Lukas (2018) Movie Script

threatening hum
pulsating beats
House music sets in
and increases
very | auter, pounding electro-house
Cheers, whistles
battle sounds
Man I only defend myself. Ah!
Big Room House
Song: "Stay a While"
by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
distant cries
Shower splatters
Yeah... Huhuhu.
he sighs
- Slept well?
- Mhm. Yes.
- Are you hungry?
- A little, yes.
What does "Two B" mean?
This is a pencil.
Do not buy the wrong one, I need that.
You really need al! the?
And still paper from "Canson".
I take care of it.
School bell rings
Hurry up.
Hurry up, Sarah. Go on.
- Monsieur...
- Yes?
Sarah's tuition
is still pending for last month.
- I transfer it this week.
- Sighing This week, but really.
- Beautiful day, Monsieur.
I wish you too, Madame.
Beep alarm
moans and groans
very loud electro-house
- Mann come here.
- Wife Ah!
- Mann This suit was expensive!
- she screams
- Ah! Hey.
- Let's go.
- Come on!
- Less me Ios, man. Ah! Fuck!
- She spilled a drink on me.
- sober Move yourself.
Ah! Fuck!
Take your shitty fingers off of me!
- Calm down.
- I am calm.
This hooker
pour a drink on my pants,
and you wanker
drag me through the half shop?
- Calm.
- Do not touch me!
Do you know who I am?
You ass will get a lot of trouble.
For nothing.
She's just a bitch. Like you.
Omar Scheif3e, man.
Luke? Hey. Luke? Go away.
The cops were there.
I said he attacked the waitress.
That did not matter to them
you were fired.
I'm sorry.
Hope you do not get in trouble because of that.
What will you do?
I have to find work.
Maybe I have something there.
There is a strip club in Ixelles.
They should look for a bouncer.
I could make something clear.
oriental music
car horn
Vacuum cleaner is running
Man muffled
We have to reorder beer.
I'll write it down, then call.
- Speak Flemish
- I do not speak Flemish.
Come along.
Wednesday through Sunday is up.
Attention, they are naked girls.
It's very easy for guests to turn around.
Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.
You get paid every night.
It's easy.
The last one standing still has the job.
strongly muted battle lull,
Lukas groans and whimpers softly
He does not speak Flemish.
- How do you call?
- Luke.
You start on Friday.
dark cello sounds
Who was that?
A guy at work.
Does it hurt?
hesitate a bit already.
Was it a blow with the elbow?
he sighs
- Do you know what's good about it?
- No?
I'll stay home tonight.
- That's hard. groans
- Wait. Hold your hand like that...
Now a little pressure.
The next one you do alone.
Careful, fingers.
Very well.
All pure. OK then.
proudly Hm.
she hums happily
Until this evening. Hello!
Forgive the delay.
- Everything OK?
- Yes everything is okay.
School bell rings
Police. We have a couple of questions
to the incident in the nightclub.
Would you please come with me?
Door opens
he sniffs you so you say
that you did not hit him, huh?
Is that correct?
Do you know...
I have a 16-year-old son.
I often talk to him.
He comes with theories
about justice...
The world, humanity.
I could always give him a clap.
So he knows how it feels.
And also, to see
if he has the same opinion afterwards.
The father of the type you
is a member of the European Parliament.
He wants,
that we do research.
The company where you worked
weif3 nothing of you.
You live with your daughter.
She is in school
under a wrong last name.
Who are you? Why are you hiding?
So far I only:
Your name is Luke...
you're outrageous
and almost killed a guy.
- What do you want from me?
I do not want one thing: to make you angry.
Possible earlier stupidities
I'm sorry.
Work for me.
Help me,
and I'll take care of your problem.
Hey, I do not work
for the Belgian police.
You call me when it's somewhere
there are major problems in Europe.
I'm supposed to follow a fleming,
who is here to do business.
He probably has to do with counterfeit money.
20 countries want us to take it.
What do I have to do with that?
The guy I'm talking about
Its name is Jan Dekkers.
You hired in his strip club.
Just keep your eyes open
and if you see what, call me.
But I do not care.
I already said it...
