-What are you talking man?
Micheal Jackson.
Something in Punjabi, please.
"Foreigner, foreigner, don't go"
"Don't go and leave me"
"Foreigner, my friend,
Keep your promise!"
"Remember me, don't somehow forget!"
"Foreigner, foreigner, don't go"
"Don't go and leave me"
Really great. Good.
-Practise hard, ok.
-Yes, sir.
Practice more.
It's just the first day, so.
With your permission,
can I say something, sir?
Go on.
This band, it's just a sham.
They are planning something else.
These five are going to escape.
God knows what's going on in there.
What do you think?
That jailor must be suggesting
new ways for torturing us.
Like, will they be
hanging us upside down
or make us lie down.
He's just guessing. He doesn't know.
1026, Dikkat Ansari.
He works as a cleaner here.
He's allowed in every room.
Meaning, getting an
imprint of every lock
is easy for him.
1414, Pali. He works in
the Fabrication Unit.
He'll make a key with Dikkat's imprint.
753, Pandit. He's got a
direct involvement, sir.
He works in the Tailoring Unit.
He can supply them with clothes
to disguise themselves.
-1759, Victor.
-He was an engineer, sir.
Did I ask you?
No, right?
He's an engineer, sir.
He'll give them technical solutions.
And, in the end
Madam's very own fanboy
Her favorite, 1821.
Kishan Girhotra, sir.
I've had our eyes on him
since he got here, sir.
I assure you, he's the
mastermind of this entire plan.
Think about it, sir.
Four inmates, serving life sentence
and one, with a death sentence,
it's the perfect plan.
Sir, these are just assumptions.
I've been handling this
jail for 15 years, sir.
I can even tell you the
number of cobwebs
in every corner of this jail.
Brother, take my advice, let's surrender.
We'll tell jailor about the plan.
This way, our punishment
won't be too severe.
-Are you crazy?
-I am going to tell, Sir.
Listen to me. You'll be safe.
I made this band.
If anyone gets punished for
this, then it'll be me.
Have faith.
Yeah? Yeah!
He's watching.
Sir, again I'm telling you,
these are just assumptions.
Did anyone ask for your advice?
Do I look stupid?
Go home, get married and settle down.
Start a family.
You've no business here.
Don't you dare dismiss me like that!
Even I don't believe in this band.
-But, I believe in reformation.
-What reformation, madam?
This is a jail.
They are prisoners.
They are here to serve their sentence
and not turn over to a new leaf.
I've seen prisoners turn over to a
new leaf. Give them one chance.
What chance, sir?
Should we allow them to escape?
This band is just an excuse.
They are not going to learn any music.
They are planning to escape
from here, I assure you.
If that's the case,
then I'll vouch for them.
They will learn music
-and I'll teach them.
-Shut up!
Security is your responsibility, right?
Yes, sir.
Then, do your job.
Or, should I start thinking
about transferring you into traffic police.
-Even the uniform's same.
-I apologize sir.
And listen, you.
Pay attention to the music.
These agitations can
put your job at risk.
It's done. Your band has been formed.
Lucknow central.
-Practice, ok.
-Yes, sir.
Aren't you getting too
involved with this band?
It'll change the lives of five people.
And, I've challenged that jailor too.
I am going to teach them music.
So, shall we start?
-Are you Bengali?
How will you teach us music?
We don't have to learn Bengali.
Yes, please begin.
Panditji, shall we begin with you?
Re... Ok.
He sings well.
-I had told you to let me kill him.
-Very good.
First, explain to me why we need this?
Well, the jailor's
getting too suspicious.
We'll just pretend, that's all.
"Hey, remember the theory
of Thomas Edison"
"Remember the theory of Thomas Edison"
"Light that bulb in your head
Don't waste your time"
"Remember the theory of Thomas Edison"
"Light that bulb in your head
Don't waste your time"
"This is the formula, brother
Try you best"
"This is the formula, brother
Try you best"
"Be positive and pick up
The pieces of your heart"
"Pick up the pieces of your heart"
"Forget all your worries
And shake a leg"
"And leave the rest to God"
There are too many keys?
Once again.
It also has drums.
I can't do it. No.
You'll get it, Panditji.
You will.
Madam, we must change the method.
