Luka Chuppi (2019) Movie Script

Nazeem Khan, you made a statement in a
party in London that you're not married..
But you do have kids.
That means you're in a live-in.
You've disgraced the institution
of marriage and Indian Culture!
What are you guys saying?
I am a proud Indian.
And I always will be.
I celebrate all the festivals like Eid,
Diwali, etcetera.
Then after doing movies like "Marry
me" and "The Union of Two Families"..
How can you say such
things about marriage?
Says who? Who said I abused it.
You want controversy, don't you?
You'll never get it.
Go home.
Your next film Marry me Monalisa
just a publicity stunt. Go home.
And even your late night
parties are always in the news.
It's my life.
I can do what I want.
Whether I party till late
at night or have a live-in..
How does it matter to you?
You don't pay my bills.
Live-in, huh..
So you're being termed
as anti-national and it's true.
Tell us. Please tell us.
He's gone.
- 'Nazeem Khan.'
- 'Down-Down.'
- 'Nazeem Khan.'
- 'Down-Down.'
- 'Glory to..'
- 'Culture Protection Party.'
'There are quite a few similarities
between a politician and actor.'
'They are both drama queens..'
'..and they both want publicity,
And lots of it.'
'No one knows what Nazeem Khan said in..'
'..but it certainly deemed
love as a sin in UP and MP.'
'Suddenly live-in relationships
had become a national issue.'
'Nazeem Khan's films posters were torn..'
'..along with lovers whose
clothes were stripped off.'
'Because according to the Culture
Protection Party that states..'
'..that men and women being
seen together before marriage..'
' against Indian Culture.'
'They have their own set of rules.'
'And in case you don't
like their rules..'
' are free to raise your voice.
Feel free to raise your voice.'
'But it won't change anything,
except for getting a sore throat maybe.'
'With cameraman Abbas Shaikh,
I am Guddu Shukla, Mathura, live.'
- 'Nazeem Khan.'
- 'Down-Down.'
Beat him!
'The protest over Nazeem
Khan's statement..'
'..has taken a violent turn
in many parts of the country.'
'As you can see how the workers
of the Culture Protection Party..'
'..are apprehending young lovers..'
'..and coloring their face black.'
'As result colleges were closed
down in many parts of the city.'
'But the biggest question
that still lingers is..'
'..whether this is really
a cultural question..'
'..or just a PR stunt
for the upcoming elections.'
'We'll find out after the break..'
'..from Culture Protection party's ex-MP,
Mathura, Vishnu Trvedi..'
Guddu, I spoke with the
people with Diamond news in Delhi.
They want us to do another
job before the Gwalior Elections.
They want us to prepare a report..
With opinions from different people
on marriage and live-in relationship.
Which they will telecast
as an interesting feature.
We're ready, sir.
Just tell us when.
- Hello, Mr. Trivedi.
- Come, uncle.
Come sit.
Come Rashmi.
- Mr. Pandey.
- Hello, sir.
- How are you?
- All well.
It's okay. It's okay.
Come, sit. Get some tea.
What can I order for you, Mr. Trivedi?
There's no need for such formality.
Tell's your channel doing?
Well, thanks to your grace.
How's your political party doing?
Culture Protection Party.
Well, it's doing better than ever.
And I owe it to these traitors..
Who can't show some respect for
our country, our culture, and religion.
We're rallying against this Nazeem Khan.
We won't let any of
his films released in UP.
And if we spot his picture
at some barbershop..
Then we'll burn it down to ashes.
The picture, the shop,
and even the cars outside the shop.
- Long live revolution..
- Okay, okay.
Mr. Pandey, she's my daughter Rashmi.
Remember I told you about
her over the phone. Yes, yes.
She just returned a week ago from Delhi..
After getting a
degree in Media studies.
She even did her schooling out there.
My younger brother lives there.
Uncle runs a transport
business in Gurgaon.
He owns 72 trucks. How many?
And none of his trucks
ever stop at toll..
Rashmi was saying that
she wants to go back to Delhi..
To work as an
assistant on a TV channel.
That's internship, father.
But I said our very own
Pandey owns a channel right here.
It's right here in Mathura,
so why not give it a try.
This way you can live
with me for a couple more days.
Mr. Trivedi, this is your company.
- Rashmi.
- Yes.
I must tell you one thing
before you begin working.
We're not some big news channel.
We run a cable-news channel.
And also do some freelance
work for the New channels in Delhi.
Not a problem.
And anyway, it's only for a month.
I am not planning on staying here forever.
So this way I'll get to
know the local news network..
And I can put this on my CV as well.
Fine. You can join from tomorrow.
We were just discussing a report.
You can join in if you want.
- Yes, of course.
- Great.
Let me introduce you to our team.
This is Guddu Shukla, our star reporter.
Only a fool wouldn't know him.
He's the face of your channel.
A one-take artist.
I've seen you reporting on TV.
Your style's quite different.
Thank you.
Elections are around the corner.
And I am running for the
Parliament Elections again.
I'll give you a couple
of interviews as well.
Him too.
- And that's our cameraman.
- Yes.
'Walekum Salaam.'
So we're with Babaji
from KC Ghat (RIVERBANK),
So Babaji, this new issue on
the block about live-in relationships..
Where the men and women live
together without getting married..
What is your opinion about it.
Look, son, since the time I was born..
I've only venerated Radha-Krishna.
And in the end, I can tell
you that even they were not married.
And there is no bigger love
story in this world than theirs.
So you mean Babaji that live-in
relationships are not wrong.
As long as their love,
everything's chaste, dear.
Without love, it's wrong to
look at anyone with such intentions.
All the books in the world won't
show you the path to enlightenment.
But those who experience love,
get enlightened.
I have a question, Guddu.
If Shahjahan had a live-in
relationship with Mumtaz..
Would he still has built the Taj Mahal?
Taj Mahal is not the symbol
of Shahjahan's wedding..
It's the symbol of his love.
Don't you have anything better to do?
Always bothering me about
something or the other.
Where the hell did you guys come from?
Live-in is a good thing.
I was in a live-in for 8 years in Delhi.
But there are other issues
in the country that you can cover.
Many other types of news.
So cover those.
This is a stupid issue.
- You're in a live-in.
- What's wrong?
- You're in a live-in.
- Leave my hand.
But is live-in our culture?
Live-in is just an excuse for sex.
Just find me a girl,
and I'll take care of the rest.
Living with a female without marriage?
I never even saw my wife's
picture before our wedding.
I quietly did what father said.
And now I am the father of three.
I wasn't exactly floored
on your handsome face either.
All thanks to your government
job and your father.
you would've still been a bachelor.
God save us from such a wife.
Aunty is very danger.
Hello, grandma.
We're from TV news.
Why are you yelling?
I am old, not deaf.
We wanted to ask you questions.
Go ahead and ask whatever you want to.
- Would you like to ask her instead?
- What?
Would you?
- Okay.
- I see..
She is going to ask her.
All the best.
Thank you.
Am I looking fine?
Wait a second.
This profile is better.
She's looking better from this side?
- Ready, Rashmi?
- Yes.
Camera rolling.
Grandma, a new system has taken
the country by storm these days..
Where the men and women
live together before the marriage..
In order to know each other.
In the same house.
So what is your opinion about it?
That's a really nice system, dear.
If before my marriage I knew
that my husband was a drunkard..
Then I would've never married him.
Stupid died at such an early age.
Left me with no children and no respect.
Thank you.
Take my advice.
Don't ever marry a guy until
you don't properly know him?
- Rashmi, let's go.
- No, no, I won't.
Yes, she won't.
- Leave her.
- Yes, grandma.
- Don't you forget that?
- Sure.
- Rashmi, let's go.
- I won't.
Very good, grandma.
Everyone says Grandma rocks.
Grandma Rocks!
Grandma bye!
By the way, Guddu..
What is your opinion about
live-in relationships and marriage?
Even I feel as long as there's love,
everything is pure.
But if there's true love,
then why the hesitation to get married?
If tying the knot gives your relationship
the respect it deserves in the society..
Then isn't it better to get married.
- Are you married?
- No.
Any girlfriend?
- Why?
- Just a casual question?
Do you have a BF?
Not anymore.
So you did have one?
Just a casual question.
I did, back in college.
And then?
Then what?
I shot back to reality.
