Lucky (2016) Movie Script

Hey man, you did good lucky.
There you go.
Okay guys, let's do your thing.
Let's go.
Check the glove compartment.
Lucky Bhai, sorry for
Too many robberies.
Fresh import for you my friend.
Go for special massage in back
New girl is too good.
Live American dream.
De certification, no?
What's the rate?
For you, 50.
The exchange is 60.
Thank you very too
smart, read too many books.
Real American.
What's the rate?
Throw him out slowly.
See you next week lucky Bhai.
Hey, watch the door!
I just sent more
money ma, 54 on the dollar,
count it, I don't trust this
One minute remaining
on your phone card.
Don't worry I'm gonna send
more money next week, okay?
Listen I have to go.
Make sure Sophie's keeping up
with school,
my little sister's getting a
I love you, bye.
phone card is empty, goodbye.
I don't want say nothing
hermano pero,
that computer's not gonna do it.
This is mechanical.
You gotta get underneath the car
You gotta get dirty.
It's not gonna work.
Puta, I don't know how you do it
Not gonna work huh, I'll be
Hey, eat here with us.
I need some fresh air,
how much rice and beans can you
Breakfast, lunch, and
dinner papi.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Hey you.
- Hey luck.
What are you still doing here?
I need the cash you know.
We talked about this.
See you later.
You too.
Okay, papi.
Pretty clean hands for a
I wash 'em everyday.
I sent you away so you
didn't grow up in a whore
house, now you're stealing
cars with that loser.
Nobody gets hurt, everybody
It's a good system.
You're so close baby.
The lawyer just found a
girl whose willing to do it.
Stay out of trouble
and do what I tell you.
Go see him tomorrow.
Now, I made your favorite
dessert, eat.
We gotta make this quick.
I got a hearing in 30
minutes judge is a real fucking
alright look, listen up.
I got a nice white girl all
lined up for you alright,
here's what you gotta do.
You gotta tie the knot.
You gotta move in together,
you gotta take her
grocery shopping, you
gotta have some lattes.
It's gotta look legit and one
more thing,
stay under the radar.
I see so many guys getting
If you fuck up and you get
pinched and you end up in jail
there is nothing, absolutely
nothing I can do for you.
It's gonna cost you 25k.
I thought it was 10.
Sure give me 10 and I'll
get you a Latina who doesn't
know the difference between
avocado and Abagado!
Come on, do you want this to
Then we need someone that looks
the part.
Speaks good English and
has assets and a brain.
And that my friend is gonna cost
you 25k.
I need to get to the bottom
of a discrepancy in a claim.
Do you understand, this
is a serious matter?
I would appreciate just a
little bit of cooperation.
Lucky come here!
Talk to lucky okay, he
understands big words.
Yeah well there's a
discrepancy with a claim
for your shop.
The vin number doesn't match up.
We're putting a hold on the
We understand sir.
Look just give us a couple
of days and we'll take of it,
we'll get all the
paperwork for you alright?
I suggest that you do.
- Vaya con Dios.
- Thank you!
I don't know what
he's talking about okay,
this is discrimination hermano.
Be quiet for a second.
Messing around with vin numbers?
That's a federal offense Ricky.
We're supposed to keep it
simple man, strip and sell.
These people aren't stupid.
What are you saying, I'm
They'll deport me if we get
It's not the '90s anymore.
You don't wanna kill
the golden goose do you?
- What?
- What's so funny?
What goose?
I mean what does a bird
have to do with this?
Yeah it means don't be
greedy that's what it means.
Hey, you don't have a family
to feed.
Look, you're right man, okay?
It was stupid to do that
alright, lo siento hermano.
Yeah, forget it, just forget
I'm layin' off this for a while.
The money's stopping now.
No, no, the money's not
stopping, okay?
Gimme the wrench man.
Yo, Ricky.
Come on man.
Maybe next month.
Come on man you damn
fucked up man, come on.
Calm down amigo we have to lay
You promised me right?
- Maybe next month.
- You damn fucked up man.
Come on man.
Okay, okay?
Come on man.
Gimme a fucking break I call
you later.
I talk to you later okay just
calm down.
You see hermano I'm
being a good little boy.
Look just give me a chance to
pay back.
Come on you gotta be reasonable
you just gotta be
reasonable about this stuff.
No, how am I supposed
to keep it open if you.
