Lucky Star (2013) Movie Script

Sir 0 to 100 in just 5.6 seconds
With a top speed of 250 kms/hr
The power is 345 BHP, sir
All disc breaks are set up with ABS, EBD
Break assistance with ESP
For safety it has
12 airbags with Compressor
Massagerfunction, mini fridge,
and night vision assistance...
Solar sun roof and
number of other features
So it doesn't have an AC?
- Excuse me sir
- l asked about AC
Will the company give or
should l pay extra and get one?
Sir This is an international car standard
lt will come with AC of
international standard
Asking if the car has AC is like...
...asking if the car has tyres?
But this colour
will not like my wife
We have options for colour
Come sir l will show you
So...l should have been finalised tomorrow
Come with my wife
Ok, bye
Sir Visiting card please
- Ok
- Thank you sir
Ranjith VB, Janaki Tailors
lndia is developing
Let me see l if l get
at least the 8th prize?
l have lost the money spent forticket
The Kerala state will never progress
What brother
Did you not get
a lottery prize this time too?
lt was Kerala Karunya Bumper ticket
Poor people in that state
benefit by this lottery
l purchased it only on that idea
Lottery ticket sales
are banned in Tamilnadu
l bought this ticket in black market
ls it?
- Do you know Muthu
- What is it?
l know a business which would
earn more than this bumper prize
- Then why don't you do that business?
- l don't have money to do that business
lf you have money,
why should you do business?
Eat sumptuously, spend lavishly,
watch a Vijay movie and live peacefully
First of all you don't know
what economics thing is happening
Because you don't know that
You will not comprehend
- Brother
- No point in talking to you
Brother l have something to say
For 5 years the leftists rule
Next 5 years the rightists rule
These 2 parties rule alternatively
What progress did the state witness there
Whom are you talking about?
l am talking about
the 'Gods own country'
There would be at least
one hartal every month
Transport strike, power cut,
Endosulfan issue...
...and now it is Mullaiperiyar
ls there a state without issues?
ln Delhi it is outrage
ln Kashmir it is terrorism
ln Bombay it is the underworld
ln Bihar it is Naxalites
But they are not
ordinary people's problem
What are the problems of an ordinary man?
Development of basic amenities
Let them learn it form Tamilnadu
Lots of over bridges...
When you finish saying the word 'metro'
it is there, lT park, Textile park
ln between like coconut shreds for puttu
2 G spectrum, land grabbing
That is for a fun in between
Though they accrue personal benefits
their politicians take care of the public
How about our place
Neitherthey eat or allow us to eat
Because we are here long
since we are all safe
You are right
l came here looking for a job
Now l am the owner
of this first class 5 star hotel
You came here to become a star
You have become a first class tailor
Do you consider this safe?
l was doing small roles in films
and an olive branch was in sight
At that time...
...those two brothers took the entire
Malayalam film industry to our place
Because one guy is from Kochi
half the shoots are done at Kochi
The other brother is from Trivandrum
So the other half of
the shoots are done there
When Nazir sir left the scene
l felt my two wings were clipped
Anyway it was good time for Malayalees
Else if you had become an hero
Malayalees would've stopped watching films
One strong tea
But a day would come when
the same Malayalam film industry...
...would honour me with a golden shawl
ln Ambattur lndustrial Park
l'm starting a garments company in my name
l have obtained the sanction
What is the connection
between movies and dresses?
Do you know one thing Bhaskaran brother?
Many of today's big businessmen have all...
...walked through small steps
like this to reach the top
Similarly my venture garment company...
...would progress step by step
and transform to an Export-Import company
l would earn crores
Make my daughter
a heroine and produce a film
Afterwards it would be awards, Padmashree
Later it would be receptions, honours
- But your daughter is just 5 years old
- That will do
lt is all about films
By the time l make money,
my daughter would be 14 years old
Right age to become an heroine
Besides, present day superstar's show
interest to pair with heroines of that age
Your plans are good
But if you are planning to make a film,
keep your sewing machine safely
You may need it
-Are you a Malayali?
Have you come to become an actor?
- No, for music direction
- That is much more promising
ln case you need a room orflat
l can arrange one for you
For the time being l am put up
with Assistant director Anwar
When l arrange for cash
l will let you know
Ranjit brother
There is a customer foryou
l am coming
Bhaskaran Brother
Regarding the garment company
l have to go out for sometime
l have to meet many officials
ln case someone inquires
ask them to call me on mobile phone
Those who take risks only prosper in life
Everything will become alright
- Go
- Let your words come true
You say you want to
wear this for a wedding
lnstead of altering this
why don't you stitch a new one?
What you say is right
But my husband has
suffered a loss in business
He has gone to Bombay looking for ajob
There is a money crunch
When there is a money crunch
the blouse should be loose...
...and not tight like this
Ok, l would keep it ready
- Come later
- Don't you want to measure me?
l know your measurements, go
l said l know your measurements
Come later
- Then shall l come tomorrow?.
- Come tomorrow
Dad and mom are not at home
No one to forbid us
Sumitra's hubby is jailed
for a cheque fraud case
Yes He cannot come out
unless he manages to get 6 to 7 lakhs
- ls it?
ls this the story behind his Bombay stay
My goodness
She is a...
What happened
- What is it?
- Looks like some problem there
Don't know what it is
Come, let's go
You stupid
You have dashed at me
My leg is hurt
ls there no one to question him?
My leg is gone
This guy has dashed me
lt is paining me
Move Move
Who the hell you think you are...
Are you blind?
Can't you see a car on the road?
Don't everthink you can blame me for this
You are a mad girl
Who let you out of your house?
l am asking you
Who let you out of your house?
Answer my question
l know what to do
l know what to do
Hey man
This is lndia
Pedestrians get
the first priority on streets
Give respect and take respect
This is Chennai buddy
Brother The mistake is not on my part
l was driving at a slow speed
No, he is lying
He dashed and broke my leg
My leg
l swear, l am not lying
Brother Please stay quiet
Quiet please
Give Rs 2000 and settle it
Why should l?
l did not dash the car on her
Then make a Rs 1000 discount
and give her Rs 1000
Rs 1000
My Jesus
See, l am a doctor
Come, let's go to hospital
-Are you a Malayali?
- No...Yes
Don't want to go to hospital
They would inject
You give me money
l'll get medicines
- How will l walk with this leg...?
-Wait, l will tell you
You stay quiet
l'll check with him and tell you
Give her Rs 500
She is enacting a scene
to make a livelihood
The rate would increase
if they mob you
- l give you Rs 500
-Why only Rs 500?
What is this madam?
He is giving you fondly
Get it
Get it from him
Why all of you are crowding here?
Go Disperse
Madam Had you become an actress
you would bag the best actress award
Go All of you go
All of you move
lf something happens
all of you will crowd together
These people have no work to do
- Sir Are you a doctor?
Sir When l turn my head like this
l hear a sound
-You mean this side
Then turn this side
- How is it?
- lt is good sir
All these guys need
good thrashings
Not only in Kerala...
Even in Punjab, Gujarat, Orissa
why add more...
