Lurking Woods (2015) Movie Script

- Where the fuck is it?
- Gotcha!
- Hey, how's it going?
- Oh!
- How are you?
- I'm good, yeah.
Did you just get here?
- Yeah, yeah,
I took a taxi, you?
- Yeah, yeah,
same, same, yeah.
- Cool.
- Where is everybody?
Are they coming or what?
- Um, yeah, they should be.
We said nine, didn't we?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I feel a little bit anxious.
Don't you?
Why you laughing?
- Why?
- I don't know.
It's been a year,
and I still feel really
drained, and it's...
Do I look okay, like, what?
- Yeah, yeah, you--
- I look all right
for the trip?
- You look amazing.
- Yeah?
- Oh my gosh!
- Hi!
- Hello!
- Hi!
- Hiya!
- Oh, two, oh two?
- You look great.
- Hi.
- Aw, hi!
- Hiya, how are you?
- Make sure you take care
of my car, all right?
- Sure, boss.
- I thought I said take
care of my freakin' car.
- There he is!
- I see you're moving up in the world.
- Yeah, of course, you know me.
That's how we roll.
Live and die right, right, brother?
- So, Tim, what you been up to?
- Yeah, not much.
Ah, I quit my job at McD.
There's just--
- Yeah?
- Yeah, too much stress
behind the counter and--
- McD's?
- Yeah.
- Well, Scottie over here
founded new businesses,
all the fun stuff!
- Cool, oh, that's awesome.
- So you guys want a drink?
Do you?
- No, but I'll go in.
- You all right?
- He's got a, he's got an ax.
- Hey, you may want to steer clear of him.
He just got out.
- What do you mean, just got out?
- He used to work at a
pressure station near Brighton
till he went funny in the head.
- Sorry, but what do you
mean by just got out?
- So do you have anything
worked out for the guys?
- What?
Oh, yeah, sure, just don't say it here.
They're right there.
- I'm sorry.
- But yeah.
- Yeah.
- Alice and I worked out
everything out, yeah.
- Really? Okay.
- Don't stress.
It's gonna be good.
You did good.
- Cool, 'cause I spent a week trying
to figure out the whole game.
- Yeah, I know.
You said that, but don't worry.
It's gonna be awesome.
- Three, three cokes, thanks.
Keep the change.
- What, the trip?
- Yeah, 'cause it's been a year
since we've caught up as a group, and--
- Yeah, I know.
- I know.
- I thought about that as well.
Well, I guess, if the fates allow,
it's gonna be one killer holiday.
- I liked that.
- Yeah, me too.
- Hi.
- Got us one as well, huh?
- Sure.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- We're gonna leave you with them.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me!
- Oh God.
- Maybe he doesn't talk.
- Hey, dude.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Oh shit.
- He doesn't speak.
He's mute.
- If you kids want anything,
you talk to us, right?
- So what do you want?
Make it quick.
We was about to nap back there.
- Yeah , we just wanted
to come collect our cabin keys.
- Yeah, we're just here to check-in.
- Ah, all paid in full?
- Yeah, of course, right here.
- Ah, looks all right.
Now listen,
there's only one key.
Don't lose it!
- And don't you kids make too much mess
or noise at night, yeah?
- And don't even think
about stealing stuff.
You know what we did
to the last lot that did that.
Whoa, whoa.
We get it.
We'll be good, mostly.
- Oh we're just fuckin' with ya.
Your room should be nearly ready.
Amy the cleaner's up there.
Now go on.
Get out of here before
we change our minds.
- Yeah, point made.
Let's get a move on.
No reason to stop right now, right?
- Looks like someone's
needing a holiday, I guess.
What was that?
- So who was it that
actually found this place?
- Uh, it was Tim's recommendation.
The rest of us have been
too busy to suggest a place.
- Uh, yeah, the ads never say
if the caretakers are
gonna be freaks or not.
- Well, I hope this cabin's
gonna be worth it, Tim.
- It will, it will.
- Well, at least we're
not gonna be staying
anywhere near those weird people.
- Yeah, no shit.
The caretaker's really weird.
- Oh my God.
- I'll be damned.
- He started.
- Oh hello, you must be the new visitors.
Your cabin is spotless.
Enjoy your stay.
It's so peaceful and serene out here.
- Thanks, bye.
- Nice of you to join us.
- Sick.
- It's pretty nice, huh?
- It's huge.
- Yeah.
- A bit of archery.
- I love archery.
- Nice.
- It's pretty good.
