Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) Movie Script

Catch them! Don't let them get away!
We got five billion
in various denominations.
It's a shower of bills. Look out!
There's a lot, isn't there?
More! Bury me with them.
- What's wrong, Lupin?
- Dump them.
These are fakes. Good ones, but fakes.
These? It can't be. We stole these
from the vault of the national casino.
It's Goat Money.
Goat Money?
You mean the phantom counterfeit?
It's even hit the national casino.
Jigen, I've decided
what our next job will be.
First, we're gonna celebrate.
Damn, damn, damn you!
It's not a name you hear a lot,
the Duchy of Cagliostro.
3,500 inhabitants. It's the smallest
member state of the UN.
And that's where
the Goat Money comes from?
It's legendary.
The black hole of forged banknotes.
A black hole?
Nobody who's gone there to investigate
has ever returned.
How scary.
It's so scary I'll take a nap.
- Hey!
- What?
The spare tyre's worn out.
It's so peaceful.
- What's going on?
- Let's go!
- Who shall we follow?
- The girl!
Of course.
- Hit the tyre.
- Right!
Damn, that's no ordinary car.
Now things have gotten interesting.
Here we go.
We've caught up to them.
This is no ordinary bullet, mates!
I got 'em!
She's blacked out!
- Her car's breaking up!
- Take the wheel!
- No! Let go of me!
- No, stop that! We're in danger!
Look down! Down! Down! Down!
There now. That's better.
Forgive me.
Hey, Lupin. What a sight you are.
Where's my bride?
Why the hell are those thugs
going after some young girl?
It's a ring.
My God, I've seen this somewhere before.
What's going on? You got all excited
when you saw that ring!
Hey, Lupin, what's in this old castle?
It's the same crest as the ring, Lupin.
It hasn't been deserted very long.
- A fire?
- Who's there?
- Just some guys passing through.
- Sightseers?
Yeah. I thought that perhaps this was
the palace of His Highness the Archduke?
It still is. This is no place
for strangers to hang around.
You mean to say that this is
the Archduke's palace? It's a skeleton.
That's because of the great fire
of seven years ago.
Ever since the Archduke
and Duchess died
the castle has been left to ruin,
just as you see it.
That's strange.
The Archduke is the ruler. Does that
mean that there is no ruler now?
I shouldn't worry about it
if I were you, as there is a regent.
Now go away.
Okay, okay.
Hey, Lupin.
She's grown up.
What is it?
Don't play innocent with me.
Don't suffer in silence. Talk!
You're choking me.
- Well? Are you gonna talk?
- All right, all right, I'll talk.
That's the castle of the regent,
Count Cagliostro.
Look over there.
No, lower down.
Beyond the aqueduct bridge.
That boat! The bride's in that castle?
There's a oodgate at that spot,
same as before.
Did you slip into that castle?
It happened more than ten years ago.
I tried to solve the mystery of the
Goat Money. I was still a young punk.
So what happened?
They gave me hell. I ran away
with my tail between my legs.
That autogyro's an antique.
That'll be the Count.
Come on, let's find an inn.
That was careless, Jodo.
I'm sorry.
The men were outside while she
was being fitted for her wedding dress.
Is she in the North Tower now?
Yes. She is sleeping peacefully
thanks to a sedative.
Yes. It seems that two men
lent a hand in her escape.
Find them.
I leave it to you to take care of them.
The ring's gone?
Summon Jodo!
These characters are in
the long-extinct Goat Alphabet.
The Goat Alphabet?
"Light and Shadow will not
recombine and revive, 1517."
The date is in Roman numerals.
A 400-year-old affair?
- Here you are, gentlemen.
- Looks delicious.
What are you looking at?
Why, I picked up an old ring.
I wonder if it's valuable.
Oh, that's pretty.
That's Lady Clarisse's crest.
Look. That photo over there.
That's her when she was a little girl.
She was brought back
from the convent yesterday.
- I'm sure she's a lovely young woman.
- Convent?
Don't you know?
I thought you gentlemen had also come
to see the wedding
of Lady Clarisse and the Count.
That's why there are so many tourists.
But poor Lady Clarisse.
The Count is a notorious womaniser.
You mean like me!
What are you doing tonight?
No! Disgusting!
So he's a spy for the Count after all.
