Lumberjack the Monster (2023) Movie Script

Once upon a time, once upon a place,
there was a monstrous lumberjack.
A monster who pretended
to be a lumberjack,
and lived among people.
It hid its big ears and sharp fangs,
so no one realized the lumberjack
was a monster.
Can I help you?
Mr. Kazuo Toma?
We have a court-issued warrant
to search your home.
Where is your wife?
Midori! It's the cops! Run!
No! Midori!
"Mr. Lumberjack, Mr. Lumberjack."
"Chop some wood for me,"
"said the old lady baker."
"I'll chop wood for you."
"So let me into your house, won't you?"
"Come in, come in."
"Please come in any time you like."
"The old lady led the way,
and the monstrous lumberjack
entered the old lady's house."
Midori Toma?!
"Then, as soon as it entered,
it hit her head with its axe."
What did you do to him?
Oh dear.
You're only worried about him?
Where are the other kids?!
Where could they be?
"Munch, munch, gulp."
"The monstrous lumberjack
ate the old lady."
The next room...
What about it?
In the next room...
The bodies of children...
- What?
- Possibly...
Fifteen bodies...
Step away from that boy.
You alright?
Sugitani's hospital...
General Affairs?
Call an ambulance... please...
Why did you tail me?
I found forged death certificates...
Several of them...
I realized Sugitani was dumping bodies...
Why not take it to police first?
I thought I could make some money!
But why did you tail me?
You're close with Sugitani...
You were on a security camera
when certificates were issued.
I figured you were involved!
That sharp eye of yours
proved to be fatal, huh?
Got a dashcam?
You should.
Road rage is the new normal.
Help me...
I'm begging you, Mr. Ninomiya!
Why are you crying?
Are you crazy?!
You're a lawyer!
Hey... What are you... Hey!
- Oops.
- Sorry!
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Take care now.
From the Metro Police Analysis Center.
Not because of you, Akira.
Serial murders in Tokyo.
They asked if it could be a psychopath.
Anyway, what brings you here?
That Yabe?
Kind of a gloomy guy.
He was misusing funds.
Dad was going to fire him.
He tried to blackmail us,
then your name came up.
What about me?
you've eliminated so many,
it was inevitable.
Your so-called "experiments"
on live humans are much worse.
Medical progress requires it.
I mean,
I got tired of cats, you know?
I'll delete the security footage
of you. You're safe.
I'm here because I'm not safe.
Three days have passed
since Saburo Iwata, 36,
was found dead due to head trauma
at a Shinagawa apartment,
but no promising new leads
have been found.
Police believe the murder
of Taito housewife Masumi Ishikawa,
found dead due to head trauma last week,
might be connected...
What the hell...?
Want money?
I'll give you all I have.
Monsters like you...
deserve to die.
What did I do to you?
That freak...
is gonna fucking die.
At ease.
At ease!
In response to
the two head trauma murders,
we've set up an investigation team.
It seems they were
committed by the same perp,
so we'll treat them as serial killings.
Unit Chief Hirose, share your intel.
The media are unaware
"head trauma" is an understatement.
Both victims were hit
repeatedly with an axe-like weapon,
and had their brains removed.
The first victim.
Masumi Ishikawa, 39, female.
A housewife and former hostess,
whose pyramid schemes ruined many lives.
Even her neighbors speak ill of her.
The latest victim is Saburo Iwata.
36, male, unemployed.
Four convictions. Injury, rape...
Hated by many.
We're checking alibis,
but there are no suspects as yet.
No signs of struggle at either scene.
The perp waited in their homes,
and attacked from behind.
No valuables were taken.
The perp's most likely the same person,
but the victims were unconnected.
SSBC Analyst and Inspector Toshiro.
Is it possible we have a lust killer?
I'd say that's unlikely.
Lust killers tend
to attack similar victims
due to sexual impulses,
but Ishikawa and Iwata
share no similarities.
