Lucy in the Sky (2019) Movie Script

T-minus ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five...
We have engine start.
...two, one.
We have liftoff.
Thirty-two minutes
after the hour,
and the shuttle
has cleared the tower.
Guidance systems online.
Eleven, Houston, thrusters go.
-All engines are doing good.
-MAN 2: Yep, steady there,
from projections
at point six-two.
(radio jargon
continues indistinctly)
(radio static)
(breathes deeply)
And Houston, here comes the...
(indistinct chattering
over radio)
(seagulls squawking)
(over radio) Lucy.
-Yes, yes. I'm here.
Time to wrap it up.
We're going home.
Just a few more minutes.
(breathes deeply)
Just a few more minutes.
MILES: Copy, Houston.
-Go for deorbit burn.
HANK: I have the stick.
Beginning entry.
What a light show at the aft.
-MAN 2: Is it really?
-MAN 3: Take your mirror.
WOMAN: Do you have a mirror?
MAN 2: Yeah, I do.
Let me get that.
(indistinct radio chatter)
(bell tolling)
Watch your angle on re-entry.
Roger, Houston. Adjusting.
MAN 1 OVER RADIO: We have you
coming in a little--
How's, uh-- Sorry.
-How was school today?
Wanna get some ice cream?
All right.
(water dripping)
LUCY: Well,
the azaleas look nice.
DREW: Well, I watered them
every day.
Or I would have,
if I didn't forget.
Those are new.
I put 'em in yesterday.
-LUCY: I missed you.
Babe, you went to space.
(SIGHS) I am so proud of you.
It was...
I don't know.
-It's hard to put into words.
-I bet.
To be up there...
(Drew snoring)
DREW: Hey, sleepyhead.
How's rocket lag?
What time is it?
Where's-- where's Iris?
DREW: 8:30. I already put her
on the bus.
Hey, can you--
(Lucy sighs)
-I missed you.
-(Lucy chuckles)
-(Drew chuckles)
-LUCY: What?
Mission accomplished.
WILL: And you're settling
back in?
LUCY: Never settle.
My nana taught me that.
How are you feeling physically?
LUCY: I'm in top shape, sir.
WILL: After just a few days
in micro-gravity
your bone and muscle mass
begins to shrink dramatically.
You were up ten days.
I've seen men
carried off the shuttle,
too weak to stand.
LUCY: Well...
All right.
Top of your class,
naval academy.
high school and college.
Can you stop?
Stop what?
-WILL: Working.
-I'm taking a few days.
My niece is staying with us.
Blue Iris.
WILL: Blue Iris?
It was his second choice,
actually. My brother.
His wife talked him out
of Sanctuary Rose.
she was the practical one.
Change a light bulb.
Remember to eat.
She's dead now.
Iris is staying with us,
and we've been doing
girl things.
WILL: Didn't I see you here
on the track yesterday,
and in the gym this morning?
LUCY: Bone density.
Muscle mass.
WILL: Throw a Frisbee.
Fly a kite.
-(Lucy laughs)
-WILL: What?
Nana says
Frisbees are for dogs.
WILL: Tell me about her.
Three guys chased my dad home
from school one day
with axe handles
and she put the first
warning shot in the dirt.
-The first?
-Lucy: Well, in San Angelo
a leg shot's considered
a warning.
Why'd they chase him?
Your dad.
LUCY: He pissed
in their gas tank.
You know Michael Collins?
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Apollo 11.
He flew the command module
for Neil and Buzz.
WILL: Yeah.
So you know that
after he dropped them...
he circled the moon for hours.
It's farther from Earth
than any man has ever been.
No light, no radio.
And he wept,
consumed by darkness
and then,
when he saw the sun again...
he wept some more.
Inside the module he wrote...
"I am now truly alone...
and absolutely alone
from any known life.
I am it. "
I'm fine.
Shades of night are falling
as the wind begins to sigh
And the world's silhouetted
'Gainst the sky
(song continues on radio)
(door opens)
(door closes)
LUCY: There are better ways
to kill yourself
than smoking
with your oxygen machine.
How's that, fucker?
I'm back.
-Ooh. Did you go somewhere?
-Well, up, then down.
You show those
Ivy League assholes
-how it's done?
-Damn straight.
(sighs) Your father
used to play golf.
Said it was good for business.
He was unemployed.
He was an idiot.
You here to make sure
I'm still breathing?
Drew said your disposal's out.
That it is.
LUCY: I'm supposed to be
on vacation.
I've already color coded
three rooms in my house
and signed up
for neighborhood watch.
NANA: You should get a hobby,
like me.
-(pouring liquid)
-LUCY: Drinking's not a hobby.
(chuckles) Well,
the government says
I'm too old
to do it professionally.
LUCY: Fixed.
NANA: They givin' you a medal?
NASA? For what?
All I did was my job.
Good girl.
No special treatment.
Sebastian dropped Iris on us
again while I was in space.
Can you believe that?
Did you leave her in the car?
She's in school.
He called me from the road,
your brother.
Something about
power tool races
in San Francisco.
You know what I told him?
"Get a job."
LUCY: Oh, he has a job.
He writes poetry.
When's your next mission?
Polaris goes in a few weeks.
Orion is in 13 months.
That's my shot.
NANA: Well, you're not getting
any younger.
So, you're just gonna
have to work harder.
Suit circuit return valve.
Reverse O-two umbilicals. Check.
Flush PKG, screen
and honeycomb. Check.
(pants heavily)
ERIN: Watch it.
Relax. You'll run faster.
Loose, you know?
No hurry. Just let it go.
Keep up the good work!
(indistinct chatter)
-JIM: Good morning.
-ALL: Good morning.
JIM: Mm. I said good morning.
-ALL: Good morning.
-JIM: There you go.
If you are in this room
and you are wearing blue
you are a candidate
for the next Orion mission.
Mission parameters are fluid...
but for now...
let's plan on a two-week run.
We'll be installing
a starboard truss system
-and a solar array pair.
-I saw you on the track today.
ERIN: Mm-hmm.
LUCY: You need to keep
your head up.
JIM: Some of you
have taken this ride before.
Now, the bad news.
If you wanna go again...
Thanks for the tip.'re gonna have to earn it.
And that's no joke.
ERIN: You were
on the Destiny mission, right?
-I was. Tell me your name again?
-I'm Erin Eccles.
-I just came over from the SAIL.
So, do you have any pointers?
Other than keep my chin up.
Oh, that depends.
Are you a pilot?