He got excited when he saw the ring.
So it's not just the bride.
He's after the ring, too.
I won't let him have it.
You knew that girl we met today was the
daughter of the Archduke, didn't you?
You mean I didn't tell you?
"Light and Shadow
will not recombine and revive."
Could it mean that a treasure
will arise instead, perhaps?
An armed escort!
My magnum has no effect.
These guys are professional assassins.
- I tell you, they scared me.
- They attacked in full force.
There's more to this than meets the eye.
Things are getting interesting.
These are no good.
The quality just gets worse, doesn't it?
I'm sorry, but continuing the present
mass production programme
will have that result.
Start over! We cannot move back
the date of delivery.
- Yes, sir.
- Who's there?
The failure is mine.
I let the rats escape.
Jodo, what's that piece of paper
on your back?
What? I never noticed it.
It's an advance-warning card from Lupin.
Read it.
Yes, sir, but...
It's all right.
"To the Count of lust and greed,
"give me your bride.
I'll call on you soon. Lupin lll."
Excellent, Jodo.
Why don't we wait for Lupin
to come to us?
Well! You got here quick.
Is there a job?
Goemon's arrived.
He's not the only one. Take a look.
That's a Japanese patrol car.
- That'll be Zenigata.
- What?
Fall in!
And with that,
the stars are all in place.
Excuse me for interrupting your meal.
I'm Inspector Zenigata of ICPO.
I was notified that you had received
Lupin's advance-warning card
and came out here.
Are you referring
to the scandalous Arsene Lupin III?
For that, Interpol disturbs
a man's breakfast, do they?
Your Excellency,
do not underestimate Lupin.
If he says he's going to come,
I guarantee you he'll show up.
Your wedding is still five days away.
Please allow us to guard your castle.
In this country,
we have a police force, too.
Only we refer to them more elegantly
as "royal guards".
You rang, sir?
Gustav, cooperate with the Japanese.
You may go.
- Yes, sir.
- One more thing, Your Excellency.
Please tell me why that damned Lupin
is after your bride.
Well, investigating that
is your job, too, isn't it?
Excuse me.
Is it a good idea letting someone
like that into the castle?
It's all right, don't worry about it.
I have plenty of friends
in Interpol, too. He'll soon leave.
That's Zenigata.
Truly the ideal of the Showa Period.
A man incomparable
for his determination to his work.
What's that over there?
Don't go beyond this point.
Don't loiter around if you don't
want to die. Inform your men as well.
they have anti-personnel radar.
This castle gives me the creeps.
The defences are far too large
for dealing with ordinary crooks.
A woman?
Hold it. Don't talk about backing out.
There is a woman,
but that's not all there is to it.
There's something
about this ring you mentioned?
We'll find that out if we get the girl
back from the Count, the horny old goat.
In any case, my magnum was ineffective.
Your sword and this anti-tank rifle,
Hey, Lupin, did you find a way in?
No, it's amazing.
It's a nest of lasers and radars.
I see. We'll need tanks, eh?
- So you sent for Zenigata, didn't you?
- What? Is that true, Lupin?
Exactly. You catch on fast.
Treat poison with poison.
This is Cagliostro Castle. We're here.
This Roman aqueduct is still in use.
It's the only way in.
Water ows from this lake
into the castle via the aqueduct.
I get it, there won't be
any lasers underwater.
Goemon, keep an eye out.
Watch your step. There's a hole.
The first lock.
Here we go.
That's the clock tower.
I wonder if he made it okay, the bum.
What's that Windmill?
According to Gustav,
it brings water up into the castle.
- Where's the outlet for that water?
- The fountain in the upper turret.
- Come on.
- Yes, sir.
Inspector! Orders from
Paris Headquarters to pull out.
They say, "Return at once."
What? That's ridiculous.
I'm gonna verify it.
What? My reason for coming here
was Lupin's advance-warning...
The Count did?
Police officers are not in the business
of catering to individual whims.
Hello? Hello?
I'll take this to the Count.
Take me to your Count.
I want to see the Count immediately.
Didn't you hear me? Let me in.
Only those who are trustworthy
can pass beyond this point.
Are you saying you can't trust Interpol?
You are supposed to have
received orders to leave here. Do so.
How... How do you know that?
We don't use Orientals
for the likes of Lupin. Go away.