Meaning people act so stupid when in love.
They don't see what they should.
Sometimes they get impressed
by someone cool branded clothes..
And sometimes by the perfume they wear.
And you face reality
when the perfume fades.
So you're single.
I mean..I don't need perfume at all.
I smell good naturally.
You have bad taste.
I see your photo..
At least a dozen times in a day.
If you got the footage you need,
can we leave?
At least a dozen times in a day.
There's a storm raging in my heart..
At least a dozen times in a day.
There's a storm raging in my heart..
At least a dozen times in a day.
You come in my dreams..
And give me sleepless nights.
You come in my dreams..
And give me sleepless nights.
Come meet me once.
I see your photo..
At least a dozen times in a day.
I see your photo..
At least a dozen times in a day.
If you know any details
about his parents or owner..
Then please contact Mathura Live.
This is Guddu Shukla,
reporting from the lanes of Mathura.
You've driven me crazy..
I can't live without you.
Nor tell you what's in my heart.
You've driven me crazy..
I can't live without you.
Nor tell you what's in my heart.
You're my dawn..
And my beautiful night.
The world seems wrong..
And you're the right one for me.
Be my love..
Listen to your lover.
Be generous on me..
I see your photo..
At least a dozen times in a day.
I see your photo..
At least a dozen times in a day.
There's a storm raging in my heart..
At least a dozen times in a day.
There's a storm raging in my heart..
At least a dozen times in a day.
That's all.
What's the matter?
You're going pretty fast today, Shukla.
I've been noticing your
life's pace has increased.
What pace?
You're out of your mind. I am only
driving fast because the road's empty.
I see..
And what about that smile
you've been wearing all day?
Did you prop up your
lips with a hanger all night?
It's all because of love, my friend.
While looking for new stories,
you've started your love story.
Tell me one thing,
what if her father finds out?
When in love, there's no place for fear.
Love is never planned.
It just happens.
Pretty amazing.
I will pray to God..
That your love story becomes
immortal like Radha-Krishna.
What happened?
You do know that Radha-Krishna
were not married.
These things were okay
during Radha-Krishna's time.
But times are different now.
This is Vishnu sir's time.
And son, Krishna was a God..
And you're an ordinary man
who couldn't even clear college.
Uncle, we caught him in the bathroom
with a female.
People go there to receive their stomach,
And you were relieving your heart.
What do we do with him now?
What else?
Give him a proper bath.
I'll color your face black and
take you around the city on a donkey.
Elections are around the corner.
Coloring his face black will do no good.
Then let's shave his head.
Why are you hellbent on performin Mr.
Yadav's final rites..
While he's still alive?
Then what else do we do?
How many children does Mr. Yadav have?
He's got four other sons,
not counting this one.
Even if one of his
sons becomes a cripple..
The other four can
carry the lineage forward.
Great. Let's go.
"Killed me."
Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Alsa, Moonwalk,
Son walk, Kanjivaram, Kuchipudi..
Festival dance, wedding dance, political
dance, we teach all of the above.
What do you want to learn?
I came here to see the plot.
Plot? We have that too.
1BHK, 2BHK, Bungalow plot, Tower.
And mister, nothing can beat
a bungalow at any time.
Judging by his face, I think
we'll have to show him the cheap ones.
We'll give you a good
deal on an expensive..
I'll give this man a good
deal on an expensive plot.
Show him the pictures,
and I'll be right back.
Give me the new one.
What's your salary?
This is a new print in chiffon.
It will look stunning on you.
This is another color.
- This?
- Even green will look nice on you.
How much for this one?
This one and this one for 350 rupees.
350 rupees?
- This one?
- Yes.
But its available on
the market for only 100.
What are you saying, madam?
That's too less.
Why don't you quote your price?
Yes, 55 is good.
Take it for free.
That hanky outside cost 55 rupees.
There's a limit to haggling.
Fine. Final price, 65.
It's not your cup of tea, ma'am.
- Why?
- Leave it.
You can pay 100..only for you.
- Pack it up.
- Have you lost your mind?
Never.. I won't give you this
sari for anything less than 300.
You two are quoting such different price.
Done deal.
- I'll pay a 100.
- Never.
- 300..
- Wait, Vikas.
Myself Babulal.
But people call me Chand.
Who on earth talks to you,
or calls you Chand.
Madam, nothing less than 300 rupees.
Take it or leave it.
The deal's done in 100 rupees.
Here are your 100 rupees.
- But how..
- Please, no arguments.
We can't sell you this
sari for anything less than 300.
She'll pay 100 and
I'll pay the remaining 200.
Pay up.
First, pay.
Pay up.
Please leave,
we don't want to sell this sari.
Why not?
I said pay the 200 rupees.
Stop winking at me.
You think you own this shop.
Bloody rascal.
Who do you think you're abusing.
Yes, this is your father's shop.
Then why don't you handle the business?
Both your brother sit here
dressed as females all day..
Bloody ordinary reporter.
You are going to tell
me what I am going to do.
Bloody mutt..
Control him.
Stop him.
Don't call me that.
I have a reputation here.
Because you built the roads around here,
didn't you?
Guddu, why do you argue
with him every day? Let him go.
He's my brother-in-law.
Brother, he's a disgrace
to all brothers-in-law.
He comes here to ogle at women.
Guddu, let him go!
And go home.
Brother-in-law, I will do something.
What will you do?
- Leave him.
- What are you doing?
I didn't say anything yet.
I always let you go because
you were my brother-in-law's brother.
But things have gone overboard now.
And yet you're still here.
I won't sink so easily.
But you can burn.
Run fast.
Shall I burn you?
- Brother-in-law!
- Leave me.
Shall I burn you?
Your sister-in-law will kill me.
Mr. Dubey, you want to say..
- That they didn't like Vikas, right?
- Yes.
But they also said that
they have no objections..
In letting their
daughter marry Guddu.
What nonsense.
When we're trying to
find a bride for Vikas..
Then how does Guddu
get involved in all this?
Which picture did you send them?
Why didn't you dye your
hair before clicking your picture?
I did, mother.
But I wrote my original date of birth.
Mr. Shukla,
you won't find a family like this one.
Why don't you ask Guddu once?
He might even say yes.
Go on.
Let someone gets married, father.
At least I'll get another
pair of hands to help me out.
I can't do all these chores alone now.
I'm tired of washing their underwear.
Brother-in-law, please say yes.
I don't think he's getting
married anytime soon.
What nonsense.
And who wears underwear in this house?
- I see..
- That's enough.
And you, Mr. Dubey. Why do
you bring such stupid proposals?
Why don't you ever
bring a decent proposal?
How many more proposals
do you expect me to get?
Do you have any idea how many proposals I
sought for you over the last 8 years?
Right. And the very first
proposal was from my daughter.
Even she's had three children now.
Who knows that these two
might remain bachelors forever..
And Cheeku gets married first.
Mom, even I want to get married.
Shut up, Cheeku.
He want to get marriage.
Do you even know what marriage is?
Even you're unmarried,
then how do you know?
Cheeku. Quiet.
Don't yell at the kid.
He is talking about getting married.
These days people are living
together without getting married.
- Like that Nazeem Khan.
- Dubey!
Don't you dare take that name in here?
You won't utter his name.
These film-stars these days.
This is what they are
promoting to this generation.
I can't stop thinking
about his parent's ordeal.
It's better not to have children,
then to have someone like him.
- Fine. Calm down. Calm down.
- Bravo. Bravo.
Don't spoil your health
for that shameless man.
Mr. Dubey,
you tell us what we do next?
They are looking for someone
with a high-profile job.
Mr. Dubey, no job's too big or small.
Then why don't you
handle the saree shop?
Has the doctor advised
you to come on TV?
Why are you interfering?
Father, please tell him
to keep his mouth shut..
Or else I will
kick him out some day..
Just a minute.
Dubey, there's no
room for debate on this.
I said I don't approve of
this proposal, then that's final.
Go and tell him that.
But there's one thing
that's still unclear to me.
Younger brother getting
married before the older one.
Who's getting him married?
Whoever gets married first,
but what is your problem?
What do you mean by that?
See father.
I think his intentions are not good.
Babulal is right about you.
Who are you guys to
form an opinion about me?
And I'll get married whenever I want.
I'll get married
before you if I want to.
- You'll do it first!
- Who's older amongst us?
