Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace (2020) Movie Script

Who's to say
what's fair or not fair?
Why the good die young and
others live long lives?
Many believe that there
is a higher power at work,
aware of our every
thought, joy and sorrow.
Yet, others believe that
life ends at the grave.
But in there lays the beauty
of it all. We get to choose.
We all have a great purpose,
but some have that
extra something.
That sparkle in their eye,
that magic in their soul
that touches every heart
they come in contact with.
Take Lucy Shimmers, for example.
She's one of those
rare ones indeed.
Some may even call
her an old soul.
You're the
princess, but I'm gonna win!
You okay?
What do you see?
- Grandpa.
- Where? I don't see anybody.
- Grandpa Jackson,
I can see him.
- My dad?
He died last summer.
He's in heaven, you know that.
But I see
him! He's right there.
- I know how much you
miss him. So do I, but...
No one's there.
- Yes, he is. I can see him.
- Let's get you inside.
- You still have a fever.
I'm gonna take you to the doctor
first thing tomorrow morning.
Okay, Mommy.
- I'm gonna go
check on somethin'.
- Dinner's almost ready.
- I'll be right back.
- Hey, I made your favorite.
Mac and cheese.
- No, thank you,
Mommy. I'm just tired.
- You need to eat.
Just a few bites.
Then you can take a bath
and go straight to bed.
- Okay, Mommy.
Couple bites and that's it.
- Okay.
- Mommy, is Christmas
almost here?
- It's coming soon.
Today's December 1st.
We have 24 more sleeps
until Christmas.
- Good, that means I have
time to finish my book.
- What book?
- Of me and Jesus.
It has lots of pictures.
Oh, and there's a
sad man in my dreams.
- What kind of man?
- I don't know his name but
I'm pretty sure he was sad.
- Hm.
Okay, well, let me know
how I can help, okay?
- Okay, Mommy.
Mommy, can I mark the
days on the chalkboard?
- Sure, that'll be your job.
- Two.
That's two?
- That's right.
Good job.
- You like it?
- I do.
- Hi, princess.
- Hi, Daddy.
- You're supposed to be in bed.
What you doin', hm?
- Just working on my book.
- Oh, what're you drawin'?
- A picture of Jesus.
- Oh. You know they also
call him the Prince of Peace?
- Yeah, 'cause he brings
peace in our hearts.
That's right.
Who else are you drawing?
- There's a sad man in my book.
- Oh.
- So, me and Jesus
will be his friend.
- Yeah?
Well, I'm sure that will
make him really happy.
Hey, look at me.
I'm very proud of you, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, let's get you to sleep.
You're sick and we need
you to feel better, okay?
- Okay. Goodnight, Daddy.
- Goodnight.
I love you.
- I love you.
- No, me more.
- No, me more.
No, me more.
- Me more!
- Okay, okay, fine, fine.
Let's go to sleep, okay?
- Okay.
- All right, I love you.
- Love you too.
- Goodnight.
- Hey, Grandpa.
- Hi, princess.
What're you doing?
- I'm working on my book.
- I see.
Do you mind if I stay in
your room for a while?
I promise I'll be real quiet.
- I don't mind. I like you
in here, it makes me happy.
- Me too, princess.
Me too.
- We're best friends.
Right, Grandpa?
- That's right.
We are, we're very best friends.
Grandpa? I'm
not feeling very good.
- I know.
Why don't you close your
eyes and get some sleep now?
don't leave, Grandpa.
- I won't.
I promise, I'll be right here.
- Goodnight, princess.
I love you.
- It's like she
actually saw him.
Like she actually believed it.
- She has a very
vivid imagination.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
She's also taking this
book that she's writing
really seriously.
- Did she tell you about a
man she saw in her dreams?
- She did.
She even showed me a
picture of him, but,
I don't recognize who he is.
- Me either.
- We've been blessed with
a beautiful little girl.
- Honey.
I'm worried about her.
- Everything will be fine.
The doctor will figure
everything out tomorrow.
I'm sure it's just a cold.
Everything will be okay.
Just get some rest.
- Okay.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- His kidneys are failing.
There's nothing more
we can do for him here.
- What do you suggest?
- He needs to be transferred
to another hospital
and get on dialysis right away.
He'll be put on a
transplant list.
He needs a new kidney
or he won't make it.
- I can hear you.
- Good.
You need to hear
the truth, Edgar.
- I don't care if I die.
It's the only way out.
- With a transplant, you've
got a lot of life ahead of you.
You only have a few more
years on your sentence.
- There's no point saving me.
- You really should
read the Bible.
Get a true second chance.
You can have mine.
Take it.
- It's not for me, Pastor.
I'm sure I'm getting
exactly what I deserve.
- If you're getting
what you deserve,
I know you believe in God.
He can make miracles in the
most unforgiving places.
- Looks like I'm out of
time for second chances.
- I know your family abandoned
you and you've lost hope.
But there is hope.
If you'd read the Bible,
you'd see that Jesus is
telling us that his forgiveness
and his mercy are available
to all who want it.