Yeah, but I gonna get you the
Listen if the shop closed
I can't fucking do nothing!
And then what the fuck?
Ah, fuck you.
I thought you quit.
What the hell's going on?
I'm in trouble hermano.
What happened?
I fucked up.
Ricky, what did you do?
That piece of shit landlord
is putting an eviction on us!
What the fuck you talkin'
about we're doin' great here man
you know with the
baby, it's expensive man.
Ricky, tell me you're
not gambling again Ricky.
Aww, shit hermano.
Oh, you piece of shit.
I tried to stop man but,
it's like a disease.
What the fuck man?
You got a kid now.
It was a sure thing hermano.
This is all I got, how
am I gonna send money home?
You gotta have money somewhere
saved up.
I can't lose the shop.
We can't lose the shop!
- It's all gone.
- We can't lose the shop Ricky
it's all gone.
What the fuck Ricky?
What's this?
This is 20 grand.
Oh, no.
It took me five years to save
No, no, no, hermano I can't do
You've left me no
choice Ricky just take it.
On Jesus and my baby I'm gonna
pay you back with interest.
I'll never forget what you did
for me.
But after this, you and I, we're
even man.
Come on don't be like that
It's the last time
man, I can't keep gettin'
caught up in your shit.
I gotta think about my future.
You hear me?
Get it over with.
Hey Carla, is Ricky home?
He's probably out somewhere.
He spends all his money on some
He's not cheatin' on you
So where is he, where
does all the money go?
Has anybody come looking for
No, why?
What did he do this time?
If he shows up you
call me right away okay?
This is the last time,
I don't deserve this.
Yeah, I know, I'll see
you guys later, bye Alex.
Yo, lucky man.
Tell your fucking boss I'm
not interested any more.
I need my money back.
What the hell you talkin'
about he owes you money?
He owe everybody money.
Where the hell did you guys
gamble at?
He gambled some club in
queens I'm not sure where.
Come on man, hey, yo!
Hey, I want my money man.
Come on.
Let's roll buddy, let's go.
I'm off duty man.
Come on your light was on?
Come on you can make an
exception for me can't you?
Where you goin'?
Just straight ahead
make a left, good man.
How you doin' tonight?
I'm good.
So serious, serious man.
I like that about you.
Lot of activity tonight, huh?
Yeah, you don't know the half
of it kid.
Boys are hungry they're
lookin' for somebody.
I was lookin' for somebody
Oh yeah, who's that?
A guy named Ricky.
Ricky, naw, nope, never heard
of him.
Here pull over on the side.
Here, keep the change.
Lemme give you one of these.
Helps me to relax, you
should try it.
Listen, I like the way you
You should stick around.
Let's go for a drive.
I love this goddamn city at
What's your name buddy?
Well tonight you're my driver.
You stick with me lucky boy,
I'll make it worth your while.
Go, pull over right here, right
Let's go bud.
I need you to come back in an
hour, okay?
Punctual, I like that.
Where we headed?
Another club.
Same spot, five minutes,
yeah I'm alone don't worry.
Here why don't you pull
over here on the corner.
Go for a little walk.
I stay with the car.
Your product's good it's
just not worth the risk.
My product is not just good.
My product is the fucking best.
Your guys are just too rough
They just draw too much
My clients are very discerning
I know, I'm working on it.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
Look this is the last time
I'm picking up from you, okay?
I'm not a delivery boy.
Yeah I heard you the first
time open the fucking door
and get the fuck out.
Alright, alright.
Unlock this piece of
shit from back here.
I can't get out of here.
Drive man.
Fucking Frangino, what
they fuck the expect?
Fucking ballerinas?
Crying little fucking girls all
of them.
Stupid motherfuckers.
Use women.
I got plenty a women I don't
know what these guys want.
Use women to make
the drops, they'll trust 'em.
Use women huh?
Use women?
Hey, forget about what happened
happened, what happened?
A funny guy.
I'm gonna give you 1500
and you drive me exclusive.
Think about it, you know where
to find me.
You help me out I
help you out that's how it is.
So how you feelin' hermano?
I've been better.
Yeah, I agree.
Would you do me a favor
and just take me home.
Come on hermano you're
gonna stay with us
until you're a new man.
I couldn't do that
man just take me home.
You need help we're family.
You mean that?
Do I mean that?