I'm in robotics.
Well, scratch two seats
right there.
So, you want that seat
on Orion? You take it.
Just make sure to leave
one for me. All right?
Copy that.
(alarm blaring)
Still a lot of Christmas
up here.
-JIM OVER RADIO: Copy, Orion.
-O-two level's solid.
DFS restart indicated, Houston?
Orion, we confirm.
Hard restart.
O-two dropping. Venting fast.
-MARK: Eccles?
-Give me a second.
LUCY: We don't have
a second, rookie.
Exiting atmosphere.
Prepare for final destination.
(firecrackers crackling)
(sparkler crackles)
DREW: Y'all done burning down
the subdivision?
We're almost eating here.
IRIS: More?
-You know, I was thinking.
-One more mission.
-What? I didn't say anything.
-One more mission.
Then we should have a baby.
That's what
you were gonna say, right?
All right, who wants a hot dog,
and who wants a burger?
Form a single line, please.
Three in the front seat
They sat on each side
That green and white
'58 Fairlane
It would glide down farm roads
and open fields
Seeming like no big deal
As it was happening
I never felt a thing
But now, looking back
It seems like
it was everything
Singing with Mom
Just so we could hear
ourselves sing
Stealin' a drink
From the cold can
in Daddy's lap
Protected by only
a small thin brown paper sack
And the wind blew the echoes
of long-faded voices
They would sing me a song...
Pupil response normal.
Any headaches?
-DR. ADDISON: Nausea, diarrhea?
-LUCY: Negative.
FRANK: What she's asking is...
how was it?
Mission accomplished, sir.
That's not what I asked.
Best two weeks of my life.
Boat ran like a clock.
Systems held up.
Crew were top-class.
So, you liked it?
I never felt so alive.
And with the windows wide open
It felt hot to us
MARK: Hey, Moonglow.
I was just giving my ladies
a little tour here.
Chelsea, Emily,
this is Daddy's friend, Lucy.
Lucy was just in space
last week.
Maybe y'all have some questions
for her?
Where'd you get that brownie?
(Lucy chuckles)
Over there.
And they're very good.
Yeah, okay. Here. Go.
Don't tell your mother
I gave you that.
Separated. It's a lot of work.
Well, they seem like great kids.
They are.
Hey, you bowl?
Indigenous cultural praxis
of the North Americas.
Promotes social cohesion
through, I don't know...
pointless competition,
alcohol abuse,
and shared footwear, I guess.
With you and the girls?
No. The club.
You're a member now.
-What club?
-MARK: Hey.
Are y'all gonna roll tonight?
-Uh, no.
-For sure not.
-You're going.
-Won't be there.
We're going. She's going.
What club?
The most elite group
of people ever formed
in the history of mankind.
A secret society
where every single member
has seen the face of God.
The one... the only...
Circle of the Rolling Ball.
Well, fun as that sounds...
I'm not really a joiner.
And my husband...
Yeah, we've got my niece
staying with us, so...
Earth families.
You got a new family now.
Semper volvens.
You want me to say that
to my husband? That bad Latin?
No. Just tell him
you're training.
That's what the rest of us do.
Sugarland Lanes, eight o'clock.
Ask for Wernher von Braun.
-(Lucy chuckles)
-Hey, girls, let's go.
Let's see if we can eat
those things
ridin' a centrifuge.
Say bye.
-BOTH: Bye.
-Come on.
See you tonight.
Where's the change?
Training? What training?
You're not supposed
to be back yet.
LUCY: I know.
I told them. But...
It's really simple stuff.
More of a debrief, really.
IRIS: Tell her I'm injured.
I won't be home late.
DREW: Well, if it's good
for NASA,
-I guess it's a win for me, too.
-That's the spirit.
-DREW: Love you.
-You too.
-LUCY: Is that me?
-MARK: Yes, it's you.
-Let's see what you got, girl.
-LUCY: Oh, all right.
MARK: Show us what you got.
(Lucy clears throat)
JIM: There you go.
LUCY: Whoa.
-LUCY: Darn it!
-Trajectory apex error.
LUCY: All right.
I like a challenge.
Make it a little fairer
on y'all.
MARK: All right. Listen. May I?
It depends. You got any idea
-what you're talking about?
-I do. My great-grandfather
actually invented this game,
so, come on.
Look. Here.
-Thank you.
-Secret is...
do, like, a little twist
at the end.
-'Cause yours is goin' that way.
-Little twist?
-Yeah. A little--
-He coach you all like this?
That the secret of this club?
We ask him not to.
It gets weird.
Yeah. Help us. Can you?
JIM: The secret is
he's hammered.
JIM: That's not a secret at all.
Let's go. I wanna see this.
Just follow through.
Feel it, all right.
Let's go, come on.
All right, I'ma watch.
-MARK: Look at this! Hey-o!
(Lucy exclaims)
MARK: I mean, not for nothing.
-That's what you get.
-All student, no teacher.
-MARK: Really?
(both laugh)
MARK: First of all,
that sounds-- That's adorable.
-JIM: (chuckles) That's true.
-KATE: I know.
JIM: But, of course,
that's all we compare to.
KATE: So, how you been doing
since you've been back?
JIM: Tongue still feel weird?
-Yes. What is that?
-KATE: No one knows.
They think the brain adjusts
to speaking in zero G.
It'll be gone in about a week.
I'm great. Pretty great.
I'm just a little bit...
I don't know. You know?
-KATE: Say no more.
-JIM: We've all been there.
-KATE: Yeah.
-Been where? What did I say?
I don't know, but...
you said it.
LUCY: That's...
Just feel a little off.
No, not off. It's more...
You know how it is.
You go up there, you see--
-LUCY: The whole universe.
KATE: Yeah.
And everything here looks...
so small.
We're so small.
And then you splashdown.
What? You go to Applebee's?
You got Monday Night Football?
Clip your toenails?
And all you can think
about is...
JIM: When can I go back?
MARK: As requested...
five whiskeys.
JIM: Uh, there's four of us,
How could that possibly
have happened?
-Must've been a rounding error.
-Must've been a rounding error.
(all laugh)
That's why he likes you so much.
You laugh at his old jokes.
-KATE: And they are old.
-JIM: Does he have any other?
(Jim sighs)
Folding my hand
I'm folding my hand
(car engine stops)
(car door opens and closes)
(Mark clears throat)
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, now. Come on.
-LUCY: Oh. And a gentleman.
-MARK: Yes, ma'am. Of course.