I see. All right. We'll leave for now.
- Was I here just now?
- What?
You idiot! That was Lupin!
He snuck in here disguised as me.
Can't you see through a disguise,
you big lummox? Cretin!
After them!
Don't let Lupin escape.
Cut it out, it's Lupin.
Help the Inspector! Charge!
Man, oh, man!
Stop it! It's Lupin!
Someone seems to have been caught.
The fool.
He should have left right away.
The guards are missing. Gustav!
What is he doing, leaving his post?
- You stay here.
- Yes, sir.
Sorry about that, old man.
You moron!
Stop this imbecilic fight at once!
Don't you understand? Lupin successfully
tricked you into letting him in.
Damn it!
Let go!
So Lupin got in after all.
I am ashamed.
Inform the police
that the Inspector already left.
If he vanishes en route,
that's the way it goes.
Yes, sir.
Don't move.
- Good evening, Fujiko.
- Lupin!
A woman hard at work is beautiful,
You came all this way for that?
I've looked all over for you,
because it's hard not seeing you
for a whole year, you know?
Lupin, you're hunting down the
bride's whereabouts, am I correct?
Hey! You know where she is?
If I tell you,
will you keep out of my business?
Yes, yes. I won't interfere.
I just bet...
She's at the top of the North Tower.
But it's very difficult to get in,
you know.
That's a cruel cage
they've shut you up in indeed.
Who's there?
A thief.
A thief?
Good evening, Miss Bride.
You! You're that man
from before, aren't you?
You left this behind.
You risked being caught
and killed by the Count for this?
Why, it's the way of thieves
to risk their lives.
If the job is finished, I'll leave.
The job?
I wish I had something to give you
but, for now, I'm a prisoner.
Take this!
My prize is a treasure, locked away
atop a high tower by an evil magician.
Please allow this humble thief
to steal it.
You mean me?
I will reclaim the treasure
locked away in the vault,
and I will release it
into a green field,
the girl they are attempting
to force into becoming a bride.
It's all in a thief s work.
You mean you'll set me free?
Thank you. I'm very happy.
But you don't understand
how terrible the House of Cagliostro is.
Please go away.
Oh, what a terrible thing.
The girl believes in the power
of the evil magician,
but she wouldn't try to believe
in the power of the thief.
If she would only believe, the thief
would be able to fly through the air
and even drain a lake of its water.
This is all I can do for now.
Mr Thief!
Hey! Treat the lady more respectfully.
Thank you for going to the trouble
of delivering the ring, Lupin.
I'm overwhelmed by
your warm reception, Count.
It's high time you were eliminated.
Do you think you can do away with me
as easily as that?
No! Stop! Don't hurt him!
It's all right. You've got to believe
in the thief s power, my dear.
Yes, I'm right here,
and I'll be right back.
So, what's the name of the game?
It would be easy enough
to rend you to pieces,
but I don't want to stain this room with
the blood of a sneak thief, after all.
You'll eat those words after this.
Your last words amount
to a useless retort.
That hole leads to hell. No single
person can worm their way out of it.
You've already charmed
a man with your looks.
It's the Cagliostro blood, undeniably.
You're worthy of becoming my wife.
Murderer! You're inhuman!
Why, yes.
My hands are stained in blood.
But then, so are yours.
My Count's House has propped up
this country for generations,
handling conspiracy and assassination,
as the Shadow of your Archduke's House.
Let go of me! You're repulsive!
Don't tell me you don't know all that.
You are a Cagliostro, too.
The ancient Goat blood ows
through your veins, just like mine.
Clarisse, the two houses of Cagliostro,
which have been separated into Light
and Shadow for over 400 years,
will now become one.
When I bring together the gold goat
that symbolises my house
with your silver ring, the hidden
ancestral treasure will revive.
I heard that! I heard that!
This is a wedding for treasure!
It's him!
Everything this counterfeit Count
says and does is a lie!
The girl is a very gentle
and wonderful child.
- Lupin! Lupin!
- Yes, I'm fine!
I can y through the air,
because you believe in me.
You just wait, because your thief
promises to steal you away.
Damn! It's the ring, is it?
Give it to me.
Hey, Count, listen and listen good.
I've got the real ring.
If you lay a finger on that girl,
your precious ring
will end up just like this.