- We can have this bathroom.
- Yeah.
- I could so get used to this.
- Tim, it's perfect.
Good choice.
- Well, what if some of us want
to have a little alone time?
- Well, there are two bedrooms here.
- Right, I'll be damned.
- Okay, I think I should
establish a few things I brought,
just in case of security.
- Security?
- Yeah.
I bought us this motion sensor,
pretty handy for when we sleep at night,
and of course,
my father's gun.
- Oh.
- What?
- Scott, is any of that really necessary?
- Yeah.
You never know what you're
gonna run into in the bush.
- Or maybe if the
caretaker comes after you
with his rifle.
- No, I'm serious.
You never know.
Look, I'll just hide them both over here.
All right?
So if anything, they're there.
- Enough of all this serious shit.
Who's up for spa, huh?
- Ooh!
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Come on, you comin' in here or what?
It feels amazing.
Come here, there's plenty
of room over here on my lap.
Come here.
- All right.
- Put your left in, first.
- Oh!
- Aw, come on.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God!
- Ah!
- Ow.
- Are you bloody serious?
- Ow.
- What?
What do you expect?
You're squeezing those jizzable boobies
of yours in my face.
- Quit hogging the room!
- I'm just a big man.
- I am but a mere male.
- Okay, who's gonna get the beers?
- Oh actually, I've got a suggestion.
- What?
- Why don't you all
come over here?
There's a warm spot.
I'm joking!
- What do you mean?
- I'm joking!
- Are you serious?
- I'm joking!
- You okay, Tim?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
No, I'm all good.
- Just go that way.
Don't come closer to me.
- Um, which way's that way?
- There's plenty
of room over here.
- Just go, yeah.
- Actually, no, that's good, stay there.
I've got a good spot here.
- Yeah, are you sitting on that?
- You've got all the room.
- Just going
for a bit of nostalgia.
- Like the time he tried to
make a list of all his rejects.
- I wouldn't recollect that far back.
But hey, we're not kids anymore.
Just glad we're all here having a drink.
- Uh, well, not everybody.
You guys know who we're missing, right?
- Who?
- Eddie.
- Tim, what happened to him, again?
- I don't know.
When I asked him to come,
he said he had other stuff.
- Oh well, there's always
one who can't make it.
- I think there was
something else that happened,
like months back.
Scott, you would know about it, right?
- Yeah, yeah, uh,
I was hoping I could save this
for like a campfire ghost story.
No, no, no, just kidding,
look, I ran into him, a
couple of months back,
in the hospital.
- Hospital?
- It wasn't much.
I was bringing my mum
there for a check-up.
While waiting, I went and visited Eddie.
He was in bed.
His head was banged up.
Looked nasty.
I asked the doctor.
He said Eddie was recovering
from a car accident.
That's all I know.
- You knew him best out
of all of us, right?
- Not anymore, I'm afraid.
- Okay, well, here's to Eddie.
He can join us on our next outing.
- Well, what's next?
- All right, why don't we tell the boys?
- Mm.
- Mm.
- What's up?
- Um, well, when, obviously,
Tim suggested the trip, last
month, we girls, in private,
thought about planning a
little game for you guys.
- Ooh, okay.
Oh God, please tell me it's strip poker.
- No, you moron.
It's like a treasure hunt, right.
So, all right,
remember when we were all chatting online,
and we couldn't decide who
was gonna hang out with who?
Well, the game's just for that.
Look, guys, the objective
is we go into the bush
and lay some clues out,
while you guys start in separate places,
follow our clues, which
ultimately determines
which one of us you get to
hang with the rest of the trip.
- Or not at all.
- As in?
- Well, okay, so the
game's got many variables,
but obviously only three outcomes,
but one will be a dead end.
- Meaning one of you
guys won't get a girl.
Look, things just aren't really worth it
if all of us our winners.
- And why can't we decide this all over
like a game of poker or something?
- No, why would we drive
all the way up here
to only do the same thing
we used to do in uni?
- Yeah.
- The lady's got a point.
- Yeah, hang on, but
you girls have planned
and mapped all this out already?
- Yeah.
- Absolutely.
- Well, I'm game.
What about you lot?
- Yeah, I'm cool.
Let's do it.
- Yeah, I'm so
graceful, start again.
- All right.
- Okay, you guys know where you're going?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we're going that way.
And when are we meeting back?
- 10 minutes.
- 10 minutes,
yeah, that's fine.
- Yeah?
- Cool.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right, be careful,
watch the holes, don't take too much time.