Even in Jammu and Kashmir's
Kupwara district our kids are there
They have come out
through these hands
Here the doctors hands are
the hands of God
We have undergone many
types of treatments at many places
Now we have come here
Finally you have
reached the right hands
lnfertility treatment requires
money and your time
Money is not an issue
We want to have a baby
That's it
All people who come here
have the same emotions
A mother's feelings
- Can l ask you something?
- Come on
Because it is expensive,
is it possible to get twins?
-You mean two birds for one shot?
l can't assure you
That depends on the bird's time
You do one thing
Go to the counter, showthis slip
remit cash and get registered
We have to do some tests
- May l come in doctor?
Wait there l will come there
My wife is pregnant
- ls it?
- Same to you
She became pregnant
because of yourtreatment
Did you mean that
Did l not tell you earlier...?
- Sit down
- Thank you
lt is a miracle
l told him to wait for some time
after the treatment, to see the results
He lost patience and one day
he went to the extent of hitting me
ls it not?
How do you feel now?.
lt is all your good luck
Nothing is in my hands
lt is all divine providence
You are absolutely right doctor
My wife went to a Godman's
ashram 3 months before...
Now she is 2 months pregnant
Along with your treatment and
the divine intervention the baby is ready
But you had problem
and not your wife
But that was cured by yourtreatment
Why do you confuse me?
Where can we meet this God man?
Do you want to join
the prayer meetings?
Don't want...
First get treatment
You go and remit the cash at the counter
There are lot of Trusts
Doctortake some sweets
- The god man's number
- Number...
Sit down
Some godmen are out there
to ruin our practice
- How much is this tomato?
- 15 Rs a kilo
- 15 Rs?
Can't even make ends meet
- Carrot?
- Rs 30 a kilo
Beans 35 Rs, onion 40 Rs
Brinjal, Onion, Potato
give me 1/4 kilo of all these
Seems to be a bigmouth
No, l don't need a cover
l have a cover with me
- Give
- Put inside this
ln lieu of the cover, give me
coriander and curry leaves
You are too smart madam
- How much is it?
- Rs 120
-Where had you been?
-Went to supermarket for shopping
Nearby you have
Senthil's vegetable shop
You could have bought there
Even though bit expensive
the quality is good there
- That is more important
- ls it
What is it Kannamma?
For my son, we have bought one computer
Sir has gone to get internet connection
Come and see
Has he bought it?
M hubby Ranjith wanted to buy a laptop
l told him not to go for it
Computer and internet are very dangerous
Children would be spoiled
Daily in newspapers, my god...
...all of them are disturbing news
-Where is your daughter?
- She is studying for the interview
For Megha we are trying for admission
in Dawn international school
The interview will be very tough
You mean Dawn school
That is a posh school
Will you be able to afford?
M hubby would earn for that
Very soon we would be
starting the garment company
With in this year we would
vacate this house
He has plans to buy a flat in Adyar
Ok dear, l have some work
Uma, Latha
- lt is already late
- l am coming
- Come fast
-All of you get in
Quick None of them are punctual
lt is Shankar sir's shoot
l have to manage to get 700 of them today
Even if there is a shortfall of 6 of them
He would pack up for the day
What is it Pappetta
Seems you are very angry
lt is very difficult
to getjunior artistes
Can't you come for shoots?
Now your daughter is grown up
Though it is my earlier profession... my hubby would not permit
me to act as a junior artist
lf it is a main role
he said we can consider
My goodness
- Vasanthy
- Coming
The heroine is not confirmed
in Suriya's film
Why don't you inquire about it?
Quick Get in to the vehicle
Papetta What is it you have?
Pressure, sugar and
Cholesterol, until recently
lf l get anything more
will inform you
l am a little busy now
- Have you finished studies?
-Yes father
Yes dad
What about the lottery result?
- Nothing
- Nothing?
Anyway don't lose the ticket
Some times there will
be printing errors in paper
Lottery or loan,
one of them could help us
Lot ofjealous people around us
- They don't want us to prosper
- ls it?
Then we will prosper
without anybody noticing us
Cracking jokes?
Don't you know your comedy
sense has lost its teeth?
ls it?
Try to start the garments company first
Let people know about our range
l am now going
only with regard to that
First l have to go to the industries office
But regarding the cash remittance...
We should have been
more time for the payment
l'll try my level best
to get the money
Why are you laughing?
Survey number 11/2172
- Unit number 107
-Yes sir
30 feet road in front of the plot
Right side left side ok
lt's very difficult to get a plot here
How did you manage?
The local MLA's wife stitch
her blouses in my shop
l had to beg her and
somehow managed to get this allotted
All unit allotters have
paid the money, except you
When are you going to
pay the advance 2.5 lakhs?
The due date has elapsed
Sir Give me two week's time
l would get the loan in a week's time
l came only to inform that
Sir please
Look There is great demand forthis land
lf it is not you, it will be someone else
- l can't give you two week's time
- Sir please
Foryour sake, l can give one week's time
But you have to prepare
an important document for that
lt is a little risky job
What is left out?
l have given all the papers
l mean that green paper
That is more important
Try to remit the cash
as quickly as possible
Else the land will not be yours
lt will be allotted to someone
Sir Give some alms
Granny M garment company
will be located here
- Pray for my well being
- Bless you
- Greet you sir
- Come sir
Couldn't see you for a month
You said you would come last week
What happened
Nothing l will get the loan after a week
Thereafter l would give
advance for machines
l came only to inform you about it
That's all ok
Dollar value is increasing
lf you order now,
l can give at this rate
Because the machines
have to come from Thailand
Sir Please don't tell me
the machine cost has gone up
l will not be able to
manage any escalation
Then do one thing
Pay 50 % and block the machines
The balance you pay at your convenience
and take delivery of machines
Please wait for one week, for my sake
Would block everything
l waited so long
Will l not wait for one more week?
- Come again
- Ok
Megha When you go inside
they would give chocolates
You should say 'No thanks '
Kids of big shots don't eat
anything given by strangers
- ls it?
Wow lt is a new philosophy
Megha Ranjith
-Are you a Malayali?
-Yes sir
Basically Malayali but
settled in Chennai sir
Your dress is very nice
-What is the colour?
- Pink
Very good, take it
- Can you sing a song?
-Yes ma'm
Then sing a terrific song
Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?
Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?
Distance ila moon moon
Moon colour white white
Stop it
- She is selected
- But sir...
Wait That was not after
hearing the song
There was a question in the application...
What do you want your child to become...?
Others have written as doctor and engineer
But you have written you want her
to become a 'good person'
Yes That is the best answer
Education's goal is not to make
everyone doctors and engineers
They should grow as good individuals
You can proceed to the admission desk
- Great performance in the interview
- Brilliant girl
l neverthought you would be so
cerebral in filling up the application
There is a business man, an artist and
a singer with in this costume designer
No song now
Let us pay the fees now
lt is for Megha Ranjith
- Megha Ranjith
-Yes sir
- Total fee 1 lakh
- 1 lakh
-You mean 1 lakh?
They said it is Rs 50,000
50,000 tuition fee
Apart from that 50,000 one time
registration fee is also there
We didn't know about the registration fee
Not that, we were not informed
Don't worry
You can pay it in a week's time
Are you paying 50 now
or later you can pay full amount...