He's the only one
you need to impress.
- I'm not interested!
- I believe in you, Edgar.
I'm gonna talk to the warden,
and suggest that he sign
off on you leaving here
and going to a
hospital that can help.
Have faith.
You've got nothing to lose.
- I can't think of that now.
I don't wanna talk
about it anymore.
- Okay.
You need to save your strength.
Go talk to the warden.
See if we can started
on the paperwork.
Let's go.
- What're you starin' at?
- A dead man.
- Well, hopefully it's
more sooner than later.
Is your teddy
sick? Does she need a checkup?
- Yeah, she's breathing a
little bit hard a little bit.
- Okay, let me check her out.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- She just got sick by the fan.
All the ants are in her bones.
They're bothering her right now.
She hasn't eat a lot of
fluids and little water.
She didn't take a lot
of water, a little bit.
- She's doing good,
she'll be okay.
You're taking good care of her.
Is anything
wrong in her?
- Nope, she's doing
just fine, sweetheart.
So, I reviewed her x-rays and
she definitely has pneumonia.
- Pneumonia? How serious is it?
- Well, it can be
serious if not treated,
but we'll get her started
on an antibiotic right away,
and she should start to
feel better in a few days.
Make sure she gets
plenty of rest
and drinks a lot of fluids.
- You too, Teddy.
Don't worry, Mommy,
I'll be better.
- Yeah, you will.
- You're a bright
star, Lucy. Aren't you?
- Yes, I am.
My mommy and daddy think so.
- I have no doubt. Let's
get you feeling better.
Okay. Oh,
no, it turned pink.
- Here's her prescription.
Make sure she takes
all of her antibiotics,
and if she's not feeling
better in a few days,
bring her back in, or
if she's getting worse,
take her to the ER.
- I will. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Bye, Lucy. It was
good to see you again.
- Bye, Dr. Miller.
- Come here.
- You too. Gotta be careful.
- We'll go get you
some medicine, okay?
- Okay.
- We'll get you all better.
- What about my Teddy?
- He said that she was okay.
- Okay.
- Why do you think she
would say she saw Dad?
- Maybe she did.
That's the house we
raised you kids in.
You know, your father
and I bought that house
after we first got
married, so why wouldn't he
wanna be surrounded by
all those great memories?
- I know, Mom, but she
didn't actually see him.
- You know, kids
are very intuitive.
And Lucy...
Lucy's always been
extra special.
Besides, you know how much
your father adored her.
They were
like two peas in a pod.
You know, she's mostly
around adults, so she is,
she's a lot more grown up
than most kids her age.
- Just doesn't make any sense.
- Sure it does.
You know how much your
father loved the holidays.
Especially Christmas.
- I just think it's her
over-exaggerated imagination.
- You know, I like the idea
that her grandpa
would appear to her.
It makes me feel like he's
closer to us than we know.
I sure do miss him.
- I know, Mom.
So do I.
I better go.
- Okay.
Please, let me know,
as soon as you hear
anything from the doctor.
I will.
- Okay.
Love you.
- I love you too.
- All right, let's go.
Move it.
Fine, we can play
that way. No problem.
- Take your hands off me.
- Hey, no need for that.
Come on, Edgar.
Don't make this any
harder than it has to be.
Give the man some room.
- I'm not sittin' in
that stupid thing.
- Suit yourself.
I signed off on this
because you deserve
a second chance, Edgar.
- I've always found the
answers to the questions
I was looking for in this book.
I hope you decide to read it.
And I'll be back to visit.
Count on that.
- Take care of yourself.
- You'll be leaving
here in a body bag.
- You have my number. Please
call me if he wants to talk.
- Thank you.
- Well, it looks
like we're good.
I'll have an armed guard
stationed here 24/7.
You shouldn't have any problems.
- We'll do our best
to take care of him,
but in his condition and the
fact that he's a convict,
puts him way down on
the transplant list.
The likelihood of him
finding a donor is slim.
- I'm aware of that,
but we still follow
the procedure of saving lives.
Those cuffs are not to come
off and the only time he's to
leave this room is when he goes
to his dialysis treatments.
- He won't leave our
sight, and if he tries,
he won't get very far.
- The man can barely walk.
Only in extreme circumstances
are you to draw your weapon.
- Understood.
- I'm gonna have you
work swing shift,
so you just as well stay.
- Yes, sir.
- I'm gonna have
you work graveyards.
- No problem, sir.
- Well, we need to get back.
Good day.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
If you need anything,
let me know.
Will do.
- Okay, baby, let's take
some medicine. Ready?
- No, Daddy, I don't
wanna take that.
That tastes disgusting.
- Lucy, you need to stop
giving me a hard time because
you need to take your medicine
so you start feeling better.
Now he
knows how I felt.
Your daddy used to do
the same thing to me
when he was little.
- Lucy, what're you laughin' at?
- Grandpa said you used
to give him a hard time
when you was little.
- Lucy, no one's there. Okay?
So, stop making up stories.
- Okay.