It's a fake!
Damn them! Treating me like dirt!
- Did he fall?
- Probably.
- Make sure.
- This isn't a place that one survives.
If we throw him down there,
he'll die for sure.
- He's got the ring.
- I see.
Just you wait.
I'll tear your sneak thief to shreds.
400 years' worth of killings
and corpses. Rest in peace.
Lupin, give yourself up!
I'm glad you're all right, old man.
Tell me where the exit is.
How did you get here?
I was dropped down here, too.
Judging by the way you look,
I'd say you've been down here a while.
Shut up! I won't take pity from a thief.
Well, let's take it easy,
seeing as how there's no way out.
Excuse me a moment.
Hey, give me alight, old man.
Lupin, just what the hell
is it with all these corpses?
This is no burial ground.
Take a look at that wall.
Why, this is...
Rest in peace. Rest in peace!
I didn't think
this was your average castle,
but what secret would they
go to these lengths to protect?
Hey! Is this what you're after?
That's what Fujiko's doing.
I hope she doesn't become a corpse.
Anyway, there's no use wasting
our energy.
Good night, old man.
It's cold.
What's the situation?
Nothing yet.
All we can do is wait.
They're taking a long time.
Master Jodo!
Take that!
Beware! It's Lupin!
These are coffins!
What is this?
These are 10,000-yen bills!
Is that what all of these are?
These are well-made.
Have a look, old man.
West German 1,000-mark bills.
Pounds! Dollars! Francs! Roubles!
Rupees! Pesos! Crowns! Lira!
Oh, and they've even got Won!
All the world's currencies!
Lupin, is this the secret of the castle?
That's right.
This is the source of the Goat Money,
which was valued
above the real thing at one time.
Since the upheavals in Medieval Europe,
the mysterious counterfeit currency
has been lurking in the shadows.
It ruined the Bourbon Dynasty
and was the source of Napoleon's funds.
It also triggered
the worldwide panic of 1927.
The Goat Money, the Black Hole,
the star on the backstage of history.
All those that tried to eliminate
the heart of the problem
were never heard from again.
I've hear the stories about it,
but I never dreamed that
an independent nation was running it.
What are you gonna do, old man?
You can't turn your back on it
now that you've seen it.
I know.
It would shame my policeman's blood.
What say we make a temporary truce,
until we get out of here?
Fine, but I won't aid and abet crooks.
I'll arrest you when we escape,
I guarantee it.
Let's have a proper shake on it.
- I won't get friendly with you.
- Good grief.
Miss Fujiko!
I came to say goodbye
while I have the chance.
Who in the world are you?
I'm the only person in the castle
who's allowed to serve you.
But in reality I'm a spy, searching for
the secrets of this castle.
I'd intended to stay a bit longer,
but Lupin's here, so I'm leaving now,
because things are going
to get all screwed up.
You know him?
So well that I've gotten sick of him.
Sometimes we're friends,
sometimes we're enemies.
We've even been lovers.
He's a born womaniser. Take care.
Did he drop you?
No, silly. I dropped him.
There's smoke coming from the pit.
It's a fire!
It's coming from beneath the castle.
- Something's happened.
-It's started.
It's a fire! There's a fire!
It's bad. We think the fire
originated in the cellar studio.
What? Put it out! Quickly!
Close that pane!
You men, get going too!
Does this mean
you've bungled again, Jodo?
Hurry up, old man!
We're gonna have company soon.
Evidence. I need evidence!
Why, that damned Lupin!
Find them! They must still be in here!
Don't flinch. Charge!
It's Lupin! After him.
You put out the fire.
A Chapel!
- Lupin!
- Lupin! And Zenigata!
They're going to steal the autogyro.
- Fool
- Save the recriminations for later.
They're heading for Lady Clarisse.
Hurry UP!
Don't try to make a fool of the police!
Hop on, old man.
So long!
I'm gonna make a quick detour, old man.
- What, kidnapping for ransom?
- There won't be a ransom.
He's coming this way.
Bullet-proof glass.
The window doesn't open.
Go, please! Don't worry about me.
Take the controls, old man.
What? Lupin, hold on!
I've never done this!
- Clarisse.
- Lupin!
I've come for you. Fujiko, a rope.
Don't talk so big.
Come on, move it!
- Lupin!