Yeah I mean that.
Listen man we gotta
look out for each other.
We don't look out for each other
who the fuck gonna look after
So I'm not taking no for an
Hope you were dreamin' about a
girl kid.
What's up Mike you got
any news for me or what?
It's not good that friend of
yours has
some very expensive habits.
He's racked up debt all over
It's been my experience that
these things do not end well.
Best case scenario he
split town with your money.
He wouldn't do that Mike.
He's in trouble I gotta help him
Look, you lookin' for a happy
Old black and white movies
or your local massage parlor
that's the only place they
He's got a kid Mike.
So what, how's that
your problem?
The last thing we need is
another kid without a father
I think you're makin' a
mistake but
I'll keep tryin'.
I'll catch you later kid.
You don't have
to do all this you know?
Did you hear anything
from him?
No, nothing, you?
He'll be back.
What's this?
Shops been busted you know?
You have to get mommy some stuff
Here, take that.
I don't need it.
No, we're gonna hide it over
here, it's for mommy, okay?
I'll see you later alright?
Gimme a kiss.
What are we going to do?
I got a lead on him, I gotta
go okay?
Why don't you stay for dinner?
You got a great kid.
When Ricky's back, I promise.
What's this?
Jesus, that's a lotta cash
here, where'd you get it?
Doesn't matter where I got
it just find out who he owes
the money to and clear the debt
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks Mike.
Take care of yourself kid.
Let's go.
Listen, here's some cash.
Buy yourself some suits and some
You can't be lookin' like this if
you're gonna drive me alright.
I got a new job for you,
switch it up a little bit.
All you gotta do is drive a car
to ac
and collect five g's for your
What's up man you game?
What's in the car?
All in good time.
You make one stop along the way.
Eat, shit, piss, whatever,
that's it, you got that?
Yeah, okay.
Boss, check him out.
Lucky Bhai, from zero to hero.
You have money you get honey.
Cross it out.
Good boy, never forget mommy.
What's the rate?
Now get out.
Hey, you never watch the door.
It's a high roller.
No it's not, that's lucky.
Where's Prisca?
She's in the living room.
You're so beautiful.
Pants fit really well papi.
Now I'm hot.
I'm not your mother lucky
but please listen to me.
This guy is bad news
you need to be careful.
I'm a driver I drive the guy.
Driving a drug dealer it's
way out of your league baby.
You know what I'm sick of your
You threw me out on the street
And now you wanna come back
and tell me how to run my life.
I know what I'm doing.
No you don't.
This guy uses people some
of my girls went to him
and they disappeared.
And what,
you think you're helping these
You're ruining there lives.
These girls are safe with
me, I protect them lucky.
You protect them?
So why the hell is Lola calling
every time she gets her ass
beat, huh?
I'm done.
This is not my future you hear
I'm not one of your stupid
What would your mother think
of this?
Just stay out of my business.
Hey look I didn't mean what i...
It's okay luck.
I know how it goes.
Just stay outta trouble okay?
Notice anything with Tati?
Tatiana the girl you
been driving everyday man
anything unusual
no, is something wrong?
I don't know.
She seems a little too happy.
Look, she's with you man.
- Yeah.
- Right?
Yeah, she's with me right,
Here, lollipop?
Yeah, why not.
Keep your head up man.
Alright I got plans for you.
That little boy, what's his
His name is Max.
You guys will be okay.
Thank you.
The sitter's waiting.
You're late again.
Rosie I'm not
in the mood for this
right now okay?
You're late again.
You know I'm not his mother.
Come on.
Get out.
- Get out?
- Get out.
You want me to get out?
Get the fuck out.
- Get out?
- I love my kid.
Get out!
- Really?
- Yes.
- I don't know what you do.
- Get the fuck out.
- Get out, get out, get out!
- And I don't care what you do
maybe you should
take your kid to the child
services and you know what
I think he'd be better off.
Get out.
You left your phone in the
I think everybody's
going loud.
Excuse me.
I think everybody's mad.
Everybody's mad.
- No!
- Let's sit down.
I could watch him for you
if you wanna get cleaned up.
Play with uncle lucky while
mommy gets cleaned up okay?
Hey, hey what's your name?
Me, ma.
The other, the other...
say bye to mommy.
- Bye.
- Bye, let's play.
I got the perfect guy.
He's loyal.
Okay good.
