Lucky Duck (2014) Movie Script

Everyday's a new day
once you leave the belt way
don't know where you'll be
future's bright and shiny
even when there's ups and
downs and spinning all arounds
you gotta roll
there you go, up and at 'em
now you're not alone
don't say no
gotta take your chance
and grab a hold
life's coming at you now
yeah, coming at you now
maybe what's before you
is uncertainty
keep on looking forward
to your destiny
hold on to your dreams and
whether they are smiles
or frowns
don't let it bring you down,
you'll reach your goal
Looks like we've got a code s.
No squeak?
Poor little guy.
Nobody's gonna want a rubber
ducky that can't squeak.
There you go, up and at 'em
now you're not alone
life's coming at you now
Almost missed you.
What a lucky duck!
Life's coming at you now
A tub toy tale.
Hey! Get out of here!
Can't squeak, can't stay!
What'd you do that for?
There's no room in here
for rejects!
Who are you calling a reject?
A rubber ducky who can't squeak,
that's who!
For your information,
There's a lot more to being
a rubber ducky than squeaking.
There's floating, and there's...
Good luck finding a kid
Who wants a tub toy
that doesn't squeak.
There's plenty of kids
who might want a ducky like me.
Kids who need quiet,
like maybe a...
A ninja kid or, um, a...
Kid librarian.
I'll find a kid who wants me.
You'll see!
Well, if you need us,
just squeak.
Oh, wait.
You can't!
They'll see!
I'm going to find me a friend
I can treasure
I'm not like all the rest,
that's what they see
but someone out there
far away
I know waits for me
I know it in my heart,
I'm special
not so perfect,
but hey, I'm unique
I'm one day closer
to where I wanna be
to a friend that needs
a friend like me
I'm a lucky duck
'cause I'm on my way
to a best friend I believe
I'm a lucky duck
'cause I know inside
there's only one of me
gonna smile when they tell me
I'm different
'cause different's good, yeah,
someday they'll see
no matter what they say
or do
I won't give up on me
'cause I'm a lucky duck
And I'm on my way
to a best friend I believe
I'm a lucky duck
'cause I know inside
There's only one of me
there's only one of me
I better find someplace
to ride out this storm.
Dude, do you mind?
We're trying to glow
in the dark!
Oops, sorry.
Ha ha, sorry about that.
Hey. Hi.
Do you think I could stay
in here with you guys?
Outlook hazy.
Try again.
I really need a place to stay.
Signs point to no.
Everybody's a comedian.
Ugh! Whew!
What are you doing in here?
'cause I'm scared!
It's okay.
I'm just a rubber ducky.
I'm scared of rubber duckies!
But I wouldn't hurt a fly.
I'm scared of flies, too!
Look, I just need a place
to stay.
Go away!
Ah! Wait! Stay with me!
Let me guess.
Scared of thunder.
Ah! Ooh!
You're a jumpy little guy.
Well, well being surrounded
by bullies in a scary crate
Does that to a toy.
I had to get out of there!
Me, too.
That is, the other toys
sort of kicked me out,
Cause I'm uh...
I'm different from all
the other tub toys.
But how?
I can't squeak.
That's great!
It is?
I'm scared of squeaks!
And I'm different, too.
I can't squirt.
My name's lucky.
Lucky duck.
They call me snap.
Look, snap, you can't spend
your whole life
Hiding out in a shell.
Why not?
It's nice and cozy in here.
You should get one!
How are you gonna find a kid to
take you home if you're hiding?
What are you doing in my cabin?
Your cabin?
Ugh, that stuffy crate
was terrible for my complexion,
So I have chosen this as
my cabin for the voyage.
They said you were
a reject, too?
Certainly not! Ha!
How could anyone consider
two different colored eyes
To be a flaw,
When it's actually a sign
of rare beauty?
I merely decided to go
on this ocean cruise
To um... Get some sun.
I've been looking
a little pink lately.
Ha ha, I see.
And then, they kicked you out
of the crate for being a re...
Heh heh!
A really unhappy passenger?
Eh, something like that.
The name's flo.
Flo the hippo.
You've probably heard of me.
No, not really.
At any rate, if you don't mind
finding someplace else...
Uh, but we were kind of
here first.
Weren't we, snap?
Don't mind him.
He's just a little shy.
