Lucky Man (2023) Movie Script

(Menmakkalkudi, Years ago)
What are you guys waiting for?
Go and play.
Dude, look there.
Who is his highness?
Murugan. He also wants to play.
Then let him join us.
You come here for vacation and so you
don't know. He's an unlucky fellow.
- The team in which he plays, will lose.
- True story!
Then let him play for both team
as 'Joker'
We tried that. It resulted in four days
of rain and we couldn't play at all.
Also, listen to this.
On the very day he took birth,
the mid wife who delivered him...
God! Is it?
Well, that's how sad his luck is.
Fine, let me talk to him.
- Go! Go!
- Fine, I'm going. Patience, guys!
- Bother, please get up.
- And you are...
Brother, you don't have to say a word!
I am here,
like a brother to you!
This match will not proceed without you!
I fell for his words but in the
end they made me the umpire...
for 1000 matches!
Those who are unlucky will get Ladoo
only after it becomes Boondi.
You might ask what's the difference?
But unfortunately Boondi doesn't have
the same value as Ladoo does!
And that is called Luck!
On a busy morning, all of you
must be hurrying to work.
You are listening to "Hello
Tamizha" show in Hello FM 106.4.
I am so glad to meet you all
this morning. This is Mr. Balaji.
There are many out there waiting
for the day they will find success.
And there are many who are
waiting to find success in a day.
Let us find out which category
you belong to.
- Driver!
- Coming, sir.
Where is your agent Murugan?
He's on his way, sir.
Hope he'll be late by hours
and not days or months!
- Call him and find out.
- Right away, sir.
Sir, his line is engaged.
- Sir, shall I play some songs in radio?
- Fine!
- 'Hello, greetings'
- Hello.
Yes sir, your name?
Tiruttani Murugan, sir.
- Murugan, where are you?
- In people's heart, sir.
- Sarcasm?
- Just kidding, sir.
I'm in a gas station at Manapakkam.
You aren't supposed to be
on phone while filling gas.
I'm yet to fill. There are
three vehicles before me.
Sorry, ma'am. Only two vehicles
are there.
Don't risk it. I'll call you back later.
Only I know how unlucky I am.
Let's talk right away.
Fine, where do you work?
- In Pachaimann locality.
- What's that, sir?
'Green sand land', sir.
I work as a land broker over there.
Even Ambani must come to me,
if he needs a land in Ambattur.
Don't stop it.
Turn it off and I'll finish you off!
Fine, sir. Let me explain you this game.
I know it very well, sir. I've been
trying to get your line for a month.
Very good, sir. You've saved my time.
I've never wasted anybody's time, sir.
I appreciate your dedication, sir.
All the best.
Let's find out which celebrity will
you be answering questions about.
Sure, sir.
- It's spinning, sir.
- Great, let it.
Like a sixer from the first ball,
it's 'Super Star' Rajnikanth!
If this is not your lucky day then
no day is! Are you a fan of Superstar?
- His fan? I'm the ceiling!
- What do you mean?
- I'm more than just his fan!
- Here goes the first question about him.
Which is his first movie?
His first movie... When he was born
68 years ago,
his parents took him to a studio near
their home and made him act there.
Even he doesn't know that movie's name.
That's his first movie.
- Sir, you're taking a dig at me.
- Obviously, sir!
The whole world knows the answer.
Won't I know?
His first movie was
'Aboorva Sagodharargal'
- That's 'Aboorva Ragangal'
- Sorry, sir.
The answer is 'Aboorva Ragangal'
You got the first question right
and you advance to the next.
- A very simple question.
- Go ahead, sir.
Did 'Superstar' Rajnikanth and 'Navarasa
Nayagan' Karthi act together in a movie?
Very easy question. Even a kid
would know the answer.
Card machine isn't working.
You got cash?
'Yes!' is the right answer, Mr. Murugan!
It was a tough question. How did you
answer it with such confidence?
Tell me that movie's name.
It was a 'Yes or no' answer.
How can you ask the movie's name?
You are quite alert!
Come to my hood ans ask about me.
"Kettavanukku Kettavan!"
(I'll be bad towards bad people)
"Nallavanukku Nallavan!"
(I'm nice to nice people)
"Nallavanukku Nallavan"
is the right answer!
Will he win the prize?
Thank you, sir.
Let's go to next question
with the same flow. What say?
Hold on for a second, sir
as I fill the gas.
You aren't allowed
to talk in mobile, here.
We can use mobiles to pay but
we are refrained from using it?
- What kind of technology is that?
- Ask the higher management, sir!
The whole India is using this
excuse to escape, isn't it?
- How much gas?
- For 100 rupees.
- To hell with your accent!
- Murugan, here's your final question.
Which is Superstar's 150th movie?
Mr. Murugan since you answered all
the three questions correctly,
you move on to the next spinning wheel.
Now, let's spin the lucky prize wheel
for you. Shall we, Mr. Murugan?
I am waiting.
An exciting prize awaits you.
Here we go!
The wheel's spinning, Mr. Murugan.
- It's spinning, sir!
- Let it, sir.
- It's spinning, Mr. Murugan.
- Let it spin in peace, sir.
And you have won...
I'm going to announce the result.
This has never happened, Murugan.
You have won no prize.
It's must be heart breaking for
our viewers listening to this.
Sir, you are lying.
I'm lying?
Why would I lie, sir?
If you had won a TV, refrigerator or
washing machine, would you say the same?
Sir, I gave correct answers
to all your questions.
Sir, yes you could give
all the correct answers...
but that's just the key
to open your luck.
Here, your the lock called 'luck'
has changed for you.
He deserves this for making us wait.
Don't worry, Mr. Murugan. I shall play
you a song. Which song would you like?
Play one of those songs where the
hero becomes millionaire overnight.
We shall now play a song like that for
Murugan who couldn't win a prize.
Go ahead and become a millionaire.
People are waiting behind you.
To play with us call us at "44669999"
Take part in this 'Lucky Wheel' contest
in this festive season and...
take home many exciting prizes!
- You!
- What?
Where are you?
- I can't tell you that.
- Stop kidding please.
You very well know about my two wheeler.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- The clients are waiting.
- Ask them to wait.
Didn't we wait four hours
for them, last week.
Did they show up? Do you think they'll
eat our heads? Especially mine?
He's coming, sir.
They won't feed their parents but
wants to buy acres of lands!
And on top this won't start!
- Sir.
- Hey! Sit.
So, what's with the beard?
Sir, I'm undercover right now
on a drug peddling case.
Wind up the case before
you are fully covered!
A cop without a uniform.
did you hear the news?
What news, sir?
You'll be the next Assistant Commissioner
and there'll be four stations under you.
I'm yet to receive the order, sir.
Let's see.
There were three of them.
Very tough fight.
It was I, who recommended your name.
- I too would have left.
- You should have, sir.
You made us wait all this while
and took us for granted.
Hence, I wanted to see who you are.
Do I have such a demand, sir?
So tell me the facilities available
in the plot you're selling.
20 minutes travel towards right side,
you have the airport.
20 minutes travel towards left,
you have railway station.
If you meet with an accident,
you'll end up in hospital.
There's a graveyard next to it,
we can bury you there.
So many specialties
just 20 minutes away.
What if it takes more than 20 minutes?
That means you're very slow.
- Sarcasm?
- Obviously, sir.
Does it look like I'm cheating you?
We measure all these before
selling the land.
Shows no trust at all!
Uh-oh! The chit fund person!
A close friend, sir.
Look, you're getting a call.
Must be some good news.
- God! Grandma?
- What?
- She even spoke to me this morning.
- What did she speak?
- Oh God!
- What happened, sir?
- Grandma! Okay. Okay.
- Sir...
- What happened, sir?
- Please stop the vehicle, sir.
- Why, sir?
- My grandma passed away, sir!
- Where?
- In Karaikudi, sir.
I shall drop you in bus stand.
Please be seated.
- To the bus stand. Listen to me, sir.
- No, I'll get down.
- No, thanks. Please stop.
- Sir, please listen to me.
- The bus stand is far away.
- Just leave me. I'll manage.
Sir, I'll drop you. Mr. Pot-head!
I'm taking up charge as the
new DC in another locality.
This locality is a gold mine for
the real estate business people.
Lot of issues related to it will
take place and later it'll be solved.
Just ignore them. Got it?
Don't ruin it in the name of being
too honest.
May I talk now, sir?
Why not?
We both know I got promoted as AC
by commissioner for my sincerity.
So don't swoop in
and take credits for it.
Come on now!
I thought you'd thanks me but...
I do have to thank you.
Thank you.
Because you just informed me my first task
as soon as I take charge as the new AC.
Let me tell you something
from my experience.
In a jungle...
only one lion can be the king.
But it's the jungle that decides
which lion gets to become the king...
and not another lion.
Do eat and go.
You'll fall in the trap someday!
I understand if the client
didn't like the land.
But they left even without checking
it out. It has never happened!
- This is the first time it's happening?
- Shut up!
See that?
What can I do if the customer's
grandma passed away?
- Why did you reach there late?
- Else what difference would've it made?
We'd have reached Guduvancherry instead
of Tamabaram when grandma's news came.
He's after all a commission agent!
Does he really need a uniform?
A hope that I'll get hired here.
After all 'hope' is everything.
He's got his way with words!
- To hell with him and his hair style!
- Sir.. sir...
- Where did he go?
- To get you some juice.
We just had sugarcane juice.
I'll break your head!
I wonder where he'll bang
his head for what you did!
What's my fault? My vehicle broke.
That's the truth.
If you repair it a million times,
then that vehicle is no good!
Here he comes. Fold your hands!
Looks like he did bang
his head somewhere.
- Venkat.
- Sir?
Make it clear to him. If he doesn't
have a good vehicle within two weeks,
then no job for him.
You could have told it
directly to me, sir.
I don't have the habit of talking
to fools, Venkat.
What happened? Tyre is punctured?
Not tyre but me.
Right. You tell me, dude.
Come in.
What is it?
- Why are looking at me like that?
- Well...
last time I saw you like
this was during our wedding.
On our wedding, I kept my head
bowed down.
Why didn't you raise your head?
If I had, you wouldn't
have been married.
Let it be. Where's our son?
There. In his zone.
Looks like he's painting
something special.
- Where did you both go?
- Sankari's house. By the street corner.
It's her son's birthday.
We went for the birthday party, had
cake and also gifted him a present.
A birthday party?
- So you went there, dear?
- Yes, dad.
- Had cake?
- I did, dad.
- For me?
- I bought some, dad.
But I ate it on the way, dad.
I'm so proud of you.
Shut the drapes.
How many times have I told you!
Don't attend birthday parties! It leads
to the custom of exchanging gifts!
Don't blabber without
knowing the whole picture.
I'm planning to by four grinders, so
that I can run a batter business.
So, I met Sankari to discuss and get
her help for getting loan for it.
Sankari is a part of
'Women Self Employment Organization'
So I went to remind her
regarding my loan request.
So a business trip.
Why did you take our son?
Tomorrow he'll demand me that
we celebrate his birthday.
Where will go for money?
Whoa! Your son won't have that demand.
He's smarter than you.
- When's your birthday?
- April 21st.
What about yours?
My birthday was last month.
My birthday was last month.
My birthday was last month.
So? My son lied?
No. Your son didn't lie.
But he didn't tell the truth either.
Leave that. How much did
it cost for the gift?
- Muruga...
- What?