"It's a simple thing,
Don't confuse yourselves"
"This is my suggestion,
Don't lose your temper at all"
"Failure is the first step to success"
"Every failure has a special ability"
"Falling down and getting
Back up again is an art"
-First, take a look.
"When you finish, it's also
Beginning of something new"
-What happened?
I am going to show
you something amazing.
It'll drive you crazy.
Come on.
Wow. Very nice.
-I am really happy.
-I am still trying to perfect it.
You should dance like
this at the main wall.
Where is the resistor?
Do... re... mi...
Sir, these locks are rusty.
Change it.
Takes time to clean them.
Get lost! Start cleaning.
"Use Graham Bell's phone
To call up your fate"
"Hang up after saying
I'll never give up"
"Show your courage
Say your intentions"
-Wow, Panditji.
-Not wow.
"Be positive, collect
All your tears in a bucket"
"Collect all your tears in a bucket
Collect all your tears in a bucket"
Are you going to turn
the entire jail dark?
You're so ambitious.
Let me turn off this section first.
Hey Tilakdhari.
Wait a minute.
-Let's go.
-What are you doing?
-Tilakdhari, you bloody beggar.
-Wash your hands, Tilakdhari.
Who abused me?
"Forget all your worries
And shake a leg"
"And leave the rest to God"
We stay awake while
they sleep. It's not good.
Do... re... mi... fa...
Let's wake them up.
Check inside four number room.
"Forget all your worries
And shake a leg"
Check that corner.
"Forget all your worries
And leave rest to God"
Can you do it so quickly?
Guys, my mind's working like lightning.
All I can think about is the
happiness after I am free.
Me too, Panditji.
I'll catch a Duronto and straight
to Kolkata. To see my father.
First, he'll be angry.
He'll hit me.
Well, he has the right.
I've troubled him so much.
But, he's my father after all.
I'll convince him.
Then straight to Bhutan with him.
I've heard their happiness
Index is the highest.
Even I will take my
sweetheart Veera somewhere.
Not Bhutan, but either South
or Gujarat. Somewhere far.
Won't you guys have sex?
He'll catch the Duronto.
You'll travel down to south.
Have pity on yourselves.
If you get cursed.
Then all your plans will be foiled.
Oh stupid!
What is your plan, brother?
Plan is to escape.
But, my dream is to form a band.
My very own band.
Once I get on stage, I'll give
everyone else a run for their money.
Huge crowd.
People clapping in sync,
and screaming just one name.
Kishan! Kishan! Kishan!
The jailor's called all of you.
How's your practice going on?
Good. Good.
So, sing something for me.
What the hell.
You don't need the instruments.
You are practicing enough, aren't you?
-Shoot them.
-But, I don't have a gun, sir.
-I meant with a camera. Shoot a video.
-Yes, sir.
-Almost, sir.
Do you know how
to do it?
There's a small dot,
just slide that and
It will switch to video mode.
-Done, sir. Ready.
Now, we'll take this
video to the opposition.
Make an issue out of it.
And then will shut this band.
Will prove that you're all failures.
Start now.
Come on, start.
But, we've only learned Do Re Mi.
So, let's sing that.
"Do Re..."
"Fa... so... la..."
"Do... re... mi..."
Why wait for anyone?
"Do Re..."
Lets start the celebrations
"Fa... so... la..."
Why wait for anyone?
Lets start the celebrations
As the beat slowly picks up
"Were going to sway
Well shake a leg to the beat
"When they play a song that's super
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Partying on the rooftop
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Partying on the rooftop
After a few pegs down
"The heart beats
Aloud like a woofer
"The heart beats
Aloud like a woofer
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
"Do... re... mi..."
"Do Re..."
"Do... re... mi..."
"Fa... so..."
Weve got style and attitude
Treating scooter like a Ferrari
All set to drop to beat
Sir, do you get the hint?
Its true what I say, but
Don't let the secret leak
Time for less talk and more work
Were going to break out of the cage
No more staying cooped
Up in this prison
Amongst zeros,
Zero is the leader
If we win,
They will call us cheater
Were burning our blood
Like the midnight oil
Once we're free,
Well fly away like free bird
Once we're free,
Well fly away like free bird
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Partying on the rooftop
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Partying on the rooftop
After a few pegs down
"The heart beats
Aloud like a woofer
The heart beats
Aloud like a woofer
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
We keep singing
As the sun goes down
The party looks brighter now
The entire town looks
Like they are high
But our heart seems down
I am scared, my livers
Going to give up sooner or later
Stop singing.