Fine, Daddy. You don't
have to believe me.
- What's going on in here?
- This little girl isn't
taking her medicine.
- Lucy.
Open up.
Wasn't so hard.
- Well, when I get
out of the shower,
it's time for you
to go to bed, okay?
- Okay.
Okay. So now you're
gonna be nice to me, huh?
- Mm-hm!
- Okay, I'll be back.
Goodnight, Daddy.
- Goodnight, pretty.
Lucy. I
made you some dinner.
Chicken soup.
- No, Mommy. I'm not hungry.
Please, Lucy?
You need to eat,
just a few bites.
Okay, Mommy.
Good girl.
Lucy, who're you
blowing a kiss to?
- Grandpa.
- Lucy?
Can you see Grandpa?
- Yeah.
- Have a cracker.
You can dip it in the soup.
- Yep, it's yummy.
Hurt, doubt
Dreamin' till you're
all dreamed out
- This is the sad man.
- You're a really good drawer.
- Thanks, Grandpa.
Lost, dark
- "Now and Jesus was
born in Bethlehem
in Judea in the days
of Herod, the king.
Behold, they came
from wise men."
- "Olivia In High Fives."
When the road gets tough
Remember your love
You are worth more
than you think
Stronger than you believe
You are braver
Than you show
- Can Grandpa tell you a
story about baby Jesus?
- Mm-hm.
- Okay, let's say a prayer.
- Okay.
- Dearest heavenly father.
Please bless Lucy that
she may get better.
Than everyone has ever been
We all feel the
rain when it falls
Have faith
We all need the rain
That's what helps
us grow after all
Don't try to resist
You were made for this
You are worth more
than you think
Stronger than you believe
You are braver than you show
And loved more than you know
Loved more than you know
- Where are we going, Mommy?
- We need to get you
to the hospital, honey.
- Will it take long?
- Maybe.
- I'd like to get a chest x-ray
to see if her pneumonia
has progressed.
We'll also need to draw
some blood work as well.
And she seems to be dehydrated,
so I'm gonna have the
nurses start some IV fluids.
- Will she be okay?
- Once we get the results
back in the next few hours,
we can determine her treatment.
We'll do our best
to take care of her.
- Okay.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Sweet girl, I'm sorry
you're not feeling well.
Daddy and I will be with
you until you're better.
- Okay.
- We love you.
- I love you too.
How you feelin'?
- A little bit sleepy.
Oh, we'll get you
all feelin' better, okay?
- Okay.
- You'll get some good rest.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- I saw the sad man
again in my dream, Daddy.
- I don't recognize
him. Who is he?
- I don't know but I
think he needs help.
- Maybe.
- Do you see Grandpa now, Daddy?
- No, 'cause he's not there.
- Why won't you believe me?
- I believe that you
think you see him.
- Because I do.
- Okay.
I believe you.
- No, you don't, but you will.
I love you, Daddy.
- I love you too.
- Her fever's down
and the IV helped,
but I still have some concerns.
- Okay?
- I compared her
x-ray to the one taken
in Dr. Miller's office and
her pneumonia has progressed.
At this point, she needs to
be admitted to the hospital
for IV antibiotics
and close observation.
- How long does she have
to stay at the hospital?
- At least a few days,
but it really depends
on how she responds to
the antibiotic course.
I realize how difficult this
is for you and your husband.
We're gonna do
everything in our power
to get her through this.
- Thank you.
I drove
through the night
to get here as fast as I could.
How is she doing?
You know I'm not going anywhere.
You just let me know
whatever I can do to help.
- Really glad you're here, Mom.
- Me too, Grandma.
- That's what grandmas are for!
And I will be here as
long as you need me.
- Okay, Grandma.
Keep moving.
- See, Daddy?
That's the sad man I was
telling you about in my dreams.
I told you he needs help.
- That's nice, honey.
You're a really good artist.
But I don't think that's him.
- I don't know, I think
it looks a lot like him.
- Me too.
- Okay, enough with all the
dreams and seeing ghosts, okay?
- Daddy?
- Yes, baby?
- You got issues. You
need to lighten up.
- Not funny.
- That's actually very funny.
- Let's go.
You doin' okay, Lucy?
- Doesn't hurt very much.
- No? Well, that's good.
You are very brave.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Dr. Stanswick should
be here this afternoon
to check her out.
Let me know if
you need anything.
- I will, thank you.
- Hey, you are very brave.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
- How can I help you?
- I was just wondering
what the story was
with the guy that was
handcuffed to his wheelchair?
- Oh, he's a prisoner.
He's here because his
kidneys are failing.
- Well, why isn't he
in a prison hospital?
- Because they
don't have the staff
or required medical equipment.
He's on a transplant list.
- Okay, should I be concerned?
- No, he's guarded
24 hours a day.
You have nothing to
be worried about.
He's very sick, he
can barely walk.
But we can find you another
room on another floor
when something opens
up, if you'd like.
Right now we're
just all filled up.
- No, that's okay.
I was just curious.
Thank you.
- No problem. I'm
here if you need me.
