Lupin The 3rd Vs. Detective Conan (2009) Movie Script

We've reached the target site. Starting the operations now.
Everything seems okay. Everyone, to your positions.
All of you, wait here till further orders.
Many people will scare the animals away.
Give that to me.
lts usage is just as l've taught you, remember?
lt's too perfect. Ah, is it
better to forget the usage of it?
lf l can, l'll do so.
l'm sorry to let you hold on to it.
Mom, you really don't
want to come along?
No, not really.
l don't like those barbaric
activities, such as hunting.
You used the word 'barbaric'?
Hunting is a very noble sport.
lsn't that so, prince?
Let's have a man's battle.
Only men can understand
the joys of hunting, right?
l heard that!
Haha... Really, really?
You can't stay here.
Quick, run away!
How can this happen?
Go have a look, quick!
Yes, sir.
You, quickly go and prepare yourself.
Lord Gerald.
We're too late to stop it.
Four ball, in.
This is good!
Changing courts.
Beer, beer!
Go! Go!
Dad, stop drinking!
You're having too much!
From my point of view, this
seems to be his only interest.
Come on, Keith!
Don't let me down!
Make a home run!
Why you took 2 cans?
l'm too lazy to go for another trip.
l'm happy to get it from here.
So, Coach Hoshino's choice is?
ln the midst of this live game,
we bring you the latest news.
Hey, let me...
ln this morning, at around 10.25am,
Don't stop the telecast now...
Queen Sakura and Prince Gill
from the Vespania country,
died in a misfire, when
they went hunting together.
Let me repeat the news.
Queen Sakura and Prince Gill
from the Vespania country,
died in accidental firing,
when they went hunting together.
An unknown ore has been
found in Vespania country.
Caused by a shotgun? The whole
world is on all eyes on it.
The deceased Queen Sakura...
The very expensive ceremony will
take place in a month's time.
Like this incident, we have no choice.
Though l'm just right beside
them, this is just sad.
l should at least stop the
prince from committing suicide.
lt's already happened.
Don,t blame yourself.
Now we should focus on the next
things that are going to happen.
Yeah, you're right.
How's Princess Mira doing now?
Still the same.
She still declines to become the Queen.
Both her mother and nii-chan
are dead. This is understandable.
Plus, there's still that...
Against the Queen!
Do not give the power to a young girl!
The monarchy is at stake!
The Anti-princess Group.
They called the royal princess a girl.
There're some subversives
among the crowd.
l'll leave the coronation
ceremony to you.
What're you doing? Quickly
call those fellows to shut up!
Mira-sama, please calm down...
Shut up! l've been abused
verbally! You want me to sit still?
Keith! Where's Keith?
Call him to come here now!
l'm here. What,s the
matter, Princess Mira?
Hey, heard it? Those noises.
Those are the calls of the
citizens of this country.
Don't say it anymore. This is my wish.
Who wants to be Queen?
You're first in line for the throne.
So, please understand your
situation in the palace now.
l don't understand these things.
l always thought that the
next in line is my brother.
Please quickly finish the
official job as a ruler to Japan.
Japan? l hate that country.
l heard there're people
there who wants to kill me.
l won't leave this place ever.
We'll protect Your
Highness with our lives.
Plus, we've even hired a bodyguard.
Come in.
Yo, Princess.
l hate men with beard.
Yo, thank you.
Sorry to bother you
to command this place.
As easy as pie.
Jigen sensei.
Don't call me sensei.
You're going
to Japan with the Princess?
l've been hated by the Princess.
l've heard that the Queen's Crown
for the coronation ceremony is here.
Yeah, you want to have a look?
Ah, can l take a peek?
This is the Queen's Crown?
This is inherited from
generation to generation.
lt's the most most valuable
treasure of this country.
Oh, such a marvellous thing.
No, sensei.
l'm not going to take it.
Not that. There're infrared
sensors right in front of you.
Another step in, and you'll be
locked in it instantaneously.
We don't even know the
password for the lock.
Oh, that'll be very troublesome indeed.
Protection. Extreme
protection. They're too tight.
First, let's see if there're
any other sensors in it.
lf there're weight sensors,
we have to avoid that.
There's also the infrared sensor,
if we manage to get pass that,
there's still the thermal sensor.
How can we flee?
Which smart thief failed
to steal it last time?
lt made the crown to
be guarded so heavily.
lt's not because of a failure.
Then, what should we
do? Let's just give up.
Use my salary and have a trip around...
Do you think l'll give up
after reaching this far?
So, that's why l say l'm troubled.
Look at this, Shouyou.
Out of money again?
No, this small rock.
lt's the our lucky
charm, Vespania's stone.
Number 2 calling base.
We've reached the airspace.
Have we got any news
from lnspector Zenigata?
This is base,
we've yet to get any news.
Gosh... Such a good chance to be
with the showbiz and sports people.
lnspector Zenigata is so...
Still always like to do
this, Suzuki nee-chan.
Yeah, so annoying...
l meant you. You...
Never mind... Never mind...
Speaking of which...
Speaking of what?
lsn't this obvious?
He's looking for Okino Youko-san...
So annoying!
You got something wrong,
having a party at these times!
l think l've said no...
l understand, Princess...
Then, stop this party,
which your mother organises.
Let these sad Japanese
guests can,t say anything...
Shut up!
it's almost time.
Quickly help the Princess
to change her clothes.
Princess Mira.
So annoying.
So, is Yokou-san here?
Sorry for the long wait.
Please put your hands
together for our special guest,
from Vespania country. May
l present you, Princess Mira.
Please welcome the surprise guest.
Here is Princess Mira.
The Princess is out. Please maintain a
high alert to
all the guests' movements.
You must catch those who
tried to disrupt the ceremony.
This is the main entrance.
There're no people passing
through for the time being.
The invitees
came in from the last door.
Do you hear me?
Please have a seat.
She looks like Ran.
Ran can't be there.
Atishoo! Curses! Could l have
caught a cold during my bath?
Ah, it's already so late.
Does he still remember?
Err... Princess Mira,
can you say a few words?
This is the first
time Princess Mira come
to this place. Her
Highness is overjoyed.
Hey, the guy at the back is speaking.
The Princess looks like
she's not concentrating.
lf she's a Princess for a country,
would she actually come to
this hotel's opening ceremony?