Stop this charade.
Come on.
Stop making a commotion.
Come on.
Don't look around.
Keep walking straight.
"Re... mi... do"
"Re... mi... do"
"Do... re... mi..."
"Fa... so..."
"Do... re... mi...
"Do... re... mi... Do"
"Fa... so..."
"Do... re... mi... Do"
"Fa... so..."
"Do... re... mi... Do"
"Fa... so..."
-Come on.
-Get back inside.
Get back in.
-Get back in.
-What are you looking at?
-Get back in.
-What are you looking at?
-Get back in.
I wanted to thank you, sir.
We're all big failures, sir.
Ramanajun said,
'Zero has no value alone.'
Almost non-existent.
But, if you associate
it with a number
its value increases.
-You turned us into one too.
-What nonsense.
I sang and danced at a lot of places sir.
Weddings, birthdays,
Council offices, fields
but, I could never form a band.
I tried really hard, but couldn't do it.
You see, you don't need
instruments to make a band.
All you need are people,
who can sing in tune?
You just did that, sir.
You made us sing in sync.
You made us worth something.
Thank you.
-Lock them up.
Hey. Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You were amazing, Kishan.
You were amazing, buddy.
It was Madam.
Did we really make a band?
Did you see?
Panditji, Victor, Dikkat.
They sang, they danced.
Madam is amazing.
Are you happy or worried?
What do you mean?
Brother, band or freedom?
To hell with that Gayatri Kashyap.
She's disrupting my quiet life.
-On the rocks.
IG sir and CM sir, have
lost their mind too.
They want to make
Lucknow central band
in Lucknow central jail.
-That was sister-in-law, sir.
-Why are you worried?
-Sorry, sir.
-I asked you to make a video.
-I did, sir.
Make it viral on the internet.
-Do you know how it's done?
-Yes, sir. Whatsapp, Viber.
Facebook, email, etc. everywhere.
Let everyone know, we've got a bunch
of jokers in Lucknow central jail.
And creating a ruckus
in the name of music.
The prisoners are revolting.
Let everyone know.
Now there's going to be a commotion.
There will be an upheaval.
Now, I'll call the shots
and they will listen.
-Hey come here.
-That's our Kishan.
How can someone sneak a phone inside?
Security is your responsibility, right?
Well, meet me at the CM's residence.
-Hello, sir.
-Not now, I am busy.
Are you married?
You see, I was a little surprised.
Married man with children
and family, having a good life.
And, this is how you behave.
What's it called, petty.
What's your problem?
Five people will turn
over to a new life
They'll make some achievement in life.
-What do you stand to lose?
-I lose my pride.
It took me 15 years to make it,
can't lose it so easily.
Lucknow central jail is my fortress.
And we look after 5000 inmates.
And the ones you're
supporting, are not humans.
They are sheep. Criminals.
That's their identity
and it's going to stay that way.
They still have to make an
identity for themselves.
-We'll see, Gayatri. We'll see.
-We'll see.
Let's go.
It was a mistake, sir.
I'll sort this out immediately.
We'll take corrective
measures right away.
We'll ask the band members
to give a statement
that they are severely punished inside.
And, we'll assure the victim's family
that they will have
maximum security inside
so that they dont face any problems.
That's exactly what I don't want.
I don't want that.
If you can't understand politics
then, at least try to
understand the game plan here.
Do you have any idea how
viral is this MMS getting?
Sir, Youtube 20,000 hits.
-Mobile viral spread, one million.
-And counting.
And the credit will go to? Me.
I created that band.
Everyone's saying that "The youth
Minister has a modern thinking".
"He's implemented
progressive ideas in jail."
Facebook, retweet, likes,
Twitter. What is it?
-Sir, trending.
And, plus I have a proposal.
I'll tell Donald Trump in America
that send your inmates to Uttar Pradesh.
We'll reform them and send them back.
Now, that's called progress.
Let me get a little popular,
What is your problem?
Just a handful of people are
criticizing me. So let them.
Sit down.
Remember one thing.
This band must win.
And, lip sync won't work now.
I want a mind blowing performance.
