Lulli (2021) Movie Script

[woman] You know those dreams,
the ones we've dreamed for a long time?
Well, so, tomorrow, mine will come true.
I'll put on a white coat and feel
like a real doctor for the first time.
My name is Lulli, but you can call me...
the world's happiest medical student.
...push and pull you down
Livin' la vida loca
[Lulli] I always dreamed
of being a doctor,
and nobody believed in me.
They saidI was crazy.
Maybe I'm both a doctor and crazy,
just like everyone else.
[woman] Livin' la vida loca
[exhales] Do you think
I should order something real
or I don't know,
a hamburger sounds really good.
I need to talk to you
about something, Lulli.
Okay, tell me then.
I think that I'm gonna quit college.
Ugh! Oh, Diego, come on my love.
This again, no, no, no.
Forget about that, come on.
This was supposed
to be a night for celebration,
but it was the beginningof
the weirdest experience of my life.
Not even science could explain it.
That's why I'm asking you
to listen closely.
Which is ironic,
and you'll soon find out why.
Bacon, don't want that.
Cheese though, I could do that.
Is it okay if we talk now?
Mmm, I don't know, Diego.
Really, stop.
No, I mean, seriously,
I really wanna quit college.
You keep on saying that
over and over since you went to Canada.
You wanna live with your mom there?
No, I already told you that.
And besides, even she thinks it's best
that I graduate out here
because of dad's practicing clients
I agree, uh-huh.
Do they have low-fat cheese here?
I'm going to the bathroom. [groans]
What is it?
It's that pain in my leg that
started when I got back, remember?
- Yeah, I do.
- Now it's in my thigh.
Ah, good idea!
I could order chicken thighs.
[singing "La Lambada" byKaoma]
- Here you are. Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Hmm, no burger after all.
And you, did you open up to Paola?
Paola is our professor for the internship.
At least she listens when I talk to her.
That's wonderful, Diego.
I think that's just great.
Do you know why?
Because I'm tired. I'm sick of this drama.
I'm sorry but it's just worn me out.
- If you want to drop out then do it, okay?
- Really?
[Lulli] If it's causing you distress
then maybe it's a bad idea,
maybe you shouldn't be a doctor.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
But you did. Right, Lulli?
There's a lot to admire about you,
but not everyone is
strong and determined like you are.
I try to open up to you
about the worst crisis of my life
but for you, that's just drama.
Here I am pouring my heart out to you,
and you're worried about what food
you should order. I want to talk...
- Diego, calm down! [sighs]
- I don't know, maybe we should...
Get off the phone, Lulli.
Hey, is everything all right?
You're yelling,
I heard it all the way over there.
- Are you guys okay?
- Fine. [inhales sharply]
[breathing heavily]
What's up, Diego?
[continues breathing heavily]
Is there shrimp in this?
Yeah, what about it?
Oh no! He's having an allergic reaction.
[woman] We need an ambulance!
- Call an ambulance!
- [Lulli] Hold on, Diego.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Get out of the way.
[siren wailing]
[gentle music playing]
Geez, Diego,
how come you never told me
that you're allergic to shrimp?
I told you a thousand times before.
It's not peanuts?
No, it was never peanuts.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna be all right, yeah.
So listen,I had a great idea
about how we should celebrate
our anniversary together...
Lulli, stop talking
and just listen for once, okay?
We're done.
We're over?
We are,Lulli.
We're over.
- [woman] Lulli!
- [Lulli] Hmm?
- [woman] Baby.
- [Lulli] What, Mom?
[mom] Know what time it is?
[gasps] Damn it!
Oh God! Oh my God. Crap!
[mom] Absolutely unbelievable!
How can someone break up with their
girlfriend while riding in an ambulance?
Mom! Mom, I can't talk right now.
- But look at you, Lulli. You're so sad.
- Oh God, Mom.
A mother knows these things.
- Did you get any sleep at all last night?
- I'm fine.
And today is such a big day for you.
I am so, so proud of you, sweetheart.
Your father would be too.
Seems like yesterday you told him
- you wanted to be a doctor.
- Give me a hand, Mom.
Watch that lunch box, Lulli.
Watch the coat.
How could you forget that he was
allergic to shrimp if he told you already?
He talks too much. I can't pay attention
to everything that he says.
Lulli. Lulli, that is an awful thing
for you to say.
[Lulli] See you later.
- Good morning, Lulli.
- Julio, I'm late.
Ah, the car broke down again.
I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get it towed.
- It was a night from hell.
- You're telling me.
Hey! Hey, do you want
to do something together later?
- Morning, Miss Miriam.
- Morning, Julio.
[pleasant music playing]
Hey! Hey, hey, hold on!
Hey, hey, wait! Oh! [yelps]
[pleasant music continues]
[Lulli] Oh no, no, no.
I'll have to get up.
Please, somebody get up,
so I don't have to.
Somebody get up, please. Anybody.
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black.
[teacher] And who else here
knows what they're going to be?
[Lulli] I do.
- [teacher] Tell us, Lulli.
- [Lulli] I'm going to be a doctor.
A surgeon.
And what made you
want such a difficult career?
Um, because I wanna help people
and I wanna make my parents proud of me.
[boy] You don't even have a dad!
And your mom bakes cakes
for poor people's parties.
Shut up!
[Lulli] Dad, I know you're listening.
You've always told me
it's important to be on time.
I listened. In fact, I still do,
as if you were here.
Those who have it easy
don't care about time,
but those who work hard,
cannot waste time.
I miss you so much.
Hey, good morning. Let's go. First day!
- How are you?
- Take it easy. I just woke up.
[Lulli] Come on, cheer up.
Diego didn't come, right?
He dropped out, yeah?
- Thanks for stopping by.
- Yeah.
I guess not.
- We can talk more about it later, okay?
- Uh-huh.
[suspicious music playing]
Let's go.
Okay, I'm coming.
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Hey.
[both] Morning.
[breathes deeply]
Wait up, Lullu! You're going too fast.
[woman] What's up, Diego? Feeling better?
[Diego] Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
- [woman] That must have been scary.
- [Diego] Yeah, no big deal.
[woman] Well, okay, see you later.
You doing okay?
Yeah, I am.
I thought you dropped out.
I decided to stay.
Because of Paola?
No, I did it for me.
Okay, guys, shall we begin?
You wanna work here, don't you?
If you're here,
you really want to be surgeons,
so, let me give you some advice.
It can apply to surgery,
as well as patient care and diagnosis.
A doctor is not a doctor
if they don't listen to their patients.
Did you hear me?
Because a student is not a good student
unless they listen to what
their favorite teacher has to say.
Let's move.
Is everyone here?
Things can be tough around here,
and you all have a lot
to learn before doing anything
without the supervision of a doctor.