It's okay if you stay here
with us.
But she's pink, and...
You're scared of pink?
You can always go back into your
little shell and hide there.
I suppose this arrangement
will do.
What arrangement?
I think I could get used
to this.
What's that?
Come on.
Let's go check it out!
Give me a hand here!
Hey! Hey!
There's a storm coming!
You better take shelter!
Lighten up, will ya?
It's time to have some fun!
Come on, tub toys!
See those waves rollin'
and a tumblin'
Feel the beat rockin'
and a rumblin'
Oh, whoa!
Slap your fins
on the deck now
pucker up and make a squeak,
it can't be missed
it's the tub toy twist
and you do it like this
the tub toy twist
time to party,
let's take it overboard
Come on monkeys, bang
and clang it all night long
shimmy, shake it,
frogs and tugs
let's do the dance we all love
and it goes like this
it's the tub toy twist
Uh, storm's coming.
And you shake it like this
it's the tub toy twist
Look at that wave!
It's the tub toy twist
the tub toy twist
That's what I call makin'
a splash!
Um, no, that is!
Swim to the vent!
Get in!
Well, you wanted to take
a nice ocean cruise.
This was not in the brochure!
I'm getting seasick!
Whoa! Ugh!
During this historic storm,
No ships or human lives
were lost at sea,
But a crate of tub toys
was swept overboard
In the middle of the ocean.
With me now is the owner of
the terrific tub toy company,
Mr. Bob bubbly.
We're offering
a substantial reward
And calling on anyone
with a boat
To help find our poor lost
tub toys.
A reward?
Hey, dad!
Sorry, dad,
But there's this thing
they're talking about on tv!
They need boats to help
find some tub toys
That were lost at sea!
Tub toys?
Everyone's looking for them.
There's a reward and everything!
Are you sure?
I'll show you.
Come on!
You guys okay?
Uh, I think so.
But the service aboard this ship
leaves a lot to be desired.
Oh, I had an awful dream.
There was this big storm and we
went overboard and then we...
It wasn't a dream!
What do you guys think?
Not too bad, huh?
Hey, out there!
Is everyone all right?
What are you doing?
What does it look like
we're doing?
We're floating.
That's what tub toys do.
Don't you want to get back
to the ship?
We're finally free!
Free to float away
on the ocean waves!
Who knows where the waves
are going to take you?
Who knows?
Maybe it'll be
a tropical island,
With coconuts and palm trees!
What's wrong with you guys?
Don't you want to find a kid
who'll take you home
And play with you?
Why settle for a kid's bathtub
when you can have a whole ocean?
They might be right, lucky.
Maybe it's better
to just sit back
And let the ocean waves
take us where they will.
But... but...
Where's my spf 900?
I need to work on my tan.
Well, I don't want to go
I just want to stay in here,
where it's safe.
Look, just because we're reje...
I mean, different...
Doesn't mean we should give up.
We've got to find a kid!
A squeakless duck,
A scaredy-cat turtle
who can't squirt,
And a stuck-up hippo with
two different color eyes?
No offense.
But what kid's going to want us?
I know there's a kid
out there for me,
And I'm gonna find him!
If we follow the ship's trail,
we might just catch up to it!
And if we can get back
to the ship,
It'll take us to dry land,
Where we can all find a home...
What are you gonna paddle with?
Your face?
Ha ha ha.
Well, why not?
I'm ready!
Hmmm, sorry, danny,
But it could get rough out there
with these storms around.
But I really wanna be
your first mate!
Look, danny.
This is an important
salvage job.
A reward like that could pay
for the repairs we need
On the finders keepers.
But dad, I promise
I won't touch anything.
Oh, ah, whoa!
I'm sorry, son.
I know you'll make a fine
first mate some day,
But today is not that day.
Now, head over to your
grandmother's house
And tell her I'll be back
before supper to get you.
Ah! My charts!
Okay, phew!
It won't be long now.
Not getting very far, duck!
Look, why don't you forget about this
"finding a kid" stuff,
And just chill
like the rest of us?
I'm not like the rest of you,
Or so you keep telling me.
What about you two oddballs huh?
I suppose you're going along
with the silly duck's plan?
Do you want to float around
with those guys
And wait for something
to happen?
Or do you want to come with me
and make it happen?