It should echo from
Lucknow central to all over the state.
My reputation is riding on them.
Don't forget this.
And in exchange,
give them anything they want.
Make them heroes.
I just don't understand
why the color of your uniform
and the traffic police is same.
-Would you like some drinks?
-Can we?
Take it. Take it.
Don't worry. Take it.
Sir, if we can get one
of your betel leaf.
Sir, 100 rupees.
-100 rupees.
Of course,
you'll get that too.
Do a good job, practice hard
and turn this into an awesome band.
You must win this
competition at any cost.
Yes, sir.
And, in return,
you'll get anything you want.
But sir.
Anything, sir?
Look, your case is very high profile.
We cannot release you.
But, you'll get anything you want.
Except for freedom.
Think about it.
I've decided.
See you, Panditji.
Sir, 1821 didn't ask for
anything for himself.
"O traveler"
"O traveler"
"O traveler"
"O traveler"
"O traveler"
"O traveler"
"Your destination has faded"
"Yet the paths are benevolent"
"O leader of the caravan"
"I am following in your footsteps"
"I hope there's a blessing in my fate"
"O leader of the caravan"
"Take me along"
"Where the night dissolves
Into the day again"
"O leader of the caravan"
"O leader of the caravan"
These are Kishan's poems.
The child comes home after
committing a murder.
Looks happy and talks to me.
And sleeps peacefully.
Is that possible?
It's murder, not copying from chits.
You feel really bad, right?
There was a writer, Orson Welles.
He once wrote, "No one gets justice.
"All you get is good luck
or bad luck."
"Stop O heart, stop here"
Here's all the evidence.
The truth is, Gayatri, the police
haven't found any evidence.
Except for this eyewitness account.
"A few miles together"
"And then we'll separate forever"
"If we flow along with the river"
"The shores never meet"
-Signor Chattopadhyay.
-He doesn't live here anymore.
He shifted to an old age
home in Baliganj.
"I am following in your footsteps"
"I hope there's a blessing in my fate"
There's a headline in the village.
Pali has been released.
"O leader of the caravan"
My brother's have taken
out the, 303 rifle.
Ready to take a bullet from them too.
I saw your video.
It was nice.
"Where the night dissolves
Into the day again"
I waited for you.
How much I could.
They got me married.
I can still run away with you.
I can even give up my life for you.
But what about him, Pali?
Go away, Veera.
Go away.
Go away!
"O leader of the caravan"
"O leader of the caravan"
"O leader of the caravan"
Sorry, dad.
I am really sorry.
I am really sorry.
Tell Victor, that his
father's remembering him.
Father, Victor.
-Look here. Victor, Victor.
Victor hasn't arrived yet.
"O leader of the caravan"
It's 5, Victor hasn't arrived yet.
Will you please tell him?
The neighbors have given him
an appropriate name.
Be quiet.
-He's your brother.
-Why did he have to come home?
Be quiet.
We have a reputation.
-Dikkat. Son.
-Let him go, mother.
-Let him go, mother.
-Son, listen to me.
-Listen to me.
-Let him go.
What will you get from escaping, father?
If you run now, you'll be
running for the rest of your life.
I thought you made a band.
I thought you've changed.
Your name has been printed on this.
Bindiya Pandit, daughter of
Shiv Purushottam Pandit.
I printed this with pride.
And, you're thinking about running away.
Even I want to taste freedom.
It's been 12 years.
If a frog jumps out of a well and into
the gutter, will you call that freedom?
"Stop O heart, stop here"
"Stop O heart, stop here"
"My life is like a storm on the raging sea"
"There was a house of mine,
Down this path"
It's whose, looming evil eyes.
Which shattered my life.
"The dreams of caravan"
"Which got seared
And disappeared"
"O traveler"
"Your destination has faded"
"I hope there's a blessing in my fate"
Everyone knows the truth
about that night
but no one's saying anything.
IAS officer had an enmity
with the local MLA, and
Quiet, Bunty.
Be quiet.
You won't say a word.
Look madam, you've permission
to question him.
but Bunty hasn't be ordered to
answer them. That's his civil right.
Maybe you don't know.
It's his own band.
That was his dream, isn't it?
I am sure you know.
"The heart beats
Aloud like a woofer
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Think about it, Bunty.