- I'm sorry I can't be there
to cheer you up, peanut!
I just got my old hip replaced,
and I'm just not very
good at walking yet.
Otherwise, I'd be on an
airplane and come see you.
- It's okay, Grandpa.
I know you'd be
here if you could.
- You know I would.
We can stay in
touch on Facetime.
I love seeing your happy face.
- I love seeing your
happy face too, Grandpa.
- Let me say hi to
your mother real quick.
- Okay, Grandpa.
Bye, I love you.
I love you too!
Your dad
wants to talk to you.
- Hi, Dad.
- I wish I could be there
in person to be with you.
- I understand.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
We'll be in touch.
Bye now.
- Bye.
- Why is everybody so sad?
- Yeah, why is everybody so sad?
I have strawberry ice cream!
- Mm!
Strawberry ice
cream, my favorite.
- Strawberry ice cream was also
your Grandpa Jackson's favorite.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, thank you.
- You're very welcome.
I can have some extra blankets
and pillows brought in,
just in case you
wanna stay the night.
- That'd be great.
- I can eat a lot of ice cream.
That makes two
of us.
Just buzz if you need me.
Thank you.
This is fun!
- You are positively
- 'Cause I am.
- I know.
I could just gobble you right
up, you are the best girl.
like a party in here.
- It is a party! It's
an ice cream party.
Want some?
- Oh, I'm okay, but thank you.
- My name is Lucy Shimmers,
I'm five years old.
- Nice to meet you,
Lucy. I'm Dr. Stanswick.
I'll be taking care of you
while you're here
at the hospital.
- Cool, how old are you?
- Lucy, that's not polite
to ask people their age.
Only children.
- It's okay, really.
Lucy, I'm in my 40s.
45, to be exact.
- That's really old.
- Yeah, it is.
So, how are you feeling today?
- Better than last week.
- She means last night.
Got ya.
- That's a pretty bad
cough you have there.
- Yeah.
- Well, I have some more
medicine I want you to take.
Hopefully it will start
to make you feel better.
- Good, 'cause everybody's
worried about me.
- They must really love you.
- This much.
To the moon and back.
That's a lot.
You are a very
lucky little girl.
- I am!
- Mind if we talk in private?
- Yeah, sure.
- Lucy, I'll be back to
check on you every day.
- Good. Nice to meet you.
- Lucy, the pleasure's
been all mine.
That's a very special little
girl you have in there.
- We think so, thank you.
- I wanted to update you
on what's been going on.
Lucy's white blood cell
count came back elevated,
which suggests a significant
bacterial infection.
It's important that we treat
her with IV antibiotics
because if the bacteria
gets into her bloodstream,
it can be very dangerous
and lead to septic shock.
- Septic shock?
- It's a reaction to the
infection in the blood
which can be life-threatening.
- Are you telling me
my daughter could die?
- I'm sorry to worry you.
That's the worst-case scenario.
Hopefully it won't come to
that and the antibiotics
and other treatments will help.
I can sense your
concern, but don't worry.
Lucy is in good hands.
If there's anything you need
at all, please let us know.
- Any problems?
- Nope.
- Good.
You can go, I'll
take it from here.
- All right.
Have a good night.
- You too, Wally.
What're you hiding?
Contraband is not allowed.
Don't make me ask you again.
What's in your pocket?
Isn't that cute?
Is this your family?
Well, too bad you're not
gonna ever see 'em again,
but I don't see a problem
with you keeping it.
- How are you feeling, Lucy?
- Not very good.
- Oh, I bet.
Hopefully these new
antibiotics will start working,
and you'll get to feeling
better in a few days.
- Okay, thank you.
- Oh, you're very welcome.
- It's been a long day.
I think it's time for this
little princess to go to sleep.
I'll stay the night.
You girls go home
and get some rest.
- No, I can stay.
- I can stay, too.
- It's okay, I got it.
We'll take turns.
- Okay, call if
anything changes?
You stay with Daddy.
I'll be back first
thing in the morning.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Goodnight, sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Love you.
- This is a bite.
It's a bite.
- Okay.
Should we say a prayer?
- I'll say it.
- Okay.
Lean forward.
Lean forward.
- Heavenly father,
thank you for this day.
Please, thank you for my family.
And my mommy.
And we'll bless the
sad man in my dreams.
And help me to get better.
And in the name of
Jesus Christ, Amen.
- Amen.
- Okay, now go to bed, Daddy.
you up to, huh?
Nothing, Daddy.
I'm just tired and so are you.
- I am?
- Yes, you are.
- Yeah. I guess I
am a little tired.
I love you, angel.
- I love you too, Daddy.
And you too, bear.
- Come on. Come on, come on.
Come on.
Dang it!
- Hi.
- Well, hi there.
- My name is Lucy Shimmers,
I'm five years old.
What's your name?
- Bart. My name is Bart.
- Are you sad?
- I lost my wife just recently.
And it makes me sad sometimes.
- Don't worry, Jesus loves you.
- I'll try to remember that.