Your Lord Murugan won't
break your trust.
Oh Lord Muruga.
Today is Kandha sasti, not the apt day
to gift Lord Murugan's portrait.
Stop yapping away your gums!
Go and get refreshed.
I'll serve food.
Today is Kandha sasti, I'm fasting.
Yeah, I know how good is your fasting.
House owner saw you have three plates
of paani poori at the corner shop!
- Owner Nagarjuna is a pain in the head!
- Muruga, why is it so noisy?
Don't you want us to live downstairs?
No need. Die!
I was talking to
a chameleon running by.
He was having mushrooms fry next to
me and he ratted me out to my wife.
Such a...
No matter what I talk or vent out;
you are the only one
to smile throughout.
You even like a loser like me.Thanks.
- Reached on time for grandma's funeral?
- Yes.
I feel bad that your
business got ruined, Muruga.
Sir, your grandma didn't die
in order to ruin my business.
It was my grandma's wish that
I build my own house.
Don't worry, sir.
Grandmas are like deities.
They will always want our good,
no matter where they are.
- Okay.
- Take care, sir.
Have this, Muruga.
Can you do me a favour?
I earn 35,000 per month.
House rent is 15,000, I send 10,000
home and 10,000 for other expenses.
I haven't replaced my torn underwear
for past two months.
I cannot buy you a new vehicle.
I did not ask you about
your torn underwear.
- Give me a loan agent's number.
- Loan agent?
There is a guy. But
you have to tail him.
Sir...'Tailing' Mani, sir.
- Help me, sir.
- Why are you tailing me?
- Your do not have the score.
- Sir..
I can also score runs
in a cricket match.
- But they won't let me.
- Not that. CIBIL score!
Can we do something with my documents?
The only document you have
is Aadhar card. So, forget it.
It won't help you.
But they said Aadhar card is enough
to get you anything. Didn't they?
Even if you have the documents, you will
not get a loan for talking like this.
- Let me do something.
- Yes, sir.
Get a loan from a loan
shark in your neighbourhood.
I will pray to God that
you get one. Lord Muruga!
That is not Lord Muruga.
That is the Navagraha.
You fat face! How dare
you call me Navagraha?
And so the day begins.
Murugan is asking for a
loan! Run away, everyone!
I asked money from
everyone but they berated me.
Can you offer me 40,000?
Give that to your dad.
Can you manage a 5% interest?
5% interest?
It's alright brother, I can manage it.
- Come back in five days.
- You are not just a brother.
- What then?
- You are a 'beloved' brother.
Thanks a lot, brother. I'll come back.
It's for my job, so don't forget.
My neighbor's kid from Trichy,
who was like a little brother to me,
is an Assistant Commissioner
today. It feels good.
Check your Whatsapp.
Who is she?
Got kidnapped or something?
Really? How do you
expect to get married?
No man in his right sense will
marry his daughter to me.
Enough with your
philosophies. Go and Meet her.
What if she rejects me?
What is she thinks the same about you?
Go. Meet her.
Where did you keep your homework note?
Why do you wait till the last minute?
Answer your mom.
"Everyone who mocked me
for being single..."
- Muruga, where's the rent?
- Please lower your voice.
Don't let my wife know.
My wife also wants to
know, when you'll pay it.
I am in midst of a big
dealing. Just give me a week.
I will pay you once I get it.
Just like you, I have my
own share of problems.
What problem can you have?
You own such a big house.
You have a sweet voice like singer
Chitra and you are enjoying your life.
Watch your mouth,
or I will raise the rent.
No kidding, sir. Neighbours say that you
deserve a Padma Bhushan for your voice.
- Please leave, sir.
- Hold on.
Money will come today and go tomorrow.
- So, why don't you come tomorrow?
- Joking all the time!
You don't let me.
What's the use?
Nobody's gonna laugh.
Try it. You'll know the difficulty.
Narrow escape!
Come upstairs.
Time to stand inside the tank.
You told me that you have
paid the house rent. So you lied?
- It is not a lie.
- Then?
Neither did I tel the truth.
But you make a big
scene if your son lies.
A dad can lie, but a son cannot.
But to think you saved up 4000 rupees
and paid the rent to save my face...
Go on, flatter me.
Your dad, Kanniyappan,
has raised you very well.
- Shut your damn mouth!
- What?
It's not savings. It was the money you
gave me to deposit in the chit fund.
It was the money I had to pay for it.
- Why did you touch that money?
- What else should I do?
The house owner is threatening to
break that beautiful mouth of your's.
- Then what will I break?
- So?
- Now how will I pay for the chit fund?
- It's your headache.
- I need another 6000.
- For what?
To pay for your son's school fees.
Also need money to fix the
mixer and his tuition fee.
- Muruga!
- Why is half naked? Hi, sir.
Are you talking about me?
Yes, I was talking very ill about you.
I have got your rent. I
am going out of town.
He keeps bad mouthing all
over if I don't pay rent!
There are many animals.
For example, a giraffe. It
is the tallest existing animal.
An elephant. It is the largest animal.
Cheetah. Fastest in the forest.
You said it's a motivational class.
Why is he talking about animals?
He is a expert trainer. He
charges 50,000 per session.
Our company is giving this for free.
So shut up and listen.
There are many animals in the jungle
yet why is lion the king?
Do you know?
- The jungle has it's politics.
- Jungle politics?
Look at that kid. Why can't you answer?
I will poke with a compass. Be quiet!
- Yes, you tell me.
- Sir...
I guess... since the female
lion does the hunting,
the male took the king
post as it has nothing to do.
- That's a different logic.
- Thank you, sir.
How do you know that male lion is idle?
Why is everyone insulting the male lion?
But Kamal Hassan said it in a movie.
- He didn't say so.
- You tell me.
Okay, shoot the question.
Why is the lion the king of the jungle?
That is unacceptable.
Give me the answer.
Speak up.
Well that...
I guess it must be a lucky lion.
Lucky lion?
Sounds like a movie title.
So, you believe in luck, don't you?
- I mean...
- What is luck?
Luck has never been a part
of my life, so I cannot answer.
Only people who got lucky would know.
- Do you believe I'm lucky?
- 100%.
Else how'd you charge all of them to pay
50,000 for narrating 5th grade story.
Are you surprised?
He is bluffing us, can't you people see?
2000 rupees! Who wants it?
It's a fake note.
It's not a fake. This is original.
Who wants it?
- Sir!
- Only a few?
Who wants this 2000 rupees?
These people sell their votes for
2000 rupees. This is no surprise.
- Who wants it?
- Sir.
It's 2000 rupees, buddy.
Last chance! Who wants this 2000 rupees?
- Give it to me, sir.
- He snatched it?
2000 rupees!
I could've bought eight iner wears.
Well, it's gone.
So? The guy who
snatched it from me is lucky.
And you, who didn't even try...
is not lucky. Is it?
He is from a greedy family.
My parents have raised me well.
People who mock others
hold a fear in their heart.
The fear of life.
- I do not have any fear.
- You are lying.
- What is your name?
- Murugan.
What hope drives your life? the
hope that tomorrow will be better?
Ain't that the truth?
What if it doesn't get better?
Tell me.
You must face it, don't you? To
do that you need self confidence.
How do I build self confidence?
Attend that call.
- Buddy.
- Who is it?
- The chit fund guy.
- Them?
I will pick it up later.
Answer the phone now.
This is my personal matter, sir.
A phone call might either bring
an opportunity or a problem.
To build your self-confidence and to
win in life, you must face them. Answer!
Come on, cheer him up.
Pick up the call, Murugan!
I know why you have called me, sir.
I will meet you at 11 a.m tomorrow.
I am in a theatre watching a
new movie. I will call you later, sir.
Very Good. Super!
You answered the call. But you lied.
I am just a human.
I am Aparna.
I have done M.Sc Psychology.
I'm working as Harini ma'am's junior.
To be honest, I don't have any
expectations from my partner.
Because, I am sure that I
cannot fulfill their expectations.
So, do you have any
ambitions and desires?
I want to buy a car...
and tour the entire south India.
- What?
- Seriously.
You don't have a car?
We desire for things we
do not have, don't we?
There's nothing new
to tell about myself.
In fact, it'll sound cliched.
Special squad. A cop
without an identity.
Even my neighbours are not
aware that I am a cop.
I am living in my friend's guest house.
Should think about a
house only after marriage.
Are you okay with that?
I am aware of all this.
I thought you'd be saying something new.
What's new in a policeman's life?
Nothing will be new if you
only see yourself as a cop.
Two years before, you got 30,000
from me and eluded me for a year.
You paid the interest,
but my men ran behind you for
a year to get the principal.
So, come back after 20 days.
Toil hard to get some loan.
Only then you'll know the lender's pain!
- Sorry.
- What for?
It's my bad luck that is
causing you all the trouble.
Who said so?
In your son's horoscope, Guru is
moving from 4th place to the 7th.
No matter how rich his father might be,
he'll only end up grazing cattle.
That old man is full of lies. Go on now.
Come to the terrace.
Why did you call me?
Don't you have any sense?
I was sidelined in the
name of being unlucky.
- Don't try to do the same to my son!
- Don't say that.
I took him to the astrologer, hoping
that it would do some good to us.
Forget the astrologer.
I can predict it myself.
- We have no fortune in life.
- Why do you keep saying that?
Do you think you are
the only one suffering?
You know what happened today?
Everybody used colour pencil
during the drawing competition.
I was the only one who
used a normal pencil.
Once I start my business, we
can buy a lot of colour boxes.
Deiva, I spoke to them.
We have the funds, but Vasanthi's
business is already doing well.
She had asked for some
loan to further develop it.
In your case, you have
to start from scratch.
Hence the organization has
decided to give her the fund.
You had high hopes on it?
Well, yes. We struggled to pay last
month's house rent, did you forget?
We still have the school fees and
provisions. How will you manage?
So, stop complaining.
There is only one option left.
What option?
Sorry, sir. I am broke, sir.
Hence I'm planning to quit the chit
fund and take out the deposit.
I am aware that I must pay the
penalty, but I have no other option.
Believe me, sir. I am
in serious trouble.
Murugan... You are a record
holder in our chit fund company.
- Me?
- Yes.
Not even once...
have you paid the money on time.
But something has happened that
has shocked the punctual customers.
What is it?
We had our chit funds' annual lucky draw
you have won the prize.
- For me?
- Yes.
That is why we called you twice.
Good that you attended
the second time,
or we would have
given it to someone else.
Despite the noise in the theatre,
it's good that picked up our call.
Those claps were wild.
What movie was it?
Which particular scene?
The entire movie.
Forget it, sir.
What is my prize?
The usual stuff like kumkuma
chimil, juice cup, is it?
You've won a car.
What is it? I said,
you have won a car.
You are a lucky winner!
Can you say it again?
You've won a car.
No, the thing you said after that.
You are a lucky winner!
Once more, sir.
I can't keep repeating it.
Here, I have signed on it. You
can get your prize after two days.
Please say it one more time.
Last time, sir. Please.
- Murugan
- Sir?
You are a lucky winner!
Thank you, sir. See you.
Can I know your name, sir?
Why do you ask?
You are the first person
to call me lucky.
After two days.
You friends, relatives and
whoever people you may know...
I will bring everyone, sir.
- Don't bring them
- Why?
Only two will be coming
from our side. Okay?
Just bring your wife and a kid. If
you have another kid, leave it at home.
'Keeping it simple' is the motto of
our company. Hope you understand.
