Lurking Fear (1994) Movie Script

- Okay, don't panic
and you'll be fine.
Just let the weapon do the work.
- Oh, Leigh, this is ridiculous.
I've never handled a
gun before in my life.
I'll probably end
up shooting myself
in the foot or something.
To keep you safe.
What about you?
You wrote me and said
you were too scared to stay.
That's why I came to this place.
- We are leaving,
but not tonight.
She's not scared of anything.
- Well, let's just
get outta here.
We'll walk you to town
and we'll take the
last flight out.
- No chance.
It's too dangerous
outside at night.
Not as dangerous
as having a loaded pistol
around a baby.
- Shut up, Katherine.
I know what I'm doing.
We're trapped here tonight.
The flood channels
cut us off, Kat.
- That's okay, 'cause
I called a cab.
- Oh really?
I cancelled it.
- Perfect.
- I'm sorry, we're not
in San Francisco here.
Katherine, it will be all right.
It'll be just fine.
- You know, you keep
telling me that,
and then you give
me one of Dad's
Vietnam souvenirs
and you tell me to
just pull the trigger.
I don't think that's all right.
- Do your crazy sister a favor
and just hold onto it, okay?
Just to make me feel better.
- About what?
- I don't want anything
to happen to my baby.
- It's after midnight.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, honey.
I'm sorry.
Storms always make me afraid.
Get away from my baby
you son of a bitch.
Take her!
Oh my God.
Okay, okay.
- Are you all right?
Four years dead
for something I didn't do.
The judge said I was a Martense
and that enough was alone
to convict me of anything.
But now I was out.
And no family, no prospects.
Nothing to look
forward to at all
except an invitation
from a petty thief
who used to run with my father.
He had something for me.
Thieves stick together I guess.
- Sidney.
Sidney, Sidney.
What happened?
I'll tell you one thing, Sid,
you look much better now
than you ever did
when you were alive.
So don't worry, be happy.
Very nice.
- I hope I'm not interrupting
a beautiful, personal moment.
- You are, but what the hell?
- Hey, old buddy.
- Hey, I heard you
did pretty good, kid.
- I wasn't anybody's bitch.
- Oh, come on, you don't
gotta tell me that.
How you feeling?
- I have to check
with a parole officer
every other day.
I can't take out a bank loan
and I can't vote,
but I feel pretty damn good.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
You're still wearin'
your con shoes.
You know, they sent
over a couple of pair
for old Sid here.
Couldn't decide whether
he wanted to be buried
in his oxfords or his loafers.
Maybe they're your size.
- Whoa, hey, I'll buy
my own shoes, Knaggs.
- Yeah,
and you're gonna be
able to afford 'em now.
Did you bring it with ya?
- Can't say that I know
what the hell it is.
Leffert's corners.
- Yeah, it's a nut
and about 200 miles
south of here.
Your Dad really liked
the bar down there.
- That's not news, Knaggs.
So what is this?
Floor plans of the pool tables?
- Naw, it's a cemetery.
And in that cemetery
is buried a guy who is stuffed
with money.
- Bullshit.
- Hey, this is your
family legacy, kid.
Your dad buried that guy
just before he got sent away.
- So how do you know
that it's there?
- Because I stuffed the stiff.
Now, I didn't exactly count
the dough, you understand,
but let me put it this way,
if you were to
stand this guy up,
he'd be pissing
thousand dollar bills.
Your old man asked me to
hang onto this for you.
- Attica sent me his
personal effects.
Mine was in a birthday card
that was never mailed.
- Let's face it, kid.
You and your dad
don't exactly qualify
for family of the year.
But in a way, this
kind of makes that up.
- Hey, I just did five years.
I don't plan on spending the
rest of my life in prison.
- So what are you gonna do?
Walk away from this?
Hey, that's fine with me,
but I gotta tell you,
your old man set this up
so you wouldn't end up like him.
- So what's your end, specs?
- Well, I figure
my half of the map
is worth uh,
a neat 20 percent.
Of course, now that
I know where it is...
You'll take it all.
- I don't need your
fuckin' permission.
Now I'm just tryin' to do right
by an old friend at Christmas.
All right?