The MO seems impulsive,
but it was systematic.
A route was plotted beforehand
to avoid security cameras.
Ambushes require patience,
and no evidence was left.
Which suggests,
the perp had a specific motive
for killing these two.
However, there was no hesitation.
A clear sign of psychopathic tendencies.
The victims must be connected somehow.
We need to figure that out.
Unless we catch the killer,
these killings won't ever stop.
Tell me about this brain thief.
"Brain thief"?
If you say so.
Methodical, yet has
the brute strength to swing an axe.
an ordinary-looking,
relatively intelligent male.
Killing at different times
suggests a flexible work schedule,
or unemployment.
Look into this profiler's notion
of an unseen connection.
"Brain thief" might be good for the media,
but it trivializes this case.
You sure?
If it wasn't lust or a grudge,
it was theft.
All good I'd say.
Mr. Ninomiya,
a possible epidural hematoma
was a concern,
but six hours have passed safely,
so you should be fine.
Heavy intracerebral bleeding
worsens hematomas.
It could've been more serious.
I'm not in pain,
but I feel strange.
Is that so?
At any rate, stay with us for a few days.
I have urgent business,
so I can't...
Then again, in your case,
besides your head trauma,
I'm concerned about your neuro chip.
It's fragile,
and has been in there a while.
I recommend a thorough checkup.
"Neuro chip"?
As you know,
it's against our code of ethics,
so we can't do anything.
When you're discharged,
visit a specialist hospital.
What is...
a neuro chip?
This is it.
This vague pale shadow here.
You mean...
you didn't know that
you have a neuro chip in your brain?
That's what you were on about.
I know what that is.
There are many names for it.
I'll contact my usual hospital.
- Please do.
- Sure.
Alright then.
If you feel pain, let us know.
I will.
Thank you.
Why do I have one...?
Hey, you don't look so bad.
Emi, you came.
You're fine.
I worried for nothing.
You worried about me?
Any pain?
No, fortunately.
This is a good time then.
Don't force yourself to be with me.
My dad wanted us to be together so much,
but he's gone now.
Don't be silly, Emi.
My feelings for you won't ever change.
Yeah? Glad to hear it.
Mr. Ninomiya, the police are here.
I'd better go.
I'm on a break from rehearsals.
I know you're busy. Thank you.
It's okay.
Victim 1.
Masumi Ishikawa, 39, female.
Former hostess.
Housewife at the time of death.
Her pyramid schemes ruined many lives.
The perp was waiting in her home,
and attacked her from behind.
No signs of struggle.
Hit repeatedly with an axe-like weapon,
and had her brain...
Toshiro, what's your take?
A third victim will be on you.
In Behavioral Science at the academy,
we were taught that
if a serial killer murders three times,
the police are also to blame.
That's harsh.
You were right. There's a connection.
Both victims grew up at an orphanage.
An orphanage?
The thing is,
they were different orphanages.
If it were the same,
it could be bullying revenge,
or some other simple motive.
Ishikawa's was in Adachi,
and Iwata's was in Tachikawa.
They were both dumped outside orphanages.
This just got more complicated.
That detective...
Can't tell if he's dumb or smart.
Assistant Inspector Inui.
He's good.
For a cop,
his sense of justice is too strong.
Just kidding.
He was elite,
but caused trouble
and got shunted to Shinagawa.
That insurance murder two years ago.
A housewife fell down stairs and died.
Her husband cried for the cameras,
but got a 50 million insurance payout.
Well, he was most certainly guilty.
But there was no evidence or witnesses,
so Kenmochi got off.
Hey, don't go. Come on!
At least, apologize at Saki's grave.
Before I die!
It was only 50 mil,
so quit your damn whining.
You should say sorry
for her dying suspiciously.
You're her father. Apologize.
Give me a break. Apologize.
Apologize, dammit.
What the fuck?
Inui kept investigating on his own,
and they crossed paths.