-LUCY: Ooh!
-MARK: Take it easy now, easy.
Still finding those
Earth legs, huh?
-LUCY: Or just drunk.
-(Mark chuckles)
(Lucy sighs)
MARK: You're home.
-That's good.
-I know. Of course.
It's just--
(clears throat)
Never mind.
That was...
I needed that.
MARK: See you on deck, sailor.
Don't go fallin' off
those shoes.
(Lucy chuckles)
(car engine starts)
(music playing over speakers)
-LUCY: Hey.
-DREW: Oh, hey.
Better already, huh?
LUCY: Well, if you say so.
-Is she, uh--
-Asleep, I think.
How was training?
Oh, you know.
It wasn't really anything.
-Are you drunk?
I'm a little.
Some of the... Kate and the guys
we went out for a beer after.
Well, good. Good.
You need to blow off some steam.
I'm gonna...
You, do you wanna--
Yeah, sure. Yeah. I...
Let me just--
let me just clean up here.
LUCY: Suit circuit return valve.
Reverse O-two umbilicals. Check.
Flush PKG, screen and honeycomb.
Check. (pants)
Suit circuit return valve.
EARL: TWR Jettison.
LUCY: Auto. Down. Guarded.
Emergency cabin press valve.
Check and check.
Suit circuit return valve.
-LUCY: Open.
-EARL: Reverse O-two umbilical.
-LUCY: Suit power. Check.
-MAYER: Suit power.
-LUCY: Audio control. Normal.
-EARL: Audio control.
BOTH: Connect comm control head
to PGA.
Check. UTS
to urine transfer hose. Closed.
Connect urine transfer filter
to feces PD. Check.
Clip receptacle assembly
to transfer hose. Check.
URA valve. Vent. Open.
Management drain valve. Dump.
Flush PKG, screen and honeycomb.
Check. Check. And check.
Stop the clock. Done and done.
(Earl chucking)
MAYER: All the other crews
hate checklists so much
-they want to kill us by now.
-Are you kidding me?
Gotta love a checklist.
Maybe they're just lazy.
(Earl laughing)
(indistinct announcements
over PA)
(claps, chuckles)
(sighs) I'm awake.
(sighs) I am awake.
What you doing for lunch?
Uh. Wow.
I brought a sack lunch.
Now, I know it's...
late notice but I could see
if the matre d' can find us
a table for two somewhere.
Sure, sure. All right.
MARK: All right.
LUCY: You do this every day?
MARK: Not every day.
I do do work.
-LUCY: I'm not sure about that.
-You know, right?
-I do.
-LUCY: I question.
(both laughing)
MARK: Okay.
LUCY: Your kids seem cool.
MARK: Thank you.
Yeah, they're all right.
I mean,
I'm not gonna lie to you.
But things did get...
Things were different after I...
came back.
I saw my house from space.
Not literally.
But... my life.
Drunk mother, deadbeat father.
Grow up. Join the navy.
Marry the nicest guy
you can find.
Well, he is nice.
-(car honks)
(laughs) What the hell
are you doin'?
-What? What?
-What's wrong with you?
What? It's like-- it's like
we're back in high school
-smoking under the bleachers.
-(mark laughs)
Oh, come on, now.
No, you never smoked anything
under any bleachers.
LUCY: Says you.
Look at you. Straight arrow.
You've never done
a thing wrong in your life.
I've done plenty
of things wrong.
MARK: Mm. Yeah.
I bet you never even came
in second in anything.
-Look, Mr. Know-it-all...
-(Mark sniffles)
I've done lots of tawdry shit,
I'm here to tell you.
Hit me.
LUCY: Hey.
IRIS: Nana's here.
LUCY: Here?
-LUCY: Hey.
-DREW: Oh, hi.
This fucker says
I can't smoke in the house.
DREW: That's me.
Apparently, you invited
your grandmother to dinner.
Oh, shit. Yes, I did.
I'm so sorry.
-NANA: Yeah.
-You look good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm going outside to smoke,
like a hobo.
Oh. Be a doll, will you?
I left 'em in my purse
in the hall.
LUCY: Oh. Of course.
NANA: Somethin' fall on you,
or are you coming back?
-LUCY: Comin'.
-(door opens)
-It's-- it's dinner.
-DREW: Hey.
-IRIS: Hey.
-DREW: Wanna help set the table?
-IRIS: Sure.
-Smells good.
-DREW: Thank you.
NANA: Thank you.
So, what's the scoop?
No scoop.
Just school in the summer.
-Summer school.
-Hey, how was work today?
-Oh, you know, same old.
-NANA: Where's your dad?
-IRIS: Who knows?
-NANA: I wish I could tell ya
that when he was a baby
I dropped him
on his head a lot, but...
fact is, some people
are just born lazy.
You keep your eye on this one.
She'll show you how it's done.
-You hear me?
-Yes, ma'am.
Okay, here goes the hobo.
DREW: Lord, for family,
and health, and wealth,
and all good things.
For the wonderful food
before us,
we wanna thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.
For those who prepared it...
and, Lord, as we share it,
we ask that you stay with us
and be our guest of honor.
In Jesus' name. Amen.
-IRIS: Amen.
-NANA: Amen.
Who wants salad? Nana?
NANA: No, no. Thank you.
Would you?
I see city lights.
Uh, is that Jakarta?
Hong Kong, maybe.
I like these little sparks
that come flying over.
-Descending to 200,000 feet.
Must be Beijing
over the starboard wing.
Now, 10,000 feet and dropping.
-MAN 1 OVER RADIO: Full burn.
-MAN 2 OVER RADIO: Gears down.
Landing gear down.
Five thousand feet.
Four, three...
MAN 2 OVER RADIO: Forty-five,
42-65, 22.30, 32-20...
(owl hooting)
(door opens)
DREW: Lucy?
LUCY: Up here.
-Don't fall.
-LUCY: Oh, come on.
I've been up
a lot higher than this.
(Drew chuckles)
-Did you sleep?
-LUCY: I don't know.
We forget...
this happens.
Every day, twice a day.
The planet, our planet,
goes around the Sun.
Can you feel it?
We're moving.
It's all moving.
Giant objects in space,
millions of miles apart.
And we forget.
I mean, how is that possible?
We get busy.
We forget to look up.
When you're up there
on the station...
the sun rises every 90 minutes.
-This happens once an hour.
-(chuckles) God.
LUCY: Is that what it is?
I don't know.
You know why I pray?