Thank you.
- I will draw a picture for you
and give it to you tomorrow.
Bye, Bart!
- Thank you.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hi, princess.
Where are you going?
- To visit a friend.
We're not friends
yet, but we will be.
- Oh.
Well, I think I know which
friend you're talking about.
Do you mind if I tag along?
- Not at all.
- Yes?
- Why am I strong
when you're around?
- Well...
Because angels have
a special strength
to give to those who believe.
- Cool.
Can you make me all better?
- I promise.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Do you believe me?
- I believe you.
- Good, because you have
a special work to do.
Are you ready?
- Yep!
- All right.
Now, you're gonna have to sneak
past that guard over there
to get into the room, so we're
gonna go down by the door,
and on the count of three,
I'm going to turn
on the fire alarm.
Are you ready?
- Yep.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- One.
- Hi, I'm Lucy Shimmers.
I'm five years old.
What's your name?
- How'd you get in here, kid?
- I snuck past the guard.
- Hey, Luther.
What're you doing?
You know you can't
open up this door
without setting off the alarm.
You're gonna wake up
the other patients.
- Yeah, I didn't touch
it. It just went off.
Someone had
to have touched it.
- Well, it wasn't me.
- What do you want?
- Just to be friends.
- You don't wanna be my friend.
- Sure I do. You're sad.
I saw you in my dream.
- It sure wasn't me.
- Yes, it was. I sawed you.
Jesus showed me your face.
- Well, I don't want friends
and I don't believe in Jesus.
- Jesus believes in you.
- You're the little girl I
saw in the hallway earlier.
- Yep, sure was me.
I'm writing a book
and you're in it.
- You don't even know me.
Why don't you just leave and
go back to where you came from?
- Okay, but I'll
see you tomorrow.
- What for?
- So I can read from the Bible.
First we will start
with the three wise men.
- I'm gonna be taking
off for the day,
so if you do need to
go through this door,
then please alert the
nurse's station, okay?
They'll let you through
just fine, okay?
- Thanks.
- Sure thing!
- Whatever.
Don't even know me.
Why don't you just
leave me alone
and go back to
where you came from?
See you tomorrow.
No, you won't,
'cause you're not coming back.
Yes, I will.
- Who are you talking to?
- Nobody.
- I heard talking.
You're losin' it, man.
Talking to yourself.
Not another word out of you.
- Good teamwork, Grandpa.
- It sure was.
Now, you need to get some sleep.
- Okay, Grandpa. Goodnight.
- I love you to
the moon and back.
- I love you to the moon and
back too, Grandpa. Goodnight.
- Goodnight, princess.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you for bringing
this out, Mommy.
Now I can count all the
days until Christmas.
- Well, hopefully
you'll be home by then.
- Don't worry, Mommy, I will.
- Lucy!
Come on, Lucy, breathe!
Lucy, breathe!
- What's happening?
- Lucy, breathe.
I don't know! Lucy, breathe!
- I'll go get the nurse!
- Hurry, go!
Lucy, breathe.
Lucy, breathe!
Lucy, help!
- Nurse!
- How can I help you, ma'am?
- It's Lucy Shimmers, she's
having a hard time breathing.
- Page Dr. Stanswick to
room 202 immediately.
- Okay, I'm on it.
Dr. Stanswick, room 202. Dr.
Stanswick, room 202, stat.
- Help!
- Hurry, she can't breathe!
- All right, Lucy.
All right, here we go.
You're okay, there you go.
You're okay.
You're okay, deep breaths.
There you go, you're okay.
- What's going on?
- You're here.
- She's having a hard time
breathing, but we've started her
on oxygen and Dr.
Stanswick is on her way.
- When? When is
she gonna be here?
- We just paged her, she
will be here momentarily.
- Gonna be okay?
- Yes.
- Breathe, baby, breathe.
- Just keep breathing.
Very good, there you go.
- Seems like she's
more stable now.
Let's transition her
to a nasal cannula.
- Right away.
- Hey, sounds like you
had a little scare.
Are you feeling a little better?
The bacteria in her lungs
is causing some inflammation
which is making it hard for
oxygen to reach the blood.
That's why she's having
a hard time breathing.
Lucy, I'd like to listen
to your lungs if it's okay?
Can you sit up for me?
Oh, thank you.
Okay, deep breath, ready?
Good job, one more.
Don't take that off.
- Everything okay?
- Well, her exam hasn't improved
and she still has
crackles in her lungs.
I've reviewed her
latest blood test
and her white blood cell count
continues to be elevated.
- What does that mean?
- It means that's
she not responding
to the antibiotics
we've been giving her.
I've consulted with an
infectious disease specialist
and we're going to start
Lucy on two new antibiotics
to help her with her infection.
Lucy, do you mind if
we get another x-ray?
Oh, please?
I know this isn't easy for
you, but we're gonna do
our very best to help
you get better, okay?
- Thank you, Doctor.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Doctor.
- They're gonna start you
on new medicine, okay?
- Then you can breathe
better and feel better.