This hotel's name is Sakurasaku Hotel.
The deceased Queen Sakura love...
...Japan's sakura and also
the name of this hotel.
This hotel's opening ceremony
is themed using sakura.
lf she didn't have the accident,
she'll be opening this hotel herself.
Normally, the Princess should
cancel the visit to Japan.
But, l think the Vespania country...
...wants to build a good relationship
with Japan, for it's powers.
Such a pity.
Where would Your Highness
want to go in Japan?
Princess Mira always
wanted to visit Tokyo.
Then, what about Your Highness'
favourite Japanese food.
The Princess loves sushi.
Great! lt,s always that guys
who's answering the questions.
Help me hold this. l
want to take a leak.
What the... Calling a kid
to hold a cup of wine.
Come, may everyone have a
toast with Princess Mira.
Can everyone
please raise up your glass.
There's no fruit juice here.
Ah, let me take one for you.
Ah, thank you.
Yeah, right. But her intentions
are for me to take one for her.
So, Princess Mira,
please say something nice to toast for.
Princess Mira,
can you give us a toast?
Don't drink it!
l'm sorry, Princess.
Before that, can you please let the one
who sent you the wine
to have a taste first?
Come... catch that guy!
Catch him!
Please leave.
Out, get out of here.
Everyone, please calm down.
Don't push, it's very dangerous!
Get off!
Uncle, stop that guy!
You don't mess with Kogoro Mouri!
W-Wait... l haven't finish talking yet.
We found traces of poison
in the Princess' drink.
Mr. Keith, surprise is good.
But if you're hiding it from us, there
wouldn't be any police guarding here.
l think the Princess's
bodyguard is enough already.
Enough? How about those
police patrolling the kitchen?
First, it's not to let anyone do
anything to the
Princess' drinks and food.
We've discussed that before hand.
But that two person told me.
Please don't worry. This
water is prepared by us.
Enough, please leave the room.
Leave me alone in the room.
We'll be in front of the door.
Please call us after you've calm down.
Mother... lt's impossible...
lt's not suitable for me...
Keep an eye on her.
Don't let anyone go in now.
Yes, sir.
Enough. l can't take it anymore.
The person admitted
to attempt murder the
Princess just stated that
he took a sum of money.
As a prank, he put in cathartic only.
He's teling the truth now.
How about the thing that
l asked you to find out?
l think the first person that
l saw today is a foreigner.
He'll just do anything for money.
According to our information here,
there has been harsh article
written by the Anti-Princess Group.
Can you protect Her
Highness by yourselves?
At this stage, we've no favours
to ask from the Japanese police.
Speaking of which, Conan,
how can you tell that
the guy is an imposter?
When l pass by the waiter,
l smelt tobacco smoke.
l heard that high-class hotel
employers are not suppose to smoke,
so l thought that it's strange.
lsn,t this a high-class hotel?
But, there might also
be employers who smoke.
At least before you pour wine to
Her Highness, please avoid smoking.
But not many people realise that
and smoke before they commit a crime.
Very good, Conan-kun.
ls it on fire?
No, there's no fire anywhere...
We can't find Princess Mira anywhere.
We'll go to the opposite door
to see whether anyone was there.
Err, no one...
Princess Mira.
l'm sorry, boss. Let's use the stairs.
We're going down from the
penthouse. How can we make it?
Quick, contact the people at the lobby.
Keep an eye downstairs.
Yes, sir.
You, stay here and
keep a look at the CCTV.
Report to me quickly when
the lift stops halfway.
Yes, sir.
The fire alarm was
triggered by a lighter.
And ran off from the other
room when there's a chaos.
This is too much.
Should we make a
police line around here?
No need to do so.
lt's too late when anything happens.
Reporting, sir.
We've found Princess Mira.
Coming back now.
Has the ceremony end yet?
l'm so sorry.
Hey, watch where you're going...
Okay, let's go back.
No, get off me. Get off me.
Mira-sama, please cooperate...
Err... Release her.
But she hates you.
l'm sorry, this has
nothing to do with you.
Quickly help me. This
guy is very annoying.
Quickly release her.
No, stop...
What? You... What have you done?
Yes, sir.
Set up a police line.
Police line...
We've got the official
request from Vespania country.
Are you sure this is okay?
l'm sorry, can you please?
Okay, please hold on.
Sorry for the wait. ls this it?
Yeah, thank you.
Ah?! You're really a princess?
Do you have to react like that?
Of course.
Then, the man just now is...
My bodyguard.
lndeed, he is!
l'll go and apologise,
let's go back quick!
No, l fled because l
don't want to stay there.
l won't go back.
What? Why you want to run away?
l hate parties.
l also want to say words like these...
Do you have any tobacco?
Tobacco?! l'm underage!
How can l have any?
How old are you?
l'm a blossoming high school girl.
Do you have to act like that?
l think we better head back.
The party should still be on now.
No, l've told you no.
We look similar. Actually,
l'm 2 years older than you.
So you're 19 years old. Still underage.
ln Vespania, once you turn 17, you're
old enough to smoke and have liquor.
ls this so?
What's the matter?
l'm just surprised
that a princess smokes.
l'm sorry to spoil your
image of a princess.
But can't a princess smoke?
l'm still a living human,
you know. Not a doll.
l'm sorry, l don't mean it this way...
Never mind, l'm used to this.
Everyone says that.
But this is the longing of all girls.
'To be a princess,' many would dream.
You want to be a princess?
W-Wait! What...?
lnspector Megure, the
preparations are done.
ln this way, we'll
surely get the Princess.
Hey, Takagi, you saw Conan?
lsn't Conan here?
This kid, running around again.
Wait... What're you doing?
Listen carefully.
My bosoms are larger than yours.
Hey, you must obey orders from senpai.
But... You can't, you can't!
Okay, you can let it down now.
How is it? ln this way, from today
onwards, you're the Princess, right?
This is me? lt can't be...
l'll go back when the party ends.
What? What about me?
lf you don't return quick, the
bodyguard just now
might get to you soon.
What the...
Who's going back?
l'm too na?ve. l
thought it'll be a piece
of cake looking for
someone wearing a dress.
Ran nee-chan!
Ran nee-chan!