See, my wife straps herself
to a giant bomb...
so she can leave the planet
and go to a place with no air
or water.
And I want her to come home.
-So, I pray.
-I'm home.
No, I don't think you are.
-Eight and a half minutes.
It's a new record.
(indistinct chattering)
If they're west--
Cola, suit up.
-LUCY: Hey.
-8:34. Time to beat.
-LUCY: Watch this!
-Get it!
LUCY: Thank you.
JIM: Okay, people.
You know the drill.
Safety first,
then fun, then learning.
-Raul, run the play-by-play.
-Roger that.
RAUL: Let's mark her under
at 14:33. Set the clock.
JIM: O-two levels?
RAUL: Nominal.
Pressure readings are good.
DIVER 1: All right, Control.
We're heading
to operating depth.
JIM: Okay, Cola.
Divers are taking you
to the ISS.
This'll be
a panel removal simulation.
All 18 bolts loosened,
not pulled.
LUCY: Copy that.
LUCY: Beginning inversion.
(breathes shakily)
Divers in support position.
JIM: Heart rate steady.
Pulse steady.
O-two level's nominal.
She's looking good, Control.
Seven minutes,
48 seconds to record.
LUCY: Houston, I'm in position.
Removing thermal shroud
on rotary joint motor controller
on the upper face
of the P-three truss.
RAUL: Are we puttin' money
on this, Control?
(Lucy exhales)
-(alarm beeping)
I got a pressure alarm.
Request sys error check.
(breathes shakily)
LUCY: Suit breach.
Pressure's dropping.
Yep, getting wet in here.
JIM: Dive scrub. Dive scrub.
Get her out of there.
-DIVER 2: Copy.
-JIM: Walk away, Lucy.
-That's an order.
-LUCY: Negative.
I can finish.
(buzzer buzzes)
JIM: Okay. Cola. Abort.
Come on.
LUCY: Almost done.
JIM: Cola.
JIM: Move. Divers, in. Now.
Three and Four in.
DIVER 3: Three.
LUCY: Pressure's gone.
I'm under.
DIVER 3: Here we go.
She's refusing to let go.
DREW: Lord, for family,
health, and wealth,
and all good things.
DIVER 3: She's let go.
We're on our way.
RAUL: Medical team standing by.
WILL: "I am now truly alone...
and absolutely alone...
from any known life.
-I am it."
-DREW: Amen.
(breathes heavily)
Get her out! Come on!
Get her out!
JIM: Get the latch off.
Come on.
Get the latch.
Get air in there, diver.
Come on!
Come on. Get the latch!
Come on!
(Lucy breathes heavily)
MARK: Oh, my.
(muffled music playing
over radio)
DREW: Her dad called.
Oh, hey, did your suit fill up
with water today?
No. Just my helmet.
-DREW: Your helmet?
(music playing on radio)
-(knock on door)
-Hon. Can I come in?
Shine down a light on them
and show a path
I promise you they will return
if you take 'em back
- Let 'em get high
-(radio clicks off)
(Lucy sighs)
Some people are sleepers.
All they do is dream.
He was always like this,
your dad.
Gettin' lost, forgetting things.
Nana would be at work,
and he'd be in charge...
but I'd be the one putting out
the toaster fire
and making sure that
he was brushin' his teeth.
I was nine. He was 15.
They can do that, boys.
They make the mess.
We're the ones who clean it up.
It's not fair.
Oh, no. It's not.
But we can do...
something they can't.
(indistinct announcements
over PA)
Check out this footage.
She held her breath upside down
for over two minutes.
Heart rate never went above
a 100.
The whole time.
In fact, the longer it went,
the calmer she got.
And she finished the job.
LUCY: Hi. We have
a reservation. Cola, two.
WOMAN: Of course.
Right this way.
Could we start with a bottle
of white wine. Something dry?
-WOMAN: Sure.
-Thank you.
Well, this is nice. Hmm?
-Is that?
-It is.
-Well, should we?
No. She's--
-I'm sure she's fine. Don't.
-DREW: I'm just gonna--
-(Lucy clears throat)
-Hi, I'm Drew.
-Uh, I'm meeting someone.
-(chuckles) Oh, no.
I'm Lucy Cola's husband.
I work for NASA PR.
-Drew Cola.
-ERIN: Oh. Hey.
DREW: You know,
we were wondering
if you might join us.
Oh. Um...
Thank you.
ERIN: I am actually
meeting someone.
Well, just until they get here.
Just a drink, come on.
We're family.
-Okay. Okay.
-ERIN: Hi.
-LUCY: It wasn't my idea.
(all laughing)
DREW: Well, your personnel file
says you grew up in India.
-Oh, you read my personnel file?
-Well, that's my job.
If I don't know you,
I can't promote you.
(chuckles) Um. Well, yeah.
My mom, she was a diplomat.
And so we lived in New Delhi
for a few years.
And then we lived in London.
Then we moved to Germany
for high school.
Oh! (chuckles)
No? Okay.
And you went to MIT.
ERIN: Yeah. I--
-Is this a job interview?
-(Drew chuckles)
Um. Why don't you guys tell me
something about you?
How long have you been married?
Well, it'll be six years
next month.
I was in the navy.
I got recruited by NASA.
And then we met
in the cafeteria.
ERIN: Romantic.
Yeah. She helped me open
a bottle of ketchup.
-I have weak hands.
-(Eric chuckles)
ERIN: I had a boyfriend
in Boston,
but he was competitive. And...
I don't lose, so...
Didn't work out. (chuckles)
DREW: Mark! Hey, Mark!
Over here. (chuckles)
Well, what are the odds?
(chuckles) This is crazy.
DREW: Yeah. Well, we came
for dinner and we saw Erin
-and she's waiting for somebody.
-Yeah. Me, actually.
I figured I'd take the kid out,
give her some pointers.
Don't fly into the sun,
that kind of thing.
We're not supposed
to fraternize.
-MARK: Well, that's a big word.
-Outside of work.
ERIN: Oh, this is just
a professional...
MARK: Mentoring.
ERIN: Yeah.
MARK: You might say. Yeah?
You're not gonna tell on me,
are you, Drew?
DREW: No. Won't say a word.
Now, why don't you sit?
-I'll get another glass for you.
-MARK: Oh! You know what? Uh,
on my way over here,
my ex called,
and I have to pick up my kids.
I'm sorry.
I would've called you,
but I don't have your number.
ERIN: Oh, yeah. No, sure,
you should go do that.