- Right, right.
- I've got the map.
- What was all that about?
- Huh?
Just earning my keep is all.
I'm pretty sure you saw this one coming.
- Yeah, but, uh, they
were different girls.
I didn't realize you're
hitting on Arleen now.
Scott doesn't have something
like that planned, up his sleeve, does he?
- Jeez, you're slow,
Tim, aren't you, mate?
You know what?
It's one thing I've always
loved about you.
- Here you go, boys.
- All right, men,
as we discussed,
time to give 'em up.
- In all honesty,
this doesn't sound very necessary.
- Oh , and what if
you guys try to cheat, hm?
- I don't cheat.
- Not a chance.
It's not happening.
- Wait, what happens
if one of us gets lost?
- We've figured that out already.
- Yeah, Tim, just go east on the compass,
way deeper into the woods,
until you reach a huge lake,
and then keep going east again.
- What happens if you're wrong?
- You can trust us, Scott.
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Anyway, time limit is one hour.
And if you haven't found either
of us girls by then, game over.
- Yes, Master.
- Any more questions, men?
- Nope.
- No.
- Hm, which way's east?
- Oh really, Tim?
- What?
- I just said go east on the compass.
- Yeah, go east,
but the compass is moving.
It's really pretty out here.
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
Bit of fun for you, huh?
- Yeah.
- Okay, jacket on.
You ready?
- Yeah.
- It's playtime.
Here's your instructions.
- Okay.
- Jacket, bag.
- Thanks.
Am I gonna run into either
Mike or Scott, out here?
- Maybe, yeah, if you happen
to reach certain points at certain times,
it could happen.
- Okay.
Just the thought of being out here, alone,
in the wilderness.
- Tim, please,
come on, you're a grown-up.
You'll manage.
You'll be fine, okay.
- Okay.
- Ah, 2 p.m., right on time.
Let's go.
Have fun.
- All right.
- Don't get lost.
- What?
- Doesn't sound very necessary.
- Come on, it's gonna be fun.
So here you are,
as you requested, handsome.
- What would I do without you?
- Oh, you'd be lost like a little baby.
Just find me in half an hour,
so we have more time together, okay?
- Sure will.
- So, uh, do I have to
go through all this?
Why don't we
just do it here?
- I've already made it easier
for you, you moron.
- Did you switch clues for Tim?
- Yes, I did.
He'll be going around
in circles for hours.
I can't believe you talked
me into doing that shit.
- What?
Well, it's the only way that
I'll end up on your route.
I don't want Andy or Alice.
I want you, baby.
- No!
- Look, it's just a game.
Tim knows not to take it too hard.
I mean Andrea already said that, right?
- Right.
- Fine, all right, well,
I'll see you later, in the bush.
- Things are looking up for you.
Guys, you could've at
least made this hard, yeah?
All right, well, you did make it hard.
Passcode, okay.
All right.
And another 15 meters east.
What the hell?
- Hmm, what have we here?
- Okay.
Maybe save this for later, I guess.
- Okay.
Oh fuck this.
You guys are fucking assholes.
- What the hell?
A little too elaborate,
don't you think, Alice?
- Milo.
What the fuck?
- You know, you took a lot longer
than I thought you would.
- About fuckin' time.
You know, I got to ask,
did you have to go
through all of my clothes?
Alice, Alice, dammit!
Fuck, what happened?
Alice, I'll get help.
- How'd you--
Hold on, I'm gonna try
and get you out, okay?
How do you...
All right, all right, I think I've got it.
You got to stop struggling.
Hang on!
Stop struggling!
Oh my God.
Oh no, holy shit!
- Holy shit!
- It's not about ego, huh?
- God, Arleen, you scared
the shit out of me.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be out there
waiting for somebody?
- Yeah, I just needed some time to think.
- Think about what?
- I, um, I kind of, sort of cheated.
- Arleen.
- I gave Mike all the answers,
so he could find my spot there.
- Had a feeling that was gonna happen.
So you do kind of have a
thing for Mike then, huh?
- Well, that's just it.
I kind of said yeah, and
probably after the trip,
and now I'm not so sure.
- I know what you mean.
I guess we're just not the same
as what we used to be when we were in uni.
- Yeah, it's such a weird,
weird, sucky-ass feeling.
- Well, look,
if you like him,
if you still like him,
then just go for it.
- What about you?
Don't you still have a
thing for you know who?
- It's fine.
- Looks like someone found you, after all.
Well, I'll see ya.
