Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy (1987) Movie Script

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So anyway, why did Goemon
decide to get married, after all?
Isn't it natural?
Why don't you try settling down yourself?
Oh, is that a proposal? Fujiko, baby,
how much dowry are you offering?
How 'bout this?!
Lupin... You smell somethin'?
No, not that!
Yes, indeed! If it isn't the smell of villains!
And now, we shall commence the ceremony of...
...the Shuujoo Vase,
the legacy of the Suminawa family.
From the moment the
vase comes into your possession... will cease to exist
as Goemon of the Ishikawa Clan...
...and shall be reborn
as Goemon of the Suminawa Clan.
Receive it with reverence, and see that it
is handed down to generations to come.
Who're you?!
Go... Goemon! Th... The vase!
G... Give it back, damn you!
Let go of it!
They're gonna break the vase!
Don't let 'em get away!
Hold it!
What's all that commotion?
They're coming this way, Fujiko!
They're coming this way, Fujiko!
What's this?
Wh... Where's the vase?!
Wh... Where's the vase?!
Huh? Uh, you mean?
"D 51, 1:00 Tomorrow Night"
What the hell is this?
Whimsical, cute, spoiled... I've heard the talk.
A bouquet, caviar, a limousine, dancing...
A pick-up phone call.
C'est la vie... I'm a little bored of life.
we touch glasses, and you say I'm like you.
A smile, clouded eyes... they've touched my heart.
Ah! I'm unexpectedly falling in love.
Just who are you?
I love you so much it makes me dizzy...
...and I've always been the cool one, too.
Oh, I'm not used to doing the chasing in love.
The stars are shimmering
with a feeling that I'll get hurt.
Whimsical, cute, spoiled...
So long as I have you...
...bouquets, caviar, limousines,
dancing... I won't need any of that.
Oh, I can't scheme or bargain. I'm far too serious.
This may be love... the wind whispers.
"Here Lies Lupin"
Won't you please come back, Inspector?
You won't give up, will you?
I am the man who witnessed
Lupin's final moments.
Now that Lupin has left this world...
...there's nothing else in
life that matters to me anymore.
Inspector, do you really think that Lupin is dead?
Uh-huh. That's why I'm intoning sutras every day:
So that the poor guy's soul will rest in peace.
This is a photo taken around noon
today, during a robbery here in Hida.
If Lupin is really dead, then who in
the world is the man in this photo?
It can't be...
Has there been any information since?
No, nothing yet!
I am very sorry. Murasaki hasn't been found yet...
Maybe we should give them the vase...
Please, don't worry about
Murasaki anymore.
Why? Please tell me the reason why!
As you know,
our ancestors were makers of gadgets...
...and were renowned throughout the land...
...since the time when taxes were first
levied in Japan, in the 7th Century.
On one occasion, using all their skills...
...they concealed a
treasure meant for us, their descendants...
...deep beneath the surface of the earth.
And in that vase is...
...the key to the treasure?
Lord Suminawa, could it be that you
know who those intruders were?!
Please, tell me! Who were they?
The Fuma Clan.
The gang who struck
today were agents of the Fuma...
...who have sought this vase for the past 400 years.
In other words, they're bandits.
I cannot abide anyone who calls himself a thief...
...whoever he may be.
Don't you agree, Goemon?
Jeez! Such harsh language!
But, you know, this is getting kinda interesting.
What do we do, Lupin?
He said "treasure."
Well, according to Lupin's philosophy... this situation, obviously the babe comes first!
Figures. Oh boy, here we go again.
The successive heads of our house have
possessed this vase for generations...
...and have had the
responsibility of protecting it with their lives.
No matter how much you may be in
love with my granddaughter Murasaki...
...if you are to carry on our family legacy... must not hand the vase over to them...
...regardless of your personal feelings.
But this concerns Murasaki's...
Please, understand what I've said.
It looks like just another vase to me.
This is a "Million Ryo" treasure. No
way is this just an ordinary vase.
A... A million ryo!
Let me see it!
How do you know?
Oh, I just hoped it'd be that much.
Oh, I just hoped it'd be that much.
Jigen, hold still!
Leave this to us, Goemon.
We can get a vase like
that back any day of the week, see?
Thank you.
All you have left, a memory.
Picture of you spying on me.
Searching your heart, right from the start...
I knew that no one would love me like you do...
All you have left's a photo.
Image of you spying on me.
Searching your soul, you didn't know...
I never would go away...
I'll recover, you're my lover...
They will never separate us...