- Vikas.Vikas.
- I am older.
So I will get married first.
And if you get married before me..
Then I'll beat you to a pulp.
Now you just watch.
I was just contemplating this idea,
but now I've decided.
Book a marriage hall right now.
Now I will get married first.
Vikas, remember what I had said.
He will get married before you.
And if this happens then
the society will look down on you.
- You rascal..
- Listen..
No one would want to
let their daughter marry you.
- They will say that your system's rusted.
- Is your system well working, right?
Why don't you yell out
louder and let everyone know?
Why is he making a racket?
Father, you be quiet.
'Take my advice Guddu
and get married.'
'Who knows that these two
might remain bachelors forever..'
and Cheeku gets married first.'
'Cheeku's uncle,
give him your blessings.'
A suit in this weather?
Were you attending a wedding?
Wedding..yes..I mean no.
You're looking nice.
So what was so important?
Hello, brother.
What on earth are you doing?
- I came to propose to you.
- Marriage?
Are you out of your mind?
What is this charade?
This is not a charade,
just my feelings.
You do love me, don't you?
Yes, Guddu. But love and
marriage are two different things.
I am not ready to get married yet.
I mean..I still have to go to Delhi,
get a job, become a journalist.
And I am not stopping you from doing
any of this.
But you can do all
this even after marriage.
And, we'll settle down
in Delhi post the wedding.
Even career will begin in Delhi.
But I don't even
know you so well, Guddu.
How can I marry you
on such short notice?
I am not telling you
to get married right now.
But marry only me.
Whether we do it not or later, but
we must get to know each other better.
And we can never do that
if we keep meeting so secretly.
What else do you want to know?
I am like an open book.
And one needs time
to read an open book. So..
Remember what that grandma said.
If she knew that her
husband was a drunkard..
Then she would've
never married her.
But I don't drink at all,
and you know that.
It's not about the drinking problem.
Then what is it?
Sit down. Sit.
Look Guddu,
I've already made this mistake once.
And, I don't want to do it again.
So until we don't
spend some time alone..
Let's do one thing.
We should go for a live-in.
- What?
- What?
I'm saying that we should
go for a live-in first.
How can you bring up that topic now?
Technically it comes
before the wedding.
We should give it a try too.
Everyone is.
Everyone in Delhi-Mumbai
lives like this.
The population of Delhi-Mumbai
is over 20 million, Rashmi.
How can they live this way?
And we're in Mathura,
it's a small city.
We can't even walk hand-in-hand..
How do you expect
us to go for a live-in?
That Nazeem Khan's created
quite a stir in the city.
Even brothers and sisters can't step out
of their home because of your father.
And you want to go
for a live-in with me.
Why are you such a wimp?
It's only a matter of a few days.
Let's try staying
together for a few days.
If everything goes well,
then I can give marriage a thought.
I don't get it.
Being a girl,
I am not afraid of a live-in..
Why are you being such a coward?
Gender is not the problem, Rashmi.
My face is shown every
day on Mathura's Cable TV.
Even the dogs,
cats, cows, and buffaloes know me.
And even your father
is pretty well acquainted.
Even out here,
we're always on our toes..
So that no one recognizes us.
I don't understand how
will we go for a live-in.
And when?
What will we tell our family?
And the most important question..
Where are we going to stay?
What, Gwalior?
We are going to Gwalior
to cover the Municipal Elections.
It's a 20-day job.
And we'll request Mr.
Pandey to send Rashmi with us too.
That's it.
You mean to say we should
go to Gwalior for 20 days.
Do our jobs, and also try
our hand at a live-in relationship?
- Absolutely.
- That's great.
What an idea, Abbas.
You're brilliant.
That I am.
This is the best idea you can get.
Away from your family.
Tell them it's an official trip.
And even get what you want.
Why? What are you thinking now?
What is the problem now?
It's far away from home.
And no one knows you out there.
So no one will know,
and we can even do what we intend to.
Done. Done.
You two are cute together.
Father, what you have taught me.
What I have gained from you,
I'll take to my bridegroom's home.
I'll take to my bridegroom's home
I go to my bridegroom's home.
Taking shelter in memories,
I go to a strange house.
Your dearest!
How will I manage to forget, father
the stories that you have told me.
I leave my mother in the courtyard..
Did you check the hotels?
No, I'll do it now.
Why hotel?
Then why go in for a live-in
if you're going to stay at a hotel?
Is it written in the scriptures..
That during a live-in,
we can't stay in a hotel?
Answer me this when does
a boy and a girl to stay at a hotel?
- When?
- That's I am asking.
When do a young girl
and a young boy..
Stay at a hotel for 15-20 days?
- Honeymoon.
- Honeymoon.
That's the right answer.
And when does one go on a honeymoon?
- After the wedding.
- After the wedding.
And when does one go for a live-in?
Before the wedding.
Then why do you need a hotel?
And anyway, living in a hotel
is not a live-in relationship.
When a man and a woman living..
In the same house as husband
and wife without getting married..
Then that's called
a live-in relationship. Simple.
Are you an expert on this subject.
How does it matter whether
we live in a hotel or house?
It does matter.
Abbas is absolutely right.
As long as we don't live in
the same house as husband and wife..
- We'll never get to know each other.
- Yes.
And everything is readily
available at the hotel.
The staff cleans the room for you.
Food's available in a phone call.
And they even have laundry.
Girls are intelligent.
Other than that,
there's only one thing left to do..
And for that, you need a bed.
If that's on your mind,
then you can book a hotel.
No, we're not going to do that.
What do you mean?
I mean we'll do everything
that a husband and wife normally do.
Well, husband and
wife do that as well.
Don't get too excited
and keep your eyes on the road.
Think if an idea
to get home in Gwalior.
I didn't hear anything.
O my beloved..
What was the name of the
hero who featured in that song?
Nazeem Khan.
Yeah..Nazeem Khan.
Even you two are
in a similar situation.
But there's a problem.
What problem?
Have you heard about
the Culture Protection Party?
What about them?
They created quite a
stir after that new piece.
Those party workers
are a bunch of dogs.
What are they?
You mean we can't get a room anywhere.
At least not in Gwalior.
Where are you going?
I said it's difficult but possible.
Meaning, only I know
that you two are not married.
And I am not going to tell anyone.
And if you don't tell anyone either..
Then no one will know.
What is marriage?
Wear a necklace around your neck
and an anointment on your forehead.
That's marriage.
No one's going to ask for
your marriage certificate. Right?
And even if someone does,
we'll arrange for that too.
Everything's available out here.
One can get a death certificate
for a man that's still alive.
I got one for my
uncle when he fell sick.
- Property matters are a real hassle.
- I don't mind.
All it will take is an anointment
and a necklace around my neck.
- That's all.
- I am ready.
- Yes.
- Yes.
So what now? Shall we proceed?
Come on.
Come, sir. Come.
Here's your little love nest.
For an entire month.
Its got everything you need.
And the best part is
that the owner lives abroad..
And comes only once a year.
He came down here last month
and come back before a year.
But this one's Indian.
Exactly, madam, Indian.
Everything in here is Indian.
East or West, India is the best. Tell me?
How is the water facility?
24/7, sister-in-law. In fact,
even the rainwater seeps directly in.
We're not going to stay that long.
And what about the neighbors?
I hope they won't create problems.
No problems at all. I am there.
So we've to pay you
6,000 for this place?
- 10,000
- But you just said 6000.
That rate is for a married couple.
And you're going to stay
here without a license..
So it's going to cost you extra.
What do you mean without a license?
Meaning without getting married.
Marriage is the license
to do anything you want.
Since you're going to do
things without getting married..
You'll have to pay the fine.
Just like you do if you
drive a car without a license.
Yes, we get it. Pay him.
Here you go.
For the sanctity of
your father and forefathers.
- Keep it.
- Thank you.
Now you won't face any problems.
I guarantee you that.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
Myself Soni Shrivastav.
I live in the house no. 12.
Are you guys the new tenants?
He's Mr. Guddu.
And that's his wife Rashmi.
And he's Abbas.
- Hello!
- Hello.
Hello. Hello.
So when are you guys moving in?
- Well, we did move in just now.
- Okay.
And it's a lucky day today.
Today is a very auspicious day.
I watch Ramanand Baba's predictions
on television every day.