Crazy, runnin' into y'all
like this. Wow.
-We'll make some time up...
-Yeah. the ranch, right? Uh...
-I'll see you.
-DREW: Well, good seeing you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, I am starving.
Should we order?
LUCY: Clip receptacle assembly
to transfer hose. Check.
-That was odd, huh?
-LUCY: Reverse O-two umbilicals.
-You think those two--
LUCY: Suit circuit return valve.
I mean, I hear things, you know?
LUCY: Reverse O-two umbilicals.
-About him.
-LUCY: Check.
Not that you...
LUCY: Clip receptacle assembly
to transfer hose. Check.
A bit of a ladies' man is all.
I mean, well, look at him.
LUCY: Flush PKG, screen
and honeycomb. Check.
DREW: Plus, he was in space.
I was in space.
Yeah, but...
you're stuck with me.
he's a divorced action figure
who likes to go fast.
She should be careful.
MAN OVER TV: T-minus ten,
nine, eight, seven, six--
We have main engine start.
Four, three, two, one...
and liftoff.
-REPORTER: Solid rocket
boosters kicking in.
-Lift off of the 25th...
space shuttle mission
and it has cleared the tower.
This is the roll program.
REPORTER: Challenger going
into its roll.
That's planned.
Good roll program confirmed.
REPORTER: Watch it spiral away
from pad 39 B.
MAN OVER TV: Challenger now
heading downrange.
The first use of pad 39 B
since the old Apollo days
and the Skylab missions.
MAN OVER TV: We'll throttle down
to 65 percent.
Three engines
are running normally.
Three good fuel cells.
Three good APUs.
the "Auxiliary Power Unit."
Proximate 2,257 feet per second.
REPORTER: It's always amazing
to hear
how quickly the shuttle moves.
It's already more than
four miles downwind
as we just heard.
throttling up. Three engines
are now at 104 percent.
MAN 2 OVER TV: Challenger,
go at throttle up.
MAN 1 OVER TV: Roger,
go at throttle up.
REPORTER: This shuttle mission
will launch...
My God...
A minute fifteen seconds...
-There's been an explosion.
...velocity 2,900 feet
per second.
Altitude nine nautical miles
downrange distance
seven nautical miles.
The three engines
now at 104 percent.
MAN 2 OVER TV: Challenger,
go at throttle up.
MAN 1 OVER TV: Roger,
go at throttle up.
REPORTER: This shuttle mission
will launch...
My God...
A minute fifteen seconds...
-There's been an explosion.
...velocity 2900--
(TV remote clicking)
Go at throttle up.
MAN 1 OVER TV: Roger, go--
Jesus. What the fuck?
I told Drew to go
to his mom's without me.
I'm working late.
Jesus. You scared
the shit outta me. What--
Well, I'd love
to make it up to you.
Hey. Not here.
We have been slippin'.
We need to be more careful.
(engine starts)
It's fine. It's fine.
We can go to my place.
(Mark grunts)
So, you're a mentor now.
-With Erin.
-Well, yeah. You know me.
I like to give the kids
a head start.
Oh, is that what we're doing?
Well, I don't know.
I wouldn't exactly
call you a kid.
I got a little jealous.
Seeing you and her.
Did you now?
Well, how do you think I feel?
Watchin' you and...
Mr. Perma-smile.
-Drew Cola, public relations.
-Don't do that.
-All right. Okay.
-Okay. Of course not.
-He's a better person...
-MARK: What? Than me?
-Than both of us.
I'll drink to that.
(thunder rumbling)
Well, today's the day.
No more booze
until after the mission.
You wanna say goodbye together?
You fucking her?
You gonna leave your husband?
Do you want me to?
Don't trust it.
That feeling. It's not real.
-I love you.
-I love you, too. Sure.
But can you tell me one thing
that is different
about the world because you
and I have a feeling?
-Everything's different.
-Well, yeah.
To you. In your head.
Sunrise at a different time?
Weather patterns shifted?
It's cortisol, oxytocin,
dopamine. It's a trick.
It's like believing in God.
What's happening right now?
You went to space...
and you saw the vast...
celestial everything
and it blew your fucking mind.
So now nothing
makes sense anymore.
But good old brain...
Well, brain doesn't know
that you're having
an existential crisis.
Brain just knows
that when we fuck...
it feels good.
So, you focus on that.
That feeling.
Because it seems real.
Well, that's cold.
All right, old boy.
I'll see you on the other side.
Hey. Need me to drive you home?
I wanna feel the feeling.
(indistinct chatter)
(phone ringing)
DREW: I've been trying you
for hours.
I had a late night
putting in training modules.
I'm home.
Is Iris up?
DREW: What time
do you think it is?
She's fast asleep.
Listen, work got a little harder
than I thought, and...
it's been a rough
couple of weeks, you know.
When I called the Center...
they said you left early.
Nana's in the hospital.
What? How?
She had a stroke. I've been
trying to call you for hours.
-Wait-- Can I see her?
-I'll take you in the morning.
-Is she okay?
-Visiting hours from ten.
-I can take you over there.
-Just tell me she's okay.
Well, she hasn't woken up.
If you're here, I can take you
in the morning.
Picture yourself
in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees
and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you
You answer quite slowly
A girl with
kaleidoscope eyes
Cellophane flowers
of yellow and green
Towering over your head
Look for the girl
with the sun in her eyes
And she's gone
Lucy in the sky
with diamonds
Lucy in the sky
with diamonds
Lucy in the sky
with diamonds
- Ah
I don't want you to worry, Nana.
Doctors say you're gonna be
just fine. You just need to...
(indistinct conversation)
...get your lazy ass out of bed.
You're not done here.
There's still work to do.
Don't you quit on me.
-NANA: Fucker.
-(Lucy gasps)
-(Lucy chuckles)
DREW: Go on in the house, hon.
(car door closes)
DREW: Did you sleep at all?
I'm fine.
You don't have to say that.
You don't have to--
I'm not fine.
I'm not fine at all. There.
That work for you?
That make it all better?
The glove compartment
in your car was locked.
I didn't know why, so I got
the key and I unlocked it.
How? Wait.
-You got the key?
-That's not the point.
The point is
you're driving around
with a loaded gun
in your car, Lucy.
So I need to know why?
You're acting so strange.
I never know where you'll be.
What time you're coming home.
-And now with your Nana
in the hospital...
-You got the key
-off my key ring?
-A gun in your car, Lucy.
-Why would you do that?
-For fuck's sake, Lucy!