Is that clear?
- [woman] Yes, Doctor.
- [Paola] Good.
[Paola] This is Infirmary 1.
Most patients here are
newly admitted to the hospital, okay?
Good morning. How are you?
Jos, how are you feeling today?
Did you manage to eat anything?
[labored breathing]
[Paola] Mm-hmm. That's good.
[whimsical music playing]
I see your fever broke.
God, these cramps hurt so bad. Ow.
[whimsical music continues]
Excuse me. Wait here, okay?
- Ow.
- Lulli?
He's having kidney cramps.
So, were you listening to me
or purposely ignoring what I said?
Did you pay any attention to me?
A doctor will take care of him.
But I'm here.
So you're a professional?
[breathes deeply]
All right, Lulli...
- [Lulli] But, Paola, I...
- No, let's see, okay.
Let's pretend you're a doctor.
What would you do in this case?
I'd give him a vial of Dipyrone.
[clicks tongue]
And have you checked
to see if the patient has any allergies?
This is serious, Lulli.
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
You need to understand
that before we do anything,
you need to take a look
at the patient's file
and listen to the patients.
[somber music playing]
[Paola] Oscar Ferreira de Souza.
He was admitted with slurred speech,
vertigo, and lack of motor coordination.
Excessive alcohol?
That's right, Elena.
He has a history of alcoholism.
Nice, Elena. Congrats.
No way.
You're right to be skeptical, Vanessa.
So, what do we need to know, Paola?
He says that he stopped drinking
over a year ago.
So what's the diagnosis?
And what procedure should be enacted?
Could it be encephalitis?
Good guess, but it's not.
Come on, Paola, tell us.
- It's a stroke!
- A stroke!
- It affected the cerebellum.
- Cerebellum.
[Paola] Well done. You both got it right.
Now, take his MRI
to confirm the diagnosis, okay?
[thunder rumbling]
[Diego sighs]
I really wish that my son was with me.
Do you want me to call him?
I can call him if you'd like me to.
That's no use. He wouldn't answer.
Relax, Oscar.
That's right. I'll be here for you.
We're here, yeah?
[Lulli] Wow...
Your eyes are so sparkly.
They remind me of my dad.
They are the exact same color
and the same shape.
[Diego] Lulli.
[MRI tech] Try not to move.
All right, Oscar?
If you feel anything, just press
that little ball and we'll stop.
[machine whirring]
You can't ignore me forever.
[sighs] Just focus on the patient.
You're acting like a child, Lulli.
And what about you?
You're hot for teacher.
Seriously? You are jealous of Paola?
That's ridiculous.
Diego, I'm sorry. I... I have
trouble listening to people, you know.
Lulli, I don't get it. What's going on?
I should be the one who's upset,
not just becauseyou had
a stupid jealousy fit,
but you not listening
could've killed me.
You didn't die, though.
Diego, I want to
pay attention to the exam.
That's what doctors do, by the way.
Or maybe you're really not
cut out to be a doctor then,right?
- [thunder rumbling]
- Really?
- [lights flickering]
- [Lulli] What's happening?
[machine powering down, beeping]
The screen isn't working.
Yeah, I'll... I'll have to call maintenance.
I won't be long, okay?
Don't touch anything, all right?
Yeah, I'll be right back.
Don't you think that
we should take Oscar out of there?
Lulli, calm down.
He said he'll be right back.
No, what if he's not
feeling well and something happens?
He'll press the little ball.
[scoffs] What? How can we even be sure
the little ball is working?
The lights are blinking, Diego.
[Diego] Lulli, they have a generator.
[gasps] Look, the screens are down.
What makes you think
the little ball isn't broken as well?
Lulli, calm down. He'll be back soon.
[gasps] Hey, he... he's moving in there.
He just moved his feet. I'm going in.
Lulli, Lulli, no!
- No, Lulli, don't touch the machine!
- Sir, are you okay? Sir, wait.
- Ahh!
- [alarm blaring]
[machines beeping]
[Vanessa] Hey.
- [groans]
- [Vanessa] Psst!
Oh wow, you don't look so good.
Your skin looks terrible.
- What?
- Are you okay?
Did... Did you say something?
No, but you just
regained consciousness so maybe a dream.
Oh yeah.
Hey, hey, Vanessa, is Oscar doing okay?
- Was he hurt during the MRI?
- No, he wasn't hurt during the MRI?
But there was a stroke, actually.
- I had a... Oh.
- [Vanessa] No, he did, weirdo!
- You're doing fine, as well as possible.
- Oh, great.
You were admitted for observation.
And Diego? Where is he?
He's right next to you.
[Vanessa] Hey, Lulli.
- Hmm?
- You know I don't like to gossip, but...
- Yes, you do, Vanessa.
- I do not.
- You do.
- Okay, I do.
Paola is taking care of Diego.
[sighs] I knew it.
- [inhales deeply] Ugh, we are not talking.
- Why not?
Why not? He's gonna say
it's all my fault, Vanessa!
Was it?
It was. You know me, what I'm like.
And, as usual,
I didn't listen when Diego warned me.
Oh, Lulli...
Hey, Vanessa, tell me,
do you think Paola
will expel me because of this?
- Mmm...
- Oh God, I was so irresponsible.
Vanessa, she's going to use this
to get me out of the way
and make it so
she has Diego all for herself. I know it.
Okay, you're going to
need to lay down for me.
You're talking nonsense.
You should get some more rest.
- That's not going to happen, all right?
- Yeah.
- Like Paola needs to do that to get Diego.
- Huh?
What? What? Huh?
What? What?
- What... What did you say that for?
- I didn't say anything.
I just think you should talk to Paola
and explain what's going on.
And you should
also talk to Diego, right, Lulli?
I mean, your relationship
right now is a total nightmare.
Enough with that, right?
Just rip off that Band-Aid.
What Band-Aid?
What Band-Aid?
Vanessa, do you think
Diego is dating Paola?
[exhales] Of course not.
Of course he is.
- Are you sure?
- Sure.
[sniffles] Yeah.
I hate lying, but poor thing.
[whimsical music playing]
Wanna kiss me?
Really, Vanessa? [exhales sharply]
- I'm acting weird, oh my God.
- I'm aware, I think.
- [exhales]
- I'll call Paola.
Doctor, Lulli has just woken up.
Oh, that's great. I do need to
clear some things up with her.
Diego, Diego, come on.
You need to keep resting.
Lay down, okay?
[woman] Oh, I can't forget.
One 10 ml vial.
- What?
- Where is she?
She was here, just now, I swear.
[woman over PA] Attention, Dr...
- Bye.
- Thanks again.
- Lulli, are you okay?
- Yeah.
[doctor] Okay.
How are you, Oscar?
Hey, pretty lady. Are you doing all right?