Alright sweetie.
To the future.
Come on, what the, what's
the matter with you here?
I mean you look upset talk to
Yeah, what about her?
- Yesterday she was all...
- So remember something okay?
She's a fucking whore.
And what I do with her
is my fucking business.
Are you fucking Tatiana?
I don't shit where I eat boss.
Hey, lucky boy.
I'll see you tonight?
leave a message at the tone.
Fuckin' voice-mail, a fuckin'
You better pick up lucky boy.
You like the food?
Yeah because they're very big.
And then smash them.
You're smashing the food?
Smash, smash, smash.
What was your plan?
Tell me.
I was saving for a green card
to go visit my family.
Look thing.
So what happened?
My friend Ricky disappeared
and I spent all my money
trying to find him.
Is this big?
It's a big guy, eat it, eat
it, eat it.
I'm sorry.
We can get married you know?
For papers I mean.
Go to another state.
It's not that easy.
I mean they look at
the person's background
what they do and everything.
Oh, well, I was just tryin' to
Right, your sure about this?
I owe you one buddy, bye Manny.
Alright that was my guy in the
You gonna have to cool it
with this little side gig
you got goin' on, there's
an investigation underway.
Lay low for a while, let me
dig around and see what else
I can find out your
buddy and what he's into.
Look, thanks Mike.
Hey, don't thank me, thank
your aunt.
And while you're at it put a
good word in for me too, huh?
I spend a fortune in that place.
Good luck with that Mike.
God bless that woman.
This is the last time Lola.
You leave don't you ever come
Is he as good as me?
What are you talking about?
I bet he fucked you real good.
Yeah, you're crazy, he's the
Fuckin' two penny whore.
Take that shit downtown.
Thought I wasn't gonna do that
any more.
Oh, you thought you wasn't
I fucking lied, get the fuck
outta here
and tell that other bitch to
come in.
There you are.
Come here girl.
You ready to make some real
Oh, yeah.
That's it for now, come here.
Come on.
Thank you.
Give him some of this
food you know Ricky loved
your food so much he was
always eating this at work.
He's not coming back is he?
Don't say that.
What if I don't want him back?
I'm here until he gets back
Fernando has good taste.
The money.
Here, come inside.
I like what I see.
Here you go brother.
You fuckin' whore!
What the fucks wrong with you
Hey, hey, hey, relax cowboy.
You wanna party let's party.
I could party.
Hey, go home babe, take it
So what do you wanna play?
Whatever you wanna play.
I don't blame you.
Okay, okay, okay.
Check the rooms just
to see what the fuck
is going on in this shithole.
What do we
have here, what do we have?
I had the pleasure of
meeting your lovely aunt.
Mmm and Lola.
Come here.
Come here, come here man, ok,
Nobody disappears on me, okay?
Well don't be fucking rude, sit
Wow, she's beautiful, your mom.
You guys, you guys kinda look
Hey lucky boy.
You better be a good boy or
they're dead.
Consider them lucky.
And do me a favor, clean
yourself up.
You look like a bum.
Am I gonna see you tonight?
Good man, let's get the fuck
outta here.
Come on, come here.
Take the shot, look at him, he's
so cute.
Pick up your fucking glass man.
Take your one.
Go, go, grab one.
Keep 'em coming because he's
gonna get fucked up today baby!
Go, take the fucking shot.
Look at him!
Look at him he's grabbin' 'em
for himself.
Fuck it, fuck the glass man.
That's it I'm gonna
baptize you in alcohol.
Are you fucked up already
now I want you to see.
Which one of these fucking
girls are we gonna take home?
Which one?
Mm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Tommy get that girl.
- That one?
- Yeah.
I like you like this bro,
I like you like this.
That's who I wanna see.
Where's your smile baby what's
the matter?
You alright, what's the matter?
There we go, there we go.
Nice you got four shots on you
Keep 'em comin'.
Merry Christmas surprise,
Take him with you girl he's
done go get the fuck outta here.
Oh, oh, he's stumblin', he's
stumblin', better get it up.
You better get him Viagra.
Hands on type a party guys you
It's a hands on type a party.
Everybody can play.
Now that's a fucking line baby.
That's a fucking line.
You gotta be careful.
This woman's famous in
three countries for that.
His name is lucky 'cause
he is fuckin' lucky.
Give him some candy babe.
