Luckunnodu (2017) Movie Script

If I commit a crime, there is no evidence
The commission is loose
I've been giving my witness to the commissioner
It was a mistake
Ugly mistake
I do not like his personality
how's that?
Great, right?
how's that?
Was it upset?
That's the evidence
call Antony
tell him to come to guest house
Drink coffee
What's next? What's JK?
What do you do with the pictures on paper?
This is what is reserved
And what is the reservation?
Thousands are thrown to 1000
It's worth JK
absolutely right
God is in the picture
Even in the Devalaya, God is God
It's just the same thing
Even if it's soft. Tlunat
Money is money
The value does not change
Great, JK, this is it
I do not know what the government is saying
Do not get it, JK
Have you seen the news of November 8 in the night?
Talk about money
What's JK's story?
Old money
I took old money from every bank
New money
For the new money of the banks
People are turning around the banks
RBA sends out new money and sends it to the banks
According to our information
At that time, you will be bringing 25 crores down the road
What happened?
Induction of the Zoom header section
JK Anthony talks
There are about 25 billion in your plan
Then you come to our right and come to our guest house
Go to the left, go to the right,
Next I'm not a driver
You're the planner
That's what I did
This time instead of a part
He loved everything
Anthony does a wrong
Our trade is JK
Goodbye forever
This is JK's pride
Everybody a Happy Year
But I do not have a year
Still not understood?
Come on
I'll tell my story
Oh, Lucky
The pizza here on the ground
Your bed with your burger is over
And what about the sleeping pills?
Without expensive cyanide
And Billetts's
I got as much brain
What will you die?
I do not care for anyone else
At least not even my father counts
Last slide
Excuse me, Mom
Who are you?
If a thief comes in, a thief can tell
If you get involved in a police operation, you will be charged with a criminal
The prisoner says that if he sucks at the court
Just a thief
I came to steal your room
Steal this into Lucky's room
It's come to me
What's your name? Pulhihar sir (Indian food name)
What name is that?
For the first time, Pulihor in the temple was steal
From then on, everyone is called Pulchhor
But why come here to steal
Look there
There's nothing to open here
Do not you believe?
Come on, show the refrigerator
Come on
- see
You see?
Apple does not even pile
The apple was lost in the refrigerator
You have an Apple phone in your pocket
Did you think that?
You're smart.
It's definitely a smartphone
You were born when you were born
Used in the gums too
Do you know how much money this is?
-12 million
When will I buy the money?
Airtel's waiting
Why did you feel sad?
A thief is listening to someone
No, no, sir. Sir
But to steal you did not get anything
It feels sad
By the time I decide to die
You interrupted me
A suicide?
- Brother .....
I like spirits very well
If you do not say why you die
You will be a cause for my death
Tell the brother. Brother .....
You have a lot of urgency than the media
Whoever does not die
Final will is done
All right, before I die
I will fulfill the will
Let's go
- I'll tell you why
No one in this world
I have a hope
What is that hope?
I have a hope
Tell your brother?
Someday, my dad is my name
I'm eager to talk
From my birthday, my dad
I did not call it the name. Why?
Father is his son's name
Do not talk?
The conceal is good
That day was the birthday of Luke
The golden son
Brother ....
br 00:09:53,300 -- 00:09:54,737
Get out of here
Marriage, we've been hearing a case for years
You win the carnival
is it?
The owner of the paddy mill
Good thing?
You're lucky, mommy
Lucky not your brother-in-law
My son. Yeah yeah
Your son who is carrying your family
Write in the name of that rice
I was in luck traveling, luckily
Write Lucky
Call me three times, Lucky
Brother ....
We are the confiscated rice mill dealer
Are you there?
Our rice mill was insured with hundreds of thousands
Passing. is it?
Do you still believe now?
My son is lucky. Yeah yeah
The money your son gave
Put a fixed deposit with your own name
It's my dad
First off with the school
Greetings sir
Not your name
Son's name?
Son's name ... LS
Brother ....
br 00:11:33,841 -- 00:11:34,803
Brother ....
The bank is a permanent deposit to Lucky
Brought bankrupt
Did you hear that?
- you
What is your son's name?
What is your son's name?
My dad went out
After all, it's because of everything else
Call me my name
Do you really do
It's not even good on Google
Questions, man?
My mother was fortunate
My dad is worried
Check it out
If you change your name
That's what I did
Go find the guy you got there
What happened?
Their house was raided by the police
What about these little things?
Will the root die for the Epizode?
Another story is my horos ...
Actually, my life was
Do you know
Great car
Good tea?
Tea, do not give up your set
The day you gave to Amherst
Look at your house
Our truthful men
What do you know?
Catchers are more dangerous than tea
So nowadays tea stops
Stop coming in too
Why are you coming to say so clearly?
This is him. Ahery father
I look like an idiot
E-paper. Hello, I'm taking the paper
Give me a sweet tea. Right
Not here
The corner is better. No, it's ok
No, no
There is a watchman
Cricket even though it was cricket
It's not good to be right before the front
It's not my situation
What else are you doing?
There's another .....