Kenmochi's a lowlife,
so he sued the police for injury.
Inui couldn't avoid a demotion.
That Kenmochi guy
sounds like a typical psychopath.
A neuro chip, huh...
Yours is an old model.
What's it doing in my head?
AI-equipped neuro-chip research is
on the rise.
In the beginning,
they were created to
stimulate paralyzed limbs.
As the technology advanced,
they were also used to suppress emotions.
But before long,
criminals and others
seen as mentally disturbed
were operated on without consent.
Neuro chips were described as
modern-day lobotomies.
About 30 years ago,
their use was banned worldwide.
When were you left at that orphanage?
About that long ago.
Then, you were operated on before that.
In your case, this...
This is your brain's morality
and empathy center.
Morality and empathy...
Why implant a neuro chip there?
Maybe, to suppress abnormal behavior,
your orbital cortex and amygdala activity
were stimulated with this neuro chip.
Knowing the procedure was illegal.
Did they honestly think I'd change?
Your parents asked for it,
but no change made them dump you.
That's just a guess.
Excluding our kind,
the world's full of idiots.
We psychopaths are the chosen ones.
We follow no one.
We don't fear risk. We make history.
History views Oda Nobunaga
and Peter the Great as heroes.
Medical research would
thrive without pathetic ethics.
Like the stem cell ban...
That's him!
The masked man who attacked me.
"Lumberjack the Monster"?
"Lumberjack the Monster."
Some movie based on
a picture book, apparently.
Where next?
I've got to beat the police...
to finding that masked monster.
He said,
"Monsters like you deserve to die."
He knows what I've done.
Who knows what he'll tell the cops.
"Monsters like you"?
Such as me?
But you don't look like one.
"Munch, munch, gulp."
"The monstrous lumberjack
ate Helena the florist next."
"However, no one noticed."
"Munch, munch, gulp."
"The monstrous lumberjack
ate Thomas the blacksmith next."
"However, no one noticed."
"The lumberjack-mimicking monster
could eat as many people as it liked."
"And so, the monstrous lumberjack
lived very happily in the village."
You slumming it, Miss Profiler?
Excuse me.
The latest victim is Yoshio Mitsuta.
A freelance photographer.
Coroner says he died over four days ago.
Like the others, his brain's been removed.
He was famous for
invading people's privacy.
Had mob links too.
Maintained a bad rep in his industry.
Grew up in Sagamihara, at an orphanage.
Another orphanage...
That's not the only connection.
They were all pariahs.
Thankfully, I've been discharged.
So Emi, about your father's law firm.
Before Mr. Hasumi passed away,
he said I should take over,
and our advisors and partners agree,
but what do you think?
Why not?
You always wanted to be
a senior partner at Hasumi Law.
If you're against it,
I'll turn them down.
can't get over my father's death.
He was headstrong and shrewd...
He wouldn't kill himself.
You take care of his firm.
I want to retain the name
Hasumi Law Office.
I'll be in touch.
Move it. Quit lagging behind.
Move your ass.
Hey, shut the hell up.
Quit crying.
Hey. Quit crying already.
Quit crying, dammit.
Quit crying.
Akira, run!
What the fuck?!
Show me your face.
Who the hell...
are you?
The victim is Mitsuhiko Kobayashi, 37.
Bank liaison.
Widely hated for harsh credit retraction.
Same MO.
He grew up
in an orphanage too.
Killing out in the open now.
Taking the risk of being seen,
killing outside,
taking the brain.
Why do you think?
The perp...
is rushing.
At first, there were
a few days between hits,
but this was after a 10-day gap.
The perp wants every target dead.
for some reason, time is running out.
Perhaps Kobayashi was killed recklessly...
due to a prior failed kill?
Two weeks ago, in a parking garage,
a lawyer sustained a head injury
in an attack.
A skull fracture, requiring 25 stitches.
He's out now though.
That man...
This victim had money stolen.
Weapon unknown.