Hello, look at this.
Really, that's for you, you
- Come on.
- Give him.
Just do it don't be a bitch just
He did it, oh I don't
do drugs, you did it.
- Come on, come on.
- You gotta even it out.
Both sides.
He doesn't know what way to go.
Mr robot, Mr robot,
Mr robot has claw hands.
Which one is your favorite,
which one is your favorite?
- Olga!
- Huh, which one's broke?
- Hola.
- Mr. robot.
What are you spying on me now?
What the hell are you doing here
I was walking by I saw
the nanny leave the house
I came up to check on the kid.
Just passing by you're
just his little bitch.
What the hell does that make
What can't hit a girl huh?
What, what, what, what?
No this crazy new girl Lola?
Lola, yeah.
How do you know her?
Fernando has her working with
to make the drops downtown.
Why what's going on?
Do you know where she is?
She usually hangs out at the
I gotta go.
Hey, luck, what are you doing
I can't really talk right now
so I'll see you later, okay?
Hey what's you problem buddy?
Don't worry hun, I'll be right
What the hell are you doing
Just following your advice.
I told you to go back to
what are you doing with
Besides fucking him?
I deliver bags downtown to rich
Sometimes I fuck them too.
You said you were gettin' out.
Changed my mind.
Because I realized
I'm really good at this.
And I'm gonna milk it
for as long as I can.
You were safe with Prisca.
I'm a big girl I can
take care of myself.
You should worry about yourself
see if Fernando finds out
about you and Tatiana.
You don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
Please the way she talks about
you it's so fucking obvious
don't worry I'm not gonna say
I don't know what you see in her
Are we done here?
You were right these
fucks love the girls.
But I don't fuckin' trust those
Can I trust you lucky boy.
Of course you can trust me.
Good 'cause I want you
to drive these whores
and keep an eye on 'em
for me, can you do that?
Yeah, I can do that.
Good, good, good.
You should keep a clear head
Yeah, whatever grandma, I can
handle it.
She's reckless.
She's just a kid.
I'll be right back.
They're not gonna buzz you in.
Hey bra, plenty a blow,
come on help yourself.
You're next baby.
What the fuck, 'get your
What the fuck?
Hey what's up bro?
Yo just gimme a minute
in here with this bitch.
She's fuckin' awesome, yo what
the fuck are you goin' dude?
Fuck luck you should'a joined
You're such a party pooper
ah, ah, alright, alright.
Come on let's get the
fuck outta here come on.
God, alright dude.
You don't touch the girls.
Okay, alright.
Fuck dude, get outta here.
Get the fuck outta here.
Just get outta here.
Yo, what the fuck?
Can you look after her
Have a drink.
I'm layin' off.
Make me another.
What the fuck happened tonight?
I took care of it no need to
Oh, no need to worry?
No need to fucking worry?
Then why the fuck am I
getting phone calls from these
assholes telling me you're
smashing people's heads in?
Relax it wasn't anything
I could've avoided.
Okay, don't tell me to relax.
I'm relaxed.
If they wanna fuck these bitches
let them.
Something's not right here
you and these fucking whores.
It's bad business
today they fuck the girls
tomorrow they think they can
fuck us.
I'm finally breaking
into this market lucky boy.
It's easy money
if anyone fucks this up I'll
cut their throat myself.
Trust me, it was necessary.
Just as long as you
remember who you work for.
And next time you call me first.
Sure boss.
And keep an eye on that new
I don't trust that bitch.
Don't worry about her
I got it under control.
I hope so.
Sorry about what
happened the other night.
Just lay low for a while
and don't do anything stupid,
Five minutes.
Don't have to worry
about me any more luck.
Won't happen again I promise.
I'm gonna get you out.
Your problem is that you
always worry about other people.
Titiana's a really lucky girl.
Your gonna be drivin'
Tina around, smile baby.
Look at that.
We don't need three runners.
I told you to keep an eye on
that bitch.
Try to sell that shit to my own
the stupid fuckin' whore.
Where is she let me
talk some sense into her.
Where's Lola?
You wanna give Tina a test
You see baby you're in
good hands with lucky boy.
That boy right there will never
betray me.
I need you to make a drop off
in ac tomorrow, same mo as
You didn't help her?
I tried.
Not hard enough.
I'm in trouble.
You should of listened to me.