Your silence might,
silence Kishan's forever.
Take him inside.
Greetings, Panditji.
End of parole?
Were you happy to see your family again?
-What is this?
-But, that will be against the rules.
-Please allow one.
For my brother inside.
Just for him.
Kishan, 1821.
Panditji, I had fun.
What about you?
-Fine. Go on.
Come out, everyone.
It was really fun.
I met my family.
My daughter.
Victor, what about you?
Good. Good.
I took my father to
Salt Lake Stadium.
Took him to see a football match.
We went fishing,
well that's it.
I even saw a film.
It was nice.
I see.
Veera got married.
She left me.
We all lied.
There's nothing out there for us.
Did you go to Moradabad?
I met your father, the IAS
officer's family, Bunty.
I wanted to know the truth.
What happened that night, Kishan?
What happened that night, Kishan?
What happened that night?
Why do you want to know,
what happened that night?
No one bothered to ask me in two years?
Neither the police nor the court.
I was only told. Kishan,
this is what happened that night.
"Kishan, you murdered a
IAS officer that night.
and this is your punishment!"
Life imprisonment and
maybe death sentence.
That's the truth, madam.
I am not innocent.
Because the court thinks I am guilty.
End of story.
I am guilty.
My crime was I dreamt big.
How can the son of Moradabad's
librarian, make a band?
I recorded my own CD.
And, I went to meet the
biggest singer with that CD.
Maybe dreams are taxable too, madam.
Don't be sad for me.
You won't get anything.
You see, I'll never get justice.
No one gets justice, Kishan.
You either get good luck or bad luck.
Don't worry, madam.
My good luck begins now.
1414 and 1759
report to the control room.
Room no. five in the Admin Block
has have been reserved
for Lucknow central.
And, the people from Agra, Varanasi,
Naini, will stay in the other rooms.
And remember,
the entire Admin Block
will be under the supervision
of Central Police.
Don't try to act smart.
If you try to act smart,
anything at all.
You'll be shot.
Now go.
Doesn't matter which
room we're kept in.
We have the key.
We'll step out in police uniforms.
I'll turn the power off
from the fuse box.
It will take 15 seconds for the
generator to turn back on.
By that time we'll jump over
the wall, to the other side.
-Then, the main wall.
-It's surrounded by electric fences.
Here again I'll require the resistor.
The current will turn off, game over.
And, we all will go our own ways.
Oh no, look.
Shastri, Chaurasia.
Put new locks everywhere in jail.
Don't leave a single spot.
Admin Block, Barrack, everywhere.
New locks.
We're in deep trouble.
Days of hard work, gone to waste.
What now, Kishan?
Meal time. 20 minutes.
Let's go eat.
When he should be eating,
he survives only on water.
Now that we're in trouble, he's eating.
Maybe he's in shock.
Finish your meal quickly.
There's going to be a scuffle.
How dare you.
Let go.
Move. Move.
-Sir, he started it.
-Yes, I did.
And I'll do it again
and keep doing it!
Leave me.
Oh boy,
you've grown a pair.
Put them in solitude.
Keep them there, till the function.
Yes, sir.
Get in.
Close it down.
Close it down.
What are you?
All this hard work, just
get thrown in solitude?
I am saying something.
-Stay back! back!
-What a screwed up person.
I knew it, I knew.
I knew that the jailor
would try something.
But, what is this?
What are you trying to do?
That's why I kept another plan ready.
What is this?
-Are we going to escape from here?
-No. Not from here.
This is Block B, Window 12.
It opens straight to the yard.
There. Up there,
we have to climb.
Smart ass.
-What a great idea.
-Come, Panditji.
Hello and welcome, friends.
Welcome to JailHouse Rock 2017.
Let's have an applause.
There's going to be a blast
amongst five guys.
I hope you will all
enjoy today's evening.
So to begin the program
I would like to call on
stage, Allahabad Band.
Allahabad Band!
"Please fill my lap,
O Prophet Mohammed!"
"I wont go back empty handed"
CM sir is arriving in 5 minutes.
Please inform the jailor.
All police officials
assemble at the main gate.
What say, Chaurasia?
How about a bet?
Want to make a quick buck?
One pigeon,
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Partying on the rooftop
"I breathe in the name of Lord Ali"
"I breathe in the name of Lord Ali"
It's impossible to run with
such tight security, sir.