If it was a mugging, it's unrelated.
Hey, Toshiro!
Don't go alone!
Inui, babysit her.
I thought you could use some food...
Okay, I'd better go.
If you'd like, want to come over?
Come in.
Your hand...
I fell while jogging.
I didn't want you to think I'm clumsy.
Don't be silly.
Your bandage is undone. Show me.
You don't have to
hide your weaknesses from me.
What's wrong?
We met at Dr. Sugitani's hospital.
We did. How do you know him?
He gave medical advice for a case of mine.
What can I do for you?
I told the detective in charge
all I remember.
I've read the report.
I'd like to ask you
some further questions.
If you say so, I'm happy to help.
Thank you.
First of all,
do you think you might have
brought this on?
Hey. Aren't you being rude?
He's a victim of a mugging.
Excuse me, who is she?
My fiance.
If you're not his wife, please leave us.
This is a crucial investigation.
I'm sorry.
You're just doing your job.
Akira, take care of yourself.
Thank you.
Perhaps she's jealous of your beauty.
Please forgive her.
I've done nothing to incite an attack.
I said that last time too.
Mr. Ninomiya.
Was your assailant's weapon an axe?
An axe?
I was attacked from behind,
so I didn't see.
It could've been an axe?
Leading questions?
Why are you so determined
to make it an axe?
Know any of these people?
Is one of them the mugger who attacked me?
Please answer the question.
Aren't these people...?
There's that "brain thief."
The serial killer who takes brains.
These are the victims, aren't they?
Talk of a serial killer
is media speculation.
I don't know any of them.
If they're case witnesses,
or clients' relatives,
I wouldn't remember them all.
I see.
For clarity's sake,
you grew up in an orphanage, no?
are you asking me that?
you rose from hardship
to succeed as a lawyer.
That's very admirable.
Is that...
relevant to this case?
We're not ruling it out.
If you're truly willing to cooperate,
I can share more information.
Nice effort, fake glasses and all.
But with that attitude,
forget about getting promoted.
You there.
Say something.
Sorry, but she actually outranks me.
Question time's over now.
Toshiro, let's go.
Anyway, please take care.
Even if it was a mugging,
your assailant might try again.
I know who attacked me.
That serial killer. The brain thief.
Other victims grew up
in orphanages, like me.
The killer's after...
the neuro chips.
Disable a security camera
to strip a wallet?
A little overcautious for a mugger.
That slick lawyer knows
more than he's letting on.
Let's visit his doctor.
- He's absent?
- Yes.
He has appointments, but he's unreachable.
Have you told anyone about my neuro chip?
No one at all!
What'll you do to me?!
If he hasn't talked,
don't worry about your CT scan.
I'm all for killing him too.
Killing me?!
Are you two insane?!
After all,
why's your chip a problem?
No idea.
Ask the guy who attacked me.
This is bullshit!
My phone's GPS will show I'm here.
If you kill me, you're both finished!
Nice try.
Problem is,
this is your phone.
This isn't my first time.
You owe me!
I saved your life!
Why stop?
I feel ill.
So you should!
You tried to kill me.
Could be intracerebral bleeding.
Let me take a look!
I'm a specialist.
Take him to hospital...
Smartphones really are
bad for your health.
I'd like to see a patient's records.
I'm sorry, I don't have the authority...
I see.
Sorry to bother you.
Oh no!
Please, don't touch that!
I'll clean it up.
- Hey...
- As a suspect-beating outcast.
You should shut your mouth.
I didn't say anything.
SHOW CExcuse me...
A fracture of the right temporal region.
No hematomas, apparently.
A blow from a blunt instrument.
Not an axe?
An axe's butt is blunt enough.
Can't say for sure though.
The butt...
What's really intriguing is
this neuro chip.
Neuro chip?
Banned a long time ago though.
How old is he?
Clearly a non-voluntary illegal procedure.
Is he doing alright?
What do you mean?