- We love you, we're
not leaving your side.
We'll get through this.
- Stop, please, Daddy.
- Hi.
- I'm sick.
I got acterial ammonia.
What's wrong with you?
- My kidneys don't
work, I need new ones.
- Where do you get them from?
- Someone has to give me one,
or I'm not gonna live very long.
- Daddy?
- Yes?
- Do I have kidneys?
- Yes, two.
- I could give you one of mine.
That's not
how it works, sweetheart.
- Why?
- Because you need them.
Take care.
I don't want you
talking to him, okay?
- Why?
- Because, I said so.
He might be dangerous.
- I think he's nice, he
has tattoos like you.
- That doesn't matter.
Tattoos don't make
you good or bad.
You don't know him.
- Jesus loves him, why can't we?
- Just mind me, please?
- Yes, Daddy.
- Okay, sweetie.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Goodnight.
- How about a book?
- Let's let your
bear listen too.
- Which one do you wanna read?
Oh, I like this one.
She looks just like you.
- And that little curly spot.
- Yeah, "Sweet Child of Mine.
I love you in the morning,
at the start of every day.
I love you in the evening
when the sunshine...
I love you when
the wind is still.
I love you in the summer sun."
Hello, princess.
- That's a very pretty picture.
- Thanks.
- I don't think you'll be
needing this for a while.
Do you remember why?
- 'Cause angels have
power and I believe.
- That's right.
Get your things
and let's go, okay?
- Hi, Bart!
- Hey there, Lucy, how
are you doing tonight?
- Good.
Do you see my grandpa?
- I only see you.
Is your grandpa here at
the hospital tonight?
- Nevermind. Here's a
picture I drew for you.
It's a picture of Jesus.
Don't worry, you'll
see your wife again.
- Thank you.
I love it.
- You're welcome,
Bart. Bye, Bart.
- Thank you.
- Bart.
Tell me when to go.
Go now.
- I told you I would come back.
Yes, you did.
You kept your word.
You never
told me your name,
so we're still strangers.
- Sorry.
- That's a cool name.
Is your tummy better?
- It's not my tummy,
it's my kidneys.
They're behind my
tummy, sort of.
- Oh, I'm sick in my
chest where I breathe.
- Sorry to hear that.
- That's okay, I think
we both will get better.
- I sure hope you do.
- Can I sit with you?
Who's in that picture you
was looking last night?
- What picture?
- I saw you looking
at a picture.
Can I see, please?
Why is it all torn in half?
- The guard out there did it.
- I don't like him very much.
- Neither do I.
- We're supposed to love
everyone like Jesus do
and supposed to
love the means too?
- I don't know.
- Is this your family?
- Used to be.
I lost them.
- Maybe you should
try finding them.
- I did some very bad things,
and they don't wanna
talk to me anymore.
- You should try and
find them and say sorry.
Maybe they'll forgive you.
- I don't think so, and
it's been a long time.
- They will, when
you just believe.
- Who are you?
- I told you.
I'm Lucy Shimmers,
I'm five years old.
- I've never met
anyone like you.
- I've never met
anybody like you.
Are we friends?
- Maybe.
Where are your parents?
- My mommy and
grandma are sleeping,
and my daddy is going
to be home tonight.
- Why are you wanderin' around?
You're sick, you
should stay in bed.
- I'm strong when
my grandpa's around.
He's an angel right now.
See over there?
Do you see him?
- No, but I'm sure you do.
- Yep, I can.
Where's your Bible?
- It's right here, why?
- I want you to read it to me,
so you can learn about Jesus.
My favorite story is
Matthew chapter two.
My daddy reads it to
me during Christmas.
Thank you.
- You ready?
- Yep, I'm ready.
- "Now Jesus was born
in Bethlehem in Judea,
in the days of Herod, the king.
Behold, there came wise men
from the east to Jerusalem,
saying 'where is he that
is born King of the Jews?
For we have seen his
star in the east,
and have come to worship him.'
When Herod the king had heard
these things, he was troubled,
and all Jerusalem with him.
And when he had gathered
all the chiefs, priests,
and the scribes of
the people together,
he demanded of them where
the Messiah should be born."
- Do you know that's
a name for Jesus?
- I do now.
"And when they come into the
house, they saw the young child
with Mary, his mother, and
fell down and worshiped him.
And when they had
opened their treasures,
they presented him with gifts
of gold, frankincense and mir.
That it might be
fulfilled which was spoken
of the Lord by the
prophet saying,
'out of Egypt have
I called my son.'"
I think that's
enough for tonight.
- Okay, but I'll
come back tomorrow.
- I don't think that's a
good idea. You're sick.
- I'm okay, my grandpa
will be with me.
- Goodnight, Lucy.
- Goodnight, Edgar.
- Lucy?
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Well, hi.
What are you doing?
- Just going to my room.
I gotta get some sleep.
- I bet you do.
What's your name?
- I'm Lucy Shimmers,
I'm five years old.
- Oh, for heaven sakes.
Well, my name is Betty
Darcy and I am 70 years old.