If my wife sees this,
she'll be very happy.
"Who's the king? I am the king!"
"I am the king"
You won a car and you two already
started to fight. Why did you call me?
You have not let the kid
to even have the sweet.
- What is it you want?
- A good husband.
Are good husbands sold in thrift market?
Angry? Are you?
By God's grace, we have won a car.
Instead of selling it,
settling the debt,
starting an own business
and settling down,
he wants to keep that damn car!
Damn car?
Your dad is the damned one.
He gave me fake jewels as dowry.
I will keep it. She can't do anything.
Come on, man.
Alright, your son and I will
do housekeeping in our area.
Really? You don't even
do the chores in our house.
What is he going to do with that car?
I will deliver milk around the same
area, in the car and earn money.
- Like hell you will.
- Stop or I'll beat the hell out of your dad
Did your dad honour the promises
he made during our wedding?
- He didn't live up to his promises!
- Can you two shut your mouths?
Your dad is such a miser.
Did you call me here to watch you fight?
Try to understand.
You try to understand, you doofus.
For the first time in my life I'm lucky
and that car is the result of that.
I believe that the car will
bring good things to my life.
You won't get it and she
won't stop complaining.
More than a car, he sees it
as a hope and lucky charm.
Please understand him.
Alright, listen.
Now that you have the car, let it wait
for some time. Why sell it immediately?
If things do not work out,
you can very well sell it.
- Think about it.
- Yeah, think.
Fine, we shall keep the car
and see for a month.
If it becomes any kind of trouble,
I'll sell it.
If it proves to be lucky,
then we'll see.
Good God, the fight is over.
- Congratulations Murugan.
- Thanks a lot, sir.
The car has mat, cushion
covers and all the necessities.
Free of cost?
You give freebies
but charge for services.
- A photo please.
- Okay, sir.
- Let me take a photo.
- A selfie? Sure.
Hope sir's head is not cut in the frame.
Why is the key looking
bigger than the car?
- Sorry. My son is a loud mouth.
- This is not a usual key.
This is a luc'key'. Guess why?
Because your dad is lucky.
Murugan. Are you happy?
I am happy, sir.
Are you happy, son?
I need a small favour from you.
What is it?
An interview for our YouTube channel
I don't give interviews to any channels.
We thought of offering you a
free stepney for the interview.
A Spare tyre? For free?
You are not Thala Ajith.
Just give the interview.
Why are you dragging him into this?
- Come with me.
- Coming.
Damn! Everyone has their
own channel these days.
- Leaving so soon, like a guest at a wedding?
- Should I give a parting gift?
Take your car keys.
Go home like a king.
Can you drop it at my home?
We are a chit fund company.
We are not a door delivery app.
But sir...
- I don't know how to drive a car.
- What?
You don't know to drive? You had
two days. Why didn't you tell me about it?
I never expected to get it in two days.
Let's take it. I'll learn to drive it soon.
Are you some mogul? You will
learn driving only from a new car, is it?
That chit fund guys deserves to be
bashed up for giving you this car!
- Did I hear something?
- You fool!
Nothing sir. We were just talking.
Do you know to drive a car?
If I say yes, will you give me the car?
- So, do you drive?
- No.
Then why are you giving me lectures?
I must somehow take this car out.
- But how?
- It's our car. We are not stealing it.
A call driver will drive it home.
Don't over-think.
Yeah, it's me. Are you at the showroom?
I am coming.
- He is here.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
No, dad. This is our car. I
will step in it only if you drive it.
But I don't know to drive.
I will step into the car
when you learn to drive it.
Careful! Don't run over
the granny. Stop here.
Come on.
(Chanting mantra)
Come, son.
Hurry. It's getting late in the night.
Look, Devaianai, it's the
TV serial actress Chitra.
Greetings, madam.
Dear Lord Pillayar!
Have you brought something to offer?
I have only brought my car.
One moment, saami.
Carry on with the pooja.
Oh, come on. It's just a brotherly help!
Pray to the God.
Dear God!
You have given me such a generous
friend in this greedy world. You are great!
Perform it well, saami. This is the
most unforgettable day in my life.
What are you looking at?
That too at this hour?
Not getting any sleep?
Have you watched the movie
7G Rainbow Colony?
Yes, I have. Ravi Krishna is my favourite.
Selvaraghavan is my favourite.
In that movie, the dad will be
elated after his son gets a job.
But here, the dad has won a
car. My son should be elated now.
Stop bragging. You did not buy
it with your hard-earned money.
Dear Jesus!
If I win, they call me lucky;
if I don't, they call me a failure.
How am I going to survive in this world?
Are you happy about me winning the car?
Of course, I am. I'm happy inside.
It's you who can't hear it.
Shall I close my eyes and check
if I can heat it in your heart?
- Why does it sound like a dog?
- Why is the dog barking at this hour?
It's outside our house.
Isn't our car parked outside?
It's will pee on the new
car. Hurry, let's stop it.
The dog population in this
street is more than the humans.
Is that a police jeep?
- Hurry.
- Think our car is blocking the way.
That is why they are waiting. Come quick.
- Watch what you speak.
- But that's not easy.
- You think you can park new car anywhere?
- No, sir.
- Move the car.
- Did you hear him? Let's move it.
Why are you pushing it?
I can only push because I can't drive.
- So, why did you buy a new car?
- I didn't buy it; I got it.
You got it?
Yes, it's an offer from the chit funds.
They gave it to appreciate my honesty.
- Okay, hand me the keys. I will move it.
- Let's give him.
My first car and even
I didn't drive it.
How can I trust you, sir?
You think I am some thief?
Police are your friends.
That's why I'm refusing, pal.
- What is it?
- He's a cop.
He said that he's a friend,
so I called him pal.
- He is an idiot, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Idiot?
- Sir...
Is that our dog?
My dog!
Yes, I can see it.
- Raja.
- What is it Muruga?
He is a truck driver. I'll get him, sir.
- Wear some pants. Come, move my car.
- Give us five minutes, sir.
Open your eyes, I am
already wearing a lungi.
Okay, help me move my car.
- What is your name?
- G V Prakash, sir.
People call me G V
See you, sir. What's your name?
Stop waving at him.
He is not your uncle.
- Why did you lie to him?
- Listen.
We must never tell the truth to cops.
The issue is solved.
That is all that matters.
- Didn't I warn you?
- About what?
Trouble on the first day!
I wonder what more
troubles it will bring us?
This is where you'll learn to drive car.
You mean by killing them all?
Shall we start?
No, let's play our own song.
So, be prepared to face actor Kamal.
Forget facing actor Kamal.
First, learn to drive
like actor Rajnikanth.
Sir, please. don't drive like
Rajni; drive like Ramarajan.
Sir, stop the car. Stop it.
Oh God!
Sir, that was some fierce driving.
First, I will teach
you how not to drive.
Later on, I will teach
you to drive properly.
Shall we start?
Shall we have a sugarcane
juice before starting?
I need a break.
Sir, you drove like Rajni sir the other
day. Now watch me drive like Kamal sir.
"A bullock cart will
turn into a car if I drive it"
Who does he think he is? Kamal Hassan?
Stop your chorus!
Shut up and drive.
Bloody owl face!
Why do you keep these cones in between?
- Don't run over them.
- Then don't keep them there!
Remove your hands.
This is my driving session.
- Hold the steering!
- Leave it, sir. Let's have fun!
- "A new sky! A new world!"
- Hold the steering!
What are you doing?
I am testing the car cover. If it
is fine, I will cover the car with it.
Tamil, your dad has become crazy.
Yes, I am crazy about the car.
Wear the seat belt.
No need for a belt. I am
already wearing a waist rope.
It's my bad luck, that I
am training people like you.
- Eyes on the road.
- Did you forget your lavish new home?
We students paid for it.
I have come so far just with
the first gear. Isn't it great?
Yes, the manufacturer must have been
a moron to include a few extra gears.
You are right. Let's
drive on a single gear.
- Do whatever you want. Just drive.
- Here we go.
What did you do?
"I asked for a quite solidarity;
a world without wars;"
- Mom...
- What did you do to my son?
This is my building's parking lot. If
you can't pay for it, just move out.
"Our life is in our hands; we
are here to live, just enjoy it."
Come back without
hitting on the cone.
Drive without hitting the cones?
You punished me for pulling
the gear! Here, take this!
Oh God!
Having a sunbath, sir?
- Sir.. sir...
- You.
Venkat, who is handling
the client visit at 11 a.m?
Murugan, sir.
Does he still work here?
He has brought a new car, sir.
He brought a car?
You have no idea about him, sir.
Thanks a lot for filling 1000
rupees worth of petrol in the car, sir.
- What's your name?
- Samyuktha.
Sir, why is the child sweating?
Was she waiting in the sun?
Shall we make her sit in the car?
It has an AC.
- Sit the car, dear.
- Hey, Driver.
Hey, Rajamouli.
Yeah, I am talking to you.
Make the child sit in the
car and switch on the AC.
Open the trunk and give
her the biscuits. Do it!
We people have to use such gimmicks
to earn a living. Please forgive me, sir.
- Is that why you dragged me here?
- Do it!
He has been our family driver for years.
- He failed in many driving exams.
- Driver, switch on the AC.
- Why?
- Because he is kind of naive.
- Let's go, sir.
- Excuse me.
Sorry, I thought it
was your hand. Let's go.
You are one clever chap.
Why do you say that?
You made me drive all this
way and made me your driver.
Sorry, sir. It was part of
my job. Please do not mind.
It's okay. Have the tea.
- Sir, I have a legal doubt.
- What is it?
If some one is riding with
his family, they let him go.
But they catch lone riders. Why?
The police believe that a family
man will not commit any mistakes.
Didn't you smuggle weed with
your family in "Kolamaavu Kokila"?
Let me tell you the real reason.
A family man will already
have his share of problems.
The cops do not want to mount another
problem on them. So they let them go.
That is the concept.
Why? What's wrong?
Sir? Really?
It feels like
Mahatma Gandhi is laughing.
Your classes end today!
Why do you say it all of a sudden,
like in a dramatic movie scene?
Listen. If I had been
funny with you before,
you driving classes
would have become a joke.
Do you get it?
- Sir, what's this?
- Pack some fritters in it.
Pack fritters in it?
Your LLR (Leaner's license)
- So, is this LLR?
- Seriously? You don't know what LLR is?
I wonder how you are
going to drive the car.
I wonder how many accidents
are gonna happen.
- What is it, Muruga?
- Sir?
I heard that you bought a new car.
Why didn't you tell me?
- Venkat...
- Sir?
What did he say?
He said that he doesn't
speak to intelligent men.
Do claim petrol allowance without fail.
Why, sir?
- I scold you when you make mistakes.
- Yes
When you do a good
job, I'll appreciate you.
- Awesome, buddy.
- Sir?
- Keep it outside.
- Let's go before he changes his heart.
Our boss is such a noble man.
- Have you seen thousand rupees before?
- Yeah.
- Have you seen it in my hands?
- This is the first time.
- Fill gas.
- Check zero on meter.
I'll never be a zero,
ever in my life! Get lost!
You villain face!
"King! I am the King!"
What is this awkward dance?
It is called the "Aandavar punch".
If you score low marks in the exam,
you will witness your "Dad's punch".
Listen. Many great leaders...
studied under street lamps
before becoming great.
Why? Won't they study in the day?
Soak him in the drum, I'll
wash him in the evening.