Keep your costs
br 00:14:04,015 -- 00:14:08,092
Let others serve us for wheelchairs
We do not do anybody's salute
All we need is the Indian flag
I will not do this job
Do not you?
Do not you do a job?
You do not have the brain?
Telling a responsible person
These are the men who do not have a job ...
Girls who do not care
This society does not accept
So, think positively,
Be positive
Got it?
There's a tire in the tires
You should have a fire
Do not wait for the sauce
Meet like a gentleman
Do not see her at the bar
See it
Know one of the last
T. It's addictive
Those who are familiar with cigarettes
I did not have a past
So be positive
Not for me either
I have to work for this positive person
Let's see a job
Cooney Solution
Requires a support manager
This is suspicious danus
Am I really alive when I was born?
Doctor doubts that he is not
He's not a doctor
He's a contractor
Where did you work before?
Why is that why?
You're robbing money
Was it removed? or
With nothing with Boss. Sir
Such a suspicion
Everything is suspicious
Go and write something in the board
The job is not right, sir?
That means mum
Office works efficiently
You can stay in the girls
The girls who are irredeeming are not good
My old friends said,
It's doubtless he said that
Why should I have such doubts?
br 00:16:34,874 -- 00:16:35,607
May I come?
You're already here
You see, boxer, kumuku
It will be work
I doubt that this job is right
What did she say?
Go and write something on the board
br 00:17:05,088 -- 00:17:08,103
Tell me something to write
It was called the conduit on the board
How to behave
I doubt it
In your troubles
You have answers, sir
Am I right, sir?
It's just like this, okay
Written in the board
Girl? Yes
- Written - exactly
This job is very important to me, sir
I'm like a single army
We'll work, sir
Wonderful Counseling
That girl also said this
So, now, sir ...?
Do one thing
Tomorrow morning exactly 10.00
Who's coming?
He'll get the job done
I run the first
The first in college
Tomorrow is the 1st on the 1st
I'm coming to the corner
I suspect you are not coming
I'm suspicious
Okay, Alam. Alam
Tent 10
10.00 It's suspicious
That's why it's wracked all night
br 00:18:08,175 -- 00:18:09,908
The shower is right
I have to go
There you are
Stay with them
- Go
It's 10.00
There's another time
Scratch a bit
It's 10:00 as soon as the job is done
It's gone
You do not come at 10:00
I doubt it
br 00:21:37,023 -- 00:21:41,106
When the Madapugur bus is coming
From the morning wait for the Attappur bus
what is the time?
9.30 am
The job's over
br 00:21:57,906 -- 00:21:58,931
Need a lift?
br 00:21:59,098 -- 00:21:59,746
Come on
A red saree returned
Lucky you lucky
- Take a little off and stop
- here
10 minutes another
There are 10. This job is mine
The elevator is there
Let's go
What time did it come in?
The size of the elevator
What can I do to go upstairs?
There are women there
The lift is full
There is no room
Give me a lift
Is it fair to give space in the lift?
Come on
br 00:23:05,842 -- 00:23:08,195
Give me a lift
Is it fair to give space in the lift?
- Run
Igilian Lucky
- It left the relics
Get to the 7th floor
Suddenly came to the 8th floor
Running Lucky
- Run
My suspicion is right
Have you seen time?
In no country in the country, you did not arrive at 10.00
The honest people do not come down on time
The sun, one
Time is coming
The sun does not even bargain
Common man. Let me pardon boss
But why is Mohan Babu in charm?
What about him?
His path was different. It's mine too
That's your job
That girl was given
This came to Lucky's place
Who are those gentlemen?
That pretty girl
With smile
Allow some
Two minutes
You gave the job to my wife
You give me the job is one
Even one of my wives was given
- Suspicions
Are you two wife and wife?
Husband? Rubber Band?
What's up like wifi?
Our office does not have wifi
I do not want to do any work
If I'm in my lesson
I am your greatest asset
Positively responded
My mind changed
I applied for work
You applied for that job too
Test Suite I came
You got a job
In the morning, I gave him an elevator
I put you in the office elevator
Not even
No desk
This positivity you can not possibly be
Everything if you think a little positively
Or a Murray Bureau?
I suspect
We're both living companions
I'll look at the marriage
You're getting ready for the wedding
Dad ..........
Slapping the cheek
Cheeky Guy is bad
It's positive that thinking is not cut
Be positive
is it?
You gave her to the dowry
Cut off the road to break
My house was lost
It's bad thinking
Even without a house, he did not live
Thinking about it is positive
It's Dad
What the hell's wrong?
Someone marries me
They were getting married
I did not say that I had the mushroom
Be positive
Shameless positive family
No, Dad
- I want to kill him
Padma. Stay in the seat for 10 minutes
Calm down
If society is positively not there is any necessity
No such noises
He does not even know if you really want to marry you
br 00:27:02,990 -- 00:27:04,646
Think a little positively
Everyday, this is in the bar
It's doubtful why it does not work out
Why do you have such doubts?
I doubt it, sir
Justin Rivy is right
It's like collecting money
Even if I did not have a job, I doubt she had come to work
You can ask
- Listen
good morning
- What are you doing here?