Please know your secrets, they're safe with me...
Kiss me but I'll never tell...
So that's how it was.
Goemon, you stud!
Damn, we wish we could be in your shoes!
Right, Jigen?
I guess.
I guess.
If this means you're settling down...
...I guess you'll be leaving the gang, huh?
That's too bad. Huh?!
Gag! T... This is awful! It's Zenigata!
Ah, Inspector,
I was appointed to this post just last month.
Right now, I'm in charge of the Lupin case.
You're in charge of Lupin?
So you claim Lupin will indeed show up?
Absolutely, sir.
Let's charge him with kidnapping this woman!
You'll get the Superintendent-General's
Award for this, Inspector!
"Gifu Prefecture Police"
Is he gone yet?
Kazami, slow down for a sec.
That's strange. Slow down some more!
Lupin! Yo! Yo! Keep out of sight!
L... Lupin! You're under arrest!
I won't let you get away this time!
How can you say that? I didn't do nothin'!
Hey, let's run for it.
All right!
You can't get away!
Watch it! See?
Hey! Hold it, Lupin!
Hold it, Lupin!
After him!
Don't let him get away!
After him! After him!
Yo, Jigen, isn't there a way to get
down to the river, just ahead of here?
We going for you-know-what?
All right!
Get 'em!
All right, charge!
No but's! Go!
Show me what you got!
Hey! You keep going like that, you're gonna sink!
Didn't I tell you? What a tragic loss this is.
May your soul rest in peace.
OK, let's get going, Jigen!
That scared the pants off me! I wonder if
they've souped-up that car or something.
"NO TRESPASSING - Gifu Police"
Whoa! Stop!
This way!
"NO TRESPASSING - Gifu Police"
Whoa! Stop!
This way!
Hold it! Stop!
Hold it, Lupin!
There! There!
Lupin! Stop!
Ha! I won't let you get away now! C'mon! C'mon!
I'm not losing you again, Lupin!
Hey! Go! GO! Keep going!
Thank you for all your trouble! See ya!
What now, Inspector?
Your driving is to blame for this, you idiot!
"Safety First"
Are you sure this is the place?
Yeah. It's just ahead of us.
Bet it's been like this for ages!
Lupin, are you really gonna
hand that vase over to those guys?
Of course! I don't know how important
this vase is, but it ain't worth a life!
Right, Goemon?
Look! There it is!
Awesome! Like, a steam locomotive museum.
That one?
Looks like it.
Thanks for your trouble. You have
brought the vase, have you not?
First, you, with the vase... step forward!
Return Murasaki to us first!
No chance!
First we verify whether
the vase is the real thing or not.
I refuse! As I'm standing here, this
is the real vase. Bring Murasaki out!
She's unharmed, as you can see.
Now, hand over the vase.
Murasaki... Murasaki comes first!
Hold it! Don't move!
'Cause I don't know if we should
believe you about the vase or not.
Damn you!
If you're so unwilling to trust him,
don't blame me if it breaks.
Voila! See! Again!
Again! Woops!
What are you doing?!
This vase is Murasaki's life!
Don't handle it so haphazardly!
Bring Murasaki to the center of the roundhouse.
We'll make the exchange there.
I don't think they're gonna return her to us.
So why don't we split for now
and come back another time?
Goemon, or whatever your name is...
...we'll trust you.
Put the vase on that end of the roundhouse!
We'll put the girl on this end.
Just so you know, if the vase turns
out to be a fake, you're all history!
And you, Lupin, or whoever you are...
...don't even think about doing anything foolish.
We'll see.
We'll let you score one for the time being...
...but don't think you can keep doing that forever.
Did you think we'd give it up that easily?!
Well, folks... who will get to the treasure first?
This is getting interesting!
Goemon, you gave up our
family treasure just to save me...
I'll get it back. I promise.
Lupin! You're all surrounded!
Resistance is useless!
Come out with your hands up!
we've sealed off the area in all directions!
They're backup from Aichi
Prefectural Police!
Who told you to send for backup?
Don't do things you're not asked to!
I see, so that's the ticket...
Yo, Jigen! You're up!
I'm coming!
After'em! After'em!
Move it!
So this is the Fuma hideout.
So this is the Fuma hideout.
I've got a change of clothes back there.
Pick out whatever you like.
So, Goemon,
what did you want to talk to us about?
Murasaki is determined to come with me.
She's feeling responsible, I bet.
She wants to help you out. Good girl!
Why won't you stop her?!