Better stay at home than school.
Damn! Looks like Nagarjuna is back.
- Muruga.
- Switch off the TV.
- Yeah, it's him.
- I heard that you have bought a new car.
I didn't buy it, sir.
I got it on the streets.
- You found the car?
- Yes, sir.
Fine, pay me extra 2000
rent from next month.
- What do you mean?
- If you can find a car,
you can easily find 2000 rupees.
This is unfair, sir.
Where will I earn that from?
Indeed unfair. Pay me if possible or
else I'll rent the space to call taxis.
To call taxis?
You have one week's time.
God! Sir.. sir...
Sir... Nagu! Stop!
Do not forget!
- I just got lucky and people are jealous.
- Do we have parking space issue now?
What is it now? Parking space issue?
- Shall I give an idea?
- Tell.
Before that, let me order dosas.
Two egg dosas here.
You can park outside
your house till 10 pm.
The problem arises after that.
Find some free space in
locality and park there.
What if that house owner finds it out?
Park in front of different houses each
day, house owners won't be a problem.
Keep your foolish idea to yourself.
If they catch you, just make up an answer.
People don't question you to get an answer.
They question you to check if you answer
them with respect. I'll show you how.
You look like "Nandha"
Suriya in this shaved look.
- Can I get an omlette?
- Sure, you can have it for free.
Did you see how excited
he got? It is as simple as that.
You are a loudmouth.
You can easily handle it.
Let me try out his idea.
- "Hey! Flower lady"
- Son...
- Hi, sir.
- Where are you going?
Do you know the third house down the line?
- Balaji Venugopal's house?
- Yes, I am going there.
- Lie.
- How do you know?
Because he does not exist.
Great, old man! You are
so clever even at this age.
Why did you park outside my house?
You fought for the independence
of all our people.
But you don't give the freedom
to park outside your house?
You seem to know a lot about freedom.
Okay, name any two martyrs.
"Captain" Vijaykanth.
"Action King" Arjun.
- There's one more
- Who is it?
Saikumar. Balakrishna can
also be included in the list.
Enough. Your patriotism
gives me goosebumps.
Thank you.
These days, party flags
have replaced the National fag.
- People are corrupt
- What can I do about it?
I am still recognised
as a freedom fighter.
Just a phone call from me and the
police will take action in 24 hours.
But I will not do it.
- You may park the car here.
- Thanks, grandpa.
- But there is a condition.
- Yes, tell me.
I must not see your face ever again.
Get lost.
I should have mentioned
Balakrishna's name first.
He is too angry to be a freedom fighter.
Whatever. The parking
space issue is solved.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Now who ratted me out?
Sir, what's this?
You are a salaried employee here now.
What about my commission?
Muruga, you will get salary
as well as commission.
You are now an employee here.
Be happy!
- Sir, hold this. Please.
- But why?
Please put it around my neck.
Please, sir.
Congrats. You are very lucky!
Thanks a lot, sir.
Thank you very, very much, sir.
"Who's the king? I'm the king!"
"Who's the king? I'm the king!"
Can't even give you a surprise!
Dig it out!
Dig it out! Why is the garlic clove
floating? Didn't you smash it well?
- Can you calm down?
- There. Take it out.
Thank God!
Tomato gravy would've turned
into Golden jewel gravy.
- How did you get this?
- Well, this?
Let me tell you how I got it.
Sir, I had been to my native
for my grandma's funeral.
I met my relatives.
Our family has the same issues
like any other.
My uncle asked us why we
all are staying separate.
He suggested we live
together in a colony.
Our grandmas death united us all.
I mentioned to them about my visit
to you regarding purchasing land.
My uncle's son checked your website
and said it's a good and reputed one.
- Sir, I need 15 grounds of land.
- 15 grounds?
It'll cost you 2.5 crores.
I'm fine with it.
Please serve.
- Here.
- Diet control.
What's the use? Just drink it.
I saw him eating eight samosas in tea
shop and he tells that he's in diet.
Here, an advance of 10 lacs.
Rest I'll pay during registration.
I shall give you the receipt, sir.
Thank you.
For me, Murugan is the lucky charm.
See you, Muruga.
- Shall I come to see you off.
- It's okay.
- See you, sir.
- See you.
Look what your courtesy call did.
Look how much it has touched him.
That's all about sales, Muruga
and it comes to you naturally.
Nothing of that sorts, sir.
Right from my childhood, it was only
my grandma who wished for my welfare.
She passed away. And before I could
reach, they did her last rites.
When I asked why they did
it before I reached,
they said "You bring bad luck. Your
presence isn't going to bring her back"
Hence I get emotional whenever
someone's grandma dies.
Your life has changed, Muruga.
Your car has changed your life.
It is your lucky charm.
Keep this as an advance.
Make sure you follow up
and seal this deal properly.
Other agents only get 8%
but 10% commission for you.
Be happy.
Thanks a lot, sir.
- Sir...
- Yes?
I feel shy but can I ask something?
Tell me, what do you want?
Can I have that cup of juice too?
How big is your stomach?
Don't worry about that. Here, take it.
Without this you refrained from going to
relatives' weddings and functions, right?
I retrieved it back. Wear it.
Also, I paid our son's school fee.
Settles small debts.
And there's a balance of 70,000.
Have it.
Didn't you tell me that you want to
buy grinders and do some business?
Buy four grinders and start
the business.
Starting today you're the owner
of four grinders. Got it?
Not four but five.
- Oh, counted him as the fifth?
- Dad, in school drawing competition...
- Yes?
- I won the second prize!
- Show me.
- Here, dad.
Everybody in our legacy has
only got slippered by teachers.
- You're the first to win a prize.
- Don't talk like that to him!
Open it.
Dear, what's inside the box?
- Smart watch.
- Then I deserve to wear it.
- The car is indeed our...
- Come again...
Complete that sentence.
- No, I won't.
- Complete it!
No, I won't.
"Does happiness have a definition here?
Does it?"
"Does happiness have a definition here?
Does it?"
"When a dull life gets a break through;
that's happiness"
"When the rain clouds pour down on earth;
that's happiness"
"When the bees find the flowers;
that's happiness"
"When you cross all the unwanted hurdles;
that's happiness"
"Does happiness have a definition here?
Does it?"
"Does happiness have a definition here?
Does it?"
"And when we go over the speed breaker,
the head hits and smooches the car"
"If you stop riding to take rest,
then all the hardwork is of no use"
"Everyone has their own
justification here"
"You can't live if you try
to reason with that"
"Only thing above us all is the sky"
"Close your eyes then even
that's not above anybody"
"If all our wishes came true; then
what's the purpose of God's existence"
"Just look what you have and
that will be all you need to be happy"
"This is a new kind of happiness,
a pleasant surprise yet unknown"
"A happiness out of nowhere;
a permanent happiness"
"When a dull life gets a break through;
that's happiness"
"When the rain clouds pour down on earth;
that's happiness"
"When the bees find the flowers;
that's happiness"
"When you cross all the unwanted hurdles;
that's happiness"
"Does happiness have a definition here?"
You're gradually getting good
at driving.
How's daddy's driving?
- What are you wondering?
- Well, dad...
the theme for the drawing contest
is 'Superhero'.
Wondering how do I go about it.
Just draw a normal human being,
because he's the real superhero.
- What are you blabbing, dad?
- Listen...
Who watches all those superhero movies?
We, common people, isn't it?
Then we are the real superheroes!
They are not heroes until we approve.
What if I don't win a prize?
Painting what's in your heart,
is your real prize.
You're getting better
with words too.
Or else how can I
survive as your husband?
Thanks to this car.
Mom, look. Cops.
Sir, I need two days off.
How many cases did you get so far?
I don't need any off, sir.
- Stop that car!
- Cops won't detain family.
They will let us go. Have fun.
Looks like a drunkard is
driving that car.. Stop it.
- Sir, I'll stop.
- Stop.
- Greetings, officer.
- So, it was you?
Where are you coming from?
I went for a house warming ceremony with
family, then to beach with family...
and drank water and on our
way back home as a family.
Take out the documents.
Didn't we burn it off during Bhogi...
Here it is, sir.
Here, sir.
This is an LLR. Do you have a license?
According to rules a license holder
must accompany an LLR driver.
- Madam, do you have a license?
- No, sir.
Park it aside and step out.
- Sir!
- What's the confusion there?
Sir, why must I park aside?
Let me go, sir!
I'll park near my home.
Return my documents.
If you keep stashing up bribes
then how do we survive?
You are also not in uniform.
Isn't that an offense?
What's going on?
- Tell me, Muruga.
- Well, sir...
was out with family for a function.
Cops have held me at Shenoy Nagar.
They asked for license
but I only have an LLR.
Hence they have detained us.
Fine. Listen to me...
I have good connections with police.
You've to save us, somehow. Please.
They will get a call in 10 minutes.
- Don't worry. Okay?
- Thank you, sir.
Okay, I'll hang up.
- What happened?
- You don't know my boss, right?
I don't know.
If you had known, we'd be divorced
by now. He's a dangerous fellow.
Now watch him move the coins and
that officer will be dumbstruck!
Just wait and watch.
Just watch!
This fellow?
Tell me, sir.
Have you detained someone
named Murugan and his family?
Yes, sir.
He's a friend. Let him go.
Oh! Your friend?
"He is an LLR holder,
who is driving the car"
"If he runs over and kills people,
then I take responsibility"
Write it, sign it and fax it to me
immediately, sir. I'll leave him.
This much of arrogance
for a cop? Not needed.
One cannot be a cop without arrogance!
Hang up, sir.
Looks like my boss messed up.
Now what do I do?
Isn't this what this drama is all for.
Here, give it to him.
There's 1000 rupees. Give it to him.
- Make it fast.
- You have no idea about him!
Just go and give it.
I'll pay you separately.
Two minutes and we'll be on our way.
Sir, can we leave?
Sir, there's 1000 rupees extra in here.
- Any confusion?
- Sir asked you to have it and wait here.
- Uh-oh!
- He's a hot headed person.
- Instead just say a sorry and leave.
- Say sorry?
Sir! Sir!
Mom, I'm feeling sleepy.
Wait for sometime and our dad
will take us to prison to sleep.
Stop staring. How many times have
you fallen at my feet to apologize?
Go and say sorry.
Aren't you done checking?
Ask them to collect their vehicle
from station, in the morning.
Now, leave!
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Put on the coolers.
- Sir?
- Put it on, you'll look stylish.
Go on, say it now.
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir.
"When cops catch you, using connections
and bribing will help you escape"
Are you teaching your son that?
Do you think he'll grow
up to be a righteous man?
- Hey, kid.
- Yes, uncle.
Have your dad taught you anything?
He has told me a lot about superheroes.
Who are superheroes?
He has told me that common
people are superheroes.
Hear me out now.
Honest people are superheroes.
A common man would always bow
his head before an honest man.
Do you get it?
So, tell me. Who is the
superhero among the two of us?
It's you.
Your son is more honest than you.
Don't put yourself in such
embarrassing situations again. Go away.
Let's go, dad. I am feeling sleepy.
Mom, the way dad got
scared of that officer...
was so funny!
I will break your teeth.
Shut up and sleep.
Stop pissing me off.
The collector is coming
to meet a freedom fighter.
They have asked us to provide additional
security as we are patrolling nearby.
Stop here.
What were you people doing?
The convoy is almost here.
- Why haven't you cleared the car?
- I will do it
- Do it now.