I knew you weren't cut out for
You do something out of need
and it becomes a habit along the
I need to get out.
Just disappear he's so coked
he'll forget about you in a
And what about you?
What about me?
I'm too old to start over.
I can live with what I do.
You can't.
Could you please slow down?
You're going a little bit too
He murdered Lola and
I drove her dead body.
I drove her dead body.
Aw fuck, not now.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Good evening officer.
Do you realize how
fast you were going sir?
I'm sorry I didn't know how
license and registration.
Yeah, yeah.
Is that a police officer.
Just gimme a second please.
We're gonna be late, he
has to go to the bathroom.
This is getting absolutely
I'm really sorry sir this
is really embarrassing.
I'm sorry, if you ever, if
you just spent like a second
to listen to what I have to
say before we leave the house
then we can just get where we're
- you really need to be.
- On time, this is just
- more careful with.
- Absolutely ridiculous.
Your family in the car sir.
Go home,
and slow down.
Absolutely ridiculous.
I will.
Thank you, have a good night.
You sleepy?
Thank you.
Where we going?
To a friend's place.
Think we not going back.
I don't think we're going back
We'll be safe there.
Is he okay?
Thank you.
So Alex and Max are both same
Lucky knows how to keep a
Oh no, no, Max isn't his.
I know lucky for a long time,
he'll take care of him like his
How do you know lucky?
Ricky and luck were like
He would have been long gone
before any of this came out.
Hey kid.
I would'a preferred that you
didn't find out about this
but your aunt insisted.
It's true?
They found his body about two
days ago.
Took 'em this long 'cause
of the condition he was in.
But his prints were in the
system so,
it's him.
Go ahead, tell him the rest.
You know he doesn't really
need to know all this.
It's only speculation any way.
Your buddy Ricky was last
scene with your boy Fernando.
Put it behind you and walk away.
I really, really wanna
kill you right now.
Because you don't fucking
Tina you don't listen baby.
I'll be quiet, I'll be
quiet, please no more.
Shhh, I can fuckin' hear
you just gimme a second.
Just gimme a second.
Gimme a fuck,
- no more please, no more.
- Fucking choke you with this.
No I was there, I
showed up and I was there
they weren't there to pick me
Fucking voice-mail I gonna lose
my shit.
Where the fuck are you?
Get over here now!
You better pray I get my shit
back okay?
No more please.
This motherfucker doesn't know
who the fuck he's fucking with.
Shut the fuck up.
If I hear you cry I'm telling
I can't fucking think like this.
We're gonna wait for lucky.
We're gonna wait for him.
No more I beg you.
Be quiet or
I'm gonna bash you over the
fucking head again.
Get in the fucking house!
You're fucking that whore I know
I can't fucking trust you.
Do you see anybody else here?
She's a fucking whore right?
Oh so you are fucking her?
She mean something to you now?
Nope, no she doesn't, so
you won't have any problem
right cuttin' that bitches
It's not my job I'm the driver
The fucking driver just the
Where is she?
How am I supposed to know
I just got back from ac.
What you just got back now?
I stayed the night I tried my
Fuck I didn't know you
were a fucking gambling man.
Yeah, what's going on here?
I told you to keep an eye on
this bitch.
Well, two down, one to go.
How do you know Tatiana's
stealing from you?
It's either her or you.
Let's go.
Let's fucking go.
So how was your luck, lucky boy?
The house always wins right?
Yeah don't forget that shit.
Come on where the fuck is
this bitch's house man?
We're almost there just relax.
Hey don't, I told you, don't
fuckin' tell me to relax.
You stick with me lucky boy
maybe you'll make something of
This is, fuck!
Where are you you fucking whore?
You fucked the wrong whore lucky
You think you're so smart.
You don't fuck with a man's
It was a sure thing hermano.
You know what your problem is?
You always worry about other
What are we going to do?
What, are you scared?
Where you goin'?
You don't have the
fucking balls you bitch!
Do it, do it.
Fucking bitch.
You don't fucking do it.
Fucking whore bitch.
Do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
He's not coming back.
He's dead.
I'll take care of you guys
don't worry.
I belong here.
You promised me.
You promised me we
were gonna start over.
You promised me that.
Oh you son of a bitch.
Hey, come here.
You didn't see my bag right?
Where is Tatiana and Max.
They're gone.
Are they gonna be okay?
Don't worry about them.