To help my wife
What's your wife?
- Nonsense
You call me my husband
It's suspicious that Alam will be at 6.00 am
Do you have tooth brushes?
It's doubtful whether Fair & Lovely is
Is wearing pants now?
Or it's doubtful whether this is the way it is right now
br 00:27:56,028 -- 00:28:00,790
Now she caught an ebb and ran away
Is she dead? It's doubtful there is one
Do not make a new one when there are so many doubts
Ask one thing
Are you two jobs?
Or is it the only job? Shared
Is not it?
This is not a car
beat it
You have a place in my heart too
Your heart also has a place
In my relationship
The place to dwell is permanent
Anyway, it's mine
You have space
Try Twins?
Is this a Soft Weare Solution?
Is it a Susan's Park?
Whoever's in love
It's coming back
What about your husband?
Are you coming after?
What did I say? Not love
Single party marriage
My wife is angry
Your doubts ...
Tomorrow, you drink green tea
If it's leaking green ...
You gave the sign the sign for our marriage
I doubt she's going
I doubt that
If you love it, green
He said, "Come on, boys."
You see?
- Scarves
Not even love
Nothing. Do not come back
That means a positive post
To think badly
You do not like the things of the bad people like you
Thinking is the only positive thing
Is Society Positive?
Negative too much
Positive thinking made the plane
I found the parachute in a bad way
How important is positive?
Loneliness is so important
I do not love you
We do not have any rice between us
The leaves are fine
Hello, positive
God was positive
Thursday also has good news
To wear a wedding necklace?
What happened in a positive dress?
br 00:34:38,540 -- 00:34:41,764
Positive Padma
You did not file a police complaint
Leave him alone
You can get married
Please, this is a positive fall
Do not stingy
Let's be separated
But before that
Tell me one story - All right
br 00:34:54,438 -- 00:34:54,938
In a well-established state
There was one king
He had 9 children
How is that?
The king is too strong. The Queen is giving more support
Yes. OK, okay
You tell me
- Those are the nine
He went hunting twice
One did not bring
Why not? Why not?
8 tractors, 6 buses,
There are 7 cycles
8 Scooters, 9 Cars
Got to come.
That's why I did not bring it
br 00:35:25,822 -- 00:35:27,479
We're going to Amir Pet.
Art to Amaravathi
Is this a story?
There is a phone number for this talk
Whether you want to visit Diqad, you go home
br 00:35:39,395 -- 00:35:40,441
I will not
In a well-established state
In a well-established state
There was one king
It is necessary to come to sleep while sleeping
Why is she coming?
There is a phone number for this talk
Whether you want to visit Diqad, you go home
br 00:36:03,700 -- 00:36:04,536
I will not
I will definitely know
br 00:36:09,764 -- 00:36:12,121
Is not this a positive monetary policy?
Let me show you
To the king for children 9
He went hunting twice
To ....
Does this really mean her?
Let's check once
Since when?
br 00:36:55,931 -- 00:36:56,431
Positive Padma
It's impossible to get a Diocletian
Picked up your phone number
What did you do?
What do you mean?
I have a brain
- I'm thinking
br 00:37:08,354 -- 00:37:10,011
That's where I am
- not
You did not say words
All times that I propose
Your eyesight positively responds
Looks better than yo
Think once more positively
Meet the pizza house tomorrow
200 to not 100,000
You need to bank it
What's that for?
- If this is a pretty girl on the road
Boys' hearts
Do not you stop?
If girls praised, they would get caught
That's right
Our own matters were told to our home
That earthquakes come and go
We are a family that believes positively
Know our love relationship
br 00:38:01,824 -- 00:38:05,058
Our family has responded positively
Thank God
But it's ... our servant himself
Not accepted
br 00:38:16,708 -- 00:38:17,304
I have a job
He asked if he had any work
Even our employer's words
Our dad has a positive opinion
Cut him off
Not to remove him
You must work
Fan Fan is also very tired
It's raining
You do not have to work?
PM should not be
At least it's not even Pizza Boy ...
Our worker will like
Order is madam
br 00:38:59,750 -- 00:39:01,489
Instead of giving the video
Order madam
br 00:39:01,843 -- 00:39:06,224
Get your love, I'm not Pizza
If necessary, there will be a victim
br 00:39:11,860 -- 00:39:13,031
No, no
Pizza in Boise
- All right. Well
I've got 25 billion
It's not easy to get away from JK
One of the dead
My passport is JK
I applied for a new passport
br 00:39:29,045 -- 00:39:31,740
You also go to the village and get your Passport
Bring it together
JK checked us
We'll check Dubai
br 00:39:44,766 -- 00:39:45,243
Keep the tips
My boss gives me a salary, sir
I do not want a tip
br 00:39:49,750 -- 00:39:51,370
You do not have a habit to practice
I do not have a habit to get rid of
Let's do something, sir
If you give money, you do not need to pack up
Calling to the aid box
To our positive family
A positive son-in-law
To our positive daughter
A positive husband
I will be positive for your marriage
Put it off now? Positive
When your love for the last worker was what you wanted
Are you trying to commit suicide? It's wrong, Horror
Is it wrong?