I was worried about you.
[chuckles] No one has said that to me
in a very long time.
Relax, okay.
We'll all do everything we can
to get you feeling better, I promise.
That means so much. Thank you, Doctor.
But medicine can't heal everything.
- [gasps]
- Good morning.
I have to go, Oscar.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Lulli!
- Oh... Oh my God!
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm doing great.
You're acting a little weird.
I need to findRicardo.
He's in Lab 403.
- Ricardo!
- [Elena] Umm...
Bye, Elena.
Hey, everybody's looking for you.
[playful music playing]
[sirens wailing]
[woman 1] Isn't a wedding ring
supposed to be sacred?
I'm gonna get myself a better one.
What did you say?
[man] Damn it! If I could,
I'd send my boss to hell!
What a jerk!
[woman 2] Whoa, whoa.
What, is she crazy or something?
- [grunts]
- [woman 3] What in the...
- This girl needs a mustache wax.
- [whimpering]
- I'm sorry.
- [woman 4]Ow.
No one's getting up.
My legs are killing me today. God!
For God's sake, is someone going to
get up so this lady can sit down?
[people murmuring]
[coach] Yep, yep, yeah. Over here!
[indistinct chatter]
All right, let's go for it.
Good work.
Good one.
Over here.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Good one.
- Another one.
- [chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
Come on down. Come on down. Over here.
[coach] Pay attention!
- [grunting]
- [man] Come on, give me the ball.
[indistinct chatter]
Go for it, Max!
- Jesus.
- [groans]
[coach] You did good, Max.
Hey, pay attention. Your turn, Julio.
Go! Let's go, Julio!
Come on, eyes on the ball.
Good work.
Good one.
Come on.Good!
Come on, Julio, get it.
Here ya go.
Okay. Congratulations!
Good work, guys. Good practice!
Thanks for your work today, coach.
What's up, coach?
[coach] I'm making you a starter.
What? But Max?
You crazy, Julio? You're doing great work.
But the finals are
practically here, Coach.
Exactly. Is there a problem with that?
Yeah, it's my calf.
It's still not fully healed up.
- Hmm.
- It could be a sprain.
Let's put some ice on it. Then we'll see.
[coach] Max, you'll play starter.
Bencio, you'll be on the bench.
And Julio, you'll sit out for the moment.
[Julio] Hey,
what a nice surprise. [chuckles]
What are you doing here?
I thought you were at the hospital today.
Yeah, well... [chuckles]
...the thing is...
Um, did you hurt yourself?
Yeah, yeah, my calf is hurting a bit.
It's nothing. It's okay.
You seemed all right on the court.
Can I take a look?
Mmm, yeah, go ahead.
[clears throat] Look.
- Here?
- Yeah, right there.
Did she notice?
I thought you wanted to be a starter.
Of course I do, Lulli.
But I won't be able to do it with my calf.
A starter in the finals?
In a crowded gymnasium
with everyone looking at me,analyzing me?
Not a chance. No, no, no, no way.
Ow! What are you doing, Lulli?
I thought you were
supposed to be a doctor.
Not yet.
- And you're totally faking that injury.
- Okay, genius.
And how do you know how I'm feeling?
I... I know exactly
what you're feeling, Julio.
[sobbing] That's the thing.
I have no idea.
[chuckles] Lulli, there's no such thing
as hearing thoughts.
So you're saying
you're actually hurt then?
Yeah, of course.
- These voices, are they in my head?
- Definitely.
It must be the shock.
They'll be gone soon.
[phone buzzing]
Ugh, it's Diego.
[line ringing]
[on voicemail] Hi, it's Lulli,
leave a message.
- [Julio] You should talk to him, Lulli.
- I don't know, Julio.
- [Miriam] Are you trying to kill me?
- Calm down, I'm fine.
- Oh. Hi, Miss Miriam. Is that pound cake?
- Go ahead.
Why didn't you answer
when I called, Lulli?
It died.
It died and I went to his practice.
Right, Julio?
Uh, yeah. It's true, she did.
Couldn't you have called?
I spent hours and hours
worrying about what might have happened.
Oh, Mom, you don't need
to be so dramatic. Come on.
- I'm so happy you're okay.
- Please. [chuckles]
[Miriam] She's pushing me away again.
No, I'm not pushing you away.
I just didn't want you to worry.
But letting your daughter breathe a bit
might be a good idea.
You should listen to her,
she's a doctor now.
A doctor, but she's still my little girl.
She's cheeky, cranky, and uncommunicative.
And it's all my fault.
Mom, did you know
you're the best mom ever?
And you are just
the most fabulous physician.
[Miriam] You're always alone.
Life made you bitter.
Hey, Mom,
look, everything I have,
I owe it all to you.
And also, any mistakes I make
are my fault, not yours.
All right, but running away
from the hospital was a huge mistake.
Who told you I ran away?
You were involved
in a horrible freak accident.
And you passed out,
and who knows, you could've died.
And then you woke up
with your mind disoriented
and you ran away from the hospital.
How could you do that, Lulli?
Okay, so tell me, who told you all that?
I promised not to tell.
- I'm going to kill Vanessa!
- [sighs]
- Seriously, your cooking is the best.
- Mmm. [chuckles]
Come on, Julio.
Do you think you would
ever go out with her again?
I thought you two were so cute. [chuckles]
We were just kids then.
She's actually too bossy for me.
It wouldn't work.
- [Lulli] Julio!
- See?
- Mmm. [chuckles]
- [Julio] I gotta go.
Miriam thinks you and I should be
a couple again. Yeah right. [chuckles]
What's so funny? Huh?
What are you saying, Lulli?
There's no way that would happen.
Why not? Say it.
I'm a lunatic? Because I'm bossy?
Because I'm cold and distant?
- Is that what it is? Huh?
- No! What?
It's nothing like that.
It's just...
Well, Lulli, you're my best friend.
- Because I'm gay, okay?
- [gasps]
You're gay?
Of course not, Lulli.
Dude, how could I not notice it?
I'm such a bad friend.
I'm sorry I didn't...
Hey, stop it, Lulli.
Just knock it off, okay?
You're totally crazy!
You need to see a doctor.
Do you swear to me
that you aren't gay, Julio?
One, two, three, four, five...
I swear!
No. No, wait.
Did you really just count to five
so I wouldn't read your thoughts?
Oh my God!
- You really can read people's minds.
- Yes.
And you are gay then. Julio...
[doorbell rings]
Lulli, please just, don't tell anyone.
Hey, of course. Count on me.
I won't tell anyone.
But only if you promise you won't say
a word to anyone about my mind reading.
Of course. I swear.
[Miriam] Lulli, someone's here to see you!
I won't tell anyone.
And if I did, who'd believe it?