-It's all right now.
Over here, old man, over here.
It doesn't go that smoothly, you idiot!
That's it! That's good!
Don't move, female rat.
Fujiko, I have plenty of questions
to ask you after this.
Jodo, give Lupin his coup de grce.
Yes, sir.
Stop! Don't shoot!
If you kill him, I'll die too.
An attitude worthy of respect, Clarisse.
Get the ring and come here.
If you marry me,
I'll spare Lupin's life.
Or you can die with him now.
I'll do whatever you want.
Lupin, give me the ring.
No, Clarisse. You mustn't.
Check the back of his collar.
Lupin always hides things there.
Damn. Fujiko!
Here's the ring.
If you don't spare Lupin and Fujiko,
I'll throw it into the lake.
Trust me.
Put on the ring and come here.
- I'll shoot them.
- Wait until she brings us the ring.
Fire! Bring them down!
Cowardly sneak!
You said you'd spare them.
How could I let people who've seen
the underground studio live to tell?
It's in my hand at last!
Lupin, I'll consider this
a debt you owe me. So long.
We're retreating without
getting our turn!
This thing is useless now. Jump!
I've cut another worthless object.
Don't think you can escape me, Lupin!
This is embarrassing,
no matter what we do.
This is a conspiracy.
Please give me the order to move out.
This is clear proof.
I saw rows of modern printing presses.
We know all that!
This is a highly political issue.
Interpol's authority is limited
to international crime.
- Sir, this is clearly a crime.
- You don't understand, do you?
That's a sovereign country,
a United Nations member.
Interpol can't compel
a criminal investigation of it.
the situation is extremely damning.
Have you seen the front pages
of the world's newspapers?
"The bravery of the Count,
who himself protected his bride."
"Lupin kidnapping plot falls."
It's also said that Lupin's associate
was disguised as Zenigata.
That was the real me!
This is embarrassing.
These police officers are imprudent.
I thought I'd reported the facts.
The issue at hand is,
who will the general public believe?
We don't stand a chance.
The Count has numerous friends
in Western political circles.
If the truth is revealed,
numerous countries will be embarrassed.
There's evidence that large
quantities of US currency
were ordered by a certain nation.
Ha! Aren't these counterfeit roubles
a CIA order?
Stop it! it's embarrassing to bring
conflicts between nations in here.
I ask that you all return to your
countries and consider the situation.
We're all set to go, Inspector.
We can leave for Cagliostro at any time.
- We're not going.
- Huh?
They'll arrange my replacement
the moment I do go.
We'd be relieved of the Lupin
assignment. Prepare to go back to Japan.
It's me. I brought food.
- Thanks.
- How is he?
His fever seems to have gone down,
thanks to your treatment.
If you want to thank anyone,
thank the dog.
That old dog won't leave him,
and he doesn't take kindly to anybody.
If not for that,
I wouldn't have taken you in.
Hi, there, Karl.
He's awake. How's the wound, Lupin?
Jigen... Goemon...
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
A long time?
What are you talking about?
It's a temporary confusion
of memory, due to his injuries.
Isn't your mistress with you today,
How do you know that dog's name?
Only Lady Clarisse knows
that his name is Karl, except for me.
Clarisse, I see.
Your mistress' name is Clarisse.
Jigen. How long have I been out?
How many days has it been?
Three... Three days.
What? The wedding is tomorrow.
I've got to...
Take it easy.
You'll tear open your wound.
Food! Bring me food!
Food? You mean rice gruel?
I've lost a lot of blood. Anything
will do. Just bring me lots of it.
Since you put it that way...
I'll see what I can find.
Hey, stupid, don't wolf it down like
that. Your stomach won't put up with it.
Shut up! I'll be fine in twelve hours
and going like a jet!
Well, I told you
this would happen, didn't I?
What's that?
He'll sleep, now that he's eaten.
I see.
You're here on Lady Clarisse's behalf.
But with Lupin in the shape
he's in now, well...
You seem to be on close terms
with Miss Clarisse, sir.
I was the gardener for the manor.
As a child, Lady Clarisse
loved trees and plants.
When the Archduke
and Duchess passed away,
she entrusted me with her dog
and entered the convent.
And he picked up his mistress' scent
on Lupin's body.
How do you suppose
he knows the dog's name?