- Yes, sir.
Are there any colleges and malls nearby?
- No, sir.
- Clear the area.
Else they will create a scene about our
security measures and call the media.
- Okay, sir.
- This one?
- The car from last night checking, right?
- Yes, sir.
- You know my classmate Geetha, right?
- Yes.
Her mom is always asking about you. Why?
She asked you?
Because Geetha's mom is my classmate.
Don't tell these things to your mom.
To be fair, she should
have been your mom.
God! Why is he here?
- Come, let's check.
- Come on, dad.
Greetings, officer.
Isn't this your car?
- Yes, sir.
- Why did you park it on the road?
Sir, I got this house owner's
This is a public road,
who is he permit you?
I will move it, sir.
I don't have a license.
I only have a LLR.
I hope you have a license.
Can you move the car?
I am a policeman, not your servant.
One second. I will
find someone else.
- Cheap car! Clear this car!
- Sir!
- Dad, no. Please, let's go.
- Sir...
- Hands off the stick.
- Sir!
Why are you about to
break the car window?
- Hands off!
- I told you I will find someone.
- You heard him. Hands off the stick.
- So?
Your son is watching. Let it go.
Okay, but don't break my car's window.
I don't want to humiliate you before
your son. Hands off the stick!
- It's okay, but do not touch my car.
- You are making a mistake.
- Let it go
- Sir, you're going overboard!
How dare you raise your
voice against a policeman?
- You are making a big mistake.
- Sir, you're going overboard!
What's the problem?
He has parked his car on
the road. I was clearing it.
- What is it, sir?
- Sir...
He tried to damage my car.
What is it, Shivakumar?
This is not even his parking
area. I was just doing my duty.
I have parked here with
the house owner's permission.
You can check with him.
Why can't you park it near your house?
Call taxis driver have parked there.
I have no space for my car.
So, we seek the help
of others to park our car.
If call taxis are parked in
your area, call the police.
He's hitting me for moving my own car.
What's going on?
I was just doing my duty
and following the protocol, sir.
Sorry, sir. This won't happen
again. You can take your car.
He is a nobody. Why are
you apologizing to him?
We do not work for the government;
we work for the common people.
- They are our priority.
- Him?
The government may
change every five years, but..
A government servant will
not. We live to serve people.
- Sorry, sir.
- Why are you apologizing, sir?
It was his mistake,
so let him apologize.
Say sorry.
Are you going to apologize or
should I take some other action on you?
- Sorry.
- Louder.
- But I...
- Your's was audible.
His sorry was not audible.
- Sorry.
- Louder.
I said, please forgive me.
How come you speak in Tamil now?
- See you, sir.
- Take your car.
I will pick it up by
4.30 in the evening.
Thank you, sir.
No hard feelings, sir.
Thank you, sir.
See you, sir.
Did you see that? The common
man is always the superhero.
- Do you get it now?
- Yes, dad.
(The common man who
made the police apologize)
Siva, common man is like an elephant.
He will be calm and soft.
But if provoked, he
will kill his own mahout.
The lion may be the king of the jungle.
But it must tread
carefully with the elephant.
Or else it will be
humiliated, just like you.
- You are going overboard, sir.
- See.
You have temperamental issues, sir.
How will you handle the public?
Your promotion is due in 15 days.
But before that, the panel feels that
you must take a psychometric test.
The commissioner feels the same.
I hope you know what a psycho means.
But do you know what a
psychometric test means?
- Muruga.
- Yes, sir.
Tomorrow is an important
day for our company.
We have not had such a huge deal
since my dad gave me the company.
And we have got it through
you. Make sure you seal the deal.
- I have a small request, sir.
- What is it?
Can I park my car next to yours?
Well, of course you can.
Amar, sir. Thank you.
Just get the deal done. Alright?
I will see you in the morning.
If a man smokes during a
prayer, he is considered bad.
But if a man prays while he
smokes, he is considered good.
But that man would be more
keen on smoking than praying.
Psychometric test works
on the same principle.
You will be given four similar
answers to a single question.
If you base your answers
on your emotions,
your mindset will be exposed
and they will easily judge you.
So for the next few days, please
do something that makes you happy.
If you don't control your anger,
passing the test will be difficult.
Who is knocking at 11.30 in
the night? I am going to bash him.
Muruga, I am very sorry.
Hereafter, you can park
your car before our house.
Don't scare me, Muruga.
You gave a tough time to
policemen. I am a nothing to you.
I have found a parking space. I don't
want to see you for next six months!
Get out!
Go away, you clown head!
Owner issue is solved.
Dad, I have drawn something.
Take a look.
Show that.
- What shall we do now?
- Let's go to our other house.
- Here.
- What is it?
Who is this?
You are my superhero.
- I look so smart in this.
- Thank you, dad.
It's raining. Shall we go for a ride?
You are going to drive?
I am not in for it. Let's return home.
The power is back. I am my mom's
only son. I cannot risk my life.
You must come. The roads will be clear,
and I will be able to drive freely.
- Name?
- Murugan, sir
Age? 36, sir
I shall put it as 'Male'
You will 'put' it as male?
Which area?
Sir, Kannappa Nagar,
Virugambakkam sir
- Place where the car went missing?
- Same place, sir.
Sir, this is not the same area
That is another area sir
I know
He has some issue with that area inspector.
They will create a fuss.
So please help us find it, sir.
Sir! Have you gone mad?
Stop repeating yourself!
Constable! What is the complaint?
Sit. What is the problem?
Sir, he had parked his
car in front of his house
It's missing now
Virugambakkam area, sir
It does not fall under
our division.
They are not understanding
Whose car is it?
It is my car sir
Look! You say that the car went
missing in Virugambakkam right?
So lodge a complaint there. This
is Anna Nagar police station!
Fine, my car went missing in
Anna Nagar. Please file it, sir!
Hey! Are you mad?
If your car is missing,
all the evidence will be in
Virugambakkam only
How will it be in Anna Nagar?
You can, if you wish sir.
Please sir
That car is my life sir!
Hey! Send for two teas.
Let's see if something
can be done
Also send for two buns
along with it?
Normal bun or cream bun?
Sir he hasn't eaten anything
from this morning!
We were talking about your
registration only last evening!
Murugan will come sir!
I know he will come sir!
We are running out of
auspicious time!
How long will it take sir?
It will take three months sir!
Is there any other vehicle that
can be delivered immediately?
You can look at this model
if you want it immediately!
I will wait!
We will try to deliver
it as early as possible.
Welcome sir
Sivakumar, Inspector
Kamesh speaking
One guy from your area, has
come to report his missing car
Missing car?
What is his name?
Hey Venkat!
Where are you guys?
Sir we are on our way sir
Why is Murugan not
responding to his calls?
Murugan's car has gone missing.
We've come to file a complaint sir
Okay you come after
filing your complaint!
I shall take care
Sir there is a small
problem in it.
I am telling you that
I will handle it
You both come soon after filing
a complaint. Sir is waiting
Okay sir!
- What happened!
- Nothing, sir! You sit down.
Its not a big thing.
Murugan's phone is not
working it seems.
That's why I told him to go to the
service centre and give a complaint.
He is nearby only.
He will come.
- Will he come?
- Yes he will come.
Take four photocopies
of this FIR
Abdul, check if any Nissan Magnite
car has come to the scrap yard.
Sir why are you asking him
to check the scrap yard?
Don't you know?
They will find an older model
car similar to yours
They will send that to the scrap yard
and use that document to sell your car
This is an old technique
It is good if we can find your
car within the next 48 hours!
So don't waste time now by
asking too many doubts!
Why are you thinking negative?
You will get your car
I will get it right?
Boss had called
He is asking when we are
coming for the registration!
How can I go in this situation?
That client happened
because of you Muruga!
It is wrong only if you don't go!
Yes Muruga!
Sir hello sir!
I had parked my car
outside my house
Someone has...
stolen it sir..
That is why sir...
I have come to the police
station to file a complaint sir
Please don't mistake me
that I couldn't come
I will send Venkat. He will
take care and finish the job sir
No no Muruga...
we shall have it on another day
- Thank you so much sir.
- Don't worry. You will get it
Sir, you will get a thousand
auspicious dates
If your employee has a problem,
you should go and help first
Instead even now you are only
looking at business, profits etc.
Let's do it later!
No sir, I am going to go
and be with him.
Sir I am going to help him
I will go after this
Sir... Sir..
They are waiting sir...
Let's finish this!
You are quicker than
the photocopier!
Please do something and
find it for us sir!
Do you have suspicions
on anyone Muruga?
Yes, sir. My luck.
See you sir
Its Okay if a car is gone!
But the customer is gone!
What do we do?
He has said that he
will be back sir
If those who said they will come,
did come back, I wont be Amarnath.
By now I would have
become Ambani!
- Sir, he will come back.
- Will he?
Try calling him
Call him!
The number is not reachable sir!
Now do you understand?
This is the customer!
Let me ask you this!
When you can't even afford a
scent bottle for your car,
why do you need car sentiment?
And sir has to park his car
right next to mine only!
Sir didn't you say that
it is a lucky car?
Yes I did!
I am also saying this!
That car is lucky only for you!
To me it is a bad omen!
An omen that has come to
ruin my life! Useless!
What! Are you quitting your job?
You will come to the streets!
Get lost!
What did he just say?
Get lost!
That's what he said sir!
Now the lucky winner
Murugan will say a few words!
Good day to you all
In this 'Magara Deepam'
cheating fund...
- it is not cheat, 'chit fund'
- in this 'chit fund'...
I would like to first thank those
who did not put in their money
Why are you popping a cracker
in your mouth sir?
Hey what are you saying?
If they had put their money,
I would not have won the car sir
from now all of you can
put in your money.
If they are giving me a car,
imagine what all they
might give you!
Dad, I want to tell you something!
Can we talk to your dad later?
He will come down.
Shall we go?
Hello sir!
How are you Muruga?
Going on sir!
Did you get my car sir?
I am looking at the CCTV
footage of your area now
Somehow find it sir
If I do get some information,
I will definitely keep you posted
Don't worry!
We will find it!
Okay sir
Hello! Is it Murugan?
- Yes who is this?
- Fix it as I said!
- Finishing should be perfect!
- That's not important!
I will not talk to those who are
not important! Cut the call
Brother he is cutting the call!
One more time.
Hello what!
Such arrogance even after
you lost your car!
Then who should be arrogant?
Hey why are you guys calling
and teasing me?
Before I start to abuse you,
cut the call.
Brother, he is shouting!
Two more time!
I am already pissed off
having lost my car!
I don't know to fight but
I know to cuss at you!
Your wife will run away
with someone else
He will be your friend and he will
also get hit by a truck and die!
I have your car!
Can you repeat what you said?
Your car is safe with me
Did you hear me?
How do I believe you?
If it was a child,
I would chop off their limbs or
fingers and send you a parcel
What shall I do for a car?
Shall we remove the engine
and send it?
Sir sir, don't do anything
like that sir!
You can identify it
with the chasis number!
Please give me the car sir,
it will be very kind of you sir!
Feeling scared right?
Then do what I tell you
What should I do sir?
You got the car as a gift
We got it from a theft
So in between there has been
no exchange of money!
Won't the economy get affected?
If I sell the car...
Five lakhs.
It will sell for three lakhs!
But you are a poor guy
who is suffering a lot!
Give me two lakh rupees!
No GST too
Only cash!
- Two lakhs!
- Hope you are glad!