Actually..I see
all the programs on TV.
Why don't you install
cable TV in your home too?
I'll give you their number.
In today's age,
you can do without a husband..
- But not without Cable TV.
- Yes.
Well..then see you in the evening.
Right, Rashmi.
Yeah, see you in the evening.
- Thank you.
- Thank God!
Just a minute.
I forgot to ask where you are from?
- Allahabad.
- Kanpur. - Banaras.
She's from Allahabad.
He's from Banaras.
And he's from Kanpur.
And I am from Gwalior.
Right. Here's my card.
Bye, dear.
Grapes, mango, strawberry..
The shower doesn't work,
It's only there for decoration.
I had to use the bucket instead.
Back in Delhi,
every home had a shower.
Are you going to say something?
I am speaking to you.
I am listening.
What did you hear?
It's a nice home, isn't it?
Very nice.
Come on, now let's sleep.
So soon. It's just 1 am.
It's 1 AM. Now sleep.
Are you asleep?
No. Why?
I can't sleep.
Wake up.
And what do you expect
me to do, Guddu?
I read an article on live-in
relationships on Google.
It was a really nice article.
Explaining what to do,
how to do, and in which way.
Exactly like Abbas said.
Live-in is about living
together like husband and wife.
Are you asleep?
I am really tired.
Actually, do we have protection?
We do. Lots of it,
and in different varieties too.
You're cute.
- I had eaten lot of butter in childhood.
- Really.
Guddu, careful.
I am the only guy
from Shukla family..
Who's getting this
experience before the wedding.
How does one open this damn thing?
- You know.. Google's..
- Yes.
Really amazing.
One should always follow it says.
I want to do it again.
Do it.
I am not getting that.
Who has come?
Hello-Hello, son. Good morning.
Good morning, aunty.
- Where is your wife?
- Which one?
Which one?
How many wives do you have?
I am talking about, Rashmi.
- My wife, Rashmi?
- Yes.
She's still asleep.
Was it anything urgent?
No, I just wanted to say if
you need anything feel free to ask.
Yes, of course.
- Bye, Bye son.
- Bye.
What a peculiar woman.
You mean the one who
can't live without cable TV.
Yeah. She's always
snooping around our house.
That's too much water,
It's completely dissolved.
I can't eat this.
You'll have to eat whatever we have.
This is all we'll get in Gwalior.
Mr. Gwalior, I'll handle the cooking,
no need to worry.
You take care of the washing,
cleaning, dishes, etcetera.
I do all the work,
and you only cook for two people.
You know what, you handle the cooking,
cleaning, and dishes.
And I'll do the rest.
Okay. But you'll clean
the toilet and bathroom.
You clean the toilet,
and I'll clean the bathroom.
Come on, Guddu, that's the least
you can do. It doesn't take that long.
And, I'll handle the cooking
only you got to do all the chopping.
- That's not my cup of tea.
- I am not chopping anything, Rashmi.
I am not asking, I am telling you.
Now make me a nice cup of tea.
And I don't like ginger, so
don't forget to add lots of cardamoms.
Lots of cardamoms huh.
I'll show you.
My heart calls out to you..
Let's build our own little world.
My heart calls out to you..
Let's build our own little world.
I can't stand any
distance between us.
Just you and me, and no one else.
Believe me, I am being honest.
You can keep my
share of the happiness.
Let me dwell in you..
And take your name
every time your heart beats.
We're building 15
temples all over Gwalior.
Now you can ask God
for anything you want.
Roads, electricity, water.
Anything you want.
You'll get everything you wish for.
But only when you have faith.
What amazing ideology of
the Culture Protection Party.
They are such uncomplicated people.
I can't get enough of you!
Nothing affects me now!
You're my destination, my love,
I want to follow on your wake.
Since, I got addicted to you!
Without you even
a moment seems like forever!
My heart calls out to you..
Let's build our own little world.
If you're ever sad, just laugh at me.
You can keep my
share of the happiness.
Let me dwell in you..
And take your name
every time your heart beats.
Sister, you have this
knack of snooping around.
I don't believe you.
Sometimes she wears the bridal
necklace, sometimes she doesn't.
Sometimes I see the anointment
on her forehead, sometimes I don't.
I am sure she does,
but you must have missed it.
I am telling you.
I saw them with my own eyes
and heard everything with my own ears.
They were dividing
the chores amongst them.
They were running around
in the house like little children.
In their underpants.
We've been married for so many years.
But my husband never chased
after me in his underpants.
My husband wears a loin-cloth.
Doesn't he wear an
under pant under it?
Mrs. Kohli, you've very naive.
Since I met you I learned to laugh
I learned how to stop in a journey
I've forgotten the
world since I met you.
You're my heart, my love
I can't stop talking about you.
My heart calls out to you..
Let's build our own little world.
If you're ever sad, just laugh at me.
You can keep my
share of the happiness.
Let me dwell in you..
And take your name
every time your heart beats.
The path of love
brought me this far..
Finally I understood
the meaning of love.
Don't ever leave me, sweetheart.
I'll be lost.
Hello-Hello, dear. How are you?
Hello, aunty.
Sorry for troubling you at this hour.
But you see, my husband's in the mood..
- For a cup of tea, dear.
- Okay.
Can I borrow some milk?
Yes, of course. Come in.
- Come in.
- Okay.
- Hello, aunty.
- Hello-Hello, son.
Thank you.
So son, how's work?
- Work?
- Yes.
It's amazing.
How long have you two been married?
1 year - 6 months.
6 months - 1 year.
See you then.
Bye-bye, dear.
- Mrs. Kohli.
- Yes.
- Mrs. Kohli.
- Yes.
Listen, Mrs. Kohli.
What's wrong?
Didn't I tell you, Mrs. Kohli?
I caught those two red-handed today.
They have no clue how
long they've been married.
Now it's Confirmed that they
are in a live-in relationship.
And it's all that Nazeem Khan's fault.
People like them are an
embarrassment to the society.
- Yes. And our neighborhood too.
- Yes..
Mr. Kohli, now you must throw
those two out at the crack of dawn.
- We're dead.
- Yes we're dead.
What now?
We should've already decided
on how long we were married.
You should've thought about it, Guddu.
And, why can't you
ever give the same reply?
If dad finds out any of this,
he'll bury you alive.
- Respected people is living here.
- Right.
- Decent people is living here.
- We must throw them out.
- We can't allow them here.
- This kind of people can't live here.
- Don't know how they come here?
- Take them out.
Come. Lets see.
Knock the door.
- Call them out.
- Decent persons..
You? And with all these people?
- Please come in.
- Move aside.
Come inside everyone
and see for yourself.
They are married.
They are married.
I swear this wasn't here.
And this was definitely not here.
I swear on Ramanand Baba.
He is lying.
They are looking so cute here.
Listen, dear. all arrived
on a very nice day.
Nice day?
You see, today is our
first wedding anniversary.
Have a sweet.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
- But she said..
- Have a sweet, aunty.
Let's go.
After all,
it's an auspicious day for us. Smile.
- We just breezed through these 20 days.
- Right?
These were the most
beautiful 20 days of my life.
Mine too.
I'm getting a very
strong feeling about this.
Then what's the next step.
Next step?
What's that?
Well, for starters it
can be what we came here for.
We'll see.
- Let's go.
- What's wrong?
Something's definitely wrong.
What is it?
I did all this for you.
And you're saying that we'll see.
I love you a lot, Rashmi.
I've no clue how much
Lord Krishna loved Radha Rani.
But I can bet you that
I don't love you any less.
I've imagined my entire life with you.
And we look really happy.
But there's one thing
that always scares me.
What if you refuse to marry me?
Why do you feel that I'll say no?
I don't know.
What if the perfume fades away?
Even if it does,
you smell nice naturally.
I am not in the mood to joke, Rashmi.
Have you ever been to Jaipur?
It's the best place
for a destination wedding.
Is it?
- Jaipur!
- Yes.
People are watching.
Control yourself.
How can I control myself?
I can hear the wedding bells.
Can't you ever slow down?
We leave for Mathura tomorrow.
Then talk to our parents.
And then you can imagine
all the wedding bells you want.
- Happy.
- Yes.
You came to Gwalior with me..
But you're always
busy staring at other females.
- I am looking at the guy.
- Why?
Are you interested in them as well?
No. Hold this.