Why is there a fucking gun
in your car?
I had to put it someplace safe.
It's Nana's.
I found it in her purse
when she came to dinner.
And I didn't want her
walking around with it.
-Well, why didn't you tell me?
-Why didn't you ask?
What'd you think I was doing?
(door closes)
LUCY: Reverse O-two umbilicals.
Clip receptacle assembly
to transfer hose. Check.
Three essential buses
are essential-one-BC,
and essential-three-AB.
(EKG flatlining)
The three essential buses
are essential-one-BC--
ERIN: You know, for Hindus,
the moment of death
is actually really sacred.
ERIN: Holy ash
or sandalwood paste
is painted on your forehead.
Vedic verses are chanted.
ESS-one-BC receives power
from three redundant sources.
ERIN: And they even take
drops of milk or holy water
and put it in your mouth.
LUCY: DC power
from fuel cell one
through the essential bus source
FC one switch on panel R-one.
ERIN: And after you die,
they put you in the front hall
with your head facing south.
They put you on a cot...
or on the ground, you know.
Kind of back to Mother Earth.
They tie a cloth
under your chin...
and over the top of your head.
They tie your thumbs together,
and your big toes.
(indistinct chatter)
ERIN: I'm really sorry.
(Lucy breathing heavily)
(indistinct chattering)
(thunder rumbling)
Hey, hey, hey.
Stop, stop, stop. It's okay.
-Stop, honey.
-Let go of me.
-Honey. Stop.
-Let go of me!
Please, please. It's okay.
Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
Let's go outside.
Let's go outside.
Let's just take a minute,
okay? Okay.
Just need a minute.
I know. It's all right.
I loved her, too.
But she's in a better place.
-(Lucy breathes heavily)
-(Drew sighs)
Why would God make something
that has to destroy itself
in order to fly?
I'm leaving.
I don't know when I'll be back.
Or if I'll be back. Uh...
I don't know anything anymore.
(Drew breathes shakily)
What's up?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Babe? You're upset.
It's been a big month.
-Now, why don't you come inside?
-Don't you get it?
There's someone else.
I'm someone else.
-You coming?
-DREW: But...
LUCY: Liftoff in ten...
...nine, eight, seven,
six, five...
(engine starts)
(tires screech)
(rain pattering)
(Lucy sighs)
You can take the bedroom.
I'll just...
I can sleep out here...
or stay awake out here,
or whatever.
Are you getting divorced?
To create a reliable
probability matrix
for the future requires
number of variables
that just aren't very clear
right now.
-(sighs) I said I need a drink.
You go to bed.
So, is this what I get?
A dead mom. A shitty dad.
Look, I had a drunk mom
and a deadbeat dad.
And look where I ended up.
I meant space.
Just go to bed.
-(static crackles)
NM, it's 1-OTC.
(indistinct radio chatter)
I'm back to work.
(indistinct radio chatter)
T-minus four minutes.
Stand by for readiness check.
Roger that, Command.
Cooling systems, go, no-go?
Fuel cells, go, no-go?
Polaris, go, no-go?
CDR is go. Polaris is go.
We are all green.
-MAN 1 OVER RADIO: Copy that.
-(rocket engine revs)
Shit. He's gonna go.
MAN 1 OVER RADIO: And attention,
all personnel.
-Verify ready to resume count.
-He's going.
And go for launch.
Good luck. Godspeed.
-Have a little fun up there.
-MAN 1 OVER RADIO: T-minus ten,
nine, eight, seven...
-six, five...
-LUCY: Five, four...
We have engine start.
-...three, two, one.
-MAN 1 OVER RADIO: ...two, one.
-MARK: Zero.
We have ignition.
And we have liftoff.
will continue the journey.
Oh, clear the tower.
Clear the tower.
Thirty-two minutes
after the hour, and the shuttle
has cleared the tower.
You're clear.
(chuckles, gasps)
(Lucy breathing heavily)
Press the ATO very soon.
-MARK: Past the ATO.
MARK: We have pressed the ATO.
MAN 1 OVER RADIO: Separation
in three, two, one.
PILOT: It looks good.
It's split.
-MAN 2 OVER RADIO: Roger that.
-(Lucy exhales)
MAN 2 OVER RADIO: The experience
of IC is coming down...
below 60.
PILOT: Climbing, Houston.
Performance nominal.
-Performance nominal.
-MARK: Awesome.
That's a killer view.
PILOT: It's 300,000 feet.
-(knock on door)
-FRANK: Come on in.
Close the door.
-LUCY: Beautiful launch.
-(door closes)
You must feel good.
FRANK: Yeah. Have a seat.
I've been reviewing
the mission specs for Orion.
I'm so sorry
about your grandmother.
It's not an issue, sir.
I won't miss any training.
Dr. Plimpton says you skipped
your last three sessions.
LUCY: That's, uh-- (chuckles)
I'm fine, really. I just...
I thought my time would be
better spent, you know...
Lucy. You had a helmet breach.
Your hat filled with water,
and you were without oxygen
for two minutes.
But I finished the job.
FRANK: That's not the...
If that happened up there,
you'd be dead.
Do you understand?
And maybe we lose another
astronaut trying to save you.
That's... Um... Sir. (inhales)
I'm giving everything
to this program, to the mission.
Believe me. You can't just...
I need to get back up there.
I mean, I want to go back.
To serve you. NASA. My country.
I'm pulling you out
of the running for Orion.
-Excuse me?
Sir, please.
I was born to do this.
It's all I have.
FRANK: I'll make sure you're
in the running for Polaris
three years out.
But for now, I want you
to take a little time.
Find some distance.
Focus on training
the new recruits.
Work with engineers
on system upgrades.
You're a real astronaut, Lucy.
A heavyweight.
You just let yourself get
too emotional.
-(dial tone ringing)
you've reached Mark Goodwin.
I can't come
to the phone right now
because I am in outer space.
If you leave a message
after the tone,
I will get back to you
upon re-entering.
(line beeps)
-Can we go eat?
-(phone keypad beeps)
(dial tone ringing)
you've reached Mark Goodwin.
I can't come to the phone...
Can I at least get some money
for the vending machine?
(breathes heavily)
This is not a drill, cadet.
Grab your stuff.
-What are we doing?
-Training exercise.
I'm the team leader.
You're the mission specialist.
What does that mean?
-LUCY: In or out?
-Is this legal?
Get the door.
(door closes)
Let me give you a heads-up,
all right?