Sir where will I go for the money?
Hey! Am I your bank manager?
To tell you where all you
will find money!
- Don't piss me off!
- Sir listen to me!
Tomorrow morning at 10 am,
come to the Kaliamman
temple in your area.
Sir I can come right now!
If you come now, won't Kaliamman
be sleeping? Cut the call!
Why is he talking so much?
Do you come here often?
If it's happiness or sorrow,
I come here only.
Do you cry?
Don't you cry?
Shall we leave?
He asked me to come at
ten in the morning,
its going to be 12:30
in the afternoon,
the temple is also going to close.
Bad time is also about to start!
What a sad life!
Hey Luckyman!
- Who me?
- Come here!
Sir yes. Coming sir!
Here take this!
Pallavaram, Old Cotton Mill,
Evening 5 pm.
You could have told this
over the call!
I wanted to check if you are coming in
person. You better bring the money!
From where will I get
two lakhs before 5 pm?
It is so confusing!
One minute!
Dear God! you should
only show me the right way!
I asked you for a right way and
you are showing him!
He's looking at me!
Yes, I am outside right now,
shall I speak later?
Sister! if you hold your hand out
like that someone might put coins!
Put the ash in this paper
and take it and go!
Oh no he is coming here!
O God!
Hello sir!
You look suspicious
wherever I see you!
How come this side?
My car went missing right,
so I came to pray sir.
I came to eat pongal
The footwear token guy told me,
that you are coming for that only.
I will go inside and pray
before the close the temple sir!
Hey pongal is over, get lost!
Sir! Please try and find my car sir!
- Go.
- Okay, sir.
Here! Two lakhs!
Brother! No questions?
If you don't give it back,
I will take your car!
Okay go and get it!
Hey did you bring it?
Take it out!
Are you digging out treasure?
Hope everything is correct!
It will be short of a
thousand rupees!
A thousand rupees short.
Brother! It is short of
a thousand rupees it seems!
For what!
I don't have money for petrol.
That's why I took it.
I have already discounted one lakh!
This is not festival discount!
Give, he has already discounted.
Then why have you stolen
thousand rupees?
Are you sulking for just
a thousand rupees?
- Is it all correct now?
- Yes brother!
Okay let's leave!
It's a lucky car man!
You will not get it again!
I'm your brother saying!
You luckyman!
Take it and enjoy!
You will suffer!
God will not leave you!
God will not give if we ask,
but he won't mind if we take
See you!
That was a good one!
- It should be a Whatsapp quote!
- I took it from Whatsapp only!
You tell me everything else!
How did you hide such
a serious thing?
You quit your job,
you lost two lakh rupees,
now where will you go?
Whom do we go and ask?
Yes it is wrong!
Inspector Shiva is there right?
Can we file a complaint with him?
He might be able to find them.
Who that guy? That inspector?
All this looks like he's the one
put you in trouble and having fun!
And you want to go to him
and file a complaint?
He doesn't seem to be
that kind of a person
Think about it.
He himself will take you
to file a complaint,
and he himself will keep calling
to inquire, as if he cares.
You go to the temple
and he'll be there.
Aren't you even
slightly suspicious?
Hey! Have you seen his face?
He looks like a psycho!
He is enjoying your suffering.
He likes it.
Every car that passes by will
seem like your car, right?
This is the mindset of those
who have lost
Everyone seems to have fun
that I am suffering!
Be a good person and you'll be good
for life but your life won't be good.
Otherwise, everyone will
trample on us and go!
If we go and file a complaint,
against him, will they accept it?
You are right, a complaint
alone won't be enough
If we file a complaint, and,
it has to be investigated,
we need to take someone
influential enough for it.
Think if you know someone
like that!
Rack your brains!
Even now I am a freedom fighter.
If I call the police, within
24hrs, action has to be taken!
Thank you sir!
No need to doubt sir!
I have only taken the car.
When I investigated a drug
peddler in Shenoy Nagar,
we found out that they were
using new vehicles to move drugs.
This car was caught
in that racket sir.
If we seize this car,
we can be privy to some other
information, so its in my custody.
Don't worry,
it's safe and sound sir
Why couldn't you tell this
to him directly?
He is one of my suspects in this
drug peddling case.
That is why I have let him out,
to see if he leads us somewhere
Any strong reasons for that?
Look at this sir
He is always changing his parking spot.
That is my first suspicion.
Similarly there should be footage of
his car being stolen in the CCTV?
What is this?
the CCTV cameras around his
street are not working.
The thief has chosen a street
where the cameras don't work.
There could be a bigger
mind in play behind this
Like big brother!
It's a compliment sir!
I'm not convinced Shiva!
Next, to retrieve the car, he has
lost 2 lakhs to two fraud men.
How do you know that sir?
Who has changed this?
Shenbagamurthy sir
Sir what is this, you have come
here suddenly?
Sit down! Your
house is very nice.
Doesn't look like
a constable's house.
Sir what are you searching for?
Sit down! You shouldn't get up
even for God while eating!
Sit. Eat!
Sir can you tell me
what it is sir
Check your Whatsapp message
Sir Uthaman speaking!
Based on the complaint copy
and photos you gave,
I have got two lakhs
from him sir.
Your share of one lakh has been
given at Chinnaiya Fish stall!
If you give more such complaint
copies, we can develop this bigger!
I shall meet you after I'm
back from my town
Chinnaiya stall's fish?
Sir.. sir...
You are a responsible policeman!
If cash comes your way,
will you leave it?
Sir... sir...
There is nothing there sir!
One lakh rupees!
Sir, please forgive me!
Please forgive me sir!
I'm retiring in two years sir.
Sir sorry sir!
Sit down. Sit down!
Do you know something?
In this world,
more than back-stabbing Brutus,
Mohammed Ali who punched
faces has more respect.
Try to be sincere henceforth!
Okay sir!
Get lost!
Now can I have your confession?
How are you framing Murugan
as a suspect based on this?
Will someone take a loan of two
lakhs for a missing carr?
Is that car a child?
Shouldn't it have something?
So, if you permit,
Now do you understand?
As to who is common man?
Who are you?
I thought I shall try and find
your car in 4 or 5 days,
you are filing a complaint
against me is it?
I did it unknowingly
out of anger sir.
Can I shoot you out of anger?
Sorry sir!
I will not even apologise
for a mistake I committed
But you have made me apologise
for doing my duty right?
Do you know something?
Your car,
is with me!
If you start stealing, saying
a cop told you to steal,
I will kill you
Keep these papers in that
car and close it
Come sir, let's go and see.
sit down!
Sir, forgive me, it was a mistake
to have complained against you.
Please leave me.
I shall take the case back sir.
Until you cross the limit,
everything is ordinary.
You've crossed it,
now come at me.
I've booked your car
in a drug case.
My department will believe
whatever I tell them.
You know why?
Because of my image.
To get your car it will take,
one, two, three, four, five...
Will it take five days sir?
It will take five years!
Till then,
in front of my station,
do you see all these cars
that look like trash,
your's will also be there
You can come and see it everyday
Please don't do something
like that sir
That car is my lucky charm sir
If your car is your lucky charm,
I'm crazy about my job
You shouldn't have touched it
Can I tell you something Muruga?
The one thing that you really
like in this whole world,
nature has its way of taking
that away from you first
You know why?
Without it,
you can survive,
is its way of teaching.
Initially, it will be very tough...
but learn.
Live prosperously!
Sir, no sir!
Then go to hell!
Hey Muruga!
You can leave!
Sir has asked you to leave.
Sir hasn't come?
If he comes, he will skin you
alive for breakfast. Okay with you?
Until this case is over, come to
the station everyday to sign.
You riled him up unnecessarily.
His promotion is due in 10 days.
Before that he has to
take a test!
Only if he clears it, he will be AC.
So he will show all his frustration
on you, so be careful.
Now how do I get my car out sir?
Do one thing. Whether
he likes it or not,
go and apologise to him everyday
But he will surely not
change his mind.
He is being given a
psychometric test!
In case he fails in it,
the inspector who will replace
him might get your car out.
There is a chance for that.
Take care.
But the car is mine.
Deivyanai, I got the car
That inspector has it.
I will somehow get the car.
Let's go home
I'm not coming!
You go.
Why are you not coming?
Are you angry with me?
- You know everything, right?
- Everything?
Then what about that
two lakh rupees?
Your husband took two lakhs from me.
Now he's in jail!
Two lakhs?
Are you planning to bail him out or not?
Okay, it's a mistake. So?
Can't you even come and see
me in the police station?
Do you know that I didn't come?
Stop! Who are you?
What do you want?
The police took my husband and,
I've been searching since last night
I'm scared sir!
What's his name?
Murugan sir! Kannappan street,
Murugan? He has been locked
up in a drug peddling case.
Sir he won't do anything like that, he's
innocent, sir. Please leave him sir!
This is not a civil case,
it's a criminal case.
Go and bring a good lawyer.
- You still haven't left?
- Can I see him sir?
Go and bring a lawyer
You heard me. Go!
I went to my parent's place, to
get money for the lawyer's fee
I'm back, right?
I will take care of everything!
Come let's go get the car
Get the car?!
We at least had our honour if nothing.
That stupid car came and
took everything from us!
You only said it was our
lucky charm!
Now you are calling it stupid!
Will a lucky charm get you fired from
your job and make you borrow money?
Will a lucky charm bring us
to the streets?
Tell me fool! You fool!
- Mom!
- How dare you?
Go inside!
One tight slap! How long do you think
it will take for me to hit you?
If I hit you, you will not have
anyone to show your anger.
You men dump all your
outside anger on your wives!
And that's called marriage, isn't it?
Go! Borrow ten more lakhs,
and live with your car!
Who cares! Go!
"The gently caressing breeze"
"you've left me"
"Why did you go?"
"The gently caressing breeze"
"In the middle of nowhere"
"You have left me"
"But why?"
"In the middle of nowhere"
"The ocean has shrunk into a drop"
"when my dreams are shattered"
"The holes are shrinking"
"In the melody of the flute"
"The gently caressing breeze"
"you've left me"
"Why did you go?"
"The gently caressing breeze"
"Even when the waves are afar"
"they will come back ashore"
"Waiting to join the shore,"
"my wavy mind"
"Even when the waves are afar"
"they will come back ashore"
"Waiting to join the shore,"
"my wavy mind"
"The real has turned fake."
"Light as a feather but now
it's a burden"
"Is it fair?"
"Will the pole tilt to one
side as the gap widens?"
"The mountain shrinks into a leaf,"
"as the heart blooms"
Sadness doesn't suit
your face Muruga!
I know but they have
turned me like this.
If I tell you something,
will you listen?
In life there are only
two types of people.
One who causes pain,
and one who shows you the way
If you worry about the
one who gives pain,
you'll never find the
one showing way.
Are you saying, we have to just
ignore those who cause us pain?
No Muruga!
He will also change!
Just like how you are in pain, he
will also realize only when in pain.
Take a decision,
that is the beginning!
See that! It is the truth!
Muruga, you will be well.
I'll see you later
Okay sir
Hello to everyone.
My name is Murugan
I am in the business of
buying and selling land.
My car is with inspector Shivakumar,
and he is refusing to give it back.
My friend Venkat, suggested me to
file a complaint against him.
I have also filed a complaint,
based on his advice.
Now I'm charged with a rape case,
and my friend a murder case on him,
he is clubbing us with his lathi.
You should only save me and
help me get my car back!