Don't mind me, I was just leaving.
Oh my!
- Arleen!
Get up, hurry!
Shh, shh!
- Who the hell was that?
- We need to
get out of here, come on.
Shh, shh!
- What the fuck?
Holy shit, Mike, what
the hell happened to you?
- My dog, my dog's collar,
it was all covered in blood.
It was in some container.
- Well, I've seen some
crazy shit on my end.
This game is fucked.
I thought it was you
or Scott, trying to pull
some sort of shit on me.
- Yeah, well, someone's been pulling
some real crazy shit on me, earlier.
I feel nauseous.
- What did you see?
- I saw that guy,
you know, that guy, that mute fella.
And someone threw a
fucking ax into his chest.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Are you serious?
- Of course, I am.
There was nothing I could do.
- We should, uh, we should
get back to the cabin.
- What about the fucking guy with the ax?
He's out there.
- I haven't seen anyone else but you.
- Well, someone's out there.
You got to believe me.
Look at me!
- All right!
Well, what do you reckon
we should do, instead, huh?
We have to go back to the cabin anyway.
So why don't we just head east?
- Hey, it's Scott.
- What?
- It's Scottie!
- Oh my God, it's just you two.
- Are you okay?
What the hell happened to you?
- And you?
What the hell happened to you?
- Oh my God, long story.
It's not my blood.
What about you?
- I just saw Alice.
- Oh shit.
You didn't happen to see
who did it, did you, Scott?
- No, I didn't.
- I just saw her like this when I arrived.
Did you guys happen to see anyone lurking
in the woods, during the day?
- I haven't seen anyone.
- I saw someone.
It was that guy with the fucking ax.
Right, that's all, Tim.
- Have either of you
seen Arleen or Andrea?
- No.
- No.
Maybe, maybe, maybe their gonna be okay.
- Don't you think we should
bury her or something?
- Right now, we need to get back
to find the other girls,
no disrespect to Alice, of course.
- Well, where do we start?
- Follow the compass to the lake,
like they said.
- Come on, we got to go.
How far till we reach the cabin?
I mean, this could take
all day, for all we know.
- Hey, look, there they are.
- Okay.
Is that them?
- I think it's them.
- It's all right, come on.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, are you guys all right?
- Yeah, I am, I think.
- What happened?
- What happened to both of you?
- Someone broke into our cabin
and fucking attacked us.
- He had a knife.
I don't know where he is.
He could still be on to
us, but I don't know.
I don't know.
- I think I saw the guy you refer to.
- Guys, have you seen Alice?
- First things first,
if what you say is true, then we need
to get away from this lake.
We need to get out of sight.
- Okay, come on, you're right, Tim.
Let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- We have to get out of
plain view, guys, come on.
We've got to go now.
- Come on.
Are you sure, Scott?
That's what happened?
That's what you saw?
- Yeah.
I couldn't believe it myself.
She was already dying.
- Who is this guy?
What does he want?
Why is he after us?
- I figure he's just some
wacko looking for thrills.
- Yeah, well, this
fucking wacko sure knows
quite a bit about me.
- Are you sure?
Are you sure it was your dog?
- Yes, I'm sure, very sure.
- What I want to know is
who jacked our damn phones?
- Oh shit.
- It was Alice.
- I didn't see a bag when I found her.
- We left ours at the cabin.
- That means that this fucking wacko
not only has both our phones,
but he's got her car keys as well.
- This, this is so fucked.
- Wait.
I found this phone,
among the clues that you girls left.
- We didn't leave a phone.
That wasn't part of our stuff.
- That guy must've left it.
- I mean, it's locked.
It needs a passcode.
I don't know what it is.
- Hang on.
I think I do.
I found this.
- Okay, just enter the passcode
and let's just see what happens.
- Oh shit.
- I should've seen that coming.
- This thing's locked MMS.
Oh we're screwed.
- Well, there's no two ways about it then.
- Oh my God, that's Eddie.
- I've done
something really terrible.
- Fucking guy even
knew about Eddie as well?
- And I thought I should let you know
before I, before I go.
It's no secret.
I've tried many times with you guys.
I've tried to be open.
For some, that comes easy, but
for others, you try,
but you just can't get it on.
- What the fuck's he babbling on about?
- Shush.
- So one night, I went to this pub.
I met this guy.
He was a hired man
for any favors,
even killing.
I told him about you guys, about the trip.
He knows everything.
And I paid him in full for the job.
The next day,
I started having second thoughts,
probably because I sobered up.