Huh? Forget that! It's not our job!
Why don't you tell it to her straight?
And, another thing...
What lies ahead of us has nothing to do with you.
I want you to keep your hands off the treasure!
We can't do that! We've come too far!
Besides! We're the only ones who know...
...w... w... where we'll run into those Fuma bastards!
Tell me.
You gotta be kidding me.
You think I, the famous Lupin...
...would back away from it all when
I'm this close to getting the treasure?
nothing I say would convince you otherwise...
nothing I say would convince you otherwise...
Hey, hey... Goemon!
Thanks for waiting!
Oh, Murasaki, that's so you!
Well, Goemon, shall we get going?
W... Wait...
Murasaki, how should I put this...
Oh! The hiding place of the treasure, right?
Don't worry. I know where it is.
Lupin told me about it just a while ago.
Murasaki, we'll meet again at Shakujoodake, OK?
By the way, I haven't seen
Fujiko around. What happened to her?
No need to worry about her...
...'cause I've planted a little gizmo inside her pendant.
The analysis is complete, Boss.
And where is the treasure hidden?
In the Shinto shrine at the base of Shakujoodake.
Oh, I see!
My, my, my. What a beautiful guest we have!
What brings you here?
Nothing. I was just out on an evening stroll.
I see. That seems to be doing your health good.
Now then...
...we have to go
take care of a few unpleasant things... let us formally welcome you later on.
Oh, don't mind me.
This is what you're after, isn't it?
Sure, you can have it back.
What're you doing?!
Now you've got it back!
A transmitter! Lupin?
"Beware of sweet words on dimly lit streets"
"Yamataka Police Station"
Did you find Lupin yet?
What?! Not yet?!
Don't come back here 'til you find him!
Damn you, Lupin!
Inspector! It's Lupin!
Oops, overshot!
You sure this is it?
"Yamataka Police Station"
Did Fujiko get caught or something?
Did Fujiko get caught or something?
What do we do?
What do you mean, what do we do?!
Lupin! You're under arrest!
What a pain in the ass!
Damn it!
Stop it! What do you think you're doing?!
Yo, Old Man, wanna know something interesting?
Try frisking that fella. I bet that
Fujiko's pendant will pop up.
Hey, you with the glasses...
we met at the wedding, didn't we?
In addition to being a thief,
are you also moonlighting as a cop?
Kazami, what's this all about?
This is what it's all about, Inspector.
Later, Old Man!
See ya!
Dammit! All units, move out!
Say, Mr. Guard, do me a favor...
P... Please... My back itches!
Could you scratch it for me, please?
Hey, come on. It itches!
It itches so bad I can't stand it!
Is there something there? My back
itches. Maybe my bra's too tight.
Hey, take a look. It itches!
Oh, all right, I guess.
Hey, it's further down. Look. It itches!
But there's nothin...
So sorry.
"Peace Shopping Street"
"Final Sale"
Watch it!
Knock it off!
Way to go!
OK, roger. You keep chasing him.
I'll head over there as soon as I arrest Lupin!
Lupin! Hold it! Why you! Stop!
Aren't you
supposed to go arrest the fake cop first?!
Look how you made us go so far out of our way!
Got you!
There they are! After them!
Stop! Stop!
It's the police! It's the police!
Excuse us! After 'em!
You're kidding!
You're kidding!
There they are!
...and that's for the
Pine Room...
Hold it!
Get them!
Lupin, give up and prepare to be arrested!
What a persistent Old Man he is! Jeez!
You'll be sorry if you interfere!
Did you figure out who Kazami really is?
Did you figure out who Kazami really is?
I know he's a Fuma, at least!
Then here's your evidence!
What's this?
He's a handful, isn't he?
Lose him in the smoke?
Get outta the way!
Wow, that's bright!
What the?!
I've got you now, Lupin!
You can't get away from me now, damn you!
What the?!
Later, OI' Man! Take care!
Dammit! You tricked me!
Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!
I'll get you for this, Lupin!
There doesn't seem to be anything
out of the ordinary here, Boss.
We don't know what kind of traps may be in place.
Use extreme caution!
Wh... What's next?
The map on the vase ends here.
We'll just have to go in and see, eh?
So you've come, after all.
But I won't let any of you
take even one step inside. Leave!
Sir, I am very pleased to see you so healthy...
...but you'd live longer had you stayed home.
Ha! I've already given up living!
Prepare yourself!
Get off of me!
Sir, I see that you're all alone.
Now that it's
come to this, you have only two choices.