Take this
Take 50,000 now
- Balance we would pay later
- Ok madam
Have this
Had l known it is Rs 1 lakh
we could have gone for some other school
Why were you so haste in paying 50,000?
People are prepared to pay
lakhs to secure a seat here
Even the chief minister recommends
Why should we lose a chance that we get?
lf we had not paid this 50,000
they would give this seat to someone else
We have paid the advance
and blocked the seat
So even if there is some delay,
they would wait
But howto get balance
amount within a week?
What would we do?
lf there is no other go...
...we can pledge daughter's
chain and ear studs
Nothing doing
That can't be done
School going girls wearing gold is risky
l would not give
Don't cry my child
Even if we pledge both, for the remaining
l may have to find ways
Come, let us go
Come dear
Just 20 crores
l will take care
No problem
l would get them ready
Don't worry
You come with the suitcase
Get the cash and go
Convey my inquiries to your leader
Ok Thank you
Shall l hang it?
Mr Ranjith, your loan will not be
passed in the nearfuture
Will it not be passed?
Sir At Ambattur lndustrial Estate... garment company's
land has been sanctioned
l have not paid the advance
l managed to extent it till today
Everything was based on
the prospect of getting this loan
lf l don't pay within a week...
lt has to be sanctioned
by the Head Office
l am helpless
Bank should be convinced
your proposal is viable
Sir Please
You must trust me
l am confident that
my unit will be successful
How can l grant loan on
the basis of trust and emotions
Then what did you say over phone?
ls there no value for big money?
To get 10 lakhs
there are 10,000 roadblocks
lnstead of starting a tailoring shop
l should have entered politics
Ranjith Don't get upset
Sit down
There is a way out
l tell you this because
you are a fellow Malayali
There is a scheme for
Self Development of women
A maximum loan of 5 lakhs can be
obtained under this scheme
Give an application in your wife's name
l can speed it up in best possible ways
Ok sir
- Muthu
-What brother?
lron this quickly
This is the heroine's costume
for a song sequence
Before l get an abusive
call from the designer...
...this has to reach AVM
Where is my phone?
- Muthu
-What brother?
Where is my mobile?
l doubt if l have left it
Bhaskaran's tea shop?
Check there
lt is ringing somewhere
- Hello
- This is designer Shilpa
He lost his phone He has gone
to tea shop to see if it is there
lf the phone is traced
l would ask him to call you back
Has he lost his phone?
We are waiting forthe costume
Ok madam
Brother Designer Shilpa
from AVM studio called
l told heryou would call her
once you get back your phone
Where is the phone?
What is it you are having?
ls it a time piece?
Take it
M God
M god
The blouse...
My goodness
- Sorry brother
-What is this man?
-What is this?
- Forgive me
Go man
lt is my mistake
l will make one ready
Watch out, bro
Today l will...
Brother Attend the call first
M God
They will start the shoot only
if they get this blouse
There is a way out
What have you done?
You have not stitched
the design given to you
Will you stitch a design of your choice?
Madam The design you
gave was out dated
This is a new fashion
This is called iron box cutting
Like this...
You don't teach me designing
This is not Hindi or Tamil movie
This film must reach family audience
But what you shoot it is an item dance
Shut up
What will l tell the heroine now?.
This iron box cutting...
What's the delay?
Where is the costume
- Costume...
- Show me
Madam Asmall mistake
lt's really nice
lt is my latest isthiri cut design
lt's very peculiar cutting like this
- Ok Everybody go out
- Thank you very much
Walk fast man
The shoot has started, go
Did you bring the dress
Get the amount immediately
Producer may not give later
l wanted to meet you
That's why l came personally
to give the blouse
Daughter got admission in
Dawn international school
The fees is little higher than expected
You must give Rs 25000 and help me
Why should you seek
admission in a posh school?
Peck what the beak can hold...
The beak will hold
Let me start the garment company
lt will all become alright
Rather than thinking about giving
good education when l can afford... it not betterto go
for it right from start?
You know about my position
Last Tamil film's balance payment
l am yet to receive
Junior artists are pressurizing me
l told them they could
get it either today ortomorrow
ln case he gives full payment
sometimes l may be able to help you
But l can't assure you
Pappeta Can you get from somewhere...
Mister Yourjunior artists
are not performing well
That is why they are still junior artists
Else will not they become
Mammukka or Mohanlal
You come Let us go inside
and watch the shoot
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''Come on say you like me''
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''Come on say you like me''
''Like a flirty whisper''
''Like a celestial bloom of flower''
''Like adorning henna''
''Like the humming of breeze''
''One glance''
''Carved the sun...''
''l would guard it
sans blemish perpetually''
''l would borrow
dreams on credit''
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''Come on say you like me''
''l would say you are a beauty''
''l would say l like you''
''With stupor in eyelids...''
''With energised legs...''
''Whispering in ears with elan...''
''Walking in tender steps...''
''At the corner of eyes...''
''Arching the rainbow...''
''...adorned a sparkle in your eyes''
''You are brimming over to spurge''
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''Come on say you like me''
''Come on say l am a beauty''
''l would say you are a beauty''
''Come on say you like me''
''l would say l like you''
''Flirting must be disguised''
''Glances must be masqueraded''
''Singing fervent songs...''
''...must feel the chill deep down''
''ln my dreams...''
''lf you would come...''
''l would make a note in omate lips...''
''...and would wait for
the day along with you''
''l would finish my flirtatious dance''
''Finish my flirtatious dance''
''Finish my flirtatious dance''
Not only in US...
Korea, Japan, Holland, ltaly...
...briefly in all 7 continents
our kids are there
They have come
through these hands
But a Malayali couple from US
is here forthe first time
We can just say
we are Malyalees
l am born and
brought up in States
Alex and family is settled
there for quite sometime
We don't have much acquaintance
with relatives in Kerala
You know doctor
First we went to
Gujarat for surrogacy
But they are not ready
to show the donor
And finally Dr Cherian
suggested you
The woman who let her uterus...
l mean the donor
Normally we don't
expose them to the clients
Afterthe delivery, we get the baby
and hand it over to the parents
That is the procedure
Me and doctor Cherian were classmates
at Vellore Medical college
Just because he has recommended you,
l would show you the donor
l am particularthat whatever
l do must be perfect
Actually l expected
bigger setups here
Do you have facilities
for delivery here?
lf the patient becomes pregnant...
l would register her in an hospital
where l work as consultant
The treatment and delivery
would take place there
That's fine
l have also planned for a 50 crore
setup with all amenities
- Great
- One minute
Sir, you have received a notice
for not paying the car loan
Car loan?
Will there be a delay in getting Benz
Then book Land cruiser
l want it immediately
l am in a meeting
Don't disturb me
Luxury car is my weakness
Regarding perfection...
l also don't lag behind
That is why l have located
a wholesome donor foryou
l will show you
Ask Aishwarya Devi to come here
Aishwarya Devi
She has been a surrogate mothertwice
Both times it was a successful delivery
Doctor Can you just ask her
to wait outside
l am sorry
We are not happy with this lady
We want a beautiful, elegant lady
lt is foolishness
You know the procedures of this treatment
Because Swapna's uterus is not capable
to hold a baby for 10 months...