You're late. Sonoko
nee-chan is mad at you now.
Ran? Aren't you the kid in the party...?
Eh? W-Wait...
Gosh... l didn't notice that.
Jump in. Don't think too
long. l know who you are.
The enemy is coming. Trust me.
What now? Going to washroom
won't take that long.
No, l should speak the truth out.
l hope l won't bump into anyone.
Ran-sama, you're here.
Everyone's waiting. Let's go.
What is it with you clothes?
Something wrong with it?
Yeah, you're just like a prince.
l look like a prince?
You seem to be hoping
for something. You...
No, Shinichi! Put me down.
No, l won't put you down.
What is it with you? So sudden...
l have something to
announce to everyone.
Today, l'll wed
Princess Ran as my queen.
l've made up my mind.
How could you...
What is Her Highness doing?
Who knows?
She seems to be fantasising something.
The other side of the glass
is made to be mirror-like.
Making such a decision suddenly...
lt's not that l'm not
willing to, but l felt shy.
Attention all, attention
all! Abort the search.
Starting now, all search
teams, abandon the search.
Okay. Let's go now.
ls this so? Actually, who are you?
Didn't l told you? l'm Miss Long Legs.
You think l'm dumb?
You, Princess, really
is not romantic at all.
We can go now. Or do you
want to go back to the hotel?
lt's fun to be with me for a night.
A tracer?
Yes, on the necklace that you wear.
This can't be...
No matter where you go,
they'll surely track you down.
This must be fitted by Keith.
lf he's the one doing this,
l'm still okay with it...
lt seems like someone wanted you.
Hold on tight.
That's the enemy.
l had removed my necklace.
You must have been spotted in the park.
You're so popular, just like me.
Are you kidding me? Hurry up!
Coming through...
You look like you're having fun.
Ah, you got me!
Don't worry, l'm not that easy
to be brought down, as a biker.
What should we do if they hit us?
This is Japan. They should
know better to do that.
Gosh! lt seems like they're
starting to get impatient now.
lf you do this...
O-Oh my god!
Told you l'm not that bad!
l just don't want to waste
my time on these pawns.
Pawns? They're using machine guns!
They just happen to take it.
There're more than 2 cars chasing us.
Two people on each car.
They failed to attack
the target in front
from their backseat.
They aimed at the tyres but missed.
Doing these things at night...
How can these pawns know anything
if they're bought by money?
Onee-san, cool!
ls that your bodyguard?
lt's him!
He saw through my directions!
Let me have some fun with you.
l won't let you out of my sight!
Hey, out of my way!
l'm sorry. l overdid my stunt.
But, it's your fault
picking a bone on me.
What the... She does't
look like an enemy.
You're really... Ran?
Don't you even recognise
your own daughter?
You seemed to look slightly brighter.
l'll be angry if you say that again.
So, Ran...
The real Princess said she'll
be back after the party ends?
Yeah, if l only knew that something as
chaotic as such happened at the party...
l'm sorry.
The fault is not yours, Ran-san.
This is all...
Yes. Thank you.
Mr Keith, at the situation now,
we would like request for
another search for the Princess.
lsn't it not necessary?
You're speaking such
weird words again, you...
l hope you could tell us
why it's not necessary.
l've no need to do so. Who
am l looking for anyway?
You... You better have
an explanation for this.
Where've you been? We've
been looking all over for you.
l'm sorry. l was lost.
What 'lost'?
Everything you tried to be cute, you'll
surely be involved in
some weird stuffs.
Err, Ran... No, is the Princess back?
What come back? lsn't
the Princess up there?
Her Highness and
lnspector Megure even...
Let's go.
Hey, wait!
You knew it?
lf the one who kidnapped
her is this country's people,
what would happen to the relationship
between Japan and Vespania?
l'm pissed! You want
to use a substitute?
l won't agree on that.
Ran-kun is just a civilian.
l'll never allow her to be in any
incidents that could
jeopardise her life.
Ran, change your clothes. Let's go.
Err... l would like to replace
Her Majesty till she returns.
What are you talking about?
Yeah. What if the
Princess never returns?
He's right, Ran-kun. He
mentioned it just now.
You don't have to bear
this responsibility.
Protect the Princess.
Ah, wait... Release
me! What're you doing?
From now onwards, please
obey the rules here properly.
lnspector Megure, please give
out orders to search for Ran.
l understand.
We'll do our best to get her.
l don,t understand what're
you guys talking about?!
l've called them to prepare
another room for you.
Before Her Highness returns,
please be a good 'Princess'.
Yes, sir.
Oh, no! lt's that man!
Err... l don't know that
you're the Princess' bodyguard.
Err... Sorry.
No need to apologise.
The situation became
like this is because
of my recklessness.
The one who
should be apologising is me.
No, it's not this.
Err... That...
l think... lt happened at that time.
Your button has dropped.
Half a year ago, there was
an Earth crust movement here.
Mokolovitch, which
normally appears at a few
thousand metres below
earth, suddenly appears.
Ah, never mind. The point is, the rock
that was found was a new type of ore.
Vespanian ore...
All of these?
No, it was found from these.
Purely accidental.
Accidental? Then, what type
of powers does the ore has?
You want to know?
lf you could understand it, that is.
Ultimate stealth powers.
You should've heard about it before.
Fighter planes that are
undetectable in radar.
This ore can increase the powers
of that stealth to its best.
Though the techniques of absorbing
waves are advancing as we speak,
but that just make the plane
detection by radar more difficult only,
not an actual disappearance.
Using this rock will make
the plane disappear totally?
Yes, it will.
They seemed to have used many
different ways to locate that ore,
but failed to find what they want.
The Vespanian ore won't react to those.
ls that so? Then l
should ask you now, how
exactly are you going
to locate that rock?
Using the dowsing rods.
Hey, have tried that before?
l only believe in the
dowsing rods and Fujiko-chan.
Come, come!
Curses! l got it just now!
You're looking out frequently just now.
Of course, l just
kidnapped the Princess.
Can you please act like a hostage?
Don't put the finished
plate back onto it.
Though l don't know
your main objectives for
this, but l think
you're not a bad person.
lf you don't mind, could
you tell me what is it,
the main intentions of
yours, Miss Long Legs?
l knew it. You won't reveal it to me.