That's pretty old, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is old.
I know, it's so old.
- It is.
- Did you know that's
a Christmas tree?
- I do. Do you know what
Christmas trees are for?
- Yeah, Christmas.
Jesus was born on Christmas.
He loves you.
- I think you're right, he does,
and did you know that
he loves you too?
- Yeah.
Do you see my grandpa?
- I do.
Hi, Grandpa.
- I knew you could.
- Do you have to go to bed now?
- Yep, I do. I'll come
back to visit later.
Goodnight, Betty Darcy.
- Goodnight, Lucy Shimmers.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- I don't feel good, Grandpa.
- I know.
Now, close your eyes.
And you'll see me
in the morning.
- Okay, Grandpa.
- Goodnight, princess.
- Goodnight, Grandpa.
- I love you.
To the moon and back.
- I love you to the moon
and back too, Grandpa.
I've been broken
For so lost
So lost
Feels like forever
- Hi, Bart.
- Hi, Lucy.
- Bye, Bart.
- Bye, Lucy.
So lost
Where I've been
I can't remember
And all the fear and hurt
- "In mine integrity, I have
trusted also in the Lord.
Therefor, I should not slide.
Examine me, O
Lord, and prove me.
Try my reins and my heart."
A second chance
I've been praying
I will know
How to lean on him
And find
A strength
Beyond my own
He can heal the hurt
And he knows that I deserve
A second chance
- Here's a picture
I drew for you.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I draw a
little picture for you.
It's a picture of Jesus.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Give me what I really need
A second chance
- Dear father, thank
you for this day.
Stop, please.
- Sure, Lucy. What is it?
- I just wanna go down there,
can you take me down there?
glad you're here.
I know it's been a long journey.
- Is that okay?
- Sure.
- Are you girls ready?
- Nervous.
Tianna hasn't seen her
dad in a really long time.
- It'll be a wonderful surprise.
He doesn't know you're coming.
I'm gonna go in first,
and then I'll open the door
for you to come in, okay?
- Okay, yeah.
- Be right back.
- Oh, hey, Pastor Johnson.
- Wanted to come by and say
hi and see how you're doing.
I see you've finally took
me up on reading the Bible.
- Trying.
all God asks of us.
Works in
mysterious ways, doesn't he?
- He certainly does.
And miracles do happen.
There's someone here to see you.
- Who?
- Hi, Dad.
- Come here.
- I'll give you
time to be alone.
Thank you, I'm sorry.
Let me look at you.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
- This is why I do what I do.
It's all about healing
and second chances.
- Amen.
You're a good pastor.
- And you're a good man, Wally.
I'll see you later.
- Lucy?
What's goin' on?
- Edgar's family
came to go visit him.
Jesus answered our prayers.
- Why do you know so
much about a stranger?
- Daddy?
- What, baby?
- I know you're a grownup,
but there are some
things you don't know.
But you will.
I'll be by your side and
I'll love you forever.
- I'll love you forever too.
- Here's my Christmas
present for Edgar.
I wrote it down.
- "I want to...
Give my friend Edgar
one of my kidneys."
You're so sweet
and loving, Lucy.
You truly are one of a kind,
but this isn't something
I can do without your
parents' permission.
- Please, Daddy?
- Why do you keep
asking us this?
- 'Cause I don't want
my friend Edgar to die.
- Can a child's kidneys even
function properly in an adult?
- Yes, it's been done
successfully many times,
and she has the
right blood type.
- Please, Daddy?
- Okay, honey.
Okay, we'll think about it.
- Pinky promise?
Pinky promise.
- Thank you, Daddy.
All finished with
my book, Mommy.
- I'm so proud of you,
sweetheart. Who's it for?
- Edgar. I gotta give
it to him tonight.
But I'm not feeling good, Daddy.
Can you take me?
- You mean you've
been sneaking out
in the middle of the
night to go see him?
- Not by myself.
My grandpa takes me.
- Okay, honey. I'll take you.
- Will you hold me, Daddy?
- Okay.
Come here.
- Oh! I gotta write a
new day for Christmas.
- Good girl, it's right there.
Here's your Christmas
chalkboard. Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Perfect.
Good job.
- Tell him what else we set out.
- We made cookies,
and some eggnog for Santa.
- Oh, I'm sure he'll love it.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm ready now, Daddy.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Let's take this off.
- Stop, please, Daddy.
Bye, Betty.
- Goodbye, little one.
You know her?
- That's Betty. She's my friend.
Hi, Bart.
- Hi, Lucy.
- Merry Christmas.
- A very merry
Christmas to you too.
- And him?
- Yeah, he's my friend.
Wait, Daddy.
- You know him too?
- Yeah, he's my friend.
Grandpa, he's right there.
He's gonna make the alarm go on.
Do you see him?
- Not again.
- He didn't touch it.
again, seriously?
- Come on, Max, I
haven't touched this.
- Lucy.
- Hi, Edgar. This is my daddy.
- I'm James.
- Edgar.
Nice to officially
meet you, sir.
- You as well.