...we are renting a lady
who has that capability
The baby developed for you both... just placed
in another woman's uterus
There won't be any biological
relationship with the donor
So none of the genetic
features of the donor...
...would manifest in the baby
- Then what bothers you?
- l knowthat doctor
But l want the best in everything
Why can't we try for some other options?
lt is very difficult
People from good lineage
don't come forward for such jobs
Let's try...
lf they compromise...
Doctor, we are ready
to pay even extra forthat
Extra money...
We will try our best
Doctor None of them is suitable
lf you can't get a good person
with in a week's time
-We would try in Mumbai
- Don't be upset
lnfertility treatment
will take its own time
ln one week's time
l would get a suitable person
There are plenty of
beautiful girls in the country
Ok doctor, all the best
- Thank you
- See you
Beautiful uterus...
ln this world...
Sir bill has come from workshop
for the repair works done
- Shall l pay Rs 2000?
- Rs 2000?
Where do you have money for that?
- Pay later
- Ok sir
lf the car dashed her,
l can agree
- lt is paining
- Give her Rs 500
She is enacting a scent
to make a livelihood
The rate will increase,
if they mob you
Gold rate increase has no significance
l knew about it
when l went for pledging
They charge exorbitant interest
There is a shortfall of
Rs 7000 to remit the fees
What will you do for that?
lt is said, in a person's life
there must be friends or relatives... least 5 persons
to help him financially
Do you have any such persons?
l don't have any
Do you have any?
But we don't get in to such a situation
- Good afternoon
- Good afternoon
My God Was it you sir
the other day...
Yes, l am doctor John Chittilapally
Why are you here doctor?
Any problem with that lady?
- No, l need your help
- My help?
Yes, l am running an infertility clinic
lnfertility clinic means...
ls it not the clinic
which makes babies?
Yes, is she your wife?
You can say like that also
An American couple
has come to rent an uterus
They didn't like the beauty
of the women whom my agent bought
Quite natural Any one will like
the baby to be beautiful
This is a misconception
There are many types of lVF treatments
The lady has a weak uterus
lt can't carry a baby
So the parent fertilised embryo...
- Embryo...?
- Foetus
Will be placed in
another woman's uterus
10 months later the delivered baby
will be handed over to the parents
There won't be any blood relatioship
with the surrogate mother
Similarto keeping unripe plantain clusters
in paddy chests to ripen it
After it ripens the cluster will not have
the features of the paddy chest
Astrange metaphor
There is a similar scene
in a Mohanlal movie
l have not seen
the newfilm of Mohanlal
This is not a new film
Avery old film...
- ls it 'Manjil virinja Pookkal'?
- Not that old
Not 'Manjil Virinja Pookkal'
- lt's 'Dasharatham'
-Yes exactly
But in that movie the baby's
mother was the real mother
But here that is not the situation
-Yet, it was sentimental
- l wept a lot
An elegant woman who would
rent her uterus is required
You must help me to locate one
What do you think of me, doctor?
lt is true there is
paucity of funds for me
l do real estate and many other
sundry business, l agree
But so far l am fortunate not to indulge
in cases related with women
- Doctor you may leave, go
- l didn't mean that
The other day l dashed car on a woman
She is the right one for this
You said she has no means
to eke out a living
Rs 10 lakhs is offered to
a woman who donates her uterus
ln addition you will get
Rs 25000, as commission
lf l meet her directly,
it may not work out
But you have the grasp to convince her
l have, still...
Because it is related with women...
What you said is right
She needs money
But to convince herto agree
forthis will be a huge task
lf you give 50,000,
l can try
lf you want 50, ok l agree
But l need it immediately
Then we can go now, isn't it?
Do one thing doctor
Let your vehicle be here
We will go in my vehicle
Ok where is the car?
- Get on sir
-You mean this one?
We have to go through narrow lanes
- Come
- Okay
Ride carefully
ls this vehicle home made?
- She was residing somewhere here?
- Don't you know?.
Sumithra, Mosque street
Yes, this is the one
You first find out
if she is inclined...
lf she is willing,
l would tell her the details
Don't upset her
What you have been told
is correct
First l will go
Damn with his English
ls it you?
To my house
M God Come in
Come inside
You, in my house...
Sit down
- Husband...
- He...
l told you the other day
He is in Bombay
- Has he not yet come from Bombay?
- He will not come
What is this?
Why have you come at this time?
What's the matter?
Hello, is he your son?
Ganesh get up
Go go and play
He has gone
Nowtell me
lnfinity of fertilisation
-We have been to...
- Tamil...
Because this is about
physical relationship... can l tell you openly
When a man and woman
consummate a baby is born
Now, even if they consummate
the baby may not be born
Forthat, there are
lot of safe methods
Not that...
lt needs an uterus, isn't it?
Then only things will happen
ln a nutshell,
with regard to this...
...if you cooperate
it would happen
When you say so much,
will l decline?
At night, come through the back door
l would keep the door open for you
Can you get me
some water for drinking?
One minute
M god
Have you explained to her?
This will not work out
We will go for someone else
- So will it not be possible?
- lt is possible
- Then l will talk to her
- Not that
What we planned will not happen
- She is very decent
-You get on to the vehicle
- l don't understand
Has it become an issue?
My dear...
For quite sometime
we are roaming like this
Do you have any one in mind?
People with lot of hardship
and suffering will only agree forthis
l said people with hardship
and suffering will only agree
ls there anyone like that?
A stunt artist called Murugan
He had an accident in a shoot
He broke his back and
is in bed for last 2 years
- He is in adversity
-Very good
ls his wife good looking?
Wife is good looking
She will suit us
ln that case,
go straight to his house
Thank God
All people who reside here are poor
For your sake, l have come here
Else l don't come this side
This is a good place
ldeal for a resort
She is Murugan's wife
Come come
This is the way
Greet you madam
-Why have you come this side?
- No, doctor has come to see Murugan
- DoctorJohn Chittilapalli
- ls it, come please
-Where is he?
- He is here
How are you Murugan?
For last two years l am bed ridden
No means for livelihood
God only should pave a way for me
AGod in the form of a human being
Doctor has come
He will explain the rest to you
You know Mr Murugan...
lnvitrio fertilization
is notjust a treatment
lt is a service
and a divine duty
Doctor you can talk in Malayalam
l have performed as a dupe
for all Malayalam hero's
l can understand Malayalam
- Money is our problem
- Their problem is having a baby
Talk in Malayalam
l like your wife
She is beautiful and elegant
lf you can turn a blind eye,
we can make some money using her
lt is only a matter of 10 months
lf she becomes pregnant once,
This house would get Rs 10 lakhs
Have you not understood?
There is an American couple
Their embryo has to be
deposited in your wife's uterus
Just that
You dog
You buffalo
Madam what doctor
intended was in English...
Please go
Listen to me,
please go
Seems he has not understood
what l said...
No doctor, come
Check if they've gone or not?