Neuro chips are fragile.
If the blow fractured his skull,
who knows what else it did?
If neuro chips are the target,
it all makes sense.
The brains were torn out
to get to the chips,
and smashing skulls
would hide signs of craniotomies.
get X-rays of the victims' brains
before death.
Even just one or two.
at long last,
my neuro chip is starting to work.
Maybe the opposite.
The opposite?
I found something fascinating.
A suppressed incident
that's legendary in neurosurgery circles.
Victim 1 was in
a car accident three years ago.
I got her X-ray.
Surprisingly, she had a neuro chip,
and it seems she knew nothing about it.
A neuro chip...
So presumably,
not just victim 1,
but all the victims had neuro chips.
How did you find out?
I'm a profiler.
So, when did victim 1 receive the chip?
The orphanage says
she had an operation scar when she came.
Counting back from then,
it would've been over 31 years ago.
Thirty-one years ago...
Which suggests,
children operated on illegally
were left at orphanages.
In all likelihood,
if we look into prior abduction cases...
The Shizuoka serial child abductions.
That's got to be it.
AKA, the Toma case.
The Toma case?
Most likely,
you're an unknown survivor
of that incident.
This is Kitajima. He led
the Shizuoka Police investigation.
He's retired now. Works in traffic safety.
I'm Kitajima.
This way, sir.
Long time no see, Inui.
It started with one missing child.
When a couple returned
to their car after shopping...
their son Takeshi
wasn't waiting in their car. He was gone.
Abduction wasn't ruled out,
but without a ransom demand,
we couldn't take action.
After that,
children started going missing
in the greater Tokyo area.
an actual abduction was witnessed,
and it became a serial abduction case.
Based on the witness report,
we found the vehicle that was used,
and the owner.
Kazuo Toma.
We were sure he
and his wife Midori were guilty.
We got a search warrant,
and headed for their home in Shizuoka.
We stormed the place,
and what we saw inside...
was hell on earth.
Midori Toma
opened up the heads of
the abducted children,
and experimented on them with neuro chips.
Inside their mansion,
we found 15 children
who'd died from the surgery,
and one child who survived.
The first child they abducted, Takeshi.
Kazuo testified in court that
Takeshi, the oldest abductee,
was their only successful test subject.
To protect Takeshi's privacy,
the neuro chip matter was kept secret.
However, Takeshi wasn't the only one.
There were others,
who were scattered across the region.
What on earth were the Tomas trying to do?
Trying to turn children into psychopaths.
You're saying they created psychopaths?
The Tomas' son was a psychopath.
He left animals dead and dismembered,
treated docile friends like slaves,
and fractured their bones repeatedly.
The neuro chip was developed to cure him.
Kazuo Toma said so in his testimony.
Why not develop surgery
to cure psychopathy?
They couldn't find enough
test subjects
with psychopathic tendencies.
If you can break it,
you can unbreak it, huh?
So, they tampered with my brain,
to find a way to cure psychopathy...
Revenge is impossible.
Midori Toma killed herself upon arrest.
Kazuo has already died in prison.
Their son died at the age of ten.
They could break other kids.
Couldn't fix their son.
What'll become of me now?
If your neuro chip's broken...
and you leave it,
maybe it'll make you normal?
You'll suddenly get an urge
to adopt a puppy.
Can the chip be repaired?
You'd need another one, and your old data.
It's your most delicate area,
so caution is imperative.
I'll have to catch the masked monster.
If he has a list, he'll have my data.
You don't...
want to be normal again?
If I were...
would that be a good thing?
How the heck would I know?
You're asking the wrong guy.
I'll send you info on Toma,
but me and you share the same fate.
Even if you became normal,
your sins wouldn't vanish.
What are you afraid of, Sugitani?
You just don't get it.
What happened to the survivor?
Takeshi, you mean?
If he was turned into a psychopath...
Toma's procedure was a success.
His behavior's been problematic,
so there's no doubt.