But l decided to believe in
onee-san and my intuitions.
There's rice stuck to your face.
l told you not to
put the plate back in.
What,s the matter?
How could you accept it?
Yes. Right.
l'll be going to the HQ
again. You'll stay here.
Are they pressuring us?
l think they are. Before l
come back, don't make a move.
Yes, sir.
lf you don't find that naughty
Princess quickly, Ran will...
l know!
Why didn't they approve
the search warrant?
Those stuffs... who did you find out?!
l can see it from your stupid looks!
Why? ls there a need to
obstruct this from the inside?
ls there a need for Ran
to be the substitute?
Takagi, in case anything happens,
could you help me?
Of course.
Would you bet your life on it?
Of course l would.
l got it! l got it!
lt's you! How l wanted to see you!
Found it?
Yeah, it's a special one.
This small rock can change the world?
Think about it.
lf there's a missile that has it
suddenly dropped on top of your head.
You won't even know
where it launched from.
No, you might not even
know of its presence.
Doing those stuffs?
lf that's so, the world would...
lt won't end. Now, everything on the
ground is monitored from the space.
lf the whole city is full
of CCTV, who can hide?
Such a shame!
As a thief, don't say these things.
Thank gosh this rock was not
found by those countries at war.
Other than nature and peace,
this Vespania country...
What's the matter?
Why exclaim 'Curses!'?
Why are you covering your face now?
Why you exclaim that?
Run, quick!
Why're you running to that
direction? Aren't the car that way?
There're 2 cars!
Who says?
Explain to me in 15 words!
They are the national
defence soldiers...
One person, aim at the place where
they are running out off guard.
One person, don't let the
enemies get to the city centre.
One person, kill them
right off without mercy!
Now is the time for the teachings
of sensei to be brought to good use.
You shouldn't have used those things!
Could you have coached
the air forces before?
Listen carefully, the one with
the TV station logo seems weirder.
Target with the TV station
logo is 200 metres below me.
What should we do if
we die in this manner?
Dispatch boy must work harder!
l won't be that hapless!
You don,t need to look at the
situation of the enemy from the plane.
Shoot first. lf you're wrong,
then you're wrong.
You're creditably a professional!
That's 'Hard Boiled'...
What's 'Hard Boiled'?
ln Haneda? Press conference?
lt's starting tomorrow morning at 10?
After that, we'll be going
back to Vespania country.
No, l don't know what to
say in the press conference.
Don't worry.
Leave it to me. Plus, we want the
real Princess to go back with us.
Ah, so the Princess is fine now?
So, l don't need to attend
tomorrow morning's press conference?
The main intention of
tomorrow's press conference
is to announce that
you're just a substitute.
That the Princess is lost
in Japan, and that there's
a person in Japan that looks
exactly like the Princess.
l want the world to know this. Though
it'll give you loads of trouble,
but before we can find the
person responsible for this,
could you lend us a hand?
How do you feel? Satisfied?
lt's great! lt's the first time that
l could enjoy this kind of freedom.
Where're we going today?
To go to the place where
you're supposed to go.
No, l won't go back.
Gosh, who said we're going back?
lt seems like that's the
place that you want to go.
No way.
ls there any place in this
city that you're attached to?
ln this country, is there
anything that you can do?
You want to come search for it?
As long as it's something you can do.
Could it work? Bring Ran-chan
back after the interview.
Yes, l've even prepared
the resignation letter.
Can resigning resolve this issue?
Just sit still.
Stay calm.
But, though l'm pretending...
Press conference... lt's a first...
Preparations for the flight is done.
lndeed the person who took you down.
lt finally took effect.
Take her up the plane.
Flying now?
What's going on?
Due to an emergency in their country,
they can't attend the press conference.
Everyone please quiet down.
Where are they now?
They're preparing to take off.
What did you say?
The take-off of royal aircraft
B1027 has been approved.
Thank you, command tower.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Landing wheels.
Keeping landing wheels.
So you're here.
Let's go now, Mouri-kun.
Are we chasing?
We can't do it.
Only you can, Mouri-kun.
What do you mean?
Let me introduce my friend,
lnspector Zenigata from lCPO.
You're the famous
detective Mouri Kogoro-kun?
Due to a certain case,
lnspector Zenigata
is granted the investigation
right to any country.
Right. To arrest Lupin lll.
Listen. You'll disguise as my
assistant and follow me to Vespania.
Oh, thank you.
lsn't that great?
Blend my feelings into these fists.
Give them a good beating for me.
Alright, leave it to me.
And, another thing.
Please use my resignation lettter.
Who should l give it to?
Then, l'll borrow this for a while.
Alright, l love you Fujiko!
Say, what are you actually?
ClA? FBl? Organization M?
Annoying. There's no such thing.
Only a commoner. Just that
l know quite a few people.
A commoner can drive a F18 from
a military cruiser just like that?
You'll bite your toungue.
Queen's Crown.
Lupin plans to steal that?
That's right,
according to intelligence.
But Lupin lll really exists, huh?
l thought it's only
in the novel or comic.
What did you say?
As a famous detective,
you don't even know
till arrival in Vespania.
You're awaken?
What is this?
Mind explaining?
Who are you people actually?
l'm the one who's asking here.
A common girl would've
started screaming out loud.
Should l fulfil your expectation?
And l'm considered a
pretty loud one too.
While you were sleeping,
there was a disturbance onboard.
The young man who saw
through the fake bartender.
He actually slipped in while
this plane was taking off.
lf something happens to the
lower segment, we can't land.
That's why we
checked the lower segment.
And we found that young man there.
The pilot was shocked by his
calmness and intelligence.
lf he was reckless, we could end up
dying 10,000 meters above the ground.
But he found the location of the
sensor and informed the cockpit.
ln that outer segment of
the plane with thin air.
ls he fine?
Don't worry.
Just a little cold.
From now on, l won't lie to you anymore.
l want you to listen.
Lupin, l borrowed the shower.
When did you come?
Didn't l said 'l borrowed', you stupid.
What a waste, but l think
l saw something nice-
Toilet bowl...
Why is there so many luggage?
You didn't open?
l thought they weren't.
The courier service now
is really convenient.
A little too convenient.
How did you know this hide-out?
There's nothing l don't
know about Lupin, right?