How should I know?
He's a hard man to figure out, period.
- That's not it.
- You awake?
It's been more than ten years now.
I was a greenhorn
looking for fame and excitement.
As the capstone to my foolish ways,
I made an attempt on the Goat Money.
Somehow I made it to the shore, but I
couldn't get myself to move any farther.
Karl? What is it, Karl?
It looked like my crimes
were coming back to haunt me.
I brought you some water.
The ring shone brightly
on the finger of the trembling hand
with which she held the water.
I am ashamed of myself.
I'd completely forgotten
about that until I saw the ring.
That's Fujiko's motorcycle.
It's from today's newspaper.
It says an Archbishop is coming from
the Vatican tomorrow for the wedding.
What? Lupin's going to the wedding?
For real?
You have authorisation to go
if Lupin's involved, am I right?
I see! That's how I'll play it.
We're in a hurry! Clear the road!
There's no point.
The route ahead is jam-packed.
They say there's a landslide
seven kilometres ahead.
Are there any other ways there?
We're going to be late!
Say, are you the Archbishop?
Ah, yes, indeed you are.
Please bless this kid of mine.
You're a local, aren't you? Are there
any other ways to Cagliostro Castle?
There's a back road,
if you want to take it.
Thanks a lot. Will you show us the way?
Please, get in.
Yes, yes. Anything for the Archbishop.
Put your backs into it!
Cagliostro's just over this next hill!
We've got to get there by sunset!
Is this a good idea,
opening this up to TV?
It's His Highness' wish
to demonstrate to the world
that this is a legitimate wedding.
Look, the Archbishop has arrived.
Do you think Lupin will show up?
My Shadowmen guard the bride.
You men will protect the gates.
Yes, sir.
The time has come for Light
and Shadow to reunite. Come, Clarisse.
Bring forth the evidence
that you are the legitimate heirs
of the noble, ancient bloodline
of the Family Cagliostro.
In accordance with the ancient custom,
the vow of your marriage
will be the exchange of your rings.
Clarisse de Cagliostro, daughter
of the Archduke of Cagliostro,
do you agree to this wedding?
Silence will be taken
as a reply of, "No objection."
God's blessing on you both.
This wedding is full and running over
with the filth of desire.
It's haunted!
Calm down.
The rat has revealed himself.
We have come as representatives
of the dead in the underground dungeon.
We want the bride.
- This makes the ceremony impossible.
- Get back. it's a good side show.
I've come for you, Clarisse.
It's a demon! A devil! A monster!
Something incredible has just happened!
Lupin has appeared!
Stop broadcasting.
What are you doing?
Move out!
Clarisse! Clarisse!
Poor girl, you've been drugged,
haven't you?
The damned Count's made you
incapable of speech, hasn't he?
- Lupin!
- No! You mustn't go near him.
That was foolish, Lupin.
Take care of those others.
Clarisse. Don't cry, Clarisse.
Now, I will go to you there.
Does my present suit you, Count?
Your Highness!
This is the counterfeit money you've
made. Take it as a price for the rings.
Find him, he's got to be in there!
Thanks a lot.
You! You're Lupin!
Damn you!
I won't play around with you any longer.
Hey, Count Royal Blue, don't get
so hot with jealousy. You'll get burned.
Lupin! Lupin! Lupin!
Thank you for waiting,
ladies and gentlemen.
We're now back on the air.
All hell has broken loose
in the ceremonial hall.
So long, Count.
After them! Don't let them escape!
Lupin has escaped!
The Count is angrily pursuing him!
Oh, the police have arrived!
Lupin's under the altar. Surround it.
Zenigata's men are charging
toward the altar.
Oh, it's the palace guards!
With Captain Gustav in the lead!
Cover the rear!
Don't retreat. Justice is on our side.
This is truly an intense battle!
What in the world
could be under the altar?
It's a staircase!
There's a hole underground.
Could Lupin be down that hole?
Let's take our camera down
there and see.
Lupin, you scum!
Lupin! Lupin!
What is that fool doing?
He's disregarding orders! Recall him!
It's too late!
This is a satellite broadcast!
Huh? What's this?
Looks like the Bureau of the Mint!
And over there, that's...
Oh, no! Japanese currency!
And it's counterfeit!
He's being deliberately theatrical.
This is a terrible discovery.