You said he is bed ridden
But his kicks were solid
Doctorthe way you talk
anyone would boot you
He would have thought
embryo is an abusive word
Had you said foetus even
a child would have understood
Should you not talk about it
subtly and with little niceties
Even if l am subtle,
this is what is required to be conveyed
She was like a former Miss lndia
Anyway we have lost her
We will go for some one else
Miss lndia you mean this woman
Take this
Fighter Murugan was my only hope
But my plan got failed now
Murugan is also gone
What will we do now?.
ls there any otherfight master
or dance master like him
But his wife must be good looking
Get lost doctor
- How much it is?
- 50 rupees
Ok brother
- Can meet tomorrow at Rolands hotel
-You just give me a call
Ok bye
That girl is good looking
-You mean that girl
- She is a case
- ls she an advocate
Not that case
Brief bundle Rosili,
she is a Malayali
She will not be suitable
How will the Americans
know about her?
lf she is elegant and has an
uterus inside that will do
My god, it didn't occur to me
This will surely happen
Doctor do you have a kerchief?
lt would be better
to cover the face
- ls it a must
-Yes come
Will people with esteem agree to this?
Come with a brief
Don't you have mother
and sisters at home?
Trying to make me pregnant
lf l walk along with a swollen stomach,
what would people say about me?
Talking about people
What would they say
lt is for nothing
lt is only after paying you 10 lakhs
The money will take care
of your shame
lt would
lf l leave the field,
people are queuing to take my place
When l come after delivery
there will be no demand for me
lf a girl delivers a baby without husband,
will anyone marry her afterwards
- Doctor will you marry?
- l am married
- Tailor will you marry?
- l will not...
-Will you?
- No
She is a hothead
Before she goes to
the next level, let's go
Bye sister
Don't take it to heart
- So we need not wait here
- Fellows don't have any self respect
Don't know if anyone
has noticed us
No one knows me in this area
Hi buddy How are you?
l couldn't get you
Don't you know me?
l am your Facebook friend nine
For yesterday's picture post
you commented as 'awesome'
Does your profile has
film star Nayantara's photo?
Now l have understood
My god he has deceived me
What is it doctor?
Have you met film star Nayantara?
- No...
- Then see him
Now he is doing this business
Ok buddy
- Nayantara bye
- Ok bye dear
Start Landed in a problem
Start the bike
They are transgender, go
Ranjith l can't run
Stop the vehicle
Don't throw it madam
No one gives respect
Doctor Should we not do
thejobs we are supposed to do?
l am not for this uterus
business any more
Don't take a vow like that
We will give a short break, come
Janaki Bring some water
What happened?
Did you not succeed?
Then what will we do?
What can we do?
We can't kill or rob someone
The school fees,
garment unit advance
You can get good money for gold
Only forfew days
Once l start the garment company
This is a letterfrom
the industries office
lf we don't pay the cash
before this Friday...
...the allotment of the unit
to us will be cancelled
Looks like all our hopes
will be ruined
lf we couldn't start this...
l don't think we will
ever be able to start it
May be forever we are destined to live
with the tailor shop...
...and one room house
lf we play smart we can escape
There is a way
What is it?
By play, l mean it is an act
as though l get a role in films
l would play that role with ease
What is that role?
A pregnant woman's role
Did he not say he would give
Rs 10 lakhs for the uterus donor?
lf we get 10 lakhs
all our problems would vanish...
...and we would be safe, isn't it?
Even 8 lakhs will do for us
Once the company is started...
l can show you how we can earn
Then can we look in to it?
10 months would pass quickly
We would get Rs 10 lakhs too
What are you trying to say?
lf l take up the role of
an uterus donor...
What nonsense are you talking?
Uterus, rent
it's all very complicated
We don't want any fortune
earned this way
How could you say this?
lf l had not stopped acting...
l would have acted as a heroine
for Mammukka or Mohanlal
lf l act as a wife sometimes,
l may have to act as a pregnant woman
Similarly this is also an acting
Pregnancy in films
is made up with pillows
But this is a real American pregnancy
Life is not like films
Forget all this...
What would you tell
if our relatives and friends ask you?
Why do you talk about relatives?
Our people expelled both of us
because ours was a love marriage
Friends Must tell them it is
a second baby and distribute sweets
What will you do if they ask
forthe baby after 10 months
Must tell them
the baby was still born
-Janaki Are you so callous?
- lt is all theatrics
Tell them the delivery was
at an aunt's place in Tambaram
So we couldn't inform anyone
Even if there are few murmur once
we become rich and pompous...
...that would change gradually
America has shown
as a way to get out of this mess
Don't reject it
Hearing this makes my vision blurred
Then hold a candle and sit there
Long ago they wanted me to do a role
opposite Chiranjeevi in a Telugu film
l never knew about it
At that time our love was soaring
and l left the house with you
Else by now l would have
been like Trisha and Asin
What can l do?
lt is my destiny,
l should suffer like this
Acting is an art that
requires physical exertions
Must run, jump and fight
Like that this should also
be considered as an art...
...that requires
physical exertions, is it not?
Not only that,
helping childless people...
...will it not be
a large hearted benevolent act
Besides, since there is no
blood relationship with the baby...
...we can return the baby easily
Why did not the American
people come little earlier?
There is a time for everything
- Doctor You didn't say anything
- Should we do it?
Normally women who come
forward for this...
...does not have any emotional feelings
But an home maker like your wife...
You need not get tensed over that
Regarding this, she is
more interested than me
So come to clinic, tomorrow
Some tests have to be done
lf the tests are ok,
we can meet the American people
After amassing money
l want to start a beauty parlour
Betterthan that would be
to employ a beautician
- ls it?
- Have this
- Get ready quickly
- l am ready
Janaki You have studied up to what?
Doctor did not say
anything about studies...
lt's ok, l merely asked
l like you
Ok doctor, let us proceed
ln lieu of donating the uterus
they would give you Rs 10 lakhs
5 lakhs advance...
Balance 5 lakhs after delivery
when you hand over the baby
Doctor Can't you give
10 lakhs in one shot?
The medical practice dictum is...
Half the job is done by doctor
and the other half by God
Though we do everything
to the best of our ability...
Sometimes it may not be successful
Sometimes problems could arise
due to the carelessness of the pregnant lady
ln such a situation
they should not lose the entire money
We can not move forward
without mutual trust
Ok doctor
We have come forward to do this
not merely for the money you offer
Helping a childless couple to
get a child is a benevolent act
l really appreciate your generosity
Once you become pregnant...
Protein, Calcium, Fiber
you should take rich nutritious foods
That will cost extra
Nutritious foods are very expensive
lt is ok, tell me how much you want?
l want...
lt's ok, l told know
lt's a benevolent act
That's good
After embryo transfer,
they want to return to America
Both of them are employed and busy
They can come again
the next day after the delivery
Now we can sign the agreement
This has 5 lakhs
''Like a five petalled flower bloom in sky''
''At dawn a star
appeared and vanished''
''Like a soulful transparent gem
Like the prosperous divine music...''
''ln the woods at prolonged
night time it gleamed and bloomed''
''The pain, sorrow and
the mute grief disappeared''
''lntense warmth
blossomed again like a lotus''
''Would celebrate Onam in some dream''
''Hard times would come
to mind without recollection''
''Would push behind
the distance travelled''
''Like a five petalled flower
bloom in the sky''
''At dawn a star
appeared and vanished''
''Like a soulful transparent gem
Like the prosperous divine music...''