Why did you abandon me?
No, actually
l was going to inform you...
As l thought, l'm glad.
l thought so too, that's why
l brought the princess here.
l have to send her back tomorrow.
This is a good chance to
enter the palace legitly.
Goodnight then.
l haven't sleep much since yesterday.
Perverted friends nationwide.
lt's time now.
Thanks for the meal.
Then, see you tomorrow.
You forgot something.
How's Princess doing?
She's calmed down now.
She's even finished her breakfast.
Sorry to make you worry.
You don't have to apologise.
The Anti-princess Group
has been sent to japan too.
Must be due to this.
l'm thinking of bringing forward
the Princess' coronation ceremony.
Bringing forward the
coronation ceremony?
Sorry for the waiting.
Where's the Princes?
She's not here yet.
Hey, l've heard about the
overall story from him.
lsn't it too much? Pairing
me up with this kid.
No matter how you look at it, you're
exactly like a japanese father and son.
Cut it out.
You must drag Conan-kun
into this no matter what?
l'm embarrassed to say this, l
can only trust the people here.
lt's Keith-sama's idea to go to
Japan even at a time like this.
As a result, suspicious
person appeared in the SP.
What a sad talk.
The only one who feels
happy from the loss of
Princess is the next
successor of the throne.
Even this kid knows
who's behind all this.
Yes. The one who made you two appear to
be dead accidentally
must be Gerald-sama.
Hey, are you allowed to say that?
Have you found the proof?
No, nothing yet.
We serve for the royal family every
generation, that includes Gerald-sama.
Because you can't take actions
yourself, you're asking us to?
This country is rotten, huh?
Only the Queen can pass judgement
onto a royal family member.
The Mira-sama now hasn't
obtained the right yet.
You guys are still living
in the 19th century?
l'm counting on you.
There's no more time.
The coronation parade has
been set on 2 days from now.
No way. lf the real Princess
hasn't appear before that...
Ran will have to be in the parade.
Ran-sama, please close the curtain.
We don't know where
will they attack from.
You don't have to
address me as '-sama'.
l'm just a fake.
You two have been
serving Princess Mira...
Yes, l started 5 years ago.
l entered the palace 3 years ago.
l haven't even seen the daily
life of the Princess before.
lt's like this since she's small?
No, she was very kind.
She cries easily.
That Mira-sama hasn't...
Hasn't, hasn't what?
Hasn't cry in front of anyone before.
Losing both person that she
loved most at the same time.
A tragedy that never-before
happened on Mira-sama.
What a poor thing...
Not recognized by people.
That's why she created a
different self on purpose.
You too.
Feel that it's unbelievable
that l'm counting on them?
Let's not talk about Jigen-sensei.
But that young man...
l don't know why.
That young man. That young
man isn't what he appears.
lt's like an adult's
brain in a child's body.
Fujiko-chan, it's morning.
Shut up!
Annoying, a flu.
Don't get near me.
Well said. Whose fault you think it is?
Oh no.
He's blaming you.
He's the worst.
lt's not like that.
That aside,
can you drive a little faster?
This is the full speed.
Where are the usual ones?
Both aren't here anymore.
l'm thirsty. Buy me a can of Cola.
l want ice coffee.
Yes yes.
Replying once is enough.
Curse you.
The tallest building along
the parade route is this?
Hey, papa.
lf it's papa,
where will you snipe from?
Still the tallest building?
Don't overdo it.
Get down.
What do you wanna know?
Hey, answer me.
lt would be easy to
escape from that building.
Hey, wait.
l'm not a professional hitman.
l don't know which spot is the best.
How can papa be a professional hitman?
But where's the 2nd segment
of papa's index finger
and left palm?
Your hand is used to a left
cylinder reolver, right?
When did you see it?
My hands are always in my pocket.
l saw them in the palace just now.
Hey, brat.
l only have 1 thing to say.
Don't call me papa again.
l can't, it's still afternoon.
And we stil need to go
to the actualy scene next.
That's not my fault.
lt's the fault of the shops
that open at this time.
An easily understandable
method to slack off.
Don't worry, just a glass.
About 500 yen in Japan.
Go buy a juice at the shop behind.
Just a glass.
Geez, two Princesses.
What? Oi, Cola.
Come out, Cola.
The money isn't coming
out either, what's this?
l see.
lf this is what you want...
l'll use my finisher.
Watch me.
l even get tips.
Uncle, it's not good to steal.
That's a bad way to put it, brat.
l did pay, right?
Just a portion, right?
lt's fine, they ask me to take more.
You're really a bad person?
Uncle doesn't look like one.
Watch out, l'm a bad thief.
l see, that's why uncle
has a holster, right?
Your left shoulder is
slightly lower, is that so?
What a shame, it's just a video camera.
My bad, l thought for real
that you're a bad person.
That's good.
Saying something like that to a
real bad person would be dangerous.
You're fine with just 1 can? Take more.
Let's be accomplices.
lt's not good to steal.
What's with that brat,
his friends will run away.
l've paid the money for 2.
Welcome, you're from lCPO-
Yes, l'm Zenigata.
Let's get to the point.
This place isn't suitable.
Let's talk inside.
Are you fine with it?
And this is?
l'm lnspector Zenigata's assistant,
Mouri Kogoro.
l wish to take a look around.
Don't need to rush.
The tea is served.
l'm going.
Where are you, Lupin?!
You can ignore him.
Lupin! Lupin!
Where are you, Ran?
That voice, father?
Please wait, Ran-sama.
lt may be a suspicious person.
lt's someone suspicious.
An old man with moustache.
A scary face.
How could it be Ran-sama's father?
lt's father.
- Ran, l'm glad.
- Ran, l'm glad.
- Father, why are you here?
- l'm really glad. -
Please help Conan-kun.
What's with the fuss?
- You're...
- You're...
- Listen to me, father.
Oh, it's you.
- Watch me, you bastard.
- Stop it, father.
- Listen to me!
- Eat this!
Don't worry, l'll be fine.
Can you please explain 1st?
And Lupin is really going
for the Queen's Crown?
Yes, no mistake.
- Guest Room
But didn't Lupin already try
to steal the Queen's Crown once,
and gave up?
Until now, he's never given up on it.
l understood now.