"After clouded liquor in my body,
I become king of my heart"
After the explosive performance
of Allahabad Band
I would like to call Varanasi Jail Band.
"Oh my queen,
If you say so I will give you my life"
-Is Lucknow going to lose or win?
-Lucknow's going to win.
I'll bet my 200 rupees on Varanasi.
Wow, this is amazing.
Sir, they are practicing inside.
"Oh queen,
if you say so I will give you my life"
-Check the solitary.
-Yes, sir.
Pay attention to prisoner no.
1821. Keep an eye on him.
Two pigeons, three pigeons
Sir, that hurts the eye
Where's the fifth one?
You scared me.
Practice as much as you want, guys.
Don't embarrass yourselves.
I made a bet with Shastri.
Ok. Practice.
What a performance!
That was mind-blowing.
Please give them a huge
round of applause.
You've been working here for so long.
Didn't you ever want to be the jailor?
And now, I would like
to call the Agra Band.
The current jailor isn't letting go.
How will I get a chance?
"London or Lanka"
Hello. Yeah, Shastri.
Hello, Shastri.
Those pigeons aren't going
anywhere. Come back.
Would you like to bet more money?
I've already made it clear to them.
I won't let them humiliate me.
Prisoner no. 1821, will fulfill
his dream before he's hanged.
What do we do?
"Convey to the dear friend"
"The condition of the disciples"
Come on.
Pali, what's this?
Panditji, Punjabi's
blood and turban
have always been saving innocent lives.
Yes, sir.
I'll check. yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Hello, Shastri.
I am coming.
Shastri, can you hear me?
-We'll still need the resistor.
-You guys get to the fuse box.
I'll get the resistor.
"Come, lets take a selfie"
Sir, IG sir and CM sir are calling you.
-Tell them I am coming.
-Right, sir.
Hey, stay alert!
"Not slowly, shout it out loud!"
"Take it, take it, take it"
"Whoever you meet, a known person or a
stranger, embrace him"
-Long live India, sir.
-Where are you going?
Jailor sir, sent me to get
Lucknow central's band instruments.
-Let him go.
-Fine, go.
Long live India, sir.
Sir, he's the Superintendent
of Naini central jail.
How can I help you?
Well, during the transfer
our drum set got damaged.
It's a request, if we can
get your band's drum set.
-Your performance is anyways later.
After Agra's explosive performance
I would like to call Naini jail band.
Please welcome with a huge round of
applause, the Naini jail band.
Not a problem.
Give them the drums.
Go get it.
There used to be a prisoner,
called Shukla in your prison.
-Madan Shukla.
-Yes, him.
He's too hot-headed,
the entire jail is fed up of him.
Transfer him to Lucknow central,
we'll handle him.
Of course.
-What's wrong?
-It's very heavy, sir.
Go on.
See you.
What happened, sir?
-Keep it down.
-Sir, we have a performance.
-Borrow it from someone else.
-Keep it down.
-I said it's not possible, keep it down.
Keep it down.
Bring the rest.
Give me a sharp tool.
Will this do, sir?
What's going on there?
Sir, did you send someone
to fetch Lucknow central's instruments?
Please lend us your drum set,
our drum set.
Get lost!
How much longer
is this going to take?
Open the door.
Chaurasiya. Chaurasiya.
Come in.
Pali, do you see the jeep?
Hurry up.
-Seal every corner of the jail.
-Sir, five seconds, only.
-Doesn't matter.
I am right here.
Go on.
Come on.
Just do as I say.
-Mishra, those five pigeons escaped.
-Come on.
-Just the last wall left.
-Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
We reached.
Hurry up.
Don't look back, Kishan.
What are you saying, Panditji?
Let's go.
Kishan, get out of here. Go.
Don't worry about us.
We came this far only for you.
You must carry on alone.
Come on, hurry up guys.
What are you saying?
We have quit our plan of escaping
When we came back from parole.
We were going to tell you
but then, we found out you're innocent.
Now go.
We cannot come with you.
Go, Kishan. Go.
-Kishan go.
-Get out.
Turn all lights on the
outside. Shoot at sight.
-Shoot at sight.
-Sir. Sir.
You wanted him to make an identity?
He'll get an identity of an escapist.