I won't tell anyone, either.
- What the hell, Lulli?
- Quiet Vanessa.
- Shh. Close the door!
- Where have you been?
Were you making out?
What's going on?
Lulli said she can read people's minds.
[chuckles] What? Come on.
- [scoffs] And Julio is gay!
- What?
Shh. We can't talk about this right now.
- What is going on in here?
- [Julio] Shh!
- We've gotta get out...
- Stop talking...
Your mom will hear us.
I look awful in that photo.
Vanessa, come on, we're going!
That only happens
in movies, it's not real.
[Lulli] It's okay, Vanessa.
It took me some time to believe it, too.
Okay, so what am I thinking right now?
[Lulli] Let me see...
Wait, "A, E, I, O, U?" Come on!
That's what I was thinking.
Wow, those are
some deep thoughts, Vanessa.
Julio, look who's talking.
You counted to five, you know.
Well, that's not the only thing
you heard me thinking about, is it, Lulli?
- You heard my secret and told everyone.
- Hey!
Oh, so now Vanessa is "everyone".
Julio, give me a break.
I wasn't going to say anything
but you told her about my thing first.
Let's just stop talking about it.
Let's change the subject.
Okay, fine, we won't talk about your life.
[Lulli] Mm-hmm.
But, Julio, you're gay!
Guys, I'm sorry,
but I can't just not talk about that.
- And I thought my gaydar was good.
- [clicks tongue]
Well, it sucks.
Julio, just come out to everyone.
We'd support you. What's the problem?
What's the problem?
Where should I start, Vanessa?
Especially since
everything is weird nowadays.
And in my case, it's even worse
because I love volleyball.
A lot of the guys that I play
are sexist or they're homophobes.
They wouldn't accept that.
It's not easy.
[Lulli] Yeah, no, I get it.
I can understand why
you would keep it a secret, Julio.
And, hey, what about that fake leg injury?
You gonna lie forever?
Are you going to tell your mom?
I don't think so.
At least not for now, Vanessa.
My mom, she has... [inhales]
...she has too many things
to worry about as it is.
I don't want to give her any more.
What I want to know is
how I'm going to get rid of this problem.
That's what I want.
Get rid of what?
What? The whole
mind-reading thing, Vanessa.
- No.
- Huh?
Lulli, you've been given
a divine gift, a blessing.
Wanting to get rid of it
might even be a sin, don't you think?
- What? No way.
- [Vanessa] C'mon, think about it.
You could help me, uh,
find out if Ricardo is into me.
You could find out
what Paola's feelings really are.
Okay, I have to agree.
- You've got something there. You do.
- [Vanessa] I know.
I don't even have to be a mind reader
to know that the both of you are crazy.
[Julio chuckles]
Wait a minute.
Do you think that Diego
can read minds too?
There's only one way to find out.
[siren wailing]
- I don't know.
- [Vanessa] Why not embrace it?
This hearing people's minds business,
it could be very useful.
[Lulli] Hey, look.
[indistinct chatter]
Dr. Csar?
I've never seen Diego's dad here.
- Aah.
- No way. Wait a minute.
[suspicious music playing]
Maybe Diego got hurt
worse than we thought.
Yeah. He seems pretty okay to me.
[Vanessa] Obviously,
he's talking to Paola.
[Lulli scoffs]
Crap, he saw me!
He's coming this way.
What do I do? What do I do? Help.
I don't know. You're the superhero. Bye.
- Vanessa...
- [Diego] Lulli!
- Vanessa!
- Lulli!
[Diego] You disappeared yesterday.
Oh. I turned my phone off.
Studying again, I bet.
Not even a shock makes you lose focus.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
What about you?
Are you all right? Do you feel anything?
I'm feeling great.
Why are... What is it?
You guess.
I'm trying to.
- Mmm.
- Good morning!
[kissing and chuckling]
Now do you know why
I was looking at you, Lulli?
Because I love you.
Aren't you still angry with me?
Angry? Why?
God, uh...
[clears throat] Okay, uh...
It's just that,
what we went through yesterday.
- Yeah.
- [Paola] Lulli?
- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah, of course.
I'll be upstairs.
Right, I have to go.
Oh, wait, there's one more thing.
I know where we'll
celebrate our anniversary.
- Okay? It's a surprise.
- Yeah.
- Just you wait.
- [chuckles]
So, how are you? Do you feel anything?
No, nothing. I'm doing super well.
That's good.
Lulli, I'm going tobe straight with you.
Diego has a rare type of amnesia.
Your teststurned out fine,
but he forgot about yesterday,
at least what happened before the shock.
- Just yesterday?
- [Paola] I believe so.
I called Csar, Diego's father,
because I was worried.
He said that it's just a mild trauma.
Something temporary.
Does Diego know about the amnesia?
He doesn't have any memory of
what happened to him. Do you understand?
Well, you know, I tend to worry about him.
[Vanessa] Lulli, you've been
given a divine gift, a blessing.
You could find out
what Paola's feelings really are.
That's so beautiful.
It's not often that a professor
would be so concerned
about her student's well-being.
Diego is very privileged,
I think that you know that.
But he's so lost, so confused.
He grew up without love.
You're right.
He's a brilliant kid.
He doesn't deserve his dad.
I feel a certain responsibility for him
because I've known him
since he was little.
He's like a son to me.
I'll keep an eye on him,
and I'd like you to help me with that.
Yes. Anything.
Let's go.
- [woman speaking indistinctly over PA]
- [typing]
- So?
- [Lulli] Hmm?
- Hmm?
- What?
- Did you find out?
- Mm-hmm.
- Is he dating Paola?
- Hold on, come here.
Paola only sees him as if he's a son.
- [chuckles]
- It's true Vanessa.
He has some kind of
rare post-traumatic amnesia.
He doesn't know we broke up.
You gonna say anything?
I shouldn't.
I don't know if it's a good idea.
So, read his mind.
That's the thing,
he's the one mind I can't read.
I tried.
Don't tell me
your powers are disappearing.
- [sighs]
- Hold on.
Come on, find out if Ricardo is into me.
Vanessa, don't do that!
Oh, come on, not even if...
Oh my God, no, no.
I told you, no, I'm not doing that.
Okay, got it, Code of Ethics.
But now, at least, we know for sure
that your power is still working.
Vanessa, would you
please stop calling it a power?
- But you read minds. Don't you...
- Quit being insufferable.
- Hey, cutie.
- Hey.
- You good?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, Vanessa.
- Hey, Diego. How are you?
Good. [chuckles]
I just got shocked, no big deal.
In fact I... I just feel like I don't
remember a few things, but it's all right.
I'm not crazy, okay?
Except for Lulli.
- [Diego chuckles]
- Hmm, cute.
I think he's just wonderful, girl.