Waiting is not my strong suit.
I'm going with the duck!
Let me get this straight.
You want me to float away on
an ocean full of killer whales,
Barracudas, electric eels,
manta rays,
Hammerheads, octopuses...
Right, those too.
No, thank you.
I'll take my chances
with the rubber duck.
Suit yourselves.
Good luck with that!
Um, what is the plan, anyway?
Sinking, by the look of it.
We're sinking?
I need a floatation device!
Get off!
You are a floatation device.
Maybe we can hitch a ride.
Hey! Hey you!
Could I just...
Hold it!!!
Do you wanna do something
really fun?
What is it?
Tell us!
Tell us!
What is it?
Chasing a ship!
We love chasing ships!
They're so...
If you give us a ride,
we'll show you where one is.
Show us!
Show us!
Follow that trail
and it'll lead you right to it.
A ride?
On the back of a dolphin?
It'll be fine.
Just do what I do.
Wow! Neat trick!
How can I stick to a dolphin?
Where's the glue?
I don't get it.
This makes no sense.
Hey, I'm stuck!
Relax and enjoy the ride.
I'm relaxed.
You gotta roll with it!
You gotta dive!
You gotta roll with it!
And take a ride!
You gotta roll with it!
You gotta dive!
What? Whoa!
You gotta roll with it!
You gotta dive!
You gotta roll with it!
And take a ride!
No roll!
Cut it out!
You gotta roll with it!
And take a ride!
I'm king of the duckies!
That never gets old.
Oh, look!
It's the ship!
It won't be long now
before we find our kid!
Uh, why are you stopping?
What is it?
Look at that!
Ah, whoa!
Wait! Wait!
Hold on!
I thought we were chasing
the ship?
Oh, that's just a buoy!
There's nothing fun
about a buoy at all.
Oh, buoy.
Hmm, what is that?
Could be onto something here.
What in the world... danny?
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry, dad, I just
really wanted to come.
So, you went and stowed away?
I promise I won't cause
any problems.
You already have.
Whatever that was, I lost it.
I didn't mean to be any trouble.
I know, son.
I'm just worried about you.
It can be dangerous out here.
And it's too late to turn back.
So, does that mean I can stay?
It looks like you'll have to.
Oh, yes!
Can I be first mate?
Pay attention, do your job,
And you might make first mate,
some day.
Aye-aye, sir!
Help! Anybody!
We're gonna be marooned here
for the rest of our lives!
You know, this might not be
such a bad place
To spend the rest of our lives.
It's got music...
And the lighting makes me look
gorgeous, don't you think?
We can't stay here.
We're supposed to find kids
who'll play with us.
But that ship
is long gone by now.
Then, we'll just have to get to
dry land by ourselves somehow.
If we can get to land,
there are bound to be kids,
And swimming pools,
and fountains, and bubble baths.
Mmm, bubble baths!
Nice thought,
But it doesn't change the fact
that we're stuck here!
We'll get out of here.
There's got to be a way.
Do you think help is just
going to fall out of the sky?
Oh, sorry 'bout that!
Didn't see ya down there.
Hey! Watch it, pal!
Hmm, looks like this buoy ain't
big enough for all of us.
Leave him alone!
Listen, we've already been
kicked out of our crate,
Blown off our ship by a storm,
Stranded in the middle
of the ocean,
Stuck to the backs
of some dippy dolphins,
And abandoned on this
overcrowded buoy!
We've had kind of a rough day,
So we'd appreciate it
if you'd just...
Give us a break!!!
All right, okay!
Why didn't ya say so?
We'd be happy to help,
right, boys?
Name's wingo,
leader of the thunderbeaks!
Nice to meet you.
I'm lucky.
You coulda fooled me.
So, you wanna fly with
the thunderbeaks?
Ha ha, well,
I'm just a rubber ducky.
I don't really have wings.
No sweat.
Youse can hitch a ride.
Let's r-r-r-ride!
Not again!
Whoa! Ah!
Dad! Dad!
They're talking about it
on the radio!
Oh, no!
I'll get them!
I just got excited.
They said they found some
of the tub toys on a beach.
Show me where.
Come on!
Here, I think.
Well, the cargo ship lost
the tub toys here.
So, the ocean currents
must be carrying them south.
So, all we have to do
is head south,
And we should find the rest.