- What do you say
you knock off early?
You take us a little ride.
- Yeah, I'd like that, but uh,
I gotta hang around here.
Somebody's gonna come
to pick up old Sid.
Why don't you go on ahead?
I'll catch up with you later.
- You're sure no one
else knows about this?
- Naw, I ain't
seen them scumbags
in over five years.
Your dad was gonna protect you.
Even now.
- I'll see you tonight, buddy.
- Okay.
Oh, and uh, specs,
bring your own shovel.
- Goddamn.
Got a little surprise
for you tonight.
Hold her still.
- Give her something.
- The last of the codeine
and the heal of a
bottle of bourbon
are inside her right now.
- I'm sorry, doc.
- Oh, forget it.
I'd be screamin' my
head off, believe me.
- I couldn't even
see what it was.
It was just on me
all of a sudden.
And, and then,
I felt the blood in my mouth.
- You'll be all right.
You're fine.
Listen, now that's just
not too deep, all right.
Listen, Beth,
the first thing you gotta do
is just pack this away.
Healing starts from
the inside, right.
- But isn't this
what everybody does?
I mean, the ones who've
lived through it.
- Lie still now.
I think you're gonna
be all right now.
One more.
- Thanks.
- Good.
You just lay there
and you try to relax.
many did you get?
- Four boxes, Sarge.
- These haven't been
turned in a while.
The nitro's bleeding.
- Really?
- Doc.
- Wow.
Well, I guess ah...
We're ready to go to church.
- I don't think this
is such a good idea.
- I'm not going
back to my house.
My baby's not safe there.
too dangerous.
- Look, she's my patient.
She's with me, I
know she's safe.
- Get in.
- Ah-ha.
Here it is.
All set now.
What is it?
We're finally doing this,
you trained, I kept my end.
- This is what I thought
the end of the world
was gonna look like.
- Maybe.
Maybe not.
Here's lookin' at you.
- If you shoot a man, kill him,
and you don't pull a gun
unless you intend to shoot.
You listening to me, boy?
- Everyday.
- Just trying to fucking
teach you some things here.
- What?
What you're really are inside.
A killer.
That's part of you.
- Wow, Sid.
You know, you're a
lot more valuable dead
than you ever were alive, babe.
Can I help you, Miss?
- Misses.
I need to make
some arrangements.
- Oh, we understand.
And, may I take this opportunity
to extend to you
my deepest condolences.
- Yes, you may.
It should be quiet, dignified.
That's very important.
- This is our
forever yours model.
It comes fully lined
with soft, white silk.
And uh, it has a
heavenly blue body.
It is a little more expensive.
- Money doesn't concern me.
- My dear...
How's the world
been treating you?
- This'll only take a minute.
Less time than that.
- Ah shit.
I hear
tales of riches.
- Oh no, friend,
you got it wrong.
This here's a poor neighborhood.
I can't refuse anybody.
- So you won't refuse
me then, will you?
Well, there's a lot
of money in death.
Preventing it, causing it,
taking care of the leftovers.
Hello, Sid.
You've done all three at one
time or another, my dear.
But there again
I was forgettin'.
You were always a
modest man, weren't ya?
- Hey, c'mon, leave
Sid out of this.
I gotta ship him up
the coast tonight.
His widow's waitin' for him.
- Did you know they buried
Dillinger without his schlong?
Bastards, they cut it off.
Put it in a pickle
jar for a souvenir.
You uh, you wouldn't do
nothing like that, would ya?
Shame on you.
- Look at that.
No wonder he's dead.
Old man never
told me about our family.
He said we were orphans,
and he liked it that way.
The less I knew, the better.
But when I turned towards
Leffert's corners,
I had a feeling I was going
somewhere I belonged.
I knew it like I knew the
inside of a federal prison
or a work farm.
It was a bad feelin',
but I had to keep goin'.
Even though every
goddamn thought I had
was to turn around
and get the hell away
as fast as I could.
You helped
Martense rip me off.
Don't fuckin' deny it.
- I fuckin' told you,
I don't know where it is.
- My pet prison guard
brought me this.
Where's the other half, Skelton?
- I just prepped that body.
I didn't bury it.