She's a married woman.
Even I am married.
Or did you forget?
Who is he?
Forget him, Bobby.
Fooling around with a married woman.
But I won't let you
have all the fun alone.
I want it too.
What do you want?
Go back to the hotel.
I'll see you an hour.
Make that two.
Shall we go?
Nice tires.
Happy Holi, aunty.
Mad man.
I'll get that.
Tell Guddu I am here.
And I want some too.
What do you want?
Same thing that Guddu..
What do you want?
Do you need a towel?
Are you okay?
What do you want?
What do you want?
- What do you want?
- It was some weird guy.
He took your name and
said he wants some too.
Took my name and ran away?
There's only one such man.
And he's in Mathura.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
It's just love and not a sin.
So why be afraid at all.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
Guddu, come out fast.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
So why be afraid at all.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
When in love, no need to be afraid.
It's just love and not a sin.
So why be afraid at all..
We are ruined.
Vikas, remember what I said?
Your younger brother
will get married before you.
Now, look.
Now you'll have to spend
the rest of your life alone.
Didn't you feel ashamed
before doing any of this?
Did you ever think what will happen to me?
You rascal, you do. Stop look at her.
Look at me.
You wanted to get married, didn't you?
Didn't you?
Couldn't you wait for a few days?
Even I was getting some proposals.
Vikas! What is going on here?
Get out.
What is this?
You should know..
That no one in Shukla family
has ever done such a thing.
Where the younger brother
got married before the older one.
Nor like the way you did,
who elopes and gets married.
But you wanted to change
the course of history, didn't you?
Which you did.
Are you happy now?
Why did you do such a thing?
Why did you run away and get married?
Such a nice girl.
I admit she's dressed
a little underdressed.
But we would've given you permission
to marry her. You should've asked us once.
You could've told me once.
Look, mom, strawberry.
Cheeku. Jalshamoviez.
Guddu, shameless.
How can you leave this thing lying around?
I didn't expect this from you.
Imagine our reputation in society now.
Enough about your reputation.
Think about my poor Vikas.
His life's ruined.
He'll die a bachelor now.
Very sad.
- Whatever happened wasn't fair?
- Get lost!
There's no way brother
Vikas can face anyone now.
You bloody..
Will, you two shut up?
This is our personal matter.
So please don't interfere.
Stop yelling at my brother.
What's done is done?
Now we need to ask her whether she
can handle the household chores or not.
Be quiet, sister-in-law.
Be quiet!
And why can't he speak?
What family? Which family.
A family where the younger brother
has no respect for his older brother.
Thank God Babulal informed us on time..
Because he was planning
on eloping with her.
Look. His bag's packed.
How did this happen?
Where to, Mr. Khan? You were
the only one missing in the picture.
Didn't you bring your
camera along this time?
So you knew all about this.
I am asking you a question.
Did you know?
- Yes.
- There you go.
Everyone knows except for our family.
Stop staring at her.
We know the entire story.
We're just missing your version.
At least you could've told us.
Or at least stopped them
from doing such a thing.
What could I have possibly said?
All I can say is that
we forget what happened.
And forgive them.
And get these two married.
Have you lost your mind?
How can we get them married again?
Are you on drugs or something?
You mean they won't get married.
Have you lost your mind?
When they are already married,
they why get them married again?
Oh yes, they are already married.
See.. See..
See this picture, this frame.
They took their wedding vows before me.
But unfortunately, none of you were there.
I mean get them married
again for your sake and society.
They just need your blessings.
Yes, do that.
This is right.
We just need your blessings, mother.
And anyway, aunty, no wedding is complete
without the blessings of the parents.
Will you two shut up?
You didn't tell us anything
about your parents?
Who are they?
I had warned you about this.
But my fears turned out to be true.
What on earth have you done, Rashmi?
Didn't you think about
your father's reputation?
Elections are around the corner..
We'll become a laughing
stock all over the city.
And you said Shrikant, I'll be
the next MP, the next Minister, the CM.
But now when they fire you from the party,
all your dreams will be shattered.
I am feeling dizzy.
It's all over now, uncle.
Dear, what have you done?
What have you done?
Aunty is crying.
You could've told us once.
He's such a nice boy,
such a nice family.
You should've tried telling us once.
We would've let you marry him.
- I've something to say.
- Here comes the bad luck.
I know none of this is right.
But all is not lost yet.
For your sake,
and for the sake of society..
You should get them married again.
What say?
- What is he saying?
- Best idea.
- Come closer.
- Yes.
In our culture,
marriage is a one-time affair.
And they are already married, understand.
But uncle, how are we going
to explain any of this to the people.
Like when did they get married?
Why didn't we inform anyone?
We've been promoting
our culture for ages now..
But your very own daughter
just put all your efforts to waste.
I'm telling you, we've been cursed
by all the lovers that we humiliated.
The highest leader of Culture Protection
Party, Vishnu Prasad Trivedi's daughter..
Eloped and got married.
This is going to create a stir.
There will be no such thing.
Keep your mouth shut.
I know how to tell the people about this?
They eloped and got married.
Well, at least they are married..
And not in a live-in relationship
like that idiot Nazeem Khan.
- Yes.
- Yes.
What if we were in a live-in relationship?
You are telling this in front of Uncle.
I will hit you with the slippers.
What is he saying?
Then a number of bodies would
be floating in the Yamuna River.
- Count them.
- It' total 6.
So many.
- Shrikant.
- Yes, uncle.
Come here.
I don't want to see that guy again.
- Understood?
- Yes uncle.
Hey listen.
No.. I'm not talking with you.
We're in conversation with the ex-MP
and Mathura Chief Mr. Vishnu Trivedi.
Let's begin our conversation with him.
It's a very happy day for him..
Because it's the wedding
of his only daughter Rashmi.
It's done. It's done.
- They just got married.
- They did?
So, Vishnu sir, my question to you is..
How do you feel after this wedding?
It feels really nice.
It feels really very nice.
My dear daughter is married
to a very talented young man Bunnu..
Guddu Shukla.
With Guddu Shukla.
Frankly, we received many
proposals for our daughter.
From rich families.
There was a long queue.
But I wanted my daughter
to marry someone from a poor family.
Yes right.
They are very poor people.
But as you know that I don't
believe in caste, creed, or community.
But the boy's from Brahmin family..
And they have a huge
saree shop in Mathura Market.
Pardon my insolence,
but I do have a question, sir.
Yes, of course.
It's your only daughter's marriage..
And you didn't invite anyone.
Because, my father,
Late Dwarkadas Trivedi's dying wish..
His last wish was that
his granddaughter's wedding..
- Should be a private affair.
- Right.
A personal affair, understand.
Why did he have such a weird last wish?
We don't know.
Why don't you ask him personally?
Shall I?
No..I get it.
Ask him.
- Priest.
- Yes.
The groom's here, so is the bride,
the garlands and the guests.
So shall we take our wedding vows?
Go ahead.
But who's going chant the verses?
Why sir, can't you?
I only look like a priest,
but I am not one.
I sell fritters outside.
Shrikant sir called
me in a hurry and said..
I should walk out
with you two when he calls.
The wedding's done.
- Hey fake priest, get them here.
- Yes, brother.
You both are married now.
Take the blessings of parents.
Come on hurry up.
You're the bride and groom,
so show that you're happy.
This is not a funeral. Smile.
Come on fast.
Our Rashmi's husband and
our brother-in-law is here.
Now everything will be okay.
Gentlemen, they are married now.
Now you can come and bless
the couple in any way you wish.
- Congratulations. Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations. Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
Come on, that's all.
Come on smile now.
Come on, that's all.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on.
Cry. It's your send off. Cry.
Our daughter's leaving us.
Uncle shed some tears.
My dear daughter..
Please take care of her.
Cry. Cry.
Take their blessings.
Take care of our daughter.
Bless you, dear.
Don't cry. Don't cry. Let's go.
Please stop her.
Be quiet.
Please stop her, uncle.
Bye. Bye.
Come aunty. Get some tea-coffee.
You are Laung and I am Laachi.
Always following in your wake.
You are Laung and I am Laachi.
Always following in your wake.
Your love's completely floored me.
Your love's completely floored me.
I am the pride of the mountains.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
My empty legs..
Whenever you take me out.
I don't ask you for too much..
Just buy me an anklet, beloved.