You leave me room to maneuver.
I can save you from justice...
or i can you
also putt in:
Your daughter
came into a foster family,
and everything would be recorded.
That's my number, imprint it on you.
If you see something, call.
turbulent music, children scream
sluggish R'n'B beat
he speaks Flemish
slow R'n'B song
- Where is Jan?
He's busy.
sluggish R'n'B beat
drunk do you think
I'm waiting for Jan all night
and drink only water?
He can not do it today
he is sorry.
Tell him he can fuck himself on the knee.
The little girl sitting in the back...
take her back to her hotel.
Do not let her out of your eyes for a moment.
Make sure
that she arrives safely, okay?
And then you come back.
What is your name?
Are you doing everything they tell you?
Are you her little doggy?
I am Lisa.
Since you do not ask, I'll tell you.
The way you look,
can you beat yourself better...
as a conversation.
Alright, alright.
It was just a joke! "
quiet jazz piano
Elevator signal
- She is Italian.
- Zeroual Do not tell me anything.
- How old is she?
-30, 35?
- Hang around in the club and pay nothing.
- What about his new lover?
- I do not know.
- Okay, we're going after it.
Well, he starts trusting you.
- These people do not trust anyone.
Even the Teufe / needs adjutants.
Hangs up
he sighs softly
slower R'n'B
he whistles briefly
Gently. Do not touch me so hard.
Hey. What do you want from me?
It was a good evening.
Jan wants to see you. Drauen.
What do you want?
Know who you are.
The Rausschmeier in the strip club.
You only saved one number...
it is said
Sarah Hal / o? Halo, Dad?
speaks Flemish
Start the car.
Where are you from?
From here.
Nobody kermt you. Why?
I was bodyguard... abroad.
- Where?
- Southafri ka.
That's nice.
Why did you come back?
fast I lost my wife.
Because the front right.
stops engine
Come over.
You're bodyguard, right?
Jan is talking Flemish
electric door opener
threatening roar
Man sighs
He is okay.
Do you have good news for me?
They do not want shops
to do with you.
How so?
You already have business partners
in the Netherlands...
and do not trust you.
Jan Listen to... sniffs
I start everything...
and you say,
I can not deliver the goods
because of the Dutch wanker?
Do not blame me.
- And if I do that.
You said there are no problems.
The Dutch are ours
damn shei3 neighbors.
Do you know what?
Ask her what she wants.
I'll give it to you, ega! What.
So you know, you can trust me.
- I'll fix that.
- Yeah... I'll advise you that, too.
Let's go.
stops engine
Here you live, my friend?
- Yes.
- Your daughter... What's her name?
- Sarah.
- Ah.
You leave her alone when you work?
- It's better if you go to her.
- Mhm.
Uh... wait.
Keep the car.
- No, I do not need it.
- I'm going back with Geert.
I tell you, keep him.
Is a gift...
Enjoy the time with your daughter.
gentle electronic music
They know where I live.
- The watch me.
- But apparently they trust you.
Jan met a middleman:
with gallery in Ixelles.
He should make contact with Hol / change.
- Why?
No idea.
You have something he wants.
- And he desperately wants it.
- Try to find out more.
We now know
the Italian is Lisa Zaccherini.
she got
convicted of counterfeiting.
That's why Jan brought her.
I want you to keep an eye on them.
telephone rings
- Hello?
- You drove Lisa / I back to the hotel.
- Yes.
- Leave her there.
- When?
- Now.
Sarah The riding was great.
Can I go back tomorrow?
Yes, if it is possible...
Sarah hums happily
- Ciao.
- Bonjour!
- How do you call?
- Sarah.
You are very beautiful, Sarah.
And probably nicer than your father.
- Where are we going?
- Fahr on the boulevard...
I'll tell you how it goes on.
pulsating sounds
- It is settled.
- Jan Okay.
I'll send you an address right away.
There we meet.
Who did you call?
I'll be right back.
Go in, Geert is waiting for you.
Cow is dead
Cows moo
We have to pick something up.
- That's all you need to know.
- When?
- Now.
- Sarah calls dad!
Tell him,
He should bring her back immediately.