One day, you're gonna be
working your hardest...
going toe-to-toe, contender.
Some man is gonna tell you
you're too emotional.
You're gonna think,
"What does that even mean?
I have feelings, sure.
I know, maybe I'm sad
or pissed, but I'm not that,
I'm not too emotional.
I'm, you know,
regular emotional."
And you know what
he's really saying is,
you are a...
(keyboard clacking)
All right.
MARK: Hey, space girl.
You were unbelievable
last night.
When I get back,
I'm taking you to San Diego.
We'll go Saturday.
I already booked the flight.
-Can we go now?
MARK: Frank, it kills me
to say it, but...
our girl has been
pretty inconsistent recently.
She's a tough cookie, but...
hell, it isn't easy
to do what we do.
Not everyone
can handle the ride.
Maybe a break would do her good.
(tires screech)
(indistinct chatter)
-LUCY: All right.
-IRIS: Whose house is this?
Oh. There you go. Fuel up.
I'll be back.
-Lucy. Hi.
-Hey, did you, uh--
Is Mark here?
Oh, I mean, I hope so.
It's his party, right?
Hey, listen. Are you okay?
I heard about Paxton.
Oh, I'm fine. I'm good.
All systems go.
-Okay. You're not mad at me?
-Why would I be mad at you?
The list.
Oh, you don't know?
They picked the Orion crew.
I'm going.
Um... listen, you know, I just--
I really thank you for...
when you walked out
on me that day. Because,
I don't know, you telling me
that I need to do it on my own--
I have to find Mark.
There he is.
Hey. Hey!
-Whoa! Hi.
-Glad to be back?
-Yeah. I sure am.
Um. We should get you
a drink, huh?
Hey, Kate, watch the thing.
Make sure nothing burns here
for me, okay? Hey.
-Is, uh, Drew here?
-Your husband?
-Oh, I left him. Hi!
What? Hey, come on.
Are you-- What?
Hey, Lucy.
I know about Erin.
I read your e-mails
when you were in space.
I broke into your office.
-You broke into my office?
-He grounded me.
-Yes. I know he did.
I heard about it right before
I went up. I'm sorry.
What am I gonna do? Orion.
You have to talk to him.
Lucy, I need you to listen
to me, okay?
Take a deep breath.
You're having a panic attack.
It's not that big a deal, okay?
I-- I get them all the time.
No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine.
He just-- he grounded me
for no fucking reason.
-And you gotta talk to him.
-I will. All right, Lucy.
But for right now, I want you
to get some rest, okay?
You are spiraling.
You need to shut your brain off.
God. Go for a run or something.
A run? A run?
Is there anybody that you
can talk to? A doctor, maybe?
It's too bad we never got
that weekend away.
Just you and me.
Where'd you wanna go again?
San Diego?
I know what you're doing.
You and her.
But you're gonna lose.
You're gonna lose,
because I'm a winner.
Hey, Iris. Come on.
IRIS: Hey.
Can I get a soda, at least?
LUCY: Three essential buses
are essential one-BC.
ESS-one-BC receives power
from three redundant sources.
ESS-one-BC receives--
To transfer hose.
Are you okay?
Why did the chicken
cross the road?
-Not what.
What's the wrong question.
The right question
is how bad did she want it?
That chicken.
What was she willing to do
to get across?
MARK: Frank,
it kills me to say it,
but our girl has been
pretty inconsistent.
But our girl has been
pretty inconsistent.
Frank. Erratic. Inconsistent.
Frank. Inconsistent.
-LUCY: I'm under.
-MARK: Frank.
ERIN: They picked
the Orion crew. I'm going.
MARK: Not everyone
can handle the ride.
Frank-- You were unbelievable
last night.
-ERIN: I'm going.
MARK: Hey, space girl.
Maybe a break would
do her good. Inconsistent.
-San Diego. Erratic.
-ERIN: I'm going.
MARK: Frank. Maybe a break...
(indistinct chattering)
(insects buzzing)
Iris, sweetie. I gotta go.
-IRIS: What?
-There's a mission.
I'm on a mission.
It's just a couple of days.
You'll be fine.
So, you're just gonna
leave me here?
There's food, I think.
You can order in.
I'll give you a card.
Or Drew, call Drew. He'll come.
You can't just leave me here.
I chose you.
I came here with you.
She said,
"Keep your eye on that one."
She said. So I did. I am.
And you don't get to just
drive away.
It could be dangerous.
Get dressed.
("Private Idaho" playing)
You're living in your own
Private Idaho...
Duct tape. Dish washing gloves.
See if they have
any surgical tubing.
IRIS: Roger.
like a wild potato
Don't go on the patio
Beware of the pool
Blue bottomless pool
-Get it?
- It leads you straight
-Got it.
- Right through the gate
-Sustenance, go.
- That opens on the pool
You're living
In your own Private Idaho
You're living
in your own Private Idaho
Keep off the path
Beware of the gate
Watch out for signs
that say "hidden driveways"
Don't let the chlorine
in your eyes...
(song continues
on store speakers)
-Paper or plastic?
The bag.
You want paper or plastic?
Plastic. No, no, paper.
No, no, wait.
What's the tensile strength
of both bags, approximately?
You know, fuck it. Double it up.
Paper in plastic.
What? It's a road trip.
All right.
Write this down.
-Houston to San Diego.
-(dial tone ringing)
You've reached Frank Paxton.
-Leave a message.
-(line beeps)
LUCY: Sir.
I won't lie. Being up there,
the experience...
I wasn't ready. I-- I was ready
for the job. I did the job.
But the experience...
One thousand four hundred
and sixty miles
at 70 miles per hour
equals 20.9 hours.
Assuming 2.5 stops to refuel,
maximum nine minutes per stop.
Now, synchronize watches.
Flight arrival time
is 1900 hours tomorrow.
a hard departure time of...
2000 hours tonight.
Current time is 18:16.
ETA to departure is one hour
and 44 minutes from...
I don't have a watch.
Just get in the car.
Here's one.
In what way is your life
like a pregnant teenager?
Not now.
You can't unfuck
a pregnant teenager.
All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mrs. Know-it-all.
Well, I know things.
I know things.
He's gonna see reason.
He's a reasonable person.
Paxton. He's gonna see reason.
I think all this astronaut dick
has made you soft.
-Oh, I'm soft?
I'm soft?
I took eight G's
and didn't even blink.
How many G's can you take?
Oh, that's right, none.
Because you're fucking dead.
What are you doing?
I'm on a rescue mission.