Setting course due south.
Full speed ahead.
Man the fog light!
Aye, captain!
How in the world are we supposed
to make it through that
With no fog light?!
I'm sorry, dad.
I didn't mean it.
It's okay, son, we'll make it
through somehow.
Come on, let's go.
Man, this stuff is thick.
Can't see my wing
in front of my face!
So, where we takin'
youse guys, anyways?
All we want is to find a kid
who'll take us home.
So, we need to get
to dry land somewhere.
No sweat.
That is, if we can spot any land
in this pea soup.
Hey, snap, look at me!
Whoa! Aaah!
Hey, I can't see!
Get off, will ya!
Watch it!
Are you okay?
What happened?
A three-bird pile-up!
It... it was this fog.
We're down here!
Hey, seagulls!
We're down here!
Oh, it's no good.
They're gone.
And we're goners!
No, we're not.
We'll keep going.
But how are we gonna find
our way through this fog?
If you want to get somewhere
bad enough, you find a way.
Even through the fog.
When you can't see ahead
you're lost and afraid
gotta believe, be strong
and just hold on
your heart will light the way
through the fog
Just can't seem to ever
get it right.
I'm trying really hard
but nothing goes my way.
But even when it's feeling
dark as night,
A quiet voice inside me
seems to say.
Listen to the sound
I know this fear
is only make-believe.
Beating like a drum
Trust that you know
what you should do.
When you can't see ahead
Won't listen to the doubt in me.
Let the hope wash over me.
You're lost and afraid
Won't listen to the doubt in me.
Gotta believe, be strong
and carry on
Let the hope wash over me.
Your heart will light
the way
through the fog
If I listen to it carefully,
A quiet voice inside of me
seems to say.
Your heart will light the way
through the fog
your heart will light the way
through the fog
What's that?
Could be land!
Good eye!
Oh! You think so?
Which one?
The blue one compliments
my outfit,
But the green one
is just so unique.
Oh, boy.
It's land, all right!
Dry land!
Kind of wet, actually.
Looks a little empty.
I hope there's someplace
I can get my nails done.
I think we're on an island.
I'm scared of islands!
What is that?
Not sure.
Is there anybody down there?
Let me give it a try.
He said, "hello, is there
anybody down..."
Waahh! Help, ahh!
Wait a minute.
This isn't an island.
It's a whale!
I wanna get off!
Get out of the way!
Oh, brother.
Doesn't this thing
ever sit still?
Just hang on.
Lucky will get us out of this.
Um, un case you haven't noticed,
He was swallowed by the whale!
I need to get out of here.
Now if I could just
find something...
It's no use.
Don't know why flo and snap ever
went with me in the first place.
I was supposed to help them
find a kid.
It was all just
a useless dream...
"I'm a lucky duck..."
Guess I'm not so lucky
after all.
Well, I did find some friends,
But now I lost them, too.
Thanks to this big, dumb whale!
I think we're stuck out here
for good this time.
Maybe it's for the best.
What do you mean?
I mean, what if they were right?
What if my "distinctive feature"
Makes people think
I really am a reject?
You're not a reject!
You're just different,
that's all.
It's the same thing.
No, it's not.
Being different makes you
stand out from all the rest.
You're beautiful because
you're different.
Your eyes are amazing,
and so are you.
I am?
Ha ha ha, yes!
Of course I am!
Now, let's find a way
to get lucky out of there!
We just have to get this
whale to spit him out.
Or better yet, sneeze him out!
We put something small
and irritating right in here.
But-but we don't have anything
small and irrita...
Oh, no.
Oh, come on!
You want to save lucky,
don't you?
Of-of course!
Of course!
But maybe in some way
that doesn't involve
Jumping into a whale's blowhole!
There is no other way.
Are you sure?
There's nothing less...
I can't do it!
Yes, you can.
But what if something
goes wrong?
What could go wrong?
Okay, okay.
A lot of things could go wrong.
But there are times when
you have to stop hiding
And be brave for your friends.
Me, silly.
And lucky, of course.
I actually have friends?
Best friends!