My empty legs..
You keep going to the city.
I don't ask you for too much..
Just buy me an anklet, beloved.
One that's easily available.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Come here.
Go.. Go..
Go.. Go..
Tell us in the morning?
Ankita now your turn.
Ankita don't cheat,
are your eyes closed.
- Pappu, Rani, Pinki.. Let's go.
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..
You were amazing yesterday. Dear.
So were you, mother.
Are you guys ready?
- Back early today, son.
- I am coming.
Yes, mom. It was a lazy day at work.
Rashmi, why did you go with him?
You should go to work as well.
What's wrong with you, dear?
I've been noticing that you stay pretty
reserved in yourself since you got her.
- If any of it is our fault, then..
- Not at all, mom. What are you saying?
I am absolutely fine.
Guddu, is something wrong?
No, mom.
Why do you think like that?
We got married in such haste,
so she is just tired.
And our house is so congested..
- Which she's not used to.
- Yes.
But son,
whatever happened, I am happy.
Honestly speaking..
Even I could've never found
such a beautiful bride for Guddu.
Isn't it?
She's one in a million.
Don't be sad, dear.
Let's forget what happened.
You two are newly married..
So learn to enjoy these moments.
These moments will never come back.
And once you have kids..
Then you'll hardly get
the opportunity to be a wife again.
Did I say something wrong?
- Not at all, I..
- No, no..she..
- She can't cook.
- Cooking problem.
Silly girl.
Women are not made for
only cooking and cleaning.
And why do you have to cook?
You're from such a nice
family and educated as well.
You should go out.
Anyone can cook, dear.
Absolutely right, aunty.
In fact, she's much
more educated than him.
- Really?
- Yes.
In fact, she should go
to work and Guddu should cook.
Yes. At least we'll
get some good food.
So it's decided.
Guddu will cook,
and daughter-in-law will go to work.
- Done.
- Fine.
- And we'll sit and home and eat.
- Right.
Come on. Give that to me.
You two sit.
I'll finish my chores.
- Janki.
- Yes, mom.
Here you go.
Frankly speaking, it's hard to find
a mother-in-law like her in this age.
- Rashmi is very lucky, isn't it?
- I can't do this.
What are we doing?
Your parents have
accepted me so easily.
They love me like a daughter,
even more.
And what am I doing?
I've been deceiving them.
This charade.
I never imagined that the weight
of this lie could get so taxing.
I am so full of guilt inside.
Technically speaking we're
still in a live-in relationship..
But our's is the only one in the world
where the entire family's living together.
This is not right.
Do something, Guddu, please.
We were planning to get
married when we got back.
So let's get married
somewhere secretly.
And no one will know.
I cannot live the rest
of my life like this.
Please do something.
Abbas, listen.
Remember the temple on the hill..
The one where we reported weeping
sounds can be heard every night. Yes.
Go there tomorrow.
Give the priest 1100
rupees and tell him..
That two people will
come there to get married.
He'll make all the arrangements.
But he recognizes your face.
Don't worry,
Just tell him a different name.
One happy family.
Get off.
What? Don't look at me.
- Cheeku.
- Yes, uncle.
- What are you doing here?
- I am hiding here.
We're playing hide and seek.
Hide and seek?
Did you hear any of our conversations?
- I did, I heard everything.
- What?
We were just joking, son.
Aunty, I might be a kid,
but I'm not stupid.
I understood everything,
that you two aren't married..
And just making
a fool out of everyone.
And you're going
to get married secretly.
Isn't that right, uncle?
Uncle I was playing hide and seek,
but you got caught red handed.
Okay, come.
Let go.
- Cheeku, whose is that?
- It's mine.
Guddu uncle bought it for me.
His wedding gift.
Looks expensive.
- It's worth 8000, grandpa.
- 8000?
Why did you have to
buy such an expensive one?
You should've brought
something cheaper.
It's all right.
He's just a kid.
And he wanted a cycle for a long time..
So I thought I'll buy it for him.
But he never wanted a cycle.
He wanted a video game.
That too worth 500 rupees.
Isn't Cheeku?
I'll get that too pretty soon,
And too worth 2500, right uncle?
Glory to Goddess!
Oh, God. Why on earth
did you bring me here?
Why? What happened?
Those guys belong to
my father's Political party.
They know me.
Oh, God. Cover your face. Cover your face.
Yes. Okay.
- And don't take it off.
- Okay.
- Wait a minute.
- Yes.
If they are your party workers,
then they know me too.
I am your father's
son-in-law after all.
Even your own parents won't
recognize you in this stupid beard.
What will happen if they sees me?
Couldn't you find a different temple?
Couldn't you find a different father?
His henchmen are
always lurking around.
There are more than
4000 temples in Vrindavan.
Did you expect me to
check all of them overnight?
You could've at least checked
the temple we were supposed to go.
Fine, let's go.
Let's go.
Where is he?
Rahul and Damayanti?
- No. Ranveer/Damayanti.
- No!
You're Ranveer and I'm Damayanti!
Sit. Sit.
Now grace her forehead
with this vermillion.
She is already married. Look at her.
She's already married.
You made me commit a sin,
you bloody rascal.
Calm down, priest.
This is a mistake.
- She isn't married.
- Yes.
Ashok, Rajan.
What's the matter, Priest?
Look what he's making me do?
He made me commit blasphemy..
By getting him married
to a married woman.
- I am off to take a dip in the river.
- Rascal. What's your name?
- Ranveer.
- Ranveer or Shahid.
Listen to me, mister.
Listen, mister, I am not married.
We were just practicing.
Listen, lady, religion is
not something you can toy with.
You should be ashamed!
You're lucky that
we don't abuse women.
Now please leave.
Go on.
Mister, I wasn't trying
to insult the Hindu religion..
Nor the culture of our country.
I love my country and my religion.
There is no other culture
in this world like ours.
'Where golden birds perch on each
and every branch..'
'..that's my beloved India!'
'Long live India!'
Brother Vikas,
take a good/strong Banarasi sari..
From your shop and hang yourself from it.
Guddu's getting married again
while you're still a bachelor.
I can't get married once,
and he's getting married every week.
- Where is he?
- Where is he?
Here I am, brother.
Rascal, didn't you feel ashamed?
I never imagined you'll
turn out to be such a rascal.
Who was that female?
And how did you grow
a beard overnight?
Looking at his actions,
he's got to hide his face.
The older brother's still unmarried..
And the younger one's
walking down the aisle again.
He was trying to
marry a married woman.
- A married woman?
- A married woman?
- With a married woman?
- Let's go.
A married woman is someone's wife,
someone's pride and honor.
He's trying to break someone's home.
Why aren't you saying something?
Why are you doing this?
Why you are doing?
Look, first,
you got married outside our knowledge..
But we didn't say anything.
And now you're getting married again.
What's wrong with you, Guddu?
- What is all this, son?
- What is all this?
What is all this?
Don't you get it?
- Speak up or else..
- No! No!
Are you out of your mind?
Grandma, I'll settle for
that 500 rupees video game.
Don't interfere.
I feel pity for that poor child.
I am worried about her.
I am telling you..
If her father finds out about
his antics, he will finish us all.
The end.
- Mother. Father.
- Look at her.
How much more are you
going to make us all suffer?
He won't learn his lesson like this.
No, no.
I apologize, brother.
It was a mistake.
I ate something on the way, and now
I am not in my senses.
Just one request.
You can scold me all you want,
but at home.
Don't make a scene out here.
The veneration will start soon, and
people will start to gather around.
- Take me home. Please take me home.
- Let's go. Come on, let's go.
- Come on. Let's take him home.
- We'll beat him once we get home.
I'll not spare you.
- Let's go home..
- You shut up.
- Let's go, Vikas.
- Leave me.
- We'll beat him.
- Wear your slippers.
Hail lord!
Why didn't Guddu come too?
He's at home,
busy with some important work.
And I am free, right?
No, no.
Don't stand there like a watchman.
- Sit down.
- Yes.
I was speaking with
Rashmi over the phone.
She sounded very gloomy.
And sad.
I hope there are no issues.
No, no..
Did the couple have a fight?
No, no..
I don't pay you to sit around.
Water the plants.
They are drying up.
Look, sir,
I want to make one thing pretty clear.
My daughter is my happiness,
she's my world.