We can only make him
give up again, right?
lf that security system is penetrated,
l'll gladly to hand over the Crown.
Let's hope so.
Food is prepared in another room.
l'm checking on the treasury first.
The person there will guide you.
Please stir things up for me.
Have you finally understood?
How can l?
Father, it's impossible for
Conan-kun to find the proof alone.
We can't tell if the Duke
Gerald is the culprit yet.
Because in that place-
You're naive.
That was what they say.
You're a Duke too, right?
lt's possible that you
frame Gerald for yourself.
How could that be? On that day,
Keith-sama was in the palace.
He doesn't have to do it himself.
lt's simple to just hire
a professional sniper.
Professional sniper?
Suspicious man.
How's it? Any lead?
lt's as you've said.
l can understand why
your son grew up that way.
lt's not my son.
He's just a freeloader.
l don't feel like
hiring people like you.
A grand investigation.
Although it's not much, but the
fees are calculated in Japanese yen.
Will you accept it?
l'll gladly accept it!
l'm looking forward...
A place that she wants to see
no matter what before going back.
lt's in front right? The
place where those 2 died.
lt's fine to let her go alone?
She's an expert in escaping.
lf she wants to run, she
wouldn't have come back.
And if we follow, she can't cry, right?
You understand her well, huh?
l'll suspect you.
Don't, just that...
Just that?
lt's familiar.
Mother, brother.
l can only stare at here.
l can't do anything.
Even if you have
expectations, it's useless.
No one loves me.
But there is no more.
Except this place where you both are...
Only here...
Another 5 minutes.
Even if an ant enter,
it'll be surrounded by a
cage made of unique metal.
You guys are here 24 hours?
Yes, 8 hours per shift.
Do you need reinforcement
for the guards?
No, it's not needed.
They'll doze off without
knowing it anyway.
We're in-charge of maintaince
and taking care of the weapon.
Weapons can't be accessed easily.
lsn't there any bullet
left on Queen Sakura's body?
The bullet penetrated the Queen.
The bullet was discovered
on a nearby ground.
And that shotgun was
owned by Prince Gill?
ls this the overall of the incident?
Yes. l was at the scene.
lf it's possible,
please let me handle it.
Will you be forgiven?
l, as the leader of the SP...
couldn't protect the Queen,
the Prince and Princess Mira.
Because of this, you
daughter has been troubled.
The truth will definitely be shown.
lt's here right? lt's quite near, huh?
What a beautiful cherry blosom.
Wait, why are here?
Oh, why is the Princess here?
What a shock, didn't notice at all.
Did we overdo it?
l see, you two are playing detectives.
Well, goodluck, wine young man.
Say, this is where
Queen Sakura feel, right?
That's what l heard.
Then, uncle please let
me ride on your neck.
What? You're going overboard again?
l'm going to call you 'papa' again.
Thank you, uncle.
lt's burnt.
Your nose and eyes seem to be sharp.
That branch feel together
when my mother was shot.
That means...
Uncle, please move over there.
Oh, that branch?
Brother was aiming at the fox under
the blooming cherry blossom tree.
But at that time, my mother who
was trying to let the fox run away...
Then, brother took
the pistol from uncle...
Took it?
Then, what are you
planning to do, Princess?
Are you coming back with
us on the helicopter?
This uncle is impressive.
This country's military force
listens to whatever you say.
l'm fine.
There's people waiting
for me down there.
The one waiting for you is that sister?
Yes, the international defence lawyer.
She happily accepted the case.
Huh, sister?
lnternational defence lawyer?
Have you heard that person's name?
Fuji Mineko l heard.
Someone you know?
What's so great about this?
lt has a special frequency
which lasts for 30 seconds.
Don't need it.
l thought that you're going after
something much greater this time.
What's with that ball?
lt's not even a precious
gem, just some cheap stuff.
That's a rude way to put it.
lt has quite a history, you know?
Compared to history,
value is more important.
Did you get any lead from
that conversation just now?
Yeah. Prince Gill used a
pistol instead of a shotgun.
lt's plausible but...
The fact that his uncle
was holding a pistol...
Even with SP around, he still
has a shotgun and pistol.
Let's take a look at
the gun when we're back.
You're finally co-operating?
Ah, it can't be helped.
lt's work after all.
Have you decided to become the Queen?
No other choice, l can only go back.
l haven't think about
becoming the Queen.
Becoming the Queen or not, my
work is done after l send you back.
Please take care of me.
Fuji Mineko, must be thinking
of making a fortune, huh?
Did you say something?
Ah, nothing.
Stop for a while.
What is it?
A lady has a lot of needs.
Are you angry?
Not angry.
l put you in this mess.
That wasn't your doings anyway, right?
l've heard from the others.
l heard from Duke Keith.
Thank you very much.
No, it's my duty afterall.
Are you fine with cash?
A cheque or a transfer is fine too.
l don't trust anything
else besides cash.
l see.
Then, did Princess have fun?
Yes. Until this morning,
she was still a normal girl.
She's totally forgotten
her identity as a Princess.
l see.
You're kind.
Telling her the truth and
giving her a day of freedom.
No way.
Don't worry.
l'll keep people's secret.
Because l'm a defence lawyer.
l'm embarrased. Even a driver
like me is treated so grandly.
Beer and Juice, please.
Helo what?
Oh, that guy.
Come over here.
What 'uncle'?
What is this, Lupin?
Ah, l'm just having a meal
after sending the Princess back.
lt's not that. l'm saying Fujiko.
Ah, that...
Ah, l slipped it because
l couldn't stand the cold.
Not that!
Aren't you a little too cocky?
Oh, that.
Has anything good happened since
you tag along with that woman?
Aren't you are getting in the way?
That's why l need help.
This is troubling.
What are you saying?
There's no use now.
get it done quickly and go back.
How's the scene now?
The fingerprints on both
guns have been checked, huh?
Famous partner.
Sorry to have you waiting.
Missy, can l have some coffee?
What's wrong?
Until now, was it my imagination?
Father, Conan-kun.
Ran-neechan, right?
Be careful, it'll be scary
if we mess up from here on.
You two.
Ran-neechan. Ran.
You're the worst!
Don't get angry, Ran.
You coffee is ready.
You stayed, huh?
Yes. Only me and the chef.
l'm sorry, can we chat for a while?