If you can support Big Boss,
I have incurred a big loss,
you should only support!
If possible tag Kamal sir in this!
- Go! Get in!
- Sir leave me please!
- You deserve this!
- Hit him!
Good morning!
What are you doing here
so early?
I haven't come alone!
My friend has also come.
This is inspector Shivakumar's dog!
Why did you take his
dog for morning walk?
I didn't take his dog but stole it!
Stole it?
But why?
He doesn't understand my pain.
- So I've taken something close to him.
- Oh no! So early morning? Why?
First you get inside.
Come in!
Go and bring his life in.
Why is it still dark?
Hey is there no power
in your house?
You have come now,
like a transformer!
If you touch me now,
you will be electrocuted!
Looks like the dream will come true!
I woke up very early. Can I get a
cup of coffee with palm sugar?
Shall I bring you Milo instead?
He's stole the cop's dog,
and needs coffee now!
Hey why did you bring this?
- I have a plan with it.
- Are you going to strike a deal?
I will not strike a deal with it?
I have a different plan for him!
Before that I have to find a
place to keep the dog for a week.
But your clothes are only
lying everywhere!
Hey you...
I have figured out your plan
- Tell me then.
- It won't work out! No way!
Look here! I don't like cops
nor dogs. So take it and leave!
Get out!
Won't you help me if
I were your brother?
Definitely I won't!
If I did have a brother like you,
I will get a litre of poison,
drink and I will die.
Please give up on this idea,
and return the dog to its owner.
Please listen to me.
Hey what did I ask you?
Just one favour
Keep this dog here for a week.
Got it?
That inspector is going to write
some mental exam.
If he takes the test in this state,
he will fail for sure.
This matter will then come to an end!
You think I will listen if you tell
me emotionally? No I won't!
So that is the value
of our friendship?
- Is this your decision?
- Of course!
Alright then!
He will catch me anyway
If he does,
I'll tell that it was your
idea to file case on him.
Next, they'll be giving you oil massage!
You deserve this!
Filing a complaint against sir?
This is what you do
for helping you is it?
Be a good person and you'll be good
for life but your life won't be good.
Very good!
Very good Ammaiyappa!
Very good!
You took my words and
played right back on me, isn't it?
Looks like you have learnt
your life lesson well
Bless you!
But that cop is terribly
pissed at you.
If he finds his dog missing, he'll only
come for you! What will you do then?
I have a plot twist there too!
Aren't you ashamed? Are
you all policemen?
You can't even take
care of a dog properly!
Hey come quickly!
Sir, I heard you're retiring in two days
but looks like you're actively working!
Didn't expect he'd come here
straight from his night patrol.
God, I was forced to do it.
I did it because
I'm hurt and that too because of him.
Good morning sir!
Sir is very tensed, so quietly
sign and leave.
Till now did I sign while
playing the drums?
Sir good morning!
Sir I can totally understand
your feelings sir.
Someone kidnapped the
dog you loved so much.
Of course it'll be very hurting.
Dog is missing?
I came by your house early
morning to ask for an apology,
someone was carrying your dog sir.
I couldn't even confirm if it is
your dog or someone else's.
Sir, that guy Shenoy who
ran away,
is hiding in Koyembedu bus stand,
and has been caught
See to it that Shenoy is brought
to the station immediately
Sir, the dog you were talking
about is a man?
But you were talking about
a dog only right?
How do I know you think of
man and dog as one and same.
I'm leaving sir.
Tell me your address Muruga
My address, No. 19, Kannappa
Street, Virugambakkam
Why are you suspecting me sir?
I am already roaming like a dog
for my car.
Why would I steal your dog?
Even if I do, can I afford to feed
meat and biscuits like you do?
Can you check if Kayal is there?
Sir, the dog doesn't seem to
be here.
His nose seems to be
getting red with time.
Did you say, you saw who stole my dog?
Well... yes, sir.
But early morning, it was misty.
It was all out of focus. I'm not sure.
Can you give me one day?
I will think and tell
You have to identify him come.
Sir, my house owner right,
he is a heart patient,
I have to get him tablets.
I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you. Come.
If that guy dies, you
are only responsible.
Wonder what's going to happen?
In such a big city,
how will you find
such a small dog?
That dog has already
run away a couple of times.
If it ran away, you could've
just left it sir.
Even if it ran away, it
came back to you right?
It didn't come on its own.
I have an app in my phone.
There is a GPS tracker chip
in the dog's collar.
Like you said, in this big city,
I can find out where that dog is
right now with this app.
Then why do you need me sir.
One dog took away my dog right,
you are going to identify him.
Venkat, if needed you said you will
give your life for me. Its time.
Then what are you waiting for?
I'm having an upset stomach,
I need to relieve myself sir
There is no connection
between you and I.
It was Murugan who stole you.
Don't do anything to me.
Why are you looking down?
Even if you bite, it is just
fatty flesh, please leave me.
You should bite the one who stole you,
not the one who gave you shelter.
Is this how you show humanity?
Good sit there.
Finally it is sitting!
Hey are you done?
There is no water sir.
Sir is saying he will get you
adult diapers.
Why does he use diapers
when there is no water?
This guy is not picking
up the call!
You have made me run
Olympics inside my house
Aren't you even a little
anxious sir?
Why should I be anxious?
We know the location of the dog
We will get it in half an hour
I will get tensed if it
goes beyond half an hour.
Why sir?
That dog will not eat
without me.
Why sir?
You both eat from the same plate?
He says the dog is so dear to him
but stares at me for asking that.
Damn! I'm diverting from my problem.
Someone's calling repeatedly.
Answer it!
Sir this is a different number sir.
Will you answer it or shall I?
I myself will answer.
To hell with your radio station.
I requested a song three days ago.
And you say you'll play it today?
Hey fool who are you talking to?
I should sing?
- Are you going to sing for me?
- Sir it won't be good if I sing
It'll be incorrigible.
Are you talking to me?
I'm singing for the first time,
I'm feeling Nirosha!
It is nervous
Hey fool, who are you talking to?
Should I definitely sing sir?
- Hey Muruga, I'm going to kick you.
- Just sing!
This dog is also barking here
and you are going to sing, hello?
"There's oyster, there's pearl,
you open and escape Venkat"
Hey what are you talking,
I can't understand.
"If you are my family, this man
will kill me, cut the call"
- Hey I can't follow you.
- Cut the call!
Hey Muruga!
He cut the call!
Venkat! I thought you were
going to become meat,
but you escaped with
the help of mutton!
Sir, it's a medical miracle.
May be the one who stole
was a magician!
He has changed your dog
into a goat!
Why is his nose turning red again?
I'm going to get caught
because of my own mouth!
All the dogs you see will
look like your dog now.
That is the mindset of those
who have lost, sir.
You said that, sir!
I almost died before I could
get rid of the tracker.
- As if you changed train tracks!
- As if you are a big singer!
Sending a code through his songs!
Hey idiot!
You could have just sent
me a voice message.
I just did it in a flow.
What is he telling, the
owner of this dog?
He will call me everyday,
I have to go and meet
him at the station.
You said that the dog is his
life and everything!
Is that all the reaction?
He is a policeman!
He will not show his feelings
in front of everyone.
I think, he will lock himself
in and cry the whole night.
He has believed you when you
told him you saw the guy.
A policeman will not take any action
without any evidence.
That is why, I have left a
piece of evidence near his house.
He will look at the evidence.
He will call me.
As if you've been kidnapping all
your life, you've done so much!
For someone who has everything,
when he can do so much,
I don't have anything,
how much will I do?
So, my uncle's son is a dog catcher.
I abducted the dog with his help.
Convey my regards to uncle
I'm hungry. Go get me biriyani.
The dog's nose also looks red.
Like owner like dog!
Why did you ask me to get
biriyani suddenly?
Leg piece for me!
What you looking at?
Do you know how happy I am today?
Your boss made me suffer
so much.
In just one more week,
I am going to ruin him
Just like how you are your boss' life,
my car is my life.
At least you are safe here with me.
But do I even know how my car is?
Your boss cost me my job,
my family, my whole life is gone.
Look here, I will
tell you one thing.
I am terribly pissed off
with your boss.
So to piss him off,
I need more strength!
And for that,
I am eating biriyani everyday.
He should eat it with his money.
Just kidding... Eat.
Hey, why is it
staring at me like that?
Did you give it food?
Yes I did, but it did not eat
- Did you open the gate?
- I'm scared.
If your hands are tied,
will you be able to eat?
Go bring it.
Look at him thinking!
I'm ready!
Why do you need gloves?
Hey he is biting.
What if it bites me
instead of the egg?
Hey, open the crate.
No I can't. My uncle
died from a dog bite.
Your uncle was drunk and put
his foot in the dog's mouth.
Open the gate, go!
- Okay I'm opening.
- Just open it!
You'll spend if I go to hospital!
Are you cutting open a flyover?
Come on quick!
Come this side.
See, it doesn't bite.
Come, have this leg piece.
Here take this!
You unfaithful dog!
I fed you the same, this morning.
You didn't eat when I gave you,
now you are eating when he gives
- Wait.
- What?
It didn't eat when you fed it,
but it is eating if I feed it.
The whole day I was
travelling with its boss.
I think it can smell
its boss on me.
That is why it is eating
immediately when I fed it.
What do you realise? So...
We are abducting him as well.
I am not such a big fool.
No, of course not.
We have to plan!
He should fall at our feet!
Aren't you sleeping?
I miss my son.
"A tale"
"A one line tale"
"Is drizzling come and look"
Dad whose dog is this?
That is Venkat's dog
Yes Venkat is a dog!
Shall we play with the dog?
"A seed of love"
"Only if it blossoms into a flower"
"A tale"
"A tale"
What is this?
I got it for you thinking
it'll make you feel better.
My dog has gone missing.
It didn't die.
Four years,
it was with me as my
flesh and blood.
If you think it can be easily,
replaced by another life,
this is the way you look
at a relationship
That's not what I meant..
It will not work out between us.
"Rage is just one of the colors
of the mind"
"But rage always destroys the moment"
"The moment"
"A colorful moment"
"A colorful moment"
I don't want this car
You also don't be like me,
without any plan.
I have a plan for my future.
A girl and a boy.
Only then there will be a child
for me at home tomorrow.
That felt like a slap across my face!
Hey my dog my dog!
There are many here, who are
desperate like a dog for this post.
Here you are not taking the
test all for a dog!
- But sir...
- You are a policeman!
If this thing gets out,
what will people think of you.
Get ready for the tests.
You can do it.
Look for it from the outside.
You will find it.
How is he, the owner of the
missing car, Mr. Murugan?
Thankfully, you didn't quit
your job in a fit for emotion.
I can't afford to quit my job sir.
His life is also running
on my salary.
Dad, I have to tell you something.
Nothing to say now,
all will be good.
Your mom will be
looking for you.
Okay dad!
"A small seed"
"A seed of love,"
"Only if it blossoms into a flower"
"A tale"
Mom, dad asked me to
give you something.
- What is it?
- Sit down mom.
Sit down mom!
Mom, well that's...
"The moment when you taste"
"Is a colorful moment"
Hello sir.
You called me?
I've lined up ten people from
the city, who steal cats and dogs..
Come and identify.
What will I get if I identify?
Your car!
Super sir!
Don't expect me to give it.
You are a suspect in
your missing car case.
You are a witness in my
dog missing case.
You decide if you should be a
suspect in this case too.