Two tea
Where's the water?
There, sir
Wait a lot longer
br 00:40:44,574 -- 00:40:48,981
Get 90 rupees (arrack) less than 9 rupees
Give me a hand?
To brandy to the stomach?
To whiskey?
Instead of asking,
We had to commit theft
If you pay Rs. 9, .....
You do not understand
Kill you ...
Who's that pular
My friend
This is for knife
Why did you kill the drummer?
What is she trying to kill?
It's a big story
I can not bear my father's worries
To immigrate to Hydra
Already settling in hybrids
The guy came to Rajesh
I am fine
How are you
When you touch your hand
Get promoted
Wasana told him to
Unfortunate is his compulsion
I'll go to the village
When you hand up, it's called promotion
If you stay in my room ...
My room mates
My car. Coming
No, do not worry
- Listen to me
Come on
- A Benz car
Not my brain.
Listen to me. Nonsense
What kind of world are you?
Heitc. Heights
What are you doing on the planet?
I am Burma Nation
Do not worry
This is a YouTube executable
Swap me
Which came to work
There's no work
do not be afraid. I am HR
I'll set a good one
This is my best friend, sir
I got my first copy of this
He only narrowly survived
He's my Benche's friend
Today, we walk on the Benz
Sir, give him a job
Anybody take our company together
Stealing, sir
Why not, sir
At the company's HR, I give you the certificate
Sir, give him a job
Anybody take our company together
What's the Sir?
One of the mail
Did I make a promotion again?
Our company CEO is Converso
Get arrested
Are you arrested?
I'm getting rid of you
Got it?
Our company is closed
Is the company locked? This is his job. Freak
You do not have a job as well
What's your job?
Actually our company
Where did you get it?
Remember the badge ...
At least a laptop ...
I said something would happen if I had
I'm going to Vijayawada
I'm not following after
This is a YouTube executable
And while making progress
These things are normal. do not be afraid
I'm there
My uncle is Mayer
I'll be poised to help with my childhood
My uncle
When you're picking up
You're messing with me. Uncle, tell me
Watch the news?
Worthy news
Why should I earn a living when I'm here?
The marriage is invalid
I thought you were uncleared by your uncle.
But it's fine. Your daughter loves me. do not be afraid
No one has a look
No one can get married without getting a job
You have a phone
Listen to me
Not already too late
I'm going to Vijayawada. Can
I have a Benz car.
There is a fleet
Give me a hand
What's up?
Premiums paid
Can not pay from next month
So soon to know?
Give the key
Give Flart the key
Why use the Flashlight key?
Then you're in the pavilion
Get the watchman with you
Take your hand
- Get your hands off
At the morning bus stand
It's mine before evening
Life's a busy banquet
- There, there
Believe in this now
- Go
You're giving up like this ...
That means ....?
Will this situation stop me?
Will you destroy me?
You do not?
Why are you I will go
I will go
What's this guy?
He is in Pulihar for Pulihar
What the fuck are you with?
The trouble people know about you
In one way, life was shaken
You're gearing up and start your story again
And why are you dying for your brother?
My life was gone
One day my dad called me
How long has it been?
Wait a minute
I'm getting a call
You do not call your father's name
Call me then.
Mother's name is mentioned on this father's name
How are you doing, Halo?
Sang's engagement.
Okay. Got it
Do not come anywhere
What's this? Father
Tell me to come
The real brother
You definitely should come
I do not believe
He does not say
Nirmala I'm here
But if it's okay, then my sister's appointment will stop
Why did you come?
That's not it
You definitely should come
I'll come with my aunt
Let's go
I'm going to the aunt's house
I'll get to your dad
Come on. This is my home
You're great
My father
My mother
Because Lucky came through?
Did your dad come?
What to do now?
Why are you there?
Come on in
Oppression is caused due to anger
If laugh, there will be happiness
Tell in
Come on, daughter
For these things, to your son
Tell me to be right
Transfer to disk
You're handing over your dear daughter
You have to look carefully
What is that?
My baby
What is your daughter?
Are we with a daughter?
Son? Son
Son - son
Very funny
What's funny now?
Manmadi is a bit confused
Aunt scatters
It's difficult to get a son
A doctor did
You need to open the hospital
Definitely to come
Ask about dowry
We said it was Rs. 25 ....
My brother-in-law went there. Will
My uncle is coming
We're sorry, Abi ..... We've got money for two days
Then I'll give it to my account
- Definitely gonna kill me
Are you alright?
- Good
I'll get it myself in just 2 days
Such a wound
- Good
The pocket money is Rs.2500 million?
Thank you, Nirmala.
Not Pocket, but Lucky
Dowry money
Daddy was going to take it
Brother. Not my father
You have to go
what? Your dad
Come close This is the best idea
Who said that so good idea?
This is what my positive lady said
For childhood things
I do not speak for years
Again, my lucky number is 25
No, it's not necessary
Positive ... Ambo
Know your positive things. Take it
Law .....
We brought it to her
25 lakhs to Lucky
We'll go to Hyderabad.