Yes, that's true.
And her happiness is your son Guddu.
And if Guddu doesn't
keep my daughter happy..
Then I will be very sad.
And there's no way you can survive
in Mathura after making me unhappy.
You're a Brahmin, I'm a Brahmin.
You're Sudama (BRAHMIN),
and I am Parshuram (WARRIOR)!
So for everyone's sake, next time when
I meet Rashmi, she should look happy.
And not like you.
- Shrikant.
- Yes, uncle. Coming.
- Yes.
- Will you have tea?
- Get some tea for him.
- Yes.
And make sure you
add some extra sugar.
To maintain the sweetness
in our relationship.
Don't leave without having tea.
You too.
Shrikant, is a rascal.
They put 8 spoons of sugar in the tea.
I feel my mouth's covered in sugar.
This is an insult,
we are the groom's relative.
Look at what he's doing!
Look, son.
I know that men your age have needs.
They get bored being served
the same thing over and over again.
And often..they want a change in
their palate. Of different varieties.
And one also feels that there's
no fun in life if there's no variety.
I understand and know.
But it's important to
keep your heart in control.
Who's called an ideal person?
Someone who controls
his capricious heart..
And lays the foundation
of a happy married life.
And he's the one who commands
respect in the society.
While the rest have no place.
Do you understand?
I don't understand
what you're trying to say.
We're the ones who don't
understand what's going on.
Kamla, go inside.
Why have you been behaving
so lustfully these days?
Did you get bitten by a monkey?
- Lusty?
- Yes.
I didn't get bitten by any monkey.
Nor are my desires out of control, father.
How do I tell you what's
going on in my heart?
I want to tell the truth to everyone.
But then Mathura will
be gripped by an earthquake..
You'll be in total shock, and that
Trivedi will die of a heart attack.
- What's he saying?
- What's going on in that mind of his?
You're so stupid.
This is all your fault.
Couldn't you have taken off that
necklace before going to the temple?
If I wear the vermillion,
you have a problem.
If I don't you still have a problem.
Do you think I am used to this?
And you gave us all the ideas.
You sent us to Gwalior
and also arranged the temple.
I see..
It was you who wanted
a live-in relationship..
And you wanted to get married.
I was just helping
you guys out as a friend.
Otherwise, why would I care?
I it's all my fault.
Shut up you two.
It's all my fault.
Happy now?
My own family has stopped talking to me..
Because they think
I am some pervert ba
Who is trying to marry someone else?
And cheating on you.
And father told me how
your father threatened him..
Saying that his daughter
should always look happy.
Do I torture you every night?
Why can't you smile while talking
to your father over the phone?
I am not crazy to keep laughing
all day without a reason.
And your family's always turn
up wherever we go, like a mobile network.
If your father threatened his father,
then what is his fault?
Shut up.
It was you who said that
we shouldn't live in a hotel.
Hotels are for after the wedding.
This would've never happened
if we were living in a hotel.
I it's all my fault.
Stop it you two.
Let's forget what happened
and think about what to do next.
How do we get married, Guddu?
Always Guddu..
Guddu doesn't know.
In fact, Guddu is so desperate..
That he can get married
right here if someone's willing..
To recite the wedding vows.
Actually, I've run out of mobile data.
Can I get the Wi-fi password?
Abbas, we don't have Wi-fi.
See you then.
By the way, I've another plan.
And nothing will go wrong this time.
Swear on God.
I wonder what's wrong with Guddu.
Such a lovely child,
and the things that he's been up to..
No-no, dear. You don't have to.
Let it be.
Go and rest.
This is not your job.
No, mother, It's okay.
So dear, all okay?
Mother, can Guddu and I
visit our family deity's temple.
Yes, of course. Go ahead.
Take care of him.
If you take proper care of him at night..
Then you won't have to worry about him
at other times.
She is right, you know.
Men are like a money plant.
They need constant watering as well as
Otherwise, they diverge.
Keep him entertained.
In fact, give him something
to look forward to every night.
And he'll never look
at any other woman again.
Every night he'll come
home like an eager beaver.
Where are you going?
To the temple.
No, We're going to Rashmi's
family deity's temple which is close-by.
Deity? Who is their family deity?
He must have a name.
God is known by many names.
But He's still God after all.
Shall we?
Go on, dear. By hurry back.
And Rashmi, hold his hand.
May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy.
- Ravan!
- Lord Ram!
- No, Sri Ram.
- Where is Lord Hanuman?
- Ravan!
- Brother, they are running away.
- From where he came?
- How do I know?
They are running. Run fast.
May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy.
May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy.
Don't let go of the
hand that stole your heart!
What's your name?
"May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy."
This man has deviated again.
They are running. Catch them.
They are running. Hurry up.
May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy.
May there be familiarity..
Living would be easy.
The night is young,
and may it not be lost.
The night is young,
and may it not be lost..
It won't be coming
back on anybody's call..
Wait a second.
Why are we running?
I mean they don't know anything.
So why are we running from them?
Why are we running from them?
Wait, you rascals.
Brother, they are coming towards us. Run.
You made me run in this saree.
Why are we running?
I don't know.
I am running because you're running.
Shut up. Stop.
What what?
That's what we want to know.
Why are you following us?
We're worried for your, daughter-in-law?
You don't know that your
husband is characterless.
This rascal was trying
to marry a married woman.
You were marrying someone else?
Rashmi, he's talking
about the temple incident.
Yes, that's fine.
You don't have a problem..if
your husband marries someone else.
Chotu, where does one find such females?
Stop worrying about me.
Why were you following us?
You left home giving an
excuse of your family deity.
So what?'ll know whether we're
actually going to the temple..
- Or not only when you follow us.
- Yes.
So why are you following us?
I wasn't following you, I was on my way.
To where?
US - What?
No-no. To the clinic.
Why to the clinic?
- Brother is ill.
- Yes.
- What's wrong with him?
- Piles.
Yes.. Yes? Yes, I do.
And it's pretty bloody too.
Then get your piles treated.
Why are you following us?
If I catch you following us again..
Then I'll run a 30-minute feature
on Mathura live..
That Babulal has bloody piles
and it's contagious.
Now get lost.
Couldn't you say something else?
You should be thankful that I said piles.
Otherwise, I was going to say AIDS.
Shut up. Hurry up.
- Where to?
- That woman in the red sari.
- What red sari.
- Come on.
- But..
- Hurry up.
A reputed class of Hindu society,
means Agarwal..
Where were you?
Any longer and the couples would've
left for their honeymoon. Come on.
Don't ask. Did you register our names?
Yes, I did.
I've registered your names.
You just need to sign
and collect your token number.
They are the ones
I was telling you about.
What are their names?
Ranbir Agarwal and Damayanti Agarwal.
- Ranbir.
- Yes.
And I'm Damayanti.
Sign here.
- And their number?
- 37.
Take it. Sign it.
And listen.
Put on this headgear so you'll
never have to hide your face again.
Matches are made in Heaven.
Yes, matches are made in Heaven.
And today 50 such
couples will be made.
And Lord Krishna himself
has preordained this.
So, let's begin this interesting
event with His blessings..
Which is filled with love,
romance, and dreams.
Even I also not able to recognise you.
Today we will done the marriage.
Bride and groom take your seat.
- Radhe-Radhe. Come, sit.
- Radhe-Radhe.
- Who is going to perform the rituals?
- I will.
- And, who are you?
- I am her brother.
We will take the god's name
and begin the marriage.
Everyone, light the fire..
And take rice and
flowers in your hand.
Live happy.
If you need anything tell us.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello, how are you?
Hello. Myself, Vishnu Trivedi.
I would like to congratulate you two for
coming together in this holy matrimony.
Now you two will come together
in this institution called marriage.
What is your name, son?
He's shy.
Son, tell uncle your name.
Ranbir Agarwal.
Ranbir Agarwal.
- Son, take off your headgear.
- No!
We can't take it off
only until after the wedding.
Otherwise, it's unlucky.
And, what's your name, dear?
She won't say.
Because she can't speak.
She is dumb.
- She's dumb?
- Yes, priest.
Marrying a girl that can't speak.
You really are lucky, brother.
Thank you.
Dear, did no one
come from your family?
No one.
There is someone.
Her brother.
He was here a minute ago.
He is gone.
I telling you he is gone.
Hey, mister. Mister, come here.