Show us the way in or die here and now.
Kill me, then!
Who would wanna show you the way?!
If that is your wish...
It's Goemon and Murasaki!
It's Goemon and Murasaki!
H... Hold on a sec... let me rest a moment...
Hang in there just a little bit longer.
Pull yourself together, Murasaki.
Are you mad at me?
Huh? Oh, no, not at all!
I just want to... be as far ahead of the
Fuma as possible.
I just want to... be as far ahead of the
Fuma as possible.
Am I a bother?
Do you mean it?
Yes, I mean it.
That we've been able to get this far is
all because of you, and I'm grateful.
Are you really?
Huh? A... Absolutely.
Huh? A... Absolutely.
Then give me a sign of your gratitude.
Come on. Come on...
What's the matter?
Seems the Fuma have already gone inside.
Seems the Fuma have already gone inside.
Murasaki, are you hurt?
Just... a little startled...
I see. This would've led to nowhere.
Wait, my ancestors were
known for building clever gadgets.
I bet there's something set up in here.
Let's get going.
Watch your step,
'cause there might be more traps set up.
Lupin's gotta be around here somewhere!
Get busy!
All right! Now they're like trapped mice!
Are you all set? Follow me!
Are you all set? Follow me!
Yes, Sir!
Lupin, you!
Looks like that
fake detective and the Lupin gang...
...are searching for buried gold...
...but, please, dig to your hearts' content!
This is government land!
Any treasure you dig up will be
handed over to the Treasury Dept...
...and used to reduce taxes!
Let's go!
Inspector! There's someone down there!
Say what?!
Oh, wow!
Golden statues of the
Twelve Generals of Yakushi Nyorai!
So this is the treasure!
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
These are nothing but
wooden statues covered with gold foil.
A work of art, maybe,
but hardly worth the Fumas' time.
I've got it!
I've got it! Goemon! I've got it!
It's where they're looking!
Where do you think the Twelve
Guardians are all looking?
Right here!
This is where the exit must be hidden!
You're right.
But there's no sign of
the Fuma having gone through.
Let's go back, Murasaki!
H... Howdy, Goemon!
No! I must've missed them somewhere!
Lupin... where's the vase?
Huh? The vase? Oh, the vase...
You see, Fujiko... Oh, how should I put it...
Uh, sorry!
Uh, sorry!
...she broke it!
She couldn't help it!
She got captured by
those Fuma dudes, and went through hell...
Wait! Wait, please...
Wait! Wait, please...
Don't get upset...
...not over one lousy vase,
now that we've come this far.
She's right.
Seeing as how the Fuma have gotten
this far, the vase has no value anymore.
What we need to do is make sure the Fuma
won't get away with the treasure, right?
Hmph. The Fuma, huh?
Come on, Goemon...
The vase has no value anymore, huh?
No, no...
...the value of the vase is not just in the map.
In fact, there's a golden key
embedded in the bottom of the vase.
Unless the key... used to unlock the
hidden lock within that small shrine...
...the entire cavern will
collapse an hour from now, you say?
Everyone inside...
together with the colossal treasure...
Mister! Who has the key now?!
No matter who has it now, it's already too late.
I shot out the lock, you see.
That's murder!
That's out and out murder!
Mister, you're even
trying to kill your own granddaughter!
What?! What's happened to Murasaki?!
Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me! Tell me!
Wa... Wait!
Wa... Wait!
Please calm down!
I said, your granddaughter is in there!
Oh... it's a dead-end.
Did we take a wrong turn somewhere, you think?
That we don't know yet.
You all right, Lupin?
Oh, I'm fine, but...
Don't look!
Damn! This is a little gross for a guidepost.
Let's get going, at any rate.
Goemon, looks like you're up.
Uh-huh. This looks like a Nightingale Floor.
Nightingales ain't the only
thing gonna be singing, that's for sure.
There's a passage here!
It could be just a decoy.
But I don't see anything else resembling a path.
That settles that.
What the hell is this?
Nothing but holes.
Which one is the real passage?
Looks like we'll have to split up and search.
Oh, brother. Which is the real exit?! Dammit!
Oops! Here we go!
There must've been a cave-in somewhere!
We can't use guns, then.
It's open!
What happened?
A portion of the rear appears to have caved in, sir!
It's too dangerous in there, sir!
L... Lemme go!
A man must help another man!
If we don't do something, they'll all be killed!
It's too dangerous! It's like a maze inside!
Inspector! I will show you the way.
If we don't hurry, we'll never make it.