I know. Shut your mouth
Got it
Bus shifted
Your life has become devastating
Not right
I do not have a choice
If your sister's marriage is not interrupted. That future uncle
They have to tell lies that they have used money
I have no habit of doing wrong
But there is no mistake
Actively tell your dad the right one
Listen to me
Think positively ....
I'll do something.
Leave. I'll see you later
What's the change of bag?
What's so insane?
It also has my nkklass
Even more important is your passport
First to escape from JK
We need our bag
What's the name of the Travels you've come in?
Sir, our bag has been changed
Take a look?
br 00:52:11,378 -- 00:52:15,311
My bag has been changed in the morning bus
What's the matter?
My bag's shifted
Both bags are the same
This is my bag
My father's tired
My tiredness
Thank you, boss
Tricked into the box
Now I got the bag
I returned it
Do you know this was a diamond necklace?
I did not look because my brother did not
Sir, am I going to go?
with pleasure.
Because you gave me so much money
Dowry money
Does it have time?
See once
br 00:52:59,457 -- 00:53:02,100
It's been sent by your father
A lucky man
You are like that
Are you married? not
Or not? Will you get my brother's daughter?
I have a girlfriend
Do I have to?
Homemade time
Eat burgers eat
Who's at home?
No, boy
Where did you go?
I'll be back
Fine, son
What's this?
Padu's phone is not working from the evening
This is the happiest day of Lucky
Soon, we are happy
The phone is not working when thanking the rainbow
Okay, talk to me tomorrow
Missed 25?
Ammo is my lucky number
Why, dad?
Coming right there
Let's go
where is...?
Where are we going to Dad ...?
Have you given money?
Give it, Dad
When did you come?
When and when?
That's because I have Rs. 25 million
You are given
I forget myself
But forget about 25 lakhs
There is no such thing as forgetfulness
The rupee has been added to the rupee
This is such a house
That's not it. Look at this
Not money. Do not say
Otherwise, father and son
Do not act
Talk to me
Did the bus on the bus lose out?
Father ...
Padma called and spoke to me
Or not, Dad
After that. Do not say one word
Because of you, I'm in front of them for you
Listening to stories
Father, son and actors
Did not find it
My daughter's coming. believe me
I'll give you your money
Please do not stop the marriage
Dad, trust me
I gave it to Dad
Dad, Dad
Dad, just listen to me
Trust me, Dad
Because I was in some sort of spirit
You were born
After that, it's yours
Even if we had fallen
My daughter's stay is staying
This heart stops
I believe
A son was born more than a native
In the day she was born, she would have died
One day is half
My life's been for years
Crawl over
There is another soul
You are not my son
Do not be born on a son or daughter
Look, Padma
Daddy does not accept
I understood
You're a negative character
The lost bag is yours
Tell your dad
You did not say
Lied that money was given
Can you see this? Home gold jewelry
My dad gave me the bow
I gave you so much value for your love
You're just saying this to my word
Not worth the money
Even though there are people like you, it's one
Not one of them
Talk no word at all
Daddy who does not
In one word
You're Marion
I've always been positive
My Padma ...
I was stamped out that I was irrelevant
100 times a day Call Center
My mom talking like that
I did not even call once
Now say hijos ...
You're a buddy
You're fucking dying
You do not live well, brother
Drink Away
What's that? To stop
You give it yourself
Stop the brother
Who are you trying to stop him?
Drink this
There is someone who is going to open the door
Aishwarya will not open even today
You drink
- You drink, sir
That may have been positive
That's all you drink
You're way off
Who are you in my room?
Hello, or this room is mine
Kechillet's kite
Is not it yours?
You're a thief
This room is mine
Clinical Plans are mine
It's in the building that was in it
This is a ready flow
Sorry, sorry
There's a diamond necklace
I did not look because I did not
- Yes
You need to help me
Sorry, brother
I'm not in a state of support
Will change in your life
This bag is for you to have a day
I'll give you a bargain
Come on, brother
One million a day
Let's face it tomorrow
That means you get the most worth playing?
A million is ours
Is that so?
Deals ...... O ....
What are you looking at?
It was drunk
Come from day one
One and a half dollars
Bag's safe
What are you looking at?
It was drunk
Come from day one
One and a half dollars
Bag's safe
Who was your brother?
Unfortunately, the door is there
Is our score end?
It is my luck
It went like this
Who the fuck are you unlucky?
For the first time, I tried to die
I saved
The second time I tried to die
That Pulihar was saved
You'll definitely be lucky
It's my selfish suicide
I want to. How much money do you have?
The man who went to give a bargain is dead
If I give 1000, I'll be done
Take this bag
Where's the money?
I did not think I'd ever get caught, right?
You did not think you were tantalizing me
I thought JK
I want to say
Hey, I've been saddened by my arrogance
I'll kill you when you die
Take them out
Leave a dispute
Early in the morning
Who knows this?
Who? At night we gave the bag
Killed in a car accident
Then my crock
What's another quota?
What are you unlucky?
The murder case you're about to get
The car gets hit by Drivier
What a look you are in a fortune
Look at the angle
It's true
Thieves come empty-handed
It is not good to go empty
There was a switch.