Why is To-chan here?
How would l know?
ls it that girl?
lmpossible, right?
Well, the actors are all here.
Shall we start the act?
Mother's fragrance...
Princess Mira.
Come in.
Sorry to disturb.
l've brought the two of them.
ls this really fine?
Doesn't matter.
This is my mother's room.
The arrangement hasn't been
changed since her death.
You're searching the room,
right? l'll co-operate.
Then, l shall not hold back.
But you'll be made fun of, right?
Giving help to find the proof
of mother and brother's death. not decided...
l'm sorry.
What are you apologising for?
This country is cursed.
By that stone.
lmpressive, huh?
This is...
l finally understood
Queen Sakura's feelings.
That great love of the Queen.
The door's opened,
the thief is coming in.
Sleeping Spray, just a joke.
Why are they sleeping? Why is it empty?
Why is there nothing?
What's the point in rescuing her?
Ah, you.
l'm sorry, Lupin. l'm sorry, Lupin.
No way. No way.
l'm sorry, Lupin. l'm sorry, Lupin...
Haha, l triggered them all.
Sorry Lupin, you're caught in my place.
What's that? lsn't it too early?
Thank you for your co-operation.
No no, Lupin actually came. As
expected from a professional.
No, be right back.
Lupin, Lupin...
How's the
preparation at the East House?
Yes. Everything's ready.
Finally complete.
Helo, can you hear me?
l'm trapped. Can you
give me a hand here?
The treasure?
l'm going back.
You're saying that again.
You better learn your lesson.
Sensei, it's up to you.
Fine, l understood.
He's doing something
extra compared to usual.
l've cut down a lot of trash again.
Tiring, right? That pose.
Thank you.
l'll leave the back-up to you.
Hah, only Jigen and
Goemon. As l thought.
ls this all?
l think we're the ones left.
What happened?
The police has given orders.
- East House
ls this fine, lnspector Zenigata?
Yes. Thank you.
The reason l've
gathered all of you here.
Just a while ago, the Queen's Crown
has been stolen
from the Royal Treasury.
The criminal who
has the Queen's Crown...
l'm sorry, but l have to speak first.
The criminal
who has the Queen's Crown...
tried to reduce the number
of people in palace because...
Since it's come to this.
What's wrong?
He's here, the one who
tries to kill Princess Mira.
The one who's
investigating about it is...
Eh, me?
lt all begins with that
unfortunate shotgun.
He is...?
No, it shouldn't be.
That young man and Ran-sama's father.
That is not the story.
What 'ah'? What?!
ls he a monster?! Even an elephant
would sleep for 30 minutes.
l see. lt's a murder case which
was made to look like an accident.
Ah, what happened...
The thief disguised?
This is interesting, little detective.
Can l speak for a while, To-chan?
ls this real?
l get it, old man. You
better play along well.
That day, when Prince
Gill was about to shoot
at the fox under the
cherry blossom tree.
The fox evaded it but
Queen Sakura was hit.
That was what Duke Gerald said.
ls that right, Princess Mira?
Yes. That's what l heard.
l thought you made a mistake.
Are you making a mistake now, father?
Father, me? Erm...
Why is that girl here?
You knew about that Japanese girl?
Ah, l heard it from the SP.
l'm sorry, bringing her into the
palace. No one told me either.
l see. That's how it is.
Prince Gill who killed himself, was
holding the gun with his right hand.
Shooting his temple
from the right, it makes
sense that his right
hand was holding the gun.
Princess Mira.
Brother was left-handed.
Oh, it means that someone
misplaced the gun on his right hand.
Why did he think that the
Prince was right-handed?
l saw a photo of the Prince
in Queen Sakura's room.
lt's a photo of the young Prince
when he was playing baseball.
His glove was on his right hand.
When brother was young, he was asked
to use right hand to dine and sign.
l see. lt's not strange that he's
trained that way to become the King.
Kaeru-san, can you show me the
hunting rifle that was used?
Yes, here. The young man said
that you requested for it.
Both of them
used the same type of guns.
Vortex rifle.
Normally, when holding with left hand,
only the right hand
can pull the trigger.
Why so? Because the bolt to load
bullet can
only be pulled by right hand.
Oh, that's how it is.
Don't open your motuh as you like.
l got it, the culprit is...
Uncle. l got it, the culprit is...
l wanna hear the rest
of the explanation.
Conan-kun, that isn't
a place you can sit.
Duke Gerald, please hold on a while.
You've shoot from there before, right?
Even until then, you saw the Prince
holding the gun with right hand.
You placed the gun in his
right hand without thinking.
Why? Why? Why did you shoot mother?
The one who shot then Queen, was you.
lt's really uncle?
l was wondering what
you were going to say.
lnspector Zenigata.
Looks like your subordinate wants
to uncover the truth no matter what.
What should l do?
Mouri-san, is that all you have to say?
Yeah, the conclusion
is the interesting part.
He's opened his mouth again.
Communication Department... something
delicious... sent from where...
Well, if you insist
that this is an accident.
This is the hunting rifle
that killed the Queen, right?
lt's been switched, right?
Both rifle are marked.
After killing the Prince you
switched your gun with his.
lsn't it enough? Where's the proof
if you insist that it's a murder.
Father, what are you doing?
lt's an empty shell.
Empty shell?
Queen Sakura's background
is the key of this case.
Your father knew my mother?
l haven't heard about that.
And my father seems unusual.
My usual father is
the sleepyhead Kogoro.
Solving case violently
like this...
lt's unbelievable.
lsn't it weird? Duke Gerald.
Even a model like you
would be frightened.
You spoilt the gun.
l can't take this anymore.
This is
This gun is the one you
used on that day, right?
This gun is exactly the one
used by Duke Gerald which
l had Conan request it from Kaeru-san.
Yes, that's how it is.
you went hunting without knowing
that they were empty shells.
Queen Sakura didn't like the idea
of taking
away animals' life as a sport.
She didn't wish that
the Prince do that too.
And so,
the Queen passed the
bulletless shells to the Prince.
Dear mother.
This was mentioned in
Kaeru-san's files in detail.
But a Queen who knows
so much about guns.
lt's unexpected, huh?
This is a good question.
Shut up.
l know.
The trophies in Queen Sakura's room
showed that she was good at sports.