- They will kill you, you know.
- Wanna go for a split?
- Ah.
I knew you'd come around.
I told you, didn't I?
All right.
20 percent.
Don't push me.
- You know Leffert's corners?
- Uh-huh.
- There's a cemetery there.
Martin's kid just
left with the map.
Left a couple hours ago.
- Well, I should look
forward to meetin' the lad.
Oh shit.
- You know, I liked the way
you had the guy fixed up.
He uh, he looked real natural.
Thank you.
- You lied to me, Skelton.
That's what hurts.
- I gotta go,
I gotta go meet the kid.
He's waitin' for me.
We had a deal.
- So did we.
- The storm's coming in.
- So is the dark.
Let's go.
- Bless this servant
of God, Maria,
with the holy body and
blood of Christ the King
for the forgiveness of her sins,
and for life eternal.
- Put it down easy.
- Bless this servant
of God, Ryan,
with the holy body and blood
of Christ the King,
for the forgiveness of his sins
and for life eternal.
Drink the blood of Christ.
- You should drink too, Father.
Especially tonight.
- It might make you feel better.
I told you I
will not have the church,
I will not have God's house
being used as battle field.
Not on the eve of his birth.
I didn't
choose your church, Father.
This is where they're hiding.
I'll go check
the weather on the radio.
will be in by midnight.
I expected more
reverence from you, doctor.
- Well, can I say, Father,
nothing's left.
You see, I just got tired
of stitching people up
just to watch 'em die anyway.
For these.
Bastards of terms turned
into a slaughterhouse.
- Now, you should be fighting
with your faith and with this.
- A book won't stop them.
They'll tear it
and you to shreds.
- Oh, c'mon, Father.
These damn things
have been living under our feet
and tearing us
apart for 20 years.
This is real.
- I know that better than you.
You're just going
to stand there and do nothing!
- I'll give myself over
if that's what it wants.
Christ shed his blood for us,
and I will shed mine for you.
It won't be enough.
- You're gonna get yourself
killed, for nothing.
- Hey, hey Marie.
You gotta stay here with us.
You're not going to be
protected out there.
Hey, what are ya...
- Let her go!
At least she'll
beat the sun home.
- Gee, Doc.
I remember you telling me
that is safe
if I got home before dark.
- Hey kid.
Where is everybody?
Do you know where the church is?
they come up here
the trip wire will
nail at least two.
Oh yeah, booby trap safe.
- Say, four would have
been perfect for this.
One time these charges out,
cover the outside circle
and save the rest.
- Well, let's not mess around.
Let's do it all.
Wipe 'em out.
- It's a waste until we
can pinpoint the nest.
I need backup.
You never know when there's
gonna be a second wave.
You're the expert.
No, I'm just
doing what Leigh would.
This is all I have left of her.
- Your sister
couldn't do it better.
- Yeah, she could.
- Katherine.
- Yeah?
- After we do this,
let's find any place else.
- Careful where
you stagger, doc.
- Yep.
- We're hot.
- The weatherman says an hour.
- Oh yeah?
Well that thunder
tells me half an hour.
- That'll still give us
enough time to get to Miller's
and get the gas truck.
- Oh, this is going
to be quite a party.
- I know the Martense
family record
as well as I know
the holy scripture.
I know there was a
bastard son of the clan,
who escaped and went to
live in the outside world.
But he was a Martense,
and killing came easy.
He died in prison,
the only Martense not to be
buried in Leffert's Corner.
We also know that
he had a son.
- Katherine, there's
somebody out there.
- I saw something.
- This is still a church.
If someone's come for
comfort, they deserve it.
- I'll take care of it.
- It must be one
of those things.
What about the 45?
Hold off.
Those things don't come up
until the storm rises.
- Hey, Doc.
What don't you sober up,
see if we can get
to Miller's alive?
Don't even breathe.
Just stand straight up.
- Baby, I'm not
gonna move a hair.
- I said straight.
Take one step back to clear.
Why'd you come here
when everyone in town
knows to stay away?
- I'm not from town.
Now, I thought spec
said he was gonna be alone.
- Yeah, well they're certainly
well prepared, aren't they?