Do it... if you are your daughter
do not want to see you again.
If you do something, I'll kill you.
You and your boss.
We should get the guy.
- Why should we do that?
The Dutch only negotiate
if they get that.
The best crack cook in Europe.
Worked for them earlier.
He's self-employed.
- What's the plan?
What do you mean by that?
We go in and get him out.
- How many are in it?
- No idea.
So you want to get in, get the guy out
and look at everything that moves?
Do you know something better?
Wait here.
pulsating sounds,
machine rattling
muted barking
Yes, I finish the delivery.
Man 2 We should do that
just check.
Man 3
We have to go back.
exciting pulsating sounds
Sounds increase
silent scene, only music
No, ah.
Man gun away!
Alright, alright. Do not shoot.
Man fem Watch it, he is armed.
Man 2
Take care of him. Where are they going?
Hurry, hurry!
- Where is my daughter?
- Stay calm. She is safe.
It's nice here with you.
I do not actually live here.
- Will you work with dad?
- You are curious.
What do you do then?
And what is your dad doing?
He was, um...
a security guard, has protected people.
- A bodyguard?
- Yeah right.
He protected mom's dad,
when we lived in South Africa.
- So they got to know each other.
- Wow.
And where is your mom?
When we were in Africa,
she had an accident.
An accident?
People killed them,
to take her car.
I'm sorry.
It does not have to.
someone's Knocking
- Where is she?
- It's fine.
Look what we did.
Pack together, we go.
Hurry up.
You're forcing me to come here.
You do not call, do not go
on the phone. What was Ios?
They picked up my daughter
and forced me to do something.
- And what?
- We have kidnapped someone for Jan
Whom? For what reason?
He needs him for the Dutch,
to negotiate with them.
- What is it about?
- I do not know.
- Then bring it in.
- No. I quit.
They kidnapped my daughter,
this goes too far.
I know,
what you did in South Africa.
Do you know what that means?
If you do not continue,
I'll send you back.
Hey, do you understand?
OK then. This is not a good moment
we need you.
And your daughter too.
Ah. You're back.
Do you know...
I'm sorry about the other day.
Staff are barely available at the moment.
I knew you were doing your job well.
That is a compliment.
I trust you.
Never chase my daughter again.
For the inconvenience.
- I do not want to stop yet.
- Ah.
We're up from Wednesday to Sunday.
I want more.
Tomorrow we exchange the crack cook.
Did you get that together with Geert?
romantic piano music in the background
Cart is approaching
You can leave.
Piano music continues
It's OK.
- You do not know what you are doing.
- Shut up.
You are not coming out alive here.
They'll kill me...
and then you.
tires squealing
- Man is okay.
- whimpering no. No.
- Shoot him! Schiel3!
- Schsse
Geert driving! Come on, Ios, Ios!
Weapon clicks
heavy, driving sounds
breathes anxiously
exciting music
Tire squeal, pistol clicks
a vehicle is approaching
Lisa screams
Lisa whimpers
silent scene, only pulsating sounds
Go inside.
Hm? Go.
- What happened?
- The guy we brought...
tried to escape,
then they started shitting.
Geert shot back.
Sarah. Come quickly!
- Goodbye!
- Wiedersehen!
Sarah hums happily in the background
It's me.
- Was you in the parking garage?
They would like a barter.
- What did they want to swap?
- A watermark.
That means,
send a new load.
They change location,
we can not get it.
- Do you have the doubt?
- Sarah humming to herself
No. I risk my life for that.
OK. That's what we're going to do.
Hangs up
Take the crayons calmly.
Will you be gone long?
I do not know.
Hey. Not bad here, right?
Omar is really nice...
And you understand yourself well
with Moussa. Hm?
Listen, I have to
do a few things and...
I promise you,
I'll get you back, right?
Are you scared?
A little.
I'm not worried about you.
- That's all you need?
- Yes.
You can count on me, brother. Hey!
I'll do it alone.
You paint really nice pictures.
You have talent.
When I saw you for the first time,
Did you beat up half-old guys?
Do you know what I thought?
"The guy is either
totally fucked...
or he survives everything,
because he can adapt to anything. "
What do you think?