Isn't that so, Inui?
Takeshi is Kenmochi.
The reason I got demoted.
Takeshi Kenmochi.
Damn piece of shit!
Hey! What the fuck is up with this?!
The prosecution knew?
Rejected as evidence
of a defective personality.
We'll bring him in.
Other survivors might exist.
He'll be targeted.
Stand down. Stay away from Kenmochi.
But I know him best!
Don't blow your cool.
With Kitajima's help,
talk to the Tomas' accomplices.
Be thorough.
Classy place to drink.
Hirose said you come here
on days like this.
What can I get you?
Ah, oolong tea.
One oolong tea!
What do you want?
Your opinion on protecting Kenmochi.
If somebody's hunting psychopaths,
why stop them?
Are you serious?
Never mind that, what about Ninomiya?
I'm sure he has psychopathic tendencies.
He's narcissistic,
and constantly unshakeable.
Lies fluently to get what he wants.
Sometimes arrogant and pompous.
Sounds more like you.
I'm not a psychopath.
Here you go.
If we keep our eyes on Ninomiya,
the killer will turn up,
now that attacking Kenmochi is too risky.
I doubt Kenmochi wants our protection.
Scum like him will never change.
I'm joining you.
- Huh?
- No, that's...
Who are you assholes?
Mr. Kenmochi.
May we talk with you?
What for?
It's possible you're in danger.
We'll protect you.
You want to keep tabs on me,
to pin Saki's death on me, am I right?
That's the kind of shit you'd pull.
If anybody wants me dead,
it's... that detective, Inui.
Nobody's more suspicious.
Mr. Kenmochi.
Did you know your brain has a neuro chip?
So what?
Doc said removing it was too risky,
so I left it in.
Other survivors?
Like I'd know.
Get this.
Stay the hell away from me.
If that "brain thief" shows up,
I'll rip their head off.
It'd be self-defense.
No need to make it look accidental.
What does that mean?
It's a joke.
There you go again.
You still think I killed her.
Go on, get out of here.
Piss off, dickwads.
Move your asses.
Go fuck yourselves.
Mr. Kenmochi!
Don't do this...
Don't do this!
Why are you here?
Your father...
I just can't forget.
guess I had you all wrong.
When he introduced you to me,
something didn't feel right.
It seemed you were always acting.
Even after my father died,
I thought you only cared
about taking over.
But now I know...
you're truly mourning for him.
Thank you.
That's Kaneki, an accomplice of the Tomas.
He kept silent in court,
so his sentence for abetting was heavy.
He's been dead for more than three months.
The brain thief must've
stolen his victims list,
and is using it to kill.
There goes our last lead on the killer...
I might have another.
Ninomiya has a neuro chip too.
How did you find out? Explain yourself.
I saw his hospital records.
You what?!
Without a warrant?! He's a lawyer!
His attending neurosurgeon's disappeared.
The victims, Kenmochi,
and Ninomiya could be connected.
Trace his movements.
Proof of involvement in the disappearance?
- None yet.
- Connected to what crime?
- Possibly...
- Was Ninomiya last to get a chip?
I don't know.
Illegal viewing of records
is a matter for Internal Affairs.
Stand down.
I accept that Ninomiya
is important to the case.
Whether we track him or not
is up to the chief.
Are you sure I should join you?
You said you wanted to.
Sure, but...
It's been so long!
Your first visit since you graduated.
I heard you're doing well as a lawyer.
You've worked so hard.
You used to be such a big bully.
Akira was a bully?
He was.
He always sang the same song.
How did it go?
Please don't dredge up the past.
Come to announce your wedding?
Ms. Ryoko...
Do you mind?
Er, may I take a look around?
Please do. The children will love it.
Was I dumped
by this couple?
As I told you before,
you were four when you were left here.
No one saw it.
We sometimes received
anonymous phone calls though.
About what?
They asked rather strange questions.