Look! Counterfeits
of all the world's currencies.
While chasing Lupin, I discovered
all this! What am I to do?
The first thing we'll do
is escape the castle.
Jigen, Goemon, cover us.
Leave it to us.
We'll hold them off here.
Take care of yourselves, please.
You too, Mr Jigen.
Please come back safely. I'll never
forget your kindness as long as I live.
Go on, get out of here.
Hurry, Clarisse.
I'm coming.
She called me "Mr Jigen".
She's sweet.
Let's get started.
Zantetsuken has
a different feel tonight.
That damned Lupin. He hasn't won yet.
- Please leave the castle to me.
- Right.
Does your wound hurt?
Not at all, not at all. It's nothing.
Come on, let's get over this thing.
Two goats, face to face.
There are Goat characters
carved where the rings meet.
"Light and Shadow..." I can't read them
very well. They're worn away.
"Replace us in the eyes
of the high goat that faces the sun
"and tells the time
that joins Light and Shadow."
Those words have been told in my family
for a long time. Are they of any help?
Yes, yes, they've solved the mystery!
It's the Count. Come on, this way.
They're going to hide in the
clock tower. Bring the ship alongside.
There they are.
Here they come.
This is no good.
Deactivate the lasers.
They can't get out.
- Scared?
- No.
Excellent. Here we go.
Don't let them get away!
Don't look.
We can't do it here.
- You men, use the stairs!
- Yes, sir.
Wait here, I'll block their way.
- Be careful.
- I'll be right back.
There he is.
Lupin! Behind you!
Well, hello, Count.
I'll skewer you, rat!
So it's the finale at last, eh, Count?
One more swing.
Hey, come over here, you rotten Count.
I'll take care of you first.
Run, Clarisse! I'll catch up to you!
How far will you go, Clarisse?
Here, here, what's wrong?
Can't you run any more?
This is the end of
the Cagliostro bloodline. Die, Clarisse.
Hold it, Count. I've got a deal for you.
You're too late. Watch as she dies.
Listen to me.
I'll tell you the secret of the rings.
You can do whatever you want with them.
But forget about the girl. Let her go.
Look at the Goat on the clock face.
The Goat faces the sun and tells time.
There are holes in both eyes
to put the rings in.
I'll give you the rings.
But if you kill her, I'll throw them
in the lake, and kill you.
That's far enough. Send Clarisse in.
All right, very well.
Lupin, you should hold on
to your trump card until the very end!
Come here!
Now these are the real thing.
I accept the rings.
Now accept my payment
for the solution to the mystery.
Let go! Let go of me!
Let go!
The clock tower!
Your Highness!
What is that?
This is the end of Cagliostro, too.
Kill me.
I don't take life carelessly.
- Lupin?
- Can you stand? Take a look.
This is the hidden treasure.
A Roman city was lying
at the bottom of the lake.
When the Romans were chased away from
the site, they built a lock and sunk it,
and your ancestors claimed it in secret.
It's really a treasure for mankind.
Certainly too big for my pockets.
Interpol finally decided
to do something.
Will you be going now?
Since all the old men have come, yes.
Take me with you.
I can't be a thief yet, but I'll learn.
Please, take me! I want to go with you.
Don't talk stupid. Do you want
to go back into the darkness again?
You've come out into the sun at last.
Hey, your life begins now.
Don't become filthy like me.
I'll tell you what,
if you're ever in trouble,
I'll fly straight to you
no matter when,
even if I'm on
the other side of the world.
Lady Clarisse!
Old friend!
"30 long!
My lady!
Take care, Clarisse. Goodbye.
Thank you, everyone. Goodbye.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Damn, I was a step too slow.
Lupin pulled off his theft.
No, he didn't steal anything.
He fought for me.
No, ma'am.
He stole something of no small value.
Your heart.
Yes, he did.
Well, then, I must be going.
Chase Lupin!
Chase him to the ends of the earth!
What nice people.
I feel as if I've known him all my life.
Lupin, I know we'll never meet again.
She's a nice girl.
You can stay here.
Lupin, look at my trophies.
The counterfeit plans!
Hey, hey! Let's be friends.
So long!
Hey! Hey, may! Wait a second!
Oh, no, it's the old man again.
Lupin! I'll get you for sure this time!
The End.