''ln the woods at prolonged
night time it gleamed and bloomed''
First or second...?
First or second?
First one?
First one is a daughter
So you would be longing
for a male child this time
Boy or girl
lt is all same for me
That is also right
These days boy or girl
expenses are more less same
Who is Janaki's husband?
You sit down
They are calling me
lt's me
Here your baby
Yes it is me
lt is a male child
-Janaki How is Janaki?
- She is normal
After some time
she will be shifted to room
You may take him
You could have taken
the baby in your hands
There are people to do that
l don't have faith in all these
Sweet boy
-Why is he wearing a shirt?
- Doctor said it can be worn
How do you feel now?.
l just fed him
He is very fair
All new born babies will be very fair
More over baby's parents are Americans
You look very tired
Agood sleep will make you alright
Shall we take the baby to the doctor...
...and ask for the settlement
Count the cash correctly
Should you tell me that specifically?
May l come in doctor?
Thus everything ended well
Doctor Look at this baby
See how charming he is
Not 10 lakhs,
even 50 lakhs can be given
You are right
So doctor Receive this trophy...
...and give the balance amount
Where are those American guys?
There is a small issue
They have not yet arrived
What happened?
Have they missed the flight?
Not that There is a small
disagreement between them
They are divorced and separated
They don't want this baby now
l have a meeting
l just forgot about it
What is it?
Wait for a moment
Can't you hear the baby crying?
Should someone tell you
to feed the baby?
Fed milk just now
No milk to feed again
Will you stop it
All the time weeping
Have you seen feather touch?
When l am getting mad
you are talking about touch
Not that
l am talking about
the film 'Feather touch'
There is a scene in that film
Hey stop there
Stop there
Janaki What is it?
Let him take, if he wants
You stay here
- Stop there
- l am asking you to stay there
Give the baby
Give the baby
Janaki Let him take, if he wants
Move away
Man's children are His fortune
Man's children are His fortune
From each one's deeds
His varied fortunes rise
Get on
Sorry dear
l can understand a mother's grief
lt is ok
Not grief
lf that mad guy killed the baby...
...and dumped him in garbage bin
we would be behind the bars
You are right
That's why l took him back
Don't become too sentimental
-Was it little excessive?
- Little
Come, let's go
You must listen to me
To leave a baby in orphanage
or give for adoption...
...there are few legal complications
You must remember one more thing
Americans change their
mind at the drop of a hat
Today they may separate
Tomorrowthey may reunite
ln case the baby's parents come... take the baby
after a week orfortnight?
Will you not get your 5 lakhs?
But...if they come again...
l would not give the baby
unless they give 15 lakhs
15 lakhs?
Don't give until they pay 15
Now you take the baby and go
Little brother
Little brother, are you playing
Janaki You did not
inform us your arrival
Yesterday night only we planned
Darling Eyes are like his mother
- Nose is like his father
-Yes, yes
How is it possible?
We've sent the money to the company
Machines have also come
Sir, please
How can you ask now?
Sir What l want to convey is...
Don't worry ln two week's
time pay the balance amount...
...and take delivery of the machines
Will you give cash?
Tell me
You should tell him no
You don't brood over it
When a door is closed
another door will open
When you venture in to a business
these things do happen
Don't become diffident over this
Some way out will be in sight
- Hello
- Ranjith
The loan you applied in
your wife's name is sanctioned
5 lakhs
ls it true sir?
Yes Come tomorrow with your wife
- She has to sign few documents
-Will come sir
l will come in morning itself
lt was the bank manager
5 lakhs loan applied in Janaki's
name is also sanctioned
God has saved us
When some babies are born
along with that good times also start
Goddess Lakshmi can be born
through such babies too
That is true
Gods can manifest in any form
When manager informed
about the sanction of loan...
...initially l thought it was a dream
Howto describe my happiness
lt was like a snake bite
under a thunderbolt
Whatever it is
our good times have started
Now we should become
the top drawers
But the adage you said
was not appropriate
For predicaments like this...
Coconut falling on the head of
a pooping dog would be appropriate
That can also be said
But for such situations there
are few proverbs in English
Whatever happens
should have been there...
Not like that
Should have been
the pening, happening
That one...
- Some one is calling
- Ranjith
Yes, come in
-Where is he?
See Have a good look
Very beautiful child
ls it ok?
Please stay out for some time
l would come there
What is this Pappetta?
They are from Vijay movie
There is a scene where Vijay
as a new born baby
They need a baby for that
He is ok for them
ls this the matter?
You scared me
So Pappetta, is there
a combination scene with Vijay?
How idiotic are you?
This baby has to grow
to become Vijay
l didn't think about it
Shall l proceed further?
- Okay?
- Okay
They are not very interested in films
But l somehow convinced them
They are ok for Rs 50,000
Give Rs 25000 as advance
Give balance at the location
Take this
- M commission is additional
- Okay
Take this fortutious advance Rs 25000
Balance 25000 will be
paid at the location
Sir What is the baby's name?
Baby's name
He is yet to be named
But we are contemplating
to name him as Baghynathan
Yes But at home
we call him lucky
He is not mere lucky
He is a lucky star
Lucky star
ls it son?
Mom would you give milk
Lucky darling
''Forthis little cherub we would place
a dot on the chubby cheek today''
''When the baby is dolled up...''
''Nourish her with smiles''
''Sport smiles and have fun
Nowfly high''
''Narrate the story of trapping
uncle moon in a conical bowl''
''lt's a word that effused the water
that entered the boat''
''Thoughts and dreams are insufficient''
''Need a lamp that guards the trove''
''Need a vision that looks inward''
''Forthis little cherub we would place
a dot on the chubby cheek today''
''When the baby is dolled up...''
''Nourish her with smiles''
''Have fun sporting smiles
Nowfly high''
''Narrate the story of trapping
uncle moon in a conical bowl''
Where have l kept it?
- Did you see my phone?
- No
Check if it is there in the fridge?
Will anyone keep phone in fridge?
Don't know where that
boy would keep it
Let me check
We should not go after love
lt should happen on its own
lt should ravage us
Should turn us upside down
Always should be with me
That is true love
Hey cut it
Don't do like Simbu's dad
Do like Simbu
We should not go after love
lt should happen on its own
lt should ravage us
ls mom's phone your play toy?
Not playing
lt's my film's shoot, sister
Are films shot in mobile phones?
Sister This is a new generation film
Hereafter, if you touch mom's phone...
...l would throw away
all your toys, mind it
Pack up
Lucky Don't get upset
Of late all fools have taken up direction
Let us play some other game
Lucky ls this the way to do colouring?
Elephant should be given black colour
Have you seen
a green elephant anywhere?
And red colourtusks
On the whole you have messed up
Dad See how l have coloured it?
ls it not super?
-Am l not a genius dad?
Why not we send this to some
magazine's colouring competition?
lf they select this
you would get a big prize
Good idea
Those who run the magazine are not fools
Why do you waste money
on postage stamps?