"Is he a smooth talker?"
"Is he full of himself?"
"Is he not bothered by bullying?"
Then the calls suddenly stopped.
As if they were describing me.
So true.
I wonder why?
A PCL-R psychopathy test.
It's like...
a personality assessment.
Is that right?
You really are a lawyer now.
You know everything.
You're a lot softer and kinder.
Must be thanks to her.
Thank you.
Take care.
See you.
Let the sunshine in
Let the sunshine in
Let it shine on the little rock
Let it shine on the little rock
Let the heat of the sunlight
Warm up the rock plenty
When I was sitting down
Next to the little rock
Funny thing is I became a little rock too
And my heart got warm inside bit by bit
It made me so happy
That I wanted to sing out loud
Let the sunshine in
Let the sunshine in
Let it shine on me too
Let it shine on me too
Let the heat of the sunlight
Warm me up plenty
Let the sunshine in
Let the sunshine in
Let it shine on me too
Let it shine on me too
Let the heat of the sunlight
Warm me up plenty
What's wrong?
It's your first time coming back.
Munch, munch, gulp.
The monstrous lumberjack ate Hans.
When its stomach became full,
it finally realized.
"What Hans said is true."
"I spend more time
as a lumberjack than a monster."
"Am I not a monster,
but just a mere lumberjack?"
"The monstrous lumberjack
suddenly became confused
about its true identity."
So that's it...
I know who it is...
What is this, Sugitani?
Why pretend to be the monster?
You really can't kill now.
I knew it, but it's a letdown.
Did you think I'd sell you out?
Don't worry.
I know who the monster is.
I'll have my data soon.
So, we're still a team?
Prepare for the surgery.
What a relief.
If you really mean that...
Of course, you becoming normal
would've been a fun experiment.
Pathetic morality
probably would've been your downfall.
Everything alright?
Ms. Ranko Toshiro, correct?
You have a PhD from MIT.
Why be a poorly paid cop?
You looked me up.
Over 20 years ago,
a man entered an elementary school,
and slaughtered nine young children.
All just to...
receive a death sentence.
My older brother
was one of that selfish man's victims.
I see.
You want revenge in a roundabout way?
A psychopath would see it like that.
What are you insinuating?
Mr. Ninomiya.
There's a neuro chip in your head?
You checked my records without a warrant?
To get to the truth, I stop at nothing.
Whatever's in my brain,
it might make me more sane than you.
Being a psychopath isn't a crime.
Don't judge a person on their personality.
Judge their actions.
did you come alone?
Your illegal search got you dismissed.
whatever happens to you here,
no one will know.
I won't take your bait.
I'm sure you're recording
audio or video of me.
- Hello?
- Did you say anything to Inui?
Why, sir?
Kenmochi got away.
He's gone missing.
Did you get Inui to
act on your behalf?
If somebody's hunting psychopaths,
why stop them?
Are you serious?
That detective, Inui.
Nobody's more suspicious.
Scum like him will never change.
For caution's sake,
does Inui fit your profile?
Give me his address.
Now the monstrous lumberjack
had no friends left that it could talk to.
"What should I do?"
Upset, the monstrous lumberjack
decided to go and make new friends
in another village.
Upon arriving in the new village,
it snuck into the house
of the local lumberjack.
it took a baby there,
stretched its ears to make them big,
and used a stone to
sharpen its teeth into fangs.
"Now this child is
a monstrous lumberjack too."
Akira, run!
And so, the monstrous lumberjack
visited many new villages,
and made many new friends.
It hoped that one day,
its friends would teach it
whether it is a monster,
or a mere lumberjack.
The monstrous lumberjack
made many new friends.
Whoa, what's all this?
You didn't have to bust my door.
You thought I was the killer?
What a joke. Don't waste your time.
Why not answer our calls?
Oh, I muted my phone
while I was visiting a grave.
This isn't my case anymore,
so get off my back.
Whose grave?