-Go Kishan. Go.
-What are you doing?
What are you guys saying?
We were supposed to get
out of here together.
-Sir, can we talk, please.
-We'll talk, don't worry.
-After I shoot them.
-Sir, Kishan Girhotra is innocent.
-Please go take your seat.
-Sir, please. Please.
-I said go.
-Sir, please. Please.
Don't worry about us.
We're serving life sentence,
but you've got a death sentence.
Your freedom is on the other side.
Come on.
Why are you guys doing this?
Only one more wall to go.
There's nothing on the other
side of the wall for us.
Earlier, we were just another prisoner.
But now, people know our names.
Go on.
Get out.
My daughter printed my name
on her wedding card.
All thanks to this band.
Veera got married, Kishan.
The last time when we met, she only smiled
once when she spoke about the band.
You, and this band,
gave us an identity.
Forget about us, bro.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Go, go, go. Go on, bro.
Friends, now the last
performance of the evening.
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Lucknow central!
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
Huge crowd.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
People clapping in sync.
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
And screaming one name
-Kishan. Kishan.
-Kishan. Kishan.
Kishan, you murdered that
IAS officer that night.
Son of Moradabad librarian.
How can he form a music band.
My plan is to escape.
But, my dream is to form a band.
Don't think, brother.
If they catch us now,
they will hang you.
Come on.
Come on.
I cannot do it.
This place is for criminals,
and, we're criminals.
But, you're innocent.
Kishan, remember
Band or freedom!
Shall I blow it?
Shall I blow it?
Blow it!
Is this an entry effect?
This is going to be fun.
I hope, Its something amazing.
Let's see.
"As I let my dreams"
It felt like
"I am walking on the clouds
"I am walking on the clouds
Because I feel like
Thank you, Lord
Lord, make it rain
"Fill my courtyard
With droplets of rain"
Lord, make it rain
"Fill my courtyard
With droplets of rain"
"I say it, say it"
"I say it, say it"
My heart says
My heart says
"My dreams have broken
All boundaries and flown away
"And flown away
"Because Lord has given
Wind beneath my wings"
Wind beneath my wings
I am going to fly
I am going to fly as my blood boils
My heart says.
My heart says.
"I say it, say it"
"I say it, say it"
My heart says
I am going to fly as my blood boils
-Thank you.
-O Lord"
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
Fate has smiled on us once again
"We've finally found our worth"
Benevolence, Its your benevolence
Youve assessed gems from stones
The pain has given us assurance
Benevolence, Its your benevolence
My Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you.
-O Lord
-A thousand times.
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you.
-O Lords
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you.
-O Lord
A thousand times"
"I say it, say it"
"I say it, say it"
My heart says
My heart says
I am going to fly as my blood boils
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times.
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord"
-A thousand times.
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord
-Thank you
-O Lord
-A thousand times
-Thank you, Lord"
No, no.
That was awesome.
Awesome, and so was your band.
That was really entertaining.
Very entertaining.
Sir, with your permission
we would like to say few words.
Of course.
-Get the mic? cordless.
I was going to escape today.
My friends accompanied
me to the outer wall.
When I got there,
I thought this is my dream.
My very own band.
How can I run from my own dream?
It's inevitable.
That I follow it.
I just realized one more thing.
People can be confined,
but not their dreams
Not music.
I got what I wanted, sir.
Love. Respect.
Friends, music, and,
I am ready for any punishment.
You should be punished.
Sir, I told you that
they are planning to escape.
At least they tried.
They should be punished.
Yes, they should be punished.
You're right.
Since you've committed a crime
you'll have to face punishment.
But tell me one thing,
Signor Shrivastav.
Who was responsible for their security?
Who was responsible for their security?
Mine, sir!
Life's in shit,
But you've still got pride.
Even the color of your uniform is same.
Do you remember something, IG sir?
You've won my heart.
You've won my heart.
Thank you.
Chaubey, Call for it
Get that trophy.
Brother, I made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
I was scared.
I was scared.
He didn't do it.
On the basis of Bunty Rastogi's testimony
and lack of evidence
the Court believes
Kishan Mohan Girhotra is innocent.
And order the Police to
release him immediately.
And, also order Moradabad police
to start reinvestigating about
IAS Officer Dinesh Kumar's murder case.