I tried to call it off,
but he said he always
finishes once he's been paid.
And he did this to me.
- Oh my God.
- He's recording this, right now.
He's a sick fuck.
Get out.
Whatever you do,
get the hell out of that place.
- So a fuckin' hired psychopath.
- All because of Eddie.
I don't get it.
- How could he think of doing this to us?
We're far from perfect, but
it doesn't mean we deserve it.
- Shh.
- I don't get it.
How did this guy even
know this much about us?
- He was with us since college, man.
- Well, fuckin' I didn't
know him that well.
What, just 'cause we shared a table?
- We're all on social media.
He could've seen a lot
there and then showed it
to this fuckin' guy, whoever he is.
- All right, guys,
there's something I left out about Eddie
at the hospital.
- There's more you didn't tell us?
- I, I didn't want to ruin
the fun or spoil the trip.
- What?
What is it?
- The doctor also
said Eddie's parents died
in the car accident.
He was the only one that survived.
- Why didn't
anybody tell us about this?
- I guess this shows how
much we've been keeping
in touch with him.
- Guys, there's nothing that we can do
for him or Alice.
We need to get the hell out of here now.
- What the fuck?
- Oh Mike,
it's a long way back,
and we don't even know where we are now.
- Well, we've got a rough
idea of where we are.
- I can't go that far in circles, Mike.
- All right, fine, then,
Scott, you look after the girls,
and me and Tim will go.
- Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
- What?
You're gonna leave us?
- That's assuming the
cars are even still there.
He could've moved them.
He could've done anything.
- He's right, Mike.
We can't take that chance.
- Well, we've got to do something.
I'll go back to the cabin
and get those two caretakers and,
I don't know, then I'll
bring them back here,
and we'll come back for you guys.
- Assuming they're not dead already.
- I can't just stand here.
If you guys don't want to come,
if you don't want to
come, then fine, stay.
But right now, I'm going.
I'm going, now!
- Mike!
- Mike!
- Mike, what the fuck?
- Mike, Mike!
- You two better go after him!
- Too strung out for this right now.
I'm sorry.
- Tim, you have to go after him.
We'll be fine.
Okay, we're here with Scott.
- Are you sure?
- Mike's on his own out there.
- Well, maybe he deserves it!
- All right!
He is still one of us, Tim.
It doesn't matter how
much of an asshole he is.
- Fine.
I'll come back for you guys, okay?
- Hey!
You bloody kids ,
come and help me, come on!
- Mike!
The girls thought two guys
would have a better chance
of getting help.
- Eh, I don't intend
on going back for them.
I'm gonna go to get the cars,
and then I'm gonna drive to
the nearest service station
and fuck it.
They can handle the rest.
- But that would take way too long.
Something could happen.
- You still don't get it, do you?
All this time, I was only
ever after a quick one.
- Huh, with either of the girls?
Is that all this has been about?
- Things aren't what they used to be.
Can't you feel that amongst the group?
- And a quick one was all
you could think about?
- Listen, I didn't fuckin'
deserve all this, all right?
I didn't cause it!
I'm trying to deal with it!
If you were smart, you'd come with us.
We've got a better chance at him now.
Can't you see that?
- I can't do that, Mike.
I can't.
I won't.
- Fine.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that this trip is just not
what we thought it would be.
- None of us saw this shit coming.
- How's your leg?
- It's numb, cold.
I think I've lost a lot of blood.
- Guys, did you hear that?
- I think it came from over there.
- Wait, shh, shh.
No, did you hear it?
- What the fuck?
- Shh, shh.
- I think I see something,
kind of looks like my car keys.
- How can you see that far?
- I kind of, I got to go check it out.
- Wait, no, no, no, no.
You stay here.
You stay with Arleen.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
I'll be back.
Yeah, Scott, I think they are your keys.
- Can you reach them?
- Yeah, they're just above my head.
Got 'em.
- Behind you!
You two get out of here!
- My leg's killing me.
I can't go any further.
- Arleen, listen to me, yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
I need you to, look at me, Arleen,
I need you to help me.
Do you understand?
Arleen, look at me.
- I understand that you have
a better chance than me.
Go, I'll hold him off.
I'll hold him off, go!
- No!
I'm gonna kill you!
You hear me?
- Andrea?
What happened?
What happened?
We need to go.
We need to go.
We need to go.
We need to go.
- I know this mark.
I did this.
I did this when we set it up
so that I knew that if I got lost
to come back here.
- So?