Saki Kenmochi.
Died two years ago today.
Oddly enough, pretty flowers
had been laid there.
Her relatives are all gone.
You lose.
why not take off that stupid mask?
After all,
I know who you are.
Behavior modification...
Damn, I should've known!
How did you know?
I know...
that for some reason,
your neuro chip broke.
You can empathize again.
You can feel guilt for what you've done.
So you started hunting psychopaths.
Hey! Toshiro!
Can't let them kill each other.
Two years ago,
that Rottweiler cop hit me,
I've been changing, little by little.
I'd only lived
for self-gratification and rage, then,
out of the blue...
different emotions rose up.
Pain and shock.
Joy and sadness.
I could feel what other people felt...
and something welled up inside me.
I came to my senses.
I found a reason to live
outside of myself.
But that...
brought despair as well.
I once had a wife who trusted me.
She was all I had.
I killed her with my bare hands.
If so...
please let this woman go.
nothing I can do now.
At first,
I wanted to reform
you manmade psychopaths.
as I investigated your kind,
I found out that
many people around you died,
with no consequences.
That woman's father was one of them.
I'm sure...
you shoved him off that building.
He's lying, right?
Erasing your kind from existence
is the only way I can repay Saki.
From now on,
I won't let your kind kill again.
Please don't!
So that's it...
So that's why
you let that witness go
who saw you at the parking lot.
I know why.
You can only kill us psychopaths.
this woman's not your hostage.
She's mine.
Damn you...
I was going to play along, but no more.
Give me the data, or else
I'll kill this woman.
Don't do it.
It's true.
I killed your father.
And you're next.
Killed by the man you love. How romantic.
Please, don't do this!
Don't do it.
Don't do it, dammit!
The one you wanted to kill most
is yourself.
How did you guess?
Just like you,
in that moment,
my neuro chip must've broken too.
You mean, you're...
The data's in here?
Photos of it.
Of our families before our abductions too.
Yours was also...
a family free of violence and crime,
who raised you lovingly.
You were a crybaby,
but you watched out for
kids smaller than you.
Even after being brought here,
you cried at the thought of
your dad and mom worrying.
How will you use the data?
For surgery,
to make you a monster again?
owe her...
for teaching me
not all emotions are a burden.
No surgery for me.
That means, just now...
you had me totally fooled.
But I...
can't live with this pain anymore.
Can you?
Pain, as in guilt?
I find that intriguing.
Living with guilt, as you described.
Not just that.
Now I'm human, I'm invincible.
To find the meaning of life,
outlive you all.
That's where we differ...
Leave him alone!
Get off me, Takeshi!
Akira, run!
- Stop! Takeshi! No!
- Akira!
You remember, huh?
I couldn't save you...
Forgive me.
Good luck with being human...
Toshiro! Stay back!
Kenmochi! Don't die!
You can't just go in!
I'm sorry, she barged in...
It's fine.
Ms. Toshiro. What is it now?
Why did you make me go there?
You knew about the tracker.
It was discarded at the mansion.
do you think?
In case you couldn't defeat the monster.
You used me.
We're confirming
the brain thief was Kenmochi.
He killed other manmade psychopaths
as penance for his sins.
And you killed him before he killed you.
Mr. Ninomiya.
You're a victim of the Tomas too.
You'll live with a sin
that wasn't your own?
Ms. Toshiro.
No one can escape from themselves.
I won't make excuses for the way I live.
Excuse me, I should take this.
Mr. Ninomiya.
I'm going to take you down.
Till then, don't die on me.
What does he mean, no surgery?
Akira's such a liar.
You're awake.
Better take it easy.
It's all over.
I'll explain what happened.
I scared you.
Forgive me.
Not just for my father...
You only ever wanted to use me!
You didn't care how I felt at all!
I won't forgive you! How could I ever?!
Now it's self-defense.
to that female cop.
Just go.
The monstrous lumberjack...
made many...
new friends...