- Ah, looks like this Christmas
is going to be a treasure hunt.
- Pierce, this is a
Porsche, not a Toyota.
Well, I think before
we get our hands dirty,
a little spiritual
counsel's in order.
You will
never repair this damage.
somebody's gotta do
something, Father,
and that ain't just you anymore.
- Not here.
I won't have that here.
- Sorry, Father,
I caught this one out back
trying to defuse the dynamite.
- You son of a...
- Back off!
I want answers.
- Hey, I don't know
what you people
got going on here.
I just wanna get the hell out.
- No problem.
As soon as we blow this cemetery
you walk away.
- It's starting.
- You cost me time.
On him.
The timers are set to
go off in ten minutes.
- Hey, lady,
I'm not waitin' for anything.
- You got no choice.
- What the hell is
this all about anyway?
- You shutting up and
letting us do some good.
And quit staring at me.
- No!
Get back!
dynamite's gotta go now.
I've had
enough of this shit.
- Oh, God, I know I
failed as your servant.
Take your anger out on me,
not this miserable souls
who've gone astray.
- Hey, freak show.
Nice to see you kid.
you bring that flask water out,
handle first.
Real slow.
- Now go on, let her up.
Show a bit respect.
Well, well.
Eric's boy.
He loved
Clint Eastwood.
- Sorry to interrupt
the service, my dears.
Well, I'll make all of this
very easy for you.
I'm just here for the money.
- Money?
What money?
- Now, I hate to
disappoint you, Father.
But you are not gonna
decorate your lovely church
with my investment.
All right?
Now you have a choice.
One of you dies every uh...
Ten minutes,
'till I get it.
- We don't know what
you're talking about.
We can't help you.
- Well, then I suggest
the good Father
say the last rights
over the whole
fucking lot of you.
- You always were
a son of a bitch.
- Cheer up Father.
You might be meetin'
your boss tonight.
- All unplugged.
- Now that we're all
seated comfortably...
Where is my money?
- Can't you see that
what's going on here
has got nothing to do with you
and your money?
- Everything has to
do with my money.
Put it down here, did you?
No, don't.
If you break that
down, we're all dead.
You included.
Oh God, don't do that.
What do you think, Randy?
Is that what will happen?
If we're lucky.
Is that what's
with all the armour then?
What are you protecting here?
- Why don't you go down
there and find out?
- Because you won't.
Come on.
Don't do that!
You'll kill her.
Stop it.
Can't you see she's the only one
who can help up?
- Don't be a hero,
you're not the type.
- Go to hell.
- Hold it, Bennett.
They don't know anything
about the money.
They got some whole
different trip going on here,
I don't know what
the hell it is.
I stumbled in just like you did.
Your money is still buried.
My father wasn't specific.
I didn't get a name.
- You better pray all
you find is your money.
You better pray
I'm not disappointed, darling.
- Hold it.
Hold it.
That's my grandmother.
That's gotta be it.
Get rid of that.
- You dig, punk.
- Hey, I'm not part of this.
- Oh no?
You murdered us all tonight.
- No.
- Katherine, are you all right?
- No.
- Could you untie me, please?
I'm on my way, Beth.
You know, you picked
one hell of a night
to pull this little stunt.
- You're the ones in the wrong
place at the wrong time, Doc.
- Father, my bag.
It's all right, Beth.
- This was supposed to be easy.
- All right.
- Doctor, I'm so sorry.
- I know, I know.
Let's just
have a little listen here
and what we've got.
Well, I think you're
gonna be fine.
- Oh, I thought it was the baby.
- No, no.
I think it's the excitement.
- So who's the father?
- He's gone.
- Why, when you told
him you were pregnant?
Give me his name
and I'll kill him.
Not a goddamn thing.
- You're just like your father.
Stupid and dead.
Ah, Jesus Christ.
Let go of me you son of a bitch.
Oh my God.
Oh Jesus.
The devil has
risen from the Sulfur pit.
- She's not dead.
There they are.
Nobody does a fucking thing
until I say so.
- Unless you want your
goddamn head ripped off,
I'd seal this up real quick.
- Go away!
- Fucking grizzly
bear or something.
- No!
Stop, you'll hit the girl.