- This little girl of yours.
She's somethin' special.
She's changed my life.
They came.
My family came to
visit me, Lucy.
You knew.
- I told you that
they'd forgive you.
- You did.
Thank you, Lucy Shimmers.
- You're welcome, Edgar.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- What's this?
- A book.
I drawed it for you.
- For me?
- Yeah, it's for you.
I had a dream of a
sad man with tattoos.
Jesus told me you needed
help, and then I saw you.
I told you Jesus loves you.
- You did.
Are you okay?
- I better get going now.
I can't breathe really well.
My whole family is staying
with me for Christmas.
- Oh, that's wonderful.
My family's coming to
visit me again too.
- I hope they will bring
you a Christmas present.
Merry Christmas, Edgar.
- Merry Christmas.
Something is
seriously wrong with this place.
- Okay, well, over at
the nurse's station,
we've a bit of an
information desk.
You know, nothing regarding-
- Stop, Daddy.
But we do
have some therapists
that we could refer you to if-
- I don't need therapy.
Maybe you just need to relax
a little bit, sit down,
get some water in you, eat
some fruit or something.
- Hey, Edgar.
Here's a key.
- What's this for?
- Your handcuffs.
But I'm not sure
what else you would need
from me, as far as-
- I don't need
anything from you.
This just keeps going off,
I don't want it to go off.
I just wanna sit on my
chair, play my game while
the night passes and not have
to deal with other people.
- Okay, well then please just
do that. Don't touch the door.
I haven't
touched the door.
- I have other patients
I need to get to.
I'll see you later, okay?
- Fine.
But this place is more like
a psych ward than a hospital.
- Can they do somethin'?
- I'll go get the nurse.
- Please.
- I love you.
I love you, Lucy girl.
- Daddy, can you
tell me a story?
One time,
there was a beautiful
little girl.
- Is she a princess?
- Yeah.
The most beautiful
princess of all.
She was loved and adored
by her mommy and daddy.
And when she came
into the world,
she changed their lives forever.
- What was her name?
- Lucy Shimmers.
Don't cry, Daddy.
- I love you.
I love you too.
Lucy Shimmers and
the Prince of Peace.
Mom and Dad and I.
I had a dream.
Of a sad man.
Jesus wanted to help him.
One day, I was playing.
But I got sick.
Jesus loves everybody.
Jesus gave you his love.
I want to give you my kidney.
So you can be with your family.
Now it's your turn to draw.
- Clear.
- God.
Please, God.
Snow is falling
like a soft embrace
I've been homesick,
missing your sweet face
Time is flying on
- I'm sorry, we've
done everything we can.
Time of death, 6:47 AM.
December 25th-
- Lucy!
No matter how far you may be
All hearts come
home for Christmas
Everybody's right
here with us
Whether near or far
Those here or gone
All hearts come home
- All hearts come home
- Don't go.
For Christmas
- I can see.
Things don't
always go as planned.
We don't always
get what we want,
but we always get what we need.
We're connected, all of us.
God's plan is truly marvelous.
We just have to believe.
Her heart may have stopped,
but Lucy's other organs
were perfectly healthy
and were donated.
- Are we all good there?
- Saving more than one life.
And yes, Edgar did receive
one of her kidneys,
according to her wish.
While we weep here on Earth,
others celebrate in heaven.
But God has a special way of
healing all broken things.
Edgar kept the faith and
got that second chance
he so desperately needed.
He was eventually
released from prison,
reunited with his family,
and never looked back.
They never forgot about Lucy.
How could they?
For Christmas
They look back with
gratitude and fond memories
each and every Christmas and
read both the story of the
three wise men from the Bible,
and of course, Lucy's Book.
- "And the Prince of Peace.
One day, I was playing.
But I got sick."
And I
bet you're wondering
what happened to Lucy's family.
Rest assured that God
didn't forget about them.
- Yes! All right.
They were
blessed with a beautiful boy.
James Junior.
Good job, James.
They always
kept Lucy's memory
close to their hearts
and knew that someday
they'd all be together
again, forever.
Everybody's right
here with us
What are
you looking at, Daddy?
- Grandpa Jackson.
And your sister, Lucy.
Your loved
ones are never far away.
As a matter of fact, they're
closer than you think.
- All right, let's
do this. Come on.
For Christmas
Home for Christmas
For Christmas
Dear Mom and Dad,
please don't be sad
I hope soon
you'll understand
How my short life
Has a much bigger plan
More than birthday cakes,
having my first date
And hearing me say I do
Instead of goodbye
Please sing this lullaby
It's okay, I'm all right
I'm still by your side
Laughing on swings
Chasing butterfly wings
Like the dawn
I won't be gone long
This isn't goodbye
This is only goodnight
Sometimes even parents
Need a lullaby
Death can't divide
Your heart from mine
It's okay, I'm all right
I'm still by your side
Laughing on swings
Chasing butterfly wings
Like the dawn
I won't be gone long
This isn't goodbye
This is only goodnight
Sometimes even parents
Need a lullaby