She is jealous of you
Go and complete it son
This is Lucky's progress report
The maximum he got is B or B+
l don't see him evince
any interest in studies
He is not doing lAS
Don't get tensed over
the studies of a 1st grade boy
See if his cognition develops,
if he can manage his own routines
These are the things
one should check at this age
When he comes to higher grades
he would secure Aand A +
- ls it not lucky?
- lt is very difficult
Dad, l have something to tell you
l don't want to study in a school
where education is merely academic
l told you not to enroll me
in sister's school
He studying in my school
harms my reputation too
l am school's best student
Keep quiet, bright student
Dad Next year admit me
in Gaurav's school
They teach swimming,
skating and Karate
Then l will secure A+
You mean Mount Carmel School
Getting admission there is bit difficult
Nonetheless we can make a try
What do you say?
You are only pampering
and spoiling him
Don't dance to his tunes
Give him two whacks
and make him study
A and A+ would come automatically
Did you see the Hindi film '3 idiots'?
ln that film, regarding
children's education...
- l am not an idiot like you
- ls it?
You are after all an old
10th grade failed girl
-What about you?
- l am an 8th grade fail
Make a brochure giving
importance to spring collections
Ok sir
Because the designs include a variety
we may secure good orders
Sure sir
Vincent l called you some time ago
ls the Mount Carmel school
principal your relative?
lt is about an admission for Lucky?
Yes my son
Why not?
Any time l can come and meet you
Ok, bye
Give it to the printing section
Ok sir
Last time Ranjith was the main sponsor
for a race event conducted by our school
He is one among the few Chennai Malayali's
whom we can rely upon anytime
Very glad
Merit is our criteria for admission
There is an aptitude test
for lnter school transfer
He must get through that test
Hope your son is a brilliant student
Yes, he is brilliant
But he is more interested
in sports and skating
We do considerthose
who excel in sports too
Then we can try on that quota
Let it be...
Ok father We would
submit his application
- Thank you so much
- Welcome
- Good morning
- Hi Jan You are late today
l was replying to
my birthday wishes in Facebook
l didn't know, it took so much time
You know
l have 3654 friends
l am contemplating about
starting my own like page
ls it your birthday today?
Many many happy
returns of the day aunty
- No call me sister
Anyway thanks
We have a grand party in the evening
Everybody come
- l am going man
- Why so early?
- Today is mom's birthday
-What gift you are giving to your mom?
l don't have money to get gift
There is a gift that doesn't require money
-What's it?
- Come, let us see
Come on man
Ok, right
Then where has he gone?
His pranks are going too much
Let him come today
Mom He is not there in park too
-Where has this boy gone?
- He would be milling around somewhere
Have you understood now?.
He is not much attached to mom and dad
You both all the time pamper him
Keep him on your head and coddle him
Megha Don't talk as though
you are grown up
Where would have Ranjith gone?
- He is coming
- Here he is
Lucky Where were you so long?
You keep loitering
You trouble us on a good day
l will see how you go out
for playing henceforth
Have a shower and change your dress
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
What bolt can bar true love
Lucky Stay there
l said, stay there
Today is Sunday
Where are you going dad?
Dad has to attend a meeting at Taj
-When will you be back?
- Evening
So will you have your
lunch at the hotel?
Yes, l will
- Will there be chicken?
- Likely
Then l will also come
Then l am not going
for any meeting today, is that ok?
Dad This is his regular
ploy to avoid studies
Not like that...
lt's because it is boring for him
Come my son
You go to the ground
beyond that park and skate
This time we must win the prize
When l return from the party
l will get you some nice chicken
- Bye
- Bye
Sister Catch me
Lucky stop
Very very nice
l will write
l know, it's very exciting event for me
l've been running around
life time for this very big time
But finally the wedding day is here
The marriage is at St.Louise Cathedral
Ya l'll give the address
Just a second
lt is 695, Stanford
No excuses
You should be there at time
Thanks Swetha
Can l call you back?
l will call you back
Chennai business man
Ranjith and Janaki's son Lucky...
...fell in the drainage and is missing
The entire water waste form this drain
finally flows in to the ocean
At all junctions fire force
have installed nets
Since the water level is low... force says the boy can be saved
Lucky is a 1st grade student of
Chennai Dawn international school
Reshma from Chennai
along with cameraman Akil
ls it doctorJohn?
Hi l am Swapna from US
Can you recollect?
Ya ya Swapna l remember
- How are you?
- l am fine How are you?
l am fine Tell me
Nothing l was just
browsing the Facebook
l saw a video in face book
- lt was about an accident to a boy
-Yes, that is your son, Lucky
Dr John
-Any news?
- No new information
They are still looking for him
The Malayali boy Lucky
who went missing...
...after he fell in
the drainage at Chennai
...was rescued with the help of army
after long hours of rescue operations
At a distance of 200 meters
from the place...
...he went missing
he was located near a ditch
The boy is in lCU
His condition is still critical
What do you mean Swapna?
lf you want the wedding to be postponed...'ve got to be kidding
Steve You don't understand
l can never be a mother
So l want my son
l really do want him
See Swapna
You need to take a decision
Either it is your son or me
But once you go
Once you decide to go...
...don't expect me to wait here for you
- Excuse me
- Tell me madam
- Room number 202
- Go straight and turn right
Ok, thank you
Madam Who are you?
Madam Don't worry
He would be discharged
in 2 or 3 days time
Should l inform someone...?
This is the wedding gown
for minister's daughter
She is little fatty
So do it in a crushed
material in dark colour
Give small folds in the side
That would make it appear slim
- Sir You have a visitor
-Ask him to come
Long ago when he was an MLA
l have stitched few blouses for his wife
Do it quickly in Photoshop
Good morning Mr Ranjith
Have you not recogonised me?
Yes l have recogonised
But meeting you here,
quite unexpectedly...
Can l sit here?
l am so sorry
Please sit
All the designs are good
Thank you
There is a great demand for
lndian designs in America
Sometimes l too get orders
How is Lucky now?
How is Lucky?
He is fine
ln 2 or 3 days he would be discharged
- He is fine
- Thank God
Afterthe divorce,
did you meet him again?
Yes At a mall
He has married an American woman
and his father of two kids
Did you...
l didn't get married again
l have come here
to take Lucky to America
That is not required
l told you, he is fine
He doesn't require
any treatment at America
Not for treatment
l want to take him permanently
to bring him up as my son there
- Tea or Coffee?
- No thanks
You didn't answer me
How is it possible?
Lucky is my son
M wife delivered him
Though your wife delivered him
he is my blood
Blood relationship
has no great say in this
Whoever takes care
to bring up the child... the dad, mom,
brother and sister
We are not formal like you Americans
But what is his condition here...?
He has fallen in a waste water hole
When l sawthe news
l felt guilty
l am responsible for this
l want to take care off him
and do justice
Hey, relax
Whatever precautions we take
and if the destiny is something else...
...whatever must happen will happen
You might have been
instrumental for us to get Lucky
But today we love him
more than our daughter
We treat like him as our own son
And it will continue to be so
That means...
We can not lose Lucky
That's all
See you soon
Mr Ranjith l am going
to handle this legally
ls it Surya Hospital?