Don't tell him. Enjoy it.
Now help me get that basic chick
away from my crush, will you?
You'll be my best friend forever.
- Vanessa, I think...
- Hm?
- could take your hand off of me.
- Of course.
I was just cleaning your coat. Gross.
Is everyone here?
Meet me at the clinic.
I'll be right there.
[upbeat song playing]
- So tell me your name.
- Mara Haragushiku.
- [Paola] And what's been going on?
- I feel so exhausted.
Gonna save your life
It's gonna be all right
Did you get an eyebrow implant?
No, this is natural.
Just tired.
[clears throat] Mm-hmm.
Hello, Mara.
- Hello.
- [Mara] Hello.
Mara Haragushiku. 36 years old.
[Ricardo] Judging from
the patient's symptoms and history...
She has mononucleosis.
So, do you all agree?
[upbeat song continues]
It's gonna be all right
Have you recently played with cats?
No, I can't. I'm allergic.
- Oh, hey, the question's for her.
- [chuckles] I'm sorry.
So, Mara, about the cats.
No, of course not.
Are you crazy?
This will be the doom of my relationship.
Sir, are you certain?
How can she tell? It looks so natural.
[upbeat song continues]
Mara, it's your health at stake here.
[sighs] Yes, all right,
I played with cats.
I... I went to have dinner
with some friends from school.
It was at my ex's house,
Geraldo doesn't know about it.
He always gets so jealous.
Lulli is right.
Ooh. Score.
Vanessa, we're all on the same team here.
Of course. Sorry. That was too far.
You don't say.
Way to go. You burned that painkiller
who thinks that she's antibiotics.
How did you know that she was lying?
Hmm... Sixth sense.
[Paola] Well, the next patient is
Jean Azevedo, 54.
So, Lulli, what is your diagnosis?
Tiredness and hair loss, so I'd say...
Does everyone agree?
And what do you think Lulli did
to get so many diagnoses right?
She's a genius, and she's my friend.
Sorry, guys.
I wonder how someone
can be a genius and your friend?
Oh, Elena...
And what do you think, Lulli?
Ooh, well, I listened to them.
That's exactly right.
And you're all dismissed for today, then.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I guess I'm just a little tired.
I know. Watching you today
was better than watching House.
[both chuckle]
You really don't want a ride?
No. No, it's fine,
I'm meeting up with Julio.
We're going to talk.
Friend stuff, you know?
- Okay. I'll see you later then.
- Okay.
- What?
- I can't stand reading minds anymore.
- I...
- Mmm.
- Huh?
- Vanessa, this is awful.
- I don't wanna read anyone's mind.
- Why?
Everyone should have the right to
keep some secrets they have to themselves.
- It feels like my head will explode.
- Okay...
- I can't do this anymore.
- Calm down, just breathe.
I'm here. Just relax.
- We believe in science, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Future doctors...
So let's be serious about this.
I'll take you to a place that I think
can end this, once and for all
Come with me.
[in Spanish accent]
Lulli, close your eyes.
Lulli, close your eyes.
Let the energy flow.
With love, and with intensity.
Wow, I can hear
Lulli's thoughts from over here.
- Is she into it?
- [Julio] No.
She wants to kill her,
and you brought her here,
so she wants to kill you too.
What does that mean?
I see you have great worry in your life.
[Romina] And a handsome man.
Very. He's very handsome.
Diego is handsome.
You must let the universe
into your life more often.
Yeah, well, c'mon.
I don't even understand what that's about.
Because you don't trust in it.
You don't listen to people.
These are very serious problems,
I am certain of that.
And you're also afraid, because...
You think it's forever, don't you?
No, but that's because I have
a problem and that's why I'm here.
You already knew that, didn't you?
What's that? What are you doing?
I'd like to read your palm.
When she asks for the palm, that's great.
Lulli, give me your hand.
Concentration. Concentration.
I see a lot of confusion.
What is going on with you?
Well, I can read people's minds.
[Romina] She's crazy.
No, no, I... I just said
that I could read minds.
I promise you that I'm not crazy.
Of course you're not. I know that.
A total nutcase, so crazy, Macarena.
- "Macarena?" Really? Ugh.
- [gasps]
[accent switches] Let go of me.
You're a witch. Are you police?
Huh? What happened to your accent?
I swear I'll stop lying.
Please, I swear, for real.
- Are you for real?
- Of course!
I'm not sure I can.
For God's sakes! Yes, you can.
C'mon, Vanessa and Julio, we're leaving.
Come work with me.
Let's get rich together.
Let me just have my cards back real quick.
[indistinct chatter]
- Just get in, for God's sake.
- I swear to God, now I'm really impressed.
You're a phenomenon, it's amazing.
You could be famous.
Vanessa, stop, stop.
I don't want to hear people's thoughts.
Do you understand?
[engine stalling]
[Julio groans] We'll have to push the car.
- What? Again?
- C'mon, Julio, this car is always broken.
- Wait, listen to me.
- Get out.
If my humble opinion counts for anything,
I really think you should learn to live
with that amazing
gift of yours, I'm jealous...
Stop it, Vanessa, it's not a gift.
I can't even read
the only mind that I want to.
Well, I think that it's time
for you to tell Diego the truth.
Stop it! I'm confused enough.
Now let's keep
pushing this car so we can get home.
[car engine starting]
- [Julio] Hey, hey, hey!
- [Vanessa] Okay, let's get in...
[Julio] Get in! Get in!
Close the door!Close the door!
["Lie Like This"
by Julia Michaels playing]
Turn me halfway around
He says I'm emotionally sound
Emotionally fucked too
Now I'm all turned around
He says I'm daydreamin'
About leavin' for no reason
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Yes, and sometimes we do karaoke.
- Look at who it is.
- Hey.
Ah, hey, my love.
[kisses and chuckles]
- Hey, Julio.
- Hey, Diego.
- Vanessa.
- Greetings. [chuckles]
- Feeling better?
- Why?
You said you were tired?
Oh, I'm still a little bit tired.
But now that I'm with you,
everything's fine.
[chuckles] Yeah right.
- Hey, Diego, how are you?
- Fine, and you?
Uh, have you seen Ricardo?
Yeah, he's, uh...
There he is.
With Elena.
[Vanessa] I see.
- I'll be right back.
- [chuckles]
- Vanessa.
- Hey, Jaque.
- How are you?
- Good. Your eyeliner looks great.
Julio, it's been a while.
Playing for nationals yet?
[chuckles] Not yet, no. Long way to go.
Because he injured himself today.
It's serious, right, Julio?
Oh no, you gotta listen to your body, man.
He's right, you know,
the body doesn't lie.
Does it, Julio?
Yeah. Yes.