She seemed to won the All-round
Event when she was yound.
The 5 events were
Riding, swimming, running, fencing,
as well as shooting.
Sharing the trophy was you, right?
During that shooting competition.
As expected-
That's enough, famous detective.
lf l were the culprit,
why didn't l remove the evidence?
And showed up here just like that.
l'll answer that.
ln order to remove the
remaining barricade.
As expected from the famous detective.
You're the last barricade.
You suck.
Talking crap before you look around.
Oh, seems like it's started.
ls this the end?
Well, they're a little too
weak to be our opponents.
l'm counting on you.
Keith, there's not a single soldier
in the palace who listen to you.
ls that so?
l've thought of this as well.
Not bad, you evil accomplices.
How about this?
Don't move!
l've prepared a little
surprise on the main pillar.
lt'll bring everyone to the Queen.
How about you?
Being blown off together?
At this distance,
l would, if l'm careless.
So please don't make me do it.
And finally, the last chance
is for you, Keith.
This Vespania.
Together with me, let's
create a great future for it.
As a Duke,
is it fun being ordered around?
Can the blood flowing in you
allow this chance to slip by?
lf you put it another way,
you're being saved, right?
So how?
lsn't a man supposed to do great
things with the world as a goal?
This is for the people
of the country too.
Now, Vespania needs this strength.
A new energy.
The world needs this unlimited power.
Our Stinger family has been
serving the royalty for 200 years.
The blood flowing in me.
l'll serve the Vespanian
royalty till the end.
lt's decided then.
What is this?
Disguising and making a ruckus.
Slipping out during the mess.
lsn't that your routine, Lupin?
Oh, cover blown?
Try to recall something
you said 30 seconds ago.
Can l speak for a while, To-chan?
You called me To-chan, right?
What's with this accurate timing?
l still wanted to act
cool for a little longer.
To-chan, you should be more
considerate of the mood.
Who cares? As long as l can arrest you.
You bastards.
ls this all your doings?
Yes. l can't give
this country to sister.
lf the mineral mining is approved,
the environment of
Vespania will be polluted.
You don't understand.
The value this country holds.
The one who doesn't understand is you.
ln order to gain profit, we'll
lose things which can't be replaced.
You're the short-sighted one.
The very humans who depended on
Earth are trying to destroy it.
You can't even understand this?
Without a great ambition,
she's not eligible as a Queen.
lt'll be the same even
if the kids take over.
Because of that, my brother and l...
What a shame, Keith.
But l shall grant your wish in the end.
l've got the switch.
Hold on firmly,
Lord Duke!
lmpressive, right? This ball.
l won't call you 'Uncle' ever again.
Doing something like this to
your own sister and nephew.
l will not forgive you.
l'll never leave this
country in your hands.
The ruler of this country, is me!
Princess Mira.
Hey, the sister with a bike,
how long does this ball last?
Erm... Another 3 seconds l think.
l met your mother here.
Please, bring me together with Cowl.
l don't want to be a trapped bird,
l long to fly freely in the sky.
That is impossible.
Listen to me. My grandfather
was a great thief.
Your father is this country's King.
Soon, you'll also become
the ruler of this country.
Wearing this crown, you
can fly freely in the sky
with the people of this
country, not with me.
Good bye. Thank you for making me
understand this wonderful country.
Let's wait till the day we meet again.
She's the same as you are now.
My kind and gentle mother
was actually the same as me.
Even so, she's totally
forgotten about the promise, huh?
l happen to remember this after l
heard the news of the Queen's death.
Uncle, stealing is a crime.
lt's not me, it's the
sister with the bike!
You guys are accomplices, right?
You're annoying! ls this fine now?
l'm returning this.
lt still looks the best on you.
Speaking of which, kid,
can l ask you something?
How can you tell that the Queen
Sakura's death wasn't an accident?
Your 'papa' did say that
you're destined
to succeed when you
were investigating here.
Because of that broken branch.
That branch?
The Prince should know that his own
mother loves this cherry blossom tree.
lf so, he wouldn't even think of
shooting at such an important tree.
l see. That's
how you determined that it
wasn,t the Prince
who pulled the trigger.
lt's the cherry blossom that told me.
Oh, yeah. Can l ask you
a question too, uncle?
l have yet to know your name.
Haha... ls that so?
My name is...
Lupin... lll.
ls it ok keeping this a
secret from Zenigata-san?
lt's the King's orders.
We can't disobey it.
Damn it! lf l find him again,
l'll definitely catch him!
But, isn't this good?
The bad guys are punished.
Not all of them!
Those people have already left.
ls that so?
They want to steal it quick.
lf this country don't become
prettier and more peaceful,
that person will be back.
You have my appreciation.
Thank you very much.
Ran, l was very happy
that night. Thanks to Ran.
Not at all. l could actually
be a Princess for a while...
Mira-sama, the time's up.
Ah, where's Conan?
Eh? Just now, he said that he want
to see the coronation ceremony.
A while ago, he was taken
away by the Japanese Embassy.
No matter how you put it, he still
entered the country illegally.
We should go as well.
The kid's with me, Lupin lll.
Oh, no.
This is bad.
lf they check my passport, the fact
that Edogawa Conandoesn't exists...
As expected from a great detective.
Huh? Uncl... Lupin-san?
Don't be embarrased.
Just call me uncle.
He was disguising.
Didn't you notice?
The sister with a bike?
And also Papa!
You realy enjoy calling Papa?
No matter how you look
at it, he's still a kid.
And inside this cute
appearance is a high-schooler.
You feel annoyed being
turned into a kid, right?
ls this an adult movie?
lt's not an adult movie.
Ah, it's my turn now. l've the brain,
as well as the body of an adult.
lt is an adult movie afterall.
Don't worry. This sister here will send
you back to Japan, Kudo Shinichi-kun.
Once in a while, you'll bump
into the ship of someone familiar.
Thanks. But, if you steal again
next time, l'll catch you all.
What to do, Lupin?
He said he'll
catch us if we meet again.
Haha... Don't be stupid!
Famous detective Conan?
Come, l have the time!
Let me check it out.
Huh? Check... what?
Still need to ask? Of course
the secret to rejuvenation.
Rejuvenation? You mean shrinking?
lt's the same either way.