I do not know. Some of both.
The two fit together.
Do you understand now what you have to do?
With Lisa?
- Which does not concern me.
- Oh but.
After what you have done for me.
Like it or not.
We soon print banknotes.
And I need you there.
You will take good care of Lisa.
She is
Especially after what happened.
If she loses her nerves...
I can not print a single bill.
I'm dead without her.
Do you understand what I mean?
I lived near Crotone.
Do you know that?
It is in southern Italy. A poor area.
But it is by the sea.
I was often
in my father's printing shop.
She was his one and only.
When he died, my mother sat
and me in the Scheif3e.
And since I needed money,
I started
To print counterfeit money.
At the beginning,
to pay off father's debt.
But then I continued.
Do you know what that means?
That means lifelong.
To print counterfeit money here with us
is worse than killing a child.
- Could we have helped Geert?
- No.
If you're involved in something like that,
it always ends badly.
The same goes for you.
What happened to your wife?
A carjacking that went awry.
They killed her.
And did you find the culprits?
The police do not.
But I.
vibrating alert
Can you drive me?
Lukas' fight lull in the background
Nothing, the container was empty.
Jan will leave.
He knows, we are looking for him.
- We still have a chance.
- Which?
Jan has to hurry
to deliver. And...
I think he has already cashed.
You think he's robbing a bank
to become liquid?
Let the girl out of there.
- No, I can not let her go.
I'm talking to her.
Okay good.
Fig / io di puttana.
You whistled us.
- Why did you do that?
- For Sarah, they have me in hand.
- Red no Scheif3.
- That's the truth.
They release you for pressure.
They have nothing against me in the hand!
quieter you know everything you do.
They will not let up.
- Do you trust them?
- I have no choice.
I wanted to protect you.
No no.
You were just trying to protect yourself.
You and your family.
You sacrificed me for that.
sobbing and crying
quietly do you want to end up like Geert?
Do you want it? Honestly?
- I do not know.
- Look at me.
We will make it.
We will make it.
- OK?
- OK.
What do you want here?
I wanted to talk to you.
- We have a big problem.
- How big?
As big as a police raid.
You have Lisa.
Do not worry,
I talked to the lawyer,
they have nothing against them in hand.
- So we have no problem.
- Doch... we have.
We have a lot of pressure.
- Does that mean you want to stop?
- I can not.
We have to print the money.
The people I work for have paid.
Come on... Let's go round.
You are crazy.
The police were with me and arrested
the girl who works for me.
What does the Gamze have to do with me?
I did not catch a whistle.
It was these Dutchmen
with whom you have worked.
No, they would never do that.
I see it that way...
The transaction went awry,
and the Dutch
wanted to take revenge on me.
If they wanted that,
they would not have sent any bulls.
Wait, wait Wait...
Maybe it was the little one too.
- No.
- Why are you so sure?
She knew we would
to get that stuff somewhere else.
Maybe he was?
That gentleman there... has become
My hands got dirty for me.
Do you see?
As soon as there is doubt... it's over.
Sarah Are we giving away?
- I do not know.
- When are you coming back?
Soon, Sarah.
I love you, dad.
melancholic music
Door is opened and closed
rhythmic pounding in the background
Come on, Lisa. Get ready.
Give me my flowers.
- Fuck.
fast rhythmic pounding
- That's okay.
- That's okay?
I thank you.
Go on.
Put that in the car.
Buy something nice for your daughter.
Official police!
Policeman 2
No movement, gun down.
On the knee.
On my knees, I say. It will be soon!
Come on, pack everything together.
Policeman laughs Today is payday.
Policeman 2 Scheif3e, great feeling.
Zeroual What are you waiting for?
- laughing
- Zeroual Go, nothing like away here.
You are still not dead?
calls loud Nico!
Nico. Damn it.
groans softly
fast steps
- Policious Damned Scheif3e. Scheif3e.
Officer 2 Hey. Hey!
Vehicle is approaching
pulsating sounds
groans painfully
it is said
Sarah Hal / o? Father?
- Are you doing well?
- breathed yes.
weak I'm coming now.
the engine starts.