But... I can't expose a civilian to danger!
Let me show you the way! And save Murasaki...
All right! Very well!
You're in the way! Move it!
Move it! Move it!
Man, this can't be for real!
Now the holes are all filled up, eh?
This must be it.
it looks like a passage, but it's all blocked up.
Which means... this way?
Looks like the Fuma have already gone through.
No choice but to go in, then.
Goemon! Are you all right? Goemon!
Yo, Goemon! What's up?
What is it? Anything wrong?
What's with him?
I dunno.
W... What's going on here?!
Now, hold it!
Hallucinogenic gas!
Hey! Jigen!
Wh... What is it?
Wh... What is it?
Just get out!
Go, you two! Right now!
No! Stay away!
No, Goemon!
Cheer up, Goemon.
You couldn't help it. It was all because of that gas.
We might be able to get outta here, Lupin.
But if we don't hurry, the
Fuma will beat us.
They've gotta be pretty close.
All right!
Don't worry. We'll catch up soon.
All right, then.
Fujiko! Watch out for hidden gadgets!
Fujiko! Watch out for hidden gadgets!
Damn! This is something else!
A million ryo doesn't even come close!
Hey, stop, Fujiko!
I've been dreaming
of this moment! I love you! I love you!
Fujiko, be careful!
Oh, YES! Gold! Gold!
All, all, all of it mine!
Man, this is unbelievable!
Yo, Lupin, why are you looking so gloomy?
I don't like this.
What don't you like?
Where've the Fuma disappeared to?
Sorry, Lupin.
So you're Lupin?
I was beginning to think you weren't coming.
Yo! You're the Boss?
A pleasure to meet you.
If we can talk business... Since
there's so much treasure in here...
...why don't we split it even?
That ain't a bad deal.
Don't move!
What do you mean by that?
I've planted a bomb,
and this, you see, is its switch.
W... We'll be all buried in here!
If it's real.
If it's real.
Wanna try it and see?
Would you get off me!
Now, clear out!
Ah-ah! Don't move!
The entertainment is over. Die!
Don't let them get away!
What the hell's this?!
They're coming!
Lupin, if we go up this ladder, we're history.
I know.
Take this!
Looks like your bomb didn't go off after all... eh?
Wh... What's happening,
You all right, Lupin?
Man, that's potent stuff!
I kept one for myself. I'm sure that I'll
be seen as a real beauty if I use it.
What're you talking about?! Your true self will
come out, and you'll be seen as a monster!
Let's go!
Oh, dammit all!
Come on up, Goemon.
I'll let you catch a wonderful show!
Drop your sword.
Stop right there.
It's too bad,
seeing as how you've done all this climbing...
...but I must request that you jump off!
Guarantee Murasaki's safety.
Come on! Get on with it!
What's the matter?
Feeling scared?
Another earthquake!
Get outta here, Lupin!
Everybody, get out of here!
This place has been rigged to collapse! Move it!
Run! Hurry!
Run, Fujiko!
No way!
Collapse? This treasure?
Just when our
400 year-long dream... is about to be realized?!
This gold is mine! I will hand it over to no one!
My gold...
Hurry! Jump!
Here I go!
Why you!
Inspector! Inspector!
Over here! Over here!
Well done! Everybody, run for it!
Everybody, move it!
Huh?! Where's Lupin?!
Where's Lupin's gang?!
You didn't see Lupin come out?
No, nobody, sir!
They couldn't be buried in there!
Inspector, over there!
What?! There was a shortcut! Aft...!
Let them go. They didn't take anything.
I can charge him with interfering with
police officers, traffic violations...
...and destruction of pottery!
Lupin, you're under arrest!
But it's too bad. We almost had all that treasure!
But it's too bad. We almost had all that treasure!
Just this one shingle, though.
I'll take that as part of my dowry.
I still wanna enjoy
the single life for the time being.
You should settle down soon!
I'll think about it! See ya!
Hey, how about we split it 50/50?
Damn! You greedy wench!
Let's get going, Jigen!
Goemon's not here yet.
And by the way, Lupin,
would you hurry up and move those feet?
No. As I must undergo training to
remedy all of my weaknesses...
...before I can someday return to you...
...please forgive me!
B... But...
I'm sorry.
I knew it!
Well, Murasaki, see you around!
Lupin's headed toward Takayama!
Arrest him, you hear?!
Grandpa, shall we go?
Uh-huh. He's that kind of man.
He'll be back before you know it.
It's just a little bit of waiting.
You know that, right?