Can l speak to Dr Venugopal please?
Yes, it is urgent, please
Lucky lie down
Mom l want to sit in hall
l want to watch TV
You need not watch TV
Lie quietly
Else they may take you
to hospital and inject again
You need not have
asked for discharge now
Don't you know
he would be playing around here
What was wrong for him spending
2 or 3 days more in hospital?
Who knows what quakes
will happen 2 or 3 days time?
l need some water
She is playing with me...
lf she plays with me...
l will teach her lessons
Are you going to act in any drama?
Not drama, it is real
lt's real and live
Afteryour business clicked
l understand your standard has risen
But when you talk to me
talk straight, no innuendo's
That American lady has come
Which American lady?
The lady who rented
the uterus then
- Same lady
- ls that all?
You could have told her
we have stopped renting uterus
She has not come for that
To take back Lucky
- Leave me mom
- Lucky
She has just asked
She has not taken back Lucky
l am with you
Don't worry
l understand what you say
But they can not comprehend this
Average lndians still hold their
relationships very dearto them
Have you not heard the adage
relationships are like gold
But one thing
Try talking to that lady
Amother will understand
the grief of another mother
Ok, l will meet her
-Janaki l want to talk to you
- l don't want to hear anything
Then l am going to hold
a press conference and announce it
Let everyone know about
the secret you concealed so long
You discarded him for 5 years
What is the guarantee
that you would not do it again?
From the day he was born
not even for a single night...
...he slept away from me
l can not live without him
You don't know about
the losses l have suffered
l was planning
to start a new married life
But forthe sake of Lucky
l discarded everything
Now l am alone
M Lucky is not the pluses
and minuses of your weightings
You don't understand the feelings
of woman who gave birth to a child
l am not prepared for
any loses foryour sake
This obduracy is not good Janaki
One compromise...
No compromise on Lucky
She wants to file a suit
Let her do it
Any court will have a conscience
She has come with sentiments
after so long
We can give her our house
and all other properties
But him...l just want him
Hi Lucky
Lucky come
There is a new rider in the park
-Angry birds
- l am not coming
- l am afraid
- Come on
Why should you be scared?
Go with them and enjoy
For next week's skating competition
should you not win the first prize?
Then only you will get
admission in Mount Carmel school
- Go...go
- Come on
''Angry birds
Angry birds''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds Say''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds Say''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
''Angry Birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
''Fly all over the world''
''To destroy the pets''
''Fly all over the world''
''To destroy the pets''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
''l want all of them to fly and fly''
''l want to make a picture make them cry''
''l want all of them to fly and fly''
''l want to make a picture make them cry''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds Say''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds Say''
''Angry birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
''Angry Birds
l want to fly''
''Angry birds say''
Ya man l am coming
Probably in 5 minutes
At this time, where are you going
A party at Sham's house
His sister has passed BDS
Why throw a party forthat
lt's the duty of children
to study and pass
You go inside and study
Dad, leave me my way
l know what to study
when to study
Just keep ready money
for UK MBAadmission
ls that ok?
See you
Hello, ya ya l am coming
Dad There is somebody foryou
l am a doctor who change
the grief of people with no children
Forthe first time l am in troubles...
...after giving a baby
to a childless couple
lf she files a case
will you be on our side?
Based on the old agreement
and the DNAtest
...she will easily prove the boy is hers
lf we can not win the case...
...why not we go for a compromise?
That is what l have also suggested
But that is not on the premise
that you will not win the case
Because for cases related to surrogacy...
...there are not much
legal precedents in lndia
Besides as per lndian Law...
the woman who delivers the baby...
...will be considered
the mother of the baby
On that premise
Janaki is the mother of the baby here
But l am suggesting a compromise...
...taking in to account Lucky's future
The small kid is gleefully happy...
...should we drag him to court?
Not only that
for cases of this type...
lt might take more than
5 years forfinal judgment
By the time he would
become 10 to 12 years old
At that age he might be
able to comprehend
ln case he changes his mind...?
Why did you separate
him from his real mother...
lf he poses this query to you then...
lf he asks you why did you reject
him the comforts of American living?
lf he believes his life should
not end in Kodambakkam
That day will he not
go looking for his mom?
That will not happen
He is my son
Kids are like arrows
released from the bow
Beyond a certain limit
we can not control them
To answerthe queries posed by children...
...parents search in
Google these days
From his real mother and all comforts
you made him stay away
lf he feels that was because
you both were self seeking
Will he not hate you?
lf mistakes can be rectified
it is always better to do that
Day after tomorrow is
his skating competition
Doctor inform this to her
Chennai roller skating Federation holds...
...the 16th roller skating competition
We welcome you all
l request parents and
spectators to be seated quietly
So son Concentrate and run
Run well and win
Then only we can get admission
in Mount Carmel School
- Ok?
- Ok
Bad smell
lt is from this boy
The boy who fell in the drainage
Come on
Come on Lucky
Come on
Come Lucky
Lucky Come on
Lucky Come on
Get up Lucky
Come on
Come on
l went to your house
The kids said you are here
l gave the kids chocolates
Lucky has won the skating competition
l saw your love for him
To encourage him to rise up
in case there is a fall for him in life...
...and to show him the right path
whenever he goes wrong
...perhaps a dad and mom like
you both would be better than me
So l have decided
not to take him with me
lf he comes along with me
he would only get a mom
But here he has a dad, mom, sister
and so many others
You must permit me to come
and see him once in a while
You need not tell him l am his mom
Tell him l am an aunty from America
That's enough for me
But that is not the right thing to do
He should go and live
with his real mother
You must take him
Ratherthan he considering us as his foes
after knowing the truth years after... is betterto part now
though it is painful
But Lucky...
We have a daughter to love and caress
But you don't have anyone Swapna
No woman should be in a situation
to say there is no one for her
Lucky would get on with anyone easily
He will love you too
For having won a small competition...
...he is going to America fortraining
That too...a small kid like him going alone
But he is not going alone...
There are other kids also
who have won the competition
Then...did not an aunty give you
chocolates the other day
That aunty is taking him
But still something baffles me
You need not get excited over this
Go and study
Dad Sister is jealous
Don't mind it
l would go and come back
After going there
l will go to Disney land, snow skating
Enjoy everything and get back quickly
Good boy
Listen to what dad says carefully
And don't tell this to Lucky
He is going with his real mother
The aunty who came
the other day is his real mother
He stayed with us like
a guest quite accidentally
When you grow up
l will tell you every thing
Will he not come back?
l can not live without him dad
You need not cry
Let us imagine he has gone to
some boarding school far away
And we will wait for him
to come for every vacation
l have kept a CD in his bag
Every night l used to tell him tales
l have recorded all those in a CD
ln case he does not go to sleep easily
Play them once
He would go to sleep
l am indebted to you
l knowthat can not be paid back
Forgive me for the anguish l have caused
Wherever he is
it's enough if he is happy
l want just that
- Bye sister
- Bye
Bye dad
- Bye
- Bye
- Hi
- Hi
Aunty stop
Dad l have something to tell you
What's it?
lf l like America l may extend
my stay there for some more time
Then only l will return
Don't chide me