Get back!
I'm trying.
- Keep her back.
- Hey, lover boy.
Ooh, we really
are good together.
- Oh no, you and your friends
know our little town secret.
You wanna move in?
I know a lot of places
you can get for cheap.
- What the fuck?
That thing almost killed me.
- Hey, that's the first time
I thought it was on our side.
- When one offers no resistance,
one invites evil.
- Well, Father, I suggest
you un-fucking invite it.
- We know where they live.
Tunnels everywhere.
And we do know how they feed
because this town has
been in the goddamn
dinner menu for 20 years.
- Finally gonna do
something about it,
and you just fucked it up.
They devour
every living thing they can,
maybe leave the bones.
- Find the stones.
- That's the legend.
Hey, you've got some
blood on your nice suit.
- Oh shit.
- Do you mind, bitch?
- Sorry, babe.
You're just a little
commando, aren't ya?
- Casualties closed.
Go on, break it up.
- I think gettin' out of here is
an excellent fuckin' priority.
- I will tell you when to think.
All right?
Now, I hope you understand
that Mr. Martense here
has put all your lives at risk
for refusing to cooperate.
Now I don't give a toss
if I have to feed
you all one piece
at a time to that
thing down there
on a silver fucking platter.
All I want is what I want.
So, who's gonna be first?
- I can help you.
I can.
- Well, fuck me.
- Here are the burial records,
so you should be able to
find what you're looking for.
You came to me as a stranger,
but I know your face.
You can kill me and spare
the others, can't you?
- Are you gonna kill us?
- How do you feel?
- What do you think?
I'm scared.
- Yeah, that's not what I meant.
You got something
growing inside you.
What about that?
- How she feels is none
of your damn business.
If she has something
wrong with her,
I'll take care of it.
- Soon, babe.
- Hey, Pierce.
- Hey Sir, if you wanna
talk to me, you pissant.
Show a little to the
man who's gonna kill ya.
- Look, I think you know what
we're really up against here.
I mean, you took a shot at it
for Christ's sake.
- Let's see.
I shot the undertaker,
and that boy that you had
your arms wrapped around.
I think,
I kill you next.
- Look, I just wanna
get out of here,
and the only way that
that's gonna happen,
is if you get your cash.
- Bennett's taking
care of that right now.
See, you've got nothing
to fuckin' offer.
- That priest doesn't know shit.
He was stalling.
Your boss is gonna
be hung up for hours.
Now, I can give you the map.
You just gotta let me
out the door first.
- What about your new
friends, John boy, huh?
What about them?
- Fuck 'em.
Hey Pierce, if you know
where the money is,
you divide the shares your way.
Or no shares at all.
- Five years ago
the boy's father
robbed my casino
and buried the money
in your cemetery.
Martense, crypt of the family.
They also have a sense of humor.
This is the name of the
cop who busted Martense
and sent him up.
This is the money grave.
Very clever.
- Well, the Martenses own us.
Always have.
- Not any longer, Father.
Dad is dead, and
I've got the boy.
- They have relatives.
- The old man always said
you were chicken shit,
made your pocket
money robbing queers
and old ladies.
- When I was feeling lazy, yeah.
But when I had to drop
somebody, I didn't back off.
- Ah, tough guy, I forgot.
- Don't swing your
dick with me, boy,
or I'll cut it off.
Oh, you wanna make a move?
No, you don't.
You know, you're just
like your old man.
scum sucking pig.
- It's your money now, Pierce.
- If I don't see it
in about one minute,
I'm gonna start carvin' on you.
Do me a favor and kill me slow.
I just gotta watch what
Bennett does to ya.
- It's not gonna be
that easy, Pierce.
- You should never
draw down on somebody
unless you're gonna shoot 'em.
Didn't nobody teach you that?
- Well, my dear, it looks as if
being dead's the answer
to your problems.
- Don't think so, my dear.
- Pierce!
I'm gonna fire that bastard!
- Looks like
something around here
doesn't give a damn
about your money.
- Seems like it runs
in the fucking family.
- Hey Bennett,
I owe you a bullet.
Where do you think
I should put it?
In here?
- I'm really sweatin', babe.