And we have to
listen to our minds, right, Lulli?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna take a walk. This place is cool.
- [chuckling]
- Yeah.
What's up, Ricardo?
- Hey.
- How are you, Elena?
I'm doing good.
What's her deal?
She has to quit college.
What? But that's... Oh no. [chuckles]
It's horrible. That's very bad.
It's really awful.
Yeah, she's devastated.
And how are you doing, Ricardo?
How's your heart doing?
- That's a routine question. [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
What's up, guys?
Hey, Julio. What's up?
Oh, Julio, this is Ricardo.
Ricardo, this is Julio.
- What's up?
- What's up? Hello.
[Vanessa] Well...
- So, Vanessa, why are you not drinking?
- [Vanessa] What?
- Are you sick? [chuckles]
- I don't drink that much, okay?
And you've already
finished yours too, it looks like.
So, I can go get us another round.
- I'll go with you.
- Ah, no, no.
No, becauseI was just about to
tell you to go get us a drink.
We're in sync, aren't we? I can feel it.
[groovy music playing]
- Do you wanna order some food?
- I'm not hungry.
Not even an appetizer?
No shrimp, I promise.
What's wrong? Are you okay?
[sighs] Yeah.
Just a little short of breath. [chuckles]
Well, do you want some water?
Wanna get some air outside?
[chuckles] I'm okay. I'm okay now.
Are you sure?
Okay, come here.
[indistinct chatter]
So, have you
figured out what we're drinking?
- I still haven't decided.
- I guess I'll get a beer then.
Well, I'll be outside alone then.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- Outside, just...
[Elena] I thought you were celebrating.
My parents are moving to Portugal
and don't want me here by myself.
I see.
[Elena] You never liked me,
did you, Vanessa?
You know, you never liked me either. So...
But I know why
we've always competed with each other.
I don't want to fight with you, Vanessa,
or any woman over a guy.
Like sorority sisters, get me?
That's it.
Let's cheers to sorority.
[chuckles softly]
Hold on.
Do messy rooms bother you?
Like, real messy.
Like, panties on the ground.
Why are you asking that?
- Panties all over the room...
- [Julio] Girls!
Ricardo wants to see you inside.
[Ricardo] I've beentrying to
build up the courage to sing this song.
- Today's the day.
- [crowd cheering]
[singing "Evidncias"
by Chitozinho & Xoror]
Of saying I don't want you
I deny all appearances
Disguise the evidences
But why should I keep lying
If I can't fool
My own heart
I know I love you
[Ricardo] Sing with me!
Hey... let's go.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
I really want you
I need your kisses
I give you my life
So you may do whatever you like
Let's celebrate our first anniversary.
Say it's true
That you miss me
Come on.
[Diego chuckles]
I still can't believe
you did all this by yourself.
My father's on a trip
and he'll be gone all week.
So does that mean we'll be
celebrating the entire week then?
We'll celebrate for as long as we want.
- [glasses clink]
- [chuckles]
["Eu Te Quero" by Manu Gavassi
and Zeeba playing]
Hey, you.
What's wrong? You can tell me.
I don't know, Lulli.
I've been kind of anxious,
as if I've wanted to blurt something out.
I started feeling it after the shock.
Yeah. Well, we never really did
talk about that day, Diego.
I know. I couldn't
understand my feelings very well,
but now I think I figured it out.
- [sighs] Diego, I...
- [Diego] Let me talk.
- [sighs]
- You know, seeing you at the hospital,
taking care of the patients,
listening to them, caring for them,
it was important.
It's like now I see you completely.
Okay? And so,
I finally know
what I wanna do for a living.
Fuck my dad and his expectations
because I want
to be the best doctor I can be,
and the best person I can be.
- Mmm.
- And I know I can only do that with you.
- Let's toast, then.
- To us.
["Eu Te Quero" continues playing]
No, we don't need to act so cool
'Cause I already fell for you
I already fell you
And I didn't even notice
[song continues in Portuguese]
[birds calling]
[Lulli chuckles]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
[sentimental music playing]
[shades opening]
- [door opening]
- [Dr. Csar] Diego!
Dad! Dad!
I thought it was another week
before you got back here.
[groans] I had to come back
for an emergency surgery,
high complexity.
Morning, Dr. Csar.
Have you seen my Shields book, hm?
I can't find it anywhere.
No, I don't think so.
[Dr. Csar] Oh, really?
What's this?
How many times have I asked you?
Whenever you take it,
you put it back in the library.
[whimsical music playing]
[chuckles] Sorry. Hm?
- My dad doesn't...
- He doesn't listen very well.
Not a bit. You have no idea.
I definitely never
planned for it to end this way.
listen, it was the best night of my life.
- Remember Lulli?
- The house is a mess.
I thought you'd be gone.
So you thought that you were in a hotel?
Come on, Dad.
Remember Lulli?
[Lulli] Good morning, Dr. Csar.
I really admire you.
I am studying to be a surgeon as well.
[Dr. Csar] This girl
will never become a surgeon.
And Paola was your assistant, right?
[Dr. Csar] Hmm.
She's our internship supervisor.
And she's an excellent surgeon.
Well, good enough to work
at a public hospital, I suppose.
She couldn't handle my clinic, though.
- She didn't want to stay there.
- Or so she says.
I mean, I get it.
At our hospital,
we have to deal with real life.
People in need, people who
have to deal with the long lines.
So I guess you could say,
it's just more intense.
[Dr. Csar] It's a waste of time
is what it is.
A talented surgeon
is worth a lot of money.
I thought all life had equal value.
Everybody deserves a great surgeon
such as yourself and Paola.
Oh, look at you, an idealist.
Will you spend your life
at the public hospital?
I haven't decided yet.
- But I have.
- [Dr. Csar] No.
We're not going to discuss this anymore.
You won't destroy everything I built
because of your damn ideology.
I wanna stand on my own two feet.
Oh, is that so?
Why don't you start by getting a haircut?
Then take off those worn-out clothes
and dress like an adult.
A doctor cannot look like a thug.
I'll build a reputation
with my skills, not my looks.
- I'm not you, Dad.
- And yet you have my last name.
[Diego] Thank God
that's all I got from you.
[Dr. Csar] Stop being a brat boy.
You are not a victim
so stop acting like one.
You know other students
would kill to have a father like yours.
That's because
they don't really know my father.
They only know the famous doctor
from the interviews and speeches.
Enough. Enough.
I'm done arguing with you.
If this is what you wanted
to make me lose my temper,
well, congratulations, you did it.
Bye, Luma.
[breathing heavy]
Hey, are you all right?
Better than ever. [chuckles]
[siren wailing]
[both chuckling]
[Vanessa] Hey, you two.
- Ooh, yesterday's clothes.
- [Lulli] Yeah.
- You caught us.