I'll have a word with
my lawyer sir.
He wants me to identify the guy.
Hey its a good chance!
Point your finger at
someone and leave.
Hey idiot!
- Isn't it wrong to do that?
- What is wrong?
Those in that list are all thieves.
God has given you this chance.
What will happen after I identify?
Nothing, they will beat him
black and blue.
After two days they'll
know it's not him.
By that time, our cop will get tensed
and fail his exam. Matter over!
Venkat, nowadays you are a
better criminal than me.
You can come!
Those who throw acid and blade
in the beach are all standing here.
So this is the latest trend is it?
Scared? I am a vegetarian
Am I taking your food order here?
What is he talking?
Shall we go to the beach?
Why are his legs like a kangaroo?
You look like a chubby Amala!
If only I could lay my hands on you.
They don't fear the fact that
they are at a police station.
Looks like regular visitors.
Hello sir!
- Yes hello!
- It was him, sir.
I will deal with you later!
Take him and show him your
usual tricks, I'll be back sir
Excuse me, you think you
can easily handle Amala?
Can we just apologize to that cop?
- That guy will not forgive me.
- Why so?
The size of your mistake will
determine the size of your apology.
We have committed a really
big mistake.
So that guy will not forgive us.
I don't follow.
If someone runs you over with a truck
and apologize, will you accept it?
Why silent suddenly?
I will talk,
you will shut my mouth
with your retorts.
You talk to yourself.
Okay now what should I do?
Good now this is a valid question.
Buddy, so what if
this car is gone?
Over the next four or five years,
we work hard and buy a car,
and go to the policeman,
and tell him,
I'm back!
That will be epic.
What do you say?
- How many years?
- Five years. Just five years!
If it is taking me five years to
get a car, in your dreams,
this is the state of my life.
I can't let go of it when it
has happened on it's own.
I'm not struggling to get
back what I lost,
I'm struggling to retain what I got.
Did you do what I said?
Taking a picture in T.Nagar and
posting it in Pallavaram work right?
What are you looking at?
Will I take you to a studio to take a
pic? I will only take. Okay bark please.
Yes I did. But why did you
ask me to do that?
Slept already?
How are you able to sleep
after doing so much?
It's not those who struggle, but
those who help others only lose sleep.
What are you doing here?
I came by this side
It was lying outside.
Did you get any clue?
Why do you care?
It is your emotional weakness
that is coming out as anger.
You yourself know this.
If you are emotional,
intelligence won't work.
I felt like telling you, I told.
Can you please leave me alone?
Yeah, sure, goodbye.
Hey your dog is with us.
From Karadi Muthu!
If you are emotional,
intelligence won't work.
Sir, I had gone to my
friend's house that day.
There is a CCTV there sir.
- It has vomited four times since morning.
- What!
It didn't eating anything and
is lying down sadly.
Come, let's take it
to the hospital?
Okay I'm coming.
What happened to you?
Are you not hungry?
We've brought it here
and it's suffering sadly.
Who is that? Did he come to
treat the dog or himself?
Wearing a red T-shirt!
Hey Inspector Shivakumar!
Cut the call
Why is calling you so many
times like your wife?
My wife herself has forgotten me.
This guy is constantly calling me.
I'm cutting his call.
Hey hasn't he seen us somewhere?
Sir hello sir!
Aren't you the guys who came to
file a complaint for your missing car?
Yes sir!
What are you doing here?
The doctor is unwell, so we
came to show the dog
What are you blabbering?
Sir you know he is blabbering,
please try to understand.
Okay. What happened to the dog?
The dog sir?
Even an oscar winner won't
act like this.
The dog is only sick right?
Why is he acting like this?
Since the dog can't tell you what
happened, he's doing a demo.
Very good demo!
So have you got your car?
Shivakumar would have found it by now.
He will give it sir.
He's the one who has stolen
it and kept it
What! Acting smart?
If officers like you were honest,
why would we come to the streets?
He has no sympathy
Look here! Watch your words!
Who do you think Shivakumar is?
Suriya's father!
The life of a policeman looks,
amusing to you is it?
What did you think of Shivakumar?
Do you know the kind
of a person he is?
- We hid a car right
- Yes.
Take it to the scrap yard immediately...
and crush it to pieces,
and send me a video
Who do you think Shivakumar is?
You know the kind of
person that he is?
A cop who shows no sympathy.
Born fearless!
Even the rowdies, that the
cops fears;
he will go to their area, and
easily shoot them down!
According to him, the only
punishment for crime is...
death alone.
As he was roaming around like
a hunter emotionless,
a day arrived.
This rowdy Anbumani,
a sketch was deviced to shoot him down.
His plan, was a success too.
There he didn't notice Anbumani's
child standing next to him.
Those you have killed earlier in
shoot outs also have families right?
Yes I know!
I have not killed anyone
in front of their families.
Shiva the guy you killed is a rowdy.
Who is a rowdy?
Some four politicians, create forty
rowdies for their profits.
Then once the rule changes, they use
us to kill the same rowdies for safety.
However you see it, we are
also doing the same thing.
Judicially sanctioned rowdies.
In the end,
we also have blood on our hands.
Now what can be done?
I don't know
Either, everything has to
change here,
or I have to move from here.
If all this has to change,
you must be here.
But why?
Because you have to be in the
system to change the system.
I'm a bloody inspector!
You can't as an inspector,
but you can as a commissioner.
You can stop ten shootouts right?
That's the way.
If possible try to help the family.
Don't know what happened sir.
They just suddenly vacated
the house and left.
We are taking of their dog.
What is that girl's name?
Every policeman has sympathy,
If they express it, you
will treat them as ordinary.
Hey, do you know how powerful I am?
Even if I walk on the road,
no one will ask me for my address.
The car was my only identity.
You took my car,
is it fair?
Tell me.
Are you staring?
How else will I show my anger?
I'm also human only.
That's, I did what I could.
I took your dog.
Look here!
You are a big cop,
you might shoot or kill me,
so I didn't return the dog out of fear.
I am also a father.
I also feel the pain.
That is why I returned it.
Come, let's go.
Sorry sir, if I had spoken
something wrong.
I will surrender myself
tomorrow morning.
I will go see my child and come.
I will surely come.
"When you realize it"
"Will spread out like the sky"
"The mind"
"The mind"
"A boon"
"Life is a boon"
"Don't search for answers"
"Will come"
"It will come"
"Blossoming heart is
always at peace"
"Pleasure lifts the burdens"
"A colorful moment"
"A colorful moment"
"A tale"
"A one line tale"
"Is drizzling come and look"
"A seed. A seed of love"
"Only if it blossoms into a flower"
One dosa for me.
Muruga for you?
I don't want anything.
- What happened?
- Well,
the heart feels full
If I tell you something,
you will tease me.
I will still say.
Muruga, forgiveness is
a small word but...
the gesture of forgiving is big or small,
depending on the person who forgives.
You are a big man!
I feel hungry now.
- Come.
- All this talk for an egg dosa.
The door is unlocked!
When did you come?
Sometime back.
- Where's mom?
- She is sleeping.
I've given her a lot of
trouble. Let her sleep.
Daddy, I missed you so much.
- What does that mean?
- You won't understand.
Yes, that's why I'm wandering around.
Daddy, mom asked me to
give you something.
What did she give?
Good night, dad.
Lock the door and come.
Till the end mother and son
will keep hitting me.
Thinks too much of himself
Can't come and call me again!
Finally good night!
In sometime I will go to prison.
When our son comes from
school and asks for me,
tell him the truth.
There are consequences,
if you make a mistake,
he should know that.
I will tell him one more thing.
If you do wrong,
be brave like your dad and
own up to it.
All this would not happened
if I had stayed with you Muruga!
What do you want?
Is sir not around?
I want to surrender sir.
In the commotion you caused,
he has been suspended.
He's been suspended?
Where will he be now?
After getting suspended will
he go to watch a movie?
Get lost!
What happened?
What happened?
He got suspended it seems.
Superb man!
Someone is always helping you.
Hey come, let's go and
see him first.
Don't worry, everything
will be fine.
Your car which was in my
custody is now missing.
Someone has taken it.
Obviously they will suspend me
and not throw a party for me!
Old joke!
To be fair,
since you returned my dog,
I should return your car to you.
I never expected that if I give
your dog, you will give my car.
You were the one who was saying
the car is your lucky charm.
My car is not the lucky charm sir.
All these people are my
lucky charms.
You know how?
When I faced a problem, they...
I am talking proudly about you only.
The apple was bigger than my
mouth so I was trying to bite...
Behave decent when you're at
such classy place, like me.
Decent? It's not like I asked him
to serve me my favourtie breakfast!
- I'm being decent.
- Stop embarrassing me!
Will he eat this bread everyday?
Let him be, you eat.
What are you looking at
the dog for Muruga?
Well, sir...
It's better to be dog than human.
If it wags its tail, we
know it is showing affection.
Human beings don't even
know how to show affection.
Here you go. Two lakhs
What sir, two lakhs
for this dialogue?
It was confiscated from those
guys who said they took your car.
- Hope it is all there.
- Give it here.
Thank you sir.
That is my wife sir...
- Then she grabbing it was obvious.
- That's her!
Sort out the loan issue with this.
Thanks a lot sir.
Why are you staring
at me like that?
Daddy I told you I wanted
to tell you something right?
Daddy I have to tell you something.
Daddy I have to tell you something.
The watch that uncle is wearing,
my watch is also similar to his.
That day the car was stolen right,
that day, the watch fell
down in the car, daddy.
Take this if you want
It will keep a track of the number
of steps you walk, you can play games,
- Yes!
- You can speak on the phone.
It also has a GPS tracker.
G.. GPS also?
If it has GPS, then..
I wanted to ask you.
How have you been working for
six years without taking leave?
My father used to say something
quite often.
"This world enjoys the one with beauty"
"It respects the smart"
"It envies the rich"
"It fears the one with power"
"But it always trusts the hardworking"
Superb sir
That is what, I have
been following till today.
But my grandmother told
me something too.
It goes like,
"When you have a lot,
give whatever you want"
"When you have little,
give what you can"
- "When you have nothing..."
- When you have nothing?
"just give your hand only"
that's what she said, sir.
do you play cricket?
Anyone who has an aadhar card
will play this game Muruga.
So those with ration card,
will play football sir?
Come and keep wickets sir.
(The mind is Lord Muruga's abode)
I am the one who took the car.
Will you hit anyone?
I will hit anyone who steals.
- You come and take charge.
- No sir.
Let my suspension
period end then I'll join.
Whatever said, I am
also a thief sir.
But no one knows that.
I know sir.
You are mentally sick.
Being so honest and all.
After giving ten lakhs advance,
is he a fool to just walk away?
It's not me, it's him.
I am not used to talking to dumb people.
Oh! Family dialogue?
I myself will talk to Murugan.
Muruga! This is
Ramachandran speaking.
Come and join the company again.
I will do whatever you want.
Tell him he can park his car
next to mine.
You shut up, I'll talk.
You would have heard
what he said right?
Shall I repeat this word for word?
What did he say?
He used foul words that I
haven't even heard till now.
Should I definitely repeat?
Not bad!
There is so much to learn from you.
What are you going
to learn from me sir?
It's better to be a dog than human.
If it wags its tail, we know
it is showing affection.
Human beings don't even
know how to show affection.
I didn't understand that the pup
was your way of showing love.
I'm sorry.
With this the episode
has come to an end.
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