I've always dreamed
of a church wedding.
- All secured?
- No problem.
I guess you gotta trust
somebody sometime, huh.
- Hey.
Take it easy.
- How do we look?
- Naw, there's not time to
hook everything back up.
- Yep.
I figured.
- Hey, um...
If I don't make it back...
I'm gonna get the truck.
- Okay.
Listen, what about your
new boyfriend in there?
Mr. Martense.
- If he does anything
stupid, kill him.
- Well, okay.
- Will you say one
for me, Father?
He was a lovely lad.
Loved his mother,
sent her flowers.
He was nice to go fish.
Lay off.
- I think the father
understands me now.
You don't.
Doc, where's Katherine?
- She'll be back.
I have to have the gun.
- Now, this son of a bitch
needs watchin' all the time.
- I know.
- I don't trust you, do I?
I wonder why.
- Thanks for the light.
- Poor Father.
All that planning,
all that construction,
and you guard your...
Can I borrow the plan?
- No, it's not, Martense.
And I'll you what you are.
You are nothing but
an incompetent faggot,
who's gonna be strung
up by his nostrils,
have his balls ripped off -
- I need a drink.
Can I trust you?
- I don't know.
I just might lose control.
- I got enough for both of us.
- Hey Doc.
Can I steal your lighter?
- You stand way over there,
how are you gonna find
out what I taste like?
- Ah.
Forgive me, Father,
I've sinned.
- I thought I'd be
afraid, but I'm not.
I knew we'd be brought together.
- I heard you pray
for me to come.
- So I can make
amends to my God.
- You called me Satan.
- Because that's
who you must be.
In the name of the Father,
when John Martense
sits in my chapel
as your son,
and of the son,
and Mr. Bennett is
here as his messenger
and of the Holy Spirit.
I am prepared to
sacrifice myself.
Would you consider
sparing the others
of this parish,
and taking my soul as
your ultimate victory?
Will you see your
martyrs assured a place
at the right hand of God,
and though I walk
through he valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil...
- Thank you.
This will be so good.
Would you mind?
- Isn't it romantic?
All right, lover boy,
let's see if you
can use a shovel.
- Father?
Goddamn Martense.
You son of a bitch.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Try not
to cut your foot off.
If that
thing comes back up,
I'm dragging you down
with me, Bennett.
got influence.
What do you
mean I got influence?
- You got the birth
mark on your shoulder.
- Yeah, how the
fuck do you know?
- The good Father told me.
The Martense brand.
- Oh my, baby's really tough.
Come on.
God, you must be a lousy lay.
No energy.
- Forget it babe,
you don't have the guts
to really shoot somebody.
- You're right.
What the...
Oh Doc.
It's here,
it's here somewhere.
Oh Doc, no.
It's here.
- No, don't even try.
Go, go go.
Doc, I said no.
- Finish it!
- You're finally gonna be
of some fucking use, my dear.
- The grave was empty, Bennett.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- The crypt.
Your dear father told me.
Go on.
Let's go.
Oh shit.
- Fucking disgusting.
Look at that!
Look at your shoulders.
He's one of you.
- What the hell's goin' on here?
- It's your family reunion.
Dad ran away as a kid
so he wouldn't be
eaten for breakfast.
Your family tree
is rotten, my dear.
We are Martense.
If you fight, the
pain will be worse.
- I'm guessing you
don't have your gun.
- If I had my fucking gun
would I be lying here like this?
Why don't you do
something about it?
You're one of them.
No I ain't.
More money as
a fucking maternity bed.
- They wanna tear her baby out.
- Your young will
feed our young.
Your blood will be our blood.
- Don't let them do it.
For God sake.
- Get back, you ugly
sons of bitches.
Come on.
Back it off.
- Put the fucking arm out!
They're ripping up my money.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
Get back, get back, get back.
- Get up here.
Let's go, let's go.
Thanks for the light, Doc.
- Hell fire, just
like bull said.
- My God.
Leffert's Corner's burned,
all I could think about
was who I might be inside.
The killer or something worse.
Had I really come home?
That's what I'm living with now.
I know my name,
but I don't know who I am,
and until I find that out,
my prison sentence
goes on for life.