Low Earth orbit.
Somebody got left behind
up there.
I won't lie. Being up there,
the experience...
I wasn't ready.
I mean, I-- I was ready
for the job. I did the job.
But the experience...
But I get it now.
It's not just a job, sir.
I, uh-- I thought it was.
But then I went, and now I know.
It's a purpose.
It's my purpose.
You know sometimes
on the old Apollo missions...
the bird would just, you know,
get off course. Just a little.
And you'd need to bring
thrusters online
just to get her back on track.
You know,
give her a little push.
That's all I needed, a nudge.
You know,
just course correction.
And you wouldn't do that for me.
And now I have
to do it for myself.
(line disconnects)
Where is she?
-(tires screech)
-(horns honking)
-(music playing over car radio)
(fuel machine beeps)
Stage one. Complete.
(trunk closes)
Buckle up. We're running behind.
(thunder rumbling)
All right. You stay here.
Keep the car running.
-We could be coming back hot.
Where is the--
You okay?
What are you looking for?
Shit, shit, shit.
-For the benefit of all mankind.
For the benefit...
of all mankind.
(breathes heavily)
(dramatic music playing)
This is the final boarding call
for Flight 433 to Seattle.
At this time,
all ticketed passengers
should be aboard.
The final boarding call
for Flight 433 to Seattle.
It's official. They lost my bag.
You got to be kidding me.
I have to go to the office.
(both chuckles)
Well, I'll tell you what.
I will go get
-the rental car then. Okay?
-I'll see you there.
WOMAN OVER PA: Passengers
arriving from Denver
for immediate loading
and unloading of passengers.
Denver Flight 391, your baggage
will be at carousel 4.
(car lock beeps)
(engine starts)
(engine starts)
-MARK: Jesus.
-We need to talk.
-It's not a club.
Jesus. You scared
the living shit out of me.
It's not.
You cannot be here.
You said it was a club.
That I was in the club.
And other lies.
Look, I didn't...
Lucy, you are a grown woman.
With a husband, I might add.
-So this-- this-- Don't do this.
-Nothing matters.
Nothing matters.
That's what you said.
That's what you said.
You said that. We're just atoms.
But it does matter.
And now I'm left with what?
-MARK: Hey, hey, hey.
-(Lucy sobs)
Why don't I-- All right, look.
Why don't I call you
in a couple days
and we can just talk, all right?
-Listen, look. I'm coming out.
MARK: Oh. Perfect.
Now it's a complete shit show.
-What is she doing here?
-Well, if I said
I could explain--
-You're making a mistake.
He's not Einstein.
You're Einstein.
But they don't let you.
They don't.
-And we have to stick together.
-What in the fuck is going on?
-Oh, God.
MARK: Dang! Shit!
-(Mark groans)
-(engine revs)
(tires screech)
ERIN: Mark? Mark!
Mark? Mark?
-Listen to me.
-What are you--
Listen. We don't have much time.
All right. Listen.
Sometimes there's wasps. Okay?
-You think it's a butterfly...
but then it's wasps.
And I know he told you
that you're part of club...
-that you're in the club now.
-Lucy, calm down.
But what did he make you give?
Your body. Right?
And then, you make a mistake,
not even a mistake.
You just take a risk
that they don't like.
-ERIN: Yeah.
-And suddenly, it's what club?
And you have nothing.
All right, it's a trap.
It's a trap.
So, I came here to warn you.
-We have to do better.
-ERIN: Okay.
We have to be better.
Or they win.
-IRIS: Lucy.
-Never surrender.
-(police siren wailing)
Breaking news tonight
of the arrest
of a NASA astronaut
in an alleged assault
on what sources say
is a second astronaut
here at the San Diego airport.
It's unclear at this time
if the assault was premeditated.
What we do know is,
that Lucy Cola
who flew on the Destiny mission
only weeks ago
was captured late last night
after a tense stand-off
with police.
LUCY: I know why
the chicken crossed the road.
To get to the other side.
To explore.
(police siren wails)
(tires screech)
OFFICER 1: Police! Halt!
(officer shouts)
(shouts echo)
(police siren wails)
OFFICER 3: Keep your hands
where I can see them.
Keep your hands
where I can see them.
OFFICER 4: Police!
(police chattering
over radio indistinctly)
LUCY: This is what life is.
LUCY: To fly
into the great unknown.
LUCY: To see everything.
LUCY: The terror...
and the joy.
LUCY: To feel it all.
Beginning French
with J.S. Moore.
Today we're going to review
several easy
but important phrases
to be used
in everyday conversation.
Let's begin with "hello."
"My name is..."
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French) Lucy.
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French) Lucy.
"I am going to the beach."
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French)
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French)
(speaks French)
"Excuse me."
-(instructor speaks French)
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French)
(speaks French)
"I made a mistake."
(instructor speaks French)
-(instructor speaks French)
-(speaks French)
(speaks French)
"I'm sorry."
(instructor speaks French)
-(instructor speaks French)
-(switch clicks)
Go fuck yourself.
How do you say that in French?
(door closes)
IRIS: The Summer Day,
by Mary Oliver.
Who made the world?
Who made the swan,
and the black bear?
Who made the grasshopper?
This grasshopper, I mean.
The one who has flung herself
out of the grass...
the one who is eating sugar
out of my hand.
(bees buzzing)
Who is moving her jaws
back and forth
instead of up and down.
Who is gazing around with her
enormous and complicated eyes.
Now she lifts her pale forearms
and thoroughly washes her face.
Now she snaps her wings open,
and floats away.
I don't know exactly
what a prayer is.
I do know
how to pay attention...
how to fall down
into the grass...
how to kneel down in the grass.
How to be idle and blessed...
how to stroll
through the fields...
which is what I have been doing
all day.
Tell me, what else
should I have done?
Doesn't everything die
at last, and too soon?
Tell me...
what is it you plan to do
with your one wild
and precious life?
(indistinct radio chatter)
(wings fluttering)
("Neon Prayer Flags" playing)
Every other week
I sit my ass in therapy
And I talk about
Letting go of how
I can't control anyone
And my feelings of doubt
But there's only
so much fixing I can take
We make mistakes
Ain't that the truth
I'm setting boundaries
and I can't believe
I never did believe in you
But I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way now
To find my better days
To find my better days
I was high as hell
and busy buying
Neon prayer flags from Tibet
From Tibet!
Yeah, I was high as hell
and busy buying neon
Neon prayer flags from Tibet
From Tibet!