I'm saying good news
Give me a nice gift, brother
Just stay here
This bag?
This is a fake brother
If he takes his bag
Like my body is going upside down
I'm not taking this bag
Are you sure? Sure. I do not
What's wrong?
I said the bag.
Ofer time is over
You can think a little
Weird. You did not hear me before
I'm so puhihar
It's already understood
You get it
Hey ..........
You do not give up without killing yourself
Good friends day
Do not be so happy
You are a thief
It's fake money
Is this money real? False
How do I know? It's very easy
That's where I know it
Tonight we're going there
Anthony had a girlfriend, right? There is JK
His name is Lewanna
He's close to 25 crores
The thief is where. Eve fake money
The one who was out there
What do you want, sir?
Today, we're on the other side
Get the bill first. Then bring the full
Money is good check
Bill reviewed. Get a full one
By the road accident, your boyfriend died
What's your boyfriend? Take the lights
We need money. Not him
Sir, money. New money
They gave them these
Who are they? Bank managers?
Bank Cash Cash?
He's good at making money
Money could have been given
Now undisputedly doubt
Fake money at the Karampe?
See their face here
It looks like fake money
Money is fine. All right, sir
Then it's okay
There are 2000 bundles
I think they're good money
I got a new boyfriend
Yes. Hey, excerpt
Anthony's lover got in
Yes, brother
Look at her eyes
How pornography?
Where's my billion twenty?
Where's my billion twenty?
My $ 25?
Where is it?
There was a messenger call
Do you have a brain
If I have money,
I'm dancing for what?
Hey, excerpt
More than her body
Arguments are ugly
Yes, brother
If he has close to 25 billion
Why are you dancing in the club?
Fucking brother
- L
Who is it?
Money is real brother
The truth is, is not it?
Stop you
Stop you
Stop ya
Who is this piece? Your sister?
Sorry, my sister
You have not grown up yet?
You're irrelevant, irrational
If you go there
Come and dance
Hey, stop
Yako is my father
br 01:11:21,330 -- 01:11:22,226
You see?
I told myself what would happen if I was overbearing
See what happened?
Let's go
Everything worth Rs. 25 million
He's hiding it
You see? Tell Lucky where to go
Rise to flight
I'm on the flight
What happened, Bun?
That's my name
I'm waiting for you
Do not get in, do not fill up
Good words with Dad
If you have 4 speaking
Dad, Rs. 2.5 million father
Do not believe in the truth
Let's use this money all the way to the police
My dad needs to show my truth in front
Stolen Rs 25 crore
We will be curiosal of the Curiosity No
Of course, JK
You can arrest, sir
no no
We do not have to make a decision about this now
Talk to other people
Let's make a decision later
Who are you?
My name is Lucky sir
You're talking on the phone
Rs. 25 crores, here sir
Do you? Sir
He was brought out
He has JK's right hand
JK Who is sir?
That's 10 billion for 10
The one killed and killed
Then why are you him?
Did not get arrested?
He knows that's what he did
But no evidence
There is no trace
There were bullets in her
Check if the ammunition of the ammunition
Find out the gun
It's exactly 2 days from that
Complain about losing out
This is her ability
- Just like that?
Years ago, Charminar
He is the cause of the bank's closure
There is no evidence. 1990 chip
Because he's shutting down the company
There is no evidence
In any case, after all this time
He got stolen money back
I'll tell you your name
Sir, this money can not be given. What?
Can not give. why?
JK steal this money within a week
I'll bring you with the evidence
How do you believe?
You do not have to believe, sir
You already believed in me
Give me a week, sir
JK will bring it in front of the media
You will be important to bring him to the media
Let me tell you one
br 01:14:25,258 -- 01:14:26,236
Who is she?
Why are you damn why?
You've been down this time.
Stop here and stuff
That's why her beauty is gone
Go to the gym
Get one helicopter shot
Six crashes
India won
I'm happy
Beat it, boy
There are five balls
Six balloons
What are you hitting for?
Every day I drink 3 liters of milk
Swallow one liter per liter
Who will take the rest? My dad?
Who are you?
I got this bag, sir
The plane station
If you get a bag
It's coming to the police station
There are in this bag of 25 billion, sir
25 crores?
Son ....
Did you open the bag?
Or did you open a bank?
2500 out of a billion out of that cost. Sir
Aio 2500?
Not even 2.5 lakhs
Son, you have six packs
You are not the Padma Shri, it is not the fallen lands
We need to give the Vembusi
What is your name, boy?
Lucky, sir
Are you happier than Raja?
Checked this money. Give it to him
I'll give it. I both
you go
You're good money
Rapture came to my house
It's rotating and looking forward to you
br 01:16:33,779 -- 01:16:37,102
What is the name of the person who gives the money?
Lucky - Lucky .....
Your private vehicle is mine
Come to the guesthouse
Get the money to get your share
Thank you, Raja
Did I come to give a car?
What about everything today?
It's a Dhoni Autograph
Mother Dear
He asked for an autograph
You give it to Bat
Collie Raja, give your Mazda
Why are you kidding me without playing at the field?