- Well, it means
that the cabin, it's further that way.
- All right, let's go.
- Whoa.
- God, it's just you two.
- Scott, why did he let you go?
- I don't know.
He could've killed me, but he didn't.
- What is it that you're
not telling us, Scott?
- What are you asking me?
- Have you met this guy
before or something?
- Hang on, easy with that.
- Have you?
Have you met him before?
Answer me, goddammit!
- I swear on my fucking life, my anything,
I know nothing about this crazy guy.
- All right?
Maybe it's just a trick,
to make us fight each other.
- Why, what for?
- I don't know,
so we separate again, maybe.
Look, Andrea knows where
the cabin is, all right.
So let's just go there and
figure this shit out there.
- Whatever.
- Where's the cars?
What the fuck?
- It was in your cabin, your cabin.
I tried to, but I couldn't.
- Oh fuck.
- Okay, come on, guys, we're close.
Shit, guys, the phones are not here.
Here, Tim, catch, here.
- All right, all right,
where do you think we should go from here?
- We'll go to the staff.
We'll go the caretakers for.
- Oh shit!
- What the fuck?
- Scott, the gun, the gun,
do you still have it?
- Yeah.
- What the fuck is that?
- Guys.
- Hey, is anyone there?
I'm out.
- Mike?
- Oh.
- It's only me out here.
- No, no, wait.
Did you bring the car?
- No, it wasn't there already.
It wasn't there.
No, it was already gone.
- Shit.
- Guys, come on, open up.
I'm gonna piss myself here.
- No!
Look, you owe us an apology
for running off on us, earlier.
- What? Why?
- Because you left us!
And Arleen is dead, and
you weren't there to help.
- Can't we do this
after we let him in?
- No, shush!
- Christ, all right.
I admit, I was a little bit hasty earlier.
- Yeah, you're damned right you were.
- Please let me in.
All right, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what happened to Arleen.
I won't desert you guys again, please.
Open the fucking door, please!
- Yeah, that'll do.
Let him in.
- Move!
Get the fucking gun!
What the hell took you so long?
- Hey, guys.
- Eddie.
- What were you thinking, you crazy fuck?
- Why did you do this?
- To get you all worked
up about me.
I was there, watching,
saw the looks on all your faces.
It was great, the feeling,
seeing how I affected you guys,
how much of an impression I made.
Finally, you talked about me.
- It wasn't you, you crazy fuck.
- Oh it was.
After all those years,
you guys left me out.
- You should've let him finish.
- I don't want to hear what
this crazy fuck's got to say.
- He was about to explain me and him.
- I don't understand.
- And that's the problem.
You never did,
not you nor Scott.
You were so occupied
going after the girls,
jumping at whoever you wanted
and for what?
For kicks?
For thrills?
Or for fucking around?
You never let anyone else have a chance.
That's why they planned this game.
That's why we organized this trip.
- I don't understand.
You let Eddie die.
- Oh I didn't want to, at first.
Once we're done with all of you,
I'd be right back to where
I started, all alone.
So I thought,
why not get something out of it?
- Andrea.
- She'll think I'm a hero
and see me in an entirely new light
with no one like you to get in the way.
Come on, Andrea.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Come here.
It's okay, it's okay.
Are you all right?
- I think.
- Okay, come on.
Come on.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
Come on.
- Is that--
- Eddie?
Come on, stay with me.
- I don't understand.
- Neither did Mike,
before he killed him.
It's okay, it's okay.
We're okay.
It's okay.
Take this.
Take this for your leg.
It's okay.
This is gonna hurt.
This is gonna hurt.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- He did all of that?
- Yeah.
- He killed them?
- Yeah, yeah.
Listen to me, listen
to me, listen, listen,
I'm just gonna go and clean myself up.
- Can I see him?
- Yeah, of course, you can, yeah.
Look at me, I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
- Were we really all that
distant from you, Tim?
- What do you mean?
The battery died.
That's why I didn't tell you about it.
- You had two phones.
You and Eddie.
Answer me!
- It just got too hard
for too long.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry
for not having back any protection.
- You're okay.
It's okay.
What happened?
- Something
really terrible has happened.
I need to get back into town.
- It's okay.
I'll help you.
Put your arm on my shoulder.
- Are you guys okay?
Looks like you need a lift.
Hop in the back.
- All right, mate.
- Whatever you do, get the
hell out of that place.
How was it, man?
- I better go.
- You're gonna be a bit busy.
- I've got a holiday to plan.
- Good luck, brother.