- I need to talk to you. It's gossip.
I talked to Elena yesterday.
- [Lulli] Mm-hmm.
- She's moving in.
Oh yeah? Isn't that great news?
So I guess that means
the feud is over then?
She said that Ricardo is available.
She said it was just a crush.
I explained that
we have a cosmic connection,
you know, like, from another life.
I know you, Vanessa.
You wanna know if he's into you.
You're the mind-reader.
Oh, really?
Wow, it's the last time, come on.
Oh yes, you won't regret this.
- Don't move, please.
- Oh, sorry.
He told me everything. His calf,
the coach who requested an MRI.
So I called Dr. Fernandes
and managed to squeeze him in.
It's tonight, right?
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
And how is he doing, Ricardo?
The doctor didn't see anything.
Of course not, he's lying.
He's afraid to play.
Vanessa, that's secret. Be quiet.
It's all right, guys. He told me about it.
I kind of get it, you know?
He hates the idea of being judged,
of making a mistake, disappointing people,
his mom, his coach,
even his teammates. [chuckles]
It's normal.
Who wouldn't?
- Who wouldn't?
- Yeah, who wouldn't?
[Ricardo] I talked with him
and now it seems like he's
more excited about the game than ever.
- [Vanessa] Mm-hmm.
- He understood that everybody has opinions
and we can't really control
what other people are thinking about them?
We can't. We can't control.
Can you imagine if we could
control other people's thoughts?
- I know!
- Cool.
[Ricardo] I think we
shouldn't stop doing something
because we're afraid of
what others might think about us.
People are always
gonna talk about each other.
I'm like, "That's fine."
[chuckles] Ricardo,there's a self-help
book inside this handsome doctor.
- [Lulli chuckles]
- Vanessa... [chuckles]
Hey, as long as you're here,
would you help me with something?
Since the incident,
Lulli, well, she's a bit weird.
I'd like to check if she'stachycardic.
Could you check her out
really quick for us?
- Of course, of course.
- Let's check that heart rate, shall we?
Have you heard yet that
Elena's going to move in?
Yeah? That's great news.
So before she moves in,
I thought maybe you'd
like to come for dinner on Friday night.
Nothing intense, just something casual.
Are you available?
Gee, thanks, Vanessa, but I...
I can't that night.
Really? Doing what?
Well, it's a family thing.
You would never guess.
[whimsical music playing]
Your heart rate is excellent, Lulli.
Let me check.
I'm great at heart rate checking.
[indistinct chatter]
What's wrong? Are you all right?
It's Oscar. He's not well.
- Yeah, let's go?
- Let's go.
[machines beeping]
And how are you, Oscar?
Hi, pretty lady.
Came to say goodbye to me?
No, of course not.
I came to see how you are.
Some things can't be fixed with medicine.
I'm a burden to everyone.
Why bother people with nothing?
Oscar, have you been
taking your pills like we asked?
Of course.
Oscar, you're not...
Good morning, Oscar.
Do you wanna see your son?
That's what I want
more than anything in the world.
I'll see that it gets done, Doctor.
- Thank you.
- Paola, Oscar isn't taking his meds.
How do you know that, Lulli?
Uh, I don't know, a hunch.
Well, just in case,
I'll change it to an IV, all right?
But his case is very serious.
His bleeding
could have evolved, he could have...
What about surgery,
drainage, decompression?
Yes, maybe.
- He won't let us do it.
- His son will do it.
You think he'll come?
Yes, even if I have to drag him in here.
Let's go.
[Diego clapping]
That's me.
We're here from the hospital.
We wanted to talk to you about Oscar.
[Lulli] Roberto,
Oscar hasn't had a drink in two years.
[Roberto] He's lying.
His condition is very serious.
He doesn't have much time left, you see.
I guess he should have thought about that
while he still had time to be sober.
Can you imagine how many times
I was left waiting at school for hours,
and when he'd come and get me,
he would stink.
At least he showed up.
My father has never said one true thing.
He only thinks of himself.
Roberto, I know
exactly what you're saying.
My father is exactly like that.
Did he miss all of your graduations,
all of your school presentations?
He did.
Because he's a drunk?
[chuckles] No.
He didn't even have that excuse.
But he's the father I have.
And I know that underneath it all,
he still loves me.
Not as much as Oscar loves you,
but he does.
Look, Roberto,
I'm gonna be honest with you.
I've looked at all of your father's exams.
He should be dead already.
You know what I think
is keeping him alive?
The hope of seeing you
and hugging you again.
And asking you for forgiveness.
[machines beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
- Do you think he'll die or not?
- He'll live.
- 40%.
- 60.
Let's go talk to Roberto.
You did the right thing.
[Roberto] It was important for me to let
you know that I authorized the surgery.
[Diego] You're here.
That's all that matters.
- It is.
- Thank you so much.
- No, thank you, guys.
- [both chuckle]
- Really.
- Don't thank us.
You should say thank you to Paola,
she's the best surgeon in the world.
- [Lulli] Mom?
- [Miriam] Hmm?
Diego still doesn't remember
that we broke up.
Hmm. Why haven't you told him yet?
That's just crazy.
What if I told you
there's something crazier?
Hmm. Oh God,
what are you up to now, Lulli?
I'm reading minds, Mom.
- [chuckles] Yeah, me too.
- You are?
You too? So then it's genetic.
Women have a sixth sense, Lulli.
No. No, no, Mom, that's not it, no.
I'm telling you that
I really have been reading people's minds.
After the shock, if someone touches me
anywhere, I can read their mind.
Gosh, she's delusional.
Aren't there any psychiatrists
at that hospital?
No, I'm not delusional.
And yes, there are manypsychiatrists
at that hospital
but they can't treat this there.
Calm down.
I know. This sounds absolutely nuts.
But why didn't you say something before?
Oh, Mom, you already have
enough things to worry about,
I didn't wanna give you one more.
Ah, Lulli, I'm always
going to worry about you.
Whether reading minds or not,
messing up or not, doesn't matter.
You'll always be my daughter. Oh, honey.
Thank you.
I can't wait to get rid of this.
- I can imagine.
- [sighs]
Can I give you a test?
Sure. Yeah. [chuckles]
I'm not going to gain five pounds, Mom?
How can you think that? [chuckles]
I have no idea when I'll get married.
Come on, Mom.
Stop having weird thoughts like that.
- Silly.
- [chuckles]
Hey, Mom, I wanna thank you
for everything that you said tonight.
I really needed to know
someone is cheering me on.
I don't know, I always felt like
everyone was just trying to
keep me down, you know?
Everyone sounds like
a whole lot of people, honey.
So many people are cheering you on.
And you have to listen to those people.
Listening to those who love you
is good for your health, I promise you.
[chuckles] Wait.