This is Raja
You're done
Dhoni Raja
br 01:18:08,388 -- 01:18:09,896
Why are you hitting ...?
Words. Call it
He took the Earl's cup twice
Are you scared of me?
Do not you care?
br 01:18:21,194 -- 01:18:21,936
Why the god why
Do not say no
Who is this guy?
Are retired Shawwz?
I'll take it
Doni - Collie
In the middle of Shawg
My life is a stadium
Caran, play Raja
Dhoni, six colons
Why Make Money?
Raja matches are 3
Jade 6
He hit me in the middle of the barrel
Why did you count Raja?
I do not like her face
Here is JK
You do not like my face
Not one but 1000
You kill me pictures and get pictures
Do not call yourself a look
They came from a nano car
I took the money
The Nano's coming
Dhoni, not Coaches
They came like them
Who is Raja?
That was money
You only know who came in
He's new at Annehard
Thinking of the One
But Did not know Daoud
Sorry, Raja
Raja Lucky
Hello, Lucky Raja
This is not right
Ohio Raja
You done what?
The first mistake you did
Talking to JK
You're good money
Rapture came to my house
It's rotating and looking forward to you
Returns the Ruby to Lucky
I'll finish the case
Why did you come back?
why? My phone has been forgotten
Take the fuck
where is? see
Where? There it is
And I'm sorry, Raja
Say sorry
Now you have to give the money
Now, there are no good people in society
JK steal Rs. 25 million out of that
You do not get 25 percent
I suspect a good guy like me
No positive effects are positive
I'm not good at anyone
Why is it better?
That's why I came to one decision
What's Lucky?
I have fun with all the money
Not 25 lakhs to enjoy
25 crores
The first game
Race track
My lucky number is 01
01 If you win one, I will give him Rs
I'll check my fortune
Here you are, Raja.
Hey, you do not know about JK
Then, like a transformer, neck
Dengue (troubles)
Leave the phone ...
Raja put him on the phone
Not to break
This was my wife
Gifts were given to the day
Excuse me, Raja
Take the Race Course and catch it
Win on this race
25 to 50
That's the winner
Tell these donkeys
Your number 01 was won
No. 1 is not in the image
No. 10
It's lost as a result
Our money lost
Come see his face
It's faster than the media
He will run away
I went away
Give the rest
Or 24 hours
Your reaction is Raja Raja
I was in touch with my feelings
Let's do a little game by saying lori
I say the phrase 4 times
He said he would give the money
4 I'll tell you by a quarter of a time
It's so easy to make money
Tell me what?
It's very easy
4 lorries water
4 lorries
Tell me again
Not easy
It's very easy
Wait a minute
Road ...
Can not you tell me the lori?
I have experience
Get out of here
br 01:23:47,019 -- 01:23:48,618
Do not matter, do the second one
Do not worry
Do not mind, third way
br 01:24:01,914 -- 01:24:04,173
I'll give it to myself
Are you ok?
Today's over
So much for so many
You could not do anything. JK
What else can I do?
So, let's kidnap the villain
Do not fool yourself
All of Auro's ideas
I want it
Get the phone
what is doing?
I'm lucky
Cricket came to Betine
Hybrid and carcasses
The bet is worth 4 million. 4 billion?
Raja's work
Touch the rings on the ring
Bambiber Form is waiting
I am a Hybrid
He touches Hyderabath too
Call our betting fields
I need to know where he is
Like you said, you won Hybrid
It's fucking awesome
You think you're a big bet
Touch your scribbles
4 ..........
4 + 1 = 5 went all the way
Do not give up on listening to me sir
That's Lucky's next job
Know what
How much more, a million others, Raja
What else are you?
All the money has been transferred to dollars
It's sent from vehicles
Now you're Deepal
Little, big change
Everyone in our bus stops
Good movie
What is this injustice?
This is a name for this
Good movie?
How's it going?
That's with Sunnyvale. So lovely
What is the state of air with your money?
You need to name your name
A million in races
Four hundred million worth of bonds were lost
His final show
One should see it
Running well, Raja
JK stands for two letters
Chavo (death) two letters
br 01:29:18,733 -- 01:29:20,704
Your Padma also has two letters
You're killing your deadline in 2 minutes
Hey JK
Do not do anything to Padma
If something happens to Padma ...
Is that what you're expecting now?
It was supposed to be true
Please call later
Whatsapp is open
Was the screen in place?
Did the brain get stuck?
You have only one chance
The money you have with me
Your girlfriend is your CI
It will come to you
Will you send the shadow to death?
Or do I come with money?
Choose yourself
Slowly, Dude
Come with me
Come with me
You love me, right?
Do not go
- Go
What's wrong?
We sent him briefs
He also sent me whatsup
My squad is up
Should you drop the woman's fear?
Do not give up that girl
It's my fault
What else are you doing?
Break the phone
Who's that long hair splitter?
What was it to me, huh?
What money are you with?
What really is going on?
All right, let's hear it
br 01:31:55,936 -- 01:31:58,583
Sorry, candy
I do not accept forgiveness
Please, please
That's it
Our, ours
What happened?
It's all fine. You're......