You know the day I met ya,
I thought I could forget ya
hidin' out in that ol' shell
I scared ya and I teased ya,
but now I'll never leave ya
back then how could we
ever tell
that we were going to be
right to the very end
so I'll tell you again
don't have to be afraid
a friend will always
see you through
it's funny
how your feelings grow
and suddenly you're my pal
so when your feeling down
and low
just call me
'cause I'm your gal
just the two of us friends
right to the very end
so I'll tell you again
don't have to be afraid,
'cause friends will always
see you through
so you should always know
This friend will always
see you through
ooh ooh
Okay, I'll do it.
For my friends.
Turtle in the hole!
Let's face it.
I'm never getting out of he...
Snap! Flo!
What happened?
Your best friends got you
out of there, that's what!
It's funny how
your feelings grow
and suddenly you're my pal
so when you're feeling down
and low
just call me 'cause
I'm your gal
yes the three of us friends
right to the very end
so I'll tell you again
and now we really know
your friends will always
see you through
and now we really know
your friends will always
see you through
Ha ha!
Where are we?
The same place we were
the last 12 times you asked.
The middle of the ocean.
Yup, it looks like we're right
back where we started.
So, what have you guys
been doing?
Oh, pretty much just hanging
around by the pool.
Hmm, you know, that sounds
pretty good to me.
After all, I'm tired.
And I'm starting to think
this whole dream
Of finding a kid is just that.
A silly dream.
There's nothing silly
about dreams.
They give you something
to believe in.
Don't you get it?
It's over.
All I ever did was make things
harder for us.
At least if we stay here,
things can't get any worse.
Oh, yes, they can!
We've been through too much
to stop now.
And we would never have made it
this far if it wasn't for you.
We're not rejects, lucky,
we're different, remember?
I think that makes us special.
You taught us that.
And that we should never,
ever give up on our dreams!
You must've had a pretty
rough time out there.
Maybe I was wrong about
that whole reject thing.
Hey, you seem pretty handy
in a pinch.
You think you could help us
get out of here?
This storm looks pretty bad.
After the way you treated us?
Why should we help you?
Because we're tub toys.
And tub toys stick together.
We're getting out of here.
Okay, everyone, into the pool!
Hang on, danny!
The mast is pulling
the ship down.
I've got to cut it loose!
Take the wheel!
Are you sure?
You can do it, son.
Steady as she goes.
Danny, no!
It's too dangerous!
Let's get inside, danny.
You were right, dad.
It can be really dangerous
out here.
I should have never stowed away
like that.
I'm so sorry, dad.
No, I'm sorry.
I should never have doubted you
in the first place.
You really came through
back there.
I'm proud of you, danny.
Are you sure this was
a good idea?
I'm all out of those!
Is that you?
Yo, duck!
I thought I lost ya!
I've been flyin' all over
lookin' for youse guys,
And it kinda got me
in a little, uh, trouble here.
He needs help!
Everyone come over
to this side, quick!
Hang on, wingo!
Thanks, pal.
I owe ya one.
Hold on!
We're coming!
Whoa! Ahhh!
Oh, hey, whoa!
Ah, there you are.
Ah, missed you guys!
Ha ha, whoa!
Oh, lucky!
In so many ways.
Be careful!
What's that?
You're funny!
We thought we lost you!
Ha, you almost did.
We're all with you, duck.
We did it!
We found them!
Hey, take care, lucky.
I hope ya find your kid!
And so, the storm has passed.
It's the finders keepers!
And they've found
the lost tub toys!
Oh, welcome home!
Here you go, kids!
Captain chase,
how did you do it?
How did you find them
in the storm?
Well, I never could have done it
without my trusty first mate.
Aye, captain.
Your reward, captain!
Well done.
Hey, wait.
You forgot about these.
Hmm, oh dear.
But it looks like these
are rejects.
They're no good to me.
Can I keep 'em?
They're not in great shape.
That one doesn't even squeak.
Yeah, but there's something
special about these three.
Aren't you a little old
for tub toys?
You're never too old
for tub toys!
A bubble bath!
Oh, I've dreamed of this
all my life!
I guess dreams can come true.
Only if you've got a lucky duck
to see you through.
Was that you?
No. You?
It's funny how
your feelings grow
and suddenly you're my pal
so when you're feeling down
and low
just call me
'cause I'm your gal
yes the three of us friends
right to the very end
so I'll tell you again
and now we really know
your friends will always
see you through
and now we really know
your friends will always
see you through