Lus is hitting on you?
- [laughing]
- Oh, I can't believe this.
I ship you both so hard, Mom.
Oh, they're here. Be back.
Come on, Lulli, it's game time.
- Get in.
- Coming.
- Come on!
- Bye, Miriam!
CITY - 14
I'm switching number two.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Eyes on the ball, Fernando.
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- [crowd cheering]
- [grunting]
[all cheering]
CITY - 15
[man] Let's go!
[all cheering]
- [clapping rhythmically] Hey! Hey!
- [blows whistle]
[all cheering]
Yeah, Julio! Whoo!
Let's do this! Let's do it! We got it.
- It's mine.
- Yeah!
[indistinct chatter]
Let's go. C'mon!
[crowd cheering]
[yelling excitedly]
- Yay!
- Yay!
[crowd cheering]
- [all cheering]
- Whoo!
CITY - 17
- [whistling]
- Whoo!
- Good game.
- [Lulli] Julio!
- It looks like they want us to leave.
- Hey look.
- What's up? Really good to see you.
- Hey, you. That was fun.
Hey Lulli, you never told me
what Ricardo was thinking that day.
What did you hear?
- [Lulli] I was gonna tell you, but then...
- [Vanessa] Don't worry.
I think I've already accepted my fate.
It was great. It was more than smooth,
you're a great player.
- So?
- We lost our husband.
Coach, I'd like to
introduce you to Ricardo.
Congratulations. Nice to meet you.
They're such a hot couple, aren't they?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, they're hot.
["Quando For Falar de Amor"
by Fiti playing]
["Quando For Falar de Amor"
continues playing]
[sighs] I'm so glad he's okay.
He could have died.
- Let's go outside. Come on.
- [chuckles]
I didn't wanna say anything,
but I said he should
go to surgery, didn't I?
Yeah. Hey, let go of my hand.
Are you crazy?
However, you were right. [chuckles]
And youeven made Roberto come here.
Actually, we did that together.
You were meant to do this, Diego.
Then maybe it's a bad idea.
Maybe you shouldn't be a doctor.
If you wanna drop out then do it, okay.
Maybe you shouldn't be a doctor.
- We're over?
- We are, Lulli. We're over.
We're over.
- [Lulli] You doing okay?
- [panting] Lulli.
Lulli, no, no.
- [Lulli] Sir, are you okay?
- [Diego] Lulli, don't touch the machine.
I remember everything.
Maybe you shouldn't be a doctor.
You said I wasn't meant to be a doctor.
Lulli, we had broken up that night.
Were you were lying to me all along?
I'm sorry, Diego.
I didn't want you to leave me.
I didn't want to hurt you,
but I couldn't tell you...
Sometimes we can't find the words
to say what we feel, isn't that right?
Do you know what road
is paved with good intentions?
Diego, Diego, Diego!
Diego, talk to me!
Help! Somebody help me!
- Diego! Diego!
- Diego? A gurney, stat!
Diego, Diego, talk to me! Help, help!
Somebody help me!
Diego! Diego!
- Diego! Please stay with me, Diego!
- [Paola] Diego! What happened?
It's that pain in my leg that
started when I got back, remember?
Just a little short of breath.
- [Paola] Get him off the ground. Up.
- Off. One, two, three.
- [doctor] Right, let's hurry.
- Let's get him to ER.
Paola, he needs to go straight to surgery.
It's a pulmonary embolism.
- What do you mean?
- [Lulli] Trust me!
He took a long trip,
had a pain in his leg,
shortness of breath,
and now this. Trust me!
It makes sense. Let's check.
- I need an echo.
- [doctor] Okay.
Diego, stay with us. Please stay with us.
[thunder rumbling]
[doctor] Take a look at this scan.
We'll have to operate.
[monitor beeping rapidly]
- [alarm blaring]
- Paola?
He's in V-fib. Ventilate.
[defibrillator powering up]
Put it here.
Clear! Get out,Lulli!
[warning siren]
- [electric shock]
- [gasps]
Girl, are you okay?
- Are you all right?
- No.
Vanessa, I can't just leave him alone.
He's not going to be alone
in there, Lulli.
[somber music playing]
- [rain pattering]
- [thunder rumbling]
He's going to be all right.
Are you saying that because
you believe it's true, or...
just to say it?
Can't you read my mind anymore?
- [Paola] Clear! Get out, Lulli!
- [Lulli gasps]
So, you'll just have to believe me then.
[gentle music playing]
Everything went fine. He'll be all right.
- Can I go in?
- Yes, go in. He'll be ready soon.
[door opens]
Diego, please don't ask me to leave.
[door opens]
Hi, Luma.
Hi, Dad.
I was scared to death, Diego.
I wanted to come sooner,
but I was in the OR.
I'm glad you came.
I mean, how could you
even think that I wouldn't come?
My son...
I know that we fight.
We argue so much, but...
But I love you so much.
So much.
Don't ever forget that.
I love you too, Dad.
How are you?
Good. I'm good.Right, Paola?
Yes, Diego.
Thanks to Lulli.
To Lulli?
So did you save me?
It was Paola.
The world's best surgeon saved you.
I just helped a bit.
Csar, I'd like
to show you a few things here.
What kind of help?
I listened.
[pleasant music playing]
Hey, look.
[Elena] Hey, are you guys coming
for the picture?
- Yeah, quit making out with each other.
- Hurry up.
- Let's go.
- Hey...
Listen, you're gonna be
the best surgeon in the world.
Now you read the future?
Not really.
I've decided not to be a surgeon,
so now, you've got a chance
of being number one.
- You're so funny!
- [laughs]
- Made up your mind?
- Totally.
[Ricardo] Come on, guys!
- Come on, come on.
- Come on!
- [Ricardo] Come on, hurry!
- Let's go.
Let's take a picture.
Get in. Get together. Come on.
Three, two, one... Cheese!
[all] Cheese!
[upbeat song playing]
[Lulli] As it turns out, this crazy
experience ended up being worthwhile.
I didn't use to listen to anyone,
and I was forced to.
And look what happened.
I ended up listening to myself
and understanding that
I really wanted to specialize in people.
[woman] I think I know you.
Oh yeah? How do we know each other?
So I would listen not only
with my ears but also with my heart.
Miss Dolores! I can't believe it!
It's so good to see you.
- [chuckling]
- [Miss Dolores] Think so, too.
- I'm so happy that you're here with us.
- I'm very happy, too.
- It's so good to have you here.
- Absolutely.
Everything good? How's your family?
Oh, they're all great.
They'll be here tomorrow, actually.
- Of course, everyone's coming, right?
- They will.
[both chuckle]
We'll get everything sorted for you.
[upbeat song continues]
[upbeat song continues]
[gentle instrumental music playing]