Ammo hit ...
- Going
Whatever you say
How good is the hall?
That's not it
Where did we get married?
Whom to ask
Our daughter .....
Our son's marriage.
I forget about your forgetfulness
Son of a bitch
Let's go. Let's go.
Come this way
Your brother is good
Stay positive
Think about it
Mother spoke. Sister crying
That's why I'm here
My dad
Do not think
The brother-in-law has prepared our marriage
Not our marriage
Our son's marriage ... son
Who's the burqa?
Come with the bridegroom
Come on ...
- Oh ....
Not for you
Your son. is it?
I'll come with you
What do you want?
Who's the Ark? There are chops
wait a little....
What is this creep with me?
I'm going to the cousin here
Let me tell you the turkey
Stay with Mom
Go. Right
best wishes. Be positive
I did not expect you to come, do you?
JK:That's right
There are bubbles in the lower gift boxes
Remot is in one JK
Press it
In your hand
Put the rhyme down here?
Your grandfather went to the house
Let's set the TV set and press the rhyme?
Why those
Give the money
If he gives money, I'll be so proud
If the marriage stops right there
Listen to me, JK
Do not do anything for my stepmother
My sister's getting married
I'll give you the money at the time of marriage
The day is right
Get out of here, JK
Daddy's here
What are you doing here?
- What is this?
Who are these
Nothing at all is Basthiousam
Your kid took over your $ 25 billion
25 billion?
We play 20-20 with us
Tell you, sir
It's not that, Dad
Listen to me
He's not my son
Long ago my son was dead
She does not understand
This is where my daughter is getting married
Please do not interrupt
I do not know who this is
Go outside
You have only one chance
You want to save your family's wings
Tell me where the money is
Where were you, Raja?
The tomb of Punjab
The bag is visible Raja
The bag is visible Raja
We have luck, Raja
The money in the bag
Why Rock
He's coming with you
Fucking brother
Where's the money?
Where is my money?
Where did they go?
Listen to me
- Where's my money?
And where's my money?
What money do you have?
What is your money, Raja?
- What's your money?
Years ago, Charminar
Bank is robbed
Where's the money that my father had given to my name?
What's the robbery?
The banks manages the Emergency Cardmer
Testing for CBI
He killed the officer
The news journalist was killed
You're going that list
This was a fun option
A Vindictive Squad?
Cut that out
It's been years
My dad has not called my name
Now, I'm getting one too good
Bank goes bankrupt?
Because you are criminals like you
Do you know how many families fall on the streets?
I'm in pain here
Do not lose our JK
Big and big countries connect
If necessary, it stopped violence
Let's leave the rest
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
br 01:43:01,491 -- 01:43:03,374
- It's our brother
What money is it?
Do not spend anything at all
All the ACPs are given
Did not you even spend a rupee?
Calling races
But I did not play
So IPL bet?
Said it
But did not
You said a movie
Only the posters.
JK, your headline is over
There is no evidence
There is no trace
How can I get arrested?
Telling him to put these cricketers in betting
Have you talked to all the bucks?
And then ACP sir all the tapes
Not only that
You talk to me too
That's also the tapes
Not just one
You've done all the crimes you've been up to now
It's called emotions
Our Lucky .....
br 01:44:03,665 -- 01:44:05,098
beat it
- That's not the wreath ....
br 01:44:05,207 -- 01:44:06,643
TV 9 is in the marmot
- Hey
Put on TV 9
There you go
See, waw
1000, even for 2,000
These are the crimes that have been committed so far
Not even spending Rs. 25 crores
ACP gave in
This is your inspiration
My father
He's been learning from him to live
Your dad's name
There's a real son
You're so fortunate to have a son like this
He handed over Rs. 25 million
How much billions
Not enough for your son
Not that ....
Have seen this kid
One day I came to our house
So much money
Your son?
Where were the money?
Your son is
Ladies and sisters are so fortunate
Yes, he's been a kid
Alicia says
But now it says
He's unlucky
What are the lakhs?
I heard stories in 25
He's unlucky
It's been 25 years
You're unhappy with that
He's unlucky
He's the only unfortunate person born in this house
Talk to my son
Wait a minute
My mother
It's Nirma
Looking at TV?
Are you talking good?
Yes, my boy
It's dad
You did not understand right now, son
You do not have the right to speak with you
Talk to me
You can not talk, Dad
You call me my name
From childhood
Whenever you call me whenever you name
You had to say something
What is that?
I love you, Dad
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Roshan Madhusanka Tissera / font
The reason for the media meeting today
Make an important announcement
International criminal JK
He was caught
Printed by the RBA
Bank robberies brought in
24 million
He was taken to the bank
Rs. 250 million?
Oh ...
She thought she was a good person
I hit a million
Really wrong is not her
You and
Be positive
It's a positive sign
Gold had no chance
We have to go to the dewnieri
Let's meet at home in the afternoon
She's Lucky
I have a good time
The amount of gift you gave was ten lakhs
That's why
This is the quota
People like you are one million
You like a lot of the Lackey Club like you
Start a new life this time
Thank you, sir
Let's give this quota to the RBA