You. Come on.
She's your sister?
She's my little sister.
- Littlle..
- But you're a Muslim.
Then how can you let
your sister get married here?
It doesn't matter.
He's a Muslim.
She's not my real sister,
just someone I call my sister.
You call her your sister.
But she can't speak.
She can't speak?
- Yes, Abbas, your sister can't speak.
- Yes. Yes.
If she can't speak,
how does she call you brother?
Well, she uses sign language.
She uses sign language.
Show me how.
Using signs.
There you go..already giving up.
I know this, uncle. Hindi.
I will color your face black.
Rakhi. Rakhi.
- Mr. Trivedi, please.
- Come, Shrikant.
Okay, uncle.
I think something's fishy.
Fine uncle, I'll keep an eye.
Why are you staring at me, priest?
I am a Muslim,
and not from another planet.
Do your job.
- Mr. Shukla.
- Hello uncle, its Vikas.
Uncle's taking a bath.
Vikas, are Guddu and Rashmi at home?
No, uncle. They are visiting
your family deity's temple.
- They've gone for hours now.
- Family deity.
- But we don't have a family deity.
- What?
But that's where they
said they are going.
You know what, uncle,
I'll try calling them.
Their phones are switched off.
Vikas, listen to me carefully.
And answer me correctly.
I am attending the Agarwal
Community Mass Marriage Event.
And that rascal Abbas
is getting his sister married.
The boy she's marrying
is hiding his face.
But he sounds like Guddu to me.
He's getting married again.
Someone stop that Guddu!
- Go to the mic and say loudly..
- Glory to Goddess?
- Understand.
- Yes, uncle.
Mr. Guddu Shukla,
please come up on stage.
It's him!
Shrikant, stop this marriage.
- Stop all this.
- Stop this charade.
Guddu Shukla don't you dare move.
Dumb girl also don't move.
Why did you turn around?
Let's go, Guddu, he's coming this way.
You don't know my father.
He will bury you alive.
Let's go.
I knew it.
Son-in-law, weren't you
ashamed of doing such a thing?
- Where is Rashmi?
- Tell me.
How dare you marry that Muslim's sister
when my daughter's still around.
My name is Vishnu Trivedi.
I will bury you alive.
- This man's lost his mind.
- Tell me. Where is my daughter?
This man's lost his mind.
He's completely lost his mind.
This is such a cheap thing to do.
Sister, maybe you don't
know that he's already married.
You knew everything,
so why didn't you tell her?
What kind of a brother are you?
I will beat you.
Why don't you tell us where is Rashmi?
Tell me.
Uncle, he won't speak up like this.
Speak up fast otherwise
I'll hit you. Got it?
What's going on here?
Whom are you marrying now?
With Abbas's sister.
And he knows where's my daughter.
- But he isn't telling us.
- Where is Rashmi? Tell me.
And Abbas, how can she be your sister?
Your sister already got married.
Speak up.
She's like my sister.
Who can't speak?
What are you doing, son?
Did someone drug you again?
How many times will you get married?
You got married more times in a month
than anyone else did in our entire family.
You're an embarrassment to our family.
He's a bas
Stop it all of you.
I've had enough.
And if anyone says anything more to Guddu..
She can speak.
I am not dumb.
Meaning you're marrying your wife again?
I am not his wife yet.
You'll are not letting me be.
What on earth is going on, son?
I don't understand.
It's I who don't understand,
father, what's going on.
We've been running
around just to get married.
But all efforts are in vain.
Plus I am getting beaten up, thrashed.
I am being called rascal,
pervert, and a Casanova.
Because we wanted to get married.
Because we fell in love.
I wanted a live-in relationship
before getting married.
Live-in relationship.
You two were in a live-in.
Yes, live-in.
Just like Nazeem Khan. In a live-in.
And many more young couples
around the country live. Live-in.
Meaning you're not married.
You're still a bachelor.
He's found a new lease of life.
Let's hear them out first.
Stop it all of you.
What's done is done.
We were going to seek
your permission to get married.
Please forget all of it.
How can we forget it?
What you did is a sin in our religion?
This is not religion.
Then, what is it?
- It's a topic.
- It's a topic.
For the elections.
And, Mr. Trivedi,
this is not what the youth want.
And we have the highest
number of youths in the world.
More than 700 million.
Imagine 700 million votes.
You never thought about it this way..
Which is why you lost
the previous elections.
With 2300 votes.
To that new guy.
Do you understand what's youth icon?
You lost because the youth was with him.
The youth who want to live
on their own terms, father.
The youth these days
know that religion and caste..
Are just a topic for the elections.
And your political party,
the Culture Destruction Party..
- That's Protection.
- Shut up.
What protection?
You call Colouring youth's
face black protection.
Can you even spell Culture?
The youth these days want employment.
Wide roads.
And free Wi-fi.
Yes, very important.
That's fine.
But uncle,
do we colour their faces black or not.
Color her face black.
She's my daughter.
My daughter.
If she even sneezes,
I make entire Braj quiver.
And you..
Does anyone else know that you two..
Were in a live-in relationship?
- No.
- Not at all.
- Shrikant.
- Yes, uncle.
Take all the posters
we put up against Nazeem Khan.
And no more coloring face anyone black.
- But uncle..
- Understand?
And listen.
Please go on stage
and restart the mantras.
Guddu Shukla isn't finished yet.
Sir, begin.
Yes. Everything is happen good.
You are Laung and I am Laachi.
Always following in your wake.
You are Laung and I am Laachi.
Always following in your wake.
Your love's completely floored me.
Your love's completely floored me.
I am the pride of the mountains.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Your image dwells in my dreamy eyes.
Whoever eats may also repent.
Clap. Clap.
Now they are our relatives.
- Congratulation.
- What's going on?
Guddu's getting married.
The same boy's getting
married over and over again.
Even when two bachelors
still in the house.
Well, Pappu's date has expired.
But think about me.
Hey get lost.
Sir..I am a big fan.
Can I take a selfie?
Come here.
Is one of the grooms missing,
Can I take his place?
- Talk to Mr. Shukla.
- He is my brother-in-law.
Who is he?
Son-in-law, tell me how do I attract
this young generation towards me?
Don't ask a wise man's caste..
"Ask about his intelligence."
Value the sword..
And not the scabbard.
I am Guddu Shukla.
And I am Rashmi Shukla.
And I think the sun rose
from the west in Mathura today.
Because what you're going to see next..
Is beyond your imagination.
The Culture Protection
party's MP candidate..
Mr. Vishnu Trivedi's election
rally is in progression.
And imagine who is promoting him?
Extracted By NARACHI
Fair and beautiful.
Attitude's mesmerizing.
No one's as good looking as you.
You're my soft drink bottle,
I am your opener.
I want to gulp you down.
You're my bottle of fizz.
You're on fire.
I go the gym,
I am completely lean.
When you speak,
you talk like a machine.
You say that you
watch Scooby-Doooby Doo.
Let it be,
don't have to say I love you.
Open up the bottle
let it flow freely in the alleys.
Everyone's gonna say cocoa-cola you.
Don't mistake me
for a bottle of fizz..
I am a bottle of whiskey.
One sip it all you need..
Is to get you high.
There's no tasting.
There's no stopping.
Just gulp me down in one go.
You're my bottle of fizz.
You're on fire.
You're my bottle of fizz.
You're on fire.
Come and..
Come and quench your thirst.
Come and..
Come and drive my tiredness away.
You're my bottle of fizz.
You're on fire.
You're my bottle of fizz.
You're on fire.
Make this news public.
Hang posters on every wall.
Make this news public.
Hang posters on every wall.
A boy, and a girl..
A boy, and a girl..
A boy, and a girl..
Are deeply madly in love.
I searched high and low to find love.
But once I found you,
I was relieved.
I searched high and low to find love.
But once I found you,
I was relieved.
And now that we're together,
let's go somewhere far away.
I hope we don't..
I hope we don't..
I hope we don't..
Get stuck in this world.
Newspapers are old, baby,
post online this news.
I am your sweetheart,
and you are my muse.
Take my credit card,
and better choose.
Destination wedding,
and honeymoon on cruise.
These days our love's hot news.
Every one knows but I am not sorry.
Your mom's got no tension.
I am your father's old age pension.
Take all the attention..
Just don't go crazy.